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Vessel Loss Dispatches For Dec. 2005

"NO Rails" - destruction of New Orleans - Dec. 2005

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Cruise Ship Pirate Attack On M/V Seabourn Spirit News Story will continue to head our news at this time >> See M/V Seabourn Spirit below for the Current News.

Antigua & Barbuda flag, 40,306gt. M/V APL Panama<< Webfeature, (built 2001) -- grounded on sand Dec 25 while inbound to the Port of Ensenada<< Webfeature. Master did not wait for port pilot & tugs -- she proceeded to enter port without them. Geeez!!! M/V APL Panama ran aground on Ensenada Beach<< Webfeature, outside breakwaters. No reports of heavy weather or fog. Two 5000-bhp Crowley tugs from Port of Los Angeles arrived today to try to free the vessel. All efforts to pull the vessel off the sandbank during high tide using services of tugs unfortunately failed. Discharge of some of the 900 TEUs on board being considered but will be difficult due to location of the vessel -- in the middle of nowhere. She is aground 200 ft from beach on sandy bottom. Geeeez, we've know for years that if you're at Ensenada<< Webfeature, -- and nothing is going on -- just go to the beach! Geeez -- M/V APL Panama did!! This event best describes my UCLA college days!! McD (Fri.. Dec. 30 2005) SEE THE PHOTO FEATURE<< Webfeature.

Yacht S/V Myra T -- suffered fire at berth in Vouliagmeni Greece. (Fri.. Dec. 30 2005)

Panama flag 10,155gt. M/V Steel Trader (built 1974) -- in ballast -- suffered steering problems Dec. 12 & towed to Kingstown Bay St Vincent -- then to Curacao -- welding of the rudder only repair. Reported Dec. 30. (Fri.. Dec. 30 2005)

39,710gt. Norwegian-registered NYK Line car carrier M/V Anna, in ballast with 4,000 vehicles capacity & 30 crew -- anchored off Minami-Izucho, Shizuoka Prefecture, Dec. 24 -- after she lost power and went adrift in gale -- towed toward Omaezaki. No casualties or further disruption. Now on her way to U.S. from ports of Mizushima, Okayama Prefecture, Omaezaki, Kawasaki and Nagoya. (Fri.. Dec. 30 2005)

Danish chemical M/T Sydstraum, with 2000 tons industrial alcohol -- aground in Baltic off the Danish island Lolland<< Webfeature, on Dec 28 -- refloated same day. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen . (Fri.. Dec. 30 2005)


26 Dec.2005 at 0230 LT at Bontang anchorage, Indonesia -- 8 pirates armed with long knives boarded bulk carrier at forecastle -- stole ship's stores & escaped. (Fri.. Dec. 30 2005)

18 Dec. 2005 at Palembang anchorage, Indonesia. Pirates hijacked M/T Sedfast<< Webfeature, with 16,585mts vegetable oil. IMB piracy reporting center co-ordinated search -- ship subsequently located on Dec. 24, with cargo intact & crew unhurt. (Fri.. Dec. 30 2005)

16 Dec. 2005 at 0630 UTC, Kingston harbour, Jamaica -- 5 pirates armed with assault rifles in 25 ft canoe with outboard motor boarded yacht at anchor -- took substantial equipment at gunpoint & escaped. Jamaican authorities informed. No injuries to crew. (Fri.. Dec. 30 2005)

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German flagged 58mt. M/T Gudrun (built: 1982), with 700 tons diesel oil, ran aground in the morning of Dec 26 on the way from Brunsbuettel to Bremerhaven in the Elbe estuary on Scharhoern reef. The ship (homeport Cuxhaven)-- stuck fast with a list to port. Multi purpose M/V Neuwerk which came to prevent a possible oil pollutin also ran aground in the midday. In the evening 2 tugs succeeded in refloating M/T Gudrun with rising tide. Scharhoern reef - which is well known as a graveyard of ships - is often used by smaller ships to shorten the way to the river Weser. Possible cause for grounding may have been extreme low water caused by a severe eastern wind. Rescue ships M/V Hermann Marwede & M/V Hermann Helms of DGzRS were also on scene. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen . (Wed.. Dec. 29 2005) UPDATE>> Towed into the "Amerikahafen" in Cuxhaven on Dec 28 by tugs M/V Taucher Otto Wulf 3 & M/V Bugsier 15 after having been salvaged the day before. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen . (Fri.. Dec. 30 2005)

Pleasure M/V Panductduc struck log floating in Columbia River & taking water -- communications with vessel lost at 11:40 p.m. Dec. 27-- MAYDAY to mariners was issued and a 25ft. response boat from Coast Guard Station Portland launched to search. An HH-60 Jayhawk helicopter launched from Coast Guard Air Station Astoria, Ore., at 4:28 a.m., to assist in the search. Search was suspended at about 9 a.m. Dec. 28. (Tues.. Dec. 28 2005)

Another Tragedy On The Anniversary>> indonesian mechanised fishing vessel F/V Patropil, with 6 crew hit a ship & sank off the coast of the southern Kollam district -- 1 crew who clung to a water container, was picked up by a passing vessel after more than 5 hours. The crew of F/V Patropil, all hailing from the tsunami village of Alappad, were hurrying back to attend the Tsunami Memorial services -- to gather at the place when the ashes of 28 women & children lay interred -- after a 9 day fishing operation. Now, one year later, another tragedy. (Mon.. Dec. 26 2005)

Barge Lansdowne located at the foot of Sassafrass Street, Erie, PA, sunk -- locked in the ice with superstructure is above water & 2 railroad cars located on the stern partially submerged -- rumored oldest barge (or steamer hull) on Great Lakes. Salvors Tsavliris Salvage (International) Ltd lending assitance. (Mon.. Dec. 26 2005)

77mt. China registered M/V, Shantou for with 3,400 tons of clay from Shantou Laizhou of Shandong with 13 crew -- equipped with GPS satellite navigating system and electronic maritime maps -- capsized in high winds Dec 21, when she tried to anchor at Longkou Port of Yantai. Search called off for crew. (Mon.. Dec. 26 2005)

63-foot Capetown yacht S/V Soshie, with 2 crew & Boxer dog, suffered engine room fire near Duiker Island, about 2 sea miles from Hout Bay -- 2 & dog rescued. Vessel taken in tow. (Mon.. Dec. 26 2005)

M/V Steenborg ran aground on Dec 23 at 7 a.m. on the Harriersand in the river Weser near Brake. At 5.50 p.m. the ship was refloated by tugs & proceeded to Bremen. Cause of the grounding was electrical failure. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen . (Sun.. Dec. 25 2005)

M/V Shanghai Pride, with 11,000 tons of bagged rice suffered collision S. of Sri Lanka during. SvitzerWijsmuller Salvage & Sri Lanka Shipping Co. were contracted to assist in resolving the situation concerning the vessel and her crew and cargo during end Nov. -- Dec. 17 successfully moved the M/V Shanghai Pride into Colombo port as next step into salvage operation concerning this collision damaged vessel. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen . (Sun.. Dec. 25 2005)

New Zealand 13mt F/V Mi Jay, with 3 crew, departed Nov. 22 -- set to return Dec. 6 -- 2 bodies found in raft Dec. 22, off Kaikoura<< Webfeature, but 3rd crew missing. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen . Search had suspended Dec. 17. (Sat.. Dec. 24 2005)

S/V Lullaby, struck submerged object & quickly sank Dec. 21, 120 miles south of Bermuda --contacted Rescue Coordination Center in Bermuda with an iridium satellite phone. C-130 able to establish communications with the 2 adrift sailors via captain's hand held VHF radio & remained on scene until M/V Sol Do Brazil arrived & took them onboard. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen . (Sat.. Dec. 24 2005)

1,570gt British flag oil M/T Blackfriars, with 8 crew, grounded off group of rocks known as Eileanan Dubha<< Webfeature. Coastguard tug M/V Anglian Prince successfully towed off Dec. 21, to anchorage position 2 miles E. of the Kyle of Lochalsh in Balmacara Bay -- some damage to fore peak seawater ballast tank. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen & Fred Caygil . (Sat.. Dec. 24 2005)

67ft. F/V Sky Sun, with 6 crew, grounded 2 miles south of Cape Kumukahi Point on the Big Island, Dec. 19. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen . (Sat.. Dec. 24 2005) UPDATE>> Unable to salvage the vessel, and are making plans to remove the wreck. (Mon.. Dec. 26 2005)

Spanish Navy ship at NW port of El Ferrol suffered explosion Dec. 19 -- 2 sailors dead. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen . (Sat.. Dec. 24 2005)

246mt. American flagged 90.000gt M/V Eagle Karina stranded near Southern Bozcaada Island at entrance of Dardanelles strait Dec. 18, & was refloated same day. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen . (Sat.. Dec. 24 2005)

16mt. F/V Christina with 3 aboard issued Mayday, Dec. 18 -- helicopter from RAF Wattisham was scrambled & lowered pump -- vessel towed back to Great Yarmouth. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen . (Sat.. Dec. 24 2005)

26mt. Banff registered F/V Sovereign went aground east of Fraserburgh with 5 crew Dec. 18 -- currently listing 30 degrees to port with its engine room flooded. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen . (Sat.. Dec. 24 2005)

Greenpeace M/V Esperanza -- in collision -- with Japanese whaler M/V Kyo Maru 1 in Polar Sea when this ship tried to pass M/V Esperanza & thereby crossed her course. No injuries. Both ships could continue their voyage. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen . (Sat.. Dec. 24 2005)

Sri Lankan Navy clashed with Tamil Tiger rebel movement off the country's northwestern coast Dec. 22 -- 1 sailor wounded & 3 missing after 10 rebel boats attacked 2 navy craft. But the Tamil Tiger rebel movement said Dec. 22, that the 3 sailors had drowned & blamed the Sri Lankan Navy for starting the firefight. Rebels began fighting in 1983 for a separate homeland in the N. & E. for ethnic Tamils, who claim discrimination at hands of the Sinhalese majority. The conflict killed some 65,000 people before Norway mediated a truce in Febr. 2002. (Thurs. Dec. 22 2005)

Mingyang Shipping Co. Ltd of Wenling City, cargo M/V, Shantou of Guangdong Province for Laizhou of Shandong with 3,400 tons of china clay sunk in Longkou sea area in east China's Shandong Province -- ship trying to anchor at Longkou Port Dec. 21 evening when it sheered by strong winds & listed by huge wave, spilling all 14 crew into sea --13 missing. (Thurs. Dec. 22 2005)

Slovakian cargo M/V Polana -- for Agigea port on Romania's Black Sea coast, with wheat, caught fire & sank after refueling with diesel oil at Ruse, Bulgaria, on S. coast of the Danube. (Tues. Dec. 20 2005)

British-registered M/T Blackfriars, Loch Inver for Pembroke -- ran into trouble in severe winds at 2120 GMT on Dec. 20 -- 5 crew taken off vessel by lifeboats, while 3 members remain aboard. Coastguard tug will attempt to re-float the tanker at high tide at 1000 GMT on Dec. 21. From our Correspondent Fred Caygill. (Tues. Dec. 20 2005)

75,719gt. St. Vincent & Grenadines bulk M/V P. Mouzelis (built 1981), with iron ore -- suffered water ingress in forepeak & No 1 hold 30 miles from Kaohsiung 19 Dec 2005. Proceeding to China. (Tues. Dec. 20 2005)

22,683gt. Panama chemical/oil M/T Antonis A (built 1982), for Turkey & Ukraine with 37,000 tons palm oil, entered Suez Canal, northbound, at 1300, Dec 15. About 1320 same day vessel contacted canal banks, causing her to lose half of rudder & sustain damage to her bow & stern -- large cracks in the bow. Salvage assistance rendered by Tsavliris Salvage<< Webfeature, -- vessel is now safely anchored at Suez Anchorage. (Tues. Dec. 20 2005)

Great Lakes Slump>> A stormy Nov. took its toll on the movement of dry-bulk cargos on the Great Lakes in U.S.-Flag vessels. With 60 vessels idled more than 5,000 hours during the month, the major U.S.-Flag carriers moved only 9.5 million tons of dry-bulk cargo in Nov. a drop of 16% compared to a year ago. Even when weighed against the month's 5-year average, the Nov. 2005 float was more than 11% off pace. Iron ore suffered the greatest decline in Nov.. Loadings fell more than 21% compared to both a year ago & the month's 5-year average. While weather delays were the primary cause for slump, trade was further impacted by lengthy repair on a 1,000-foot long U.S.-Flag Laker dedicated to moving iron ore. For the year, U.S.-Flag carriage on the Great Lakes stands at 98.4 million tons, a decrease of 3.3% compared to same point in 2004 (Tues. Dec. 20 2005)

Marine Air Disaster>> Chalk's Ocean Airways << Webfeature, twin-engine Grumman G-73T Turbine Mallard<< Webfeature, with 18 passengers, including 3 infants & 2 crew -- went down around 2:30 p.m. after taking off from Miami for the island of Bimini in the Bahamas -- within sight of the beach. U.S. Coast Guard said 19 bodies found. Witnesses saw the plane flying low with white smoke trailing & flames coming from the bottom. The right wing then fell off after an explosion as the plane went down. Fight went down near mouth of Government Cut, a channel that cruise ships & freighters take past South Beach into the Port of Miami. The channel is up to 30 feet deep near the crash site, but parts of the plane could be seen in shallower areas. Chalk's Ocean Airways flies between Miami & Bahamas, using planes that take off & land on the water. Chalk's aircraft have been featured in TV shows such as "Miami Vice." Its seaplanes take off in view of the port and the multimillion-dollar homes that dot islands in the bay. Founded by Arthur "Pappy" Chalk<< Webfeature, in 1919, the airline thrived during Prohibition, taking bootleggers, their customers & customs agents to Bimini. Its most famous passenger was Ernest Hemingway, who flew to Bimini to go big-game fishing. One of its planes was hijacked to Cuba in 1974 & the company has since had a policy of not carrying enough fuel to get to Havana. The airline was sold to Resorts Int'l, which owned properties on Paradise Island. Donald Trump bought it in 1988 & sold it a few months later to Merv Griffin. The owner as of 1995 was Seth Atwood of United Capital Corporation of Illinois/Atwood Enterprises. Photos of the Grumman G-73<< Webfeature. Pan Am G-73<< Webfeature. (Mon. Dec. 19 2005)

UK 16mt. F/V Christina with 3 crew slowly making way back to Great Yarmouth under tow -- result of ingress of water. Rescue helicopter from RAF Wattisham scrambled & lowered pump aboard vessel -- crew then felt they were in position to make their way home alone. (Mon. Dec. 19 2005)

Philippine ferry with 66 passengers & 9 crew -- from the island of Jolo to S. city of Zamboanga -- propeller broke & drifting -- spotted by Philippine Navy Patrol ship Magat Salamat<< Webfeature, -- patrol ship towed ferry to Zamboanga city on Dec. 16, and the passengers were given medical care. (Mon. Dec. 19 2005)

26mt Banff registered F/V Sovereign went aground near Cairnbulg Point, east of Fraserburgh with 5 crew -- Aberdeen Coastguard sent the Fraserburgh & Peterhead Coastguard rescue teams to the scene to assist on the shoreline and requested the RNLI all weather Fraserburgh lifeboat to attend. (Mon. Dec. 19 2005)

Fiji government ship M/V Natokalau has ran into trouble, requesting help from her sister ship, M/V Raiyawa, which was in Lau waters as well. M/V Natokalau left for a tour of the S. Lau Group on Dec. 12, with a government delegation on board -- reportedly carrying more passengers than it is certified to hold. (Sun. Dec. 18 2005)

New Zealand F/V Mi Jay -- on fishing voyage from Nelson for 12 days -- due back in port on Dec. 6 -- lost -- search suspended Dec. 17 -- no sign of vessel or crew since November 22. (Sun. Dec. 18 2005)

PIRATES FIGHT OVER RANSON $$>>> F/V Zhong Yi 218, F/V Xinlianfa 36 & F/V Cheng Lien Feng held by Somali pirates near Koyama Island, Kismayo, since August 15 -- militia groups are have clashed over cash paid as ransom to secure release of 48 sailors held hostage in Somalia. At least 2 killed in gunfire between Juba Valley Alliance (JVA) and "National Volunteer Coast Guard" (NVCG). NVCG has been holding captive the 48 Asian seafarers, while demanding ransom that was initially placed at US$500,000, but later scaled down to US$50,000 per vessel. All the 48 crew reported safe but vessels moved elsewhere. (Sat.. Dec. 17 2005)

U.S. Coast Guard' s newest cutter, Great Lakes icebreaker USCGC Mackinaw WLBB-30 ran into a seawall Dec. 12, causing damage to her bow -- 10-by-10-foot section of bow dented. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Sat.. Dec. 17 2005)

1,798gt Cambodian-registered M/V Alteza, Russian Far East Port of Vanino for Tsuruga, Fukui Prefecture with 8,500 logs & 19 crew -- whooops! -- 21km NE of Cape Echizen in Fukui Prefecture -- when she spilled the logs -- 750 logs from her deck just before 6 a.m. & 250 more fell into sea 1hour later -- listing ship arrived in Tsuruga << Webfeature, just before noon. (Sat.. Dec. 17 2005)

Philippine Navy patrol ship Magat Salamat returning from border exercises with the Malaysian Navy when it spotted ferry floundering in rough seas near Pilas Island on Dec. 14 -- rescued 75 people drifting, slowly filling in water in Sulu Sea for over a day -- patrol ship towed the vessel to port. (Sat.. Dec. 17 2005)

Dutch-flagged M/V Victoriaborg on Dec. 14, struck one of gantry cranes used to unload ships in Port of Duluth<< Webfeature, pushing it 8 feet down the dock at Clure Marine Terminal with damages of about US$10,000. (Sat.. Dec. 17 2005)

Efforts continue to salvage M/V Maritime Lady From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Thurs. Dec. 14 2005)

U.S. F/V Captain A.B. ran hard aground at Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla. Capt. & a crewman were cited for falling asleep at helm of the vessel. Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission is investigating the grounding. U.S. Coast Guard will ensure that the 4,400 gallons of fuel and 300 gallons of lube oil aboard F/V Captain A.B. not spilled during salvage of vessel. (Thurs. Dec. 14 2005)

Chinese trawler F/V Da Yuan Yu No. 139 -- after repeated calls & signals to stop ignored -- South African Protection Vessel Victoria Mxenge<< Webfeature requested assistance of the SANDF, 3 NM off Cape St Francis on Dec. 13. When vessel continued to flee, 2 fisheries inspectors dropped aboard by SA Air Force helicopter. -- vessel now controled & escorted to Port Elizabeth where full inspection will be conducted. Skipper facing criminal charges for fleeing when South African fisheries inspectors ordered the vessel to stop for inspection. (Thurs. Dec. 14 2005)

15mt. Belgian trawler F/V Noordster Z122 -- capsized tonight in English Channel off Dover -- Capt. trapped below & knocking for help -- Royal Navy divers tried desperately to reach skipper but found him dead in the water -- 3 confirmed dead 11 miles S. of Beachy Head. Young fisherman survived night at sea clinging to hull of capsized trawler --thinking he could hear his uncle, the captain, trapped below & knocking for help. (Thurs. Dec. 14 2005)

Russian F/V, with 15 crew off sank off Russia's South Kuril Islands, off Kunashir Island, near Japan on night of Dec. 10-11 -- 5 dead -- 2 missing & 2 in serious condition. (Thurs. Dec. 14 2005)

20,381gt. bulk M/V Mount Athos (built 1983) grounded at Mile 83, River Orinoco, at 2316, local time, Dec 4. Lloyd' Standard Form salvage contract signed with Tsavliris Salvage<< Webfeature (a good show) & vessel was successfully refloated last night. No damage or polution reported. Vessel expected to be redelivered to its owners today. (Wed. Dec. 14 2005) UPDATE>> Successfully refloated. No damage or polution reported. Vessel expected redelivered to owners. - Tsavliris Salvage (International) Ltd (Sat.. Dec. 17 2005)

998gt. general cargo M/V Nina 1 (built 1984) -- in collision -- with 6030gt. general cargo M/V Aleksandrov (built 1989) near buoy 98 Kallolock, Antwerp as M/V Aleksandrov departed. M/V Nina 1 engine rom under water -- hole on starboard side & sinking -- later stabilized -- 1 injured. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Wed. Dec. 14 2005)

15,145gt M/V CP Valour (built 1979) -- aground Dec. 9, at Praia da Faja, north of Fayal Island -- general cargo in containers & on starboard side signs of oil probably coming from vessel. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Wed. Dec. 14 2005) UPDATE>> Powerful Russian oceangoing tug M/V Fotiy Krylo failed her attempts until Dec. 15, 600ft. containership M/V CP Valour, with 800 containers that ran aground last week in Portugal's mid-Atlantic Azores Islands. Crew of 21 remained aboard. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Sat. Dec. 17 2005) UPDATE>> Local dredger on scene on sand removal works around casualty, Dec. 18. Multi-purpose cargo vessel M/V BBC Canada also underway from Algericas to collect cargo containers from vessel. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Sat. Dec. 24 2005)

60ft. towing vessel M/V Skat -- in collision Dec. 11 -- with commercial 75ft. shrimp boat F/V Johnny T. Kiten, with 3 crew -- in the pass 8 miles S. of Bay St. Louis, Miss. Shrimp boat reportedly pinned underneath the towboat at this time. Search continues for 2 missing shrimpers, Master's wife & deckhand. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Tues. Dec. 13 2005)

Tug M/V Yaroslavets stranded Dec. 8, 300 meters off Kotlin Island in the Gulf of Finland. Refloating operation underway. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Tues. Dec. 13 2005)

Danish F/V Unique sank Dec 1. The Danish fishing inspection vessel POUL LØWENØRN remarked wreck north of Bogene in the traffic lane to Fredericia. Crew of 2 rescued. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Tues. Dec. 13 2005)

Royal Caribbean cruise ship M/V Jewel of the Seas<< Webfeature -- pulled into Nassau, the Bahamian capital --less Canadian woman who may have fallen overboard -- Jill Begora, 59, reported missing by her husband Dec. 11, morning. Searches continue. (Sun. Dec. 11 2005)

13m steel New Zealand F/V Mi Jay, with 3 crew set off 3 weeks ago -- lost around S. coast of the Chatham Islands -- low fog & poor visibility -- search called off. (Sat. Dec. 10 2005)

Jamaica-flagged 15,502gt bulk M/V Vertigo (built 1986), Baltic for Houston with cargo steel products including pipes -- in collision Dec. 7 -- with Liberia-flagged 17,458 gt. bulk M/V Ziemia Lodzka (built 1992), Casablanca for Swinoujescie with phosphate. M/V Vertigo sank within 1 hour as result & part of wreck is above water -- all crew rescued. (Fri. Dec. 9 2005) UPDATE>> 14 Filipino seafarers survived accident off coast of Agersoe, Denmark arrived in Manila Dec. 8. (Fri. Dec. 9 2005) UPDATE>> Collision caused considerable damage around hold 3 & 4 loaded with some 25,000 tons of steel products. This in turn caused these aftermost 2 holds to become flooded, resulting in the vessel coming to rest partly submerged on a bank just outside the shipping route. SvitzerWijsmuller Salvage immediately mobilized in a skeleton salvage team from Denmark in order to take initial action. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Tues. Dec. 13 2005) UPDATE>> Preparations under way to bring out large plate of over 100sq. mt. to secure this over the hole in vessel. Water inside No. 3 & 4 cargo holds to be pumped out. Tug M/V Fenja attending position to stand by with pump. Bulk M/V Ziemia Lodzka arrived at Sczceczin Dec. 12. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Thurs. Dec. 15 2005) UPDATE>> SvitzerWijsmuller Salvage B.V. started pumping operations on the semi-sunk freighter VERTIGO at 14.00 LT on Dec. 23. Pumps were started in earnest on holds 3 & 4 after considerable pumptests executed upto that time had confirmed the patch to be sufficiently in place to allow a successfull relfoating operation. SvitzerWijsmuller salvage tugs M/V Skuld Fenja & M/V Freya which had been mobilzied in to the site especially for the operation. After the vessel was releaed from her anchors -- towage started along a pre-determined and well-planned route to Fredericia. The convoy arrived off Fredericia during the late afternoon of Christmas day -- berthed alongside -- Dec. 26vessel at 12.00 LT redelivered back to her owners. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen . (Fri.. Dec. 30 2005)

Inter-island Fiji ferry M/V Sandy with 150 passengers onboard --- believed drifting in waters between Kadavu & Beqa -- yet to pin point her location. (Fri. Dec. 9 2005)

Yacht S/V MR Z (built 1998) -- casualty in Croatian waters -- casualty details pending. (Fri. Dec. 9 2005)


02 Dec. 2005 at 0200 LT in position 10:19N - 108:50E, off Vietnam, South China Sea. Pirates in a fishing boat attempted to board LPG tanker underway using a hook attached to a rope. Master altered course to prevent boarding. After a few attempts fishing boat gave up & fled. (Fri. Dec. 9 2005)

01 Dec. 2005 at 1745 LT in position 01:42.4S - 116:38.5E, Adang Bay Anchorage, Indonesia. Five pirates armed with guns & knives boarded bulk carrier at the poop deck and stole a liferaft. D/O raised alarm & crew mustered but robbers threatened them with guns & escaped in their boat. Port control informed. (Fri. Dec. 9 2005)

30 Nov. 2005 at 0710 LT in position 06:00.6S - 106:54E, Tanjung Priok Anchorage, Indonesia. Pirates boarded container ship & entered accommodation. They stole safety equipment & escaped. Master tried to contact port control but received no response. (Fri. Dec. 9 2005)

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PIRATE ATTACK>> M/V Sirchai Petroleum II -- on way to deliver fuel to fishing vessels in S. Somalia, near Haradhere on Nov. 7 morning -- attacked by Somali pirates -- hijackers appeared & master started speeding -- pirates sprayed ship with bullets, but speed saved vessel & her 10-man crew. She is currently anchored at port El-Maan and is expected in Mombasa today -- condition of the ship is not yet clear. (Thurs. Dec. 8 2005)

UK F/V Janus, with 2 crew, SSW of St Catherines Point, Isle of Wight -- broadcast mayday at 7.00 pm Dec. 8, which was picked up by Solent Coastguard -- Yarmouth all weather RNLI lifeboat was requested to launch by Solent Coastguard -- arrived shortly afterwards & undertook difficult operation of transferring fishermen from their vessel onto lifeboat. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Thurs. Dec. 8 2005)

Nelson UK F/V Mi Jay, fishing grounds off the Canterbury coast for tuna with 3 crew --no contact since she left port Nov. 22 -- believed might have been 1st time the other 2 of crew men had also gone out fishing on steel hulled vessel before. (Thurs. Dec. 8 2005)

Chinese M/V, northern Qingdao Port for Jiangsu Province, east China with 5,500 tons of mineral ore -- encountered storm 30 sea miles NE of the estuary of the Yangtze River near Shanghai -- all 17 crew thrown into the sea, but 12 lifted to the land by helicopter & rescue ship -- 55 missing. (Wed. Dec. 7 2005)

PIRATE RELEASE>> Thai M/V Torgelow, with sugar & 10 crew released by Somali pirates after tribal leaders intervened to free the ship. No word on any ranson paid. At least 6 vessels continue to be held. (Wed. Dec. 7 2005)

F/V Norwood reported taking water & sank off Hartlepool on UK coast -- F/V Stella Maris recovered 1 crew & another was alongside F/V Lucia but due to the heavy swell he could not be hauled onboard -- 1 missing. (Wed.. Dec. 7 2005)

11gt. South Korean F/V 109 Tae Sung, with 8 crew capsized Nov. 5 morning in winds of more than 43.2 kph & 4-mt.-high wavesoff Kagoshima Prefecture, 480 km west of Cape Bono --4 rescued & 4 missing. (Wed. Dec. 7 2005)

52mt. Icelandic F/V Hringur (built 1997) grounded early in morning off Copenhagen. SvitzerWijsmuller Salvage<< Webfeature in a quick operation succeeded in refloating Dec. 3. (Wed. Dec. 7 2005)

UK F/V Quiet Waters, with 4 crew -- called mayday on VHF Channel 16 reporting ingress of water 20 NM east of the Isle of Barra -- taking to vessel's liferaft -- Stornoway Coastguard replied to the Distress call and put out a Mayday Relay broadcast. F/V Gleaner responded to Mayday Relay broadcast. F/V Quiet Waters is currently still afloat, but low in the water. Rescue vessels remain on scene in gail force winds. UK Coastguard tug HMS Anglian Prince has arrived. (Wed.. Dec. 7 2005)

2,540gt. Dutch 88mt. M/V Artemis, from Belt with peat -- approaching Holtenau locks of Kiel Canal ran aground off Laboe near Kiel Dec 6 at 4 p.m. Rescue M/V Berlin came from Laboe & tugs were called which were expected in the evening -- M/V Falckenstein & M/V Bülk got ship free during the night. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Wed.. Dec. 7 2005)

26,666gt Jamaica-flagged 160mt. M/V Vertigo, for Huston in the Great Belt off Denmark -- in collision -- with 26264gt. Liberia-flagged 180mt. M/V Ziemia Lodzka, for Polish port of Swinoujscie. M/V Vertigo seriously damaged & started listing seriously & ran aground -- crew of 23 abandoned ship in the boats -- rescued by roro-ferry M/V Stena Carrier & taken to Danish port Korsoer. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Wed.. Dec. 7 2005)

German tank M/V Lina Müller, Gent for Salzgitter -- ran aground on Dec 6 at 06.30 a.m with 1135 tons petrol. Tug M/V Zephyros in vain tried to pull ship free. Tugs of salvage companies Multraship, Terneuzen & Polderman, Hansweert, were more successful at 7 p.m. Ship had rested on even keel on sandbar & lying high and dry at low tide during the day. She was towed to Zijpe close to Bruinisse for inspections. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Wed.. Dec. 7 2005) UPDATE>> M/ Ziemie Lodzka allowed to resume her voyage in the morning of Dec. 8. M/V Vertico sank with its stern on 55.13 N 11.05 E. First the oil on board has to be lightered. lightered. Wreck marked with 4 buoys. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Thurs. Dec. 8 2005)

Gravel freighter M/V Fukuyoshi Maru No. 85, with 4 crew in inland sea area off Oita Prefecture, Japan Dec. 5, -- skipper warned of imminent capsizing via moblie phone -- abandoned vessel -- 2 crew rescued & 2 missing. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Wed.. Dec. 7 2005)

1,652gt. general cargo M/V Trizan (built 1967) Porto Lagos for Turkey with 1657 tons of cotton seed, -- ran aground off coast of Potamias, Thasos Island Nov. 24 -- 7 crew rescuded in 8 8 Beaufort gale -- master, chief & 2nd engineer remain on board -- North Aegean Consortium for Salvage & Towag -Gigilinis Shipping Group<< Webfeature tugs M/V Dimitrios & M/V Theodoros along with a team of divers & specialized personnel dispatched to site from port of Kavala -- grounded vessel broke in two between holds 2 & 3. Some cargo fell into the sea. All bunkers successfully transferred to tug M/V Dimitrios. Tug M/V Europe arrived Nov 26 & engaged in operation. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Tues. Dec. 6 2005)

Moroccan Navy vessel Sidi Mohammed ben Abdallah (ex-U.S. Newport Class large land ship), with 250 crew. Taking on water in engine room from unknown source at 5 p.m.60 NM north of Aguadilla, Puerto Rico contacted U.S. Coast Guard on VHF radio Channel 16, the international hail & distress frequency.  United States Coast Guardsmen --helicopters, jets & cutters rushed to aid of Moroccan navy vessel -- Coast Guard HH-65 Dolphin helicopter from Air Station Borinquen, Puerto Rico & HU-25 Falcon jet from Air Station Miami dropped a total of 3 dewatering pumps to the vessel. U.S. Coast Guard also diverted Coast Guard Cutters USCGC Sapelo, USCGC Ocracoke & USCGC Confidence to assist as well as 2 commercial vessels participating in the Automated Mutual-assistance M/V Rescue. Crew of M/V Sidi Mohammed ben Abdallah able to get flooding under control by 6:58 p.m. -- making her way to port of San Juan. U.S. Coast Guard Cutter USCGC Sapelo<< Webfeature, escorting vessel, making sure she safely returns to port . From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Tues. Dec. 6 2005)

Great Lakes Welland Canal<< Webfeature, is reported to be having a problem at Lock One. It appears that the gates will not close -- M/V CSL Niagara has been in the lock since 7:03 a.m. Dec. 5 morning. At least eight other vessels are affected by the delay -- backed up as far as Lake Ontario to the north, and Lock 5 to the south.. (Mon. Dec. 5 2005)

North Korean registered 1,652gt general cargo M/V Trizan (built 1967), Lagos, Greece, for Turkey with 1.657 tons cotton seed, drifted while anchored near Thasos Island grounded at Potamia bay -- early morning Nov 24, tugs M/V Dimitrios & M/V Theodoros along with a team of divers & specialized personnel dispatched to site from Port of Kavala. During the night, due to the bad weather conditions prevailing in the area -- grounded vessel broke in two between holds 2 & 3. Some cargo fell into the sea but no major oil pollution was observed initially. Tug M/V Europe sailed Port of Thessaloniki, headed for site of casualty -- arrived Nov 26 & engaged in operation. In the weekend, Nov 26-27, strong winds & bad weather prevailed in area. Various works were performed in site, but main task was to further seperate the 2 parts of casualty. Anti pollution measures continued to be in force. On Nov 28, 2 parts of casualty further seperated. (Mon. Dec. 5 2005) UPDATE>> Capsized wreck of M/V Maritime Lady in Cuxhaven while trying to close one of two large holes in the hull -- suffered fire -- successfully extinguished by fire brigade. Bad weather may furthermore hamper the salvage. According to time schedule intended to turn hull today. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Thurs. Dec. 15 2005)

80,7mt. M/V Maritime Lady(built 1984), with fertizer -- Elbe towards North Sea -- rammed -- by container 6326gt. M/V Arctic Ocean (ex-M/V Norasia Arabia) (built 1995) just left Brunsbuettel locks of Kiel Canal coming from the Baltic. As a result -- M/V Maritime Lady capsized -- her 7 crew rescued -- wreck drifted sinking condition with the tide towards the North Sea. M/V Maritime Lady struck again by 20,000gt. M/V Sunny Blossom (built 1986)-- which grounded after this collision. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Mon. Dec. 5 2005) UPDATE>> M/V Sunny Blossom freed by tugs. M/V Maritime Lady has settled on the ground of the River. Elbe. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Tues. Dec. 6 2005) UPDATE>> Wreck of M/V Maritime Lady which sank Dec 5 off Kiel Canal locks in Brunsbuettel was given up by her Norwegian owners Maritime Management in Alesund day after incident -- ship already had a grounding in 1999 in the St. Lorenz stream in Canada. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Wed.. Dec. 7 2005) UPDATE>> Salvage of the sunken M/V Maritime Lady off Brunsbuettel got out of schedule due to bad weather. Sheerleg "Samson" arrived in Brunsbuettel in the morning of Dec 11, but then could not be attached to the Danish cran barge "DBB Lift 1", which had already been positioned above the wreck. Divers inspected the hull & noticed that 5 of 8 hatches were gone -- thus also the complete load of 1805 tons fertilizer. M/V Sunny Blossom still in Brunsbuettel -- 2 screws of the propeller are missing. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Mon.. Dec. 12 2005) UPDATE>> Dec 12 the sheerlegs Samson & crane DBB Lift 1 raised the wreck of M/V Maritime Lady in the Elbe at about 12 a.m. Ship brought "as is" to Cuxhaven, where she arrived at 7 p.m. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Tues.. Dec. 13 2005) UPDATE>> M/V Maritime Lady is a new attraction in the Amerikahafen in Cuxhaven since it reached the port in the night of Dec 13. Inspections have confirmed that ship's rudder was hit by M/V Sunny Blossom as she collided with the capsized wreck one hour after M/V Arctic Lady had torn open the cargo hold. The large hole has to be shut now and fixing points attached to the hull so that it can be turned into an upright position by the sheerlegs. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Wed.. Dec. 14 2005) UPDATE>> Capsized wreck of M/V Maritime Lady in Cuxhaven while trying to close one of two large holes in the hull -- suffered fire -- successfully extinguished by fire brigade. Bad weather may furthermore hamper the salvage. According to time schedule intended to turn hull today. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Thurs. Dec. 15 2005) UPDATE>> In spite of strong wind the sheerleg Samson succeeded in turning around the wreck of the sunken "Maritime Lady" in Cuxhaven. Until night the salvors had worked on fixing the ropes, then the ship turned around within 45 minutes & to be pumped out Dec 16. Then inspections are to commence. They will be difficult as the wheelhouse is completely destroyed. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Sat.. Dec. 17 2005)

52 meter long (1977 build ) Icelandic F/V Hringur -- SvitzerWijsmuller Salvage<< Webfeature. Dec 3 in a quick operation succeeded in refloating the vessel. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Mon. Dec. 5 2005)

Chinese F/V , with 11 crew -- sent distress call -- capsized in storm 30 sea miles off Zhoushan Island -- all crew rescued from the cold sea. (Sun. Dec. 4, 2005)

Chinese M/V. with sand & 17 crew -- capsized in strong gales along with a cold front from Siberia, 30 NM northeast of Yangtze River estuary -- 12 rescued & 5 missing. (Sun. Dec. 4, 2005)

11gt. South Korean F/V 109 Tae Sung, with 8 crew -- capsized 7:35 a.m. 480km W. of Cape Bono in winds more than 43.2 kph & 4-meter-high waves -- 4 recuded, 4 missing. (Sun. Dec. 4, 2005)

La Spezia, the Georgia-registered bulk cement carrier M/V Margaret dragged her anchor in high winds, hit pier & sank in shallow water just off the Venice commercial port. (Sat. Dec. 3, 2005)

4,441gt. Malta flag chemical/oil carrier M/T Sichem Fenol (built 1985), in ballast -- almost run into pier just outside Hook of Holland. Therefore tugs of Kotug were necessary to guide her into Rotterdam harbor again -- assisted back to Rotterdam by tug due weather & strong current 25 Nov 2005. Sailed 26 Nov. (Sat. Dec. 3, 2005)

13.25mt. Sweden 42 class yacht, S/V Caliso, with 6 crew -- reported taking on water Nov. 30, 300 miles W Cape Verde islands -- skipper made decision that best course of action to abandon vessel. Distress message received by 89014gt M/T Endless -- diverted her course to rendezvous with yacht arriving at 5pm Nov. 30 evening, -- maneuverd alongside tanker -- crew evacuated. Sailors will be landed at tankers next port of destination in 8 days time. Credit for rescue & all coomunications coordination to UK Falmouth MRCC Operations<< Webfeature. (Fri. Dec. 2, 2005)

PIRATE RELEASE>> Kenyan-owned freighter M/V Torgelow, Kenyan port of Mombasa for Mogadishu with 850 tons general cargo -- hijacked last month off Somali coast -- released Nov. 30 by Somali pirates along with crew of 10 -- Reuters reports no ransom had been paid. (Fri. Dec. 2, 2005)

137 Years Ago>> 173ft. S/V Cortland was only a year old when she sank on June 20, 1868. The 173-foot, 3-masted bark was one of largest sailing vessels on Great Lakes. She was carrying iron ore in dark & drizzle off shore of Lorain, on course to pass the passenger steamer SS Morning Star. The ships collided, sinking both & killing 38 people. Bodies washed ashore for weeks. Only SS Morning Star was recovered. Lake Erie is full of sunken ships, between 1,500 & 3,000. Only about 400 have been found, and not all of those have been identified. Now S/V Cortland has been found in 60 feet of water using sidescan sonar imaging. Divers are carefully guarding location of the wreck. This is the Holy Grail of Great Lakes marine history. BRAVO ZULU! (Fri. Dec. 2, 2005)


24 Nov. 2005 during early morning, in position 20:38.1N - 106:52.6E, Haiphong anchorage, Vietnam. Pirates boarded container ship & stole ship's stores. Port authorities informed. (Fri. Dec. 2, 2005)

20 Nov. 2005 at 0600 LT at Bontang anchorage, Indonesia. Pirates boarded LPG carrier & stole two life rafts and escaped. There were numerous small fishing crafts in the vicinity. (Fri. Dec. 2, 2005)

24 Oct. 2005 at 0430 LT at Lagos anchorage 15 nm from port, Nigeria. Ten pirates armed with knives boarded bulk carrier at stern from speedboat during heavy rain -- threatened duty A/B & escaped with ship's stores. Port control responded after 3 hours & asked master to contact agents. (Fri. Dec. 2, 2005)

03 Sept. 2005 at 0400 LT at Total jetty, Douala, Cameroon. Three piratews armed with knives & spears boarded offshore tug. Confronted duty A/B and bosun, stole ship's property & escaped. (Fri. Dec. 2, 2005)

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Malayan cargo M/V in collision Dec. 1, with South Korean trawler -- 30km off the island Jindo. Only 1 of crew of 14 of trawler rescued, 13 sailors missing. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Fri. Dec. 2, 2005)

54mt. German coaster M/V Holmer Ferry, with stones & 4 crew -- ran aground twice on Nov 30 close to German North Sea peninsula Nordstrand. Capt. decided to take route through some shallows & stuck fast. Rescue boat M/V Vormann Leiss of the DGzRS salvaged the ship. During this time the wind blew with 5 Bf. Shortly after being towed off the sand. Capt. of M/V Holmer Ferry then ran her agound a 2nd time -- managed to get her free -- buth M/V Vormann Leiss escorted the coaster to port at Holmersiel. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Fri. Dec. 2, 2005)

141mt. M/V Shanghai Pride, with rice -- in collision off Sri Lanka some time ago -- caused considerable damage to her side with 2 of 5 holds being flooded. The vessel limped back to off Colombo. SvitzerWijsmuller Salvage<< Webfeature, & her Sri Lankan partners Sri Lanka Shipping Co. instructed on Nov. 29, to start up salvage operations. Additional equipment has been mobilized in from the SvitzerWijsmuller warehouses in Singapore & The Netherlands. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Fri. Dec. 2, 2005)

South Korean fishing vessel -- in collision with -- Malaysian freighter M/V Bung Mas Lapan, China for Japan, in the south sea of Korea -- 20 NM off Chin Island, 472km S. of Seoul, South Cholla Province. South Korean F/V has 13 missing. (Thurs. Dec. 1, 2005)

Vessel Loss Dispatches For Nov. 2005

M/V Brian Hartley broadcast emergency assitance request Nov. 29 -- sighting of red flares -- UK Humber MRCC requested immediate launch of Whitby RNLI lifeboat -- HMS Severn<< Webfeature, responded & stood by vessel while she sinks & position will be passed to the Hydrographic office. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Wed. Nov. 30, 2005)

M/V Ocean Voyager -- Sank 300 miles offshore of Iran Nov. 29 in 11 meter seas -- water started flooding engine room -- Non-essential personnel, immediately transferred to chase boat, M/V MICLYN Searcher. Meanwhile, crew continued to try to contain the flooding. MAYDAY calls were issued, First to respond was combat support ship USS Seattle (AOE 3)<< Webfeature. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Wed. Dec. 1, 2005)

39,043gt Norwegian-owned, Hong Kong registered car carrier M/V Dyvi Baltic (built 1989) -- willl undergo repairs to her rudder in the Port of Durban after cracks were discovered Nov. 29 -- thought the ship will be out of action for at least a month. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Wed. Nov. 30, 2005)

General cargo M/V Shanghai Pride, with 11,500 tons rice -- in collision with -- bulk M/V Salam 4 -- with fertilizer -- off S. coast of Sri Lanka, close to Dondra Head. Both vessels lying in anchorage. Understand repair work to M/V Salam 4 has commenced NOv. 13, while the owners of Shanghai Pride are still negotiating with regard to repairs. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Wed. Nov. 30, 2005)

Danish M/V Sarah Rousing -- obviously did not stop fast enough Nov. 28, when she entered New South Lock of Kiel-Canal in Kiel-Holtenau -- in collision -- with stern of St.Vincent-flagged M/V Silver Pearl. M/V Silver Pearl suffered gash on starboard side. Both vessels underway into the Baltic Sea coming from the North Sea anchored on Holtenau roads. Until the damage assessed both ships arrested by police. M/V Silver Pearl allowed to resume voyage. M/V Sarah Rousing had only minor damage bow &meanwhile allowed to leave Kiel towards the East. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Tues. Nov. 29, 2005)

Salvage tug M/V Smit Rhone -- sailing in Dutch Amazone Harbor<< Webfeature, suffered engine room fire. Tug M/V Texelbank in the neighbourhood assisted -- tug safely brought alongside & CO2 system activated. RPA patrol vessels RPA 15 & RPA 16 proceeded to scene & RPA 15 assisted fire brigade extinguishing fire. Cause of the fire is under investigation. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Tues. Nov. 29, 2005)

Japanese M/V Kinei Maru No. 8 -- in collision -- with 298gt F/V Kazuyoshi Maru No. 3 -- off Hofu, Japan on night of Nov. 21. F/V Kazuyoshi Maru No. 3 capsized with 2 dead. 77-year-old freighter Capt. Yamaguchi of M/V Kinei Maru No. 8 arrested Nov 27 on suspicion of professional negligence. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Tues. Nov. 29, 2005)

250-foot barge Piney Point being pushed by the tug M/V Barbary Coast -- 1.26 million gallons of hot liquid asphalt ran aground in Upper James River, 5 miles south of Richmond, Va. Nov 28 - ran aground in vicinity of Meade Landing State Park, at about 4:30 a.m. Nov. 28 morning. U.S. Coast Guard pollution investigators are on-scene. One tank damaged. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Tues. Nov. 29, 2005) UPDATE>> U.S. Coast Guard Cutter USGCC Chock, homeported in Portsmouth, Va.patrolling the 2-mile safety zone around the barge. Recreational traffic must get permission from the crew of the Chock before transiting the area. Response to this incident is a unified effort, with resources on scene From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Wed. Nov. 30, 2005) UPDATE>> Cleanup crews completed pumping approximately 750,000 gallons of liquid asphalt from the damaged bargespilling an estimated 45,000 gallons of its cargo. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Fri. Dec. 2, 2005)

40-foot wooden dragger F/V Giovana engulfed in a harrowing blaze 12 miles off Gloucester -- Capt. John Sanfilippo, 60, managed to jump into a survival suit before diving overboard -- passing good Samaritan boat F/V Carla Maria plucked from icy waters. U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Cape Cod helicopter & 2 Coast Guard boats respnded. Capt. Samaritan doing well. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Mon. Nov. 28, 2005)

19-foot F/V Coabia Release Me -- fishing with 4 aboard -- 12 miles off the coast of New Smyrna Beach, Fla. -- failed to return & missing -- 47-foot motor life boat from U.S. Coast Guard Station Ponce Inlet, Fla., HH-60 Jayhawk helicopter, C-130 Hercules fixed-wing aircraft from U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Clearwater, Fla., and Coast Guard Cutter USCGC Shrike, homeported in Cape Canaveral, Fla. -- all assisting in the search for missing men. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Mon. Nov. 28, 2005)

25ft. M/V Eye Catcher -- afire 1 mile off off of Koko Head Nov. 27 -- U.S. Coast Guard Sector Honolulu Command Center scrambled HH-65 Dolphin Helicopter from U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Barbers Point & 41-foot utility boat -- suppressed fire - 3 rescued. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Mon. Nov. 28, 2005)

285gt general cargo coaster M/V Allora (built 1964), Gdansk for Otterbacken with sodium carbonate, ran aground in lat 58 47N, long 13 11E --in bad weather on lake Vänern << Webfeature, in mid-Sweden, 80 NM ENE from Gothenburg , just after midnight Nov. 24 -- considerable damage to her hull. M/V SITC Bangkok refloated Nov. 28, by tug, M/V Pacific Champion.

