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Vessel Loss Dispatches For December 2002

Philippine trawler F/V Prince Warren FT, port city of General Santos for Sulu Sea with 13 crew, attacked by pirates off the southern island of Jolo, Zamboanga, Central Mindanao, Philippines -- 11 crew murdered. Although injured, the 2 survivors pretended to be dead & let their bodies float until pirates sped off with trawler -- swam for hours until spotted Kulasihan isle off Pangutaran. Carnage not reported unti 29 Dec. (Tues. Dec. 31 2002)

Russian F/V President Pik, for Haiphong for maintenance with 23 crew, sank Dec. 30 in heavy gale off Taiwan, all crew rescued by a Chinese tug, bound Chinese port of Quanzhou.. (Tues. Dec. 31 2002)

1499gt Bahamas registered standby safety vessel M/V Havila Sea (built 1975) colided with 12,881gt. drill platform Stena Dee (built 1982) in lat 56 43.28N, long 02 05.23E, at 0935, UTC, Dec 29. Stena Dee sustained denting to starboard forward leg, 5 meters above sea level. Havila Sea sustained damage to forecastle & crack in forepeak tank -- reported to be fully seaworthy & capable of continuing standby duties until relief vessel arrives Jan 1 or 2. (Mon. Dec. 30 2002)

584 dwt Dutch 54 metrer M/T Argas (built 1983) Ghent for Rotterdam with 560 tons of lubricating oil, ran aground just after leaving the locks of Terneuzen. After leaving the lock of Terneuzen Dec. 28, vessel came too close to shore on River Scheldt & struck stones along shore between the Oosthaven and the Veerhaven, receiving a leak in its bow. Tugs towed tanker after inspections. (Sun. Dec. 29 2002)

***Start Spread'in The News ......... as steel from the World Trade Center will form the wave cutting bow of USS New York (LPD 21), the 5th of 12 amphibious assault/dock ships in the San Antonio class amphibious transport dock<<webfeature, which the U.S. Navy calls one of its most technologically innovative. On Dec. 28 steel salvaged from wreckage of the World Trade Center was headed to the Northrop Grumman shipyard at Pascagoula, Miss., where construction is to begin next year for USS New York, a warship named in honor of those who perished in the Sept. 11 terrorist attack. The 684-foot vessel will carry a crew of 402 plus an 800 Marine expeditionary force. The US$800M vessel ready for active duty in 2007 & will be well credentialed to wage War On Terror. This structural steel, primarily from a section of beam about 20 feet long & weighing 20 to 30 tons, was wreckage taken across New York Harbor to Fresh Kills landfill on Staten Island after Sept. 11 attack. Believed to have been part of the South Tower, the 2nd of the twin skyscrapers hit by airliners hijacked by terrorists, but 1st to collapse. Nearly 2,800 people died in attack on World Trade Center. Currently, only submarines are given state names, but state officials lobbied Navy Secretary Gordon England to make exception. Other Navy ships have been named USS New York or USS New York City. Most recent USS New York was a battleship, commissioned in 1914 -- fought in both the Atlantic & Pacific during World War II. >> There may be many tributes to 9/11 -- but none are more appropriate than to send this precious steel to help extinguish the cause of its sorrow & hardened resolve. [from The Cargo Letter]<<webfeature

USS New York (CA 12)<<webfeature

USS New York (BB 34)<<webfeature

Newest vessel of the San Antonio class is USS Mesa Verde (LPD 19).

High resoltgion rendering of the San Antonio Class (Sat. Dec. 28 2002)

116-meter Turkish-flagged M/T Metin KA, with sulfuric acid, ran aground Dec. 20 after drifting in the Bosporus due to strong winds. Capt. able to start the engines after 2 hours & free the tanker, aground near residential district of Yenikoy. No leaks. The Bosporus, which bisects Istanbul, is one of the world's most dangerous waterways. Accidents are not uncommon in the narrow waterway -- the sole passage between Mediterranean & the Black Sea. (Sat. Dec. 28 2002)


22 Dec. 2002 at 0400 LT at Tg. Uban, Batam Island, Indonesia. Pirates hijacked a tug & barge under tow with a cargo of 1,800 mt palm oil. Pirates took master & chief mate in 2 speedboats towards shore. Later, chief mate released & made a police report at Tg. Pinang, Bintan Island. Fate of Master unknown. Tug with 6 crew & barge still missing. (Fri. Dec. 27 2002)

21 Dec. 2002 at 1030 LT in position 05:24N - 097:30.7E off Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia. Four pirates armed with rifles in motorboat followed general cargo ship underway. When the boat was about 50 meters from starboard quarter, one person pointed rifle towards bridge. Later boat altered course & sped away. Boat was 5 meters long with blue hull. Master informed ships in vicinity via VHF 16. (Fri. Dec. 27 2002)

21 Dec. 2002 at 0455 LT at Anyer, Indonesia. Duty motorman spotted Pirates armed with long knives & guns near engine room store of tanker. They tied his hands & feet -- forced him to lie on deck. When motorman freed himself, he raised alarm * crew mustered. Pirates escaped via funnel door with engine spares. No injuries to crew. (Fri. Dec. 27 2002)

18 Dec. 2002 at 0200 LT in position 03:42S - 116:24E, Sebuku anchorage, Indonesia. Five pirates armed with knives boarded bulk carrier via anchor chain. -- broke open paint store & stole ship's stores. Duty A/B raised alarm & crew mustered. Pirates jumped overboard & escaped. Incidentreported to local agents. (Fri. Dec. 27 2002)

NOTE: Just Our Impression -- but pirate attacks apear down in both number & violence since Int'l War On Terrorism has put world navies back on the seas. The Cargo Letter

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Tug M/V Thamrin-I0 near Lavan Island in Persian Gulf -- sinking Dec. 23 -- crew rescued by M/V Iran Afzal. (Wed. Dec 25 2002)

55,756gt, 230 meter M/T Bertora -- engines failed 130 miles east of Peterhead . Mayday call rebroadcast by Oil platform Marnock. Engine failure discovered to be safety pin in oil fuel line (Christmas sewing classes suspended on vessel) -- failed & cut off all fuel to engine. Once discovered problem rectified & vessel now continuing passage to the Pierce oilfield from Rotterdam. (Wed. Dec 25 2002)

Turkish 2,850 metric ton cargo M/V Nikdei aground late Dec. 23 near Ukrainian Black Sea port of Kherson. No injuries. No spill. Ukrainian tug assisting. (Tues. Dec. 24 2002)

German inland M/T Perseus, with methanol, in collision with Dutch inland cargo vessel in dense fog on the River Waal near Nijmegen on Dec 21. No injuries. Saw each other too late & collided bow on. Both vessels damaged. (Mon. Dec. 23 2002)

UK F/V Fleur de Lys, Penarth Pier for Cardiff Bay Barrage, began to sink in Bristol Channel -- 6 crew rescued by Penarth Lifeboat & F/V Jo Jo & F/V Mary-H. (Mon. Dec. 23 2002)

Panama registered seismographic research M/V CGG Mistral<<webfeature, sank & is at a depth of 700 metres. No pollution. (Sun. Dec. 22 2002)

Tonga registered 497gt general cargo M/V Lisa Star (built 1960) issued Mayday -- aground just outside of Limassol port -- has requested tug assistance. (Sun. Dec. 22 2002)

Turkish 13,500grt cargo M/V Sena Deniz, with timber & 24 crew, suffered engine room fire, 25 miles N. of St Ives, UK. Falmouth Coastguard scrambled Rescue helicopter from RNAS Culdrose<<webfeature & requested launch of lifeboats from Padstow & St Ives. Thanks to these UK rescuers, engine room doused with CO2 - fire now out, but temperature of engine room monitored. No injuries. Rescue helicopter from RNAS Culdrose<<webfeature now airlifting firefighters aboard vessel. (Fri. Dec. 20 2002) UPDATE>> Turkish cargo ship still without power off Cornish coast after fire in her engine room. (Sat Dec. 21 2001)


17 Dec. 2002 at 0530 LT at Samarinda anchorage, Indonesia. Five pirates with knives boarded general cargo ship from starboard side. Duty A/B raised alarm but was injured when escaping from pirates. Pirates jumped overboard & escaped. Local authorities informed. (Fri. Dec. 20 2002)

16 Dec. 2002 at 0610 LT at Jakarta anchorage, Indonesia. Four pirates boarded gas carrier, stole safety equipment & escaped in wooden boat. Port authorities, pilot station and local agent were informed. (Fri. Dec. 20 2002)

15 Dec. 2002 at 1805 LT in position 04: 01.7S - 115: 59.97E, Pulau Laut, 2.3 NM from IBT anchorage, Indonesia. Pirates in unlit high-speed boat tried to board bulk carrier via anchor chain. Alert duty A/B raised alarm & crew mustered. Pirates jumped overboard & escaped in boat. (Fri. Dec. 20 2002)

15 Dec. 2002 between 0500 - 0545 LT at fairway buoy, Kingston, Jamaica. Pirates boarded container ship & stole ship's property. They broke into a container and stole cargo. (Fri. Dec. 20 2002)

11 Dec. 2002 at 1805 LT at Lagos anchorage, Nigeria. Six pirates armed with M-16 machineguns in speedboat attempted to board bulk carrier via anchor chain. Pirates aborted attempt to board due to crew alertness. Master reported to local authorities & warned other ships in area. (Fri. Dec. 20 2002)

11 Dec. 2002 at 1320 LT at Jakarta anchorage, Indonesia. Armed pirates in boat boarded bulk carrier & stole ship's property/stores. Ship's crew mustered & pirates jumped overboard -- escaped in their boat. Incident reported to Jakarta pilot station. (Fri. Dec. 20 2002)

10 Dec. 2002 at 2300 LT, 4nm from Colombo port, Sri Lanka. Armed pirates in 2 boats boarded container ship at anchor & broke open 4 containers. Alert duty A/B raised alarm & crew mustered. Pirates jumped overboard & escaped. Nothing stolen. Port control informed who informed Navy. Harbor police & security came to investigate. (Fri. Dec. 20 2002)

06 Dec. 2002 at 0110 UTC in position 10:19.2N - 075:31.5W, Bahia de Cartagena, Colombia. Five pirates boarded tanker via anchor chain & broke open bosun's store. Duty crew spotted & raised alarm -- crew mustered. Pirates stole ship's property & stores -- escaped by jumping overboard. Coast guard & port control informed. Coast guard sent high-speed boat to pursue pirates. (Fri. Dec. 20 2002)

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Trilogy Petroleum Pte. Ltd. bunker 106gt M/T SB 0219C, in balast, suffered fire off Malang Tiga Buoy in East Johor Strait within Singapore port -- fire extinguished -- 3 injured crew sent to hospital. Tanker remains in stable condition -- towed to anchorage off Changi. (Fri. Dec. 20 2002)

M/T Nestor C, Lithuania for Pakistan with 30,000 tons of ammonium phosphate fertilizers suffered water ingress to emgine room off northern Portuguese coast -- now escorted by Portuguese Navy frigate to a Lisbon port. Vessel too large for docking in Leixoes port, 300km (188 miles) from Lisbon. (Fri. Dec. 20 2002)

13,500-ton timber M/V Sena Deniz, with 24 crew suffered engine room fire 15 miles NW of Newquay, UK -- 2 of 24 personnel airlifted to Royal Cornwall Hospital in Treliske, Truro, wuth minor injuries. (Thurs. Dec. 19 2002)

Brazilian ferry M/V Dom Luis XV-I, with 300 passengers -- rated for 148 -- sank in N. Amazon regionm 1,550 miles N. of Sao Paulo -- killing 7 & leaving dozens missing. At least 207, many wearing life preservers, swam to nearby island on Para River 25 miles S. of Belem. Death toll could be 104. (Wed . Dec. 18 2002)

Taiwanese F/V Hai Chun Tsai, with 7 crew, caught fire about Dec. 12 off Curimao, 465km (290 miles) N. of Manila -- plucked from waters Dec. 18 by passing tanker. Fire that gutted vessel started in engine room & spread on deck - faulty electrical wiring caused blaze. (Wed . Dec. 18 2002)

Estonian fish processing M/V Merike suffered pipe break in engine room -- floding -- 260km E. of St. John's, Newfoundland -- U.S. Coast Guard dropped pumps from C-130 Hercules -- flooding controled. (Wed . Dec. 18 2002)

U.S. tug M/V Doug McKeil suffered crank case explosion Dec. 15 -- left tug & her barge Ocean Hauler, dead in water near Buoys 11 and 12 in the Lake Huron cut, Great Lakes. No injuries. (Wed . Dec. 18 2002)

Passenger ferry M/V Changyun 1 in collision with cargo M/V Yisheng, with 30 vehicles, on Yangtze River in W. China -- 11 dead & 32 missing from ferry which sank within minutes -- 7 rescued -- Chongqing municipal government dispatched 20 boats to assist rescue effort. (Tues. Dec. 17 2002)

Panama 5,342gt chemical/oil M/T Sky Ace (built 1997) & 16,731gt M/V Kota Wijaya (built 1991), in collision in Gulf of Thailand, near Pai island, 5.5km (3.5 miles) from Laem Chabang early Dec.17, -- due to poor visibility in pre-dawn darkness. Sky Ace sustained major structural damage & leaking fuel. No casualties. Esso Singapore dispatched an emergency team to control oil slick, which had spread about 200 sq. meters around collision site. Accident took place near Pai island, which is 5.5km (3.5 miles) from Laem Chabang. Both ships headed to port after accident. (Tues. Dec. 17 2002)

Chinese lighter M/V Hang Gang-3 -- sunk -- at Chittagong outer anchorage during lightening cement clinker from 26,087gt bulk M/V Midway II (built 1985) at Kutubdia. While lighter vessel making fast to receive cargo from mother vessel, master noticed lighter vessel having 3 to 5 degree of list to starboard. Hang Gang-3 "bent" downward at mid section & slowly sinking. Water rushing onto midship area. Crew & stevedores cut off lighter vessel's fore & aft lines made fast to Midway II, as a result lighter started to sink fast with 16 of crew members & stevedores boarding Midway II -- 3 rescued by local boats. (Tues. Dec. 17 2002)

Insult To Injury>> Dutch Antilles-registered, German-owned M/V Nicola, Spanish port of La Coruna for Rotterdam with 7 crew in ballast, in collision with sunken M/V Tricolor, which went down Dec. 15 with a cargo of luxury cars. No injuries. Three tug pulled Nicola off Tricolor, 6hours later. (Sun. Dec. 15 2002) -- NOTE>> We have Photos -- Coming.

Cyprus 11,848gt bulk M/V Nogat (built 1999), in St. Lawrence Seaway with wheat -- Duluth for Casablanca -- holed her forepeak -- flooded & unpumpable -- diver attending -- vessel now ioverdraught at 8.65meters. The maximum draught allowable in the Seaway is 8 meters. No water ingress -- holds & double bottoms are tight. No pollution. She is safely alongside approach wall at lock. (Sun. Dec. 15 2002)

Greek 14,790gt crude M/T Theopisti (built 1968), with 1,800 tons of fuel oil, afire 500 meters from coast of Aspropyrgos on Dec. 13. Vessel is still afire. (Sun. Dec. 15 2002)

Norwegian-registered Wilhelmsen Lines ro/ro M/V Tricolor, Zebrugge, Belgium, for Southamptonwith 2,862 cars & 77 containers, in collision with Bahamas-registered 577-foo container M/V Kariba, 30 miles E. of Ramsgate, England. Tricolor sank --- resting on the bottom of Channel, but only partly submerged because tide low. Kariba returning to Antwerp, Belgium escorted by Belgian warship & French coast guard.Bad year for Ro/Ro's. Tricolor worth about 25 million pounds (US$40M) & cargo up to 31 million pounds (US$49M). (Sat. Dec. 14 2002) See Our Photo Feature

Sri Lankan M/V Blue Star Marinem drifting in Red Sea for week after engine breakdown -- rescued by Saudi Arabian coastguards -- rescued 71 Sri Lankans. (Fri. Dec. 13 2002)

F/V Jordan Danielle out of Hull, quickly taking on water in engine room in 12-foot seas, 1 mile south of Cohasset -- rescued by U.S. Coast Guard. No injuries. Vessel sank. (Fri. Dec. 13 2002)


09 Dec. 2002 at 0120 LT, 1 NM W. of sea buoy, Buena Ventura outer roads, Colombia. Seven pirates in motorized wooden boat attempted to board bulk carrier using grapnel hooks. Alert crew on deck prevented from boarding & raised alarm. Seeing crew alertness pirates fled. Incident reported to local agent & port authorities. (Fri. Dec. 13 2002)

07 Dec. 2002 at 2300 LT at Semarang anchorage, Indonesia. Pirates posing as stevedores boarded barge alongside bulk carrier. Pirates hid behind cargo of plywood in barge & waited to board ship. Duty crew spotted & raised alarm -- crew mustered. Attempted boarding was aborted. (Fri. Dec. 13 2002)

01 Dec. 2002 at 2030 LT in position 01:03.46N - 103:23.54E, Indonesia. Eight pirates armed with guns boarded tug at anchor -- assaulted 2nd engineer, tied him to barge anchored nearby. Pirates hijacked tug & another barge. (Fri. Dec. 13 2002)

28 Nov. 2002 at 2230 LT in waters off Bukit Tinggi, Tuaran, Sabah, Malaysia. Two pirates in boat armed with M-16 rifles boarded trawler underway. Asked skipper for his identification documents & shot him in lower abdomen. Pirates ordered other 4 crew to jump into sea saying otherwise they would be killed. Pirates hijacked trawler. Crew swam 8m & reached shore. They walked for 3 hours before reaching Bukit Tinggi village. The 4 crew lodged report at Kota Kinabalu Police Station. Skipper's body later recovered by police. What Naval Force Can Stop This? (Fri. Dec. 13 2002)

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Russian F/V Aleksandrit, with 18 crew drifting in rough seas off Newfoundland since last week when propeller became tangled in fishing net -- 2nd attempt to tow failed today. Commercial tug from Halifax hired, but will take days to reach Aleksandrit. Royal Canadian Coast Guard vessel, CCGS Sir Wilfred Grenfell<<photofeature, on station until tug arrives. (Thurs. Dec. 12 2002)

Torm Line, West African cargo M/V Torm Africa, with lumber & containers, suffered engine room fire at Port of Savannah -- forcing firefighters to battle blaze amid 1,000-degree heat in ship's hold. Heat so intense that steam began to crack paint on sides of Torm Africa -- ship was being moved to new berth for repairs. (Thurs. Dec. 12 2002) >> A "Torm Line Memory"<<photofeature.

34,002gt, Panama registered 250-meter crude M/T Princess Pia (built 1979), Klaipeda, Lithuania, for Singapore with 50,000 tons of fuel oil, aground off Lithuania's coast Dec. 11 -- tugboat guiding vessel out of harbor when the it took a wrong turn & ran aground. Six tugs failed to dislodge vessel. Will unload vessel as precaution before trying to free it again. EU officials gone crazy over this - but no spill thus far. (Thurs. Dec. 12 2002)

Liberian-flagged M/T Alpha Tank --aground in Suez Canal -- halting traffic for 4 hours in busy shipping lane through Egypt to connect Red & Mediterranean seas. (Wed. Dec. 11 2002)

Turkish 30,228gt bulk M/V Hidir Selek (built 1983) with soyabeans, aground near Southwest Pass at mouth of Mississippi River Dec 5 -- unable to free itself under own power -- U.S. Coast Guard has requested lightering plan. (Wed. Dec. 11 2002)

Dutch flaged M/V Hong Kong Express in collision with Panama registered M/T Sara Glory, just north of Port Said, Egypt -- near entrance to Suez Canal -- Hong Kong Express lost 4 containers as result. (Wed. Dec. 11 2002)

Unidentified Polynesian island republic of Tonga flagged Motor vessel, in ballast with 7 crew, sank after winds of up to 72km per hour (45 mph) battered vessel against rocks, splitting its hull into 3 sections -- abandoned by crew after running aground off Bulgaria's Black Sea coast -- anchor chain broke loose in heavy storms near Bulgarian-Turkish border. (Wed. Dec. 11 2002)

39,012gt Malaysian bulk M/V Bunga Saga Dua (built 1993), Rio Grande for Indonesia with 55,600 tons of soy meal in bulk, for Indonesia, aground at Rio Grande Bar, Dec 10. Four tugs tried to refloat Dec. 10, without success -- will make further efforts. (Wed. Dec. 11 2002)

Unflagged North Korean freighter M/V Sosan intercepted by Spanish Navy frigates - Santa Maria Class Navarra (F85))<<photofeature (built 1994) & provision vessel Patino (A14)<<photofeature in Arabian Sea, 600 miles E. of Horn of Africa, with dozen short- to medium-range Scud-type missiles believed originated in North Korea. U.S. officials said missiles at least initially headed for Yemen. Spanish Navy stopped & boarded after crew refused to identify themselves (the "we are Swiss" line did not work). North Korean Capt. of Sosan initially told Spanish officials ship laden with cement. Said they we having a "hard" time. Vessel believed bound for Yemen. Spanish Navy participating in "Operation Enduring Freedom", U.S.-led global anti-terrorism coalition. (Tues. Dec. 10 2002)

154,071gt Panama registered M/T Oriental Venture (built 1992), bound from West Africa, suffered explosion while discharging at Zhoushan, PRC. No loss of life. (Tues. Dec. 10 2002)

Panamanian bulk carrier M/V Golden Bridge, Japan for Port Kembla on NSW coast, suffered explosion as apparent result of high-pressure air leak off coast of Newcastle Australia -- Westpac Rescue Helicopter flew paramedics to vessel 20 NM south of Newcastle. Filipino crew suffered head injuries -- pronounced dead at scene. (Mon. Dec. 9 2002)

German-registered coaster M/V Heike -- broke down 4 miles off Isles of Scilly being towed into Falmouth, UK. tug Anglian Prince at scene, should tow. (Mon. Dec. 9 2002)

General cargo barge Sharavati Baug in Bombay port suffered explosion -- 2 dead & 6 injured. Workers engaged in cutting welding work -- spark ignited nearby air tank -- so powerful that LPG cylinder flew 300 meters. (Sat. Dec. 7 2002)

505ft. destroyer USS Paul Hamilton (DDG 60) <<webfeature (Built 1995), with 32 officers & 313 enlisted, on Persian Gulf patrol with USS Abraham Lincoln battle group -- in collision with Iranian "oil vessel", not a tanker (whatever that means). American ship was attempting to conduct a maritime intercept of the Iranian ship when the collision occurred. Paul Hamilton in no danger, continued operations. (Fri. Dec. 6 2002)

15mt. steel S/V SS Columbia, with 4 crew, Vancouver, Oct. 20, for Mexico -- overdue for Mexico on Nov. 20. Canadian police & immigration officials investigated skipper, Bob Norwid, in Aug. after complaints about impending trip to Mexico. His company, Discovery Sailing Academy, advertises long-haul trips to places such as Galapagos Islands, Tahiti, & Alaska. Passengers pay for voyage & act as crew in training. (Fri. Dec. 6 2002)

149,945gt M/T Front Lord having hull crack repaired in Canary Island port of Las Palmas suffered explosion -- 2 killed -- 2 others trapped in one of ship's tanks. (Fri. Dec. 6 2002)

Panama registered cargo M/V Tian Yu & Singapore-registered oil M/T Agate in collision, 5 NM S.W. of Pulau Batu Putih -- spilling 350 tons of light crude oil. Singapore Maritime & Port Authority (MPA) monitoring situation. (Fri. Dec. 6 2002)


02 Dec. 2002 between 0100 - 0130 LT at Georgetown, Guyana. Three pirates boarded inbound general cargo ship -- stole ship's stores from forecastle & escaped. Master tried to contact port authority -- no response. (Fri. Dec. 6 2002)

01 Dec 2002 at 2030 LT in position 01:03.46N - 103:23.54E, Indonesia. Eight pirates armed with guns boarded tug at anchor -- assaulted 2nd engineer & tied him to barge anchored nearby. Pirates then hijacked tug & another barge. (Fri. Dec. 6 2002)

28 Nov. 2002 at 1800 LT at 30 nm off Tanjung Tuan, off Port Dickson, Malacca straits. Four pirates boarded trawler. Pirates threatened skipper at gunpoint & took him to secluded island -- 2 pirates remained behind to watch over crew. Pirates instructed skipper to telephone his family & ask for ransom. Family could not raise ransom so skipper offered trawler's equipment & stock of fish. After negotiations, pirates relented & returned skipper to trawler. Reported to local police. (Fri. Dec. 6 2002)

26 Mov. 2002 at 2150 UTC in position 00:14.7S - 117:32.8E at Samarinda anchorage, Indonesia. Pirates boarded a RO/RO ship via aft deck -- tried to steal a life raft. Alert duty crew raised alarm & pirates escaped empty handed. (Fri. Dec. 6 2002)

25 Nov. 2002 at 0100 UTC in position 00:14.7S - 117:32.8E at Samarinda anchorage, Indonesia. Pirates boarded a RO/RO ship posing as stevedores -- broke open bosun store, stole safety equipment & ship's stores -- escaped. (Fri. Dec. 6 2002)

24 Nov. 2002 at 1300 LT, west of Kendi island, Malacca straits. Pirates boarded motorized craft underway, took hostage master & confiscated all documents. Pirates damaged engine & set vessrel adrift with its 12 crew. Pirates kidnapped master & took him ashore to Aceh in Sumatra --demanded a ransom. Pirates released master after ransom paid. Vessel & 12 crew still missing. (Fri. Dec. 6 2002)

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Venezuelan Navy boarded & seized government oil (Ms.) M/T Pilin Leon (named for a former Miss World), with 280,000 barrels gasoline off W. city of Maracaibo, Dec. 4, "pirated by a rebel crew." 4-day-old general strike virtually halted loading of oil tankers, forcing Venezuela to free buyers & sellers from fulfilling oil contracts -- exports stopped because 23 tankers unable to load cargo. Opposition leaders called strike Nov. 1 to demand immediate vote on leftist rule of President Hugo Chavez. National Guard troops deployed in Caracas to keep pro- & anti-Chavez rallies from clashing. Oil exports account for 75% of total exports & 50% of government income. Protesters on tugs circled Pilin Leon, blowing whistles to support crew -- in Lake Maracaibo, where 1 million barrels of crude shipped daily. Opposition marches spread to cities across the country. (Thurs. Dec. 5 2002)

Ecudorian M/V Don Ignacio F, sinking 1,390km NW of Ecuador, with 157 Ecudorians aboard -- vessel overloaded, with no food or water & incapable of moving by itself -- located Dec. 2 by USS Crommelin (FFG 37)<<photofeature. Passengers transferred to USS Crommelin (FFG 37) <<webfeature -- received medical attention & food. There to help all too often, be quite proud of the U.S. Navy<<webfeature - no matter where you might live. (Thurs. Dec. 5 2002)

North Korean 3,144gt general cargo M/V Chil Song (built 1981), Nagoya Dec 3 for Hitachi, with tire chips (a "high value" cargo made from stuff nobody wants) & 21 crew, ran aground on coastal waters in Hitachi, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan -- heavy oil found floating inside Hitachi harbor. No injuries. No danger of sinking. Condition stable, Agate proceeded under own power to safe position beyond main traffic lane -- anchored for inspection. (Thurs. Dec. 5 2002)

World Tankers of Singapore's crude oil M/T Agate, Dumai, Sumatra, for Balongan, Indonesia with 34,000 tons of Sumatra Light Crude & 52,000 tons of Duri Crude, in collision with Panama registered general cargo M/V Tian Yu in Singapore Strait. Agate struck port side -- damage to 1 of 11 tanks, above waterline -- limited loss of cargo - around 300 tons. (Thurs. Dec. 5 2002)

Dutch-Antilles flagged M/V Scan Trader, in St. Lawrence River westbound for Montreal, suffered crew overboard -- de-icing deck hatch covers with other crewmen when lost his footing & fell off. Scan Trader stopped & lowered small craft to search -- Canadian Coast-Guard, M/V CSL Niagara, M/V Kapitonas Andzejauskas & M/V Thalassa Desgagnes all aided in sea & air search. Search effort did not succeed -- life saving belts recovered & missing 46 year old Russian seaman's cap. (Wed. Dec. 4 2002)

