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Vessel Loss Dispatches For December 2004

"Unstacked" - overboard with Dr. Beach - Nov. 2004

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Singapore-based Sea Consortium's container M/V Jaami - entering Colombo just as Tsunami disaster struck -- pounded against breakwater -- crew abandoned vessel & Dec. 27, salvage operations reported about to start. Reports indicate both Chennai Port & Colombo Port likely to be operating near normally shortly. (Thurs. Dec. 30 2004)

Cement carrier M/V Sinar Andalas, with 23 crew, in Indonesian Port of Lhok Nga when when earthquake- triggered tsunami Dec. 25 -- M/V Sinar Andalas capsized -- only 4 rescued --19 missing. (Thurs. Dec. 30 2004)

South African trawler taking on water &in imminent danger of sinking in Francis Bay<<Webfeature, Dec. 28 -- Fire & Rescue crews initially used 2 pumps but they could not empty the boat fast enough. Vessel sank. (Thurs. Dec. 30 2004)

Philippine M/V Yellow Rose, Bohol for Cebu with over 76 passengers, ran aground off Nasuan island near Cordova, Cebu Dec. 28 -- at least 46 passengers rescued by Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) -- some of seamen seemed drunk so it possible they could have lost track of trip. (Thurs. Dec. 30 2004)

13-meter trawler F/V Amanda found on rocks NE of Portland Island, close to Canoe Pass -- passengers on vessel had only life jackets & no cold-water survival gear --- Christmas presents were floating around inside -- M/V Mayne Queen ferry crew responded to mayday & launched rescue boat to recover people-- all rescued Dec. 24. (Wed.. Dec. 29 2004)

USS Boone (FFG-28)<<Webfeature,notified that 3 fishermen missing since Christmas Day from recreational fishing trip - located by Coast Guard crews searching from Homestead, FL to northern Palm Beach County for the past 2 days. U.S. Navy warshp safely picked up men & confirmed they were the missing trio. U.S. Coast Guard HH-65 Dolphin helicopter from Air Station Miami enroute to transport survivors ashore. Initial reports survivors in good condition. Amazing rescue after 3 days in 40 degree water!!. (Tues. Dec. 28 2004)

Singapore-based Sea Consortium's container M/V Jaami entering Colombo just as tsuami struck -- pounded against breakwater -- crew abandoned vessel & yesterday salvage operations reported about to start. (Tues. Dec. 28 2004) UPDATE>> Early yesterday morning LT Wijsmuller Salvage B.V. and Sri Lanka Shipping Co. succeeded in refloating the partly sunken & grounded M/V Jaami in a controlled operation. The vessel, after having suffered hull damage, ended up aground off Colombo, Sri Lanka, with all compartments partly or completely flooded on the 26th of December. (Tues. Jan. 11 2005)

M/V American Republic, passing through Lake St. Claire for Cleveland -- issued mayday -- crew complaining of chest pains -- rescue helicopter launched from U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Detroit -- on scene -- rescue swimmer lowered to deck of vessel to assess -- transported to Selfridge Air National Guard Base & then to Mt. Clemons General Hospital via EMS. (Tues. Dec. 28 2004)

Australian super-maxi S/V Skandia abandoned ship & 628-kilometer Rolex Sydney to Hobart Race<<Webfeature, amid heavy seas in Bass Strait Dec.27, because damage to hydraulic ram knocked out boat's keel -- after giant New Zealand rival S/V Konica Minolta also forced to pull out of the race for Sydney to Hobart honors. çrew transferred to police rescue launch M/V Van Diemen, which had set off for stricken boat when distress call was received. Dramatic withdrawals left 90-foot super-maxi S/V Nicorette leading the race for line honors ahead of 60-footers S/V AAPT & S/V Brindabella. Nicorette skipper Ludde Ingvall said he expected to reach Hobart before midnight tonight. Vessels continuing to battle against gale force winds in Bass Strait & Tasman Sea, with gale force winds, thunderstorms & lightning overnight amid conditions described as worst since the 1998 race which left 6 sailors dead. A total of 45 boats have now retired. (Mon. Dec. 27 2004)

ALERT>> Major Earthquake, Measuring 9 On Richter Scale hit NW Sumatra Dec.26 morning, resulting in tidal waves & devastating disaster across region. Tourist resorts like Phuket affected. Legions of rescuers spread across Asia Dec. 27 after an earthquake of epic power struck deep beneath Indian Ocean, unleashing 20-foot tidal waves that ravaged coasts across thousands of miles, killed over 15,000 people (thus far reported) & left millions homeless in the 4th-largest temblor in 100 years. Death toll in 8 nations in southern Asia -- as far west as Somalia, on African coast, where 9 people reported lost -- steadily increased as authorities sort out far-flung disaster caused by Dec. 26 9.0-magnitude earthquake, strongest in 40 years. (Sun. Dec. 26 2004)

Chennai Port most affected by Sumatra tidal waves that lashed East coast Dec. 26 morning -- port operations suspended for 40 hours, since some more ripples are expected. Port Trust authorities survey damage to installations. Some Hyundai cars meant for export damaged -- area heavily silted --

Chennai Port: M/V ABG Keshav, M/V Canadian Express & M/V Gem of Tuticorin -- ships broke their moorings after 2 tidal waves &emdash; one at 9.00 a.m. & another at 11.00 a.m. -- ships collided with one another & also hit West Quay berth at Ambedkar docks & damaged a quay crane.

Chennai Port: Damage to Hyundai cars for exports was minimal -- had started process of loading over 1,000 cars when port hit by tidal wave -- ship had to de-berth. Though 10-12 cars' fenders were damaged when they bumped against each other --rest only got soaked. Hyundai officials were double-checking them to make sure there was no damage.

Chennai Port: Passenger M/V Akbar, damaged at Port Blair -- no passengers on board.

Chennai Port: Tuticorin Port<<Webfeature, damaged, while ship loaded with coal lost its moorings. (Sun. Dec. 26 2004)

Santa Arrives>> Russian unmanned cargo space ship Progress M-51<<Webfeature, with 2.5 tons food, water, fuel & oxygen --launched from cosmodrome in Kazakhstan in central Asia Dec. 24 -- successfully docked with the Int'l Space Station<<Webfeature. Russian & U.S. officials alarmed when learning earlier this month that Russian Salizhan Sharipov & American Leroy Chiao only had enough food supplies left to last them until mid-Jan 2005. Had mision failed, astronauts would have abandoned Int'l Space Sation<<Webfeature. Truly there is a Santa Claus! MERRY CHRISTMAS! (Sat.. Dec. 25 2004)

Merry Christmas & Peace To All At Sea Tonight.

Spanish-flagged F/V Arnela radioed Spanish authorities for help when the 46-year-old became sick on Dec. 21 -- suffered burst ulcer with numerous complications. On Christmas Eve, Australian Customs team boarded F/V Arnela, operating in Int'l waters 200 NM (370 km) S. off Australian fishing zone. customs vessel, Oceanic Viking<<Webfeature, arrived in Fremantle Christmas Eve where the Portuguese fisherman immediately transferred to Royal Perth Hospital. Crewman in serious but stable condition & not expected to undergo surgery. They got him! Merry Christmas! Original Story<<Webfeature. (Fri. Dec. 24 2004pm)

U.S. Coast Guard Base Kodiak<<Webfeature, sustained heavy damage to several buildings due to high winds overnight. Wind gusts reaching over 90-miles-per-hour were recorded by the Kodiak Harbor Master. At 7am high winds blew the roof off the base commissary building's compressor room. Pieces of roof hit Northern Lights Recreational Facility across the street creating a 20-foot by 20-foot hole in the side of building -- also sustained water damage when a pipe broke on sprinkler system & flooded upstairs. U.S. Coast Guard has also received more than 30 calls reporting damage around base. Calls range from broken windows, missing siding & loss of heat to downed trees. Contractors working on cleaning-up debris & fixing any damage as soon as there is a break in weather. (Fri. Dec. 24 2004pm)

35,629gt Greek cargo M/V Loyd Diana (built 1989), voyage Taiwan, China, Hong Kong & Singapore / Europe with 4,000 containers & 30 crew -- on fire 575 miles S. of Colombo on Dec. 24 morning -- crew managed to knock off fire -- engine room suffered damage -- will be towed either to Dubai or other port for repair. Crew safe. (Thurs. Dec. 23 2004)

UPDATE>> M/V Selendang Ayu -- UPDATE>>Bow section sunk today --176,473 gallons of oil inside thought to have already spilled into Bering Sea. Focus upon a possible ecolological disaster. See Original Story Below. (Thurs. Dec. 23 2004)

Nigerian warship MK 9 Corvette NNS Enyimiri, undergoing local maintenance at the NNS Beecroft jetty in Apapa, Lagos -- exploded -- flames sending officers & crew scampering for safety. Naval officer working in engine spaces missing -- casualties expected. (Wed. Dec. 22 2004)

Malian ferry M/V, with unkonwn cargo & passenger number -- sank on remote Lake Debo<<Webfeature, one of a series of lakes on River Niger 700km NE of Malian capital, Bamako -- at least 23 people drowned, Dec. 14, probably from overloading. (Wed. Dec. 22 2004)

On Dec 21 & 22 -- French fishing vessels positioned themselves across NE-bound lane of English Channel traffic routing system off Boulogne, causing vessels to slow down & maneuver around them -- no attempt by French authorities to prevent or stop Monday's & Tuesday's actions which appear in blatant contravention of The Int'l Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea & thus of French law. Fishermen protesting about reduced cod quotas. Regarded as "dangerous" by UK Maritime &Coastguard Agency spokesman whose Dover VTS centre monitored events. Int'l Chamber of Shipping said: "We would view with concern any action impeding safe passage of vessels legitimately using a traffic routeing system." About 500 vessels pass through the Dover Strait every day. (Wed. Dec. 22 2004)

7,267dwt Vietnamese flag container M/V My Dinh, Quang Ninh Port for Haiphong with 37 containers & 26 crew -- in collision with Vietnamese rock -- 0945 LT Dec. 20 2004 -- Sank -- All crew safe. Pending polution information. No word from crew of rock. From our correspondant TT Tuyen in Vietnam. (Tues. Dec. 21 2004)

Russian-American Cooperation<<Webfeature>>Far-Eastern Marine Shipping Company's icebreaker M/V Krasin leaves Vladivostok Dec. 21 for Antarctic to rescue the U.S. polar McMurdo Station<<Webfeature. According to shipping company -- ordered by Russian government at request of U.S. Authorities for ice-breaker to assist in urgently resupplying U.S. Antarctic mission. McMurdo Station is major research center in Antarctic -- situated on coast of Ross Sea -- 2 U.S.Coast Guard icebreakers - Polar Sea & Polar Star - supply station with everything its crew needs for sustenance & research. However, Polar Sea undergoing overhaul, with the other icebreaker being unable to handle resupply mission on her own. Therefore, U.S. Authorities turned to Russian government for help. Russian & U.S. icebreakers slated to rendezvous<<Webfeature, in Ross Sea between Jan. 10 & 14, 2005. Feb. 1, Russian & U.S. icebreakers are to link up with American M/V Tern with 10,000t cargo. (Tues. Dec. 21 2004)

23 people drowned when overloaded river vessel sank Dec. 14 on remote Lake Debo<<Webfeature, one of series of lakes on River Niger 700km NE of Malian capital, Bamako. Police believe cause of sinking was overloading. (Tues. Dec. 21 2004)

UK -19 meter F/V Yves Marie Amil, with 3 crew, suffered explosion below decks --broadcast mayday message at 4.00 am this morning requesting urgent assistance -- thence drifting 8 miles S. of St David's Head. Milford Haven Coastguard launched St. David's lifeboat<<Webfeature, & scrambled rescue helicopter from RAF Valley. Passenger M/V Isle of Inishmore close enough to alter her course & assist -- on scene, she able to use powerful lights to find vessel & stood in lee of St. David's lifeboat<<Webfeature, protecting it from northerly force 6 winds for rescue -- all crew safe. F/V Yves Marie Amil still ablaze & drifting in southerly direction. (Mon. Dec. 20 2004)

U.S. - New Bedford F/V Northern Edge, with 6 crew -- issued distress signal to a satellite at 4:44 p.m. -- mayday followed soon afterward, indicating vessel sinking. Half-hour later F/V Northern Edge disappeared. With snow falling, winds up to 35 miles per hour & air temperature below freezing, U.S. Coast Guard sent helicopter, jet & 2 cutters to search for missing crew. Within the hour 91ft. F/V Diane Marie, another New Bedford fishing boat, recovered 1 of 6 crew of F/V Northern Edge. 5 Missing. Searching are USCGC Escanaba (WMEC-907)<<Webfeature, Boston-based 270-foot cutter & USCGC Tybee (WPB-1330)<<Webfeature, 110-foot patrol boat based in Woods Hole -- and many more official & private vessels. (Mon. Dec. 20 2004)

UK - F/V Audacious, with 3 crew -- sent distress signal 6.30 am -- Stornoway & South Lochs Coastguard Rescue Teams requested attend scene -- lifeboat on scene very quickly -- picked up 2 crew from rocks & 1 from water. (Sun. Dec. 19 2004)

Spanish-flagged F/V Arnela with critically-ill Portuguese fisherman 200 NM south of Australian fishing zone -- Australian Customs vessel Oceanic Viking<<Webfeature, patrolling remote Heard & McDonald islands when responded to emergency call -- medical staff now treating crew for complications from burst ulcer. (Sun. Dec. 19 2004) UPDATE>>fisherman remains "deeply unconscious" as F/V Oceanic Viking currently 800nm from Fremantle -- now expected to arrive late on Christmas Eve. God's Speed. (Tues. Dec. 21 2004)

Italian ferry M/V Florio, Palermo for Naples with 500 passengers, suffered fire that cut engines -- several people hurt when jumping into corridors while trying to reach upper deck -- 2nd ferry near M/V Florio & 2 tugs heading for crippled vessel, but rescue operations hampered by bad weather & rough seas. (Sat. Dec. 18 2004)

New Zealand ferry M/V Tiger III, with 59 passengers -- aground & sranded on rocks near Cape Brett Lighthouse<<Webfeature, -- substantial damage to one of catamaran's hulls & slight damage to other -- vessel stabilized & crews remained through night -- not yet clear whether engine failure caused accident. (Sat. Dec. 18 2004) UPDATE>> Vessel declared total loss. Fullers Bay of Islands now looking for replacement. Decision on removal of wreck to be made. From our correspondant Geoff Davies. (Wed. Dec. 22 2004)

PIRATE ATTACK>>Eastern Navigation Group tug M/V ENA Sovereign, Singapore for Indian port of Mumbai towing barge with 12 crew -- attacked by 20 Indonesian pirates with machine guns on 2 fishing boats in Malacca Strait. Pirates fired at vessel, damaging its communication equipment & ordered her to stop. Pirates boarded tug, seized documents & valuables before abducting Capt. & Chief Engineer. Pirates' modus operandi usually to kidnap senior crew & take ship's documents -- after few days, contact ship's owners to demand a ransom. (Sat. Dec. 18 2004)

544-foot chemical M/T Ievoli Splendor mooring up at Vopak Terminal in Deer Park, Texas -- in collision -- with moored Kirby Marine barge -- causing spill of heavy grade fuel oil C5. Captain of the Port Houston/Galveston closed Ship Channel at 11 p.m. from San Jacinto Port Dock 4 to Light 133 due to oil spilled from collision. (Fri. Dec. 17 2004) UPDATE>>Estimated 2,000 gallons of fuel were spilled.-- channel reopened. (Fri. Dec. 17 2004pm)

German tug M/V Julius, Elbe Harbor to Kiel Canal locks with 3 crew & barge in tow -- capsized & sank off Brunsbuettel Dec. 16 -- 2 rescued, but Capt. missing. Rescue M/V Hermann Helms, wreck search M/V Wega, multi purpose ship M/V Neuwerk & 2 SAR-helicopters searched until dawn. Wreck of M/V Julius located 11mt depth in Kiel Canal approach.Tow broke & Julius thrown on side by the current. (Fri. Dec. 17 2004)

28,426dwt bulker M/V Clipper Lancelot (built 19997), with maize & soya from New Orleans, grounded in Magdalena River, Columbia Dec. 9 -- 3 vessels unable to depart. Efforts to pull vessel from sandbank by 3 harbor tugs have so far been unsuccessful, with river current hampering operation. (Thurs. Dec. 16 2004)

125-ton jet-foil M/V Kobee 3, Hakata in Fukuoka for Pusan with 89 passengers -- off Tsushima Island hit whale -- discontinued voyage & entered Port of Hitakatsu on Tsushima Island where passengers changed to another vessel to travel to Pusan -- jetfoil sustained damage as result of accident -- whale disappeared shortly after the accident. (Thurs Dec. 16 2004)

Irish general cargo M/V Arklow Freedom, for quarry at Llanddulas<<Webfeature,in balast with 6 crew, suffered electrical failure -- currently at anchor 2 miles off coast & crew onboard are attempting to repair the fault. Holyhead UK Coastguard assisting. (Thurs Dec. 16 2004)

284,890 dwt, Kuwaiti-flag M/T Al Samidoon (built 1992) leaked estimated 100 tons of crude oil into Suez Canal following incident near Ismailiya<<Webfeature, late Dec.14. -- collision with either pier or dredger, rupturing tank. Entered with UK Club & classed by DNV. Reports say Canal staff engaged in clean-up work while 2nd company vessel preparing to take on M/T Al Samidoon's cargo -- 10 miles of Canal said affected by spill. (Thurs Dec. 16 2004)

50,242gt container M/V Hanjin Pretoria (built 2002), Busan & Shanghai for Long Beach, suffered serious engine failure Dec. 14, 1000 miles north of Honolulu -- has sought towage assistance (do you think?). (Wed. Dec. 15 2004)

Chemical M/T Levoli Splendor, for Vopak Terminal in Deer Park -- in collision -- with barge 9 p.m. near Lynchberg Ferry in Houston Ship Channel -- no injuries -- fuel seen leaking from large gash in tanker. (Wed. Dec. 15 2004)

St Vincent & Grenadines-registered 76-meter M/V Stina, with 6 crew, escorted to port after drifting in high seas off Argyll & Bute -- taken into Oban harbor<<Webfeature, after engine trouble 10 miles SW of Oban. (Wed. Dec. 15 2004)

Philippine M/L Dalisay, Sibuco, ex-Zamboanga del Norte with seaweed for Zamboanga City -- seized Dec. 12 by armed pirates -- Philippine Navy dispatched a PS-38 patrol boat to area. (Wed. Dec. 15 2004)

Norwegian flagged Coaster, in ballast with 6 crew, suffered engine problems & drifting close to Irish Island near Isle of Mull<<Webfeature,÷. -- Clyde Coastguard launched Oban Lifeboat<<Webfeature. Vessel broadcast a pan pan message, upgraded to mayday. Force 8 winds. (Tues. Dec. 14 2004)

Big Boy>> Remnant of largest iceberg ever recorded<<Webfeature, is blocking Antarctica's McMurdo Sound, threatening tens of thousands of penguin chicks with starvation & cutting off a supply route for three science stations. The iceberg, known as B15A<<Webfeature, measures about 3,000 square kilometers. It is largest floating thing on planet right now & contains enough water to supply Egypt's Nile River complex for 80 years. It is so big it has blocked wind & water currents that break up ice floes in McMurdo Sound during Antarctic summer, which begins later this month. U.S. McMurdo Station & New Zealand's Scott Base are located on the sound. Italy's Terra Nova base is nearby. The iceberg<<Webfeature, is in the path of 4 ships due to arrive in Antarctica in a month with fuel & food for the 3 stations. Scientists are looking into solutions, including breaking a 130-kilometer path through the ice. Iceberg B15A Feature #1<<Webfeature. Iceberg B15A Feature #2<<Webfeature.Iceberg Motion<<Webfeature. (Tues. Dec. 14 2004)

ANNOUNCED TODAY>> Remains of Marshall Mars<<Webfeature, one of largest seaplanes ever built, discovered on sea floor where it sank after catching fire in 1950. Mars<<Webfeature, was part of U.S Navy's trans-Pacific transportation plans in years between World War II & advent of jet aircraft. Flying behemoth had a 200-foot wingspan & once carried more than 300 passengers, a record at time. Wreckage discovered in Aug. by submersible from Hawaii Undersea Research Lab<<Webfeature. Sub was mapping wreckage field around sunken mini-sub that took part in Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Plane described as being large pieces in relatively good condition -- even still had much of aircraft's dark blue paint. Plane's crew escaped safely after making emergency landing at sea. (Tues. Dec. 14 2004)

WITH APOLOGY>> We were invaded by a virus which made it appear that we were posting your daily news each day -- when we were not. Thanks to our correspondant Onno Miedema the problem has been corrected. Please read postings to Dec. 7 wth care. The problem is now repaired, with all your reports saved. There have been many important events during this period. Geeez, it's never easy. McD

F/V Jann Denise II -- went missing last month -- wreck raised from seabed off coast of Tynemouth, UK on Dec. 12. Bodies not recovered. From our correspondant A.L. Griffiths (Mon. Dec. 13 2004)

Trawler F/V Star Mist II -- sank in rough seas late Dec. 10 off Brisbane, Queensland -- David Richardson, 36, straddled bamboo pole for 36 hours, drifting 55 NM before he was spotted Dec. 12 by another fisherman. Richardson was in Queensland hospital on Dec. 13 suffering dehydration, exposure & sunburn -- his 68-year-old father, George lost. From our correspondant A.L. Griffiths (Mon. Dec. 13 2004)

CSL bulker M/V Spruceglen aground Dec. 11 night in lower St. Marys River near Johnson's Point - bow grounded, with stern swinging partially across narrow channel. Heavy snow squalls, which sent some vessels to anchor, may have be factor in grounding. (Sun. Dec. 12 2004) UPDATE>> CSL's bulk carrier Spruceglen, which grounded in lower St. Marys River at Johnsons Point Dec. 12, got underway Dec. 14 for Thunder Bay, where she will enter drydock for inspection & repairs. (Tues. Dec. 14 2004)

UPDATE>> M/V Selendang Ayu - the sad result has not changed -- although a U.S. Coast Guard search continunes. Our 6 mates are lost. We mourn, but now focus must be upon a major ecolological disaster. See Original Story Below. (Fri. Dec. 10 2004) UPDATE>>Search for 6 missing crew now canceled - they are lost. (Sat. Dec. 11 2004)


04 Dec. 2004 at 1235 LT in posn: 06:02.9S - 106:53.3E, Tg. Priok anchorage, Indonesia -- 4 pirates armed with long knives boarded container ship & threatened C/O & bosun. Entered E/R, stole engine spares & escaped in speedboat. (Fri. Dec. 10 2004)

04 Dec. 2004 Malacca Strait. Several pirates armed with guns boarded tug towing barge in the Malacca Strait. Following a pattern repeated several times this year - kidnapped Master & mate, stole tug's documents & left. incident 1 of 5 that occurred in or close to Indonesian waters in week to Mon. Dec. 7. (Fri. Dec. 10 2004)

02 Dec. 2004 at 0130 LT at Lagos Roads, Nigeria -- 12 pirates armed with guns, knives & axes in speedboats approached tanker. 2/O directed searchlight but pirates boarded & rushed to bridge -- ordered 2/O not to raise alarm & threatened master with guns & a knife at his throat & demanded money. Also threatened C/O & demanded more money. Pirates stole all of ship's cash & then went through crews' cabins & stole cash & valuables - fled at 0145 LT. Master received knife wounds on throat & some crew assaulted. (Fri. Dec. 10 2004)

01 Dec.2004 at 1410 UTC at Kochi (Cochin) oil terminal, India. Pirates armed with knives boarded tanker at berth & stole ship's stores. (Fri. Dec. 10 2004)

01 Dec. 2004 at 1330 UTC in posn: 03:16N - 105:04E, Indonesia. Pirates in 2 speedboats attempted to board container ship underway. Crew mustered & activated fire hoses -- ship took evasive maneuvers. Pirates aborted attempt & fled. (Fri. Dec. 10 2004)

01 Dec. 2004 at 0130 LT at Dumai anchorage, Indonesia. Six pirates armed with guns & long knives attempted to board tanker from stern. Crew raised alarm & boarding averted. (Fri. Dec. 10 2004)

30 Nov. 2004 in posn 05:06N - 098:36E, Malacca straits. Several pirates armed with guns boarded tug towing barge. Kidnapped master & C/O, stole tug's documents & left. (Fri. Dec. 10 2004)

28 Nov. 2004 at 1915 UTC in position 03:12.01S - 116:21.27E, North Pulau Laut anchorage, Indonesia --10 pirates in 6 unlit speedboats boarded bulk carrier via hawse pipe - stole large quantity of ship's stores & escaped. (Fri. Dec. 10 2004)

Back To Year 2004 Reports

M/V Listerlandet, with maltgrain, grounded N. of entrance to Kalmar Harbor<<Webfeature, -- S. of Öland bridge, evening Dec. No injury nor oil leak. Ship afloat early Dec. 10 morning. From our correspondant Per-Åke Kvick, Kalmar Maritime Academy. (Dec. 9 2004pm)

Panama-registered container M/V Hyundai Advance, Shenzhen for Singapore in collision with German-registered oil M/T MSC Ilona for Shenzhen -- in southern China near mouth of Pearl River, NW of Hong Kong. -- causing worst oil spill in 5 years --138,000 gallons of oil to leak from German ship. (Dec. 9 2004) UPDATE>> Panamanian-registered container M/V Hyundai Advance - fled after collision with German-registered M/T MSC Ilona. M/V Hyundai Advance intercepted by Chinese Navy Dec. 10 -- 2 hours after leaving site of collision in SW province of Guangdong without authorization. (Fri. Dec. 10 2004)

DISASTER From U.S. Coast Guard -- 9:45pm>> U.S. Coast Guard conducting rescue effort right now near Unalaska Island, Alaska -- 10 people aboard U.S. Coast Guard HH-60J Jayhawk helicopter<<Webfeature, based out of Kodiak -- crashed in ocean while evacuating crew off grounded freighter M/V Selendang Ayu. Another helicopter from U.S Coast Guard cutter USCGC Alex Haley<<Webfeature, on scene, picked up 4 people -- taken them to Dutch Harbor<<Webfeature, for medical treatment -- conditions are unknown -- 6 aboard 1st helicopter are missing. Meanwhile, M/V Selendang Ayu has subsequently broken in 2 sections -- U.S. Coast Guard rescue swimmer along with Master remain aboard - as vessel approaches grounding & destruction! PRAY. The vessel is lost -- we pray the air & sea crews are not. (Wed. Dec. 8 2004 - 10:00pm) SEE UPDATES>>Continues Below

"On going on Shipboard. LORD, whom winds and seas obey,

Guide us through the watery way;

In the hollow of thy hand

Hide, and bring us safe to land."

Classics Ethereal Library server, at Wheaton College.

To the valiant U.S. Coast Guard crew who take what is given to them -- always giving back much more. McD

UPDATE>> There is no further news service or U.S. Coast Guard word at 1am Pacific Time. (Thurs.. Dec. 9 2004- 1am) UPDATE>>Master & rescue swimmer rescued. (Dec. 9 2004) UPDATE>> No further rescues.Our Mates are lost. But M/V Selendang Ayu appears to be losing much of nearly 500,000 gallons (2.3 million litres) of heavy bunker fuel oil she was carrying. Dissaster #2 (Fri. Dec. 10 2004) UPDATE>>Search for 6 missing crew now canceled - they are lost. (Sat. Ded. 13 2004)

U.S. Coast Guard cutter USCGC Alex Haley<<Webfeature, & 3 tugs unable to halt M/V Selendang Ayu's approach to N. shore of Unalaska Island in Aleutian Island chain Dec.7 night. Crew able to drop one of ship's anchors in attempt to slow vessel but anchor broke. Two U.S. Coast Guard HH-60J Jayhawk helicopters in the air -- standing by for possible airlift of M/V Selendang Ayu's crew. Late Dec. 7 night tug M/V Sydney Foss successfully established tow on M/V Selendang Ayu. Tug slowed progress of M/V Selendang Ayu's drifting to 1 NM an hour, however 8-inch thick tow-line broke at 1:30 a.m. U.S. Coast Guard & ship's owners exploring every possible way to halt ship before it grounds on Unalaska Island. (Wed. Dec. 8 2004 - 9:00am)

738-foot Malaysian flagged bulk M/V Selendang Ayu -- began drifting toward Bogoslof Island, 50 miles NW of Dutch Harbor when main engine quit operating -- Kodiak-based US Coast Guard 283-foot medium endurance cutter USCGC Alex Haley at full speed toward Bogoslof Island to intercept vessel-- adrift for more than 13-hours. USCGC Alex Haley<<Webfeature, named after U.S. Coast Guard's 1st chief journalist, Alex Haley, the Pulitzer-Prize winning author of "Roots". (Tues. Dec. 7 2004)

EDIORS NOTE: More Wed. Dec. 8 2004 Are Below>>Placement due to M/V Selendang Ayu reporting.

55ft. F/V Lasqueti Isle -- sinking & onboard pump failed near Ocean Shores, Wash. Dec. 1 -- engine room & fish hold filled with 2,500 gallons of water. U.S. Coast Guard Station Grays Harbor, Wash., launched a 23-foot utility boat & diverted 47-foot motor lifeboat & 52-foot special purpose craft, M/V Invincible, to help vessel. U.S Coast Guard Group/Air Station Astoria, Ore., also launched a HH-60 Jayhawk helicopter to assist. F/V Lasqueti Isle able to control flooding in engine room, but required further assistance when pump failed. Crew of motor lifeboat transferred pump & 2 Coast Guard crew aboard F/V Lasqueti Isle to assist in dewatering vessel. Motor lifeboat escorted F/V Lasqueti Isle through 6-foot seas & winds of 10 mph., to marina in Westport Wash., where vessel moored safely. During dockside inspection source of flooding determined leak in shaft packing. From our correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Wed. Dec. 8 2004)

Japan 5gt ferry M/V Kano Maru No. 2, Kuchinoshima for Nakanoshima Island with 5 passengers -- capsized at sea in Kagoshima Prefecture -- 53-year-old skipper drifted from accident site to Kuchinoshima by holding on to vessel's screw --2 swept away without life jackets. From our correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Wed. Dec. 8 2004)

4,900dwt Chinese-controlled, St Vincent registered multi-purpose M/V Jin Man He, Kitakyushu for Fukuoka with 14 crew -- aground on Shika island at 0350 LT Dec. 7 -- oil spill described as ' massive.' -- hit reef 700m from Shika Island -- no injuries. From our correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Wed. Dec. 8 2004)

Russian F/V Malakhit -- in distress in Barents Sea -- rescue services hoped water could be pumped ship for tow to Murmansk -- vessel capsized & sank 11pm LT Dec. 1 -- crew abandoned in life rafts --12 crew taken aboard M/V Kiev -- rescue operation complete Dec. 7 morning with all 18 crew rescued to Bear Island<<Webfeature, Norwegian waters, taken to Norwegian town of Kirkenes<<Webfeature. From our correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Wed. Dec. 7 2004)

738-foot Malaysian flagged bulk M/V Selendang Ayu -- began drifting toward Bogoslof Island<<Webfeature, 50 miles NW of Dutch Harbor when main engine quit -- Kodiak-based US Coast Guard 283-foot medium endurance cutter USCGC Alex Haley<<Webfeature, making full turns toward Bogoslof Island to intercept vessel-- adrift for more than 13-hours. USCGC Alex Haley named after U.S. Coast Guard's 1st chief journalist, Alex Haley, Pulitzer-Prize winning author of "Roots". (Wed. Dec. 7 2004) UPDATE>>Master concerned that M/V Selendang Ayu may drift to Bogoslof Island if crew unable to restart engine within next 15 to 16 hours. USCGC Alex Haley expected on scene & will stand by to assist crew until vesssel's engine repaired. (Wed. Dec. 7 2004pm)

On The Job>>Famous salvage tug M/V Smit Amandla<<Webfeature, expected to arrive off Durban, South Africa, early Dec. 9 towing another tug M/V Numo & small tanker reportedly called M/T Nisha II. The Numo & Nisha II parted company during gale off East London, South Africa last week -- due to strong seas, tug unable to take up wire & renew tow. With Numo running low of marine fuel oil, owner radioed for assistance -- M/V Smit Amandla -- on standby in area of M/V BBC China casualty -- sent to assist. M/V Smit Amandla tug now taken up double tow of both M/V Numo & M/V Nisha II -- heading for Durban through rough seas. Meanwhile another Smit tug, Durban-based M/V Pentow Service, left Durban Dec. 6 to assistance of reefer M/V Snow Crystal -- suffered fire in engine room 150 miles NE of Durban -- fire since brought under control & M/V Pentow Service will assist reefer towards either Richards Bay or Durban. From our correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Wed. Dec. 7 2004)

Chemical M/T Kissho Maru aground close to shore in Japan. From our correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Wed. Dec. 7 2004)

Cargo M/V Al-Faizal Kadri, Mundra for Abu Dhabi with salt & 6 crew -- trapped in high velocity wind -- capsized near Jakhau on Dec.4. -- crew swimming for 4 hours -- kept afloat hanging on wooden planks & boxes -- adrift crew spotted & rescued by F/V Shiv Hari -- reached Okha port on Dec. 5. (Mon. Dec. 6 2004) UPDATE>>M/V Fazl e Kadri, Mundra port in Kutch for Karachi with 210 tons of salt & 10 crew -- capsized in Arabian sea, 30 NM off Jhakau port on Dec. 4 -- 6 crew rescued by fishermen -- 4 missing. (Wed. Dec. 7 2004)

M/V Fuyo Maru No. 3 -- out of control & drifted aground -- evacuated by helicopters in spite of bad weather conditions in Aomori Prefecture. From our correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Wed. Dec. 7 2004)

Cargo M/V Al-Faizal Kadri, from Mundra for Abu Dhabi with salt & 6 crew -- trapped in high velocity wind -- capsized near Jakhau on Dec.4. -- crew swimming for 4 hours -- kept afloat hanging on wooden planks & boxes -- adrift crew spotted & rescued by F/V Shiv Hari -- reached Okha port on Dec. 5. (Mon. Dec. 6 2004)

45gt towboat 55ft. M/V Miss Vicky Lynn, with 4 crew pushing barges with scrap metal to Paducah-- sank in Tennessee River in 70 feet of water S. of the Gov. Ned McWherter Bridge near Paris Landing at 9:30 p.m. Dec. 6 -- U.S. Coast Guard closed river to traffic until towboat located -- initial reports indicated pipe broke, flooding vessel -- all 4 crew rescued. (Mon. Dec. 6 2004)

Carnival Corp.'s M/V Carnival Pride, 30 miles west of Ensenada, Mexico -- 37-year-old woman whose name not released -- believed overboard into Pacific Ocean. (Sun. Dec. 5 2004) UPDATE>> Rescue operation ended. (Sun. Dec. 6 2004pm)

Coastal M/V Fallon, with 5 crew -- between Karkar Island & Madang<<Webfeature, Papua, New Guinea -- dinghy came up behind & started firing shots on Dec. 3 -- pirates boarded & threatened Capt. -- hit him & then stole some cargo & money -- shot dead crewman in cold blood. (Sun. Dec. 5 2004)

Miami Air Lease - Convair CV-340<<Webfeature, - misspelled message "Eelect George W. Bush" running length of fuselage - had trouble with 1 of its 2 engines shortly after takeoff from Opa-Locka airport<<Webfeature, -- couldn't make it & splashed down in Maule Lake -- surrounded by condominium towers. Plane ended up several hundred yards from marina & farther away from high-rises, floating with half fuselage & tips of propellers rising above water. Amazing -- no casualties. (Sat. Dec. 4 2004)

M/V Kano Maru No. 2, with 5 technicians & crew, Kuchinoshima Island for Nakanoshima Island<<Webfeature, to equip each household there with an anti-disaster emergency radio receiver -- capsized off Tokara Islands, Kagoshima Prefecture, following engine failure -- 5 technicians missing -- vessel found washed ashore on Kuchinoshima Island early Dec. 5. All had managed to cling to ship, but the 5 later washed away. (Sat. Dec. 4 2004)

1,513gt South Korea M/V, Jeju port to Ulsan in ballast with 10 crew -- suffered major fire -- units responding. No details. (Sat. Dec. 4 2004)

Unidentified freighter M/V, with 5 crew -- capsized & sank off Turkey's southern coast -- 1 survivor of 5-man crew -- bodies of 2 sailors washed ashore near Fethiye<<Webfeature. (Fri. Dec. 3 2004)


28 Nov. 2004 at 0145 LT off buoy no 19, Eskravos River, Nigeria -- 5 pirates armed with machine guns boarded refrigerated ship underway & took hostage watchman -- beat him up. Fired at crew, stole cash from ship's safe, ship's property & crew belongings before escaping. (Fri. Dec. 3 2004)

27 Nov. 2004 at 0910 UTC in posn: 05:02N - 098:28E, Malacca straits. Pirates armed with machine guns in fishing boat opened fire & boarded tug towing barge. Kidnapped Capt. & C/O & stole ships property -- escaped in their boat. (Fri. Dec. 3 2004)

27 Nov. 2004 at 0310 LT in position 01:46.4N - 102:39.4E, Malacca straits. Pirates inside unlit speedboat followed LPG tanker & attempted to board her. Crew directed searchlights & sounded whistle - pirate speedboat turned away. (Fri. Dec. 3 2004)

26 Nov.2004 at 0715 UTC in position 17:51.8N - 076:46.7W at Kingston outer anchorage, Jamaica. One person boarded container ship at forecastle using grapnel hook. Alert duty crew raised alarm & intruder escaped via hawse pipe into speedboat waiting with 3 accomplices. (Fri. Dec. 3 2004)

25 Nov. 2004 at 2345 LT at Lagos anchorage, Nigeria -- 15 pirates armed with guns & long knives boarded tanker & took hostage. Duty A/B. D/O raised alarm, crew mustered & locked accommodation doors. Pirates went to bridge & ordered D/O to shut all communication equipment -- took hostage master & manhandled crew. Forced master to open ship's safe & stole ship's cash, crew personal belongings & ship's property. Master & 3/O sustained injuries. All crew in state of shock. Pirates fled in 2 speedboats at 0030 lt. D/O called port control -- received no response. (Fri. Dec. 3 2004)

24 Nov. 2004 at 0100 LT at Georgetown anchorage, Guyana. Pirates boarded refrigerated cargo ship maneuvering with pilot on board -- broke lock on mast house but escaped empty handed when alert crew raised alarm. (Fri. Dec. 3 2004)

23 Nov. 2004 at 0425 LT at Kandla outer anchorage, India -- 3 pirates boarded LPG tanker -- stole ship's equipment & escaped. (Fri. Dec. 3 2004)

22 Nov. 2004 at 0055 LT in posn: 32:13.6S - 051:58.2W at Rio Grande anchorage, Brazil -- pirates inside craft attempted to board container ship from port quarter. Crew mustered & directed searchlights -- craft moved away. (Fri. Dec. 3 2004)

19 Nov 2004 at 0530 LT at berth no.1, New Mangalore port, India. Pirates boarded container ship, stole ship's stores & escaped. Master reported theft to port authorities. (Fri. Dec. 3 2004)

19 Nov. 2004 at 0015 LT at Dumai port, Indonesia -- 2 pirates armed with long knives boarded chemical tanker at berth. When C/O ordered them to disembark, robbers attacked him with knives causing serious injuries. Robbers escaped with cash & personal valuables. C/O received medical attention ashore. (Fri. Dec. 3 2004)

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Canada has barred ships from Denmark, Faroe Islands & Greenland from its ports Dec. 2, escalating long-standing dispute over shrimp caught outside Canadian jurisdiction. Vessel from Faroe Islands had resumed what Canada considers illegal shrimp fishery in Int'l waters the previous day. But Faroese officials say they had no choice after Canada failed to fulfil its promise to back the small nation in its fight for fair share of European quota. (Thurs. Dec. 2 2004)

St. Vincents registered 2,900-ton contaner M/V Jin Man He, with 14 Chinese crew, aground 800 meters off Shika Island in Higashi-ku Province -- no injuries -- massive spill of fuel oil. (Thurs. Dec. 2 2004)

M/V American Cormorant, a 738-foot ship chartered by the U.S. Navy's Military Sealift Command 'sank' off the southern coast of the United Kingdom in order to load eleven U.S. Army watercraft Nov. 30. (Fri. Dec. 31 2004)

A MISSING PIECE TO RETURN>> A very rusted & derelict M/V Calypso<<Webfeature, from which Capt. Jacques Cousteau conducted expeditions made famous in cinema & television documentaries in "The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau" got a new owner and new lease of life when it was purchased toady for a symbolic one euro. Buyer, U.S. company Carnival Corp., will give vessel a new US$1.3M lease of life. Calypso<<Webfeature, a converted U.S. Navy minesweeper, has been rusting for 6 years in La Rochelle harbor on France's Atlantic seaboard -- towed after sinking in Singapore harbor in 1996. When she launched in Seattle, Washington, USA, during World War II, no one suspected she would become one of the most famous ships ever. Built to serve as minesweeper for the British, to clear explosives from ports & harbors. Christened J-826, she was lowered into the water on March 21, 1942. She became a ferry, carrying people & cars between Malta & very small island of Gozo. While Calypso shuttling people between islands, Jacques-Yves Cousteau was a French Navy officer with a great curiosity about the sea. Cousteau had recently invented the AquaLung®, which let people swim freely under the water for the 1st time. Cousteau purchased Calypso<<Webfeature, & began to transform her into an expedition vessel. A vessel history followed whch involved each of us on a very prsonal level. She is truly the world's ship. Bravo Zulu! (Thurs. Dec. 2 2004)

Dutch M/V Stellamare capsized in the Port of Albany while GE generator was being loaded, with 3 Russian crew dead on Dec. 9 2003 in icy Hudson River -- but vessel under tow today from Albany for refit in Bahamas -- as M/V Nadalina S. -- now Bahamas registry. (Thurs. Dec. 2 2004)

Coastal M/T Stolt Tern, with 4,000 tons of gas oil &167 tons of diesel fuel oil, suffered slight damage to bow & took on small amount of water after running aground as it approached coast of north Wales -- stuck at breakwater, 2 miles offshore -- tug used to re-float. From our correspondant A L Griffiths.(Wed.. Dec. 1 2004)

Vessel Loss Dispatches For November 2004

"Unstacked" - overboard & Dr. Beach - Nov. 2004

"Singles Only" - single photos of disaster -- always new.

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NOTE>> We're Back From Chicago -- See Nov. 17th, Below<<Webfeature, for the postings you missed

Argentine Navy vessel accidentally fired on a Brazilian Navy vessel during joint naval exercises off the Brazilian coast. Possible hits, ordinance & casualties not known. (Mon. Nov. 30 2004)

Manam island<<Webfeature off Papua New Guinea's north coast -- being evacuated as volcanic eruption continues, blanketing crops & polluting water supplies with ash, making island uninhabitable -- 1,300 people have been evacuated -- will take another 14 days to evacuate Manam island's 9,600 people, since they had only one boat which could hold just a few hundred people -- vessel can only make one trip a day to island. (Mon. Nov. 30 2004)

1,745-ton Panamanian-flagged cargo M/V HE XIN NO. 1 (built 1985), with 11 crew & sand from Hong Kong to Taiwan's S. port of Kaohsiung -- sank on Nov. 30 -- 7 crew were rescued while helicopter crews spotted 4 bodies on Dec.1 morning. From our correspondant Onno Miedema. (Mon. Nov. 30 2004PST) UPDATED>>(Wed.. Dec. 2 2004)

630ft M/V Chios Pride<<Photofeature, with 16,651 gross tons pig iron for Itaqui, Brazil, aground in Lake Michigan in 21 feet of water at channel entrance of the Menominee River<<Webfeature -- Selvick tugs worked all morning to free her, then USCG ordered engines all stop until a salvage plan in place. Pilot confident that with 3 tugs & shifting of ballast water they will free her. (Mon. Nov. 29 2004) UPDATE>> M/V Chios Pride<<Photofeature remained aground off Menominee Nov. 30 night. Efforts to free vessel began early Nov. 30 morning --not successful. Marine tug M/V Jimmy L standing by all night per U.S. Coast Guard order. Other tugs involved are M/V William C Selvick, M/V Jimmy L<<Photofeature and M/V Erika K. (Mon. Nov. 30 2004) UPDATE>> Freed on Dec. 2 morning. (Wed.. Dec.2 2004)

Taiwanese F/V Shin Jyi Wanq, with 8 crew -- exploded 92km off Costa Rican Pacific coast -- Capt. missing, along with his 7 Chinese crew. Costa Rican patrol boat Pancha Carrasco found floating, burned-out hulk of vessel -- fire had consumed entire ship. No trace of crew. (Sat. Nov. 27 2004)

Car ferry M/V Sardinia Vera, from UK with 200 passengers -- stranded off France for 9 hours overnight because another ferry M/V Dieppe had broken down & could not free berth in northern port of Dieppe. M/V Dieppe towed away for repair for electrical fault which immobilized her. (Sat. Nov. 27 2004)

Swedish M/T Brevik, for Skoghall in Lake Vänern with 2000 tons fuel oil -- grounded just outside port of Trollhättan early Nov. 25. Trollhätte Channel is link between Lake Vänern -- Skagerak & North Sea. From our correspondant Per-Åke Kvick. (Sat. Nov. 27 2004)

Marathon Oil operated Brae Alpha platform, with 181 crew in North Sea -- currently being evacuated due to gas release. Production shut down. Coastguard Rescue helicopter from Sumburgh currently carrying out operation of airlifting platform personnel to nearby platforms. An RAF rescue helicopter from Lossiemouth & a privately chartered civilian helicopter from Aberdeen on route -- will assist once on scene. (Sat. Nov. 27 2004)

Greek-owned, Cyprus-flagged M/T Athos I, bound for Citgo refinery in Paulsboro, spilled 30,000 gallons of crude oil into Delaware River at Paulsboro, N.J., spreading plume of sludge that extended 20 miles from Tinicum Island to the Tacony-Palmyra Bridge. (Sat. Nov. 27 2004) UPDATE>> Divers found 6 foot gash on tanker hull -- holes in below waterline cargo tank aft & in an outside ballast tank. (Sun. Nov. 28)

Catamaran S/V Broad Blue, for Lowestoft with 2 crew, issued Mayday on VHF channel 16 -- drifting for 11 hours with engine failure. Isle of Man registered LPG M/T Laura Kosan responded & standing by catamaran until arrival of Skegness RNLI Lifeboat. (Fri.. Nov. 26 2004)

Japan F/V Ryoanmaru No. 75, with 20 crew, seized by Russia's border security authority off Kamchatka Peninsula on suspicion that it caught more walleye pollack than the amount applied for. (Fri.. Nov. 26 2004)

Indian Registered M/T Jag Pratap -- reporting missing cadet, presumed overboard off Dover. Units searching include Coastguard tug Anglian Monarch, a French Customs vessel, the Coastguard surveillance aircraft, a French Navy Helicopter & a fixed wing aircraft from Fotoflight. Last seen at 10pm last night & found missing this morning. (Fri.. Nov. 26 2004)

50 Hour Miracle>> Joseph Dennis set out Nov. 24 morning to retrieve commercial fishing nets -- expected to return by noon, but engine failed -- boat drifted for 2 days. Canadian Coast Guard C-130 located Dennis just after 10 a.m. today. U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Detroit transported him to EMS in Sarnia, Ontario -- treated for mild hypothermia. (Fri.. Nov. 26 2004)

600-foot Panamanian bulk M/V Tai Harvest, issued radio distress call 30 NM off Northern California coast -- 2 crew sustained serious injuries, including broken neck, back & leg, after falling 50 feet into a cargo hold. U.S. Coast Guard Humboldt Bay launched an HH-56A helicopter & 47-foot motor life boat to conduct a medical evacuation by helicopter. (Thurs. Nov. 25 2004)

Happy American Thanksgiving! 81-foot tall ship, modeled after a 16th-century galleon S/V Raw Faith, Rockland, Maine for New Jersey, disabled by rudder damage in rough seas -- distress call was made but radio failed. U.S. Coast Guard Falcon jet from Coast Guard Air Station Cape Cod flew out & dropped radio by parachute. U.S. Coast Guard cutter USCGC Dependable (WEMC-626)<<Webfeature,arrived & transferred crew onto the cutter, where Thanksgiving dinner was served. Vessel under tow. (Thurs. Nov. 25 2004)

Russian M/V West, sank during storm in Sea of Japan on Nov. 2 -- now unidentified assassin shot & killed owner in her home in Far Eastern Russian city of Nakhodka.<<Webfeature, on Nov. 21. Lyudmila Nikolayeva, 53, head of West-Line Company, was fatally wounded by 4 shots through window of her 1st-floor apartment. West-Line Company ship with 27 crew members aboard disappeared on Nov. 2 as it was en route to Japan with a load of timber. Only 2 crew were rescued. According to Nakhodka's acting prosecutor, several versions of her murder being considered, including contract hit. Indeed, this is the Wild, Wild Far East. From our correspondant Fred Mc Cague. (Thurs. Nov. 25 2004)


20 Nov. 2004 at 1040 UTC at Port Esquivel anchorage, Jamaica -- 4 pirates in an unlit speedboat approached tanker. Three pirates boarded & stole ship's stores. D/O raised alarm & crew mustered. Seeing crew alertness, robbers escaped with ship's stores. Port authority informed. (Wed.. Nov. 24 2004)

17 Nov. 2004 at 0850 UTC in posn 06:58N - 058:02W, Georgetown Roads, Guyana -- pirates boarded general cargo ship at anchor from high speedboat. Duty A/B raised alarm & crew mustered. Robbers stole ship's stores & escaped. Port control informed & coast guard boat arrived. (Wed.. Nov. 24 2004)

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38,250dwt bulker M/V Fedon (built 1980) unloading 36,000 tons of fertilizer -- suffered fire -- temporarily closing Tubarao Fertilizer Terminal at Vitoria, in Brazil -- biggest iron ore & coal terminal in South America. From our correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Wed.. Nov. 24 2004) UPDATE>>Fire started at Chief Enginier`s cabin around 01:40 hrs lt on Nov. 22nd, 2004 & spreaded though bridge deck corridor, destroyng 100% of bridge together with radio station & other cabins around. From our correspondant J. Diego. (Sun. Dec. 5 2004)

100% of bridge together with radio station & other cabins around.

S/V Goose, with 3 crew -- 2 of the 3 crew hypothermic & 3rd unconscious -- battling 10-foot seas & 30-knot winds -- U.S. Coast Guard Station Panama City received distress call at 3:15 this morning -- crew of U.S. Coast Guard HH-60 helicopter arrived on scene at 7:00 a.m. -- Coast Guard rescue swimmer lowered from helicopter into 10-foot seas, swam over to S/V Goose & climbed on board to stabilize the 3 men -- crew brought to Panama City Hospital & transferred to ambulance in stable condition. (Wed.. Nov. 24 2004)

Swedish passenger M/V Casino Express, with 39 passengers & 27 crew -- heavy aground during storm in Gulf of Botnia outside Umeå in Sweden, Nov 24th. Evacuation is planned. From our correspondant Staffan Gullsby. (Wed.. Nov. 24 2004)

Norwegian registered tug M/V Nestor -- aground outside Katthammarsvik<<Webfeature, east of Gotland in Baltic Sea -- rescue crews fear vessel may sink -- 5 of 6 crew rescued -- one crew reamins aboard -- trapped in a toilet, cannot evacuate due to extreme vessel list -- divers on way & planning to board vessel & knock in shut door, or extract trapped man via a vent. Weather condition so poor that M/V Nestor could not be approached by helicopter or boat. (Wed.. Nov. 24 2004) From our correspondants Tim Schwabedissen & Staffan Gullsby. (Wed.. Nov. 24 2004) UPDATE>> Divers found man dead inside toilet of capsized & sunk wreck of M/V Nestor. From our correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Thurs. Nov. 25 2004)

40,160-dwt chemical M/T Montana Sun (built 1994), Houston for Zarzis & subsequent Turkish ports with refined corn oil & tallow-- aground in Zarzis, Tunisia on Nov. 22. Vessel with 9.5 meter draft, but 2 pilots onboard, port authority & the ship agent all declared draft to be 13 meters. Guess who was incorrect. Guess who will be shot. From our correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Wed.. Nov. 24 2004)

21,630 gt bulk carrier M/V Polo M (built 1980), for Port Everglades with 26,000 tons of cement & 28 crew -- grounded on island of Gotland, Sweden. A number of double bottom tanks breached. Wijsmuller Salvage B.V.<<Webfeature,. . contracted Nov. 23 to assist & tugs from Sweden & Netherlands being mobilized to take charge of operations. Site is in lat 57 38N, long 18 48E. No ingress of water but hole in ballast tank. 10 crew evacuated by helicopter & rest remains aboard, vessel stable at present. From our correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Wed.. Nov. 24 2004)

Liberian oil M/T Genmar Progress, Russia for Savona, Italy with cargo 74,000 tons crude -- afire -- close to entrance of Dardanellen, Turkey -- 30 crew remain aboard. Paul Wit From our correspondant Paul Wit. (Tues. Nov. 23 2004) UPDATE>>fire successfully fought by ship staff -- reported fully extinguished at 1400 UTC -- vessel currently underway. (Tues. Nov. 23 2004pm)

F/V Taruna Jaya with 91 people for wedding party, in waters between Ubur island & Dullah Laut island in Maluku island chain - 2,500km (1,600 miles) SE of Indonesian capital Jakarta -- capsized -- rated for only 30 passengers -- 84 rescued by passing fishing boats -- 20 other passengers taken to hospital on Tual & authorities arrested Capt. & crew over accident. (Mon. Nov. 22 2004)

Syrian-flagged cargo M/V Aradosh -- damaged to 2 holiday homes as she ran way aground on Asian side of Bosphorus in Istanbul damaging gardens & swimming pools of villas in Uskudar district -- high, gusting winds blowing over Turkish metropolis on Nov. 20. Pictures Please. (Sun. Nov. 21 2004)

2,900-ton Russian F/V Almaz, with 73 crew, suffered fire 35 miles (56 kilometers) N.W. of eastern island of Ullung, South Korea. South Korean Navy rescued 70 crew from burning ship before maritime police later salvaged one more -- search under way for 2 missing crew in heavy seas nearby. (Sun. Nov. 21 2004)

Bangladesh<<Webfeature, ferry M/V -- with passengers, passenger bus, 2 loaded trucks & pickup truck -- deemed overloaded -- capsized & sank early Nov. 20 -- at Kirtankhola River in Barisal-Bhola route of S. Bangladesh, in Barisal district<<Webfeature,120km (75 miles) S. of capital Dhaka -- Master of ferry fled scene immediately after accident -- 16 missing & presumed dead -- so far.. (Sat. Nov. 20 2004)

Russian Delta III-class nuclear submarine<<Webfeature, K-223<<Webfeature (built 1980), equipped to carry 16 intercontinental ballistic missiles<<Webfeature, docked at at Vilyuchinsk<<Webfeature, base on Kamchatka Peninsula in Far East -- suffered pipe burst Nov. 14 -- 1 sailor killed -- accident damaged vessel section, but boat remains fully operable, said Russian Navy. Some 24 years after launch & the well known lack of proper maintenance -- expect the worst from these subs. (Fri. Nov.19 2004)

Greek M/V AVANTIS III (built 1977), Greek port of Messolonghi for Cyprus. with bricks & other construction materials & 12 crew -- sank -- after hitting clearly marked reef near Aegean Sea island of Aegina -- 1 dead as cook aboard went down with vessel just before dawn -- other 11 crew picked up by coast guard - taken to Aegina, located near Athens. From our correspondant Onno Miedema (Fri. Nov.19 2004)

Ferry M/V Wave Master 7, with 27 passengers on Tanjungpinang-Singapore route, left port at high speed & ignored signal given by another vessel approaching port on Nov. 18 off of Banten Island -- in collision -- all 27 passengers thrown into water -- most able to swim to Tanjungpinang seaport -- Ms. Siti Maryam, 60, fell overboard & drowned. (Fri. Nov.19 2004)

U.S. 23-foot F/V Sea Fox, with 2 crew off Oregon Inlet off Cape Hatteras, N.C. -- capsized & sank by major wave -- F/V Fishing Fool picked up in crew less than 5 minutes -- for tranfer to U.S. Coast Guard. No injuries. (Fri. Nov.19 2004)

77m Korean-owned but New Zealand-leased trawler F/V Melilla 201, suffered overboard loss of crew in the Southern Ocean Nov. 18 -- search now called off after any chance of him surviving in rough & freezing waters faded. Not the 1st time F/V Melilla 201 hit the headlines -- as 33-year-old Chinese fisherman disappeared in Aug. 2001 when she was fishing off Westport -- also 4 crew taken to Christchurch Hospital in July 2000 when faulty valve began leaking ammonia. F/V Melilla 201 is a"hard luck" vessel. (Fri. Nov.19 2004)

M/V Godrilabuan II -- apprehended with illegal logs in Papua, allegedly involved in rampant illegal logging. Smuggling has gone on for 9 months & has involved local loggers -- backed by politicians from Jakarta & security officials from Navy & National Police. Papua governor Jaap Solossa demanded central government take action against corrupt security personnel from local police & Navy units who have backed ravaging of forests in province. Illegal logs shipped with fake documents from Papua New Guinea (GNP) through Mali in S. Philippines to China & India, 2 alleged major destinations of illegal logs from Indonesia. The timber barons have used many Thai vessels to transport illegal logs & their crews -- mostly Chinese & Thais. (Fri. Nov.19 2004)


Piracy Warning>> Vicinity of Banjarmasin, off Pulau Laut, Balikpapan & Bontang in the Makasar Straits, Indonesia -- 13 attacks have been reported in past 6 weeks in these locations. Most attacks occurred while ships were at anchor. (Fri. Nov.19 2004)

12 Nov. 2004 at 0730 LT in position 03:45.5N - 008:59.5E, Cameroon -- 6 pirates in a 6m white speedboat attempted to board supply ship underway. Master increased speed & boat abandoned chase. (Fri. Nov.19 2004)

11 Nov. 2004 at 2230 LT at Chittagong anchorage, Bangladesh --- 6 pirates armed with knives boarded bulk carrier & stole ship's stores. Alert crew raised alarm & robbers jumped overboard. Master informed coast guard which despatched patrol boat. (Fri. Nov.19 2004)

09 Nov. 2004 at 0400 LT at Balikpapan coal terminal, Indonesia -- 3 pirates boarded bulk carrier. Alert crew raised alarm & robbers jumped overboard & escaped in speedboat. (Fri. Nov.19 2004)

Piracy Prone Areas & Current Warnings

S E Asia & Indian Sub Continent

Bangladesh: Chittagong at berth & anchorage.

India: Chennai

Indonesia: Anambas/Natuna Island, Balikpapan, Belawan, Dumai, Gaspar/Bar/Leplia Str, Jakarta (Tg.Priok), Vicinity of Bintan Island

Malacca straits: avoid anchoring along the Indonesian coast of the straits. Coast near Aceh is particularly risky for hijackings.

Malaysia: Sandakan

Singapore Straits

Africa & Red Sea

Gulf of Aden

Somalian Waters:

Eastern & northeastern coasts have been high-risk areas for hijackings. While there have been no recent incidents, ships not making scheduled calls to ports in these areas should stay away from the coast.