375gt Honduras-flagged cargo M/V Moby Dick, Black Sea port of Odessa for Beirut with construction material & steel pipe -- sent emergency signal after she began to take on water, 25 NM west of Tilos -- airlifted to safety by helicopter to nearby island of Rhodes, Greece. (Sun. Nov. 27, 2005) UPDATE>> Taken in tow Nov. 28 by tug M/V Megas Alexandros to Levitha Island, where she anchored in lat 37 01N, long 26 28E. Inspection by divers under way. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Wed. Dec. 1, 2005)

Pirates Free Vessel>> a Ukrainian cargo Liberian flag M/V Panahia, South Africa to Turkey with iron ore & 22 crew -- seized nearly 40 days ago, on Oct. 18 , off coast of Somalia, Ukraine's Foreign Ministry said late Nov. 27. Not immediately clear if the US$700,000 (euro585,000) ransom demanded by pirates had been paid, although earlier officials in Kiev had said Ukrainian company ready to pay. Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said the ship escorted away from the Somali coast overnight with all crew safe by French vessel -- Ukrainian Defense Ministry expressed thanks to French officials for their assistance. BRAVO!! (Sun. Nov. 27, 2005)

Rentrans Cargo Antigua-flagged container M/V Paper Moon, from the Baltic for the Kiel Canal with paper, ran aground approaching Kiel in morning hours of Nov 26 close to Neu-Stein, l/h Buelk. Now anchored off Kiel Holtenau for further inspections --no pilot aboard --bridge officer had 2.63 promille alcohol -- only embalmers do better. Bt it's onlly a paper moon! From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Sun. Nov. 27, 2005)

F/V San Giuseppe Star, between Ulladulla and Bateman's Bay when steering locked 6.30pm -- stranded along with 2 disabled boats & dismasted yacht in rough seas off the New South Wales south coast -- rescuing UK patrol boat also developed mechanical problems, leaving her & 4-man volunteer crew stranded with the trawler. (Sun. Nov. 27, 2005)

Oliver Hazard Perry-class frigate homeported in Mayport, Fla. USS Samuel B. Roberts (FFG 58)<< Webfeature, with embarked helicopter detachment patrolling in the Caribbean Sea near the Greater Antilles islands encountered Venezuelan-flagged F/V Dona Malula on Nov. 14 found to have a broken propulsion shaft that could not be repaired at sea & found to also have a 20-inch crack in hull that was letting in water faster than could be pumped out. Ship's master & his crew then embarked USS Samuel B. Roberts. Commanding Officer of Samuel B. Roberts, Cmdr. Bernard M. Gately Jr. then directed that the ship be reported as a hazard to navigation so no other ship would be endangered if the ship did not sink on its own. (Sat. Nov. 26, 2005)

Danish edible oil 1,733gt M/T Orateca (built 1982), with molasses -- suffered engine failure in North Sea -- now in tow of UK Coast Guard tug . (Fri. Nov. 25, 2005)

St. Vincent & Grenadines flag 2,441gt M/V Nadja (built 1985) ran aground outside Terneuzen at 1900, Nov 24. Vessel refloated & towed to Ghent. (Fri. Nov. 25, 2005)

Yan Meizhong, new owner of Chinese M/V, with sand & 9 crew -- capsized on the Yangtze River Nov. 24, detained for illegally running business without any license --8 crew remain missing -- Capt., Engineer of turbine & 6 others -- vessel pulled onto the river bank, awaiting salvage. (Fri. Nov. 25, 2005)


20 Nov. 2005 at 0345 LT at Umm Qasr anchorage, off no 2 buoy, Iraq. Five heavily armed pirats boarded bulk carrier from starboard quarter -- took hostage 2 duty crew on deck & went to bridge where they held 2/O & 2 seamen at gunpoint. They went to master's cabin & stole master's property and cash from ship's safe. Proceeded to C/O´s cabin & stole cash. Robbers escaped in their speedboat. Master & crew received serious injuries. Crew contacted coalition forces who provided medical assistance. Injured crew are recovering onboard. (Fri. Nov. 25, 2005)

19 Nov. 2005 at 2200 UTC in position 29:43.4N - 048:37.5E at Umm Qasr anchorage off no 5 buoy, Iraq. Three pirates armed with machine guns & pistols boarded bulk carrier at bridge deck & took 2/O hostage -- forced him to take them to master's cabin. Threatened master with machine guns & stole ship's cash and master's personal property. Then assaulted 2/O & stole his cash & property. Master & 2/O suffered injuries. Pirates damaged all radio equipment -- took the 2/o to forecastle & then escaped in a waiting speedboat. Master activated SSAS & notified RCC Australia. Later naval ship in area came to provide assistance. (Fri. Nov. 25, 2005)

19 Nov.2005 at 2000 LT in position 10:19N - 075:23W at Cartagena Bay, Colombia. Four pirates boarded tanker from forecastle. Duty watchmen raised alarm. Robbers broke padlocks of forward locker & stole ship's stores together with safety equipment & escaped. Coast guard & port authorities notified & both came onboard within 30 mins to investigate. (Fri. Nov. 25, 2005)

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North Korean M/V Sea Magic, with 5 crew ran aground Nov. 23, on a sandbar off Thassos, Greece. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Fri. Nov. 25, 2005)

45ft. S/V Joy for All, from Glastonbury, Conn with 3 crew -- reported loss of main sail, engine & steering -- disabled 180 miles N. of Bermuda amidst 20-foot seas & 50-knot winds. M/V Patriot in the area agreed to assist. S/V Joy for All's master made repairs to rudder & will motor back to Bermuda. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Fri. Nov. 25, 2005)

12mt. S/V Erika, with 8 crew -- dismasted 100km W. of Crete during the night from Nov 23 to 24 -- intensive search by the 110,852gt German container 110852gt M/V MSC Chicago, M/V Hongkong Express & Greek warship Hydra. Hydra was on scene & able to rescue crew with her helicopter. (Fri. Nov. 25, 2005)

40mt. British registered coaster M/V Nordstar aground at Lochaline, Sound of Mull. Clyde Coastguard sent the Lochaline Coastguard Rescue team & requested the launch of the Tobermory RNLI all weather lifeboat to the scene. M/V Nordstar managed to float free at 6:35 p.m. Nov. 24 -- now at anchor in Lochaline. No damage. (Fri. Nov. 25, 2005)

M/V Kiperousa UPDATE>> Almost 1200 large logs from the shipwrecked bulker remain unaccounted for. Total recovered cargo of about 20,000 tons of hardwood logs from Gabon in West Africa will become available for sale at auction to be held at East London. According to ship's manifest 1197 logs remain unaccounted for & believed to be either in ship's holds under water, or may have sunk at sea. Thought all the 'floaters' that washed overboard have been recovered although there are reports of some logs floating perpendicular in the water or slightly below the surface, which makes them difficult to see & navigational hazard to ships operating along the coast from north of East London to Cape Agulhas. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Fri. Nov. 25, 2005) Follow This Story

Ferry M/V Stena Forerunner -- suffered fire while lying in the Kiel-Holtenau locks of the Kiel Canal -- smouldering in a switchboard. Due to the effective fire fighting by crew, fire extinguished fast -- little damage -- able to continue her voyage. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Fri. Nov. 25, 2005)

Liberia-flagged M/T Sperchios successfully refloated at 1:50 p.m. Nov 23 from Guayanilla Bay in S. coast of Puerto Rico after running aground Nov. 21, morning. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Fri. Nov. 25, 2005)

28ft. S/V Camelot -- sails blown & lost engine power in 12 to 15-foot seas & gale force winds -- 280-miles east of Cape Canaveral, Fl. M/V Asphalt Victory heard crews call for help & relayed message to U.S. Coast Guard rescue coordinators at Coast Guard's District Seven command center in Miami. M/V Asphalt Victory steamed off her course to assist. Rescue coordinators launched a C-130 rescue airplane & an HH-60 Jayhawk helicopter from Air Station Clearwater, Fla., to assist in search. U.S. Coast Guard Jayhawk helicopter working out of Bahamas was also launched to assist. M/V Asphalt Victory arrived at S/V Camelot's position & reported seas were too rough to take off crew. Bahamas-based helicopter crew hoisted crew to safety in heavy seas & weather shortly thereafter. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Fri. Nov. 25, 2005)

Glastonbury, CT. 45-ft. S/V Joy for All -- disabled 180 miles N. of Bermuda, in 15-foot seas, with winds 30-50 knots. Master reported loss of his main sail, engine, & steering. M/V Patriot in area & agreed to assist . U.S. Coast Guard C-130 airplane from Air Station Elizabeth City, NC, launched to locate vessel & provide air cover during rescue. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Wed. Nov. 23, 2005)

Japanese 4-ton F/V Kazuyoshi Maru No. 3 -- found 20 km off Hofu, Yamaguchi Prefecture -- capsized --2 dead -- damage to vessel indicates she may have been involved in collision -- coast guard investigating case as hit-&-run. (Wed. Nov. 23, 2005)

Japanese 19-ton F/V Riko Maru -- capsized 5 km NE of Noshappu Cape -- 2 dead. (Wed. Nov. 23, 2005)

5,000-ton Chinese M/V Anjin , Shanghai for Singapore with steel & 22 crew -- sank Nov. 22, 300km (185 miles) offshore of Vung Tauoff S. Vietnam -- 9 rescued by relief ship from Vietnam-Russia joint venture oil company VietSovPetro operating in the region. (Wed. Nov. 23, 2005) UPDATE>> Singapore sent 10 rescue boats to search for missing crew members. The boats gave up their search Nov. 24.. 12 Missing, including Capt. (Fri. Nov. 25, 2005)

Coaster M/V Natalie (IMO #8906224)Kantvik for Taalintehdas (both in Finland) in ballast -- ran aground W. of Finnish port Russarö, near Hanko, night of Nov 22. -- holed in hull. Later she was able to get off the ground without help & reached Hanko same morning. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Wed. Nov. 23, 2005)

China Shipping Container Lines M/V Xin Qin Huang Dao (V.0031 E), Hong Kong for Loong Beabh --lost 6 containers overside Nov. 18. Claim of heavy weather will likely be disputed by cargo interests. (Tues. Nov. 22, 2005) UPDATE>> Determined that upper container in 6 container stack exceeded stack weight by 159% -- broke twist locks & tore deck pads when 6 container stack broke loose & toppled overside. (Wed. Nov. 23, 2005)

Liberian M/T Sperchios, with 320,000 barrels of crude oil -- grounded at 7:30 a.m., Nov. 21-- 1.5 miles S. from the Port of Guayanilla in S. coast of Puerto Rico -- grounding of vessel currently under U.S. Coast Guard investigation. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Tues. Nov. 22, 2005)

F/V Catherine & Rebecca -- and F/V SS Melon II -- both of Gloucester, Mass. -- in collision -- 7 miles east of Rockport, Mass. F/V SS Melon II sank. All rescued by U.S. Coast Guard. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Tues. Nov. 22, 2005)

New Bedford, Mass. 42-foot scalloper F/V Seldom Home -- taking on water at 4:33 a.m. Nov. 20. 87-foot patrol boat from Woods Hole USCGC Hammerhead able to control flooding -- safely escorted vessel to port. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Tues. Nov. 22, 2005)

Crusie M/V Royal Pacific -- removal of the wreck of the cruise vessel which capsized in the port of Kaohsiung, Korea, in July 2005 was completed Oct 11. In 1st weeks of August SMIT Salvage was contracted by the P&I club to remove the constructive total loss vessel. Salvage team & 1,000 ton sheerleg crane "Smit Cyclone" were mobilized to remove wreck. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Tues. Nov. 22, 2005)

Somali Pirates Release >> Maltese registered oil M/V San Carlo -- back on its way to South Africa, Nov. 20 -- not clear whether ransom had been paid for release of vessel & crew of 24 -- hijacked a month ago as it was on its way from the United Arab Emirates to South Africa. (Mon. Nov. 21, 2005)

M/V Samar Star, Samar province for Cebu -- suffered fire at 11:08 a.m. at Pier 2 Cebu City Port shortly after docking, Nov. 21 -- no injuries -- Cebu Coast Guard launched investigation into incident. (Mon. Nov. 21, 2005)

M/V Maersk Ensenada (built 1998) -- grounded on Cuba during Hurricane Wilma end October. SvitzerWijsmuller salvage experts flown to Cuba and a tug & barge were loaded with a considerable amount of special salvage equipment, flown in from SvitzerWijsmuller warehouses in the area. Salvage team flown in consisted of a salvage master, a naval architect & salvage divers and technicians. Upon arrival of the tug, barge and equipment on site, the N. coast of Cuba, the salvage operation continued in full force. Operation concerned so-called 'regaining-buoyancy' techniques & environmental precautionary actions which included cargo discharge, removal of bunkers & pressurising breached tanks; most of the double bottom of the container vessel breached. With all preparations executed the planned refloat operations last Nov. 16, succeeded in freeing the vessel during 1st controlled attempt. Container vessel subsequently towed to Havana to be re-delivered in drydock for repairs. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Mon. Nov. 21, 2005)

106mt container M/V Passadena, Hamburg for Bremerhaven -- in collision at Port of Bremerhaven -- with 269mt. conatiner M/V CP Ambassador -- both ships damaged. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Mon. Nov. 21, 2005)

2667gt, Antigua-flagged 88.2mt cargo M/V Fehn Star -- in collision Oct. 16 -- with the German 904gt river M/V Holsatia -- leaving Port of Harburg for Sittingbourne. M/V Fehn Star leaving its berth stern 1st, when strikingt M/V Holsatia on way from Sandau Harbor to Salzgitter port was hit amidships. Stern of M/V Fehn Star slightly damaged -- ship returned to Hamburg for inspections. Both ships meanwhile left harbor after completion of inspections & repairs. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Mon. Nov. 21, 2005)

SAD END>> Wreck of famous luxury liner SS American Star<< Webfeature, -- which ran aground off Fuerte Ventura years ago is finally collapsing, Nov. 2005. Foreship has started to fall onto its port side, planks from the ship litter the beach. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen See Maritime Matters.(Mon. Nov. 21, 2005)

M/V Arco Axe (length 99mt) -- aground in outer harbor of Dutch port of Vlissingen at 07.30 p.m. Tug M/V Walcheren was at grounding site within short time & succeeded in getting free essel shortly after the grounding. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Mon. Nov. 21, 2005)

M/V Samar Star on voyage from Samar province -- arrived at Pier 2 of Cebu City Port -- shortly after docking suffered fire. (Sun. Nov. 20, 2005)

441ft. K-Sea Transportation << Webfeature, barge, with 5 million gallons of thick oil -- capsized 100 miles E. of Galveston -- starboard cargo tank contained about 563,000 gallons of oil damaged sometime after barge capsized -- 4 mile safety zone around barge in effect & U.S. Coast Guard is investigating incident. (Sun. Nov. 20, 2005)

Tug M/V Holly Ann heading S. along the shore of Lake Michigan near Holland towing 2 hopper barges -- 1 barge broke free & presently beached at Holland State Park, just north of breakwater for Holland harbor entrance -- tug lost power & steering -- tug & remaining barge pushed inside breakwall & on rocks which protect the structure -- other barge broke loose & driven on beach to the N. Plans to remove unknown at this time. (Sun. Nov. 20, 2005)

PIRATE RELEASE>> Maltese-owned M/T San Carlo, with cargo of gas & 24 crew -- freed by Somali pirates after holding them hostage for almost one month off Somalia's north-east coast -- making way to her original destination South Africa. Still 6 ships being held along with crews by pirates. Thousands of merchant ships move down past Somali coast to the Cape of Good Hope every year.(Sat. Nov. 19, 2005)

Republic of Korea cargo vessel sank with crew in lifeboats -- COSCO container vessel received SOS signals on its way back from Australia on Nov. 19 -- found a sinking ship at 12:20 -- COSCO vessel resued 20-- 1 missing. (Sat. Nov. 19, 2005)

Chinese M/T Tong Cheng 818 with 799 tons of liquidized gas from Dalian, Liaoning Province caught in cold front from Siberia on Nov. 14 -- swamped during bad weather in East China Sea, 100 sea miles from Sheshan Hill . All 14 crew saved from the sinking vessel by rescuers from the Shanghai-based Donghai Rescue Bureau on Nov. 14. Rescue boats & crane ship managed to approach M/T Tong Cheng 818 next morning. With winds still blowing at up to 88km an hour, rescue work progressed slowly -- crane finally raised ship early Nov. 18 morning. (Sat. Nov. 19, 2005)

Chinese cargo vessel, with 4,880t of steel materials -- in collision with container ship -- after losing control on Huangpu River about 6:15am Nov. 18 morning. (Sat. Nov. 19, 2005)

14,236gt container M/V SITC Bangkok (built 2002), Thailand for Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam -- grounded Nov. 1, in lat 09 59.01N, long 103 08.44E, on Nov 11. Salvage crew on scene & tug proceeding from Singapore. Cargo, some refrigerated not affected . Still aground. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Sat. Nov. 19, 2005) UPDATE>> M/V SITC Bangkok refloated Nov. 28, by tug, M/V Pacific Champion. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Wed. Dec. 1, 2005)


ALERT>> Somalia - NE &Eastern Coast >> 32 incidents have been reported since 15 March 20005. Heavily armed pirates are now attacking ships further away from the coast. Ships not making scheduled calls at Somali ports are advised to keep at least 200 nm from the Somali coast.

07 Nov. 2005 at 0600 UTC in position 04:28N - 048:01E, east coast of Somalia. Pirates hijacked general cargo ship underway -- demanded ransom for release of vessel. This is 4th incident off Somalia since 05 Nov. 2004 in this area. Ships again advised to keep at least 200 nm off Somali coast. (Sat. Nov. 19, 2005)

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Swedish 158mt. RoRo-ferry Nordoe-Line M/V Finnsailor (built 1987), Luebeck-Travemuende (Germany) for Malmoe with trucks -- in collision Oct. 13 -- with Malta-flagged Polish 199mt. M/V General Grot-Rowecki, for Ventspils -- tug M/V Fairplay 25, environment protection ship M/V Arkona, the rescue boat M/V Theo Fischer & patrol boat M/V BG 26 as well as a police helicopter rushed to scene. M/V General Grot-Rowecki suffered flooding in a hold after ballast tank on port side torn open. Both vessels towed. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Sat. Nov. 19, 2005)

M/V Enol Frio -- underway to India for scrap under her own power suddenly started taking water under South African coast, SMIT Amandla SKUA & with some pumps vessel pumped to a stable position again. M/V Enol Frio will carry on her voyage when repairs are completedv -- dispatched the tug M/V Pentow to assist. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Sat. Nov. 19, 2005)

1,900dwt. Antgua flagged coaster M/V Helse (built 1992) (Ex- Hanse Carrier) (home port St. Johns) -- in collision Oct. 18 with -- west jetty of German port Buesum at 1 p.m. when entering port. Both jetty & ship were severely damaged -- bow damaged when hitting jetty at right angle -- had on board a pilot. Police started investigations. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Sat. Nov. 19, 2005)

PIRATE ATTACK>> Greek registered vessel, chartered by Messrs Yinka Folawiyo & Sons Ltd, M/V Media K, with 14,100mt bulk cement -- raided by armed priates who stormed vessel outside bar, some 15 NM outside Lagos Port Complex, Nigeria -- delayed at sea for some days, owing to port congestion being experienced in Nigeria currently. Captain Fassulis Hristos, a Greek national, was very reluctant to talk to authorities. Although no life was lost during raid, Daily Sun newspaper reports that pirates collected reasonable ransom from vessel for her release. (Thurs. Nov. 17, 2005)

Vietnam origin M/V Bright Sun (ex-M/V Loukia G & M/V Star Michalis -- built 1985), with 22 crew, sank off the coast of Laoag City -- crew rescue difficult 25km (15 miles) from Laoag city in N. province of Ilocos So. off Philippine coast -- reported Nov. 17. Vessel details no known. At least 1 crew missing. (Thurs. Nov. 17, 2005) UPDATE>> Ship's engineer is still missing. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Tues. Nov. 22, 2005) UPDATE>> Body of ship's engineer Jerome Classens, who fell overboard near St Francis Bay last week, has been found. (Tues. Nov. 22, 2005)

14,236gt Turkish flag container M/V Bangkok (built 2002), Thailand for Ho Chi Minh City (built 2002) -- aground in lat 09 59.01N, long 103 08.44E off Cambodia, on Nov 11. Vessel's cargo, some of which is refrigerated, not affected & holds reportedly sound. Lloyd's Standard Form salvage contract has been signed with Smit Salvage BV. Some lightering will be carried out onto local vessels to facilitate refloating. Salvage crew on scene & tug is proceeding from Singapore. Reported Nov. 15.(Thurs. Nov. 17, 2005)

Great Lakes tug M/V Kurt R. Luedtke, Sandusky for Cleveland -- lost her tow -- 150-ft. by 50ft.spoils barge found stuck in shallow water in Sandusky Bay, 2-3 miles from Sandusky docks. (Thurs. Nov. 17, 2005)

80-foot commercial trawler F/V Anita Sue, with 3 crew -- suffered engine room fire 36 miles W. of Tillamook Head, Ore. U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Astoria launched an HH-60 Jayhawk helicopter & Coast Guard Station Cape Disappointment, Wash., launched a 47-foot motor lifeboat to assist -- dropped hand held radio & equipment. Master of F/V Anita Sue used hand-held radio to report that fire had extinguished & vessel was in need of a tow. U.S. Coast Guard obliged. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Thurs. Nov. 17, 2005)

Ro/ro M/V Santa Emma departed in tow of anchor handling tug/supply M/V Rig Deliverer on Sep 21, as one half of tandem tow with bulk M/V Willowglen, bound for Alang, to be broken-up Oct. 7. M/V Santa Emma now owned by Rikan Shipping. There were no crew on either M/V Santa Emma or M/V Willowglen. Following received from Ponta Delgada MRCC (ex-USS Co.Maheno), timed 1746hrs., UTC>> Result of bad weather last night, ro/ro M/V Santa Emma sank in lat 36 53.3N, long 28 14.4W.  From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Thurs. Nov. 17, 2005)

MUTINY CASE DECIDED>> Taiwanese F/V Full Means 2 -- Chinese cook convicted Nov. 16, of killing her captain & 1st mate -- Shi Lei, 24, faces up to life in prison for each of 3 counts of violence against maritime navigation. Following the stabbings, Shi took control of at knifepoint & ordered crew to sail to Shanghai, China, where he intended to escape. Crew members subdued Shi 2 days later, tied him up & voted to come to Hawaii. Ship was met by U.S. Coast Guard 69 miles south of Hilo & escorted to Honolulu Harbor. Captain's body thrown overboard & never recovered, while body of 1st mate ound inside ship's freezer. (Wed. Nov. 16, 2005)

Great Lakes tug M/V Kurt R. Luedtke backtracked its original path, did not locate garbage barge she had under tow -- somewhere between Sandusky & Cleveland -- crew does not know where she was lost. Follow your nose. (Tues. Nov. 15, 2005)

M/V Xian Feng Hai No. 1, with 13 crew -- made emergency call to Shanghai-based Donghai Rescue Bureau, saying vessel being battered by huge waves & high winds at 3:40am on Nov. 14 -- rescue helicopter pulled 2 sailors from huge waves before noon No. 14, after their life raft capsized -- 1 of 2 sailors pronounced dead on arrival. Chinese rescue helicopter continued to search for 11 missing sailors from M/V Xian Feng Hai No. 1 on Nov. 15, despite cloudy weather. (Tues. Nov. 15, 2005)

U.S. F/V Fuchsia, reported man overboard Nov. 14, at 4.31am, 34 NM south of St Francis Bay, San Francisco. National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI)<< Webfeature, has now called off its search. (Tues. Nov. 15, 2005)

U.S.Kodiak-based F/V Hustler sank Nov. 12, near Afognak Island -- crew rescued & treated for hypothermia. U.S. Coast Guard Jayhawk helicopter crew from Coast Guard Air Station Kodiak found men floating on debris. (Tues. Nov. 15, 2005)

225mt. Panama-flagged bulk M/V Ever Mighty (bult 1996), with with 63,000 tons of coal, ran aground off the Danish island Samsoe Nov 11, still stuck fast on Hatter Rev.Danish authorities looking for suitable lighter vessel which can dig the load of 63,000 tons coal out of holds to decrease weight of ship. Environment protection M/V Marie Miljø is on scene. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Tues. Nov. 15, 2005) UPDATE>> Cargo discharge will start Nov 16 --weather permitting -- weather is very bad at the moment. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Wed. Nov. 16, 2005) UPDTE>> Lighter ship M/V Aalmeergrach arrived after improvement of weather. As soon as authorities approved plans, 8500 tons of coal should be lightered. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Sat. Nov. 19, 2005) SvitzerWijsmuller Salvage B.V. at 23.20 LT on 19/11 refloated grounded bulk carrier M/V Ever Mighty in a controlled operation using 4 tugs -- vessel thereafter was towed to Kalundborg Fjord for completion of salvage services. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Mon. Nov. 21, 2005)

5,370gt Malta flagged timber carrier M/V Black Pearl (built 1980), Finland for Algeria with timber -- cargo reportedly shifted & part lost overboard in 49 01N 05 43W t-- 45 miles north-west of Ushant -- Master called French Coast Guard to report a main engine failure & loss of 2000 M3 of wooden planks overboard -- vessel listing 35 degrees as result of the cargo shift -- taken in tow of tug M/V Abeille Bourbon -- arrived Brest at 1100, local time, Nov 13. (Mon. Nov. 14, 2005) UPDATE>> M/V Black Pearl taken in tow of tug M/V Abeille Flandre -- arrived Brest Oct 13 08 a.m. with a 20 degree list. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Tues. Nov. 15, 2005)

Historic replica ship the S/V Duyfken aground in Perth's Swan River -- rescued by Western Australia's water police. S/V The Little Dove, a replica of the original Duyfken ship which in 1606 became the 1st European ship to visit & chart Australian shores, became stuck on sand bar near Pelican Point near Melville in Perth's south. Passengers aboard had to be towed free by water police -- appeared shifting sand in river had been responsible for groudning. UPDATE>> From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Mon. Nov. 14, 2005)

160mt. M/V Spirit of Alpha (built 1984), with with 21,300 tons clinker, aground off Padang, Sumatra Nov. 7. SvitzerWijsmuller salvage tug M/V Albatros (10,000 HP) will be mobilized in from Singapore with the necessary additional salvage equipment. M/V Spirit of Alpha by chance, is a full sister of M/V Kiperousa. The latter vessel ran aground off South Africa mid this year & after another salvor was unable to refloat her, SvitzerWijsmuller South Africa was instructed to discharge as much as possible remaining cargo (logs) from her and weaken her structure. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Mon. Nov. 14, 2005) UPDATE>> SvitzerWijsmuller Salvage B.V. succeeded in refloating the with clinker loaded M/V Spirit of Alpha at midnight during the first planned & controlled attempt that was executed of Padang, Sumatra (Indonesia). In order to achieve a refloating condition about 4,500 tons of cargo needed to be lightered from the vessel. (Fri. Nov. 25 2005) UPDATE>> The lightered cargo taken out to enable refloating of the vessel was re-loaded & dive surveys had indicated that the vessel was in a proper condition to complete her loaded original voyage. She departed Nov. 29 more or less immediately after the re-delivery. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Wed. Dec. 1, 2005)

56-foot landing craft M/V Hustler began taking on water 10 a.m. Alaska time -- OCT. 12 -- S. of Izhut Bay near Afognak Island in Gulf of Alaska -- 2 crew able to make a quick distress call before vessel sank -- HH-60 Jayhawk helicopter crew from U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Kodiak able to locate both atop piece of debris after boat sank -- Jayhawk crew deployed a rescue swimmer to assist crew into rescue basket. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Mon. Nov. 14, 2005)

2,0783gt Swedish 158.4mt ferry M/V Finnsailor, German port Travemuende for Swedish Malmoe with 52 passengers & 24 crew -- in collision in the southern Baltic -- with Malta-flagged, Polish freight M/V General Grot-Roweck for Port of Ventspils. M/V Finnsailor suffered some damage above waterline -- able to proceed further to Malmoe. M/V General Grot-Roweck had leaks in ballast water tanks & suffered water ingress in 2 cargo holds -- ship remained stable -- able to head for Polish port Swinouscie. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Mon. Nov. 14, 2005)

Valletta homeport M/V Evermighty, Ventspils, Litva for Polish port Britské with 63.000gt of coal -- aground in the Baltic Oct 12 - stuck fast east of the Danish island Samsoe -- ship developed slight list to port, but did not leak oil. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Mon. Nov. 14, 2005)

74ft. F/V Lade Becky began taking on water 11 miles E. of Cape May, N.J. HH-65C Dolphin helicopter from U.S. Coast Guard Airstation Atlantic City dropped 2 dewatering pumps to the vessel to keep the flooding under control. 47-foot Coast Guard rescue boat from Coast Guard Station Cape May escorted F/V Lade Becky into safe port in Cape May, N.J. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Mon. Nov. 14, 2005)

Three yachts in the around-the-world Volvo Ocean Race sustained storm damage Nov. 13 during the 1st day at sea. Disney-sponsored S/V Pirates of the Caribbean & S/V Movistar, Spanish entry, were expected to repair damage in port. S/V Pirates will attempt repairs most likely in Lisbon, while S/V Movistar will head to Cadiz on SW tip of Spain. S/V Pirates is taking in water & S/V Movistar has damage to its swinging, or canting, keel. Damaged yachts were about 160 nautical miles out at sea. (Sun. Nov. 13, 2005) UPDATE>> S/V Premier Challenge of Australia was also damaged in the storms. (Mon. Nov. 14, 2005)

Maersk Line is poised to tighten its stranglehold on container shipping with a new generation of ships able to load up to 15,000 twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs). 1st of this revolutionary series, probably a shortened version, will be delivered in early 2006, giving Maersk a lead time of at least 4 years over any other line. (Sun. Nov. 13, 2005)

441-foot oil barge DBL 152, with 5 million gallons of a thick petroleum product known as #6 fuel oil, left Houston shortly before midnight Nov. 10, en route to Tampa -- hit debris in the water that gouged a 30-foot by 6-foot hole in starboard bow -- 30 miles off coast of Louisiana -- U.S. Coast Guard said underwater surveys had shown that oil continued to leak from barge & black patches of oil extended 3 miles southwest of vessel. Cleanup operations to continue. N.Y.-based K-Sea Transportation owns the barge, said Nov. 13, the leak appeared intermittent because the oil was thick & sticky. National Response Corp. contractors hired by K-Sea had placed 2,000 feet of containment boom around barge to contain spill & skimmers were on scene to remove surface oil.(Sun. Nov. 13, 2005) UPDATE>> Chainsaw handlers from which it broke lose were M/V Maersk Seeker & M/V Maersk Lifter.  From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Mon. Nov. 14, 2005) UPDATE>> Despite the efforts of response crews who worked throughout the night, the double-hulled tank barge DBL 152 rolled on to its side at 4:30 p.m. Nov. 14 - debris gouged a 35-foot long by 6-foot wide hole in starboard bow, puncturing both hulls & damaging the #1 cargo tank with 300,000 gallons of oil in damaged tank. Amount of oil that leaked out is unknown -- 2,000ft of containment boom placed around the barge to contain the spill, & oil skimmers are on scene to remove the surface oil. DBL 152, owned by K-Sea Transportation<< Webfeature, of New York, is not obstructing marine traffic. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Tues. Nov. 15, 2005) U.S. Coast Guard Alert>> Advising fishermen not to fish in vicinity of 29 8.8 degrees north, 093 14.9 degrees west, 32 miles south of the Calcasieu Pass, La. There is a strong possibility of heavy grade oil floating partially submerged or on bottom in area due to the spill from the tank barge DBL 152. (Tues. Nov. 15, 2005) UPDATE>> Diver survey of the barge on Saturday evening discovered a 2.5-foot by 8-foot hole in the top of the number three starboard cargo tank.  It also had been damaged sometime when or after the barge capsized, and it contained approximately 564,000 gallons of oil. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Tues. . Nov. 22, 2005) UPDATE>> Rough weather continues to hinder the salvage & recovery. Today, seas subsided enough for divers to begin reconnecting lightering hoses to the DBL 152.  Lightering is the process of transferring oil cargo using hoses & pumps.  The majority of the oil from the DBL 152 will be lightered prior to salvaging of the barge.  From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Wed. Nov. 30 2005)

Spain's King Juan Carlos gave the signal Nov. 12, to start the 7-month, 36,000-mile Volvo Ocean Race<< Webfeature,marking the 1st time in 22 years the race has started outside Britain. Sweden's S/V Ericsson - winner of last week's in-port race & Disney-sponsored Pirates of the Caribbean led the 7 multimillion-dollar yachts out of the port, accompanied by hundreds of small craft & watched from shore by an estimated 70,000 spectators. The 1st leg takes the yachts 6,400 NM (7,365 miles) to Cape Town, South Africa. The full race is due to finish in June at Swedish port of Goteborg, after some 31,250 NM (36,000 miles) of sailing. (Sat. Nov. 12, 2005)

200 people airlifted from an offshore Pipelaying barge LB 200 which broke loose from its tow lines amid rough waters in the North Sea. Pipelaying barge, operated by Stolt Offshore, had 265 workers on board when it came loose from 2 tug ships about 170 miles NEt of Aberdeen this morning. The Maritime & Coastguard Agency, which was alerted to the situation, said the 170-meter semi-submersible barge had since drifted into Norwegian waters. (Sat. Nov. 12, 2005) UPDATE>> From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Mon. Nov. 14, 2005)

Mother Ship?>> Somali pirates attacked more 5 ships in the past week in a sharp rise of banditry apparently directed from a mysterious "mother ship" prowling the busy Indian Ocean corridor. Most vessels escaped, but one was commandeered, bringing to 7 the number of vessels now being held captive along with their crews by pirates plundering the failed state's coastline -- 9 ships, including 2 Arabian dhows seized -- 5 vessels were attacked in past week alone including attempt Nov. 5, to board the Bahamas-registered M/V Seabourn Spirit, with151 Western tourists. This would explain how pirates could loiter 100 miles of the Somali coast.(Fri. Nov. 11, 2005)

58ft. F/V Bold Contender -- issued call on VHF Channel 16 at 7:45 a.m., stating that vessel taking on water & need of assistance off of Lincoln City, Ore. Crew rescued by U.S. Coast Guard 47-foot motor lifeboat & 30-foot surf rescue boat from Station Depoe Bay -- F/V Bold Contender now partially submerged & adrift 5 NM off of Lincoln City, Ore. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Fri. Nov. 11, 2005)

Panama registered 3,043gt M/V Vera 777 (built 2005) -- disabled & adrift due to steering failure Nov. 3, off Paracel Island South China Sea, south of Yongxing Island of the Xisha Archipelago -- driven by strong current of wind & drifted at for 40 hours at speed of 6 sea miles per hour -- South China Sea Rescue Bureau of China's Ministry of Communications -- immediately sent a rescue team -- her 15 sailors saved, after 40 hours of drifting, by Chinese rescuers. (Fri. Nov. 11, 2005)

Thirty years ago today &emdash; Nov. 10, 1975 &emdash; the M/V Edmund Fitzgerald<< Webfeature, a massive 729-foot ore carrier, sank in the E. end of Lake Superior during fierce storm that pounded the ship with 30-foot waves. (Thurs. Nov. 10, 2005)

Ro/Ro 6,753gt M/V Agios Efstatios (built 1975) with passengers & vehicles -- develped a list off Keratsini. (Thurs. Nov. 10, 2005)


06 Nov. 2005 at 0648 UTC in position 02:29.3N - 048:28.2E, east coast of Somalia. Pirates armed with rocket launchers & machineguns fired upon RO/RO ship underway. Master took evasive maneuvers & increased speed to maximum. Pirates' boats fell behind & ceased firing. Bridge windows damaged due to gunfire. (Thurs. Nov. 10, 2005)

05 Nov. 2005 at 1200 UTC in position 04:26.3N - 054:14.6E, off east coast Somalia. Bulk carrier underway spotted craft drifting 16nm away. When ship came close, craft suddenly increased speed & chased bulk carrier. Master took evasive maneuvers, increased speed & moved away from coast. Pirate craft continued chase until 1400 UTC before moving away. Craft had one derrick -- master suspects may be a mother ship to launch speedboats who attack ships. (Thurs. Nov. 10, 2005)

05 Nov. 2005, around 0225 UTC, in position 02:59N - 048:01E, 70 nm from east coast of Somalia. Six heavily armed pirates in 2 boats chased cruise ship, M/V Seabourn Spirit underway -- fired with rocket launchers & machine guns causing damage to ship's side. Master took evasive maneuvers & sailed away from coast. Pirates aborted attempt & fled. One crew sustained injuries to his hand. (Thurs. Nov. 10, 2005)

31 Oct. 2005 at 1900 LT at Basrah oil terminal Alfa anchorage, Iraq -- pirates armed with machine guns & knives boarded tanker -- tied up 2 crew at forecastle & entered accommodation. Then they took 3 crew as hostage & went to master's cabin & fired shots at stairs. Robbers ransacked master's cabin & escaped with ship's safe. (Thurs. Nov. 10, 2005)

30 Oct. 2005 at 0130 LT at Bahia del sol, El Salvador -- armed pirates boarded yacht at anchor -- broke in to skipper's cabin. Alarm raised & robbers jumped into water leaving behind 2 machetes. Accomplice waiting in fishing boat picked them up. Robbers then fired gun shots at yacht before leaving scene. No injuries to crew. Incident reported to authorities who began patroling anchorage during night. (Thurs. Nov. 10, 2005)

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British registered 40mt coaster M/V Nordstar, with salt & 4 crew -- aground at Lochaline, Sound of Mull on the evening of Oct 9 -- reported to the Clyde Coastguard at 6:16 p.m. to have run aground by the Caledonian MacBrayne ferry. Clyde Coastguard sent the Lochaline Coastguard Rescue team & requested launch of Tobermory RNLI all weather lifeboat M/V Nordstar managed to float free -- now at anchor in Lochaline. No damage has been sustained to the coaster -- heading for the Isle of Skye. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Thurs. Nov. 10, 2005)

Chinese cargo M/V Liaopuyun-777 -- design capacity of 95 cargo tons-- with 77.6 tons cargo -- while offloading 100 tons of bricks at Changhai County Haiyang Island port in Dalian city, Liaoning province -- capsized -- all 46 crew thrown into sea, but 27 rescued -- bodies of 2 men & 2 women recovered by Nov. 9 evening, with more believed trapped inside or underneath vessel -- cargo ships in China forbidden from carrying passengers -- but 39 of those aboard were passengers. Vessel belongs to belongs to Shunda Shipping Co -- 19 missing. (Wed. Nov. 9, 2005) UPDATE>> Death toll now 18, with 1 still missing. (Fri. Nov. 11, 2005)

Antigua & Barbuda 6,406gt container M/V Maersk Ensenada (Built 1998) -- grounded on rocky bottom approx. 60 miles W. of Havana on Oc t. 26 -- some equipment to be used in salvage has not yet arrived. Lightening of fuel & containers commenced Nov 6 -- not known when vessel will be refloated. (Wed. Nov. 9, 2005)

German Navy<< Webfeature, task force off Horn of Africa keeping watchful eye on German cruise vessel in the area, M/V Deutschland, Cyprus on Nov. 9, for Dubai via the Red Sea, after pirates attacked a U.S. ship off Somalia -- according to owner Deilmann shipping Co. (Wed. Nov. 9, 2005)

F/V Zenith BF106 suffered fire in Fraserburgh harbor -- no casualties. From our Correspondent A.L. Griffiths (Wed. Nov. 9, 2005)

In the TRANSAT RACE<< Webfeature,>> Trimarans Swiss-registered S/V Orange Project & S/V Foncia capsized W. of the Bay of Biscay early Nov. 8 morning -- 280 miles SW of Isles of Scilly -- French helicopter airlifted crews from life rafts dropped by an RAF Nimrod plane & a 3rd yacht S/V Sodebo lost her mast was towed to safety by a French fishing boat -- truly awful storm. It's also is an amazing story of survival for these sailors who spent 6 hours clinging to their vessels in freezing waters of Atlantic. (Tues. Nov. 8, 2005pm)

Norwegian registered M/T Sten Odin, with mixed cargo of 8494 tons of gas oil & Jet A1 (aviation fuel) & 16 crew -- broken down 39 miles SW of Sumburgh Head -- drifting NE at rate of 2 knots --when tug has arrived on scene, should be able to re-assess situation & decide whether vessel will be towed. (Tues. Nov. 8, 2005pm)

Unidentified S/V making maden voyage in Lake Michigan -- near Milwaukee break wall -- 55 year-old man is missing after falling overboard from his sailboat which he had reportedly been building for years. (Tues. Nov. 8, 2005pm)

Former New Zealand frigate HMNZS Wellington will be sunk off Houghton Bay on Sat. 12 Nov. 2005, at 3pm, weather & sea conditions permitting -- crowds of spectators are expected to head to the South Coast to watch the sinking. (Tues. Nov. 8, 2005pm)

M/V FB Al Medina, Guptachhara ghat of Swandip for Chittagong, with 50 tons of goods & 100 passengers -- capsized in Swandip channel of the Bay on Nov. 6 afternoon -- at least 40 people missing. (Tues. Nov. 8, 2005)

2,890gt Panama registered Chemical/Oil Carrier M/T Stainless Dolphin (built 1979), Euboea, for Syria with Sunflower oil, 15 crew & 1 passenger -- gounded by forepeak off the islet Agios Nikolaos, 2 NM from the area of Glifas, Greece -- patrol vessels from Coast Guard of Stylida & Volos immediately proceeded to area. (Tues. Nov. 8, 2005)

M/T Maersk Holyhead -in collision with -- Liberian M/T Pequot, with coal on Venezuela's Lake Maracaibo<< Webfeature, Nov. 6, but authorities expected key oil shipping lanes to be unaffected by accident. Venezuela, world's No. 5 oil exporter. Lake Maracacibo<< Webfeature. Collision caused a hole in the Danish ship's starboard side above & below waterline -- carrying about 12,345 tons of propane (Mon. Nov. 7, 2005)

U.S. 55ft. F/V Sea Witch, with 10,000 pounds fish -- battled waves at times were 20 feet & winds measured 50 to 65 miles per hour -- single wave blew out windows in bridge damaging most of vessel's electronic systems. One radio survived, dangling from wires on boat's ceiling -- radioed for help & got an answer from nearby fishing vessel -- crew quickly donned survival suits -- U.S. Coast Guard responded --crew pulled from water -- taken back to their homeport in Gloucester, Mass. (Sun. Nov. 6, 2005)

PIRATE CRUISE SHIP ATTACK>> 10,000gt luxury 440ft cruise U.S. owned M/V Seabourn Spirit<< Webfeature, on a 16-day cruise out of Alexandria in Egypt with 300 mostly American & all terrified passengers for Kenyan port city of Mombasa, narrowly escaped seizure by gunmen 160km off pirate-infested Somali coast --at least 2 boats closed in on the vessel & opened fire with machine-guns &rocket-propelled grenades. M/V Seabourn Spirit<< Webfeature, sped off to high seas at flank speed amid a trail of gunfire -- Capt. made distress call & later switched off radio communication to avoid being traced by hijackers -- gunmen sailing in 3 boats later abandoned chase as they could not venture into high seas -- no one injured in botched hijack. So stupid to sail these waters with paying passengers. (Sat. Nov. 5, 2005) UPDATE>> 1 crewmember of M/V Seabourn Spirit injured by shrapnel during pirate attack. (Sat. Nov. 5, 2005pm) UPDATE>> Reports now put passenge manifest at 151 & 161 crew -- at least 3 rocket-propelled grenades hit ship, 1 in a passenger state room. Vessel expected to reach the Seychellest<< Webfeature, on Oct. 8, & then continue on previous schedule to Singapore (Sun. Nov. 6, 2005) UPDATE>> unexploded rocket ... is embedded in some of passenger accommodation of the ship. (Mon. Nov. 7, 2005) UPDATE>> M/V Seabourn Spirit utilized a new sonic device which SMASHED the attack, known as a Long Range Acoustic Device, or LRAD<< Webfeature, is a so-called "non-lethal weapon" developed for the military after the 2000 attack on the USS Cole<< Webfeature, in Yemen as a way to keep operators of small boats from approaching U.S. warships. Makers of the device compare its shrill tone to that of smoke detectors, only much louder -- but directed with pinpoint accuracy. One female passenger reported that she escaped injury because she was taking a bath, and not in the ship's stateroom where an explosive landed. The LRAD vibrates your scull! (Mon. Nov. 7, 2005pm) Update>> Your editor has given numerous interviews to the world press over this M/V Seabourn Spirit incident in the last 2 days . It is quite sad that the VOICE of The Cargo Letter should be heard only after a luxury cruise ship near miss -- there being so many merchant sailors who have been killed in cold blood with no public notice in recent years. McD (Tues. Nov. 8, 2005pm)

Int'l Maritme Bureau>> CONTINUING ALERT -- Somalia - NE & Eastern Coast -- "Twenty five incidents have been reported since 15 March 2005. Heavily armed pirates now attacking ships further away from Somalia coast. Recent incident took place 120 nm off the eastern coast. Ships advised to keep as far away as possible from the Somali coast." >>> Despite these warnings, operators of M/V Seabourn Spirit<< Webfeature, Miami-based Seabourn Cruise Line<< Webfeature, a subsidiary of Carnival Corp -- deliberately took her passengers into harms way. Not Our idea of a pleaure cruise. (Sat. Nov. 5, 2005pm)

"Modern High Seas Piracy" -- a presentation report from The Cargo Letter which you can't miss. (Sun. Nov. 20, 2005)

Mother Ship?>> Somali pirates attacked more 5 ships in the past week in a sharp rise of banditry apparently directed from a mysterious "mother ship" prowling the busy Indian Ocean corridor. Most vessels escaped, but one was commandeered, bringing to 7 the number of vessels now being held captive along with their crews by pirates plundering the failed state's coastline -- 9 ships, including 2 Arabian dhows seized -- 5 vessels were attacked in past week alone including attempt Nov. 5, to board the Bahamas-registered M/V Seabourn Spirit, with151 Western tourists. This would explain how pirates could loiter 100 miles of the Somali coast.(Fri. Nov. 11, 2005)

Int'l Maritme Bureau>> CONTINUING ALERT -- Somalia - NE & Eastern Coast -- "Twenty five incidents have been reported since 15 March 2005. Heavily armed pirates now attacking ships further away from Somalia coast. Recent incident took place 120 nm off the eastern coast. Ships advised to keep as far away as possible from the Somali coast." >>> Despite these warnings, operators of M/V Seabourn Spirit<< Webfeature, Miami-based Seabourn Cruise Line<< Webfeature, a subsidiary of Carnival Corp -- deliberately took her passengers into harms way. Not Our idea of a pleaure cruise. (Sat. Nov. 5, 2005pm)

36-foot commercial F/V Lady Diane, home port is Jacksonville, had 3 crew on board when transmission trouble left the boat adrift in open waters. U.S. Coast Guard Cutter USCGC Shrike already away from Cape Canaveral Port when crew heard the call. USCGC Shrike towed F/V Lady Diane back to Mayport, where another Coast Guard vessel then towed her safely to the Jacksonville Marina around 3 a.m. (Sat. Nov. 5, 2005)

Unidentified M/V ferry, ex- Jangisar, Pakistan -- taking villagers to funeral -- capsized in Arabian Sea off southern Pakistan on Nov. 3 -- at least 70 dead as result of tide hit. Accident coincided with the Eid al-Fitr holiday, normally a joyous occasion following Muslim fasting month of Ramadan. Navy divers were still at scene working to rescue any remaining survivors & recover the bodies of victims, Pakistani Navy said. How much can these people take? (Sat. Nov. 5, 2005)

Bulk M/V Furness Karumba, left Moroccan port of Laayoure for industrial port of Kwinana, 20km south of Perth Oct. 7 with rock phosphate -- 2 stowaways found dead in cargo hold -- men apparently suffocated -- crew heard noises coming from the sealed hold full of fertilizer -- geeeez -- what a way to go. (Sat. Nov. 5, 2005)

9,603gt South Korean ferry M/V Panstar Dream (built 1997 ex-Sun Flower Kuroshio), Osaka for Busan with 347 passengers & crew -- in collision with -- South Korean cargo 2,603gt freighter M/V Korex Incheon, port of Mishima Kawanoe, Ehime Prefecture, also for Busan with 12 crew early Nov. 3 in the Kammon Strait between Japan's Honshu & Kyushu islands. Freighter smashed into port side of ferry -- caused a 1-meter-long hole in the ferry but neither ship in danger of sinking. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Fri. Nov. 4, 2005)

Scottish trawler F/V Harvest, British zone in the North Sea, to Peterhead with 6 crew, sunk after collision with 85mt. supply vessel M/V Strilmøy, for Stavanger in the North Sea, E Shetland Islands at 7 a.m. Nov. 4 morning in poor visibility with fog but calm seas and a slight sea swell. No injuries. (Fri. Nov. 4, 2005)

31mt Cambodian general cargo M/V Galina, with 8 crew -- drifting towards land 4 miles S. of Dodman point, SW England. Lost all power on Nov. 3. 2 RNLI lifeboats sent to scene with aim of securing line if necessary. No further details at present. M/V Galina is in ballast & wind blowing at 40 knots from the SSW -- drifting at a rate of 1.5 knots. From our Correspondent A.L. Griffiths (Fri. Nov. 4, 2005)

Container M/V Bunga Pelangi suffered 4 overside containers off Littlehampton, W Sussex England earlier this week -- releasing thousands of toy pink hippopotamuses, red turkeys & Christmas decorations -- part of a cargo of 60,000 toys, worth £100,000, lost when ship shed 4 containers in rough seas on way to Southampton on Oct. 31. The Shropshire firm which ordered the toys said locals could keep one each and give the rest to animal charities. Rosewood Pet Products said it could help make Christmas a good one for dogs and cats in rescue homes & shelters.Expect more hippos at W Sussex. From our Correspondent A.L. Griffiths (Fri. Nov. 4, 2005)


27 Oct. 2005 at 2030 LT in position 20:47.8N - 017:01.8W, off Nouadhibou inner anchorage, Mauritania. Eight pirates in wooden boat fitted with outboard motor approached bulk carrier. Two robbers boarded via anchor chain. Duty a/b noticed & raised alarm. Robbers escaped in their boat. Port control informed. (Fri. Nov. 4, 2005)

27 Oct. 2005 at 0836 LT in position 08:41.565S - 115:43.911E, Lombok strait, Indonesia. Pirates armed with guns in a speedboat fired upon a chemical tanker underway. Bridge window was destroyed by gunshots. No injuries to crew. Several fishing boats were in the vicinity. (Fri. Nov. 4, 2005)

27 Oct. 2005 between 0001 - 0100 LT in position 01:59.6N - 118:08.7E, off Muara Pantai, east Kalimantan, Indonesia. Pirates boarded a bulk carrier at anchor during cargo operations -- stole forward liferaft & ship's stores and escaped in their speedboat. (Fri. Nov. 4, 2005)

26 Oct. 2005 at 1810 LT in position 06:09N - 053:45E, 250 nm off east coast of Somalia. Five speedboats flashed lights at tanker underway and chased her. One boat increased speed and came close on port beam. Crew switched on deck lights and ship moved further away from the Somali coast and boat gave up chase. (Fri. Nov. 4, 2005)

23 Oct.2005 at 1800 UTC at Zhanjiang no. 2 inner anchorage, China. Pirates boarded a tanker via hawse pipe -- broke open forward locker & stole ship's stores. Several small fishing boats were in vicinity. Authorities informed. (Fri. Nov. 4, 2005)

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THEY SAY>> NCL's new cruise M/V Norwegian Jewel<< Webfeature, is the most luxurious cruise vessle ever built -- you be the judge. (Fri. Nov. 4, 2005)

Pakistan's Indus river ferry -- sank Oct. 28 near S. town of Thatta<< Webfeature,70 km E. of Karachi -- 60 people drowned -- accident came 4 weeks after an earthquake killed more than 73,000 people in the country's northern mountains. Vessel overlaoded. Vessel believed taking people to shrine to mark Oct. 28, Eid al-Fitr holiday)<< Webfeature, which follows Muslim fasting month of Ramadan. (Fri. Nov. 4, 2005)

2,456gt Dutch asphalt tanker M/T Stella Rigel (built 1988), with with 3,800 tons of bitumen -- 25 miles W. of Milford Haven ran into crank shaft difficulty early on Nov. 4 -- adrift without power in Irish Sea -- 7 crew airlifted by helicopter while 4 remained aboard to pilot vessel. Ship being towed into Milford Haven by tug. No injuries. (Fri. Nov. 4, 2005)

Good Samaritan Hero>> 45ft. yacht S/V Serafin, with 2 crew -- adrift without steering 2.5 NM off Waterfall Bluff near Port Grosvenor, Australia. In gusting 50 knot SW winds & rough sea conditions -- container M/V Alexa managed to secure towline to S/V Serafin & began towing her making slow progress in the direction of Port Elizabeth. NSRI Port St John's Station Commander, said: "On arrival on-scene we were met by this monstrous ship towing a little yacht behind it. I can only describe the seamanship of the Master & crew of M/V Alexa as incredible." The man & woman on board S/V Serafin taken to shore & yacht moored in river mouth. (Fri. Nov. 4, 2005)

4,478gt Panama-registered ferry M/V Al Kahfrain -- suffered fire on Oct 31 off Hurghada, Egypt -- underway from Suez to Saudi-Arabia without passengers. The crew of 58 rescued. Ship was built 1967 as M/V Ulster Queen in Birkenhead, Ireland -- able to carry 1998 passenger -- used between Belfast & Liverpool until 1981. Lateron it became M/V Med Sea, M/V Al Kahera, M/V Ala Eddin & M/V Poseidonian as which she traveled for 10 years between Igoumenitsa & Brindisi. Now her fate is uncertain. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Thurs., Nov. 3, 2005)

40gt ferro-cement yacht S/V Spinner Tonga -- began taking on water NE of Coles Bay -- crew reported not in danger & on-board pumps were handling water intake. When & police search & rescue helicopter reached the scene, the 3 crew had made way into life raft & activated beacon. Helicopter winched crew to safety, battling 2 meter swell & winds of 25 to 30 knots. (Thurs., Nov. 3, 2005)

Australian prawn trawler F/V Arafura --suffered terrifying experience before she sank on Nov. 2, night, in Gulf of Carpentaria in NE Australia -- skipper was last off boat & knee-deep in water when he made leap to rescue ship. "I was making a last-ditch effort to try and save my vessel," Skipper Steve Wylie said. (Thurs., Nov. 3, 2005)

110-foot commercial yacht S/V Cedar Island -- for Fort Lauderdale, Fla. -- began taking on water 47-miles E off Winyah Bay 28 Oct. -- ship's propellers became caught on unknown object -- lost ability to steer & began rapidly taking on water in 10-foot seas. 270ft cutter USCGC Legare (WMEC 912)<< Webfeature, of Portsmouth, Va. resonded to dewater. S/V Cedar Island broke free of its obstruction at 4:15 p.m. -- towed to port for inspection. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Thurs., Nov. 3, 2005)

Dutch container M/V Stitch Hopper -- sank in sea-canal Bruxelles-Scheldt on Oct 27. During the following days the container load removed & ship raised by two floating cranes Nov. 2. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Thurs., Nov. 3, 2005)

M/V Kapitonas Marcinkus suffered fire on board while down bound in the Brockville Narrows, Great Lakes. U.S. Coast Guard confirmed incident of engine room fire. (Wed., Nov. 2, 2005)

7.2mt. F/V Kaima 2 has not been seen since it left for fishing expedition off Eucla<< Webfeature, 1,400km east of Perth coast Oct. 31. (Wed., Nov. 2, 2005)

32-year-old Frenchman who set out alone from Japan in rowboat 129 days ago arrived offshore on Nov. 2, and F/V Miss Linda towed him last 50 miles to land. Emmanuel Coindre achieved his goal of rowing across some of the stormiest waters in the Pacific, but unfavorable winds & rough water blew him about 400 miles north. Coindre posted regular updates from his trip on his Web site<< Webfeature. Original target was San Francisco, but weather blew him far past target. (Wed., Nov. 2, 2005)

Countryman & McDaniel Law Offices Give Birth>> May God Bless this new joy to the world! Welcome baby SKYE ROBERTS -- 7 pounds 5 ounces -- joining our firm at 6:05 p.m Nov. 1 2005 !!!!!!!!! Mariners throughout time have wished only for fair SKYEs & a following sea. This new enterprise will light the path of proud parents Mary & Cameron Roberts, Esq. , a partner of Countryman & McDaniel -- and for us all. Congratulations on your new daughter tonight. In the true maritime tradition -- baby SKYE is named for the Isle of Skye<< Webfeature, off the the Highlands of Scotland!!!!!!! Please Send Your Conratulations For The New Maritime Arrival << Send Your Letters!!