South Korean trawler F/V Koras No.5, at anchor at Mal Del Plata, Argentina, caught fire due to electrical short-circuit -- at least 7 crew dead & 2 missing -- 28 crew escaped. (Wed. Dec. 4 2002)

Two Kuwaiti coast guard vessels taken under fire by Iraqi boat in the Persian Gulf, near the tiny island of Warba. Kuwaiti vessels returned fire -- collided during incident -- 1 crew was slightly hurt. Iraqi vessel withdew. (Tues. Dec. 3 2002) UPDATE>> "There were no firings of any type & there was no Iraqi involvement of any kind," a U.S. military officer said, speaking on condition of anonymity. Two U.S. officers said Kuwait naval patrol boats collided near Bubiyan Island With unspecified number of U.S. special operations troops aboard at least one boat. So what really happened? (Wed. Dec. 4 2002)

2,000-ton M/V Scot Ranger listed to 30 degrees after its timber cargo shifted off Land's End, UK, Dec. 1 night -- in danger of sinking. High winds & 25 to 30 feet high rolling seas made rescue extremely hazardous. Vessel so far out of water could see the propeller turning. Three crew were lifted off 1 at a time by 771 Squadron at RNAS Culdrose. Vessel with 3 remaining crew next escorted by Falmouth Coastguard tug M/V Far Sky to Mounts Bay near Penzance for repair work. (Mon. Dec. 2 2002)

Germany-registered barge Sierksdork, with a gravel-type cement component, exploded & sank in northern Denmark harbor Aalborg, 230km (140 miles) NW of the capital, Copenhagen, at 4:30am (0330 GMT) -- 3 of 6 injuries are critical. Cargo developed gasse & spark from an electric engine could have caused the explosion. Aalborg Portland A/S is Denmark's only cement manufacturer & produces as much as 2.8 million tons annually. (Mon. Dec. 2 2002)

Italian 23,007gt M/V Bulk Challenger (built 1977), Russia for Italy, & 1,344gt Turkish general cargo M/V Fatih N. (built 1988), Greece to Russia, in collision in Canakkale Strait, Dec. 1 in heavy fog. No injuries. Canakkale Strait was closed to traffic for security of the ships. (Sun. Dec. 1 2002)

U.S. company Windstar Cruises's four-masted luxury cruise S/V Wind Song suffered engine room fire near Pacific Ocean isle of Bora Bora, French Polynesia, Dec. 1. All 127 passengers, mostly U.S. citizens, & 92 crew taken off without injury. Passenger ferry M/V Aremiti rushed to scene & rescued many. Passage refunded & passengers offered free trip in future. Vessel state unknown, but fire thought under control. (Sun. Dec. 1 2002)

Philippine ferry M/V Wynona, bound for Pilar, caught fire Nov 28 off port of Pilar, Sorsogon province, central Philippines -- 85 passengers & crew rescued -- now docked & undergoing repairs. (Sun. Dec. 1 2002)

Vessel Loss Dispatches For November 2002

UK Falmouth Coastguard received Nov, 20 call from heavy lift
M/V CEC Cowbridge via satellite telephone 250 miles off coast of Brazil, to inform proceeding to assistance of Liberian Flagged, Dutch chemical M/T Stolt Tenancity -- had suffered engine room fire -- vessel had to activate CO2 system, causing total loss of engine power --had auxiliary back up systems, but cabling burnt out to emergency generator. No injuries to crew. CEC Cowbridge called Falmouth Coastguard in UK because they were unable to raise Brazilian Rescue Authorities. Fortunately a Watch Officer at Falmouth Coastguard is fluent Spanish speaker & able to communicate with crews & Brazilian Authorities. (Fri. Nov. 29 2002)


24 Nov. 2002 at 2030 UTC in position 03:12S - 116:20E at Pemancingan anchorage, Indonesia. Six pirates armed with knives in boat boarded general cargo via anchor chain. Alert duty officer raised alarm & crew mustered. Pirates jumped overboard & escaped in their waiting boat. Local agent & police informed. Police came onboard at 2130 UTC for investigation. (Fri. Nov. 29 2002)

22 Nov. 2002 at 0030 LT at Rio Haina port, Dominican Republic. Four pirates, one armed with rifle, boarded LPG carrier moored at buoys. Alert duty A/B raised alarm & crew mustered. Pirates escaped by jumping into sea. Upon checking, crew found a large quantity of safety equipment stolen from lifeboat. Police came to investigate 1 hour later. (Fri. Nov. 29 2002)

21 Nov. 2002 at 0503 UTC in position 12:41N - 043:20E, strait of Bab-El-Mandeb, Red Sea. While underway, 8 pirates in 2 white color speedboats attempted to board bulk carrier. Duty officer raised alarm & crew mustered -- activated pressurised fire hoses. Speedboats disappeared in SSE direction. Ship established radio contacts with a military aircraft & reported incident. (Fri. Nov. 29 2002)

20 Nov. 2002 at 1810 UTC in position 12:05N - 051:40E, Gulf of Aden. Two large speedboats initially making 5.5 kts approached bulk carrier underway. When the boats came within 4 nm suddenly increased speed to 15.5 kts. Master altered course & directed search lights. On sighting alert crew on deck, the boats moved away. (Fri. Nov. 29 2002)

20.11.2002 between 1000 - 1100 UTC in position 01:24.0S - 116:56.8E, Balikpapan anchorage, Indonesia. Six pirates armed with long knives & crowbars boarded tanker via stbd anchor chain. Pirates broke open forward store & stole ship's stores and one life raft on forecastle deck & escaped in fishing boat. (Fri. Nov. 29 2002)

17 Nov. 2002 at 0130 LT, 67 nm off Pantai Remis coast, Perak, Malaysia. Eight pirates crept out of dark & fired at fishing boat engaged in casting nets. One crew hit with bullet. Skipper managed to steer vessel toward coast to escape pirates. There were more than 20 bullet holes in the boat. (Fri. Nov. 29 2002)

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13-metre sloop-rigged S/V Obsession saved by the U.S. Coast Guard on Nov. 24, 560km off Cape Cod -- 4 men & a woman had difficulty with 75kph winds & seas of up to 10 meters. Issued a distress call, Nov. 24 morning -- Panamanian-flagged container M/V Mol Ingenuity, for Rotterdam, was diverted to assist. (Fri. Nov. 29 2002)

94gt tug Rita M (built 1997) in collsion with 137gt tug Jake Huffty's (built 1980) & 6 barges with petroleum products at 0135 hrs 9 miles W. of Intracoastal City. Salvage crews worked to separate barges & reopen waterway. (Thurs. Nov. 28 2002)

38' U.K. Yacht S/V BLUE (sloop built in Hong Kong) Lumut for Lankawi on W coast of Malaysia on routine sailing trip -- breaking Nov. 27 morning -- struck object & holed. Due to ingress of water & steering jammed -- put out Mayday call on VHF Ch 16 but did not receive response -- fired distress flares, with no response. Owner, Mr Jordan & colleague deployed liferaft & abandon yacht -- rapidly sinking. His telephone previously programmed with Falmouth Coastguard's telephone number. Mr Jordan then spoke to Falmouth Coastguard via satellite, who alerted Malaysian authorities. Passing fishing vessel picked up Mr. Jordan. (Thurs. Nov. 28 2002)

East African State of Djibouti reportedly arrested Somalian ship's Capt. & crew suspected of killing 60 or more passengers who went missing in Gulf of Aden. Large group of Ethiopians & Somalians trying to reach Yemen reported missing after boat they were travelling in lost power. Spanish Navy frigate went to rescue of stricken ship -- rescued 93 people including crew & found bodies of 3 dead. Somalian Capt. which left town of Bossasso in autonomous Somali region of Puntland last week, said 150 passengers on board. However, surviving passengers said boat carrying 200 people. (Thurs. Nov. 28 2002)

18,055gt product M/T Hellenic Star (built 1988) suffered steering problems & colliided with moored 4,164gt Antigua & Barbuda registered M/V Western Trader (built 1991) near jetty at Botlek, Rotterdam, Nov. 27 evening. Western Trader heavily damaged. Hellenic Star has light bow damage. Tugs on scene. (Wed. Nov. 27 2002)

54mt. Spanish trawler F/V Nuska, contacted Spanish Rescue Center Madrid, reporting 22-year-old Ghanian crew aboard severely injured hand in accident -- caught hand in machine used to strip fish skin -- most daring rescue missions ever carried out by civilian helicopter crew revealed how they had only 10 minutes of fuel left on board after 600-mile record-breaking flight into mid-Atlantic & back -- crew of Stornoway Coastguard helicopter airlifted badly injured fisherman from deck of F/V Nuska 300 miles off Western Isles. (Tues. Nov. 26 2002)

361gt F/V Bamp, with 29 aboard, aground & sinking in lat 09 51N, long 160 53E, off Hawaii. Coast Guard Honolulu currently looking to rescue crew. (Tues. Nov. 26 2002)

Panamanian M/V West Wind, sent mayday signal 4:55am Nov, 25 -- says it came under fire 35km SW of Rishiri in the Sea of Japan. Message reported by F/V -- 70km SW of the island of Rishiri, Hokkaido, early Nov. 25. Japan Coast guard officers questioned crew aboard -- they denied being fired upon. (Tues. Nov. 26 2002)

Bahamian-registered 56,835gt, 199-meter ro/ro M/V Hual Europe<<photofeature, with 4,000 vehicles & 24 crew, ablaze out of control just off island of Izu-Oshima S. off Tokyo -- threat of explosion forcing dozens of people on shore to be evacuated. Vessel ran aground during early Oct. typhoon. Obviously, more details & photos needed. Listing 20 degrees to port - engine room flooded - some oil spill - MPG ratings lowered for vehicles. (Mon. Nov. 25 2002) UPDATE>> M/V Hual Europe<<photofeature has rolled over, broke in half & caught fire. US$60M ship, carrying several thousand automobiles & heavy machinery, declared total loss. HUAL's insurers negotiating for contract to remove wreck. (Thurs. Nov. 28 2002)

55mt catamaran Norwegian Navy advanced minesweeper Orkla (Built 1990's for US$41M), with 33 crew, caught fire 19 Nov. -- burned for more than a day before capsizing in shallow waters off coast of Aalesund, 400km (250 miles) NW of Oslo. No injuries. Successfully salvaged & transported on barges to naval base for investigation. Norwegian Navy has cancelled outdoor barbeque competition. (Mon. Nov. 25 2002)

Maltese registered Tanker Pacific Management 50,003gt, crude M/T Tasman Sea (built 1980), transiting to pilot pick-up point at entry to Port of Tianjin, in collision with Chinese-registered coastal M/V Shun Kai No.1 on Nov 23 -- caused oil spill in Port of Tianjin -- port anchor of Shun Kai No.1 caused a 50 cm hole high above the waterline in No.3 starboard cargo tank. Oil spill measuring 2.5 NM in length and 1.4 NM in width in Bohai Sea. No injuries. (Mon. Nov. 25 2002)

Panamanian-registered M/T Gaz Poem, bound for Chinese port of Yan Tien -- was 24 miles (40 kms) E of Hong Kong, near Waglan island, when alarm raised. with 20,000 tons of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) & 34 crew, suffered engine room fire in Chinese waters -- crew to lifeboats. Mainland Chinese & Hong Kong firefighters at scene -- thought little risk of explosion. No injuries. (Sun. Nov. 24 2002) UPDATE>> No smoke or flames rose from the vessel Nov.29, but temperatures on tanker exceeded levels required to safely store gas. Two firefighting vessels spraying tanker on Nov. 29 & officials had boarded it to evaluate the ship's condition. (Fri. Nov. 29 2002)

ALERT>> U.S. COAST SHUTDOWN CRISIS: DAY 54>> It May Be Over>> Int'l Longshore & Warehouse Union and the Pacific Maritime Assoc. on the U.S. West Coast reached a tentative 6-year contract agreement early Nov. 24, potentially ending the long, caustic labor dispute that closed the ports & prompted intervention by the President. Sticking points had centered on shipping companies' desire for computerized cargo tracking systems that will make dockside work more efficient, but also cost jobs. The ILU in return wanted increased compensation & pension benefits. Chief federal mediator Peter Hurtgen praised both sides, saying lead negotiators in San Francisco "demonstrated statesmenlike leadership, which made this agreement possible." President George W. Bush, in a statement issued by the White House early Nov. 24, said: "This agreement is good for workers, good for employers & it's good for the American economy. I congratulate labor & management for working together to successfully resolve their disagreement." (Sat. Nov. 23 2002)

The U.S. Navy EP-3 plane downed after colliding with a Chinese fighter jet last year has taken its 1st test flight, 16 months after it was shipped back to U.S in pieces. U.S. officials dismantled aircraft & hired a Russian cargo plane to carry fuselage back to Lockheed, where new wing, tail & nose components installed. (Sat. Nov. 23 2002) Follow Our Extensive Coverage<<webfeature. Our Special Photo Feature<<photofeature. (Sat. Nov. 23 2002)

Explosive-packed Palestinian boat entered Israeli-controlled waters off northern Gaza & approached by 20-meter coastal Israeli patrol boat, armed with 20 mm cannon & 12.7 mm machine guns -- blew themselves up when intercepted -- rammed patrol boat, sinking the Israeli patrol boat, 4 Israeli casualties. (Sat. Nov. 23 2002)


18 Nov. 2002 at 0210 LT at anchor off fairway buoy, Cochin, India. Pirates boarded container ship from forecastle whilst 4 accomplices waited in boat below. Alert duty A/B raised alarm & pirates jumped overboard & escaped. Port control informed. (LAX Fri. Nov. 22 2002)

07 Nov. 2002 at 0205 LT Chittagong anchorage, Bangladesh. Seven pirates armed with knives, crowbars & big hooks boarded general cargo ship from stern. One pirate threatened duty cadet with long knife. Duty A/B raised alarm & pirates jumped overboard with ship's stores. Port control & local agent informed. (LAX Fri. Nov. 22 2002)

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Antigu & Barbuda regisitered 2844gt cargo M/V A.B. Lubeck (built 1997), Taranto for Moerdijk, aground on Nieuwe Waterweg, near Dolphin Green No.7, due to steering problems at 1730, local time, today. No damage. SMIT Salvage tug assisting. (Thurs. Nov. 21 2002)

Liberian 5,4415gt M/V Vantage (built 2000) aground in Marsaxlokk Bay -- refloated by tugs Mari & Sea Salvor -- now moored at Malta, Freeport. (Thurs. Nov. 21 2002)

1,848gt Panama registered general cargo M/V Gelfo (built 1977), Cadiz for Agadir, with cargo of white sand, sank Nov. 14, 23 miles off Safi -- all 11 crew rescued. Further details awaited from Moroccan authorities. (LAX Wed. Nov. 20 2002)

Russian registered 1434gt M/V Ajaks-1 (built 1986), in collision with 456gt local passenger ferry M/V Temel Simsir (built 1979), operating between Uskudar & Eminonu, while transitting Bosporus, near Kabatas, at 0830 LT. Bosporus vessel passages suspended due to heavy/dense fog am today. Having reported from the Bosporus to you last month, we don't quite understand why there are not even more collisions in this narrow Int' navigational space -- it's like movng 10 pounds of sugar down a 3 pound passage. We tip our hats to the navigators of the Bosporus. McD (LAX Wed. Nov. 20 2002)

465-foot Brazilian M/V Neptunia Mediterraneo, Panama for Houston with 21 crew, now under way again after being disabled in Int'l water for more than a month. With no money for port fees or tug service, the ship remained stranded in Gulf of Mexico, 16 miles off shore. (LAX Wed. Nov. 20 2002)

ALERT>> M/T Prestige sinks. Follow Our Story<<webfeature (LAX Tues. 19 Nov. 2002)

U.K. 251gt F/V Ixkote (built 1973) taking water & sinking rapidly in lat 51 23N, long 10 22W -- all 12 crew transferred to F/V Koaxi. Vessel very low in water with stern submerged. (HKG Mon. Nov. 18 2002)

Bahamas registered, owner Hong Kong-based Wallen Ship Management, M/T Pindar, Lithuania for Dutch port of Rotterdam with 50,000 tons of oil, strayed off course & ran aground off Danish coast near N. island of Laesoe. Several ballast tanks of double-hull tanker damaged -- oil tanks intact -- no leaks reported. (HKG Sun. Nov. 17 2002)

ALERT>> Liberian registered, 930-foot South Korean 50,242gt container M/V Hanjin Pennsylvania -- had containers laden with fireworks -- continued to burn through Nov. 15. Follow Our Story<<webfeature (HKG Fri. Nov. 15 2002pm)


07 Nov. 2002 at 0001 UTC in position: 12:22N - 054:45E, Gulf of Aden. Pirates armed with knives boarded bulk carrier underway from boat -- ransacked master's cabin, held him hostage --demanded money & safe key. When master refused, they beat him up severely until unconscious. Master received extensive injuries & his speech became impaired. Pirates stole US$33,028 from ship's safe & personal property -- escaped. (HKG Fri. Nov. 15 2002)

06 Nov. 2002 at 0340 LT at pier no.1 east, Rio Haina port, Dominican Republic. Five pirates armed with knives & wooden battens boarded a bulk carrier from forecastle. Assaulted & tided up 2nd officer -- hit duty A/B on the head when he raised alarm. Pirates destroyed life raft, stole ship's stores, property, & crew belongings -- escaped. Master informed authorities -- navy boarded ship for investigation. 2nd officer & A/B sustained injuries -- sent ashore for treatment. (HKG Fri. Nov. 15 2002pm)

06 Nov. 2002 at 0145 LT in position 13:05.8N - 080:21.8E, Chennai anchorage, India. Three pirates in a speedboat using grappling hooks boarded container ship. Alert duty A/B sounded ship's whistle & raised alarm. Pirates escaped by jumping into water & fled. (HKG Fri. Nov. 15 2002pm)

02 Nov. 2002 at 0300 UTC at Tema anchorage, Ghana. Seven pirates boarded container ship -- forced open some containers & stole ship's stores. Alarm raised & pirates escaped in large canoe, alongside. Port authorities informed & patrol boat arrived hour later. Master advised ships to stay away from anchorages until berth was available. (HKG Fri. Nov. 15 2002pm)

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Hong Kong Police gave chase at sea & 1 man died & 2 escaped after patrol vessel collided with smuggler vessel, Nov. 15. During chase, smugglers hurled boxes of live cobras at police vessel. Police found 27 boxes filled with 600 cobras -- on way from SE Asia to dinner tables in mainland China said worth HK$200,000 (US$26,000). (HKG Fri. Nov. 15 2002)

Nigerian navy warship, NNS Umalokun attacked village of Okerenkoko, SW of oil port of Warri, in swamps of Niger Delta killing 5, Nov. 12 -- 2 weeks after pirates from village boarded a ChevronTexaco oil rig service vessel transporting oil workers & robbed 3 navy officers of their guns. (HKG Fri. Nov. 15 2002)

Russian registered 2,777gt fish factory M/V Tymlat (built 1971) burning for over a day near berth of the Dalzavod ship repair plant in Vladivostok -- no fuel or crew aboard. (HKG Fri. Nov. 15 2002)

Bahamas-flagged M/T Prestige, with 27 crew & 77,000 metric tons (85,000 US tons) -- 2 million of barrels fuel oil, leaking, listing & threatening to founder in heavy weather 50km off NW Cape Tourinan, Spain -- situation said grave -- 35km slick in vessel's wake -- said to be about 3,000 tons. Tugs attempting pull to Int'l waters. (HKG Thurs. Nov. 14 2002) UPDATE >> Dutch-based international salvage company SMT now in charge of the 44,000-ton tanker -- tow destination unknown. (HKG Fri. Nov. 15 2002pm) UPDATE >> Spanish police arrested Greek Capt. Apostolos Mangouras after he & remaining crew evacuated from the ship & flown to the northwestern Spanish port of La Coruna. Spanish government said arrested on suspicion of disobeying authorities & harming environment. Local newspaper La Voz de Galicia said Mangouras refused for several hours Wednesday night to allow tugs to tow his listing ship away from the Spanish coast while he haggled over price of the tugs. (HKG Sat. Nov. 16 2002). UPDATE >> Initially spilling 800,000 gallons of fuel oil that contaminated fisheries, blackened beaches & killed wildlife along a 125-mile stretch of the Iberian peninsula -- vessel, split in two & sank Nov. 19, 150 miles off Spain's northern coast, near Portugal. (LAX Tues. 19 Nov. 2002)

Nuclear attack submarine USS Oklahoma City, with 12 officers & 115 crew, "bumped" Norwegian M/T Norman Lady, owned by Leif Hoegh & Co. of Oslo, while ascending to periscope depth in W. Mediterranean Sea Nov. 13. U.S. Sixth Fleet at Gaeta, Italy, reported sub reached surface, spotted merchant ship & attempted to make radio contact -- merchant did not respond -- appearing in no need of assistance --left the area. No injuries aboard Oaklahoma -- proceeding to unidentified port for any repairs. (HKG Thurs. Nov. 14 2002) UPDATE>> Cmdr. Richard Voter removed as captain of USS Oklahoma City on Nov. 30 in La Maddalena, Italy, by Rear Adm. Kirkland Donald -- said he lost confidence in Voter's ability to command. Marks career end, to a career hard fought for & well earned. (Tues. Dec. 3 2002)

Liberian registered, 930-foot South Korean 50,242gt container M/V Hanjin Pennsylvania (built 2002), Singapore Nov 8 for Hamburg with contaners & 21 crew, suffered fire in lat 05 43.39N, long 82 27.28E, at 0920, UTC -- 19 crew rescued, 1 dead & 1 missing. Weather very bad, hampering search. Vessel continues to burn. Tug is proceeding to area, 200 miles SE of Colombo, Sri Lanka. Sounds bad. (Mon. Nov. 11 2002) UPDATE >> Vessel continues to burn after container explosion. One crew dead, 1 missing. (HKG Fri. Nov. 15 2002) UPDATE >> With exploded container(s) of fireworks burned for 4th day Nov. 15 after an initial blast killed 1 -- 19 crew rescued but 1 remains missing. Explosions still taking place. Said no threat of sinking. Two tugs standing by for pull to Colombo. Fire out. (HKG Fri. Nov. 15 2002pm)

Chinese registered 4,682gt lumber carrier M/V Fei Yun Ling (built 1976), sank 270 kms S. of Naha, Okinawa Prefecture -- all 28 Chinese crew rescued -- 2 injured, Three liferafts, 1 lifeboat & many 24 ft. logs from cargo , adrift in lat 23 42N, long 127 54E at 0545, UTC. (Mon. Nov. 11 2002)

Nuclear powered sub HMS Trafalgar, cruising 15 knots at a depth of 50 meters with 130 crew , hit a rock 3 miles NW of the Isle of Skye, near a chain of rocks known as Fladda Chuain, off Scottish coast, Nov. 6 -- 2 injured -- towed to HM Naval Base Clyde. Will take months to repair. (Sat. Nov. 9 2002)

U.S. COAST SHUTDOWN CRISIS: DAY 39>> It is now reported that the severe backlog of vessels resulting from the 10-day employer lockout of West Coast longshoremen is diminishing quickly, & the ports could be back to normal in about 1 week. This estimate is weeks before those issued before recent agreements were made with union representatives. Go figure. (Fri. Nov. 8 2002)

 WEEKLY IMB PIRATE REPORTS __ It Was A Bad Week For Our Side

04 Nov. 2002 at 0005 LT in position 00:52.6N - 105:07.1E, vicinity of Bintan island, Indonesia. About 8 pirates armed with long knives boarded container ship underway & overpowered 3rd mate & tied-up his hands with rope & taped his mouth. Pirates forced 3rd mate to phone master to come to bridge. When master entered bridge, he was taken hostage & assaulted with knife. His hands were tied-up with ropes -- taken to his cabin where pirates stole cash from crew and ship's safe in excess of US$7,000. Pirtates jumped into the water & escaped. (Fri. Nov. 8 2002)

03 Nov. 2002 at 0130 LT in position 01:04N - 104:56E, vicinity of Bintan Island, Indonesia. About 8 pirates armed with long knives boarded chemical tanker underway at aft. Pirates tried to break open master's cabin door but failed. Then, they took hostage ch. Eng. & tied-up his hands with ropes & assaulted him before robbing his cash, personal belongings & property. Ch. Eng. Received serious injuries. Used ch. Eng. As hostage & escaped in boat. (Fri. Nov. 8 2002)

03 Nov. 2002 at 0110 lt in position 01:03.8N - 104:56.8E, vicinity of Bintan island, Indonesia. While underway, pirates armed with long knives boarded container ship. Entered bridge & threatened duty officer & a/b with long knives. Duty officer raised alarm & warned crew via ship's P.A. system. Pirates escaped empty handed. (Fri. Nov. 8 2002)

01 Nov. 2002 at 0500 LT, Balikpapan outer anchorage, Indonesia. Pirates boarded Rorer ship from starboard quarter. Alert duty crew raised alarm & pirates escaped in waiting boat. (Fri. Nov. 8 2002)

01 Nov. 2002 at 0040 LT in position: 20:38N - 106:55E, Haiphong pilot station, Vietnam. Anti-piracy crew on container ship at anchor spotted pirate on forecastle & raised alarm. Intruder escaped empty handed in motor boat. (Fri. Nov. 8 2002)

31 Oct. 2002 at 1530 LT at berth 5-C, Callao port, Peru. Four pirtates stole zinc anodes welded on to rudder post of bulk carrier. Ch. Off. Spotted them & informed coast guard who arrived within 15 minutes. Local security guards hired onboard were not helpful. (Fri. Nov. 8 2002)

31 Oc t. 2002 at 0300 LT in position 01:21S - 116:57E, Balikpapan outer anchorage, Indonesia. Pirates attempted to board a RoRo ship via anchor chain. Alert crew raised alarm. Pirates jumped overboard & escaped in waiting boat. (Fri. Nov. 8 2002)

30 Oct. 2002 at 1300 UTC in position: 21:41N - 088:01E, Sagar roads anchorage, Hoogly River, India. Pirates armed with long knives boarded tanker from bows. Whilst crew were busy dealing with these pirates, another group of pirates boarded from stern & stole ship's stores. (Fri. Nov. 8 2002)

30 Oct. 2002 at 0430 LT at bravo anchorage, Chittagong, Bangladesh. 10 pirates armed with knives boarded container ship from stern. Threatened crew with knives, broke open the forecastle booby hatch & stole ship's stores. Alarm raised & pirates escaped. Coast guard arrived 4 hours later to investigate. (Fri. Nov. 8 2002)

30 Oct. 2002 at 0225 LT in position 05:23.4N - 097:37.1E, Malacca straits. While underway a small unlit craft came close to supply ship. Alert duty A/B directed searchlights at craft. Crew raised alarm & mustered. Pirates shot at bridge door & fled. Bullet hit console system for electronic charts. No injuries to crew. (Fri. Nov. 8 2002)

28 Oct. 2002 between 0300-0315 LT at berth no.16, Apapa, Lagos, Nigeria. Six armed pirates boarded container ship. Attacked & threatened ship's crew -- escaped in speedboat. (Fri. Nov. 8 2002)

22 Oct. 2002 between 0300 - 0600 LT at Puerto Cabello port, Venezuela. Pirates boarded tug at berth & stole stores, crew belongings & ship's property. When reported to port security & agents, Master was advised that, piracy & armed robbery was common & ships should hire guards. Great work for Puerto Cabello ! (Fri. Nov. 8 2002)

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U.S. COAST SHUTDOWN CRISIS: DAY 38>> IT'S OVER? Not Yet On Nov. 7 a federal mediator called for a one-week break (with news black-out) in continuing talks between the shipping lines's PMA & West Coast dockworkers of the ILWU after the sides failed to agree on a pension package. PMA offered a pension increase of nearly 25% in Oct. The increase brought retirement pay for a fully-vested longshoreman to about US$50,000 per year. The Int'l Longshore & Warehouse Union said it expected a larger increase in exchange for accepting a breakthrough deal on technology. The sides agreed Nov. 1 to track waterfront cargo more efficiently using technology that would make hundreds of union jobs obsolete. They called it the 1st progress since a 10-day lockout of dockworkers last month shut down 29 major Pacific ports. Thus, one issue down (for now) & more to go. The cooling-off period ends Dec. 26. The clock is ticking. (Thurs. Nov. 7 2002)