West Africa:

Abidjan, Conakry, Dakar, Douala, Lagos, Luanda, Onne, Tema, Warri

South & Central America & Caribbean Waters

Brazil - Belem

Colombia - Mamonal

Haiti - Port Au Prince

Venezuela - Guanta

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1,378 gt M/V Northern Seeker (built 1975), Yumiden for "the German Sector", with oil rig equipment, suffered fire aboard, in lat 55 47.5N, long 03 59.50E -- Mayday relay sent by German oil rig platform. Fishery Protection Vestkysten departed Thyboron & headed for incident location -- fire extinguished by M/V Northern Seeker -- no injuries. Standby safety vessel M/V Esvagt Omega escorted M/V Northern Seeker to Esbjerg, due to maneuvering problems aboard Northern Seeker. Extent of damage unknown. From our correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Thurs.. Nov. 18 2004)

HONORS>> Destroyer HMAS Sydney<<Webfeature, with lost 645 crew -- enters it's 63rd year search for the missing vessel off Western Australia -- attacked by German raider Kormoran<<Webfeature, in Indian Ocean, 240 km south-west of Carnarvon on Nov. 19, 1941. Lost with all hands, location of wreckage remains subject to speculation. Royal Australian Navy today commemorated World War II destruction of HMAS Sydney - 2nd of 4 Australian Navy vessels to bear name - Royal Australian Navy today commemorated with wreath-laying ceremony at Martin Place cenotaph in Sydney. For More Information<<Webfeature. The Official Naval Report <<Webfeature. May this crew find peace. (Thurs.. Nov. 18 2004)

Australian M/V Maysora, with 3,000 Australian cattle stranded 3 weeks at Jordanian port as dispute continues between importers over an Israeli feedlot space. Over 5,500 already offloaded from vessel -- remaining 3,000 have access to feed & water. (Thurs.. Nov. 18 2004)

96mt. Panama registered 2,451gt general cargo M/V Fione (built 1967), French port of Montreuil for Tilbury with 12 crew in ballast -- grounded at Long Nose rocks at Margate, Nov. 17 -- refloated this morning. (Thurs.. Nov. 18 2004)

3,959gt general cargo M/V Eastern Challenger (built 1986), Hong Kong for Korea -- in collision -- with 21,932gt container M/V Rithi Bhum (built 2204), with containers, Singapore for Hong Kong -- - M/V Eastern Challenger sank as result of Nov. 16 incident -- all crew rescued. (Wed. Nov. 17 2004)

17.500 dwt M/T Vicuna (built 1983. ex-Jo Cypress), with 28 crew, loading 11.000 ton methanol at Port Paranagua, Brazil -- exploded broke in two & sank to bottom -- 4 dead & 24 rescued. Superstructure still visible. From our correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. NOTE: We have dramatic photos to be posted soon. (Wed. Nov. 17 2004)

Kolkata Port Trust reports major fire suffered in a three-storeyed warehouse at Netaji Subash docks early today. Fire brought under control after 12 hours. Goods in warehouse included consignments meant for export & imported cargo. Carpets, polythene granules, edible oil & chemicals among cargo destroyed. (Wed. Nov. 17 2004)

Falmouth Coastguard received Nov. 16 request via UK Sailing Academy to assist lone sailor on his capsized 18 foot catamaran, 30 miles off coast of Morocco. The Australian sailing his small craft from Cadiz to the Canaries when capsized in rough seas. Finding himself on capsized hull in dark with only mobile phone & GPS, he called sponsors in UK. Falmouth Coastguard immediately contacted Moroccan Authorities for assistance & put out satellite broadcast to shipping in area requesting help. At 2.10am Nov. 17, the container M/V CMA CGM Rabtat recovered Australian safe & well. (Wed. Nov. 17 2004)

Chinese ferry M/V Liaohai, Yantai for Bohai Bay with 283 passengers & 49 crew -- suffered fire Nov. 16, shortly before entering Dalian in the N.E. Liaoning Province. Vessel evacuated & then ablaze -- 16 injured. From our correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Wed. Nov. 17 2004)

UK 36' steel hulled F/V Jann Denise II, with 2 crew -- Missing -- Humber Coastguard coordinating search of area around Tynemouth covering 60 square miles of sea & requested attendance from Rescue Helicopter 131 from RAF Boulmer, RNLI lifeboats from Tynemouth, Hartlepool & Sunderland and shore search teams from Sunderland Coastguard Rescue Team & Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade -- westerly winds force 6-7 & moderate to rough sea conditions. (Wed. Nov. 17 2004) UPDATE>> Humber Coastguard detected a smell of diesel & possible sonar "object" on the sea bed 4.5. miles from mouth of the Tyne & well within the search area. Absent of any sign of vessel or crew during search, Humber Coastguard have requested side sonar looking equipment from Humberside Police to determine if the object is the Jann Denise II now believed lost with all hands. (Thurs.. Nov. 18 2004)

NOTE>> We're Back From Port of Chicago. New Postings From Nov. 17 - Are Above -- We'll Catch Up From Nov. 14th - Below.
Our Visiting Editor Libby Thompson Has Monitored Vessel Losses For Posting The Complete Updates, Below. McD

Here Are All Reports from 14,15 & 16 Nov. --

Passenger ferry M/V Liaohai, with 273 passengers & 78 vehicles, suffered fire Nov. 16, Yantai City in eastern China's Shandong Province for Dalian -- 2 crew dead. (Tues. Nov. 16 2004)

Tempest At Algiers>> Algerian cargo M/V Bechar sank in high seas & Turkish M/V Wanda ran aground on Nov. 13 -- 100 km (65 mile) an hour winds & meter high waves, making it very difficult for helicopters to rescue anyone -- Algerian rescue services were searching for 17 sailors missing from the vessels on Nov. 14. Algerian transport M/V Batna also ran aground near port, but did not report crew missing or injured. Several other vessels at the port were damaged. From our correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Mon. Nov. 15 2004)

UPDATE>>Operation in search of sailors from sunk M/V Arosa & M/V West dry cargo ships is to end in the Sea of Japan. The 2 crews included 42 Russian sailors. Follow the sory<<Webfeature. (Mon. Nov. 15 2004)

100,4mt Antigua-flag 4.450gt German 518 TEU container M/V Amisia J (ex-Herm J, built 1999), suffered fire Nov. 13 & aground off Norwegian Westcoast near Sande. 14 crew well. From our correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Mon. Nov. 15 2004)

Rhine River Roulette>>As no less than 5 ships involved in collisions on Nov. 12 in dense fog. (Mon. Nov. 15 2004)

80mt M/V Carmen leaking after collidision with M/T Stesa, laden with oil from Dutch port of Terapel, & in collision with 99mt M/T Patric coming from Rotterdam between Leverkusen & Duesseldorf. 2 of 4 crew of M/V Carmen thrown over board, but rescued. M/V Carmen in danger of sinking, but could be salvaged after unloading hundreds of tons of grain. From our correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Mon. Nov. 15 2004)

M/V Monika, Duesseldorf for Kaiserswerth -- in collision -- with tanker -- Capt. of tanker thrown against bulkhead of wheelhouse & injured -- vessel then ran aground. From our correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Mon. Nov. 15 2004)

Mystery submarine detected in Israeli territorial waters Nov. 10 -- foreign vessel on spying mission, 5km inside northernmost limit of Israel's territorial waters, & 18km (11 miles) from Mediterranean coast -- submarine spotted as it entered Israeli waters but not made public. Only Arab neighbor to have fleet submarines is Egypt, which signed peace agreement with Jewish state in 1979. (Mon. Nov. 15 2004)

Russian transport M/V Obayatelny of the Arctic, with fish, Island Shikotan of Kurile Islands for Vladivostok -- main engine failed 20 miles off coast of Primorye Territory -- despite rough seas, rescue ship M/V Grif managed to take in tow. M/V Grif prenstly leading tow to Vladivostok. Transport ships M/V West & M/V Arosa sank in similar conditions on Nov. 2 2004. From 42 crew of both transport ships -- 9 saved, 20 killed & fate of 13 sailors remains unclear. Ships along coast of the Primorye territory are continuing search of those lost in wreckage area of M/V West & M/V Arosa. (Mon. Nov. 15 2004)

Carnival Cruise Lines M/V Holiday lost engine power -- in collision -- with pilings along Mobile River -- coming up Mobile River before dawn Nov. 13 morning -- in middle of turn to head back to its berth at new cruise terminal, ship's starboard engine & bow thruster died -- despite being aided by tug -- cruise ship collided bow-on with pilings. Divers inspected below waterline --nothing wrong eccept buffet disruption.. (Mon. Nov. 15 2004)

Chilean flagged M/T Vicuna, loading at Brazil's main grains port of Paranagua in S. state of Parana -- exploded -- while loading methanol next to state oil company Petrobras' terminal where there are many fuel tanks. "Flames could be seen from a long way off," said port spokesman (Mon. Nov. 15 2004) UPDATE>> 6 dead. (Mon. Nov. 15 2004pm)

U.S. F/V Melissa Jayne -- issued Mayday by satellite phone at 3:15 a.m. to report crew member had compound fracture to ankle. U.S. Coast Guard helicopter flew to vessel's location 128 miles E. of Chatham -- airlifted Mr. Alfredo Rivas to Cape Cod Hospital in Hyannis. Scene of rescue were 40 knots, with seas of 18 feet. (Sun. Nov. 14 2004)

Algerian registered cargo M/V Bechar, with 20 crew -- sank in 100 km (65 mile) winds in E. Algerian waters -- 2 bodies recovered -- 18 mising. (Sun. Nov. 14 2004)

P&O cruise M/V Pacific Sky -- from Brisbane more than 15 hours late after being delayed by swarm of jellyfish -- ship's engine clogged with jellyfish, trapping vessel at Pinkenba port. (Sun. Nov. 14 2004)

Florida's Sanibel Island drawbridge shut down for 3 hours Nov. 13 morning, because Capt. of barge lost control of vessel & hit causeway -- 60-foot barge with crane & several construction pilings couldn't get under bridge. No injuries. (Sun. Nov. 14 2004)

READERS NOTE>> All Postings Above Are Reconstructed frm Nov. 14 To Nov. 16, By Our Visiting Editor Libby Thompson of The Cargo Letter During Our Nov. Chicago trip. Thanks Libby!

Dutch oil M/T Arctica -- S.E. of Landsort in Stockholm archipelago -- Master lost over board -- helicopter & rescue boats searching, it is 6 degrees C in water & theoretical survival is up to 3 hours -- search ceased. From our correspondant Per-Åke Kvick. (Sat. Nov. 13 2004)

South Korean cargo M/V Marine Osaka, with 16 crew -- crashed into breakwater near Port Hokkaido, 850km N. of Tokyo - almost split in two after crash -- 6 crew dead & 1 missing. (Fri. Nov. 12 2004)

Korean 129gt F/V -- struck by crane 40 nautical miles off Hong Island, South Jeolla Province, Japan -- 3 crew who had fallen into comas died while being treated in hospital. (Fri. Nov. 12 2004)

U.S. tug M/V Spence & container barge Guantanamo Bay Express suffered casualty as line (tow bridle) parted Nov. 11 morning -- tow outbound on St. Johns River near Jacksonville Florida. Barge Guantanamo Bay Express then drifted & grounded along Jetties breakwall. No pollution. Titan Marine Salvage<<Webfeature, will try to remove barge Nov 12th night at high tide. No marine traffic disrupted. From our correspondant Brian Henesey. (Fri. Nov. 12 2004)


08 Nov. 2004 at 0300 LT in position 01:36.0S - 117:01.6E, off Balikpapan, Indonesia. D/O onboard tanker underway noticed 3 suspicious unlit crafts. Upon investigation he found that crafts were speedboats with masked men inside & they were trying to board from starboard quarter. D/O switched on deck lights and raised alarm. Upon noticing crew alertness boats reduced speed & moved away. (Fri. Nov. 12 2004)

07 Nov. 2004 at 0105 LT in position 05:06S - 117:23.5E, off Sunda Islands, Java Sea, Indonesia -- 4 pirates armed with long knives & dressed in black clothes approached a bulk carrier underway from speedboat. One pirate boarded ship at starboard quarter poop deck. Master raised alarm, took evasive maneuvers, crew mustered & switched on deck lights -- pirate jumped overboard. Speedboat then returned to its mother vessel. (Fri. Nov. 12 2004)

06. Nov. 2004 at 0345 UTC at Callao anchorage, Peru -- pirate boarded tanker at forecastle -- stole ship's stores & escaped. (Fri. Nov. 12 2004)

05 Nov. 2004 at 0410 LT at Balikpapan anchorage, Indonesia -- pirates armed with long knives boarded bulk carrier -- broke into forecastle locker & stole ship's stores. Crew raised alarm -- robbers escaped. (Fri. Nov. 12 2004)

05 Nov. 2004 at 0005 LT at Taboneo - Banjarmasin anchorage, Indonesia -- 3 pirates armed with knives attempted to board bulk carrier via anchor chain. Alert crew raised alarm & activated fire hoses & boarding averted. (Fri. Nov. 12 2004)

03 Nov. 2004 at 1900 LT in position: 05:02N - 099:11E, Malacca straits. Several look alike fishing boats followed tug towing oil rig. One boat came close & pirates inside started shooting causing extensive damage to navigation equipment, bridge windows & superstructure. In response -- tug's crew switched on lights, activated fire hoses & fired 3 rocket flares. Pirates continued to fire with automatic weapons & came within 50 meters. Tug then took evasive maneuvers & pirates moved away. No physical injuries to crew but they were shaken -- all changed underwear. (Fri. Nov. 12 2004)

03 Nov. 2004 at 1815 UTC in position 01:34S - 117:13E, Balikpapan anchorage, Indonesia -- 3 pirates armed with long knives boarded general cargo ship -- took duty A/B as hostage. -- stole 2 life rafts & escaped. (Fri. Nov. 12 2004)

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5,974gt M/V Pauwgracht (built 1986), Port Lincoln, Australia for Taiwan & Japan with barley -- suffered collapsewd stow when ship's buklhead collapsed during loading of 6000 M/T of Barley -- internal structure failed -- scheduled to carry both Barley & consignment of sand in 3 separate compartments separated by bulkheads consisting of wooden planks. (Thurs. Nov. 11 2004)

On The Anniversary of Her Sinking>> M/V Edmund Ftzgerald Building Gallery (Thurs. Nov. 11 2004)

German yacht S/V Moonstrike, sailing single-handed from Chichester, UK (where he purchased her) to Dover via Newhaven -- rowed to shore -- exhausted knocked on door of couple at Greatstone at 1.00 am today --asked for help saying vessel had sunk. Dover Coastguard located vessel aground -- refloated & towed to Dover. Capt. shocked & hypothermic with broken rib. (Wed. Nov. 10 2004)

Submarine intruded Japanese territorial waters near S.W. Okinawa Prefecture on Nov. 10 morning is highly likely to be a Chinese nuclear-powered submarine, Japan Defense Agency said. (Wed. Nov. 10 2004) UPDATE>> Beijing said her submarine on a training mission, & for "technical reasons," ventured into Japanese waters. (Mon. Nov. 15 2004)

11-meter Irish F/V Emerald Dawn, with 2 crew departed Kilkeel harbor this morning -- no further word. Vessel missing, despite search. (Wed. Nov. 10 2004) UPDATE>> Following extensive search over 1400 square miles of sea, 1 survivor from the missing F/V Emerald Dawn found alive in life raft -- 2nd crew missing & search continues. (Thurs. Nov. 11 2004)

ALERT>>Suez Canal reopened to shipping Nov. 9 after tugs moved grounded 154,000dwt oil Liberian-flag M/T Tropic Brilliance that had caused the longest stoppage in almost 30 years in the strategic waterway. (See Nov. 7 For Full Story.) (Wed. Nov. 10 2004)

Norwegian M/V Menominee, with lumber for Toledo & Green Bay -- hit wall at Beauharnois Nov. 9, Montreal, causing a 30 foot by 3 foot gash on port side above waterline. Cause not determined M/V Menominee escorted back to Montreal sec 44 by the Groupe Ocean tug M/V Laprairie. Repairs are underway by Mount Royal Walsh Marine & should be complete in 5 days. Photo of Damage. (Wed. Nov. 10 2004)

13 m Austrian veteran tug M/V Grein (just rebuilt as nostalgic pleasure boat in 2004), with 6 crew, -- in collision -- with German M/V Meister 2, on late Nov. 4. M/V Grein broke in 2 & sank immediately on Nov. 4 to bottom of river Donau<<Webfeature, close to Austrian capital Vienna -- 2 dead & 4 missing. From our correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Tues. Nov. 9 2004) UPDATE>> M/V Grein raised from bottom of the river Donau. Despite expectations none of 4 missing passengers found inside wreck -- towed for further inspection on deck of barge to Kuchelau harbor. From our correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Wed. Nov. 10 2004)

North Korean passenger M/V Sontong-5, with 24 North Korean citizens -- aground in Bay of Kitovy, N.W. of Iturup Island in Sea of Okhotsk. -- stranded on sand 80m off coast -- stands right on keel with no holes in hull -- crew apparently waiting for good weather to take leave of vessel. Radio communication with M/V Sontong 5 crew is impossible, as none speak English or French & nobody on Iturup Island speaks Korean. Strong winds (up to 15m a second) still blowing & high waves of 1.5-2 meters rise at accident site N.. of Iturup Island -- prevents tow ships or small boats from approaching rescue vessels. From our correspondant Fred McCague. (Tues. Nov. 9 2004)

UDATE>>18 More bodies located from tragic losses of M/V Arosa & M/V West. Follow the sory<<Webfeature. (Tues. Nov. 9 2004)

Indian cargo M/V Sher-e-Hind, ex-M/V Porbandar in Gujarat for with 550 tons rice & 19 crew -- in collision -- with wreckage of another ship & broke down near Sikatra island, very close to Somalian coast -- capsized & sank in Arabian Sea off Somalia, Africa -- 8 crew managed to swim to safety while whereabouts of 11 other crew reported to be on rescue boats -- uncertain. (Mon. Nov. 8 2004)

19gt F/V Suehiro Maru No. 55, with 8 crew -- in collision on Nov. 5 -- with 612gt gravel M/V Myoetsu Maru No. 18 -- in open sea in the Sea of Japan -- F/V Suehiro Maru No. 55 sank with 1 dead & 4 missing. Sea relatively calm. (Mon. Nov. 8 2004)

4.9gt F/V Fukusho Maru -- in collision & capsized -- with 8,273gt South Korean cargo ship, with 16 crew, 9km W. of Awaji Island in Hyogo Prefecture at 4:30 a.m. -- owner of F/V Fukusho Maru rescued 2 hrs. later in critical condition. (Mon. Nov. 8 2004)

Liberian-registered M/T Tropic Brilliance, with 85,000 tons of fuel, suffered engine failure early Nov. 7 -- 45 miles S. of Mediterranean coastal city of Port Said -- blocking passage of 40 ships & forcing closure of Suez Canal, strategic Egyptian waterway --10 tankers traveling south on the canal are stuck behind M/T Tropic, while another 30 ships bound for Mediterranean also forced to wait. Suez Canal, which opened in 1869, is one of Egypt's main foreign currency earners. It was closed after the June 1967 Mideast war & reopened in 1975 by late President Anwar Sadat. (Sun. Nov. 7 2004)

UK F/V Venture, with 4 crew -- issued SOS early Nov. 7, 14 miles north west of the Shetland mainland in North Sea -- rescue helicopter from Sumburgh flew to scene & tug from Sella Ness also responded to call -- helicopter lowered pump to extract water flooding hold &tug escorted F/V Venture back to Colla Firth Pier. All safe. (Sun. Nov. 7 2004)

Empire Tug's 13-metre tug M/V Manson (built 1970), with 2 barges & 2 crew north from New Westminster for Texada Island -- sank in heavy seas & 60km winds in the Strait of Georgia between Vancouver Island & the Lower Mainland, British Columbia. Satellite picked up SOS beacon at 3a.m. Nov. 6, from an south of Texada, near Thormanby Island. Rescue crews tried to contact but had no luck. Crew missing. (Sun. Nov. 7 2004) UPDATE>> Searchers gave up hope of finding 2 crew whose tug M/V Manson sank off coast of Texada Island -- focus shifted to trying to retrieve bodies & salvage M/V Manson. From our correspondant Fred McCague. (Tues. Nov. 9 2004)

612-ton cargo M/V Myoetsu Maru No. 18 -- in collision with -- 19-ton F/V Suehiro Maru No. 55 in Sea of Japan off Tomamae town 150km N of Sapporo in NW Hokkaido -- F/V Suehiro Maru No. 55 capsized -- 4 of 8 crew missing. (Sat. Nov. 6 2004)

Antigua & Barbuda registered 10,917gt M/V Milena, Singapore for Bombay with 574 containers Nov. 4 -- ran aground 18KM S. of Singapore. (Sat. Nov. 6 2004)

Mercy Ships<<Webfeature, 51-year-old relief mission 522-foot vessel M/V Anastasis -- sustained damage to bow & forward water tank in collision with docking pier at Benin,<<Webfeature, Africa, on Nov. 1. (Sat. Nov. 6 2004)

55-foot Colombian-flagged F/V Aventurero engaged in possible refueling operation with a "go-fast vessel" 270 NM north of Galapagos Islands early Nov. 3 morning. Honolulu-based Coast Guard Cutter USCGC Rush (WHEC-723)<<Webfeature, discovered refueling operation -- go-fast tried to flee scene at speeds up to 30-knots -- Coast Guard crew fired warning shots & disabled the go-fast with rounds to engine compartment. Boarding team from USCGC Rush, searched go-fast vessel & discovered 91 bales of cocaine totaling approximately 4,835 pounds -- street value of the cocaine is about US$43M -- master claimed legitimate fishing trip, but U.S. Coast Guard found only 2 fish, & inoperable fishing gear aboard. This is 2nd drug bust in U.S. Coast Guard's Pacific Theater of operations for this fiscal year, bringing the total to approximately 17,435 pounds. U.S. Coast Guard set new records in fiscal year 2004, seizing US$7.8Bn in cocaine. (Sat. Nov. 6 2004)

Royal Caribbean 916-foot cruise M/V Enchantment of the Seas<<Webfeature, at berth in Key West<<Webfeature, with 2,040 passengers (eating breakfast) & 741 crew -- in collision with 80 feet by 100 feet wide dredging barge under tow by tug M/V Huey L. Cheramie -- caused 8ft. gash above water line in forward port side -- patch welded so vessel may make way for for Cozumel. U.S. Navy is overseeing a US$32M, 18-month dredging project to deepen Key West's Outer Mole Pier shipping channel area -- project will allow U.S. Navy to bring destroyers & other large ships into channel. No injuries, except for omlet-in-the-lap dry cleaning. (Fri. Nov. 5 2004)

9,475 container M/V Da Qng He (built 1996), Taiwan for Tianjin & Japan with dangerous chemicals (Furfuryl alcohol<<Webfeature.) -- in head on collision Oct. 31 -- with local trading vessel M/V Xin Fudaon departing Tianjin port. M/V Da Qng He currently off loading damaged containers at Tianjin port. (Fri. Nov. 5 2004)

Russian 355-foot Galveston outbound M/V SCM Athina, with containers & 16 crew -- slammed into unmanned natural gas platform High Island 207 (owned by Houston-based EOG Resources Inc.) in Gulf of Mexico & sparked fire on platform 17 miles off Galveston -- blaze seen from shore -- High Island 207 sustained significant damage. Platform is a transfer point for various pipelines. By mid-morning, fire suppressed, officials said all lines connected to platform secured. No injuries. (Fri. Nov. 5 2004)

19-ton F/V Suehiro Maru No. 55, Tomamae Port for Teshio Port on fishing trip with 8 crew -- in collision with -- 612-ton gravel-carrier M/V Myoetsu Maru No. 18 in Sea of Japan off Tomamae<<Webfeature. All 8 crew of of M/V Suehiro Maru No. 55 thrown into sea -- vessel sank shortly after accident -- 4 missing. (Fri. Nov. 5 2004)


31 Oct. 2004 at 2150 UTC at Santan anchorage, Indonesia. A 10 meter wooden boat, white in color with green hull, approached LPG tanker & 1 pirate armed with a knife boarded. He lowered one life raft into water. Alert crew raised alarm & lowered lifeboat to recover life raft. Pirate jumped overboard & escapePatrol boat came for investigation. (Fri. Nov. 5 2004)

31 Oct 2004 at 0230 LT at Banjarmasin anchorage, Indonesia. Six pirates tried to board bulk carrier via anchor chain. Alert crew raised alarm & boarding was averted. (Fri. Nov. 5 2004)

31 Oct. 2004 at 0145 UTC at Lagos port, Nigeria. Group of pirates boarded bulk carrier at berth #13 & tried to steal cargo of rice. D/O raised alarm &informed port control. Crew mustered & fired flares. Port police came at 0400 LT but robbers already fled. (Fri. Nov. 5 2004)

30 Oct. 2004 at 0140 LT at Maracaibo anchorage, Venezuela. A pirate boarded bulk carrier at forecastle via anchor chain. Alert duty a/b raised alarm & robber escaped in waiting boat. (Fri. Nov. 5 2004)

28 Oct. 2004 at 1945 LT in position 00:00.02N - 117:36.09E, Bontang anchorage, Indonesia. Six pirates armed with knives boarded bulk carrier. Robbers attacked a crew with knives causing him injuries. Alert crew mustered & robbers jumped overboard empty handed. (Fri. Nov. 5 2004)

28 Oct. 2004 at 0950 UTC in position 12:33.0N - 045:14.7E, Gulf of Aden -- 3 boats doing over 18 kts with 3 persons in each boat approached bulk carrier underway. Boats crossed ship's bow & attempted to come alongside. When boats came close master raised alarm & took evasive maneuvers. Crew mustered & activated fire hoses -- boats moved away. (Fri. Nov. 5 2004)

28 Oct. 2004 at 0320 LT in position 06:41.7S - 039:27.3E, outer roads Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. About 15 pirates in long boat approached container ship awaiting berthing -- 3 pirates armed with knives boarded at forecastle & stole cargo from 2 containers on deck. Duty a/b raised alarm & crew mustered. Robbers jumped overboard & escaped with ship's stores & stolen cargo. Port control informed. (Fri. Nov. 5 2004)

27 Oct. 2004 at 0145 UTC in position 01:45N - 102:40E, Malacca straits. Five persons dressed in black clothes in 2 speedboats attempted to board reefer ship underway from starboard quarter. Master raised alarm & took evasive maneuvers. Crew mustered, switched on deck lights & activated fire hoses. Attempted boarding averted. (Fri. Nov. 5 2004)

27 Oct. 2004 at 0145 LT at Dumai anchorage, Indonesia -- pirates boarded chemical tanker at poop deck. Duty A/B raised alarm & robbers jumped overboard -- escaped empty handed. (Fri. Nov. 5 2004)

26 Oct. 2004 at 1925 UTC at Dumai anchorage, Indonesia -- pirates boarded tanker. Alert crew raised alarm & activated fire hoses & robbers fled. (Fri. Nov. 5 2004)

26 Oct. 2004 at 0905 LT in position 05:30.0N - 097:31.2E, northern entrance of Malacca Straits. Four grey-green colored speedboats approached container ship from port bow whilst another 4 boats approached from starboard quarter. There were several persons inside the boats dressed in black clothes. Master raised alarm, took evasive maneuvers & increased speed -- crew activated fire hoses. Boats aborted attempt & fled. (Fri. Nov. 5 2004)

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P&O cruise ship M/V Pacific Sky, to sea with 1,500 passengers on 12-day cruise but 350 nautical miles into trip engine trouble struck, reducing power & forcing ship to return to origin port of Brisbane. (Thurs. Nov. 4 2004)

M/V Wilhelmsen Tampa, boarded & searched at Port of Los Angeles Nov. 2 -- Norway's Mr. Wilh Wilhelmsen upset & filed a complaint with U.S. officials through Norway's Foreign Ministry. We say Wilh needs to take a breath, chill & get with the program. The fact that U.S. Coast Guard had reason to suspect a problem to the point of gathering a Strike Team -- should suggest a need to cooperate. Once cleared, there was no problem. (Thurs. Nov. 4 2004)

38,995gt bulk M/V Red Fern (built 1998), Argentina for India, with unknown bulk cargo, aground off Balikpapan<<Webfeature, Indonesia -- still aground despite efforts to refloat her. Salvors contracted under LOF to assist. (Wed. Nov. 3 2004)

UPDATE>>Rescuers spotted bodies of 13 more seamen from M/V Arosa &M/V West that sank off Russian Maritime region on Nov. 2 --bodies now being recovered from sea. Earlier on Nov. 9, 5 more bodies found & retrieved from the Sea of Japan. Not yet clear to which of 2 ships the seamen belonged. (Tues. Nov. 9 2004) These Losses Posted Just Below --

Cambodian flagged Russian M/V Arosa, with 15 crew & 4,000 tons coal, sank 46 km off Russian Pacific coast, Nov. 2 -- Capt. & 6 crew suffered injuries -- rescued by Russian military helicoper -- brought to hospital in Wladiwostok -- 1 dead, 7 missing -- search continues. From our correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Wed. Nov. 3 2004 -UPDATED) UPDATE>>Operation in search of sailors from sunk M/V Arosa & M/V West dry cargo ships is to end in the Sea of Japan. The 2 crews included 42 Russian sailors. (Mon. Nov. 15 2004)

Mongolia flagged M/V West (built 1970), Primorje for Japan with 27 crew & wood, sank 40 miles off Primorye Krai territory coast<<Webfeature. Capt. sent SOS signal 10:40 p.m. LT Nov. 2 -- deckcargo of wood shifted in storm -- Vladivostok rescue center responded -- sighted by Russian Navy -- crew missing.. (Wed. Nov. 3 2004) From our correspondants Onno Miedema & Tim Schwabedissen. (Thurs. Nov. 4 2004 -UPDATED) UPDATE>> 4 life rafts cast from vessel -- 1 found unopened & another turned upside down & empty --search for 4th raft continues. on Nov. 4 , at a distance of 20 miles from where life rafts were found, tug M/V Grif lifted aboard M/V West's mechanic Safar Dzhanmerzoyev & 2 dead sailors but failed to lift them on board. (Fri. Nov. 5 2004) UPDATE>>Operation in search of sailors from sunk M/V Arosa & M/V West dry cargo ships is to end in the Sea of Japan. The 2 crews included 42 Russian sailors. (Mon. Nov. 15 2004)

44-foot F/V Canadian Mist from South Thomaston, Maine, sent distress call -- boat taking on water off Nantucket - communications lost -- vessel sank -- U.S. Coast Guard helicopter & Falcon jet sent to scene & located the 4 crew at 11:30 a.m. in life raft 32 miles SE of Nantucket -- all 4 crew airlifted to U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Cape Cod, where treated for mild hypothermia & in good condition. Water temperature 53 degrees, with 12-15 foot seas. (Wed. Nov. 3 2004)

American-flagged 281-foot M/T Kristin Poling, New York, for Oceanside, Long Island, N.Y., grounded in Newak Bay during low tide -- freed itself 3 hours later as tide rose -- escorted by U.S. Coast Guard vessel to dry dock in Staten Island, N.Y., where divers will assess repairs. (Mon. Nov. 1 2004)

Vessel containing hydrogen sulfide<<Webfeature, at oil refinery at Daqing field in Heilongjiang province<<Webfeature, in NE China -- as 7 workers carrying out repairs sufferd explosion after fire broke -- 2 workers killed immediately while bodies of remaining 5 workers found inside vessel. (Mon. Nov. 1 2004)

Philippine M/V Trans Asia, Cebu City for Cagayan de Oro<<Webfeature, with 426 passengers went into panic when lights went out for an hour with heat & smoke coming from ship's engine room -- broke down in open water -- approaching Minalon, Siquijor. Ship brought back to Cebu City using coastguards' tugs in area. This time a Philippine ferry cost no lives. (Mon. Nov. 1 2004)

F/V Hall Point responded to U.S. Coast Guard Urgent Marine Information Broadcast (UMIB) -- came on scene to assist capsized F/V Blue Fin, her 2 crew equipped with life vests, clung to overturned vessel for 20 min. Skipper Don Munhoven of F/V Blue Fin pulled crew aboad, including his son Don Munhoven Jr. F/V Blue Fin attempted to re-right capsized vessel, but a line became fouled in F/V Hall Point's propeller. F/V Blue Fin remains in Revillagigedo Channel as a hazard to navigation -- awaiting arrival of 47-foot motor life boat from U.S. Coast Guard Station Ketchikan<<Webfeature, Alaska. (Mon. Nov. 1 2004)

Vessel Loss Dispatches For October 2004

"Coal Face" - the cargo was danger - July 2004

"Singles Only" - single photos of disaster -- always new.

SPECIAL NOTE>>> WE'RE BACK FROM AFRICA! See Our Sept. 30 Arrival! <<Click Here To See What You MIssed!

Ferry with 78 passengers in river in North Bangui<<Webfeature, capital of Central African Republic<<Webfeature,-- sank -- 50 killed & 28 rescued from vessel, though remaining total passengers remain unaccounted for. Rescue operations ongoing. No cause yet found, but an abnormally strong wind suspected. (Sun. Oct. 31 2004)

Massacre>> Lightering vessel Al-Samit-3, with 13 crew at outer anchorage of the Chittagong port -- stormed by 20 pirates at 7:00pm & looted ropes, tents, gas cylinders, mobile phones & cash from crew at gunpoint -- all 13 crew injured as they tried to resist -- taken to Chittagong Medical College Hospital in critical condition. Vessel went to outer anchorage in afternoon for lightering cement clinker from mother vessel. (Sun. Oct. 31 2004)

Darwin-based Australian frigate HMAS Geraldton<<Webfeature, berthed at Sihanoukville in Cambodia -- when freak tropical storm with 40 knot winds & 2m waves hit -- slammed her into wharf. None of the 11 crew on board at the time were injured. Suffered nearly US$500,000 damage. (Sun. Oct. 31 2004)

66,433gt, China Shipping Uk Ltd. 280m, container M/V XIN QING DAO, Malta (Valetta) for Felixstowe -- Storm Force 11 , 30 meter seas & 30 degree rolling -- 31 laden 40' containers lost overboard & another 29 damaged off Brittany, night of Oct. 27, 2004. (Sun. Oct. 31 2004)

Stena fast ferry M/V HSS Explorer, with 400 passengers, returned to Holyhead on Oct. 28 after sustaining damage 30 minutes into its journey to Ireland. Stena Line said ferry returned to port as precaution -- passengers were not in any danger-- sailings cancelled Oct. 29 while the ship awaited repair. (Sat. Oct.30 2004)

She is Now Lost>> M/V BBC China, went aground at Port Grosvenor<<Webfeature, on the Wild Coast 2 on Sept. 16, will not be refloated. Smit Pentow Marine, company responsible for salvage work on vessel, says ship declared a wreck because of extensive damage suffered. Pounding waves & rocky shoreline have taken toll & decision taken to write her off. Next move to decide on possible removal of larger structures aboard -- 29 tons of heavy fuel so far been pumped out. Some paint cargo & 40 sealed lead batteries taken ashore by helicopter -- 7 meter swells broke over ship & 2 containers washed overboard earlier this week -- small dinghy from ship ripped apart & vital salvage equipment lost. FOLLOW OUR STORY OF M/V BBC China MARITIME DISASTER.<<Webfeature. (Fri. Oct. 29 2004)

Trawler F/V Kawsara returning to Cox's Bazar<<Webfeature, Bagladesh after fishing -- 9 out of 14 crew killed by pirates -- stealing caught fish -- on Oct. 28 -- pirates abandoned vessel after looting stock of fish worth about Tk 3 lakh. (Fri. Oct. 29 2004)

Belize-registered 2,000-ton, 80 meter cargo M/V See Brise -- dragged anchor & stranded on rocks in Kinsale Harbor<<Webfeature. Ireland on Oct. 28 -- now re-floated & transported to harbor, where salvage experts assessing damage. (Fri. Oct. 29 2004)

830-foot cargo M/V Hebi No. 1 -- declared emergency for injured crew 120 miles off coast on border between Washington & Oregon -- U.S. Coast Guard HH-60 Jayhawk helicopter launched, but average range for Jayhawk helicopter 200 miles with air support -- so -- M/V Hebi No. 1 turned about & headed for Northwest's coastline -- crew taken back to U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Astoria<<Webfeature, where emergency medical technicians waiting. Surgical precision for the U.S. Coast Guard. (Fri. Oct. 29 2004)


23 Oct. 2004 at 0240 UTC in position 05:54N - 096:19E, Northern tip of Sumatra, Indonesia -- 4 boats with armed pirates approached container ship at speed. Crew mustered & activated fire hoses -- ship increased speed & boats retreated. (Fri. Oct. 29 2004)

23 Oct. 2004 at 1130 LT in position 02:57S - 107:18E, 3 miles W. of Mendanau island, Gelasa straits, Indonesia -- 6 armed pirates wearing masks & black clothes in a grey colored speedboat approached bulk carrier underway -- fired gun shots at superstructure & ordered ship to stop. Master raised alarm, sounded ship's whistle & took evasive maneuvers. Pirates aborted attempt & fled. (Fri. Oct. 29 2004)

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Norwegian submarine KN Utstein, on UK military training exercise off west coast -- in collision - with Norwegian M/T Kilstraum, in ballast,18 miles off Lewis at 3:50am Sept. 30. No injuries. M/T Kilstraum continued journey from Liverpool to Norway. (Thurs. Oct. 28 2004)

Trans Asia Shipping Lines M/V Trans Asia 1, Cagayan de Oro City for Cebu City with 426 passengers & 42 crew, suffered engine room fire off Minalunan Point, Siquijor, Philippines -- no injuries -- fire damaged only auxiliary engine -- fire under control after 30 minutes. (Thurs. Oct. 28 2004)

U.S. Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) will promulgate Notice of Proposed Rulemaking which would allow non-vessel-operating common carriers (NVOCCs) to offer NVOCC Service Arrangements (NSAs). NSAs would be individually-negotiated contracts between NVOCCs & their shipper-customers. Such NSAs would be exempt from tariff publication requirements of the Shipping Act of 1984. Copies of the otherwise confidential NSAs would have to be filed with the FMC to ensure compliance with other applicable provisions of the law. In related action, the FMC voted to issue a final rule regarding ocean common carrier & marine terminal operator agreements. AT LAST. (Wed. Oct. 27 2004)

UK 18.2 meter F/V Boy Shane, with 7 crew, drifting 31 miles West of Orkney near Sule Skerry after ropes caught in propeller -- Shetland Coastguard requested attendance of RNLI all weather lifeboat from Stromness -- able to connect tow to drifting vessel -- now on route back to Stromness -- estimated arrival time of midnight. (Wed. Oct. 27 2004)

14,141gt M/V Stepan (Built 1980) out of Amsterdam with "Apatites"<<Webfeature, -- wrenched from anchor & driven on rocks in area of Cape Lodeyny -- took water & sank Oct. 2. (Wed. Oct. 27 2004)

Norwegian M/T Bergitta, with 100.000 tons oil for Dutch port of Rotterdam -- in collision -- with 21.584grt Panamaian, Mediterranean Shipping Company chartered M/V MSC Eyra (ex-Kapitan Kozlovsky) (built 1982) on Oct. 25 between Danish islands Seeland & Fuenen in Baltic S. of Great Belt Bridge. Vessels hit port to starboard -- as they changed course at last minute. M/T Bergitta after inspection allowed to resume her voyage. From our correspondants Tim Schwabedissen & Per-Åke Kvick. (Wed. Oct. 27 2004)

52,090gt M/V Ever Dynamic (Built 1998), with containers, suffered engine room fire Oct. 20 at public bertyh at Osaka --damage to main engine & generator. (Wed. Oct. 27 2004)

15,938gt M/V Chainat Navee (Built 1978), out of Singapore -- suffered fire in #3 hold Oct. 20, outside Port of Hull, UK -- major damage suffered by cargo before fire extinguished by UK firefighters. (Wed. Oct. 27 2004)

75,484gt M/V NYK Argus (Built 2004), with containers -- suffered fire #3 hold off Algeria -- hold sealed -- vessel proceeding to Europe. (Wed. Oct. 27 2004)

Maritime Tip of The Day: Stay out of that #3 hold.

U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Traverse City & Station Manistee searched for the source of reported commercial vessel on fire in the middle of northern Lake Michigan Oct. 12 -- received report from FAA Minneapolis of large commercial vessel afire. First reported by commercial jetliner flying at 12,000 feet --2nd report came from small aircraft 50nm away. FAA diverted a 3rd commercial flight to pinpoint location while HH-65 from Air Station Traverse City & 47-foot small boat from Station Manistee proceeded to the last known position. 3rd aircraft provided accurate latitude & longitude of vessel placing it closer to shore near Manistee, MI. M/V Saginaw located in that approximate position & found no distress. Case suspended based on probable false alarm, smoke from vessel's stack in extremely clear visibility. (Tues. Oct. 26 2004)

F/V San Rochelle, with 3 crew, suffered fire -- New Zealand Air Force Orion found lifeboat after crew made distress call to MSA's maritime operations center -- Orion tracked boat to emergency locator beacon & guided Auckland Westpac Rescue helicopter to lifeboat to pick up crew. (Tues. Oct. 26 2004)

United Arab Emirates-flagged M/T Zirku, off Western Australia -- suffered crew injury with 2 compound fractures in right leg when drum fell while he was working on deck 2 days ago. (Tues. Oct. 26 2004)

Greek flagged oil 148m M/T Hellas Renaissance in Torres Strait, Australia -- suffered loss of pilot from Pilot Boat M/V The Alert during pilot transfer -- 55-year-old pilo fell overboard -- crushed between ships. (Tues. Oct. 26 2004)

Sloop USS Constellation<<Webfeature,-- moved to U.S. Naval Academy<<Webfeature, at Annapolis by tugboats -- 1st voyage to academy -- 6 day visit is part of celebration of 150th anniversary of Constellation, launched in 1854. U.S. Naval Academy band greeted ship when it docked on the Severn River at Annapolis. (Tues. Oct. 26 2004)

Yacht S/V Spirit, with 15 crew, formerly America's Cup contender S/V Spirit of Australia<<Webfeature, -- sailing on Sydney Harbor suffered embarrassing accident -- running into rocks at base of Sydney Opera House<<Webfeature, -- spent morning sailing harbor but 1:00pm AEST tacked too close to world famous landmark & tore off vessel's keel -- capsized her -- impaled on top of Opera House light fitting -- some crew thrown overboard. No injuries, but some early bird tickets to Opera House released. (Mon. Oct. 25 2004)

French frigate FS Surcouf (FS 711) <<Webfeature, rescued crew of Panamanian flagged M/V Sara 2, with16 crew, -- aground on reef off coast of Yemen Oct. 14. FS Surcouf part of coalition Task Force (TF) 150<<Webfeature, a multinational force comprising key element of Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Central Command/Commander, U.S. 5th Fleet<<Webfeature, contribution to campaign against Int'l terrorism & conducting Expanded Maritime Interception Operations (EMIO) in Horn of Africa region. Thanks France! (Mon. Oct. 25 2004)

Two-deck ferry M/V Sadia in collision with M/V Niharika, with 50 passengers Barisal for local town Potakhali in Barisal district, on Bishkhali River in southern Bangladesh 120km S. of capital Dhaka-- smaller M/V Niharika -- 15 missing. M/V Niharika capsized & sank. (Mon. Oct. 25 2004)

Shipwreck: Cuba said that US$ dollars no longer accepted at island businesses & stores in dramatic change in how commercial transactions have been done for more than decade. Resolution announced Oct. 25 by Cuba's Central Bank seemed aimed at finding new sources for foreign reserves & regain more control over economy as the U.S. government steps up efforts to prevent dollars from reaching island as part of strategy to undermine Fidel Castro's government. (Mon. Oct. 25 2004)

15m trimaran S/V Traveller -- suffered loss of skipper 105nm E of North Stradbroke Island<<Webfeature, New South Wales, Australia, 2.30pm on Oct. 23 -- fell from bow -- mate threw out raft -- lost sight. Queensland Rescue Helicopter chief aircrew officer Brett Mitchell said haze hampered search & chances weren't rated highly -- but helicopter dropped down to look for buoys they had thrown out -- saw the raft &endash; 100nm E of North Stradbroke Island 10.30am, Oct. 24. Rescued & returned. (Mon. Oct. 25 2004)

Murmansk Sea Shipping Company's M/V Stepan Razin ran aground at mouth of Kola Bay<<Webfeature. on Oct. 23 - all 23 crew safe. (Mon. Oct. 25 2004)

Pitcairn Island<<Webfeature -- 5 of 7 men charged with sex crimes found guilty today, including island's mayor, Steve Christian -- will be sentenced later this week, however guilty will remain free at least until New Year -- found guilty of 5 counts of rape against island girls as young as 12. The 7 men - among population of 47 inhabitants on tiny British territory halfway between New Zealand & South America - faced total of 55 charges, some dating back 40 years. Lawyers will argue before Privy Council<<Webfeature, in London that England does not have legal jurisdiction over tiny island settled in 1790 by Fletcher Christian & his mutineers on board HMS Bounty<<Webfeature -- mutineers burnt ship -- lawyers argued during earlier hearings that event severed ties with Britain. Pitcairn Island Official Site<<Webfeature.. (Mon. Oct. 25 2004)

North Carolina state-run ferry M/V Neuse, with 29 passengers struck water access ramp & piling structures at Cherry Branch landing Oct. 24 morning, causing significant damage to ramp & several vehicles aboard. No injuries. (Sun. Oct. 24 2004pm)

An Indonesian F/V Capt. & 2 crew approached man waving a white cloth in 13-meter vessel -- seemed to be in distress, near Pulau Pisang, Indonesia -- pirates opened fire upon rescuers -- 44-year-old Capt. suffered serious injuries to his rear, ribs & chin, apparently by homemade gun(s) -- victims escaped from pirates & returned to Kukup<<Webfeature. (Sat. Oct. 23 2004)

M/V Adi Lomai (Ex-Fiji government vessel Daunivosa), sank on Oct. 23 at Narain Jetty -- vessel bought for US$27,000 by Lomaiviti Province<<Webfeature, but has cost US$100,000 "just to keep it afloat." Happy times in Fiji. (Sat. Oct. 23 2004)

U.S. F/V Daddy's Girl, with 2 crew -- overdue 15 miles off Clearwater Pass -- U.S Coast Guard boats, helicopeters & jet searched throughout Oct. 23 - no signs. (Sat. Oct. 23 2004) UPDATE>> Rodney Post, 36, spotted floating 25 miles SW of Clearwater Pass by crew of a U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Clearwater C-130 airplane at 8:52 a.m., Oct. 24 -- HH-60 "Jayhawk" helicopter arrived on-scene 10 minutes later, hoisted Post for transport to Tampa General Hospital. Fellow fisherman, Jay French, last seen earlier this morning wearing orange lifejacket. (Sun. Oct. 24 2004) UPDATE>> crew of the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter USCGC Pea Island (WPB 1347)<<Webfeature, discovered body of missing fisherman Jay French, 42, at 12:16 this afternoon, 23 miles SW of Clearwater Pass -- 3 miles from location where Rodney Post, 36, rescued this morning. (Sun. Oct. 24 2004pm)

M/T Gemini<<Webfeature, upbound in lower Detroit River below Grassy Island -- 35-foot wooden pleasure boat misjudged Gemini's distance & cut across bow of M/T Gemini --pleasure craft struck by tanker -- with no way of stopping or adjusting coarse -- pleasure craft destroyed, wooden hull disintegrated -- occupants of boat taken to hospital but no updates on condition. (Sat. Oct. 23 2004)

Typhoon Tokago Casualties in Japan>>

Russian ferry M/V Antonina Nezhdanova, with 87 cars 44 passengers & 62 crew -- smashed against quay in Fushiki, 250 miles W. of Tokyo, Oct. 20. -- took list of 50 degrees -- waiting for tugs to leave harbor to Wlasiwostok, but these did not arrive in time - sank. All safe (except if you were a car). (Fri. Oct. 20 2004)

4,883gt Bahamas-flagged container M/V OOCL Seti, with 16 crew, aground Oct. 20. Crew rescued. Ship freed itself same afternoon -- resumd voyage to Hongkong. (Fri. Oct. 20 2004)

M/V Shuri ran aground Oct. 20 off Uma Island in Seto Inland Sea close to Imabari, Ehime Prefecture. All 12 crew safe. (Fri. Oct. 20 2004)

2,556gt sail training S/V Kaio Maru, with167 crew, 102 of them pupils. -- in Yokohama the 110 m long 4-masted barque, smashed against breakwater & sank. All rescued, with 3 injuries. (Fri. Oct. 20 2004)

From our feature correspondant Tim Schwabedissen.


16 Oct. 2004 at 1000 UTC in posn 03:52.4N - 077:05.4W, Buenaventura anchorage, Colombia -- 10 pirates boarded a general cargo ship using long pole with hooks -- broke open forecastle locker & stole ship's stores. Alarm raised & crew used flares to deter boarders. Pirates jumped into water & escaped. Master reported this was 3rd attack on his vessel in this port in past 2 months. (Fri. Oct. 20 2004)

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Port Canaveral<<Webfeature, cargo area suffered damage as tornado tore through -- damage to property, cargo & power lines pulled down -- flipping several cars, part of shipment waiting at port & destruction of office trailer -- "It looks like Bigfoot stepped on it," official said. Ironically, earlier today port held grand reopening ceremony to honor those who got facilities running again following the 3 hurricanes to hit Florida's Atlantic coast. (Thurs. Oct. 21 2004)

Boeing 747-F owned by Kalitta Air<<Webfeature, Chicago's O'Hare Int'l Airport for New York, suffered engine trouble late Oct. 20 -- may have dropped one of its engines into Lake Michigan -- crew reported engine engine problems over Lake Michigan. When aircraft landed, engine missing. (Thurs. Oct. 21 2004)

UK F/V Demares, with 5 crew, 55 miles south SE of Sumburgh Shetland reported taking water -- Shetland Coastguard scrambled Coastguard rescue helicopter 'Oscar Charlie' from Sumburgh to scene & Nimrod from ARCC Kinloss supplying top cover for helicopter -- lowered 1 pump aboard vessel -- Rescue helicopter returned to Sumburgh -- vessel now making way to Peterhead. Weather conditions not favorable with winds ESE force 7 to gale force 8. Bad scene. .(Wed. Oct. 20 2004)

U.S. F/V Gun-Mar, 91 miles NE of Cold Bay in Bering Sea -- issued Urgent Marine Information Broadcast -- David Robinson reportedly suffered 6 inch laceration & possible skull fracture after crab pot boom block struck him in head-- U.S. Coast Guard launched Jayhawk rescue helicopter from Air Station Kodiak's<<Webfeature, forward-deployed facility in Cold Bay -- hoisted injured fisherman & transported him to Cold Bay. (Tues. Oct. 19 2004) [Bad week for middle aged Crab Fishermen - see Oct. 17]

RESCUERS IN PERIL>> 50ft M/Y Enterprise, crewed by skipper & sailor, aground on reef off coast of Jura<<Webfeature, -- then Clyde Coastguard 2-man UK Lifeboat crew became trapped on sliver of reef along with stranded yachtsman they had been attempting to rescue -- Royal Navy Sea King helicopter<<Webfeature, managed to hover close enough to reef to allow rescued & rescuers to clamber aboard. (Tues. Oct. 19 2004)

F/V St Andria, near Musa Island in New Ireland -- rescued 17 passengers in New Guinea Island waters after spending almost 24 hours in open seas from 23-foot fiber glass boat they were on went missing Oct. 17 between Manus & New Ireland provinces -- attempting to cross sea between Manus & Kavieng when boat developed engine problems leading to them lost after drifting for sometime. (Tues. Oct. 19 2004)

General cargo M/V Taipan 1, in difficulty to W. of Cape Town -- salvage tug M/V Smit Amandla sent to take her in tow. (Mon. Oct. 18 2004pm)

5,548gt German 400ft.general cargo M/V BBC China (built 2001) (ex-Beluga Superstition) -- for Durban with 2,800 tons of sub-assembled steel equipment from Port of Spain, Trinidad, went aground near Port Grosvenor on the notorious Wild Coast of South Africa Sat, 16 Oct. -- early Oct. 17 morning ship firmly aground with tugs hurrying to her assistance -- crew safely airlifted shortly after midnight by helicopter chartered from Port of Durban, after Master requested assistance when engine room began flooding. Anchor handling tug M/V Pentow Service sailed from Durban at 4am. Oct. 17 morning & expected to arrive today -- famous salvage tug M/V Smit Amandla has left Cape Town & expected on scene late Oct. 19. From our correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Mon. Oct. 18 2004) UPDATE>> Gert Potgieter of Subtech Diving said: "Vessel aground & flooded. The engine room, bulks, tanks -- everything is full of water so there's no chance of being able to move her. What we have to do now is remove all hazardous materials like bunker fuels -- so that it doesn't go to sea." Neither ship's owners nor their agents are willing to talk. From our correspondant Teague. (Mon. Oct. 18 2004pm) UPDATE>>Salvors working since first light on Oct. 19 to set pumping of oil from M/V BBC China into M/V Pentow Service -- should begin early Oct. 20 morning. (Tues. Oct. 19 2004pm) UPDATE>> Salvage teams waiting for break in weather to transfer of 120 tons of fuel-oil from stranded vessel. Swells of up to 4m made it impossible for other vessels to get close to stranded ship. Capt. Bill Dernier from the South African Maritime Safety Authority says deteriorating weather conditions have brought operation to temporary halt. (Thurs. Oct. 21 2004) UPDATE>> 2 men washed off the deck o M/V BBC China as salvors tried to attach hoses to pump out 120 tons of oil aboard. (Mon Oc. 25 2004) UPDATE>>Lost>> M/V BBC China, which went aground at Port Grosvenor on the Wild Coast 2 weeks ago, will not be refloated. SmitPentow Marine, the company responsible for salvage work on the vessel, says the ship has been declared a wreck because of extensive damage suffered. Pounding waves & rocky shoreline have taken toll & decision taken to write her off. Next move to decide on possible removal of larger structures aboard -- 29 tons of heavy fuel has so far been pumped out. Some of paint cargo & 40 sealed lead batteries taken ashore by helicopter -- 7 meter swells broke over ship & 2 containers washed overboard earlier this week -- small dinghy from ship ripped apart & vital salvage equipment lost. (Fri. Oct. 29 2004)

Unidentified UAL Cargo M/V suffered fire at Manchester Terminal of the Port of Houston early Oct. 18 morning. (Mon. Oct. 18 2004)

48ft. U.S. F/V Susan Ann, declared uncontrolled engine room flooding 9:02pm Oct. 17 in Chatham Strait<<Webfeature, Alaska -- U.S. Coast Guard vessel from nearby Chatham Cannery responded -- arriving on scene to distressed vessel in minutes -- U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Sitka Jayhawk rescue helicopter<<Webfeature, equipped with dewatering pumps, also launched to assist -- all arriving just F/V Susan Ann began sinking near Catherine Island -- all rescued. (Mon. Oct. 18 2004)

The U.S. Coast Guard .... everywhere & so very far beyond.