We wish you always fair Skyes & Happy Birthday our darling,
Countryman & McDaniel (Tues.., Nov. 1, 2005)

Ocean Africa Container Lines<< Webfeature. M/V Doria grounded herself off Angola but was able to return safely to Durban with cargo intact & under her own power where ship entered Eldock floating dock Oct 31.Work on assessing damage to vessel's hull & effecting repairs expected to take at least a month From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Tues.., Nov. 1, 2005)

Greenpeace flagship M/V Rainbow Warrior accidentally struck coral reef in a central Philippines marine park while on a trip to expose impact of climate change in Asia -- has agreed to compensate the park -- aground Oct. 31, at the Tubbataha National Marine Park, a World Heritage Site in the Sulu Sea, 400 miles SE of Manila, damaging a thousand-square-feet area of the reef -- blamed the incident on a faulty maritime chart that showed the Rainbow Warrior was supposed to be 1.5 miles away from the reef when it ran aground -- blamed incident on faulty maritime chart that showed M/V Rainbow Warrior supposed to be 1.5 miles away from the reef when it ran aground. (Tues.., Nov. 1, 2005)

Australian F/V Eucla -- lost 1,400km E. of Perth, Oct. 30, afternoon 50km off WA/South Australia coast. (Tues.., Nov. 1, 2005)

M/V Umfolozi, which sank in the Walvis Bay harbour on Sep 17, is being refloated but will most likely be scrapped since it is too old for further use. After cargo on board removed, 29 containers placed back on the vessel to stabilize her. Water will now be pumped out of vessel while it is brought to the surface slowly to prevent her from capsizing. Process will be completed by Nov. 9.. M/V Umfolozi declared a constructive total loss. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Tues.., Nov. 1, 2005)

Vessel Loss Dispatches For Oct. 2005

U.S. Navy Military Sealift Command << Webfeature, combat stores ship USNS Niagara Falls (T-AFS 3)<< Webfeature, grounded while departing Malakal Harbor, Palau, at 1 p.m. local time, Oct. 27. No reported injuries or indication of leakage from the ship. Local tug boats will assist the ship in freeing itself. USNS Niagara Falls (T-AFS 3)<< Webfeature, is a combat logistics force ship, specifically designed to deliver large quantities of frozen, chilled & dry provisions, ship's store resale items, technical repair parts, & general use consumables to fleet task forces operating at sea. Cargo stowage capacity exceeds 596,000 cubic feet. With this stowage capacity, the ship can provide the major portion of logistics requirements for modern naval vessels. This enables naval combatants to remain at sea for long periods. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Mon., Oct. 31, 2005)

South Korean freighter M/V Samho Brother UPDATE>> Capsized on Oct. 10, with 3,140mt of benzene & 105 tons of fuel oil & diesel. Combat capability of the Taiwan air force & army aviation came under question after two F-16 Falcon jet fighters & one AH-1W Super Cobra attack helicopter failed to set the vessel alight. The Taiwan military has decided to withdraw temporarily from mission to sink capsized South Korean freighter. (Mon., Oct. 31, 2005) Follow Our Story<< Webfeature.

Canadian Victoria-class sub HMCS Windsor<< Webfeature, was brought "to emergency stations" during another electrical glitch that caused a transformer to melt and smoke in the vessel's engine room. Incident occurred as the submarine was below the surface. Four navy subs have had history of glitches since they were acquired from Britain in a US$891M deal. (Mon., Oct. 31, 2005)

M/V Torgelow Update -- Somali warlords holding ship with 9 Kenyans have now placed ransom demand -- amount unknown -- 1st time since hijacking of 3 Kenyan ships started 3 months ago that the captors have asked for ransom -- vessel was captured on Oct. 8 between Haradheere & El Maan port. 17 Kenyan & 3 foreign captives in 2 ships were set free 2 weeks ago, some after 3 months in captivity. (Mon., Oct. 31, 2005)

British frigate HMS Cumberland<< Webfeature, encountered smugglers -- British Royal Marine snipers firing from Lynx helicopter blasted out speedboat's engines Oct. 28, 100 miles off coast of Nicaragua in Caribbean & seized U$353M worth of cocaine. Armor-piercing shots crippled all 4 outboard motors & allowed a Navy team from HMS Cumberland, to arrest gang of drug traffickers as they raced across the ocean in speedboat. Operation supported by U.S. Coast Guard. (Mon., Oct. 31, 2005)

Malta flagged 3,629gt general cargo M/V Sea Hawk 2 (built 1976) with wheat -- grounded near Molyvos Lesvos Island 23 Oct 2005, LOF Oct. 24 -- refloated Oct. 29 2000, local time, Oct 28, and is now in port at Mytilene. Vessel prohibited from sailing, pending inspection. (Mon., Oct. 31, 2005)

5,089gt German 135,69mt freight M/V Mystic (built 1988) suffered fire Oct 29 while lying in Szczecin, Poland, at a shipyard. Fire started in a storeroom & extended to a cargo hold. Fighting the fire was complicated due to very high temperatures. No injuries. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Mon., Oct. 31, 2005)

German flagged 3,180gt research M/V Alliance (built 1988) grounded near Pianosa Island Tyrrhenian Sea 24 Jul 2005 -- loss reported 27 October 2005 by Lloyd's -- vessel under repair through Sept. (Mon., Oct. 31, 2005)

SPECIAL EDITOR NOTE>> This feature was dark throughout the week as your Libby Thompson gathered all the news & contributions for posting on our Oct. 29 return from the airport. McD

HURRICANE WILMA PORT STATUS: Much progress made by U.S. Coast Guard, the Army Corp. of Engineers and the NOAA in getting the ports affected by Hurricane Wilma operational again. The Port of Miami, Port Everglades and Port of Key West have all been restored to full operations without restrictions. Port of Palm Beach and the Fort Pierce Indian River Terminal are open to vessel traffic, daylight hours only. Miami River is open to vessel traffic. Miami River bridges open, but some operating on emergency power. (Sat., Oct. 29, 2005).

74-year old mariner Vic Gillings was rescued Oct. 19th by U.S. Coast Guard after getting caught in a nor'easter off the Massachusetts coast in his 38-year old, 33-ft ketch the Sara Gamp for three days. The Sara Gamp's sail was shredded, the engine dead, winds were at 70 mph and the veteran mariner was freezing cold and hallucinating. USCG helicopter rescued Mr. Gilllings from the water and transported him to a hospital in Boston where he was treated for hypothermia. He was grateful for the rescue, but regretfully left the Sara Gamp adrift at sea. (Sat., Oct. 29, 2005)

The 1,400 Hurricane Katrina evacuees who have been living aboard Carnival Cruise Lines Holiday are happy to be back in Mississippi today. The ship had been docked in Mobile, Alabama since Katrina hit, but FEMA finally cleared the Holiday to dock at the Port of Pascagoula, MS. (Sat., Oct. 29, 2005)

UPDATE: The Ukraine company that owns M/V Panagia, which was hijacked by Somali pirates on October 18th off the Somali coast, has agreed to pay a $700,000.00 ransom to free the 22 crew. Crew said to be in good condition. (Sat., Oct. 29, 2005)


20 Oct. 2005 at 0747 UTC in position 02:13N - 049:44E, Somalia -- product tanker attacked by pirates armed with guns. Tanker hijacked and proceeded to unknown location. Further details awaited. (Fri., Oct. 28, 2005)

18 Oct. 2005 at 1250 UTC in position 06:59.18N - 051:08:39E, approx. 90 miles east of Somali coast -- pirates armed with guns in speedboats fired upon bulk carrier. Hijacked carrier & took her close to Somali coast. Further details pending. (Fri., Oct. 28, 2005)

18 Oct. 2005 at 0040LT at Umm Qasr anchorage, Iraq -- Robbers armed with AK-47s in a blue-hulled boat boarded a general cargo ship and took hostage c/o, bosun & an a/b. Went to bridge and demanded money from master. Fired gunshot, stole ship's cash and escaped. Master heaved up anchor and remained adrift. (Fri., Oct. 28, 2005)

28 Oct. 2005 at 0345 UTC in position 09:17.6N - 012:45.2W, Conraky anchorage -- 3 robbers in speedboat armed with billhooks boarded bulk carrier. 2 robbers assaulted duty watchman & stole ship's store. D/O raised alarm &mustered crew. Robbers jumped overboard and escaped. D/O called port control but received no response. (Fri., Oct. 28, 2005)

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A 30-year memorial service for 720-ft steamer Edmund Fitzgerald will be broadcast in a live webcast from the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum, to remember the 29 crew lost in the famous Lake Superior shipwreck. The service will commence with the ringing of the Edmund Fitzgerald bell 30 times -- once for each of the 29 crew members and a 30th ring in remembrance of all mariners lost on the Great Lakes. Services are scheduled for Nov. 10th at 7:00 p.m., and you can watch the Live Web Cast (Fri., Oct. 28, 2005)

Chemical tanker Philip Essberger ran aground on sandbar, carrying a load of aethylen and soda products on Oct. 27 on the Westerschelde (where some weeks ago the M/V Fowairet came to grief). Tugs Barracuda and Braakman succeeded in freeing the ship. The Philip Essberger was anchored afterwards and inspected by divers. Not yet known if the ship will be able to proceed. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Fri., Oct. 28, 2005)

Bahama-flagged doubled-hulled tank M/V Alfa Italia ran aground on the River Elbe on Oct. 27 due to a technical failure of the rudder. Tugs Bugsier 15, Bugsier 20 and Butzfleth freed the ship and escorted it to Hamburg for inspection. Damage was minor. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Fri., Oct. 28, 2005)

F/V Minch Harvester placed a Mayday call to UK Coast Guard when their vessel began taking on water and sinking. Humber Coast Guard made a relay Mayday broadcast, and two German warships, the FGS-Weiden and the FGS-Groemitz, responded. Humber Coast Guard helicopter lowered a pump to the vessel, and the German crew was able to save the F/V Minch Harvester from sinking and escort the vessel and crew to port. (Fri., Oct. 28, 2005)

HURRICANE WILMA PORT STATUS: Port of Miami open for business during daylight hours only with traffic restricted to 32-ft draft. Port of Key West and Miami River closed. Port Canaveral open during daylight hours with traffic restricted to high tide drafts of 38-ft. Port Everglades open for vessel traffic, but entry processing taking place at the Miami Free Trade Zone until further notice. Port of Palm Beach fully operational. Port of Fort Pierce (Seaport) not operational at this time. Miami International Airport back to full operations. Port of Tampa, Port of St. Petersburg and Port Manatee all open without restrictions. (Thurs., Oct. 27, 2005)

HURRICANE WILMA: The U.S. Coast Guard's ability to monitor VHF & HF radio communications from Venice, Florida to Everglades City, Florida has been restored. VHF and HF communications in the area were disrupted yesterday. (Thurs., Oct. 27, 2005)

22 students aboard the training vessel SSV Corwith Cramer, as part of the "SEA Semester" program run by Falmouth-based Sea Education Association, rescued 49 Haitians adrift in a disabled and dismasted sailing vessel 45 miles north of Jamaica. After consultation with U.S. Coast Guard determined there were no USCG ships available in the area to rescue the Haitians, the students aboard the SSV Corwith Cramer brought the Haitians on board and transported them to Port Antonio, Jamaica. The school has commended the students for their competence, courage and humanity. (Thurs., Oct. 27, 2005)

UPDATE: [See our original story about the S/V Niobi on Oct. 21, 2005] Controversy arose over ownership of the 41-ft vessel after it was claimed that the crew of the F/V Amy Philbrick, which rescued Asher Woods after his father had fallen overboard and drowned, had claimed ownership of the S/V Niobi under a "finders keepers" maritime law. However, attorneys for the crew of the F/V Amy Philbrick strenuously denied that the crew had made any such claim and that the law would not apply in this circumstance, in which Asher Wood and his father did not intentionally abandon the boat. The crew of the Amy Philbrick has agreed with Mrs. Wood, however, that they should be compensated for cutting short their fishing trip to help her son and tow the S/V Niobi to shore. (Thurs., Oct. 27, 2005)

18 days after a Gurgaon sailor vanished from the M/V Spar Cetus off the Lithunian Port of Klaipeda, his body was recovered today two miles from the port. His family suspects murder and is asking Lithuanian authorities to investigate. (Thurs., Oct. 27, 2005)

Woman aboard Seattle-based fish processor M/V Excellence sustained severe injuries when her legs were crushed after getting caught in machinery on board the vessel while in the Bering Sea for pollock fishing season. Woman was transferred to a hospital in Anchorage where she is reported to be in good condition but facing a long road to recovery. (Thurs., Oct. 27, 2005)

UPDATE: The wreckage of the M/V Selendang Ayu which ran aground December 8, 2004 off Unalaksa Island has now vanished from the surface of the sea. U.S. Coast Guard estimates 1,000 gallons of emulsified oil over a 3-mile area. Heavy weather has prevented pollution survey crew from landing on beach, but further attempts will be made. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Thurs., Oct. 27, 2005)

Mediterranean Ports of Barcelona, Tarragona, Murcia, Castellon, Gandia, Dnia, Valencia, Malaga, Almeria, Alicante, Bilbao and Pasajes were sealed off for a third consecutive day by fishermen protesting fuel prices. Negotiations continue between the government and the fishermen's unions. Barcelona-bound cruise ship M/V Crystal Serenity carrying 950 mostly American passengers was diverted to Gibralter. Cruise ship M/V Costa Magica which was to have carried 700 mostly Spanish passengers from Palma was unable to leave because of the blockade. Cruise ship M/V Eurostar Barcelona was forced to dock at French Port of Toulon and transport passengers by taxi to Barcelona. The ferry Murillo was stuck in the Port of Barcelona with 302 passengers, and a tanker carrying sulphuric acis and nitrogen is likewise stuck in Port of Barcelona. The blockage is reportedly costing the Port of Barcelona alone 3 million euros per day in lost trade. (Wed., October 26, 2005) UPDATE: The blockade has ended, following an agreement that the government would subsidize 9.5 center per liter of diesel to the fisherman, an increase of 3.5 cents. (Thurs., Oct. 27, 2005)

HURRICANE WILMA: Associated Press is reporting a capsized ship in the Port of Miami and cargo containers knocked off their blocks. Nearly 3 million Floridians remain without power. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff says, "We're all hurricaned out." (Wednesday, October 26, 2005)

The body of a woman believed to have been aboard missing 6m aluminum boat Malu Sara has been found floating in Indonesian waters. Five Australians, including a 4 year old girl, were making the 90km trip from Saibai Island to Badu Island when their boat experienced engine trouble. If the body turns out to be that of one of the missing boaters, it will be the first sign of the boat and passengers in nearly two weeks. (Wed. Oct. 26, 2005)

Coast Guard aircraft from Sacramento and M/V Cape Nelson responded to an emergency beacon and rescued four fisherman from a sinking vessel hundreds of miles off the California shore today. One of the fisherman has minor injuries and all are being transported aboard the Cape Nelson to its next port. (Wed., October 26, 2005)

The master of a 34-ft fishing vessel was brought to safety on Oct. 22nd after his wooden-hull boat, the F/V Tillimac, capsized at the entrance of the Yaquina Bay bar in Newport, Oregon. A 47-ft motor lifeboat from Coast Guard Yaquina Bay was escorting the Tillamac across the bar when the vessel capsized. The crew of the lifeboat immediately rescued Michael Riddell from the 19-25 foot waves. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Wed., October 26, 2005)

A 16-year old Lebanese fisherman who was aboard F/V The Mohana has not been seen October 22nd, and a forensics team has reportedly discovered blood and bullet holes on the boat. The Mohana is said to have been located near an Israeli vessel near the floaters dividing Israeli and Lebanese waters. (Wed., October 26, 2005)

Algerian-flagged M/V Ain Temouchent and the 31 crew members have resumed their voyage to Argentina after 10 days in Nigerian waters. A distress call was sent from the M/V Ain Temouchent when it ran short of diesel fuel following a dispute between the ship's owners and agents. Tugboat M/V Priye arrived with diesel to bunker the vessel, at which time it sailed out of Lagos waters. (Wed. October 26, 2005)

HURRICANE WILMA: Clearwater, Florida Coast Guard Air Station helicopter-rescued James Quist from 34-ft boat Catherine James after hurricane winds caused him to break anchor. Mr. Quist was suffering from hypothermia, and the HH-60 Jayhawk transferred him to emergency personnel on shore. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Tues., October 25, 2005)

HURRICANE WILMA: 37-ft sailboat Puddle Hopper also broke free of its moorings near Geiger Key, Florida. Clearwater Coast Guard again came to the rescue and rescued two people and a cat with the HH-60 Jayhawk. One passenger reported injured. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Tues., October 25, 2005)

HURRICANE WILMA: Cruise ship itineraries have been disrupted by Hurricane Wilma due to the closure of the industry's two biggest ports: Port of Miami and Port Everglades, as well as temporary closure of Port of Tampa. Port of Cozumel in Mexico is another major cruise stop and damaged facilities there have further disrupted cruise itineraries. Some passengers have been kept on-board longer than expected, and other passengers had to choose between shortened trips leaving late or refunds. Carnival Cruise Lines and Royal Caribbean appear to have been most heavily affected by the port closures, while Norwegian Cruise Lines reports only that it had to change ports of call for two ships sailing out of Houston. (Tues., October 25, 2005)

HURRICANE WILMA PORT STATUS: Miami Int'l Airport will resume limited commercial and cargo operations from a single concourse while repairs are made. Port of Miami opened to vessel traffic during daylight hours to vessels with a draft of 32 ft. or less. Port of Palm Beach reopened to daylight operations only. Port Everglades remains closed. Miami River remains closed. Port of Key West remains closed. Port Canaveral is open during daylight hours to vessels with a draft of 34 ft or less (during high tide, 38 ft or less permitted). Port of Tampa was closed on Monday due to heavy weather, but was undamaged. (Tues., October 25, 2005).

A one-day labor strike held up operations at the Durban Container Terminal in South Africa. 11 vessels will be delayed by a day or more. The affected vessels are M/V Ever General, M/V MOL Niger, M/V MOL Oueme, M/V Safmarine Tugela, M/V MOL Volta, M/V MSC Angela, M/V MSC Gina, M/V Terra Bona, M/V Trave Trader, M/V MSC Gabriella and M/V P&O Nedlloyd Teslin. (Tues. October 25, 2005)

Malta-flagged cargo ship M/V Seahawk II grounded near Molyvos Lesvos Island on October 23, 2005. Salvage commenced. (Tues. October 25, 2005) UPDATE: No pollution reported, but booms have been placed around vessel as a precaution. (Thurs., Oct. 27, 2005)

HURRICANE WILMA: A fleet of houseboats in North Bay Village, FL was practically destroyed, with at least a dozen houseboats sunken or turned into piles of debris. An 81 year old man was pulled from the debris of a houseboat, and a man's body was found floating near a submerged sailboat. One boat owner now left homeless described the hurricane experience as being "like a million planes going over at once. I watched the boats all go down." (Mon. October 24, 2005)

HURRICANE WILMA PORT STATUS: Miami Int'l Airport closed until further notice. Keywest Int'l Airport: Closed. Port of Miami-Dade: status undetermined. Port Everglades: closed to shipping traffic. (Monday, October 24, 2005)

14,921-gt stranded bulk carrier M/V Kiperousa, which ran aground off the East London coast on June 7th, has almost completely disintegrated in bad weather, causing ship to break up & spilling a large number of logs. Helicopters are monitoring the logs to ensure they do not block the port entrance. A 10-ton log caused severe internal injuries to a 9 year old girl when it rolled across her as she was swimming at Nahoon Beach. It is believed that approx. 95% of the logs have now been removed. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Mon., October 24, 2005) UPDATE: The wreck of the M/V Kiperousa has broken into several parts, leaving only the bow & stern visible. An SA Maritimes spokesman says that it could take up to 3 years before further Acts of God free the remaining logs from the wreckage. (Thurs., Oct. 27, 2005)

4 fishermen were recovered from a rescue raft by Coast Guard helicopter 102 miles east of Gloucester, Massachusetts after their 43-ft fishing vessel F/V Danny Boy II began taking on water. The Danny Boy was partially submerged by the time they were rescued. The fishermen were reported to be in good condition, due in part to wearing cold-water immersion suits and a timely Mayday call from nearby F/V Joker on their behalf. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Mon. October 24, 2005)

33-ft wooden fishing vessel F/V Cyanna Lei sank at 2:00 a.m. on October 21st at a marina in Brookings, Oregon. The Cyanna Lei was believed to have about 25 gallons of diesel fuel and 10 gallons of hydraulic fluid onboard, so environmental assessment and clean-up have been commenced. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Mon., October 24, 2005)

UPDATE: Dredger Puerto de Altamira, which had been semi-sunken in Veracruz, Mexico since mid-September, was successfully refloated on October 22, 2005 and moved to the berth of a local shipyard. Hurricane season in the Gulf of Mexico had resulted in delays in refloating the vessel. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Mon., Oct. 24, 2005)

Hot on the heels of last week's drama of Russian trawler F/V Electron fleeing with 2 Norwegian inspectors aboard (see story & updates on Oct. 21), Norwegian Coast Guard detained Russian fishing boat F/V Kapitan Gorbachev and transport vessel Dmitry Pokramovich on October 24th in the Barents Sea after the ships entered the 12-mile exclusion zone without permission. (Mon., October 24, 2005) UPDATE: Bail has been paid for the ships to Norwegian authorities, pending the case going to court. Russian owners hope the ships will be released soon. (Fri., Oct. 28, 2005) FURTHER UPDATE: The Dmitry Pokramovich has detained pending confirmation of bail being posted. (Sat. Oct. 29, 2005).

A fishing vessel located the four missing scuba divers from 28-ft Advance One which had been missing since October 22nd off Belize. Three of the scuba divers survived, but an Indiana woman died in the mishap, in which the four divers apparently tried to swim to shore. It is unclear whether the incident was caused by Hurricane Wilma passing nearby or engine troubles. (Mon., October 24, 2005)

1 man is dead and 3 injured after motorboat Ready to Jet collided with their 30-ft German racing shell on the Harlem River. The four oarsmen were former college athletes who had kept up their rowing workout in the busy waters around Manhattan in the shell. Some witnesses stated that the shell riding low in the water would have been difficult for the motorboat operator to see. (Mon., October 24, 2005)

An unnamed cargo vessel ex-Taiwan has been sealed off by the Veterinary Division of the Ministry of Health at the Freeport in Malta after port workers about to begin transshipment discovered a number of dead birds feared to be carrying the deadly bird virus. The vessel and surrounding area have been sealed off, and the exposed workers have been decontaminated and quarantined. (Sun. Oct. 23, 2005).

UPDATE: We have been bringing you the story of the "hit & run" by M/V Zim Asia which left 7 Japanese fishermen dead (see October 2 and October 3). When M/V Zim Asia docked at Haifa, Israel at 6:30 a.m. on October 23rd, the captain, first mate and the lookout who was on duty at the time of collision were all taken into custody by Israeli Police for questioning. Investigators were also conducting a search of M/V Zim Asia's captain. (Sun. Oct. 23, 2005).

200th Anniversary Ceremonies>> Oct. 20 marks the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar<< Webfeature. On Oct. 21, 1805, the British Royal Navy commanded by Lord Horatio Nelson<< Webfeature., destroyed the combined forces of the French and Spanish fleets off the Port of Cadiz, northwest of the Straight of Gibraltar. The demolition of the French Navy meant that Napoleon's army could not cross the English Channel, thus making his long-relished invasion of Great Britain impossible. The great day was not only a victory for Great Britain, but for the world. (Thurs. Oct. 20 2005) UPDATE>> Queen Elizabeth II lit a beacon at sunset on Oct. 21 beside the flagship on which Admiral Horatio Nelson died leading Britain to victory at the Battle of Trafalgar<< Webfeature. 200 years ago. The beacon she lit by the HMS Victory (The World's oldest commissioned warship)<< Webfeature in the southern English port of Portsmouth was the first of 1,000 1st being set ablaze nationwide to mark the day the British navy battered a combined French & Spanish fleet off the Spanish port of Cadiz in 1805. THIS IS HISTORY (Sat. Oct. 22 2005)

9.990gt 886 TEU container M/V Laura Ann (built 2002) in collision Oct. 21 evening with 14.397gt freight M/V Paros (built 1997 Canada) in Kiel Canal close to Fischerhuette. M/V Laura Ann pushed into embankment & secured there by 2 tugs with severe damages. The canal totally blocked for some time. M/V Paros able to proceed to Brunsbuettel for inspection. M/V Laura Ann pulled free at about 20 a.m. on Oct 22 & towed to Kiel. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen. (Sat. Oct. 22 2005)

Chinese F/V Trump Pescotire off the Mormugao harbor -- suffered quarrel with a violent end, when chief officer allegedly stabbed the ship's fitter in the chest with a 33-cm long knife to death early Oct. 21 morning. The fitter died on the spot. Harbor police has arrested chief officer -- investigations in progress. (Sat. Oct. 22 2005)

17,672gt Malta-registered M/T San Carlo, Bahrain foir South Africa with gas oil & 25 crew attacked by pirates 160km off coast of Somali "capital" Mogadishu on Oct. 19. Officials point out that there is no such vessel registered under the Maltese flag. Officials suggest posible confusion with M/V Pagania - SEE BELOW. (Sat. Oct. 22 2005)

UK charter M/ Duke issued Mayday off Beachy Head Oct. 22 -- waves had hit & washed over the deck -- passengers waited on a life raft -- Dover Coastguard co-ordinated the rescue then took them to Sovereign Harbor. No injuries. (Sat. Oct. 22 2005)

UK F/V Kalbarri suffered fire off the Hebridean island of Eigg -- crew found floating in liferaft by local ferry M/V Ossian of Staffa & airlifted to hospital by helicopter. Stornoway Coastguard received a report of a red distress flare to the west of Eigg at 0810 BST on Oct. 22. F/V Kalbarri being towed to Mallaig. (Sat. Oct. 22 2005)UPDATE: Salvors succeeded in raising the foreship and placing it on a pontoon. Attempts continue to salvage the stern. (Sunday, October 23, 2005)

SEA CHASE>> Follow This International Incident -- as cowardly Russian F/V Elektron flees to Russia with 2 kidnapped Norwegian inspectors aboard. OUR STORY How could Russia justify this result ? .(Fri. Oct. 21 2005)


17 Oct. 2005 at 0330 LT in position 06:02.87S - 106:53.57E, Jakarta anchorage, Indonesia. Pirtates armed with long knives boarded bulk carrier from an unlit boat -- threatened crew with knives & stole life raft. They were in the process of stealing ship's stores but alert crew thwarted attempt. Robbers escaped in their boat. Master called port authorities on vhf radio but received no response. (Fri. Oct. 21 2005)

13 Oct. 2005 at 1230 LT at Jakarta anchorage, Indonesia. Six pirates boarded bulk carrier at stern. D/O raised alarm, crew mustered & robbers fled. Master contacted Customs patrol boat near by & the boat chased robbers for few minutes -- gave up the chase. Jakarta port informed. (Fri. Oct. 21 2005)

13 Oct. .2005 at 0500 LT, Sunda straits, Indonesia. Unlit boat chased bulk carrier underway. Alert crew raised alarm, directed search lights & activated fire hoses. Boat aborted the chase. (Fri. Oct. 21 2005)

12 Oct. 2005 at 1830 UTC in position 05:01N - 111:27E, South China Sea. Three speedboats doing over 23 kts approached bulk carrier underway. Ship took preventive measures & boats moved away. (Fri. Oct. 21 2005)

12 Oct. 2005 at 1600 LT, Marka anchorage, 50 nm south of Mogadishu, Somalia. Six pirates armed with guns hijacked general cargo ship loaded with U.N food aid cargo. Pirates sailed ship to Barawa. Unconfirmed reports say after negotiations ship was released on 14.10.2005. (Fri. Oct. 21 2005)

12 Oct. 2005 at 0240 LT at Dar es Salaam anchorage, Tanzania. Three pirates armed with long knives boarded tanker via hawse pipe -- threatened duty A/B & stole ship's stores. Port control informed & patrol boat arrived for investigation. (Fri. Oct. 21 2005)

11 Oct. 2005 at 0300 LT at kandla anchorage, india. Seven pirates boarded general cargo ship & broke into store room. Alert crew raised alarm & robbers escaped empty handed. (Fri. Oct. 21 2005)

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41ft 2-masted S/V Niobi, with father & son -- from warm-weather home in Rockland, Maine to winter quarters 120 miles away in Rye, N.H. -- boat usually stocked with life jackets & foul weather gear, but equipment missing & may have been stolen before men set sail Oct. 15 from Rockland, Maine -- seas of 4 to 5 feet with winds gusting to 29 mph -- 20-year-old lawyer Stephen Woods (55) disappeared with his father -- son found alive in vessel 5 days later -- 130 miles from shore, but the search for the father was called off. (Fri. Oct. 21 2005)

PIRATE ATTACK>> Maltese-registered M/V Pagania, South Africa for Europe with iron ore -- 90 NM (167km) off Somali coast, near Puntland region -- seized by Somalia pirates -- demanded US$700,000 ransom for her release. At least 23 hijackings & attempted seizures recorded in the area since mid-March 2005, according to the International Maritime Bureau (IMB). Time to do something. (Thurs. Oct. 20 2005)

Cruise ship M/V SuperStar Virgo, Singapore for Port Klang -- in the Straits of Malacca -- rescued 3 crew of sinking fishing vessel. (Thurs. Oct. 20 2005)

Coasterer M/V Ilona M -- sank Oct. 14, with a load of 1200t gravel in River Ems near Rhede on evening of Oct 14. Ship ran agorund on side of river with bow, then stern pushed onto other side of river -- due to current ship subsequently broke in two -- River Ems blocked by wreck since. There are 70 ships are waiting for passage in direction of Emden port in the locks of the Dortmund-Ems-Canal, 40 more in the area of the Eemskanal amd the Delfzijl locks in the Netherlands. Two floating cranes were ordered to raise the wreck, a task which is not easy due to the current. Wreckage now removed. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen. (Thurs. Oct. 20 2005) UPDATE>> salvage of M/V Ilona M failed. Wreck shall be cut into 2 halves now & then the river cleared. Recommencement of shipping is not expected before Oct 27 Thurs. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen. (Sat. Oct. 22 2005)

56ft Ketch S/V Seafarer 2, with 4 crew -- rescued Oct. 16, by UK Fowey lifeboat, 4 miles south of Fowey -- crew were bailing with buckets with water gaining, and the vessel's speed was decreasing due to amount of water aboard. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen. (Thurs. Oct. 20 2005)

BREAKING NEWS>> a FedEx-contracted Cessna Caravan freighter<< Webfeature, -- had just departed Austin Bergstrom Int'l Airport & was flying at 7,000 feet when it lost power, according to the Texas Dept. of Public Safety. Pilot Michael F. McKenna, 61, tried to make an emergency landing at Georgetown Municipal Airport. Instead, the plane struck utility pole 20 miles north of Austin, then crashed with its nose on the home's sidewalk and most of the fuselage & tail jutting along the roof. Plane was headed to Alliance Airport in Fort Worth. FedEx had contracted with Baron Aviation<< Webfeature, which operated the plane. Capt. McKenna was treated for minor injuries & released from a hospital. No one inside the home was hurt in the crash Oct. 19 night. Capt. McKenna made the classic good landing -- he walked away. Bravo! (Wed. Oct. 19 2005)

SEA CHASE>> Follow The International Incident -- as cowardly Russian F/V Elektron flees to Russia with 2 kidnapped Norwegian inspectors aboard. OUR STORY. (Tues. Oct. 18 2005)

A SEA CHASE ENDED>> Indonesian boat fishing illegally off the Australian Northern Territory -- Australian Customs Service patrol boat spotted the Indonesian ice boat Oct. 18, afternoon near the Wessel Islands in the Arafura Sea & fired warning shots -- vessel failed to respond & Australian Customs gave chase. When Customs & navy officers tried to board the boat, crew allegedly used burning anti-boarding poles, as well as knives &machetes, to try to stop them. "The fishing boat crew deployed anti-boarding poles & set them on fire," a Customs spokesman said, referring to sharp sticks that circled the exterior of the vessel to prevent anyone boarding. The vessel, with 9 Indonesian crew aboard, now under tow back to Darwin by brand new Australian navy vessel HMAS Armidale<< Webfeature, -- due to arrive in Darwin Oct. 19. Bravo Zulu for the 1st voyage ever of HMAS Armidale<< Webfeature. (Tues. Oct. 18 2005pm)

UK F/V Coastal Surveyor -- found on fire & grounded, with 2 crew, 100 yards offshore near Carloway, on W. coast of the Isle of Lewis, in the Outer Hebrides, on Oct. 15, afternoon. Stornoway Coastguard received telephone call from skipper of F/V Jacomar II, reporting that F/V Coastal Surveyor aground & afire at Loch Roag, Isle of Lewis with 2 people could be seen on deck. Coastguard rescue helicopter Mike Uniform from Stornoway scrambled & coastguard rescue teams from Breasclete, Ness and Bragar attended. The 2 casualties were airlifted from vessel & landed at Breasclete, "safe and well". (Tues. Oct. 18 2005pm)

Egyptian passenger El Salam Maritime Transport<< Webfeature, 5,857gt M/V Salam 95<< Webfeature, Saudi Arabian Red Sea port of Jiddah for pilgrimage to Islam's holiest sites in Mecca, Saudi Arabia -- with 1,443 Muslim pilgrims collided with Cypriot cargo M/V Jebal Ali (entering Red Sea after crossing Suez Canal from Mediterranean) at entrance to Suez Canal late Oct. 17, causing stampede among passengers that killed 2 people & injured over 40 -- vessel began sinking after collision gouging 5 meter diameter hole in her side into which sea water flooded into engine room near Port Tawfiq, at Canal's S. entrance 80 miles E. of Egyptian capital, Cairo. At least 20 rescue boats rescued bulk of the 1,350 passengers from M/V Salam 95 before vessel sank 3 hours later.120-mile Suez Canal, which is passage for about 7.5% of world sea trade. (Mon. Oct. 17 2005)

SEA CHASE>> Russian trawler F/V Elektron -- stopped on suspicion of illegal fishing in the Barents Sea on Oct. 15 -- fled with 2 Norwegian inspectors aboard. Norwegian coast guard vessel Tromsoe considering firing warning shot in direction of F/V Elektron, a move which could spark a diplomatic spat between Norway & Russia. But the trawler then changed its route on Oct. 16, "going back and forth" without a real course. In Moscow an official at Russia's navy headquarters said Russia's navy would not interfere in the Elektron affair. An official with Russia's Arctic regional border guard told Interfax news agency that Norwegian & Russian officials were coordinating their response & that captured Norwegian inspectors' lives were not at risk. "The Norwegian inspectors on board the trawler are alive and well. They are not threatened by anything," Interfax quoted unnamed official. Russian Navy won't assist? We thought better of the Russian tradition - these are criminals. Geeez! Pray. (Mon. Oct. 17 2005) UPDATE>> Russian trawler accused of illegal fishing off Norway fled toward its own waters Oct. 18 with Norwegian vessels in pursuit, aggravating a long-standing dispute between the countries. Russia's navy would not interfere, but it dispatched an anti-submarine ship to patrol its northern waters to ensure foreign ships do not enter, naval spokesman Igor Dygalo was quoted as saying by Interfax. Let's see -- Russia will "not interfere" -- but it will not let the Norwegian Navy intercept in Russian waters. (Tues. Oct. 18 2005) UPDATE>> F/V Elektron has reached Russian waters -- accompanied by the Russian anti-submarine frigate Admiral Levchenko which joined her at midnight, "crossed into Russian territorial waters at 0328Moscow time (2328 GMT Tuesday) and are going to Murmansk along the border," said Russian spokesman. Will reach Murmansk Oct. 19 evening. What next for 2 Norwegian inspectors aboard? (Tues. Oct. 18 2005pm) UPDATE>> The 2 captured Norwegians were placed on a vessel that was sailing home. The Russian anti-submarine frigate Admiral Levchenko accompanied the vessel to the edge of Russian territory in order to ensure, a source in the Northern Fleet told Interfax, that the Norwegians left its waters "safely." We are disappointed over the incredible vilolations of Int'l aw by Russia. (Fri. Oct. 21 2005)

HOLIDAY IS OVER>> Cruise Control, which claimed to be the UK's biggest independent cruise retailer, has folded with debts of more than £10 million -- company & its tour businesses Cruise Promotion & Cruise Egypt were put into voluntary liquidation after major investor plunged it into red by withdrawing funding of £4m. (Mon. Oct. 17 2005)

U.S. 54ft. F/V Two-Star -- aground Oct. 16, near entrance of Kewalo Basin, Alsaska, with engine problems -- all 4 crew swam to shore safely & reported no injuries. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen. (Mon. Oct. 17 2005)

Panamanian cargo M/V, Ulsan, Republic of Korea, to E China's Ningbo with 4,000 tons of pitch & 21 crew -- ran on reefs in Luhuashan waters near estuary of the Yangtze River early Oct. 16. Shanghai Salvage Bureau of the Ministry of Communications immediately mobilized 5 rescue ships to the site -- in 8 Beaufort Scale -- all crew rescued -- salvage continues. (Sat. Oct. 15 2005)

48ft. Alaskan F/V MRS, out of Wrangell with 3 crew -- sinking near Grindall Island & abandoning ship on Oct. 14 -- U.S. Coast Guard Ketchikan & crew of F/V Lady May rescued all crew -- vessel mostly submerged, but not completely underwater. (Sat. Oct. 15 2005)

STAR SHIPS - CHINA'S GREAT STEP>> China's Shenzhou 6 spacecraft encountered what Xinhua News Agency calls "rough weather" Oct. 14, preparing emergency measures in case conditions worsened, as the 2 Chinese astronauts completed their 3rd day in orbit without a hitch -- capsule performed delicate operation to adjust orbit earlier in day, and its 2 astronauts were well-rested & in good health. The Shenzhou - or Divine Vessel - capsule is modified version of Russia's Soyuz. The secrecy-obsessed Chinese government hasn't announced when astronauts will return to Earth. But the official Xinhua News Agency provided oblique hints, issuing weather reports for landing site in the grasslands of China's Inner Mongolia for Oct. 16 & Oct. 17. Frankly, we don't get the "rough weather" part for space travel. What? OK, did you even know that a Chinese space mission blasted to space on Oct. 11? (Fri. Oct. 14 2005) UPDATE>> Shenzhou 6 spacecraft now in 4th day of earth orbit. Still no official word on when astronauts Fei Junlong & Nie Haishen might land. Bravo Zulu for these brave astronauts ! (Sat. Oct. 15 2005) UPDATE>> China's 2nd manned space mission returned safely to Earth early today after successful 5-day flight, in the latest chapter in China's ambitious drive to become a global space power. Astronauts Fei Junlong & Nie Haisheng were given a clean bill of health after the re-entry capsule of their Shenzhou VI spacecraft glided to Earth on a parachute, ending up in Inner Mongolia. BRAVO BRAVO ZULU!! Shame on the world press for not covering this great accomplishment.(Mon. Oct. 17 2005)

GRAND ARRIVAL>> Alexandria Bay Fire Dept. in Virginia -- never got the chance to use its brand new US$235,000 fire boat before she partially sank, just after arrival Oct. 14. The vessel, which is docked at Bonnie Castle Yacht Basin, heavily damaged. Officials spent 90 minutes pumping water out of vessel before using a forklift to raise her from floor of the marina -- boat's US$38,000 diesel pump destroyed. Well, the 1st day went well. (Fri. Oct. 14 2005)


5 Oct. 2005 at 0220 LT at Chennai anchorage, India -- 10 pirates in a fishing boat/country craft attempted to board tanker at stbd quarter. Duty A/B raised alarm & crew mustered. Robbers fled in their boat. Port control informed & police launch arrived 30 mins later to investigate. (Fri. Oct. 14 2005)

4 Oct. 2005 at 1830 UTC in position 00:08.7N - 117:35.6E, Bontang anchorage, Indonesia. Pirates boarded tanker -- tied up duty A/B to anchor cable & stole ship's stores. (Fri. Oct. 14 2005)

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34,000-dwt Panama registered handysize bulk M/V Chang An, for China with 26 crew -- suffered fire off St Kitts on Oct. 9 night after engine room explosion caused serious damage -- 2 crew suffered injuries. Attempts to restrict fire by sealing hatches activating CO2 system failed -- fire spread to the ship's cabin & mess room -- accommodation understood to be 70% damaged by the fire. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen. (Fri. Oct. 14 2005)

3,200gt container feeder 91mt. M/V Virtsu (built 1996), with 266 TEU -- ran aground on Oct 14 at 3.45 a.m. on S. side of the canal close to Fischerhuette -- ship stuck fast in an angle of 45 degrees. Tug M/V Kitzeberg from SFK, Kiel, is trying to get the ship free. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen. (Fri. Oct. 14 2005)

ALERT>> UN relief vessel M/V Miltzow released by pirates -- see just below. (Thurs. Oct. 13 2005)

Alaska F/V Yvonne Denise, with 3 crew -- disabled & adrift. Oct. 11, near Point Alava on Revillagigedo Island -- crew abandoned ship wearing survival suits. U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Sitka helicopter crew arrived on scene & airlifted crew safely to Ketchikan. F/V Yvonne Denise drifted aground & capsized. (Thurs. Oct. 13 2005)

Thailand flag 4,685gt M/T Tasco 1 (built 1995), with bitumen -- grounded off Shanghai -- now for Salvors Shanghai Salvage. (Thurs. Oct. 13 2005)

ALERT - Pirates Take 2nd UN Aid Vessell>> St Vincent & Grenadines-registered M/V Miltzow, with 10 crew -- offloaded 400 tons of the total 850-ton cargo of food aid in the port of Merka, 100km S. of Mogadishu, when 6 armed pirates stormed ship & forced her to leave port, the World Food Program said. 2nd UN-chartered vessel carrying aid for hunger-stricken Somalis was hijacked on Oct. 12 at a small port south of Somalia's coast, becoming 4th ship to be seized in region since June. Moments after seizure, Yusuf Indha Adde, the governor of the Lower Shabelle region, immediately sent 2 boats to pursue the vessel but there no reports of the outcome. Somalia has been without a government since 1991. The Int'l Maritime Bureau said at least 22 attacks recorded off Somali coast since 15 March & urged ships in the area to stay as far as possible from shore & keep to the minimum the use of radio communication. (Wed. Oct. 12 2005) UPDATE>> Somali pirates abandoned a UN-chartered food aid vessel they hijacked earlier this week -- pirates left M/V Miltzow just hours after Somalia's transitional prime minister made urgent plea for foreign warships to patrol coast & bring end to a surge in violent attacks on commercial shipping in Somali waters. (Thurs. Oct. 13 2005) UPDATE>> Hijackers Oct. 14, released a U.N.-chartered M/V Miltzow carrying food aid & crew of 10 following successful negotiations with a Somali businessman. Not aware any ransom was paid. (Fri. Oct. 14 2005)

Al & Alma's Supper Club & Charter Cruises<< Webfeature, in Mound, Minn. yachts, including M/V Avant Garde on Lake Minnetonka cruise for Minnesota NFL Vikings football players<< Webfeature, -- became so out of control that crew members on the 2 yachts were offered money for sex & feared for their safety -- over 90 aboard -- sources said it appeared sex acts took place between consenting adults & that no felony-level crimes had been committed -- sex toys all over the deck -- was likely that misdemeanor charges involving lewd behavior could be filed against some players within a week. Vessels had been cruising only for 40 minutes when supervisors on shore were told of the party & ordered the captains to return. Sounds like "Off Sides" & "Intentional Roughness". (Wed. Oct. 12 2005)

U..S. S/Y Wind Rose, with 3 crew -- disabled in rough seas 600 yards off Flagler County coast, Florida. U.S. Coast Guard swimmer boarded the 50ft vessel after the captain reported did not have full maneuverability & could not cut engine or strike sails -- 1 injured woman -- too dangerous for winch -- assisting the boat to Ponce Inlet, where rescue personnel will be waiting. (Wed. Oct. 12 2005)

67.5mt. Norwegian flag 1,924gt offshore supply M/V Lady Elizabeth, Den Helder (Netherlands) for Yarmouth with 14 crew & 311 tons marine diesel &5,000 litres of lube oil aboard -- ran aground, Oct. 10, 2.5 miles ESE off Yarmouth. Vessel currently pumping off ballast, in order to assist with hoped for refloating at next high tide -- weather conditions southerly force 5, visibility moderate. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen. (Wed. Oct. 12 2005) UPDATE>> Norwegian offshore supply MV Lady Elizabeth (built 1983) refloated successfully in the early hours of Oct. 13 after running aground off the UK -- operated by Farstad, was reported stuck 2.5 miles east of Yarmouth on Oct. 13 evening. Yarmouth Coastguard pumped off ballast &refloated at high tide, 0249 hours GMT. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen. (Fri. Oct. 14 2005)

2,418gt chemical M/T Samho Brother (built 2003), Korea for Taiwan with 3,140 M/T Benzene -- in collision with -- 10,926gt M/T Hong Kong (built 1996) -- minor damage. M/T Samho Brother has capsized -- likely that vessel & cargo a total loss -- but if not, potential claims for salvage & General Average arising from this incident. Salvage security will need to be provided to release the cargo. (Tues. Oct. 11 2005)

Powerful explosion damaged unmanned French customs patrol boat moored in Bastia's old harbor late on Oct 8, amid heightened tension on Corsica over the the privatization of a state-owned ferry company. Explosion blew a 40-centimeter (16-inch) hole in the ship's side at deck level, as well blowing out most of the windows. Corsican separatists frequently target bomb attacks on unoccupied administration offices in their quest for independence for the island. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen. (Tues. Oct. 11 2005)

3948gt container M/V Xiang Tu (built 1986), Japan for China with containers -- suffered fire, abandoned & adrift lat 33 58.5N, long 129 11.6E. All crew rescued but vessel adrift & afire Sept. 26. (Tues. Oct. 11 2005)

General cargo 3847gt M/V Pacific Rainbow (built 1980), Russia & China for Vietnam -- conflicting reports that she has lost her rudder &/or suffered engine failure. She is currently adrift & all crew have been rescued & transferred to another vessel as of Sept. 23. (Tues. Oct. 11 2005)

Cypriot flag 20,083gt bulk M/V Kyriakos M (built 1976), for Umm Qasr, Iraq with 34,000mt rice -- grounded at bouy No 5, Umm Qasr. A Salvage contract signed with Tsavliris, Greek Salvors on Sept. 6. (Tues. Oct. 11 2005)

Norwegian M/T Torill Knutsen -- aground in the Kiel-Canal on Oct 7, in position between Gruenenthal Bridge & Fischerhuette, where ship stuck fast in embankment for hours. Then the ship managed to free itself with little damage -- cause was a damaged compass, then the ship came off course in dense fog. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen. (Tues. Oct. 11 2005)