Greek 141gt tug Alexandros (built 1960) sank while towing general cargo M/V Trinity, 1 NM off port of Thessaloniki -- 1 of 4 crew dead. (Thurs. Nov. 7 2002)

True Casualty >> Hong Kong-based Trans-Pacific Lines<<webfeature, will cease operations -- last transpacific ship for the small Asian carrier has left Asia,& en route to the U.S. West Coast (geeez, the company could stay in business for months, just to unload!). Trans-Pacific Lines, which started 1999, had progressively scaled down operations as freight rates fell in the highly competitive transpacific container trade. The chartered vessels the carrier had operated were recently taken back by owners & chartered to Sinotrans Container Lines. Trans-Pacific Lines has taken slots on vessels of Wan Hai & China Shipping. Wallenius Wilhelmsen has also recently pulled out of the transpacific container market. (Wed. Nov. 6 2002)

1,550gt, general cargo M/V Dneprovets 6 (built 1989) from Yuzhnyy with potash fertilizer & 10 crew, sunk in heavy weather -- 4 meter swell -- off Ust-Dunaysk. Vessel lost due to a cargo shift and penetration of water into its aft hold -- 8 crew rescued, 2 missing. (Wed. Nov. 6 2002)

Panama 5165gt general cargo M/V Elite Glory (built 1978), Vietnam for Taiwan with silicon ore & 22 crew, taking water & sinking, Nov. 4 in lat 20 05N, long 118 15E -- crew safely rescued by oil/chem M/V Crane Planet. (Tues. Nov. 5 2002)

Cambodia general cargo M/V Yuan Dong, with 15 crew, sank 30 NM west of Hainan Island Nov. 4 -- 8 crew rescued & 7 missing. (Tues. Nov. 5 2002)

Indonisian ferry M/V Masohi Star, with over 200 passengers, sank off country's volatile E. city of Ambon, leaving 5 dead & 73 missing -- 127 passengers being treated in 3 hospitals in Ambon, main city of Moluccas islands. Private boats helping navy & police rescuers scour waters around Ambon for survivors. (Mon. Nov. 4 2002)

Canadian tug M/V Cathy McAllister caused a comotion on the Great Lakes Nov. 2 -- as tug had broken loose & set adrift on Lake Ontario Nov. 2 evening -- Canadian Coast Guard ship Griffon<<webfeature safely towed home. (Mon. Nov. 4 2002)

Danish M/V Sixtus, Greece for Mostyn, N. Wales with marble, fuel oil pump failed & lost power at 0530 GMT -- adrift in heavy seas & gale force winds of force seven to eight, 12 miles south of Land's End. Under two to Falmouth in Cornwall by coastguard tug Far Sky. (Mon. Nov. 4 2002)

Sulpicio Lines Inc passenger 7,929gt ro/ro M/V Princess of the Ocean (built 1975), for Philippine port of Cagayan de Oro with 1,227 passengers, temporarily stranded along Bohol strait at 2300, LT, Oct 30. Engine broke down & power went out -- took nearly every effort by crew to calm down nervous passengers who feared they may be stranded or suffer a worse fate. Starboard engine restored and the vessel was able to travel normally until 25 minutes later when it died. Vessel only running with port engine & arrived 9 hours later than expected. (Sun. Nov. 3 2002)

U.S. COAST SHUTDOWN CRISIS?: DAY 32>> IT'S OVER? Not Yet -- Both sides in the West Coast port labor dispute hailed a tentative agreement on computer technology use on the docks, but unresolved issues - & bitterness - remain. ILWU & PMA reached agreement late Nov. 1, to track waterfront cargo more efficiently using technology that would make hundreds of union jobs obsolete. The 2 sides called it the 1st progress since the 10-day lockout of dockworkers last month shut down 29 major Pacific ports. Shipping companies are seeking to modernize ports to use computerized records of what cargo is stacked where on each vessel & in each yard. Often that information is already in electronic form when cargo is loaded at another Pacific Rim port, but clerks currently retype the data - obviously slowing movement of cargo but preserving union positions. The technology agreement, reached early Nov. 1, after all-night talks, clearly entailed compromise on both sides. Short-term ILWU job loss numbers weren't clear. Both sides have said around 400 clerk positions would be eliminated under various technology proposals that have been floated since talks began in the spring. A PMA spokesman acknowledged that this deal could be an important breakthrough, but had no further comment, citing ILWU's request for a media blackout on negotiations.

Still, ILWU publicly released a letter today, asking the U.S. Justice Dept. to investigate whether the Bush administration inappropriately collaborated with business groups to undermine union bargaining power during the lockout. U.S. Justice Dept. didn't have immediate comment. (Fri. Nov. 1 2002)


25 Oct. 2002 in position: 06:30N - 097:09E, straits of Malacca. Armed pirates opened fire on fishing boat & boarded her. Threw overboard all 9 crew & hijacked vessel. Crew in water for 2 days. Passing ship rescued fishermen. (Fri. Nov. 1 2002)

25 Oct. 2002 at 0100 LT at Cigading anchorage, Indonesia. Pirates armed with long knives boarded bulk carrier. Duty crew noticed & raised alarm -- crew mustered. Pirates jumped overboard & escaped with life raft. (Fri. Nov. 1 2002)

22 Oct. 2002 at 0510 LT at position 00:15S - 117.34E, Samarinda anchorage, Indonesia. Five pirates armed with knives boarded bulk carrier via anchor chain. Attacked duty A/B, caused injuries to his hand. Pirates opened fore peak store booby hatch but another crew raised alarm & pirates escaped taking with them life raft & ship's property. (Fri. Nov. 1 2002)

22 Oct. 2002 at 0240 LT at Tarahan jetty, Indonesia. Pirate armed with long knife boarded general cargo ship from boat. Duty officer raised alarm & pirate jumped overboard & escaped. Local authority & agent vinformed. (Fri. Nov. 1 2002)

21 Oct. 2002 at 1935 LT at port Poti, Georgia. Pirates armed with guns, pretending to be customs officers, boarded general cargo ship at berth during cargo operations. Entered master's cabin, threatened & beat him up, injuring him severely & stole ship's cash US$76,192. Tied up master with scotch tape & escaped. Later master freed himself & reported incident to agents, authorities & owners. Master received treatment in hospital ashore. (Fri. Nov. 1 2002)

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Vessel Loss Dispatches For October 2002

Leith-registered F/V Auriga III taking water 40 miles off Tyne Estuary. UK -- Sank shortly before 1900 GMT -- all rescued. (Thurs. Oct. 31 2002)

Panama registered 13,730gt passenger ro/ro M/V Mermaid II (built 1972), with 45 passengers & 26 crew, aground Oct. 23, as it left Vestervik in SE Sweden -- sustained minor damage to hull & 1 screw. Strayed from narrow dredged channel & struck seabed outside the port. Vessel towed back into the channel. Most passengers Estonian truck drivers. (Tues. Oct. 29 2002)

U.S. COAST SHUTDOWN CRISIS: DAY 29>> The ILWU said its will send a letter to Attorney Gen. John Ashcroft asking him to direct the White House to release the names of people it says attended meetings with the administration this summer regarding the conflict. "The Administration did not invite the ILWU to participate in any meetings to offer an employee perspective, reinforcing the appearance that the Administration is only interested in hearing one side of the story," the union said in an Oct. 29 press release. This is heating up.

Longshoremen's union filed papers in court Oct. 29 afternoon, meeting the deadline imposed by federal proscecutors, denying allegations of work slowdown at West Coast ports. Federal prosecutors suggested Oct. 25 they were prepared to take the West Coast longshoremen's union to court to enforce a federal order that dockside work resume at a "normal pace" at the ports. The Pacific Maritime Assn. has accused dock employees of working slowly since they were ordered back on the job on Oct. 8. But union officials say workers are simply overwhelmed by the cargo that backed up during the 10-day lockout. Meanwhile, truckers line up outside the Port of Oakland. "It's never this slow. It's normally moving nice & smooth," said trucker Joe Primes. "It looks like it's a slowdown." Some truckers say they waited 4 hours to load. >> Negotiations continue.

The West Coast port crisis has led to air cargo freight rate increases ranging from 15 to 30%, depending on destination. Rates in Thailand are said have caused rates to rocket by as much as 80%, with cargo space fully booked. Atlas Air & its sister company, Polar Air Cargo flew a combined total of 60 additional charter flights this month, just during the actual 10 days of port closures. (Tues. Oct. 29 2002)

Learn The Viewpoints:

Pacific Maritime Association<<webfeature

Int'l Longshore & Warehouse Union (ILWU)<<webfeature

Swedish product M/T Nimbus, Gothenburg to Esbjerg, with gas oil, aground at entrance to Esbjerg at 2315 LT, Oct. 27 -- due to heavy winds, 18 to 21 meters/sec, 6 meter waves, last night. (Mon. Oct. 28 2002)

Antigua & Barbuda general cargo M/V Asseburg sank in lat 44 49.4N, long 07 36.7W, at 1720, UTC, Oct 26, due to starboard list resulting from weather conditions in area. (Mon. Oct. 28 2002)

UK's newest warship -- Type 23 frigate HMS St Albans<<webfeature, in collision with P&O's M/V Pride of Portsmouth, with 800 passengers & 130 crew, in fierce 70mph storms lashing southern England. M/V Pride of Portsmouth blown onto HMS St Albans, which came off worse -- significant damage to its superstructure. (Sun. Oct. 27 2002)

General M/V Century Luck, with 16 crew, aground near Aleksandrovsk-Sakhalinsky -- destroyed wooden pier of port with bow -- salvage actions for refloating undertaken by tug M/V Atlas, Oct 24/25.

 Container M/V Westwood Rainier taking on water at pier in Elliott Bay while unloading early Oct. 26 -- listing toward pier at a 20-degrees. No injuries. Crew evacuated. (Sat. Oct. 26 2002) UPDATE: Ship back on even keel by 8:15 p.m. Not known what caused vessel to list & brush against 2 cranes on pier. Cranes sustained no structural damage, but 2 electrical reels partially torn from them. Sixth-month-old ship carrying pulp, newsprint & lumber. Ah, it's the 6th month old thing -- new vessel -- new problem. (Sat. Oct. 26 2002pm Shift)

20-meter diving M/V Lacuna, afire 30 km from approaches to Halifax harbor -- 5 crew rescued from life raft by Sea King helicopter. Doing marine surveys for Dominion Diving, a Halifax company. (Sat. Oct. 26 2002)

Russian M/V Bothnia Stone, with lumber, lost power & listing at 40 degrees - in English Channel, now corrected to 20 degrees. To correct, vessel has shed 700 cubic meters of timber to sea. Rescue helicopter from RNAS Culdrose<<webfeature, in Cornwall sent to determine whether to airlift 20 crew off vessel. Lifeboats from Plymouth, Alderney & St Peter Port on way to scene. (Fri. Oct. 25 2002pm shift) UPDATE: Russian cargo ship anchored in Torbay<<webfeature, after major rescue operation in heavy seas off the S. Devon coast. Severe gale force winds forecast to hit England & Northern Ireland Oct. 27, with gusts up to 80mph expected. (Sat. Oct. 26 2002pm Shift)

U.S. COAST SHUTDOWN CRISIS: DAY 25>> Federal prosecutors suggested Oct. 25 they are prepared to take the West Coast longshoremen's union to court to enforce a federal order that dockside work resume at a "normal pace" at ports where a labor dispute had led to charges of a slowdown. PMA & ILWU met Oct. 24 & 25 with federal mediator for 1st time in more than 2 weeks. PMA sent a packet of statistics to bolster its earlier claim that the 10,500-member union had deliberately dragged down productivity by as much as 30%. union filed rebuttal Oct. 24 with the Justice Dept. & said it would file supporting documents by Oct. 29. "They're just numbers," union spokesman Steve Stallone said, referring to depressed work rates the association said proved a slowdown. "There's no evidence backing it up. There's no way they can be independently verified." Stallone added. Federal prosecutors rejected the assertion that arbitration should be the 1st step tp solve the current problem. The "cooling-of" period ends Dec. 26. (Fri. Oct. 25 2002)


 19 Oct. 2002 at 0914 LT in position 22:19.2N - 088:06E, Hugli River, India. Six-meter wooden motorboat approached container ship. Pirate armed with long knife boarded at stern using hook attached to a rope. Alert crew raised alarm & pirate jumped overboard & escaped. (Fri. Oct. 25 2002)

18.10.2002 at 0128 LT in position: 01:38N - 105:41E, near Pengibu Island, Indonesia. Seven pirates armed with long knives & iron bars attempted to board & container ship underway. Alert duty A/B raised alarm & directed aldis lamp at the boat. Seeing crew alertness, pirates aborted boarding. . (Fri. Oct. 25 2002)

17 Oct. 2002 between 0300 - 0400 LT at Caltexrefinery, Batangas, Philippines. Pirates boarded product tanker at poop deck during loading operations. Broke open paint store & stole ship's stores. . (Fri. Oct. 25 2002)

16 Oct. 2002 at 0945 LT at Georgetown, Guyana. Seven pirates armed with long knives & machetes boarded general cargo ship at berth. Broke open forward store & stole ship's stores. Alert duty A/B raised alarm & crew mustered. Pirates threatened crew with knives & escaped. Crew tried to contact port authorities by VHF but received no response. . (Fri. Oct. 25 2002)

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 U.S. COAST SHUTDOWN CRISIS: DAY 24>> Steamship companies through their PMA representative have supplied the U.S. Justice Dept. with they say evidence that dockworkers engaged (engaging) in deliberate slowdown at U.S. West Coast ports. The ILWU denies charges & blamed sagging productivity on the 10-day lockout that ended earlier this month when President Bush obtained court injunction. These records pivotal because federal prosecutors could use them to take the Int'l Longshore & Warehouse Union (ILWU) to court on allegations that members are violating federal court order that reopened 29 major Pacific ports after the lockout. The 10,500-member union "is playing games with the U.S. economy, & inflicting economic pain & hardship on scores of companies & their employees," said Joseph Miniace, president of the PacificMaritime Assn. (PMA) In a written response, U.S. Justice Dept. acknowledged receiving the documents & asked the PMA & the ILWU to provide further information by Oct. 24.

 This debate goes on while the lines continue to charge the NVOCCs & the shippers additional charges for this debacle. Public sentiment seems to favor the lines, as far as we can tell. However, public sentiment does not favor these charges, such as demurrage -- for a fight with the ILWU. Why should "cargo" be forced to pay for this? Follow Our Coverage Day-By-Day, below. (Wed. Oct. 23 2002)

1,789 gt M/V Venus (built 1971), Port Said for Marina di Carrara, in ballast, aground on rocks near Leghorn, in lat 43 23.9N, long 10 25E.. Crew evacuated. Tug is on scene -- salvage efforts hampered by bad weather. (Wed. Oct. 23 2002)

 6,171gt general cargo M/V Georgios S. (built 1978) Las Palmas for Rotterdam, with soil & 18 crew including 2 Greeks, advised in danger due to water ingress to engine-room --adrift in Atlantic, 120 NM from French Coast. French naval aircraft arrived area while rescue helicopters & nearby vessels expected. Weather -- winds NW, force 8-9 (gale-strong gale). Two rescue helicopters arrived & rescued entire crew 0600 hrs, transporting them to French Naval base of Lanveoc. All in good health. Vessel last reported "semi-sunk." Semi-expected to sink. (Tues. Oct. 22 2002)

Hong Kong registered, 3298gt general cargo, 87.5-meter M/V Century Luck (built 1983), with i6 crew in ballast, aground near the Russian port of Alexandrovsk-Sakhalinsky, Oct. 19 -- vessel barely 20 meters off shore when ebb-tide began. Ship was lying out in Tatar Strait with 3 other vessels, waiting to load cargo of scrap metal, when storm broke out -- wind force reached 20 meters per second & caused the vessel to drift towards the shore until it finally ran aground in shallow waters. Attempted to refloat oon high tide Oct. 23. No leakage -- no damage. (Tues. Oct. 22 2002)

505-foot, 12,320-ton freight & passenger M/V Mercury II, with 16 tanks of oil, 8 passenger & 43 crew, sank in rough weather 80 miles from Baku in Caspian Sea, Oct. 22 -- 5 rescued. (Tues. Oct. 22 2002) UPDATE: 9 rescued, but one has died. Death toll is 43. (Tues. Oct. 22 2002pm shift)

 UK 9 meter yacht S/V Petit Manualle, Fowey for Falmouth with 2 crew,made mayday call 11:10 a.m. this morning -- British man in his 80s thrown overboard 1.8km E. of Falmouth, Cornwall -- search for missing crew since recovered & pronounced dead on scene. (Mon. Oct. 21 2002)

 F/V Krystel Bihan (or Vihan), 18 miles S. of the Lizard,UK, alerted UK Falmouth Coastguard at 11:30 a.m. this morning -- 1 crew missing/overboard -- RAF rescue helicopter tasked to scene. Search continues. Odds very bad. Continuing thanks to our intrepid reporter Fred McCaguge. ( (Mon. Oct. 21 2002)

1,326gt fish factory M/V Galaxy (built 1942), with 26 crew, ablaze & drifting after explosion on board, 30 NM south-west of St. Paul Island, Alaska, about 0400 LT, today. Crew abandoned -- 24 were rescued & 2 missing. U.S. Coast Guard on scene. (Mon. Oct. 21 2002) UPDATE: U.S. Coast Guard, Air National Guard & private fishing boats fanned out over stretch of ocean 30 miles SW of St.Paul Island looking for lost men. Search conducted in winds to 55 mph & 20-foot seas, with freezing rain & snow -- no contact. (Mon. Oct. 21 2002 pm shift)

Yacht S/V Orbit 2 stricken in Mid-Atlantic -- dismasted & taking in water-- 2 crew in some distress with 1 suffering from internal bleeding & fractured leg. RAF Nimrod<<webfeature, long-distance recognizance aircraft scrambled from RAF Kinloss & found yacht -- position fixed through emergency beacon. Two U.S. Sea Hawk helicopters of the U.S. Air Force 56th Rescue Squadron of U.S. Naval Air Station Keflavik, Iceland, scrambled to airlift crew. -- now being flown to Iceland. Norwegian trawler towing yacht to Iceland after responding to emergency signal -- Now -- Norwegian trawler has cut tow line with yacht sinking anyway. U.S. Air Force C-130 Hercules, from U.S. Naval Air Station Keflavik also used to refuel Nimrod in mid-flight. Crew: Lucky to be alive. America: Out there to help. (Sun. Oct. 20 2002)

General cargo 4,368gt M/V Flinterzee (built 1997), with steel &10 crew, reported engine room fire in Gulf of Bothnia, in lat 64 47.8N, long 23 01.5E, at 1107 LT. The engine-room has been closed & vessel's carbon dioxide firefighting system deployed. Fire now believed extinguished. Coast Guard helicopters & firefighting teams proceeding. All crew safe & well. (Sun. Oct. 20 2002)

 U.S. COAST SHUTDOWN CRISIS: DAY 19>> COUNTERCHARGES -The ILWU's Local 13 in Los Angeles has filed formal charges against the PMA, claiming that the PMA is "sabotaging productivity" on the docks of West Coast ports. The ILWU's allegations were filed midweek with the Labor Relations Committee of the PMA and ILWU, a joint panel comprising representatives from the union & the PMA. "The PMA is systematically crippling productivity at the docks and blocking the movement of goods," said the president of Local 13. "The complaint focuses on the PMA's failure to act in 'good faith' under its obligation to file orders for proper manpower to staff the docks. On Oct. 11, the PMA claimed the ILWU had failed to fill crane operator orders placed by one of its members, SSA (Stevedoring Association of America) Terminals LLC. Yet representatives of the PMA admit that, on that very same day, SSA neglected to call in to work 26 of its 44 on-call crane operators, effectively leaving at home the manpower they claimed to so desperately need," a Local 13 statement said. (Sat. Oct. 19 2002)

 U.S. COAST SHUTDOWN CRISIS: DAY 18>> PMAhas delayed it's claimed bombshell against the ILWU of documents promised to the U.S. Dept. of Justice as proof of intentional dockworker slowdown at West Coast ports -- to be relied upon for requested, addtional Federal action. PMA lawyers say documents are data that assert work productivity is off up to 30% in some ports -- would either e-mail presentation Oct.18 night or Mon Oct. 21 -- PMA said documents confirm slowdowns in each port - from a 28% drop in productivity at Oakland to around 20% in Tacoma, Seattle & Portland to around 10% in Los Angeles/Long Beach, nation's largest port complex. ILWU lawyers say PMA is just"scrounging for a case". We will see, while our ocean transit system continues to disintegrate. >> Meanwhile, Federal mediator has obtained agreement to re-start settlement talks on Oct. 24. >> Meanwhile, container vessel with thousands of cameras San Francisco Giants<<webfeature, were going to give away during Game 4 of the World Series next week remains stalled outside Port of Los Angeles -- cameras won't arrive in time. Expect bargin cameras next month! This situation has taken people's real jobs, some forever, and touches each of us around the world. (Fri. Oct. 18 2002)


 14 Oct. 2002 at 1950 LT at wharf no.1A, Sandakan port, Malaysia. Pirates boarded general cargo ship & broke the seal of container on deck. Alert duty A/B raised alarm & pirates escaped empty handed via waiting speedboat. (Fri. Oct. 18 2002)

 13 Oct. 2002 at 0420 LT at position: 07:08.9S - 112:39.8E Surabaya, Indonesia. Three pirates armed with knives boarded salvage tug at anchor. Duty Officer spotted & raised alarm. Pirates escaped by jumping overboard into waiting motor canoe & sped away towards Surabaya with ship's property. (Fri. Oct. 18 2002)

 11 Oct. 2002 at 2140 LT at port of Callao, Peru. Pirates armed with knives boarded container ship during cargo operations. Attacked local watchman, stole ship's stores & escaped in boat. Master raised alarm & informed harbor authorities. (Fri. Oct. 18 2002)

 11 Oct. 2002 at 0445 LT in position 01:41.3n - 101:27.9e, at Caltex jetty No.2, Dumai, Indonesia. Three pirates armed with knives boarded tanker & entered engine room. Held duty cadet at knifepoint 7 demanded locker keys. Cadet managed to escape & raised alarm. Pirates jumped overboard with ship's stores. Port authorities & coast guard informed. (Fri. Oct. 18 2002)

 09 Oct. 2002 at 0100 LT at Panjang anchorage, Indonesia. Five pirates armed with long knives boarded salvage tug. Duty officer raised alarm. Pirates jumped overboard & escaped. (Fri. Oct. 18 2002)

06 Oct. 2002 off Ash Shihr port, Yemen. Partly loaded M/T Limburg (built 2000) rammed by boat loaded with explosives off the Yemeni port of Ash Shihr. One crew killed. Tankers and gas carriers entering or leaving ports in Yemen, the Middle East, Pakistan & Indonesian ports may be at risk of similar attacks. Read Our Full Story<<webfeature. (Fri. Oct. 18 2002)

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Ferry M/V Oron, Oron in Akwa Ibom State for Calabar in Cross River State, Nigeria, with 150 passengers, suffered fire in engine-room Oct. 16 -- heavy smoke spiralled into huge balls of fire coming from its engine-room -- caused passenger panic -- fire out after concerted effort. Cause of the fire, according to Master, probably due to late servicing of ship's engine -- also blamed Nigerian Federal Ministry of Transport for failure to resuscitate old vessels & not providing new ones. (Thurs. Oct. 17 2002)

193gt 96-foot F/V Teresa Marie IV (built 1982) rolled over & sank Oct. 10, 98-miles S of Southwest Harbor, Maine. Master radioed Coast Guard Group Southwest Harbor for help at 1930 hr. Crew said vessel taking water & pumps unable to keep up. Rescue helicopter from U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Cape Cod launched & Coast Guard Cutter USCGC Escanaba (WMEC 907)<<webfeature, diverted from patrol to assist. Helicopter arrived on scene 2054 hrs & found men floating in life raft surrounded by debris from sunken vessel. By 2110 hrs all 3 crew were safe on board helicopter. (Wed. Oct. 16 2002)

Ferry M/V Oron, Oron in Akwa Ibom State for Calabar in Cross River State, with 150 passengers, suffered fire engine-room. Balls of fire caused panic among passengers -- put out after concerted effort. Cause, according to Master, likely due to late servicing of ship's engine -- blamed the Federal Ministry of Transport.ß

193gt 96-foot fishing Teresa Marie IV (built 1982) rolled over & sank Oct. 10, 98-miles S of Southwest Harbour, Maine. Master radioed Coast Guard Group Southwest Harbour for help at 1930 hr. Crew said vessel was taking water & pumps unable to keep up. Rescue helicopter from U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Cape Cod launched & Coast Guard Cutter USCGC Escanaba diverted from patrol to assist. Helicopter arrived on scene 2054 hrs & found men floating in life raft surrounded by debris from sunken vessel. By 2110 hrs all 3 crew were safe on board helicopter. (Wed. Oct. 16 2002)

Full Speed Ahead! >> 41,570dwt, 2,987 teu container M/V Alva Star (ex- Norasia Star, ex- MSC Jasmine, ex- Norasia Malta), Haifa for Kepec, Croatia, ran into a 100m high cliff at full cruising speed on SE corner of Zakinthos Island, Greece, burying bulbous bow in rocks & 25m of vessel grounded, Oct. 3. Cause was reportedly human error (oh, do you think?). 150 containers lightered from forward cargo bays -- then 120 ton bollard pull tug Matsas Star made dramatic refloating Oct. 11, as vessel moved in heavy seas. Believed 1st time in history that a U.S. salvage firm has performed salvage in Greek territorial waters by Titan Maritime. See Our Photo Feature<<photofeature. (Tues. Oct. 15 2002)

U.S. COAST SHUTDOWN CRISIS: DAY 15>> Federal mediator expected to meet with ILWU & PMA this week to schedule new talks to resolve the labor dispute at West Coast ports. Productivity at West Coast ports Monday was still about 20% below normal said PMA. Union Pacific, biggest U.S. railroad, had record weekend, moving 18 trains of West Coast cargo per day, more than the usual 13, but truckers hauled about half the cargo they usually move off docks. About 200 ships waiting to unload. Follow this story down the page. (Tues. Oct. 15 2002)

Going Home>> Crippled HMS Nottingham<<photofeature, nearly sank July 7 when it smashed into well-charted Wolf Rock during maneuvers off Lord Howe, tiny island 200 miles E of Sydney -- towed Aug. 9 from Lord Howe to Newcastle, 90 miles N of Sydney, for repairs & ammunition removal -- this week to Royal Australian Navy fuel jetty in Sydney's Chowder Bay. Semi-submersible Dutch lift M/V Swan<<webfeature, on its way from Singapore & expected to arrive during the weekend. Swan capacity up to 25,000 metric tons (about 28,000 short tons) of cargo on deck, which measures 127 meters (420 feet) by 32 meters (105 feet). Loading, securing & inspection is likely to begin Oct. 21 & will take up to 10 days, before ship heads for Britain. Review our Prior Coverage<<webfeature, where there are many additional features. (Tues. Oct. 15 2002)

Philippine 500gt ferry M/V Senor San Jose, Cebu on Oct. 14 morning for Ormoc City in Leyte island with 65 passengers, in collision with Philippine 250gt cargo M/V Sea Merchant, with molasses, at Banto Linao Point off Cebu in central Philippines. Senor San Jose suffered steering problems, causing it to ram approaching Sea Merchant -- had just left port of Cebu. (Tues. Oct. 15 2002)

Federal oil giant Petrobras<<webfeature, 1959-built, 52,000dwt, 240m, P-34 Floating Production Storage Offloading (FPSO) vessel suffered electrical failure causing disruption in vessel ballast balance system -- US$200M (insured for US$140M) ship now lists more than 30° -- 76 crew evacuated Oct. 13, leaving 4 technicians to rebalance -- on the Barracuda-Caratinga project in 860m of water in Campos Basin, Brazil. FPSO could sink if listing not rectified -- also fears of major oil spill. Underwriters still smarting from US$500M loss sustained in 2001 from P-36 platform loss, when insurance rates had hit rock bottom levels. (Mon. Oct. 14 2002)

Arabian Drilling Company's independent leg jackup rig AD19 (formerly Sedneth 202<<webfeature) collapsed & sank offshore Saudi Arabia following accident as rig being positioned over Khafji Field producing well -- one leg buckled, & the production tree sheared, resulting in blowout that ultimately sank rig. Rig AD17 mobilized to drill relief well in an effort to regain control of, or plug the damaged well. Several crew injured -- no fatalities. (Mon. Oct. 14 2002)

Gibraltar registered 2072gt product M/T Eastgate (built 1979), with 3,000 tons of gas oil, aground at entrance to Aberdeen Harbor. No pollution. Tug/supply Stirling Iona & harbor tugs worked to pull vessel off -- refloated at 0700 hrs, now in Aberdeen Harbor. (Mon. Oct. 14 2002)

U.S. COAST SHUTDOWN CRISIS: DAY 13>> Cargo is moving at the 29 ports, with continuing "slowown" blame allegations exchanged between the PMA<<webfeature, & ILWU.<<webfeature. >> CSX Lines M/V Consumer arrived Honolulu Harbor Oct. 12 (remember Hawaii exempted from labor dispute at mid-week) -- near capacity with 750 ctnrs. -- 1st of several ships set to arrive. Vessels of Matson Navigation<<webfeature, will call each day, over next 4 days -- neighbor islands will get containers next week. Toilet paper at last!