75-foot U.S. water shuttle vessel M/V Express Shuttle II, with 3 crew for Sun Cruise Casino boat homeported in New Port Richie, suffered fire Oct. 17 morning in Pithlachascotee Channel near mouth of the Coyte River, FL -- U.S. Coast Guard HH-60 Jayhawk helicopter from U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Clearwater, Fla., on training mission heard distress call & responded to rescue with Pasco County Fire Rescue, M/V Towboat U.S., a Coast Guard Auxiliary boat & rescue boat from U.S. Coast Guard Station Sand Key, Fla. -- 1 of 3 transferred to hospital via ambulance for smoke inhalation -- currently attempting to pump water out of vessel to prevent sinking & allow further towing. (Sun. Oct. 17 2004)

U.S. F/V Bella K issued Urgent Marine Information Broadcast -- 40 year-old male, crushed by vessel's crab pot launcher in Bering Sea -- relayed through U.S. Coast Guard Communication Station Kodiak, Jayhawk rescue helicopter crew from Air Station Kodiak's forward-deployed helicopter facility in Cold Bay-- arrived on scene -- hoisted stricken fisherman & transported him to Cold Bay -- arranging for commercial air ambulance jet to meet Jayhawk & transport patient to Anchorage for medical treatment. (Sun. Oct. 17 2004)

U.S. catamaran S/V Endeavor, crew info not available, capsized 5 miles W. of Egmont Key, FL -- U.S. Coast Guard searching with C-130 airplane & HH-60 helicopter from U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Clearwater for 9 people reportedly embarked liferaft. (Fri. Oct. 15 2004)

120-foot steel-hulled Gloucester F/V Prosperity, on 10-day hagfishing trip, 35 miles E of Cape Cod -- rolled on stern & sank slowly into sea -- storm hit, stirring up 35 to 45 mph winds & seas between 15 to 20 feet -- 6 a.m. Oct. 12 -- vessel lost steering power -- crew donned survival suits & jumped into life raft -- crew transferred to Coast Guard Cutter USCGC Sanibel<<Webfeature, & taken to Woods Hole for the night. (Fri. Oct. 15 2004)


06. Oct.2004 at 0945 LT in position 02:39N - 101:17E, Malacca Straits -- dark brown hulled vessel approached container ship underway & stopped in vicinity. Vessel then followed ship in parallel for 10 minutes at 20 knots. Due to ship's alertness, pirates stopped following. (Fri. Oct. 15 2004)

08 Oct. 2004 at 1002 LT in position: 00:18.67N - 104:29.26E, Selat Riau, Indonesia-- 6 armed masked pirates in speedboat attempted to board tug towing barge. During maneuver speedboat collided against tug & capsized. Tug continued voyage. Take that PIrates! (Fri. Oct. 15 2004)

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Chinese M/V Shan-Hai, 370 NM southeast of Norfolk, VA -- hit large wave -- causing wood board to hit knee of crew, Qing Jie Chu, 47 -- taken by Air Station Elizabeth City, N.C., based Coast Guard helicopter to Naval Station Norfolk, & transferred to Norfolk Sentara Hospital. (Fri. Oct. 15 2004)

Double-hull M/T Luzon Spirit -- ran agrund in Little Belt<<Webfeature, Oct. 13 after loading 100,000 tons oil Danish port of Fredericia. Tow to tug parted &ship drifted aground just 100mt from terminal. Oilboom around tanker. From our correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Thurs. Oct. 14 2004)

DEAD RECKONING>>U.S. S/V Tournesol, with an array of navigational aids including GPS & 10-power video magnifier for reading charts, as vessel departs San Francisco to circumnavigate the world - an intrepid enough challenge for any sailor but especially daunting for 2 crew who are legally blind. Mr. Duncan & Ms. Habek estimated trip will take 2 years - 1st down U.S. west coast towards Panama, then across Pacific & Indian oceans. Their biggest fear is that some huge tanker would be bearing down & they would not be able to see it. God's Speed for this brave crew. Pray they don't show up in this list again. Are they nuts? (Thurs. Oct. 14 2004)

Chinese M/T Yuming Oil 1, with 800 tons gasoline, in shipyard on Gang River in Xinhua Province on Oct. 6th -- exploded Oct. 13 -- whole ship engulfed in flames for hours & sank to bottom of river -- 1 crew dead. From our correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Thurs. Oct. 14 2004)

Dutch S/V Waddenzee, with 28 children & 2 adults -- in collision with buoy between Terschelling & Vlieland off Dutch coast -- evacuated by lifeboat M/V Graaf van Bylandt from Vlieland & brought to Terschelling. With aid of additional pumps - situation brought under control & S/V Waddenzee towed to Terschelling by tug M/V Typhoon. From our correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Thurs. Oct. 14 2004)

480-foot Cyprus M/V Tatiana L, Port Everglades for Brazil, suffered "man overboard" -- U.S Coast Guard & local law enforcement launched search -- found Gurjit Singh conscious & floating 6 miles off Florida coast Injury: exhausted & in want of better deck shoes. From our correspondant Andrew D. Kehagiaras, Esq. (Wed. Oct. 13 2004)

Unidentified South Korean "Special Training Vessel" from the ROK Fleet Command<<Webfeature -- completing "joint exercise on land, water, & air" in East Sea -- sank 11:52 p.m. on Oct. 12, 20 miles E. of Ulsan on return to base after completing "joint exercise on land, water, & air" in East Sea -- 4 naval officers missing -- Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Kim Kyung-Seok rescued by nearby speedboat. ROK Ministry of National Defense said on Oct. 13 conducted full-out anti-submarine operation to no avail after receiving intelligence claiming to have "spotted a suspicious submarine-like object in East Sea," from U.S. forces on Oct. 10. Publicity officer of Defense Ministry says no connection between sunken vessel & report of North Korea submarine in area. Of course there could not be a connection. Not possible (!) Geeez. (Wed. Oct. 13 2004)

26-meter M/V White Manta with 32 Germans, American, Malaysian & New Zealand divers detained since Oct. 9 on their excursion boat by Indonesian Navy warship -- Freed Oct. 13 - now back in Singapore -- had been intercepted & escorted to Bintan -- dive boat said entered Indonesian waters illegally. (Wed. Oct. 13 2004)

Malta flagged 620-foot M/V Napoleon, in ballast, attempted to over take tug 66-foot M/V Jonathan Thomas, near buoy number 54, while heading out bound in Houston Ship Channel near Redfish Bar in Galveston Bay --in collision with M/V Jonathan Thomas & her 4 barges --1 with 10,000 barrels of octene, 1 with 10,000 barrels of hexene & 1 with 20,000 barrels of lube oil & 1 empty -- Oct. 11 night -- lube oil barge damaged on starboard quarter, but no pollution reported. M/V Jonathan Thomas de-watered & no longer in danger of sinking. Cause of collision under investigation. (Wed. Oct. 13 2004)

Coastal Feeder M/V Jiu Lian Shan (built 1990), with 73 containers, in head-on collision with unidentified M/V with sand Oct. 12 morning at a small port in SE China's Fujian Province -- M/V Jiulianshan sank with all cargo as entered Songmen Wharf-- but vessel with sand barely damaged. No injuries. (Tues. Oct. 12 2004) UPDATE>> Reports have just been received that this vessel collided & sank whilst entering wharf at Fuzhou, China. Apparently, vessel had head on collision with a local sand carrier & sank with the loss of 73 containers. (Wed. Oct. 13 2004)

South Korean Navy vessel sank off E coast Oct. 12 -- while returning to base after conducting a nighttime exercise -- 4 South Korean sailors missing of 5 man crew. South Korea restricts naval vessel information due to threats from North Korea. (Tues. Oct. 12 2004)

Yacht S/V Raya on passage from Netherlands to Bay of Islands -- Maritime Radio requested assistance of New Zealand Navy after Raya suffered rigging & engine difficulties late Oct. 11. RNZAF P3 Orion tasked to look for yacht. HMNZS Kahu<<Webfeature, will rendezvous with Raya at 4:00 pm today to provide assistance, which may include towing yacht to Bay of Islands<<Webfeature. HMNZS Kahu was on EEZ patrol in vicinity of North Cape & will resume her patrol on completion of tow. (Tues. Oct. 12 2004)

General cargo M/V Black Pearl, for Rotterdam with lumber, issued mayday at 3.00 am this morning -- deck cargo began to shift in gale force weather, causing ship to list to 20 degrees -- Yarmouth Coastguard scrambled rescue helicopter & launched 3 lifeboats from Gorleston, Cromer Caister -- after some cargo jettisoned situation became more stable. M/V Black Pearl now making way very slowly towards Rotterdam with M/V Gerd Knutsen & M/V Viking Fjord escorting. Dutch government emergency towing vessel M/V Waker making for scene -- will tow vessel to Rotterdam. (Mon. Oct. 11 2004)

Canadian 50-foot sightseeing M/V Galactica 001, moored at Port of Toronto Queen's Quay & Jarvis St., took on thousands of gallons of water & sank to bottom of Lake Ontario -- battle to save pleasure ship went on for 1 hour before she finally slipped beneath surface in 38 feet of water. (Mon. Oct. 11 2004)

Indonesian wooden F/V Usaha Karya 4 (IV), with 11 all-Indonesian crew -- suffered engine space fire & sank -- "fire more than 2 meters high & whole ship on fire" -- 6am, 6km off Bedok Jetty -- had finished selling fish at Jurong Fishing Port & on way home to Tanjung Pinang in Bintan -- Singapore Police Coast Guard rescued all crew. (Sun. Oct. 10 2004)

Russian M/V Fesco Voyager, Pusan for Vladivostok with containers, in collision Oct. 8 evening in bad visibility with Marshall Islands flag Unidentified M//T near South Korean port of Pusan -- tanker hit in starboard, damged seriously -- no injuries. Both vessels put toward Pusan. (Sat. Oct. 9 2004)

U.S. 60-foot catamaran S/V Blue Star -- suffered hull breach -- made distress call 3:30pm Oct. 9 afternoon -- HH-60 Jayhawk helicopter crew from Coast Guard Air Station Sitka rescued Richard & Wayne Sharp from beach between Sugar Loaf Island & Hankinson Peninsula N. of Cross Sound after beached vessel. (Sat. Oct. 9 2004)

Teenage porter of of the Zamboanga Porterage Services, Inc. fell to his death when he jumped to approaching M/V Rizma for berthing at 6:00 a.m. at local Zamboanga Berth No. 14, coming from voyage in Jolo, Sulu -- young porter fell short of M/V Rizma & pinned down by the cargo-passenger vessel struggling to berth because of constant pounding waves. (Fri. Oct. 8 2004)


03 Oct. 2004 at 2250 utc at Lagos outer anchorage, Nigeria. Small fishing vessel flashed light at tanker to distract watchmen on duty. When watchmen went to port side to investigate, a larger boat came to stbd side & 2 pirates boarded -- stole ship's stores & escaped. (Fri. Oct. 8 2004)

03 Oct. 2004 at 0400 LT in position 00:33.0N - 117:41.8E, Tanjung Bara anchorage, Indonesia -- 6 pirates armed with knives boarded bulk carrier via hawse pipe --threatened duty A/B & stole his walkie-talkie & escaped with ship's stores. (Fri. Oct. 8 2004)

02 Oct. 2004 at 1820 LT in position 04:46N - 098:41E, Malacca Straits -- 8 armed pirates in fast fishing boat fired upon tug towing barge causing damage to tug's wheel house window & destroying all radio & navigation equipment -- 4 pirates armed with guns boarded tug & stole crew belongings & tug's documents and left taking master & c/e as hostages. (Fri. Oct. 8 2004)

30 Oct. 2004 at 1900 LT in position 03:27.6N - 099:47.2E, Malacca Straits -- pirates boarded tug towing barge underway -- broke window glass, stole equipment & documents & left taking master & C/E as hostages. Owners reported incident to Indonesian authorities. Whereabouts of master & C/E unknown. (Fri. Oct. 8 2004)

26 Oct. 2004 at 0530 LT in position: 30:06N - 047:55E, Khor Al Zubair anchorage, Iraq -- 4 pirates armed with automatic rifles boarded chemical tanker -- stole ship's stores & fled. (Fri. Oct. 8 2004)

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UK passenger M/V Black Watch, for Dover, 19nm SW of Portland Bill lighthouse -- signaled Portland Coastguard that British passenger had suffered acute heart failure -- Coastguard rescue helicopter `Whiskey Bravo' responded for rescue. (Thurs. Oct. 7 2004)

546-foot Panamanian-flagged M/V Federal Pescadores, Port Canakkale for Port Everglades with 38,500 tons of cement, aground late Oct. 7 while attempting to anchor off Port Everglades -- U.S. Coast Guard overseeing operations to salvage -- problem came to light 2330 hrs when U.S. Coast Guard Station Port Everglades heard freighter call for commercial salvage help -- discovered vessel aground 750 yards W. of the Port Everglades anchorage area. oops! (Thurs. Oct. 7 2004)

Singaporean-flagged iron ore carrier M/V Lowlands Grace, going through routine safety exercise 12nm off Port Hedland about 3.45pm Oct. 7 -- 2 Filipino seamen killed & 3 others taken to hospital after lifeboat fell 30m -- lifeboat fell from lowering crane & capsized when hit water -- trapping men as it became fully submerged. (Thurs. Oct. 7 2004)

196-ton Philippine M/V Alpha Verde, for Leyte province with 60,000 sacks of cement &18 crew, suffered engine failure & sank earlier on Oct. 8 -- but crew said in same report strong waves caused vessel to sink. Still another report said Surigao City for Cebu when she sank off coast of Surigao on Oct. 7 night due to large waves. Ah, the comfort of accurate records. (Thurs. Oct. 7 2004)

U.S. 80-foot F/V Boss -- aground inside jetties of Yaquina Bay, Ore. -- U.S. Coast Guard sent multiple units including 2 rescue lifeboats & land rescue unit from Yaquina Bay to assist. When pumps could not keep up with 6 ft. flooding, crew of F/V Boss taken aboard 47-foot U.S. Coast Guard motor lifeboat. Arrangements being made with a private company to salvage vessel, partially submerged. (Thurs. Oct. 7 2004)

ALERT>> 14,953-ton Panama-registered container M/V MSC Lucia, for Singapore with over 700 containers -- in collision with 86,192-ton M/V Heng Shan, for China with 160,000mt of iron ore -- 5.5km off Changi coast, SE of Singapore -- vessels communicating with each other just minutes before accident -- small fire extingushed. Radio broadcast at 4.21am alerted all ships that M/V Heng Shan departing Singapore --alerted again 20 minutes later when vessels were about 4km apart -- both vessels acknowledged warnings & said they started communicating with each other --but 6 minutes later -- collision! Well, hard to get reliable help these days! (Wed. Oct. 6 2004)

20mt F/V Serenity, with 5 crew, issued SOS to Aberdeen Coastguard at 4.00 am this morning on satellite phone -- report broken down with 2 nets partly shot. Supply vessel M/V Troms Falken connected tow to vessel & nets --acting as drogue (sea anchor) were cut. F/V Serenity expected in Aberdeen at midnight tonight -- all safe. (Wed. Oct. 6 2004)

19 meter Swedish yacht S/V Merengue -- 81 miles N. from Aberdeen -- issued SOS -- received by Falmouth Coastguard -- passed alert to colleagues in Aberdeen. Rescue helicopter scrambled with pump & Peterhead lifeboat launched. Once RAF helicopter arrived -- agreed that 9 of Swedish nationals would be lifted off & taken to Aberdeen airport. All safe. Vessel escorted back to Peterhead by RNLI lifeboat. (Wed. Oct. 6 2004)

50-foot F/V Delma Ann, suffered engine trouble 60-miles off coast of Yachats, Oregon -- U.S. Coast Guard Station Siuslaw River, Ore., launched a 47-foot motor lifeboat to assist -- took vessel in tow -- transferred to 2nd 47-foot motor lifeboat from Coast Guard Station Yaquina Bay, Ore. -- will continue tow into Yaquina Bay. No injuries. (Wed. Oct. 6 2004)

Cessna 182<<Webfeature, flying with 2nd Cessna, Hilo, Hawaii for Pago Pago with pilot Ray Clamback, 67, of Australia, ditched 750 miles S. of Oahu -- treaded water alone for hours in Pacific -- spotted Oct. 4 evening by crew of U.S. Coast Guard C-130 from Honolulu -- had been searching for 7 hours -- dropped life raft in which Mr. Clamback spent night bobbing -- container M/V P&O Nedlloyd Los Angeles, Melbourne for Los Angeles -- diverted -- picked up Mr. Clamback -- safe. Should be a Nobel Prize for LUCK -- this guy would win! Where island hoping is concerned, the range of a Cessna 182 is only 443nm (extra tanks?)! From our correspondant Libby Thompson. (Tues. Oct. 5 200pm)

Indian cargo M/V Al-Moidoon -- 3 rescued, 4 dead & 5 missing -- trapped in cyclone, collapsed near Jakhau, off Dwarka coast. on Sept. 30. (Tues. Oct. 5 200pm)

M/V Mississagi -- upbound Great Lakes vessel --had a near miss when she nearly collided with sea wall under Blue Water Bridge at Port Huron Oct. 4. Vessel dropped anchor effort to avoid hitting wall. After the incident, M/V Mississagi raised anchor & continued out into Lake Michigan. No word on what caused close call. (Tues. Oct. 5 200pm)

Canadian submarine HMCS Chicoutimi -- adrift in high seas 100 miles NW of Ireland -- 9 of 57 crew suffered fire & breathing problems after smoke spread through vessel -- surfaced to clear fumes & injured treated on board -- vessel adrift.. Incident will come as huge embarrassment for UK Ministry of Defence, coming only 4 days after vessel formally handed over to Canadians -- last of 4 such submarines bought in deal dogged by escalating costs, delays & reports of corrosion, leaks, turbine breakdowns & other technical faults encountered during their refits. Only 1 of 4 is on active service. Some reports suggested Canada is considering suing Britain over deal. Blaze led to loss of power on HMCS Chicoutimi. Of the 4 submarines, HMCS Windsor, formerly HMS Unicorn, is only 1 in service. HMCS Corner Brook, formerly HMS Ursula, being repaired, while HMCS Victoria, formerly HMS Unseen, to undergo sea trials this autumn. Next tme try Electric Boat Corp.<<Webfeature, we'll outfit you just fine! (Tues. Oct. 5 200pm) UPDATE>> British rescue HMS Montrose<<Webfeature, reached Canadian submarine & its 57 sailors stranded for nearly 24 hours in high seas in N. Atlantic after fire caused loss of power - 1 crew dead -- 9 casualties. (Wed. Oct. 6 2004) UPDATE>> Canadian submarine HMCS Chicoutimi (former British submarine sold to Canada) stranded in North Atlantic for 3 days was Oct. 7 night under tow towards W. coast of Scotland by atug M/V Anglian Prince, towards either Royal Navy base at Faslane or shipyards at Barrow-in-Furness where its original refit carried out. (Fri. Oct. 8 2004)

Indian F/V Al-Sanani -- gone missing -- 5 crew of 9 reached Mandvi port<<Webfeature. (Tues. Oct. 5 200pm)

228m Liberian M/T Fotini Lady, with 63000 tons oil, aground in the Kattegat off Denmark Sept. 30 -- rescue attempts failed as of Oct. 3. Barges now to lighter the double hull vessel whic still intact. From our correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Tues. Oct. 4 2004) UPDATE>> Wijsmuller Salvage B.V., part of SvitzerWijsmuller, succeeded in refloating crude oil M/T Fotini Lady. Fully loaded with gasoil. Wijsmuller arranged lighterage tanker arrived on site at 1300 hrs, Oct. 3 & moored alongside at 1500 hrs, using SvitzerWijsmuller tugs M/V Frigga & M/V Fenja. Pumping started after completion of formalities at 1715, Oct 3, & completed at 0700 hrs, this morning, having transferred 10,800 tons. Lighterage tanker then was moved off using SvitzerWijsmuller tugs again. Controlled refloating attempt then executed using 4 powerful tugs. Vessel safely refloated & moved at 1015 hrs. vessel safely refloated at 1015 hrs. Vessel towed to Kalundborg Fjord for further inspections . BRAVO ZULU! From our correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Tues. Oct. 5 200pm)

Komoren-registered bulker M/V Nina, with coal, suffered fire in one of its hatches Sept. 27 -- brought under control with aid of tug. From our correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Tues. Oct. 5 2004)

Scottish F/V Sunrise, with 5 crew, in collision Oct. 2 with F/V Ocean Dawn that was trawling with the casualty 142 miles ENE of Fraserburgh in Norwegian waters is standing by. F/V Sunrise taking water, additional pumps will shortly be airlifted to the vessel by Norwegian Rescue helicopter -- Sunrise crew will then be able to assess situation further as to whether to abandon vessel. From our correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Tues. Oct. 5 2004)

Antigua-flagged, German M/V Marie O, with sawn timber, hard aground early Oct. 2 after leaving harbor at Mönsterås paper mill. Swedish Coast Guard<<Webfeature, on scene in case of oil spill. Some cargo discharged before possible to pull vessel off ground Oct. 3 afternoon. No injuries. From our correspondant Per-Åke Kvick. (Mon. Oct. 3 2004) (Tues. Oct. 5 2004)

Immigrant vessel, for Italy capsized in Mediterranean, killing at least 22 people & leaving dozens more missing -- craft was Tunisia for Italy with 70 Moroccans & 5 Tunisians aboard. Rescue teams saved at least 11 people -- 42 reported missing. (Mon. Oct. 3 2004)

Soo Locks tour vessel M/V Le Voyageur, with 60 dinner cruise passengers, stranded Sept. 30 night on sand bar during its sunset dinner cruise. No injuries. Tiur M/V Nokomis sent to the scene. No injuries. (Mon. Oct. 4 2004)

M/V Katerina suffered arrest of her Capt. Loannis Kallikis -- taken in handcuffs at Port of Long Beach for illegal pumping oily bilge water into harbor, lying to federal officials & obstruction of justice. U.S. Coast Guard -- alerted by port union official -- also found numerous safety & sanitation violations aboard vessel, including overflowing toilets & unsafe equipment. Chief engineer & 2nd Engineer also arrested. M/V Katerina being held in port until deficiencies corrected. (Mon. Oct. 4 2004)

U.S.-registered 48ft F/V Confidence -- taking on water S. of Lituya Bay in Gulf of Alaska near Glacier Bay National Park, Oct. 3 -- U.S. Coast Guard assisted -- Air Station Sitka<<Webfeature, launched Jayhawk helicopter & crew to deliver portable dewatering pumps to vessel -- crew found ship's fuel filters clogged with gunk from bottom of empty fuel tank. All safe -- F/V Confidence anchored in Lituya Bay 9:35 p.m. with less than 50 gallons of fuel remaining. (Mon. Oct. 4 2004)

Holland America Line cruise M/V Rotterdam<<Webfeature, in 'heavy' North Atlantic seas, 260 ÑM from center of Hurricane Karl, 24 Sept. -- suffered loss of power with resultant 20° list for 2 hr. 43 min. period beginning 1811 hrs. -- wine glasses, plates & pianos moving to starboard at speed -- total of 90 passengers sought medical attention, with most serious injuries being a broken collarbone & a broken hip. Engineers discovered "an accumulation of sediment in engine lubricating oil filters that was unprecedented". Sediment build-up, disabled ship's engines & lack of forward motion rendered ship's stabilizers ineffective - after which "an extremely unpleasant & scary" rolling ensued. Vessel designed to survive a 48-degree roll. Engineers eventually brought power back online by rigging a filtration system to counter the sediment build-up. Investigation begun, including inquiries to the supplier of the ship's fuel. From our correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. Your editor has been to about 37 degrees -- not a holiday treat! McD (Mon. Oct. 4 2004)

17,153gt M/V YM People (Built 2003) Singapore & Hong Kong for Turkey & Greece with containers, suffered engine room fire & explosion Sept. 29 whilst vessel passing off Sri Lanka -- 4 crew dead -- diverted to Colombo where incident under investigation. (Sun. Oct. 3 2004)

23 foot yacht S/V Seacow, abandoned from position in mid-Atlantic -- container M/V Canmar Spirit<<Webfeature, responded to SOS broadcast & altered course to the position -- 09:44 hours casualty recovered from yacht -- Australian male, in his thirties. (Sun. Oct. 3 2004)


27 Sept. 2004 at 0130 LT at Conchan, Peru. Five armed pirates boarded bulk carrier at berth & took hostage security guard on patrol -- severely beat him. Shore security patrol responded with exchange of gunfire. Pirates stole ship's stores & escaped in high speedboat. No injuries to crew. (Fri. Oct. 1 2004)

26 Sept. .2004 at 1255 UTC in position: 12:37.5N - 043:19.2E, off Perim island, Southern Red Sea.Two speedboats with 9 pirates armed with guns in each boat approached container ship. Pirates inside tried to board using hooks attached to ropes. Crew mustered & activated fire hoses -- ship zigzagged course & boarding averted. (Fri. Oct. 1 2004)

25 Sept. 2004 at 2000 LT in position: 03:12.2S - 116:20.6E, North Pulau Laut anchorage, Indonesia -- armed Pirates boarded bulk carrier via anchor chain. D/O raised alarm & robbers fled empty handed. (Fri. Oct. 1 2004)

23 Sept. 2004 at 2350 LT at Tanjung Pemancingan anchorage, Indonesia. About 30 - 40 Pirates armed with long knives & swords boarded bulk carrier & threatened crew. Alarm raised & crew mustered. Pirates escaped at 0115 LT on 24.09.2004 with ship's stores. (Fri. Oct. 1 2004)

20.Sept. 2004 at 2220 LT at berth no. 3, Conakry port, Guinea.-- 6 pirates armed with long knives boarded general cargo ship during cargo operations -- tried to open accommodation door. Crew mustered & informed local police & port control. Pirates stole ship's stores & escaped in waiting boat. Local police came onboard for investigation. (Fri. Oct. 1 2004)

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Vessel Casualties was DARK from Sept.15 while our staff, including your editor Michael S. Mc Daniel attended the World FIATA Congress at Johannesburg, South Africa & then pressed on to Botswana, Zambia & Zimbabwe. During this period, your Visiting Editor Libby Thompson of The Cargo Letter has maintained your daily news events & welcomed special news contributions from our volunteers of The Cargo Letter correspondents.

READERS NOTE>> Below Visiting Editor Libby Thompson has preserved your news from Sept. 16 to Sept. 24 2004. There are far more incredible stories waiting to fill the gap between Sept. 24 & Oct. 1. These stories from Sept. 24 to Oct.1 are now posted for you below! McD

Dover-Calais services of P&O, M/V SeaFrance, M/V Hoverspeed & 5 other ferries stranded after protesting French fishermen blockaded Port of Calais -- hundreds of travelers stranded -- 7 fishing boats strung across entrance to harbor in protest about rising fuel prices. (Fri. Oct. 1 2004)

Up to 5 tons of cocaine washed up along Atlantic beaches of France between Arcachon and Biarritz & Spain as far west as Bilbao, apparently a single shipment dumped overboard by Mexican smugglers. "Street price has fallen by over a 33%, there's been a big rash of related hospitalizations, & large number of people who had never even tried cocaine are now hooked," said Jean-Michel Delile of the Bordeaux drug research centre. The 1-kg bricks are shrink-wrapped & bear crown logo &words Calidad Total (Total Quality). Could have been dumped in panic at approach of patrol vessel, or lost while transfer from freighter in heavy seas. (Fri. Oct. 1 2004)

23 foot UK yacht S/V Seacow broadcast distress signal Oct 1, mid-Atlantic -- container M/V Canmar Spirit diverted -- sighted red distress flare & proceeded towards position -- Australian male, in thirties recovered. During night small yacht knocked down 3 or 4 times in rough seas -- now abandoned. (Fri. Oct. 1 2004)

280-foot cement M/T Contrader capsized at Clifton Pier, Nassau<<Photofeature during sea surges from Hurricane Jeanne on Sept. 25 -- set to make its return to Cuba, Sept. 24, after delivering cement to Island Cement Co. when it uploaded contaminated fuel. As a result vessel forced to stay at Island's dock -- has spilled hundreds of gallons of diesel fuel & lubricating oil. (Fri. Oct. 1 2004)

Vessel Loss Dispatches For September 2004

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Dover-Calais services of P&O, M/V SeaFrance, M/V Hoverspeed & 5 other ferries stranded after protesting French fishermen blockaded Port of Calais -- hundreds of travelers stranded -- 7 fishing boats strung across entrance to harbor in protest about rising fuel prices. (Fri. Oct. 1 2004)

Up to 5 tons of cocaine washed up along Atlantic beaches of France between Arcachon and Biarritz & Spain as far west as Bilbao, apparently a single shipment dumped overboard by Mexican smugglers. "Street price has fallen by over a 33%, there's been a big rash of related hospitalizations, & large number of people who had never even tried cocaine are now hooked," said Jean-Michel Delile of the Bordeaux drug research centre. The 1-kg bricks are shrink-wrapped & bear crown logo &words Calidad Total (Total Quality). Could have been dumped in panic at approach of patrol vessel, or lost while transfer from freighter in heavy seas. (Fri. Oct. 1 2004)

23 foot UK yacht S/V Seacow broadcast distress signal Oct 1, mid-Atlantic -- container M/V Canmar Spirit diverted -- sighted red distress flare & proceeded towards position -- Australian male, in thirties recovered. During night small yacht knocked down 3 or 4 times in rough seas -- now abandoned. (Fri. Oct. 1 2004)

280-foot cement M/T Contrader capsized at Clifton Pier, Nassau<<Photofeature during sea surges from Hurricane Jeanne on Sept. 25 -- set to make its return to Cuba, Sept. 24, after delivering cement to Island Cement Co. when it uploaded contaminated fuel. As a result vessel forced to stay at Island's dock -- has spilled hundreds of gallons of diesel fuel & lubricating oil. (Fri. Oct. 1 2004)

Container carrier 17,153gt M/V YM People (built 2003), Singapore & Hong Kong for Turkey & Greece -- off Sri Lanka -- explosion in engine room causing dealth of 4 crew -- diverted to Colombo where incident under investigation. (Wed. Sept. 29 2004)

Sitka-based U.S. Coast Guard buoy tender USCGC Maple (WLB-207)<<Webfeature, searched SE Alaska waters for float plane & 4 passengers reported missing since Sept. 20. U.S Coast Guard & others searched 4, 615.4 square miles in 204.9 hours for missing plane & occupants. U.S. Coast Guard suspended search pending further developments Sept. 29. (Wed. Sept. 29 2004)

62,000-ton, Holland America Line 237-meter cruise M/V Rotterdam<<Webfeature, (built 1997), Ireland for eastern Canada, lost power from all 4 engines near edges of hurricane Karl, Sept. 24 -- loss of electrical systems & stabilizers caused severe list TO 40 DEGREES in swells reaching 10 to 15 meters. Passengers said: "Furniture was flying all over the place. Pianos were not bolted down. In the gym all the weights came loose & started rolling around. In onboard restaurant that had 1,000 plates on hand, 800 came loose & crashed to the floor." "In the cabins, refrigerators came loose, TV sets were flying through the rooms." Crew ordered to lifeboat stations. Numerous minor injuries & fractures. Vessel can accommodate 1,316 passengers & 593 crew. (Tues. Sept. 28 2004)

Vietnamese-flagged 7,045dwt M/V Vihan 05 (Built 1990), for Vietnam to load steel with 20 Vietnamese crew, at Oita Anchorage of Japan -- 200km/h wind swept away ship from anchoring shelter only 1.1km off Oita Port by Typhoon Chaba -- vessel dragged anchor & stuck rock, sank rapidly -- 4 of 20 crew dead, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Engineer & 1 Saloir. (1st & 2nd Engineers were brothers) (Tues. Sept. 28 2004)

Japanese carrier Mitsui OSK Line has hired ST Education & Training Pte. Ltd. (STET) to supervise security aboard the company's ships which travel through piracy-plagued Malacca & Singapore straits. STET will place "experts" on board 6 MOL-operated vessels. They will board vessels bound from the Middle East to Japan before reaching the Strait of Malacca, and confirm security measures are in place around the clock, especially the bridge. (Tues. Sept. 28 2004)

Famous schooner S/V Bluenose Two<<Webfeature, with full passemger load, suffered near collision in Lunenburg harbor, 24 Sept. Another ship -- reportedly flying the jolly roger -- came close to colliding with several other sailboats involved in a race -- rogue vessel eventually apprehended by RCMP vessel outside the harbor. Police say 58-year old man failed a breathalyzer test while 50-year old man refused to take one. (Tues. Sept. 28 2004)

High-speed ferry, M/V Spirit of Ontario, arrested at Port of Rochester by U.S. District Judge Michael Telesca. Suit brought by feul supplier Amerada Hess Corp. claiming US$372,868 in unpaid bills. Canadian American Transportation Systems, the private ferry operator, abruptly suspended service 3 weeks ago, saying it couldn't continue operating -- after only 80 days in operation & after carrying about 140,000 passengers. (Tues. Sept. 28 2004)


27 Sept.2004 at 0130 LT at Conchan, Peru. Five armed pirates boarded bulk carrier at berth & took hostage security guard on patrol & severely beat him. Shore security patrol responded with an exchange of gunfire. Piratess stole ship's stores & escaped in a high speedboat. No injuries to crew.

26 Sept. 2004 at 1255 UTC in position: 12:37.5N - 043:19.2E, off Perim island, Southern Red Sea. Speedboats with 18 pirates with guns approached container ship. Men inside tried to board using hooks attached to ropes. Crew mustered & activated fire hoses & ship zigzagged course and boarding was averted.

25 Sept. 2004 at 2000 LT in position: 03:12.2S - 116:20.6E, North Pulau Laut anchorage, Indonesia. Two armed pirates boarded bulk carrier via anchor chain. D/O raised alarm & robbers fled empty handed.

23.09.2004 at 2350 LT at Tanjung Pemancingan anchorage, Indonesia -- 30 to 40 pirates armed with long knives & swords boarded bulk carrier & threatened crew. Alarm was raised & crew mustered. Pirates escaped at 0115 LT on 24.09.2004 with ship's stores.

20.09.2004 at 2220 LT at berth no. 3, Conakry port, Guinea -- 6 pirates armed with long knives boarded general cargo ship during cargo operations -- tried to open the accommodation door. Crew mustered & informed local police & port control. Pirates stole ship's stores & escaped in waiting boat. Local police came aboard.

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Vanuatu-flagged 615-foot bulk M/V Bahama Spirit, Canada for Charleston with crushed granite, grounded 6 a.m., 7 miles from Charleston's Battery, shipping channel leading into Charleston Harbor -- near marker #29 at Fort Sumter Range 7 miles offshore in 26-feet of water -- gale warning was in effect for waters 20 miles out as remnants of Hurricane Jeanne trekked across Upstate South Carolina. (Tues. Sept. 28 2004)

India-flagged 36,512-ton M/V Jag Arpan, berthed at Jurong Shipyard<<Webfeature, Singapore, with 100 people working on deck -- suffered fire Sept. 27 -- left 13 Indian nationalsinjured, only 4 workers, suffered burns ranging from 7%to 14%, were hospitalized. (Tues. Vessel owned by Great Eastern Shipping. (Tues. Sept. 28 2004)

50-year-old excursion M/V Galactica -- sank Sept. 22 in Toronto Harbor, cause unknown. The white-hulled, 200-passenger ship will be raised. No injuries. (Tues. Sept. 28 2004)

U.S.31-foot F/V The Rogue, with 2 crew, issued distress signal near Clearwater in Category III hurricane Jeanne -- later boarded by U.S. Coast Guard rescue swimmer -- crew missing. Life raft remained aboard. (Mon. Sept. 27 2004) UPDATE>> Chris Stecker, 25, & Pablo Nuanez, 53, both of Tarpon Springs, Fla., located inside liferaft 2.5 miles off Anclote Key -- hoisted up to helicopter &flown to Air Station Clearwater for examination by medical personnel & released. (Fri. Oct. 1 2004)

Half-laden Liberian-flagged container,150m M/V Merkur Bridge trying to overtake Singapore Navy 141m RSS Persistence along narrow stretch of Singapore Straits -- scrapped side of navy ship, causing M/V Merkur Bridge to slam into the 183m-long, 30,000-ton Liberian-flagged tanker in ballast, for Ho Chi Minh City with 20 crew, tearing small hole just above waterline. From our correspondant David Boey.(Mon. Sept. 27 2004)

118 mt. M/V KM Nusa Damai, with 41 trucks & 2 cars -- began to list dangerously while being loaded -- developed leak & sank at Ippi Port in town of Ende on Flores island<<Webfeature, Indonesia. Vessel had 5,878 ton cargo capacity. (Mon. Sept. 27 2004)

14ft inflatable with 1 man & 2 girls set off Sept. 26 from Cemlyn Bay, Anglesey<<Webfeature, -- but at 6.40pm a member of public phoned UK Coastguard to say upturned blue & white vessel spotted floating a quarte mile off land. Coastguard units from Cemaes, Holyhead and Rhos- colyn alerted, while Holyhead's inshore & offshore lifeboats were scrambled, together with RAF rescue helicopter, but nothing found. A safety device had killed engine, to stop vessel speeding away in event of accident -- after capsize calm waters, the 3 people held onto hull for 20 minutes -- boat drifted close to rocks & they swam for what believed was shore - but when they got there they realized that rocks were actually offshore & they had to swim again to reach shore -- hapless sailors then had to climb 100ft cliff before reaching safety of nearby farmhouse. (Mon. Sept. 27 2004)

F/V San Jose, intercepted Sept. 23 with12 tons of cocaine & 65ft. Cambodian flag F/V Lina Marie boarded Sept. 16 & found carrying 15 tons of the drug by U.S. Coast Guard using U.S. Navy frigate S. of Galapagos Islands, 450 miles off Ecuador -- 18 crew put up fight, but only minor injuries-- "Operation Panama Express" siezure for both vessels worth US$360M. U.S. Coast Guard seized a record 240,518 pounds of cocaine, worth US$7.7Bn during fiscal year 2004 -- previous annual record of 138,393 pounds was surpassed May 29 with the seizure of 4,300 pounds of cocaine off a go-fast vessel in Eastern Pacific. (Sun. Sept. 26 2004)

22,746gt Chinese container ship M/V Dainty River, with containers for Durban Container Terminal, in collision with concrete anti-submarine caisson Sept. 24 night -- harbor closed to incoming vessels highlighted urgent need for widening & deepening port's entrance channel -- buckled bulbous bow & number of holes on port side below waterline -- ship may also have bottom hull damage -- impact caused caisson, which weighed more than 1 000 tons, to break in two. (Sun. Sept. 26 2004)

Asmat Regency Administration in Papua Province cargo M/V KM Asmat Daci, Agats in Asmat for city of Merauke with 9 passengers & 10 crew -- developed leak & sank 1:15 a.m. off Habee Island in Kimaan District -- all rescued. (Sun. Sept. 26 2004)

Royal Caribbean cruise M/V Jewel of the Seas arrived in Saint John Sept. 26 morning with a dead 20-metre-long finback whale draped across bulbous bow -- struck somewhere between Quebec City & Bay of Fundy. Canadian Coast Guard vessel towed whale off the bow & to sea for disposal. (Sun. Sept. 26 2004)

Cruise M/V Van Gogh, for Tanger with 500 passengers, in collision Sept. 26 with 274m Greek M/T Spetses, Egypt for Algeciras with 139.000 tons crude oil in dense fog off Gibraltar -- both ships severely damaged. M/V Van Gogh returned to Gibraltar. From our correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Sun. Sept. 26 2004)

Nigerian Navy authorities arrested & detained 8 officers in Apapa, Lagos, over alleged complicity in disappearance of detained illegal bunkering ship, M/T African Pride. Those being detained include Commanding Officer of NNS Beecroft (ex-NNS OlokunL), Navy Captain George Alily, Commander Jatatu, Lt. Commander Kabir & Lt. Commander Abubakar. M/T African Pride arrested on Oct. 8, 2003 by NNS Nwana while on routine patrol of the nation's waters & handed over to NNS Beecroft. (Sun. Sept. 26 2004)

Cruise M/V Miracle, returning from New York after week-long trip to the Bahamas, suffered prank as 3.45am Sept. 25 passengers awoken by a prankster who'd managed to take over vessel's public-address system -- orders "ABANDON SHIP!" -- thinking terrorists had taken over ship, hundreds of holidaymakers gathered on 3rd deck in their pajamas, awaiting instructions. Crew then took control & cancelled event. (Sat. Sept. 25 2004)

122 ft. Hatteras class ferry M/V Conrad WirtSh, with sand, aground Sept. 23 afternoon just N. of Churches Island, VA -- proceedimg to an area to an area behind Whalehead Club<<Webfeature, where state contractors dug a 700-foot channel illegally in May. Freed by around 2 a.m. Sept. 25. (Sat. Sept. 25 2004)

19-foot Baymaster Predator U.S. Boarder Patrol boat capsized Sept. 19 near the Free Trade Bridge at Los Indios killing 2 agents -- bodies of senior agents Travis M. Attaway, 31, and Jeremy M. Wilson,29 recovered from Rio Grande Sept. 21 -- 1st on-duty drowning on Rio Grande in 50 years. (Sat. Sept. 25 2004)

36 foot catamaran S/V Free Cat, for Annapolis Boat Show in Maryland with 3 crew, when high winds & seas from passing Hurricanes Jeanne & Karl tore sails & disabled vessel -- satellite receivers began receiving distress signal Sept. 22 afternoon emanating 400 miles N. of Puerto Rico -- confirmed by airliners passing overhead & a merchant vessel transiting nearby -- responding to call was crew of 650 foot Liberian flagged bulk carrier M/V Sentinel II -- diverted to intercept -- once on scene, crew of S/V Free Cat decided to abandon vessel taking 10 to 14 foot seas over bow -- all safe. S/V Free Cat did not make the boat show. (Fri. Sept. 24 2004)

Chinese ferry overloaded on Yellow River in N. China's Shanxi province -- capsized Sept. 23 -- 12 dead & 36 missing -- was taking 65 villagers from local ferry point to pick cotton on island in river. At least 17 people survived -- unclear if vessel was licensed ferry boat. (Fri. Sept. 24 2004) UPDATE>>20 dead, 6 missing & 57 rescued. (Mon. Sept. 27 2004)

UPDATE FROM THE SCENE>> "I happened to be in China at the time -- The ferry was owned by a farmer who supplied the service to help his fellow residents of this area get to work on picking cotton. Sadly, farmer was apparently one of the missing. Vessel was apparently overloaded & sank when waves came over the bow. There had been flooding in the area prior to this event."
Larry Skerker, Executive Vice President, Robinson Knife Co. of Buffalo,NY,<<Webfeature.

47-foot state-of-the-art Canadian Coast Guard cutter CCGS Thunder Cape<<Webfeature, received serious damage when it rolled on its side after running into the breakwater at Thunder Bay, Ont., during a rescue in Thunder Bay's harbor Sept. 19. CCGS Samuel Risley (Dedo DE-8) <<Webfeature, reported headed for Thunder Bay to transport damaged vessel to Burlington, Ont. It began when 2 boaters needed rescue near mouth of Mission River. Thunder Cape sent to the scene 10km away from Keefer Terminal. An inflatable coast guard boat was also sent. After boaters taken into inflatable rescue boat, Thunder Cape ended up hitting breakwater -- caused puncture in hull, along with damage to a propeller & shaft. (Fri. Sept. 24 2004) UPDATE>> Thunder Cape loaded onto deck of icebreaker CCGS Samuel Risley<<Webfeature, for trip to Burlington, Ont., where it will await repairs. (Wed. Sept. 29 2004)


20 Sept. 2004 at 0335 LT at Dumai, Indonesia. Three armed pirates boarded tanker at berth & threatened duty crew with knives. Other crew mustered & pirates fled empty handed. (Fri. Sept. 24 2004)

18 Sept. 2004 at 1026 LT in position 03:50.5S - 107:14.6E, Gelasa Straits, Indonesia. Pirates in 2 speedboats attempted to board product tanker underway. D/O raised alarm, took evasive manoeuvres -- crew mustered & pirates aborted attempt. (Fri. Sept. 24 2004)

18 Sept. 2004 at 0330 LT in position 02:06.5N - 111:19.6E, Tg. Manis anchorage, Sarawak, Malaysia -- pirate armed with knife tried to board bulk carrier via anchor chain. D/O raised alarm & pirate escaped empty handed in waiting boat. (Fri. Sept. 24 2004)

17 Sept. 2004 at 0300 LT in position 17:50N - 077:05W, Port Esquivel inner anchorage, Jamaica. Six pirates armed with guns, knives & crowbars boarded bulk carrier -- broke into forward lockers & stole ship's stores. Crew mustered & pirates escaped in a motor boat. (Fri. Sept. 24 2004)

16 Sept. 2004 at 1430 UTC at Chittagong Roads, Bangladesh. Nine pirates armed with knives boarded supply ship towing another vessel. Crew mustered & fought pirates using hand flares & axes. Pirates stole ship's stores & fled. No injuries to crew. Master informed port control & naval ship arrived to investigate. (Fri. Sept. 24 2004)

15 Sept. 2004 at 0824 UTC at outer anchorage Kingston, Jamaica. Five pirates armed with guns boarded container vessel --broke in to cargo hold & forward locker & stole ship's stores. Alert crew raised alarm & master informed port control & coast guard but received no response. (Fri. Sept. 24 2004)

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Kvanerner Ship Yard in South Philadelphia suffered loss by fire to new building in the ways -- reports of unaccounted worker, who rescuers are attempting to locate. (Thurs. Sept. 23 2004)

Irish trawler F/V Saint Oliver, for Ros a Mhíl, Ireland, hit rocks on Duck Island Sept. 17 night -- 4 dead including Capt. John Dirrane. (Thurs. Sept. 23 2004) UPDATE>>> Radar equipment on doomed Galway F/V St Oliver, not working when it was torn apart by rocks in storm last. Crew member Mickey Mullen, 18, texted his girlfriend as vessel pulled out of Connemara Harbor of Glinsk Sept. 15 night, telling her conditions were very rough & navigational equipment on board broken. (Sun. Sept. 26 2004)

Matson Line time chartered vessel M/V Great Land recently suffered blown boiler tubes at Richmond Ca layberth. Great idea except for some 400 new Kia automobiles at adjacent auto dock. New paintjobs for everyone. Not sure exact date, but alleged not the 1st time so Matson currently said banned from using the Richmond facilities for vessel layups. From anonymous correspondant. (Thus. Sept. 23 2004) Seeking Confirmation

49-foot trawler F/V Srimuang-3, with shrimp & 35 crew, hit broadside by unidentified cargo ship early Sept. 22 -- sank -- 64km off coast of Prachuab Khiri Khan province in Gulf of Thailand, 230km S. of Bangkok. -- bodies of 3 crew trapped inside vessel retrieved & another 5 believed to remain inside. Cargo vessel steamed away. (Thurs. Sept. 23 2004)

Wellington F/V Extreme Limit left Mana Marina in Porirua 10 days ago & expected back in port on Sept. 19. No word from vessel fishing waters W. of New Zealand -- Air Force Orion aircraft leaving Whenuapai to begin a search. (Wed. Sept. 22 2004)

Kaohsiung-registered deep sea F/V Cheng Huei No. 1 -- fired upon in Russian territorial waters near Kuril Islands -- chased by Russian vessel after she refused to stop -- crew reported safe -- 200 tons of illegally caught fish found aboard. Russian national television Sept. 21 aired footage of incident incident taken by a Russian military aircraft -- showed damage after F/V Cheng Huei No. 1 hit by shells. (Wed. Sept. 22 2004)

600-foot gasoline M/T Torm Gerd, with 197,000 gallons of fuel, aground Sept. 21 in the Chesapeake & Delaware Canal just east of the St. Georges Bridge -- double-hulled ship hit bottom 3 p.m. while giving way to another vessel. Aided by tugs & tide, vessel eventually made for deeper water. (Wed. Sept. 22 2004)

65-foot shrimp dragger F/V Ryan's Commander, going home to St. Brendan's with 5 crew -- sent brief distress call at 6:30 p.m -- taking water in 4 meter seas as well as driving rain & poor visibility, close to 50 knot winds -- crew then took refuge in life-raft -- sank Sept. 19 near Cape Bonavista, Newfoundland -- 1 crew dead & another missing & presumed dead -- life-raft impacted on shore & all 5 thrown out -- 4th man dead & 5th man missing. Wave capsized the 20-meter longliner 10km off shore -- not enough time to get into survival suits. (Tues. Sept. 21 2004)

Presipe Bay in Pembrokeshire, UK<<Webfeature, -- greeted by dozens of brand new refrigerators, washed ashore from shipping container that smashed against rocks at Presipe Bay near Manorbier, scattering debris along the coast. A 2nd container full of raisins found at Caldey Island near Tenby. Likely part of cargo washed off M/V Ryfgell, Dublin for Avonmouth in Bristol Channel when it reported to coastguards part of its cargo washed to sea by waves during stormy weather a week ago. From our local correspondant - A. Griffiths. (Tues. Sept. 21 2004)

Cruise M/V Sun Princess on its final 3 Alaska voyages of season -- suffered 276 passengers & crew ill from suspected outbreaks contagious stomach virus. Vessel &emdash; empty of passengers &emdash; left Sept. 20 for San Francisco at the end of cruising season in British Columbia & Alaska waters after a quick examination by federal officials, said Health Canada. M/V Sun Princess normally carries 2,000 passengers & 800 crew. (Mon. Sept. 20 2004)

Canadian Great Lakes, 45 feet tall Bar Point Light D-33 run down at 6:15 a.m. Sept. 11 -- area residents reported initial explosive sound followed by what was most likely the shriek of steel as vessel backed off the light. Canadian Coast Guard placed temporary beacon soon after the accident & has been surveying area for location of debris. Reports indicate Barge A-397, & her tug, M/V Karen Andrie at Toledo Shipyard with barge undergoing repairs to bow damage ever since then. (Sat. Sept. 18 2004)

Russian M/T African Pride seized Oct. 2003 by Nigerian Navy along with 13 Russian sailors on suspicion of smuggling, but disappeared Aug. 2004 along with its cargo of 11,300 metric tons of crude oil. Disappearance of ship is "to say the least, a national embarrassment. In hearings Nigerian navy & police have been trading blame for ship's disappearance. Last week another detained ship, M/T Jimoh, might have also gone missing, but not yet certain whether it contained crude oil. According to officials of state-run Nigerian National Petroleum Corp, 30,000 barrels of crude oil lost daily to fuel thieves. Nigeria, Africa's largest oil exporter, derives more than 95% of its foreign exchange earnings from oil. Up to 60 suspected fuel thieves died Sept. 16 in fuel pipeline blast in outskirts of Lagos. (Sat. Sept. 18 2004) UPDATE>> Over 50 heavily armed mobile policemen Sept. 21 stormed premises of the Federal High Court, Lagos, as hearing resumed in 8 count charge of illegal oil bunkering, preferred against 13 Russians, who were arrested last year Oct., allegedly within Nigerian water, aboard the now missing M/V African Pride. The Federal government at hearing of the matter, asked court to grant an amendment it (government) sought to the charge preferred against the 13 Russians. Russians, however, asked the court to refuse amendment, contending that Russians confused & prejudiced by government application, adding that amendment sought by government is frivolous, an abuse of court process & attempt to delay the course of justice by putting unnecessary delay in wheel of justice. The accused urged court to reject new charge. Chaos ensued. (Wed. Sept. 22 2004)

Indonesian M/V Balino Jaya, Kendari for Papua with 50 tons of ice blocks & 8 crew, ran aground in bad weather & sank S. of Buru island waters. All rescued. On Sept.18 Indonesian Navy warship Layang-805 found position where M/V Balino Jaya sank. (Sat. Sept. 18 2004)

Decommissioned aircraft carrier USS Forrestal CVA-59<<Webfeature, set to be sunk or sold to another country, but former crew hope to turn it into a museum at Baltimore, Maryland instead. In 1967, a fire killed 134 sailors aboard the vessel. Read the entire story. Give your support. (Sat. Sept. 18 2004)

U.S. Sea Scouts in Seven Seas Sailing Program<<Webfeature, of Buffalo Harbor, NY, are raising eyebrows as they zip around the harbor in their 25-foot boat. No wonder, S/V Brix and Me is world's only brick-hulled vessel, according to no less an authority than Ripley's Believe It or Not!<<Webfeature. Skeptics typically become downright incredulous when the boat finishes 1st or 2nd in Friday night school races in Buffalo Harbor. The hull is made from lightweight, flexible bricks - 80% quartz sand - to cover the hull of an Irwin 25. (Sat. Sept. 18 2004) (Sat. Sept. 18 2004)

UK flagged F/V Jositan suffered crew with severe abdominal pains -- Clyde Coastguard<<Webfeature, received emergency call via Spanish Coastguard, launching rescue helicopter from RAF Valley in North Wales. Given the distances the Coastguard advised vessel to haul their nets & begin making progress at best speed towards landfall to reduce time aircraft needed to stay in air. (Sat. Sept. 18 2004)

Three or more oil production platforms missing & others damaged after Hurricane Ivan swept over the Gulf of Mexico before making landfall along the Alabama-Florida shoreline. Houston-based Noble Energy Inc. continuing to look for 3 platforms relatively close together 80km south of Alabama. Workers assigned to platforms, anchored in 100 meters of water, evacuated before storm hit. Dallas-based drilling contractor Ensco Int'l Inc., said one of its jackup drilling rigs damaged by Ivan --also evacuated earlier, found floating 130km SE of Venice, La. -- had drifted 60km S. of its drilling location. BP oil company said workers had reboarded a number of platforms in Gulf owned by company but preliminary inspections found no serious damage. Two offshore semi-submersible drilling rigs owned by 2 other companies found in Gulf with no apparent damage -- initially reported missing in wake of Ivan. (Sat. Sept. 18 2004)

Belgian special dredging vessel M/V Cristoforo Colombo, aground in Kholmsk harbor (in SW Sakhalin) 50 meters off shore on Sept. 8 when Typhoon Songda swept across Sakhalin -- 2 of vessel's fuel tanks damaged & hull punctured in engine space, with 200 tons of oil & diesel leaked to open sea. On Sept. 18 engineers finished mounting a pipeline aboard to pump out fuel still remaining in vessel's tanks -- decision to pump out remaining fuel taken to avoid risk of additional pollution when work starts shortly to take M/V Cristoforo Colombo off the rocks. (Sat. Sept. 18 2004)


11 Sept. 2004 at 0545 LT at Tg. Priok anchorage, Jakarta, Indonesia -- pirates boarded container ship at stern using ropes attached to grapnel hooks. Duty A/B raised alarm & pirates escaped empty handed in wooden speedboat. Coast guard informed. (Fri. Sept. 17 2004)

10.Sept. 2004 at early morning hrs in position 21:27N - 108:22E, Fangcheng anchorage, China -- pirates armed with knives & crowbars boarded bulk carrier at forecastle using ropes attached to grapnel hooks --broke in to fore peak locker & stole ship's stores. Alert crew raised alarm & pirates jumped overboard & fled in a waiting boat. Port authority informed & harbor police arrived for investigation. (Fri. Sept. 17 2004)

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175-foot Haitian ferry M/V Lovely Express, disabled 53 miles N. of Jeremie, Haiti -- in path of Hurricane Jeanne -- damage control crews from U.S. Coast Guard 270-foot medium endurance cutter USCGC Bear<<Webfeature, from Portsmouth, Va. embarked the Lovely Express with supplies & food -- team able to restore power with an auxiliary generator, but engines overheated before the ship's crew could move to safe haven -- U.S. Coast Guard Cutter USCGC Forward<<Webfeature, towed M/V Lovely Express to Port-au-Prince, Haiti. (Fri. Sept. 17 2004)

Lena River Ship Line, Russian-flagged M/T Lenaneft-2061, with 800 tons of Ai-80 petrol & 1,400 tons of diesel fuel & 12 crew, suffered explosion Sept. 16 at 21:15 LT during fuel pumping operation causing fire in engine spaces near Yakut village of Yuryung-Hai -- 6 crew evacuated -- 4 in grave condition -- 7 missing. Icebreaker Kapitan Babichev with special fire equipment expected by 08:00 Moscow time. From our local correspondant - Fred McCague. (Fri. Sept. 17 2004)

World's largest yacht -- British-flagged 780-ton sloop S/V Mirabella V<<Webfeature, dragged anchor in strong winds & grounded on rocks Sept. 16 near entrance to Beaulieu sur Mer harbor on the French Riviera -- 86-meter motor S/V Ecstasea assisting -- some damage, but vessel sitting upright again. Mirabella V last ship to be built at VT's Woolston yard in Southampton -- at cost of £30m (US$55M) -- set out on its maiden voyage in May from Portsmouth. Owned by former head of car rental firm Avis, Joe Vittoria -- charters it out for £140,000 a week for up to 12 passengers with facilities on board including a 600-bottle wine cellar, outdoor cinema, jacuzzi & dip pool. Efforts to refloat proceeding with difficulty. (Fri. Sept. 17 2004)

Montrose-based Viking Standby Ships 44 meter oil platform support M/V Viking Victor (built 1969), Aberdeen for oil rig in the North Sea with 12 crew, suffered fire 20 miles NE of Aberdeen -- Aberdeen Coastguard caused Peterhead & Aberdeen Lifeboats to launch. RAF Rescue 137 helicopter from RAF Lossiemouth raced to scene & winched all to safety -- 3 with "slight smoke inhalation" taken to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary. Vessel under tow. (Thus. Sept. 16 2004) UPDATE>> just after 9.00 p.m. Sept. 18 evening whilst under tow, burnt out stand by vessel M/V Viking Victor sank in 86 meters of water, 10.5 miles from Scottish shoreline off Findochty near Buckie. No injuries. Site in in open waters -- no pipelines nearby. (Sat. Sept. 18 2004)

Italian-registered 640-foot M/V Grand America entered Port of Hamburg Sept. 16 at high tide -- had increased speed & overtaken other vessel -- creating wake which smashed into posh rerstaurant -- 50 guests found themselves up to their waists in water that reached as far as restaurant's kitchen. No injuries. (Thus. Sept. 16 2004)

Transocean deepwater offshore oil & natural gas rig Deepwater Nautilus<<Webfeature, (built 2000), anchored 160 miles south of Mobile, Alabama -- blown off station & went missing in Gulf after Hurricane Ivan -- found drifting 70 miles from well it had been drilling, upright & apparently undamaged. Among the biggest, rig measures 392 feet, 308 feet across, accommodates a crew up to 130, & can operate in waters up to 10,000 feet deep. (Thus. Sept. 16 2004)

Romanian-flagged cargo M/V Susie, with corn for Romania &15 crew, "aground" near Stylida, 250km N. of Athens -- rammed into hillside as Captain speaking on his cell phone -- had placed vessel on automatic pilot & not paying attention. No injuries, no one detained. (Thus. Sept. 16 2004)

1,175gt cargo M/V Mannav Star, in ballast, aground Sept. 15 at Camber Beach between Dungeness & Rye -- marine gas oil & bunker fuel removed from the vessel. Some fuel kept on board to allow running of electrical generators -- ballasted down to minimise movement from seas at high tide. Damage to bottom shell plating patched. Tug M/V Anglian Earl on-scene for refloating operation. Felixstow tug M/V Grey Test proceeds in readiness to pass tow lines from M/V Anglian Earl. (Thus. Sept. 16 2004) UPDATE>> Salvage postponed as current weather conditions worsen, crew remaining aboard. (Fri. Sept. 17 2004) UPDATE>> Plans now in place in further effort to refloat grounded M/V Mannav Star on Mon. 27th Sept. Tug M/V Alphonse Letzer will be on scene. Heavy earth moving equipment will be mustered at site. (Thurs. Sept. 23 2004)

183 meter Liberian-registered 28,300gt M/T High Endurance (built 2004) Singapore for Surabaya in ballast with 24 crew, in collision outside Singapore Strait with 150 meter Liberian-registered 9,597gt container M/V Merkur Brtidge (built 1993) Port Klang for Ho Chi Minh City with 20 crew -- M/T High Endurance suffered engine room fire & also small hole at port quarter, above waterline -- required assistance of tug & Singapore rescue authorties. Both currently anchored in NE of Horsburgh Lighthouse within Singapore waters in stable condition. >>> While overtaking 141 meter Singapore navy vessel RSS Persistence<<Webfeature, for Australia with 150 crew -- M/V Merkur Bridge suddenly altered course to avoid oncoming High Endurance -- in doing so, Merkur Bridge struck Singapore navy ship -- then collided with M/V High Endurance at 0:40 am LT on Sept. 15 morning. Warship returned to Changi Naval Base<<Webfeature, with minor scratches to port side (Thus. Sept. 16 2004)

READERS NOTE>> All Postings Above Are Reconstructed To Oct. 1, By Our Visiting Editor Libby Thompson of The Cargo Letter During The 2004 Africa Trip For FIATA. Thanks Libby!

Liberian-registered container M/V Merkur Bridge off Singapore suddenly altered course to avoid oncoming Liberian-registered M/T High Endurance -- in collision with Singapore navy vessel RSS Persistence -- then in collision with M/T High Endurance -- caused fire in the engine spaces of oil tanker. (Thus. Sept. 16 2004)

273gt steel-hulled M/V Milagrosa J3, with 331 passengers & 29 crew, for W. Palawan when suddenly stopped in calm waters late Sept. 14 -- crew later discovered that ship's propeller missing & radioed for help -- fishing boats towed M/V Milagrosa J3 to island where Coast Guard rescue vessels took 360 people to mainland Palawan. Coast Guard is investigating incident to determine if ship owner could be charged for negligence. (Wed. Sept. 15 2004)

18mt. F/V Inis Mil-- ran into difficulties -- began taking on water ex-Kenmare Bay in SW Ireland for N. France. Eventually crew forced into life raft. For almost 7 days, crew drifted off Cornish coast in tiny inflatable raft -- at the mercy of rough seas, battered by huge waves & high winds -- rescued by UK Royal Navy helicopter Sept. 14 morning, their 8 litres of water had run out -- had been storing their own urine to drink as last resort & food supplies had run out a day earlier -- dehydrated & suffering from hypothermia & seasickness -- rescued after getting weak signal on mobile phone at 9.18am yesterday & calling 999. (Wed. Sept. 15 2004)

Romanian-flagged M/V Susie, with 15 crew, rammed into Greek hillside as Capt. speaking on his cell phone -- no injuries -- as vessel well aground near town of Stylida, 250km N. of Athens. Romanian Capt. had placed ship on automatic pilot & was not paying attention," Yiannis Ftoulis, head of Stylida's port authority, said. "He said he was speaking on cell phone at the time of the incident." Capt. may wish to rethink his celluar plan. (Wed. Sept. 15 2004) Pictures Please!