8,414gt general cargo M/V Sturdy Falcon (built 1980), Vietnam & Singapore for West Africa with bagged rice -- reported ingress of seawater into cargo hold # 1 following damage to her shell plating. Ingress was stemmed by construction of a cement box however, vessel has called at East London (S.Africa) for discharge of cargo & to effect repairs as of Sept. 19. (Tues. Oct. 11 2005)

The Continuing Plight of 2,757 TEU M/V Fowariet -- had on board almost 2,000 containers, 127 of them with hazardous cargo. After the grounding, the vessel - which also sustained a cracked fuel tank resulting in oil leakage which was contained by anti-pollution craft with sweepers - was held in Flushing harbor. There, using three floating cranes, the joint salvors offloaded the deck cargo of 600 containers into barges in order to reduce the vessel's draft sufficiently to enable it to be shifted & moored at Flushing's Verbrugge Terminal. At Verbrugge, the oil was pumped out of the vessel's damaged and leaking tanks, and into a lightering tanker, attended by salvage craft, oil booms & onsite anti-pollution craft, and some temporary sealing repairs were effected. About 1,000 more containers were offloaded at Verbrugge, leaving on board 297 boxes (containing non-hazardous cargo) in an attempt to evenly distribute the stresses on the vessel's damaged hull during transit. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen. (Tues. Oct. 11 2005) FOLLOW OUR STORY

S/Y Nauti Gal, Durban for Trinidad via Cape Town, St Helena & Fernando do Arhona with 3 crew -- sank in South Atlantic W. of Namibia -- Norwegian car carrier M/V Tristan diverted to look for vessel after receiving a request from the South African Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Center (MRCC) -- man & woman drowned shortly before they could be rescued by the M/V Tristan -- sole survivor taken on board the rescue ship. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen. (Mon. Oct. 10 2005)

Vessel, from Guinea Conakry with arms & other military hardware including uniforms capsized Oct. 6, in the West African State of Guinea Bissau, Radio France Int'l (RFI) recently aired. (Mon. Oct. 10 2005)

Lane Lines << Webfeature, 12,891 gt Greek ferry M/V Ierapetra L(built 1975)<< Webfeature, with 170 passengers & 62 crew ran aground 400 meters off the harbor of Rhodes in the Oct. 9, morning -- Greek Coast Guard evacuated the ship with some boats & brought the people into Rhodes. No injuries. Tugs started attempts to get the ship, which was not severely damaged, free. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen. (Mon. Oct. 10 2005)

M/V David V, with 2 crew -- suffered fire near St. Mary's Point, Alaska, Oct. 5, Good Samaritan crewmen safetly recovered the 2 M/V David V crew from thier life raft. U.S. Coast Guard Station Juneau rescue boat crew & an Air Station Sitka Jayhawk helicopter crew also responded to the vessel fire. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen. (Mon. Oct. 10 2005)

New Zealand-based S/Y Janette Gay, with 2 crew, Lyttelton on South Island for Cook Islands -- issued mayday call this morning, Oct. 10 -- several hundred kilometres NE of the Chatham Islands<< Webfeature -- yacht battling heavy seas & strong winds. Satellite distress beacon had been activated, but problems with radio meant she was unable to receive messages from rescue center. New Zealand Air Force Orion aircraft was preparing to leave Auckland to locate the yacht, which is about 780km from the Chathams. (Mon. Oct. 10 2005) UPDATE>> Powerful winds & 46ft. swells on Oct. 10, forced a cargo 5,000gt M/V Maunakea to abandon efforts to rescue 2 injured New Zealanders from damaged yacht in South Pacific. One rescue attempt nearly wrecked yacht, so freighter's captain & yacht's skipper decided not to try again in current weather conditions. Yacht's mast snapped in storm conditions Oct. 9 night & she has been wallowing since then in heavy seas 485 miles NE of Chatham Islands & 310 miles E of New Zealand. (Mon. Oct. 10 2005) UPDATE>> P&O Nedlloyd container M/V Encounter, for Panama, arrived alongside the yacht about 6pm (1500 AEST) with help from a New Zealand Air Force Orion circling overhead in seas between New Zealand and the Cook Islands. All safe. As well as losing her mast, S/Y Janette Gay has part of her cabin missing & rigging is dragging behind the vessel. (Mon. Oct. 10 2005)

Undidentified New York charter boat captain & 1 of 2 passengers missing & presumed drowned after vessel caught in a whirlpool & capsized in lower Niagara River near Lewiston-Queenston Bridge, Oct. 8. Charter Capt. Joseph V. Marra Jr. of Lewiston heard their cries & maneuvered his boat into the currents, where he reached over with help from his passengers & pulled 1 passenger aboard. Capt. Marra then attempted to save the next passenger, but she vanished into the water. "The boat flipped upside down. They were yelling for help," said Capt. Marra, who was visibly shaken as he spoke of the rescue. "I grabbed one person & we got him in the vessel, and we tried to get the woman. We almost got her, and then she went down." (Sun. Oct. 9 2005)

Yacht S/V Janette Gay, Lyttelton for the Cook Islands issued a distress call has an injured skipper (Back injury) -- S/V Janette Gay activated the EPIRB in heavy seas & high winds -- has since been dismasted. A Roual New Zealand Air Force Orion aircraft located the vessel 780 km NE of the Chatam Islands -- is hoped another vessel will locate yacht to pick up the 2 crew at 7.30pm NZDT. From our Correspondent Geoff Davies. (Sun. Oct. 9 2005)

South African F/V Perkop 2 -- suffered injury to fisherman -- amputated his finger after it caught in winch. NSRI launched rescue mission from Hout Bay in Western Cape. (Sat. Oct. 8 2005)

Staten Island Ferry M/V John J. Marchi -- for Manhattan with hundreds of passengers broke down Oct. 7 morning & drifted in Hudson River toward Statue of Liberty before tugs accompanied her to Staten Island. "The lights went out & everything just stopped and that's it," said Alan Aitken, 40, a tourist from Edinburgh, Scotland. No one was injured. The 400 passengers on board were diverted to other vessels. Accident under investigation. M/V John J. Marchi made its inaugural trip on May 202005, -- had her power restored less than 10 minutes after losing it & returned to St. George terminal in Staten Island under her own power (Fri. Oct. 7 2005)


2 Oct. 2005 at 2000 UTC at Chittagong anchorage 'B', Bangladesh. Pirates armed with long knives boarded general cargo ship at stern. Crew raised alarm & robbers escaped with ship's stores. Coast guard informed. (Fri. Oct. 7 2005)

01 Oct.2005 at 1200 LT in position 06:11.4N - 097:06.3E, Northern tip of Sumatra, Malacca Straits. Ten pirates in a fishing boat chased supply ship underway. Crew activated fire hoses & master took evasive maneuvers. Attempted boarding aborted. (Fri. Oct. 7 2005)

30 Sept. 2005 - Hijacked M/V Prima Indah -- departed Bangkal palam for Singapore on 30.09.2005 with cargo of 660 mt tin ingots. On 30 Sept 2005 at 1300 UTC pirates armed with guns hijacked ship in position 01:28.6S - 106: 41.1E, Indonesia -- 14 crew set adrift in fishing boat & landed safely at island. Ship & cargo missing. (Fri. Oct. 7 2005)

M/V Prima Indah Description:

Vessel name : Prima Indah ex. Name : Egn-i

Flag : Indonesia

POR : Palembang, Indonesia

IMO # : 9040651 c/sign : yhrf

Off # : 2004 dd no. 1831/l built : 1991

Grt : 940 holds : 2

Nrt : 453 type : general cargo

Loa : 59.43 m beam : 10.80mt

Draft : 5.35 m cargo gear : 1 x 4 ton swl ph325

Color : superstructure/accommodation : white, hull : light blue

Funnel : blue with alphabets "PJS" painted on it

By now Pirates may have changed name, flag & possibly she has been repainted.  (Fri. Oct. 7 2005)

30 Sept. 2005 at 2320 UTC in position 05:05N - 051:05E, 150 miles off eastern coast of Somalia. Pirates in fishing boat attempted attack bulk carrier underway -- came within 1.7 nm & master took evasive maneuvers.  Pirates chased ship for 2 hours & finally aborted attempt. (Fri. Oct. 7 2005)

30 Sept. 2005 at 0330 LT at Abidjan anchorage, Ivory coast. Pirates armed with big knives boarded bulk carrier & stole ship's stores. Crew mustered & robbers jumped into water & escaped in their boat. Port authority informed who advised master to drfit 10-15 nm away from anchorage area. (Fri. Oct. 7 2005)

29 Set. 2005 at 0500 LT at Vung Tau anchorage, Vietnam. Pirates boarded container ship & stole ship's stores. Master informed authorities. (Fri. Oct. 7 2005)

28.09.2005 at 2310 LT at Chittagong anchorage, Bangladesh. Pirates armed with long knives in boat approached general cargo ship. D/o raised alarm & crew mustered at poop deck. Robbers using long bamboo pole attached to a hook attempted to board.  Alert crew used dunnages to prevent boarding & robbers fled after 15 mins. (Fri. Oct. 7 2005)

28 Sept. 2005 at 0550 LT at anchor off Balikpapan, Indonesia -- Pirates armed with machetes boarded tanker via anchor chain & stole forward liferaft -- tried to steal ship's stores but were spotted by duty watchman. Robbers left machete on board & escaped in boat waiting with accomplice. Pertamina PFSO informed. (Fri. Oct. 7 2005)

27 Sept. 2005 at Escravos anchorage, Nigeria. Pirates armed with guns boarded tanker & shot 2 crew. (Fri. Oct. 7 2005)

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DRAMATIC EVENT>> Unidentified yacht -- believed South African sunk 300 miles NW of Namibian coast with loss of 2 lives. The Wilhelmsen Wallenius car carrier M/V Tristan diverted to assist yacht & arrived on scene Oct 5 but owing to high swells of between 4 & 5 metres unable to come alongside safely & take off crew. Remaining overnight on station following morning brought similar sea conditions but before crew of 3could be rescued -- yacht sank Oct. 6, taking 1 person down with it, a woman attached to the yacht by her safety cord, while 2nd crew not wearing a life jacket drowned before he could be reached. Third crew, male was picked up & taken aboard M/V Tristan. Name of yacht & identities of those on board was not available tonight. M/V Tristan will be arriving at Port Elizabeth 2 days later than scheduled on Sun, 9 October because of the rescue effort. The Maritime community puts life above money -- as a law of the sea. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen. (Fri. Oct. 7 2005)

M/V Prinsenborg -- grounded Oct. 6, on River Weser Oct 5 -- inspected by divers in Bremerhaven Oct 6 -- only minor damage found -- ship resumed her voyage with 6000 cubic mtrs wood to Baltimore. (Fri. Oct. 7 2005)

13,340gt Wagenborg Shipping, Dutch M/V Prinsenborg (Call sign PBJF, IMO number 9213090) for Columbus quay in Bremerhaven -- ran aground Oct 5 on River Weser close to Brake near buoy 46 -- vessel manged to get free on her own power -- assisting tugs thanked. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen. (Thurs. Oct. 6 2005)

32ft. F/V Margaret Ann, with 3 crew -- sinking 2 miles SW of St Annes Head -- abandoning to life raft -- made a MAYDAY broadcast to other vessels in area -- UK Angle RNLI Lifeboat on scene confirmed vessel had sunk -- retrieved large items of floating wreckage -- all crew in raft picked up safely, uninjured, by range safety vessel M/V Smitt Merion -- taken ashore at Neyland where met by Dale Coastguard Rescue Team. (Thurs. Oct. 6 2005)

German container M/V Cast Prosperity (in charter of CAST, Canada, oficially M/V Eilbek) in collision with chemical M/T Hyde Park on St. Lorenz River, Canada. M/V Cast Prosperity damaged on starboard side, so that 50 tons of steel will have to be replaced -- accident happened when one ship tried to pass the other. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen. (Thurs. Oct. 6 2005)

Indonesian Navy patrol vessel apprehended M/V Maju Jaya with 50,000 liters of kerosene & 65,000 liters of diesel in Malacca Strait waters -- another vessel seized in Maluku waters. Ships were seized for allegedly hoarding fuel & smugglingin wake of the tsunami. (Thurs. Oct. 6 2005)

49mt gravel M/V Torksey, Hull for Plymouth with 5 crew -- lost all power & drifted off Sizewell, Suffolk, UK -- aground on beach at Dunwich -- taken on water & dragged its anchor, but without any power, tide placed her on beach -- no main engine, no working generator, no navigation lights & no VHF communication. UK Thames Coastguard informed some men, an electrician and a plumber, were recruited from a pub in Bridlington to make up the crew. (Wed. Oct. 5 2005)

Florida 89ft. shirmper F/V Eric H, suffered fire 90 miles west of Naples, Florida -- all 3 crew missing from Freeport, Tx. (Wed. Oct. 5 2005)

Australian cargo M/V NT Express -- reversed engines into collision with fishing boat in Darwin Harbor on Sept. 12. Sri Lankan national, Capt. Bandara Dugganna charged with maritime offences today for failing to keep proper look-out, failing to avoid collision & failing to proceed at a safe speed -- facing maximum 2 years in prison or US$10,000 fine. (Wed. Oct. 5 2005)

Australian 12.3mt. sloop S/Y Warlord, Eden, on the NSW S. Coast for Hobart with 3 crew on Oct. 3 -- feared missing in Bass Strait, off Tasmania -- found safe Oct. 5 after using strait islands to shelter from wild weather -- sloop had sustained minor damage & low on fuel after crossing Bass Strait in rough weather. (Wed. Oct. 5 2005)

Durban S/Y Moquini, with 6 crew -- remains missing after she went missing & search abandoned -- after Mauritius to Durban Yacht Race 2005<< Webfeature --last made contact with race organizers. (Wed. Oct. 5 2005)

110mt hopper dredger Puerto De Altamira, sank in Port of Veracruz after having sustained hull damage in early Sept with her stern onto sea bottom & bow still floating -- during passage of Hurricane Rita -- SvitzerWijsmuller Salvage contracted by Mexican based (Dutch) Boskalis Group company Dragamex to refloat. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen. (Tues Oct. 4 2005)

GlobalSantaFe has located its 2 missing jackup rigs in shallow waters off Louisiana Coast, 80 miles from their drilling sites. The GSF Adriatic VII & GSF High Island III appeared have sustained severe damage during Hurricane Rita, but thorough assessment required before company can determine extent of damage & economic feasibility of repairs. Assessment teams boarded & inspecting the rigs. GlobalSantaFe safely evacuated all personnel from 9 jackup rigs & 4 semisubmersible rigs in its U.S. Gulf of Mexico fleet in advance of Hurricane Rita -- relocated an ultra-deepwater drillship away fromthe storm's path. All of company's rigs insured under a hull & machinery policy subject to a total deductible of US$10M for this event. The 2 missing jackup rigs had combined net book value at June 30, 2005, of US$22.2M & insured for a total of US$125M. Rigs contributed US$5.3M of company's total US$135.3M of net income for 1st 6 months of 2005. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen. (Tues. Oct. 4 2005)

National Boat Liquidators -- disposing of vessels lost in the Hurricanes Katrina & Rita. We post this for your interest, not their profit. (Mon. Oct. 3 2005)

Pirate Release UPDATE>> UN World Food Program<< Webfeature, cargo M/V Semlow -- hijacked by Somali pirates in June has now been freed -- all 8 Kenyan crew, Tanzanian engineer & Sri Lankan Master reported all safe & well by owner Motaku Shipping Agency. Hijackers have disembarked & security people from El Maan port have embarked. Ransom paid? Follow The Story. (Mon. Oct. 3 2005)

Pirate Hijacking>> Indonesian-registered M/V Prima Indah, ex-Pangkal Balam port in Indonesia with 660 tons tin ingots & 14 crew -- boarded by rmed pirates off Bangka island in Indonesian waters shortly after Sept. 30 departure -- all crew set adrift in boat but now safe in Indonesia. Cargo said woths millions of dollars. Int'l Maritime Bureau said in July waters off Indonesia are world's most prone to pirate attacks, recording 42 attacks - or 33% of the global total - in 1st half of 2005. (Mon. Oct. 3 2005) UPDATE>> Indonesian cargo M/V Prima Indah -- hijacked off Bangka Island on Sept 30 with about US$6 million worth of tin on board has been found, sunk in shallow water in the area where it was hijacked. Soon after the Sept 30 hijacking, the Prima Indah's crew was released & taken by small boat to a nearby island, but no trace of ship & cargo despite an extensive search. Assumption had been that cargo discharged & sold at a remote location, with vessel turned into a 'phantom ship' operating under a false identity. However, seems that for some reason pirates may have decided to sink the ship & abandon any plans to dispose of the cargo. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen. (Fri. Oct. 14 2005)

300ft Romanian 4 deck luxury Danube cruise M/V Oltenita, Romania for Austrian capital Vienna with 77 passengers from Belgium and Denmark & 42 crew, suffered fire & gutted after Capt. managed to maneuver her to a river bank -- where pniced tourists fled -- near Slovak capital Bratislava -- 1 body found in cabin - thought to be crew - 7 hours after blaze broke out in ship's kitchens at 3 p.m. (1300 GMT). (Your Editor cruised the Danube on a similar vessel, 120 days ago in the same position -- fire safety was paramount. Despite the tragedy, this ia a safe & 1st class way to travel. McD) (Mon. Oct. 3 2005) UPDATE>> M/V Oltenita was 40 years old & once was favorite riverboat of former Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu<< Webfeature. (Mon. Oct. 3 2005pm) OUR PICTURES<< Webfeature.

MAJOR LAKE LOSS>> Shoreline Cruises 39-year old tour vessel M/L Ethan Allen<< Webfeature, with 46 passengers on Lake George<< Webfeature --launch capsized at 3pm near Bolton, New York -- multiple fatalies -- as many as 20. (Sun. Oct. 2 2005) UPDATE>> 47 were aboard & 19 dead. (Sun. Oct. 2 2005) UPDATE>> 49 elderly Michigan tourists -- 21 dead. (Sun. Oct. 2 2005pm) UPDATE>> In addition to vessel being one crew short at time of capsizing -- officials now say that vessel was overloaded -- because Americans now weigh more per person than when M/L Ethan Allen was ogiinally licensed! U.S. Coat Guard will examine all new licenses in view of this new finding. Geezz - call the food police! From our Sr. Correspondent Libby Thompson. (Tus. Oct. 4 2005)UPDATE>> Shoreline Cruises permit pulled. Dead were 19 elderly from Michigan & 2 from Toledo, OH. At time of incident, vessel was short 1 crew - material as additional crew may have lessened loss of life. (Wed. Oct. 5 2005)

53ft ketch S/V Rebel -- scuttled by husband Mark Bridgwater, 49, who used axe to destroy a seacock, -- when he learned estranged wife Tracey, 42, advertized vessel at bargin price -- quayside crane used to recover her from the water on Sept. 28, in operation expected to cost £10,000. Yacht had been used to sail around Mediterranean as family home. (Sun. Oct. 2 2005)

Breaking First Law of The Sea? >> 41,507gt Israeli-registered Zim Container Line container M/V Zim Asia, with 20 crew, ex-Seattle passed through site off northern Japan where Japanese 19-ton F/V Shinsei Maru No. 3 capsized this week, killing 7 crew off coast of Nemuro, Hokkaido, docked in southern South Korean port of Busan Oct. 2. Officials suspect cargo vessel ran down the capsized fisher -- and ran. A collision mark & an approximately 1-meter-long crack were found on fisher's starboard side. A radar station managed by a local fishery cooperative detected a ship near the site that abruptly changed direction at around 2:30 a.m. Sept. 28. Several large ships in are at time -- but only M/V Zim Asia found with marks of collision. From our Correspondent A L Griffiths. (Sun. Oct. 2 2005) UPDATE>> Israeli ship M/V Zim Asia has now been accused of a hit & run on the high seas which killed 7 Japanese fishermen. (Mon. Oct. 3 2005)

UK F/V Acorn' INS 237, with 6 crew -- issued mayday - taking water in North Sea -- coastguard pump lowered onto vessel has helped crew deal with their situation, another fishing vessel has offered assistance in escorting the 'Acorn' to port for repairs. (Sat. Oct. 1 2005)

Tug M/V Jupiter 6, from Walvis Bay, with 12 crew at end of Aug, towing the 16 000gt bulk M/V Satsung to India for scrapping in India -- disappeared. M/V Satsung found drifting in Indian Ocean like a ghost, her tow wire hanging down into the sea. South African tug currently steaming to scene. Originally set sail from Cuba before stop at Walvis Bay. (Sat. Oct. 1 2005)

2,757 TEU M/V Fowariet --UPDATE (Sat. Oct. 1 2005) UPDATE>> left Vlushing & headed with aid of 2 tugs for Rotterdam with 297 containers remaining on board for more stability. Two more tugs, the oilfightingship, M/V Arca, 2 fast boats & rescue boat M/V Zeemanshoop from Breskens -- in attendance, a runner crew including engineers, divers &salvage inspectors on board M/V Fowairet -- Further plans about a possible repair unknown. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen. (Fri. Oct. 7 2005) Our Story

Vessel Loss Dispatches For Sept. 2005

Yacht S/V Loper -- grounded in River Scheldt in June. Being recoverd by Salvors Multraship Towage & Salvage (Fri. Sept. 30 2005)


20 Sept. 2005 at 0230 LT at Chittagong outer anchorage, Bangladesh. Six pirates boarded tanker & broke open forward store & tried to steal ship's property.  Alert crew raised alarm. Robbers fled empty handed. (Fri. Sept. 30 2005)

10 Sept. 2005: missing tug & barge. Tug M/V Marco Polo 43 & barge Marco Polo 48 in tow from Gresik Java, Surabaya to Jakarta have gone missing since 10 Sept. 2005. (Fri. Sept. 30 2005)

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44-foot F/V Vega, ex-Seward Sept. 20. for Sitka -- flooded -- massive U.S. Coast Guard efforts to rescue 2 crew in Prince William Sound. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen. (Fri. Sept. 29 2005)

50ft Canadian F/V Scotian -- reporting vessel taking on water 65 miles W. of Long Beach, Wash. -- crew donned lifejackets & activated emergency position indicating radio beacon -- crew transferred aboard M/V Scotian over to the motor lifeboat & returned on Sept. 29 to to U.S. Coast Guard Station Grays Harbor. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen. (Fri.. Sept. 30 2005)

3,948gt container M/V Xiang Tu (built 1986), Japan for China -- caught fire & adrift -- all crew rescued Sept. 26. (Thurs.. Sept. 29 2005)

General cargo 3,847gt M/V Pacific Rainbow (built 1980), Russia & China for Vietnam --lost her rudder and/or suffered engine failure.  She is currently adrift -- all crew rescued & transferred to another vessel. (Thurs.. Sept. 29 2005)

8,414gt genera container M/V Sturdy Falcon (built 1980), Vietnam for Singapore & West Africa with bagged rice -- reported ingress of seawater into her cargo #1hold following damage to her shell plating. Ingress stemmed by construction of a cement box. Vessel called at East London (S.Africa) for discharge of cargo & to effect repairs on Sept. 19. (Thurs.. Sept. 29 2005)

M/V Fowariet -- UPDATE (Thurs.. Sept. 29 2005) UPDATE (Sat. Oct. 1 2005)

Exactly 11 years after M/V Estonia disaster -- 18345gt Estonian Ferry M/V Regina Baltic came to grief off Sweden heading for Tallinn. The 145 meter vessel had problems with the electricity evening of Sep 27 -- machine failed, ferry ran aground off Stockholm, Sweden. The ship was built as M/V Viking Song in 1980 at Wärtsilä Yard Helsinki &later became M/V Braemar -- then connected for 5 years Kiel & St. Petersburg as M/V Anna Karenina. Since 1996 she bears the actual name & is running for Estonian Shipping, Tallinn. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen. (Thurs.. Sept. 29 2005)

Passenger ro/ro M/V Arion, 11152 ts, that had grounded on Feb 11 at Cape Korakia, Chios -- refloated on Sep 16. The vessel then departed under tow of tug M/V Megas Alexandros bound for Aliaga, Turkey, for demolition. On March 13 Matsas G. Loucas Salvage & Towage Maritime Co, who undertook salvage operations, stopped its work as refloating of vessel was considered impossible due to the severity of the grounding. (Thurs.. Sept. 29 2005)

EDITOR NOTE>> There will be no update for Sept. 28 -- The home of your editor is in the evacuation zone of the Los Angeles wild fires. I'll be back to you. McD (Wed.. Sept. 28 2005) UPDATE>> All is well. although fires continue. (Thurs.. Sept. 29 2005)

Japan 19gt F/V No.3 Shinsei Maru, left Hokkaido Sept. 26 -- but did not return -- capsized in waters north from Japan, killing 5 crew members & leaving 2 others missing -- bodies of 5 crew found trapped in overturned vessel (Tues. Sept. 27 2005)

M/V Fowairet, London for Antwerp, with 1200 containers, of which 10% contain dangerous & inflammable goods -- grounding near Buoy 53a in River Scheldt on Sep 20 -- decision made Sept. 23, on discharge of containers from vessel now moored on buoys in Sloe harbour at Flushing -- situation not stable -- decided Sept. Sept. 26 that total discharge of vessel could take long time. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen. (Tues. Sept. 27 2005)

34 foot coble F/V Ashleigh Jane, at Newbiggin & Wansbeck, close to Sandy Bay -- became clear vessel had neither lifejackets nor radio on board & crew were having difficulty in keeping away from rocks despite putting anchor out. Rescue helicopter from UK Humber Coastguard scrambled -- vessel's crew were contacted to fire off a flare to alert approaching aircraft -- responded by saying they also had no flares. Mayday signal broadcast into area to alert other passing vessels -- however there was no response. F/V Ashleigh Jane's crew advised by the Coastguard to put on colored oilskins in order for approaching rescue units to be able to see them clearly -- Newbiggin lifeboat found the vessel & managed to attach a tow after she had run onto rocks -- vessel then towed homeward. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen. (Tues. Sept. 27 2005)

Somali gunmen who hijacked a UN-chartered food aid vessel M/V Semlow in June have seized another commercial M/V Ibnu Batuta off E. coast of lawless Horn of Africa nation, near the Port of El Maan, near Mogadishu. M/V Ibnu Batuta transporting cement from Egypt to Somalia when it was attacked late Sept. 24, is being held near the town of Haradere, 185 miles N. of Mogadishu, along with the UN vessel. Number of crew aboard, tonnage of ship's cargo & registration were not immediately known. Follow M/V Semlow saga<< Webfeature. International Maritime Bureau said at least 21 attacks recorded off Somali coast since March 15 & urged ships to stay as far as possible from shore. (Mon. Sept. 26 2005)

Houston Ship Channel<< Webfeature, reopened today to vessels with draft of less than 35 feet -- U.S. Coast Guard. That's only for daylight tug and barge traffic, however. (Mon. Sept. 26 2005)

Chinese maritime police captured Vietnamese cargo vessel, with 726 tons of coal & 11 crew, operating in Gulf of Tonkin off N. coast of Vietnam that rammed & sank a Chinese fishing boat off the N. Vietnamese coast, then failed to help rescue its crew, Chinese media said. (Mon. Sept. 26 2005)

Durban yacht S/Y Moquini, with 6 on board, missing since 16 Sept. while in annual Mauritius to Durban race of Royal Natal Yacht Club<< Webfeature, -- news received from search aircraft yacht had been spotted in search box identified as an area in which missing yacht might be found. Position of spotted yacht is 280 NM off Durban on straight line course for S. tip of Madagascar. This was area identified by rescuers as where S/Y Moquini could be -- assuming she was badly damaged & limping home at slow speed. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen. (Mon. Sept. 26 2005) UPDATE>> search for the missing S/Y Moquini & 6 crew called of this evening -- racing committee said experts consulted before taking tonight's decision -- aircraft unable to find any trace of yacht following a report on Sept. 25 that a yacht had been seen along probable path between Madagascar & Southern Africa. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen. (Tues. Sept. 27 2005)

33-metre luxury sailing yacht 133gt Grand Banks schooner S/Y Mieke -- until recently South Africa's last remaining commercial fishing vessel operating under sail -- converted by Cape St Francis businessman to become a luxury fitted cruising yacht sailing in Mozambique & Indian Ocean island waters -- sunk NE of Beira<< Webfeature,-- all 6 crew able to scramble into rubber inflatable shortly before S/Y Mieke sank & made their way ashore. (Mon. Sept. 26 2005)

28ft. S/V Saranadie, Biloxi, Miss. for Panama City, radioed U.S. Coast Guard Sept. 14, that sole sailor experiencing stroke-like symptoms. U.S. Coast Guard Sector Mobile immediately issued an Urgent Marine Information Broadcast (UMIB) to vessels nearby to render assistance, & consulted a Coast Guard flight surgeon who recommended airlifting McMillen to shore for further medical treatment. U.S. Navy ship USS Bataan (LHD 5)<< Webfeature, reported itself only 7 miles from Gary McMillen, 59, & responded. USS Bataan launched an H-60 helicopter at 8:53 a.m., airlifted McMillen at 9:30 a.m. & flew him to USNS Comfort hospital ship T-AH20<< Webfeature, - placed in care of Navy medical officers. (Sun. Sept. 25 2005)

USS Alabama (BB 60)<< Webfeature, has weathered the storms at Mobile -- but with damage to her support facilities. Bravo Zulu! (Sun. Sept. 25 2005)

American Assn. of Ports<< Webfeature,-- Hurricane updates. (Sun. Sept. 25 2005)

Egyptian cruise M/V Helio, suffered fire on Sept. 24, morning, but 86 Irish tourists rescued safely in Aswan in southern Egypt where the Luxor-Aswan Nile cruise docked -- fire broke out in stern of vessel owned by Travco Travel Agency<< Webfeature. Six fire brigades rushed to scene & all tourists were rescued & moved to a nearby hotel. Initial losses estimated at US$175,438 but there were no losses in human lives or luggage -- fire damaged kitchen, restaurant, 8 cabins & the engine. (Sat. Sept. 24 2005)

Anchorage based U.S. Coastguard Maritime Safety & Security Team (MSST) boat capsized with 4 crew aboard while enforcing the security zone around the Alyeska terminal<< Webfeature, in the Port of Valdez, Sept. 20. Two additional nearby MSST boat crews recovered the 4 crewmen from the water. Crewmen from the capsized boat were transported to the hospital for precautionary screening and released.  One crewman suffered minor abrasions to his head & hand. (Sat. Sept. 24 2005)

Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) general cargo M/V Melissa, Russia for Istanbul with 8 crew -- found half-sunken in middle of sea off Sinop province -- all crew rescued & hospitalized in Sinop -- survivors said water started to ooze due to hole in cargo hold -- had to abandon ship -- impossible to repair. (Fri. Sept. 23 2005)

Suspension of Jones Act>> If Hurricane Rita disrupts U.S. petroleum supplies, the Bush administration may again waive a restrictive shipping law so foreign vessels can transport crude oil & gasoline between U.S. ports, a government source said Sept. 23. After last month's Hurricane Katrina, the administration temporarily suspended the Jones Act<< Webfeature, which mandates that only U.S.-owned ships carry passengers & cargo between U.S. ports. That waiver has expired, except for moving loaned crude oil from the government's Strategic Petroleum Reserve<< Webfeature, to refineries that lost supply due to Katrina. Waiving the law again is an option for the administration if Rita causes similar supply disruptions, but no decision has been made yet whether to do so, according to a government source knowledgeable about the matter. (Fri. Sept. 23 2005)

ALERT>> Chinese F/V Fuyuan 123 taken under fire by Indonesian Navy & detained crew 19Sept., in Arafura Sea off the Papua Island -- wounding 2 crew. The 10 crew including wounded still detained in Indonesia. Immediately after incident occurred, Chinese Foreign Ministry & Chinese Embassy in Jakarta lodged solemn representations to Indonesia in objection to the incident. Indonesian Navy fired 13 rounds at the Chinese boat for illegal fishing after vessel refused to heave to. (Fri. Sept. 23 2005)

Canadian frigates began heading home from the storm-ravaged U.S. Gulf Coast Sept. 23, after waiting to see if they were needed in the region as Hurricane Rita barreled toward the Texas coastline. HMCS Toronto<< Webfeature, & HMCS Ville de Quebec<< Webfeature, had been berthed in Mayport, Fla., since Sept. 20, as Defense officials watched track of the powerful Category 3 storm, which was downgraded from a monster Category 5 hurricane. (Fri. Sept. 23 2005)


17 Sept. 2005 at 2210 LT at Cochin oil terminal, India. Eight pirates boarded tanker at berth during cargo operations & escaped with ship's stores. (Fri. Sept. 23 2005)

16 Sept. 2005 at 1220 LT in position 05:10N - 004:03W, anchored off Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Three pirates armed with knives & steel bar boarded chemical tanker via anchor chain. D/O raised alarm; crew mustered & secured access doors. Robbers escaped empty handed in small boats at 1245 LT.  Port control informed. Master heaved up anchor & proceeded south to drift. (Fri. Sept. 23 2005)

14 Sept. 2005 at 1400 LT at Jakarta breakwater entrance, Indonesia. Seven armed pirates boarded bulk carrier entering port. Alert crew raised alarm & robbers escaped empty handed. (Fri. Sept. 23 2005)

14 Sept. 2005 at 0415 LT at Tanjung Priok tanker anchorage, Jakarta, Indonesia. Four armed pirates boarded product tanker -- broke into E/R & threatened crew with pistol -- stole engine spares & escaped. Port control informed. (Fri. Sept. 23 2005)

13 Sept. .2005 at 2140 UTC at Chennai outer anchorage, India. Four pirates boarded general cargo ship via poop deck. Crew spotted & raised alarm.  Robbers escaped in speedboat empty handed. Authorities informed & marine police arrived for investigation. (Fri. Sept. 23 2005)

13 Sept. 2005 at 0200 LT at Mahajunga port, Madagascar. Eight pirates boarded tanker at berth -- broke open bosun store & stole ship's stores -- escaped in boat. (Fri. Sept. 23 2005)

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48ft charter UK yacht S/Y Aislig Bheag -- at 1240 Sept. 22, reporting electrical fire & required immediate evacuation. UK Clyde Coastguard advised skipper of vessel to ensure that all onboard had lifejackets on & launch liferaft on lee side of vessel -- fire had been put out but still smouldering -- 8 people onboard evacuated to Oban RNLI Lifeboat<< Webfeature, & yacht was towed back into Oban by the lifeboat -- 4 treated for smoke inhalation at Oban Hospital. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen. (Fri. Sept. 23 2005)

34-ft-sloop S/V Irish Mist -- sent mayday call when heading from Virginia for Sweden on 42.58N 042.59W -- motor damaged & ship sprang leak. Container M/V Ducan Island came to her aid Sept. 17 -- but while attempting to climb onto the ship -- rescuing crewman fell back into sea & drowned. S/V Irish Mist went adrift afterwards, but was still seen afloat 2 days later. At the time of the accident waves were 2-3 m high -- wind was up to 20 knots. Exact cicumstances of the incident are a bit mysterious. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen. (Thurs.. Sept. 22 2005)

Capt. Asking Directios Before Running Aground>> UK yacht S/Y Sinoma on passage from Crinan to Falkirk with lady Capt. & 3 teenagers on board -- asking if she had a problem. She informed Clyde Coastguard that she was aground somewhere on River Clyde. She was requested to remain on vessel with teenagers. All rescued. UK Helensburgh Coastguard rescue team were able to walk out to the vessel & secure it until it re-floated on next tide. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen. (Thurs.. Sept. 22 2005)

UK F/V Pisces hit land off Strathy Point, on north coast of Scotland & sank -- UK Aberdeen Coastguard reacted with speed -- all rescued in the middle of the night by Thurso Lifeboat<< Webfeature. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen. (Thurs.. Sept. 22 2005)

Indonesian warship opened fire on Chinese fishing fleet from its 20mm gun -- suspected of using illegal nets, killing 1 crew & wounding 2 others -- 4 Chinese fishing boats did not respond to radio & visual signals from the warship & tried to flee after warning shots were fired on Sept. 19 in Arafuru Sea off Papua Island -- 3 other fishing vessels escaped from the scene & Indonesian naval vessels in area searched for them. (Thurs. Sept. 22 2005)

8,328-gt charter to Durban-based, Cyprus flagged Ocean Africa Container Lines<< Webfeature, container M/V Umfolozion( built 1982) Walvis Bay bound for Cape Town Sept. 16 -- in collision with -- National Ports Authority dredger M/V Ingwenya outside Walvis Bay -- outside Walvis Bay -- no injuries -- both vessels able to enter harbor. M/V Umfolozion currently sitting in safe position on her bottom at shallow berth, with her decks & superstructure above waterline. Fuel leaking from rupture in tanks but this has been contained by means of booms surrounding the vessel. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen. (Wed. Sept. 21 2005)

4,8154gt container M/V Fowairet ran aground on Sep 20 one hour after flood when passing the Dutch river Schelde upstream, close to buoy 53a. Tugs M/V Barracuda, M/V Gent, M/V Evergem, M/V Zeeland, M/V Drado, M/V Walcheren, M/V Union Diamond, M/V Lieven Geveart & M/V Union 9 -- all these tugs gathered around the fully loaden M/V Fowairet which is listing a bit to port. A 1st attempt to get the vessel free failed. The weather on scene is calm. M/V Fowairet of United Arab Shipping has a length of 276.5 meters & draught of 12.4 meters. She was built in 1998 at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Nagasaki. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen. (Wed. Sept. 21 2005) FOLLOW OUR STORY<< Webfeature. UPDATE>> M/V Fowairet is currently reported to be breaking up. (Wed. Sept. 21 2005PM) UPDATE>> unloading of the 600 containers from the decks of containership onto barges was completed -- by salvor combination of Multraship & the Unie van Reddings-en Sleepdienst. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen. (Thurs.. Sept. 29 2005) UPDATE>> Multraship Salvage, working under LOF2000 with co-contractors URS Salvage & Maritime Contracting, has moved the containership M/V Fowairet to the Verbrugge Terminal at the port of Flushing. (Sat. Oct. 1 2005)

General cargo M/V Dongjin Phoenix still aground, but salvage company on scene & conducting fuel oil removal operation. M/V Dongjin Phoenix suffered fire Sep 4. Tug M/V Koyo Maru dispatched to assist but unable to take vessel in tow due to high seas. M/V Dongjin Phoenix subsequently grounded in Shughenjima shallows, near tGoto Islands. German M/V NYK Prestige on route to Busan rescued the 14 Korean & Chineses sailors from wreck -- on fire & in threat of sinking. M/V NYK Prestige sailing under time charter with M/V NYK, Japan, Osaka for Busan, when at 1440 hrs, Sep 4, a mayday message on VHF was received from M/V Dongjin Phoenix, stating: "Distress, vessel on fire" and shortly after: "Vessel slowly sinking". Distance between vessels was 6 NM & the distance to Busan was about 50 NM. Winds were force 7 (near gale) and there was a high swell. Capt. Jantzen communicated with the Korean Capt. Kim Yeion Keun, and was advised that crew of M/V Dongjin Phoenix were to abandon their sinking vessel into lifeboats & liferafts. M/V NYK Prestige diverted towards position of the distress. Upon arrival at scene, rescue was effected. In just 1 hour & 42 minutes after receiving the 1st mayday message the 14 Korean seamen from the lifeboat & rafts were safely onboard M/V NYK Prestige. However, 1 Korean seaman missing. UPDATE>> Unmanned M/V Dongjin Phoenix drifted ashore on Sep 6. Before, fire was almost extinguished. Operations being made more difficult by appraoch of a typhoon, which was generating heavy seas. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen. (Wed. Sept. 21 2005)

U.S. F/V Perseverance -- abandoned vessel after she struck rock &began taking water in the Icy Straits<< Webfeature, Alaska -- all rescued by crew of F/V Whittle Wall & taken to Hoonah. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen. (Wed. Sept. 21 2005)

Tugboat M/V James, with 3 crew -- capsized in San Antonio Bay -- 20 miles SW of Port O'Connor in Intracoastal Waterway -- all crew recovered without injury by tug M/V Amanda. Three tugs towing a drilling platform in tandem when M/V James overturned in channel. M/V James has estimated 1,500 gallons of fuel remaining aboard & containment boom has been placed around vessel. U.S.Coast Guard working with owners to coordinate salvage & cleanup. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen. (Wed. Sept. 21 2005)

>>> We Appreciate the Postings of your favorite Visiting Editor Libby Thopmson -- Sept. 19 to Sept 20 2005 - Below

Qatar-flagged container M/V Fowairet, with 2,000 containers -- 120-200 of with toxic materials -- ran aground near Port of Antwerp. Shipping on the Westerscheld River was blocked; Port of Antwerp nearly unreachable all day. Fuel tanks cracked; 600 tons of diesel escaped. Rudder failure is suspected cause. Crew evacuated -- ship began breaking up & feared she would split in half. After several unsuccessful attempts to free the ship with 11 tugs, salvage companies have finally refloated the Fowairet and towed her to Port of Flushing. (Tues. Sept. 20, 2005).

8,414gt M/V Sturdy Falcon (built 1980), Vietnam - Singapore for West Africa with bagged rice -- sustained damage to shell plating & suffered seawater filling one of the cargo holds. Construction of a cement box effected a temporary repair, but M/V Sturdy Falcon has called at East London, South Africa to discharge its bagged rice cargo & get repaired. (Tues. Sept. 20, 2005).

Barge James Prior, with gravel, crashed into Battersea Bridge<< Webfeature, over Thames River during London's evening rush hour. Wheelhouse severely damaged, but no pollution or injuries reported. The James Prior was wedged under one of the arches of the bridge, but tug Rose Steel was successful in removing the barge as the tide went out. Master of the vessel passed breathalyzer test, and the Port of London Authority will continue investigation of incident. (Tues. Sept. 20, 2005).

706-ft tug-barge combo M/V Joseph H. Thompson ran aground just inside the Duluth Harbor. Efforts to free vessel continue. (Tues. Sept. 20, 2005) UPDATE>> Tug had disengaged from barge and was seen pushing one other side of the barge trying to get the barge loose. The barge is lightering some of its cargo onto the closest piece of land. (Thurs. Sept. 22 2005)

38-ft tuna charter F/V Sydney Mae II capsized, broke up & sank in extreme fog in Winchester Bay, Oregon. Capt. & another man rescued, but a man & woman found dead miles away from the site of the accident, & another crew missing. Exact cause of accident is unknown & witnesses unable to provide details due to zero visibility and "horribly bad" conditions. (Tues. Sept. 20, 2005)

20-ft sailing F/V Pelican was struck by lightning off Dana Point, California during the rain & electrical storm that hit the area due to the remnants of Mexican Hurricane Max. Distress call that the vessel taking water was received from 4 crew by U.S. Coast Guard, who sent an HH-65 Dolphin helicopter & CG Cutter USCGC Narwhal<< Webfeature. U.S. Naval hovercraft joined in the search, but no signs of the vessel or crew have been located. (Tues., Sept. 20, 2005) UPDATE>> Entire operation now deemed hoax. These people should be shot for such a prank. (Wed. Sept. 21 2005)

68-ft. tourist cruise ship Miner's Castle had an engine fire and became disabled -- while viewing its namesake Miner's Castle near Marquette. Sister ship, the Miss Superior, returned both the 76 passengers and the Miner's Castle back to the Munising Dock, where Sault Ste. Marie Coast Guard will investigate the incident. (Tues. Sept. 20, 2005).

Panamanian passenger boat, with more than 150 aboard, developed engine trouble, stalled, filled with water and sank en route to Panama City from the island of Taboga. Distress signals were sent immediately and all passengers and crew were rescued. However, maritime authorities state that the ship had been ordered not to sail due to deteriorating structural conditions, the vessel was overcrowded, and that vessel owner will be severely sanctioned. (Mon. Sept. 19, 2005)

Panama-flagged M/T Abber 32 -- intercepted by police near Jakarta under suspicion of siphoning subsidized diesel fuel to supply the ship rental business -- investigation is ongoing. (Mon. Sept. 19, 2005)

UPDATE: Conflicting reports on whether the Somali pirates who hijacked U.N. food supply ship M/V Semlow have now docked at El Maan, Somalia or whether they have anchored offshore because the jetty at El Maan cannot accommodate a ship of its size and because it doesn't have offloading facilities so everything must be done manually. It is anticipated the pirates will release the Kenyan crew, have Somali clan elders distribute the stolen cargo, then release the ship. (Mon., Sept. 19, 2005)

Fire broke out in the engine room aboard Cebu City, Philippines-bound M/V Our Lady of Fatima Sept. 18, with more than 500 passengers aboard. Panic reportedly ensued amongst the 500+ passengers, but fortunately crew members quickly extinguished the blaze & no one was injured. Extent of damage is being assessed. Cause of fire unknown, but Philippine officials are saying it was not an act of terrorism. (Mon., Sept. 19, 2005)

M/V Walter J. McCarthy, Jr., heading upbound from Lake Huron made contact with M/V Roger Blough as she was heading upbound from Lake Michigan in lower St. Mary's River on the morning of Sept. 18 in fog. USCG directed both vessels to go to anchor for inspection. M/V Walter J. McCarthy, Jr. had some scrape marks & M/V Roger Blough had a 60-ft crease in the hull above waterline. Neither vessel took on water -- they were allowed to proceed. (Mon. Sept. 19, 2005)

Tugboats pulling LNG (liquified natural gas) carrier M/T Disha crashed into a jetty at Dahej on Sept. 18 and damaged India's busiest LNG terminal. Spokesperson for gas transporter GAIL reports that tugboats hit the Dolphin Piles of the jetty as the LNG ship was casting off after unloading the cargo. Foreign firms have been approached to assess & repair the damages to terminal. (Mon. Sept. 19, 2005).

Avast, me hearties! Monday, September 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. More information Here. (Mon. Sept. 19, 2005).

Carnival Cruise Lines luxury ships M/V Ecstasy & M/V Sensation have been put into service to house 3,700 city workers & their families, after evacuees from the Gulf Coast chose to stay in the Houston Astrodome and other shelters rather than be at sea, where they would have greater difficulty reestablishing their lives and reconnecting with family. FEMA paid Carnival $192 million to charter the ships for evacuees and Carnival rebooked 100,000 passengers in the effort. Meanwhile, 150 Mississippi evacuees have now boarded Carnival Lines M/V Holiday, which can accommodate over 1,400 passengers. (Sun. Sept. 18, 2005).

Australian Federal Police arrested 3 men in connection with US$4.7M worth of the drug ecstasy stowed in a container intended to hold furniture. Customs received a tip, which led to the discovery of the illegal cargo on the container ship from Belgium. (Sun. Sept. 18, 2005).

A small ship rammed into oil tanker Chaoyangping on Sept. 17 on the Huangpu River, China, creating a 1-meter hole in the right of the tanker and causing a 50-ton oil spill. The tanker's chief says the small ship was warned to swerve, but failed to do so. Investigation underway. (Sun. Sept. 18, 2005)

8328-gt container ship M/V Umfolozi, built in 1982, on charter to Durban-based Ocean African Contatiner Lines collided on September 16th with National Ports Authority dredger Ingwenya near Walvis Bay, Africa. Both ships returned to harbor with no serious injuries or fatalities. M/V Umfolozi is leaking fuel and clean-up operations have commenced. Damage to dredger Ingwenya is believed to be minimal. (Sun. Sept. 18, 2005) UPDATE: M/V Umfolozi sustained a large fracture on its starboard side and is now subject to tidal flow in all holds and the engine room. 225 TEUs of cargo removed from the flooded vessel. 100 tons of fuel have leaked in Walvis Bay. Anti-pollution vessel M/V Nataniel Maxuilili is assisting with environmental clean-up and booms have been laid. (Tues., Sept. 20, 2005).

Int'l Maritime Organization --new site. (Sat. Sept. 17 2005)

Unidentified M/T in collision with yacht off the Isle of Wight -- mast of yacht became entangled with ship's anchor & broke off, after vessels collided in Sandown Bay<< Webfeature, on Sept. 17, morning. UK Bembridge RNLI lifeboat<< Webfeature, scrambled to scene & took yacht crew to shore. (Sat. Sept. 17 2005)

Great Lakes tug M// James A. Hannah, with liquid asphalt -- suffered fire in boiler Sept. 16, as tug & barge approaching Lock 2 while downbound in the Welland Canal. St Catharines Fire Dept. on scene quickly & local Police cordoned off area. All safe. (Sat. Sept. 17 2005)

40ft S/Y Classic Wave, ran aground on SW tip of Isle of Kerrera near Oban, Scotland at1220 BST on Sept. 17. UK RNLI Oban lifeboat, which brought crew to safety, made several unsuccessful attempts to pump water out of the yacht before abandoning her. (Sat. Sept. 17 2005)

Russian M/V Nekrasov -- dangerously overloaded & allowed to carry no more than 33 tons of cargo -- was carrying 92 tons of fruit & vegetables -- capsized & sank in Russian far northern river Port of Dudinka<< Webfeature -- 7 rescuded -- but over 20 thought to be aboard. (Fri. Sept. 16 2005)

M/V Ali Alhadid -- flooding & in need of immediate assistance in Persian Gulf -- all crew rescued by USS Princeton (CG 59)<< Webfeature & M/V Ali Alhadid saved by pumps & U.S. Navy expertise supplied .(Fri. Sept. 16 2005)


12 Sept. 2005 at 0330 LT in position 03:17s - 116:23e, Pulau Laut anchorage, Indonesia -- 4 pirates boarded bulk carrier -- broke open bosun store & stole ship's stores & escaped. (Fri. Sept. 16 2005)

11 Sept. 2005 at 0415 LT at Tg. Mangkok, Sebuku island, Indonesia. Pirates armed with long knives boarded bulk carrier at anchor -- held duty A/B & stole ship's stores. (Fri. Sept. 16 2005)

08 Sept. 2005 at 2235 UTC in position 17:52.8N - 077:06.2W, Port old harbour, Jamaica. Four pirates armed with knives & hooks boarded tanker moored to buoy. Alert crew raised alarm& robbers escaped empty handed in an unlit speedboat. Harbor authorities informed.