Meanwhile, a low voice begins to raise an interesting question of does maritime "force majeure"<<webfeature, OR<<webfeature, OR<<webfeature,properly apply to create damage & delay imunity for the steam ship lines under maritime law for this "lock out" situation as it existed during the actual "stoppage" before Pres. Bush called for application of Taft-Hartley Act <<webfeature, OR<<webfeature, OR<<webfeature. If "force majeure" not properly applied to this epic delay & diversion of cargo to the many current ports of convenience, then we are looking at major litigation against the lines. Legal research is underway throughout the world tonight. Follow our coverage below, each day for a full understanding. (Sun. Oct. 13 2002)

M/V Stella Nova & M/V Canadian Prospector in collision while traveling on St. Lawrence Seaway near the Cote Ste. Catherine Lock. Both vessels suffered damage, Oct. 13 morning Canadian Prospector secured at Cote ste. Catherine Wharf. Stella Nova towed to Montreal by tugs Ocean Intrepide & Ocean Jupiter. (Sun. Oct. 13 2002)

Australian Navy Fremantile Class navy patrol HMAS Geraldton<<photofeature, in collision & sank Indonesian fisher 360km NW of Darwin, at Margaret Harries Banks. Geraldton patrolling within the Australian Fisheries Zone. 5 Indonesian crew abandoned & rescued. No moonlight, but F/V was on radar plot, but without lights -- Geraldton (home port Darwin) veered, but did not avoid at 3am. (Sat. Oct. 12 2002)

U.S. COAST SHUTDOWN CRISIS: DAY 12>> Reports of work "slowdown" continue at the 29 West Coast Ports, with PMA & ILWU each blaming the other. In California alone, 36 ships in port as of Oct. 10 evening. >> Clothing retailer The Gap Inc. warned that 4th-quarter earnings could be 50% below expectations because of port closings. Honda Motor Co. will temporarily halt production at North American plants due to congestion -- production at Honda's East Liberty plant in Ohio closed Oct. 10 and Honda Manufacturing of Alabama Oct. 11. No looking at about 100 days to clear backlog. Merry Christmas? (Sat. Oct. 12 2002)

U.S. COAST SHUTDOWN CRISIS: DAY 11>> PMA charges ILWU with working more than 25% below normal levels, due to no-shows & late arrivals. Backlog is incredible. (Fri. Oct. 11 2002)

Russian M/V Mikhail Tchermnykh, with lumber & 19 crew, developed 30 degree list to starboard 24 miles W. of Orkney mainland -- jettisoned 100 cubic meters of cargo -- now proceeding to Bay of Skaill on W.side of Orkney. SE force 6 &endash;7 winds with moderate seas. (Fri. Oct. 11 2002)

M/V Marinette<<photofeature, Close Up<<photofeature, struck Ogden St. Bridge on Menominee River -- after unloading cargo of lumber products at K&K Warehouse dock in Menominee, MI. Marinette was under tow of the tugs Carla Anne Selvick & Jacklyn Nicole (former Ethel E.) Both Menominee & Marinette sides of bridge struck. Damage to bridge estimated at US$60,000. (Fri. Oct. 11 2002)


05 Oct. 2002 at 1945 LT at Pulau Laut (Kotabaru), Indonesia. Whilst departing, pirates boarded at main deck & stole 2 life rafts. (Fri. Oct. 11 2002)

03 Oct. 2002 at 1400 LT at Chittagong anchorage, Bangladesh. Four armed pirates boarded tanker whilst 4 accomplices waited in a boat. Duty officer raised alarm & crew mustered at poop deck. Pirates escaped with mooring ropes. (Fri. Oct. 11 2002)

03 Oct. 2002 during early morning at Santana (Macapa), Brazil. Pirates boarded chemical tanker at berth & stole outboard motor from lifeboat & ship's stores. Incident reported to police & port authorities. (Fri. Oct. 11 2002)

02 Oct.2002 at 0530 LT at anchorage off Vung Tau, Vietnam. Four pirates in a small blue boat approached a container ship. Duty A/B saw pirate climbing aboard -- raised alarm 7 boarding was averted. Pirates attempted to board again but duty officer and A/B spotted them & pirates fled. (Fri. Oct. 11 2002)

02 Oct. 2002 at 0315 LT at Davao port, Philippines. Pirates armed with long steel bars boarded bulk carrier via anchor chain. 2nd officer conducting anti-piracy patrol noticed pirates trying to open manhole cover. Alarm raised & pirates escaped in a waiting boat. (Fri. Oct. 11 2002)

01 Oct. 2002 at 0425 LT in posn: 01:26N - 104:42.5E, 20nm from Horsburgh lighthouse, off Singapore. Ten pirates armed with guns & long knives approached chemical tanker underway. Eight pirates boarded from stern while 2 remained in long boat with 2 outboard engines. Pirates took hostage master and all officers. They stole crew's cash and personal belongings. When crew tried to intervene, pirates threatened to kill the captain and one officer. Pirates escaped in their boat. (Fri. Oct. 11 2002)

01 Oct. 2002 at 0030 LT in posn: 10.41N - 044.01E, near Berbera, Somalia. General cargo ship dropped anchor in above position to carry out repairs to her engines. Ship was surrounded by pirates. Awaiting further information. Which vessel? Malaysian-flagged M/T Nautica Kluang, laden with 2,891 tons diesel oil, was stormed by Pirates Sept. 28 -- but in the Malacca Strait, location is wrong. Sept. 28. (Fri. Oct. 11 2002)

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U.S. COAST SHUTDOWN CRISIS: DAY 11>> All Pacific Ports Now Operating - As of Yesterday 6pm Shift. All ILWU union workers are said working hard to free this historic "Log Jam" which threatens Christmas deliveries from the West Coast. Good going ILWU! There is no slowdown. Sorry for our second guessing! Still, backlog now looks longer than the 80 day "cooling off" period. The labor dispute will continue. Any right minded importer will route his cargo through a Gulf or East Coast port in coming months -- the rail after that to final destination. This only makes sense.

Meanwhile, U.S. consignees/importers are receiving quite unwelcome fax letters from the steamship lines, as an example:
"Dear Cargo Owner: Due to force majeure, your cargo has been diverted to a different port."

Our phone rang off the hook today as Jamaica & Panama were cited by carriers as the final delivery point 'under force majeure' for cargo originally destined to be discharged at Los Angeles, San Francisco & Long Beach. Geeez, the carriers are offering to return the cargo to the original discharge points -- at their prevailing rates!

Meanwhile, Customs officials at ports such as Panama are getting ready to detain the loads for landing without proper paperwork for entry in those countries! Geeez, a new dynamic for all of this.

What's a super hero to do? Among cargo stranded in freighters off California are 3,000 life-sized replicas of comic book crime fighter Spider Man for posting at Blockbuster stores for the launch of the movie video next week. Even super powers are of little help here! The "Spider Men" might be in Panama, for all we know!

Likely Result For The Dramatic Economic Losses Cargo Owners Will Suffer:

1. No coverage is provided for cargo owners under standard marine cargo insurance policies; and

2. No liability can be stated against carriers & NVOCCs under the bills of lading.

If so, all losses from this historic event -- will be suffered 100% by the cargo owners, alone. We expect some litigation.

OK OK -- but before you voice an opinion -- realize that this mess just creeps with all manner of legal issues -- especially because this labor action was not a strike, but a "lock-out." This could be the "Maritime Lawyers Full Employment Act of 2002." McD (Thurs. Oct. 10 2002)

U.S. 4,369gt barge Kivalina, (built 1978), with 22,000 gallons diesel fuel, cut adrift from tow vessel, 199gt tug Stacey Foss (built 1976) -- heavy wind & waves pounded shore near Red Dog Mine port<<webfeature, Oct. 9 -- weather snapped tow line connecting Kivalina, 4369 gt, built 1978) to Stacey Foss<<webfeature. Stern hit beach & vessel grounded 0910 hrs. Not known about integrity of vessel or how long it could withstand ocean punishment -- 1 of 2 Seattle-based Foss Maritime Co. uses to lighter ore concentrate from Red Dog mine<<webfeature, to freighters when ocean is ice-free. Red Dog is the world's largest zinc and lead mine, located in the DeLong Mountains about 90 miles northwest of Kotzebue. No ore was on the barge at the time of the accident because it was riding out the storm and not lightering Recovery team from Foss on scene in lat 67 28.2N, long 163 57W. (Thurs. Oct. 10 2002)

U.S. COAST TOTAL SHUTDOWN: DAY 10>> All Pacific Ports Now Operating - As of 6pm Shift.

With no disrespect intended, ILWU union has mentioned 2 factors which have caught our notice. First, Union says they will work to cut the big cargo back log -- but they will not "over work." Second, Union also stresses "saftey" in the task ahead to "unscrew" the great chaos of cargo waiting to be off-loaded in some 200 ships waiting to discharge cargo.

We applaud all ILWU work efforts, but hope "over work" & "safety' are not "code words" for a union slow down in the effort to overwhelm the PMA in this continuing struggle.

In this context, we have started to review the history of these matters & find that all previous Taft-Hartley Act <<webfeature, OR<<webfeature, OR<<webfeature, orders from the White House over the past century -- did not directly result in a labor settlement where a stevedore union was concered. Thus, our current concern. Period of West Coast Ports "return to normal" now seen by us as to be 10 weeks.-- but period of mandatory Taft-Hartley Act is about 7 weeks. There being a great difference in these calculations -- expect more labor conflict. (Wed. Oct. 9 2002)

Greek registered 24,391gt passenger M/V Olympia Voyager (built 2000) struck reef off Patmos, at 1330 LT, Oct.9. Minor damage reported to forward, port side hull, below waterline. Olympia Voyager presently anchored outside Patras. No danger to passengers. Sister cruise M/V Aegean I iexpected Oct. 10 to remove passengers. (Wed. Oct. 9 2002)

U.S. COAST TOTAL SHUTDOWN: DAY 9>> It's Over!! -- Or Not! Three hours after U.S. Justice Dept. officials filed a request in federal court, Judge William Alsup ruled at San Francisco that the government had proven proper use of the Taft-Hartley Act <<webfeature, OR<<webfeature, OR<<webfeature, was necessary to stop lockout's impact on economy. Pres. Bush became 1st president in 25 years to use the law to intervene in labor dispute. "It is abundantly clear that present lockout ... affects entire industries," Judge Alsup said. "Docks are rotting with perishables." The judge issued a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) that orders both sides to work NOW -- expires Oct. 16, when he scheduled a next hearing. At that time, lawyers for both sides expect Judge Alsup to impose maximum 80-day cooling-off period as mandated by Taft-Hartley at that time.

Los Angeles/Long Beach not expected to repoen until late on Oct. 9. Experts predict may take at least 6 weeks to "unscrew" the chaos & backlog which now exists. Expect rail congestion & increased thefts as cargo now is cleared from ports & delayed outside prior to delivery. Now a secondary period of delay begins. We already know of many load thefts as well as ocean cargo shifted to air, but without air HAZ MAT technicalities observed -- cargo too quickly shifted from ocean to air mode. What next? There is even cargo diverted to now highly congested Mexico, sent around the stoppage, which needs to come back Over 200 major cargo vessels wait offshore -- it is a big mess out here.

Now estimated to be costing U.S. economy US$2Bn per day, the stoppage has "ended" for what's left of Chritmas shipping season. The PMA & ILWU have been ordered to work together -- not a good mix historically. And what about day 81 when Taft-Hartley expires? Sadly, this is not over, by a mile. (Tues. Oct. 8 2002pm)

The Palace Bridge, one of St Petersburg's most famous of city's 800 bridges over Neva river -- refuses to open, closing off access to Baltic Sea. Ships & barges have been lining up -- 21 major vessels by Oct. 8pm. (Tues. Oct. 8 2002pm)

UPDATE>> 137,000gt tanker M/V Limburg's Capt. Hubert Ardillon maintains explosion Oct. 6, was deliberate act, while U.S. & Yemeni officials said it was probably accident -- though they rule out nothing. Ardillon said a crew member told him fishing boat was near tanker's side, though he didn't say it hit ship. In 2000, small boat laden with explosives rammed USS Cole<<webfeature, as it refueled at another Yemeni port, Aden, setting off blast that killed 17 U.S. sailors. That attack blamed on Osama bin Laden. Fire raged for hours aboard tanker -- put out Oct. 7. Pushed by strong winds during the night, Limburg swayed in the sea about 15 miles from coastline, surrounded by oil slicks. Ship's side badly burned with 3-foot-wide hole close to water level -- most of 300,000 barrels of crude oil still aboard tanker. On Oct. 7, senior U.S. State Dept. official said damage suggested "things were blown out" of tanker instead of other way around. Follow Our Coverage Back<<webfeature. (Tues. Oct. 8 2002pm)

U.S. COAST TOTAL SHUTDOWN: DAY 8>> Now cleared for cargo movement, Matson Navigation Co.<<webfeature, is increasing its fuel surcharge from 4.75% to 6% for Hawaii shipping -- result of ports shutdown. Talks remain stopped. Pres. Bush has taken 1st step toward federal action. The hurt continues, big time. (Mon. Oct. 7 2002)

Hong Kong-registered bulker,16,041-ton M/V Tai Pinghas (or Tai Ping), with urea fertiizer, aground while trying to leave Bluff Harbor under pilot control on New Zealand's South Island -- 5am local time (2am AEST) . Conditions foggy but sea calm. (Mon. Oct. 7 2002)

10 meter F/V Valhalla taking water 20 miles E. of Kilkeel Head, Northern Ireland. F/V Girl Margaret came to assist -- but Valhalla already sank -- winds Force 4, with calm seas. Crew rescued. (Mon. Oct. 7 2002)

Jamuna River Transport Co.'s cargo M/V Banglar Jamuna, in collision with ferry M/V Masud, with 500 passengers for Khulna, in Hijla channel of river Meghna in Bangladesh on Oct. 6 -- 2 dead, 15 injured, & 1 missing. (Mon. Oct. 7 2002)

U.S. COAST TOTAL SHUTDOWN: DAY 7>> PMA & ILWU talks break off in late evening. Said positions "far apart." Hours later, President Bush took 1st step toward ordering longshoremen back onto the job. Bush formed a board of inquiry to determine the impact of a dispute draining up to US$2Bn a day from U.S. economy. (Sun. Oct. 6 2002pm)

117gt F/V Vostochnyy (1993), with 11 crew members, aground on rocks in heavy weather Oct. 2, in lat 46 32N, long 138 21E, Oct 2 -- 3 rescued, 1 missing & 7 crew dead. The vessel's hull is heavily damaged and it remains on rocks. (Sun. Oct. 6 2002pm)

ALERT>> RE-RUN of USS Cole<<webfeature Terrorist Attack?: French Ship Management Co.'s 157,833gt crude oil M/T Limburg (built 2000) rammed by small boat stuffed with explosive -- suffered fire & explosion at 0800 LT -- ship approaching single point mooring at Ash Shihr Terminal, 700 km E of Aden. Huge hole blown in vessel's side, 2nd bulkhead missing & oil is spilling in massive quantities -- 25 crew abandoned & 12 were picked up. Master remains aboard -- moved offshore under own power. Laden with 397,000 barrels of crude from Iran's Kharj terminal, was to add further 1.5 million barrels of Yemeni oil from Mina al-Thabah. Ship now just off Ar-Riyan airport, outside city of Al-Mukalla. Huge pall of smoke blowing over Al-Mukalla area. "Chaotic situation where fire almost eating away at the whole ship." Details here from French Embassy report. >> Yemen authorities say blast must be due to electrical fault on vessel. (Sun. Oct. 6 2002am) UPDATE: Limburg's operators say only very strong force could have penetrated such a modern, double-hulled vessel as M/T Limburg. Junior officer on deck of the Supertanker reported seeing small craft heading directly towards Supertanker Limburg at high speed, after which there was an explosion engulfing ship in flames. Pending further news, this appears to be a terrorist attack. Why the Int'l press has not taken hold of this story is not understood. (Sun. Oct. 6 2002pm) UPDATE: War Risk insurance coverage rates have ramped up 7-day voyage premiums for Yemen to US$250,000 or more for modern ships following explosion on French-flagged tanker Limburg. (Mon. Oct. 7 2002)

U.S. COAST TOTAL SHUTDOWN: DAY 7>> PMA & ILWU agreed last night to exempt Hawaii cargo, now along with Alaska service. As a result, Matson Navigation Co.<<webfeature, will resume West Coast operations for its Hawaii service, beginning late Oct. 5. >> The Los Angeles County Economic Development Corp. (LAEDC) released results Oct. 5 showing another US$13.7Bn in lost business impacting 3 more So. California communities -- San Fernando Valley, San Diego & San Gabriel Valley -- result of shut down of the ports of LA & Long Beach. >> AIR CARGO JUMP -- Carriers say prices have climbed by as much as 30% since Sept. 29. Talks continue. (Sat. Oct. 5 2002)


29 Sept. 2002 at 0305 LT in position 24:05.42S - 046:21.23W, No. 3 Santos outer anchorage, Brazil. 6 pirates, 4 armed with guns & long knives in small speedboat boarded general cargo ship. Alert duty watchman sounded general alarm & called port control. Pirates threatened officers & crew with their guns, knives & steel bars. Pirates stole crew's cash 7 property -- went to captain's cabin & damaged the general alarm to silence it. Capt. slipped away & went to bridge. Pirates escaped in their boat. Port police arrived to investigate. (Sat. Oct. 5 2002)

28 Sept.2002 at 0300 LT at Pulau Ayu Keciil off Karimun islands, Malacca Straits. While underway, pirates armed with guns & knives boarded tanker -- tied the hands of 14 crew & locked them in a cabin. Pirates hijacked tanker & transferred her cargo of 3,000 mt of diesel to another tanker. All communication equipment damaged. After pirates left crew managed to free themselves & reported to owners by hand phone. Tanker arrived at Pasir Gudang port on 29 Sept. 2002. (Sat. Oct. 5 2002)

27 Sept. 2002 at 0130 LT in position 10:16.5N - 107:04E, outer roads anchorage, Vung Tau, Vietnam. Pirates boarded general cargo ship from forecastle, broke open bosun's store & stole ship's stores. Duty a/b raised alarm & crew mustered. Pirates jumped overboard -- scaped in motorboat. (Sat. Oct. 5 2002)

25 Sept. 2002 at 0400 LT at anchorage, Balikpapan, Indonesia. Pirates boarded general cargo ship from aft but were spotted by duty watchmen. Watchmen tried to scare the pirates by directing searchlights. During this time some pirates boarded at forward & stole ship's stores from bosun´s store. (Sat. Oct. 5 2002)

24 Sept. 2002 at 2345 LT at Balikpapan coal terminal, Indonesia. Six armed pirates boarded general cargo ship during loading operations -- broke open paint store & stole large quantity of ship's stores. Duty watchman noticed pirates breaking paint store padlock but he was taken hostage by pirates. (Sat. Oct. 5 2002)

24.09.2002 0130 LT at Alpha inner anchorage area, Chittagong port, Bangladesh. Three boats approached ship from stern, forward & starboard side -- 4 armed pirates boarded from aft & one tried climbing at forecastle. General alarm raised & crew mustered. Pirates stole ship's stores & escaped. Port authorities informed. (Sat. Oct. 5 2002)

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411gt chemical M/T Eiwa Maru in collision with 53,103gt M/V Ever Reward 19km (12 miles) off the coast of Shizuoka prefecture, 150km (95 miles) SW of Tokyo. early Oct. 5. Eiwa Maru capsized, injuring the 4 crew -- rescued by a nearby ship. Polution status unknown. (Fri. Oct. 4 2002) UPDATE: Eiwa Maru carrying 500 tons of xylene<<webfeature, &endash; highly flammable liquid solvent used in paints & cleaning products -- tank containing substance found submerged near site of accident. (Sat. Oct. 5 2002)

U.S. COAST TOTAL SHUTDOWN: DAY 6>> Pacific Maritime Assn. will permit union to load Alaska-bound cargo after a request from state's governor, Tony Knowles. PMA decided to make exception after receiving assurances from the Int'l Longshore & Warehouse Union that it would not stage work slowdowns -- this is the key provision. Union said not officially extending contract, but would work according to contract guidelines -- which bans work slowdowns. Remember, it was "slowdowns" which begain this crisis. Deal won't cover shipments to Hawaii, which like Alaska, has been growing desperate for imported goods -- 90% being imported from mainland. Military cargo allowed to flow. Over 160 cargo ships anchored off Pacific Coast. Talks continue with better tone. (Fri. Oct. 4 2002)

After All The Debate>> And after all the denials from North Korea , the Japanese government today raised vessel that sank in Dec. in the East China Sea after a gunbattle with Japanese patrol boats -- is a heavily armed North Korean spy ship. Inspection & photos reveal Russian ZPU-2 anti-air heavy machinegun crew mount, 2 anti-air missile launchers with a range of 5,000 meters, 2 shoulder-held rocket launchers, 4, 5.45mm-caliber automatic rifles, an 82mm antitank recoilless gun, 6 hand grenades, & spy gear. Between Japan & North Korea -- no contest on who has the credibility. Now Japan must learn why the vessel was there. (Fri. Oct. 4 2002)

23ft. yacht S/V Psedorca, with Terry Watson, 43, lost at sea -- spotted in Miami, July 19 -- search of more than 8,000 sq. miles failed to locate. Found Oct. 4, 40 miles off the North-South Carolina border. Yachtsman emaciated, weak -- suffering from dehydration, delusion & shock -- could barely move -- "I died a month ago." Not sure how Watson survived -- apparently used his broken mast to rig a shelter. (Fri. Oct. 4 2002)

U.S. COAST TOTAL SHUTDOWN: DAY 5>> 160 major vessels anchored -- waiting to discharge cargo at West Coast ports. Negotiators for ILWU & PMA toned down antagonistic rhetoric after spending hours with federal mediator at San Francisco trying to end the West Coast port shutdown that has staggered industries across U.S. Both sides thought the talks would last a while. "We were told to bring our toothbrushes," said Joseph Miniace, lead negotiator for PMA. Numerous reports of U.S. factory shut downs -- including only West Coast automobile assembly facility at Fremont, CA. Number of critics against ILWU grows, as members of other unions come forward to tell of system abuse. Word from another union carries weight. See DAY 4, below. (Thurs. Oct. 3 2002)

Container M/V CanMar Victory suffered significant underwater damage resulting in a punctured fore-peek following Sept. 28 grounding 30 miles W. of Quebec City near Deschambeault. Transport Canada inspectors authorized ship to sail back to Montreal to off-load cargo of 100 containers --departed Sept. 30 for Montreal. CanMar Victory required to enter dry dock & repairs before allowed to transit St. Lawrence River for open seas. Photo of Grounding<<webfeature. (Thurs. Oct. 3 2002) UPDATE: Initial examination of hull revealed tear 36-feet long by 5-feet wide in forward portion of the ship including fore-peek. Dry dock for 2 weeks. (Fri. Oct. 4 2002)

Bahamas 38,395gt M/V Alva Star (built 1994), Haifa for Koper with containers & 26 crew, hard aground in lat 37 40N, long 20 47E, near Piraeu. No pollution. (Thurs. Oct. 3 2002) See Our Photo Feature<<photofeature

U.S. COAST TOTAL SHUTDOWN: DAY 4>> No progres. BNSF rail has embargoed West Bound export cargo. Small amount of cargo being dischaged at Tijuana, Mexico -- this small Pacific port has limited capability, but they are eager as hell. Next talks set for Oct. 3 before federal mediator. NOTE: "We have in excess of 300 (Machinist) members that are unemployed at this time because of the threats & intimidation being brought by the ILWU," said Robert James, president of Machinists District 289. "We are upset. We would just as soon be at work, earning money & supporting our families." (Wed. Oct. 2 2002)

We Have No Words>> Italian registered, Messina Line M/V Jolly Zaffiro, with Capt., 22 Italians & 10 Senegalese crew (coastwise) -- remaining in position Sept. 30, believed to have been either trapped among rocks or "magnetized" onto underwater rocks for 75 hrs.,10 min. -- suddenly sailed from her 'temporary anchorage' after religious tribute. Was it the sheep or the schnapps? The story is hard to swallow, but brought to us by the Ghananian Chronical, daily paper of Ghana.

The Twilight Zone In Ghana>> Official investigations "confirm" that early morning Sept. 24, Capt. informed Ghana Ports & Harbors Authority (GPHA) signal station of his vessel's readiness to enter Tema port. Pilot launch set to guide vessel port but -- instantly -- Jolly Zaffiro grounded just meters from navigational entrance.

Harbor Master, Capt. Victor Jonah went aboard grounded vessel --left helpless. Efforts to free vessel at high & low tides failed. By Sept. 26, sister vessels M/V Verde & M/V Sea Puma belonging to Global Company (U.S. oil exploration firm) added to effort of 3 pulling tugs. A number of bollard & 6 brand new mooring ropes destroyed as they parted. Grounded vessel remained unshaken. Day & night watch on patrol boats to ward off attack from pirates.

Then>> Religious Ghananian "Traditionalists" demanded ¢4 million, 2 bottles of schnapps & a sheep to appease their gods who were believed to have spiritually held the Italian vessel. Vessel owners 1st made available ¢1 million to elder "Traditionalists" but they refused, saying money amounted to an insult to their belief. Worried representatives finally paid the demanded amount. . Officials were shocked next morning, when grounded ship just rose & sailed unassisted to anchorage. NOTE: In 1986, Black Star Line (BSL) M/V Keta Lagoon mysteriously trapped among rocks at same position. In 2000, Maersk Line M/V Christian Maersk also 'imprisoned' there. In all cases, the "Traditionalists" consulted for rituals creating a semi-Bermuda Triangle. Natives say underlining rocks form a platform -- their sacred & magnetized stone. Experts say M/V Jolly Zaffiro is well-equipped with radar instruments & that incident should be investigated. Gee, do you think so? "Traditionalists" now being offered 2 sheep to stop U.S. West Coast Port strike. (Wed. Oct. 2 2002)

MAJOR DISASTER>> Liberian registry 320 meter unfinished 108,806gt cruise M/V Diamond Princess suffered major fire at Nagasaki. Vessel launched at Nagasaki May 25. (Tues. Oct. 1 2002) UPDATE: Blaze subsided early today as firefighters battled for more than 10 hours to control the blaze. (Wed. Oct. 2 2002) UPDATE: 19 hour blaze damaged 70% of this "new" US$326M vessel. Sister, M/V Sapphire Princess, also being built for P&O Princess for delivery in May 2004. (Wed. Oct. 2 2002)


ILWU walked out of meeting with federal mediators today at San Francisco when representatives saw 2 armed security guards present for PMA. PMA called walk-out childish.