28ft commercial tug M/V Vanguard, with 8 crew -- working for British Aerospace, on contract to Royal Navy -- run aground in Hebrides late S ept. 7 -- ingress of water & to attempt to beach vessel -- half mile N. of Rona, near Skye. UK Coastguard helicopter 'Mike Uniform' from Stornoway scrambled & Portree RNLI lifeboat requested to launch by UK Coastguard. UK Royal Fleet Auxiliary vessel RMS Fort George responded. Vessel now beached on Island of Rona. All crew safe. (Wed. Sept. 15 2004)

Cruise M/V Empress of the Seas<<Webfeature -- 3 crew rushed to hospital on Sept. 14 after lifeboat evacuation exercise went horribly wrong -- 1 crew to Boston with spinal injuries -- 3 crew treated & released from King Edward VII Memorial Hospital -- 7th victim - 33 year-old-man airlifted to hospital near Boston, Massachusetts for medical treatment. Investigation continuing in conjunction with Registry of Shipping, manufacturer of lifeboat & manufacturer of the hoist mechanism. (Tues. Sept. 14 2004) UPDATE>> All injured survive. (Thus. Sept. 16 2004)

Iranian M/V Iran Ardebil -- with over 2,000 containers at total value of US$55M -- stranded at shore of Yemeni island of Mion following crashing into coral reefs on Aug. 15 -- cargo unloaded & transferred to Yemeni Aden Container Terminal so that vessel can be towed & repaired before resuming her journey to Europe. Loss amount unkown. (Tues. Sept. 14 2004)

US$42M high-speed ferry M/V Spirit of Ontario -- less than 3 months after making maiden passenger voyage across Lake Ontario, now sits idle in Genesee River alongside the US$16M ferry terminal built with taxpayer money. CATS shut down service without warning citing a US$1.7M debt. (Tues. Sept. 14 2004)

U.S. 22-foot wooden lobster F/V Captain Tony with inboard engine -- exploded/sank at 1:30 p.m. off Quick's Hole in S. section of Buzzards Bay, Boston -- 1 dead -- U.S. Coast Guard investigating. (Mon. Sept. 13 2004)

Indian registered cargo 2,099 ton M/V MAANAV Star, dragged anchor & grounded on UK Camber Sands Beach between Dungeness & Rye. At time of grounding, conditions were SW onshore winds force 6-7. Efforts continue to refloat vessel at future high waters. (Mon. Sept. 13 2004)

U.S. S/V Amazing Grace, 40-miles South of Port Allen made SOS -- U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Washington, left Sand Island morning of Sept. 12, 2004 to rescue 3 people aboard stalled vessel -- towing sailboat to Oahu instead of Kauai because weather conditions are safer for journey. (Sun. Sept. 12 2004)

Singapore Police Coast Guard (PCG) boat -- in collision with cabin cruiser off Punggol jetty, NE of the island --1 missing. (Sun. Sept. 12 2004) UPDATE>> body of Mr Abdul Rahim Junid found by Johor port police patrol craft. (Mon. Sept. 13 2004)

3,249 grt cargo M/V Blue Ocean (built 1983) Japan for Korea with 12 crew, sank Sept. 7 in Typhoon Songda -- all crew missing. (Sun. Sept. 12 2004)

51,807gt M/T Lucky Lady (Built: 1981), Singapore for Cilacap with crude -- aground Sept. 10 approaching berth at Cilacap & damaged her hull, leaking 1000 M/T of crude oil. Vessel now at berth & undergoing further inspections. (Sun. Sept. 12 2004)

Cruise M/V Sun Princess<<Webfeature -- suffered passenger emergency -- 62-year-old woman, suffering from medical complications medevaced in Tarr Inlet near Glacier Bay by U.S. Coast Guard Jayhawk helicopter crew from Air Station Sitka -- for Juneau for treatment at Bartlett Regional Hospital. (Sat. Sept. 11 2004)

North Korean-flagged 1,400-ton M/T Ostria, Egypt for Albania with marble & 15 crew, sank early Sept. 11 in Aegean Sea off island of Kassos after encountering rough weather -- issued distress signal when began listing 25 degrees Sept. 10 -- operation launched to rescue -- all recovered safe & sound in 3 hour rescue. (Sat. Sept. 11 2004)

Cruise M/V Empress of the Seas suffered 3 crew injuries - after lifeboat evacuation exercise went horribly wrong -- 1 crew airlifted to Boston with spinal injuries -- 3 crew treated & released. (Fri. Sept. 10 2004)


06 Sept. 2004 at 0200 LT at Tg. Priok anchorage, Jakarta, Indonesia -- 2 pirates boarded container ship at poop deck -- tried to gain access to accommodation but alert crew raised alarm & robbers escaped empty handed. Indonesian Coastguard boarded at 0300 LT to investigate & remained on board until pilot boarded for berthing. (Fri. Sept. 10 2004)

05 Sept. 2004 during early morning at Makassar, Indonesia -- 5 pirates armed with long knives & axes boarded bulk carrier after dropping outward pilot -- entered bridge & held duty A/B & C/O at knifepoint -- stole cash from ship's safe & ship's equipment. Pirates departed in 4-meter speedboat. No injuries to crew. (Fri. Sept. 10 2004)

03 Sept. 2004 at 0200 LT in position 22:08.29N - 091:46.04E, Chittagong 'C' anchorage, Bangladesh. Armed pirates boarded container ship -- stole ship's stores from poop deck & escaped. Master informed port control & coast guard. (Fri. Sept. 10 2004)

02 Sept. 2004 at 0445 LT in position 06:20N - 003:22E, 3 nm off fairway buoy, Lagos anchorage, Nigeria -- armed pirates boarded tanker engaged in STS operations -- tied up duty A/B, broke open storeroom & stole ship's stores. Another A/B raised alarm & robbers escaped. (Fri. Sept. 10 2004)

02 Sept. 2004 at 0215 LT in position 01:15.94S - 116:74.44E, Balikpapan anchorage, Indonesia -- 10 pirates boarded bulk carrier & stole ship's stores. Master contacted port security officer & was advised to call back in the morning -- no subsequent action taken by authorities. (Fri. Sept. 10 2004)

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Cambodian-registered lumber carrier -- 3,249-ton M/V Blue Ocean, with lumber &18 crew, arrived at lumber dock Hatsukaichi, Hiroshima Prefecture, Sept. 6 morning & began discharging cargo. Ship's agent & Japan Coast Guard officials told the captain to move vessel away from shore to protect it from approaching Typhoon Songda. Capt. Melentyev did not heed warnings -- believed ship would be all right where it was. However, Capt. decided around noon to take vessel out into open waters, but could not because of strong winds. Vessel repeatedly smashed against pier, capsized & sank at 2:50 p.m. -- 3 crew dead & 1 missing -- Capt. Melentyev arrested by Japan Coast Guard. (Thurs. Sept. 9 2004)

6,315 general cargo M/V Tri Ardhianto (built 1992), Japan for Far Eastern Ports -- aground off Kasado Island in Yamaguchi prefecture in Typhoon Songda -- crew abandoned vessel & she reportedly taking water. Lifeboat found empty. Deep concern for crew. (Thurs. Sept. 9 2004)

Caribbean Saint Vincent registered M/V Ulla, Spain for Turkey when Algeria, its original destination, refused delivery -- with 2,200 tons of ash from power stations in Spain -- toxic power station waste containing cancer-causing heavy metal -- Sank in Iskenderun Bay, Turkey. Suspicion that sabotage had been involved was ruled out by the deputy governor of Iskenderun province Cafer Odabas. He said it had been left to rust for 4 years & as a consequence "it had begun to take on water & sank." Note: Intentional sinking this problem to get rid of the cargo? (Wed.. Sept. 8 2004)

28ft commercial tug M/V Vanguard -- working for British Aerospace, on contract to Royal Navy, aground in the Hebrides Sept. 5 2004 -- now been beached on Island of Rona -- lying at angle of 45 degrees. All 8 crew safely ashore. Tug M/V Anglian Prince on scene shortly to monitor situation. (Wed.. Sept. 8 2004)

Hurricane Ivan>> Most powerful hurricane to hit Grenada in a decade -- now Category 4 -- killed at least 12 people, damaged 90% of island homes & destroyed a prison, leaving criminals on the loose -- now crusies north. We hold our breath. Next stop -- Florida? (Wed.. Sept. 8 2004)

14mt S/V Madame Pele -- sank 1.500 Meter off Borkum in North Sea -- underway from island of Norderney to port of Emden & had left on Aug. 26. As it did not reach Emden as scheduled on Aug, 29 -- search started with helicopter which traced one mast of ship close to the N. shore of Borkum. Soon after Capt. found dead on a nearby sand. His wife still missing though intense search started by several coastguard ships. Divers found the wreck empty. M/V Madame Pele is Ex-Colin Archer from 1918 which lay in Baltic Sound Schlei for past 20 years. It should have started new career in the museum harbor of Emden -- now ended on bottom of sea. Wreck will probably not be raised. From our local correspondant - Tim Schwabedissen. (Mon. Sept. 7 2004)

Honduranas-flagged carg M/V Moby Dick, Mukran for Barth. -- aground Sept. 1 off East-German harbor of Barth in the Baltic -- early refloating attempts failed. From our local correspondant - Tim Schwabedissen. (Mon. Sept. 7 2004)

Vietnamese M/V Ulla, arrested since 2000 & lay at anchor off Iskenderum -- sank off S. Coast of Turkey. Ship arrested since 2000 & lay at anchor off Iskenderum -- with coal ash -- a threat to environment -- before going down, ship developed list -- then slipping beneath surface of Mediterranean. Some time ago ship sprung a leak, but time passed by without taking chance to unload cargo. From our local correspondant - Tim Schwabedissen. (Mon. Sept. 7 2004)

Container M/V Nordbeach, drifted down & collided with M/V MSC Lauren of Mediterranean Shipping Company which was at anchor nearby. The collision -- caused some considerable damage to M/V MSC Lauren bow. By 14.30 both vessels remained entangled with "Nordbeach"'s anchor chains snared with those of M/V MSC Lauren. Durban Port Control has issued a warning of 40ft container from M/V Nordbeach which has gone overboard and is floating in sea. Collision has caused some considerable damage to M/V MSC Lauren bow. From our local correspondant - Tim Schwabedissen. (Mon. Sept. 7 2004)

Myanmarese F/V Chum Pol Naval-30, with 33 crew, S. of Ambon island in eastern Indonesia early Sept. 5 --boarded by Thai Navy -- found 7 crew missing, including Capt. -- 26 Myanmarese crew questioned & told they had thrown 7 Thai sailors, including Capt., overboard during mutiny -- mutineers spared the 1 Thai, the chief engineer - he said whereabouts of missing 7 unknown. Thai Navy boarded ship after it attempted to flee when hailed -- ship & Myanmarese crew taken to navy base in Ambon<<Webfeature. (Sun. Sept. 6 2004)

U.S. sailboat reportedly sinking 12 miles S/SW of Anna Maria Island -- 2 HH-60 helicopters & C-130 airplanes from U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Clearwater, Fla. searching -- radio communications broken & eventually lost after operator relayed his approximate position -- said his deck awash & taking on water -- advised he & 3 child passengers donning lifejackets -- weather conditions 20-knot winds & 6 foot seas.  A rescue boat from U.. Coast Guard Station Cortez assisted in search this morning before sea conditions became too rough for vessel. Negative results. No radio contact. (Sat. Sept. 4 2004)

498-ton cargo M/V Shin Tsunetoyo Maru -- crashed into residential neighborhood in Osakikamijima, Hiroshima Prefecture -- man told Japanese television heard a "boom" & then 2nd floor of his home crashed down. Japan Coast Guard said visibility was clear Sept. 4 morning & waters calm when accident happened -- said Capt. fell asleep while the ship was on autopilot -- tug has pulled ship out of the homes & vessel able to complete her voyage. (Sat. Sept. 4 2004) >>>> SIngles Only

U.S. 33-foot P/C Team Stressless, with 3 crew -- issued radio distress call 12 miles W. of Bimini, Bahamas on Sept. 2 -- result of adverse weather conditions resulting from Hurricane Frances -- searches conducted Sept. 2 night & Sept. 4 by HH-65 Dolphin helicopter & HU-25 Falcon jet from U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Miami, as well C-130 airplanes from Air Station Clearwater. Negative results. (Sat. Sept. 4 2004)

U.S. 45-foot unidentified sailing vessel, with skipper Bob Mann & cat, in Biscayne Bay with intent of riding out Hurricane Frances -- contacted U.S. Coast Guard this morning expressing concern for his safety -- Coast Guard unable to provide requested non-distress assistance & recommended either cut the anchor or contact commercial salvage. Commercial salvage offers were refused (obviously) -- U.S. Coast Guard helicopter launched & completed hoist while experiencing sustained winds of 35 miles-per-hour with 3 to 5 ft. seas.  (Sat. Sept. 4 2004)

U.S. 37-foot quahog dragger F/V Nancy Christine floundered in breaking swells fueled by advance of Hurricane Frances & sank off Martha's Vineyard within minutes Sept. 3 -- local vessel F/V Tunacious, making 20 knots onreturn trip to Falmouth noticed stream of white smoke rising from W, where F/V Nancy Christine should have been -- raised U.S. Coast Guard on radio & swung F/V Tunacious toward the plume -- struggled to find sinking dragger, about 400 yards away -- observed F/V Nancy Christine wheelhouse stayed above water for 30 seconds. As F/V Tunacious pulled within 100 feet -- F/V Nancy Christine had slipped under the waves & rolled over - U.S. Coast Guard helicopter spotted hull & nearby life raft but no crew. Number of crew aboard, not known, but at least 2 missing. F/V Nancy Christine II, sister fishing vessel, sank Dec. 2002 off Nantucket. (Sat. Sept. 4 2004)

U.S. 22ft. unidentified P/C, with 5 crew, began taking water over stern near Rugged Island, Alaska -- engine inoperative -- radioed a distress call on channel 72, a frequency the U.S. Coast Guard is unable to monitor. Vessel swamped, & they reportedly decided to swim for shore about 1230 hrs -- 90-ft. Kenai Fjord tour boat M/V Coastal Explorer spotted 5 people in water - pulled 3 of them out immediately. Due to draft constraints M/V Coastal Explorer couldn't reach remaining 2, face down & unresponsive. U.S. charter vessel M/V Alaskan Summer, a nearby Good Samaritan vessel, pulled remaining 2 from the water. Another Good Samaritan crew from M/V Kenai Star<<Webfeature, delivered respiratory physician & registered nurse to help victims aboard M/V Alaskan Summer. Mariners are reminded to use VHF channel 16, (156.8 MHz), the international hailing & distress frequency when calling for assistance. (Sat. Sept. 4 2004)

16,761gt bulker M/V Joy Victory (built 1996), Indonesia for Hong Kong with unknown cargo, in collision with M/V New Hope II on easterly approach to Hong Kong. M/V Joy Victory No.3 & 4 cargo holds breached -- managed to stablize the situation. Considerable damage to cargo anticipated -- proceeded to anchorage for further insepction. No reported damage to M/V New Hope II. (Fri. Sept. 3 2004)

F/V Tenacious -- capsized in Nantucket Sound -- U.S. Coast Guard dispatched helicopter -- spotted boat & life raft. All safe. (Fri. Sept. 3 2004)

58-foot F/V Sea Foam, taking on water -- sank 50 miles SW of Astoria. Crew in good condition thanks to U.S. Coast Guard. (Fri. Sept. 3 2004)


30 Aug. 2004 at 1255 LT at Tg. Priok anchorage, Indonesia - 7 pirates in blue colored boat boarded bulk carrier at port quarter using grapnel hooks. D/O raised alarm & crew repelled pirates. Pirates escaped empty handed. (Fri. Sept. 3 2004)

30 Aug. 2004 at 0200 LT at Lagos anchorage, Nigeria -- 2 armed pirates boarded bulk carrier & tried to steal ship's stores. Alert crew raised alarm & robbers escaped empty handed -- 1 crew injured. (Fri. Sept. 3 2004)

28 Aug. 2004 at 0510 UTC in posn: 06:02.3S - 106:53.7E, Jakarta anchorage, Indonesia -- 4 pirates boarded ship, stole engine spares & escaped. (Fri. Sept. 3 2004)

26 Aug. 2004 at 0545 UTC in position 15:04N - 041:44E, Eritrea -- about 13 pirates in 2 speed boats approached tanker undergoing engine repairs -- tried to board from both sides. Alert crew mustered & activated fire hoses & boarding was averted. Speed boats remained in vicinity for 4 hours before moving away. (Fri. Sept. 3 2004)

26 Aug. 2004 at 0300 LT in posn: 15:50N - 111:02E, off triton island, South China Sea -- 30 meter craft with guns & resembling naval vessel approached product tanker underway. Craft came within 75 meters of stern & persons inside launched a small boat to board the product tanker. Tanker took evasive maneuvers & craft moved to another passing ship. (Fri. Sept. 3 2004)

25 Aug. 2004 at 1620 LT at 6nm off Lagos fair way buoy, Nigeria -- 3 pirates boarded chemical tanker at anchor & demanded money from master. Alert crew repelled robbers & forced them to jump to their boats. Pirates made makeshift incendiary devices by filling gasoline in glass bottles & threatened to ignite these & throw them on deck. Crew responded by activating fire hoses. Master then heaved up anchor & moved to open sea. (Fri. Sept. 3 2004)

25 Aug. 2004 at 0345 LT in position 032:11S - 051:58W, at Rio Grande anchorage, Brazil -- 10 pirates boarded container ship & broke in to 8 containers on deck. Alert D/O raised alarm & sounded whistle. Robbers jumped overboard into waiting boats & escaped. Port authority did not response to calls made on VHF. Local police came onboard to investigate after berthing. (Fri. Sept. 3 2004)

24 Aug. 2004 at 1600 LT at Balikpapan anchorage, Indonesia. Pirates boarded tanker through hawse pipe -- broke open forecastle store & stole ship's stores. Alarm raised & robbers escaped. (Fri. Sept. 3 2004)

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Great Lakes M/V Lake Express ferry canceled its final round trip of the day Aug. 25 after sustaining damage caused by rough waters on Lake Michigan -- bow doors to the car deck came off its runners on the afternoon trip from Muskegon, Mich., to Milwaukee -- door, which operates like a garage door, fell on 2 cars parked on deck. No injuries. Bow door problems such as this have led to the death of hundreds in English Channel Trades -- for example M/V Hearald of Free Entertprise. (Fri. Sept. 3 2004)

Hurricane Warning<<Webfeature, Frances now approaching Florida Coast -- winds diminished to 125mph -- but a storm the size of Texas. At this hour hitting Nassau. (Fri. Sept. 3 2004 early am)

1162gt M/V Mecit Kaptan (Built 1996), Turkey for Romania, in collision with bulbous bow of M/V Boris Babochkin caused severe damage to M/V Mecit Kaptan requiring her to beach voluntarily to prevent sinking, Aug. 27. (Thurs. Sept. 2 2004)

1,764-km-long Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal<<Webfeature, whose construction was completed in 610 DC in Sui Dynasty (581-618 DC), is world's oldest longest manmade waterway -- suffered 2 cargo vessels sunk when bridge over Suzhou section of Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal<<Webfeature, collapsed -- cause of accident still under investigation & sources with local maritime safety administration told China Daily accident might have happened when a boat train carrying coal bumped pier along the bridge to avoid a head-on collision with another vessel. Accident caused traffic jam of more than 5,000 ships & vessels lining up waterway. (Thurs. Sept. 2 2004)

5552gt M/V Vihan 5 (Built 1990), Thailand for Japan, grounded as Typhoon Chaba forced vessel aground in 33 foot waves on Aug. 30. (Thurs. Sept. 2 2004)

Hurricane Warning<<Webfeature, Florida East Coast -- It now appears that Hurrican Frances will hit in North Florida or N. Georgia, as we earlier predicted -- (we contested earlier reports that Miami was target -- See Aug. 31). Cape Hatteras, North Carolina are also in direct danger areas. We predicted a Category 5 -- but it now appears that Category 4 will be the maximum velocity. This is great news & Thank God. (Wed. Sept. 1 2004)

Note: For Real Time Information --Hurricane Warning<<Webfeature

82m M/V Jackie Moon, from Dundalk, Co. Louth, in Ireland for Glasgow with 6 crew to pick up scrap, when accident happened at 0500 BST near a new breakwater -- aground off Dunoon -- 40-year-old Capt. arrested -- presently detained in police custody in connection with an alleged breach of the Merchant Shipping Legislation. (Wed. Sept. 1 2004)

Sabah-registered tug M/V Bes Tug 1 with 45 mt barge Coastal 18, laden with 3 excavators, a light truck, 2 container cabins & 7 crew -- went missing for week after encountering engine problem in Sabah's east coast waters -- found adrift in Philippines island of Pangkulan --following distress call, company dispatched 2 tugs to assist M/V Best Tug 1 but were unable to locate it. Now located, captain had "an accident" but declined to elaborate. All safe. Assume pirates involved. (Wed. Sept. 1 2004)

Petroleum Helicopters Inc<<Webfeature, -- helicopter went down 20 miles SE of Venice off Louisiana's southeastern coast Sept. 1 morning. U.S. Coast Guard says all 9 people aboard rescued & no serious injuries reported. -- vessel in area transferred passengers to an oil rig. A P-H-I -- helicopter took group from rig to Port Sulphur Hospital for evaluation. National Transportation Safety Board will investigate accident. (Wed. Sept. 1 2004)

Vessel Loss Dispatches For August 2004

"Coal Face" - the cargo was danger - July 2004

"Singles Only" - single photos of disaster -- always new.

"Enjoy Your Flight!"

Hurricane Warning>> Florida East Coast. Hurricane Frances roared toward Bahamas & SE U.S. today after churning past Puerto Rico, bringing heavy surf & blustery winds to the U.S. territory. Frances strengthened to dangerous Category 4 hurricane Aug. 31, with sustained winds up to 140-mph. Still, Puerto Rico saw only moderate rain &winds -- lighting knocked out electricity to 17,000 people. No injuries reported. If Frances hits the U.S. -- likely at Category 5 -- look out! Again we suggest you tune to Hurricane City --the #1 site for real time information -- currently predicting hit around Daytona. (Tues. Agu. 31 2004) NOTE>> Perhaps it is because we are not meteorologists, but why is there not more alarm over this? We are shifting focus from ship loss to this issue.

The Weather Channel >> "Frances is expected to sweep just north of Hispaniola today & punch into the Turks & Caicos Islands. After that, all residents of the Bahamas should prepare for a strike from a major hurricane by late Sept. 2 or early Sept. 3. Hurricane warnings are in effect for the southern Bahamas & a Hurricane Watch is up for the central Bahamas. Storm is likely to make landfall along the U.S. Southeast Coast, perhaps by late Sept. 4 or early Sept. 5." (Tues. Aug. 31 2004)

Vietnamese flag 705dwt M/V Vihan 05 (built 1990), with 20 Vietnamese crew -- anchoring in shelter -- 1.1km off Oita Port<<Webfeature, Japan for Vietnam to load steel -- suffered Typhhoon Chaba -- dragged anchor & stuck rock -- sank rapidly -- 16 crew rescued, other 4 killed including: 1st, 2nd, 3rd Engineer & 1 AB. (1st & 2nd Enginer are brothers) A sad night. (Tues. Agu. 31 2004)

Pacific Direct Line shipping company's vessel -- stranded on a reef off the Wallis & Futuna Island group<<Webfeature, for a month has been re-floated -- hull did not suffer any major damage, but operations to float it proved difficult because of weight of containers -- 100 tons of containers & fuel removed by helicopter to make vessel more maneuverable. (Tues. Agu. 31 2004)

M/T Putri I, with 550 kiloliters of premium gasoline, suffered fire & explosion off Larantuka<<Webfeature, Indonesia at 9:20 p.m. Aug. 27 following engine room explosion -- at least 2 crew killed. (Mon. Aug. 30 2004)

F/A-18C Hornet<<Webfeature, pilot from Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 151 in stable condition at Naval Medical Center, San Diego, after safely ejecting from his aircraft Aug. 26 at 8:45 p.m. The Hornet, embarked aboard USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72)<<Webfeature, on approach to Naval Air Station (NAS) North Island. Pilot unable to stop aircraft & ended up just beyond runway -- now partially submerged in San Diego Harbor. Pilot recovered by San Diego Harbor Police<<Webfeature. (Sat. Aug. 28 2004)

Capt. Jean-Luc Picard, commander of USS Enterprise (NCC-1701 D)<<Webfeature, recovering from heart surgery -- OK -- actor Patrick Stewart is recovering at home after having angioplasty to widen an artery. (Sat. Aug. 28 2004)

Indian M/V Al Shehenshah-E-Hind, with 575 tons rice & 20 crew, Mundra port in Kutch on Aug. 21 for Somalia -- sank off coast of Jakhau in Kutch early Aug. 30 -- search for 20 crew cancelled at dark. (Sat. Aug. 28 2004)

Indian M/V State of Nagaland arrested as High Court in Sri Lanka recently ordered seizure of vessel which allegedly cut submarine cable connecting island's telecommunications subscribers with rest of world. M/V State of Nagaland held at port of Colombo after accidentally severing cable with its anchor. The cable, which connected island nation with South-east Asia, Middle East & Western Europe, was damaged 10km off Sri Lankan coast cutting off 800,000 telephone & Internet users. Sri Lanka Telecom said it suffered a loss of US$5M & wanted vessel's owners to pay for damage. Right. Repairs to affected cable have been carried out. (Sat. Aug. 28 2004)

Australian navy frigate HMAS Anzac<<Webfeature, came across sinking/burning Indonesian freighter, Australia for Singapore in Java Sea, 200 NM, SE of Singapore -- sent inflatable dinghy to investigate -- became clear that vessel in trouble -- dramatic sea rescue -- HMAS Anzac rescued 15 people known to be aboard (Fri. Aug. 27 2004)


23 Aug. 2004 at 2355 LT in posn : 14.37.2n - 017:25.5w at Dakar Roads, Senegal. Pirates boarded product tanker underway soon after dropping outward pilot -- stole ship's stores, jumped into boat & escaped. (Fri. Aug. 27 2004)

21 Aug. 2004 at 0400 L/T at Tarahan coal terminal, Indonesia. Persons in 2 unlit boats tried to board bulk carrier at berth. Alert crew raised alarm & boarding was averted. (Fri. Aug. 27 2004)

21 Aug. 2004 at 0400 L/T in posn 02:53N - 108:00E, 15 NM, SE of Midai island, Indonesia / South China Sea -- 7 pirates armed with guns, long knives & steel bars boarded container ship underway -- took duty crew on bridge as hostages & ordered ship's speed to be reduced. They destroyed communication equipment & took an A/B to master's cabin, broke open door & stole ship's cash & master's personal effects. Finally they took master to poop deck & fled at 0420 in waiting boat. Master sustained injuries. (Fri. Aug. 27 2004)

20 Aug. 2004 at 2200 L/T in posn 02:40.58N - 107:58.0E, vicinity of Midai island, Indonesia / South China Sea -- 7 pirates armed with long knives & swords boarded bulk carrier underway -- took hostage & tied up duty crew on bridge & others on deck -- destroyed communication equipment. Pirates ransacked master's cabin -- stole ship's cash & his personal belongings & ship's equipment -- stole from other crew & ordered ship's speed to be reduced. Around 2230 L/T they took master to poop deck & fled in waiting boat. (Fri. Aug. 27 2004)

18 Aug. 2004 at 0600 L/T at Varroux terminal, Port Au Prince, Haiti -- pirate boarded general cargo ship at berth & tried to steal ship's equipment. Alert crew raised alarm & robber escaped. Earlier at 0300 L/T on 16.08.04 two pirates boarded ame ship at forecastle & tried to steal ship's stores. Crew raised alarm & robbers escaped. (Fri. Aug. 27 2004)

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U.S. Coast Guard USCGC Curts rescued 102 illegal immigrants headed for America aboard fishing boat on verge of foundering in Int'l waters -- 515km off Ecuador. USCGC Curts transferred everyone from sinking vessel & Ecuadoran Coast Guard dispatched team to repatriate them. (Fri. Aug. 27 2004)

7,916gt chemical M/T Chembulk Singapore (built 1989), Singapore/Malaysia for Middle East with palm oil, aground at Mokha port entrance in Aden 20 August. Refloating attempts failed - further attempt will made today. (Thurs. Aug. 26 2004)

M/V Zhenmao & M/V Hengtai No. 9 -- stranded Aug. 26 morning in shoal, 100mt off shoreline of Wenzhou city, after Typhoon Aere hit east China's Zhejiang Province -- no risk of life reported (Thurs. Aug. 26 2004)

36,559gt bulk M/V Pleonie (built 1996), New Orleans for Japan with corn, in collision Aug. 5 with 38,364gt M/V Jacaranda (built 1999) at outer anchorage of Critobal -- one of Pleonie"s holds breached -- considerable damage to cargo anticipated. (Thurs. Aug. 26 2004)

Amazing Update>> To what has The Dave Matthews Band been up to on America's waterways? Casualty or Piracy? More from our local correspondant - Libby Thompson on the Aug. 10 Loss (of control) upon the First Lady. (Wed. Aug. 25 2004)

Panamanian-flagged Far East Silo, approaching Astoria, Oregon, gateway to Columbia River & Port of Portland suffered loss of crew -- radioed mayday call 10 a.m. on 23 Aug. reporting man overboard 10 miles W. of Astoria -- at Columbia Bar -- West Coast major graveyard of lost ships due to confluence with Columbia River. (Wed. Aug. 25 2004)

M/V ACX Hisbiscus, Singapore for Philippine capital of Manila, attacked by 9 pirates armed with guns & daggers who robbed cargo vessel on Aug. 20 -- suffered arrest of 7 pirate crew by Indonesian Navy. As previously noted here, piracy in area significantly fallen since Singapore, Malaysia & Indonesia began coordinated naval patrols in July 2004 in nearby Malacca Straits, a key oil & trade route. Bravo Zulu! (Wed. Aug. 25 2004)

Pirate Alert>> Int'l Maritime Bureau has raised piracy alert for shipping in South-east Asian waters, after armed raiders stormed 2 vessels off Indonesian coast last week -- 7 radical Muslim pirates armed with guns, long knives & steel bars boarded container ship under way -- took duty crew on bridge as hostages & ordered ship's speed to be reduced -- 1 crew injured as raiders stole cash & crew's personal effects before fleeing to a waiting vessel. In almost identical strike day earlier, 7 pirates boarded another vessel close to Midai, tying up crew members before ransacking cabins for cash & equipment. Indonesian Navy reported Aug. 24 it had arrested 7 pirates believed to be responsible for Aug. 20 attack (see story, above). Meanwhile, Indonesia's intelligence chief said detained Muslim militants told investigators they contemplated attacks on shipping in strategically important Malacca Strait. Sadly, expect more. (Wed. Aug. 25 2004)

137-foot catamaran passenger used for glacier & wildlife tours in Prince William Sound<<Webfeature, Whittier-based M/V Klondike Express -- traveled just S. of Outpost Island & W. of Glacier Island when fire broke out in engine room. Crew quickly extinguished fire with ship's on board fire suppression equipment & reported no injuries -- crew transferred 57 passengers aboard to M/V Nunatak -- took them to Whittier. (Tues. Aug. 24 2004)

Panamanian-flagged M/V Far East Silo radio mayday call 10 a.m. on Aug. 24 reporting man overboard 10 miles west of Astoria -- entrance to Columbia River, for Portland. (Tues. Aug. 24 2004)

Typhoon Aere churned toward N. Taiwan on Aug. 24 with 99 mph wind gusts. Rough seas capsized fishing boat from Hong Kong & killed 5 fishermen in Taiwan & 2 children in Japan. (Tues. Aug. 24 2004)

United Kingdom 23-foot ocean rowing vessel, R/V Mrs. D's Viking Spirit with 39-year-old British crewman Mick Dawson of Lincolnshire, England -- capsized 1,000 miles SW of Kodiakin 2nd attempt to row from Choshi, Japan to San Francisco -- U.S. Coast Guard launched Air Station Kodiak C-130 Hercules crew & coordinated with crew of 925-ft. German container M/V Hanjin Philadelphia to assist Dawson. Hercules crew located R/V Mrs. D's Viking Spirit -- spotted flares -- Dawson firing from atop capsized row boat's hull. M/V Hanjin Philadelphia<<Webfeature, guided to scene & plucked uninjured Dawson from boat's hull. Dawson will remain aboard cargo vessel until Aug. 27 when scheduled to arrive in Long Beach, Calif. Int'l Rowing Society<<Webfeature. Bravo Zulu, Mick -- great, great try. (Mon. Aug. 23 2004)

Panamanian-registered vessel M/V Ref Vega, with frozen chicken from Mississippi to St. Petersburg, Russia -- suffered severe crew hand injury. Doctors preparing to rendezvous with vessel off St. George's. (Mon. Aug. 23 2004)

Tourist ship M/V Polarstjernen spotted Polar bear near Svalbard, Norway -- caught in fising net -- ship returned a week later & crew saw that bear was still struck so they called wildlife officials in Longyearbyen. Wildlife officials came with tranquilizer gun, thinking that by sedating bear they could free him from fishing net, however, once they fired gun he was so scared he freed himself. (Mon. Aug. 23 2004)

34-meter Dutch trading vessel S/V Albatross -- suffered loss of sailor -- from Westcliff-on-Sea in Essex, in the sails when he lost his grip off coast of Southend -- crew retrieved man & tried to revive him, but later pronounced dead at scene. (Sun. Aug. 22 2004)

Australian ferry M/V Superflyte, with 300 passengers & 6 crew -- suffered engine room fire after leaving Waiheke Island for Auckland -- fire put out by crew aboard -- able to continue toward Auckland without evacuation of passengers.

M/V United Star, with 900 tons of cement clinkers & 15 crew, in collision with M/V Nazimuddin at outer anchorage of Chittagong seaport at about 9:30pm while it approaching Jetty -- clinkers having been offloaded from Singapore flag M/V Span Star. M/V United Star sank -- all crew swam to shore. (Sat. Aug. 21 2004)

Indian trawler F/V M.F.V. Sarani, Orissa coast for Visakhapatanam in Andhra Pradesh with 12 crew, sank in Bay of Bengal<<Webfeature, Aug. 20 after a storm -- 1 rescued 140 km off Haldia coast<<Webfeature. (Sat. Aug. 21 2004)

Malaysian Tug w/ barge went adrift in Philippine waters, Sandakan for Semporna, after skipper died in accident -- cable attached to barge being pulled by tug snapped, hitting & killing skipper -- tug spotted Aug. 19 night off Pangutaran group of islands in Sulu Sea by Filipino fishing boats -- Philippine Naval rescue ships arrived at site, 568 miles S. of Manila, on Aug. 20 -- tug & barge will be towed to Philippine boundary with Malaysia where they will be turned over to Malaysia authorities. (Fri. Aug. 20 2004)


15 Aug. 2004 at 0745 UTC in position 06:02.9S - 106:53.8E, at Jakarta anchorage, Indonesia. Pirates in 3 wooden boats boarded livestock carrier preparing to anchor. Duty officer raised alarm & crew mustered. Robbers escaped with ship's stores. Master informed local authorities. (Fri. Aug. 20 2004)

13 Aug. 2004 at 2330 LT at Chittagong anchorage, Bangladesh -- 12 pirates armed with guns & knives boarded container ship - stole ship's stores & escaped. (Fri. Aug. 20 2004)

09 Aug. 2004 at 0330 LT at Lagos anchorage in position 06:18.1N - 003:16.0e, Nigeria -- 7 pirates in boat attempted to board a bulk carrier at stern using hooks attached to ropes. Alert crew raised alarm & activated fire hoses. Robbers aborted boarding & fled. (Fri. Aug. 20 2004)

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120mt Austrian cargo M/T Herzog Tassilo, with iron ore, aground late Aug. 17 night in Germany's Danube river. (Wed. Aug. 18 2004) UPDATE>> 120mt M/V Herzog Tassilo will likely remain blocking Danube river, one of Europe's most important waterways until at least Aug. 19 eve -- if attempt to free fails -- they will have to remove cargo & try again. (Thurs. Aug. 19 2004)

Liberian-flagged M/VB Ken Explorer, Chile for Indian port of Pipavav with 43,000 tons of copper concentrate -- foundered Aug. 16 after running aground in heavy rains off India's western coast -- being set afloat. No injuries. (Thurs. Aug. 19 2004)

Iranian 25mt cargo dhow, Dubai for Iranian port of Bushehr, with rice, computer parts, electrical goods, blank compact disks, textiles & hundreds of boxes shaving blades as well as sundry other goods -- suffered fire at origin dock -- fire appeared started while someone aboard preparing food -fire burnt vessel's superstructure from lower aft to Capt's deck as well as lifeboat. The danger of Pop Tarts. (Thurs. Aug. 19 2004)

Petroleum Helicopters Inc.<<Webfeature, helicopter -- down in waters 20 miles SE of Venice off Louisiana's SE coast Aug. 19 morning -- all 9 aboard rescued & no serious injuries -- PHI helicopter took group from close oil rig to Port Sulphur Hospital for evaluation. (Thurs. Aug. 19 2004)

Purple HK Haze>> 20mt cargo ship, with 9 crew, sank in Sai Kung waters, near Hong Kong -- 1 dead -- but earlier in day, vessel was among 8 vessels involved in collisions as Hong Kong's increasingly noxious haze once again blanketed approaches to Victoria Harbor & surrounding waters. By 7am, visibility in both Ma Wan, between Tsing Yi & Lantau Island, and in Western Anchorage at the S. of Tsing Yi was a mere 550mts -- 3 minor collisions involving barges & goods vessels reported between 3.45am & 4.15am in different places, including Tang Lung Chau at S. of Ma Wan -- the most serious occurred at 4.30am, when a 993-ton mainland-registered river trade vessel in collision with Panamanian-registered M/V off River Trade Terminal at Tuen Mun. On Aug. 18, high-speed catamaran ferry with 123 passengers collided with oil barge off Stonecutters Island. Ed. Note>> From my own observations over the years, navigation in Victoria Harbor often requires a bit of courage. Generaly quite clear, visibility can degenerate to dense haze -- a course followed daily by literally hundreds of "Mid-Stream" very small container vessels -- similar to lighters, but of longer range -- each angling for roughly the same delivery areas. Accidents are to be expected. McD (Thurs. Aug. 19 2004)

M/V Kinsman Enterprise -- being scrapped at IMS Salvage Yard in Port Colborne, Great Lakes -- suffered 21-year-old employee injury -- pinned underneath steel debris that fell on him. Buffalo New York Fire Dept.'s Heavy Rescue Team called -- after 4 hours of cutting, man air lifted by helicopter to local hospital where he is recovering. (Thurs. Aug. 19 2004)

Cyprus-registered M/V suffered murder of chief cook at Sandheads anchorage<<Webfeature -- Jerry Sumalinog, a Filipino who holds the rank of seaman, tried to escape by jumping into sea but was spotted & caught after motorboat chase. Sumalinog confessed to murdering chief cook Colantro Romeo, also a Filipino, after argument -- victim's body found in his cabin. What had he been servng? (Thurs. Aug. 19 2004)

Loose Lips For Ships>> Ship watchers who regularly check The Port Huron Times Herald for list of vessel passages it has printed for years will now find it missing, the latest casualty of stepped up security. Citing national security concerns, the Canadian Coast Guard Marine Communications & Traffic Service in Sarnia (Sarnia Traffic) no longer will provide newspaper with a list of which ships have passed the Black River buoy in the St. Clair River. The Canadian Coast Guard is agency that monitors commercial vessel traffic on river, which is border between the United States & Canada. The Times Herald has printed the vessel passage reports daily, allowing recreational freighter fans to read what ships passed the city throughout the day. Sadly, another little part of our lives has been lost to the terrorists. Let's all determine get these guys. Indeed, they want to get us. (Wed. Aug. 18 2004)

UK F/V Phoenix FR 941, with 5 crew -- reported in distress at 3.40 a.m. this morning -- taking water & required urgent assistance with pumps -- Shetland Coastguard alerted -- Coastguard Rescue Helicopter `Lima Charlie' scrambled from Sumburgh -- just before 5.00 a.m. UK Coastguard pump lowered to vessel -- water blocked off & making for Lerwick with UK F/V Falcon acting as escort. (Tues. Aug. 17 2004)

Germany's Theatre Titanick suffered freak accident at an outdoor theatre performance in Leeds, UK about the RMS Titanic -- show cancelled in mid-performance after Mr. Holger Teupel's clothes caught fire in front of 700 people at specially-built amphitheatre in Millennium Square. Mr Teupel was stoking a prop representing ship's boiler when flames shot out, setting fire to material covering his right arm, shoulder & around his neck. Fellow actors rushed over to smother him with jackets and roll him over -- flames extinguished quickly & first aid given -- taken to Leeds General Infirmary & to Pinderfields Hospital. (Mon. Aug. 16 2004)

M/V Federal Maas swiped bascule bridge at Iroquois Lock, U.S. Great Lakes, Aug. 15 -- bridge not completely raised -- suffered damage to her bridge wing, has since departed for overseas destination. (Mon. Aug. 16 2004)

HMNZS Endeavour<<Webfeature. at Garden Island - Australian Royal Naval Base<<Webfeature, Sydney suffered accident when liferaft being lowered into the water from the tanker HMNZS Endeavour when it hit side of the ship -- raft dropped 10mt to sea level -- 22 New Zealand Navy personnel involved -- 5 to hospitasl & 7 walking wounded. (Sun. 15 Aug. 2004)

Iranian dhow M/V Naji, with 6 crew, suffered broken propeller seal which was letting in water -- aircraft carrier USS John F. Kennedy (CV-67)<<Webfeature, dispatched helicopters to winch Iranians to safety after receiving a distress signal. (Sun. 15 Aug. 2004)

Unidentified UK luxury motor cruiser, with 2 crew, made it to their dinghy as their vessel exploded into flames & sank off Dorset coast near Poole -- vessel had to be towed to sea, amid concerns over small bottles of potentially-explosive butane gas on board. (Sun. 15 Aug. 2004)

Indonesian wooden M/V Farleno 01, with 45 souls, Bitung port in North Sulawesi province Aug. 14 bound for coastal village of Posingon 107 miles) SW when blaze broke out mid way caught fire at sea off coast of northern Indonesia -- accident happened after crew attempted to repair broken engine -- fire sparked panic & all passengers & crew jumped into sea -- 25 passengers & all 8 crew rescued by fishing boats -- 12 others drowned -- could not swim. (Sun. 15 Aug. 2004)

122m, UK-registered container M/V Aotearoa Chief, for Sydney -- struck by large wave as it left Port Phillip Bay Aug. 14 -- pilot had just climbed down ladder & back onto pilot boat -- 2 crew pulling in ladder when wave hit -- Papua New Guinean sailor killed & another suffered broken leg. (Sat. 14 Aug. 2004)

M/V Pacific Princess for Papua New Guinea cancelled its visit last week because of piracy reports -- Capt. of Pacific Princess cited reports of boarding & robbery of M/V Huris in East New Britain as reason for his cancellation, claiming that media blew incident out of proportion. (Sat. 14 Aug. 2004)

Hurricane Charley -- We await word as this major storm has crossed Florida -- expected to increase in size --now in the Atlanitc. For up to the minute news -- we suggest you now tune to Hurricane City --the #1 site for real time information. (Fri. 13 Aug. 2004pm)

U.S. Homeland Security and U.S. Coast Guard officials searching New Haven, CN waterfront Aug. 13 for 2 Turkish men who jumped off Turkish M/V Nazli G, with steel, docked in New Haven harbor. (Fri. 13 Aug. 2004)

NEW ROUGE WAVE STUDY>> During the last 2 decades, more than 200 supertankers&emdash;ships over 200mt (656 feet) long&emdash;have sunk. Rogue waves are thought to be the cause for many of these disasters, perhaps by flooding the main hold of these giant container ships. In a single week in winter 2001, 2 cruise vessels hit by rogue waves in South Atlantic -- M/V Bremen & M/V Caledonian Star had bridge windows smashed by the errant wall of water reaching 30mt (98 feet) high. "For tourist ships, they like to have these large windows so that people can look out," said Susanne Lehner, a mathematician at the University of Miami in Florida who studies wave dynamics. For M/V Bremen, water pouring in smashed windows damaged the ship's instruments & power, setting it adrift for 2 hours while crew worked to restart engines. "The same phenomenon could have sunk many less lucky vessels: 2 large ships sink every week on average," said the Cologne-based German Aerospace Center<<Webfeature. "But the cause is never studied to same detail as an air crash. It simply gets put down to 'bad weather.'" In 1978, when the 43,000-ton cargo M/V Mûnchen went down with all hands during Atlantic crossing, all that remained was battered lifeboat. Now researchers suspect sinking likely happened after ship was hit with a rogue wave. Offshore oil rigs also get hit by rogue waves. Radar reports from North Sea's Gorm oil field show 466 rogue-wave encounters in the last 12 years. Researchers have clues to what causes these monster waves. Rogue waves seem clumped near strong current&emdash;such as Gulf Stream off North American east coast & the Agulhas Current off South Africa. The current, Lehner said, can act like a lens, focusing wave energy so small waves combine into larger ones. But sometimes rogue waves appear out of deep blue sea, in parts of ocean without major currents -- scientists aren't quite sure why. (Fri. 13 Aug. 2004)

U.S. New Bedford F/V Intrepid, with 3 crew, radioed Aug. 11 -- taking water & sunk 40 miles offshore -- disabled because of flooding through engine shafts -- U.S. Coast Guard launched rescue boats & helicopter -- provided pumps -- unable to keep vessel from sinking. All crew safe. (Fri. 13 Aug. 2004)

Trinidad 130 Class Lift boat operated by Tucker Energy Services Ltd M/V Miss Nevelyn, with 24 aboard & providing work platform involved in engineering works 800mt off SE coast of Guayaguayare Bay<<Webfeature, -- capsized Aug. 8 -- all rescued. (Fri. 13 Aug. 2004)

UK Fraserburgh-registered trawler F/V Chrisamie began taking water at 0900 BST, Aug. 12 , 100 miles NE of Aberdeen, close to Britannia gas platform<<Webfeature, -- crew helped off vessel by fast rescue craft from platform, although 1 person stayed with vessel until shortly before she sank. (Fri. 13 Aug. 2004)


08 Aug. 2004 at 0340 LT at Pertigalete Ve. Anchorage, La Cruz Port, Venezuela -- 2 pirates boarded bulk carrier. Crew raised alarm & robbers escaped in boat. (Fri. 13 Aug. 2004)

07 Aug. 2004 at 1310 LT in posn 05:05.5N - 098:28.7E, Malacca Straits. Pirates in 2 high speed boats attempted to board product tanker underway from her stern. Crew mustered, activated fire hoses, fired signal flares, directed searchlights & master increased speed. Pirates aborted attempt after 30 mins & fled. (Fri. 13 Aug. 2004)

07 Aug. 2004 at 0100 UTC at oil jetty no.4, Kandla, India. Five pirates boarded a chemical tanker during cargo operations -- tried to break into paint locker. Alert crew raised alarm & robbers jumped overboard & escaped empty handed. (Fri. 13 Aug. 2004)

06 Aug. 2004 at 0200 LT at berth no.3, Bangkok port, Thailand. Pirates boarded bulk carrier during cargo operations -- stole ship's property & escaped. (Fri. 13 Aug. 2004)

02 Aug. 2004 at 0420 LT at Freetown anchorage, Sierra Leone -- 10 pirates armed with guns approached general cargo ship & commenced firing at her -- boarded using hooks, smashed all cabin doors, held crew at gunpoint & stole their belongings. Robbers left at 0500 LT. Master managed to contact port control whilst robbers were aboard. Port officials boarded after 0700 LT. Four injured crew members hospitalized. (Fri. 13 Aug. 2004)

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Hurricane Charley -- We await word as this major storm approaches Florida -- hitting Havana at this hour -- expected to become Category #3 Hurricane. For up to the minute news -- we suggest you now tune to Hurricane City --the #1 site for real time information. (Thurs. Aug. 12 2004PM)

Container M/V Canada Senator, Montreal for Italy, in St. La÷wrence River -- in collision with 16-meter sailboat, with 4 crew near Quebec City -- S/V sunk very, very rapidly -- U.S. Coast Guard retrieved a dinghy, wooden wreckage & fenders from river. No life vests found -- man & woman aboard sailboat rescued by÷ crew of cargo ship. Two missing -- presumed dead. (Thurs. Aug. 12 2004) UPDATE>> I body found. Investigators believe sailboat skipper may have been asleep or incapacitated prior to collision. (Thurs. Aug. 12 2004PM) CORRECTION>> It is not U.S. Coast Guard but CANADIAN COAST GUARD who retrieved 2 survivors from wreckages -- 1 body found same evening from wreck by divers from Police Sureté du Québec -- 2nd body found adrift today, August 16th 2004, few miles E. of accident location. Investigation will be done in order to determine if man was asleep, was subject to heart attack or fell overboard before collision. From our local correspondant - Hubert Desgagnés, OIC, MRSC Québec, Canadian Coast Guard. (Mon. Aug. 16 2004)

Typhoon Rananim>> The worst typhoon to hit China since 1997 killed 63 people & injured more than 1,800 when it battered southeastern Zhejiang province Aug. 13. Typhoon left 15 people missing, causing widespread damage in rice-growing province & knocking down more than 18,300 buildings -- death toll likely to rise as typhoon swept inland into eastern Jiangxi province. Officials evacuated 415,000 people from coastal areas of Zhejiang province to escape storm. (Thurs. Aug. 12 2004)

New Bedford-based fishing boat F/V Intrepid radioed Aug11 night taking on water 40 miles offshore & disabled because of flooding through engine shafts. U.S. Coast Guard launched rescue boats & helicopter. One of the rescue boats provided pumps to crew but the pumps unable to keep her sinking. (Thurs. Aug. 12 2004)

Negros Navigation owned passenger M/V Saint Joseph the Worker -- in collision on Manila Bay with M/V Sea Celebrity after communications between vessels failed to avert collision -- M/V Saint Joseph slowed down until it went to full stop to avoid collision -- but M/V Sea Celebrity continued moving toward port until it hit passenger vessel head on. No injuries. Passengers transferred to M/B San Paulo. (Thurs. Aug. 12 2004)

Chicago's sightseeing M/V First Lady, with over 110 tourists -- on Chicago River -- a premier city attraction -- doused with raw sewage Aug. 8 afternoon as vessel hovered under Kinzie Street bridge -- sewage dropped from 2 tour buses passing overhead. Raw sewage went onto people, into eyes & mouths -- tourists forced to discard clothing -- some still awaiting tests to make sure they did not contract disease. Passengers all refunded their US$26 ticket cost. Lunch was not served. From our local correspondant - Libby Thompson. (Tues. Aug. 10 2004) UPDATE>> State of Illinois sued The Dave Matthews Band<<Webfeature, Aug. 24 for allegedly dumping up to 800 pounds of liquid human waste from the tour bus into Chicago River, dousing the Chicago architecture tour M/V First Lady filled with passengers -- accuses band & one of its bus drivers of violating state water pollution & public nuisance laws & seeks US$70,000 in civil penalties. Indeed, it is observed that an architecture tour boat is a terrible thing to waste. As to the 800 pound yield, The Dave Matthews Band has been urged to seek dietary counseling. From our local correspondant - Libby Thompson. (Wed. Aug. 25 2004)

85-foot wooden hulled vessel from Homer, Alaska F/V Rolfy & 85-feet, steel hulled, from Kodiak F/V Midnite Sun -- in collision in Whale Passage between Whale & Kodiak Islands on N. end of Kodiak -- both vessels sustained damage but did transit to Kodiak City without further incident -- both vessels currently moored at Ocean Beauty Seafoods, Kodiak. (Mon. Aug. 9 2004)

Indonesian-flagged M/V Edha II signaled MAYDAY after ship began taking water in N. Arabian Gulf as vessel sank late Aug. 7 night -- all 12 crew transported to USS Seattle (AOE-3)<<Webfeature, for treatment -- helicopter & speedboat dispatched from USS Seattle after distress call at 10:30p.m. Aug. 7. Neither cause of M/V Edha II's sinking nor nature of cargo she was carrying is known. (Mon. Aug. 9 2004)

U.S. 39-foot steel hull deep-draft seine F/V Java, based in Kodiak with 4 crew -- capsized at 8 p.m., Aug. 8, in Shelikof Strait near mouth of Uyak Bay between Alaska Peninsula & Kodiak -- vessel's crew began retrieving net full of salmon in 25 knot winds & 3-foot seas when vessel keeled over throwing 1 crew into the water. F/V Lynx was 15 minutes away -- rescued all crew & delivered all to nearby fish camp in Chief Cove on N. side of Spiridon Bay. (Mon. Aug. 9 2004)

U.S. charter M/V Misty Sea, with 3 aboard, issues MAYDAY, Aug. 6 afternoon in Prince William Sound -- 225-foot buoy tender Coast Guard USCGC Sycamore<<Webfeature, responded -- Sycamore's small boat, with corpsman aboard, rendezvoused -- crew suffered from food poisoning -- transferred threesome to Long Island for faster transport to Valdez -- they arrived safely in Valdez & Coast Guard crew transferred them to awaiting emergency personnel at 3 p.m. (Mon. Aug. 9 2004)

Sri Lankan cargo M/V Mercs Hendla suffered a death at the Chennai Port when 180 ton electric wharf crane came crashed over vessel -- 23-year old man killed -- another person, inside vessel, suffered minor injuries, while cabin & bridge damaged. (Mon. Aug. 9 2004)

Coast Guard cutter USCGC Hawk (WPB 87355) rescued 3 of 4 missing crew reported overdue Aug. 8 from Steinhatchee, Fla. after they failed to return from Aug. 7 fishing trip on their 23-foot pleasure craft -- located 21 miles W. of Steinhatchee River, all wearing life jackets & brought on board USCGC Hawk. Once on board crew found to be weak & dehydrated -- U.S. Coast Guard HH-60 Jayhawk helicopter currently medevacing all to Shann's Hospital in Gainesville, FL. (Mon. Aug. 9 2004)

38-foot M/V Sennen for the Azores -- suffered high winds & seas which destroyed her communications equipment -- all crew taken aboard cargo M/V Ferrol , for Spain. The U.S. Coast Guard & Azores Harbor Radio located vessel 140 miles off the Island. (Mon. Aug. 9 2004)

U.S. cruise liner M/V Silver Shadow canceled the ship's Aug. 7 visit to Humboldt Bay due to dense morning fog, according to Humboldt Bay Harbor. (Sun. Aug. 8 2004)

Maltese-registered oil M/T Bregen, Wilhelmshaven in Germany for Boston -- crewman reported overboard at 0700 BST Aug. 6 -- later found safe & well. (Sun. Aug. 8 2004)

Canada Steamship Lines' self-unloader M/V Halifax, downbound in Grest Lakes -- aground Aug. 6 at Fawn Island in St. Clair River -- tug M/V Wyoming freed M/V Halifax. (Sun. Aug. 8 2004)

12 scuba divers rescued off coast of Egypt, near al-Quseir Aug. 7 after spending 11 hours stranded in Red Sea -- 5 Brits, 5 Portuguese & 1 Belgian divers -- disappearance sparked a massive search & rescue operation involving the Egyptian air force, 2 naval ships & rescue divers from a number of private boats -- group believed to have stayed together by linking up in chain formation. (Sun. Aug. 8 2004)

Ocean rowing Pink Lady, with 4 crew, broken in two & sank -- 300 miles west of Scilly Isles<<Webfeature, in Life raft. All 4 crew to life raft. R51 marine patrol aircraft scrambled to over fly position & Falmouth Coastguard rebroadcast mayday signal into area to alert passing vessels -- nearest vessel to respond so far is 30,000mt Maltese M/T Bregen, Wihelmshaven, Germany for Boston -- vessel also involved this week in search & rescue effort to locate crew member -- vessel is 4 hours steaming away from their current position. (Sat. Aug. 7 2004)

UK 45ft motor launch M/V Freedom, with 6 adults & 4 children sinking off Brownsea Island, Poole Harbor early Aug. 7 -- Coastguard rescue helicopter 'Whiskey Bravo' from Portland was scrambled, as well as Portland Coastguard requesting launch of Poole inshore lifeboat Poole all weather lifeboat. All rescued. (Sat. Aug. 7 2004)

75-foot salmon tender M/V Mitkof, based Petersburg, sank 10 miles N. of Petersburg early Aug. 6 with 160,000 pounds of fish on board. U.S. Coast Guard received notification at 1:57 a.m. that M/V Mitkof struck rock & began flooding. Search & rescue coordinators at U.S. Coast Guard Command Center in Juneau directed launch of Jayhawk helicopter & crew from Air Station Sitka & small boat from Petersburg-based cutter USCGC Anacapa. Additionally, they issued urgent marine information broadcast (UMIB) to nearby mariners requesting response to assist M/V Mitkof -- sank in 300ft of water -- Good Samaritan vessel 42-foot F/V Angjenl rescued all crew. (Fri. Aug. 6 2004)


02 Aug. 2004 at 0420 LT at Freetown anchorage, Sierra Leone -- 10 prates armed with guns approached general cargo ship & commenced firing at her. They boarded using hooks, smashed all cabin doors, held the crew at gunpoint & stole their belongings. Robbers left at 0500 lt. Master managed to contact port control whilst robbers were on board. Port officials however boarded after 0700 lt -- 4 injured crew members hospitalized. (Fri. Aug. 6 2004)

02 Aug. 2004 at 0200 LT at Rio Grande, Brazil -- 5 PIRATES in a motorboat attempted to board general cargo ship at berth. Alert crew raised alarm & robbers jumped overboard & escaped. (Fri. Aug. 6 2004)

30 July 2004 at 1205 LT in posn 06:00.97S - 106:53.73E, Jakarta tanker anchorage, Indonesia -- 5 pirates armed with long knives boarded tanker. Attacked duty crew member. He was strangled, choked & stopped from raising alarm. Robbers stole safety equipment and personal belongings of the crew member and escaped in an unlit boat. (Fri. Aug. 6 2004)

30 July 2004 at 0900 LT in posn 21:43N - 091:33E, 30 nm off Chittagong, Bangladesh. Pirates boarded barge being towed by tug. They stole all stores and loose equipment from barge & left at 0930 LT. (Fri. Aug. 6 2004)

28 July 2004 at 0200 LT at Belawan anchorage, Indonesia - 4 pirates armed with swords boarded chemical tanker & stole ship's equipment & escaped. Master informed authorities. (Fri. Aug. 6 2004)

27 July 2004 at 0440 LT at Abidjan anchorage, Ivory Coast -- Pirate armed with a long knife boarded tanker via hawse pipe -- attacked duty A/B, made him strip & escaped with his clothes & portable radio. No physical injuries to A/B but he in state of shock.(Fri. Aug. 6 2004)

27 July 2004 at 0745 LT, 18 nm west of Quilon, India. Pirates in several fishing boats attempted to board tug towing barge. Master contacted Indian coast guard who despatched aircraft & patrol vessel. Pirates aborted attempted boarding. (Fri. Aug. 6 2004)

26 July 2004 at 2230 LT in posn 14:38.4N - 017:22.9W, 3 miles off port entrance, Dakar, Senegal -- pirates armed with knives boarded container ship departing Dakar. Alert crew raised alarm. Robbers escaped in motorboat with large quantity of ship's stores. Dakar port control informed. (Fri. Aug. 6 2004)

26 July 2004 late pm off Pulau Jakak, Malacca Straits. Pirates boarded landing craft underway -- stole ship's fuel & radio equipment. Pirates left taking master & chief engineer as hostage & demanded ransom for their release. (Fri. Aug. 6 2004)

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M/V CSAV Rio Puelo, ex-Argentina -- held off Port of New York all week after officials received false tip amid heightened security that an anchorage off New York into the neighboring port of Newark, New Jersey on Aug. 6 -- "unconfirmed anonymous report" that 1 container of lemons had an "unknown harmful biological substance." Officials tested cargo for biological hazards, but none found. Not immediately known how many pounds of lemons spoiled, but CSAVGroup, the shipping container firm that owns ship, said containers hold up to 40,000 pounds (18 tons) of produce each. Time to make lemonade. (Fri. Aug. 6 2004)

Maltese-registered oil M/T Bregen, Wilhelmshaven in Germany for Boston -- reported man over board -- 40 miles SW of Scillies -- thought he had fallen overboard from vessel, but he was later found safe & well. (Fri. Aug. 6 2004)

U.S. F/V Tarrissa Jean C, with 5 crew, grounded & began taking water late Aug. 5 in Uyak Bay south of Amook Island -- 3 Good Samaritan vessels provided pumps to help control flooding & assisted crew as they threw fish overboard in attempt to lighten grounded vessel. (Fri. Aug. 6 2004)

M/V Disney Wonder at Port Canaveral, Fla., evacuated after search dog apparently hit on suspicious item on the ship. (Thurs. Aug. 5 2004)

Contaner M/V Horizon -- stranded near Ste. Anne-de-Sorel since July 24 as result of grounding -- freed Aug. 4 by concerted efforts of 6 tugs at 1500 hours -- ship towed to a Sorel anchorage for hull inspection -- if hull sound, she will then proceed to Sorel berth 19 to retrieve containers which had been offloaded during salvage operations to lighten ship. Full Story. (Thurs. Aug. 5 2004)

M/V Andrew J. Barberi -- Oct. 2003 was worst accient in 98 year history of New York ferry service -- Assistant Capt. Richard Smith, 55, told a Brooklyn court he passed out at controls because of medication he was taking for high blood pressure. "I lost consciousness & was not in control of the ferry," he said. The ferry taking commuters from Manhattan to Staten Island crashed into pier, killing 11 people. "My conduct was reckless," he said, admitted that he had taken drugs with side effects that included drowsiness. Smith pled guilty to manslaughter. Pilot could face up to 10 years in jail on each of 11 counts. (Thurs. Aug. 5 2004)

Carnival Cruise Lines M/V Miracle<<Webfeature, with 1,000 passengers -- returning from Bahamas & hours from destination New York -- suffered "Abandon Ship" order at 3:45am on ship's public adress system -- absolute 9/11 panic followed -- hundreds of pajama clad passengers -- or less clad -- "cluster f'd" on all decks, thnking terrorists had taken the ship. Carnival officials brought calm -- assuring everyone that announcement was a prank by someone who sneaked into room that was "normally locked & unoccupied," switched on a microphone & made the scary statement. It was a prank. Not funny. (Wed. Aug. 4 2004)

Danish-flagged M/T Torm Mary, with Eurograde gasoline, at Sun Anchorage on SE Texas, Neches River -- rammed by refueling barge owned by Buffalo Marine Services -- ripping 5-foot long gash -- spilled more than 30,000 gallons of fuel oil early on Aug. 2. (Mon. Aug. 2 2004)

Runaway grain barge hit one of Mississippi River's busiest crossings & sank, forcing U.S. Coast Guard to close 2-mile stretch of river Aug. 2 while the agency decided how to deal with submerged vessel. Barge was among 15 that broke away late Aug. 1 from a towboat & floated down the river, with an unknown number hitting the Poplar Street Bridge. Five towboats rounded up remaining 14 barges. Aug. 1 morning, crews pinpointed sunken barge on Missouri side of river & marked location with a lighted orange-&-white buoy. Could take days for salvage crew to set up a crane to retrieve barge. We have seen many accidents at this location. ,(Mon. Aug. 2 2004)

800-ton Taiwanese F/V Yi Fa, left Kao-hsiung on July 24 on maiden voyage to North Pacific -- 2775km NE of Keelung on July 30 night -- 7 Chinese crew, wielding kitchen knives, overpowered & tied up 4 Taiwanese crew, Including Capt. Yen, who were sleeping at time -- Chinese leaders of attack, identified as Yang Zhih-ping & Zhao Tungyu, then used satellite phone to demand that Capt. Yen's wife pay US$250,000 ransom. -- 4 Taiwanese crew managed to free themselves July 31, with assistance of some Filipino & Indonesian crew aboard - - 2 instigators of hostage - taking locked into lavatory & accomplices confined to ship's cabin. (Sun. Aug. 1 2004)

340-foot cruise M/V Clipper Oydssey, with 122 passengers & 31 crew, hard aground on rocks in Aleutian Islands -- accident at 9:15 p.m. July 31 punctured both a 5,800-gallon fuel tank on port side & waste water tank. Fishing boats & freighter, took 122 passengers & crew off & to port of Unalaska, 40 miles away, 800 air miles west of Anchorage -- 35 crew, 2 pilots & 2 Coast Guard personnel stayed aboard. Clipper Odyssey underway on power Aug. 1 to Unalaska. (Sun. Aug. 1 2004)

Vessel Loss Dispatches For July 2004

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"Enjoy Your Flight!"