06 Sept. 2005 at 2050 LT at Cochin, India. Several Pirates boarded a container ship at berth -- stole ship's stores & escaped. Local authorities informed. (Fri. Sept. 16 2005)

19 Aug. 2005 at 2000 LT at Ho Chi Minh City port, Vietnam -- 2 pirates armed with knives & swords boarded bulk carrier moored to buoy. One robber tried to attack duty A/B who ran away & raised alarm & crew mustered. Robbers jumped overboard & escaped with ship's stores. Police came for investigation next morning. (Fri. Sept. 16 2005)

04 Aug.2005 at buoy no. FC-02, Ho Chi Minh City port, Vietnam. Pirtates boarded bulk carrier moored to buoy -- broke store locks & stole ship's stores. (Fri. Sept. 16 2005)

31 July 2005 at 1900 LT at Buoy no. 39, Ho Chi Minh City port, Vietnam. Four pirates armed with long knives boarded bulk carrier moored to buoy. Duty officer & crew gave chase. Robbers escaped with ship's stores in a small boat.  Port control informed. (Fri. Sept. 16 2005)

30 July 2005 at Xingang port, china. Pirates boarded bulk carrier during cargo operations & stole ship's equipment. (Fri. Sept. 16 2005)

29 July 2005 at Jakarta anchorage, Indonesia. Four pirates boarded bulk carrier. Alert crew raised alarm & robbers escaped empty handed. (Fri. Sept. 16 2005)

10 July 2005 at 0200 LT at Ho Chi Minh City port, Vietnam. Two pirates boarded bulk carrier moored to buoy during cargo operations with barges alongside -- broke open forepeak store & stole ship's stores. Duty officer raised alarm & robbers escaped. (Fri. Sept. 16 2005)

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Semi submersible oil rig Artic 1 in the Gulf of Mexico -- broken loose from her moorings & pushed on top of a wellhead by Hurricane Katrina -- just refloated by team of Smit Salvage<< Webfeature. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen. (Thurs. Sept. 15 2005)

Filipino crew of 3 Taiwanese-flagged fishing vessels seized by pirates off the coast of Somalia in mid-August are serving as intermediaries in negotiations with their abductors because of their knowledge of English. Since 12-member crew can speak English, they are tapped to serve as interpreters between Somali gunmen & the Taiwanese ship officers. (Thurs. Sept. 15 2005)

UK Tug M/V Anglian Sovereign<< Webfeature, which ran aground off Scottisch coast Sept. 3, arrived Rotterdam for repair on Sept. 14 being towed by the tug M/V RT Magic. M/V Anglian Sovereign severely damaged in foreship, especially on starboard & still down by the bow. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen. (Thurs. Sept. 15 2005)

PIRATE RELEASE>>St Vincent & the Grenadines M/V Semlow, with Int'l relief aid -- hijacked by pirates more than 2 months ago as she transported food aid to Somalis -- vessel has now been released & now on way to Elmaan, a port north of Somali capital Mogadishu. In Aug. agreement said reached to release ship & 10 crew, but the hijackers then reportedly disagreed over whether to see through the release without demanding a ransom. (Thurs. Sept. 15 2005)

600ft. berthing barge Artship, used to allow vessels to moor in deeper water further off of the Vallejo Ferry Terminal pier -- sank off Mare Island, Vallejo CA --no injuries. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen. (Thurs. Sept. 15 2005)

M/V Ladoga-101, Finnish port Vuoksi for English port Sherihamn via Saima Channel with 1641 tons steel & 270 tons carving wood -- entering Gulf of Finland -- holed having collided with unidentified object -- Capt. decided to strand the ship to avoid water entry. Accident are under investigation. M/V Ladoga-101affecting navigation in the channel as it is stranded in the fairway. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen. (Thurs. Sept. 15 2005)

In The Gulf-- Thousands of 1 x 40' cargo containers are lost after Katrina -- but you knew this already -- we're working with agencies to find out where they are. (Wed. Sept. 14 2005)

UK Registered F/V Jeniver -- taking in water & lost electric power so could not use VHF radio -- skipper only able to give estimated position between Isle of Arran & Ayrshire coast -- informed UK Coastguard that would have to abandon ship -- UK Clyde Coastguard rescuded all crew from raft. Vessel sank. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen. (Wed. Sept. 14 2005)

Chinese luxury Yangtze river M/V Galaxy No.2<< Webfeature, with 163 passengers & crew -- aground & sank Sept. 3 -- reports unclear, but all rescued before vessel broke in two & sank. (Wed. Sept. 14 2005)

NEW ORLEANS UPDATE>> Louis Armstrong New Orleans Int'l Airport<< Webfeature, reopened to commercial flights Sept. 13, for 1st time since Hurricane Katrina struck more than 2 weeks ago, & Port of New Orleans<< Webfeature, was also back in operation as flooded-out New Orleans struggled to get up & running again. Shipment of steel coils left tport by barge Sept. 12, bound for a Hyundai auto plant in Greenville, Ala.. The port expected arrival of 1st cargo ship since the hurricane late Sept. 13, and at least 3 more ships by week's end, Arriving ship was carrying up to 500 containers of coffee & wood products from Argentina, Brazil & Mexico. Port of New Orleans is gateway to a river system serving 33 states along the Mississippi River or its tributaries. The port also connects to 6 railroads. FOLLOW our earlier coverage of Hurricane Katrina from Aug. 29 to Sept. 11 2005. (Tues. Sept. 13 2005)

inland cement-laden clinker M/V Manirul Islam with 11,000 metric tons of cement clinker &13 crew -- sank in Khasiachar of Ramgoti upazila near Meghna channel Sept. 13. Vessel loaded clinkers from lighter vessel M/V Lin Dos at outer anchorage of Chittagong -- capsized under influence of strong current accompanied by stormy weather & shortly sank in Meghna channel. All rescued. (Tues. Sept. 13 2005)

North Korean flagged cargo M/V Tenecitis, Algeria for Hereke, Canakkalewith 2,000 tons scrap metal -- broke down as passing from Canakkale Strait -- tug M/V Kurtarma-2 dispatched. M/V Tenecitis will drop anchor near Gelibolu (Gallipoli) against any possible danger & be allowed to leave following necessary procedures. (Tues. Sept. 13 2005)

30ft. sloop S/Y Skua -- issued several 999 calls Sept. 12, reporting large explosion & fire on yacht in Mill Rythe near Hayling Island -- UK Solent Coastguard immediately scrambled Coastguard Rescue helicopter India Juliet from Lee on Solent, Hayling RNLI lifeboat, Hayling Rescue boat, Chichester Harbor Patrol Launch along with Hayling Coastguard Rescue Team, Police, Fire Service & Ambulance. Vessel was fully ablaze -- 1 casualty recovered -- search continues -- vessel sank. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen. (Tues. Sept. 13 2005)

38mt coastal M/T Cora (built at Gluesing yard), with diesel oil, ran aground in morning hours Sep 11 on river Weser close to Brake due to engine failure -- no chance of getting free. With the rising flood salvage attempts should be undertaken, after which ship should be towed into yard for inspection. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen. (Tues. Sept. 13 2005)

M/V Kiperousa UPDATE>> Efforts at recovering the balance of cargo from grounded log ship M/V Kiperousa<< Webfeature, &endash; as between 6,000 & 7,000 West African logs remain on board beneath decks - received yet another setback when 2nd barge arrived at the weekend with extensive damage from its journey from the Middle East. 84m barge GC55 arrived in tow to the Bahrain-registered offshore supply tug M/V Zakher Delmon after encountering rough seas en route to South Africa & resulting in damage to the barge that will require repairs in the port's dry dock. Survey conducted this week & owners to decide whether to repair the barge. 2nd, smaller Durban-based barge, Jumbo already on site & cleared a small number of logs from M/V Kiperousa. Salvage firm of SvitzerWijsmuller<< Webfeature, holds current Lloyd's LOF contract for salvaging under deck cargo. Salvage experts fear another storm will destroy stricken vessel, which has severe fractures throughout the vessel -- also fear this would release the logs into surf with likelihood of them becoming a navigational hazard to shipping along the coast. Several years ago when another logger sank in the south Mozambique channel, logs continued to wash up for months along 2,000-km of S. African coast from Mozambique to S. Cape, creating hazard to shipping & even resulting in a fatality among swimmers on a Cape beach. M/V Kiperousa<< Webfeature, went aground off Eastern Cape coast near village of Hamburg on 7 June 2005 while en route from West Africa to Far East with a planned call at Durban for bunkers. Remaining oil on board vessel was successfully removed by the Tsavliris salvage team<< Webfeature, then employed. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen. FOLLOW OUR STORY (Tues. Sept. 13 2005)

37ft. S/V Vioarmy, with 13 aboard, ran aground at entrance to Keehi Lagoon, near Honolulu -- U.S. Coast Guard Station Honolulu<< Webfeature, successfully rescued all evening of Sep 10. No Injuries.

F/V Blue Sonata, with 3 crew -- issued distress call on VHF radio -- taking in water & required urgent assistance of UK Portland Coastguard -- only able to give an estimated position South of Lulworth. Seconds later the vessel capsized &sunk and at this point the Coastguard lost communications with them -- 1 of 3 crew missing. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen. (Mon. Sept. 12 2005)

19mt longliner St. John's-based F/V Melina and Keith, with 8 crew -- capsized & sank in calm seas off the coast of Newfoundland while fishing for shrimp -- all 8 crew clung to boat for several hours before it sank -- 4 crew brought on board F/V Lady Charlotte Star, fishing vessel that rushed to area after emergency beacon went off 200km E of Gander -- 4 missing -- 400mt-long oil slick at site. One crew is a fisheries observer. (Mon. Sept. 12 2005)

20,083gt. Cypriot flag bulk M/V Kyriakos M (built 1976), for Umm Qasr, Irag with 34,000mt rice -- grounded at bouy No 5, Umm Qasr<< Webfeature, - Sept. 6 -- Salvage contract has been signed with Tsavliris.<< Webfeature, Greek Salvors. (Mon. Sept. 12 2005)

28-foot charter F/V Augusta D with 6 people aboard returning to Nikolski when vessel beset by 25-30 knot winds & 8ft seas -- passengers donned survival suits near Nikolski, Aleutian Islands -- U.S. Coast Guard HH-60 Jayhawk crew from Air Station Kodiak here, rescued NFL Hall of Fame star Larry Csonka<< Webfeature, & others from vessel near Nikolski on Umnak Island in the Aleutian Islands. Csonka, former member of the Miami Dolphins football team<< Webfeature, & host of the television show "North to Alaska" has a son who is a Chief Warrant Officer serving in the U.S. Coast Guard.  (Mon. Sept. 12 2005)

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In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, the Mississippi River is now open in both directions to ships with a draft of 35 feet during daylight hours. Now that a route has been re-established to the Port of New Orleans and other ports on the lower Mississippi River, the port is bringing together all of the pieces that will allow it to be a major force in the reconstruction of New Orleans. The Port headquarters building now has power, and the Louisiana State Police SWAT team has opened a temporary headquarters.(Fri. Sept. 9 2005)

Docks in Morehead City, N.C., are booming this week, as longshoremen unload twice the amount of rubber that normally passes through the port. Port of Pensacola in Florida has increased cargo traffic by about 60%. Companies are calling to see how much more steel, lumber & other products it can handle. They are receiving cargo once headed for New Orleans or Pascagoula, Miss., & Gulfport, Miss., before Hurricane Katrina swept through, forcing shippers to divert to docks elsewhere. New Orleans is believed to be just weeks away from reopening, but there's no guess when the 2 Mississippi ports may again operate. Panama City has turned away cargo it's not equipped to handle & for the 1st time is accommodating small container ships that carry textiles to Mexico and return with finished products. Ports at Fort Lauderdale, Miami & Tampa, Fla., also will probably see cargo once destined for storm-ravaged docks. In Tampa & at the Virginia ports of Newport News, Norfolk & Portsmouth, shipping companies have asked about making deliveries of fresh produce, frozen poultry, rubber, plywood & other products. (Fri. Sept. 9 2005)

U.S. Coast Guard --total of number people rescued by boat & aircraft has risen more than 100 since Sept. 7, bringing the total number of people rescued to more than 23,909.(Thurs. Sept. 8 2005)

23,386gt Malta flagged bulk M/V Polyhronis (built 1980), in ballast -- aground on banks of Mississippi River, W.of New Orleans in Hurricane Katrina Sept. 2 2005. Salvage undertaken. (Thurs. Sept. 8 2005)

UPDATE>> Port of New Orleans set to resume commercial operations to load and unload vessels as early as Sept. 9 in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, its director of operations Paul Zimmermann said Sept. 7. (Wed. Sept. 7 2005pm)

UPDATE>>Port of New Orleans, the crucial transport link for the nation's farmers & manufacturers, re-opened to military vessels Sept. 6, but remained closed to commercial traffic. It may take 1 or 2 weeks until the port, which handles more tonnage than any other in the United States, will again be able to load and unload the rubber, chicken, soybeans, coffee, plywood, steel rods and other commodities that companies ship around the world. Buildings & cranes need repairs. More electricity, staff & temporary housing for 1,000 essential personnel are needed. Port personnel also have been fighting fires at wharves along & industrial canal. The re-opening cannot come soon enough for some farmers, whose peak harvest time starts next month. The New Orleans Port facility is tied by waterways, roads & rail lines to farms and businesses throughout the South & Midwest. It is the top port for some commodities, such as exported soybeans, corn & rice. (Wed. Sept. 7 2005)

Canadian ships headed to the U.S. Gulf Coast to deliver aid to the hurricane-devastated region might have to duck into port or head further out into the Atlantic to avoid a storm gathering strength off Florida. Fleet navigating officer on board HMCS Athabaskan said Wednesday that the convoy of vessels was assessing the situation in N. Florida, where the tropical storm Ophelia was moving slowly & erratically but carrying winds of 80 km/h. Ophelia, the 15th named storm of the season, was centred 135km east-northeast of Cape Canaveral midday Sept. 7. (Wed. Sept. 7 2005)

Historic Gesture>>As laden with humanitarian aid for the victims of Hurricane Katrina, a Mexican military unit planned to cross into U.S. territory today for the first time in more than 150 years. Carrying nearly 200 unarmed soldiers, doctors, nurses & engineers, the convoy of dozens of trucks was to enter Texas at Laredo Sept. 7, with mobile kitchens, water treatment plants, bottled water, blankets & canned food for people displaced by Katrina. Officials at the Mexican Consulate in Houston said the convoy was headed toward San Antonio. "We are sending the help wherever the U.S. authorities request us to," said Carlos Gonzalez, Mexico's Consul General in Houston. The soldiers' arrival in Texas will mark 1st time that the Mexican military has entered U.S. territory since 1846, when troops briefly crossed into Texas early in the Mexican-American War &emdash; the 1848 treaty ended conflict. Welcome friends! (Wed. Sept. 7 2005)

Oakland's Crowley Maritime Corp.<< Webfeature, with its shipping service at the Port of Gulfport in Mississippi disrupted because of damage from Hurricane Katrina, has shifted operations to Port Everglades at Fort Lauderdale, Fla. (Wed. Sept. 7 2005)

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Post Katrina Satellite Survey of Gulf Port, MS - devastation is seen, but some were spared baed on distance from the coast - contributed by Hilde Krause of Roanoke Trade Insurance.<< Webfeature. (Tues. Sept. 6 2005)

Port of New Orleans has been reopened on a limited basis. One official says riverfront terminals survived in fairly decent shape & are still workable. However, they need electricity & manpower. Senior staff members at the Port have established a headquarters in the Administrative Office Building & other members are working from remote locations. The U.S. Dept. of Transportation Maritime Administration is working to use generators to supply the electricity & will provide ships to house port workers. Another challenge is a shortage of diesel fuel. The Port has asked the Dept. of Homeland Security to procure fuel from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The 1st priority of the Port will be handling 9 government ships carrying relief cargo. (Tues. Sept. 6 2005)

Facts about the Port of New Orleans:

_About 6,000 seagoing vessels pass through the Port of New Orleans annually.

_The port handled 31.4 million tons of cargo in 2004, up 5% from 2003, with imports accounting for 72% of the traffic.

_It's the largest tonnage port in the U.S., handling nearly 200 million tons of commodities annually, including import petroleum products & export grain.

_Hurricane Katrina interrupted farm shipments through New Orleans, where more than half of the nation's grain exports depart for overseas.

_Freight railroads with lines through the New Orleans area damaged by Katrina were detoured as far north as Chicago.

_New Orleans currently ranks 3rd among Gulf Coast cruise ports with 26% of market share. (Tues. Sept. 6 2005)

Traffic Less Interrupted On The Mississippi River By Hurricane Katrina>> as ships began returning to normal this week, despite stranded & missing barges and submerged obstructions in the Gulf of Mexico. "The river is OK." said Army Corps of Engineers spokesman John Hall. Nonetheless, the Mississippi River near New Orleans was open in daylight hours only & restricted to vessels with hulls that extended no deeper than 39 feet beneath the surface. Ocean-going ships that draw 45 feet of water typically ply these waters. (Tues. Sept. 6 2005)

U.S. Cruise Ship Relief Plan ON Hold --as plan to move thousands of Hurricane Katrina evacuees from the Astrodome to cruise ships was put on hold Sept. 6, after many of them objected, some because they were terrified by the thought of living on the water. "I can't live over water. I can't swim," said Donna Smith, 24. "I wouldn't want to see no more water. I saw enough already." Others said they wanted to stay at the Astrodome so that they could concentrate on finding lost loved ones, according to the U.S. Coast Guard. And some simply wanted a little stability after so much turmoil. Carnival Cruise Lines had provided 3 ships to the federal government the M/V Ecstasy, M/V Sensation & M/V Holiday for 6months to be used as shelters for up to 7,000 hurricane refugees. We feel for these people, but we would rather have the private cabin, TV, private shower, ship board meals & air condonditioning. (Tues. Sept. 6 2005)

U.S. Navy Relief - with many of these units on scene or on route to scene from 1st day - you just don't read about them. We are slow to report, not them to respond.

U.S. Navy evacuates medical cases. (Tues. Sept. 6 2005)

U.S. Navy Sea Bee Force Joins Relief (Tues. Sept. 6 2005)

U.S. Navy Shipards join relief (Tues. Sept. 6 2005)

Joint Task Force Katrina - many of these ship have been serving for days now.

USS Harry Truman (CVN 75)<<Webfeature, flagship prepares to deliver fresh water to Gulf. FULL STORY

U.S. Naval Air Station Pensacola<<Webfeature. FULL STORY(Tues. Sept. 6 2005)

U.S. Naval Air Station New Orleans <<Webfeature. (Tues. Sept. 6 2005)

U.S. Navy hospital ship USNS Comfort (T-AH 20)<<Webfeature, arriving in the Gulf. FULL STORY (Tues. Sept. 6 2005)

U.S. Navy amphibious assault vessel USS Iwo Jima (LHD 7))<<Webfeature, arrives to conduct hurricane relief. FULL STORY (Tues. Sept. 6 2005)

U.S. Navy amphibious dock landing ship USS Tortuga (LSD 46)<<Webfeature, based out of Little Creek, Va., has been conducting search & rescue (SAR) operations in support of Hurricane Katrina disaster relief efforts. FULL STORY (Tues. Sept. 6 2005)

PHOTO FEATURE>> U.S. Navy Sailors help a New Orleans citizen up through open well deck aboard dock landing ship USS Tortuga (LSD 46). Tortuga is transporting Hurricane Katrina victims to ship where they are given hot meals, showers & beds to sleep in.

USS Bataan (LHD5)<< Webfeature, continues Katrin resue effort. FULL STORY (Tues. Sept. 6 2005)

Huge U.S. Navy LCAC Vessels<<Webfeature, Support Gulf Relief -- as supported by local merchants' donations, Naval Surface Warfare Center Panama City (NSWC PC)<<Webfeature, rallied personnel Aug. 31 to load Landing Craft, Air Cushion, (LCAC) with food & fresh water for transport to residents devastated by Hurricane Katrina. Currently, 3 LCACs from NSWC PC are participating in relief effort. They are being crewed by NSWC PC civilian Navy personnel &by Navy personnel from Assault Craft Unit (ACU) 4 from Little Creek Naval Amphibious Base, Norfolk, Va<<Webfeature.(Tues. Sept. 6 2005)

Oil Coming Back >> Half of the Gulf Coast refineries damaged by Hurricane Katrina begin to ramp up production this week. Industry experts have this message: be patient. "What you've got are a whole series of requirements & processes and that takes days, if not weeks," said John Felmy, said the American Petroleum Institute<< Webfeature. The going is also slow for the restoration of offshore oil & gas production. Almost 70% of normal oil production & half of the natural gas output remains shut down, according to the U.S. Minerals Management Service<< Webfeature, which said activity is slowly recovering. (Mon. Sept. 5 2005)

Status of Primary Waterways Sept. 5 &endash;

Lower Mississippi River &endash; Open to ship, tug & barge traffic with the following restrictions: a safety zone is in place from Southwest Pass to mile marker 235 preventing vessels with a draft greater than 35 feet from transiting the river. Transits are allowed during daylight only, & one-way traffic is required in 3 areas.

Gulf Intercoastal Waterway &endash; The Gulf Intercoastal Waterway west of Harvey Lock is open. The Harvey Lock east to mile marker 60 remains closed. (Mon. Sept. 5 2005)

98mt. Australian Defence Force high-speed M/V Incat<< Webfeature, helping in Hurricane Katrina relief effort off coast of U.S . State of Louisiana -- operating with the USS Bataan (LHD5)<< Webfeature, with helicopters from both ships flying medical evacuation, and search & rescue missions. (Sun. Sept. 4 2005)

U.S. Navy Task Force continues steaming from Norfolk Navy Station<< Webfeature to New Orleans for relief.

Naval Station Norforlk Information Page For Hurricane Katrina. (Sat. Sept. 3 2005)

Ghost Ship - photo feature (Sat. Sept. 3 2005)

U.S. government has chartered 3 luxury cruise liners -- M/V Ecstasy, M/V Sensation & M/V Holiday -- for the next 6 months to provide temporary housing for victims of Hurricane Katrina, from Carnival Cruise Lines. M/V Ecstasy & M/V Sensation, have a maximum capacity of 2,606 each & will be based in Galveston, Texas, while the 3rd vessel M/V Holiday, has a maximum capacity of 1,800 -- likely to be docked in Mobile, Alabama. The company said people who had trips canceled on the three ships could receive a full refund or book a trip on another cruise ship. Some future travelers being switched to another vessel. Carnival crews will operate the ships which will be at the disposal of the U.S. Military Sealift Command. (Sat. Sept. 3 2005)

STATUS UPDATE>> Lower Mississippi River has been reopened to deep draft vessels with a 35-foot draft maximum for one way daylight traffic only.

Port of Mobile is reopened to barge traffic only.

Port of Pascagoula, Miss., is reopened to vessels with 12-foot draft maximum.

Port of Pensacola, Fla., and Destin/Panama City, Fla., are reopened to vessels with a 31-foot draft maximum.

Only the Port of Gulfport, Miss., remains closed to all traffic.

U.S. Coast Guard assests on scene -- 29 Coast Guard cutters, 52 aircraft, 2,200 personnel, 500 recalled reservists and numerous aids to navigation teams & incident management teams. U.S. Coast Guard air operations rescued 1,245 people & conducted 385 sorties Sept. 2, bring the total of lives saved by boat & air to more than 9,500 people since Aug. 29.(Sat. Sept. 3 2005)

Oil Rig & Platform Evacuation Statistics For Gulf Crisis (Fri. Sept. 2 2005)

Minerals Management Serviece (oil production platforms)
Emergency Information Page

U.S. Coast Guard (District 8) UPDATE>> More than 4,000 people have been rescued as of Sept. 2, from rooftops, flooded neighborhoods & hospitals throughout the Gulf Coast region since rescue operations began Aug. 29, and joint-agency rescue operations are continuing day & night. The Coast Guard is placing a priority of evacuating patients from hospitals & is working with the Federal Emergency Management Agency to deliver food & water to stranded survivors. More than 23,000 pounds of water have been delivered thus far. Coast Guard assets & personnel from all over the country have been deployed to the area. Many were in place before the storm hit, and more are on their way. 48 aircraft from 9 air stations are on scene conducting search, rescue & humanitarian assistance operations. 270-foot Coast Guard Cutter USCGC Spencer<< Webfeature. arrived in the New Orleans area last night to provide communications and logistical support to Coast Guard rescue personnel -- 24 other cutters are operating in the Gulf of Mexico, with 8 more en route. Waterway surveys continue.

Port of Destin/Panama City now open to vessels with a 34-foot draft or less The status of all other ports & waterways has not changed. Port of Mobile is open to barge traffic only.  Surveys of the Mississippi River are continuing.

Port of New Orleans -- 90 vessels waiting to enter. U.S. Coast Guard Sector New Orleans establishing a task force to work with maritime industry and the New Orleans Port Authority<< Webfeature, to prioritize how those vessels will be allowed into port once the river reopens.

Louisiana Offshore Oil Port offloaded oil Sept.1, night for the 1st time since the hurricane; 4 more vessels are there waiting to offload.

Special Report On Oil & Natural Gas Impact From Hurricane Katrina<< Webfeature. (Fri. Sept. 2 2005)

World Response To Hurricane Katrina >> In an accelerating drive, more than 50 countries have pledged money or other aid to help Americans recover from Hurricane Katrina. The pledges blur political lines. Cuba & Venezuela have offered help despite differences with Washington. Oil giant Saudi Arabia & tiny countries like Dominica are among nations making pledges. If so, one wonders why OPEC countries would not drop oil prices by at leat 20% on US$70 per barrel oil -- which costs them US$4 in production cost. Australia announced a donation of US$8M ($A10 million) to the American Red Cross. "The United States is so often at the forefront of Int'l aid efforts to help less fortunate nations," Foreign Minister Alexander Downer said. France, "determined to show its solidarity with the United States," offered a range of aircraft & 2 ships, with helicopters & planes capable of airlifting tons of supplies, a disaster unit with 20 soldiers, a civil defence detachment of 35 people and an airborne emergency unit, the French Embassy said. Canada is loading 3 warships and a Coast Guard vessel in Halifax with emergency supplies & food and will dispatch them Sept. 6, to Louisiana. Japan will contribute US$200,000 ($A262,777) to the American Red Cross for its relief operations. Upon request, Japan is prepared to provide up to US$300,000 ($A394,166) worth of tents, blankets, power generators, portable water tanks & other equipment. By Sept. 2, offers had been received from Russia, Japan, Canada, France, Honduras, Germany, Venezuela, Jamaica, Australia, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Greece, Hungary, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Mexico, China, South Korea, Israel, the United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, Guatemala, Paraguay, Belgium, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Italy, Guyana, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Austria, Lithuania, Spain, Dominica, Norway, Cuba, Bahamas, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ecuador, Iceland, India, Jordan, Luxembourg, the Philippines, Portugal, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand & Turkey. America Thanks Her Friends. (Fri. Sept. 2 2005)

Three Canadian warships & a Canadian Coast Guard vessel are being packed with relief supplies -- will head toward Louisiana to aid hurricane relief efforts there with 1,000 personnel from Halifax on Sept. 6, and arrive in the Gulf area 4days later. Operation Union will provide humanitarian aid, along with divers & engineering expertise for reconstruction -- along with 3 Sea King helicopters to ferry personnel into devastated areas. Canadian Coast Guard ship HMCS Sir William Alexander will sail along with the Canadian Navy vessels, HMCS Athabaskan<< Webfeature, HMCS Ville De Quebec<< Webfeature, & HMCS Toronto<< Webfeature. Thanks Canada! (Fri. Sept. 2 2005)

At least 20 oil rigs & platforms are missing in Gulf of Mexico & a ruptured gas pipeline is on fire after Hurricane Katrina tore through the region. "We have confirmed at least 20 rigs or platforms missing, either sunk or adrift, & one confirmed fire where a rig was," U.S. Coast Guard at Louisiana said. Over 91% of normal daily crude oil production in the Gulf -- 1.5 million barrels -- is now shut down, & more than 83% of natural gas production. Many are lost at sea. In response, the U.S. government prepared Wednesday to open its emergency oil reserves for the first time in a year to keep supplies running to those refineries still operating. The United States keeps 700 million barrels of oil stored in four underground salt caverns on the Texas and Louisiana coasts to cushion oil markets during supply disruptions. The Strategic Petroleum Reserve<< Webfeature., which was created during the 1970s oil shocks, was last used after Hurricane Ivan in September 2004, when five million barrels of crude oil were released. (Fri. Sept. 2 2005)

U.S. federal government has asked whether cruise ships could be used as emergency shelters or help Hurricane Katrina relief efforts in some way -- Carnival Cruise Lines -- world's largest cruise line -- said that although "to undertake such an endeavor would involve many complicated issues, we are actively taking a look at it." (Thurs. Sept. 1 2005)

Hurricane Katrina damaged or displaced an estimated 58 Gulf of Mexico oil platforms & drilling rigs, the American Petroleum Institute<< Webfeature, said., Among those, 30 rigs & platforms have been reported lost. One of the more significant reported losses is from Houston-based Apache Corp. Apache said it lost 8 platforms that produce 7,158 barrels of oil & 12.1 million cubic feet of natural gas per day. That's about 10% of the lost oil production & 2% of the shut-in gas reported earlier this week Earlier, Diamond Offshore Drilling Inc's Ocean Warwick was found about 100km from its original position near Dauphin Island off coast of Alabama. Diamond also had another rig, Ocean Voyager, break from moorings, but tug boats bringing it to shipyards for further assessment. (Thurs. Sept. 1 2005)

Shipments of grain & other commodities have languished on barges on the Mississippi River since Aug. 27, unable to pass through the New Orleans ports closed by Hurricane Katrina. It remained unclear on Sept. 1, when the ports will reopen for business, raising questions about what will happen with this year's upcoming corn & soybean harvest. While alternative ports in Houston, Corpus Christi & Tampa say they're ready to handle incoming ships, New Orleans ports are critical to what goes out, industry experts say. New Orleans traditionally has handled more than half of country's grain exports to overseas destinations. It doesn't look like ocean freight will ship out of that area for some time. A world food crisis may result. (Thurs. Sept. 1 2005)

U.S. military will increase the National Guard force in hurricane-ravaged U.S. Gulf states to 30,000 amid growing lawlessness in New Orleans & mounting relief needs, and it dispatched an aircraft carrier to the region, officials said on Sept 1. This would bring to nearly 50,000 the number of part-time Guard & active-duty military personnel committed to the biggest domestic relief & security effort in U.S. history afte onslaught by killer Hurricane Katrina. Louisiana & Mississippi were hardest hit. (Thurs. Sept. 1 2005)

U.S. Navy is sending 4 ships carrying water & other supplies to aid victims of Hurricane Katrina, while medical disaster teams & Red Cross workers from across the country converged on the devastated Gulf Coast region. The Red Cross, which sent in 185 emergency vehicles to provide meals, reported it had 40,000 people in 200 shelters across the area. The Federal Emergency Management Agency said medical specialists from Washington state were joining similar teams called in from Massachusetts, New Mexico, Ohio, North Carolina, Oklahoma & Florida to assist people in damaged areas. FEMA said it has 500 trucks of ice, 500 trucks of water and 350 trucks of military meals ready to eat scheduled for distribution in the next 10 days. Four Navy amphibious ships were to leave Norfolk, Va., for deployment on the Gulf Coast. Pensacola U.S. Naval Air Station in Florida will be a base for relief effort. (Thurs. Sept. 1 2005)

Maritime Law Assn. of The U.S. Emergency Message Board (Wed. Aug. 31 2005)

RIG UPDATE>>At least 20 oil rigs & platforms are missing in the Gulf of Mexico & a ruptured gas pipeline is on fire after Hurricane Katrina tore through the region, a U.S. Coast Guard official said Aug. 31. "We have confirmed at least 20 rigs or platforms missing, either sunk or adrift, & 1 confirmed fire where a rig was," said Petty Officer Robert Reed of U.S. Coast Guard. Among firms reporting missing rigs was Newfield Exploration Co., which said aerial survey of its operations in the E. Gulf showed that one of its platforms at Main Pass 138 "appears to have been lost in the storm". Noble Corp. said its semi-submersible rig Noble Jim Thompson, which was contracted to a unit of Anglo-Dutch giant Shell, had broken loose & was 27km adrift of its normal Gulf location. Shell's giant Mars platform was said by analysts to have suffered "extensive damage". "Some of our facilities have been damaged & production is halted while we begin assessments & run checks," Shell CEO Jeroen van der Veer said. (Wed. Aug. 31 2005)

Houston port officials bracing to handle an upswing in cargo as result of shutdown of ports in Louisiana & Mississippi. For example, cargo M/V Indotrans Flores, originally bound for New Orleans & Port of Pascagoula in Mississippi, now scheduled to be unloaded at the Port of Houston Aug. 31, with 3,000 tons of rubber & 2,000 cubic meters of timber destined for delivery in Oklahoma. Houston Port officials noted that variety of cargo shipments originally bound for New Orleans, Mobile, Gulfport and Pascagoula are being redirected to other ports. Houston Port Authority already received additional cargo from ships that were coming to its Barbours Cut Container Terminal but were also planning to unload some cargo at New Orleans. Port officials notified by a few carriers of plan to unload additional cargo at Barbours Cut<< Webfeature.. (Wed. Aug. 31 2005)

13,000-ton exploratory oil platform PSS Chemul, owned by Mexican state oil company PEMEX, had been dry-docked atop a leased barge at Bender Shipbuilding & Repair Co. when it broke free Aug. 29, 11 a.m. Hurricane Katrina storm surge was so strong that it pushed platform a mile or more up Mobile River, against current -- crashing into one of Alabama's largest bridges, a key route for hazardous waste shipments along Gulf Coast -- closed for much of Aug. 30. Two lanes of the Cochrane-Africatown USA Bridge reopened Aug. 30 night after engineers determined bridge safe. Alabama's only cable-stayed span, it is the route used for hazardous material to bypass the Wallace Tunnel on Interstate 10 in downtown Mobile. (Tues. 30 Aug. 2005)

USS ALABAMA Battleship Memorial Park<< Webfeature, has suffered immense damage from Hurricane Katrina as the killer storm ripped through the Central Gulf Coast area August 29, 2005. A storm surge of at least 10 feet coupled with triple digit winds has dealt the Park a crippling blow. Unofficial surge is the largest ever recorded in Mobile Bay. Initial damage assessments show Battleship ALABAMA (BB-60) has shifted position & listing some 5+/- degrees to portside or landside -- aft concrete gangway leading up to the ship has been critically damaged. The Aircraft Pavilion has significant damage to all sides & may be complete loss. Many aircraft & displays inside the Pavilion severely damaged. Submarine USS DRUM (SS-228) has apparently suffered little, if any, damage. (Tues. 30 Aug. 2005)

Hurricane Katrina Survivor Database<< Webfeature. (Tues. 30 Aug. 2005)

SPECIAL>>> Hurricane Katrina's crippling impact on the transport sector is being felt along most of the U.S. Gulf Coast and far inland, with the nation's biggest & world's 5th biggest port by volume (not by container, where the Long Beach/ Los Angeles Complex is #1) shut to commerce until further notice. U.S. Coast Guard ordered all ports shut from Morgan City, Louisiana, to Pensacola, Florida ahead of the storm, which battered the coast with 140-mph winds as it roared ashore early Aug. 29, just E. of New Orleans<< Webfeature. City of New Orleans -- Martial Law Declared. New Orleans Visitors Bureau<< Webfeature, with updated news.

City of New Orleans<< Webfeature, official city site. Hurricane Katrina Official City of New Orleans Site<< Webfeature.

The stakes are huge. About 6,000 sea-going vessels pass through the Port of New Orleans<< Webfeature, annually, loaded with bulk cargoo & manufactured good destined for ports & rail hubs along the 14,500 miles of inland waterways that serve the South &Midwest. The Port of New Orleans alone handled 31.4 million tons of cargo in 2004, up 5% from 2003, with imports accounting for 72% of the traffic. Early reports indicate storm & flood damage from Katrina may be less than 1st feared. The worst case scenario has been avoided. New Orleans can be used as a base for damage assessment. Had the city been severely flooded, that would not have been an option-- although the levee systems are starting to fail. That's the good news.

The bad news is that 1 million to 1.5 million barrels per day of refinery capacity is off line, the driving factor behind the latest surge in oil & gasoline prices. Another big concern for the markets is the Louisiana Offshore Oil Port<< Webfeature, or LOOP, which has been shut for almost 2 days. About a million barrels a day, or 11%, of U.S. crude oil imports pass through the LOOP, the nation's only deepwater tanker terminal.

Fears of silt clogging ship channel The status of the outermost ship channel leading through the delta into the Mississippi is another cause for traders to worry. If blocked by heavy silting from the storm, it could prove a major blow to the nation's economy. The entrance to the channel has never been hit before by the full force of a Category 5 hurricane<< Webfeature.

A 2-day closure would be a best-case scenario. If we're in a worst-case scenario, we've got several weeks of not being able to move ships on the river. And this is just as the grain harvest is getting underway. Heavy silting, typical in flood conditions, could clog the channel, forcing engineers to dredge a new one, a massive undertaking that could take up to 2 months. Such a closure would effectively cut off bulk import & export markets from just east of the Rockies to west of the Appalachians, driving up the cost of the storm that many economists already are predicting will cost the overall economy US$30Bn. Crops with the greatest exposure are corn, soybeans & cotton, most of it bound for Europe & Asia. The U.S. is the world's biggest exporter of agricultural items by both volume and value. Any interruption to these exports, used extensively in feed, could have a big impact on global food costs. (Tues. 30 Aug. 2005)

Official U.S. Coast Guard Management Site For Hurricane Katrina<< Webfeature.. (Mon. Aug. 29 2005)

We recommend you log on to -- Hurricane City<< Webfeature. - for weather, live radio & live cams from affected areas.

See our own Freight Detective Meteorologist<< Webfeature, for the best hurricane & reated weather links links.

U.S. Coast Guard ordered all ports shut from Morgan City, Louisiana, to Pensacola, Florida ahead of Hurricane Katrina, which battered the coast with 140-mph winds as it roared ashore early Aug. 29, just east of New Orleans. Word of damage to 25% of U.S. oil supply from Gulf is awaited. (Mon.. Aug. 29 2005)

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>>INCIDENTS NOT AFFECTED BY HURRICANE KATRINA -- Aug. 29 2005 To Sept. 12 2005>>>>>>>>

September 11 Memorial

M/V Ali Alhadid in Arabian Gulf waters -- flooding in engine room & installed bilge pump inoperable -- USS Princeton (CG-59)<< Webfeature, responded to a distress call -- U.S. Navy crew worked to dewater engine room with Ali Alhadid's engineers to repair the vessel's installed bilge pump. After several hours of work in sweltering engine room, bilge pump was repaired. Sun. Sept. 11 2005)

General cargo M/V Dongjin Phoenix, suffered fire in No 1 hold in lat 34 40N, long 130 02E, at 1400, Sep 4. tug M/V Koyo Maru dispatched to assist but unable to take vessel in tow due to high seas. M/V Dongjin Phoenix subsequently grounded in the Shughenjima shallows, near Goto Islands<< Webfeature. No injuries & no oil spill has been observed acording to Lloyd's Agents.(Fri. Sept. 9 2005)

20,083gt. Cyprus bulk M/V Kyraikos M (built 1976), with 34,000 tons rice, -- grounded near buoy no.5 in port of Umm Qasr in Iraq on Sept, 7. Refloated early Sept. 8 & presently anchored, awaiting berth to discharge her cargo. (Fri. Sept. 9 2005)

76-meter Cambodian-flagged vessel F/V Taruman, boarded on Sept. 6 & being escorted to Hobart by the Austalian armed government patrol vessel M/V Oceanic Viking<< Webfeature -- vessel apprehended 12,000km S. of Hobart after an investigation involving New Zealand -- suspected illegal fishing in Australia's Macquarie Island Exclusion Economic Zone. (Fri. Sept. 9 2005)


02. Sept.2005 at 0200 UTC in position 06:05N - 003:24E, off Lagos, Nigeria -- 4 pirates in wooden boat armed with long knives boarded container ship drifting 19 nm off Lagos. Alarm raised, crew mustered & robbers escaped. (Fri. Sept. 9 2005)

UK F/V Blue Sonata -- taking in water and required urgent assistance -- vessel capsized & sank. UK Portland Coastguard scrambled Coastguard Rescue Helicopter Whiskey Bravo & Weymouth RNLI inshore and all weather lifeboats to the scene. Survivors reported 3rd member of crew missing, having last been seen going into cock pit to retrieve life jackets seconds before vessel sank. (Fri. Sept. 9 2005)

31 Aug. 2005 at 0130 LT in position 15:01N - 041:53E, about 150 miles NW of Bab El Mandeb TSS, Southern Red Sea. Pirates in a boat attempted to board a bulk carrier underway from stbd side. Master took evasive maneuvers; crew mustered, directed search lights & activated fire hoses. Pirates then tried to board from stern but aborted attempt at 0215 LT. (Fri. Sept. 9 2005)

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UK registered F/V Intrepid, with 2 crew --rescued by UK Wick lifeboat minutes before vessel exploded in a ball of fire on Sept. 9 & sank in flames off Caithness coast. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Fri. Sept. 9 2005)

20,083gt. Cyprus flagged M/V Kyriakos M (built 1976) with 34,000 tons rice -- ran aground at buoy No.5, Umm Qasr, Sep 6. Salvage services awarded under Lloyd's Open Form<< Webfeature to Tsavliris Salvage<< Webfeature,. (Thurs. Sept. 8 2005)

40-ft. Bronze age replica S/V Majan<< Webfeature, with 8 crew -- sank, 6 miles off Sur coast, almost 11 hours after it was flagged off from Sur -- although vessel, a reed boat modeled on vessels that plied the seas more than 4 millennia ago, developed a leakage, it was only when the water came up to the upper deck that the crew got off the vessel -- all crew safe. (Thurs. Sept. 8 2005)

10m F/V Blue Sonata -- taking in water & then lost contact off Lulworth, Dorset -- capsized & sank before rescuers UK Portland Coastguard winched a 30-year-old man and a 37-year-old woman to safety -- believed the 51-year-old skipper, of Weymouth, was trapped on the deck as it sank. The coroner has been informed. (Thurs. Sept. 8 2005)

Russian cargo Progress M-54<< Webfeature, blasted off Sept. 8, from the Baikonur Cosmodrome<< Webfeature, in steppes of Kazakhstan carrying supplies for the Int'l Space Station -- with 2.8 tons of fuel, food, water & technical supplies. Cargo also included replacement cartridge for station's oxygen generator. (Thurs. Sept. 8 2005)

56,738gt. Italy flagged ro/ro M/V Grande Amburgo (built 2003) Hamburg for Antwerp, grounded in River Scheldt, near buoy 47 in Sept, 2 -- refloated 2130 with help from 4 tugs -- arrived Antwerp Sep 3. (Thurs. Sept. 8 2005)

3,098gt. South Korean flagged M/V Dongjin Phoenix (bulit 1985) with general cargo & 15 crew -- suffered fire in hold in Sea of Japan -- 34 16 N 129 49 E Sep 4 2005 -- abandoned about Sept. 6 -- salvage operations more difficult by appraoch of a typhoon, which is already generating heavy seas -- last report is fire continues to burn & all crew rescued without injury. (Thurs. Sept. 8 2005) -- UPDATE>> M/V NYK Prestige, on route to Busan, rescued 14 Korean seamen from general cargo M/V Dongjin Phoenix, on fire and sinking. M/V NYK Prestige, under the command of Captain Bernd Jantzen, sailing under time charter with NYK, Japan, from Osaka to Busan, when at 1440 hrs, Sep 4, a mayday message on VHF was received from M/V Dongjin Phoenix, stating: "Distress, vessel on fire" and shortly after: "Vessel slowly sinking". The distance between the vessels was 6 nautical miles & the distance to Busan was about 50 nautical miles. Winds were force 7 (near gale) and there was a high swell. Captain Jantzen communicated with the Korean Captain Kim Yeion Keun, and was advised that the crew of M/V Dongjin Phoenix were to abandon their sinking vessel into lifeboats & liferafts. M/V NYK Prestige diverted to towards position of the distress. Upon arrival at the scene, a rescue was effected. In just 1 hour & 42 minutes after receiving the 1st mayday message the 14 Korean seamen from the lifeboat and rafts were safely onboard M/V NYK Prestige. However, 1 Korean seaman missing. (Fri. Sept. 9 2005)

Scott Oil Platform, 117 miles NE of Aberdeen -- evacuated 140 oil workers -- airlifted following a suspected gas leak -- Nexen Petroleum UK Ltd, said no injuries & there had been no fire or explosion as result of incident. (Tues. Sept. 6 2005)

P&O Cruises cruise 240mt. M/V Pacific Sky -- aground on the Isle of Pines<< Webfeature, at 1330hrs Sept. 5., S. of Noumea , Tahiti -- refloated at 0900, Sept. 6, with the help of 2 tugs from Noumea.(Tues. Sept. 6 2005)

Famous emergency tug M/V Anglian Sovereign ran aground on Sept. 3, evening & 200 tons of fuel leaked into water at Oxna<< Webfeature-- 13-man crew sent mayday & UKcoastguard rescue helicopter from Sumburgh airlifted them to safety -- Capt. later managed to refloat vessel and get into Scalloway Harbor -- skipper of tug breathalyzed & arrested following incident. Fish farmers in area stopped feeding their stock & suspended harvesting until water samples have been taken. From our Correspondent A.L. Griffiths (Tues. Sept. 6 2005)

200 Somalis & Ethiopians, including children, left Somalia's semiautonomous Puntland region in 2 boats Aug. 31 for Saudi Arabia -- 18 smugglers &emdash; armed with guns, daggers & clubs -- appeared to be trying to avoid detection when they forced passengers into the Red Sea while the vessels were 10 miles from the Yemeni coastline -- leaving at least 57 dead &100 missing. (Mon. Sept. 5 2005)

Taiwanese-registered F/V Chung Yi 218, F/V Cheng Ching Feng & F/V Hsin Lien Feng 36, with dozens of seamen -- seized separately last month & by Somali pirates have demanded a ransom of US$1.5m for the vessels & hostages. Philippine foreign office identified those holding Filipinos as rebel "Marehan soldiers" who boarded Taiwanese vessels at Somali port of Kismayu<< Webfeature. The other crewmen also being held were Indonesians, Vietnamese & Chinese. (Mon. Sept. 5 2005)

Chinese F/V exploded & sank on the East China Sea on Sept. 5, morning -- 14 fishermen, including 1 seriously burned, jumped into sea -- 10 minutes later, fishing vessel from Taiwan passed through area by chance -- found the 14 victims & rescued them. (Mon. Sept. 5 2005)

USS Philadelphia (SSN 690)<< Webfeature, traveling on the surface of Persian Gulf -- in collision with -- Turkish-flagged M/V Yaso Aysen. USS Philadelphia<< Webfeature, conducting surface operations on way to Bahrain for a scheduled port visit. No injuries. (Sun. Sept. 4 2005)

Nahshul type Israeli Navy boat has sunk Sept. 4, night in Eilat's harbor after water began penetrating the boat for unknown reasons -- sank -- crew rescued with no injuries reported. Israeli Navy investigating circumstances of unusual accident. (Sun. Sept. 4 2005)

23mt. long-line F/V Devocean -- aground at Moreton Island, N. of Bulwer & off Redcliffe coast in New South Wales -- all 3 crew rescued. (Sun. Sept. 4 2005)

224ft. U.S. government research M/V Hi'ialakai returning to Honolulu for repair, cutting short a 35-day voyage to NW Hawaiian Islands -- suffered fire in main control room Sept. 1. (Sun. Sept. 4 2005)

UK Coastguard Emergency Towing vessel M/V Anglian Sovereign ran aground on the Island of Oxna<< Webfeature, 10 miles W. of Scalloway -- vessel is currently surrounded by booms in Scalloway Harbor & mechanical equipment deployed to deal with pollution. (Sun. Sept. 4 2005)

240-meter P&O Cruises Australia M/V Pacific Sky, departed Brisbane on 9 night South Pacific cruise with 1,289 passengers & 615 crew -- aground onto sand at Isle of Pines<< Webfeature, in S. of New Caledonia on Sept. 4 -- refloated -- no damage. (Sun. Sept. 4 2005)

South African Port of Richards Bay<< Webfeature, reopened to shipping after being closed for 24 hours following the fatal crash of the marine pilot transfer helicopter at the entrance to the harbour on Sept. 3, afternoon. Civil aviation authority accident investigators arrived at the Zululand port to start a detailed probe into the cause of the crash, which claimed the life of the helicopter's engineer. (Sat. Sept. 3 2005)


27 Aug. 2005 at 0230 LT anchored in posn 29:43.7N - 048:39,1E, buoy no. 3 and 5, Khawr Abd Allah, Iraq. Three pirates armed with machine guns & steel bar boarded a LPG tanker -- smashed bridge window & held 2/O and master at gunpoint -- fired a shot at Master missing his shoulder by 20 cm & forced him to open safe & stole cash. Robbers then threatened C/E & escaped at 0315 LT stealing ship's stores. Master reported to coalition forces who asked him for details of attack. Master advised ships not to anchor in this area during night hours. (Fri. Sept. 2 2005)

25 Aug. 2005 at 1300 LT in posn 21:36N &endash; 091:19E, Chittagong, Bangladesh. Several pirates in 2 fishing boats attempted to board general cargo ship underway. Crew raised alarm, activated fire hoses & fired 1 rocket flare. Master took evasive maneuvers and after 35 mins boats moved away. (Fri. Sept. 2 2005)

25 Aug. 2005 at 0100 LT at Chittagong anchorage, Bangladesh -- 7 pirates armed with long knives & jungle bolos approached tug underway. Three robbers boarded, stole stores & escaped. Later coast guard arrived for investigation. (Fri. Sept. 2 2005)

25 Aug. 2005 at 0225 UTC in posn 17:48.5N &endash; 077:06.5W, Rocky point anchorage, Jamaica -- 3 pirates in an unlit speedboat attempted to board bulk carrier via anchor chain. Alert duty crew raised alarm & boarding averted. (Fri. Sept. 2 2005)

25 Aug. 2005 at 0140 UTC in posn 06:18S &endash; 003:22E, off Lagos, Nigeria -- 3 pirates armed with long knives boarded tanker undergoing STS operations -- threatened duty crew, stole ship's stores & escaped in speedboat. (Fri. Sept. 2 2005)

16 Aug. 2005 off Kismayo port, Somalia. Pirates hijacked 3 deep sea fishing vessels. They are holding crew members as hostages. Further information is awaited. (Fri. Sept. 2 2005)