"Heard On The Picket Line", by Cameron Roberts, of The Cargo Letter, tonite down at the docks - Major feeeling tonight on the picket line is that labor action will end this week, either by resolution or government action. Mechanics Union crossing picket line -- do not support ILWU. Send us YOUR information -- in full confidentiality, as always. (Mon. Oct. 1 2002)

M/V Hual Europe - Grounding in Tokyo Bay. On 1 October 2002, at 1854 LT, Hual Europe grounded on the Island O-Shima in Tokyo Bay, Japan. At 2300 Norwegian time, it was possible to evacuate 20 crew. The weather now improving & the Capt. in cooperation with Coast Guard decided to remain onboard with 3 officers. (Mon. Oct. 1 2002)

Cruise Ship (which ?) suffered indignity as Mr. William Dean Sullivan attempted, unsuccessfully, to bungee jump from a Vancouver' Lions Gate Bridge to her deck. He miscalculated ship's speed & suffered minor head injuries on Sept. 29 when he bounced off tennis court, volleyball net & a deck railing, before being left dangling in mid-air -- as the vessel sailed away. After failing to board, Sullivan, of Nanaimo, BC, rappelled himself to water where rescued by a passing water taxi, which turned him over for arrest. (Tues. Oct. 2 2002)

Vessel Loss Dispatches For September 2002

PIRATE ATTACK>> Malaysian-flagged M/T Nautica Kluang, laden with 2,891 tons diesel oil, stormed by Pirates in the Malacca Strait Sept. 28. Pirates armed with guns & long knives stormed vessel at around 3 a.m. near small island, Pulau Iyu Kecil, S. of Malacca Strait, said Noel Choong, regional director of Kuala Lumpur-based Piracy Reporting Center of the Int'l Maritime Bureau (IMB) in London. (Mon. Sept. 30 2003)

RECOVERY>> Tugboat Usda Jaya, hijacked by Pirates in Sumatran waters on Sept 17 found by Indonesian authorities Sept. 30. However, accompanying barge 639grt Bes 04, with 1,500 tons of palm oil worth about RM2mil, still missing. (Mon. Sept. 30 2003)

U.S. COAST TOTAL SHUTDOWN - AGAIN >> All 29 U.S. West Coast Ports Are Now Shut Down for a 2nd time in 3 days -- from 6pm on Sunday Sept. 29 -- until ? Coastwide labor disruption could cost the U.S. economy US$1Bn per day ...... with no end in sight. On Sun. morning Sept. 29, the U.S. West Coast ports reopened after 38 hour lock-out. 30. But shipping lines said productivity fell "off the cliff," with many workers taking unfamiliar jobs under "randon assignment" sceme. "It's like a plumber showing up to roof your house," said a manager for PMA's San Francisco area on Sept. 29. "Aside from production issue, there are certainly safety issues." Thus, all 29 U.S. West Coast ports went dark, again. PMA SAID: "We will not pay workers to strike." CURRENT STATUS: Pacific Maritime Assn. said it will bar workers from docks until ILWU agrees to extend lapsed contract while talks toward a new agreement continue. Just from the first 36 hours of stoppage we expect cargo delivery delay, perishable commodity loss, rail congestion, & increased theft opportunities. What next in this busy Christmas season? This could get much, much worse. Merry Christmas?! (Sun. Sept. 29 2002) UPDATE: Parties will meet with federal mediator tomorrow. Tonight a container vessel mysteriously caught fire in cargo cells at L.A. warf -- coincidence? (Mon. Sept. 30 2003)

3946gt general cargo M/V Moon Lake (built 1972) grounded near Varna at 0050, UTC, today. The vessel was anchored on Varna roads, in ballast, waiting to enter the port. Due to strong wind anchor chains parted, vessel drifted & ran aground near beach. When weather improves, the harbor-master will inspect vessel &decide how to proceed. (Mon. Sept. 30 2003)

4191gt pipe layer barge Lone Star Horizon (built 1961) & owned by Horizon Offshore, suffered moderate damage from fire at anchor off Ciudad del Carmen, Mexico. The vessel's crew evacuated --no injuries. Lone Star Horizon recently completed KIX pipeline project for Pemex -- preparing for demobilization to the U.S. Gulf of Mexico. The fire limited to generator control-room, occurred at about 1500, Sep 20 -- extinguished by 1800 hrs. (Mon. Sept. 30 2003)

1183 gt general cargo M/V C.Muzaffer (built 1972), Istanbul for Slovenia with mineral oil & 12 Turkish crew , grounded in lat 38 00N, long 24 03E, at 0920, LT. Vessel has a hole in hull but no pollution. Salvage tug Matsas Star in on scene. Weather good. (Sun. Sept. 29 2002)

90ft Dutch registered F/V Jacoba, with 4 British crew, hard aground on rocks with bow out of the water Sept. 21, at Lamorna Cove west of Penzance, UK. Coastguard immediately requested assistance of Pen Lee Lifeboat & 2 Coastguard Cliff Rescue Teams from Penzance & Lands End. (Sat. Sept. 28 2002)

U.S. COAST TOTAL SHUTDOWN>> All 29 U.S. West Coast Ports Are Now Shut Down from Sept. 27 until Sun. morning Sept. 29 -- A 36-hour "cooling-off period," which will immediately curtail flow of Christmas Season goods across U.S., announced after Pacific Maritime Assn. accused longshoremen's union of slowing down pace of work as tactic to gain leverage in increasingly acrimonious talks. Spokesman for the Int'l Longshore & Warehouse Union (ILWU) said union negotiators wanted to keep talking. Union learned of lockout Sept. 27 morning from assn. negotiators when the sides met for talks. This coastwide labor disruption could cost U.S. economy US$1Bn per day. Major disruption as many ships held at dock from their rotations, while countless others now must anchor offshore -- thousands of port truckers circle, just confused -- pending news. Union had issued directive earlier Sept. 26 telling the 10,500 workers it represents at all 29 major Pacific ports "to work in strict accordance with all safety & health rules - taking no overtime." Thus the work "slow down" -- thus the 'lock out." This is very serious -- expect cargo delivery delay, perishable commodity loss, rail congestion, increased theft opportunities -- could get much, much worse. Merry Christmas?! (Fri. Sept. 27 2002)

Learn The Viewpoints:

Pacific Maritime Association<<webfeature

Int'l Longshore & Warehouse Union (ILWU)<<webfeature

MAJOR MARITIME DISASTER>> State-owned ocean ferry M/V Joola, with over 1034 passengers, capsized off Gambia in Atlantic, S. Gambia for Senegalese capital, Dakar, Sept. 26, 11 p.m. LT. More than 900 believed killed. Just 63 known to have survived disaster late Sept. 26 night, some by clinging to sides of overturned vessel. "It was horrible, because we were hearing people screaming from underneath," said hospitalized survivor Moussa Ndong. Ferries main way of transport between N & S Senegal, in part because travel by road is slowed by border checks passing through Gambia. Angry men thronging port denounced authorities, claiming vessel was riding low on one side -- never should have been allowed out of port. Media reports said vessel underwent repairs -- only recently returned to service after months in dock. Dive teams recovered 88 bodies thus far. Gambia is strip-shaped country only few miles wide -- divides N & S Senegal. (Fri. Sept. 27 2002) (Updated Mon. Sept. 30 2002)


21 Sept. 2002 at 0215 LT in position 05:48.9N - 118:06E, at inner loading anchorage, off Sandakan, Malaysia. Pirate boarded bulk carrier during rain. Alert crew raised alarm & pirate jumped overboard & escaped. (Fri. Sept. 27 2002)

20 Sept. 2002 at 0415 LT at inner anchorage, Buena Ventura, Colombia. Pirates tried to board general cargo ship using long pole. Alert crew raised alarm -- f oiled attempt. Pirates escaped in small wooden boat. (Fri. Sept. 27 2002)

18 Sept. 2002 at 0235 LT at Rio Haina port, Dominican Republic. Five pirates armed with long knives boarded general cargo ship during cargo operations -- tried to break in to bridge. Pirates chased duty A/B & 2nd mate who retreated into accommodation. Master raised alarm, crew mustered & pirates escaped by jumping into sea. Local authorities arrived to investigate within 10 minutes. (Fri. Sept. 27 2002)

17 Sept. .2002 at 0200 LT at Kuala Gaung, Indonesia. Armed pirates boarded & hijacked a tug & barge loaded with palm oil. Threw crew overboard off Pulau Busung. Crew later rescued by fishing boats. Incident reported to Kuala Gaung police station. (Fri. Sept. 27 2002)

17 Sept. 2002 in position: 03:10N - 112:52.5E, at Kuala Semanok anchorage, Bintulu, Sarawak, Malaysia. Pirates in speedboat & armed with knives boarded general cargo ship from forecastle. Broke into forecastle locker & stole ship's stores. Alert duty officer sounded ship's whistle & raised alarm. Pirates jumped overboard & escaped in waiting boat. (Fri. Sept. 27 2002)

06 Sept. 2002 at 0430 LT at inner anchorage, Buena Ventura, Colombia. Pirates armed with machetes boarded general cargo ship using long pole with hooks & stole ship's stores. Coast guard informed but they only came during daytime to check boats in vicinity. (Fri. Sept. 27 2002)

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Major Disaster>> Follow Our Continuing Coverage of burning & beached 31,262gt M/V Jolly Rubino - Sept. 24<<webfeature (below), Grounding Off South Africa - In Ecological Zone --- Please Route Photos To The Cargo Letter. Amazing Photo of M/V Jolly Rubino from our correspondent Mr. Dan Ruff<<webfeature. (Wed. Sept. 25 2002)

Maritime Law Squeezes "The Juice" ........ as O.J. Simpson has pleaded innocent (isn't he always) to a charge that he sped through no-wake zone near Miami's downtown in power boat. Simpson's 30-foot boat ticketed July 4 by Florida Marine Patrol officer for creating wake in area where speed limits reduced to protect endangered manatees. Also aboard was Simpson's ex-girlfriend, Christie Prody. Simpson, 55, acquitted of murder charges in 1994 slayings of his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson,& friend, Ronald Goldman. Civil jury later held former football star liable for the killings & ordered him to pay victims' survivors US$33.5M. (Thurs. Sept. 26 2002)

Collision Denied/Incident Heats >> Pentagon denying reports that U.S. Navy ship collided with Chinese F/V in China's exclusive economic zone in the Yellow Sea. LCDR Jeff Davis said unarmed USNS Bowditch<<webfeature, oceanographic survey ship, had been in bridge-to-bridge communication with Chinese National Marine Bureau patrol boat earlier this month demanding U.S. ship leave the area. But, he said: "There was no collision & this appears to be some sort of a misunderstanding." Bowditch operating inside China's 200-mile exclusion zone, but well beyond 12-mile territorial waters. Chinese Y-12 aircraft overflew U.S. ship on several occasions as well as being accosted by patrol boat, authorities reported. (Thurs. Sept. 26 2002) UPDATE>> China has turned up tone of demands relative to the voyage of USNS Bowditch<<webfeature, Chinese coastal patrol planes buzzed an ship several times -- demanded that it cease "illegal operations" inside China's 200-mile economic exclusion zone. (Fri. Sept. 27 2002)

Extaordinary Tale of The Sea>> Frigate USS McClusky (FFG-41)<<webfeature rescued 26-foot S/V Sea Breeze after its master's extraordinary 4 month journey at sea, eating turtles & fish -- trapping sea birds by tying bait to mast of drifting boat. Richard Van Pham, 62-year-old Vietnamese immigrant set sail on day trip from So. California -- but drifted to waters off Costa Rica on Sept. 17 -- 2,500 miles from where his "1 day" odyssey began in Long Beach, California. Somewhere between California coast & island of Catalina (26 miles off California Coast) storm blew up & broke the Sea Breeze's mast & rudder -- sending vessel off course. Pham, refugee from Vietnam who came to U.S. in 1976, never reported missing because he had no family & had been living aboard boat at Long Beach harbor. Drifted -- day after day -- sleeping, reading old newspapers & watching for land & potential rescuers. Had no means of communication, but able to watch videos on small television powered by solar generator. Sept. 17, U.S. Navy P-3 patrol plane on drug interdiction mission spotted broken-down vessel 300 miles off coast of Costa Rica & radioed location to USS McClusky (FFG-41)<<webfeature. McClusky dropped Pham off in Guatemala on Sept. 22 -- with US$800 donated by sailors of McClusky-- he bought a plane ticket to Los Angeles. Thanks to the U.S. Navy -- all is well. (Wed. Sept. 25 2002)

10,500gt container M/V Kokopo Chief, Brisbane for Port Moresby, has rescued Australian couple, a German woman & American man after engine & steering failed on 13-meter Melbourne-registered yacht S/V Just-N-Time in Coral Sea off N. Queensland. (Wed. Sept. 25 2002)

87gt UK ferry M/V Island Beach (built 1961) ran aground off coast of Byram during afternoon sightseeing cruise. Private vessels & police vessels evacuated passengers from town-operated vessel, which hit rock outcropping 1,000 yards offshore from Byram Beach --- 150 passengers, many senior citizens evacuated -- unclear why vessel ran aground, speculated may have been negotiating turn when bow became lodged in rocks. Vessel returned to dock with small split in seam -- hold being pumped to remove water flowing into cavity through a 2-inch long split. Repairs begin tomorrow at dry dock in Bridgeport. (Wed. Sept. 25 2002)

U.S. & French Special Forces moved ashore in force Sept. 25 to safeguard Westerners caught up in 6 day uprising after failed Ivory Coast coup Sept. 19 in which at least 270 people died. With insurgents holed up in 2 cities, Bouake & N. city of Korhogo, President Laurent Gbagbo pledged all-out battle to root out rebels in what was once West Africa's most stable & prosperous country. French troops reached mission school Sept. 25 after night of gunfire -- to bring out Westerners, including 100 American children, & escort them back safely to airfield in Yamoussoukro<<webfeature -- Ivory Coast capital. U.S. Air Force C-130 cargo planes to fly U.S. children to neighboring Ghana Sept. 26, Pentagon said. U.S. Embassy said late Sept. 25. -- U.S. advising all Americans to leave Ivory Coast, saying U.S. citizens should go while flights available & airports open. Children waved American flags out of car windows as convoy headed to safety down region's main road. "We're very happy to get off campus,'' one girl said. One hundred of 160 pupils at school are American, as is majority of 40 teachers & staffers. Pentagon said French escorted out 191 people. Tough crowd here. (Wed. Sept. 25 2002)

Norway trawler F/V Oyaskjaer -- accused Russian Navy of firing warning shot across bow off Arctic Russia, forcing turn back to Norway. "It shot with shining projectile in front of bow," Capt. Lars Endresen told NRK public radio of incident -- occurred late Sept. 20 or early Sept. 21. No injiries. Oyaskjaer returned to Norwegian port after Russian crew member on trawler spoke with officials on navy vessel. (Mon. Sept. 23, 2002)

270gt Netherlands F/V Jacoba (built 1975), with 4 crew, aground at Lamorna Cove, W. of Penzance, in lat 50 03.7N, long 05 33.4W at 0700, UTC, Sep 21. Vessel with 6 foot gash along port bow. Some diesel leaked. Jacoba towed off by tug Anglian Prince at 1537, UTC, same day -- arrived Penzance, under own power. No further pollution. Jacoba detained in Newlyn, deemed unsafe to put to sea until repairs effected. (Mon. Sept. 23, 2002)

254 gt UK F/V Congener (built 1977) suffered fire 30 miles N. of Scilly Isles -- skipper & 2 crew taken to safety by a Royal Navy helicopter from Culdrose base, Cornwall. Royal Navy auxiliary vessel with fire-fighting equipment moving to scene -- Congener buring & beginning to list. (Sat. Sept. 21 2002)

DEAD ZONE>> Team of American & Canadian scientists aboard research vessel M/V Lake Guardian<<webfeature, on Lake Erie trying to determine why its chemistry unexpectedly changed, creating large "dead zone" in deepest water of central basin between Sandusky & Erie, Pa. Excessive phosphorus in water -- condition that existed in lake in 1960s -- left zone devoid of dissolved oxygen needed by fish & aquatic insects. Onboard M/V Lake Guardian<<webfeature. (Fri. Sept. 20 2002)


13 Sept. 2002 at 0305 LT in position 05:13N - 004:00W, Outer Roads, Abidjan,Ivory Coast. Eight pirates armed with long knives in 2 boats boarded a tug & stole stores. Alarm raised & crew mustered. Pirates escaped. (Fri. Sept. 20 2002)

12 Sept. 2002 at 0130 LT at berth, Guanta port, Venezuela. Five pirates armed with knives boarded general cargo ship from seaside from small boat using long metal pole with hook. Two patrolling watchmen retreated into accommodation, locked access door & informed bridge. 2nd officer raised alarm -- crew mustered. Pirates jumped into sea & escaped. (Fri. Sept. 20 2002)

14 Sept. 2002 at 0215 LT at Balikpapan anchorage, Indonesia. Pirates armed with guns boarded tanker & held duty A/B at gunpoint. Pirates stole 3 life rafts & stores. When alarm raised pirates jumped into the sea & escaped. (Fri. Sept. 20 2002)

14 Sept. .2002 at 0400 LT at Davao anchorage, Philippines.Three pirates in motor Banca attempted to board a reefer via anchor chain during cargo operations. Alert crew foiled attempt. (Fri. Sept. 20 2002)

12 Sept. 2002 at 0300 LT at Tanjung Priok anchorage, Jakarta, Indonesia. Pirates armed with knives & crowbars boarded general cargo ship from stern. Stole large quantity of engine spares & escaped in boat. (Fri. Sept. 20 2002)

11 Sept. 2002 at 0345 LT at Chittagong roads, Bangladesh. Five pirates boarded chemical tanker from stern & attempted to steal ship's stores. Alert duty officer raised alarm, sounded whistle & crew mustered. Pirates escaped by jumping overboard empty handed. (Fri. Sept. 20 2002)

10 Sept. 2002 at 0130 LT in posn 01.25N - 104.30E, vicinity of Horsburgh lighthouse, Tanjung Berakit, Singapore straits. Seven to ten pirates in high-speed boat attempted to board general cargo ship underway. Alert duty watch flashed searchlights at boat. Pirates aborted attempted boarding. (Fri. Sept. 20 2002)

09 Sept. 2002 at 1830 UTC in position 01:20.6S - 116:57E, Balikpapan anchorage, Indonesia. Four pirates in 2 unlit boats boarded bulk carrier from forecastle starboard side. Alert duty officers raised alarm & crew mustered. Pirates escaped with ship's stores. (Fri. Sept. 20 2002)

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Traffic Alert>> Waterfront labor dispute on U.S. West Coast has edged perilously close to meltdown after Pacific Maritime Assn. (PMA) said preparing to order a "defensive shutdown" to lock workers out of terminals. Negotiations continue with ILWU Union. This being near end of "High Season" for Chrsitmas goods -- pay close attention to this issue. (Thurs. Sept. 19 2002) UPDATE>> Threatened lockout at nation's busiest port complex apparently averted after dock operations were fully staffed at end of a week in which most activity had been frozen. PMA said it would shut down cargo terminals Sept. 20, leaving as many as 5,000 workers without pay & millions of dollars of cargo on docks because of what management called a union slowdown. PMA negotiating new contract with dockworkers since May, said slowdown crippled operations of one of its members - Stevedoring Services of America - at Port of Long Beach. / Sept. 19 night, the Int'l Longshore & Warehouse Union finally provided enough workers to unload ships at docks in Long Beach, PMA said. Talks continue, as does cargo flow. (Fri. Sept. 20 2002)

50-meter luxury yacht M/V Silver Swan, at Dubai with 80,000 liters of fuel, caught fire & capsized Sept. 18 morning -- no injuries -- took 3 hours to extinguish flames. Vessel had just undergone repairs at Al Jaddaf. (Thurs. Sept. 19 2002)

There Will Always Be An England>> British 3,500-ton frigate, HMS Nottingham<<photofeature, -- nearly sank on July 7 when it smashed into well-charted outcrop known as Wolf Rock during maneuvers off Lord Howe Island, tiny isle 320km E. of Sydney -- will be carried back to England on heavy lift ship of Dutch company Dockwise<<photofeature, M/V Swan<<webfeature -- due to arrive Australian waters Oct. 19. Will take 10 days to load & inspect. Swan capable of carrying up to 25,000 metric tons (28,000 U.S. tons) on deck -- measures 127 meters (420 feet) by 32 meters (105 feet). Review Our Orginal Coverage FROM JULY 2002<<webfeature. The Cargo letter requests all pictures. (Thurs. Sept. 19 2002)

General cargo M/V Katrine Krog & crude oil M/T Alfa Britannia in collision off New Waterway near Maas Center 2330, LT, Sep 16. Lifeboat sailed from Berghaven of Hook of Holland for assistance. Also tug Fairplay-21 departed New Waterway for assistance & arrived at collision 0045, Sep 17.Inspection found that Alfa Brittannia had dent in aft ship. Katrine Krog had indented foreship, 1 meter above waterline. Vessel got permission to enter New Waterway in tow of Fairplay-21 early Sept. 18 morning. (Wed. Sept. 18 2002)/ . (Wed. Sept. 18 2002)

Bahamas registered 43,000gt, 644 feet condo-cruise M/V The World of Residensea<<webfeature (12 decks, built 2001) suffuered over US$100,000 damage & laid up in Quebec Harbor following rough encounter with end of Hurricane Gustave in Atlantic Provinces -- damage to interior furnishings, including smashed windows & total loss of ship's concert piano. The World of Residensea is 1st condo-cruise ship. Built in Sweden, owned by Norwegian interests & operated by Residen Sea Ltd of Miami -- crewed by 320, with 110 apartments of 2 to 6 bedrooms with kitchens .Purchase prices range from US$2M to US$7M with yearly maintenance fees of US$100,000 -- amenities include restaurants, spas & corner store for grocery shoppers. 80 % of apartments sold, but ship can book non-residents in unsold apartments & 88 guest suites. In its 1st year of operation, vessel will sail for 40 countries visiting 140 ports. Repairs now complete -- vessel underway. (Wed. Sept. 18 2002)

M/V Ocean Marine VII with barge Sandia II under tow, for Dumai, Tanjong Periok in Indonesia with 3,700 tons palm oil worth US$2.41M, hijacked by 10 armed pirates, Sept. 6. Police recovered both vessels Sept.12 in Malaysian waters off Port Klang on country's W. coast. Pirates captured. (Wed. Sept. 18 2002)

General cargo M/V Katrine Krog & crude oil M/T Alfa Britannia in collision off the New Waterway near Maas Center 2330, LT, Sep 16. Lifeboat sailed from the Berghaven of Hook of Holland for assistance. No injuries. Tug Fairplay-21 arrived. Inspection found that Alfa Brittannia had dent in aft. Katrine Krog had indented foreship, one meter above waterline. (Wed. Sept. 18 2002)

Cargo M/V Katrine Krog & crude oil M/T Alfa Britannia in collision -- both now alongside at Rotterdam. (Tues. Sept. 17 2002)


13 Sept. 2002 at 0305 LT in position 05:13N - 004:00W, Outer Roads, Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Eight pirates armed with long knives in 2 boats boarded tug -- stole stores. Alarm was raised & crew mustered. Pirates escaped. (Tues. Sept. 17 2002)

12 Sept. 2002 at 0130 LT at berth, Guanta port, Venezuela. Five pirates armed with knives boarded general cargo ship from sea using long metal pole with hook. Two patrolling watchmen retreated into accommodation, locked access door & informed bridge. 2nd officer raised alarm & crew mustered. Pirates jumped into sea & escaped. (Tues. Sept. 17 2002)

14. Sept. 2002 at 0215 LT at Balikpapan anchorage, Indonesia. Pirates armed with guns boarded tanker & held duty A/B at gunpoint. Pirates stole 3 life rafts & stores. When alarm raised pirates jumped into the sea & escaped. (Tues. Sept. 17 2002)

14 Sept. 2002 at 0400 LT at Davao anchorage, Philippines. Pirates in motor Banca attempted to board reefer via anchor chain during cargo operations. Alert crew foiled the attempt. (Tues. Sept. 17 2002)

12 Sept. 2002 at 0300 LT at Tanjung Priok anchorage, Jakarta, Indonesia. Pirates armed with knives & crowbars boarded general cargo ship from stern. Stole large quantity of engine spares & escaped. (Tues. Sept. 17 2002)

11 Sept. 2002 at 0345 LT at Chittagong roads, Bangladesh. Five pirates boarded achemical tanker from stern & attempted to steal ship's stores. Alert duty officer raised alarm, sounded whistle & crew mustered. Pirates escaped by jumping overboard empty handed. (Tues. Sept. 17 2002)

10 Sept..2002 at 0130 LT in posn 01.25N - 104.30E, vicinity of Horsburgh lighthouse, Tanjung Berakit, Singapore straits. Ten pirates in high-speed boat attempted to board general cargo ship underway. Alert duty watch flashed searchlights. Pirates aborted attempted boarding. (Tues. Sept. 17 2002)

09 Sept. 2002 at 1830 UTC in position 01:20.6S - 116:57E, Balikpapan anchorage, Indonesia. Four pirates in unlit boats boarded bulk carrier from forecastle starboard side. Alert duty officers raised alarm & crew mustered. Pirates escaped with ship's stores. (Tues. Sept. 17 2002)

06 Sept. 2002 at 1930 LT in position 01:35.40N - 101:54.40E, vicinity of Bengkalis straits, Indonesia. 11 pirates hijacked tug & barge (believed M/V Ocean Marine VII with barge Sandia II) with cargo of palm oil. Malaysian authorities detained pirates at Port Klang. Further details awaited. (Tues. Sept. 17 2002)

These Are Not All The Incidents -- Only Those Few Reported. This Is The Dangerous Game.