USS Bataan (LHD 5) suffered loss of civilian worker at Metro Machine Shipyard, Norfolk, after he was crushed by a machine July 29 afternoon. (Sun. Aug. 1 2004)

774-foot M/T Eagle Memphis & 55-foot tug M/V Mr. Craig -- both upriver Mississippi River -- in collision south of Algiers Point, a tricky & congested bend across the Mississippi River from French Quarter. M/T Eagle Memphis sustained 13-foot hole in one of the tanker's starboard fuel tanks with loss of 50 barrels of heavy fuel oil.

Singapore registered 6,379-ton M/T Setia Jaya, with petroleum products -- missing since 29 July -- apparently caught fire in Sri Lankan waters -- distress calls were picked up by another tanker, M/T BP Pride. (Sat. July 31 2004)

Fire broke out July 31 in an offshore oil terminal in northern Portugal following explosions on 2 pipelines as workers transferred oil from vessel -- 8 firefighters slightly hurt. No injuries were reported from blast, but beaches surrounding refinery in the harbour area of Matosinhos were evacuated as a precaution. (Sat. July 31 2004)

World War II-era submarine Razorback will start trip up the Arkansas River to central Arkansas on Aug. 1. Razorback built for U.S. Navy & served during World War II and afterward until it was decommissioned in 1970 & provided to Turkey -- to serve as centerpiece of US$15M Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum near North Little Rock's downtown riverfront. (Sat. July 31 2004)

Owned by Tsakos Group -- M/V Horizon (Ex- Nedlloyd Kilindini, Ex- Irenes Horizon & Ex- Almudena) went hard aground near Sorel, Quebec. She was seabound when vessel lost all power & went aground at 15 knots. Six tugs tried to free her but unsuccessful; lightering of containers is the next plan -- ship out channel. From our local correspondant - Anonymous. (Fri. July 30 2004)


26 July 2004 at 2040 UTC in posn: 06:01S - 105:55E, Anyer anchorage, Indonesia --5 pirates armed with automatic rifles boarded LPG tanker -- fired several shots at duty A/B who was unhurt. Robbers stole ship's equipment. (Fri. July 30 2004)

26 Jul 2004 at 0910 LT in posn: 04:48.4N - 098:38.9E, Malacca straits. Armed pirates in fishing boat boarded bulk carrier drifting for engine repairs -- opened fire causing damage to bridge windows. (Fri. July 30 2004)

26 July 2004 at 0001 LT at Bintulu anchorage, Sarawak, Malaysia -- pirates armed with knives boarded general cargo ship at forecastle. Alert crew raised alarm & robbers jumped overboard z7 escaped in a fast boat.(Fri. July 30 2004)

25 July 2004 during night at Rio Grande anchorage, Brazil. Pirates boarded container ship -- broke in to 7 containers & stole cargo. (Fri. July 30 2004)

23 July 2004 at 0530 LT at Conakry port, Guinea -- pirates armed with long knives boarded multi-purpose dry cargo ship at berth. Duty officer raised alarm & crew mustered. Robbers jumped into water & escaped. Earlier on 22 July 2004 at 0500 LT pirates armed with long knives boarded & threatened duty officer with knives. Alarm was raised and crew mustered. Robbers jumped into water and escaped. (Fri. July 30 2004)

20 July 2004 at 1620 LT in posn: 05:46N - 097:37E, Malacca straits. Seven small craft approached tanker underway. Crew mustered & activated fire hoses & crafts moved away. Later, persons in another group of crafts attempted to board but master took evasive maneuvers & boarding was averted. (Fri. July 30 2004)

20 July 2004 at 0230 UTC in posn: 06:18N - 003:19E, Lagos anchorage, Nigeria -- pirates armed with long knives boarded bulk carrier & held watchman at knifepoint while their accomplices waited in boat. Robbers stole ship's stores & escaped. (Fri. July 30 2004)

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Singapore registered 6,379-ton tanker M/T Setia Jaya, Male in Maldives on July 17 for Singapore, with 21 crew & petroleum products, caught fire in Sri Lankan waters -- British-registered vessel saved 15 of 21 crew -- bodies of 5 others recovered -- extent of damage to M/T Setia Jaya & how fire started unclear. (Thrs. July 29 2004)

McKeil Marine barge, KTC 115, with calcium chloride, ran aground early July 27 in St. Lawrence River near Alexandria Bay, NY, & Boldt Castle, both major tourist destinations. Early reports indicated 12,000 gallons of cargo were spilled. Chemical, used to melt ice -- not a threat to people or wildlife in the area. The U.S. Coast Guard declared 100-yard security zone around Frontenac Shoal, where grounding took place. Accident happened when cable attached to tug M/V Salvor snapped. Vessels delayed were M/V Quebecois, M/V Cedarglen, M/V Lake Ontario, M/V Algoeast, M/V Algocape, M/V Montrealais, M/V Irma & M/V Algonorth. From our local correspondant - Mathias Koch. (Wed. July 28 2004)

One of Dane County's 7 weed harvesting barges sank July 23 on Fish Lake, Florida, but operatorn able to scramble to safety before barge went under. Fully loaded barge has 2 tons of plant material aboard, plus weight of water. Huge lift. (Wed. July 28 2004)

Palawan F/V -- suffered explosion off Tubbataha Reef in Palawan, July 27 -- 3 missing -- crew from M/V Metro Manila also injured -- Philippine Navy responded to scene & found explosion caused by LPG tank -- flared up when it caught burning cigarette. (Wed. July 28 2004)

Agmark Pacific Limited owned M/T Huris -- returning from voyage to Buka -- just docked at Anyer anchorage on Sunda Strait, between Indonesia's Sumatra & Java islands when 5 armed pirates attacked liquefied petroleum gas tanker with home-made automatic rifles & bushknife at the Ah Tam wharf in Rabaul -- held up crew & Capt. -- tied up their hands & feet -- forced Capt. to unlock secret steel compartment used to keep important documents & money -- -- assailants fired several shots at vessel's duty officer -- unhurt in attack -- took cash & escaped. The Int'l Maritime Bureau gave no vessel details, but we do for you, here. (Tues. July 27 2004)

Dutch M/T Charlotte, from Port of Essen where it had unloaded Naphta -- exploded on German Rhine-Herne-Canal near Oberhausen -- 30 year old Capt. killed -- 3 other crew as well as Catpt's wife & her 2 children were saved. Houses damaged by pressure of detonation & ship-parts with a weight of several tons in a distance up to 800 meters distance. After the explosion canal was closed until on July 26th it was sure that no debris of M/V Charlotte was threatening other ships. Ship was about to clean tanks by pumping air into them to get remaining gas substances out when 2 of 10 tanks exploded causing severe damage to the ship. The upper deck was completely destroyed. Fire followed which could be extinguished by about 100 firefighters. For some time there was also the threat of an explosion of the remaining gas. (Tues. July 27 2004)

100-foot cruise M/V Star of the Northwest, with 161 passengers 14 miles S. of Seward -- issued Mayday call about 3:30 p.m. -- ship sustained 2 flooded compartments water continued entering ship -- U.S. Coast Guard, 15 to 20 Good Samaritan vessels, crew from Seward-based Coast Guard cutter USCGC Mustang<<Webfeature, & M/V Great Land responded to rescue -- massive rescue response began immediately led by U.S. Coast Guard Jayhawk & C-130 aircraft. Crew aboard M/V Great Land safely removed 161 passengers & transported them to Seward where cutter USCGC Mustang's Capt. & XO met them to conduct passenger accountability. Meanwhile, crew aboard tug M/V Junior arrived on scene & began towing M/V Star of the Northwest to Seward. Junior stopped tow to allow workers to conduct temporary damage control repairs to ship & contain flooding. Once temporary repairs completed, Junior will take M/V Star of the Northwest to Seward. From our local correspondant - PA1 Paul Roszkowski at Kodiak, AK.(Mon. July 26 2003)

Pakistani M/V Qadder-ur-Rahman, with food & electrical goods & 9 crew, Dubai for Karachi on July 12 -- lost contact with shipping agent in Karachi July 19 -- body of 1 crew washed ashore early July 25 near Sunera Point, 30km W. of the ship's destination in Karachi -- Sank -- 8 missing. (Sun. July 25 2004)

M/V Agutoi --Pirate robbery 2 weeks ago -- where 23 men, mostly from the Meei One & Two villages West of Kerema town, stole goods belonging to business houses onboard the vessel. The men also threatened Capt. & crew at gunpoint after ship came aground because of low tide at Kerema Bay. The 23 men allegedly involved in robbery of the goods on the M/V Agutoi on July 15 were brought to Port Moresby in dinghies on July 24. All stolen goods were recovered. (Sun. July 25 2004)

68-meter with 11-meter beam M/V Nantai I, preparing to dock at Tanjung Perak Port in Surabaya, East Java -- in collision with 81-meter with 10-meter beam M/V Era Baru which lost control & struck M/V Nantai I causing her to sink in Madura Strait<<Webfeature. (Sat. July 24 2004)

Bulk M/V, with sand & 10 crew, capsized July 24 morning at Maning section of Zhujiang River in south China's Guangdong Province -- 3 crew missing. (Sat. July 24 2004)

120-foot M/V Qadeerur Rehman, with iron scrap & 9 crew, Dubai for Karachi on July 12 -- located July 24 -- 40nm from Karachi without crew. Feared all crew drowned. Decomposed body, believed to be member of vessel's crew, washed ashore at Sonara beach<<Webfeature, on July 24 -- taken to city government's Rescue Center for autopsy examination. (Sat. July 24 2004)

UK F/V Castaway -- anchored 3km out from Penclawdd on south Wales coast -- lone crew trapped swarm of bees -- coastguard & lifeboat able to reach man & bring him ashore before he could be hurt by the bees. (Sat. July 24 2004)

S/V Nadia, with 3 crew -- sailing 3nm off Sea Palling - off the east coast of UK -- had engine failure & rolling around -- engine overheated & torn sail required immediate assistance -- Mayday -- Yarmouth Coastguard immediately requested launch of Caister lifeboat & began retransmitting Mayday signal into area to alert vessels to plight of S/V Nadia. Despite choppy conditions lifeboat crew managed to secure tow to vessel -- now bringing yacht back to dry land. No injuries. (Sat. July 24 2004)

Passenger M/V Dweep Sethu, berthed for repair at Cochin Shipyard -- suffered fire July 22 evening in engine room, where welding work going on -- 2 cabins destroyed -- foul play suspected. (Fri. July 23 2004)

U.S. aircraft carrier USS John F. Kennedy<<Webfeature, in collision with dhow in Arabian Gulf while running night flights in support of U.S. operations in Iraq -- dhow crew missing. Nearby British warship, HMS Somerset<<Webfeature, sent teams to search for dhow's crew but found nothing so far. (Thurs. July 22 2004) UPDATE>> Navy Capt. Stephen Squires relieved of command, with investigation pending. (Thurs. Aug. 25 2004)

Philippine freighter M/V Seattle Trader -- wanted for questioning by French authorities in connection with sinking of Loctudy trawler F/V Bugaled Breizh, which went down after collision off the Lizard<<Webfeature, with all 5 crew lost. M/V Seattle Trader was in the area at time of collision, on its way to Canadian waters. Ship being shadowed until an agreement can be made with owners to allow official inspection. Suspicions raised as owners paid an elevated fee to queue jump for entry into Suez Canal. Once M/V Seattle Trader clears into Int'l waters only intervention by Philippine authorities can aid situation. (Thurs. July 22 2004)

Ice Station Zebra Reborn -- Russia will deploy the North Pole 33 drifting research station off Novosibirsk Islands in Arctic Ocean. M/V Academician Fyodorov will depart from St. Petersburg on Aug. 10 to deliver Russian explorers & 530 tons of cargo to Novosibirsk Islands zone<<Webfeature. Station will operate for 2 years. (Thurs. July 22 2004)

U.S. F/V Miss Judy Too, off Savannah -- unable to repel boarder as 30-pound barracuda jumped into vessel & attacked 65-year-old passenger Ziggy Zablotny -- bitten on right hand & forearm -- bleeding heavily before U.S. Coast Guard arrived & applied first aid -- taken by rescue boat to Coast Guard Station Tybee. (Thurs. July 22 2004)

Turkish merchant 611-foot M/V Cenk Kaptanoglu, with steel -- in Delaware Bay -- Capt. Yildirim Bayazer Tumer charged late July 22 with making false statement to federal official after claiming during U.S. Coast Guard inspection that his ship had bomb aboard -- told officer a bomb on board set to blow up when ship docked at Port of Philadelphia -- ship sent to an area out of the shipping lanes & had a 500-foot safety zone around it to protect other mariners. Capt. was irritated with inspection. Good move Yildirim - you da bomb. Release will be delayed as key thrown away. (Thurs. July 22 2004)

88-meter Russian-flagged M/V Samur 14, for Croatia with 3 thousand tons of sheet iron -- aground offshore Bebek district of Istanbul Strait July 21. (Thurs. July 22 2004)

56,000gt M/V Atlantic Cartier (built France 1985), Canada for Liverpool, struck minke whale<<Webfeature, -- 40ft & heavy as 8 or 9 tons -- could not be removed until ship docked -- body moved by tug which managed to pull whale off bow. (Wed. July 21 2004)

U.S. M/V Robert Wallace, with iron ore, detected June 5 in more than 300 feet of water 13 miles S-SW of Two Harbors -- after more than 5 years of searching, shipwreck hunters have found remains of bulk freighter that sank in frigid waters of Lake Superior Nov. 17, 1902. (Wed. July 21 2004)

Malta-flagged ro-ro cargo 8,454gt M/V Sea Trader, in Belgian port of Antwerp, suffered fire July 16 evening -- caused by ignition of petrol leaked out from cars being loaded on board -- cargo extensively damaged by fire -- spread from main deck to superstructure before brought under control by firefighters stationed at port. (Tues. July 20 2004)

Bulgarian-flag 38,511 dwt bulker M/V Petimata OT RMS, Ventspils for Santos with fertilizer -- grounded in Danish waters on July 9 -- now completed discharge of enough of vessel's cargo & bunkers -- after refloating moved vessel to Danish port of Kalundborg where inspected & reloaded -- successful operation follows recent salvage in same area of the 38,391 dwt Egyptian-flag M/V Domiat, grounded near Copenhagen on June 7. (Tues. July 20 2004) UPDATE>> Now completed discharge of enough of vessel's cargo & bunkers -- removed vessel to Danish port of Kalundborg where it has been inspected & reloaded. (Wed. July 21 2004) UPDATE>> Netherlands based Multraship Salvage has completed salvage. (Sat. July 24 2004)

U.S. shrip F/V Lady Agnes III -- escorted by U.S. Coast Guard to Galveston July 20 after receiving a call that crewman aboard stabbed vessel's captain in face & eye with knife. Coast Guard helicopter summoned to scene in Gulf of Mexico July 20 morning 6 miles E. of Crystal Beach evacuated injured captain & flew him to the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston -- captain described as in stable condition. (Tues. July 20 2004)

700-ton M/V K.M. Amami, from East Java capital of Surabaya for Gorom Island in S. Maluku, with rice, sugar & other goods &14 crew & 2 passengers -- capsized in huge waves & sank July 16 in Banda Sea between Banda & Buru islands in Maluku province -- 2400km E. of Jakarta -- 2 crew arrived in Ambon after being rescued by passing vessel -- 14 missing -- 3rd accident in waters off E. Indonesia this month. (Mon. July 19 2004)

M/T Daqing No 254 suffered fire July 19 at Shanghai -- berthed at Lixin Shipyard of Shanghai, 4 burn victims, including two who were in critical condition, are receiving anti-shock treatment. (Mon. July 19 2004)

Dutch fishing boat rammed into side of classic Norwegian sailing ship carrying teenaged sea scouts in English Channel during night. All scouts & leaders rescued, but their vessel, the 100-year-old S/V Mohawk II, sank to bottom. All rescued. (Mon. July 19 2004) CORRECTION>> Incident actually happened in Flushing Roads (Holland), not In English Channel. From our local correspondant - Onno Miedema. (Wed. July 21 2004)

170-meter Marshal Island registered M/V Tireless, with 21,000 tons of edible oil -- drifted into mainstream of Karnaphuli river from jetty of Chittagong port -- its anchor rope torn by heavy current. Tireless floated away towards mainstream -- tugs of port sent to Karnaphuli for towing. (Mon. July 19 2004)

Spanish F/V Mareton, ex-Chivenor in north Devon -- taking water 160 miles west of Isles of Scilly -- helicopter first lowered a pump -- 2nd helicopter from Royal Navy standing by at the scene -- 6 crew stayed on board - July 16. (Sun. July 18 2004)

12.5 meter F/V Seeker -- called Mayday from position near Shiant Islands, -- taking water & sinking July 16 with 1 person on board. Stornoway Coastguard scrambled Coastguard Rescue helicopter "Mike Uniform" -- requested launch of Stornoway RNLI lifeboat -- Coastguard Tug M/V Anglian Sovereign also sent to scene. MCA Counter Pollution aircraft, Atlantic 405 located person in water at 6.21 a.m. & Coastguard helicopter airlifted & casualty at 7.00 a.m. -- proceeded to Western Isles Hospital, whilst carrying out CPR on casualty -- extremely hypothermic. (Sun. July 18 2004)

102-foot -- 2 mast schooner S/V Martha, N. Danish port of Frederikshavn for Svendborg in central Denmark with young Danes ages of 17 & 23, put on life vests & survival gear --radioed it was leaking --104-year-old schooner sank rapidly in strong winds off Danish coast July 16 -- 15 of 17 aboard rescued. All ship's passengers members of Danish association that had been maintaining & modernizing vessel. (Sat.. July 17 2004)

Indian oil tanker collision in Shahjahanpur district<<Webfeature, -- 12 people including 4 women & child killed -- 3 others injured -- accident occurred this afternoon when tanker hit tempo carrying passengers near Gurra -- tanker pilot fled scene after mishap. (Sat.. July 17 2004)

1,595-ton Chinese M/V Yueyou 210, off South Korea's southern port city of Pusan -- in bad weather collision with South Korean oil 696-ton South Korean M/T Sunyang -- causing Chinese vessel to capsize & sink -- South Korean coastguard rescued all crew members in peril -- most from Chinese vessel. M/T Sunyang partially sank off South Korea's SE coast. (Fri.. July 16 2004)

60,000-ton PRC oil M/T at Shanghai Lixin Shipyard, Shanghai on 14 July night -- suffered fire caused by errant use of electric welder -- blaze killed 1 person & left 3 in critical condition. More than 400 firefighters & 30 fire engines dispatched to shipyard on Dongtang Road in Pudong. Officers drinking tea on 11th deck when accident happened -- escaped to safety by climbing down rope hanging outside vessel -- repair work almost finished & ship had been scheduled to depart July 16. (Fri.. July 16 2004)

Spanish F/V Mareton, with 15 crew -- from Chivenor in north Devon, was flying the men to Brest in northern France -- began taking water -- 9 crew airlifted to safety by RAF rescue helicopter -- 6 other crew stayed aboard -- while 2nd helicopter from Royal Navy standing by at scene. (Fri.. July 16 2004)

J.F. Brennan Co., of LaCrosse, Wis. dredging barge sank in Lake Delhi -- crews trying to recover diesel fuel from vessel before bringing it to surface July 16. (Fri.. July 16 2004)


12 July 2004 at 0230 LT at Sandakan inner anchorage, Malaysia -- 6 pirates boarded general cargo ship & stole ship's stores. Duty A/B raised alarm & robbers fled. (Fri.. July 16 2004)

11 July 2004 at 1130 LT in posn 02:15.4S - 105:16.0E, Selat Bangka, Indonesia. Pirates boarded tug underway & threw the 10 crew overboard -- hijacked tug. Passing tug rescued one crew. Fate of remaining 9 crew unknown. (Fri.. July 16 2004)

09 July.2004 at 2330 LT in posn 22:10.9N - 091:47.5E, Chittagong anchorage "C", Bangladesh -- 12 pirates in 2 motorboats approached chemical tanker. One pirate armed with long knife boarded at poop deck. Ship's crew confronted the robber & he escaped with ship's stores. Port control informed. (Fri.. July 16 2004)

07 July 2004 at 0650 UTC at anchorage "hotel", Port Au Prince, Haiti -- about 8 armed pirates boarded general cargo ship via hawse pipe & stole ship's stores. They threatened a crew with long knives & escaped. (Fri.. July 16 2004)

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PRC 60,000-ton of China Ocean Shipping Corp M/T Daqing No. 254 -- at wharf of Lixin Shipyard in Shanghai -- suffered fire in dormitory area -- 1 killed & 4 others injured. Shanghai firefighting authorities examined firefighting equipment at shipyard several days prior to incident & ordered upgrade of out-of-date equipment. (Thurs. July 15 2004)

Holed M/V Cape Africa entered Port of Cape Town under tow to undergo further repairs -- ship incurred extensive structural damage off South Africa coast in April, while en route from Brazil to Far East with iron ore. All bunkers removed before ship allowed to approach coast. Cargo was lightened from ship while she was at anchor in False Bay undergoing temporary repairs. Follow Our Feature -- she was at one time Considered Lost. (Thurs. July 15 2004)

Honduras flag, 3000MT deadweight M/V Minimoon, Bahia Blanca for Quequen with with urea -- sank Fri. 9 July 2130 PM LT, 55km south of Quequen. Argentina's coast guard, in its reports, states flag is Honduras, cleaverly sidestepping thorny issue that vessel is/was owned, operated & manned by an Argentine registered company -- Fluvialmar, SA -- this technical loophole of a FOC allows for many things, nonetheless, evading local taxation. All this would just be a drop in the bucket regarding the present state of the maritime business in Argentina -- except that this attitude towards rust buckets, safety issues & certification has today cost the lives of 10 of 11 crew. From our local correspondant - who must be anonymous. (Wed. July 14 2004)

South Korean naval unit in Yellow Sea fired upon North Korean patrol July 14 for 1st time since wireless hot line established between the 2 Koreas in June, apparently rendering communication system ineffective. (Wed. July 14 2004)

Tug M/V Global Semesta Satu, in Bangka Straits, S. of Strait of Malacca -- attacked by pirates on July 11 -- 9 crew a missing after pirates threw them overboard in Indonesian waters -- days before military patrols begin in the Strait of Malacca, one of the world's strategic shipping lanes -- 10th member of crew, chief officer, managed to escape & picked up by another ship. Int'l Maritime Bureau (IMB). (Wed. July 14 2004)

29-foot open fisherman boat -- stollen from Bahia Beach, Dominican Republic -- results in 1 dead & as many as 18 missing in capsizing July 11 night 3 miles from Puerto Rico's Desecheo Island. U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement aircraft spotted boat off Puerto Rico's W. coast 8 p.m. yesterday & alerted 2 Coast Guard cutters in the area, the USCGC Cushing & USCGC Venturous, which arrived at scene & began rescuing migrants clinging to boat's hull. (Tues. July 13 2004 pm)

Antigua & Barbados registered cargo M/V Pongola -- aground at entrance channel to central Mozambican port of Beira, refloated Juy 11 -- National Maritime Administration & Inspection Services (SAFMAR), said operation involved lightening vessel by unloading 58 of 317 containers aboard (totaling 8,000 tons), & use of South African tug. M/V Pongola ran aground week ago, while trying to moor at Beira, coming from Port of Durban, in South Africa -- now safely moored at Beira -- to be inspected before she proceeds. (Tues. July 13 2004 pm)

Container vessel M/V CMA CGM Verlaine -- being inspected at Malta Freeport July 11 -- commercial diver, Raymond van Beek suffered casualty as one of vessel's engines was started, sucking him into the propellor. Divers from Explosive Ordnance Disposal section of Armed Forces of Malta were on site should duty magistrate require their assistance. This is a serious loss for our industry & farewell for the devoted husband & father of 2. For the inevitable lawsuit to follow -- we see no possible excuse. (Tues. July 13 2004 pm) UPDATE>> Capt. & Chief Engineer now charged with murder. They were denied bail on grounds they do not have fixed residence in Malta. (Wed. July 14 2004)

Port of Shanghai -- gantry crane blown down in violent thunderstorm, killing 1 person & damaging 50 homes -- sand-laden barge collided with another barge & sank in Huangpu River just across from the scenic Bund which runs through the heart of Shanghai-- Some 4,200 companies suspended operations to help reduce soaring demand for power. In other parts of city -- 200 homes dmaged & unidenfied cargo M/V sank. (Tues. July 13 2004 pm)

German relief vessel M/V Cap Anamur<<Webfeature, -- Italy finally allowed 37 African shipwreck victims saved by German aid ship to disembark in Sicilian port after standoff that lasted nearly 3 weeks. Police impounded vessel & arrested ship's captain, head of Cap Anamur & another crew for aiding & abetting illegal entry. (Mon. July 12 2004 pm)

Convair-440 of cargo carrier Toll Air, with perishables & 2 passengers from Toll Air, San Juan for island of St. Martin, down 29 miles SE of Beef Island, British Virgin Islands. Good Samaritan M/V Tropic Atlantic on scene deploying small boat to search for survivors. U.S. Coast Guard HH-65 Dolphin helicopter & HU-25 Falcon jet from Air Station Borinquin, Puerto Rico, & cutter USCGC Sapelo<<Webfeature, from San Juan en route. Plane's crew issued radio SOS indicating they were going down, however, no further information regarding the cause of crash or whereabouts of souls aboard. (Mon. July 12 2004} UPDATE>> U.S. Coast Guard HH-65 Dolphin has located & winched 1 survivor aboard. (Mon. July 12 2004 pm)

72-foot shrimper F/V Red Cloud, taking on water July 9, 6 miles NE of Dry Tortugas, Fla. -- U.S. Coast Guard C-130 crew from Air Station Clearwater, Fla. dropped 2 dewatering pumps to the 2 crew -- flooding under control & F/V Red Cloud anchored -- making repairs for its return to Key West. (Mon. July 12 2004)

650-foot M/V car carrier -- struck base of a tower of Richmond-San Rafael Bridge across San Francisco Bay -- late July 11 -- auto traffic not interrupted & no major structural damage to either bridge or ship, which went on to moor for inspection at Benicia. (Sun. July 11 2004)

McKeil tug M/V Evans McKeil, with barge Ocean Hauler, aground near Light 37 in St. Clair River at about 4:05 July 10 morning. Light 37 located near Robert's Landing, Mich., north of Algonac State Park & S. of Marine City, Mich. & across from Port Lambton, Ont. Still aground July 11 afternoon. (Sun. July 11 2004)

NOAA M/V Thomas Jeffereson (ex-USNS Little Hales)<<Webfeature, -- suffered fire -- Norfolk fire crews battled ship fire on the Elizabeth River overnight -- not known what started fire inside the Thomas Jefferson, one of a fleet of U.S. Navy research & survey vessels. (Sun. July 11 2004)

2-mast schooner S/V Martha -- reported missing July 11 after century-old wooden schooner sank in strong winds off Danish coast -- 15 of 17 people aboard were rescued -- shortly before midnight July 10, S/V Martha radioed leaking --ships brought extra pumps to ailing vessel in Kattegat Sea between Jutland peninsula & island of Anholt. -- winds gusting to 37 miles per hour-- 104-year-old schooner sank rapidly -- passengers boarded rescue boats, but 2 crew disappeared in sea. (Sun. July 11 2004)

M/V Istanbul S., with 800 passengers from Italy -- stranded off Cesme Port late on July 9 due to failure in generators -- 6 passengers brought to port due to health problems -- taken to hospital & given medical treatment. (Sat. July 10 2004)

Bulgarian cargo M/V Petimata ot RMS, Baltic Sea for Brazil, with artificial fertilizer -- aground off Danish coast -- while trying to avoid collision with another vessel -- no casulaties. (Fri. July 9 2004)


04 July 2004 at 0130 LT at Chittagong anchorage, Bangladesh -- about 10 pirates in a 20mt. boat boarded general cargo ship -- threatened duty A/B with knives. Alert crew mustered & pirates escaped empty handed. Port control & coast guard informed but they could not come to ship due to rough seas. (Fri. July 9 2004)

28 June 2004 at 1815 LT at Guayaquil anchorage, Ecuador -- 7 pirates armed with guns & knives boarded container ship at poop deck & tied up duty A/B. Alarm was raised & crew mustered - coast guard informed. Pirates escaped in boat with ship's property. (Fri. July 9 2004)

28 June 2004 at 1445 LT in posn 06:02S - 106:53E, Tanjung Priok anchorage, Jakarta, Indonesia. Pirates boarded container ship-- stole liferaft & escaped. (Fri. July 9 2004)

27 June 2004 at 0400 LT at Majunga inner anchorage, Madagascar. Pirates boarded bulk carrier -- hit duty A/B on head & neck causing serious injuries. Pirates stole forward liferaft & escaped. Injured A/B sent to hospital for treatment. (Fri. July 9 2004)

23 June 2004 at 0450 LT at Caltex berth no. 3, Dumai, Indonesia. Duty A/B on tanker spotted armed pirates onboard. Crew mustered & pirates jumped overboard escaped. Terminal security staff informed & boarded for inspection. (Fri. July 9 2004)

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Korean M/V Saehan Galaxy, with liquefied gas in collision July 8 off NE China's Lushun City with Chinese cargo M/V Jingan No.6 at 6.30 am. M/V Jingan No.6 sank soon after collision, throwing 19 crewmen into water -- 17 crew rescuded - 1 dead & 1 missing - search & rescue operations are still underway with the help of helicopter -- rescued sailors receiving treatment at hospitals in Lushun & Dalian, while Korean ship asked to head for Dalian for investigation. (Thurs. July 8 2004)

Kenya Ports Authority tug M/V Kiboko II, with 6 crew-- gallantly fought off sea pirates who made 2 attempts to snatch the Sh400 million vessel as they brought her to Port of Mombasa -- 1st encounter took place in Mediterranean Sea as pirates engaged M/V Kiboko II in dramatic sea chase that lasted 30 minutes -- used vessel's high pressure fire fightinging cannons to keep invaders at bay -- while 2nd attempt near Cape Aden on Arabian Coast, involved 2 pirate vessels which tried to sandwich M/V Kiboko II & distract those on board for easy capture, but Capt Leo Sterrenburg successfully managed to out maneuver pirates. M/V Kiboko II went through 7-week agonising voyage. M/V Kiboko II stopped at Salala in Oman for week as she waited for sea to calm. This was after she completed journey in Red Sea & tried to join Indian Ocean. Had to take another week off in Seychelles as sea got rougher. Capt said could not determine where pirates were from, but they looked determined to take his modern & expensive machine. Pirates may have had prior knowledge of voyage. (Thurs. July 8 2004)

U.S. 42ft. F/V Two Fishers, with 3 crew -- taking water off coast of Newport, Oregon -- assitsted by motor lifeboat crew from U.S. Coast Guard Station Yaquina Bay -- HH-65 Dolphin helicopter from U.S. Coast Guard Air Facility Newport able to successfully lower de-watering pump to sinking vessel -- all saved. (Thurs. July 8 2004)

F/V Wildman, 37 miles off Oregon Inlet, N.C. -- crew became sea sick & went missing after leaning over the railing -- U.S. Coast Guard suspended search July 7 night for missing fisherman not wearing life jacket. (Thurs. July 8 2004)

Rhode Island 66ft F/V First Light, out of Point Judith -- listing at 35-degree angle & taking water -- rescued by U.S. Coast Guard. (Thurs. July 8 2004)

TRIAL BEGINS: Yemeni security court charged 6 men alleged to be al-Qaida members July 7 with plotting attack on USS Cole, opening 1st trial in suicide bombing that killed 17 American sailors. Among defendants is reputed mastermind Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri. Police & soldiers cordoned off security court in San`a, & marksmen watched from rooftops, as 6th defendants brought to hear judge read their indictment. Al-Nashir in U.S. custody. (Wed. July 7 2004)

M/V Elefantas -- private inspection team checking firefighting equipment aboard at Port Perama shipyard in Greece suffered 2 deaths -- died after inhaling toxic carbon dioxide fumes in vessel. (Wed. July 7 2004)

U.S. Nantucket Hy-Line vessels &endash; fast ferry M/V Grey Lady & ferry M/V Point Gammon &endash; in collision in thick fog in Nantucket Harbor about 7:35 a.m. July 5. No injuries & no significant damage. Both vessels returned to operation after notifying U.S. Coast Guard of accident. (Wed. July 7 2004)

Russian M/V Laima-1 with 2 crew -- now drifting off port of Hanasaki in NE part of the Japanese Hokkaido Island -- Japanese Maritime Safety Dept. demands vessel arrange tug. (Wed. July 7 2004)

25-foot commercial salvage M/V Sea Tow -- encountered "excessive wake" from passing vessel & sank July 5 evening on Lake Macatawa, near Drake Point Light -- all crew saved. U.S. Great Lakes area. (Wed. July 7 2004)

Banff-registered 34-meter trawler F/V Audacious, with 5 crew for Atlantic fishing grounds -- stranded -- hit rocks 2 miles west of John o' Groats at 1045 BST on July 3 -- "quite unusual" for any vessel to run aground -- tug refloated & towed to Scrabster Harbor to check for damage. (Tues. July 6 2004)

Mediterranean Shipping Company's M/V MSC Alexia -- off loading at at North Charleston's shipping terminal -- crane operator lowered shipping container on Container Checker at Wando Welch Terminal -- 1 dead &1 injured after pinned between 2 containers & vessel. (Tues. July 6 2004)

Phillipine M/V Superferry 12 -- in Keppel Cebu Shipyard at Barangay Looc, Lapulapu City -- 1 killed & 31 others injured, 6 critical after a crane crashed to ground on July 6 while transporting crew & workers. Sad history of the Super Ferries. (Tues. July 6 2004)

Wesco Salvage Co. aboard West African tug, M/V Seabulk Penguin I at Walvis Bay harbor -- welding tank exploded while spray painting -- 1 dead & 2 seriously injured & hispitalized in Welwitschia Hospital at Walvis Bay. (Tues. July 6 2004)

German 9-m-boat F/V BAA 17, with 2 crew, capsized & sank July 1 due to thunderstorm with up to 9 Bf off isle of Ruegen in Baltic Sea -- made SOS -- 1 lost. From our correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Tues. July 6 2004)

3,940 Russian cargo M/V Volgo-Don 5025, with 4,000 tons of scrap metal with 12 crew, Russia for Turkey, in collision & sank with Georgian-flagged M/V Sun Rays, Romanian port of Constanta -- 2 crew missing from M/V Volgo-Don 5025 in Black Sea off Bulgaria's N. coast late on July 4. M/V Sun Rays has hole in bow, able to sail on her own (Mon. July 5 2004)

90,000-ton containership for German client at shipbuilding dock of IHI Marine United Inc., Hiroshima, Japan -- 2 dead & 2 injured -- scaffolding suddenly collapsed & the 4 working fell along with 246-ton steel section that came loose from ship. (Mon. July 5 2004)

CSL Int'l (sister company of Canada Steamship Lines) M/V Sheila Ann, Sydney from Venezuela -- found with 83 kilograms of cocaine worth US$10M in duffle bags bolted hull close near rudder. M/V Sheila Ann named for wife of Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin. (Sat. July 3 2004)

Indonesian M/V Otik, with 5 Uruguayan tourists & 4 crew, in Tuapeijat, Mentawai Islands, overturned by large wave early July 1 -- all clinged to surfboards for 6 hours before drifting ashore to a small island near Tuapeijat. (Sat. July 3 2004)

1920s rescue vessel M/V William and Kate Johnston, Holyhead for Falmouth -- saved after trouble on July 1 -- rescue vessel on passage when she began taking on water in swell off Anglesey. Both Holyhead & Trearddur lifeboats hurried to scene -- vessel & all hands safe. (Fri. July 2 2004)

M/B Indonesia Indah, Lampung for Banten with logs from Tulangbawang regency with 6 crew, feared dead on June 30 when vessel sank in waters off E. coast of Sumatra. (Fri. July 2 2004)

Amble-based F/V Girl Irene, called for help after its battery exploded, starting fire in engine room -- lifeboats scrambled to position, 4 miles off Northumberland coast June 29 night -- 2-hour operation then began to get skipper off burning vessel & tow it - still ablaze - back to Amble -- vessel's battery had blown up & started fire in her engine room -- all weather lifeboat proceeded to cool decks & hull of F/V Girl Irene with her fire hoses prior to taking her in tow for Amble harbor -- no injuries. (Fri. July 2 2004)


23 June 2004 at 1500 LT in posn 06:07N - 119:05E, Sulu Sea, Philippines -- 3 uniformed persons in fishing vessel approached an offshore vessel. They claimed to be from customs /coast guard & wanted to board ship. One pirate was armed with military weapon & hid below deck after seeing 3 armed Philippines navy personnel onboard offshore vessel. Navy personnel denied access to these boarders. Fishing vessel fled after two hours. (Fri. July 2 2004)

23. June 2004 at 0400 LT at Conakry port, Guinea. Armed pirates boarded a RO/RO ship at berth -- threatened duty A/B with knives. When other crew arrived to help, pirates escaped. (Fri. July 2 2004)

20 June 2004 at 1100 UTC in posn 10:30n - 051:15e, at anchor off Raas Xaafuun, Somalia -- fishing boat with 9 pirates approached yacht anchored for attending an injured crew. Persons in fishing vessel waved hands & behaved friendly -- but suddenly raised firearms & fired at the yacht causing damage. Crew retaliated by returning fire -- pirates retreated & fled. Good work! (Fri. July 2 2004)

20 June 2004 at 0100 LT, 21.5 nm nw of Pulau Jarak, Malacca Straits -- unidentified boat approached fishing vessel & fired gunshots at her. Fishing boat sustained damage from gunshots. No injuries to crew. (Fri. July 2 2004)

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Cargo M/V -- likely Mid-stream HKG carrier - with 44 containers - sunk on July 1 morning after collision with bulk carrier in estuary of Pearl River in south China's Guangdong Province. All 15 crew aboard survived shipwreck -- occurred at 1:45 a.m.. Teams sent by local Maritime Dept. rushed to water areas at 5:40 a.m. to salvage 27 containers found floating nearby. There is yet no information about whereabouts of remaining 17 containers -- efforts exerting to search for them underwater. (Thurs. July 1 2004)

Under New Security Rules>> Bolivian flagged freighter M/V Dahomey Express turned back from Pot of Miami. U.S. Coast Guard unable to release information about the other 4 ships ordered to leave port. Of estimated 260 vessels scheduled to arrive, Coast Guard teams already inspected about 100 of them during pre-enforcement phase in past few months. Coast Guard expected to board remaining 160 ships to see if vessels were in compliance. (Thurs. July 1 2004)

Philippines M/V SuperFerry 19 has suffered another loss -- with recovery of body of anchor captain who fell into Manila Bay while trying to board while vessel battered by strong winds from "Typhoon Lgme" June 30 -- giant waves slammed ship, causing him to fall into water. (Thurs. July 1 2004)

Vessel Loss Dispatches For June 2004

"Sea (to) Land Express" - May 2004

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"Enjoy Your Flight!"

USS Constitution<<Webfeature, at Boston, suffered death as civilian U.S. Navy worker was killed June 30 when he fell 70 feet from main mast on ship's rigging. (Wed. June 30 2004)

Panama registerd dry bulk M/V Global Winner (built 1997), with 160,000 metric tons of coal, aground 290km east of Singapore. (Wed. June 30 2004)

Norwegian maritime research M/V Dr. Fridtjof Nanse, commissioned by the UN Food Program in Guinea Bay on W. coast of Africa -- fired on by Equatorial Guinean Coast Guard -- brought under arrest to Luba Harbor on island of Bioko<<Webfeature, -- crew detained & questioned -- vessel now moved to Duala in Cameroon. (Wed. June 30 2004)

138-ton F/V Genei Maru No. 5, ex-Hachinohe port in Aomori Prefecture with 9 crew & 30 tons of salmon,100 kg of salmon roe -- seized June 28 by border guards off Russia's E. coast in Sea of Japan -- Russian Foreign Ministry said has information that vessel towed to port city of Olga. (Wed. June 30 2004)

UK yacht S/V She'll Do -- following major 10 hour sea & coast line search, UK Portland Coastguard suspended maritime search for missing crewman at Hengistbury Head. (Wed. June 30 2004)

ALERT>> Chemical M/T Ena 2, with 960mt of sulfuric acid -- in collision & capsized late June 28 at Port of Hamburg -- after contact with out bound contaner M/V Pudong Senator near Port of Hamburg's petroleum port -- M/T Ena 2 reached dock & evacuted crew before sinking -- double-hull tanks remained intact -- acidic fumes escaped through ships ventilation, injuring 9 harbor workers & 2 police. From our correspondant Stephan Edel of Berlin.(Tues. June 29 2004) UPDATE>> Master of M/T Ena 2 suspected drunk. M/V Pudong Senator allowed to proceed to Elbe estuary undamaged.. From our correspondants Steffen & Tim Schwabedissen (Tues. June 29 2004) UPDATE>> M/V ENA 2, not yet recovered & has lost about half of of 960mt of sulfuric acid into River Elbe, ,. Salvage operations difficult & under time pressure, because sulfuric acid in contact with water is extremly corrosive -- may be danger of explosion. Now confirmed that Master seriously drunk at time of accident -- with blood alcohol level of 2.1 ppt. (Enbalmbed). From our correspondant - Stephan Edel at Berlin (Thurs. July 1 2004)

Society Expeditions<<Webfeature, deluxe cruise M/V World Discoverer<<Webfeature, with 100 passengers expecting 19-day cruise along Alaska's coast at a cost of US$6,865 per, arrested June 18 at Nome, AK, by mortgage holders. Arrangements made for passengers' return home from Nome. Some flew home, while others decided to stay in Nome a while longer. (Mon. June 28 2004)

French 22m catamaran S/V Te Marama 3, with 4 crew near Norfolk Island<<Webfeature, lost engine, adrift & activated distress beacon 6.35pm June 28 -- Royal New Zealand Air Force Orion<<Webfeature, left Whenuapai base at 9:30pm & found catamaran at 1am -- bulk M/V Susaki Wing 300km NW -- diverted to rendezvous at midday June 29. M/V Susaki Wing unable to tow -- 5m swells, visibility of 2km & SW wind of 45 knots expected. (Mon. June 28 2004) UPDATE>> All crew rescued, but owner refuses to leave. (Wed. June 30 2004)

Freeze! Drop That Fish! Hobart-based Australia Antarctic research M/V Aurora Australis<<Webfeature (built 1989), has been fitted with 2 deck-mounted 50 caliber machine guns, for use by embarked Customs patrol parties -- 40 customs officers in the final stages of weapons training & training in the apprehension of illegal poachers. Vessel<<Webfeature, will patrol region around Heard & MacDonald Islands<<Webfeature, in Australia's economic zone. (Mon. June 28 2004)

Pirate F/V Apache, suspected of poaching highly endangered Patagonian toothfish (Chilean bass) -- tried to flee from French patrol vessel Albatross -- stopped only after Albatross opened fire -- now under armed escort to Reunion Island<<Webfeature, where French will investigate -- 3 weeks ago, French patrol vessel in Cape Town & invited South Africa to be part of surveillance operation in Southern Ocean -- capture took place in Marion & Prince Edward islands, 2,170km SE of Cape Town. Guess they need the guns after all. (Mon. June 28 2004)

Unidentified U.S. F/V, with 3 crew & 8 year-old girl in New Bedford Harbor -- line became entangled in propeller -- vessel quickly capsized & all thrown into water without personal flotation devices -- all rescued, including off-duty New Bedford police lieutenant. (Mon. June 28 2004)

Pssst! Port Shut Down? ...... as a flyer has been distributed to harbor drivers throughout several U.S. west coast ports over the past 2 weeks, targeting the period of June 28-July 4 as a possible time period for work stoppage. The goal of the action, the flyer alludes, is to highlight increased trucker costs for fuel & insurance as well as lack of increased compensation by their customers. However, a Port of Long Beach statement said: "Many [in the industry] feel that a work stoppage is unlikely to occur because fuel prices have recently decreased & truckers lose income when they do not work." Port staff are closely coordinating communication efforts with various state & police agencies as well as the Ports of Oakland & Los Angeles to keep those in the trade up to date & informed of developments. American Trucking Assn. says it has no link to possible action. (Sun. June 27 2004) STRIKE UPDATE>> Today there were 200 demonstrators at Newark & 30 strikers at New Orleans. Scattered protest elsewhere. Fizzle? (Mon. June 28 2004) STRIKE UPDATE>> Fizzle. (Tues. June 29 2004)

Taiwanese-flagged M/V Hsin Chin Chanz, with 13 crew, suffered fire in Pacific, June 22, 900 miles NE of Guam. U.S. Military Sealift Command oiler USNS Guadalupe<<Webfeature, (T-AO 200) detected signal light -- a series of "s"s and "o"s but not an SOS. Efforts to reach vessel by radio were unsuccessful. All 13 & a dog rescued -- next morning, several crew returned to slow burning vessel, where they marked it as abandoned & opened scuttles eventually leading to its flooding. (Sat. June 26)

Long Beach home port Odyssey Launch Platform & her sister ship, M/V Sea Launch Commander<<Webfeature, -- at Equator -- initiated a 72-hour countdown June 26 in preparation for launch of Loral's Telstar 18 communications satellite, scheduled for June 28, in launch window that will open at 8:59pm PDT (3:59 GMT, June 29). All systems on schedule. On the day of launch, the platform will be evacuated & all personnel will be stationed on M/V Sea Launch Commander, positioned 3 miles uprange, throughout launch operations. Sea Launch's Zenit-3SL vehicle will lift 4640 kg (10,229 lb) Telstar 18<<Webfeature, spacecraft to high perigee geosynchronous transfer orbit, on way to final orbital position at 138 degrees E. Longitude. High-powered 1300-model spacecraft will carry 54 active transponders -- 16 Ku-band transponders & 38 C-band transponders -- will cover Asia/Pacific region with multiple services, including cable programing, direct-to-home broadcasting, Internet, VSAT & IP-based 2-way services within Asia while providing an inter-connect to the U.S. Marine crew ballasted Launch Platform about 65 feet, to launch depth, in preparation for launch operations. Vessels stationed alongside each other throughout weekend, frequently connected by link bridge that enables foot traffic between them. On the day of launch, platform will be evacuated & all personnel will be stationed on M/V Sea Launch Commander, positioned 3 miles uprange, throughout launch operations. Live broadcast<<Webfeature. News<<Webfeature. (Sat. June 26 2004)

Cape Island, Halifax M/V Stampeder -- in explosion June 24 that "blew apart" vessel at Halifax -- deafening blast-- 2 injured -- one critically. Shards of glass & plywood from Stampeder sent flying. All that remained of vessel were some fragments. (Sat. June 26 2004)

45mt M/V Jambi Jaya, Pasir Gudang Port in Malaysia with 450 tons of fertilizer, metal pipes & other goods & 13 crew -- suffered fire passing through Singapore waters at 1am June 25 -- all crew abandoned 438gt shippf Changi -- crew rescued -- vessel sank -- wreckage lying under 12mt. of water on sea floor. (Sat. June 26 2004)

Ghana-registered cargo M/V Al Garhoud, for Dubai with animal feed & fruit -- sank in rough seas June 23 off Pakistani coast, 50km W. of Port of Karachi,, slightly injuring some of its 15 crew -- rescued by passing oil tanker -- high waves poured water into ship -- later developed engine trouble. (Fri. June 25 2004)

2,600-passenger Cunard's RMS Queen Mary 2 -- has failed fire safety test -- world's biggest & most expensive cruise liner is to be fitted with extra smoke alarms & sprinklers. Work to replace materials in all 1,300 cabins on Cunard's Queen Mary 2 will begin when vessel arrives in Southampton from New York June 23 -- will cost less than US$500,000 (£273,694) -- 343-meter (1,132ft) long RMS Queen Mary 2 was built in St Nazaire, France. In Nov. 2003, 15 people killed when gangway being used by shipyard families on tour of ship collapsed. (Fri. June 25 2004)

Panamanian-registered M/V Etoile, anchored off Rhoose in Wales with genetically modified animal feed -- attacked by Greenpeace rights activists who boarded June 23. South Wales Police dropped 8 officers onto vessel -- persuaded 2 activists who had suspended themselves on ropes above propeller & 3 others who had climbed mast to come down. Another 5 people were arrested by police in Penarth Marina, South Wales in connection with protest on the 125,000-ton ship, one of world's largest freighters -- 12 protesters held on charges of causing public nuisance. (Fri. June 25 2004)


19 June 2004 at 2300 LT in posn 03:12.46S - 116:19.41E, Pemancingan anchorage, Kalimantan, Indonesia-- 7 pirates armed with long knives boarded bulk carrier at forecastle -- overpowered 3 crew & broke into forward lockers -- stole ship's stores, jumped overboard & escaped in waiting speedboat. (Fri. June 25 2004)

19 June 2004 at 0615 LT in posn 14:41.24N - 017:23.36W, Dakar anchorage, Senegal -- 3 pirates armed with long knives boarded bulk carrier -- held duty A/B as hostage & stole ship's stores. Alert crew raised alarm & pirates jumped into water & escaped. Port control informed. (Fri. June 25 2004)

16 June 2004 at 0200 LT at north Pulau Laut anchorage, Indonesia -- 5 pirates armed with knives, daggers & crowbars boarded a bulk carrier via hawse pipe -- tied up duty A/B & escaped with ship's stores. (Fri. June 25 2004)

15 June 2004 at 1200 UTC in posn 05:28N - 098:34E, Malacca straits. Pirates in 3 boats attempted to attack a RO/RO underway. Alert crew raised alarm, activated fire hoses, directed searchlights & took evasive maneuvers. Pirates aborted attempt & fled. (Fri. June 25 2004)

15 June 2004 during night hours at Puerto Plata port, Dominican Republic -- 6 pirates armed with long knives boarded bulk carrier at forecastle. Alert crew raised alarm, secured accommodation doors & chased pirates -- who jumped into water & escaped. (Fri. June 25 2004)

14 June 2004 at 0130 LT about 10 nm off Kuala Sepetang fishing village, Malaysia -- about 10 pirates armed with automatic weapons boarded fishing trawler & abducted 3 crew -- 3 others released fishermen lodged a police report. (Fri. June 25 2004)

14.06.2004 at 0405 LT in posn 01:15.87S - 116:47.69E, Balikpapan inner anchorage, Indonesia -- 3 pirates in speedboat boarded bulk carrier via anchor chain. Anti-piracy crew raised alarm & robbers escaped empty handed. (Fri. June 25 2004)

13 June 2004 at 1800 LT in posn 05:03N - 098:45E, Malacca straits. Pirates armed with guns in 8 small boats fired upon tug towing a barge -- ordered tug to stop under threat of continuing gunfire. Tug stopped & 7 armed pirates boarded -- stole cash, crew personal belongings, ship's documents & kidnapped master and C/E. They threatened C/O not to alert the authorities for 5 days or master & C/E would be killed. (Fri. June 25 2004)

13 June 2004 at 0540 LT at Douala port, Cameroon -- pirates boarded general cargo ship at stern using ropes. Duty crew raised alarm. Pirates were unable to enter accommodation as all doors were secured. Alert crew chased robbers & they jumped into the water -- escaped. At the same time another 3 pirates armed with knives boarded from gangway & threatened duty watchman. (Fri. June 25 2004)

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South Korean 800-ton-class sand-collecting M/V in collision & capsized -- with unidentified ship off Yeonggwang, South Jeolla Province, 322km S. of Seoul, June 23 -- 7 of it's 9 crew missing -- heavy fog as most likely cause. (Tues. June 22 2004)

Royal Navy -- 3 small patrol boats on routine mission with 8 crew, operating out of Basra departed on training mission with their fellows in Iraqi navy in Shatt-al-Arab waterway between Iraq & Iran -- may have been captured by Iran. Iran's Foreign Ministry says forces "confiscated" the vessels & 8 military personnel on board. Bad day for SAS<<Webfeature, or SBS<<Webfeature. (Mon. June 21 2004) UPDATE>> Iran said June 22 it could soon free 8 British sailors seized June 21 along border if interrogations show they had "no bad intention," official Islamic Republic News Agency reported. (Tues. June 22 2004) UPDATE>> All sailors turned over to British diplomats on June 24 -- taken to the British Embassy in Tehran under tight security. (Fri. June 25 2004)

Danish F/V Halsnaes, with 3 crew -- taking water in position 140 miles East South East of Berwick on Tweed, June 19 -- Rescue Helicopter 131 from RAF Boulmer went on scene for rescue. (Tues. June 22 2004)

Scottish paddle S/S Waverley, with 350 passengers -- stranded June 21 after vessel ran aground. Lifeboat crews scrambled as vessel hit trouble off Campbeltown -- world's last ocean-going paddle steamer made it into port on her own -- but barred from leaving until divers carried out full safety check. (Tues. June 22 2004)

Unidentified cargo M/V owned by Asian Shipping Corp., with 11 crew -- sank off Calapan City in Mindoro Oriental province, Philippines due to strong waves -- WG&A M/V Superferry 17, in area rescued all crew. (Mon. June 21 2004)

U.S. barge W.J. Carbon of Puget Sound Freight Lines -- towed by tug M/V Lumberman in Chilkat Inlet -- suffered fire -- closed cruise ship traffic near Haines, Alaska for 90 minutes early June 20 evening as firefighters battled smoky blaze. (Mon. June 21 2004)

U.S. SpaceShipOne -- launched from jet "White Knight" at altitude of 15km (48,000 feet). Its engine ignited & it went above 100km (62 miles) into space before returning to Earth - 1st privately financed rocket ship to enter space returned to Earth in California. (Mon. June 21 2004)

Viewers Guide To Launch of "Space Ship 1" -- World's 1st private spacecraft 6:30am LT Monday, June 21 2004 from Mojave, CA. Complete Coverage. (Sun. June 20 2004)

Oil M/T Pematang, for Berhala island in ballast with 20 crew for repairs in early June -- commandeered by 6 separatist pirates in Malacca Straits -- 3 separatist rebels killed in firefight with Indonesian Navy -- -- 2 other pirates believed dead after falling into sea. (Rear Adm. Purbojo, Indonesian Navy) (Sun. June 20 2004)

Vietnamese F/V QNA-1431, fishing 350 miles (560km) off Vietnam coast with 20 crew -- disappeared following typhoon June 18 -- sank dozens of fishing boats & destroyed hundreds of houses. (Sun. June 20 2004)

United Arab Emirates Coastguards received SOS from unidendified cargo M/V which sank in bad weather off emirate of Sharjah on June 18 night -- rescue operation lasted until 8:30 June 19 morning (0430 GMT) after all 9 crew recovered.United Arab Emirates Coastguards received SOS from unidendified cargo M/V which sank in bad weather off emirate of Sharjah on June 18 night -- rescue operation lasted until 8:30 June 19 morning (0430 GMT) after all 9 crew recovered. (Sun. June 20 2004)

85ft casino M/V Lady Luck, ex-Fort Pierce, Florida, with 49 passengers, including 17 crew -- on night fun cruise became trapped in strong current -- crashed into north side of bridge -- maiden voyage was to be tomorrow 19 June -- panic ensued when ship hit bridge -- injured passenger taken to hospital -- received 20 stitches for cut on head. (Fri. June 18 2004)

U.S. 53ft. S/V Adventure, reproduction 17th century trading vessel (built 1970), sank at dock June 14 at Charles Towne Landing -- Davidson Diving Inc. & Halsey Cannon Boat Yard raised ship June 17. (Fri. June 18 2004)

U.S. tug M/V Ab York, pushing empty gasoline barge -- in collision with 30-foot F/V Miss Calaon New Orleans' Industrial Canal, less than mile from Mississippi River early June 18. Injuries. (Fri. June 18 2004)


12 June 2004 at 0530 LT at Merak anchorage, posn 05:58.3S - 105:58.6E, Indonesia -- 7 pirates armed with long knives attempted to board chemical tanker. Alert crew mustered & raised alarm. Pirates aborted attempted boarding & fled. Port authorities & agent informed. (Fri. June 18 2004)

11 June 2004 at 0310 LT in posn: 04:03.18N - 099:21.34E, Malacca straits. Pirates in speedboat opened fire on general cargo ship underway injuring 2 crew. Crew raised alarm & attempted boarding aborted. (Fri. June 18 2004)

08 June 2004 at 0800 LT at Berhala Island, Malacca straits. More than 20 pirates believed to be Aceh rebels boarded bulk carrier underway -- 12 crew jumped overboard -- saved by fishing vessels in vicinity. Master & c/e kidnapped by pirates. Ship abandoned & owners arranging for tug to tow her back to port. According to owners, kidnappers demanding ransom for safe release of Master & C/E. (Fri. June 18 2004)

07 June 2004 at 1940 UTC in posn 12:30N - 048:38E, southern end of Red Sea -- unlit boat chased bulk carrier underway & came very close. Alarm raised & crew mustered. Pirates in boat aborted attempted boarding & fled. (Fri. June 18 2004)

03 June 2004 at daylight at Mombassa inner anchorage, Kenya -- 9 Pirates boarded fishing trawler, stole ship's property & escaped (Fri. June 18 2004)

01.06.2004 at 2325 LT in posn 01:12N - 104:50E, east of Bintan Island, Indonesia -- 7 pirates in black rubber boat approached livestock carrier ship underway & came very close near stern. Alert A/B raised alarm, crew mustered, switched on deck lights & directed searchlights. Boat aborted attempt & fled. (Fri. June 18 2004)

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Danish yacht S/V Tico Tico, rescued by Australian navy helicopter after drifting in Fijian waters for 3 days in life raft -- not known if crew injured or what happened to yacht -- 3 transfered to frigate HMAS Newcastle<<Webfeature, -- New Zealand P3K Orion aircraft & Royal Fijian Naval Ship Kikau also assisted in search & rescue operation. (Thurs. June 17 2004)

M/V Pematang, Dumai, in Riau province, for Belawan for repairs -- seized by separatist pirates from Aceh province for week -- stormed by Indonesian Navy June 11 -- 3 pirates shot & 2 managed to flee -- after gunfire exchange. (Wed. June 16 2004)

Chinese 64,000gt bulk M/V Yu Long Shan, at central Queensland port of Hay Point, suffered death of 23-year-old Chinese cadet engineer -- had been repairing damaged ladders in hold -- probably overbalanced on ladder without safety harness anchored -- landed on top of tank at bottom of hold. (Wed. June 16 2004)

Fremantle-registered yacht S/V Petama ran aground at 4.30am June 3 -- 3 crew rolled & survived gruelling 10-hour ordeal stranded on windswept/surf-battered reef 500km off West Australian coast. SOS brought M/V Titan -- skipper Anthony O'Brien said he found S/V Petama high & dry on inaccessible reef -- "We steered towards the reef ... there were breakers all around us, we had to find a break in the reef to send our dinghy through," he said. But impossible to reach reef so Petama's skipper used surfboard to paddle to M/V Titan. All shaken -- all safe. (Wed. June 16 2004)

40-foot barge -- said to be converted World War II landing craft -- type used to land on beaches of Normandy during D-Day -- with heavy machinery -- excavator & loader -- on Lake Winnipesaukee off between Rattlesnake Island & Sleeper Island -- crew attempting to balance barge by shifting position of equipment when vessel began to take water over bow -- capsized -- equipment to bottom of lake -- no injuries -- larger barge with fixed crane likely be needed to pull machinery from water. (Tues. June 15 2004)

UK Fraserburgh registered F/V Sunrise, with 6 crew, reported SOS taking water in Norwegian waters, 120 miles E. of Shetland -- Norwegian Coastguard contacted by UK Coastguard to inform of the activity -- Oscar Charlie, Shetland based Coastguard Rescue Helicopter immediately scrambled -- delivered 2 Coastguard pumps to vessel -- skipper reported they were working `like billio' & now heading back to Shetland. (Tues. June 15 2004)

Congo M/V Karibu sank at Port of Goma, Congo -- not eveny loaded -- capsized at dock -- some passengers could not escape -- 2 bodies found thus far. (Tues. June 15 2004)