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670-ton Democratic People's Republic of (North) Korea cargo M/V , with 15 crew, anchored at the Dayaowan bay in Dalian, Liaoning Province in NE China -- started to set sail at 9:00 p.m. Sept. 2 -- suddenly tool starboard list -- capsized & sank within minutes -- chief engineer missed & presumed dead. (Fri. Sept. 2 2005)

Chinese 76mt cruise M/V Galaxy II -- traveling in Yangtze River on Sept. 1, from Yichang in fog -- ran aground near Chongqing. Salvage workers attempted on Sept. 2, to secure M/V Galaxy II, a 5 deck vessel originally with 163 passengers & crew on board -- 90 passengers, mostly from Germany, were evacuated in ships responding to scene after M/V Galaxy II sent signals for help. Vessel may be pulled off in Oct. 2005. (Fri. Sept. 2 2005)

23,235gt. Cyprus registerd M/T Baltic Captain I (built 2001) -- hard aground Sept. 2, off Pelican Island in Houston Ship Channel Texas. LOF signed with Titan Maritime (UK) Ltd. (Fri. Sept. 2 2005)

Royal Caribbean's cruise M/V Monarch of the Seas (built 1991), just docked at Port of Los Angesles with 2,500 passengers & 850 crew after sailing on Mexico's Pacific coast -- suffered 3 crew dead after they repaired waste pipe aboard -- overcome within 30 seconds by hydrogen sulfide in toxic sewer gas, which occurs in sewage. The broken line expelled about 5 gallons of raw sewage & unknown amount of gas in propeller shaft tunnel. Los Angeles County Fire Dept. acted with spped, but nothing to be done. No passengers injured. (Fri. Sept. 2 2005)

China evacuated nearly 790,000 people (a rare "Black Alarm") as powerful Typhoon Talim slammed into E. coast on Sept. 1, after barreling across Taiwan, where it left 2 dead & dozens injured. Talim was forecast to be the strongest storm to hit China this season & the observatory in Fujian province issued its highest-level alert, warning of potential landslides, flooding & widespread damage, Xinhua news agency said. With a radius of 250km, Talim was packing centre winds of up to 144km per hour.(Thurs. Sept. 1 2005)

224-foot U.S. government research ship M/V Hi'ialakai -- suffered fire in the main control room 3 days into voyage -- returning to Honolulu for repair, cutting short a 35-day voyage to NW Hawaiian Islands & to French Frigate Shoals. (Thurs. Sept. 1 2005)

Vessel Loss Dispatches For August 2005

September 11 Memorial

"Backhaul !" - for Aug. 2005

Damaged BP oil platform Thunder Horse>> See Our Photo Feature (Sun. July 17 2005) How will Hurricane Katrina in Aug. 2005 effect this disabled platform? UPDATE>> Thunder Horse -- largest oil platform in the world -- now under control Photo Feature (Sun. July 17 2005)

Early-morning fire raced through a Gig Harbor<< Webfeature, marina, near Seattle, Aug. 31, blowing up propane tanks, sinking the marina cover and sending as many as 50 boats to the waters below. (Wed.. 31 Aug. 2005)

2,998gt Antigua & Barbuda general cargo M/V Michelle (built 2000), in ballast with 7 crew -- in collision 100 km NW of Den Helder & began taking water -- with general cargo M/V Kiefernwald, Grimsby for Riga -- in approx 53 38.2 N 03 36.7 E , Aug 26 2005. Began taking water. All 7 crew abandoned vessel & rescued by M/V Kiefernwald. M/V Michelle sank stern 1st, lying with stern submerged & bow 10mt. out of water. M/V Kiefernwald sustained crack in her bow, but able to proceed on voyage to Cuxhaven. (Tues. 30 Aug. 2005)

Unidentified mainland Chinese fishing vessel being pursued for illegal fishing -- increased speed, suddenly turned to port & rammed Taiwanese coast guard vessel, which was slowing down for boarding check -- Taiwanese coast guard officers ordered her to stop for checking, but the order was ignored -- 35-ton patrol boat dented, but no one has been injured. (Mon.. Aug. 29 2005)

F/V Fertile II BF 740, with 5 crew -- sinking 80 miles NE of Lerwick, Shetland. Ninian Platform radio room reported Standby vessels, M/V Grampian Osprey'; M/V Highland Navigator & M/V Highland Patriot responding. In addition -- UK Coastguard helicopter Oscar Charlie' scrambled but recalled when at 14:20hrs crew of fishing vessel F/V Aquarius BF 89 reported having the 5 people rescued & F/V Fertile II had sunk at 60 41 N 001 16E. (Mon.. Aug. 29 2005)

Chinese junk cruise S/V Cheng Ho<< Webfeature (scroll way down for picture), replica of famous Imperial vessel of China's Ming Dynasty -- suffered engine room fire -- had severely smoked out compartments on the ship & visibility very low. -- all passengers evacuated immediately & no injuries in the fire, which was believed to have started just as ship was about to dock at the Clifford Pier, Singapore. It took some 20 officers of Singapore Civil Defense Force (SCDF) to bring fire under control. Cheng Ho, a great navigator of Ming Dynasty, sailed from China to many places throughout South Pacific, Persian Gulf & distant Africa in 7 epic voyages from 1405 to 1433. (Sun.. Aug. 28 2005)

Philippine steel-hulled ferry M/V Dona Ramona -- boarding passengers in Lamitan port when blast occurred near vessel's cafeteria, triggering fire -- suspected that home-made bomb had been placed alongside rows of tanks of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in the ferry's pantry -- blaze was contained within minutes, but blast damage extensive -- some 30 people injured, some with 3ed degree burns. Passengers panicked after explosion, some jumping overboard as fire raged in ferry's kitchen on the lower deck. (Sat.. Aug. 27 2005) UPDATE>> Blast was the handiwork of Abu Sayyaf bandits<< Webfeature, who were disguised as fishermen. (Sun.. Aug. 28 2005)

50-foot F/V Northern Light, with 3 crew -- capsized & sank 22 Aug. off Nantucket -- Master couldn't swim drowned after scallop boat capsized. U.S. Coast Guard said the vessel had 2 life rafts, but boat's emergency beacon failed to activate when she sank. Remaining crew clung to wreckage for 8 hours before inflatable raft from the vessel floated by Monday night. "They laid on their backs much of the time, submerged in water because the raft had a net-like bottom that allowed water in, Coastguadr said. "A tiger shark swam in the area for two hours, but never touched the raft. The two crew survived 50 hours in an open raft, enduring delirium, sharks, sunburn & hypothermia -- but the sea offered some relief when F/V Northern Light's cooler floated by -- inside, they found Coke, Gatorade, cheese, hot dogs and slices of turkey. Rescued by U.S. Coast Guard Aug. 26, 63 NM E off Nantucket . Miracle. (Fri. Aug. 26 2005)

328ft. Bahamian-flagged cargo M/V CEC Mirage (built 1991), with wood chips & machinery -- suffered fire in Elliott Bay, Washington -- notified U.S. Coast Guard of the fire in #1 hold 9 a.m. -- fire contained & extinguished by crew before U.S. Coast Guard & Seattle Fire Dept. boarded. Cause unknown. (Fri. Aug. 26 2005)

Tug pushing barges of coal on Mississippi River briefly ran aground Aug. 26, & lost control of 22 barges -- adrift Aug. 26, not far from U.S. Highway 82, which spans the river between Mississippi & SE Arkansas. U.S. Coast Guard New Orleans said law enforcement agencies called in to help corral barges before they could do any damage. The river has been lower than normal because of a drought. (Fri. Aug. 26 2005)

105-foot crab vessel, serving assalmon tender F/V Alliance,with 4 adults & 2 children, hit rock in Cape Resurrection & sank Aug. near Seward, Alaska -- all aboard had immersion suits on & boarded skiff. Within minutes, a Good Samaritan vessel picked them up -- then U.S. Coast Guard boat brought them to Seward. (Fri. Aug. 26 2005)


22 Aug. 2005 at 0245 UTC in position 06:20.7N - 003:20.3E, Lagos anchorage, Nigeri a. Two pirates boarded general cargo ship & tried to assault duty a/b. He managed to raise alarm & crew mustered. Robbers stole ship's stores & broke seals of 2 containers before escaping. (Fri. Aug. 26 2005)

21 Aug. 2005 at 1945 UTC in position 29:43.6N - 048:39.3E, Um Qasr-Khawr Abd Allah Channel, Iraq. Six pirates in 2 boats armed with machine guns & knives approached general cargo ship at anchor awaiting berthing -- 4 pirates boarded; overpowered duty A/B & went to the bridge, where they took hostage D/O and 2 crew. Robbers held further 7 crew at gunpoint & took them to master's cabin. By this time master escaped & hid inside engine room. Robbers assaulted the hostages & threatened them with guns & knives and ordered them to open the safe. As none of hostages knew safe combination they lowered the safe in their boat & escaped in 2mt. dark green speedboat at 2020 UTC.  (Fri. Aug. 26 2005)

19 Aug. 2005 at 2030 LT in position 02:37.1N - 108:57.0E, off Natuna islands, Indonesia. Pirates armed with guns in fishing boat fired upon & tug towing barge causing damage to navigation equipment & accommodation. Master cast off the barge, took evasive maneuvers & proceeded to Singapore. No injuries to crew. (Fri. Aug. 26 2005)

16 Aug. 2005 at 0200 LT in approx posn 01N &endash; 104E, Indonesia. Pirates hijacked tug towing barge. They threw crewmember overboared -- later rescued by nearby craft. He reached shore & reported the incident to naval authorities in Tg. Pinang. Tug & barge are still missing. (Fri. Aug. 26 2005)

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Turkish dry cargo M/V Ufuk 1, Turkish province of Trabzon for Russian port of Sochi, with 53 crew -- ablaze off NE Turkish province of Trabzon in Black Sea-- crew abaonded on lifeboats or with life buoys -- Turkish coast guard vessels & army helicopter dispatched for assistance, North Korean-registered ship expected to reach area 1st -- no information yet on cause or extent of the fire. (Thurs. Aug. 25 2005) Vessel continues to burn --fear of sinking. All safe. (Fri. Aug. 26 2005)

Port Everglades & Port of Miami closed to inbound ship traffic beginning at 8 p.m. Aug. 25 evening due to Hurricane Katrina. Royal Caribbean to reroute M/V Empress of the Seas, scheduled to arrive Port Everglades this morning, to Port of Tampa -- 1,600-passenger also scheduled to depart at 5 p.m. Aug. 25 on another trip. Those passengers will be bused from Port Everglades to Port of Tampa. All those involved will endure the bus ride down Alligator Alley<< Webfeature.. (Thurs. Aug. 25 2005)

197ft. vintage excursion steamboat M/V Ste. Claire<< Webfeature, (built 1910) ferrying passengers to Detroit's defunct Boblo Island amusement park returned to Detroit River waterfront Aug. 24 -- in collision with dock -- knocking out a 25-foot-long section of stainless steel railing. "The old girl came in at ramming speed," said a passenger. Dozens of luxury homes & condominiums have been built on the 272-acre Boblo Island<< Webfeature, since a Detroit-area developer purchased it in 1994. (Thurs. Aug. 25 2005)

Maltese-registered cruise M/V Lyubov Orlova, Northern Isles for Dublin with 181 passengers -- suffered ultimate maritime risk -- moronic, seasick passenger -- as alarmed female passenger became convinced M/V Lyubov Orlova & passengers were in grave danger -- due to heavy seas Aug. 24, while rounding Cape Wrath, north-westerly point on British mainland. Passenger cell phoned her sister in Italy with SOS, who in turn called coastguard in Rome. Rome Coastguard then called Aberdeen Coastguard, who were able to track down vessel using an automatic vessel identification system. UK Aberdeen Coastguard frantically contacted the Master of the M/V Lyubov Orlova by satellite phone. The Int'l maritime alert was cancelled. Position of the cell phone, after being hurled overboard, unknown. FYI>> Lyubov Orlova, who died in 1975, aged 73, was a Soviet movie star famous for her roles in musical comedies. (Thurs. Aug. 25 2005)

433-foot saltie M/V Vlieborg in collision with north pier of the Duluth Ship Canal<< Webfeature, while attempting to leave port Aug. 24 afternoon -- vessel returned to the harbors anchorage area to undergo inspection by the U.S. Coast Guard -- ship was lined up for normal departure when she suddenly veered into pier -- a light standard on canal pier also topped by the collision. (Thurs. Aug. 25 2005)

UK historic M/V Balmoral<< Webfeature, (built 1949 - capacity 750 passengers), which now runs pleasure trips -- summoned fire crews & lifeboats were called to M/V Balmoral shortly after 1600 BST to help pump out engine room, which had started to take water on 24 Aug. "Things were pretty grim when we arrived," said UK Mumbles Coastguard. "There was about 3 meters of water in the engine room at that point. "There were about 20 crew on board and our first concern was for them, so we asked all non-essential crew to come off apart from the skipper and a couple of engineers to help with the pumping operation." Once engine room drained divers assessed damage & team of marine welders were called in. In just under 2 hours, Swansea Coastguard said vessel handed the operation over to the owners, Waverley Excursions Ltd.<< Webfeature -- ship left Swansea 0500 BST on Aug. 25 & expected to arrive in Sharpness Dock for repairs. Last year, she grounded on Gower<< Webfeature, with 232 people on board, a likely source of hull damage & today's problem. From our Correspondent A.L. Griffiths (Thurs. Aug. 25 2005)

Italian car carrier M/V Grande Spagna, with 26 crew -- 15 miles north east of Hartlepool with flames on the deck -- suffered fire for Antwerp -- UK Humber Coastguard immediately broadcast mayday relay message to all shipping to which 4 fishing vessels & warship, HMS Severn, responded. Fire extinguished by crew. M/V Grande Spagna continuing on her voyage to Antwerp & all rescue units stood down. (Wed. Aug. 24 2005)

433-foot Dutch-flag S/V Vlieborg leaving Port of Duluth-Superior, in Great Lakes on Aug. 24 went off course & struck pier wall at1:30 p.m., just before it would have sailed under the Aerial Lift Bridge. The 6-year-old freighter turned around near the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center & headed back into the harbor for inspection. "We're yelling at them from the bridge to get back," a passenger said. No injuries. (Wed. Aug. 24 2005)

French F/V Cap St Jean, with 18 crew, suffered engine failure & began drifting nearly 60 miles NW of the Butt of Lewis in 60-knot winds -- all crew airlifted to safety in a Force 11 storm off Western Isles-- 2nd French trawler, F/V Mariet La Roche, now has the stricken F/V Cap Saint Jean under tow -- vessels are expected to reach Ullapool late Aug. 25 morning. . (Wed. Aug. 24 2005)

Miracle At Sea>> 50-foot scallop F/V Northern Wind departed Aug. 20 night from its homeport in Hyannis and was due back Aug. 22 night. F/V Northern Wind last seen by another fishing vessel 35 miles SE of Nantucket Aug. 22 afternoon -- vessel sank -- high-seas nightmare turned miracle when 2 of 3 fishermen missing since Aug. 22 found in life raft off Nantucket. Capt. Edward Smith remains missing. Northern Wind had full array of safety equipment, including 2 life rafts, but boat's emergency radio beacon failed to activate when she sank. (Wed. Aug. 24 2005)

Italian cruise M/V Costa Classica, with more than 2,000 passengers on 8 day cruise to Dubrovnik, Croatia, & Piraeus and the Greek islands -- suffered fire sailing off Greek island of Poros in the Saronic Gulf. Cause of fire at the stern & extent of damage not immediately known, but passengers said they saw smoke coming from one of the kitchens. M/V Costa Classica escorted back to Athens' main port of Piraeus where inspectors to assess seaworthiness. (Wed. Aug. 24 2005)

16,515gt product M/T Halifax (built 1992), with 24,000 tons diesel oil grounded at Gluckstadt on the River Elbe Aug 18. Salvage services rendered by tugs owned by Bugsier under the terms of Lloyd's Open Form 2000 & vessel refloated on Aug 19. First attempts to free vessel failed. (Wed. Aug. 24 2005)

Unidentified 5,678-ton pirated freighter -- Malaysian Commandos pursued the ship for 17 hours, S. from Port Klang, Malaysia, through Strait of Malacca, where piracy is a huge problem. The interception came after the International Maritime Bureau tipped off authorities that the Malaysian-owned ship had entered the strait. Four patrol boats with 45 marine police took part in the operation. The original crew was released in Batam, Indonesia, after hijacking in Nov. 2002. Recued ship, with new name & a new flag of convenience, sailing from India to Vietnam with soya beans. Why won't International Maritime Bureau relaese the vessel identification? (Wed. Aug. 24 2005)

Pirate Ship Reclaimed>> So called "M/V Paulijing", Khandra in India for Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam with soya bean & vinegar -- apparently renamed by pirates to "M/V Paulijing" from M/V Natris -- believed hijacked in 2002, was today "recovered" off Kukup in the Straits of Malacca by Marine Police -- also detained 20 Chinese nationals on board -- she was heading for Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam from Khandra in India. Marine Police in N. region had informed that Panama-registered M/V Natris (original name), hijacked near Batam Island in Indonesia on Nov 17, 2002, & taken away -- sighted in Malacca Strait at 9am, Aug. 22. Vessel escorted to Tanjung Piai at 4.30am. Bravo Zulu Marine Police!!!! (Tues. Aug. 23 2005)

Shanghai container M/V Kaiyue suffered engine room fire at sea near Wenzhou City of Zhejiang Province Aug. 23 morning -- 1 crew killed instantly -- 3 others seriously injured. (Tues. Aug. 23 2005)

51ft ketch Dutch S/Y Daisy, for Reykjavik with 3 crew -- subject of mammoth Int'l search & rescue mission -- signal indicating S/Y Daisy sinking was picked up 120 miles SE of Greenland. After huge multi-nation navel search -- determined that problem caused when emergewncy beacon fell overboard. All is well. (Tues. Aug. 23 2005)

Nearly 9,000 Russian & Chinese troops began mock assault on beaches of N. China on Aug. 23 for final stage of unprecedented joint war games between the two former Cold War rivals. The live-fire exercise, dubbed "Peace Mission 2005," involves about 7,000 Chinese troops & 1,800 Russians, along with state-of-the-art warships, warplanes, submarines & amphibious tanks. Operations began with a simulated naval blockade off the coast of the Shandong Peninsula in the Yellow Sea, SE of Beijing. Under fictional scenario for exercises, the forces have a U.N. mandate to stabilize a country plunged into violence by ethnic strife. Yet Chinese media have said exercises are intended to advertise China's determination to deal with regional terrorist, extremist & separatist threats - the last a likely reference to self-governing Taiwan, which China has vowed to reclaim by force if necessary. (Tues. Aug. 23 2005)

7mt. S/Y Evening Star, with 7 crew, capsized off Cardwell near tip of Hinchinbrook Island -- drowning 2 men -- Mr. Arcidiacono, the owner & skipper, died trying to swim to nearby Garden Island to raise alarm. The 5 remaining crew rescued. Cairns police continuing to investigate yacht's sinking. (Tues. Aug. 23 2005)

Olivia Newton-John's<< Webfeature, longtime boyfriend, Patrick Kim McDermott, 48, left Port of Los Angeles on June 30 on an overnight fishing trip -- last seen on fishing vessel about lunch time & his personal items found on the boat. Los Angeles Police says McDermott listed as missing. And they did not mention this in the last 2 months because........? (Mon. Aug. 22 2005)

Maltese M/V Imbat, Quebec for Italy with steel cargo lost 6 of its Turkish crew after sailors jumped into the St. Lawrence River, Champlain, Quebec Aug. 21 -- 2 other crew members vanished 2 weeks ago. Provincial Police detained 3 men and were searching for the remaining 3. Transport Canada to board the ship to determine if she can sail with a crew of only 12 men from the original 20. No explanation given for exodus of the Turkish sailors -- seeking refuge status. Authorities say problem lies within ship it self. Some indication these guys didn't want to go home! (Mon. Aug. 22 2005)

2,200gt general cargo M/V Eugenio (built 1987) -- grounded at Toliary, Madagascar, Aug 7 -- refloated Aug 18. (Mon. Aug. 22 2005) UPDATE>>M/V Eugenio sailed Tolagnaro Aug 21, in tow of tug M/V Strong Deliverer. M/V Eugenio has damage to her keel & propellers -- bound for Durban, for drydocking and repairs, ETA Aug 27. (Mon.. Aug. 29 2005)

Toronto to Rochester ferry M/V Spirit of Ontario<< Webfeature, -- pulled into Port of Toronto Aug. 21, evening -- in collision with -- the gangway at the port. Collision broke 3 window near bow, but the passengers were a little anxious. This now the 3rd mishap for M/V Spirit of Ontario. In April 2004, she suffered a gash while pulling into a New York City pier. That's when this ferry, "The Cat" first arrived to New York from Australia where the ship was built. The accident ended up delaying the launch of the ferry service. In May, while in dry dock in St. Catherines, Canada, the ferry slipped off some blocks while crews getting ready to do work on the ship to prepare it for its re-launch date. (Mon. Aug. 22 2005)

Milwaukee's high-speed M/V Lake Express -- heading east at her full speed of 34 knots (40 mph) -- diverted to rescue man whose boat capsized Aug. 21, 20 miles off Wisconsin's coastline in Lake Michigan -- nurse aboard started medical treatment as M/V Lake Express rushed him back to Milwaukee. (Mon. Aug. 22 2005)

Australian -- New South Wales long line F/V Devocean, with 3 crew -- aground on shoreline at Moreton Island<< Webfeature, near Brisbane late 20 Aug. -- after Capt. went below decks to fix mechanical problem - crew OK -- attemptsd to refloat continue. (Sun. Aug. 21 2005)

New Bedford-based 75ft. steel F/V Theresa R II, issued SOS -- taking in water 145 miles NE of Nantucket on Aug. 12 -- U.S. Coast Guard launched Falcon jet & Jayhawk helicopter from Air Station Cape Cod, but aircraft were pulled back after rescuers learned crew of F/V Theresa R II, which sank, rescued by New Bedford based 101-foot scalloper F/V Harvester. (Sat. Aug. 20 2005)

Great Lakes M/V Algonorth, with 22 crew -- suffered engine room fire affecting 3 electrical panels -- fire extingished - U.S. Coast Guard Thunder Bay responded. Gravel & Lake Services Ltd. tug M/V Robert John took vessel in tow to Keefer Terminal. (Sat. Aug. 20 2005)

USS Ashland LSD 48 << Webfeature, with 350 crew & USS Kearsarge LHD 3 << Webfeature, with 1,100 crew -- suffered 3-rocket attack with Katyusha rockets<< Webfeature, in the Jordanian port of Aqaba<< Webfeature, -- all missles missed -- but 1 missle hit a taxi cab 13 miles away in Israel -- which did not explode -- cab driver OK. Group linked to al-Qaida claimed responsibility, but why would anyone admit involvementin such failure? (Fri. Aug. 19 2005)

Unidentified ship hijacked off the coast of Somalia in latest piracy incident in Somali waters, off SE port town of Kismayo. At least 15 violent incidents occurred since mid-March compared with just 2 in 2004, the Int'l Maritime Bureau said. (Fri. Aug. 19 2005)

158,000gt cruise M/V Freedom of the Seas << Webfeature, launched today as worlds largerst cruise ship -- outranking Cunard's 151,400gt M/V Queen Mary 2. Both are longer than 41 London double decker buses parked end-to-end. She will carry 5,740 passengers & crew. M/V Freedom of the Seas floated out of shipyard run by Aker Yards in Finland -- part of 3 ship deal for Royal Caribbean Cruises, world's 2nd biggest cruise liner company. (Fri. Aug. 19 2005)


12 Aug. 2005 at 1850 UTC at Balikpapan coal terminal, Indonesia --4 pirates armed with crowbars boarded bulk carrier by climbing forward mooring ropes -- broke forward store lock & stole ship's stores & equipment. Duty A/B raised alarm & robbers fled in a white speedboat. (Fri. Aug. 19 2005)

11 Aug. 2005 between 2100 - 2359 LT at Ao Chalong bay, Phuket, Thailand. Unknown persons boarded & hijacked moored yacht. Marine police searched area without success.  Description: M/Y Switch Blade, one diesel engine, length 44 ft, hull - Ferrari red with white marking, deck-grey. Yacht subsequently found on 13.08.2005 off Koh Lanta, Thailand. (Fri. Aug. 19 2005)

10 Aug. 2005 at 0800 LT off Kutubdia Island, Bangladesh. Pirates in 5 trawlers armed with guns boarded tug towing tanker for scrap. Pirates stole stores & property from tug & tanker. Tug sent out aN SOS & coast guard vessel arrived on scene. They detained pirates & 5 trawlers & recovered stolen items. (Fri. Aug. 19 2005)

10 Aug. 2005 at 0001 LT at 00:33.1N - 117 43.7E, Tanjung Bara anchorage, Indonesia. Pirates boarded bulk carrier -- broke padlock of fore peak locker & stole ship's stores. (Fri. Aug. 19 2005)

09 Aug. 2005 at 0035 UTC in position 17:52.4N - 076:47.1W, Kingston outer anchorage, Jamaica -- 4 pirates in unlit boat tried to board a container ship. D/O raised alarm, sounded whistle & crew mustered -- robbers aborted boarding. Ship heaved up anchor & moved out of anchorage area. (Fri. Aug. 19 2005)

05 Aug. 2005 at 1220 LT Laguna Grande, Venezuela -- 3 pirates armed with machetes boarded yacht at anchor & started lowering dingy. Skipper confronted one robber who slashed him with machete. Robber jumped into water with his accomplices & started taking the dingy. Skipper pursued them but robbers repeatedly slashed him with machetes causing severe injuries. Skipper's colleague onboard contacted authorities & armed guards arrived -- took skipper ashore for hospital treatment. Subsequently, stolen dingy recovered. (Fri. Aug. 19 2005)

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Chinese M/V Zhuyang III, Tianjin for Ningbo with 15 crew and 4,000tn of coal & 30 containers -- issued SOS -- suffered Beaufort Scale 9 seas in Bohai Sea -- M/V Zhuyang III capsized -- Hebei Provincial Marine Search & Rescue Center mobilized 6 ships & 1 helicopter to save cargo ship at 8:10 a.m. -- all crew rescued at 10:18 a.m., 3 injured. Great work Hebei Provincial. NOTE: a 2nd ship from Zhejiang Provinve, Ningbao for Qingdao with sand also sank 20 minutes later -- all 19 crew rescuded. (Thurs. Aug. 18 2005)

Unidentified Ecuadorean M/V, licsenced for 15 passengers-- overloaded with 113 passengers -- illegal voyage thought bound for U.S. -- capsized & sank in rough waters 100 miles off coast of SW Colombia. Ecuadorean fishing boat found survivors on Aug. 13 -- 13 managed to escape, but 4 of them later slipped under the waves -- over 104 passengers went down with the vessel. Migrants on voyage had paid traffickers as much as US$3,000 each as down payment for trip, with promise to pay US$7,000 more upon completing journey. But the boat's "brave crew" abandoned them at sea after the engine failed. Those who promise freedom for these poor people in exchange for more than a year's income -- are just scum. Cheers to Colubian Navy for rescuing the only 9 survivors. (Wed. Aug. 17 2005) UPDATE>> Trip charge was US$10,000 -- but the 100 were locked in the hold when the vessel sank. Poor people, looking for freedom. Horror. We are just sick. (Thurs. Aug. 18 2005)

14,350gtt container M/V Norasia Taurus (bulit 2001) for Cypres, suffered fire near Damietta<< Webfeature, -- 80 to 90 containers damaged before fire suppression. Best current estimate of ship and cargo values is in the region of US$100M-US120M -- most likely cause of fire was IMDG class 5.2 goods stowed on deck. Vessel arrived Cyprus & cargo discharged. Cargo will be detained until salvage & GA security has been lodged. Packed catamaran carrying 90 tourists on day cruise caught fire & sank 500mt. off Portugal's southernmost province of Algarve, one of Europe's top tourist destinationson Aug. 15, injuring 2 people -- appears caused by an accident involving a barbecue held on board, dah. Fire extinguishers on board did not work fully, dah. (Mon. Aug. 15 2005) UPDATE>> Most likely cause of fire was IMDG class 5.2 goods stowed on deck. Vessel arrived Cyprus & cargo discharged. Cargo will be detained until salvage & GA security has been lodged. (Wed. Aug. 17 2005)

Atlantic Moving Co. 40-foot barge with a crane on board & 2 crew -- sank Aug. 12 -- 15 miles S. of Point Judith -- for Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island when it started taking on water -- crew rescued. (Mon. Aug. 15 2005)

Estonian trawler F/V Madrus, with 32 crew -- suffered fire off Newfoundland & Labrador Aug. 13, on the Flemish Cap, about 470km E. of St. John's -- blaze caused extensive damage to ship's compartments. Crew credited the quick action to halt the blaze. F/V Madrus arrived St. John's on Aug. 14 morning under Canadian Coast Guard escort. (Sun. Aug. 14 2005)

100-foot high-speed catamaran S/Y Nora Vittoria out of Boston -- slammed into 2 vessels Aug. 13 night -- victim crews dove to safety. U.S. Coast Guard investigating whether the disabled boat's location, or the stormy weather, or both, contributed to the accident. Unclear why Capt. of the catamaran, John Parker, had not spotted the smaller vessels from bridge or on radar. (Sun. Aug. 14 2005)

Greek-owned general cargo M/V Meta -- boarded by Cape Town deputy sheriff as she left Table Bay harbor because a court order had instructed him to seize its fuel in lieu of a payment on a debt owed by the charterer -- skipper decided to make run for it & refused to obey his order to return to port. Cape Town deputy sheriff Mark Withers found himself heading for Argentina -- ship slowed just long enough to allow Withers to climb down side & leap to safety aboard pursuing launch. South African Navy likely to persue. (Sat. Aug. 13 2005)

U.S. Washington based charter vessel M/V Kati aground in the surf on Clatsop Spit, Ore., near the mouth of the Columbia River -- U.S. Coast Guard rescued all 12 people aboard. (Sat. Aug. 13 2005)

U.S. Boston based ferry M/V Nora Vittoria -- struck 25-foot rescue boat while at anchor from U.S. Coast Guard Station Point Allerton in the West Gut in Hull Bay -- all 4 crew taken by U.S. Coast Guard Station Pt. Allerton to Pemberton Pier where Emergency Medical Services took them South Shore Hospital. (Sat. Aug. 13 2005)

Grand Isle Co. 96-foot offshore supply boat M/V Taylor Catherine, with 5 crew -- struck unmanned, unlit rig in Gulf of Mexico 30 miles E. of Venice -- issued mayday -- U.S. Coast Guard vessel rescued all, Aug.11. No injuries. Vessel left tied to rig. (Sat. Aug. 13 2005)

Atlantic Marine Co.<< Webfeature, barge, with telephone poles -- out of Watchill, R.I., sank 1.5 miles S. of Pt. Judith, R.I. about 12:15 p.m. -- U.S. Coast Guard crew from Station Point. Judith, RI rescued both crew, no injuries. (Sat. Aug. 13 2005)

Syrian believed linked to al-Qaeda taken before a Turkish court Aug. 11, on suspicion he was plotting to slam a speedboat packed with a ton of explosives into cruise ships carrying Israeli tourists. Police frantically searching for other suspects linked to the man, who had undergone plastic surgery, apparently to help conceal his identity. Authorities hunting for 2 squads of possible suicide bombers. The suspect, identified as Lu'ai Sakra, shouted that he had no regrets after he was led, handcuffed by police, into courthouse. "I was going to attack Israeli ships," he said. (Sat. Aug. 13 2005)

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter completed his 1st submarine dive since he left the Navy as a submarine skipper in 1953 aboard a new nuclear vessel that bears his name. The USS Jimmy Carter(SSN-23)<< Webfeature, pulled into this Navy submarine base Aug. 12, after a night of cruising below waters of Atlantic Ocean off the Georgia coast. She is the 1st submarine named after a living ex-president. Carter, 80, was a submariner during his time in the Navy after graduating from the U.S. Naval Academy<< Webfeature. He stood on the flying bridge of the submarine secured by a red harness as vessel came into the St. Mary's River & tied up to a dock at King's Bay Naval Submarine Base<< Webfeature. (Fri. Aug. 12 2005)


04 Aug. 2005 at 0600 LT in position 02:19.5N - 101:50E, 5nm off Tanjung Tuan, Malacca straits. Several pirates in unlit speedboat, length 6m, approached bulk carrier underway -- came within one cable intending to board. Crew mustered, activated fire hoses & directed searchlights. Speedboat slowed down & fled. (Fri. Aug. 12 2005)

04 Aug. 2005 at 0430 LT in position 01:41.7S - 116:38.4E, Adang bay anchorage, Indonesia -- 4 pirates in the process of boarding a bulk carrier using hooks attached to ropes. Alert crew raised alarm & robbers aborted boarding. (Fri. Aug. 12 2005)

04 Aug. 2005 at 0250 LT at no. 2 anchorage, ILO, Peru -- pirates armed with long knives boarded general cargo ship at forecastle -- stole ship's stores & escaped in fishing boat. Master called port authorities on VHF but received no response. (Fri. Aug. 12 2005)

04 Aug. 2005 at 0006 LT at Callao anchorage area no.8, Peru -- 3 pirates boarded tanker by climbing anchor chain -- broke padlocks of forward locker, stole ship's stores and escaped. Master reported to port authorities & police. (Fri. Aug. 12 2005)

03 Aug. 2005 at 1600 UTC in position 13:24N - 049:25E, Gulf of Aden. Pirates armed with guns in 2 speedboats trailed chemical tanker underway at range of 10nm. Ten mins later, they increased speed &came within 2 cables astern. Alert crew prevented boarding. Later, 3 speedboats made similar attempts to board but ship took evasive maneuvers & boarding was averted. (Fri. Aug. 12 2005)

03 Aug. 2005 at 0212 LT Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. Ten pirates in white boat attempted to board container ship underway. Crew mustered & robbers aborted attempted boarding. (Fri. Aug. 12 2005)

25 Aug. 2005 at 2100 LT at Chittagong port, Bangladesh. Pirates in small boat approached bulk carrier at berth -- stole zinc anodes welded to hull using crowbars. Crew raised alarm but robbers threw stones at them & escaped. Master called authorities & security boat arrived 10 mins later to investigate. (Fri. Aug. 12 2005)

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15 Aug. 2005 at 0400 LT at Chittagong anchorage, Bangladesh. Four pirates boarded bulk carrier coming in to anchor. One robber held watchman at knifepoint while others broke into aft locker &stole ship's stores. Alert crew raised alarm & robbers escaped. South African F/V Masakane 1, with 3 crew & snoek, capsized while returning to fishing harbor at Hermanus, Aug. 11 -- vessel rode low in water under load of fish & shipped water over the side. Then she rolled over in a swell. All crew rescued. (Fri. Aug. 12 2005)

During the SAIL 2005 event << Webfeature, in Bremerhaven a Dutch S/V Flying Dutchman collided with famous 101mt. Italian Sail Training Ship 4,146dwt. S/V Amerigo Vespucci (built 1931) -- while trying to turn around in the Kaiserhafen on Aug 10. Due to the low speed of S/V Flying Dutchman, the damage was limited. But while proceeding then the same ship forced a Bulgarian sailing ship which was following to emergency stop. Strong wind may have caused the accidents. Already one day ago the former F/V Seehund I sank (as reported below)in the North Sea while proceeding to Bremerhaven for the SAIL 2005. Five more charterships are presently unable to leave Cuxhaven port due to the bad weather. Better in the harbor than on the bottom of the sea... From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Thurs. Aug. 11 2005)

4,458gt Cyprus-registered M/V Asia Concerto -- in collision with -- 4,314-ton South Korean-registered M/V Pine Pia -- off coast of western Yamaguchi prefecture, Japan. M/V Pine Pia sank, but all 15 crew rescued. M/V Asia Concerto has 1 crew missing. Sea had been relatively calm at time. Japan Coast Guard dispatched 9 vessels & 1 helicopter to search for missing sailor between main Japanese island of Honshu & smaller island of Shikoku. (Wed. Aug. 10 2005)

Damen Shipyard -- in ocean town of Nikolayev suffered fire -- vessels under construction when fire-control system depressurized, releasing carbon dioxide into the room in which 14 people were working -- 2 persons died of asphyxia on the spot & 12 were hospitalized, including 6 who were rushed to an IT ward. Damen Shipyard specializes in production & repairs of container ships, tankers, tugs, & barges with displacement of up to 350,000 tons. (Wed. Aug. 10 2005)

2,889gt M/V Suna, caught "the wrong lane" close to Rensbrug & collided with 1,909gt Dutch M/V Mithril, Baltic for Bristol. M/V Suna drifted against berth of canal ferry M/V Nobsikrug -- afterwards missing her only by chance. Bow of the M/V Mithril damaged severely -- ship sprang a leak & moored in harbor of Rendsburg. M/V Suna proceeded to Kiel where it was arrested. Damage is estimated to be ¤250.000. No injuries. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Wed. Aug. 10 2005)

M/V Transfer -- remains aground -- atop a section of Lighthouse Reef atoll off Belize, 2 miles S. of Sandbore Caye -- crashed into the coral in Jan. 2005 -- only 1/3 of its 220ft. length sat on the reef, but when Hurricane Emily churned through the Caribbean, large accompanying waves pushed an additional 1/3 of the Transfer into shallows. No fines have been levied against the owner of vessel, identified as Ariane Shipping Co.; however officials making assessment of monetary damages to the environment -- will levy fine minimum of US$600,000 against those responsible. (Wed. Aug. 10 2005)

16,5mt former passenger M/V Seehund I, River Eider for Bremerhaven. -- sank in the North Sea on Aug 9 -- ship radioed suffered water ingress 4 miles NW of the island Trischen. The rescue vessels M/V Hermann Marwede & M/V Hans Hackmann, Custom cutter M/V Schleswig Holstein & police boat M/V Sylt headed for position. SAR-helicopter was 1st unit & rescued crew of 4 from a liferaft as M/V Seehund I sunk. No injuries. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Wed. Aug. 10 2005)

Tug M/V Brandn Roehrig, with 5 aboard in the Kill Van Kull, E. of the Bayonne Bridge at 2:45 p.m. today -- suffered fire -- U.S. Coast Guard, New York City Police Dept. & New York City Fire Dept. responded -- 3 rescue crews deployed from U.S. Coast Guard Station New York after receiving report via marine band radio. All mariners were safely taken from the vessel by the Coast Guard rescue crews.Fire onboard tug brought under control by assist tugs & FDNY crews. Tug taken to the Stapleton Homeport Pier in Staten Island From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Tues. Aug. 9 2005)

Hit & Run?>> 27,000gt Greek M/T Shinoussa, with 15,000 tons of fuel oil -- reported to UK Yarmouth Coastguard -- had been in collision with Dutch trawler F/V Jacoba Alijda -- they were confident had not sustained any damage but were standing by casualty & another fishing vessel. At first light vessel will be inspected to assess if any damage has been sustained, by personnel on board the Thames Gas Platform standby vessel M/V Putford Rover. If all is well the tanker will continue to destination Tees Port. Dutch Coastguard informed us that F/V Jacoba Alijda sunk at 04:55 a.m. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Tues. Aug. 9 2005)

Dutch trawler F/V Jacoba Alijda -- sank 48 miles NE of Bacton, (SE of Cromer) -- UK flag Dutch F/V St Antony rescued all 6 crew. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Tues. Aug. 9 2005)

Central African Republic ferry with 300 passengers, but licensed for 100 -- engines failed & sank in remote town of Ndjoukou,<< Webfeature, 60km from capital, Bangui.-- on Oubangui River which separates country from neighbouring Congo -- 13 dead -- 30 feared dead. (Mon. Aug. 8 2005)

38ft. dive boat M/V Terminator sank 20 miles S. of St. George, Fla. on Aug. 7 -- U.S. Coast Guard received signal from electronic position indicating radio beacon (EPIRB) from the dive boat -- U.S. Coast Guard launched an HU-25 Falcon jet rescue crew to scene at 3:30 a.m -- Nearby tug M/V Vigilant with crew aboard. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Mon. Aug. 8 2005)

Maltese registered bunker M/V Golden Bay, with diesel oil -- in collision -- was shifting from Flagstone Wharf to Ras Hanzir Dolphins, at Malta -- as boat moored in area sunk whilst jetty slightly damaged. (Mon. Aug. 8 2005)

8,975gt. Cyprus flag general Cargo M/V Safmarine Meroula (built 1981) suffered engine breakdown off South African coast Aug 4. Salvage services rendered to vessel by Smit Marine South Africa (Pty) Ltd under LOF 2000. Vessel towed into Saldanha Bay Aug 5. (Mon. Aug. 8 2005)

The Brits DIT IT !!!! >> As stranded Russian AS-28 (built 1989) mini-submarine resurfaced Aug. 7, with its 7 crew alive after being ensnared on the Pacific seabed for nearly 3 days at a depth of 650ft. -- ALL CREW ALIVE & WELL! British Royal Navy Super Scorpio<< Webfeature, underwater vehicle submerged to cut entanglements that had enmeshed the submarine on the seafloor. The AS-28 mini-submarine, got ensnared Aug. 4, night by an antenna anchored to a 60-ton heavy weight on seabed off Kamchatka Peninsula, was lifted to surface with all crew at 0725 Moscow time (0325 GMT). The remotely controlled Super Scorpio can cut through inch-thick steel cable & can operate at maximum depth of 5,000ft.It's going to be a nice day. (Sun. Aug. 7 2005 Early AM Pacific) UPDATE>> President Vladimir Putin phoned British Prime Minister Tony Blair overnight to thank him for the Royal Navy's help in rescuing the 7 submariners who became trapped under the Pacific Ocean Bravo Zulu!! (Mon. Aug. 8 2005) UPDATE>> Russian prosecutors said Tuesday they have opened a criminal investigation into how seven men were trapped. Capt. Valery Lepetyukha, 1 of 6 navy sailors on board, revealed that vessel had been sent to investigate underwater surveillance antenna that had been entangled in fishing nets. The 7th man was an employee with company that manufactured the AS-28. Deputy military prosecutor for Pacific Fleet, said investigators already determined that officials responsible for preparing & overseeing the sub's mission committed unspecified violations. Ah, the Russians, as an accident MUST always be criminal. Details awaited. After the sacrifice of the 7 brave crew, perhaps it is the Russian Navy which requires a rescue. (Tues. Aug. 9 2005) Capt Charged>> Russian prosecutors have opened a criminal case against a naval captain accused of negligence during the recent rescue of a mini-submarine. "During the rescue operation the captain's unprofessional actions damaged expensive equipment - the underwater Venom vehicle," the Pacific Fleet prosecutors' statement said. The mini-sub's crew had written farewell notes as they endured cold, hunger & thirst on the seabed off Kamchatka peninsula in Russia's far east. Breakdown of the Russians' Venom vehicle - similar to successful Super Scorpio robot that freed the mini-sub - cost the navy an extra US$352,000, Russian officials said. (Mon. Aug. 15 2005)

ALERT>> Russian deep-sea diving vessel is down -- bathyscaph or mini-submarine, with 7 sailors aboard snagged on unidentified object -- stuck on sea floor 625 feet below the surface, near Vladivostok, off Russia's Pacific Coast -- might be caught on a cable or fishnet -- no injuries thus far --likely enough air for the sailors to live for 4 days, because such vessels typically have oxygen supplies for 120 hours & accident occurred Aug. 4 (some doubt about this date now - but Russians hard to confirm), during a training exercise. (Fri. Aug. 5 2005) NOTE>> Today is exactly 5 years after the nuclear submarine Kursk sank to the bottom of the Barents Sea after explosions on board, killed 118 seamen in a painful & embarrassing blow to the Russian Navy. Several of those sailors survived for hours after the accident as oxygen ran out -- Russian authorities faced criticism for their slow response -- when it was at least possible that rescue forces from Norway, the UK & the U.S. might have made a difference. (Fri. Aug. 5 2005) UPDATE>> U.S. Navy dispatching 1 or 2 unmanned "Super Scorpio"<< Webfeature, submarines by air from San Diego. The Russian sub is "Priz" -- itself a rescue vessel. Priz was somewhat successful &emdash; reaching the Kursk's 9th compartment back in 2000 (Fri. Aug. 5 2005) UPDATE>> Russian recue vessel currently attempting to tow Priz to shallow water. (Fri. Aug. 5 2005) UPDATE>> U.S. & British planes carrying robotic undersea vehicles landed in Russia's far east Aug. 6 -- U.S. Navy Scorpios (aboard U.S. Air Force C-5<< Webfeature,) & their equipment to be loaded aboard a vessel & taken to stricken "mini-sub"-- AS-28 bathyscaph location. Cash-strapped Russian Navy has no rescue vehicles capable of operating at the depth & Russian rescue efforts have focused on trying to grab & drag the sub with a trawling apparatus. (Sat. Aug. 6 2005) UPDATE>> UK "Super Scorpio"<< Webfeature, now on vessel bound for site, while 2 U.S. "Super Scorpios" landed on Kamchatka Peninsula hours ago & now bound for site. Communication with crew of Priz several hours ago -- estimate 19 hours air left. (Sat. Aug. 6 2005, Noon Pacific) SEE RESCUE-- Above.