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16,608gt bulk M/V Bonasia (built 1986), with 21 crew, suffered engine-room fire in lat 14 55N, long 63 16E, around 0545, UTC, Sep 13. One crew wiith serious burns -- sprayed with hot oil, evacuated to passing vessel. Bonasia adrift, awaiting arrival of tug Nikolay Chike for tow to Durban. (Mon. Sept. 16 2002)

2,551gt cargo M/V Urte, with scrap metal & 8 crew, aground at entrance to River Trent, Sept. 10 -- vessel sustained damage to bow. Tug arranged to be on scene at 07:00 a.m. -- situation deteriorated -- vessel had taken 16 degree list -- taking water over port quarter. Vessel saved by tug. (Mon. Sept. 16 2002)

Antigua-registered M/V Wester Till, Antwerp for Tunisia with 512 tons of general cargo & 20 tons of unidentified dangerous cargo & 13 Russian crew, afire in English Channel -- towed into Portsmouth Naval Base on England's S. coast at 11:45 a.m. Sept. 16 -- firefighters isolated blaze to hold, keeping flames safe distance from hazardous cargo. (Mon. Sept. 16 2002)

17,845gt M/V Phu Xuan (built 1985), Singapore for Vietnam with mixed cargo & 25 crew, caught fire in engine compartment in Straits of Melacca, 9 NM from Tanjung Biru coast in W. Malaysia, Sept. 14 evening. Local authorities attended. No injuries. (Sun. Sept. 15 2002)

UPDATE>> General cargo M/V TMP Sagitarius -- completely broken in half off South Africa -- aft section rolled over on to starboard side (seaward) Sept. 13 morning. Cargo overside & washing up on beaches. Salvage company that 'bought' the wreck has been ordered to clean up cargo. (Fri. Sept. 13 2002)

BEFORE>> 19-meter, 2;500gt cargo M/V Sagitaris, Durban to Mossel Bay with grain, taking water in heavy seas, near port of East London -- 16 of 28 crew airlifted to East London by air force Oryx helicopter from 15 Squadron in Durban & vessel does not appear breaking up. -- tanker in no immediate danger. (Fri. July 19 2002)

3,916gt cargo M/V Pia Frontier (built 1984), ex-Fuzhou Sept. 6 for Kashima with 6,110 tons of silica sand -- dropped anchor to avoid Typhoon Sinlaku in about lat 27 23N, long 120 53E, off Fuzhou at 0210, Sep 7. Same day Korean Marine Police received distress signal in approximately lat 26 48N, long 120 59E -- Chinese Search & Rescue Team proceeded to site but found nothing. Exact sinking position unknown -- 2 Korean & 5 Myanmar of total of 15 crew rescued by Chinese F/V -- 7 missing -- 1 body found on Sep 11 -- not identified. (Thurs. Sept. 12 2002)

824gt. product M/T Qing You 4 (built 1973) sank in lat 23 22.5N, long 117 07.07E, Sep 11, after spilling 950 cargo tons of oil into sea. Vessel exploded when one crew set off flare which ignited spilt oil -- his saftry award cancelled. All 16 crew jumped into sea when vessel broke in two & vessel sank. Fishing boats rescued 14, but little hope of finding other 2 alive due to intensity of fire & bad conditions. The "No Smoking" sign from M/T Qing You 4 was reposted on rescue vesel -- to eliminate misunderstandings. (Thurs. Sept. 12 2002)

18,625gt product M/T Sea Mariner (built 1991), Klaipeda for Copenhagen with fuel oil, grounded off Copenhagen, in lat 55 46N, long 12 40E, shortly after 0001 LT. No oil polution. Vessel still aground -- divers carrying out inspection -- refloating attempt will be made. Ymuiden, Sep 11 -- Salvage staff boarding for inspection -- tugs on standby. (Wed. Sept. 11 2002)

Major Disaster >> 31,262gt Ro/Ro M/V Jolly Rubino afire off Richards Bay, South Africa -- crew taken off -- SMIT Salvage BV awarded LOF 2000 by owners -- SMIT's AHTS Pentow Service with team & tug Wolraad Woltemade proceeding to casualty. Preparations ongoing, in Cape Town & Rotterdam, for mobilization of additional salvage equipment & personnel. The Cargo Letter >> PLEASE SEND ALL PICTURES FOR THIS FEATURE. (Wed. Sept. 11 2002) UPDATE>> Burning Italian 190 meter ro/ro gradually drifting away from coast in NE direction -- at mercy of wind & currents since Sept. 10 night when crew abandoned after engine room fire spread beyond control. Wind, recorded at 60 miles per hour, overriding effect of southerly currents -- now 6 miles off KwaZulu-Natal coast. (Thurs. Sept. 12 2002) UPDATE>> Jolly Rubino, blown aground off Cape St. Lucia, 600 km (370 miles) E. of Johannesburg, by heavy wind. Salvage tug expected Friday. (Fri. Sept. 13 2002) UPDATE>> Salvage workers decided Sept. 17 to abandon efforts to refloat the blazing ship grounded off South Africa's coast after discovering the vessel's cracks were worsening. Instead, workers will focus on pumping oil off in effort to protect ecologically sensitive estuary nearby -- before ship breaks up -- overside are 70 barrels filled with toxic chemicals overboard & 2 containers filled with refrigerators. Leaking oil flowed SW for 600 meters, before heading to sea and breaking up 8km away. (Tues. Sept. 17 2002) UPDATE>> Smit Salvage team forced to evacuate the vessel Sept. 18 -- asbestos experts accessed engine room to assess threat posed to salvors by asbestos dust -- salvage tem now returned. Preparations to remove bunkers continuing -- a ship-to-ship transfer planned -- oil threatening South African St Lucia Wetland World Heritage Site<<webfeature. (Sat. Sept. 21 20020 UPDATE>> Several containers which may carry dangerous chemicals from grounded Jolly Rubino reportedly drifting along South Africa's SE coastline. Working conditions aboard ship steadily improving as temperatures decreased while reduced amount of smoke emanating from vessel improved visibility, rescue company Smit Salvage said. Expected rough seas would continue for next 3 days, delaying fuel removal. (Tues Sept. 24 2002)

Reminds of Great M/V Modern Drive<<webfeature, Saga in 2001. A Three Part Feature.

Amazing Photo of M/V Jolly Rubino from our correspondent Mr. Dan Ruff<<webfeature.

2,551gt general cargo M/V Urte (built 1977), with scrap metal, 8 crew & pilot, aground at River Humber entrance to River Trent on training wall at 2224 LT. Vessel has bow damage, holed in one ballast tank. No pollution. Tug arranged. (Tues Sept. 10 2002)

Russian trawler F/V Karat-1 burning for 3rd day off Russia's Pacific island of Sakhalin on Sept. 5, but risk of explosion of large onboard fuel reserves had decreased -- 56 crew evacuated from ship, which holds 700 metric tons of fuel. Rescue vessel has been dousing trawler with water to cool hull. Fire destroyed everything above-deck & raged inside, burning living compartments, packing materials & equipment in fish processing section. (Tues. Sept. 10 2002)


02 Sept. 2002 between 0310-0340 LT at Chittagong anchorage, Bangladesh. 14 pirates armed with long knives & steel bars in 2 unlit wooden boats boarded general cargo ship from port bow during heavy rain. Took hostage 2 watchmen, tied them up & broke forecastle store lock. Duty A/B raised alarm & crew mustered. Pirates jumped overboard with ship's stores & property. (Fri. Sept. 6 2002)

30 Aug. 2002 in early hours of morning about 10 NM from Vung Tau pilot station, Vietnam. Pirates boarded containership underway. Broke in to forecastle store & stole ship's stores. (Fri. Sept. 6 2002)

27 Aug. 2002 during night at Puerto La Cruz PDVSA terminal, Venezuela. Pirates in small boat boarded tanker from seaside -- entered master's cabin & robbed him of US$10,000. Police initiated an investigation. (Fri. Sept. 6 2002)

27 Aug. 2002 at 1615 UTC in position: 05:28S - 154:41E, approx 2 NM south of Buka passage, Papua New Guinea. Five pirates armed with machine guns boarded yacht at anchor. Stole ship's stores & provisions. (Fri. Sept. 6 2002)

27 Aug. 2002 around 0100 to 0200 LT at Balikpapan port, Indonesia. Six pirates armed with long knives boarded LPG carrier at berth. Duty a/b & 2nd officer saw pirates hanging on fire wire at forecastle & down below a wooden boat with stolen stores. Suspect duty shore watchman colluded with pirates. (Fri. Sept. 6 2002)

26 Aug. 2002 at 2310 LT in position 10:02N - 076:04E, Cochin, India. Pirates in unlit wooden boat approached container ship from starboard quarter. Alert duty watchman raised alarm & crew mustered. Pirates aborted attempt. (Fri. Sept. 6 2002)

26 Aug. 2002 at 1100 LT at Batu Pahat coast, Johor, Malacca straits. Three pirates armed with guns & long knives boarded fishing trawler underway. Forced 2 fishermen to jump overboard & hijacked trawler. (Fri. Sept. 6 2002)

26 Aug. 2002 at 0315 LT at Quelimane inner anchorage, Mozambique. Armed pirates boarded general cargo ship from stern. Duty officer raised alarm & pirates jumped overboard & escaped. Stole mooring rope. (Fri. Sept. 6 2002)

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Philippine-registered tugs -- 79dwt Avoir & 58dwt Wise, Yokohama for Manila, travelling together -- connected by towing cable, sought to ride out Typhoon Sinlaku by sheltering in Nago Bay on Okinawa island -- cable parted -- Avoir & the 5 crew crew believed lost. (Fri. Sept. 6 2002)

S/V Orbit Two -- sent mayday Sept. 5, 320 miles NW of Stornoway, in Outer Hebrides -- lost its mast in fierce weather -- 1 crew thought to have fractured leg & internal injuries. Pave Hawk helicopters from U.S. military base at Keflavik, Iceland on scene to try to airlift 2 injured crew. (Fri. Sept. 6 2002)

Given The Industry State: It is our editorial policy not to report the loss of a vessel without a name -- HOWEVER -- tonight -- an unidentified Philippine M/V & 5 crew missing after Typhoon Sinlaku swept through Japan's Okinawa islands -- typhoon moving W., bringing torrential rain & high winds to N. Taiwan. Typhoon Sinlaku named after a Micronesian goddess. We pray for this unnamed vessel on the angry sea tonight. . (Thurs. Sept. 5 2002)

5,165gt cargo M/V Elite Glory (built 1978), with 5,500 tons of pottery stone & pyrophyllite, in collision with 1,346gt cargo M/V Fumika (built 1986), with 750 tons of pottery stone -- vessels bound Outer Anchorage of Nohwado Island, Wando, to take shelter from Typhoon Rusa. Elite Glory damaged bow in way of fore peak tank & port anchor. Fumika damaged port side shell plating, main deck, hatch covers & wing bridge deck. No injuries. (Thurs. Sept. 5 2002)

Altert>> Unidentified 36 meter ship, around 100 tons, sailed past Japan's Air Defense Zone shortly after 12:30 a.m. Sept. 5, prompting Japanese patrol boats to stay within zone while P-3C patrol aircraft kept tabs -- resembles vessels operated surreptitiously by North Korea -- U.S. military also provided information on vessel to Japanese Defense Agency -- which dispatched 3,500gt destroyer Amagiri (PT 109 in collision with vessel of same name -- Jan. 1944<<webfeature) in area to gather information. (Thurs. Sept. 5 2002)

F/V BBQ struck by whale rising up & crashing up, on to the deck of the vessel -- tossed Jerry Tibbs, 51, into sea 5 miles off Port San Luis, California, Sept. 1 -- 3 other fishermen stayed aboard damaged boat -- towed to shore by Coast Guard. After more than 18 hours of searching, Tibbs' body found. U.S. Coast Guard said this 1st time ever accident caused by whale crashing onto a boat. WOW! (Wed. Sept. 4 2002)

Russian factory M/V Kaskad 103, with 56 crew, afire off of Sakhalin Island -- large fuel reserves (tanks hold 770 tons) could explode or pollute. Rescue center in Vladivostok unable to approach blazing fish factory ship to put out flames. (Wed. Sept. 4 2002)

3829gt chemical/oil M/T Hae Yeon (built 1986), loading 4,761 tons gasoline -- in minor collision with 499gt product M/T Eiho Maru No.31 (built 1995), Nagoya at 0948, Aug 23. Slight damage -- no injuries or oil spill. (Tues. Sept.3 2002)

P&O Line 31,785gt ro/ro ferry M/V Norsea (built 1985), between Zeebrugge & Hull, suffered fire in aft engine room this morning is now on its way to Zeebrugge with all of its passengers on board. Fire extinguished & ferry is under its own command. All passengers now been stood down from their muster stations & free to use ferry as normal. Fire teams air lifted off the ferry. Carbon dioxide deployed & vessel adrift in lat 52 42N, long 01 55E before fire team from Suffolk arrived. 2nd fire o Norsea in 3 weeks. (Mon. Sept. 2 2002)

626gt Turkish M/V Samuray (built 1969), Turkey for Libya with 1,000 tons of oil derivative & 9 crew, capsized & partially sank in the Port of Alexandria while being loaded with mud used in drilling oil wells -- injuring 3 people. Ship capsized because of stowage error -- too much mud concentrated on one side of hold. (Mon. Sept. 2 2002)

Passenger vessel, Solampur village for Devighat village on Baitarani River, with 80 people toppled in swirling waters of rain-swollen Baitarani River in Jajpur district of E. Orissa state, E. India -- capsized -- sucked into whirlpool after hitting submerged sand mound in middle of river -- children feared swept away. (Sun. Sept. 1 2002)

 738-foot M/T Federal Fraser, missed turn in fog & ran aground into Duluth's Bayfront Festival Park, Aug. 28 -- tug crews required nearly 24 hours to free vessel. (Sun. Sept. 1 2002)

Vessel Loss Dispatches For August 2002

91gt Indonesian passenger M/V KM Kenangan suffered explosion & sank in less than 15 minutes late Aug. 30 just off Baubau port in S.E. Sulawesi, 1,500kms (930 miles) E. of Indonesian capital, Jakarta. Suggested explosion came from engine room -- 20 dead -- 69 rescued by fishermen. (Sat. Aug. 31 2002)

"Strangers On My Flight" -- musical stylings by Frank Sinatra - don't blame us - we only report this stuff! Requires REAL AUDIO


22 Aug. 2002 at 0355 LT in position: 05:31.4S - 105:18.7E, at Tarahan anchorage, Indonesia. Six pirates armed with guns & knives boarded bulk carrier at anchor from stern & took hostage 2 watchmen by holding guns to their heads. They were tied-up & their walkie-talkies stolen. When duty officer raised alarm pirates jumped overboard & escaped. (Fri. Aug. 30 2002)

22 Aug. 2002 at 0245 LT in position 06:01.26S - 106:53.49E, Tanjung Priok anchorage, Indonesia. Prates armed with knives boarded tanker, took hostage anti piracy watchman -- threatened him at knifepoint -- entered engine room, assaulted, & tied up duty engineer. They broke open storeroom & stole large quantity of engine spares. (Fri. Aug. 30 2002)

21 Aug, 2002 at 1130 LT at Chittagong anchorage, Bangladesh. Pirates attempted to board LPG carrier from stern by throwing hook attached to line. When crew spotted them pirates jumped into water & escaped. This was 2nd attempt in 2 days. (Fri. Aug. 30 2002)

20 Aug, 2002 at Mongla anchorage, Bangladesh. Pirates in boat approached general cargo ship & removed zinc anodes from stern post. (Fri. Aug. 30 2002)

20 Aug. 2002 at 2100 LT at Chittagong port, Bangladesh. Ten pirates armed with knives attempted to board LPG carrier at berth at forecastle using hook attached to line. Alert crew raised alarm & pirates escaped in their boat. (Fri. Aug. 30 2002)

20 Aug. 2002 at 0145 LT at Ho Chi Minh port, Vietnam. Pirates boarded bulk carrier at anchor, broke open forecastle lockers & stole ship's stores. When spotted by duty officer, pirates escaped by their boat via a cargo barge alongside. Port police informed. (Fri. Aug. 30 2002)

20 Aug. 2002 in early hours at Attaka oilfield off river mouth, Samarinda, SE coast of Kalimantan, Indonesia. Pirates attempted to board general cargo ship at anchor. Duty crew noticed pirates & informed armed guard on board who fired warning shots -- pirates fled. (Fri. Aug. 30 2002)

19 Aug. 2002 at Chittagong anchorage, Bangladesh. Pirates boarded general cargo ship underway & stole ship's stores. (Fri. Aug. 30 2002)

01 Aug. 2002 in position: 10:14n - 064:32w, Playa Conoma, 8nm from Puerto la Cruz, Venezuela. Five pirates armed with knives, machetes and guns attacked yacht at anchor. Skipper & wife received serious injuries. Pirates escaped with crew's valuables and US$1,400 cash. They left behind bag containing yacht's equipment. Skipper later learnt that 5 weeks ago, 6 armed pirates in same area attacked another yacht. (Fri. Aug. 30 2002)

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FIRST SHOT AT PEARL HARBOR>> USS Ward DD-139<<webfeature, sank approaching Japanese sub at 6:45 a.m. on Dec. 7, 1941-- today 78-foot Japanese mini-sub is found -- sub sunk by Ward because of bullet hole in conning tower & because it still has both torpedoes. Three subs have been previously accounted for. One is still missing, but it fired both its weapons. Sub now foud led 4 other Japanese midget submarines to Pearl Harbor before the Sunday morning attack by Japanese planes that lasted 2 hours & left 21 U.S. ships heavily damaged, 323 aircraft damaged or destroyed, 2,390 people dead & 1,178 wounded. Underwater video of sub shows hull rusted & slightly leaning to port side with periscope up. Two Japanese crew believed still inside. Although surprise Japanese aerial attack most widely associated with Pearl Harbor, U.S. military has long asserted that underwater skirmish occurred 1st. Debate concluded. History of USS Ward DD-139<<webfeature. The Ward - DD-139<<webfeature. (Fri. Aug. 30 2002)

Maritime History Event>> 291-foot S/S Portland<<webfeature, known as the "Titanic of New England," sank off Massachusetts coast Nov. 26, 1898, after sailing from Boston, ignoring forecasts of impending storm. Underwater explorers have located wreck of the19th century ship that sank in one of the worst hurricanes in New England's history, with loss of more than 190 souls. U.S. National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) said wreck found in Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary, area about size of Rhode Island between Cape Ann & Cape Cod. Portland departed Boston's India Wharf<<webfeature, for Portland, Maine, as scheduled, ignoring forecasts of impending storm & decision by Capt. of sister ship to stay in port. Capt. Hollis Blanchard may have believed Portland could outrun gale, but storm was actually 2 separate storms that collided at sea & grew in force. Winds reached 100 mph, & waves crested at 60 feet. Bodies & wreckage washed up on shores of Cape Cod shortly after storm -- eventually became known as the "Portland Storm." Scientists estimate 192 passengers & crew died.. Only 40 bodies from the vessel recovered. Portland's sinking prompted change in design of all coastal ships from paddlewheel to modern screw. (Thurs. Aug. 29 2002)

Bahamas-registered M/V Elm, with steel, Spanish port of Bilbao for Windsor, Ontario's auto industry, ran aground Aug. 27 -- blocked traffic on the St. Lawrence Seaway, near Eisenhower lock W. of Montreal on Aug. 27 from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. With tugs & after underwater inspection of hull, Elm resumed cruise at 9:00 p.m. (Thurs. Aug. 29 2002)

M/V Atanin Coaster plowed into fish restaurant in upscale suburb of Yenikoy, Istabul, Turkey Aug. 26 afteroon, destroying part of wooden building. No injuries. Former Economy Minister Dervis, a focus of financial market hopes in Nov. elections, a regular guest at restaurant. Tugs pulled ship free. (Wed. Aug. 28 2002)

Unfortunate Maiden Voyage>>18,311gt bulker M/V Greenwing (built 2002) struck wharf in Toledo Aug 23 while docking, damaging the structure & tarnishing maiden voyage. Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority hired a contractor to build cofferdam around damaged area to assess damage extent -- filled the 20-foot-wide hole filled with gravel to keep river current from undermining wharf. Part of wharf collapsed, leaving railroad rails hanging in the air. No injuries. Greenwing launched in June at Wuhu Shipbuilding in China -- sailed from ship yard on August 5. Better luck next time! (Wed. Aug. 28 2002)

Korean-flagged 300 meter, 207,346-dwt capesize (VERY BIG) bulker M/V Hanjin Dampier (built 1987) for Busan with 205,000-tons of iron ore, ran aground on sandbank 18km off Australia coast outside Port of Dampier, Aug. 25, after vessel's generators failed & bulker lost steerage. Hanjin has opted to lighten vessel. Only slight chance of environmental pollution. Combination of tugs & booms have been deployed in 1km radius around stranded ship to deal with pollution which might occur. Big problem here. (Tues. Aug. 27 2002)

Panamanian 36,080gt M/V Co-Op Venture -- aground in July 2002 in Shibushi Bay in Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan -- 7 crew collapsed because of gas leak -- 2 crew dead. READ OUR FULL STORY OF THIS VESSEL<<webfeature. (Tues. Aug. 27 2002)

15829gt M/T Bow Eagle (built 1984) Portocel Aug 10 for Rotterdam with acid, reported hit unknown floating object in lat 49 44N, long 03 17.5W in English Channel, & loosing fuel -- stopped 3 hours to transfer cargo. Forepeak & wing tank punctured. Vessel operational. French authorities co-ordinating. (Mon. 26 Aug. 2002) UPDATE>> Seems "unknown floating object" was a French trawler -- 1 dead & 3 missing on F/V -- "mystery ship" sought by trawler & French navy -- which appears now to be M/T Bow Eagle. Mystery solved. (Tues. Aug. 27 2002) UPDATE>> Norwegian shipowner Odfjell confirmed that Bow Eagle tanker collided with trawler F/V Cistude. Company said in a statement 28 Aug: "This morning the Master of Bow Eagle received verbal information from personnel on watch-duty at the time, that Bow Eagle was in fact involved in the collision with a fishing vessel This is contrary to the information the Master received (on Aug. 27)." French prosecutors are investigating loss of the Cistude which sank Aug. 26 with loss of 4 lives. (Wed. Aug. 28 2002)

110,541gt bulker M/V Hanjin Dampier (built 1989), for Dampier, Australia, had engine breakdown & steering failure -- grounded at Dampier at 0354 LT. Vessel remains aground. (Sun. Aug. 25 2002)

Dutch 70ft F/V Jong Johannes 65 miles E. of the River Humber, UK -- Mayday VHF call -- man overboard -- Humber Coastguard scrambled rescue helicopter to scene. Conditions good with easterly wind force 3, moderate sea & good visibility. (Sat. Aug, 24 2002)

Japanese 5gt trawler F/V Seifuku Maru, for Ube, in collision & capsized with 8,278gt M/V Heung-A Bangkok, Kochi for Ulsan in South Korea, in Suo Sea off Cape Motoyama at 2:10 a.m. Mitsugu Okazaki, 62, of Ube, Yamaguchi Prefecture found dead after 6 hours -- he & wife, Teruko, 60, thrown overboard in collision. Woman rescued by South Korean freighter. (Fri. Aug, 23 2002 pm)


16 Aug. 2002 between 2000-2130 LT at berth no.6, Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela. Pirates armed with knives boarded tanker from port side, stole liferaft & escaped. (Fri. Aug, 23 2002)

14 Aug. 2002 at 0615 LT at pier no.6, Douala port, Cameroon. Four pirates armed with knives boarded general cargo ship. Another 20 pirates remained on quay waiting for accomplices to bring down loot. Pirates attacked ch. mate & 3rd mate & stole ship's stores. Shore watchman onboard asleep during attack -- had bad dream. (Fri. Aug, 23 2002)

14 Aug. 2002 at 0050 UTC at Dakar anchorage, Senegal. Three pirates in 2 speedboats attempted to board tanker via anchor chain. Duty watchman (awake) spotted them & raised alarm. Pirates escaped. (Fri. Aug, 23 2002)

14 Aug. 2002 at position 01:16.10S - 116:47.5E, Balikpapan anchorage, Indonesia. Pirates in unlit boat boarded bulk carrier from starboard quarter. Alert duty A/B raised alarm & pirates escaped taking with them ship's stores. (Fri. Aug, 23 2002)

13 Aug. 2002 at 0545 LT at Chittagong anchorage, Bangladesh. Pirates boarded bulk carrier, broke open forecastle store & stole 2 mooring ropes. (Fri. Aug, 23 2002)

13 Aug. 2002 at 0132 LT at Tema anchorage, Ghana. Eight pirates armed with knives boarded bulk carrier. Alert crew raised alarm, crew mustered -- pirates escaped with bags of cargo & mooring rope. (Fri. Aug, 23 2002)

06 Aug. 2002 at 0440 LT at Rio Haina port, Dominican Republic. Pirates armed with axes & knives boarded bulk carrier at berth. Entered bridge & stole ship's property & proceeded to accommodation -- took hostage & tied-up 2nd off, oiler & watchman. Pirates stole personal belongings -- escaped by jumping into sea. Police informed. (Fri. Aug, 23 2002)

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Cargo Casualty>> Reminding us all that container operations have danger of the sort we take for granted -- a man has died following an accident today at Dublin Port<<webfeature, when a container apparently fell onto the man during loading operations. Bad way to go. Body of man, in his 20's, taken to Mater Hospital. This industry is not just dangerous for the cargo. We mourn. (Thurs. Aug. 22 2002)

UK-registered M/V Wave Sentinel, sufferd 43-year-old Filipino crewman dead after accident in engine room --12 miles from Land's End off coast of Cornwall -- Falmouth Coastguard<<webfeature, called -- victim's body flown to Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro. (Thurs. Aug. 22 2002)

Luxembourg registered Seacat<<webfeature, 4112gt ferry M/V Rapide (built 1996) Belfast to Heysham<<webfeature, with 244 passengers & 20 crew, suffered fire in port engine room -- forced to turn back. Fire out/no injuries. (Thurs. Aug. 22 2002)

Bahamas regigistered, 37,399gt bulker M/V Aquila (built 1979), San Lorenzo for Syria, aground in River Parana, km 447.5, at 0045, after sailing from Pampa berth on a maximum draught of 10.10 meters forward. No obstruct to navigation -- trying to refloat by own means, no tugs currently assisting. (Thurs. Aug. 22 2002)

German 95mt M/T Eiltank 3, Amsterdam for Vienna, spilled 13,000 gallons of gasoline mixture into lock on Danube River near Bavarian town of Straubing -- near area sealed because of "acute" risk of explosion -- firefighters pumped rest of 450,000 gallons of fuel from tanks & averted disaster. Ship's stern too close to lock gate & got caught on machinery -- 2 storage chambers holding 58,000 gallons damaged. No injuries, yet. (Wed. Aug. 21 2001)

UPDATE>> South Korean-owned M/V Bintang Harapan drifting off Russia's Pacific coast for 5 days because rescue vessel unable to put out fierce flames & tow vessel to port -- 14 Russians & 5 Koreans evacuated from ship after fire broke out in Sea of Japan on Aug. 19. Ship is so hot that water evaporates before it reaches surface. Logs burning in hold but flames rising as high as 2 meters above deck -- 210 metric tons (231 tons) fuel aboard -- may leak or explode if fire reaches fuel tanks -- which think it will -- sounds like burn to water line. This is a BIG fire. FOLLOW OUR FULL STORY<<webfeature. (Wed. Aug. 21 2001)

Fuzhou City (Fujian Province) registered M/V Jin'an No. 15, with 800 tons of pottery & porcelain goods & 8 crew, Xinhui City in Guangdong Province for Wenzhou City in E. China's Zhejiang Province, sank in stormy weather off Zhuhai City, in S. China's Guangdong Province -- helicopters rescued the 8 crew & took to Hong Kong. (Mon. Aug. 19 2002)

Greek bulker M/V CIC Pride in collision with bulk M/V Iron Queen 2245 LT, Aug 17 off Dunkirk. Klyne tug Lowestoft & tug Angian Monarch on scene within minutes & offered salvage services. Iron Queen entered Dunkirk 1930 LT, Aug. 17. Bulker CIC Pride at anchorage in lat 51 02.5N, long 01 48.9E. Divers currently working vessel -- vessel will then enter Dunkirk. (Mon. Aug. 19 2002)

Houston Ship Channel closed for hours when shore tank containing 30,000 gallons of fuel oil exploded, sending thick clouds of black smoke billowing. Area is key U.S. oil refining center. No injuries. (Sun. Aug. 18 2002)

5,716gt general cargo M/V Magi (built 1977), with wheat & rice cargo, 22 aboard, suffered water ingress & sank in lat 18 64N, long 65 25.6E at 1615, UTC. All 22 crew rescued by vessel M/V Osprey -- proceeding to United Arab Emirates. (Sun. Aug. 18 2002)

Volga Shipping Line of Russia, 98mt. M/V Kaunas, with 2,000mt of steel, smashed into drawbridge in central St. Petersburg & sank in Neva River -- traffic on river blocked. St. Petersburg's seaport is mouth of Neva River, where it empties into Gulf of Finland, offshoot of Baltic Sea. (Fri. Aug. 15 2002)

Dutch-registered M/V Slotergracht, with 20,000 tons of paper, in collision with Liberian-registered M/V Catharina Oldendorff, with general cargo to Jordan, in SW shipping lane of the Dover Strait. Both ships travelling west when crash occurred at 1.30am. No injuries & no pollution. Both ships suffered scrapes & dents -- neither taking on water. (Fri. Aug. 15 2002)


09 Aug.2002 at 0505 LT at Samarinda anchorage, Indonesia. Six pirates armed with knives boarded bulk carrier from cargo barge alongside. Pirate approached forecastle area & greeted duty a/b in a friendly manner. A/B thought he was one of the stevedores. When pirate got close he took out knife &threatened the a/b. Other pirates tied up the a/b -- stole large quantity of paint together with life raft & left in speedboat. Master contacted port control but received no reply. (Fri. Aug. 15 2002).