7,519gt German 137m container M/V Tavastland (built 2003), aground & blocked Kiel-Canal after machine failure June 13 -- tug M/V Buelk from Kiel finally successful in tow offf -- vessel proceeded June 14. From our correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Mon. June 14 2004)

German 14m F/V Gretje, capsized June 11, after in collision with 30m Dutch trawler F/V Grietje Bos -- 2 German crew rescued by pilot boat M/V Kapitaen Bleeker & and coastguard vessel Emden -- Capt. trapped in wheelhouse & went down with vessel. German Navy frigate Emden continues. search. From our correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Mon. June 14 2004)

6,577gt Chinese-registered container M/V Ru Yi Quan & 1,434 Cambodian-registered freighter M/V Ping Yang No. 5, in collision off Nakajima, Ehime Prefecture in Sea of Aki, Japan, 2 a.m. LT -- all crew Chinese -- no injuries. (Sun. June 13 2004)

Stelmar Shipping -operated M/T Pearlmar, port of Esmeraldas in Ecuador for San Francisco -- boarded at destination by U.S. Cost Guard -- found 45 kgs(100 pounds) cocaine stashed above rudder June 9 -- rudder compartments are almost exclusively where cocaine is found, said officials. Better find a new place guys! (Sun. June 13 2004)

Royal Navy Type 23 Frigates<<Webfeature, HMS Argyll<<Webfeature, & HMS Kent<<Webfeature, -- in collision June 10 -- suffered minor damage when they ran into each other off Plymouth -- no injuries, except to careers of commanding officers. (Sat. June 12 2004)

35ft. F/V Sadie, out of Freeport, Texas -- sinking 5am June 9 -- U.S. Coast Guard Station Freeport launched 41-foot rescue boat at 5:15 a.m.-- found fishermen waist deep in water -- vessel sinking -- all rescued. (Sat. June 12 2004)

2,675gt Lebanese-flagged cargo M/V Amina, with lumber, -- aground off Yenikoy, June 9 while passing through Istanbul Strait -- ship dragged by current with help of tug & Turkish Coast Guard -- anchored off Pasabahce. (Sat. June 12 2004)

Bangladesh M/V Sultan Mahmud, with stone, Sylhet for for Mongla<<Webfeature, -- in collision with M/V Shahid-1, with Indian goods -- in Sannaysi area -- M/V Sultan Mahmud capsized & sank in River Panguchi<<Webfeature, in Morelganj. (Fri. June 11 2004)

Congo passenger M/V Karibu, with passengers -- in collision off northern port of Goma with M/V Mikeno, with empty beer bottles on Lake Kivu -- straddling the Congo-Rwanda border -- M/V Karibu capsized & sank - some 80 people believed trapped aboard & lost. (Fri. June 11 2004)


06 June 2004 at 0200 LT in posn 03:55.1N - 098:47.1E, Belawan anchorage, Indonesia -- 4 pirates armed with guns & knives boarded tanker at forecastle. 2/O raised alarm. Robbers stole ship's stores & escaped. (Fri. June 11 2004)

04 June 2004 at 2115 LT at Salaverry anchorage, Peru. -- 4 pirates attempted to board general cargo ship via anchor chain. Alert crew spotted them & raised alarm. Pirates aborted attempt-- fled in boat. Port control informed. (Fri. June 11 2004)

04 June 2004 at 0340 UTC in posn 04:58.5N - 098:41.2E, Malacca Straits. Pirates in small boat fired upon an offshore support vessel underway. Alert crew mustered & activated fire hoses. Pirates aborted attempt & fled. Ship's bridge windows were damaged. No injuries to crew. (Fri. June 11 2004)

01 June 2004 at 2325 LT in posn 01:12N - 104:50E, east of Bintan island, Indonesia -- 7 pirates in black rubber boat approached livestock carrier ship underway & came very close near stern. Alert A/B raised alarm, crew mustered, switched on deck lights & directed searchlights. Boat aborted attempt & fled. (Fri. June 11 2004)

21 May .2004 enroute from Kuala Beram, Miri, Sarawak to Port Klang, Malaysia -- tug & barge under tow with cargo of scrap metals went missing after departing Miri port -- suspected crew may have hijacked the tug. (Fri. June 11 2004)

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Greek-owned, Liberian-registered M/T Fair Mare, suffered engine room fire in Gulf of Oman -- 3 greek crew missing -- under tow to Fujairah in United Arab Emirates. (Thurs. June 10 2004)

German-registered, Danube river cruise M/V Viking Europe, Amsterdam for Budapest with 135 passengers & 39 crew, hit bridge in Vienna June 10, 19 injured -- ship's cook suffered slight burn when impact knocked him over in galley - most injured Americans -- vessel turned too ealy -- stern struck bridge -- believed officers too eager for schnitzel. (Thurs. June 10 2004)

U.S. tour M/V Glacier Explorer<<Webfeature, with 100 passengers through Resurrection Bay<<Webfeature, -- hit unmarked rock -- no injuries -- group of birders on Glacier Explorer wanted to see flocks of oyster-catchers on island & Capt. moved closer as vessel rounded the tip of island -- port engine & shaft damaged, but Glacier Explorer able to navigate to shipyard across bay from Seward, Alaska under own power. (Thurs. June 10 2004)

Philippine M/V ocean ferry, Manila for Zamboanga, arrested June11 at Manila with 10 crates of bomb-making material from militants linked to al Qaeda network - plastic explosives, blasting caps, rolls of detonating cords & time fuses -- boxes declared general merchandise valued at 20,000 pesos (US$358) -- arrested man said Muslim trader. BRAVO ZULU! (Thurs. June 10 2004)

Unidentified U.S. commercial salmon vessel capsized off coast of Lincoln City, Oregon - after engine troubles. Surf & rescue team members say coastal weather conditions were stormy, with heavy surf & waves breaking at 8 feet. One dead. (Wed. June 9 2004)

Panama-flagged scrap ship M/T Gaz Med -- beached May 31 for dismantling at Foyjun Shipbreaking Yard -- suffered major gas leak -- ship-cutting contractor died from gas emission that exposed about 5,000 people to serious health risks as colorless pungent gas was spotted spewing from vessel -- gas cloud spread several kms coast & reached up to Dhaka-Chittagong Highway after 1 of 3 liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) containers on vessel cut open. Yard close to Silvia Shipbreaking Yard<<Webfeature. Villagers of Jahanabad & Kadam Rasul said many women & children threw up after inhaling gas that filled the air. (Wed. June 9 2004)

38,500dwt Egyptian freighter M/V Dominat, with 33,000 tons pot ash & 39 crew, Sweden for Denmark -- aground in Oeresound (between Sweden & Denmark in Baltic) -- 7.00 tons of cargo to be lightered by other ships -- action will take several days according to Swedish Coastguard. From our correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Tues. June 8 2004)

Kiel-based 83gt research vessel ex-M/V Hermann Wattenberg -- now private diving M/V Caribia<<Photofeature (built 1944) -- aground in Weser estuary close to lighthouse "Roter Sand" (Red Sand) -- total loss during night from June 5th to 6th. Rescue boat M/V Vormann Steffens from Bremerhaven tried to save ship with additional pumps, but during next hours hull flooded completely & M/V Caribia became total loss. [The "Caribic" built in 1944 as so-called war trawler under name "KFK 491" -- 1946 renamed "Suedfall" to become the 1st research ship of Institute of Sea Science in Kiel in 1958 -- 1978 replaced & became the "Caribic" under which name it toured Baltic & North Sea -- 2002 the "Caribic" sold to owners in Rostock, Germany. Good bye. From our correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Tues. June 8 2004)

15-meter US$2M racing yacht S/V Cheminees Poujoulat-Armor Lux, with lone Bernard Stamm, in Day 7 of famous14 day "The Transat," solo race across the North Atlantic alone --one of 37 racers ex-Portsmouth on May 31, to make 4,500-km crossing to Boston. Stamm -- 700 kms off Newfoundland, heading toward the Grand Banks -- felt strong vibrations just before keel snapped & vessel capsized June 7. Weather 3- to 4-meter seas, 35-knot winds & limited visibility. SOS at 3am LT -- Hercules aircraft, dispatched from Canadian Forces Base Greenwood in western Nova Scotia, found Stamm's overturned vessel 9 a.m. -- established radio contact. Oil M/T Emma reached Stamm June 7 afternoon -- retrieved stranded sailor with tanker's lifeboats. Stamm said yacht's keel couldn't handle speed once vessel reached 26 knots (48 kms per hour) in heavy seas. (Mon. June 7 2004)

45ft. S/V Scintilla, on voyages from S. of France withgroups of naturists (naked people), found guilty at Horseferry Road Magistrates' Court in London on 2 counts of not having the appropriate "cover" (Certification of Competence) to take charge of the yacht, 2 counts of not having Load Line Certification for vessel & breaching a prohibition notice. Safety regulations that cover such craft are intended to protect public by ensuring, among other things -- that safety equipment, watertight integrity & stability and crew competence are in place -- was fined a total of £4,500. Contrary to reports, it was not a "bare charter." (Mon. June 7 2004)

117mt. 4,923gt Turkish flag dry cargo M/V Haci Emine Ana<<Photofeature, Ukraine for Derince, aground just after difficult "Yenikoy turn" in Bosporus Strait on May 30 evening -- strong current reported at time of accident. Vessel did not use pilot for passage. (Mon. June 7 2004)

Sibu-registered Malaysian RM3mil tug M/V Malingo Jaya, with barge laden with scrap metal, Kuala Baram industrial estate 21 May for Port Klang -- overpowered by Indonesian crew (pirates) & diverted vessel to Kalimantan -- sole Malaysian on board held hostage & escaped. Fate of essel & barge unknown. (Sat. June 5 2004)

Norway registered 37.272 dwt. chemical tanker owned by National Chemical Carriers Ltd of Saudi Arabia, M/T NCC Mekka (built in Norway in 1995) , with 27 crew, Santos, Brazil for Aratu, Brazil to load cargo before continuing to U.S. East Coast -- suffered explosion in one of her cargo tanks -- 2 seriously injured -- vessel suffered structural damage, but in stable condition --- proceeding to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (Fri. June 4 2004) UPDATE>> UPDATE>> 1 crew dead -- other in critical condition -- vessel now now at anchorage outside Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. (Sat. June 5 2004)


31 May 2004 at 0225 LT in position 01:32N - 104:38E, South China Sea -- pirates boarded a product tanker underway & entered engine room stores. Duty engineer raised alarm & pirates jumped overboard -- escaped. (Fri. June 4 2004)

29. May 2004 at 2120 LT in posn 05:05.1N - 100:10.2E, Malacca straits -- 3 very fast grey colored speedboats approached LPG tanker underway. One boat lay ahead & other 2 followed close on port & starboard quarter. Crew sounded whistle & directed search lights at boats. Boats followed for 40 minutes & fled. (Fri. June 4 2004)

27 May 2004 during night, Chennai anchorage, India. Armed pirates attempted to board general cargo ship. Alert crew contacted coast guard who deployed a patrol vessel. Robbers tried to flee in speedboat but chased & apprehended with their knives & swords. Coast guard handed robbers to local police. Bravo Zulu! (Fri. June 4 2004)

26 May 2004 during night, Chennai roads, India. Four armed pirates in boat boarded container ship using grapnel hooks attached to rope. While another 4 accomplices waited in boat. Alert crew raised alarm. Pirates stabbed 1 crew & escaped empty handed. (Fri. June 4 2004)

26 May 2004 at 0415 LT in posn 01:42N - 104:40E, South China Sea. Seven pirates armed with long knives boarded container ship underway. C/O was taken hostage & taken to master's cabin where pirates stole ship's cash. -- went to C/O & C/E cabins & stole cash/personal belongings. Pirates took master to poop deck -- disembarked into waiting boat & escaped. (Fri. June 4 2004)

26 May 2004 at 0230 LT in posn 01:37N - 104:37E, South China Sea. Seven pirates armed with knives & pistols boarded bulk carrier underway -- took hostage 4 crew & threatened them with knives -- went to master's cabin & stole ship's cash, property & personal belongings. (Fri. June 4 2004)

25 May 2004 at 1700 LT in posn 03:33.49N - 099:41.8E, off Sumatra coast, Malacca straits. Armed pirates in speedboat opened fire on general cargo ship forcing her to stop -- 4 pirates with machine guns & grenades went to bridge & damaged all communication equipment -- kidnapped Master & C/E -- seized all ship's trading documents & warned crew not to proceed to Belawan, which was next port -- ship then proceeded to Pulau Angsa, west Malaysia awaiting instruction from managers. Whereabouts of master and C/E are not known. (Fri. June 4 2004)

25 May 2004 at 0350 LT at Chennai anchorage, India. Four pirates in green boat with white line came alongside general cargo ship & pirate boardede ship. Alarm raised, crew mustered robbers escaped empty handed. Port authorities coast guard informed. (Fri. June 4 2004)

23 May 2004 at 2015 LT at Lamma Island, Hong Kong, China -- pirates boarded general cargo ship & forced 7 crew to jump overboard. Remaining crew onboard sent distress signal, which was responded by police who sent a helicopter & boats to carry out search & rescue operations. The 7 crew rescued. Nothing stolen as cargo consisted of 4,000 chicken feet. (Fri. June 4 2004)

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Sibu-registered tug M/V Malingo Jaya, with RM2.8mil consignment of scrap metal & 7 crew -- with junk (barge) T/B Akili 2373, northern Sarawak for Port Klang -- missing from May 28 -- management of shipping company M.S. Gear Sdn Bhd believed vessel in Indonesia -- no ransom so far. (Fri. June 4 2004)

Product tanker M/T Sea Splendor, with 29,000 tons of diesel oil, dragged anchor & drifted aground off South Hampton. (Fri. June 4 2004)

115m chemical M/T Attilio Evoli, Fawley, Southampton to Barcelona with 16 crew, ran aground off South Hampton - currently at anchorin River Schledt. Safely re-floated at 7pm without assistance on following flood tide & escorted to safe anchorage. (Fri. June 4 2004)

60-foot U.S. F/V Squid Row, suffered fuel problems & disabled 47 miles E. of Charleston, S.C., late May 31 on Memorial Day weekend -- U.S. Coast Guard Cutter - USCGC Yellowfin arrived scene 1:28 pm & began to preparations to tow F/V Squid Row back to Charleston -- but F/V Squid Row rapidly taking water -- sank within matter of seconds. (Thurs. June 3 2004)

Matter of Interest>> MOSCOW. June 3 (Interfax) - Moscow Tverskoi Court sentenced Communist Party activist Armen Beniaminov to one year in prison June 3 for desecrating Russian Federation's state flag. He placed old USSR flag on Duma<<Webfeature, buliding. (Thurs. June 3 2004)

Beirut-based Abou Merhi Lines owned ro/ro M/V Sea Trust (ex-Sea Hamex) (built 1983), with 16 crew, suffered fire June 3 at Antwerp after vehicle fire -- suppression water caused severe list, but system extinguished fire quickly. Several injuries, mostly minor. Jan. 2003, M/V Sea Hamex ran aground in heavy weather in Rosslare, Ireland, refloated the same day. (Thurs. June 3 2004)

Spanish 60ft. F/V O Bahia, with 10 crew, disappeared in rough seas off NW coast of Spain June 3 -- SOS message sent June 2 -- few miles from Xixargas islands off rocky part of Galicia known as "Coast of Death"<<Webfeature, because of frequency of shipwrecks there -- 5 bodies recovered thus far. (Thurs. June 3 2004)

115 meter chemical M/T Attilio Evoli, Fawley, Southampton for Barcelona with 16 crew, aground at 3pm LT, half mile South of Lymington -- crew remained aboard -- refloated 7pm LT today & under escort for inspection. Reported hull intact. (Thurs. June 3 2004)

14,060gt offshore, semi-submersible drill platform Ensco 7500, atop acre sized barge. broke loose from mooring on west bank of Pascagoula River, June 2 morning amid high winds plowed into a wharf on opposite bank -- destroyed 120 feet of concrete & steel reinforced dock, folding 20-foot slabs of concrete -- like they were cards -- before coming to halt -- narrowly missed National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration research. Winds clocked at 69 mph pushed barge, several stories high, across river with 39 crew aboard. Rig was undergoing repairs at Signal Int'l Marine. By midday rig back at Signal Int'l dock with help of 6 tugs from Colle Towing, U.S. Coast Guard, Pascagoula Bar Pilots, Port of Pascagoula & Signal/ENSCO personnel. Big noise! (Thurs. June 3 2004)

993gt product M/T Elena X. (built 1943) aground in bad weather off Greece. No details. (Thurs. June 3 2004)

15,893gt Ro/Ro M/V Laine (built 1985) - aground in River Parana. Tsavliris Salvage<<Webfeature, has job. (Wed. June 2 2004)

M/V Island Princess (the Love Boat) -- with 2,018 passengers & 896 crew Vancouver for Whittier, Alaska - suffered 350 passengers & crew falen ill with stomach virus off southeast Alaska -- will continue schedule -- ill passengers & crew recovering in isolated rooms. (Wed. June 2 2004)

394-foot U.S.T.S.Texas Clipper II<<Webfeature, -- floating classroom for students of Texas A&M at Galveston earning their licenses to work as merchant marine officers -- sceduled for sailing for Port Canaveral, Fla., thence to Ireland, England & Puerto Rico before returning to Texas -- shortly after departure Capt. Sam Stephenson reported "problem" with seals" -- vessel now anchored offshore pending further inspection. (Tues. June 1 2004)

Since March passenger ships leaving Port of Manila have had up to 6 marshals on board from either the coastguard, the armed forces or the police to protect passengers & ships from terrorist activity. Concern has been rising over vulnerability of shipping sector after the Abu Sayyaf Muslim guerrilla group claimed it had smuggled explosives triggered fire aboard M/V Superferry 14 (SEE "Super Loss") on Manila Bay on Feb 27, killing more than 100 passengers & crew. (Tues. June 1 2004)

Unidentified tour boat carrying 29 mainly elderly German & Belgian tourists capsized May 31, in icy waters in Europe's largest underground lake in Seegrotte, near Vienna, trapping some people underneath the vessel. No passengers wearing life jackets -- never been common practice for passengers tours to wear life preservers -- 5 dead. (Tues. June 1 2004)

New US$18M Milwaukee-to-Muskegon ferry M/V Lake Express -- damaged as she sailed to Wisconsin from Alabama, site of construction -- suffered stabilizer damage when it struck ground in Sturgeon Bay on May 18 -- has been repaired & should not delay vessel's launch. (Tues. June 1 2004)

Kenyan dhow M/V Faza -- recently detained in Eritrea -- Eritrea for Egypt with 10 crew -- capsized near Port Sudan following rough weather -- crew used lifeboat to reach coastline before assisted by the Sudanese navy -- crew being sheltered by Sudanese authorities at Kalsia military camp. (Tues. June 1 2004)

Suffolk UK, Lowestoft-registered F/V Laurnic, with 3 crew -- off the Outer Hebrides -- broadcast Mayday, May 29 after her engine room & fish hold flooded -- forced to bail out by hand to prevent sinking as their own pumps were not working -- Barra lifeboat launched & fishery protection M/V Mina steamed towards stricken vessel 4 miles NW island of Canna in the Little Minch. Barmaid at Mallaig's Steam Inn May 31 said the Laurnic's skipper had been in while recovering from ordeal but had since left. (Tues. June 1 2004)

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"Sit Down STRIKE At LAX" - May 2004

31,643 gt bulk M/V Lindos (built 1990) grounded in laden condition off Port of Otaru.<<Webfeature. (Mon. May 31 2004)

"Sea (to) Land Express" - May 2004

21-foot U.S. S/V. with 4 crew, in calm midafternoon breezes in Buttermilk Channel, the tidal strait between Brooklyn & Governors Island, NY Harbor, when sudden gust capsized vessel -- in water 10 min. before rescue by New York Fire Dept. Marine 1. (Sat. May 29 2004)

18-meter Canadian shrimp boat, with 4 crew, suffered cracked seam -- taking on water at rate of 90 liters a minute -- 200 km. North of Twillingate, Nfld. -- radioed SOS -- Canadian Navy helicopter & Coast Guard vessel guiding back to shore. Maritime Search & Rescue Centre in St. John's, said auxiliary coast guard vessel alongside helping to pump -- hindered by 6 meter high seas, heavy fog & strong winds. (Sat. May 29 2004)

Japan 498-ton M/V Shinwa Maru No. 8, ex Tokushima Prefecture, in collision with Malaysian-flagged 7,633-ton M/V Thailine 6 -- off Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan at 6:22 a.m. May 30 -- M/V Shinwa Maru No. 8 has lost 4 dead & 2 missing. (Sat. May 29 2004)

Explosion aboard tanker M/T Almudaina at Singapore's Keppel Shipyard killed 7 workers May 29 -- 7 workers had been welding inside M/T Almudaina. (Sat. May 29 2004)

6,000-ton freight ferry M/V Riverdance -- moored in the No. 1 berth, Heysham Harbor<<Webfeature, at Preston, UK -- suffered fire -- blaze started when tractor aboard caught fire-- hydraulic oil in tractor overheated -- UK Coastguard attended & suppressed. No injuries. (Fri. May 28 2004)

"Sit Down STRIKE At LAX" -- Outside Our Windows. (Fri. May 28 2004)


24 May 2004 at 1950 UTC in posn: 01:43S - 117:10E, Makassar Strait, Indonesia -- pirates boarded bulk carrier underway. Alert D/O spotted & raised alarm. Robbers jumped overboard & escaped. (Fri. May 28 2004)

24 May 2004 at 241318 UTC in posn: 00:54N -105:04E, Selat Berhala, Indonesia -- 2 black rubberised boats with twin outboard motors approached container ship underway -- 6 to 8 pirates dressed in black in each boat approached. Alert duty A/B raised alarm & crew mustered & directed searchlights & boats moved away. As boats were rubberized, radar did not pick up echo. (Fri. May 28 2004)

20 MAY 2004 at 0220 LT at Puerto Cortes anchorage, Honduras -- 3 pirates attempted to board container ship via anchor chain. Duty crew spotted & raised alarm. Robbers aborted attempt & fled. Port control informed. (Fri. May 28 2004)

19 MAY 2004 at 2100 LT 39 nm off Gertak Sanggul, Balik Pulau, Penang island, Malacca straits -- 6 pirates armed with sub-machine guns boarded fishing trawler underway -- kidnapped 4 Thai fishermen & demanded ransom for release of fishermen. One victim asked to contact owner to convey ransom demand. Owner lodged a police report & Indonesian police are carrying out a search for kidnappers & victims. (Fri. May 28 2004)

19 MAY 2004 at 1935 UTC at Belawan anchorage, Indonesia -- 3 pirates boarded chemical tanker & stole ship's stores. Alert crew chased & they jumped overboard & escaped. Master tried to contact port authorities but received no response. (Fri. May 28 2004)

19 MAY 2004 at 0435 LT at Spa berth no. 1, Sandakan port, Malaysia -- 5 pirates in light colored boat, 7 meters long, approached bulk carrier at bow -- holding long poles with hooks ready to board. When D/O & watchmen shouted, they replied "very poor very poor" & started boat's engine & moved towards oil jetty. (Fri. May 28 2004)

19 May 2004 at 0020 LT at Balongan anchorage, Indonesia -- pirates armed with knives boarded tanker. One pirate held oiler at knifepoint -- other 2 ransacked engine room store room & escaped with stores & property at 0200 LT. Oiler received no physical injury but was in state of shock. Master called Indonesian navy - western territory, on phone but operator unable to speak English. At 0520 port security officials boarded for investigation. (Fri. May 28 2004)

18 May 2004 at 0520 LT at Dakar anchorage, Senegal -- masked pirates boarded container ship from fishing boat. Alert crew tried to resist but pirates threatened them with knives & escaped with ship's stores. Port authorities were informed via VHF. (Fri. May 28 2004)

16.05.2004 in position: 24:05S - 046:19W at Ilhas Das Palmas (Guaruja), Santos, Brazil -- pirates in a red/white aluminium boat boarded fishing vessel -- stole ship's equipment, stores & escaped. (Fri. May 28 2004)

13.05.2004 at 0730 UTC at Tanjung Priok anchorage, Jakarta, Indonesia -- pirates boarded container ship & stole equipment from a liferaft. Crew noticed fishing boat nearby before the incident. (Fri. May 28 2004)

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Duluth Fire Dept.<<Webfeature, training drill on the Red River near Duluth MI at 10:30 a.m. -- resulted in collision -- 2 firefighters, 2 drivers & Fire Capt. injured & destroyed 1 boat. (Thurs. May 27 2004)

United Feeder Services M/V Leader, for Malta Freeport Terminal -- could not make berth due to gale-force winds -- urgent message from master -- 3rd engineer Boris Starodubchenko badly injured & needing immediate attention -- AFM's Rescue Coordination Center contacted & despatched helicopter to the M/V Leader, 29 NM off Delimara<<Webfeature. (Thurs. May 27 2004)

Unidentified M/V, with chicken feet & 7 crew, near Hong Kong island -- raided by pirates with guns -- all crew jumped overboard to safety off outlying Lamma Island on May 23 -- all crew rescued by passing sampan. Anyone familiar with chinese cuisine knows the "love" of chicken feet -- but all we have ever asked during the traditional meal is -- where are the good parts? McD (Wed. May 26 2004)

110,000-ton cargo M/V with iron ore & 56,000-ton oil M/T in collision off South Korea's southern coast 495km south of Seoul early May 27, maritime police said. No injuries - from Korean Maritime Authority. (Wed. May 26 2004)

Respected Maritime Lawyer Passes>> Sad news tonight that our respected colleague & usual opponent Michael W. Lodwick, Esq., a U.S. Proctor In Admiralty & senior member of the Los Angeles Maritime Bar passed away after a long, yet not generally known illness on May 21. Michael's health is reported to have taken an unexpected turn on May 20. His very distinguished practice continued with hard fought contests & settlements, even with our own firm throughout this month with the focus & charge of a dynamo. Michael was a rare academic, turned litigator who represented the very best of our profession in ethics, intellect & tenacity. With many industry changing court decisions to his lasting credit, Michael will be missed, but not replaced. Countryman & McDaniel. (Tues. May 25 2004) UPDATE>> Services were today for our colleague at Irvine, CA. The Dixieland music Michael so loved, said goodbye. (Thurs. May 27 2004)

Port of Karachi>> Parcel bomb has exploded at container terminal in port of S. Pakistani city of Karachi, killing 1 & wounding 4. The War On Terror continues. (Tues. May 25 2004)

UK angling F/V The Boy Conail, with 5 crew, about to deploy iliferaft as it broadcast a request for assistance to UK Belfast Coastguard at 6.00 pm May 23 -- began to sink W.of Rathlin Island, UK -- Ballycastle Coastguard Team pumping water from the vessel. (Tues. May 25 2004)

Unidentified Guyanese-registered freighter sank off Dominican Republic, early May 25 -- result of massive storm which left 160 dead in the Caribbean nation. Details & crew fate unknown. Hurrican Season 2004 -- expected worse this years! (Tues. May 25 2004) UPDATE>> Death toll now 500 in Dominican Republic. (Wed. May 26 2004)

S. Korean F/V -- fired upon by Japanese patrol vessel - in midst of tug of war between neighboring countries over sovereignty regarding small island _ "Tok-do" <<Webfeature, called by the S. Koreans & "Takeshima"<<Webfeature, by Japanese _ even though island historically belonged to Korea. Japanese patrol boat fired volley of tear gas bombs at S. Korean fishing vessel then operating near sea border between countries & injured Korean Capt. (Mon. May 24 2004)

29,500gt bulk M/V Da Peng Hai (built 2002) suffered engine failure & in minor collision with unidentified bulker -- while incoming Gibraltar, May 21. (Mon. May 24 2004)

7,805gt fish factory M/V Sozidanie (built 1992) suffered fire off Vanuatu<<Webfeature, May 23. (Mon. May 25 2004) CORRETION>> Vessel incident site was off Canary Islands ;-) (Tues. May 25 2004) NOTE: We strive to be accurate.

Connecticut-based 45-foot F/V Ava Claire, with 3 crew based in Niantic, Conn., run down 11 a.m. May 23 by a large, unidentified dark-colored merchant vessel -- other vessel appeared traveling westbound in Ambrose-Nantucket shipping lane. F/V Ava Claire sank almost immediately -- life raft deployed automatically, as designed to do. U.S. Coast Guard command center at Boston received emergency radio signal 1 p.m. -- flight crew dispatched from Cape Cod found 3 men in the life raft an hour --rescued 30 miles SE of Montauk, N.Y. May 23. (Sun. May 23 2004)

Double-decker ferry M/V Lightning Sun, southern Madaripur area of Bangladesh for Dhaka May 23 on Meghna river<<Webfeature, with 300+ passengers, swamped by sudden storm near Chandpur<<Webfeature,106 miles from capital -- capsized -- 27 swam to safety -- 200 missing. (Sun. May 23 2004) UPDATE>> Chandpur District Administrative Chief Abdur Rab Howlader said survivors told him they begged captain to stop ferry but -- requests ignored -- "(The boat) was overloaded ... but the staff did not pay heed to the passengers' request," he said "All the staff (crew) have survived and fled the scene. They should all be charged with mass murder," he added. Death toll now 82. (Wed. May 26 2004)

ALERT>> car carrier M/V Hyundai 105, for Europe, moving west bound in Singapore Strait with 4,190 Hyundai & Kia automobiles (capacity 4641) & 20 crew, in collision with Panama-registered M/T Kaminesan, moving east bound with 279,950 tons of crude oil & 26 crew -- 4 miles SE of resort island of Sentosa<<Webfeature, just S. off Singapore late May 22 -- M/V Hyundai 105 sank 7.15am May 23 LT - collision left 50m x 20m hole in car carrier's port side -- all crew rescured. M/T Kaminesan's port bow & forepeak tank damaged -- being towed Singapore -- all crew aboard. Prior to collision, warnings given to vessels by Singapore's Maritime Port Authority's vessel traffic information service -- vessels also communicated with each other. Some jobs were lost tinight. (Sat. May 22 2004pm) UPDATE>> Cargo was 3,000 new Hyundai & Kia vehicles & 1,000 2nd-hand Japanese cars -- estimated value at approximately US$57M, including US$40M for vehicles & US$17M to M/V Hyundai 105, according to Eukor Car Carriers<<Webfeature, owner of sunken ship with hole measuring 165 feet by 65 feet. (Sun. May 23 2004)

A-150<<Webfeature, airship Saturn, Las Vegas for Long Beach -- crashed during takeoff May 22 when gusty winds carried it over a fence and into 2 office buildings -- no injuries. Crew tried to use lines to return airship to the airport side of the fence when winds again lifted it over & into another office building -- blimp eventually landed on 2nd office building. Airship registered to The Lightship Group, based in Orlando, Fla. (Sat. May 22 2004pm)

UPDATE>> M/V Cape Africa -- see below.

Cruise M/V Diamond Princess<<Webfeature, Vancouver for Seattle, pushed by high winds into end of pier when she tried to dock May 21 at Vancouver evening -- paint scraped off starboard side of ship. Vessel, with capacity of 2,670 passengers, southbound after making 1st trip on Alaska run<<Webfeature. The virgin cruise. (Fri. May 21 2004)

4,609gt M/T Neptunus (built 1991), Liepaja<<Webfeature, for Flushing, suffered engine room fire. (Fri. May 21 2004)

5,512gt general cargo M/V Quoc Tu Giam (built 1985), Ube for Subic, with 6,300 tons of cargo, in collision off Moji<<Webfeature. (Fri. May 21 2004)


16 May 2004 at 0715 UTC in position 13:06N - 080:22E, outer roads, Chennai, India. Eight pirates armed with long knives & choppers attempted to board bulk carrier from stern. Alert duty A/B raised alarm & crew mustered. Pirates aborted boarding & fled. Chennai port was informed via VHF. (Fri. May 21 2004)

16 May 2004 in position: 24:05S - 046:19W at Ilhas Das Palmas (Guaruja), Santos, Brazil. Pirates in red/white aluminium boat boarded fishing vessel. Stole ship's equipment, stores/property & escaped. (Fri. May 21 2004)

15 May 2004 at 0210 LT at B1 inner road anchorage, Freetown, Sierra Leone. Four pirates attempted to board bulk carrier via hawse pipe. Alert duty A/B raised alarm, sounded ship's whistle & crew mustered. Pirates aborted attempt & fled. Freetown signal station was informed -- naval patrol boat came to area. (Fri. May 21 2004)

13 May 2004 at 0730 UTC at Tanjung Priok anchorage, Jakarta, Indonesia. Pirates boarded container ship & stole equipment from liferaft. Crew noticed fishing boat nearby before the incident. (Fri. May 21 2004)

12 May 2004 - 10 miles offshore Lagos, Nigeria. Pirates boarded chemical tanker engaged in STS operations -- attacked duty seaman on deck but he managed to raise alarm. Pirates stole ship's stores, equipment & crew personal effects -- escaped. (Fri. May 21 2004)

08 My 2004 at 2200 LT in position 05:35.5S - 106:39.67E, 20nm north of Pulau Panjang, Java Sea, Indonesia -- 11 pirates armed with guns & long knives boarded a tug underway -- threatened crew & stole ship's property, equipment, stores & crew belongings -- escaped. Two crew suffered injuries. Master tried to alert authorities by VHF but received no response. Then sailed to Merak port & made report. Indonesian navy & port authorities investigating.

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25-foot F/V James Harrison, spotted an oil rig on fire & rescued 4 men from blazing oil platform off Houston -- all crew taken to nearby rig High Island 37A -- U.S. Coast Guard rescuded all. (Thurs. May 20 2004)

Spanish-owned 500-seat high speed catamaran ferry, on maiden voyage, Singapore for Sri Lanka with 12 crew -- has gone missing -- vessel was to be used to ferry passengers between Spain & Morocco -- vessel due to arrive at Galle, Sri Lanka, on May 16 -- NOW MISSING. (Thurs. May 20 2004)

Ferry M/V Dona Elvire, Nigeria & Ghana for home in Liberia with 430 Liberian refugees stranded without food or water -- drifting 120 NM off West African coast -- sent distress signal late on May 18 after engines failed 20 NM from shore. Capt. said many passengers sick & out of water after 2 weeks aboard. French Navy vessel steams to location. Estimated 320,000 Liberian refugees are in other states in West Africa after fleeing a 14-year civil war that killed more than 200,000 people & spread chaos across region. (Wed. May 19 2004) UPDATE>> French corvette, from Togo came to aid of M/V Dona Elvire -- marooned off west Africa for 48 hours -- French military helicopters airlifted food & drinking water to the ship, where most passengers are women & children. (Thurs. May 20 2004) UPDATE>> 2 French army Cougar helicopters flew in food & water supplies to the refugees. French medical teams also sent to M/V Dona Elvire &emdash; one aboard French military ship, other by helicopter &emdash; caring for at least five people who fell seriously ill. (Fri. May 21 2004)

Tall Ship S/V Denis Sullivan<<Webfeature, Erie, Penn. for Milwaukee, Wis., from Erie, Penn., struck by lightning May 18 night in storm north of Mentor, Ohio. No injuries, but electronic systems failed making it difficult to navigate -- mate had hand-held GPS & managed to make it to Cleveland's North Coast Harbor. Sea training? Certainly this is a great improvement over those GPS units of the 19th Century which were just analog! (Wed. May 19 2004)

298gt general cargo M/V Kormoran (built 1966) in collision with unidentified container vessel off UK coast. Coastguard Falmouth responded. (Wed. May 19 2004)

22-year-old Jonathan Schempp -- homeless & trying to reach relatives in Cape Verde -- had someone seal him in ocean crate & drop him at Atlantic Shipping Company in Fall River, MA on May 11. Someone called Somerville, MA police 4 days later to tell of Schempp's plan -- dog alerted officers to crate. Police knocked on container & heard faint cry for help. Police opened container & found Schempp inside with food, water & clothing -- BUT THE LCL CRATE WASN'T DUE TO BE SHIPPED UNTIL END OF NEXT MONTH! Another Darwin Award Winner! Geeez! Read the bill of lading next time! Another Columbus, this guy is not. (Tues. May 18 2004)

Pakistani Navy fast attack craft, on way to Kori Creek on Northern Gujarat coast on May 17, encountered "suspicious" boat around 3.30 pm. -- boat failed to stop despite repeated warnings & firing of flares -- Pakistani Navy opened fire -- 3 of 6 crew killed -- only master found to be in possession of valid papers -- boat brought to nearest harbour at Okha<<Webfeature, & handed over to civil authorities. (Tues. May 18 2004)

5,004gt general cargo M/V New Ace (built 1982), Nakhodka for Pyeongteak -- in collision off Mokpo. (Tues. May 18 2004)

26,131gt M/V Contship Auckland (built 1998) damaged as result of striking bridge at Singapore. No injuries. (Tues. May 18 2004)

160-foot M/V SunCruz Casino, with 160 passengers, out of Hollywood, FL (near Fort Lauderdale) for 5 hour gambling cruise -- suffered engine room fire 1 hour out -- blaze extinguished about three hours later, after the ship was towed into Port Everglades. Firefighters reached ship while at sea & sealed engine room's doors to contain blaze. No injuries. (Sun. May 16 2004)

49-foot sports fisher F/V Contender, out of Emeryville, CA with 24 passengers 5:30 a.m. for day of salmon fishing May 15 -- issued mayday to U.S. Coast Guard 2:15 p.m. -- sank -- 5 miles south of Golden Gate Bridge -- had been taking on water -- pumps were unable to keep up -- 1 dead. (Sun. May 16 2004)

Tall ship S/V Lord Nelson, training vessel for both able-bodied & disabled people, with 50 crew, struck Tower Bridge<<Webfeature, in central London May 15 as skipper tried to turn her around against strong tide. Port of London Authority said damage to ship limited to "a scrape & bump". No injuries. (Sat. May 15 2004)

Chinese flag M/V An Lu Jiang, with 12,500 metric tons of TSP fertilizer -- sank at Outer Anchorage of Chittagong Port, 10.50 miles from Patenga Light House as several cracks have developed in deck. Due to wrong piloting M/V An Lu Jiang drifted to coastal area of Anowara thana. Later ship dragged out to deep sea by a salvage ship -- but struck submerged object resulting in development of several cracks in deck -- resulting in sinking. (Sat. May 15 2004)

Privately-financed rocket ship SpaceShipOne<<Webfeature, with Mike Melvill as single pilot, reached a record altitude of 65km. during test flight from base in California's Mojave desert up to 16,000 meters on back of airplane & then launched. Project is now considered frontrunner to win the US$10M prize for ist privately funded space vehicle with 2 passengers & pilot to altitude of 100km. twice in 2 weeks. (Sat. May 15 2004)

UPDATE>> M/V Cape Africa -- transfer of bunker oil from stricken Taiwanese bulk carrier to salvage tug could be over today -- more than half of 1800 tons of bunker oil had been transferred. As precautionary measure vessel ordered to remain at least 222km off Cape Town until all bunker oil transferred Follow The Story. (Fri. May 14 2004) UPDATE>> bulk carrier Cape Africa to be towed 17 or 18 May into False Bay, where she will stay for 3 weeks while 20-meter hole in hull repaired. (Sun. May 16 2004) UPDATE>> M/V Cape Africa docked in False Bay<<Webfeature, at 4pm, May18, where she will remain for next 2 to 3 weeks while giant hole in hull repaired. (Tues. May 18 2004)

Missing 25 meter trawler F/V Astrid, from Liepaja on May 2nd wih 6 crew -- last sighted on May 9th south of Oeland -- now found by a ROV on May 12 off Swedish coast -- lying at depth of 27 meters in Baltic -- 3 of 6 crew found by divers -- severely damaged at port side bow -- likely collision with unknown vessel while anchoring off Sweden -- drowning sleeping crew. (Fri. May 14 2004)

9,182gt general cargo M/V An Lu Jiang (built 1978), with 12,500 tons of bagged T.S.P fertilizer, aground at destination port Chittagong, May 13. (Fri. May 14 2004)

35,346 gt Lpg carrier M/T Berge Nice (built 2003), Bahia Blanca, Arg, for Quintero, Chile, in collision with unidentified vessel in Chile. (Fri. May 14 2004)


10 May 2004 at 0130 LT in position 01:24.15N - 105:16.05E, east of Bintan Island, Indonesia. Seven pirates armed with long knives & guns boarded tanker underway -- tied up 2/O & duty A/B on bridge -- then entered cabins of master, officers & crew -- stole cash, personal belongings & ship's property and left at 0215 LT. (Fri. May 14 2004)

09 May 2004 at 0115 LT in position 01:14N - 103:34E, western OPL anchorage, Singapore straits. Five pirates armed with knives boarded tanker -- took master, C/O, C/E, 3/O & 2 crew as hostages -- stole ship's cash, crew personal belongings & cash -- escaped at 0135 LT. Master, c/e & a crew received injuries. (Fri. May 14 2004)

07 May 2004 at 0555 LT in position 13:05.7N - 080:22.5E, Chennai anchorage, India. Pirates armed with knives boarded tanker at poop deck. Duty A/B saw them & activated fire hose. Pirates threatened him with knives but he managed to raise alarm -- crew mustered -- pirates escaped at 0610 LT in green boat with ship's equipment. Port control informed at 0615 LT & marine police boarded at 0836. Master handed them photographs of boat taken with digital camera. (Fri. May 14 2004)

04. May 2004 at 0440 LT at spa oil berth, Sandakan port, Malaysia. Duty officer on routine rounds onboard chemical tanker spotted 3 pirates attempting to break padlock of forecastle store. He raised alarm & intruders jumped overboard -- escaped empty handed. (Fri. May 14 2004)

04.05.2004 at 0125 UTC in position: 05:36N - 00:005E, Tema outer anchorage, Ghana -- 3 pirates armed with knives boarded product tanker. Duty A/B raised alarm & crew mustered. Pirates attacked A/B & stole his walkie-talkie -- escaped.

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ALERT>> Greek police have evacuated a passenger ferry with 1,619 passengers before she left Port of Piraeus near Athens for Greek islands after receiving bomb threat. (Fri. May 14 2004 LAX 0053 Hrs.)

RO/RO barge, with 180 vehicles, pushed by bulgarian tug, on river Donau in Johanistal locks - in collision with swiss passenger vessel -- swiss vessel damaged on port side, side scrapped, almost all windows gone, bulkheads broken etc. Damage exeeds several million euros -- 2 of 89 passengers slightly injured -- no vehicle damage. Both vessels proceeded to Ranning/Austria for investigations>>From Our Correspondent Steffen Von Arnstedtd. (Thurs. May 13 2004)

89gt cruise M/V Wilderness Adventurer (built 1983), with 19 passengers -- struck ice & taking water in Tracy Arm<<Webfeature, -- evacuated 19 passengers & 3 crew onto another cruise ship after incident May 11. Ice punctured 3-inch hole into hull -- single pump kept water out of ship, which returned to Juneau. (Thurs. May 13 2004)

60-foot research M/V Isle of Fire (Built 1944) -- sank overnight in New Bedford Harbor -- wooden vessel towed into harbor late last week. (Thurs. May 13 2004)

Latvian F/V Astrida, sank in Baltic Sea. (Thurs. May 13 2004)

32ft. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Survey Vessel sank in Mobile River near downtown Tuscalosa, Alabama -- vesel doing bank-to-bank survey work related to dredging operations, hit submerged bulkhead -- Captain succeeded in driving to river bank before capsize. (Thurs. May 13 2004)

200-meter German cruise M/V Mona Lisa, with 1,000 passengers & crew -- aground near St. Mark's Square, Venice, amid thick fog --prompting complaints from mayor about large ships traveling too close to city's historic center -- no injuries -- ship stuck in mud in narrow channel but towed straight out -- German tourists lost visit. (Wed. May 12 2004)

Cruise M/V Adirondac, Lake Champlain for Lake George season -- aground. Police inspecting, & rig towing , issued 7 citations for improper & missing permits. (Wed. May 12 2004) UPDATE>> M/V Adirondac is a new, 115 foot-long ship making its way to Lake George, just in time for summer season. Companies like Niagara Mohawk, Time Warner Cable & Verizon helping in project. Guys, please get your permits & hire a master with a current chart! (Thurs. May 13 2004) UPDATE>> Having now obtained a map -- the 115-foot-long cruise ship is being hauled on a truck through village of Ticonderoga to boat launch on northern end of Lake George. Geez, please join the Auto Club! McD. (Thurs. May 13 2004 - PM)

2,900gt Turkish-flagged Ro-Ro M/V Dolpin II, with trucks, at Turkey's southern port of Mersin, sank 15 NM off Karpas cape, northern Cypru early today -- 24 of 26 crew rescued. >>From Our Correspondent Tim. (Tues. May 11 2004)

3,516gt Panamanian registered LPG M/T Global Express No.2 (built 1996) -- aground in Philippines. (Tues. May 11 2004)

South Korean M/V Sung Kyung 201, exploded at Montevideo, Uruguay -- tank containing ammonia gas being used for refrigeration leaked -- exploded -- port was closed while officials investigated the blast, which happened at 0200 hrs.-- 80 people being treated for gas poisoning. (Mon. May 10 2004)

31-year old, 235-foot Alaska Ro/Ro M/V LeConte<<Webfeature, with 86 passengers & 23 crew, struck reef in in Peril Strait 30 miles north of Sitka -- all abandined ship -- hard aground & taking water. No injuries. (Mon. May 10 2004) UPDATE>> Washington State ferry M/V LeConte broke free on its own from reef in Peril Strait where it has been grounded for week -- tug began towing M/V LeConte to Ketchikan, where it will be repaired, after salvage crews inspected damaged hull. (Tues. May 18 2004)

Danish trawler fishing in Skagerrak waters between Norway & Denmark, 20 NM off Danish port of Hirtshals scooped up German submarine in its nets, forcing vessel to surface. German sub taking part in NATO maneuvers in the region, "Blue Game 2004" featuring 70 vessels from 16 countries. Being a small sub, Danish trawler threw her back! (Mon. May 10 2004) UPDATE>>F/V Marie Helene & her catch is a type U-29<<Webfeature, (NATO #S-178) submarine -- an old type 206 "A" Boat which is taking part in "BLUE GAME"<<Webfeature, a NAO training operation. The german boats are so small & silent you´ll have to use a net to find them at all ;-) >>From Our Correspondent Steffen Von Arnstedtd. (Thurs. May 13 2004)

168-foot 49-passenger cruise M/V American Glory<<Webfeature, Beaufort S.C. for Hilton Head Island, departing Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park sea wall at 6:30 a.m. stern caught by current & tide, destroying 40 feet of dock & damaging 2 berthed yachts. No injuries. (Mon. May 10 2004)

50-foot tug M/V Missie Ann, traveling west on Intra Coastal Waterway (ICW) within Barataria Preserve, LA, with construction equipment secured to bow, maneuvered to avoid collision & capsized. Salvage underway. >>From Our Correspondent Wes Boyd. (Mon. May 10 2004)

18,500gt M/V passenger ro/ro M/V Hamanasu, suffered serious fire at Nagasaki dock May 9. (Sun. May 9 2004)

UPDATE>> Adverse sea conditions prevented planned fuel transfer from stricken M/V Cape Africa from going ahead at the weekend. Heavy swells hampered efforts to pump fuel from Taiwanese bulk carrier on May 7 & bad weather continued on May 8, Smit Salvage<<Webfeature, spokesperson said. Hoped fuel will be transferred to Russian tug, M/V Nikolay Chiker<<Webfeature, later on May 9 -- expected tug will be able to carry 1,000 tons of M/V Cape Africa's bunker fuel. Follow The Story. (Sun. May 9 2004)

P&O passenger M/V Pacific Sky, on 11 night cruise, returned to Sydney on May 8 after 140 passengers reported sick, suffering attacks of nausea, vomiting & diarrhea -- blamed "poor personal hygiene among some passengers" for virus outbreak -- geez what were these people doing in the cabins? -- (Sun. May 9 2004)

Unidentified passenger M/V & oil M/T in collision on Yangtze River near Chongqing, in SW China -- more than 30 injured hospitalized for observation -- Yangtze River near Chongqing draws many overseas & domestic tourists, especially in just-ended May Labor Day holiday -- in proximity to tour of scenic Three Gorges<<Webfeature. (Sat. May 8 2004)

745gt general cargo M/V B.S.Busan (built 1979) aground in shallow water at Hitachi<<Webfeature, Japan. (Fri. May 7 2004)


03 May 2004 at 0300 LT at inner roads anchorage, Dumai, Indoensia -- 4 pirates with long knives boarded tanker -- entered engine room & took hostage 2 oilers -- tied up them. Broke open store room but alert a/b raised alarm & pirates escaped empty handed. Master contacted port control who asked him to stand by but after that, there was no response from port control. (Fri. May 7 2004)

02 May 2004 at 0110 UTC at inner anchorage, Nouadhibou, Mauritania -- 10 pirates armed with knives boarded refrigerated cargo ship via anchor chain -- threatened duty a/b with knives & stole his walike talkie. Pirates then broke in to store room & stole ship's stores -- fled. Later, at 0210 UTC 3 pirates armed with knives boarded & stole ship's property -- fled. Master contacted port control but they failed to respond. (Fri. May 7 2004)

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CORRECTION>> As many of you have pointed out -- M/V Safari Spirit grounding -- sank vessel on May 8, 2003. -- not May 8 2004 -- OOOPS! (Wed. May 5 2004)

M/V Cape Africa may be lost. Follow Our Feature. (Fri. April 30 2004) UPDATE>> Vessel in danger of sinking -- crew airlifted to safety. (Sun. May 2 2004) UPDATE>> Salvors are scrambling -- ship may be lost. Russian salvage tug M/V Nikolay Chiker heading to stricken bulk carrier M/V Cape Africa, currently 200km W. of Hout Bay with huge tear in hull. Planning to use Antarctic supply vessel M/V SA Agulhas to remove 1900 tons of heavy fuel oil from carrier -- in imminent danger of sinking. Experts with fingers crossed that carrier would remain afloat long enough to pump out heavy fuel oil. "If bulkheads collapse, she'll go down quickly; should she go down, she'll break up dramatically, & oil will come up," Smit Salvage head Dave Main said. (Wed. May 5 2004)

138 gt F/V Fundy Leader (built 2001) -- sank while hauling its catch in UK. (Wed. May 5 2004)

Ro/ro M/V Trinacria in regular ferry service between Catania & Naples, in collsion with unnamed vessel. (Wed. May 5 2004)

41ft. tug M/V Osceola, with 3 crew, began taking water 9 p.m. near Rappahannock Shoal Channel in Chesapeake Bay -- called U.S. Coast Guard for assistance. Coast Guard HH-60 rescue helicopter from Air Station Elizabeth City, N.C., lowered dewatering pump to crew to help keep up with flooding & 41-foot small boat crew from Station Milford Haven, Va. stabilized tugs empty fuel barge which also had 2 aboard. Cause of flooding unknown. All safe. (Tues. May 4 2004)

Unidentified Norwegian seal-hunting ship with 13 crew, taking water in stormy weather in Icelandic waters halfway between Greenland & small Island of Jan Mayen<<Webfeature, -- reconnaissance aircraft & rescue ship to area. Norwegian rescue ship will not arrive in area until May 3 night because of distance. (Sun. May 2 2004)

48-ton cargo M/V Chihong hao, with 5 crew & concrete poles for holding up electric lines, Tungkang port in Pingtung county for Island of Liu Chiu<<Webfeature, capsized after 6.00 a.m., 2 NM away from tiny island's harbor of Baisha -- ship encountered large waves & strong currents -- rocked strenuously, causing poles on deck to become loose from their lashings -- Capt. & 3 crew missing. (Sun. May 2 2004)

1,110gt trawler F/V Vikingo (built 1978) suffered fire at Talcahuano, Chile, May 1. (Sat. May 1 2004)

Unidentified M/V, with 27 aboard, capsized in Yellow River in Yuanyang county of central China's Henan Province -- 4 dead & 10 missing. (Sat. May 1 2004)

Vessel Loss Dispatches For April 2004

"Super Loss" - March 2004

"Rocknes Monster" - Feb. 2004

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"Enjoy Your Flight!"

M/V Cape Africa may be lost. Follow Our Feature. (Fri. April 30 2004) UPDATE>> Vessel in danger of sinking -- crew airlifted to safety. (Sun. May 2 2004)


25 April 2004 at 1612 UTC at Laemchabang anchorage, Thailand. Five pirates boarded container vessel at forecastle -- stole ship's stores & escaped. (Fri. April 30 2004)

25 April 2004 at 0335 LT in position: 03N - 105:17.4E, east of Bintan island, Indonesia -- 8 pirates armed with guns & knives boarded chemical tanker underway -- assaulted d/o, tied him up & took him as hostage to Master's cabin & crew's cabins -- stole crew & ship's cash & crew personal belongings -- escaped at 0355 LT. (Fri. April 30 2004)

25 April 2004 at midnight at Pulau Kendi off Pulau Pangkor, Malaysia -- 7 pirates armed with M16s boarded fishing boat via speedboat - took 2 crew hostages & fled. Subsequently released 1 crew after stealing his property. (Fri. April 30 2004)

24 April 2004 at 1530 UTC in position: 02:51.8S - 105:59.7E, Indonesia -- 5 pirates armed with guns & long knives boarded general cargo ship underway -- threatened all crew, stole cash & escaped at 1550 UTC. (Fri. April 30 2004)

24 April 2004 at 0700 LT at Tg. Priok anchorage, Indonesia -- pirates boarded container ship & broke open seal of container. Alert crew raised alarm & pirates jumped overboard empty handed & escaped. (Fri. April 30 2004)

23 April 2004 at 0310 LT at Rocky Point inner anchorage, Jamaica -- pirates boarded tanker at forecastle -- they stole ship's stores & escaped. (Fri. April 30 2004)

23 Aril 2004 at Benin River, Warri, Niger delta, Nigeria. Pirates armed with guns ambushed a naval patrol boat escorting oil company workers to an oil well. In an exchange of gunfire, five workers died, two are missing and one was injured.

22 April 2004 at 1510 - 1615 UTC in position 03:06S - 106:58E, Gelasa strait, Indonesia -- pirates armed with guns, pistols & daggers boarded container ship underway -- held master, c/o & 6 crew at gun point & escaped with cash & crew's personal belongings. No injuries. (Fri. April 30 2004)

22 April 2004 at 0030 - 0500 LT in position 01:19.7S - 107:49.8E, Indonesia. Bulk carrier underway detected a stationary craft on radar at a distance of 4.5 nm. Craft came close to 6 cables, switched off its lights & started chasing ship. Ship raised alarm; crew mustered, switched on floodlights, activated fire hoses & directed searchlights. Craft moved away. (Fri. April 30 2004)

22 April 2004 at 0236 LT in position 01:42.61N - 101:27.83E, Dumai anchorage, Indonesia -- pirates armed with long knives boarded tanker. Threatened duty A/B with knives. A/b managed to inform d/o who raised alarm & crew mustered. Pirates escaped empty handed in waiting boat. (Fri. April 30 2004)

20 April 2004 at 2020 UTC at container terminal, Abidjan port, Ivory Coast -- pirate boarded container ship . Alert duty A/B raised alarm. Pirate jumped into water & escaped empty handed in boat. (Fri. April 30 2004)

20 April 2004 at 1720 UTC in position 02:06.0N - 101:57.5E, Malacca straits -- 10 pirates wearing black masks in boat approached general cargo ship underway. Alert D/O raised alarm & pirates aborted attempt & fled. (Fri. April 30 2004)

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Unidentified Vietnam F/V with 200 school children between 12 & 15 and teachers capsized near Hon Khoai island April 30, 17 km (10.6 miles) off Ca Mau Cape<<Webfeature, in Vietnam's southernmost province of Ca Mau -- 111 rescued by police & military vessels -- little hope for 89 others. (Fri. April 30 2004)

Canadian tug M/V Doug McKeil pulling barge Ocean Hauler, crashed into Edison Dock on U.S. side of St. Clair River after leaving a Canadian dock & turning south, according to preliminary news reports. No injuries -- vessels not damaged. Continued on their way to Amherstburg, Ont. There was, however, damage to dock. (Fri. April 30 2004)

1,110gt Argentine trawler F/V Vikingo (built 1978) suffered fire at Talcahuano April 29 morning. (Fri. April 30 2004)

Bravo Zulu Boy Scouts! >> Tall ship S/V Argus, San Diego for Island of Catalina with crew of Sea Scouts of Troop 681 -- had changed course because of heavy fog -- crew trainee Zack Mayberry, 15, saw something in the water & grabbed his binoculars -- spotted recreational diver Dan Carlock, 45 -- forgotten at sea by dive boat crew drifting 5 hours & praying for his life -- 7 miles at sea. But for the Scouts, Dan would be quite dead. San Diego Boy Scout troop had drilled rescue procedure previous day. Small motorboat was sent to pluck Carlock from sea and he was brought aboard. Dive organizer Ocean Adventures Dive Co.<<Webfeature, owner Steve Ladd said he was trying to figure out what happened --perhaps trying to master the vastly complicated method of comparing the number of recovered divers to the number of paying passengers before leaving the dive site. After the Great Barrier Reef deaths 2 years ago -- one would have expected a better "math drill." (Thurs. April 29 2004)

1995gt. general cargo M/V Aura (built 1966), ex- Galatz Apr 27 with 1,500 tons -- agrond at Sulina Channel, Romainia. (Thurs. April 29 2004)

Disaster In The Making>> M/V Micronesian Heritage, manifested for 74 containers en route to Samoa & other pacific ports -- was to embark 1 x 20' container of cargo manifested as "Household Goods" -- set on load plan to rest just below HAZ MAT container -- exploded at Port of L.A. - Trans Pacific Container Service Corp. terminal around 1:30 p.m. while on chassis & under motor yard tug to crane -- driver uninjured -- walls of steel container bowed outward, rear doors blown off & contents -- mostly red soda cans & other food products -- strewn about like candy from a pinata. Port of Los Angeles is nation's busiest, handling millions of containers annually. Word that undeclared propane tanks were source of explosion. Port closed during event. DO YOU HAVE PHOTOS? (Wed. April 28 2004)

Panamanian 25,955gt bulker M/V Amber K (built 2000), with salt -- grounded in vicinity of Hudson River Light 96 near Saugerties<<Webfeature, -- U.S. Coast Guard says will not be refloated until later in week. Vessels should transit area at slow speed with caution. (Wed. April 28 2004)

7,587gt general cargo M/V Corner Brook, suffered flash fire at Port Canaveral, Miami -- 3 burn injuries -- flown by helicopter to Holmes Regional Medical Center in Melbourne with critical injuries. (Wed. April 28 2004)

Container M/V Forum Fiji II, 320km S. of Tongan archipelago -- Captain apparently fell overboard April 27 night -- New Zealand Air Force - Orion maritime reconnaissance aircraft flew to search area before dawn -- no results. (Tues April 27 2004)

Taiwanese-registered 150,000-ton bulker M/V Cape Africa, with iron ore, 320 miles SW of Cape Town -- battling through heavy seas with huge hole in her hull - big enough for 3 double-decker buses to fit through -- Tug Smit Amandla<<Webfeature, (fresh from refloating of M/V Sealand Express off Sunset Beach) officers waiting for dawn to assess condition of ship before connecting tow. Ship will be towed to 70 miles off W. Cape coast, to allow surveyor to inspect vessel & see if she would be safe enough to come closer inshore. (Tues April 27 2004) UPDATE>> Damaged bulk carrier M/V Cape Africa may have started breaking up -- ship is lying deeper in water at bow, a sign of further flooding & crew talking about abandoning ship, said Captain Bill Dernier of SA Maritime Safety Authority. She had also developed a list. M/V Cape Africa --150 miles off Cape Town at noon today, being towed by the salvage tug M/V Smit Amandla when her seriously damaged hull began showing further signs of breaking up -- 8 crew taken off. Cold front which might worsen seagoing conditions expected to pass early May 1 morning. (Wed. April 28 2004) UPDATE>> South African salvage Tug Smit Amandla<<Webfeature, monitors while the owners of the ship negotiate with their insurers for salvage contract.