Port of Palermo, suffered plane crash in sea off the shore of Palermo -- death toll currently at 9 -- police rubber dinghy arrived at Palermo port, where passengers brought, with 3 injured people on board, including the Capt. of the ATR plane that fell into sea, appears seriously injured -- also 3 bodies on vessel. (Sat. Aug. 6 2005, PM Pacific)


29 July 2005 at 1445 LT in position 12:24N - 050:30E, off Caluula, NE coast of Somalia. Five pirates armed with guns in white speedboat fired upon bulk carrier underway. Crew mustered, activated fire hoses & fired rocket flares. Master increased speed, took evasive maneuvers & moved away from coast. Attempted boarding averted. No injuries. (Fri. Aug. 5 2005)

29 Juky 2005 at 0300 LT in position 01:27.39S - 116:45.76E at SPM terminal, Lawi-Lawi, Balikpapan, Indonesia. Pirates boarded tanker during cargo operations -- broke into 3 storerooms & stole safety equipment and property -- escaped. (Fri. Aug. 5 2005)

28 July 2005 at 0415 UTC in posn 04:08.5N - 049:49.3E, off east coast Somalia. Six pirates armed with guns in white hull speedboat fired upon bulk carrier underway. Alert crew mustered & boarding averted. (Fri. Aug. 5 2005)

26 July 2005 at 2000 LT at Georgetown port, Guyana. Five pirates armed with guns boarded container ship departing with pilot aboard. They held a crew at gunpoint & broke padlock of forward storeroom. Crewmember managed to escape & raise alarm. Robbers left empty handed. (Fri. Aug. 5 2005)

26 Juy 2005 at 1110 UTC in position 03:09N - 048:47E, 90 nm miles off east coast of Somalia. Eight pirates armed with machine guns & RPGs in 2 speedboats approached product tanker underway. One boat came within 30 meters & fired shots at tanker. Crew mustered & activated fire hoses. Master increased speed, took evasive maneuvers, increased speed & proceeded away from the coast. Boats aborted attempted boarding. Boats were white hulled with blue stripes & each boat manned by 4 persons. No injuries to crew & no damage to ship. (Fri. Aug. 5 2005)

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Greek ferry M/V Agios Efstathios (buillt 1975) (former M/V Corriere Del Nord ) -- developped serious list to port in Port of Piraeus -- ship pushed to a quay by tugs where it could be stabilized Aug. 3. Had experienced similar problem in Dec. 2001, from Riga for German port of Lubeck after cargo shifted in storm with 15-m-waves - reached Lubeck after a 40 hours battle against storm with severe damage. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Thurs. Aug. 4 2005)

Ilwaco, Washington, based charter 42ft. M/V Katie, with 12 aboard -- aground in the surf on Clatsop Spit, Ore., near mouth of Columbia River on Aug 3 -- vessel fired a distress flare to assist rescuers -- all rescued by multiple U.S. Coast Guard units & by safely hoisting all 12 people into H-60 Jayhawk helicopter from Coast Guard Air Station Astoria, in Warrenton, Oregon. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Thurs. Aug. 4 2005)

F/V Kingfisher, last seen on Jul 29 at 12:30 p.m. off tcoast of Costa Rica, with 5 aboard, including 2 U.S. Honeymooners -- U.S. Coast Guard is currently searching -- U.S. Coast Guard Cutter USCGC Morgenthau<< Webfeature, from Alameda, CA, currently searching, as is a U.S. Coast Guard C-130 airplane from Sacramento, CA, deployed to El Salvador, as is a 2nd C-130 from Sacramento, CA -- all en route to search for the missing vessel. U.S. Coast Guard received request for assistance from Costa Rica Coast Guard on Juky 30, 9 p.m. Several merchant vessels have also been diverted to area search. Search efforts continuing by the U.S. Coast Guard, search & rescue units from El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama & good Samaritan vessels and aircraft. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Thurs. Aug. 4 2005)

42ft. M/Y Majestic Stars, with 6 crew, sits atop the West breakwater in Cleveland, Ohio after she ran aground 10 p.m. on Aug. 1 -- hit the wall at a high rate of speed, coming completely out of the water. U.S. Coast Guard Station Cleveland Harbor received call 10:10 p.m. by cell phone -- arrived on scene 15 minutes later -- 5 of 6 people sustained minor injuries but refused medical treatment -- 6th person sustained head lacerations & experiencing symptoms of heart attack -- Station Cleveland Harbor transfered him to EMS. Investigation showed no alcohol involved in the incident. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Thurs. Aug. 4 2005)

1,859tn German 79mt ferry M/V Ostfriesland (built 1985), berthed in outer port of Emden -- suffered machine room fire after leakage in fuel pipe, Aug. 3 -- fire successfully tackled by crew, but fire broke out again. Emden Firefighters were alarmed & finally managed to put out the flames. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Thurs. Aug. 4 2005)

6,065gt Malta-flag cargo M/V Behice (built 1989), Hong Kong for Kandla with pipes & fluor spar in bulk -- aground off China July 29, with considerable hull damage (holed cracks structural failure) -- July 31, tug M/V Hunter reports has located general cargo Behice aground off China -- in lat 21 16.4N, long 113 13.4E, listing 30 degrees or more & drifting south-west at 1.5 knots. All 17 crew rescued. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Wed. Aug. 3 2005)

St. Petersburg, Russia -- "Day of the Fleet Celebration" Fun >>> First, a tanker hit the Troizki Bridge, damaged it & lost 1 ton of oil in the morning of July 30. While the tanker, severely damaged at the bow, was still anchoring in the center of the city -- Russian Navy Type 956 "Sovremenny Class destroyer Neukrotimy<< Webfeature, ("The Indomitable ") was hit by an exercise mine which should have been cleared after a fleet parade, but was torn off its anchor by the stream & exploded at a distance of 3 meters instead of 60 meters as scheduled -- tearing a gash of 3.5mt in length into stern of the destroyer Neukrotimy, causing 200 tons of water to flood a machine room. Attempts to cover the leak with a patch failed & thus the 28 year old ship, which should have been the flagship of the parade, had to be towed off to a repair yard. Fortunately, none of the 180 crew was hurt. One day after the parade another ship collided with the Tuschkow Bridge & damaged its superstructure. Officials announced that vodka sales during "Day of the Fleet Celebration" have hit an all time high. Both Mr. Oliver & Mr. Hardy report a cheery good time spent at "Day of the Fleet Celebration." From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Tues. Aug. 2 2005) UPDATE>> Russian sailors had planned to make a show of destroying the practice sea mine during parade -- it did. The practice mine, which still had about 30kgs of TNT in it, was supposed to create a huge splash that would spray the spectators on the embankment -- it did. The river current brought the bomb up to ship' s hull together with the anchor & it exploded, causing Russian destroyer Neukrotimy to partially submerged. The Military Prosecutor' s Office has opened criminal case under the article "Careless Handling of Potentially Dangerous Items". They said that the role & degree of responsibility of the military officials in charge of preparation & conduct of training measures near the ship would be ascertained during the investigation. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Wed. Aug. 3 2005)

58,086gt product M/T Betatank II (built 1989), India & Spain for Frederikshave with 48,000 T gas oil -- suffered engine room fire July 5, whilst transhipping cargo off Frederikshaven. The fire has been extinguished & vessel under investigation. (Tues. Aug. 2 2005)

Russian decommissioned nuclear Victor class submarine, put in service around 1967, being scrapped in northern Russia suffered fire -- 1 dead & 1 injured in the Arkhangelsk region. (Tues. Aug. 2 2005)

Long-line F/V Oryong 727 aground, loaded, on on the Roncador Reef north easterly off Solomon Islands. SvitzerWijsmuller Salvage B.V. instructed to assist on July 20 -- removed some 100 tons of bunkers, 1,000 litres of lubs and some valuables -- vessel itself could not be refloated anymore due to the fact that it had ended up high & dry on reef due to wave action. Supply tug M/V Celeste from SvitzerWijsmuller Salvage B.V.'s partners on Papua New Guinea has Aug. 1 afternoon departed from operations-site after also having taken over the casualty's 25-plus crew. Crew will be repatriated upon M/V Celeste having arrived back at her base in Rabaul. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Tues. Aug. 2 2005)

5,961dwt Indonesian bulker M/V Mahardi (built 1970), arriving from Port Klang in Malaysia & unloaded -- had broken its moorings on 30 July during a squall -- drifted 600m before hitting & grounding on a small islet in Singapore -- all 20 crew safe. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Tues. Aug. 2 2005)

131 meter general cargo M/V Behice -- heavily listing in China Sea, S. of Hong Kong, July 29 -- SvitzerWijsmuller Salvage B.V. together with partners Hong Kong Salvage & Towage responded -- crew was taken off & brought to a hospital for medical checks. Will try to assist vessel. (Tues. Aug. 2 2005)

5,186dwt general cargo M/V Express Dos (no 'domestic shipping registry receipt') -- in collision in the Philippines last week with -- 1,274dwt M/T Arowana III -- were both found to have been at fault by committing their own pre-collision violations. Maritime Police seeking to trace M/V Arowana III, after vessel left accident site without communicating with M/V Express Dos. Collision caused minor hull damage to both ships. Marina Enforcement Office has recommended issuance of 'cease and desist order' to stop the owners of Arowana III from operating vessel. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Tues. Aug. 2 2005)

Polish 18mt. S/V Smialy a vessel in Class C section of the Tall Ships Race<< Webfeature with 3 adults & 5 youths, failed to make last 4 calls en route to Norway -- missing since July 30 after leaving River Tyne -- re-established contact with organisers of the Tall Ships Race Aug. 2. All safe -- now on way to Heligoland, off Germany -- had pwer problems & off course. The Tall Ships set off from Newcastle & Gateshead quaysides on July 28 -- race ended on Aug. 1 with Norwegian vessel Christian Radich taking 1st place in Class A as well as overall. From our Correspondent A.L. Griffiths (Tues. Aug. 2 2005)

Bahamas M/V Dogger, with 5 crew & fish meal cargo -- in collision with -- Greek container M/V Sierra Express, with 30 crew, 45 miles SE of Lizard Point. Falmouth Coastguard sent Coastguard Tug Anglian Prince & Lizard RNLI all weather lifeboat to attend the scene. Damage appears limited as M/V Sierra Express continued towards destination in Port of Spain, Caribbean, while M/V Dogger made for Falmouth, Cornwall England. No injuries reported. From our Correspondent A.L. Griffiths (Tues. Aug. 2 2005)

51-foot pleasure M/Y Tasia, with 15 aboard -- hit the breakwater located at tentrance to Oakland Estuary late night of July 29. Crew from U.S. Coast Guard Station San Francisco<< Webfeature arrived on scene with a 25-foot small boat to assist 9 children & 6 adults -- 2 injuries. U.S. Station San Francisco deployed their 85-foot vessel to assist with rescue. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Mon. Aug. 1 2005)

22mt German Atlantic 40 ton schoner S/V De Hoop (built 1922), capsized & sank on July 31 at 2 p.m. on the river Trave during the "Travemuende Week" close to the harbor entrance of Travemuende, during a race of veteran ships. Vessel pushed 90 degrees on its side after strong winds of about 8 Beaufort suddenly fell into sails which could not be slackened in time. Before sinking crew of six was rescued by boats of German Sea Rescue Service (DGzRS) & other craft. Ship sank on even keel, tops of her 2 masts remained above water. Small amounts of oil leaked from wreck. Salvage expected Aug.1st earliest. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Mon. Aug. 1 2005) UPDATE>> S/V De Hoop due to be salved from the bottom of river Trave on Aug 3 by salvage team of Bitunamel<< Webfeature, using the former landing craft M/V Stint as a platform for divers & salvage equipment. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Wed. Aug. 3 2005)UPDATE>> Sunken S/V De Hoop raised Aug 2nd by floating crane from depth of 20 m off Luebeck-Travemuende & taken in to harbor for inspections. Repair planned in a Danish shipyard. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Mon. Aug. 8 2005)

100 year old Swedish veteran S/V Sunbeam, with 12 crew -- sprang a leak July 31, 50 miles NM of German island Helgoland in the Northsea. In winds of 6 Baufort & waves of 2mt -- puimps failed -- danger of sinking. German SAR Helicopter saved 9 aboard. German rescue cruiser 46mt. DGzRS Hermann Marwede<< Webfeature came to the aid vessel on which 3 men remained. Additional pumps from Hermann Marwede helped to get water ingress under control. The S/V Sunbeam headed for harbor of Helgoland & reached some hours later. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Mon. Aug. 1 2005)

4526 dwt Australian destroyer HMAS Brisbane, 4526 dwt, was sunk as an artificial reef off Mudjimba Beach, Sunshine Coast, on July 31. Explosives tore open the foreship so that ship went down bow ahead. She will attract 10,000 divers each year. HMAS Brisbane belonged to the American USS Charles F. Adams-class of guided missile destroyers, commissioned in 1967. She took part in operations of the Vietnam war in 1969 & 1971, Gulf War from 1990 to 1991. In 2001 the HMAS Brisbane followed her sisterships HMAS Perth & HMAS Hobart which serve as artificial reefs since 2001 & 2003. Other ships of "Charles F. Adams" Class << Webfeature resting on the bottom of the sea after use as target or as artificial reef are USS Cochrane (1997), USS Buchanan (2000), USS Towers (2002) USS Benjamin Stoddert (2003). From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Mon. Aug. 1 2005)

Vessel Loss Dispatches For July 2005

September 11 Memorial

"Backhaul !" - for July. 2005

Damaged BP oil platform Thunder Horse>> See Our Photo Feature (Sun. July 17 2005) How will Hurricane Katrina in Aug. 2005 effect this disabled platform? UPDATE>> Thunder Horse -- largest oil platform in the world -- now under control Photo Feature (Sun. July 17 2005)

Unidentified ro/ro ferry, southern Taiwan town of Tongkang for Hsiao Liuchiu, small island with coral reefs & rich marine life, with 140 passengers, caught fire & sank off the coast of Taiwan -- 4 dead & 26 others injured. (Sun. July 31 2005)

10mt. M/Y Elseth, with family of 2 adults & 2 teenage children aged 13 & 14 were Norway for Scotland when overcome by bad weather. Mayday distress call on VHF Ch 16 (the Int'l Distress & Calling Frequency). Standby vessel to the Balmoral Oil installation M/V Dea Pilot able to go & stand by the M/Y Elseth but weather too bad to rescue family from their vessel. Aberdeen Coastguard scrambled Coastguard Rescue helicopter 'Oscar Charlie' from Sumburgh in Shetland who will evacuate family back to Shetland. (Sun. July 31 2005)

BP's 870ft production & storage vessel M/T Schiehallion -- suffered fire in BP's Schiehallion field, 150 miles W. of Shetland in North Sea -- 30 non-essential staff airlifted to neighboring platforms -- RAF Nimrod oversaw evacuation -- fire put out by emergency teams aboard. M/T Schiehallion capable of storing 950,000 barrels of oil (Sat. July 30 2005)

52ft. F/V Summer Crab 2 -- suffered blast off Bahamas -- Long Island boat builtder Elijah "Mac" Knowles, 55, of Mangrove Bush using blowtorch, to fix freezer, when it burst into flames July 28, fatally injuring him -- he flown to New Providence following explosion. Knowles was leading boat builder, having built vessels like the S/Y Rupert's Legend, S/Y Scarifice and ......that most famous U.S. racing yachts The Courageous. We have lost a good man. (Sat. July 30 2005)


24 July 2005 at 2110 LT at Balikpapan inner anchorage, Indonesia. Three pirates were in process of boarding tanker. Alert crew raised alarm & robbers jumped back in water & escaped in a motorboat waiting with 3 accomplices. Boat was 7mts with blue hull. (Fri. July 29 2005)

23 July 2005 at 1650 LT in position 12:32.3N - 043:26.6E, SE lane of Bab El Mandeb TSS, southern tip of Red Sea. Six pirates armed with guns in low profile wooden boat speed 20 kts with outboard motor approached general cargo ship underway intending to board. Master raised alarm & crew mustered on deck. Persons aborted attempt, increased speed & went towards fully loaded tanker in vicinity. (Fri. July 29 2005)

23 July 2005 at 1030 LT in position 13:41.53N - 042:29.16E, southern Red Sea. 12-armed pirates in 2 low profile, white hull speedboats approached general cargo ship underway at high speed -- attempted to board ship. Crew raised alarm, sounded whistle & activated fire hoses. Attempted boarding aborted. (Fri. July 29 2005)

21 July 2005 at 2030 LT at 12nm off Muar, Johor, Malacca straits. Pirates armed with guns fired upon fishing vessel wounding 2 crew -- taken ashore for hospital treatment. (Fri. July 29 2005)

21 July 2005 at 2000 LT at Callao anchorage no.1, Peru. Six pirates in boat approached bulk carrier -- 1 boarded via anchor chain. Alert crew raised alarm & robber escaped empty handed. Master informed authorities & coast guard arrived for investigation &patroling area. (Fri. July 29 2005)

21 July 2005 at 1745 LT in position 03:38N - 049:30E, Somalia. Pirates armed with guns in speed boat about 8 to 10 mtrs long, blue & white hull, attempted to board bulk carrier underway. Master raised alarm; crew mustered, activated fire hoses & fired rocket flare. Pirates opened fire with automatic guns. Master increased speed, took evasive maneuvers & moved away from Somali coast. Pirates abandoned boarding due to rough weather. (Fri. July 29 2005)

21 July 2005 at 1100 LT in position 03:30N - 049:20E, off east coast, Somalia. Six pirates armed with guns in 2 boats attempted to board RO/RO ship underway. Crew mustered & ship increased speed. Pirates aborted boarding. (Fri. July 29 2005)

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M/V Eugenia, Mumbai port for Indonesia & Bangladesh with with transformers -- developed list off Mormugao Port -- saved from sinking when transformer shifted off Mormugao Port in Goa July 26 by Indian Coast Guard -- now found by Indian Customs with 300 tons armaments besides huge quantity explosives & variety of military hardware. Caught! How many other ships got through? (Thurs. July 28 2005)

U.S. 63ft S/Y Irish Ayes -- stollen from Lakewood Yacht Club , Clear Lake, Florida marina -- taken to Mexico -- found June 29 at Isla Holbox,an island just NW of Cancun -- apparent thief Shane Billings, 32, of San Antonio, found dead on board after apparently shooting himself. S/Y Irish Ayes -- a 2002 Hatteras<< Webfeature Example Sale, with raised pilot house, posted for sale at the time with 3 staterooms, washer & dryer & living area with curved leather couch, listed at US$1.9M. "Shane" came to yacht club & told staff members he was going to work on vessel. Yacht is still in custody of Mexican authorities. Good luck with Mexican authorities ! (Thurs. July 28 2005)

Miracle Rescue>> S/Y Pinguin from Norway with 2 crew -- hit by a storm with 3mt waves July 18 -- sail torn apart -- mast broke, then 52-year-old skipper washed into sea by a huge wave at 07.30 p.m. -- friend could not request help as radio broken down -- friend also thrown over board -- managed to swim to shore -- had to walk through the night in desolated dunes of Hanstholm -- reached house, a distance of 15km. Danish Coastguard<< Webfeature, alarmed & sent boats and helicopters. S/Y Pinguin meanwhile drifted aground on Danish Westcoast. Missing yachtman meanwhile drifted in huge waves & sometimes saw ships in a very close distance. He struggled to reach coast -- a distance of 30km. Official regulations said someone drifting in water with 17 degrees Celsius will lose conscience after 6 hours & be dead after 12 hours -- Sooo search called off at 5.47 p.m., when seemed sure no chance to survive. At 20.45 tourists saw the man 200mt offshore but too fatigued to reach land. 25 hours after falling into sea yachtman finally rescued by boat of Danish Coastguard & brought to hospital in Thisted. Coast Guard now thinking about changes in regulations. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Thurs. July 28 2005)

F/V Sylvia Star, withj 4 crew -- sank off Uyak Bay, Alaska. All crew rescued by zodiac boat by brought to nearby beach. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Thurs. July 28 2005)

ALERT>> Oil and Natural Gas Corp. (ONGC) owned, 100,000-barrel-a-day Mumbai High North (MHN) oil platform off India's W. coast, 100 miles off Bombay -- suffered massive fire -- 10 dead & 367 rescued -- Mumbai High North platform is destroyed, will take a year to rebuild. (Thurs. July 28 2005) UPDATE>> 6 divers trapped in Mumbai High North rig's decompression chambers as death toll rose to 11 with 12 still missing. (Thurs. July 28 2005) UPDATE>> ONGC has now admitted that it's M/V Samudra Suraksha -- that should have been in dry dock, crashed into Bombay High North platform &emdash; killing 12 people, injuring hundreds of others & putting a 7th of India's crude oil production on hold. M/V Samudra Suraksha went out of control & hit a fuel-laden pipe. Multiple explosions followed. In 30 minutes, M/V Samudra Suraksha sank. (Sat. July 30 2005) UPDATE>> The 6 trapped divers of the multipurpose support M/V Samudra Suraksha, which was destroyed in the fire at ONGC oil platform, have safely come out of the decompression chamber. (Sat. July 30 2005) UPDATE>> M/V Samudra Suraksha sank. (Tues. Aug. 2 2005) UPDATE>> India's Minister of Petroleum & Natural Gas, Mani Shankar Aiyar, confirmed that major fire on the Mumbai High processing platform was caused when supply ship M/V Samudra Suraksha collided with platform. (Sat. Aug. 6 2005)

Canadian vessel M/V Ocean Tor, with 4 crew -- sent distress signal at 7:06 p.m. -- capsized July 26 night near Cape Flattery in Clallam County -- 2 recued by Canadian Coast Guard -- other 2 presumed dead. (Thurs. July 28 2005)

Alaska F/V Johnny A, with 5 crew -- abandoned ship in Icy Strait, near Whitestone Harbor July 27 -- crew put on immersion suits entered water. Good Samaritan F/V Aleutian Mariner arrived on scene & recovered all crew in good condition. U.S. Coast Guard transported all 5 crew safely back to Juneau. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Wed. July 27 2005)

Alaska 60ft. F/V Georgene, with 2 crew -- issued distress call & abandoned ship 85 miles west of Tillamook, Ore. on July 25 -- U.S. Coast Guard in to action -- located life raft -- HH-60 Jayhawk helicopter from Air Station Astoria launched & 110-foot patrol boat USCGC Orcas stationed in Coos Bay, Ore. diverted to assist -- merchant M/V Lily Olderdoff also responded to mayday call & diverted. U.S. Coast Guard located life raft & safely hoisted crew into helicopter -- both survivors transported in good condition to Air Station Astoria. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Wed. July 27 2005)

24,000gt Italian tanker M/T Cielo di Milano, Red Sea for Mombasa, Kenya -- suffered 2nd failed attacks by Somalia pirates 137km from Somalia's coast -- 2 small vessels fired on ship & tried to board -- crew reacted swiftly, increasing speed & activating ship's anti-fire system -- sends strong jets of water gushing out from sides of tanker. On July 21, pirates in same waters attacked Italian cargo M/V Jolly Marrone, which also got away. (Wed. July 27 2005)

Greenpeace protest ship M/V Rainbow Warrior -- removed by from main channel of Newcastle Harbor after police boarded vessel & arrested Capt. M/V Rainbow Warrior blocked harbor for 5 hours as protest highlighting Australia's reliance on coal -- 4 protesters tied themselves to coal loading machinery on Newcastle's Kooragang Island, will be charged with trespass. Coal? What? (Wed. July 27 2005)

U.S. 67-foot F/V, with 4 crew -- capsized off Washington Coast late July 26 evening -- U.S. Coast Guard responded -- 2 rescued -- name of vessel & 2 missing not released until next of kin notified. (Tues. July 26 2005)

3000gt. German flagged NATO research vessel M/V Alliance -- aground off Italian island Pianosa, Toscana, evening July 23 -- suffered two small leaks, small amounts of water flowed out of hull. Oil booms laid out. M/V Alliance doing oceanographic research for NATO. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Tues. July 26 2005)

Gunfire At Vancouver Port Strike>> Another round of violence has erupted at Port of Vancouver<< Webfeature, as several trucks belonging to container carrier sprayed with bullets on July 23 -- automatic gunfire shattered windshields & pierced cabs of "8 Pro-West Transport" trucks early July 23 morning -- driver sleeping in one cab lucky not to be injured. Container movement at Port slowed to a crawl since 1,200 independent container truckers went on strike June 27. Acts of this SCUM have set the War on Terrorism back. There is no justification -- no excuse. (Tues. July 26 2005)

Unidentified 82-meter cargo vessel, with logs -- lost power & steerage & taking water off N. Andamanese island of Piget & Nicobar group of islands<< Webfeature, late July 24 --in daring operation all crew rescued in choppy seas by Indian Navy warship INS Savitri<< Webfeature. (Tues. July 26 2005)

Doomed M/V Kiperousa Now A Total Loss>> Dry bulker M/V Kiperousa, which went aground off Eastern Cape coast, night of 7 June 2005, has been declared a total loss after final efforts to refloat the Greek ship failed this weekend. Decision taken July 24, once revealed that damage to ship was mounting. Hoped that by removing cargo of logs ship could be lightened & as a result a heavylift Mi26 helicopter that is normally based in Central Africa -- chartered to remove 8,000 logs, each of which weighs 3 tons. At the start of this weekend all of deck cargo airlifted ashore where logs taken by road to East London. The weekend also coincided with window of opportunity by way of spring high tides and the Tsavliris salvage team had been confident of refloating the ship. But then came news that the salvage called off &endash; M/V Kiperousa was declared a total loss. Efforts will now turn to removing balance of cargo ashore & to East London, where site made available within the port precinct. Once that has been completed it can be expected that ship's destruction will be hastened. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Mon. July 25 2005) FOLLOW OUR STORY We await photos from the scene. M/V Kiperousa has turned 180º, her bows now facing the open sea.

8-m-yacht S/Y X-Thing, with 5 crew, ran aground between German isles of Spiekeroog & Wangerooge, Northsea -- issued mayday. German Coast Guard<< Webfeature rescue boat Wilma Sikorski from Wangerooge rushed for S/Y X-Thing, but as it arrived on scene 2,5 miles off the isle only parts of the boat were visible above water -- crew clinged to wreck, all were safely taken aboard Wilma Sikorski. S/Y X-Thing was on the way from Wilhelmshaven to Wangerooge when she was lost. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Mon. July 25 2005)

U.S. Navy Amphibious Group 2, amphibious assault ship USS Bataan LHD-5<< Webfeature --suffered fatal accident 120 miles off Key West, Fla. -- sailor killed in "forklift accident" aboard vessel which left Norfolk July 20, to participate as the command & control platform in operation PANAMAX 2005, which starts next month. From our Correspondent Fred Caygill (Mon. July 25 2005)

35,824gt M/V Norasia Taurus (built 2001) suffered fire on board July 18, while vessel lying at anchorage waiting area to Damietta port, Egypt. -- master did not seek assistance & vessel shifted 6kms from entrance to port -- several containers went up in flames for unknown reasons -- still pockets of fire on vessel as os July 24, so she is anchored 5 miles outside port of Damietta. Salvage operations continuing. As soon as fire is completely extinguished, vessel will call at Damietta for further inspection. (Sun. July 24 2005) UPDATE>> Smouldering containers on board M/V Norasia Taurus extinguished with the assistance of Egyptian Navy -- vessel is still in same position & extent of damage not known. Damietta Port Authority placed the vessel under administrative arrest to cover rights of cargo owners & Port dues. Negotiations regarding arrest are proceeding. (Wed. July 27 2005)

Malta-registered M/V Wei Hang 9, for Dalian in China with 5,700 tons of scrap metal & 21 crew -- in collision July 23, with -- Japanese freighter M/V Kaishin Maru off Chiba, east of Tokyo, at 5 a.m. -- 13 rescued from M/V Wei Hang 9, who do not include Master or chief engineer -- taken on board the Japanese ship -- 4 dead & 4 missing. Not the 1st time M/V Kaishin Maru in collision -- she collided with freighter in Sept. 2003 off Shizuoka Prefecture, causing other vessel to sink. (Sun. July 24 2005)

UK dive boat M/V Glevon sinking 7 miles east-south-east of Ramsgate - - Ramsgate RNLI lifeboat & lifeboat took2 pumps out to vessel -- despite attempts to keep vessel afloat, pumps unable to keep up with ingress of water -- she sank. (Sat. July 23 2005)

UK 32ft. F/V Scathross from Kilkeel -- in collision S. of Carlingford Lough with -- FV/ Emanuel also from Kilkeel. F/V Scathross received damage in collision -- 2 of her crew boarded F/V Emanuel -- attempted to take stricken vessel in tow -- but F/V Scathross holed in collision & sinking tow had to be cut. F/V Scathross adrift & F/V Emanuel sank. (Sat. July 23 2005)

499-ton Japanese cargo M/V Kaishin Maru -- in collision with -- 3,947-ton Malta-registered M/V Wei Hang 9, with 21 crew. Japan Coast Guard dispatched patrol boats & aircraft to scour waters 11km S.south of Cape Inubosaki in Chiba prefecture -- thick fog -- 9 crew of M/V Wei Hang 9 --all missing. All M/V Kaishin Maru safe. (Fri. July 22 2005)

British yacht S/V Jocara, with 2 adults, 2 childred & 2 cats-- dismasted & required fuel in a position 200 miles E. of Maldives in Indian ocean -- 14 July distress call to UK Falmouth Maritime Rescue Coordination Center -- passed to Maldive Coastguard who in turn liaised with the India Coastguard at Mumbai -- tanker M/T Shoshangana now liaised with S/VJocara -- passed over fuel to enable them to reach Gan under engine power, where they will be able to effect suitable repairs. (Fri. July 22 2005)

Cyyprus flag 2,818gt general cargo M/V Ursula C. (built 1996), Kemi for Corinth, with cargo wood & paper, sank in lat 36 30N, long 09 33.8W at about 0310. All 9 crew safely rescued & taken to Portimao. (Fri. July 22 2005)


18 July 2005 at 0300 LT in position 12:11N - 050:27E, off Caluula, NE coast of Somalia. Six pirates in 2 boats armed with guns opened fire on container ship underway. Ship increased speed & boats moved away. No damage to ship or injuries to crew. (Fri. July 22 2005)

18 July 2005 at 0300 LT at Kingston anchorage, Jamaica -- pirate armed with crowbar boarded container ship. Alert crew raised alarm & robber jumped overboard -- escaped in boat waiting with 4 accomplices. (Fri. July 22 2005)

18 July 2005 at 0200 LT at Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania -- 8 pirates in a motorboat boarded container ship drifting off port-- broke in to container but crew mustered & robbers escaped empty handed. (Fri. July 22 2005)

17 July 2005 at 1830 LT in position 12:09N - 050:52.0E, off Caluula, NE coast of Somalia -- 7 pirates in 2 white boats, 4m long armed with guns opened fire on RO/RO ship underway -- attempted to board from stern.  Ship increased speed -- crew activated fire hoses. After 10 mins boats moved away. No damage to ship or injuries to crew. (Fri. July 22 2005)

16 July 2005 at 1600 LT in position 04:37.4N - 048 25.9E, east coast of Somalia - 4 pirates armed with bazooka missiles & machineguns in military fatigue fired upon a RO/RO ship underway. Ship suffered damages with bullets holes. Pirate craft was white hull & black bulwark with high-powered engine. No injuries to crew. (Fri. July 22 2005)

16 July 2005 at 1325 LT in position 03:05N - 048:05E, east coast of Somalia. Four pirates armed with guns in speedboat fired upon container ship underway & tried to board at stud quarter. Ship increased speed & took evasive maneuvers. Crew activated fire hoses & fired rocket flares. After 15 minutes pirates aborted boarding. (Fri. July 22 2005)

15 July 2005 at 0315 LT in position 06:19.7N - 003:22.5E, Lagos anchorage, Nigeria -- pirates armed with knives boarded product tanker during STS operations. Two robbers overpowered a duty A/B & held him at knifepoint -- took away his walkie-talkie & assaulted him causing serious injuries. Robbers stole ship's stores & escaped. (Fri. July 22 2005)

15 July 2005 at 0215 LT in position 06:18.2N - 003:23.4E, Lagos anchorage, Nigeria -- pirates armed with knives boarded tanker at poop deck -- held 2 duty crew as hostages & took their walkie-talkies -- stole ship's stores & escaped. Master tried to contact marine police but received no response. Master then raised anchor & sailed to high seas for drifting 25 miles off coast. (Fri. July 22 2005)

13 July 2005 at 0030 LT in position 01:13.18N - 103:34.12E, Singapore straits -- 6 pirates armed with long knives & wearing black facemasks boarded tanker underway via speedboat -- took hostage 2 duty crewmembers & tied them up -- entered accommodation & took Capt., oiler & 2/E as hostages -- tied them up with plastic strings. They kicked 3/O in his groin & destroyed communication equipment -- stole ship's cash, crew personal belongings & ship's property -- escaped at 0045 LT. Master informed authorities. (Fri. July 22 2005)

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91,5mt coaster M/V Ursula C (built 1996), from Cyprus with paper, wood & 9 crew -- sank off Portuguese Algarve coast July 19 -- all rescued & brough to Port of Portimao. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Thurs. July 21 2005)

M/V Express 2, for Manila -- collided with --- barge Arowana at 7 a.m., 8 NM off Corregidor Island. Philippine Coast Guard has dispatched helicopters & rescue vessels.(Fri. July 22 2005)

691-foot U.S.-flagged ITB (Integrated Tug & Barge) M/V Mobile, for Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., with 330,000 barrels of gasoline & diesel fuel -- ran aground 1.5 miles S. of Sabine Jetties, July 20. No injuries. Owner, ITB Mobile LLC, made an attempt to remove ship from its hard-aground position without success. Additional tugs being called to scene to assist with removal operation today. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Thurs. July 21 2005)

Offshore-supplier M/V Smit Lloyd 27 --in distress from Typhoon Haitang with winds of 227 km/h off South Taiwan -- in collision with -- Russian oilrig Tschaiwo on July 20. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Thurs. July 21 2005)

German passenger 37mt. M/V Adler VI (built 1979), ran aground off Isle Sylt after leaving Harbor of Hoernum with 200 passengers heading for seal banks off the isle. 90 passengers to shore by the rescue boat. M/V Hertha Jeep, has taken remainig passengers back to Hoernum by the Dutch F/V Zeemermin in the evening. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Thurs. July 21 2005)

28,053dwt chemical M/T NCC Madinah (built 1976), with 32 crew -- discharged cargo in Gresik, Indonesia -- next for anchorage -- in collision with small inbound Indonesian tanker occurred shortly before midnight on 6 July -- vessel will have to be dry-docked. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Thurs. July 21 2005)

90,000gt. German container M/V Savannah Express entering Port of Southampton July 20, escorted by 2 tugs, lost her main engine power & unable to go astern -- in collision with ferry & a links span (ramp which vehicles drive over to board ferry). The links span was extensively damaged and there was some superficial damage to both vessels, but no pollution resulted. Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA) surveyor has inspected vessel under Port State Control & ordered it to investigate the problem & make repairs ready to set sail on July 21. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Thurs. July 21 2005)

90-ft Mobile, Ala,shrimper F/V Golden Dragon making way to Port Aransas Jetties July, 19, when she suffered engine trouble & called U.S. Coast Guard for assistance -- patrol boat USCGC Amberjack responded & took F/V Golden Dragon in tow. Weather worsened,making it impossible for Amberjack to continue tow -- sent rescue boat over to evacuate the Golden Dragon's crew, but shrimpers decided to anchor & ride out the storm from Hurricane Emily. At sunset July 19, they were approximately 15 miles S. of the Port Aransas Jetties. Amberjack moored at Corpus Christi Harbor Facility while Coast Guard Sector Command Corpus Christi maintained radio communications with F/V Golden Dragon throughout the night. During the night & into July 20, morning F/V Golden Dragon reported dragging anchor. Shrimper 25 miles S. of the jetties & being dragged by weather towards Mustang Island, Texas on July 20, only 1.5 miles from shore & in danger of going aground in heavy surf. HH-65B Dolphin helicopter crew from U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Corpus Christi attempted to evacuate the shrimper's crew this, but the fishermen again refused to leave the Golden Dragon. Shrimper had been shrimping in the area, but did not heed Coast Guard warnings to make way to safe port before Hurricane Emily arrived. Coast Guard helicopter crew rescued the 4 crew as M/V Golden Dragon battered by heavy surf just off Mustang Island, Texas, 5 miles E. of Corpus Christi, late July 20. Geeez! Should have dropped these guys a "Best Wishes" greeting card and moved on! From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Thurs. July 21 2005)

U.S. flagged 30ft. F/V Kiksadi, with 2 crew aground in Auke Bay near Juneau just after 5 a.m. July 20 -- 2ft. hole above waterline. U.S. Coast Guard Station Juneau responded with 25ft. small boat -- passed portable water pump & took under tow to Juneau for haul-out & repair. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Thurs. July 21 2005)

40ft. M/Y Mercades, with 5 aboard issued distress call -- in danger of sinking -- 6:39 a.m. July 20, 3.5 NM N.W.of Smith Island, Wash. U.S. Coast Guard Group/Air Station Port Angeles launched an HH-65 Dolphin helicopter and a 25-foot response boat, Coast Guard Station Bellingham, Wash., launched a 27-foot utility boat and Vessel Assist also responded -- 2 dewatering pumps passed to vessel in the hope flooding could be contained -- able to keep up with flooding -- escorted to Anacortes, Wash., by response vessel from Station Port Angeles. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Thurs. July 21 2005)

Sakhalin Island's port of Nevelsk registered seiner F/V Almasank sank near shores of Russia's Maritime Territory this morning July 21 -- all 13 crew rescued by border patrol ship -- brought to Nakhodka, (Thur. July 21 2005)

9mt. S/V Mireille Souci -- attempting to cross Atlantic as a solo -- from England when radioed in early July 19 that he was having trouble with mast & could no longer control vessel. Search & Rescue officials in Halifax said M/V Wilfred Templeman about 20 hours away -- when it arrives attempts will be made to either fix mast or tow S/V Mireille Souci into port. Little yacht is in no immediate danger. (Wed. July 20 2005)

58,086grt product tanker M/T Betatank II (built 1989) India for Spain with 48,000t gas oil -- suffered engine room fire July 5 -- whilst transhipping cargo off Frederikshaven -- fire extinguished & vessel now under investigation. (Wed. July 20 2005)

Great Lakes downbound saltie M/V Orla ran aground in Seaway channel at Kahnawake, Quebec at 10:30 p.m. July 19. She freed herself & continued voyage. M/V Orla also went aground in the St. Clair River, near Marysville, on July 8. Emergency "Rescue Optometrist" called to scene. (Wed. July 20 2005)

Major Loss Update>> New attempts to salvage stranded bulker M/V Kiperousa off South Africa since June 15 -- due to start July 20 or 21. The tug M/V Nikolay Chiker still attached to stern of ship, while Russion helicopter busy lightering cargo of logs on deck & bringing them to shore for further transport to East London, SA. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Wed. July 20 2005) Follow Our Epic 40 Day Story

Venezuelan barque S/V Orion, with 10 crew -- issued Mayday July 15 -- taking water from leak in rough seas 3 miles off Curaçao<< Webfeature, -- Coast Guard received alert -- barque S/V Elarni & fast-rescue boat M/V Antje of rescue organization Citro<< Webfeature, came to aid ship which at this time already had half sunk. All crew taken aboard & brought to shore. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Wed. July 20 2005) NOTE: Read more about the Citizens Rescue Organization (CITRO) - Dial 913.

Dutch M/V Amsteldij could not stop when entering locks of Kiel Canal<< Webfeature, in Kiel-Holtenau -- collided with locks & damaged at foreship which was torn up. Cause of collision is not yet known. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Tues. July 19 2005)

199gt. M/T Toho Maru -- in collision with -- 198gt M/T Shoshin Maru on July 16, E. of Kushimoto, Wakayama -- Capt. of M/T Shoshin Maru suffered slight injuries. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Tues. July 19 2005)

689gt M/T Ryoka Maru -- in collision with -- 359t-barge Horai Maru No. 18, with gravel off the Shizuoka Prefecture, japan -- barge sank -- crew of 5 saved by M/T Ryoka Maru. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Tues. July 19 2005)

UK M/Y Salaam broadcast mayday -- aground on Foulness Sands, 10 miles S. of Clacton -- taking water. Thames Coastguard launched Clacton & Walton Lifeboats and RAF rescue helicopter from RAF Wattisham wich lowered winchman & pump onto the yacht -- quickly able to control ingress of water. M/Y Salaam towed into Brightlingsea by Walton lifeboat. All safe. (Mon. July 18 2005)

UK M/Y Sweet Promise requested immediate assistance -- taking water -- pumps not working, 17 miles east SE of Harwich. Thames Coastguard scrambled RAF rescue helicopter from Wattisham again & launched Harwich Lifeboat. Merchant vessels in area responded to mayday relay broadcast by Thames Coastguard -- pump & winchman lowered onto vessel to begin pumping. M/Y Sweet Promise being towed into Harwich by Harwich Lifeboat. Crew of 1 safe. (Mon. July 18 2005)

Portsmouth, UK F/V Freedom broadcast distress call on VHF Channel 16 (Int'l Calling & Distress frequency) -- sinking in south westerly force 6 gusting near gale force 7 with rough seas, 3 miles off Selsey Bill -- crew put on lifejackets &launched liferaft. UK Coastguard Solent rebroadcast mayday -- M/V Warship Ramsay & S/Y Singita responded. S/Y Singita 1st on scene -- rescued all safely. From our Correspondent Fred Caygill (Mon. July 18 2005)

U.S. wooden-hull, 60ft scalloper F/V Princess, with 3 crew -- departed Provincetown, Mass. July 16 -- in collision with 1,000-pound dredge -- causing leak which flooded engine room July 17 -- mayday call made, did not go through -- crew put on survival suits & fishermen entered liferaft with emergency position indicating radiobeacon & cell phone. F/V Princess sank. U.S. Coast Guard picked up radiobeacon -- dispatched HH-60 Jayhawk helicopter whichc arrived to see flares fired from liferaft -- rescue swimmer assisted in hoisting all crew safely into the helicopter -- no injuries. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Mon. July 18 2005)

Grounded M/V Jin An is free tonight -- Details (Sun. July 17 2005) UPDATE>> After the discharge of 5,300 tons of steam coal into barge Sparkle-1, bulk M/V Jin An was refloated at 0400 hrs, Jul 17 & shifted to anchorage. Port Authorities berthed M/V Jin An on July 19. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Mon. July 25 2005)

Australian Customs & Quarantine inspectors destroyed illegal fishing vessel off Northern Territory 137km -- inside Australian fishing zone on July 15 night -- Royal Autralian Navy frigate HMAS Bendigo (FCBP211)<< Webfeature, arrived at island -- found vessel infested with borers & covered in marine growth. HMAS Bendigo now carrying vessel crew to Darwin for interview by Customs officials. (Sun. July 17 2005)

Seaplane crashed into Pacific Ocean off Costa Rica & sank off Playa Flamingo beach at Santa Cruz de Guanacaste -- 6 dead, 3 bodies recovered -- pilot was American who lived in Costa Rica & often took friends for a ride. (Sat. July 16 2005)

Turkish tour M/V Paradise, with more than 100 aboard (licenced for just 72) -- sank because it was overweight -- off popular resort town of Alanya -- 4 dead, 3 missing & 21 hospitalized -- tour boat's pilot fled scene, was not a licenced captain. (Sat. July 16 2005)

Panama-flagged dry cargo M/V Corona Z, Kostence in Romania for S. of Bosphorus Strait with 2,737 tons scrap metal & 10 crew -- issued appeal for help July 15 -- sank in Black Sea north of Istanbul off coast of town of Kilyos -- 9 crew rescued --Capt. is missing. Somebody's in big trouble. (Fri. July 15 2005)

Virginia Beach-based F/V Fast Cast suffered crew injury -- had just reeled in 31-pound dolphin by Don Grannis, a lung-cancer survivor who recently underwent radiation treatment for growth on his brain -- suffered seizure -- Elizabeth City-based U.S. Coast Guard helicopter to scene, 65 miles off Virginia coast -- U.S. Coast Guard rescue swimmer dove in & quickly got to vessel -- winds approaching 100 mph which blasted fishing cockpit as chopper closed in tight to lower rescue basket -- lifted Mr. Grannis to saftey & hospital. Don doing fine now. (Fri. July 15 2005)


11 July 2005 at 1100 LT in position 01:17.50S - 117:09.50E, Balikpapan, Indonesia. Pirates armed with long knives attempted to board bulk carrier underway from 4mt. speedboat. Alert crew repelled boarders. (Fri. July 15 2005)

06 July 2005 at 0550 UTC at Kingston anchorage, Jamaica. Five pirates armed with long knives boarded container ship -- threatened duty A/B with knives -- broke locks of storerooms & opened container on deck. Alert crew raised alarm & robbers escaped empty handed in their boat. Master informed authorities & 2 hours later coast guard came for investigation. (Fri. July 15 2005)

06 July 2005 at 0030 LT at Dumai inner anchorage, 01:42.3N-101:26.7E, Indonesia. Three armed pirates boarded bulk carrier. Alert duty A/B raised alarm & crew mustered -- robbers escaped in their boat. Master informed authorities but received no response. (Fri. July 15 2005)

06 July 2005 at 0300 LT in position 13.7N - 080:23.4E, 1.2 miles NE of fairway buoy, Ennore anchorage, India -- 3 pirates boarded bulk carrier. Alert crew raised alarm & robbers escaped empty handed. (Fri. July 15 2005)

06 July 2005 at 0100 LT at Surabaya, Indonesia -- pirates boarded bulk carrier & stole life raft & ship's property. (Fri. July 15 2005)

03 July 2005 at 0005 LT at Tanjung Pengelih, Malaysia -- 8 pirates wearing face masks armed with guns & long knives boarded tug with barge in tow awaiting berthing at Tanjung Pengelih port -- held master & crew as hostages below deck. Barge laden with 5,300mt of palm oil. Pirates transferred 3,500mt of cargo into another tanker called M/T Palm Chem. They left the tug & barge 04.07.2005 at 1800 LT in position 01:30N-104:30E. Subsequently, Malaysian marine police located M/T Palm Chem with stolen cargo & arrested crew. (Fri. July 15 2005) See Our The Cargo Letter report of this incident.

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U.S 35ft. F/V Lodestone contacted U.S. Coast Guard via VHF channel 16 to report vessel taking on water 25 miles W. of Umpqua River, Ore. on July 14. HH-65 Dolphin helicopter from U.S. Coast Guard Group/Air Station North Bend, Ore., one 47-foot motor lifeboat from U.S. Coast Guard Station Umpqua River, Ore., & one 47ft. motor lifeboat from U.S. Coast Guard Station Coos Bay, Ore., -- dispatched to aid F/V Lodestone -- helicopter & motor lifeboat tried, unsuccessfully, to pass dewatering pump to master of the Lodestone twice -- made difficult by 20-knot winds & 6 to 8-foot waves -- 3rd attempt successful dewatering pump was passed to vessel, but by that time master too exhausted to work the equipment. Lodestone significantly listing with almost no freeboard above water -- advised master to abandon ship -- master entered 57-degree water in survival suit, with lifering & strobe light while the helicopter provided cover as he climbed onboard motor lifeboat from Station Coos Bay. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Fri. July 15 2005)

Unidentified freighter sank after colliding with a tanker in Pacific Ocean, 105 miles SW of Tokyo. All 5 crew on the freighter were rescued unharmed. Could be M/V Nikko Maru (below) but late reports say, no. (Fri. July 15 2005) UPDATE>> This is the same incident as below, as we thought. (Fri. July 15 2005)

697-ton M/T Kyokuyo Maru, for Matsuyama port in Ehime Prefecture with gasoline (benzol?, benzene?) -- in collision in dense fog with -- 499-ton cargo M/V Nikko Maru, for Chiba with 1,000kl of creosote oil -- off Cape Mikizaki, Mie prefecture, Japan July 15. M/T Kyokuyo Maru burst into flames --1 dead & 5 missing. M/V Nikko Maru had no casualties. (Fri. July 15 2005) UPDATE>> Mitoshi Yoshimoto, Capt. of M/V Nikko Maru quoted: "When we steered to the right, the Kyokyuo Maru steered to the left. So we quickly steered left." Collision killed 2 crew of M/T Kyokuyo Maru , seriously injured another & left 4 missing. The 2nd engineer Hidetoshi Nakano, 39, died after being thrown into sea -- body of another crew found on beach 25km W. of collision site -- 5 crew on M/V Nikko Maru rescued unharmed by nearby ship. Update from our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Tues. July 19 2005) See Our Picture!

Unidentified Nepal ferry, with 100 passengers -- capsized on swollen Bandganga River in Kapilvastu district in W. Nepal July 14 night, killing at least 13 people & leaving dozens missing -- 25 rescued. Monsoon rains normally begin in June & continue through to Sept. in the Himalayan nation & trigger landslides and flooding, killing hundreds of people each year. (Fri. July 15 2005)

Bangladesh passenger launch M/L Nasim, Patharghata for Taltali -- in head-on collision with -- trawler F/V Shandhani coming from opposite direction -- 1 businessman on launch killed on the spot July 13 -- Patharghata<< Webfeature, Bangladesh businessmen went into half day wildcat strike protesting the death. (Fri. July 15 2005)

S/Y Benedicte suffered crew overboard between Vancouver Island & B.C. mainland July 13 -- woman who swam for 9 hours after falling off her vessel told her rescuers she was minutes away from giving up. "She told rescuing hovercraft she was going to give herself another 15 minutes & then that was it," U.S. Coast Guard said. Woman, in hospital & yet to be identified, floated 24km across Georgia Strait near Vancouver before being rescued. (Wed. July 13 2005) UPDATE>> Victoria-based Search & Rescue got call about 5 p.m. from S/Y Benedicte, taking on water near Galiano Island, one of Gulf Islands across Strait of Georgia from Vancouver -- S/Y Benedicte same sailboat Iwona Slivarich said she fell from July 13 when wave hit vessel. She said incident happened in early morning hours after 2 male companions on vessel had gone to sleep. (Sun. July 24 2005)

48ft. Marblehead-based F/V Priscilla -- suffered fire off Centerville Harbor, Cape Cod -- all 6 aboard recused by passing vessel. F/V Priscilla lost. (Tues. July 12 2005)

147mt. general cargo Cyprus flag 9,475gt. M/V Astra Sea (built 1980) grounded July 11, evening just S. of Lisbon -- ended up well stuck at the port entrance of Lisbon -- 4 SvitzerWijsmuller<< Webfeature, tugs from Lisbon, M/V Groningen, M/V Brabant, M/V Montada & M/V Montevil, immediately came to assistance & LOF-SCOPIC contract was agreed master-to-master in order to provide the necessary assistance. M/V Astra Sea successfully refloated by SvitzerWijsmuller Salvage B.V. << Webfeature. (Tues. July 12 2005)

BP oil platform Thunder Horse, under construction in the Gulf of Mexico -- scheduled to go onstream at the end of 2005 -- now listing listing at an angle of 20-30 degrees 150 miles off New Orleans -- day after Hurricane Dennis hit Gulf of Mexico. Site will eventual production capacity of 250,000 barrels per day & 5.7 mln cubic metres of natural gas. (Tues. July 12 2005) UPDATE>> See Our Photo Feature

She Rises>> 510ft. Ex USS Spiegel Grove LSD-32<< Webfeature,, serving as artificial reef on bottom in 130 feet, 6 miles off Key Largo, flipped upright as core of Hurricane Dennis passed 200 miles to W., July 10 -- ship prematurely sank & rolled over May 17, 2002, leaving her upside-down bow protruding from water -- salvage team managed to fully sink vessel 3 weeks later &emdash; on starboard side instead of her keel. Amphibious landing ship dock USS Spiegel Grove<< Webfeature, stricken by the Navy in 1989. (Tues. July 12 2005)

Triple Play>> Freight M/V Maineborg -- in collision with -- dredger M/V Hansa, which also had been lying there for long time -- at Bremerhaven on July 10, when trying to berth at so-called "Alte Banane" (old banana), long-time berth of the cruise ship M/V Norway (which left for breakers last month. BUT WAIT -- M/V Hansa broke loose & pushed against car carrier M/V Arroyofrio Uno. Dreddger severely damaged -- even a motorcycle standing on quayside damaged! Geeez, something to see at the Old Banana! From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Tues. July 12 2005)

ALERT>>5,400dwt Argentine flag roro / lolo M/V Transmodal, for Rio Grande, Brazil with 22 crew, suffered engine room explosion & fire which spread to deck out of control July 9 -- master Capt. Fernando Lorenzo issued distress call -- abandoned to lifeboats in stages as fire worsened -- Chief Engineer suffered 3rd degree burns & evacuated by Brazilian Navy helicopter -- at least 3 more injuries with burns & fracture. M/V MOL Strength master Capt. Pavrvinder Singh reports diverted 12 miles to pick up survivors. Condition of M/V Transmodal currently unknown. From our anonymous Correspondent. (Tues. July 12 2005) UPDATE>> Wreck of partially burnt out ro/lo M/V Transomdal which exploded on July 9, is currently under tow to Buenos Aires. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Wed. July 19 2005) See Our Exclusive Photos!