04 Aug. 2002 at 0200 LT in position 01:27.5S -116:45.6E, SBM Lawi- Lawi, Indonesia. Armed pirates boarded tanker discharging cargo. They broke open paint locker & stole ship's stores in spite of tight security onboard with 5 shore watchmen & A/B on deck. Local authorities & police informed but they took no action. (Fri. Aug. 15 2002)

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Fisherman Warren Steiner, 43, whose boat sank 4 miles off Seaside Heights, N.J., survived Aug. 13 night at sea without life jacket by clinging to an ice chest for 19 hours -- rescued by F/V Brown Eyed Babe II & U.S. Coast Guard. Warren said the beer had been on sale and was not about to let it out of his sight. (Thurs. Aug. 14 2002)

Hapag-Lloyd container M/V Tokyo Express gored & carried whale, believed a minke -- weight 10 tons (males measure 32ft. & females 35ft.). Vessel docked Elliott Bay, Seattle, Aug. 11, but not known whether whale was dead at time of collision. From our correspondent >>Tarlach Baumgarten. (Thurs. Aug. 14 2002)

F/V Cap Rouge II, ex-Galiano Island in Gulf Islands -- capsized in choppy waters of Strait of Georgia, between Nanaimo on Vancouver Island & Tsawwassen, just south of Vancouver, killing 5, including a 9-year-old boy & 11-year-old girl -- only Capt. & 1 crew survived Aug. 13 event. (Thurs. Aug. 14 2002)

Pakistan National Shipping Corp.charter, 53014gt. crude M/T Golden Gate (built 1985) ran aground at Karachi Oil Pier Aug. 14 approaching berth -- later successfully refloated -- but crude oil spilled. (Thurs. Aug. 14 2002)

French 348gt. ferry M/V Dory 2 (built 1973) suffered fire off French Polynesian island of Makatea, 150 km NE of Tahiti -- 26 passengers & crew rescued by S/V Eden Martin, which changed course in major rescue operation. (Thurs. Aug. 14 2002)

65-foot Hatteras yacht Stray Dogs grounded on Johnson's Reef, St. Thomas, 1:30 a.m., August 4th. with 9 aboard in U.S. Virgin Islands. Sobriety tests administered to Capt. & mate, both failed. (Thurs. Aug. 14 2002)

16021gt, 23 meter F/V Bara Seagal & 16021gt. bulk M/V Seahope (built 1981), Cork for Dublin with grain -- in collision S.E. of Rosslare, Ireland, in lat 52 05.29N, long 06 03W, at 0223 LT. Bara Seagal taking water -- pumps placed on board by local lifeboats, which are now towing the vessel to Rosslare. Seahope proceeded to Dublin. (Thurs. Aug. 14 2002)

Philippine inter-island passenger M/V April Rose, Leyte for Cebu City with capacity for 500 souls, ran aground & sank off Baybay pier before dawn Aug. 12 morning -- 113 passengers rescued. (Tues. Aug. 13 2002)

Philippine MT Marinero sank off coast of Antique, Philippines, Aug. 12 night -- all 9 crew rescued when tug lost. (Tues. Aug. 13 2002)

Shipping Co. Ltd. (based in Seoul), Cambodian-flagged, S. Korean owned, 120-meter M/V Bintang Haraban (built 1974), out of Russia's Sakhalin island with 8,000 cubic meters (280,000 cubic feet) of timber, sent out distress signal after boiler exploded, setting vessel afire, 45 miles off Russia's Pacific coast. Crew &emdash; 14 Russians & 5 South Koreans &emdash; taken aboard Russian F/V Rogachev from lifeboat -- later transferred to tanker bound for Russian port of Nakhodka. (Mon. Aug. 12 2002) UPDATE>> Unable to put out fierce flames & tow vessel to port -- amount of timber &emdash; 8,000 cubic meters &emdash; so large that still feeding flames & keeping ship red hot -- logs burning in ship's hold, flames rising 2 meters above deck. (Fri. Aug. 15 2002)

PIRATE ATTACK>> Unidentified British cargo vessel, bound for South Africa, seized by at least 15 pirates off village of Bareda near Bossaso on the Gulf of Aden, Somalia several days ago when it was foundering in storm. Helicopter from frigate HMS Cumberland conducted search -- found nothing. Sources say as many as 100 gunmen may have boarded the vessel whose crew & Capt. reported to be from Ukraine. Sources close to pirates say demand is US$1M for release of ship & crew. Name of ship not immediately available. (Sun. Aug. 11 2002) UPDATE>> Word that vessel not UK-registered, but rather North Korean-registered, Greek-owned vessel. (Tues. Aug. 13 2002)

Mobil North Sea drill platform Beryl Bravo suffered gas explosion in North Sea -- 5 workers airlifted to hospital Aug. 11 -- 85 miles to Shetland -- 2 men, including stretcher case kept overnight for observation. (Sun. Aug. 11 2002)

6094gt drill platform Ocean King (built 1973)(owned by Diamond Offshore USA Inc.) suffered explosion 35 miles S. of Grand Isle -- 0920 hrs & touched off fire still burning midday -- 46 workers aboard evacuated, no injuries, no initial reports of pollution. (Sun. Aug. 11 2002)

M/V Nanjing Qiangquan No. 369, with 1,500 tons of cargo, hit reefs in violent storms 5 a.m. Aug. 9 & sank near Taizhou bay, in E. China's Zhejiang province -- all 9 crew escaped to 2 life rafts -- discovered & rescued hours later by coastguard vessel. (Fri. Aug. 9 2002)


31 July 2002 at 0100 LT at one fathom bank, straits of Malacca. Fast moving craft with bright light approached bulk carrier. Duty officer alerted crew & flashed searchlights -- craft moved away. Again at 0445 LT two unlit fast moving craft chased same bulk carrier from stern. Chief officer flashed searchlights & took evasive action. Craft moved away. (Fri. Aug. 9 2002)

31 July 2002 at 0230 LT in position 06:02.7S - 106:53.3E Tanjung Priok anchorage, Jakarta, Indonesia. Pirates in 4 boats attempted to board bulk carrier at stern by throwing line attached to hook. Alert duty a/b raised alarm, crew mustered, pirates abandoned boarding & fled. (Fri. Aug. 9 2002)

31 July 2002 at 00.01 LT at Batangas anchorage, Philippines. Pirates boarded tanker from poop deck. Alert duty watchman raised alarm & crew mustered on deck. Pirates escaped in small boat with ship's stores. (Fri. Aug. 9 2002)

30 July 2002 at 0735 UTC at position 11:53N - 51:04E, Somalia. Several armed pirates boarded a general cargo ship underway. They hijacked her and forced to anchor at the above position. (Fri. Aug. 9 2002)

29 July 2002, tied to mooring buoy, Mongla, Bangladesh. Pirates came alongside general cargo ship & stole zinc anodes welded to stern. (Fri. Aug. 9 2002)

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2,747gt. South Korean cargo M/V Sun Trust in collision with Japanese 462-ton sand carrier M/V No 2 Koyo Maru, 5.5 km S.E. of Omaezaki, in coastal waters off Shizuoka Prefecture Aug.8 -- Capt. of South Korean vessel dead & 7 of his crew missing -- M/V Sun Trust sank. (Thurs. Aug. 8 2002)

114gt, 27-meter passenger ro/ro M/V Atlante (built 1989), port of La Turballe for Brittany island of Belle-Ile, evacuated it's 226 passengers off N.W. coast of France after started to take water. Pumps taken aboard. Currently in tow for Houat Island. Some passengers claimed they suffering "shock." (Thurs. Aug. 8 2002)

Port of Miami Evacuarted>> Aug. 8 afternoon, U.S. Customs agents X-rayed cargo container off-loaded from Israeli freighter -- thought they had discovered a missile. Roads were closed, port operations ceased, areas evacuared for several hours, dogs & cats made peace, etc. "Problem" was only a collector's item -- 2-foot casing of spent 155mm artillery round, in bubble wrap. Owner: an Israeli man shipping his belongings to America. He hould have been a little more sensitive to current circumstances when drafting his manifest. THINK! (Thurs. Aug. 8 2002)

4,358gt general cargo M/V Balsa 56 (built 1996), with feldspar & calcium carbonate, aground off Ocean Cay, Bahamas -- 2 tugs on site with additional salvage personnel being mobilized. No reports of pollution. Isn't Balsa always supposed to float anyway? (Thurs. Aug. 8 2002)

Chennai, India police recovered goods stolen during armed robbery on board 10848gt ro/ro/ M/V Boxer Captain Cook (built 1979), at Chennai, on July 24. At 0030 hrs, while the vessel at Chennai anchorage -- small wooden boat approached & 6 pirates with knives, came aboard, using ropes with grappling hooks. Stole ships stores -- now recovered. (Wed. Aug. 7 2002)

India's state-run Food Corp. of India's M/V Rajendra Prasad caught fire at Colombo's main port -- 1 crew killed & 11 suffered severe burn injuries. Vessel docked for repair when it caught fire. 16 crew members aboard when blaze started -- 4 missing when rescue team boarded -- managed to find 12 men who were all Indians -- 1 later died & rescue workers searching for 4 missing crew. Caused by sparks from welding. Anonymous pictures of this event will be appreciated by The Cargo Letter. (Wed. Aug. 7 2002)

36,608gt bulker M/V C.Tahsin (built 1976) for Walvis Bay with 22 crew, Mayday for immediate assistance Aug. 6, due to leaking water in hold No.7 starboard, in lat 23 44.4S, long 07 41.3E, -- 375 NM to Walvis Bay. To the rescue -- car carrier M/V Don Quijote reports all 22 crew safely picked up & proceeding to Port Elizabeth. Rescue operation completed. No injuries. C.Tahsin remains afloat in lat 23 35S, long 08 25E, slowly sinking & drifting 30 degs at 3 knots. Anonymous pictures of this event will be appreciated by The Cargo Letter. (Wed. Aug. 7 2002)

7614gt M/V Asia Cement No.6 (built 1995) aground & listing near Kaohsiung Harbor breakwater, Taiwan, in bad weather -- 19 crew stranded due to weather -- tug finally moved crew ashore. (Tues. Aug. 6 2002)

OUR PAST>> Coral-encrusted gun turret of Civil War ironclad USS Monitor<<webfeature, raised Aug. 5 -- raised from Atlantic floor , nearly 140 years after historic warship sank during storm -- 120-ton turret pulled out of depths by huge crane on 300-foot barge. Turret now for museum in Newport News, VA, to be preserved & displayed along with hundreds of other Monitor artifacts. This year's expedition cost US$6.5M. Last year, U.S. Navy & NOAA spent US$4.3M to raise ship's steam engine. In the past, pieces of hull have recovered. The Project To Raise USS Monitor<<webfeature.(Mon. Aug. 5 2002)

U.S. Navy -- USS Monitor

Official U.S. Navy -- USS Monitor

Sinking of USS Monitor

USS Monitor

199-ton M/V No. 5 Ebisu Maru, Tadotsu port Kagawa Prefecture for Kochi port with 110-ton crane -- aground at 3:30 a.m. LT -- towed off site by tug 6 hours later -- sea calm & visibility good when accident occurred. (Mon. Aug. 5 200

720ft Holland America passenger M/V Statendam, Vancouver for Seward with 1,368 passengers & 563 crew, Alaska, lost engines & drifted for an hour Aug. 4 before tugs came to aid -- small fire. Statendam ran into trouble in Strait of Georgia, 20 miles out of Vancouver. Crew radioed for help 2100 hrs. Smoke in engine-room, but no fire on board. Vessel being towed back into Vancouver port Aug. 4. (Mon. Aug. 5 2002)

Panama registered 5479 gt general cargo M/V Jetta (built 1984) abandoned by crew Aug. 6 after developing heavy list of up to 45 degrees, in lat 22 21.27N, long 120 30.1E, close to Liou Chou Island, Taiwan. The vessel anchored. Salvage agreement will be signed with Asian Marine. (Mon. Aug. 5 2002)

*CONTINUING STORY>> 38779 gt M/V Doric Chariot (built 1994), for India via Singapore with coal, aground on Geat Barrier Reef off Australia's far N.E. coast, end of Piper Reef, about 1,250 miles north of Queensland state capital of Brisbane. No immediate reports of leaks. Carrying 375 tons of fuel oil. Tug boat on its way to help tow vessel off. (Mon. July 29 2002) UPDATE>> Still stuck hard aground. Tugs failed. Queensland in a state of fury. (Tues. July 30 2002) Anti-fouling paint, laced with poison to stop marine growths was applied to the hull, could be rubbing off on reef. (Wed. July 31 2002) UPDATE>> Owners of 73,000-ton bulk carrier apologised to Australians over incident -- 1st attempt to move ship to be made at high tide Aug. 6 evening. Tugs from Brisbane & Mackay on way -- expected arrival Aug. 7. United Salvage<<webfeature, Australian salvors, on the job. (Sun. Aug. 4 2002) UPDATE>> Vessel pulled off Aug. 6. Now hell to pay by owners. (Wed. Aug. 7 2002)

Holland America Lines M/V Ryndam docked Vancouver on Aug. 2 morning after 6-day cruise with estimated 13% of 1,300 passengers & crew suffering flu-like symptoms from non-fatal stomach virus. Illness probably began with passenger infected before boarding ship, but efforts to eradicate bug failed after outbreak last week -- involved 170 passengers & crew. (Sun. Aug. 4 2002)

16000 gt M/V Wiking, Far East for Europe, suffered storm damage in Cape rollers off South African coast -- bound for Cape Town harbor to repair. Battered by swells, foremast smahed & anchor winch damaged. (Sat. Aug. 3 2002)

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines M/V Adventure of the Seas, off St. Thomas, located 31-year old male stowaway O'Neil Persaud, from Guyana, holding a Canadian passport, apprehended July 19 -- began to "behave erratically & violently." Crew confined him to holding cell -- he tore metal from room's walls, used metal to cut his wrists & began to smear his blood over himself & cell. Crew then tried to stop Mr. Persaud with 2 cans of pepper spray but chemicals had no effect -- personnel attempting to restrain him so a sedative could be administered by medical staff to prevent him from further injuring himself or others -- when Persaud died. St. Thomas officials ruled death an accident. (Sat. Aug. 3 2002)

RAF Harrier jet crashed into sea off the East Anglian coast near Lowestoft in front of tens of thousands airshow spectators at Lowestoft Seafront Air Festival -- pilot ejected -- neither he nor anyone else hurt. (Fri. Aug. 2 2002)


25 July 2002 at 2100 LT at Chittagong anchorage, Bangladesh. Six pirates armed with knives boarded gas carrier from poop deck. Alert duty watchmen raised alarm. Pirates threatened him with knives. Crew mustered & pirates jumped overboard -- stole ship's stores. (Fri. Aug. 2 2002)

25 July 2002 at 2000 UTC at position: 16:52.8N - 119:14.5E, 45 nm off Luzon Island, Philippines. Pirates in long unlit boats chased general cargo ship underway. Alert crew raised alarm, activated fire hoses directed searchlights. Pirates aborted attempt. (Fri. Aug. 2 2002)

22 July 02 at 1715 LT at Mongla inner anchorage, Bangladesh. Pirates armed with knives boarded gas carrier. Duty watchmen and crew responded but pirates threatened with knives. Crew raised alarm & pirates escaped by their boat with ship's stores. (Fri. Aug. 2 2002)

IMB Warning for Somalia>> Another hijacking took place on 15 June 2002. Ships anchoring near the Somali coast should note they will, repeat, will be seized by one of the warring factions from shore. (Fri. Aug. 2 2002)

Vessel Loss Dispatches For July 2002

1594 gt dredger Tenjin Maru No.26 (built 1990), Sakai for Ieshima, aground at Northern Futoshima, one of the Ieshima Islands, at 2335, local time, Jul 24. Vessel listing 20 deg., but efforts to refloat failed. (Wed. July 31 2002)

11894 gt general cargo M/V Marion Green (built 1999), Fremantle for Adelaide with cargo cocoa, suffered fire in No 2 hold in lat 34 28S, long 114 53W, Jul 28, off Australia. Fire extinguished, but reignited -- to Albany Jul 29. (Wed. July 31 2002)

*CONTINUING STORY>> RESCUE VESSEL MAY NEED RESCUE (As of July 30 - Below)>> Argentine navy's ice-breaker A.R.A. Almirante Irizar<<webfeature, trying to push way through ice to rescue German M/V Magdalena Oldendorff<<webfeature, caught after trip to resupply Russian research stations became delayed. Update For July 16 2002. German Magdalena Oldendorff finally reached by A.R.A. Almirante Irizar<<webfeature, July 20 -- will head for safer waters as soon as weather allows. 89 Russian scientists & crew lifted from ship last week by South African military helicopters -- taken on another vessel to Cape Town in a rescue mission complicated by freezing temperatures, high winds & short winter days. UPDATE FOR JULY 23>> A.R.A. Almirante Irizar<<webfeature, has reached M/V Magdalena Oldendorff<<webfeature, trapped in Antarctic ice, but now fighting against time to lead ship to open water before depth of winter sets in -- region's worst weather expected in Aug. & sea freezes up to 1000km from land in Sept.. "Getting out is going to be harder than getting in" said the icebreaker's Capt. Hector Tavecchia. -- Almirante Irizar, breaking path for "freed" ship to follow. However, sea ice reportedly up to 4 meters thick & progress limited to 4km/h (2 knots). Madalena Oldendorf trapped since early June, after it had picked up scientists from Russian base of Novolazarevskaya. Icebreaker arrived at rescue site July 19, week before M/V Magdalena Oldendorff<<webfeature, would have run out of food & fuel -- transfer of fuel & supplies initially delayed by bitter weather. Temperatures dipped to -20 °C & winds gusting at over 100 km/h brought chill factor much lower. (Mon. July 23 2002) Follow Our Initial Story Update For 23 July 2002. (Mon. July 22 2002)

CURRENT SITUATION FOR JULY 25>> Argentine navy's ice-breaker A.R.A. Almirante Irizar<<webfeature, trying to lead German supply M/V Magdalena Oldendorff<<webfeature, out of Antarctic to open sea now stuck in ice -- Argentine navy says ice closed both ships, preventing icebreaker from opening path wide enough for Magdalena Oldendorff to sail through-- all now trapped behind solid ice 200 miles from South African Antarctic base on Queen Maude Land<<webfeature.. Freezing temperatures, short days & blinding snowstorms, typical of S. hemisphere winter, had limited ships' sailing speed to 2.3 miles per hour before both ships closed in ice. (Thurs. July 25 2002)

CURRENT SITUATION FOR JULY 30>> Argentine navy's ice-breaker A.R.A. Almirante Irizar<<webfeature, reached M/V Magdalena Oldendorff<<webfeature, on July 18 & began to pull German ship toward safer waters following day. With temperatures plummeting in recent days, became impossible for icebreaker to make further progress -- STUCK -- now seems likely both ships will remain trapped until Nov. or Dec., when summer starts in S. hemisphere. Irizar & Magdalena Oldendorff 940 miles from open sea. Icebreaker will use information from helicopters & satellites to plot the best route through ice if it breaks through. Still 16 German crew & 1 Argentine doctor aboard Magdalena Oldendorff. (Tues. July 30 2002)

One of worlds few remaining paddle steamers S/S Waverley called UK's Clyde Coastguard at 1:35 p.m. July 27 to report vessel disabled after suffering mechanical problems 4.5 miles N.E. of Rothsay with 689 passengers & 26 crew aboard. Tug Beaver Bay attended to tow the Waverley into port. No injuries. (Tues. July 30 2002)

Singaporean -flagged, Panama registered M/T Orpheus Asia, Saudi Arabia for Japan with 240,000 tons of crude & 24 crew of, experienced engine failure in Bashi Channel, S. of Taiwan. Rescue ship from Zhuhai harbor in S. Chinese province of Guangdong received distress call & reached the ship on July 27 after 30-hour journey -- took under tow. Orpheus Asia had drifted 22 NM south of Orchid Island, just E. of Taiwan's southern tip. (Tues. July 30 2002)

100-foot U.S. 86 gt F/V Arctic Sun (built 1944), with 3 crew, sank early this morning. U.S. Coast Guard Communication centre received mayday 0230 hrs stating that they were sinking fast near Ratz Harbor in Clarence Strait 40 miles N. of Ketchikan. Crew evacuated to 16-foot power skiff. Two vessels in area, F/V Norwegian Sky & F/V Silver Bay 6, proceeded to aid. Norwegian Sky recovered the crew & transported to Ketchikan. No injuries. Silver Bay 6 recovered the skiff. (Mon. July 29 2002)

Panama-registered 150340gt crude M/T Orpheus Asia (built 1990), Saudi Arabia for Japan with 250,000 tons of crude oil, disabled by mechanical problems, ordered to stay away from its territorial waters -- drifting 22 NM S. of Orchid Island, just E. of Taiwan's S. tip, in Pacific Ocean. Vessel lost power -- trawler (? tug) hired to pull tanker to "safer waters" where oil to be transferred to another vessel. Orchid Island,18 miles from Taiwan's coast -- known for spectacular coral reefs. (Note -- Orpheus Asia last reported arriving Jubail Jul 7) (Sun. July 28 2002)

US$8M, 162-foot, 750 ton container crane, 1 of 27 at Port of Baltimore, which handles about 30 million tons of cargo a year, toppled over at Port of Baltimore, near Dundalk Marine Terminal July 26 night after Norwegian registry 653ft M/V Star Hosanger of Star Shipping Line, ex- Brazil with lumber, lost propulsion control & crashed into dock supporting crane. Ship appears to have hit pier & crane simultaneouly -- lower part of bow struck cement portion of pier, breaching hull. No injuries reported. Crane carried 450 gallons of diesel fuel, now leaking. (Sat. July 27 2002)


22 July 02 at 0330 LT at Tarahan port, Indonesia. Pirates armed with knives boarded bulk carrier at berth. Entered engine room & stole engine spares. Master feels shore watchmen may have colluded with pirates. (Fri. July 26 2002)

20 July .02 at night at Rio Haina Roads, Dominican Republic. Pirates boarded tanker proceeding to pick up pilot -- stole life raft. Incident was unnoticed by crew. (Fri. July 26 2002)

20 July 2002 at Pertigalete Bay-Guanta, Venezuela. Pirates armed with guns boarded ship at anchor -- stole cash, crew personal effects & escaped in motorboat. Master called port authorities but did not receive response. (Fri. July 26 2002)

20 July 02 at 0320 LT at Santan anchorage, Indonesia. Unlit boat approached stern of gas carrier. Duty officer went aft to investigate. At the same time armed pirates boarded ship at forecastle -- held duty A/B at knifepoint, broke in to forward store -- stole mooring ropes.Aft boat used as decoy. Master tried to call Santan port control but did not receive response. (Fri. July 26 2002)

18 July 2002 at 2115 LT at Guayaquil outer anchorage, Ecuador. Ten pirates armed with guns boarded ship near data pilot buoy -- broke in to container on deck. Master reported to pilot station & patrol boat was sent. (Fri. July 26 2002)

17 July 2002 at port of La Libertad, Ecuador. While at anchor, pirates boarded tanker via anchor chain, stole life raft & ship's stores. (Fri. July 26 2002)

17 July 2002 at 2200 LT at Vung Tau outer anchorage, Vietnam. Five armed pirates boarded general cargo ship, stole ship's stores -- escaped in motorboat. (Fri. July 26 2002)

14 July 02 at 2240 LT at 20:38N - 106:53E, Haiphong anchorage, Vietnam. Four pirates armed with long knives boarded bulk carrier at forecastle -- lowered ship's stores in boats waiting below. Alert crew raised alarm & mustered. Pirates jumped overboard & escaped. (Fri. July 26 2002)

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Transfer of fuel oil & cargo from 10947gt M/T Nino, with 7,700 tons of petrol products, stranded on sandbar off E. Cape coast, began July 25. Transfer is via motor tug Pacific Brigand -- capable of carrying around 1000 tons -- when full will leave for East London where specially prepared barge stationed to receive fuel oil. READ OUR FULL STORY<<webfeature. (Thurs. July 25 2002)

Pounding spring tide waves whipped up by westerly wind have broken the back of M/V Sagittarius stranded off Leaches Bay in East London. READ OUR FULL STORY<<webfeature. Vessel breaking up. (Thurs. July 25 2002)

Panamanian-registered 35,000gt bulk M/V Co-op Venture, New Orleans for Japan with corn, caught in tropical storm Fengshen [winds108 kph or 67.5 mph] -- ran aground off SW coast of Japan, killing 4 crew -- 18 aboard rescued July 25 night, but 3 died in hospital -- sought shelter in Shibushi Bay, located off southernmost main island of Kyushu 985 km SW of Tokyo -- hull split in half, mostly above water line, about 1.6 km from shore in waters 3 meters deep. (Thurs. July 25 2002)

Unique, 101-year-old 98gt Russian S/S Duncan of Saint Petersburg, built in 1901, ran aground near Kalundborg, 110 km W of Copenhagen after going adrift when anchor broke free in high winds July 21 -- stranded about 15 meters off W. coast of island of Zealand, which has capital of Copenhagen on E. coast. No injuries. Built in 1901 Saint Petersburg, Duncan had sailed Baltic Sea to participate in vintage ship show off Vejle, 225 km W.of Danish capital. Copenhagen-based Svitzer Salvage Co. offered to pull ship free at no charge. BRAVO! (Thurs. July 25 2002)

Belize 489 gt general cargo M/V Julie Elizabeth (built 1958) suffered fire off Turiamo, July 3 -- sailed Puerto Cabello 0400 hrs for Trinidad & only after sailing 18 NM accident reported. Preliminary information indicates fire originated in engine-room, spreading to bridge. One crew slightly injured -- transported by helicopter to Naval Hospital Dr Francisco Isnardi. Cargo of paper rolls not affected. Vessels of Navy, National Guard & private units ordered by Puerto Cabello harbor, arrived. (Thurs. July 25 2002)

UK S/V Gienah suffered serious fire in galley & yacht's skipper in urgent need of assistance -- Brixham Coastguard immediately made mayday relay & vessels responded including warship HMS Marlborough<<webfeature. Rescue helicopter from RNAS Culdrose Base<<webfeature, also requested to scramble -- Gienah now under tow by Salcombe lifeboat, but fire continues to burn, aggravated by force 5 SW winds on scene. (Wed. July 24 2002)

America Sinks>> US$5M 80-foot America's Cup participant sloop S/V Stars & Stripes (USA-77)<<webfeature, sank in 16.5 meters (55 ft) of water 4 minutes after rudder shaft broke & tore a hole in carbon-fiber hull -- pumps unable to keep pace -- vessel rescued & salvage efforts began immediately -- boat raised with help of U.S. Coast Guard 7:30 p.m. LT, little more than 6 hours later -- taken by barge to Dennis Conner's compound on Terminal Island at Port of Los Angles. Go Dennis -- Win The America's Cup! Full Story<<webfeature. (Tues. July 23 2002)

PIRATE ATTACKS INCREASE - Int'l Maritime Bureau -- Pirate attacks worldwide rose in 1st 6 months of 2002, as bandits preyed on scores of seafarers in Indonesia, Bangladesh & India. Years of lawlessness in Somalia turned risk of pirate attack by armed militia along its coastline "from one of possibility to certainty." Indonesian waters remained world's most pirate-infested, accounting for 44 of 171 attacks reported worldwide from Jan. to June. Total of 165 attacks reported for same period in 2001. In the 1st six months of 2002, 6 crew killed in attacks worldwide &emdash; 4 in Indonesian waters. Another 21 people injured & 23 crew listed as missing. Pirate attacks in India & Bangladesh dropped slightly, but remained higher than most other countries. India recorded 12 attacks through 1st half 2002, one less compared to same period last year. Bangladesh had 11 attacks, down from 15. In Jan.-June period, 14 vessels hijacked to extort money from owners for return of vessel & crew &emdash; 2 more than same period last year. In Somali waters, number of attacks in 1st 6 months of 2002 already reached total number of attacks in 2001 -- ships were advised to stay at least 50 NM away from country's coast. "Any vessel which slows down or stops close to Somali coast will ... be boarded by these gangs who have so far been successful in extorting substantial sums from owners for return of vessel & crew," IMB says. Overall, pirates' methods remained crude, IMB says. Knives were weapon of choice in 57 attacks between Jan. & June, while guns used in 31 cases. Bulk freighters, tankers & general cargo ships were top targets. (Tues. July 23 2002)

21963 gt, product M/T Aliakmon (built 1982) in ballast, in collision with 29491 gt. product M/Y Micaela Della Gatta (built 1984) in Suez Canal. Aliakmon sustained minor damages to forecastle & aft port side. Both vessels now returned to Suez anchorage -- awaiting investigation. (Tues. July 23 2002)

21572 gt product M/T Patriot (built 1976), New York for Houston with 21 crew in ballast -- engine room fire in lat 27N, long 78 23W at 0545, UTC, July 23. Fire contained -- vessel's engine-room closed off. Vessel's owners arranged commercial tug from Port Canaveral. Tug arrived -- taking Patriot in tow. (Tues. July 23 2002)

Collision of Oil Tanker & Barge ...........ferrying trucks & cars -- from Port of Osterovo to city of Lensk on Lena River, Russia when collided with oil tanker coming in opposition direction. (Mon. July 22 2002)

Lightning Strikes Ocean Terminal>> Huge fire broke out at ChevronTexaco's main export terminal in Nigeria July 21 under control July 22. Lightning ignited storage tank containing about 180,000 barrels of crude. Oil workers used remote-controlled chemical cannons to contain blaze & pumped 80,000 barrels of oil out of burning tank at Escravos. No casualties. Escravos blaze came days after unarmed village women ended 10-day siege that crippled oil giant's Nigeria operations. Follow Our Full Story. (Sun. July 21 2002)

US$73M Croatian-built livestock carrier M/V Becrux's 1st voyage began with a campaign highlighting the equipment it had to provide the highest standard of animal welfare & comfort -- ex-Fremantle with 60,000 sheep -- 1400 sheep died bound for Middle East on which almost 900 cattle also died. Australian Federal Government inquiry into deaths of almost half the cattle on world's largest custom-built livestock vessel extended after this week's discovery of excessive deaths. (Sun. July 22 2002)

Cebu Ferries Inc. owned M/V Our Lady of Good Voyage, suffered engine room fire at Port of Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines July 17 -- injuring 3 crew --late notice to press. (Fri. July 19 2002)


14 July 02 at 2240 LT at 20:38N - 106:53E, Haiphong anchorage, Vietnam. Pirates armed with long knives boarded bulk carrier at forecastle -- lowered ship's stores in boats waiting below. Alert crew raised alarm & mustered. Pirates jumped overboard & escaped. (Fri. July 19 2002)

14 July 02 at 1500 UTC at 00:14.7S - 117:34.3E, Muara Berau loading anchorage, Samarinda, Indonesia. Five pirates armed with knives boarded Ro Ro from unlit craft -- broke open forecastle store & stole 3 coils of mooring ropes. (Fri. July 19 2002)

14. July 2002 at 0210 LT at Santan anchorage, Indonesia. Five pirates in boat approached tanker. Pirate boarded via anchor chain. Alert anti-piracy crew raised alarm & pirates escaped. (Fri. July 19 2002)

13 July 2002 at 0140 LT at anchor off Chennai, India. Six pirates tried to board bulk carrier from stern. Alert anti piracy watch foiled attempt. (Fri. July 19 2002)

12 July.02 at 1800 UTC at berth no 2, Chittagong port, Bangladesh. Pirates in 4 wooden pump boats came along side a bulk carrier & stole 14 pcs of zinc anodes from stern post. (Fri. July 19 2002)

11 July 02 at 1930 LT at anchor, Tanjung Merangas, east of Kalimantan Island, Indonesia. Six pirates armed with long knives boarded bulk carrier during loading operations -- took master hostage & threatened him with knives. Police personnel were on board at time. Pirates stole ship's stores & escaped in boats. (Fri. July 19 2002)

09 July 2002 at 2130 UTC in the vicinity of Florida islands, Solomon Islands. Pirates attacked a yacht underway. After 30 minutes yacht reported clear of danger & departing area. MRCC Honiara subsequently reported according to local authority investigation incident not piracy but "just bad behaviour from some local villagers". (Fri. July 19 2002)

09 July 2002 at 0620 LT, two NM off Manta port, Ecuador. Pirates armed with guns boarded container ship underway. Threatened crew on deck with guns. Master ordered all crew to lock themselves inside accommodation & alerted port authorities. Police boat came & escorted ship to port. Pirates broke seal of container before escaping. (Fri. July 19 2002)

09 July 2002 at 0500 LT at Dakar pilot station, Senegal. Armed pirates boarded container ship underway from poop deck & stole ship's stores. (Fri. July 19 2002)

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South Africa>> -- ships in trouble off country's East Cape:

Maltese-registered 134m, 10,947gt gas tanker M/T Nino aground 10 miles from Bashee River near Coffee Bay.