S/V Herrikka, with 3 crew, abandoning sinking yacht off Azores April 26 night -- Falmouth Coastguard received a call at noon April 26 from woman at Falmouth Marina stating she had received satellite call from distressed yachtsmen in life rafts 300 miles NW of Lisbon -- 2 crew safely recovered by M/V Berge Challenger. The 3rd man (a Briton) separated from life raft & missing overnight -- found this morning following search by Portuguese authorities. Yacht abandoned. (Tues April 27 2004)

17,887gt M/V LT Peace (built 2001) aground in Manila Bay. (Tues April 27 2004)

16,166gt bulk M/V Van Dyck (built 1975) dragged anchor at Chittagong outer anchorage & in collision with another vessel. (Tues April 27 2004)

Iraq's main oil terminal facility has resumed pumping &emdash; albeit at reduced capacity &emdash; following successfully-intercepted suicide attacks over the weekend. (Mon. April 26 2003)

UK F/V Kingfisher, with 4 crew -- afire -- MAYDAY -- crew abandoned to a life raft 10 miles E. of the Island Of Benbecula -- UK Stornoway Coastguard initiated emergency radio broadcast to shipping in area & directed a near by F/V My Girl to scene & Coastguard Rescue Helicopter & Barra lifeboat also called to scene. F/V My Girl recovered all crew from life raft . F/V Kingfisher under tow to Grimsay Harbor -- while 3 crew attempt to contain fire. (Mon. April 26 2003)

Greenpeace flagship M/V Rainbow Warrior, with 22 crew -- arrested April 25 after vessel blockaded at Port Kembla<<Webfeature, south of Sydney to prevent passage of container M/V Rhein with genetically engineered soy. M/V Rainbow Warrior released April 26 en route for Melbourne. (Mon. April 26 2003)

Cayman Islands 157-foot M/V Newfoundland Explorer, with 10 crew -- hours after nearly trapping 10 firefighters in engine room fire -- flared up again April 26 morning -- 55 firefighters had responded to what became a 4 alarm fire at Fort Lauderdale. No injuries. (Mon. April 26 2003)

120` Staysail schooner S/V Stacia Leigh<<Webfeature, -- (built in 1906 for Louis Renault, inventor of Renault automobile) once owned by Italian dictator Benito Mussolini -- turned into floating, fabulous bed & breakfast- sank at Galveston. Very sad. (Mon. April 26 2003)

Malta flagged Bulgarian M/V Persenk, Greece for Nigeria with iron-ore, detained in Nigeria -- armed men took captain & chief mechanic away. No further word. (Sun. April 25 2004)

NYK container M/V California Mercury arrived at Port of Los Angeles April 16 -- crew didn't realize a dead 47-foot fin whale stuck on bow. The ship struck & killed whale at sea, wrapping him around bow. (Sat. April 24 2004)

Unidetified U.S. Nay vessel detected suicide bombers who launched 2 boat attacks on Iraq's vital Basra offshore oil terminal -- one boat intercepted by a U.S.-led coalition ship as it approached an exclusion zone around marine terminal -- explosion soon after it was boarded by 2 American sailors -- both kiled when terrorists exploded ship. Another boat exploded alongside tanker tied up at the terminal. (Sat. April 24 2004)

M/V Feiyunhe with 1,100 TEUs, Shanghaito for Long Island, New York suddenly lost control just after midnight April 24 & collided with M/V Zhenfen No. 5 loaded with 19,509 tons of coal -- all 57 crew rescued early April 24.

MV Nicobar, Calcutta for Port Blair last night with 752 passengers -- returned home today after crew acting under the Citu banner mutinied & refused to let ship leave Kidderpore dock. Manoj Kumar, Capt. of 2nd-largest ship plying between Calcutta & Port Blair -- assaulted & his officers threatened by militant crew. Vessel has 300 tons of perishable cargo. M/V Nicobar to set sail but 24 contract catering staff of passenger liner, backed by majority of 55-member non-officer crew, stopped captain from sailing, asking for dues to be settled. Agitating crew stormed into captain's cabin after initial lot of passengers boarded ship, saying vessel would not be allowed to set sail. (Sat. April 24 2004)

Diving vessel M/V Ocean Winsertor stormed by at least 13 pirates with knives & pistols, near Lingga Islands in Malacca Straits -- stripping crew of cash & valuables before escaping. (Sat. April 24 2004)

ALERT>> M/V D.S. Marine -- taken hostage in postion, Latitude 28 46'S, Longitude 016 13'E. MAYDAY -- Requesting all vessels in vicinity to render assistance -- from Walvis Bay Radio >> From our correspondant Bruce Salt, Senior Telecommunications Operator, Senior Telecommunications Operator, Cable & Wireless, St. Helena Island, South Atlantic Ocean. (Fri. April 23 2004) UPDATE>> I spoke to Walvis Bay & Luderitz Radio - V5W on channel 16/26 VHF marine, during one of the phenomenal propagation openings between the West African coast of Walvis Bay & St. Helena Island (St. Helena Radio - ZHH) -- distance of 1,383 nautical miles, when in theory FM VHF should carry no more than distance one can see from the horizon -- 60mtr Stern Trawler F/V Otto Bank - V5OT was worked on channel 26, a duplex channel, 1,400nm ESE of Island with booming signal both ways - info yesterday accurate except that it was excerise coordinated by Walvis Bay & Luderitz Radio. (Sat. April 24 2004) >> From our correspondant Bruce Salt, Senior Telecommunications Operator, Senior Telecommunications Operator, Cable & Wireless, St. Helena Island, South Atlantic Ocean.


19 April 2004 at 0520 LT at Buenaventura River, Colombia -- 12 pirates in small high speed craft attempted to board container ship underway using grapnel hook from stern. Alert crew raised alarm, switched on lights & directed searchlights. Boat aborted attempt & fled. (Fri. April 23 2004)

18 April 2004 at 1750 LT in posn 15:35.9N - 055:41.3E, Arabian Sea. Piratres in 3 unmarked fishing boats attempted to board general cargo ship underway. Ship took evasive maneuvers, switched on flood lights & made urgency call on VHF ch.16 requesting assistance from coalition war ships. Boats aborted attempt & fled. (Fri. April 23 2004)

17 April 2004 at 1745 UTC in posn: 06:38.2S - 119:18.3E, Flores Sea, Indonesia. Pirates in speedboat using grapnel hook attached to rope attempted to board bulk carrier underway from poop deck. Alert crew mustered & switched on deck lights -- pirates aborted attempt & fled. (Fri. April 23 2004)

16 April 2004 at 1740 UTC at coal berth - Balikpapan, Indonesia. Pirates boarded bulk carrier -- stole ship's property & escaped. (Fri. April 23 2004)

16 April 2004 at 1630 UTC in posn: 00:50N-105:18E, east of Bintan island, Indonesia -- 10 pirates armed with guns & knives in an orange color high speedboat boarded container ship underway -- stole cash, crew personal belongings & ship's property. Master, C/E & D/O taken hostage & received minor injuries. After 30 mins pirates left firing their guns in air to deter crew from taking any action. (Fri. April 23 2004)

15 April 2004 at 0645 UTC in posn 20:15.5N - 071:27.1E, west coast of India -- pirates in 3 boats boarded chemical tanker under tow & stole ship's property. IMB - Piracy Reporting Center relayed message to Indian coast guard who despatched aircraft -- aircraft spotted pirate boats & directed coast guard ship, which detained the boat & 9 crew handed them to Mumbai police. Stolen property recovered. (Fri. April 23 2004)

14 April 2004 at 1530 UTC in posn 21:28.10n - 108:20.10e, Fang Cheng Roads, china. Pirates boarded bulk carrier -- stole ship's stores & escaped. (Fri. April 23 2004)

05 April 2004 at 1500 LT in posn: 03:20n-084: 44W, Pacific Ocean -- 5 masked pirates armed with pistols & knives boarded sailing vessel underway -- tied up skipper & another crew & stripped vessel of all electronic equipment, documents, charts & crew possessions. Pirates came in unmarked fishing wooden vessel, 15 to 20 meters long, red bottom paint, black topsides & white cabin. They had rammed the sailing vessel at port quarter casing damage to radar post. (Fri. April 23 2004)

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18,700gt bulk M/V Algoville (built 1967) berthed & discharging at Sorel, reported ingress of water. (Fri. April 23 2004)

Cypriote M/V Pontomenbon, with 25,419 tons iron ore, Zheijiang Province for Jiangsu Province in collision with Cambodian M/V Seabreath, for Japan in ballast, at 10:30 p.m. April 21 -- near Yangtze River estuary near Shanghai -- 1,500 meters north of estuary's N. borderline -- M/V Seabreath sank immediately -- all 20 Russian crew of Pontomenbon safe. Cypriote ship now anchored at Yangtze River estuary at Shanghai. (Thurs. April 22 2004)

19,819gt container M/V Kairo (built 1994), suffered hulll damage while entering Port Beirut with a pilot a.board. (Thurs. April 22 2004)

M/V Malveria --reported missing -- not listed in registry records -- reportedly sounded distress call April 19 -- after brief "May Day, May Day," distress call -- Philippine Coast Guard units stationed in Bongao & Mapun in Tawi-Tawi, Jolo in Sulu, Pagadian City in Zamboanga del Sur & in Cotabato -- activated. No results. (Thurs. April 22 2004)

UPDATE OF THE DAMNED>> On 11 April 2004 we reported South Korean F/V Dong Woo, with 4 crew, ran into breakwater at fishing port in Oda, Shimane Prefecture, Japan, on April 11 afternoon, killing 3 of 4 crew aboard -- READ STORY OF CRASH -- THEN TODAY -- 3 of 4 (obviously new) crew found dead April 18 aboard F/V Dong Woo in Oda, Shimane Prefecture, dead from lack of oxygen due to gas caused after guts of squid in hold rotted -- Japan Coast Guard said April 20. Surviving Capt. Kim Jung Back said F/V Dong Woo was used to transport internal organs of squid to be processed into salted guts -- hold of ship was divided into 19 sections -- authorities found rotten squid guts in 2 sections of hold where 3 dead crew & Capt. Kim found. Police strongly suspect 2 sections had become filled with poisonous gas generated by rotten internal organs. Geeez, these new guys had no problem boarding the "death ship" which already drove into the breakwater -- then jumping into the killer "squid gas?" Geeez, let's read "Help Wanted" with more care! From our correspondant Fred McCague. (Wed. April 21 2004)

Hainan Province M/V Rui'an 8, with 10 crew, sank in collision with Panamanian container M/V Resolution in Qiongzhou Straits in south China. M/V Rui'an 8 sank 10 minutes after crew abandoned. (Wed. April 21 2004)

Polish general cargo M/V Transbode 6, aground in the Oosterschelde. (Wed. April 21 2004)

Turkish-flagged container M/V (authorities declined to identify vessel) -- Romanian port of Constanta for New York -- officials found 2 of ship's containers held 7,500 combat-grade AK-47 Kalashnikov rifles worth US$6M hidden under conventional firearms that included SKA rifles & Mauser rifles -- seized by Italian Customs at Port of Gioia Tauro<<Webfeature. (Tues. April 20 2004)

2,678gt general cargo M/V Eden (built 1979), suffered fire off Madrid. (Tues. April 20 2004)

53-foot Sea Ray vessel F/V Bull Shark aground while trying to enter St. Helena Sound April 16 -- at 30 miles per hour! Dah! (Mon. April 19 2004)

136-foot palace, 296gt US$11M Mega yacht M/V Janie II<<Webfeature, (built 1991), Bahamas for Palm Beach's Sailfish Club with 6 crew, suffered fire & sank in Florida's Intracoastal Waterway, April 16. Originally owned by King of Spain had 5 opulent staterooms, 12 plasma televisions & 8 person hot tub. Owned by W. Allan Jones Jr. of Cleveland, Tenn. -- founder of Check into Cash<<Webfeature, a cash advance company with more than 700 U.S. locations. Private contractor to raise vessel from Intracoastal for fire-rescue officials & Underwriters to inspect. (Mon. April 19 2004)

Activated Emergency Beacon prompted search effort near Conneaut, Ohio. U.S. Coast Guard helicopters & U.S. Air Force reconnaissance team, ordered into action from Virginia, scoured wide area to locate distress signal officials feared from fallen aircraft -- search ultimately led to life raft aboard tug moored at Pittsburgh & Conneaut Dock Co. Investigators found distress locator aboard life raft had been knocked over accidentally, automatically activating radio-controlled device. (Mon. April 19 2004)

Malaysian Navy will provide escorts to commercial ships traveling through its waters if risk of pirate or terrorist attack on them is deemed high. Offer comes in response to months of rising incidences of piracy in region, & after Kuala Lumpur rejected offer of help from U.S. Navy. Newest weekly report from piracy reporting arm of the Int'l Chamber of Commerce shows most piracy worldwide continues in waters of South Pacific near Singapore, Indonesia & the Philippines. (Sun. April 18 2004)

Czech yacht S/V Buke Falos, with 2 crew, engine cut out in heavy weather -- struck reef ending round the world trip & began taking on water along Great Barrier Reef near reef at Pandora Entrance<<Webfeature, 100 NM northeast of Lockhart River, near city of Cairns. Believed to be in their 60s -- couple had been in Cairns since Dec. & were leaving Australia to continue world cruise. The reef at Pandora Entrance<<Webfeature, at N. tip of Great Barrier Reef, has long been treacherous for sailors, dating back to HMS Pandora<<Webfeature, which struck coral & sank after arresting mutineers from the ship HMS Bounty<<Webfeature, in 1789. Eighty-nine crew & 10 mutineers survived. (Sun. April 18 2004)

32 meter replica of explorer Christopher Columbus' S/V Santa Maria (built in Spain 1991) exhibited at the Meriken Park in Kobe, Japan, suffered fire at noon April 17 -- severe damage. --spent the year of 1992 on experimental voyage sailing from Barcelona to Kobe. (Sun. April 18 2004)

Tonga F/V -- 4 crew had narrow escape in Pacific Ocean after fighting off small sharks for more than 8 hours -- 5th crew badly bitten & later died. Vessel sank in rough seas 50km NW of Tonga -- sharks attacked, ripping out mouthfuls of flesh -- small predators weren't big enough to tear off limbs -- men in water for 8 hours through night in rain & pounded by waves of up to 6 meters -- reported they killed 5 sharks. Tongan Navy patrol boat spotted crew waving flashlight -- unlikely they would have survived much longer. (Sun. April 18 2004)

70,000 ton bulk M/V Harmonic Progress lost power Apil 17 afternoon off north Queensland, Australia. Tug from Townsville arrived 8:00pm AEST to attach tow rope & prevent drifting -- will be towed into Mackay tomorrow. (Sun. April 18 2004)

Iranian M/V Hormoz 24, Dubai for Khorramshahr port -- came under fire from Iraqi pirates -- 1 Iranian crew wounded. (Sat. April 17 2004)s

Final Rest>> Confederate States of America<<Webfeature, submarine CSS Hunley<<Webfeature, -- lost in 1864 but recovered in year 2000 -- funeral at Charleston in honor of 8 Confederate seamen who perished 140 years ago finally buried this week -- saga of CSS Hunley<<Webfeature, remains fascinating episode of the American Civil War. Only 25 feet long & built mostly of boiler parts, submarine developed & financed by wealthy Southern businessman Horace Hunley<<Webfeature, who had it shipped to Charleston from Mobile, Ala., in effort to break Union blockade of Southern ports late in Civil War. CSS Hunley rammed USS Housatonic<<Webfeature, with 90-pound explosive charge encased in a primitive "torpedo," killing 5 of its crew members & causing it to swiftly sink. In 1995, wreckage of Hunley found 4 miles off Charleston. Sub was lost from 1864 until brought to the surface in 2000 -- skeletal remains of crew underwent conservation &identification efforts -- placed in coffins April 12. Rest well. (Fri. April 16 2004)

1,808gt product tanker M/T Adelaida L. (built 1972), La Plata Port for San Lorenzo -- aground off Buenos Aires. (Fri. April 16 2004)


11 April 2004 at 1900 LT in vicinity of Taganak Island, Sulu Sea, Philippines -- 8-10 pirates in black uniforms & armed with M16 rifles & grenade launchers boarded a tug towing a barge -- destroyed radio equipment & stole tug's property -- took master & 2 crew hostage -- 40 minutes later fled in speedboat towards islands in southern Philippines -- 7 other crew who hid in lower deck unharmed & sailed tug & barge to Sandakan port where they made police report. So far pirates have made no demands -- fate of abducted crew unknown. (Fri. April 16 2004)

10 April 2004 at 1945 UTC in posn 20:18N - 114:14E, South China Sea -- unlit craft attempted to come alongside vehicle carrier underway. Alert crew raised alarm -- pirate craft fled. (Fri. April 16 2004)

09 April 2004 between 0040 - 0100 LT in posn 03:00.5N - 105:06.5E, off Anambas Island, South China Sea -- 8 pirates armed with long knives boarded fishing vessel underway -- stole ship's cash & escaped. (Fri. April 16 2004)

08 April 2004 at 2200 LT in posn 01:40N - 102:10E, Malacca Straits. Pirates armed with guns & long knives boarded tanker underway -- stole ship's property & crew cash -- damaged radio equipment before escaping. Master received injuries. (Fri. April 16 2004)

08 April 2004 at 2300 LT in posn 02:58.60N - 105:16.20E, off Anambas island, South China Sea-- 10 pirates armed with guns & long knives boarded tanker from stern via a speedboat -- stole ship's cash & property -- escaped. Crew received injuries. (Fri. April 16 2004)

08 April 2004 during early morning hours at Balikpapan anchorage, Indonesia. Pirates boarded tanker via port hawse pipe during STS operation. Despite having 2 armed security guards & 4 anti-piracy crew, pirates managed to escape with ship's stores. (Fri. April 16 2004)

07 April 2004 at 0104 LT in posn 05:28N - 005:05E, Escravos anchorage, Nigeria -- 5 pirates in boat & armed with machine guns approached tanker. Anti-piracy crew raised alarm & directed foam monitor at the boat. Pirates opened fire at duty crew who retreated into accommodation & locked all doors. Pirates boarded & tried to enter accommodation but did not succeed -- then started shooting at portholes & wheelhouse door & tried to enter bridge. C/E (Chief Engineer) held by pirates & taken to his cabin -- gave US$100 which pirates threw away & demanded thousands of US$. When pirates unable to get more cash, pirate hit C/E with an axe. Pirate gang leader ordered another pirate to shoot C/E who deflected gun barrel & bullet went into deck. Pirates left after 30 mins taking ship's property -- 2/O (2nd officer) & 3/O suffered injuries from shrapnel & glass. Ship later proceeded seawards. Wow! (Fri. April 16 2004)

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15m trawler F/V Poseidon, with 3 crew & 3 tons of fish -- stranded after ran aground on west coast of New Zealand last night, N. of Manukau Harbour -- F/V Poseidon remained stuck bow-on to beach with stern being hammered by 2.5m waves. All safe & embarrassed. (Thurs. April 15 2004)

932gt reefer M/V Ref Kalaminja 401 (built 1984) -- aground off Male Atol<<Webfeature, Maldives. (Thurs. April 15 2004)

U.S. 78ft Coos Bay F/V Jaguar sank in 250 feet of water -- Yaquina Bay U.S. Coast Guard Station at Newport, Oregon received a distress call at 8 a.m. -- motor lifeboat crew rescued fishermen & took them to Depoe Bay. (Thurs. April 15 2004)

33ft. S/V Welsh Dragon, Savannah, Georgia in Oct. 2003 for the Netherlands -- Coastguard yesterday spotted partly submerged 120 miles off Cork coast -- yacht in bad condition & keel ripped away -- last heard from on Nov. 3 2003 -- subject of ongoing investigation ever since -- both crew presumed dead. (Wed. April 14 2004)

French-registered 76gt trawler F/V Corona Gloria (FVPM) -- run down by unidentified cargo vessel in dense fog off Kent coast -- UK lifeboat from Dover sailing alongside stricken vessel helping to pump out water leaking through hole from collision -- being towed to Boulogne -- to be met by Boulogne lifeboat -- accident happened on edge of Dover Strait<<Webfeature, one of busiest world's shipping lanes. (Wed. April 14 2004)

3,005gt Malaysian M/V Genius Star VI (built 1981), Port Tanjun Mani, Malaysia, for Port Kolkata<<Webfeature, India with timber & 18 crew, sank 300km S. of Haldia in Bay of Bengal -- 12 of 18 crew rescued by Indian Coast Guard & carried ashore by Korean vessel -- 6 missing. Indian Coast Guard headquarters received SOS from Capt. of vessel at 9 a.m. but when Coast Guard reached the spot by 11 a.m. -- vessel had sunk -- chains, old & rusty, snapped & logs rolled to side of cargo hold, listing ship. Ultimately M/V Genius Star VI capsized & sank. Missing crew supposed to be on life boats. The 12 rescued, taken to Seafarers' Club at Haldia. (Tues. April 13 2004) UPDATE>> 3 crew in life jackets rescued after 27 hours by Indian coast guard ship, Varaha -- 15 of 17 crew now said resuced. (Wed. April 14 2004)

3,936gt general cargo M/V Nova Spirit (built 1991) taken in tow after listing in storm off Italy. (Tues. April 13 2004)

Japanese trawler suffered explosion at a lay-by berth on Quay 702, Cape Town -- believed crew carrying out welding work aboard when accident happened -- 1 dead, 2 injured. (Mon. April 12 2004)

Australian Customs vessel ACV Arnhem Bay<<Webfeature, pumping water from hold of Indonesian fishing vessel to keep it afloat north of Cape Fourcroy on Bathurst Island. Had sought refuge on island -- 100km NW of the Northern Territory capital, when it sprung a leak on its return trip to Indonesia -- rough seas have prevented vessel from moving. (Mon. April 12 2004)

South Korean flag M/V Dong Woo, with 4 crew, ran into breakwater at fishing port in Oda, Shimane Prefecture, Japan, on April 11 afternoon, killing 3 of 4 crew aboard -- 4th crew rescued & taken to hospital in Izumo city in western Japan prefecture. M/V Dong Woo entered port without slowing down & hit breakwater -- "stopped" with engine still running. (Sun. April 11 2004)

Southern most Philippine island of Tawi-Tawi F/V attacked by pirates late April 11 -- near border shared with Malaysia -- abducted 3 Indonesian crew. (Sun. April 11 2004)

Philippine M/V Ocean 2, used for transporting pebbles from Philippines to Sabah -- attacked by 10 pirates -- aboard several speedboats, 7km SW of Sabah. (Sun. April 11 2004) UPDATE>> Abu Sayyaf group, tagged by Manila & Washington as a terrorist organization, has carried out several abductions in the area. (Mon. April 12 2004)

OOPS ! >> 16,000-ton British 577ft amphibious landing Royal Fleet Auxiliary HMS Mounts Bay<<Webfeature, saw action rather sooner than expected as it shot across River Clyde in Glasgow, Scotland & smashed into opposite river bank -- seconds after launch. HMS Mounts Bay had been launched in traditional manner with bottle of champagne dashed against hull by Lady Sarah Band, wife of Admiral Sir Jonathan Band, Commander-in-Chief Fleet -- but Lady Band had to make 2 attempts before bottle smashed. Should have been a warning! Superficial damage to hull plate -- get the bondo. (Fri. April 9 2004)

78-ton Tungkang Port-registered vessel or "floating hostel" caught fire while ferrying mainland fishermen back to Taiwan from Tungkang -- 66 fishermen, most from mainland China, rescued. (Fri. April 9 2004)


05 April 2004 at 0400 UTC in position: 08:12.3N-076: 46.4E, 20 nm from Trivendram aero light, India. Several pirates in 8 boats boarded unmanned vessel under tow, stole ship's property and escaped at 0435 UTC. (Fri. April 9 2004)

02 April 2004 at 0650 LT in position 08:06N - 076:43E, off Trivendram, SW coast of India. Armed pirates in 6 fishing boats boarded an unmanned tug under tow -- towing tug raised alarm & contacted coast guard at Cochin who immediately despatched patrol boat & aircraft. Pirates stole tug's stores & property -- escaped before arrival of coast guard. (Fri. April 9 2004)

02 April 2004 at 0330 LT at port Kaiser alumina jetty, Jamaica. Pirates armed with long knives boarded tanker at berth -- threatened duty watchman with knives. Pirates jumped overboard into waiting boat & escaped with ship's stores. Port control informed & security personnel came onboard for inspection. (Fri. April 9 2004)

30 March 2004 at 2120 UTC in position 02:58S - 106:58.3E, Selat Leplia, Indonesia. Pirates armed with guns & long knives in speedboat boarded chemical tanker underway -- forced open wheelhouse stbd sliding door but were spotted by alert duty A/B who raised alarm. Pirates fled empty handed. (Fri. April 9 2004)

28. March 2004 at 0100 LT at Polamar, Margarita, Venezuela. Pirates boarded yacht & stole OBM belonging to a dingy. Incident reported to local police. Skipper reported several attempts of theft during week. (Fri. April 9 2004)

17 Mach 2004 between 0210 - 0400 UTC in position 02:18.5S - 140:38.5E, off Jayapura, Irian Jaya, Indonesia. Indonesian navy patrol Kal Youtefa, Kal-i-502 intercepted general cargo ship underway. According to master -- patrol boat fired & ordered him to stop. Master & 3/o ordered to board patrol boat for cargo documents inspection. Crew beaten & naval officer demanded US$5,000 in exchange for release. Master negotiated this demand down to about 50% plus provisions. 3/O held captive until master handed over ransom money. IMB piracy Reporting Center immediately reported incident to Indonesian authorities -- awaiting response. (Fri. April 9 2004)

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6,616dwt asphalt M/T Theodora -- in collision in Elbe Estuary<<Webfeature, with coaster M/V Bjorn M due to steering gear failiure on April 6 night -- M/T Theodora proceeded to Kiel Canal<<Webfeature, after short repair, M/V Bjorn M brought to Cuxhafen for close survey of damaged wheel house. From our correspondant Steffen von Arnstedt. (Thurs. April 8 2004)

Xinhua New Agency<<Webfeature, reports on April 8 that Chinese M/T with 1,000 tons of diesel oil exploded & sank in Yangtze River<<Webfeature, near Yangluo of Wuhan, provincial capital of Hubei Province, April 7 afternoon -- at least 3 dead. 9 missing & 6 injured. (Thurs. April 8 2004)

Japanese trawler suffered explosion at Cape Town Harbor -- welding work on board ship when accident happened -- 2 injured. (Thurs. April 8 2004)

Unidentified cargo M/V attacked in Indonesian waters -- armed pirates used Indonesian navy patrol boat as intercept ship off Jayapura, Irian Jaya, on March 17 -- -- shots fired & master & 3rd officer ordered aboard patrol boat for cargo documents inspection -- then held -- pirates captured vessel & demanded US$5,000 for release of 2 officers. (Thurs. April 8 2004)

UPDATE (See April 6)>> 15gt U.S. Army Corps of Engineers contracted 32ft. tug M/V Iron Ox (built 1994) tending dredge between channel markers 43 & 44, near Magnolia, Texas -- sank in storm April 5 night -- blocking Matagorda Ship Channel<<Webfeature, only access to Port of Point Comfort<<Webfeature,. As of April 6, 4 vessels awaiting transit. Salvage slow due to weather & deranged tow cable since the Ox was gored . (Wed. April 7 2004)

Unidentified tug pushing 2 barges at N. side of Corpus Christi Inner Harbor -- lost control April 1 -- barges drifted -- struck both Coast Guard Cutter USCGC Mallet, 75-foot inland construction tender & Coast Guard Cutter USCGC Brant<<Webfeature, 87-foot patrol boat, at Coast Guard harbor facility. Body shop has sent giant shipment of bondo. Yes sadly, the Mallet was pounded. (Wed. April 7 2004)

1,515gt U.S. National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration research 215-foot NOAA Miller Freeman<<Webfeature, -- struck reef off Kodiak Island April 1 -- spent April 3 weekend on nearby Woody Island assessing damages after accident in Rolling Bay south of Sitkalidak Strait. Vessel conducting research on Shelikof pollock fishery & calibrating its hydro-acoustic instruments when accident occurred -- damage report shows entire center electronics board & hydro-acoustic pod -- gone -- hull undamaged. Repairs will be done in home port Seattle. Applications for new officer positions said flying off vessel by e-mail. Note: Vessel is named for: Miller Freeman. (Tues. April 6 2004)

8,416gt bulk M/V Win Grand (built 1986) near Hong Kong, sank due to water in hold. (Tues. April 6 2004)

1,029gt ferry M/V Adler Nordica (built 1972), presently under rebuilding work at Kiel yard -- suffered fire in dock. (Tues. April 6 2004)

32ft. tow M/V Iron Ox sank April 5 night during storm in Matagorda Ship Channel -- winds averaged 40 to 50 knots with gusts up to 60 -- wreckage is blocking Matagorda Ship Channel, Texas. (Tues. April 6 2004)

UK- Barmouth Harbor Master & assistant. -- missing -- confirmed last time Harbor Master seen was at 11.00 a.m. this morning laying mooring with assistant Harbor Master. He had been dressed in 1 piece dry suit with blue leggings & yellow top complete with buoyancy aid. He is also coxswain of local RNLI lifeboat. Yacht passing area at time also identified to Coastguard that a Dory resembling the Harbormaster's vessel had been seen during late morning heavily laden with 2 anchors, & with 2 crew aboard. Weather conditions are good this evening for searching with winds of west SW force 3 to 4 & with good visibility. (Mon. April 5 2004)


29 March 2004 at 0330 UTC in position: 06:12.9N - 003:20E at Lagos anchorage, Nigeria. Three pirates attempted to board tanker. Duty watchmen raised alarm & boarding was aborted. (Fri. April 2 2004)

28 March 2004 at 1900 LT in position: 03:03N - 100:47E, one fathom bank, Malacca straits. Three speedboats approached bulk carrier underway -- 4 pirates in each boat with firearms. Alert crew prevented boarding. (Fri. April 2 2004)

28 March 2004 at 0048 LT in position 02:37.4N - 101:27.7E, Malacca straits. Several pirates in unlit boat attempted to board vehicle carrier underway. Ship took evasive maneuvers, switched on lights; crew mustered & directed searchlights at boat. On seeing crew alertness boarding was aborted. (Fri. April 2 2004)

27 March 2004 at 1040 UTC in position 05:42.8N - 097:49E, Malacca straits. A "supply boat" ordered bulk carrier underway to stop. When bulker continued her course, pirates started chasing & fired upon at poop deck & bridge wing forcing the ship to stop. Master called boat & informed it was a military vessel. After some time firing stopped & pirate boat moved away. (Fri. April 2 2004)

26 March 2004 at 1000 LT in position 01:39S - 104:50E, about 34 miles of Selat Berhala, Indonesia -- 6 pirates in a grey colored fishing type vessel but without fishing gear or identification marks attempted to board a general cargo ship underway. Master raised alarm & crew mustered -- boarding aborted. (Fri. April 2 2004)

24 March 2004 at 0505 LT at Balikpapan anchorage, Indonesia -- pirates in boat attempted to board tanker. Two pirates commenced climbing anchor chain while accomplices waited in boat. Alert crew raised alarm & pirates fled. (Fri. April 2 2004)

23 March 2004 at 1013 UTC in position 05:33.4N - 005:24.4E, Warri River, Nigeria. Armed pirates in 6 boats ordered tanker underway to anchor -- ordered tanker to pump gasoline (cargo) into barge brought alongside. Pirates released tanker after stealing 650 mt of cargo. No injuries to crew --ship resumed her passage. (Fri. April 2 2004)

21 March 2004 between 0030 to 0100 LT, off Dakar, Senegal. Pirates boarded LPG tanker underway -- stole ship's stores & escaped. (Fri. April 2 2004)

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New Zealand 36m luxuray super yacht M/V Alyssa M II (ex-HMS Bulldog) (built 1968/decommissioned 2001) extensively damaged by dockside fire -- US$15M estimated to have been spent on refit of former survey vessel HMS Bulldog<<Webfeature, into M/V Alyssa M II for Hong Kong based businessman, rebuilding vessel as replacement for his current super yacht, 36m Alyssa M. (Fri. April 2 2004)

Bad day in the Andaman Islands!

Malaysian tug M/V Mayan Sari (or Mayang Sari ), Port Kelang in Malaysia for Gwador in Pakistan with 11 crew, abandoned & sank in the high seas off Andaman Islands<<Webfeature, in Arabian Sea. Malaysian Coast Guard ship, Gangadevi, immediately diverted to scene -- rescued all crew from life raft in 4 hours. (Thurs. April 1 2004)

Indian M/V Safina-ul-Bhadria, with 6 crew, reported sinking, 25 km SW of New Mangalore off Andaman Islands<<Webfeature, in Arabian Sea at 1200 hours. (Thurs. April 1 2004)

Vessel Loss Dispatches For March 2004

"Super Loss" - March 2004

"Rocknes Monster" - Feb. 2004

"On A Wing & A Prayer" - Feb. 2004

"Singles Only" - single photos of disaster -- always new.

"Enjoy Your Flight!"

13m S/V Sea Fever, with seriously ill 60-year-old Australian man, possibly with renal colic, to receive morphine from Wellington air ambulance 150 NM off the West Coast of New Zealand -- but but chopper could find no trace of yacht. Another attempt at 1st light & vessels making way. M/V Orion arrived in area. (Wed. March 31 2004)

590ft Marshall Islands flagged M/T Mario, Russian port of Tuapse for Salonika in Greece, aground March 30 entering Bosphorus Strait. No spill. (Wed. March 31 2004)

1,066gt Vietnamese-flagged M/V Thanh Da (built 1972), with 7 crew & general cargo, capsized & sank in 30m waters at anchorage, W. of Sentosa resort island, Singapore on March 29 -- all crew rescued by passing craft & transfered to Coast Guard. (Tues. March 30 2004)

Unamed Somali vessel (do Somali vessels have names?), with over 100 pasengers for illegal passge to Yemen, foundered in rough seas & sank with loss of all 100 Somali souls except crew. Voyage said to take 4 to 5 days & to cost US$500 per person. All crew saved? Something is not quite right. (Tues. March 30 2004)

4,735gt general cargo M/V Stella Angel (built 1995) in collision with unidentified F/V off Taiwan. (Tues. March 30 2004)

UK F/V Lady Marie issued SOS -- sank -- crew in water & rescued by passing fisher -- 9 miles NW of Hunstanton<<Webfeature, Norfolk, UK. Crew safe. (Tues. March 30 2004)

Pingtung F/V Mantafeng 12, with 7 crew, missing off Bali, Indonesia missing since March 14 (Mon March 29 2004) UPDATE>> Crew of F/V Mantafeng 12 presumed lost. (Tues. March 30 2004)

Ro/ro M/V Menggala (built 1987), 4,330 gt ferry connecting Merak in Banten & Bakauheni in Lampung aground & partially sunk on March 28 off Java, near Merak Kecil island, 1km away from the Merak port. (Mon March 29 2004)

New Zealand trawler F/V Bronny G., with 3 crew & 2000 litres of diesel, stranded & breaking up on rugged Banks Peninsula cliff face south of Le Bons Bay since March 26 -- no decision would be made on fate until inspection carried out. Crew airlifted after scrambling on to rocks. New storm approaches. (Mon March 29 2004)

ALERT>> as whirling storm battered coast of S. Brazil on March 28, killing 2 people, injuring at least 39 others & destroying hundreds of homes. American meteorologists said winds exceeded 120 km per hour, making storm the 1st hurricane on record in the South Atlantic. Brazilian scientists originally disagreed, but on March 28 acknowledged winds could have been as high as 150 km/h - well above hurricane strength. Brazil has never seen a hurricane & residents terrified when storm roared ashore 840 km SW of Rio de Janeiro, pounding homes with heavy rains & wind. Wow! (Sun. March 28 2004)

69gt F/V Anna M. (built 1940) sank in Prince Rupert Sound, Canada. (Sat. March 27 2004)

U.S. Coast Guard cutter USCGC Hollyhock (WLB-214)<<Webfeature, in collision with 1,000-foot laker M/V Stewart J. Cort, March 24 morning while breaking ice in St. Marys River. No injuries -- resulted in Hollyhock being sent back to her Port Huron base for repairs -- arrived at Port Huron March 26. (Sat. March 27 2004) UPDATE>> On arrival Port Huron march 26, Hollyhock's upper bow damaged & bow staff missing -- US$29M, 225-foot-long ship has state-of-the-art navigation technologies -- USCGC Hollyhock placed in service last Oct. -- this was her 1st icebreaking assignment -- at collision M/V Stewart J. Cort was stopped in ice. Sadly, this may be a last command for the skipper. (Mon March 29 2004)

Indonesian tug M/V Sing Sing Mariner & barge, Kapuas 68, with 3,000 metric tons crude palm oil, valued at US$1.6M, seized by Myanmar pirates off Indonesian coast Feb. 9 -- now recovered by Royal Thai Navy just as pirates were changing vessels' names to "Tyson" & "Tyson V." Pirates had left the 4 crew of tug & barge on deserted island, where they were rescued by passing fishing boat. Int'l Maritime Bureau (IMB) supplied supplied information to Royal Thai Navy that enabled recovery last week. (Sat. March 27 2004)

17,356gt Greek-flagged bulk 527-foot M/V Eastwind (built 1981), with 244 tons of fuel & ore, inbound to Ft. Lauderdale -- aground -- beached herself 600 yards off East Las Olas Boulevard, Ft. Lauderdale -- due to high winds. (Fri. March 26 2004) UPDATE>> Salvage efforts continue. (Sat. March 27 2004)


22 March 2004 at 1730 UTC in position: 04:02S - 106:38E, Gelasa Straits, Indonesia. Six pirates armed with guns & knives boarded general cargo drifting for engine repairs -- attacked duty A/B & forced him to take them to Master's cabin. Master opened door, pirates ransacked cabin & stole cash, personal belongings & property - escaped in fast motorboat. (Fri. March 26 2004)

17 March 2004 at 0240 LT in position 06:01.2S - 106:54.1E, Tg. Priok anchorage, Jakarta, Indonesia -- pirate boarded tanker using rope attached to hook. Alert crew raised alarm & pirate jumped overboard & escaped. Upon inspection -- found securing strap for life raft cut. Nothing stolen. (Fri. March 26 2004)

16 March 2004 at 2340 LT in position 01:14.13N - 103:34.7E, west OPL anchorage, Singapore Straits. Armed pirates boarded tug & seized five crew at knifepoint. Took them to master's cabin & ordered him to open door -- threatened Master with long knives & ransacked his cabin. Pirates escaped at 0040 taking ship's property, valuables & cash from crew -- 3 crew received injuries during attack. (Fri. March 26 2004)

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69gt F/V Anna M. (built 1940) sank in Prince Rupert Sound, Canada. (Fri. March 26 2004)

5,153gt chem M/T Babur Kaptan (built 1974) while underway to moor in Port Said -- in collision with unidentified cargo M/V -- details pending. (Thurs. March 25 2004)

U.S. Great Lakes Open>> Soo Locks shipping started at 12:01 a.m. March 24 morning, but vessel traffic brought to standstill shortly thereafter by thick fog. (Thurs. March 25 2004)

344gt F/V Chih Ching No.2 (built 1980) aground on Vunivau Reef at Suva Harbor<<Webfeature, Fiji. (Wed. March 24 2004)

Panama flagged 51,259gt car carrier M/V Procyon Leader, ripped from moorings March 20 night at Port of Bremerhaven in a beaufort 12 gust, drifted through the harbor & rammed into E. pier. A containerbridge was hit & lifted out of its tracks & a RO/RO ramp on same pier also damaged by the stearn of M/V Procyon Leader. Vessel damage exeeds well ¤100.000, but M/V Procyon Leader allowed to leave port on schedule. From our correspondantSteffen von Arnstedt. (Tues. March 23 2004)

58-foot F/V Lady Grace >> vessel portrayed ill-fated F/V Andrea Gail in 2000 film based on Sebastian Junger's chronicle of Oct. 1991 "The Perfect Storm" & death of 6 crew when that swordfishing vessel sank << suffered fire at Gloucester when spark from cutting torch set bunk area afire March 22 -- fire traveled up into pilot house & destroyed electronics there & on lower deck. Vessel donated by Legal Sea Foods to Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center in 2002 - slated for research or tour boat. (Tues. Mach 23 2004)

567-foot Greek-flagged M/T Everton, with 80,000 tons oil & 45 multi-national crew, in collision with Korean-flagged F/V Chunying -- 45km off Oman -- F/V Chunying fled & pursued by Oman Coast Guard -- 1 crew missing from tanker, but fire & oil spill as result of collision now under control. (Mon. March 22 2004) UPDATE>> From Commander, Joint Forces Maritime Component Commander/Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Central Command/Commander, U.S. 5th Fleet Public Affairs>> "At 7:30 a.m. LT, M/T Everton made a bridge-to-bridge distress call indicating collision with F/V Chun Ying, resulting in fire amidships & possibly rupturing Everton's oil tanks, fueling fire. Several commercial vessels nearby Everton aided in recovering 24 of 25 crewmen, who abandoned Everton. Pascagoula, Miss.-based Aegis guided-missile crusier USS Yorktown (CG 48)<<Webfeature, operating less than 80 NM from Everton, proceeded at best speed & arrived on-scene within hours. Yorktown sent its rigid-hulled inflatable boat (RHIB) to one of the other commercial vessels & took 7 of Everton's crew, including master, back to cruiser to assess situation & coordinate plan to help fight the fire. While aboard, Everton's mariners used Yorktown's computers to send e-mails to relatives, assuring them of their safety despite accident. Yorktown dispatched its SH-60B Seahawk, a 'Proud Warrior' from Mayport, Fla.-based Helicopter Anti-submarine Squadron Light (HSL) 42, to aid in search & rescue effort -- also redeployed their RHIB with several Everton crewmen, a P-250 pump & several 5-gallon containers of Aqueous Film-Forming Foam to help smother the flames coming from Everton." From our correspondant Fred McCague. (Thurs. March 25 2004) UPDATE>> Heroic vessel rescue results in "emergency crew" making vessle ready -- tug will help tow the M/T Everton to Salalah. (Fri. April 2 2004)

8,992gt passenger ro/ro M/V Patmos (built 1972) suffered engine damage at Kos<<Webfeature, Greece. (Mon. March 22 2004)

3,644gt Panama registered M/V Delta (or Delta 1), Vadinar oil jetty in western Indian state of Gujarat (where collision occured) for Iranian port of Bandar Abbas in ballast -- in head-on collision -- broke into 2 sections & sank with 2,500 TEU, 25,305gt container M/V APL Busan, Pakistani port of Karachi for Mundra port, off India's western coast -- 30 NM northwest of Sikka port in Jamnagar district<<Webfeature, -- all crews safe. M/V APL Busan suffered damage 4 meters above water line & anchored at Mundra port. (Fri. March 19 2004)

800-foot Maltese-flagged M/T St. Helen & tug M/V David and Colleen in collision 2 p.m. CST at Gulf of Mexico entrance to Houston ship channel -- M/V David and Colleen reported taking water at 5 p.m. CST, but crew still aboard attempting to keep vessel afloat -- 1 of 2 barges being pushed by M/V David and Colleen leaking between 75 & 100 gallons per minute of petrochemical reformate into Houston Ship Channel -- closed for hours. (Fri. March 19 2004)


13 March 2004 at 1620 LT in position 04:51.2N - 098:19.5E, off east coast of Aceh, Malacca straits. Eight pirates armed with machine guns in fishing boat attempted to board tanker underway. Ship increased speed, raised alarm & took evasive maneuvers. Pirates fired at tanker causing damage to navigation lights, accommodation & starboard side lifeboat. After 15 minutes, pirates aborted attempt & fled. (Fri. March 19 2004)

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NOTE: This has been one hell of a very bad 30 days at sea -- there are perhaps over 300 dead just today. Roughly 625 crew or passengers are dead or missing in 30 days since Feb.18 2004 -- yet not even honorable mention on the evening news. Still, our broadcasters have provided several new recipes for quiche & tips on de-worming a small dog. Go figure. McD

ALERT>> Maldive ro/ro M/V Enamaa, for Thinadhoo island<<Webfeature, in the Maldives<<Webfeature, with well over 100 souls, caught in swell of passing F/V -- capsized -- 18 dead (11 men, 2 women & 5 children so far) & 50 missing -- vessel lost control when steering column broke while negotiating drag waves from other vessel. (Thurs. March 18 2004) UPDATE>> Bodiy recoveries -- now 20 dead. (Thurs. March 18 2004pm)

ALERT>> Unidentified Indonesia ferry with over 300 wedding revellers -- capsized March 18 -- in remote location -- off Island of Kabaruang<<Webfeatuere, in Sangihe Talaud archipelago<<Webfeature,1,500 miles NE of Jakarta -- at least 23 dead, more than 250 missing -- loss due to overcrowding -- rescue underway, but few details. Sangihe Talaud Naval Base, N. of Sulawesi<<Webfeature, responding. (Thurs. March 18 2004)

6,150gt ro/ro M/V Princess of the Ocean (6150 gt, built 1975) stranded for several hours after engine problems halted vessel off Cebu. (Thurs. March 18 2004)

U.S. F/V Astara, with 5 crew, hit reef & aground half mile off Sand Island, on runway side of Keehi Lagoon, Hawaii -- 5 hours before salvage vessel able to free vessel about 12:20 p.m. No injuries. (Thurs. March 18 2004)

15 meter East Asian origin F/V Zhong I n88, found wrecked north of Loyalty Islands belonging to French Pacific territory of New Caledonia. No record of vessel having obtained fishing licence from either Vanuatu or New Caledonia. Probable vessel sunk during passage of cyclone Ivy last month. No trace of crew. (Thurs. March 18 2004)

31,116gt Greek bulker M/V Minos (built 1975), San Lorenzo for Denmark, aground in River Parana March 16. (Thurs. March 18 2004)

Cargo M/V Via, with 1,400 tons of grain & 5 crew, grounded in fairway outside Kalmar<<Webfeature --divers from Coast Guard examine hull for damage. All crew rescued. From our correspondant Per-Åke Kvick. (Wed. March 17 2004)

Russian strategic nuclear submarine Novomoskovsk attached to Russian Northern Fleet launched an RSM-54 sea ballistic missile (SLBM) -- trajectory of missile's warhead monitored by Russian Space Forces<<Webfeature, aboard Russian cruiser Peter the Great<<Webfeatuere, in Barents Sea. Geeez, wasn't this strategic stuff for Russia ended about 10 years ago? What are we missing? (Wed. March 17 2004)

F/V Astara, with 5 crew, aground on reef on Keehi Lagoon<<Webfeatuere, off Sand Island, Hawaii, March 17 morning --- needs salvage vessel -- no injuries. (Wed. March 17 2004)

Under Our Window>> During client confernece today I noticed a phalanx of "Crash Trucks" from our LAX Fire Dept Station 80<<Webfeature, (LAFD) lined up on Runway 25-Right -- just under our windows -- to service an inbound flight in peril. Switchng on our tower radio -- inbound was a jet Dassault Falcon 900<<Webfeatuere, with 15 souls from Scots Co.<<Webfeature, -- but with no nose landing gear! Our firm staff gathered at window -- gasp! -- gasp! -- but a "perfect" landing followed -- the aircraft nose finanlly touching ground -- sparking & sparking big time -- and sliding about 300 feet to a stop -- surrounded by Station 80 trucks spraying water.. BRAVO ZULU! No injuries. Another end to a perfect day at LAX. McD (Tues. March 16 2004)

Chinese M/T Changrun, with 450 tons of cyclohexanone, in collision with Chinese oil M/T Chicheng -- turning in area near dock while M/T Changrun departing dock -- collision at 2:00pm March 14 -- 80 tons of cyclohexanone, often used as solvent or additive to adhesives spilled into sea -- Nanjing Maritime Supervision Administration took special measures to enclose water area containing cyclohexanon & used more than ton of oil absorption material to collect chemical & prevent spill into Yangtze River. No injuries. (Tues. March 16 2004)

Unidentified 5,000 ton petroleum tanker vessel exploded under Kirikiri bridge in Lagos, Nigeria, March 8 while discharging Low Pour Fuel Oil (LPFO) also known as black oil, cutting vessel in half -- cause was poor quality, poorly fitted hoses. Curiously naval personnel arrived & sealed off premises to keep out prying eyes. No official of Dept. of Petroleum Resources (DPR) were at jetty as required, when incident occurred. Why is vessel identification not disclosed? Perhaps they have a relative with US$20M in an account which they want you to manage! Geeez, Crooks 'r Us. (Tues. March 16 2004)

Oil M/T Daqing No. 93, for Quangang Wharf in collision with F/V Minshiyu No. 2380, with 7 crew, at 119 degrees E. longitude & 24 degrees N. latitude -- tanker warned trawler with spotlights, but vessel passed in front of tanker, leading to collision & immediate sinking of F/V Minshiyu No. 2380. (Sun. March 14 2004)

F/V Sabre -- sank off Lizard, UK -- Falmouth Coastguard ended search for missing crew -- 2 other crew rescued Mar. 14 after life raft was located but no sign of the 3rd man, despite an extensive search for 9 hours, covering 400 square miles of sea. Search involved Penlee & Lizard RNLI lifeboats, Coastguard Tug M/V Anglican Princess, the F/V Ocean Spray, tug M/V Neftgas 57, rescue helicopter from Culdrose & merchant vessels. (Sun. March 14 2004)


06 March 2004 at 0540 LT at Tanjung Priok, Indonesia. Three masked pirates armed with knives & battens boarded general cargo ship at berth - beat up duty officer causing injuries to his stomach, leg & back. Pirates escaped empty handed -- 2nd attack on this ship in 2 days. (Fri. March 12 2004)

05 March 2004 at 2110 LT at Mamonal inner harbor anchorage, Colombia. Three pirates armed with knives boarded tanker at poop deck. Alert c/o & duty A/B challenged pirates who drew knives & tried to attack them. Pirates stole life raft & escaped. Coast guard informed & boarded within 20 minutes for investigation. (Fri. March 12 2004)

05 Marxh 2004 at 1430 UTC in position: 01:48S - 108:04E, Indonesia -- unlit boat approached LPG carrier underway. Crew raised alarm when boat came within 20 meters. Seeing crew alertness, boat aborted boarding and fled. (Fri. March 12 2004)

03 March 2004 at 0400 UTC at Tanjung Priok anchorage, Indonesia. Three boats approached stern of container ship under pretext of doing business. Crew ordered boats to move away. Later discovered engine from a rescue boat missing. Pirates boarded ship unnoticed whilst crew dealing with the 3 boats. (Fri. March 12 2004)

02 Feb. 2004 at 0315 LT in position: 21:33.7N - 091:35.5E, east of Maiskhal Island, Chittagong, Bangladesh. Two wooden boats with long rope tied between them waited in path of tanker underway. As tanker went through rope, boats drew alongside & persons inside tried to board using a rope attached to hook. Ship took evasive maneuvers, switched on deck lights & activated fire hoses. Pirates aborted boarding. (Fri. March 12 2004)

28 Feb. 2004 at 2215 LT in position: 10:43N - 062:034W, Punta Pargo, Venezuela. Several pirates armed with guns boarded yacht at anchor. Skipper sent mayday message via VHF & activated signal flares. Pirates fired gunshots, narrowly missing skipper & escaped with dinghy. Authorities informed. (Fri. March 12 2004)

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Loss of M/V Bow Mariner & 18 crew>> NEW Underwater Sonar Images<<Webfeatuere, Follow Entire March 4 Tragedy<<Webfeature. (Thurs. March 11 2004)

Unidentified merchant on way to rescue 5 Indonesians clinging to damaged vessel in Arafura Sea off Northern Australia -- responded to emergency call from Australian Maritime Search & Rescue<<Webfeatuere, after Coast Watch aircraft spotted vessel 400km E. of Darwin in Australia's Northern Territory. (Thurs. March 11 2004)

122 PRESUMED LOST>> Comoran ferry M/V Sam-son, Comoran island of Anjouan<<Webfeature, for NW coast of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean with 113 passengers & 11 crew on March 6 -- missing & presumed lost during Cyclone Gafilo which ripped through north Madagascar March 6 & 7. On March 7 M/V Samson's captain radioed superiors to say he could not reach Madagascan port of Mahajanga<<Webfeature, -- issued SOS. Mr. Ibrahim Abdou ... claiming to be 1 of 2 survivors of vessel, said Samson sunk between Anjouan & Mahajanga at 2:00am (2300 GMT) early March 8 morning -- man very weak & some of statements incoherent (Wed. March 10 2004)

Sentenced To Death?>> Comoran<<Webfeature, Transport Minister & Government Spokesman Houmed Msaidie states he could not believe rumor that M/V Sam-son had been refused entry to Mahajanga on March 7 afternoon because customs offices were closed on Sunday. "You know that cannot be true. I find that absurd ... it must be wrong information," he said, adding: "There are people 24 hours a day at Mahajanga port." He was responding to declaration by the Mahajanga Harbor Master who said ship had not been authorized entry to the port. "It (the vessel) left, and since last radio contact on Sunday (March 7) at 8:00 pm (1700 GMT) we had had no more news," the Harbor Master said. (Wed. March 10 2004) UPDATE>> Two survivors of124 souls. Good God! When will this Mahajanga Harbor Master be deposed? (Thurs. March 11 2004)

UK F/V Golden West , with 2 crew took water & sank 2 miles W. of Fethaland -- Coastguard helicopter Oscar Charlie from Shetland scrambled & winched fishermen off liferaft, Mar. 9. (Wed. March 10 2004)

12 meter F/V Golden West reporting taking water. UK Shetland Coastguard lost communication with vessel -- vessel sank -- Coastguard helicopter Oscar Charlie from Shetland scrambled & winched all 2 crew off liferaft. Flown to Tingwall airport before being taken to hospital suffering slight shock & mild hypothermia. From our correspondant Tim Schwabedissen at Kiel. (Tues. March 9 2004)

5,000gwt petroleum tanker -- vessel name witheld-- exploded under Kirikiri bridge in Lagos, Nigeria, March 7 while discharging Low Pour Fuel Oil (LPFO) also known as black oil -- "poor quality, poorly fitted hoses" caused incident. Our The Cargo Letter infornation on this loss is POOR. (Tues. March 9 2004)

35,438 gt passenger ro/ro M/V Prinsesse Ragnhild (built 1981) suffered fire.. (Tues. March 9 2004)

Honduras-registered cargo M/V Wah Yu Ni No.1 (built 1964) suffered fire off Indonisea. (Mon. March 8 2004)

36-foot water taxi operated by Baltimore-based nonprofit Living Classrooms Foundation, with 23 tourists & 2 crew, capsized during a "microburst" thunderstorm on Baltimore's scenic Inner Harbor -- 2 dead, 3 missing -- U.S. Navy sailors saw boat capsize from dockside U.S. Naval Reserve Center & immediately launched rescue boat -- 2 reservists jumped into water to rescue people -- unable to scramble onto upturned boat. (Sat. March 6 2004) UPDATE>> Three reman missing -- they are casualties. A sad end to this week. (Sun. March 7 2004)

U.S. 58-foot yacht S/V Destiny suffered fire in Tampa Bay, Mar. 4 -- Terry Ryder, 39, of Nashville, Tenn. jumped overboard & rescued by U.S. Coast Guard at 3:20 p.m. SW side of Sunshine Skyway. (Sat. March 6 2004)

Honduras-registered, 40-year-old cargo Honduras-registered M/V Wah Yu Ni No 1, ex-Indonesia's Batam Island Thurs, March 4 with 12 crew suffered fire at 5am -- crew tried to put out fire but thick smoke kept them back -- passing fishing boat picked them up before Southern Region Marine Police arrived & sent crew to Kukup jetty at noon. None of 11 Indonesian & 1 Bangladeshi crew injured. (Fri. Mar. 5 2004)

18 meter Whitby, UK F/V Ocean Rose, with 4 crew in collision early Mar. 6 with 2,238gt Lisbon registered M/T Reno, 4 miles NE of Staithes, UK. Staithes inshore lifeboat ^ Whitby lifeboat were requested to launch & Rescue helicopter from RAF Boulmer scrambled to scene -- weather conditions on scene light north winds & poor visibility. Ocean Rose took substantial damage, taking water with list -- pumps transfered. (Fri. Mar. 5 2004)

P&O line M/V Adonia, with 2,000 mainly British tourists, docked at Fremantle, Western Australia -- on maiden voyage to Australia -- is 1st "Adults Only" cruise -- paying from US$26,000 per person for a 100-day round-the-world cruise. What goes on here? What are we missing? Can we still sign up? (Fri. Mar. 5 2004)

Container M/V Tavastland suffered explosion in main engine space early Mar 3 in northern Baltic Sea. (Fri. Mar. 5 2004)

28 meter, Ullapool , UK registered F/V Elegance, with 3 crew, suffered engine space fire March 5, 4 miles E. of North Ronaldsay, Orkney. Coastguard emergency towing M/V Anglian Sovereign<<Webfeature, with fire fighting capabilities making way to scene. (Fri. Mar. 5 2004)

1764gt ro/ro M/V Rolon Sur, with 22 crew, grounded of Port Ibiza Feb. 29, island off East coast of Spain, all rescued. (Fri. Mar. 5 2004)


01 March 2004 at 2315 UTC in posn: 06:02S - 106:54E, Jakarta Roads, Indonesia. Five pirates armed with knives boarded a bulk carrier & stole liferaft. When D/O raised alarm, pirates escaped in fast boat. Authorities informed. (Fri. Mar. 5 2004)

29 Feb. 2004 at 2300 UTC at Lagos anchorage, Nigeria. Four pirates in speedboat boarded chemical tanker -- threw glass bottles & metal pieces at duty crew, stole ship's stores & escaped. No injuries to crew. (Fri. Mar. 5 2004)

29 Feb. 2004 at 0625 UTC in position: 24:43.6N - 061:55.0E, North Arabian Sea. Four pirates in 2 speedboats attempted to board chemical tanker underway. Duty officer raised alarm, crew mustered & activated fire hoses. Pirates aborted boarding. (Fri. Mar. 5 2004)

27 Feb. 2004 at 1530 LT in position 13:25N - 047:30E, Gulf of Aden. Pirates armed with automatic riffles & big knives boarded yacht underway -- stole cash & valuables from the crew & escaped. (Fri. Mar. 5 2004)

27 Feb. 2004 at 1900 lt in the vicinity of Bab El Mandeb traffic separation scheme, Southern Red Sea. Two unlit speedboats waited in middle of strait & attempted to board container ship underway. Ship increased speed to 25 kts & switched on search lights & boats retreated. (Fri. Mar. 5 2004)

24 Feb. 2004 at 0220 UTC in position 05:35N - 096:30E, Malacca Straits. Pirates armed with automatic weapons in high speedboat chased bulk carrier underway & fired at her. Ship sent a Mayday message via VHF -- relayed by nearby ship to IMB Piracy Reporting Center. IMB in turn relayed to RCC Jakarta. Pirates later abandoned attack & ship continued her passage. Full report is awaited. (Fri. Mar. 5 2004)

23 Feb. 2004 at 0230 LT at 'F' anchorage, Port Au Prince, Haiti -- pirate boarded container ship while his 3 accomplices waited in boat. Duty officer raised alarm & crew mustered. Pirates escaped empty handed. Port authorities were informed but took no action. (Fri. Mar. 5 2004)

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Ukrainian flagged reefer M/V Delpin-1, Ukraine for Lebanon with "explosive substance" -- aground in Eceabat Camburnu region, Canakkale Strait on Mar. 4. -- engine breakdown. (Thurs. Mar. 4 2004)

Finnish tug M/V Herkule, Oxelösund for Hudiksvall with barge loaded with 13.600 tons of coal -- in distress outside Swedish east coast. Weather cold, wind 30 m/s. During rescue of crew wire on Finnish helicopter parted & 2 crew during rescue -- ditched into water. Swedish helicopter, also on scene, managed to rescue the 2 crew fallen in ocean cold water. Tug & barge sank near Grundkallen lighthouse. From our correspondant Per-Åke Kvick. (Wed. Mar. 3 2004)

Bulk M/V Ythan sank after heavy explosion on Feb 28, 20 NM off Columbia. Fact confirmation investigation continues. (Wed. Marr. 3 2004)

General cargo M/V Sea Fox, suffered engine room fire -- disabled & drifting in UK Lands End Traffic Separation Zone -- Falmouth Coastguard<<Webfeatuere, instructed Coastguard Emergency Towing Vessel -- ocean tug M/V Anglian Princess (UT 719-2)<<Webfeature, to take vessel under tow to safety of Falmouth where damage to engine room can be assessed. (Tues. March 2 2004)

German cruise M/V Astor with 500 passengers, grounded in shipping channel Mar. 1 -- ex-Port Townsville, Feb. 27 -- ship "made turn a bit too late" & hit soft mud edge of channel -- pilot corrected error -- but not quite in time. M/V Astor unstuck & allowed to sail for Cairns where detained by Australian Maritime Safety Authority<<Webfeature, for hull inspection by divers -- no damage found. (Tues. March 2 2004)

267 meter container 65,531gt M/V COSCO Hamburg in collision with 96 meter 3.999gt M/V P&O Nedlloyd Finland on river Elbe near Pagensand for Hamburg -- 1 crew & 1 container of M/V P&O Nedlloyd Finland overboard -- both vessels made Hamburg. M/V COSCO Hamburg overtook smaller vessel. (Tues. March 2 2004)

37,884 gt product M/T Aleksandr Pokryshkin (built 1987) grounded Feb. 27 off Puerto Cortes. (Mon. March 1 2004)

2,397gt M/S Hannes (built 1971), Oskarshamn for Spain with sawn timber -- grounded midnight Feb. 28 outside Oskarshamn, Sweden. Coast Guard have during Feb. 29 discharged bunker oil onboard -- 2 tugs from Oskarshamn will try to pull ship off Mar.1. From our correspondant Per-Åke Kvick. (Sun. Feb. 29 2004)

ALERT>> 570-foot Singapore 39,879gwt chemical tanker owned by Greek company, Ceres Hellenic Shipping Enterprises Ltd.<<webfeature, M/T Bow Mariner<<webfeature, (built 1982), New York for Houston with 3.5 million gallons of industrial ethanol & 24 Filipino & 3 Greek crew -- exploded & sank 50 miles E. of Chincoteague, Virginia -- 3 crew dead, 9 accounted for & 18 missing. Three U.S. Coast Guard helicopters, including from Atlantic City, N.J., 3 Coast Guard vessels & C-130 plane searching for survivors early Feb. 29 LT. Coast Guard said not known how much ethanol released. Hospitals told not to expect any more victims. Fire on deck reported prior to explosion. (Sat. Feb. 28 2004 LAX time) UPDATE>> U.S. Coast Guard has cancelled search for the 18 missing crew. (Mon. March 1 2004) UPDATE>> M/T Bow Mariner<<webfeature, found Mar. 3, 250 feet underwater at bottom of the Atlantic -- U.S. Coast Guard said. (Thurs. March 4 2004)

UPDATE>> U.S. Coast Guard said on Feb. 26 the waiting cargo ships were expected to pass through the reopened channel by Feb. 27. Since Feb. 26 night, only 16 ships had cleared the Southwest Pass channel of the Mississippi River, which was blocked until Feb. 28 by a capsized supply vessel. Only one lane of traffic was open in the channel -- traffic alternating between upriver & downriver ships -- 16 ships were waiting to enter the river & 13 were waiting to exit the Mississippi River. A total of 70 ships have entered the Mississippi & 69 ships have exited through the Southwest Pass since the supply vessel M/V Lee III was dragged from channel by a salvage ship on Feb. 25. The Southwest Pass is only deep-draft channel between Mississippi & the Gulf of Mexico. For 5 days, ships were waiting in the Gulf or on the river while efforts were underway to find M/V Lee III's 5 member crew & remove the vessel from river. The 178-foot M/V Lee III sank after colliding with 534-foot container M/V Zim Mexico III in fog. Follow The Story. (Sat. Feb. 28 2004 LAX time) UPDATE>> M/V Lee III hoisted onto barge by crane on Feb. 29 and was being taken to a boat yard where investigators will continue looking into the Feb. 21 collision. Three bodies were found earlier and body of 4th crew member was found Feb. 28 at a pilot station on the Southwest Pass. A backlog of 155 ships delayed by the accident cleared by Feb. 27 night. (Mon. March 1 2004)

Vessel Loss Dispatches For February 2004

"Rocknes Monster" - Feb. 2004

"General Motors Ocean Lines"

"On A Wing & A Prayer"

"Singles Only" - single photos of disaster -- always new.