110-ton container "barge", Magadan for Okhotsk with 20 containers & 10 crew July 8 -- suffered cargo shift July 9, issued distress signal & sank 60 miles east of Magadan -- 6 rescued & 4 missing on July 12. (Tues. July 12 2005)

ALERT>> 150-ton Indonesian ferry M/V KMP Digul, port town of Merauke for Tanah Merah with more than 200 passengers -- capsized in rough seas off eastern Indonesia, Papua Province July 8 -- only 15 people found -- as many as 200 feared dead. (Sat. July 9 2005) UPDATE>> 200 feared dead. (Tues. July 12 2005) UPDATE>> As of July 19, 74 dead from the wreck of Indonesian ferry M/V Digul were found, most on nearby shores. Navy divers & salvors plan to tear apart hull which is lying at depth of 15my., 15 miles off coast to find bodies of some 100 people still missing & thought still aboard upturned ship. Rough weather hampered efforts till now. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Wed. July 19 2005)

Indonesian-registered tanker chartered by Singapore-based JBS Resources Pte Ltd. M/T Palm Chem. Kalimantan in Indonesia for Pasir Gudang, Johor with 3,000 tons crude palm oil (CPO) & 21 crew -- cargo taken earlier by pirates from barge & tug -- intercepted by Malaysian Marine Police<< Webfeature, in Pengerang waters in Kota Tinggi -- arrested 21 pirates, including the Capt. Meanwhile, tugboat & barge detained by Indonesian navy which found only 2,000 metric tons of CPO remaining on board. (Sat. July 9 2005)

Polish Steamship Co.<< Webfeature, in Poland , freighter with passengers M/V Orla (built 1999) ex-Toronto to Duluth, Minn. in ballast -- ran aground in St. Clair River July 8, 100 feet from the shore in Marysville -- dumped ballast water from its bow & slowly backed out under its own power. Canadian Coast Guard will conduct investigations. (Sat. July 9 2005)

3,309 ton Myanmarese M/V Chin Shaw Haw, unloading timber in the outer harbour at Visakhapatnam in India -- in collision July 8, with 47,223 ton Indian M/V Uttarkashi with coking coal -- suffered engine failure while approaching the harbor. No injuries -- but midship of M/V Chin Shaw Haw ruptured & water flooded into her #2 hold. (Sat. July 9 2005)

Indian container M/V Orient Prosperity, for Bombay (Mumbai) port with 24 crew -- when sea suddenly got rough & started raining heavily -- violent winds made vessel list to one side, some 10 of 200 containers aboard -- overside --ship allowed to enter local port-- ship will return to Mumbai as soon as cleared by India Mercantile Marine Dept. to safely sail & damages and repairs are set right. (Fri. July 8 2005)


04. July 2005 at 0310 LT in position 06:19.5N - 003:22.0E, Anchored 4nm from break water, Lagos, Nigeria. Five pirates boarded tanker -- tied up & assaulted duty A/B. They stole ship's equipment & stores and escaped at 0340 LT. Master reported incident to authorities. (Fri. July 8 2005)

30 June 2005, During early morning hrs, Umm Qusar, Iraq. Pirates armed with guns boarded integrated tug & barge underway. They fired shots & held the crew at gun point -- stole cash & crew personal belongings. No injuries to crew. (Fri. July 8 2005)

26 June 2005 in position 04:47.6N - 048:12.0E, off Hobyo, East coast of Somalia. Pirates hijacked general cargo ship underway loaded with cargo -- 10 crew are held hostage & pirates are demanding ransom for release of ship & crew. (Fri. July 8 2005)

25.June 2005 at 0230 LT at Tema anchorage, Ghana. Three pirates boarded container ship via hawse pipe -- they cut forward store lock but unable to open door. Duty A/B raised alarm & crew mustered. Robbers escaped empty handed in their boat waiting with 1 accomplice. Port control informed. (Fri. July 8 2005)

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Royal Caribbean M/V Brilliance of the Seas<< Webfeature, on 12-night Mediterranean sailing cruise -- suffered passenger overboard -- discovered when ship docked at Kusadasi island in Aegean region of Turkey on July 5 -- missing was George Smith -- recently gotten married & on honeymoon -- Run Away Groom? (Thurs. July 7 2005)

26mt. liveaboard M/V Coral Queen -- hit a reef & sank in S. Egyptian Red Sea -- early hours of July 5, morning. British divers aboard forced to abandon ship -- immediately filled with water & began sinking after collision at Sha'ab Sataya dive site<< Webfeature, in Fury Shoals -- rescued by nearby liveaboard, M/V Heaven Majesty. No injuries. (Thurs. July 7 2005)

16' sailboat lost on Georgian Bay, in Ontario, Canada -- caught in storm July 2, with 3 crew, near famous Cabot Head Light House<< Webfeature, N. of the 45th parallel on Bruce Peninsula -- 2 bodies recovered -- 3rd body & vessel still missing & presumed lost. From our Correspondent Bob Iwasko (Thurs. July 7 2005)

ALERT>> 10,709gt ocean Philiippine ferry M/V Princess of the World, central island of Iloilo Province for Port of Zamboanga with 109 crew, 108 passengers, & 5 anti-terrorist Sea Marshals -- suffered fire 30km off coast of S. Philippines -- rescue vessels able to save unspecified number of passengers thus far -- some passengers already boarded life rafts. "The Americans are helping & they have deployed speedboats," officials said. Cause of fire unknown. Huge rescue effort underway. Suspicious -- See Our Feature "Super Ferry." -- now that was sabotage!(Thurs. July 7 2005)UPDATE>> Final tally is 249 passengers evacuated. (Thurs. July 7 2005)

S/Y Gemini reporting 4 crew in water from another yacht they were sailing with -- UK Brixham Coastguard picked up pan-pan call via VHF radio in St Austell Bay this evening -- crew attempting to lower sail when vessel filled with water & capsized, throwing 4 into water, 1 mile offshore in St. Austell Bay, UK Fowey Lifeboat quickly launched -- all 4 rescued -- 40% of vessel consumed. (Thurs. July 7 2005)

274mt. M/V Hyunday Discovery -- suffered black out on River Elbe, July 5 --- ran aground inspite of attempts to get ship stopped -- stuck fast 500 meters E.of the Glameyer Stack after having drifted without power -- 5 tugs, the M/V Tow 3, M/V Tow 12, M/V Bugsier 12, M/V Bugsier 14 & M/V Parat headed for ship & started their salvage at 8 a.m. At 10.46, 4 hours after grounding -- M/V Hyunday Discovery came free with rising flood & resumed voyage towards the North Sea. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Wed. July 6 2005)

French F/V Sauveterre, with 4 crew -- taking water & needed immediate assistance July 4 -- provided by UK Falmouth Coastguard which received call from French Coastguard. (Wed. July 6 2005)

Unidentified F/V in distress 60 miles W. of Isles of Scilly -- rescue helicopter from RNAS Culdrose scrambled & took a Coastguard pump out to vessel -- UK F/V Billy Rooney & UK warship HMS Severn responded with assistance. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Wed. July 6 2005)

9,000gt Malaysia-registered M/V Bunga Mas Tujuh, with containers Japan for Dalian port & 2,500gt Chinese oil tanker, with 3,800 tons diesel fuel oil for Guangzhou -- in collision July 2 -- heavy fog -- -- at Dalian port in Liaoning Province. Both ships sailing slowly -- no reports of casualties. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Wed. July 6 2005)

German M/V Shanghai Rickmers -- in collision with locks of Oslebshausen in the Port of Bremen on July 2, in spite of the assistance of 2 tugs -- gash torn into hull on port side above the waterline -- to berth in Bremen for repairs. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Wed. July 6 2005)

UK mussel dredger M/V Orion N952 -- working in Carlingford Lough with 3 crew -- capsized Juy 2 -- crew scrambled on to upturned hull. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Wed. July 6 2005)

9,800gt Panama-flagged cruise M/V Royal Pacific, with 214 crew -- suffered fire on Juy 1 in South Taiwan -- fire extinguished -- then broke out again -- capsized. M/V Royal Pacific being overhauled for service between Keelung & Japan. No injuries -- ship a total loss. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Wed. July 6 2005)

Unidentified U.S.-flagged Ro/Ro ship close to Iraq's main Port of Umm Qasr<< Webfeature, with reconstruction cargo June 30 -- attacked by pirates -- fired shots & held crew at gun point --stole cash & crew's personal belongings. (Tues. July 5 2005)

Research M/V Fatma -- ran aground, capsized & sank in rough seas off Seychelles -- 6 Kenyan & 3 Spanish seamen escaped drowning in rough seas -- crew clung onto safety rafts & rescued by passing cargo vessel. (Tues. July 5 2005)

190mt. bulk carrier 50,786dwt M/V Jin An (built 2000), with 25,000 tons coal -- ran aground near Visakhapatnam Harbor on June 30 -- power tugs could not move vessel -- special salvage equipment planned to be mobilized from SvitzerWijsmuller warehouses in Singapore & Europe. SvitzerWijsmuller<< Webfeature, has LOL. (Tues. July 5 2005) UPDATE>> 5,100 tons of cargo transferred to barge from Indonesian vessel, M/V Jin An today -- 2nd part of salvage operation is to get ship pulled by high-power tug being requisitioned from Singapore -- expected here July 15. (Wed. July 13 2005) UPDATE>> M/V Jin An pulled out of shallow waters in wee hours of July 17 -- high-power tug requisitioned from Singapore, with local tug in assistance, re-floated the coal-laden vessel at 2.15 a.m. -- tugged away to a distance & anchored at 3.48 a.m. She is free! (Sun. July 17 2005)

145ft. M/V Casitas, with 7 crew &16 scientists, under contract to the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, on mission to clean out fishing nets & debris from NW Hawaiian Islands ran aground at Pearl & Hermes Atoll in marine reserve -- home to endangered monk seals, sea turtles & delicate coral reefs 1,000 miles NW of Honolulu. Vessel evacuated. (Mon. July 4 2005) UPDATE>> Severe damage to M/V Casitas hull. (Mon. July 4 2005pm) UPDATE>> U.S. Coast Guard pollution control experts arrived in NW Hawaiian Islands to assess source & extent of half-mile long oil sheen spotted at site. M/V Walnut will attempt to remove fuel from vessel M/V Casitas. (Wed. July 6 2005) UPDATE>> Since M/V Casitas went aground on Pearl & Hermes Atoll on July 2, its owners & government agencies have spent US$3M on the ship's recovery -- and it's not over yet. Steps to remove the 145-foot ship from reef begin this week -- will involve stabilizing ship with lines & anchors, which will allow divers to safely assess damage to the hull of Casitas & to identify a way to get her off reef. Holes in ship's hull will be patched & water pumped out, in attempt to restore its buoyancy & refloat her. If that is successful, ship will be towed to Honolulu by tug M/V American Quest. (Sun. July 24 2005)

Volmer Seaplane -- crashed at 4:39 p.m. July 3, on Mississippi River near Nauvoo -- plane made contact with water, flipped forward & came to rest on its top about 300 yards from shore -- 2 crew had no injuries. (Sun. July 3 2005)

Unidentified ferry crashed into wharf at Birchgrove, Australia -- vessel not damaged & ferry Capt. able to continue the journey to Circular Quay -- 4 passengers fell over on board the boat, suffering minor bruising. (Sat. July 2 2005) UPDATE>> 4 injured when thrown overboard -- minor. (Mon. July 4 2005pm)

ALERT>> St Vincent & the Grenadines-registered M/V Semlow, en route to Port of Bossaso with 10 crew & 850 tons of aid supplies from from Germany & Japan for the World Food Program<< Webfeature, to tsunami survivors in Somalia -- hijacked by pirates on June 27 -- 300km NE of the capital Mogadishu. Pirates demanded ransom of US$650,000 from ship's Kenyan owners. The World Food Program has called for the immediate release, but perhaps a U.S. Navy port call might be more effective. (Fri. July 1 2005) UPDATE>> Efforts to free a hijacked United Nations-chartered ship carrying food aid for tsunami victims in Somalia continued July 4, with no apparent change in demands from pirates who stormed vessel off the Somali coast last week, the World Food Program said. World Food Program has suspended all aid to the area. (Mon. July 4 2005) UPDATE>> There are discussions -- of a sort -- between pirates & officials --Motaku Shipping Agencies director Karim Kudrati said the militiamen called him July 5, at 4 pm & let him speak to Sri Lankan Capt., Mr. S Mahalingham. Kudrati -- requested to talk to the M/V Semlow chief engineer, a Tanzanian, Mr Juma Mvita -- gunmen obliged. The duo told him they & 8 Kenyan hostages were safe & that gunmen had treated them well. He said they were speaking from aboard hijacked M/V Semlow, which is detained at Haradheere North-East of Mogadishu. Militiamen did not disclose their telephone numbers & they did not ask for anything or press for the Sh38 million ransom demanded from the shipping agency. (Wed. July 6 2005)

Mysterious column of water vapor shot a kilometer (3,300 feet) into the sky from the Pacific Ocean near Iwo Jima -- likely caused by underwater volcanic eruption -- ships should avoid area, Japanese officials said July 3. A Japan Coast Guard crew flew over area to try to determine what happened. Japan's Meteorological Agency said no danger of tsunami. Japanese troops stationed on Iwo Jima on July 2, reported seeing massive, cloudy column rise from sea 50 kilometers (30 miles) SE of the small island, said Maritime Self-Defense Forces. Iwo Jima is 1,120km (700 miles) SE of Tokyo. (Sun. July 3 2005) Visit the pictures

10mt. F/V Auriga -- alerted by Mayday to Falmouth Coastguard to distress after received a 'hit' from a 406 mHz Emergency Positioning Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) & immediately passed information to their Belfast based colleagues who began co-ordinating a search & rescue mission -- offshore from Ballywalter, 15 miles S. of Bangor. Acting in coordination with rescue agencies F/V North Sea Trader spotted liferaft in water with 2 crew aboard. A Nimrod aircraft also scrambled to provide top cover & helicopter was sent to coordinates given by F/V North Sea Trader -- 3.5 miles due E. of Ballyferris point at the time they were spotted. All crew safe & rescue units stood down. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Fri. July 1 2005)

Container M/V MSC Grace -- ran aground on the Dutch Westerschelde<< Webfeature, on June 29 in the midday hours after a machine blackout. The tugs M/V Zelzate, M/V Multratag 12 & M/V Multratug 15 tried to get vessel free, but success only achieved after M/V Holland & M/V Schouwenbank joined. At 7.30 pm -- M/V MSC Grace was afloat again. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Fri. July 1 2005)


26 June 2005 at 0230 LT at Chittagong anchorage 'C', Bangladesh. Pirates in boat attempted to board container ship by using hook attached to ropes. Anti-piracy watch spotted them & raised alarm -- crew mustered.  Robbers aborted boarding & escaped in their boat. (Fri. July 1 2005)

25 June 2005 at 0230 LT at Tema anchorage, Ghana. Three pirates boarded container ship via hawse pipe -- cut forward store lock but unable to open door. Duty A/B raised alarm & crew mustered. Robbers escaped empty handed in their boat waiting with accomplice. Port control informed. (Fri. July 1 2005)

24 June 2005 at 0440 LT at Jakarta anchorage, Indonesia. Pirates boarded container ship. They stole life raft and escaped in speedboat. (Fri. July 1 2005)

23 June 2005 at 0530 LT in position 01:27.2S - 116:42.0E, Lawi-Lawi oil terminal anchorage, Balikpapan, Indonesia -- pirates boarded tanker at forecastle. Alarm raised & crew mustered. Robbers stole ship's stores & escaped in boat waiting with 4 accomplices. (Fri. July 1 2005)

20 June 2005 at 1015 LT in position 01:17N - 104:12E, Singapore straits. Pirates wearing dark clothes in 4 speedboats with open tops about 6-8 mtrs long, approached tug underway. Bosun raised alarm 7 crew mustered. One boat came very close to stern & pIrates attempted to board. Crew activated fire hoses & boats moved back -- later moved away. (Fri. July 1 2005)

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ALERT>> Newly reburbished 457ft. double-ended ocean ferry M/V Queen of Oak Bay<< Webfeature, with 544 passengers &189 vehicles -- lost power while entering Port of Vancouver & making docking turn -- smashed into Sewell's Marina<< Webfeature, adjacent to the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal. M/V Queen of Oak Bay<< Webfeature, devistated Sewell's Marina, smashing into numerous yachts & destroying up to 30 vessels. No Injuries. From our Correspondent Robert McNamara -- who reported this loss to us about 10 minutes after accident & even before the U.S. TV networks went to "BREAKING NEWS" - BRAVO Robert! (Thurs. June 30 2005) UPDATE & Solution>> Accident caused by missing cotter pin worth pennies -- blamed for putting a multimillion-dollar ferry aground -- missing cotter pin allowed a nut to come off on a device linking engine controls on bridge to one of vessel's 2 engines. That in turn allowed both engines to increase speed, eventually tripping control mechanisms that released ship's clutches, disengaging engines from propellers at bow & stern. No engines. propulsion is lost. No thrust -- 139-metre ferry lost power -- cotter pin retainer had put in 20 years of service without a problem.(Thurs. July 7 2005) View photo!

Vessel Loss Dispatches For June 2005

70ft. commercial F/V George Allen -- suffered fire 15 miles W. of Astoria, Ore on June 29. 110-foot Coast Guard Cutter USCGS Orcas, homeported in Coos Bay, Ore., directe to assist & arrived within minutes of call -- U.S. Coast Guard crew boarded boarded burning vessel & extinguished fire with chemical extinguishers & mechanical foam. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Thurs. June 30 2005)

German container M/V Henry -- in collision -- with a lock of the Kiel-Canal while entering canal in Brunsbuettel coming from the Northsea & heading for Kiel-Holtenau night of June 29. One gate of locks & some infrastructure damaged. The amount of damage is aboutn ¤35.000. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Thurs. June 30 2005)

German Weser-ferry M/V Rönnebeck -- in collision -- with 11,6mt. steel S/V Sirena crossing from Blumenthal to Motzen. S/V Sirena pushed on port side until water rose on deck, all bulleyes destroyed & water poured in -- cabin was deformed, a woman who slept inside was not able to open the door. In a race against time skipper managed to free the woman, as vessel leaking. With aid of a transportable pump possible to keep the S/V Sirena afloat until she reached nearby yard. Vessel may be total loss. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Thurs. June 30 2005)

439ft. M/V Camilla Desgagnes, Poughkeepsie, N.Y. for Canada with 20 crew, suffered engine room fire June 8 -- 88 miles East of Ambrose Tower -- 20 miles off the Long Island Shore. No injuries reported & crew able to remain aboard after using ship's CO2 fire suppressant system. Tug M/V Rowan McAllister, in connection with salvor Titan Maritime, LLC, dispatched to rescue drifting freighter & crew -- once alongside burning freighter, tug began hooking up to ship in anticipation of towing her into New York Harbor while supplying ship with water to fight stubborn engine room fire. Once disabled ship's fire extinguished -- towed by M/V Rowan McAllister to Ambrose Tower -- tugs navigated M/V Camilla Desgagnes to repair berth at Port Newark. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Wed. June 29 2005)

Unidentified 100mt. container vessel developed mechanical problems in Bangladesh's Chittagong port channel struck & severely damaged 3 Bangladesh Navy gunboats. Collisions occured when container vessel approaching berth near Bangladesh navy jetties in Port channel on June 27 evening. >> In 2003 alone, 18 navy ships damaged in collisions & Bangladesh Navy won compensation totalling US$10M. (Wed. June 29 2005)

M/V CSL Niagara grounded in St Lawrence Seaway near St. Helena island 1/4 mile east of the 1000 Island Bridge -- reportedly lost steering & grounded on shoal & taking water in forepeak -- pumps were keeping up with flooding -- freed early June 29 morning & underway 4:30 a.m. while waiting for inspectors to arrive. Picture from Kingston Whig-Standard (Wed. June 29 2005) UPDATE>> M/V CSL Niagara was freed early June 29 morning and got underway about 4:30 a.m. (Thurs. June 30 2005)

Spanish F/V Maria Gallego -- issued distress call just after 4.00 am on the morning of June 27 on medium frequency digital selective calling (MF DSC) radio -- reported 11 Spanish fishermen taken to liferafts 100 miles W. of Isles of Scilly after vessel suffered rapid ingress of water & sank very quickly with no indication as to cause. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Tues. June 28 2005)

Dutch S/Y Jupiter -- ran aground on June 25 in Dutch Berghaven -- salvaged by rescue M/V Christien from Hoek van Holand with some damage to keel & rudder. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Tues. June 28 2005)

Container M/V Lica Maersk, Port Santos, Brazil for Pecem, Ceará, -- in colision at Santos Roads with -- chartered M/V Maersk Volos inbound Libra. No severe damage in both vessels -- was a side collision -- only some reefer containers onboard M/V Maersk Volos. M/V Lica Maersk resumed her voyage to Pecem. Harbor Master opened enquiry to investigate the reason of the collision & Lica's Master will be interviewed by Fortaleza Harbour Master Officers as soon as she berths at Pecem. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Tues. June 28 2005)

World's largest brigantine 62mt. S/V Swan van Makkum (built 1993), from Makkum -- in collision with -- S/V Provider from St. John's, Antigua, during famous Kiel Week where S/V Swan was accompanying races in Kiel bight. Both ships tried to avoid the collision by altering course to different sides, but then S/V Swan hit wheel house of S/V Provider causing some damage to it & on-deck boat. S/V Swan van Makkum lost her bowsprit. None of 116 passengers nor crew of 10 were harmed. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Tues. June 28 2005)

59ft. F/V Defiant -- grounded on rocks morning June 23 in Dog Bay, near Kodiak -- blocking entrance to St. Herman Harbor -- vessel's crew took advantage of high tide following night & re-floated -- diver found no significant damage. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Mon. June 27 2005)

53,314gt German container M/V Punjab Senator (built 1997), Singapore for Columbo with 4545 TEU --suffered explosion in cargo hold #6 on June 2 -- followed by fire extinguished by the crew. Made Columbo -- stood out for Rotterdam. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Mon. June 27 2005) [Note: We reported this at the time, but can't seem to find the listing Eraded?]

30ft. F/V George Ramsden, with 1 crew -- sunk off Bunessan, Isle of Mull early this evening, after going aground -- crew found safe on nearby rocks. Clyde Coastguard received a VHF radio call at 6:02 p.m. from the fishing vessel informing them that vessel aground with no damage at Bunessan -- 2nd radio call shortly afterwards reporting vessel sinking fast. (Sun. June 26 2005)

US$1.5M luxury cruiser M/V Riviera, moored on eastern side of Spit Bridge at Ferguson's Marina, Sydney -- suffered fire -- no one aboard -- destroyed. (Sun. June 26 2005)

M/V Kiperousa >> Attempts to refloat vessel continue --attempts to refloat bulk Kiperousa would resume this afternoon, says the SA Maritime Authority (Samsa). "Yesterday we experienced technical problems so we couldn't pull it off, but that's been sorted out," said Samsa spokesman. "We start pulling at about 1600 this afternoon and we expect to have it off by 1800 hrs." Follow Our Story (Sat. June 25 2005) UPDATE>> Salvors have managed to move stricken bulk carrier in their latest attempt to free vessel last night &endash; but have not managed to free it, South African Maritime Safety Authority spokesperson said last night. (Sun. June 26 2005) UPDATE>> Efforts to pull the bulker M/V Kiperousa from South Africa's Eastern Cape coast at the weekend proved fruitless. (Wed. June 29 2005)

At 00:40 hours this morning UK Eyemouth RNLI lifeboat station informed Forth Coastguard that UK 70ft. F/V Supreme (LH109) experienced engine failure 60 miles NE of Eyemouth with 5 persons on aboard & requested assistance -- now being towed on SW course at a speed of 9 knots. If this maintained she should reach Eyemouth Harbor safely at lunchtime June 25. (Sat. June 25 2005)

U.S. cruise M/V Elation<< Webfeature, -- woman passenger reported missing at 11 a.m. on June 23, by her husband as M/V Elation returning to Galveston, Texas, after a stop in Belize. At the time M/V Elation located south of Cozumel, off Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula -- ship turned around & headed back to the area where the woman was last seen before continuing on its voyage June 24 night. (Sat. June 25 2005) UPDATE>> Today the press finally picked up this story -- no further word -- except the "Scott Peterson" move of grilling the husband. Stay tuned. (Sun. June 26 2005)

1000-ton M/V Muni, crashed into Howrah Bridge<< Webfeature, in Kolkata today damaging 2 girders on underside & bringing traffic on bridge to a halt for 90 minutes -- 1st time in its 62-year history that Howrah Bridge witnessed such accident. M/V Muni, sailing north up Hooghly River,<< Webfeature, when she veered left, out of demarcated channel & hit underside of Howrah Bridge with mast & part of wheel house. (Fri. June 24 2005)


19 June 2005 at 2030 LT in position: 02:03N - 119:20E, Indonesia. Pirates in speedboat attempted to board bulk carrier underway from poop deck. Master took evasive manoeuvres, raised alarm & directed search lights at boat and boarding was averted. (Fri. June 24 2005)

17 June 2005 at 0300 LT, in position 03:12S - 116:20E, Tanjung Pemancingan anchorage, Indonesia. Ten pirates armed with long knives boarded bulk carrier at forecastles -- tied up duty watchman & threatened another watchman. Robbers broke open locker & stole ship's stores. (Fri. June 24 2005)

17 June 2005 at 0240 LT, 6 nm from fairway buoy, Lagos anchorage, Nigeria. Six pirates armed with guns & knives in speedboat came alongside bulk carrier -- 4 pirates boarded, held duty A/B at gunpoint & stole ship's stores. A/B managed to raise alarm & crew mustered -- pirates escaped with ship's stores into waiting speedboat. No injuries. Master reported to port authorities & heaved up anchor proceeded to sea for drifting. (Fri. June 24 2005)

16 June 2005 at 0115 LT at berth no.4, Jawahar deep terminal, Mumbai, India. Pirates boarded tanker discharging cargo -- tried to steal ship's stores from poop deck but duty A/B noticed them & raised alarm. Robbers escaped empty handed in boat. Port authorities informed &came on board for investigation. (Fri. June 24 2005)

15 June 2005 at 1800 UTC LT in position 01:59N - 104:45E, South China Sea. Three unlit crafts approached general cargo ship underway -- came within 1 cable at port bow. D/O raised alarm, crew mustered, directed searchlights, switched on deck lights & activated fire hoses. Crafts changed course & attempted to board at stern. Finally they moved away. (Fri. June 24 2005)

15 June 2005 at 0315 LT at Basra oil terminal anchorage 'B', Iraq -- pirates armed with machine guns & long knives boarded tanker via forecastle. Alert A/B raised alarm. Robbers stole ship's property & fled in their speed boat. No casualties. 2nd incident in this location since 31.05.2005. (Fri. June 24 2005)

14 June 2005 at 0430 LT at Douala port, Cameroon -- 4 armed pirates boarded general cargo ship at berth -- assaulted duty A/B -- forced him to open Bosun store. Cadet on rounds came to forecastle and he along with the A/B were held as hostages. Robbers stole ship's stores & escaped leaving 2 hostages in Bosun store. Master reported incident to port control. (Fri. June 24 2005)

14 June 2005 at 0400 LT off Langkawi Island, Malacca straits. Ten pirates armed with weapons in speedboat hijacked tanker underway. One crew managed to escape in the boat used by pirates. This crewman landed ashore & contacted marine police at Langkawi Island. Police despatched patrol boat & located hijacked tanker off Pulau Lebar. Subsequently, pirates surrendered & they were taken to Langkawi for investigations. (Fri. June 24 2005)

12.06.2005 at 1100 LT at Warri region, Nigeria -- group of armed pirates boarded offshore processing tanker -- took hostage all 45 crew. After negotiations boarders departed. (Fri. June 24 2005)

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Dutch F/V Johannes SL 27, Stellendam on a position 30 km w of Texel, Netherlands, in the North Sea -- suffered fire -- Dutch Navy frigate Van Nes headed towards ship which was consumed by dense smoke -- meanwhile leisure M/ V Sop rescued the 5 crew unhurt -- later transfered to Frigate Van Nes by Lynx helicopter. Salvage ships headed for still burning F/V Johannes trying to extinguish flames & tow remains towards a harbor. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Fri. June 24 2005)

M/V Edward N, with ore (took 6 saftey inspection deficienies before sailing) -- in collision with -- M/V Agios Charaloabos, berthing at the time in Tubarao Roads, Brazil on June 21. Rumor is that M/V Edward N was still maneuvering at time of accident & would have not suffered problem except for pilot. From our Correspondent J. Diego (Fri. June 24 2005)

Editor Note: There are many new press reports today of M/T Tradewind Sunrise -- but we reported this loss on 22 June --see below. McD (Fri. June 24 2005)

Ukrainian-flagged F/V Simeiz, with 39 crew -- suffered fire June 22 -- in harbor alongside Uruguayan capital -- had to wait until flames out to board vessel for fear flammable refrigerants used in onboard freezers might explode. Fire swept through about 40% of vessel -- did not reach engine room or command deck -- 11 dead. Montevideo is busy port for ships heading to/from fishing grounds off southernmost South America. (Thurs. June 23 2005)

M/V Asakhe Z89, with 7 crew & mattresses and rolls of nylon paper, Mombasa Port for Somala, developed mechanical problems off Watamu Coast -- stalled on high seas before strong winds pushed her to coral reef -- causing panic to crew & their 3 children. Preliminary investigations indicated ship overloaded -- she may be lost. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Thurs. June 23 2005)

Spanish owned Unidentified Ukrainian-flagged fishing vessel, with 6 tons ammonia used in its refrigeration systems & 39 crew -- suffered fire in in Montevideo port -- towed from dock so fire could be extinguished without posing threat to other vessels in area -- 11 missing & presumed dead -- just returned from fishing expedition in South Atlantic. (Wed. June 22 2005)

Panamanian-registered M/T Tradewind Sunrise moored for repairs at Inter-Island Construction Co. for a month off Trinidad's west coast -- suffered explosion -- at leat 4 dead. Heat from fire so intense that Coast Guard boats & helicopters unable to approach blazing vessel for 2 hours after blast -- 22 workers escaped on lifeboats. (Wed. June 22 2005)

Great Eastern (GE) Shipping Company Ltd vessel M/T Jag Leela, Houston for Nigeria to pick up crude on regular trade route -- suffered loss of crewman -- 2nd engineer & resident of Malad -- missing since June 14 on high seas . Investigation continues. Family suspects he has been murdered. (Wed. June 22 2005)

M/V Kiperousa. At the present time -- the world is watching this one. UPDATE>> Salvage divers working against clock to try to contain leak in engine room of stranded bulk carrier, South African Maritime Safety Authority spokesperson said yesterday. initial thoughts among some of salvage team was that water had come into engine room through engine but that no longer seems to be the case. Divers have isolated an area where they think there is small leak as water not coming in at great rate. Will try to cement up the area & hopefully plug leak. Follow Our Story (Tues. June 21 2005)

Barge crash --lead of six 195-foot loaded hopper barges bound for New Orleans, being pushed by tug M/V Tako Invader -- tug captain lost control after steering failed -- barge with1,400 tons of salt -- CRASHED -- shut U.S. Intercoastal Waterway<< Webfeature, for 12 hours -- plowed barge through Paris, LA bridge's southeast concrete bulkhead -- remaining 5 barges towed to NE side of twin span bridge -- U.S. Coast Guard worked with Dept. of Transportation on ways to dislodge barge from bulkhead -- barge finally removed at 1:30 p.m. June 21. Waterway reopened again at 2:30 p.m. (Tues. June 21 2005)

28ft yacht S/V Siesta, a 28ft yacht, Spain for Ipswich nearing Suffolk port when she ran aground on sandbank 12 miles from Walton-on-the-Naze in Essex -- UK Thames Coastguard received mayday call from vessel shortly after 4.30am -- one crew gone overboard -- trapped under yacht. He trying to refloat vessel when it fell, leaving him with multiple injuries to his abdomen & pelvis. Two lifeboats from UK Walton-on-the-Naze & Harwich were sent out -- rescue helicopter scrambled from RAF Wattisham in Suffolk. Man, who was in his mid-50s, taken by air to Margate's Queen Mother Hospital, but died later. (Tues. June 21 2005)

Mastermind of hijacking of Malaysian M/T Nepline Delima and its RM12 million cargo of diesel near Langkawi -- 42-year-old suspect detained last night -- led to his house in Taman Melati with assistance of Kuala Lumpur police -- brought to court today -- surrendered after tense stand-off with marine police & commandos near Pulau Rebak Besar, Langkawi. Pirates attempted to sail away with cargo, but plan foiled when crewman, Mohamed Hamid, slipped away to alert marine police at their headquarters in Bukit Malut. Follow Our Story (Tues. June 21 2005)

UK Aberdeen Coastguard assisted 2 fishing vessels requesting help within seconds of each other, in same area, with same problem in the Pentland Firth area. At 7.51p.m. F/V Edward Henry' (10 crew aboard) put out pan pan call (urgency call) on channel 16 requesting assistance, having fouled its propeller. Seconds later, F/V Boy Jordan' (2 crew aboard) advised UK Aberdeen Coastguard of identical predicament. RNLI Thurso lifeboat launched to the F/V Boy Jordan', as she was closer to land & therefore in more immediate danger, while the Lifeboat Boy Shane took the F/V Edward Henry under tow. (Mon. June 20 2005)

Yacht S/V Red Herring issues VHF 'Mayday' distress call -- reported to UK Solent Coastguard that skipper of the yacht S/V Vordor' fallen overboard with yacht S/V Audacious alongside. Man overboard in position 35 miles due S. of Needles, Isle of Wight. French authorities scrambled helicopter & rescue boat from Cherbourg -- St Peter port radio assisted with communications a fixed wing aircraft 'Air Search One'. UK Solent Coastguard using a computerized search plan gave instructions to French helicopter of where they needed to search when arriving on scene -- found man alive & conscious but in distressed state -- winched him into helicopter & took him to Pasteur Hospital in Cherbourg. "Man" in Petit Bateau 2005<< Webfeature, -- a single handed ocean race for monohull or multihull boats of 30-45 feet LOA. The one week program designed for experienced sailors keen for single-handed competition. The course zig-zags down English Channel with 6 stopovers in England, France and Channel Isles. (Mon. June 20 2005)

Congolese ferry for Rwanda capsized on the eastern shores of Lake Kivu -- at least 8 Congolese including 2-year-old infant drowned -- total of 18 people feared drowned when vessel sank off Kibuye town June 16 evening but only 8 bodies had so far been recovered. (Mon. June 20 2005)

RMS Queen Elizabeth 2<< Webfeature, departed Norwegian city of Ålesund this evening -- tug M/V Multimammut should have cast off -- but line still attached between tug & liner --as the QE2 moved out, line pulled tug very far over until her bridge nearly was awash. The line then came loose from the tug & she righted itself immediately. See Our Photo Feature. (Sun. June 19 2005)

Philippine tug M/V Captain George, with 12 crew, arrived at Labuan Port from Cebu Jan 21 -- next port of call was supposed to be Batam. Sailors said tug required some repairs before it could sail again but they did not wish to return home until their overdue wages were paid -- 2 crew who could not hold on any longer, left for Philippines last month . Thus 10 Filipino crewmen, stranded on tugboat in Labuan port, are left demanding vessel owner pay them their 9 months' wages before they can free ship. Labuan Marine Dept. official said crew had lodged report on issue on June 1 & tug not under detention. (Sun. June 19 2005)

1,200-ton Russian M/V Nikolai Kolomeitsev, Port of Toyama for Russian Port of Zarubino with used cars -- anchored 37km N. of Noto Peninsula in the Sea of Japan -- adrift --trying to repair malfunctioning main engine -- weather good -- no any threat for crew in the area. (Sat. June 18 2005)

28,429-dwt bulker M/V Clipper Lancaster -- French medical laboratory has dismissed likelihood of Marburg hemorrhagic fever<< Webfeature, being cause of mystery disease aboard -- ship has been held in quarantine off Indian Ocean island of Reunion since arriving from Durban -- actual fever remains unidentified -- 2 seafarers among crew of 22 became ill shortly after vessel left Durban on June 5, where it stopped briefly to refuel -- 1 crew died within a matter of a few days of leaving Durban but 2nd has since responded to treatment since his ship arrived off the French island. Before calling at Durban ship loaded logs at Pointe Noire in Congo Brazzaville & reported to have also called at Angolan ports during April. Serious outbreak of Marburg hemorrhagic fever<< Webfeature, raging in northern Angola, where 423 cases reported by June 7 with 357 fatalities. (Fri. June 17 2005)


10 June 2005 at 1130 LT in position 19:48N - 069:19E, 95nm off Gujarat coast, Arabian Sea. Six dark colored boats, about 20m length spotted by container ship underway. Boats with 4 to 5 persons in each boat -- without fishing nets followed ship. Master raised alarm, took evasive manoeuvres & crew mustered. Boats moved away. (Fri. June 17 2005)

10 June 2005 at 0820LT at position 03:55.1N &endash; 07:08E, 20 miles SW of fairway buoy, Bonny River, Onne, Nigeria. Five pirates wearing yellow raincoats in a 20 ft blue colored fibreglass craft followed supply ship underway. Supply boat took evasive maneuvers & craft moved away. Craft had similar appearance as craft involved in 2 incidents on 24 May 2005. (Fri. June 17 2005)

13 June 2005 at 2100 UTC off Langkawi island, Malacca straits.Ten pirates armed with weapons in speedboat hijacked tanker underway. One crew managed to escape in boat used by pirates. He landed ashore & contacted marine police at Langkawi island. Police despatched patrol boat & located hijacked tanker off Pulau Lebar. Subsequently, pirates surrendered -- taken to Langkawi for investigations. (Fri. June 17 2005)

12 June 2005 at 0145 UTC at Takoradi anchorage, Ghana. Three armed pirates boarded general cargo ship at forecastle -- stole ship's stores & escaped in boat. Master informed port control who sent officials to investigate. (Fri. June 17 2005)

07 June 2005 at 2350 LT at Kota Baru anchorage, Indonesia. Five pirates armed with long knives board bulk carrier at anchor -- tied up duty A/B. Other crew raised alarm. Robbers stole one life raft & escaped. (Fri. June 17 2005)

07 June 2005 at 2130 UTC at Belawan anchorage, Indonesia. Six pirates armed with long knives boarded general cargo ship. Alert crew raised alarm & mustered. Robbers escaped in speedboat. (Fri. June 17 2005)

07 June 2005 at 0120 LT in position 04:12.3N - 006:57.3E, Bonny River anchorage, Nigeria. Five pirates armed with machine guns attempted to board reefer using hooks attached to ropes. Alert A/B raised alarm & crew mustered. Robbers fired several shots & escaped. Bullets hit bulwark but no injuries to crew. (Fri. June 17 2005)

24 May 2005 at 2359 LT, Vicinity of Bonny River fairway buoy, Onne, Nigeria. Pirates armed with guns boarded container ship at anchor -- beat up crew & fired gunshots. Robbers stole ship's cash & stores and crew personal belongings --escaped in blue colored 20ft high speed motorboat. (Fri. June 17 2005)

24 May 2005 at 2110 LT in position 04:12.6N - 006:55.6E, off Bonny river fairway buoy, Onne, Nigeria. Armed & aggressive pirates boarded container ship at anchor -- injured several crew & wounded 1 crew with gunshot. Robbers escaped in high powered speed boat with ship's cash, bonded stores & crew personal belongings. (Fri. June 17 2005)

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Slowakian tug collided with Austrian police boat M/V Donau on River Danube near Vienna -- vessel sank, one policeman found after 45 minutes clinging to a rope still fixed at the bow of wreck -- brought into hospital with several injuries -- 2nd crew missing despite intense search of 144 firefighters & 55 policemen, helicopter & several rescue craft.. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Fri. June 17 2005)

Supertanker -- boarded by Pirates clutching knives & AK47s off Basra in latest of series of seaborne robberies in Persian Gulf. (Fri. June 17 2005)

German-flagged S/V Pillango 3 for Port of Piraeus -- ran aground in western Greece between Patras & Aigion. Blood stains found on deck of the 12-meter vessel, whose engine still running. Local officials immediately launched search & rescue operation in Corinthian Gulf consisting of 3 coast guard vessels, privately owned boat & military helicopter -- no indication of number of people aboard. Mystery. (Thurs. June 16 2005)

Soth Korea cargo M/V Halala, Betung port in Indonesia for Kochi 3 weeks ago, with 1,700 tons copra cake -- developed technical problem & began drifting to the Andamans<< Webfeature, -- tug sent from Colombo & M/V Halala being towed to Sri lanka yesterday, when she suddenly sank near Colombo. (Thurs. June 16 2005)

Stranded bulk carrier M/V Kiperousa remains on rocks -- BUT salvage tug M/V Nikolay Chicker, trying to move stranded M/V Kiperousa -- hit ocean bottom June 14 & damaged herself - necessitating repairs. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Wed. June 15 2005) See BELOW. UPDATE>> maritime authorities are looking to a spring tide off coast of East London onJune 20 to assist in refloating the beached bulk carrier. "We are waiting for spring tide and nice swells & maybe she will disappear over the horizon on Monday," said Peter Kroon, the SA Maritime Safety Authority (Samsa) spokesperson. (Thurs. June 16 2005) UPDATE>> Salvors expected to begin further attempts at refloating grounded bulker M/V Kiperousa (25, 375-dwt), which went onto a reef off the Eastern Cape coast on 7 June. With the advent of spring tides this week new attempts are likely from tomorrow.(Tues. June 21 2005) Follow Our Story

U.S. F/V Diane Carol -- anchored vessel reported crew overboard --missing -- found George Brown's body at the mouth of Cinder River<< Webfeature, -- airlifted him to King Salmon Hospital -- pronounced dead. (Wed. June 15 2005)

Luxuray cruise M/V Jiangshan, with 460 pasengers, Chongqing for Yichang in Yangtze River -- suffered fire at wharf in Wushan, in SW China's Chongqing Municipality on June 14. Most passengers on river bank for sightseeing at the time. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Wed. June 15 2005)

River cruise ship M/V Saxonia, Berlin for Prague with 85 passengers -- in German port of Magdeburg on River Elbe -- suffered engine room fire June 14 -- crew supressed fire -- allowed to resume voyage June 14, as no major machines destroyed -- necessary repairs to be carried out underway. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Wed. June 15 2005)

PIRATES SURRENDER>> Malaysian-registered M/T Nepline Delima,with 6,280 tonnes of diesel -- 19 crew held hostage by 10 Pirtates for nearly 12 hours -- threatened to blow up vessel, before surrendering to police & naval forces - standoff ended 3 hours after police chased down & surrounded the ship -- pirates, believed to be Indonesians, initially threatened to blow tanker. All safe. (Wed. June 15 2005)UPDATE>> "We believe this is an inside job. This hijacking was well planned," officials said.  DCP Mohamed Supian said suspect involved in planning to seize control of tanker en route to Myanmar from Singapore. Pirates, armed with sub-machine guns and parangs, boarded tanker at about 4am on June 14.  PZ15 gunboat commander Deputy Supt Abdul Salam Ablul Halim coaxed the pirates into surrendering peacefully in the 12-hour drama on the high seas off Langkawi. DCP Mohamed Supian praised Kelantanese sailor Mohamed Hamid for his bravery in escaping from the clutches of the pirates to alert the marine police. Kedah Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Syed Razak Syed Zain said the state would request that more patrol boats & armed personnel patrol Langkawi & Kedah waters. Nepline Bhd chief executive officer Datul Dr Nik Zain Omar said the 18 crewmen would be rewarded for their bravery. Dr Nik Zain said Mohamed's bravery could have saved the lives of his colleagues. Mohamed, the tanker's bosun, said he could have easily gone the wrong way but his instinct kept him on the right track-- he managed to reach Langkawi hours later. (Thurs. June 16 2005)

World War II-era cargo DC-3 cargo<< Webfeature, flight en route to Bahamas crashed 3 miles E. of Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport shortly after takeoff -- plane sheared off treetops -- narrowly missed homes as crew guided her to fiery landing on Fort Lauderdale city street June 13. All 3 crew aboard survived -- 2 people injured on ground also hospitalized, including 1 in serious condition. (Mon. June 13 2005)

26-ft. pleasure M/V Lotta Fun, with 5 crew -- sank today 13 miles west of Ilwaco, Wash. M/V Lotta Fun fired 2 distress flares, which aided the U.S. Coast Guard HH-60 Jayhawk helicopter from Air Station Astoria in locatig the boat.  From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Mon. June 13 2005)

10 meter dredger M/V Last Chance taking water & abandoning ship with 2 crew in Irish Sea, 8 miles SW of Bardsey Island. UK Milford Haven Coastguard received Mayday call -- scrambled Rescue Helicopter 122 from RAF Valley & both New Quay and Pwllheli RNLI lifeboats. After 20 minutes, Milford Haven Coastguard back in contact by mobile phone with 2 crew, by this time in life raft. M/V Last Chance sunk. (Mon. June 13 2005)

North Korea flag 1,485gt general cargo M/V Hala (built 1973) , with copra expeller cake -- sailed May 16 for Kochi, India -- reported adrift in vicinity of Andaman Islands, in lat 08 47N, long 89 43E. Lloyd's Salvage Form salvage contract signed with Tsavliris Salvage and tug SM/V B-408 arrived on scene this morning.  (Sun. June 12 2005)

Barter-trade M/V Karya Jaya capsized near Batu Pahat June 10, drowning Indonesian crewman. Eleven others, aged 20 to 50, were saved -- 12 men were in vessel when she listed & submerged after hitting sandbank at river mouth, off Minyak Beku. (Sat. June 11 2005)

U.S registered container 5,020gt. M/V New Glory (Built: 1983 ), Singapore for Port Klang with 216 containers & 19 crew, suffered engine room fire 6.5 NM off Undan Island at 4am today -- put out by crew -- estimated 30% of ship burnt, but cause yet to be determined. No injuries. Extent of cargo damage undetermined. Dead in water. (Sat. June 11 2005) UPDATE>> She has been towed to Singapore where further investigations to be carried out. (Mon. June 13 2005)

15,000gt bulk carrier M/V Kiperousa with 25 crew, aground by stern off Eastern Cape coast -- rescue operation was launched June 7, when mayday signal put out by vessel after she apparently struck an object 2 NM offshore, S. of Hamburg. While awaiting a salvage tanker from Cape Town, logistics in place should estuaries need to be closed off because of an oil spill, said National Ports Authority, in preparation for "worst-case scenario". Crew evacuated. (Sat. June 11 2005) UPDATE>> salvage tug M/V Nikolay Chicker -- trying to move stranded bulk M/V Kiperousa from rocks, hit ocean bottom yesterday & damaged herself - necessitating repairs in harbor. Hope is fading that grounded dry bulker M/V Kiperousa will be pulled clear from reef off South Africa's Eastern Cape coast before bad weather sets in. (Mon. June 13 2005) UPDATE>> Salvage unsuccessful so far.(Wed. June 15 2005)

Pleasure M/V Extractor -- overdue White Sand Ridge, Bahamas for Fort Pierce, Fla. -- at 4:15 p.m., U.S. Coast Guard C-130 aircraft spotted the 2 crew in water after 18-hour search, clinging to overturned vessel & waving -- hoisted by Coast Guard HH-65 Dolphin helicopter soon after, and were taken to Coast Guard Station Port Canaveral, Fla., to be transferred to local EMS. (Sat. June 11 2005)

37-foot trawler F/V Happy Hour with 5 crew trapped aboard disabled fishing vessel in 12-foot seas -- rescued by U.S. Coast Guard HH-60 Jayhawk helicopter from Coast Guard Aviation Training Center Mobile, Ala. June 10, 21 miles south of San Blas, Fla. -- ordered to abandon ship into the heavy seas and with the assistance of the helicopter's deployed rescue swimmer they were hoisted one by one into the aircraft. Coast Guard Cutter USCGC Seahawk, an 87-foot patrol vessel from Carrabelle, Fla., also dispatched to assist. (Sat. June 11 2005)


Alert For Somalian waters>> After a quiet spell, serious attacks have resumed off Somalia. Since 31 March 2005, five incidents reported where pirates armed with guns & grenades have attacked ships & fired upon them. These attacks took place far away from Somali coast. Eastern & NE coasts of Somalia continue to be high-risk areas for hijackings. Ships not making scheduled calls to ports in these areas should stay away from coast. (Sat. June 11 2005)

06 June 2005 at 1535 UTC in position 02:23N - 046:07E, off Mogadishu, Somalia. Three pirates armed with automatic guns in white speedboat opened fire on bulk M/V Tigris underway. U.S. Navy destroyer USS Gonzalez (DDG 66)<< Webfeature in the area responded to distress call from the master & came close to assist. USS Gonzalez fired parachute flares & directed searchlights to illuminate the area -- escorted the bulk carrier to a safer location away from Somali coast. No injuries to crew but gunfire by pirates caused 10 bullet holes on starboard side near bridge. (Sat. June 11 2005)

01 June 2005 at 2000 LT in position 04:15N - 100:18E, off Pangkor island, Malacca straits. Eight pirates armed with automatic guns & long knives fired warning shots at a tanker underway -- boarded & kidnapped master and boatswain -- left in fishing boat with ship's documents. 2nd officer navigated tanker safely to a port. Pirates have demanded ransom for releasing crew. (Sat. June 11 2005)

31 May 05 at 0230 LT, deep water anchorage "A", 10nm south of Basra oil terminal, Iraq. Pirates armed with AK47 rifles boarded a tanker awaiting berthing -- tried to enter bridge claiming to be policemen. Master denied them entry & pirates became violent -- broke glass panels on bridge wing door & entered bridge -- assaulted master causing him injuries & demanded money -- entered master's cabin & located the safe and stole cash and personal belongings. They dragged the master and tried to take him to main deck and left at 0240. Master sent a mayday message and activated SSAS and moved to deep water anchorage "B". Later a coalition warship arrived to investigate. (Sat. June 11 2005)

22 May 2005 at 1500 LT, at posn 03:42N 48:16E, Eastern coast, Somalia. Pirates boarded & hijacked a general cargo ship underway. They beat up the 21 crewm & locked them in a room. Pirates have demanded ransom for releasing the ship and the crew. (Sat. June 11 2005)

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UK F/V Morning Spray, with 3 crew had engine failure, listing badly, taking in water -- sinking 15 miles north of Bardsey Island -- about to abandon ship 55 miles from Holyhead. Holyhead Coastguard immediately launched search & rescue operation sending Rescue helicopter 122 from RAF Valley to scene along with Porthdinllaen lifeboat. Story Corrected by our Correspondent Dane Moore (Thurs. June 9 2005)

Korean container 3,995gt M/V Happy Star (built 1996) -- grounded in Kanmon port Kanmon Strait Japan. (Thurs. June 9 2005)

Panama flag bulk 36,828gt M/V Elefthria (Built 1983) -- for Port Said, laden with barley -- ran aground June 7 in lat 55 13.7N, long 11 05.3E west of Ageroe. Understood salvage services being rendered June 9, to bulk Eleftheria under Lloyd's Open Form by Tsavliris Salvage (International) Ltd. (Thurs. June 9 2005)

North Korea flag, 1,485gt general cargo M/V Hala (built 1973) -- disabled in vicinity of Andaman Islands, in lat 08 47N, long 89 43E. -- currently carrying out inspections prior to taking vessel in tow for Sri Lanka. (Note - M/V Hala reported Jun 5 as being overdue on voyage to Colombo & subsequently as being adrift -- in need of assistance in vicinity of Andaman Islands.) (Thurs. June 9 2005)

Barbados flag 439ft. M/V Camilla Desgagnes, Poughkeepsie, N.Y., for Canada -- suffered engine room fire 20 miles south of Shinnecock --20 crew remain aborad -- U.S. Coast Guard providing assistance. (Thurs. June 9 2005)

U.S. Navy destroyer USS Gonzalez (DDG 66)<< Webfeature used fire from .50-caliber machine guns, searchlights & flares to ward off a pirate attack on M/V Tigris operating off Somalia in the Indian Ocean June 6. USS Gonzalez alerted to ongoing attack by the crew of M/V Tigris via bridge-to-bridge radio. M/V Tigris crew being fired upon. (Wed. June 8 2005)

Bulk M/V Starluck -- from Site 6 of Port of Quequen, Necochea, with 27,560 tons of wheat for Brazilian port -- sailing with assistance of tugs M/V Kyokko Rua & M/V Rua IV and port pilot -- lost steering & grounded 800 meters from coast in lat 28 35S, long 58 41W, at 1345. Salvage tugs M/V Alianza Rosario & M/V Buni to assist with refloating operations. Vessel approximately 650 meters from the coast of Quequen with bow facing open sea in position lat 28 34.85S, long 58 41.28W. Coast Guard soundings at the site of the grounding revealed a depth of about 10 meters. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Wed. June 8 2005) UPDATE>> 16,754gt bulk M/V Starluck (built 1976) refloated with assistance of 2 tugs at 2030 LT, off Necochea Jun 11. On Jun 12, underwater inspection 5 miles form coast was performed. Damages in way of vessel's double bottom tanks were noted. On Jun 8 lightering operations of approximately 7,000 tons of cargo from