"Enjoy Your Flight!" - Oct. 2003 - wait to load.

Bulk 123,020 gt M/V Ocean Universe (built 1988), Kwangyang for Brazil, in ballast & F/V Taesung in collision off Yosu. (Sat. Feb. 28 2004)

M/V Lady Kay M, Point Lisas for St Lucia with 5 passengers, took in water & sank 1 mile from Scorpion Ledge, off Gaspar Grande Island, Trinidad, Feb. 24. (Sat. Feb. 28 2004)

37-foot F/V Sara B -- U.S. Coast Guard recovered a life raft Feb. 28 in the Gulf of Mexico but found no sign of 2 crew who departed from Florida Panhandle & have been missing for days -- 18-foot seas set off vessel's emergency-locator beacon -- vessel due back at home port of Perdido Key on Feb. 27 - missing. (Sat. Feb. 28 2004)

UPDATE>> U.S. Coast Guard had said on Feb. 26 the waiting cargo ships were expected to pass through reopened channel by Feb. 27. Since Feb. 26 night, only 16 ships have cleared Southwest Pass channel of Mississippi River -- blocked until Feb. 25 by capsized supply vessel M/V Lee III. Only one lane of traffic is open in channel. Traffic alternating between upriver & downriver ships. Ship movement being hampered by weather along lower Mississippi. Sixteen ships waiting to enter river & 13 waiting to exit Mississippi River -- total of 70 ships have entered Mississippi & 69 ships have exited through Southwest Pass since supply vessel M/V Lee III dragged from channel by a salvage ship on Feb. 25. The Southwest Pass is the only deep-draft channel between the Mississippi and the Gulf of Mexico. For 5 days, ships were waiting in the Gulf or on the river while efforts were underway to find M/V Lee III's 5 member crew & drag the vessel from the river. The 178-foot M/V Lee III sank after colliding with 534-foot container M/V Zim Mexico III in fog. Follow original story. (Sat. Feb. 28 2004)


19 Feb. 2004 at 2005 LT at northern part of Kolanta, off PV Island, Thailand -- pirates armed with big knives in a 10 meter boat boarded yacht at anchor. Skipper informed IMB piracy reporting centre who in turn alerted local authorities. Marine police arrived at the scene within 45 minutes. By then pirates had escaped with cash & crew's personal belongings. (Fri. Feb. 27 2004)

19 Feb. 2004 at 0220 UTC at Guanta port, Venezuela -- armed pirates boarded general cargo ship discharging cargop -- threatened bosun with knives. Alarm was raised & pirates escaped empty handed. Master informed local authorities. (Fri. Feb. 27 2004)

15 Feb. 2004 at 0425 LT at Dumai outer anchorage, Indonesia -- several pirates in boat attempted to board tanker. Duty officer raised alarm; crew mustered, directed search lights& activated fire hoses. Seeing crew alertness, boarding aborted. (Fri. Feb. 27 2004)

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8,975gt general cargo M/V Safmarine Congo (built 1983) involved in collision at Port of Capetown Feb. 25 -- sustained bow damage. (Thurs. Feb. 26 2004)

M/V Sinar Andalas, with 5,000 tons of cement, attacked by separatist rebels in Indonesia's Aceh province in Malacca Strait -- windows & panels suffered bullet holes, but no casulaties. (Thurs. Feb. 26 2004)

10,192gt luxury Philippine M/V Super Ferry 14, with 877 passengers -- caught fire in engine room -- passengers leapt into sea in middle of night or huddled in bow -- 1 dead & 139 missing. Billed as a "Festival" ship, vessel entered service in Oct. 2000 & featured beauty parlor, business center, dining salons & karaoke room. M/V Fortune Express, rescued 200 people near Corregidor Island. Another 75 people rescued by Philippine navy vessel & 28 by fishing boat. U.S. Marines, in Philippines for annual war games racing to scene in speedboats from naval base in nearby Cavite province. (Thurs. Feb. 26 2004) UPDATE>> 186 still unaccounted for. (Sun. Feb. 29 2004)

ALERT>> Kimberlee Countryman (daughter of The Cargo Letter's Byron E. Countryman of Countryman & McDaniel), has been on the deep down trend -- to point of being housed at Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville. FL<<webfeature. in critical condition --to await possible new liver. Kimberlee received a 1st new liver 4 years ago suffering cancer while a 17 year-old high school cheerleaderin Calabasas, Ca. -- but auto-immune systems put that new liver at risk. In just recent weeks, Kim went from a 12 month transplant window -- to only a few days. Situation became quite grim. Dad, Byron Countryman has been standing by to donate 50% of his own liver to his beloved daughter.

This morning at 3am -- God opened the door. A liver became available for Kimberlee. Mayo Clinic<<webfeature, professionals began the process. With all prep, Kimberlee went into surgery for her transplant about noon Florida local time for procedure of about 6 hours -- but procedure took 10 hours. Our young girl did just fine! Expert liver surgeons at Mayo Clinic say Kimberlee now has a "beautiful liver." Professional opinions run high for the course of our girl! Dad, Byron Countryman<<webfeature, tells us that youth suffering this particular problem -- most always has very high success level with next the new liver. In other words, there being no sign of cancer, success now should finally restore our Kimberlee to a normal life. After her 4 years of absolute hell, "normal" is much deserved for both daughter & father. Please report your support & prayers to our >> Byron Countryman. Your support is well beyond just "appreciated", your support is heaven sent for our litle girl -- please take a moment to send your regards & wishes. Indeed, this has been a very hard month for all of us. We pray. (Mon. Feb. 23 2004)

UPDATE>> Your messages of hope are pouring in for "our girl" (keep them coming)-- and so very much appreciated by the family & our firm. Today Kimberlee was transferred out of intensive care to a private room where she progresses toward the hope of a normal life -- at long last. What you need to know is that 4 years ago the prestigious Los Angeles hospitals of USC, UCLA & Cedars Sinai -- all turned down "our girl" for treatment due to bad prognosis for liver cancer for this 17-year old. Only the love & historic tenacity of the "Best Dad In The World" Byron Countryman in taking Kimberlee across the U.S. in search of help -- has given "our girl" life -- now the prospect of a normal one. My greatest professional accomplishment is to be associated with Byron Countryman -- truly a treasure of the Int'l transport industry. (Tues. Feb. 24 2004)

UPDATE>> Kimberlee is released to her hospital grounds apartment for the next month -- "our girl" does well! A new life for her! (Sun. Feb. 29 2004)

Russian oil M/T Cuban, in ballast, drifting in southerly direction west of Stad peninsula also known as the West Cape, SW of Aalesund. Russian tanker traffic from Murmansk south along Norway's coastline has long caused concern among government officials & environmentalists. From our correspondant Per-Åke Kvick (Tues. Feb. 24 2004)

Unidetfied cargo M/V, Shanghai for Kaiping Cit ,Guangdong with 900 tons of plastics, hit by strong winds -- displaced cargo -- vessel capsized & sank -- 1 rescued & 9 missing -- chief mate picked up by ship after 10 hours adrift. (Tues. Feb. 24 2004)

Sternwheeler S/S Tahoe -- is now national historic site. Launched in 1896, S/S Tahoe steamed thousands of circles around Lake Tahoe, carrying freight, mail & sightseers. The 169-foot "Queen of the Lake" carried up to 100 passengers -- tied to dock after losing its mail contract in 1934, & in 1940 was deliberately scuttled off Glenbrook shoreline -- sunken vessel gained attention when reached by a Reno-based team of scuba divers -- particularly difficult & dangerous venture due to depth & Tahoe's altitude - more than 6,200 feet above sea level. National Historic Landmarks Program<<webfeature, started theme study on maritime heritage of the U.S. in 1988. (Tues. Feb. 24 2004)

Fraserburgh registered F/V OCEAN STAR approx 4 hours S. of Plymout -- had injured crewman aboard with severe injury to his left hand -- Brixham Coastguard connected vessel to duty doctor at Queen's Alexandra Hospital at Portsmouth who gave Skipper medical advice --- rescue helicopter scrambled to airlift injured crewman to Derriford Hospital in Plymouth. (Tues. Feb. 24 2004)

Bulk M/V Asian Noble, from Vostochny with coal, sank 50 miles from Primorye in Sea of Japan. (Tues. Feb. 24 2004) UPDATE>> South Korean M/V Asian Noble --19 sailors rescued at shore of Maritime Territory (the Russian region on W. coast of the Sea of Japan). - SOS signal from South Korean ship received by tanker M/T Partizansk of Maritime Steamship Line. crew of Partizansk rescued 18 foreign sailors from lifeboat & took them aboard. One more sailor, chief mate, found on one of 4 rafts scattered around sunken ship. However, search for boatswain of South Korean ship not successful. (Tues. Feb. 24 2004)

U.S. Coast Guard personnel investigating cargo aboard 400-foot Antigua Barbudan flagged cargo M/V BBC China that requested to moor in Honolulu -- reportedly behind schedule for delivery to Portland, Ore. -- requested to enter port without required 96-hour advance notice. Vessel plans to ship cargo by air -- granted permission to enter port by CG Captain of the Port, but standard procedures for failing to give advance notice required M/V BBC China to be boarded & escorted. Investigation determined not a threat to Port of Honolulu or State of Hawaii. (Mon. Feb. 23 2004)

McNally Construction Co. tug M/V R.C.L. 11 sank at Pier 52, Toronto on Feb. 21 night. Divers & cranes working Feb. 22. As well, large wooden yacht sank at Pier 4 overnight -- attempt being made to raise it. (Mon. Feb. 23 2004)

General cargo M/V Jal Jyoti, with 10 crew, sank off Jakhau Feb. 20 -- all crew rescued by Okha Coast Guard. (Mon. Feb. 23 2004)

NOTE: This Feature Now Back At Los Angeles Int'l Airport.

178-foot offshore supply M/V Lee III, with 5 crew, in collision with 534-foot Antigua & Barbud registered container M/V Zim Mexico III near mouth of Mississippi River at Southwest Pass -- M/V Lee III sank & entire crew missing -- Mississippi River closed to deep-draft shipping River traffic as New Orleans' Mardi Gras celebrations were building up to peak. (Sun. Feb. 22 2004, Los Angeles) UPDATE>> Three bodies found in hull of M/V Lee III (Mon. Feb. 23 2004)

NOTE: This Feature Now At Hong Kong.

Chinese F/V Zhexiangyu #70031, with 7 crew, in collision with unidenfied vessel & sank early Feb. 18, off Yangshan Harbor, in east China's Zhejiang Province, 50 km S. of Shanghai, at 7:00 a.m. -- all crew missing. TWO HOURSE LATER -- 890-ton freighter M/V Zhedai #66210 in collision with 1,000 ton freighter M/V Sutianhang #2 -- latter sank in 10 minutes, but all 6 crew rescused. Foggy weather blamed for collisions. (Sat. Feb. 21 2004, Hong Kong)

10,2262 dwt, 600ft. M/T Genmar Alexandra, (built 1992, double hull) -- while berthed at terminal in St. Charles, La. -- struck in collision with 36,000grt bulk, 739ft. M/V Bright State, (built 1989) at 8:30 p.m. LT on Feb. 19th. -- one of the Genmar Alexandra's auxiliary fuel tanks holed releasing 22,000 gallons of fuel oil into Mississippi River -- no injuries & no cargo lost. Traffic closed to all but ferries on 17 mile stretch until 1800hrs Feb. 20. (Sat. Feb. 21 2004, Hong Kong)


12 Feb. 2004 at 0744 UTC in position 05:09N - 004:21E, off Lagos, Nigeria. Five pirates armed with guns in tugboat approached bulk carrier drifting off Lagos. Master raised alarm & picked up speed. Seeing crew alertness, pirates moved away &headed towards Escavos River. (Sat. Feb. 21 2004, Hong Kong)

11 Feb. 2004 at 0930 LT at Chanomi-Creek, Rugged point, Nigeria. Four pirates armed with automatic weapons in speedboat approached barge carrier during passage to Warri -- demanded cash for safe passage. After receiving money pirates claimed amount not enough -- then fired 20 - 30 shots -- hit the ships hull & superstructure. No injuries. Master reported to local authorities who boarded to investigate. (Sat. Feb. 21 2004, Hong Kong)

10 Feb. 2004, off Tg. Balai Asahan, near Belawan, Malacca straits. Pirates armed with AK 47 & AK 56 rifles hijacked fishing boat with her 11 crew. Indonesian navy acting on intelligence, spotted vessel & ordered her to stop. In an ensuing exchange of gunfire, the 11 crew jumped overboard & were rescued by navy -- 3 pirates remained in boat defying navy orders. Naval ship fired at boat causing her to sink -- pirates, reportedly GAM rebels, jumped overboard & detained by navy. (Sat. Feb. 21 2004, Hong Kong)

09 Feb. 2004 at midnight between Lingga & Bintan islands, Indonesia. Tug M/V Singsing Mariner & barge Kapuas 68 under tow departed from Satui, Kalimantan, Indonesia on 29 Jan. 2004 bound for Butterworth, Malaysia with 3,000 mt of palm oil. Pirates boarded barge & kidnapped all 5 crew of barge & landed them at Mesanak Island. Local police arrested pirates. M/V Singsing Mariner unaware of kidnap of barge crew, continued sailing. Tug last contacted the owners on 12 Feb. 2004 at 1500 hrs. Thereafter, no communication from tug & barge -- feared they may have been hijacked by another gang of pirates. The fate of tug's crew unknown. (Sat. Feb. 21 2004, Hong Kong)

02 Feb. 2004 at 1100 LT at Pulau Jerajak, Malacca straits -- 12 pirates approached trawlers fishing under pretext of buying fish -- once closer, 5 pirates with M16 rifles boarded 3 trawlers -- took hostage the skippers & 9 fishermen. Leader forced a skipper to contact owner & asked for a ransom of RM 500,000 (US$132,000). Pirates stole ship's equipment, documents & catch of fish -- then took hostages to Aceh & beat them up. On 05 Feb. 2004 crew were released after owners reportedly paid a ransom of RM180, 000. Earlier in another incident 4 crew of an oil product tanker were shot dead by pirates in the Malacca strait off Indonesia's war-torn Aceh province after vessel's owner failed to pay earlier agreed upon ransom. (Sat. Feb. 21 2004, Hong Kong)

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Makhachkala registered feuler M/T Akusha, with 12 crew, sank several days ago in Capsian Sea -- 2 crew rescued by M/T Radeks-2 from life raft - search continues for others -- 3 seen in another raft. (Fri. Feb. 20 2004, Hong Kong)a

Iranian dry cargo M/V Iran Basitr - sinking in Caspian Sea, 20 miles N. of Port of Aktau (western Kazakhstan) -- engine & navigation broken down -- requesting tug, but waters too shallow. (Wed. Feb. 18 2004, Hong Kong)

8,903-dwt 116m M/V Sprinta (built 1976) aground off Madagascar & has broken her back -- scheduled to load coal at Bluff Mechanical Appliance in Durban -- Durban-based tug M/V Toto, owned & operated by Tall Ships responded to SOS but salvage aborted after news received that Sprinta breaking up. (Sun. March 14 2004, LAX)

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137m frry M/V Stena Nautica, Grenaa in Denmark for Swedish port of Varberg, 475km SW of Stockholmwith 91 passengers & 37 crew, in collision with Jamaica-flagged cargo M/V Joanna. M/V Stena Nautica evacuated & probably will be run aground to prevent her from sinking -- weather calm, some fog. (Mon. Feb. 16 2004)

Outbound 577-foot Turkish freighter, with scrap metal for China & inbound 804-foot German container M/V Yellow Sea, with1,000 general cargo containers for New York -- in collision at 3am Feb. 15 in Kill Van Kull<<Webfeatuere, waterway between New Jersey & Staten Island used by ship traffic to access New York Harbor. M/V Yellow Sea next hit tanker moored at International-Matex Tank Terminal, Bayonne, New Jersey, preparing to off-load 350,000 barrels fuel oil. (Sun, Feb. 15 2004)

M/V Celebration returned from 5 day cruise to Mexico on Feb.14 with more than 300 people sick with gastrointestinal illness. Celebration left Galveston on Feb. 9. On Feb. 11, Carnival contacted the U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention to report unusual number of ill passengers, with predominant symptoms of vomiting & diarrhea. By Feb. 13, 297 of 1,576 passengers & 19 of 689 crew members were ill. (Sat. Feb. 14 2004)

Hong Kong-registered cargo M/V CSK Radiance, Gladstone, Queensland for Spain -- diverted by Australian Maritime Safety Authority<<Webfeatuere, to effect rescue of lone Japanese yachtsman, Masayuki Kikuchi, 67, sailing his 13mt. yacht S/V Beam 7 solo between South Africa & Western Australia when caught in huge seas 4,000 km west-south-west of Perth -- authorities called on jet owned by billionaire Australian businessman Richard Pratt for use of his long-range aircraft to locate missing vessel. Pratt's plane -- only aircraft in Australia apart from B-747 jet capable of making trip -- spotted yacht 6pm (AEDT) in rough seas west-south-west of Perth -- Mr Kikuchi with 2 broken arms, unable to steer yacht -- Pratt"s jet plotted yacht in rough waters -- then rescued by bulk M/V CSK Radiance. (Fri. Feb. 13 2004)

500-ton cargo ship on canal near Shanghai attempted to skirt inspection station on Feb. 9 -- ended up grounded in shallow waters -- as result more than 10,000 cargo ships are backed up on Chinese waterway, in 4th day of traffic jam between Beijing & S. city of Hangzhou. Port officials say severe drought in region has reduced depth to only 2.5 meters (8.2 feet) in some places. Ships backed up 4 miles as port authorities work to divert through other routes & dislodge stranded vessels. The 1,400-year-old canal is major transport artery, running more than 1,100 miles southward from capital of Beijing. (Fri. Feb. 13 2004)


09 Feb. 2004 at 1900 UTC in position 04:37N - 099:28E, Northern Malacca Straits -- 10 pirates in wooden fishing boat armed with machine guns opened fire on tugboat towing barge. Tug's crew fought off pirates with hand flares. Tug's towing line parted & barge set adrift. Later tug managed to recover barge. Tug sustained extensive damage to bridge. No injuries to crew. Pirates aborted boarding & headed NW towards Aceh coast. (Fri. Feb. 13 2004)

08 Feb. 2004 at 1300 LT in position 15:49N - 119:32E, west of Luzon island, South China Sea -- 8 pirates armed with pistols & knives in 4 small boats attempted to board bulk carrier underway. Duty officer raised alarm & took evasive maneuvers. Crew mustered & activated fire hoses. Pirates aborted boarding. (Fri. Feb. 13 2004)

07 Feb. 2004 at 0300 LT at Chittagong inner anchorage, Bangladesh -- gang of armed pirates boarded Mongolian flag ship & shot two watchmen. Pirates stole ship's property & escaped. The 2 injured watchmen rescued by tugboat & sent to shore hospital where they succumbed to their injuries & died. Local police are investigating. (Fri. Feb. 13 2004)

05 Feb. 2004 at 0815 UTC in position 01:24.09S - 048:30.3W, Belem inner anchorage, Brazil -- pirates boarded LPG tanker at forecastle. Alert duty A/B raised alarm. Pirates stole ship's stores & escaped in boat. Port terminal informed but no response received. (Fri. Feb. 13 2004)

04 Feb. 2004 at 1550 UTC in position 02:43N - 118:34E, Celebes Sea, Indonesia -- 10 pirates armed with knives & crowbars in 3 speedboats, 10m length, tried to board bulk carrier underway. Alert crew mustered & activated fire hoses. Pirates aborted boarding. (Fri. Feb. 13 2004)

03 Feb. 2004 between 0330-0400 LT in position 20:50.40N - 107:08.20E, Hongai inner anchorage, Vietnam -- 5 pirates boarded tanker & stole ship's stores. (Fri. Feb. 13 2004)

03 Feb. 2004 at 1955 LT in position 01:05.42N - 103:34.03E, west of Phillip Channel, Singapore Straits -- pirate boarded bulk carrier underway. Crew raised alarm & pirate escaped. At time several small boats were in the vicinity. (Fri. Feb. 13 2004)

30 Jan. 2004 at 1145 LT in position 15:12.9N - 041:56.10E, Southern Red Sea -- 8 pirates in 18 ft. high-powered unmarked launch challenged & stopped supply ship underway. All pirates armed with automatic rifles & side arms -- 5 dressed in military uniforms -- 6 pirates boarded ship, held crew at gunpoint, switched off ship's communication equipment & demanded ransom for safe passage. Upon payment of ransom, pirates disembarked & fled. Master reported there was little communication from boarders except they were from Yemen. (Fri. Feb. 13 2004)

It is "Open Season" on the merchant fleets.

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St. Vincent-flagged 2,750gwt M/V Mare & Liberia-flagged 29,700gwt M/V Solar Europe in collision -- result of low visibility, strong winds & snow near (not in) Dardanelles Straits -- coast guard rescued 10 crew from M/V Mare, but 1 missing. M/V Mare sinking. Dardanelles Straits lead to Bosporus Strait, which bisects Istanbul. (Fri. Feb. 13 2004)

Cambodian-flagged M/V Hera, with coal & 21 crew, sank in Black Sea 7.5 miles (14 km) from Bosphorus Strait at midday -- 20 missing & 1 rescured -- blizzard lashed Istanbul & western Turkey on Feb. 13. Even in good weather Bosphorus Strait most dangerous world waters -- you need to see this ship channel to believe that so many vessels -- going in so many directions -- in such a resticted area -- could ever actually arrive. Add fog & snow -- subtract rational navigation! We've watched this circus first hand for years & marveled at the grand show! (Fri. Feb. 13 2004)

69-foot Puget Washington State ferry M/V Wahkiakum<<VirtualWebfeatuere, -- grounded near Westport, Oregon on Feb. 9, 2004, no injuries or pollution, but ferry incurred damage.. (Fri. Feb. 13 2004)

St. Vincent-flagged 2,750gt M/V Mare & Liberia-flagged 29,700gt M/V Solar Europe, in collision in snowstorm near Dardanelles Straits, leaving 1 crew missing from Mare -- M/V Mare sinking -- (Thurs. Feb. 12 2004)

American teacher & 2 Korean students killed when fire broke out on dive boat off Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheik -- explosion & fire occurred on boat Feb. 11, housing students faculty. Cairo American College, in S. suburb of Cairo, mostly attended by children of American expatriates, other foreigners & Egyptians. (Thurs. Feb. 12 2004)

Dutch containership & small Chinese cargo vessel in collision around Yangtze River mouth in East China -- all 11 crew of Chinese freighter thrown into water as Chinese cargo vessel knocked to capsize & sink in waters between Changxing Island & Yangshan mountains -- 5 Chinese crew missing, 1 rescued, 5 dead. (Wed. Feb. 11 2004)

UPDAtE>> RCMP divers found wreckage Feb. 11 of F/V Lo-Da-Kash & 2 bodies of crew missing 2 weeks ago off S. coast of New Brunswick -- 1 crew remains missing -- vessel last seen Jan. 23. Follow origianl story. (Tues. Feb. 10 2004)

East Timor 1,700gwt M/V Belaza de Timor, Surabaya in East Java for Dilli, capital of East Timor with staple supplies & 12 crew - departed several weeks ago - encountered heavy weather Feb. 3 & sank off Flores Island, 11 miles N. of Maumere & -- only survivor was Capt. Kristianus Lela Sura, found by local residents 4 days after the incident on Feb. 7, a few kms N. of Maumere, biggest city on Flores Island -- 11 dead. (Mon. 9 Feb. 2004)

North Korean general cargo M/V Tor III, with 1,800 tons limestone in bulk -- aground at Mersin,<<Webfeatuere, Feb 6 -- engine-room & cargo holds almost 80% in water -- severe damage to bottom of vessel -- most likey total loss. (Mon. 9 Feb. 2004)

Cargo M/V Bahagia Raya, Sarikei for Kota Kinabalu with 10 crew -- capsized off Kuala Baram near Sarawak-Brunei border, result of heavy weather & huge wave Feb. 7 -- 9 recused by passing vessels after 36 hours in water, 1 missing. (Mon. 9 Feb. 2004)

Port St. Marc, Haiti - Hundreds of Haitians looted TV sets, mattresses & sacks of flour from ocean containers Feb. 8 in this port town, one of several communities seized by rebels in bloody uprising against President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. Crowds mutilated & beat corpses of 3 police officers -- 1 body dragged through street as a man swung at it with machete -- woman cut off officer's ear. Another policeman lynched & stripped to his shorts -- residents dropped large rocks on his body. (Sun. Feb. 8 2004)

Indian Navy<<Webfeatuere, Abhay Class anti-submarine ship, INS Agray<<Webfeatuere, -- badly damaged when rocket exploded during military exercises 115 miles off Bombay. Water poured in through damaged hull after rocket fired by INS Agray, misfired, fell very close & exploded. Vessel under tow - no injuries. (Sat. Feb. 7 2004)

Cruise M/V Majesty of the Seas, cruising Bahamas & Florida with 2,376 passengers & 829 crew -- suffered 21 minute restaurant galley fire Feb. 5 -- caused by deep fat fryer -- crew extinguished blaze 5 a.m. EST -- passengers to muster stations as precaution -- no injuries -- continuing to Miami. (Sat. Feb. 7 2004)

Two Bangladesh ferries sailing between Dhaka & Barisal -- each wth 500 passengers -- M/V Asha Jaoa, for coastal destination -- M/V Sattar Khan, for Dhaka -- in collision in thick fog 175 miles S. of the capital Dhaka, Feb. 5 -- both remained afloat -- 12 dead. many missng, 80 injured. (Sat. Feb. 7 2004)

Cayman Islands-registered bulk M/V Pilion, South Africa for Singapore with 19 crew, foiled pirate attack off Singapore, Feb. 4. (Sat. Feb. 7 2004)

Panama-registered M/V Duri, Vladivostok, Russia for Incheon, South Korea with steel & 18 crew -- at least 16 Vietnamese crew missing after vessel sank off W. South Korea -- 2 confirmed dead so far -- 6 South Korean police vessels searching for survivors but rescue helicopter forced to turn back due to bad weather. (Fri. Feb. 6 2004)

Maltese 5,840gt general cargo M/V Sprinta (built 1976) -- aground at Madagascgar. (Fri. Feb. 6 2004)


01 Feb. 04 off Kien Giang province, Vietnam -- 3 pirates armed with guns opened fire at 2 fishing boats -- forced all 18 crew to jump overboard. One crew seriously injured. Pirates escaped towards Thailand with fishing boats & fishing gear. Several hours later passing Malaysian cargo ship rescued 15 crew but other 3 feared drowned. (Fri. Feb. 6 2004)

30 Jan. 2004 at 1530 UTC in position 02:02S - 108:33E, S. of Karang Ontario light house, Karimata Strait, Indonesia. Four speedboats approached chemical tanker underway, one on stbd, other on port bow & 2 others from stern. Suddenly all 4 boats increased speed. One boat crossed ship's bow at collision course & 1 boat from stern approached at stbd quarter & tried to come alongside. Crew directed searchlights & could see 10 masked pirates armed with guns in 1 boat. Master took evasive maneuvers. Boats followed ship for more than hour & aborted attempted boarding. (Fri. Feb. 6 2004)

30 Jan. 2004 at 0330 LT in position 01:23.5N - 117:10.0E, 23 nm from Balikpapan, Indonesia -- 4 pirates armed with long knives boarded tanker underway -- stole 2 liferafts& fled. (Fri. Feb. 6 2004)

29 Jan. 2004 at 0555 LT in position 14:34.6N - 049:33.5E, 7.5 nm from ash Shihr terminal, Yemen -- 4 pirates armed with shotguns in speedboat, which made several attempts to board general cargo ship underway. Alert crew raised alarm & switched on deck lights. After a few minutes boat aborted attempt & fled. (Fri. Feb. 6 2004)

29 Han. 2004 at 0300 LT in position 01:08.2N - 103:29.5E, Singapore straits -- 5 pirates armed with long knives boarded container ship underway -- entered bridge & took hostage duty officer. Then went to master's cabin & forced him to hand over ship's safe key. Master managed to escape from day room to bedroom, locked door & alerted crew. Pirates stole master's personal belonging & escaped. (Fri. Feb. 6 2004)

29 Jan. 2004 at 0135 LT in position 01:10.6N - 103:27.2E, Singapore Straits -- 3 pirates armed with knives boarded bulk carrier underway -- assaulted master & tied him up in his cabin. Pirates stole ship's cash, crew personal belongings & escaped by jumping from stern. (Fri. Feb. 6 2004)

28 Jan. 2004 at 1515 LT at Onne port, Nigeria -- 3 pirates boarded supply ship at berth & tried to steal ship's stores on deck. Alert A/B raised alarm & pirates jumped into their canoe & fled. A/b injured and received shore medical treatment. (Fri. Feb. 6 2004)

27 Jan.2004 at 0350 LT in position 18:33.8N - 072:22.9W, anchorage 'd', Port Au Prince, Haiti -- 4 pirates armed with knives tried to climb aboard container ship by using long rope attached to hook. Alert A/B raised alarm & pirates escaped in wooden boat. (Fri. Feb. 6 2004)

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M/T Cherry-201, Aceh for Belawan Port with 1,000 tons of crude palm oil belonging to PT Musim Masre -- seized by armed pirates Jan. 5 -- gunmen took 13 crew hostage but released Capt. Moris Sinaga so he could convey demands for ransom of Rp 400 million to PT Musim Mas management in Belawan. PT Musim Mas made direct contact with pirates, who reiterated demands for Rp 400 million to free12 hostages. PT Musim Masre bargained with pirates to reduce ransom & pirates agreed to decrease the amount to Rp 100 million. But PT Musim Masre negotiated again, saying it could only afford to pay pirates Rp 70 million & promising to send ransom immediately. Pirates lost patience after waiting for 1 month without being paid & shot dead 4 crew & 8 other hostages jumped overboard to escape. (Thurs. Feb. 5 2004)

PIRATE Onslaught>> Cayman Islands-registered 29,031gt bulk M/V Pilion (built 1994) -- pirates atrempted boarding in Singapore Srait -- thwarted by 19 crew. Marshall Islands-registered bulk carrier M/V Cape Haralambos & Turkey-registered container M/V Border M were main targets of pirate attack. No one injured, but US$3,000 cash & others valuables taken from M/V Cape Haralambos & a watch from M/V Border M 's shipmaster. (Thurs. Feb. 5 2004)

Editor Note: OK, enough. Where are the navies? Where are the TV. journalists? Where is the public interest for this carnage?

9,261gt bulk M/V Menominee (built 1967) adrift off St. Michaels<<Webfeatuere..(Wed. Feb. 4 2004)

Breaking News: General Motors Ocean Lines (Wed. Feb. 4 2004)

Feeder M/V Anhu A6 (V.2401E), feedering containers, Wuhan for Shanghai in collision & sank, Jan. 7. (Mon. Feb. 2 2004)

Recent refit Uruguayan-flagged F/V Maya-V -- located by Australian frigate HMAS Warramunga<<Webfeatuere -- 4 sailors from frigate rescued when 3m seas threw them into sea as they rappelled down ropes from hovering helicopter -- but once aboard, team found 150 tons of highly prized toothfish in hull. F/V Maya-V crew held in military barracks at Fremantle while investigation completed by Australian Fisheries Management Authority<<Webfeatuere -- understood several of crew previously caught on other vessels illegally fishing in Australian waters. (Sun. Feb. 1 2004)

Ethiopian M/V Andinet, lost highly toxic wood preservative overside , twenty miles N. of Dutch coast, off Texel, on Dec. 21, 2003 -- Netherlands based Multraship Salvage has successfully completed an operation to recover 3 oversied containers loaded with the toxic cargo, but 63 single drums are still missing. Product known as CCA 72% -- main constituents include arsenic pentoxide, chromium trioxide & copper dioxide. (Sun. Feb. 1 2004)

Vessel Loss Dispatches For January 2004

"Stepping In It" - Dec. 2003

"Singles Only" - single photos of disaster -- always new.

"Enjoy Your Flight!" - Oct. 2003 - wait to load.

Democratic Republic of Congo ferry M/V Convoi Lengi (Lengi Convoy) Lukolela, 280 miles upstream on Congo River from capital Kinshasa for Mbandaka, with over 500 & cargo -- caught fire & sank in uninhabited area -- survivors walked several hours to Lukelela, nearest town. Propelled by outboard motors, fire started after technician trying to repair broken motor inadvertently set off spark near fuel barrel -- fire spread quickly as people jumped river in panic as vessel fell apart engulfed by flames -- vessel burned entirely including all merchandise aboard -- salt, food, fuel & live goats belonging to small Congolese traders -- 200 missing, but number could rise. Correspondent: Per-Ake Kvick. (Sat. Jan. 31 2004)

25,705gt container M/V Trade Zale (built 1999), Hong Kong for Busan & USA with 12,584 M/T Containers, in collision with M/V Diamond Ray, in ballast, 17 mils off Port of Ulsan - bow of Trade Zale struck starboard side of Diamond Ray -- vessels interlocked. Both vessels entered into LOF contracts & salvors managed to separate them. Trade Zale now proceeding to Busan under her own power. (Sat. Jan. 31 2004)

Dutch 88 meter cargo M/V Baltic Magda, Barrow for Sweden with limestone & 7 crew, suffered engine failure -- drifting 6 miles off S. Devon coast. MAYDAY - IMMINENT DANGER -- tug M/V Poseidon rendered aid, towed M/V Baltic Magda & crew into Torbay. "If Poseidon had not been able to take up the tow, we would have been taking the people off" said officials. Bravo Zulu ! Disaster averted! (Sat. Jan. 31 2004)


23 Jan. 2004 at 1215 UTC in position: 01:11S - 116:46E, Balikpapan anchorage, Indonesia.-- 10 pirates armed with knives boarded bulk carrier -- assaulted duty A/B, threatened him with knives & tied him up. Stole property & escaped by climbing down anchor chain. Ship was undergoing cargo operations with barges on both sides & stevedores on board. One armed policeman on board during attack. Master notified port authorities. (Fri. Jan. 30 2004)

22 Jan. 2004 at 0255 LT at Tema anchorage, Ghana -- 7 pirates in boat attempted to board reefer ship. Again at 0350 LT about 20 pirates in 2 boats attempted to board same ship. On both occasions alert crew repelled boarding. Incidents were reported to port authorities but no response received. Master reported pirates later boarded another ship nearby & stole personal effects & valuables from crew. (Fri. Jan. 30 2004)

22 Jan. 2004 at 0030 UTC at 0.7 miles from break water, Tema anchorage, Ghana. Three pirates boarded reefer ship at anchor -- stole stores & escaped. Master informed port control. (Fri. Jan. 30 2004)

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Canadian F/V Lo-Da-Kash, with 4 crew ex-New Brunswick -- missing in frigid Bay of Fundy -- made Campobello without incident, loaded gear & headed back to Maces Bay -- haven't been seen since last week. Lo-Da-Kash equipped with floater suits, but not immersion suits. (Wed. Jan. 28 2004) UPDATE>> Search ends. (Thurs. Jan. 29pm 2004) UPDAtE>> RCMP divers found the wreckage Feb. 11 of F/V Lo-Da-Kash & 2 bodies of crew missing 2 weeks ago off S. coast of New Brunswick -- 1 crew reamins missing -- vessel last seen Jan. 23. Follow origianl story. (Tues. Feb. 11 2004)

55-foot trawler F/V Nabby attempting to pass through an ice-clogged Cape Cod Canal - eastward behind 2 other vessels -- became stuck in ice off Hog Island at 11 a.m. -- taking water -- Coast Guard HH-60 Jayhawk helicopter<<Webfeatuere,from Air Station Cape Cod<<Webfeatuere, lowered pumps to F/V Nabby. Once Nabby is moved by tide or by another boat, it could quickly take on water &, Army Corps of Engineers said Jan. 26. (Tues. Jan. 27 2004)

PIRATE ALERT>> Violent piracy on high seas has soared & more ships are being hijacked to kidnap crew for ransom. Int'l Maritime Bureau (IMB) said number of reported ship attacks jumped to 445 in 2003, 20% higher than previous year & 2nd highest level since it began compiling statistics in 1991. Number of seafarers killed also climbed to 21, with another 71 crew or passengers listed as missing, while 88 injured. This compared to 10 killed & 38 injured the previous year. The number of hostages taken nearly doubled to 359 in 2003. Indonesian waters continue most dangerous with 121 reported attacks in 2003. Malacca Straits, between Indonesia & Malaysia and one of the world's most strategically important shipping lanes, saw a rise to 28 attacks in 2003 -- 30% of world's trade & 80% of Japan's crude oil is transported through narrow waterway. Bangladesh ranked as having the 2nd highest number of attacks in 2003 with 58 & Nigeria came 3rd with 39. Attacks off Nigeria almost tripled compared to the previous year & IMB regards it as most dangerous area in Africa for piracy & armed robbery. (Tues. Jan. 27 2004)

M/V Caribe Merchant suffered explosion near or on the vessel at Grand Bahama Shipyard -- 08:55 on Jan. 26 -- 1 killed & others miraculously escaped -- barge along side had been ruled safe for commencement of welding -- then 2nd & more powerful explosion occurred, resulting in M/V Caribe Merchant stern igniting & vessel sank. Wendell Maxxam, 33, killed in explosion, while working at welding underside of loading bay. Correspondent: Richard Bruce (Mon. Jan. 26 2004)

Ferry M/V Ehrensvaerd & passenger ro/ro M/V Gabriella in collision off Helsinki, 0900, Jan. 24. (Mon. Jan. 26 2004)

Gibraltar flag cargo M/V Björn (built 1994), with wood chips, suffered accident at Halla port in Kotka on Jan. 24 -- 2 seamen asphyxiated in hold -- none wearing oxygen masks -- 3rd man managed to get out -- taken to hospital owing to oxygen deprivation. German company Valero Shipping owns -- chartered by Danish shippers DanShip. (Mon. Jan. 26 2004)

General cargo M/V Fritind, aground off Langenuen<<Webfeatuere. (Mon. Jan. 26 2004)

10.9 meter Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force (MSDF) transport vessel due to be deployed to Iraq next month crashed into breakwater, located 50 meters offshore Port of Kure<<Webfeatuere, in Hiroshima Prefecture, Jan. 23 evening, injuring all 13 crew, 4 of seriously -- heads up -- 4 seriously injured sustained fractured skulls & other injuries. Guys, breakwater does not mark "finish line." (Mon. Jan. 26 2004)

M/V Caribe Merchant suffered explosion near or on vessel at Grand Bahama Shipyard -- 08:55 on Jan. 26 -- 1 killed & others miraculously escaped -- barge along side had been ruled safe for welding -- then 2nd & more powerful explosion occurred, resulting in M/V Caribe Merchant stern igniting & vessel sank. Wendell Maxxam, 33, killed in explosion, while working at welding underside of loading bay. Correspondent: Richard Bruce (Mon. Jan. 26 2004)

Taiwan F/V Chin Hsing, crew catching squid near Argentine waters with 29 crew -- taken under fire & hit by missle from Argentine warship Granville -- sank F/V Chin Hsing -- all 29 crew members abandoned the vessel & rescued by other Taiwanese fishing vessels.. (Sun. Jan. 25 2004)

Philippines rescuers launched massive search for 53 fishermen missing after their boats were pounded by strong winds & high waves off 3 northwestern provinces, authorities said on Jan. 25 -- at least 2 dead. More than 100 fishermen either managed to reach shore or were rescued at sea by search teams from navy, coast guard, air force & villagers. Alfredo Macuroy, a 46-year-old fisherman rescued Jan. 25 by passing container ship off La Union, said howling winds & giant waves overturned -- then sank his motor boat Jan. 24 as he headed home with his catch. (Sun. Jan. 25 2004)

F/V Maya V -- apprehended by Autralian Navy 4,000km S.W. of Perth. -- suspected of fishing illegally for prized patagonian toothfish<<Webfeatuere, in Australian waters -- more than US$1M worth of Patagonian toothfish on board. (Sat. Jan. 24 2004)

M/ LCT Cantika, Jorjoja on Taliabu island for Toli-Toli in the Central Sulawesi province -- sank -- found floating upside down in waters off Taliabu. All known survivors evacuated aboard M/V KM Santosa & M/V LCT Cantika Permai, which came to aid of distressed ship --- 15 missing trapped inside ship. (Fri. Jan. 23 2004)

M/V Cala Panama -- aground on Dec. 21, off Barranquilla, Columbia, due to navavagatioal error. Refloated Jan.19. after removing some containers. Will be offloading containers on Jan. 19 -- then ship will sail to drydock at unknown location. Correspondent: Pirtmiester (Fri. Jan. 23 2004)

2,712gt tank barge C.F.Starlight .......agound in Columbia River. (Fri. Jan. 23 2004)

M/V Pamela Gold sank in Tatar Strait after after ice floe damage. (Fri. Jan. 23 2004)

Greek-owned, Comoros Islands-flagged 390ft. M/V Kephi, with 8,818 tons of cement & 17 crew -- Istanbul, Turkey for unidentified West African port -- sank early Jan. 23, 120 miles . of Greek island of Crete, near Mediterranean island of Malta -- rescue hampered by gale force winds & rough seas -- 15 mising. (Fri. Jan. 23 2004) UPDATE>> U.S. cargo M/V Merlin found 2 crew in life boat -- searching for missing crew along with Ukrainian cargo M/V Yuryi Savinoy -- did not know condition of rescued crew. Correspondent: Dan Massoni (Mon. Jan. 26 2004)

General cargo M/V Sea Riss, Dunkirk for Northfleet in Kent with 1,770mt of steel products & 6 crew -- suffered engine room fire -- 14 miles off Ramsgate. UK. Coastguard Emergency Towing Vessel M/V Anglian Monarch sent to scene with fire fighting capacity. Master of M/V Sea Riss released the CO2 into engine room compartment & all crew were mustered on deck. At 8:50 p.m. 9 fire crew winched aboard by helicopter to investigate whether fire contained. Ship has no power -- drifting but not currently a danger to other vessels in Channel. (Fri. Jan. 23 2004)

Cruie M/V European Vision, with 1,300 tourists -- stranded a Barbados -- as negotiations with creditors contnure. Festival Cruises, Genoa, Italy-based line that runs M/V European Vision, said in talks to settle dispute with creditors. (Fri. Jan. 23 2004)


17 jan. 2004 at 2100 LT at alpha anchorage, Chittagong, Bangladesh. Four armed pirates boarded bulk carrier at anchor from stern. Anti-piracy watch forced pirates to retreat empty handed. Pirates escaped in a motorboat. (Fri. Jan. 23 2004)

17 Jan. 2004 at 0330 LT at Tema anchorage, Ghana. Pirates in 2 boats attempted to board LPG tanker. Alert crew raised alarm & pirates fled. Port control informed. (Fri. Jan. 23 2004)

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1,000ft. M/V Edgar B Speer has not moved after 2 days of battling ice in lower river at Rock Cut, which in turn has stopped all traffic on st. Marys River. U.S. Coast Guard cutters USCGC Mackinaw & USGC Katmai Bay have been working, trying to get M/V Edgar B Speer moving. Special tow rope attached to Mackinaw, but ice held its winter grip. The two icebreakers have stopped & will resume in the morning. (Tues. Jan. 20 2004) UPDATE>> After 3 days of Herculean effort, M/V Edgar B. Speer finally freed from ice at Rock Cut Jan. 21 afternoon, thanks to help of tugs M/V Reliance, M/V Joyce L. VanEnkevort, M/V Missouri & M/V Joseph H. Thompson Jr. (Wed. Jan. 21 2004)

75ft. Boston F/V Canyon Explorer, issued distress call at 2 p.m. -- vessel flooded while pounded by 15-foot seas in 35-knot winds -- 3 crew plucked from life raft Jan. 19 by U.S. Coast Guard -- sinking 48 miles E. of Nauset Light Beach in Eastham. Correspondent: U.S. Coast Guard (Tues. Jan. 20 2004)

Ice Locked>> St. Marys River down right. Downbound traffic at a standstill Jan. 19. M/V Edgar B Speer has not moved after 2 days of battling ice in lower river at the Rock Cut, which in turn has stopped all traffic. U.S. Coast Guard cutters USCGC Mackinaw & USCGC Katmai Bay have been working, trying to get the 1,000-footer moving. A special tow rope was attached to M/V Mackinaw, but ice held its winter grip. The2 icebreakers will resume in morning. Behind M/V Speer are 10 downbounders hove to & anchored in lower & upper river. Downbound traffic consists of M/V Edgar B. Speer, M/V Arthur M. Anderson, M/V Stewart J. Cort, M/V CSL Laurentien, M/V Presque Isle, M/V Philip R. Clarke, M/V Joseph H Thompson Jr., M/V Canadian Transfer, M/V Canadian Progress, M/V Roger Blough & M/V James R Barker. Details. (Tues. Jan. 20 2004)

ALERT>> 26,000 dwt Antigua & Barbuda-flagged 544ft. cargo M/V Rocknes [built 2001], Bunkret, Norway for Emden Germany with stones & pebbles, used in oil industry & 29 crew, plus Norwegian Pilot -- had just bunkered at Skålevik near Bergen -- sent out distress call before overturned 200 yards off western island of Bjoroey 4:30 p.m.-- capsized south of Bergen, off coast of Norway. Rescuers can hear trapped people banging on hull -- ship remains afloat, with keel to sky -- 15 to 20 ships surrounded vessel & rescuers trying to enlarge hole cut in hull -- progress slowed by need to ensure no one inside hurt -- towing to shallower waters before attempting to rescue. On deck crane catching on ocean floor, hindering efforts to move ship to shallows -- water temperature 41F -- 2 dead -- 12 people pulled safety -- 16 trapped/missing. Correspondents Dan Massoni & Per-Ake Kvick. (Mon. Jan. 19 2004) "Rocknes Monster" - Dramatic Photo feature!

UPDATE>> Death toll from capsize of specialist bulk carrier M/V Rocknes looked certain to rise to 18 on Jan. 19 after emergency teams abandoned search for missing crew in freezing fjord near Bergen. Bergen-based operator Jebsen Management, which bareboat chartered the 2001 built ship from German KG financier Hartmann, had last year converted her into world's largest flexible fall pipe vessel. Rescue teams worked around clock to find survivors among 15 crew unaccounted for -- included 57-year-old Norwegian Master Jan A Juvik -- described as "highly experienced" officer. Casualty worst major accident for shipping group since single deck cargo vessel, S/S Garnes, sunk by German mine & crew drowned after cessation of 2nd World War in 1945. Now seen 18 dead -- our prayers. (Tues. Jan. 20 2004)

6,262 gt chemical/oil M/V Diamond Star (built 1992) -- strikes pier on arrival at Quebec City on Jan 18. (Tues. Jan. 20 2004)

3,984gt general cargo M/V Qing Chuan 2 (built 1982) & 4,061gt general cargo M/V Zhe Hai 108 -- in collision off Shimonoseki<<Webfeatuere. (Fri. Jan. 16 2004)


12 Jan. 2004 at 0230 LT in position 01:02S - 117:15E, Indonesia. Four armed pirates boarded bulk carrier at anchor via hawse pipe -- threatened duty A/B with long knives & steel bars. 2/O spotted pirates, raised alarm, sounded ship's whistle & crew mustered. Pirates escaped empty handed in motorboat. (Fri. Jan. 16 2004)

10 Ja. 2004 during early morning at Tarahan coal terminal, Indonesia. Armed pirates boarded bulk carrier at berth -- entered engine room & stole spare parts. (Fri. Jan. 16 2004)

10 Jan. 2004 at 2330 LT in position: 12:12.2S - 077:13.0W, anchorage no.12, Callao, Peru. Pirates armed with guns & knives boarded container ship via anchor chain -- threatened shore watchman, stole ship's stores & escaped. (Fri. Jan. 16 2004)

06 Jan. 2004 at 0940 UTC at Bonny River, Nigeria. Four pirates boarded supply ship underway from motorboat -- entered bridge & threatened master -- demanded money. They stole ship's stores & provisions -- left at 1056 UTC. (Fri. Jan. 16 2004)

02 Jan. 2004 at 1330 UTC in position 01:04.3N - 103:36.0E, Singapore Strait -- unlit boats detected crossing bow from port to starboard of chemical tanker underway. Boats switched on powerful searchlights & approached ship at full speed. Ship raised alarm, directed searchlights crew mustered -- attempted boarding aborted. (Fri. Jan. 16 2004)

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6,780 gt ro/ro M/V Sicilia (built 1976) grounded at Olbia port<<Webfeatuere, during port entrance maneuver. (Thurs. Jan. 15 2004)

French F/V Cap Burgaled Breiz -- sank off coast of S. England --intensive air & sea search involving 13 vessels & 2 rescue helicopters over 127 square miles -- 2 crew recovered from early stages of incident but confirmed dead at hospital in Truro -- vessel's life rafts located empty -- 2 bodies recovered - 3 missing. (Thurs. Jan. 15 2004)

Festering dispute over East China Sea island chain -- Diaoyu islands<<Webfeatuere, -- flared Jan. 15 with Chinese activists claiming that 10 Japanese ships & plane attacked 2 Chinese fishing boats with high-powered water cannon. Chinese government condemned Japanese move -- called on Tokyo to rein in its actions around Diaoyu islands<<Webfeatuere, claimed by Japan, China & Taiwan. Boats had been flying banners reading "Chinese territory: Japanese get out." Japan Coast Guard spokesman said Japanese vessel sprayed boat & hurled rocks. Matters escalated last year when Japanese government admitted to leasing some of disputed islands from Japanese family which has owned them for more than 3 decades. (Thurs. Jan. 15 2004)

2,200-berth Norwegian Cruise Line US$382M cruise 72,000gt. newbuilding M/V Pride of America<<Webfeatuere, at Bremerhaven shipyard Lloyd Werft, suffered wind squall Jan. 13 night -- gave vessel dangerous 15 degree starboard list, pressing hull against quay -- partly sank, causing 1 yard crane to collapse onto building ! -- 13 workers aboard & 3 injured. To be delivered in April, but now- ? Vessel being refitted & lengthened by 80 ft. for Miami, Florida-based Norwegian, owned by Malaysia's Star Cruises. Pride of America, along with 1,900-passenger M/V Pride of Aloha<<Webfeatuere, will begin interisland service as 1st American-flagged cruise ships to operate in Hawaiian waters since 1991 -- foreign-built but allowed to fly under U.S. flags. See Our "SINGLES ONLY" feature. (Wed. Jan. 14 2004)

Brazil-based Petrodril owned giant oil rig Pride Rio de Janeiro, undergoing tests in deep water as part of commissioning process in Portland Harbor, Maine -- 7 meter lifeboat with 3 crew -- plunged 54 ft. to sea, Jan. 13 -- 1 dead & 2 injured. (Wed. Jan. 14 2004)

USS Liberty Cover-Up?>>Webfeatuere -- crew, Stand At Ease? -- as reviewing documents covering 36 years, amid a lack of consensus, U.S. State Dept. concluded Jan. 12, that Israel's attack on U.S. intelligence ship Liberty during 1967 "Six Day War" was act of Israeli negligence. U.S. also negligent, the U.S. State Dept. hearing officer maintained, for failing to notify Israel that electronic intelligence-gathering ship was cruising Int'l waters off Egyptian coast & for failing to withdraw Liberty from war zone. Day-long conference studied fresh documents as well as established record failed to produce consensus for 3 views voiced most often: Israel intentionally attacked what it knew to be U.S. Navy ship, or attack was accidental, or attack resulted from faulty judgment -- 34 American salors killed on June 8, 1967, & more than 170 wounded. Israel long maintained that attack was case of mistaken identity, an explanation the Lyndon Johnson Administration did not challenge. Israel said forces thought Liberty was Egyptian horse carrier -- Israel apologized to U.S. & paid almost US$13M in compensation to victims. >> Read The Whole Story. (Mon. Jan. 12 2004) UPDATE>> There has been a backlash of U.S. veterans over the Jan. 12 hearing. Included, Ward Boston, a U.S. Navy Capt. who acted as senior legal counsel for the Navy's court of inquiry in 1967, signed an affidavit declaring that late Admiral Isaac Kidd, president of the 1967 court, told him that President Lyndon Johnson & Robert McNamara, defense secretary, had ordered a cover-up. (Financial Times) Conspiracy theories abound. (Tues. Jan. 13 2004)

Former U.S. Navy Cmdr. Lloyd "Pete" Bucher, who commanded USS Pueblo when it was captured by North Korea in 1968 & helped his crew survive months of brutal captivity, only to nearly face a court-martial back home, has died. He was 76. (Thurs. Feb. 5 2004)

2,200gt container M/V Sea Fox, for Riga, Latvia -- engine room fire -- disabled & drifting in Lands End Traffic Separation Zone. Vessel now under tow from M/V Anglian Princess -- due in Falmouth at 6:00pm today. (Sun. Jan. 11 2004)

Cargo M/V Trustar transferred contaners to feeder off Westport, Port Klang, Maylasia -- estimated 50 general cargo containers with textiles & fruits toppled into sea from feeder at 4.20am when feeder preparing to dock -- about half of 40ft & 20ft containers recovered using crane ship this afternoon. Scores of oranges, from the containers, drifting. (Sat. Jan. 10 2004)


04 Jan. 2004 at 2230 UTC in position 01:21S - 116:58E, Balikpapan anchorage, Indonesia. Five pirates boarded bulk carrier via hawse pipe -- entered bosun's store & stole ship's stores & safety equipment. (Fri. Jan. 9 2004)

Hijacked Tug - 25 Nov. 2003, 191gt tug M/V Profit No. 8 departed Jambi, Indonesia with barge Sumber Jaya 8 bound for Singapore -- 15 armed pirates hijacked tug & barge 15 nm off Muara Sabak. All 14 crew ordered to jump overboard -- managed to swim safely to Tg. Jabung. Barge located on 26 Nov. 2003 -- tug is still missing. Description: Ex. Name: Samlimsan 10, Registry: Singapore, IMO no: 9178264, Call sign: 9v5565, Built: malaysia/1997, grt: 191, loa : 26.00m. Colors- superstructure: white, hull: black, below load line: red, funnel: white -- old tires fitted around the hull. Tug could have changed name, color & flag.

All ships are requested to keep a lookout for M/V Profit No. 8 & if sighted inform us immediately. Information will be treated in strict confidence. (Fri. Jan. 9 2004)

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6,913gt general cargo M/V Lergenberg (built 1975) arrived Phu My Port, Vung Tau, Vietnam with flooded hold. (Fri. Jan. 9 2004)

74,000gt aircraft carrier USS Midway <<Webfeatuere, arrived in San Diego Bay, for permanent home at Navy Pier as nation's biggest museum devoted to carriers & naval aviation. Tugs pulled decommissioned warship down Pacific coast from Navy "Moth Ball Fleet" at Bremmerton, Washington to begin its new life. After taking on restored vintage aircraft at U.S. Navy Air Station at Coronado, Midway will cross to city's waterfront this weekend to become "San Diego Aircraft Carrier Museum.". Spring opening planned. Midway is nation's 5th & largest aircraft carrier museum -- others are the Intrepid in New York; Yorktown in Mount Pleasant, S.C.; Lexington in Corpus Christi, Texas; & Hornet in Alameda, Calif. >> The Cargo Letter is a proud financial contributor to this great project. (Thurs. Jan. 8 20044)

1,169gt general cargo M/V Wilson Maas (built 1997), ex-Trondheim, struck & damaged quay & herself at Mo I Rana, Jan, 8. (Wed. Jan. 7 2004)

Chinese feeder M/V Anhua 6 (V-2401E) for Shanghai -- in collision & sank with containers. Identity of other vessel & further details pending. (Wed. Jan. 7 2004)

UPDATE For USS Liberty>> U.S. State Dept. will call hearings next week on 1967 Israeli attack on the U.S. naval vessel USS Liberty -- 34 American servicemen were killed. Might this - at last be concluded? Over 30 years -- Where Is The Truth?>>Webfeatuere. (Tues. Jan. 6 2004)

Hong Kong-registered bulk M/V Dias in Int'l waters, suffered accident 550km NE of Cairns, NSW -- 2 crew, including Chief Officer,entered a confined space & suffered serious problems as result of fumes -- contacted emergency services in Australia & guided by radio through CPR (cardio-pulmonary resuscitation) by doctor with Royal Flying Doctor Service - both dead - CPR unsuccessful, bodies brought by helicopter to Cairns. (Mon. Jan. 5 2004)

1,836gt Tonga registered M/V Load Star (built 1982), Marmara for Almeria with steel & 12 crew -- made distress signal at 1600 GMT, Jan. 3 --