19-meter, 2;500gt cargo M/V Sagitaris, Durban to Mossel Bay with grain, taking water in heavy seas, near port of East London -- 16 of 28 crew airlifted to East London by air force Oryx helicopter from 15 Squadron in Durban & vessel does not appear breaking up. -- tanker in no immediate danger. (Fri. July 19 2002)

Panamanian-registered freighter 7,170gt M/V Windermere, docked at Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture -- hold flooded -- 4 Philippine seamen collapsed in cargo hold after being ordered into hold to pump out water -- 1 injured, 3 dead. (Fri. July 19 2002)

Liberian registered 240m container M/V ANL Excellence, with 2800 containers of electronic goods & clothing from Singapore for Port of Brisbane, ran aground July 19 at Middle Bank, 3.7km) W of Tangalooma Island, Queensland, Australia at 5.30am -- tugs pulled vessel free July 19 about 3pm (AEST) with aid of outgoing tide. No known container damage. Last ship run aground in Queensland waters was Malaysian container M/V Bunga Terati Satu on Nov. 2, 2000. (Thurs. July 18 2002)

French frgiate Guepratte (F714)<<vessel/classfeature, captured 2 men in vessel in Persian Gulf and turned them over to U.S. custody suspected members of al-Qaida terrorist network -- 2nd time this week that al-Qaida suspects have been captured at sea. (Thurs. July 18 2002)

10947 gt M/T Nino (built 1988) grounded 70 miles NNE of East London July 17 night. Smit Salvage BV & salvage team now proceeding. Weather on scene not favorable -- high winds & heavy swell. (Thurs. July 18 2002)

Singapore-flagged M/T Sintel Marine 88<<webfeature, with coal barge in tow, arrived home port Banjermasin, East Kalimantan, Indonesia, July 8, after voyage in which 3 officers lost to pirates in S. Philippines. SM 88 scheduled Banjermasin for the Philippines late July, to deliver another shipment of coal. SM 88 was passing through waters between the islands of Jolo & Basilan, on Jun. 17, when it was boarded by 7 armed men. Pirates abducted Master, chief officer, chief engineer 7 2nd officer, leaving 6 crew aboard. Vessel taken in tow to Philippine Navy Southern Command headquarters in Zamboanga City. 2nd officer managed to escape. Negotiations continue between pirates & Philippine officials for release of remaining officers. FOLLOW OUR STORY FROM JUNE. (Thurs. July 18 2002)

'Mini-Falklands' Crisis Takes Shape>> Elite Spanish heliborne troops capturted disputed Mediterranean Island of Perejil >> Ceuta<<webfeature, occupied by Moroccan soldiers on July 17. Neither side fired a shot. Spanish soldiers quickly detained troops in surprise assault on Perejil Island claimed by both countries, supplanting Moroccan flag with that of Spain. Morocco said operation tantamount to "act of war" -- demanded Spain withdraw. Early July 11,12-member Moroccan police unit landed on Perejil island, set up tents & raised Moroccan national flag -- later replaced by Moroccan soldiers -- no match for Spanish elite troops. July 18, Spanish Foreign Minister Ana Palacio offered to withdraw troops -- only if Morroco promises not to reoccupy it. No immediate response from Morocco. Merits of this dispute aside (in favor of Spain, it seems), Morocco may wish to reflect upon our Falklands review<<webfeature. Spain has controlled Perejil Island since 1668, even though it abandoned permanent presence 4 decades ago. The island lies about 3 miles from Ceuta, 1 of 2 Spanish city enclaves along Morocco's N. coast. (Wed. July 17 2002) UPDTATE>> Spain's government will return to arrangement where neither country flies flag on Perejil >> Ceuta<<webfeature, -- offered July 18 to withdraw troops if Morocco promised not to reoccupy uninhabited rock. We await word from Morocco. (Thurs. July 18 2002) UPDATE>> Spain & Morocco worked intensely July 20 to resolve the military-diplomatic impasse over ownership island -- officials in the 2 countries, along with United States, in telephone contact Sat. Both sides agreed to leave it as a no-man's land for the moment. Crisis resolved. (Sat. July 20 2002)

RECENT EVENT HISTORY>> Spanish frigate Castilla to arrive July 17 Island of Perejil >> Ceuta<<webfeature. On July 15, 4 Moroccan soldiers seen from mainland collecting supplies from dinghy from Moroccan navy ship -- 2 Moroccan flags flew above island. Hardly bigger than football field, island belonged to Spain since 1668, but now claimed by Morocco. FOLLOW OUR STORY<<webfeature, (Tues. July 16 2002)

*CONTINUING STORY -- Seized Chevron Texaco Oil Rig Escravos<<continuing-feature, -- THE Single Most Unusual Terrorist Threat of Naked Women. No Joke! What Is This?! Problem Now Solved. Update For July 17 2002

*CONTINUING STORY -- HMS Nottingham<<continuing-feature, -- Update For July 16 2002

Uruguayan Flag, owned by Reyla SA, tug Fritjhof, capsized & sank, while maneuvering 5800dwt Argentine Navy auxiliary transport M/V Canal Beagle (built 1977), at Montevideo. One crew missing. Port of Montevideo closed -- salvage operations underway to recover tug. (Wed. July 17 2002)

Santa Fe Monarch Oil Rig -- 11 feared dead after a helicopter carrying oil rig workers crashed into North Sea -- 5 confirmed dead, 6 missing -- after Sikorsky S76A plunged into sea 25 miles NE of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. RAF Sea Kings scrabled -- searching. (Tues. July 16 2002)

M/V Alfred Nobel, doing marine research off Indonesian province of Maluku -- Indonesian Navy detained Australian Capt. & 3 Indonesian crew when weapons discovered aboard vessel in Maluku islands -- crew insisted guns & ammunition intended for self-defence -- released July 15 after Maluku Governor Saleh Latuconsina intervened & crew able to prove weapons registered with customs officials & sealed in box. (Tues. July 16 2002)

'Mini-Falklands' UPDATE>> Spanish frigate Castilla to arrive July 17 Island of Perejil >> Ceuta<<webfeature. On July 15, 4 Moroccan soldiers seen from mainland collecting supplies from dinghy from Moroccan navy ship -- 2 Moroccan flags flew above island. Hardly bigger than football field, island belonged to Spain since 1668, but now claimed by Morocco. FOLLOW OUR STORY<<webfeature, (Tues. July 16 2002)

Malta M/V Little Lady P, docked near New Orleans, Destrehan, LA, with grain -- 4 Pakistani nationals in 20s & 30s working aboard jumped ship July 14 -- called taxi & asked to be taken to Houston -- where Little Lady P docked before. Driver dropped them off at bus stop in La Place. Louisiana authorities reported: "What we all have here is a failure to communicate!" The 4 suspects should hope they are found by INS, not Louisiana State Patrol. These events now quite serious. (Mon. July 15 2002)

Canadian destroyer HMCS Algonquin<<webfeature, flagship of Canada's Pacific Fleet, seized 2 al-Qaeda suspects in the Arabian Gulf & turned them over to U.S. forces -- corralled trio of small, fast boats, spotted initially by marine reconnaissance aircraft -- certain men are al-Qaeda. Good going Canada! (Mon. July 15 2002)

'Mini-Falklands' Crisis Continues>> Spain sent another frigate to Island of Perejil >> Ceuta<<webfeature, joining corvettes sent on July 11, but otherwise seemed reluctant to escalate conflict. Morocco refused to budge. Ownership of 1km island, which Moroccans call 'Leila", has swung from one power to another down the centuries -- present status unclear. Morocco flung itself into wedding celebrations for King Mohammed VI<<webfeature, over weekend, while Spanish media whipping up a "mini-Falklands crisis." FOLLOW OUR STORY<<webfeature. (Mon. July 15 2002)

Liberian-registered cargo M/V _?_, for Jakarta's main port, in collision with Indonesian police patrol boat July 13, patrolling Thousand Islands, string of islands popular with tourists 12km N. capital -- patrol vessel sank with 3 police missing & 22 injured. Police impounded cargo ship & still questioning Capt. who like many Indonesians uses only one name. It will cost US$100 to buy a vowel for any new name.. (Mon. July 15 2002)

Philippines cargo M/V Romeo, with cement, sank when port bow rammed in collision with cargo M/V Allison off Port of Naga on Cebu island. Romeo's Capt. Alfredo Legislador thrown from bridge & killed -- 2 crew missing. (Sun. July 14 2002)

Panama-flagged 959gt M/T Onis Pratiwi, for Hong Kong with 1,200 metric tons (1,323-U.S.-tons) of gasoline caught fire off Singapore & sank -- engine room flooded with water to put out fire -- firefighters managed to put out blaze July 12 -- 1 of 12 crew missing. No leakage of cargo -- tanks still intact. (Sun. July 14 2002)

Perejil Island Standoff>> Spanish frigate arrived Ceuta<<webfeature, & 2 corvettes in Melilla<<webfeature, --Spain's 2 Morocco enclaves. -- Spain has sent vessels to protect its possessions in North Africa as Morocco continues military occupation of uninhabited Spanish islet for a 3d day -- 12 Moroccan soldiers landed Perejil Island, barren rock just off Morocco's coast which Spain has controlled since17th century. Another Spanish corvette & submarine on way. Spain sent letter of protest to Moroccan Embassy -- no response. In worsening relations Morocco unexpectedly withdrew its ambassador to Madrid last Oct. Meanwhile, life in the Falklands<<webfeature, continues. (Sat. July 13 2002)

Chevron Texaco Oil Rig Seizure -- Escravos<<webfeature, Nigerian oil rig in Niger delta -- control seized by women -- trapping about 700 workers, including Britons. 150 women boarded Escravos rig in Niger delta demanding jobs for sons & electricity for their villages. Do not piss off the ladies. (Fri. July 12 2002) UPDATE>> 200 employees allowed to leave rig after 3 week shift July 14. Production at country's most profitable oil terminals has stopped due to seizure. Women now threaten to strip naked unless local people are given jobs. Spokeswoman Helen Odeworitse said "our weapon is our nakedness". What? Local cutom says female nudity an insult among tribes of Niger delta. HOWEVER, with hundreds of oil workers stationed at sea, this threat may be the equilvelent of firing blanks. Uhh .... Err .... could someone please tell these well intentioned ladies that "the moth does not fear the candle?" In other news, thousands of male volunteers have applied to assist rescue of the rig from ports at Rotterdam, Long Beach, New York & Sydney. (Mon. July 15 2002) UPDATE>> Company agreed to hire 25 villagers over 5 years. But women say they will only leave the Escravos Oil Rig when ChevronTexaco bosses put offer in writing. They want negotiators to present them with final document for both parties to sign -- with thier clothes on! (Wed. July 17 2002)

Typhoon Halong>> Philippine M/V Jupiter II, with 70 passengers & 6 crew from resort town in Oriental Mindoro, near Batangas, hit debris & began taking water& sank. Passing M/V Starlight Pacific, rescued those aboard -- 60-year-old woman suffered heart attack & died at Golden Gate General Hospital in Batangas City -- most passengers panicked & jumped into water w/o life vests -- most able to cling to hull until help arrived. July 7, M/V April Boy, with 23 South Korean & 3 Filipino crew, left Puerto Galera in Oriental Mindoro for Batangas -- wave capsized vessel -- 2 South Koreans missing -- 3 crew who disappeared upon reaching shore being sought. (Sat. July 13 2002)

Romanian M/T Eagle sent SOS signal 270 miles off Mumbai July 13 -- crew member suffered arterial damage & bleeding profusely. Indian frigate INS Gomati<<webfeature, diverted -- launched Seaking helicopter which made rescue. (Sat. July 13 2002)


08 July 02 at 2200 LT at berth no.3, Chittagong port, Bangladesh. Seven pirates armed with long knives approached general cargo ship. 3rd officer had gone down on jetty to read draft. Pirates assaulted & attempted to snatch his gold chain & watch. 3rd officer's left arm dislocated -- hospitalized. Master reported this as 3rd piracy attempt since arriving in Chittagong. (Fri. July 12 2002)

05 July 2002 at 0500 LT at Santan anchorage, Indonesia. Pirates armed with long knives boarded bulk carrier -- threatened duty A/B with knife & tied hands. Duty officer raised alarm & alerted crew. Pirates jumped overboard & escaped with crew's valuables. (Fri. July 12 2002)

04 Juky 2002 at 0700 LT at Chittagong, Bangladesh. While drifting to pick up pilot, pirates in small boats stole anodes from stern of bulk carrier. (Fri. July 12 2002)

04 July 2002 at 0235 LT in position 00:14.50S - 117:38.12E, Muara Berau anchorage, Samarinda, Indonesia. Armed pirates boarded bulk carrier & broke open forecastle store & stole liferaft. Duty A/B raised alarm -- crew mustered. Pirates jumped overboard & escaped. (Fri. July 12 2002)

03 July 2002 at 0500 LT at Pertamina Citra jetty, Belawan, Indonesia. Pirates tried to board tanker from starboard side. Duty A/B & cadet foiled attempt. (Fri. July 12 2002)

03 July 2002 at 0100 LT in position: 05:52.3S - 106:00.4E, Surabaya anchorage, Indonesia. Pirates armed with long knives boarded bulk carrier from poop deck. Alert duty A/B spotted & raised alarm. Pirates escaped. (Fri. July 12 2002)

03 July 2002 at 0740 LT in position 06:41.79N - 058:11.41W, Demerara river anchorage, Guyana. Pirates boarded general cargo ship at forecastle. Duty crewmember saw pirates -- escaped empty handed. (Fri. July 12 2002)

03 July 2002 at 0305 LT in position 06:41.79N - 058:11.41W, Demerara river anchorage, Guyana. Pirates in boat tried to board general cargo ship using hooks. Duty officer fired hand flares at pirates. Pirates escaped. (Fri. July 12 2002)

03 July 2002 at 0300 LT at Rio Magdalena channel, Barranguilla, Colombia. While at anchor high-speed boat with pirates attempted to board container ship. Alert crew raised alarm & pirates aborted attempt. (Fri. July 12 2002)

02 July 2002 at 0100 UTC at berth 105, Belawan, Indonesia. Armed pirates boarded chemical tanker from boat & stole ship's stores. Another group of pirates broke in to engine room & stole spare parts. Thefts took place in spite of ship engaging shore security watchmen. (Fri. July 12 2002)

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Swedish icebreaker Oden<<webfeature,: Lying outside coast of Sierra Leone awaiting 1st attempt of A.R.A. Almirante Irizar<<webfeature, to release ice trapped M/V Magdalena Oldendorff<<webfeature. From our correspondent Thomas Lindblad. FOLLOW THIS STORY OF TRAPPED ARTIC SHIP (Thurs. July 11 2002)

Danish 77 meter coastal M/V Uno, with scrap iron, sank after collision with tug in N.E. Germany ship canal at Hochdonn (Schleswig-Holstein). One crew missing. 2,100 liters of diesel has leaked. From our correspondent >>Fredrik Andersson. (Thurs. July 11 2002)

Sao Tome & Principe registered 500gt M/V Al Murtada, drifting in Arabian Sea off India's W. coast -- abandoned when boarded by Indian Coast Guard -- found AK-47 assault rifles -- last port of call was United Arab Emirates -- awaiting information about current ownership of vessel from Int'l Maritime Bureau in Kuala Lumpur. Vessel brought to Devgarh, 290km S.of Bombay. (Thurs. July 11 2002)

162gt 90ft. S/V Leslie's Lady (built 1988), destroyed by fire during US$3M refurbished at Lauderdale Marine Center, FL. -- work expected completed by tomorrow and the owners of the boat planned to head to sea in it next Tuesday -- tough luck -- big time!. (Thurs. July 11 2002)

Norway 20139gt M/V Borc (built 1972), with 22,000 tons of pig iron, aground in shipping channel off Morehead City, SC, at approximately 1930 LT, Jul 9. Cargo, destined for Nucor Steel plant in Hertford County, being unloaded onto barges. Vessel partially blocking the channel -- attempts will be made to refloat this evening at high tide. (Thurs. July 11 2002)

PIRATE RELEASE>> Sharjah-based cargo M/V Al Ameer, UAE for Somali ports of Mogadishu & Kismayu with 2,200 tons of food, hijacked by Somali pirates [READ OUR July 3 REPORT] --now freed. Ship's engine developed technical problem, while strong winds forced change of course towards pirate-dominated coast of Eil, 250km S. of Garoowi, capital of breakaway Somaliland -- pirates took advantage of situation & stormed vessel, taking crew, including Capt., hostage for ransom. of US$100,000. Not established whether ransom paid for release of crew & vessel, now berthed at Bosaso Port to prepare for return to UAE. (Thurs. July 11 2002)

25 meter charter M/V High Society, with 38 passengers began to take water on River Thames -- beached 20 ft. from pier -- no injuries. (Thurs. July 11 2002)

Bulk M/V Zografia grounded & refloated -- proceeding to Kerteminde Bay for inspection & reloading of cargo. (Thurs. July 11 2002)

AND AGAIN #3>> Bomb exploded 11:44 p.m. LT, July 9 outside offices of Hellas Flying Dolphins<<webfeature, ferry company in Greece's biggest port of Piraeus -- minor damage but no injuries. Incident led to discovery of main hideouts & arsenal of country's most elusive terrorist organization November 17<<webfeature. SEE>> Sun. Wed. July 10 2002. This is a 3rd bomb in 2 weeks. (Thurs. July 11 2002)

India-registered oil M/T Lance Naik Karam Singh, in collision July 9 with Panama-registered bulk M/V Sea Epoch, with soy beans -- 6 km (3.7 miles) SE of Singapore at 0835 AM Singapore time (0035 GMT) -- oil spill relatively minor, no immediate reports of damage to environment. (Wed. July 10 2002)

50-foot, 68gt tug Miss Renee (built 1975), with 2,500 gallons of fuel, sank just NE of Texas City, closing the Houston Ship Channel on July 8 night -- sunken vessel expected to be removed by late afternoon today. Tug began taking on water on return to port & capsized. (Wed. July 10 2002)

AGAIN>> Make-shift bomb exploded at Greek Port of Piraeus -- July 9, blast caused no deaths or injuries, but damaged shop fronts,10 days after similar port blast lead to a massive manhuntfor deadly November 17<<webfeature, urban guerrillas. Bomb placed at back of building housing offices of a Greek ferry operator Hellas Flying Dolphins<<webfeature. (Wed. July 10 2002) SEE>> Sun. June 30 2002 about the 1st Port of Piraeus bomb this month.

930gt chem M/T Aegean I (built 1967) & 992gt general cargo M/V Dogruyollar V (built 1981) -- in collision near entrance to Eleusis, Greece -- no injuries or pollution caused. Aegean I prohibited from sailing pending survey by marine inspectorate. Dogruyollar V prohibited from sailing pending provision of a class maintain certificate by vessel's class. (Wed. July 10 2002)

Pingtung-registered floating hostel, M/V Yuansheng, caught fire off Kaohsiung, southern Taiwan -- helicopters, coast guard ships, & marine cutters joined rescue operations -- all 128 Chinese mainland fishermen aboard rescued by 1 p.m. Firefighters had difficulty battling raging fire, fueled by strong winds brought by Typhoon Nakri, while battling violent seas. Yuansheng anchors at sea between Kaohsiung & Pingtung -- one of many floating hostels that accommodate Chinese mainland fishermen when they are not out fishing aboard Taiwan fishing vessels. (Tues. July 9 2002)

Britannia Oil Platform, 130 miles NE of Aberdeen -- suffered explosion in 1 of 3 generators -- None of 150 crew injured -- 78 non-essential personnel airlifted to Aberdeen or accommodation vessel nearby. (Tues. July 9 2002)

British 3500-ton frigate, HMS Nottingham<<photofeature, with over 200 crew, struck rocks July 7, 2 NM E of Lord Howe Island<<webfeature, off Australian east coast -- taking water -- sent urgent request for heavy duty pumps. Australian Navy dive team & Air Force Hercules to reach frigate at 1st light. Vessel managed to free itself from rocks & anchored at island's Middle Beach shortly before 11pm LT. Ministry of Defense in London said the Type 42 destroyer hit rocks in poor weather while on routine deployment to Australasia & Far East. Sadly, there is already talk of Courts Martial -- the Navy is not forgiving in these circumstances. From our correspondent Richard R. Bruce.-- well before U.S. newswire reports. HMS Nottingham Site 1. Site 2. (Mon. July 8 2002) UPDATE: 20-year-old destroyer ran aground on Wolf Rock 3.7km E. of island at 9.50pm LT on July 8. Commanding officer, CMDR Richard Farrington, said human error key factor in near disaster. Australian navy divers from "Underwater Battle Damage"<<webfeature, repair element based in Sydney arrived on island & carried out damage assessment. RAAF also flew in heavy pumps to help pump ship's flooded compartments. Professional salvage operators from Britain on way to island -- will conduct full damage assessment before deciding on ship's repair. (Tues. July 9 2002) UPDATE>> Several flooded compartments pumped dry July 9 & secured as naval engineers pondered options to repair holes ripped in ship's hull-- Nottingham last night still anchored off Lord Howe Island, 700km NE of Sydney -- may attempt sail to Sydney for repairs or tow by ocean-going tugs, or ship might be fixed on floating dry dock. Divers may weld or bolt steel sheets to damaged sections of hull. Weather conditions forecast to deteriorate last night, creating the risk of further damage. Defence analyst Michael O'Connor said Nottingham's 41-year-old captain CMDR Richard Farrington, navigator & officer of the watch, likely court-martialed. (Wed. July 10 2002) UPDATE>> CMDR Richard Farrington, 41, now faces court martial over incident, but Capt. has been praised by all present for his "stiff upper lip attitude" --weather deteriorated overnight, experiencing heavy periodic rain showers, winds between 25 & 40 knots-plus & big sea built around island (Wed. PM. July 10 2002) UPDATE>> HMS Nottingham may be so badly damaged that Royal Navy to consider scrapping -- reported hole in hull 30 meters long -- many other holes, some large & some very small. A clearly distressed Cmdr Farrington said to navy respresentatives: "How many holes do you want?" (Our hero). Believed Nottingham turned bow into wind, putting it on collision course with Wolfe Rock close by. Destroyer now at anchor off Lord Howe Island<<webfeature, & still sitting low in water, now bracing for storms gusting up to 40 knots -- many more days before it can be moved. Word circulating round informed naval circles in Canberra is Ministry of Defence considering writing off Nottingham because damage could run into "tens of millions of pounds". (Thurs. July 11 2002) UPDATE>> Investigators from Britain's Royal Navy arrived Australia July 13 to begin inquiry. Royal Navy spokesman Lt. Cmdr. Mike Souter said the 5 member board of inquiry would begin work July 14 interviewing everybody on board. New Zealand-based, ocean-going tug Pacific Chieftain<<photofeature, heading to rescue -- left New Plymouth's Port Taranaki July expected to arrive at Lord Howe Island<<webfeature, early July 14 evening. (Sat. July 13 2002) UPDATE>> Royal New Zealand Navy ships, HMNZS Endeavour & HMNZS Te Mana, arrived to assist. Two tugs ater pre-positioned in case weather conditions worsened. None of the 253 crew injured -- all on board. Commander Richard Farrington described the incident as "not a good day for me" and said the series of events had been "character building stuff." (Tues. July 16 2002)

India registered 37,855gt M/T Lance Naik Karam Singh PVC in collisio with Panama registered 37,711gt bulker M/V Sea Epoch within territorial waters of Singapore. Rupture in No. 7 starboard tank of Lance Naik caused a spill of 19 tons of light crude oil. Sea Epoch received minor damage to bow. No injuries. (Wed. July 10 20022)

44ft.steel hull commercial long-liner S/V Fox, ex-Port Canaveral, Florida USA -- Stolen Oct. 95 -- Located in Bay Islands, Honduras -- in hands of pirates. (Mon. July 8 2002)

BVBA de Flaming owned 81gt fishing F/V Flamingo, capsized in lat 51 47N, long 01 46E at 2309 -- EPIRB activated -- 1 crew recovered by Harwich Lifeboat -- 3 missing. Search continuing by 6 vessels & Sea King R-125. (Mon. July 8 2002)

3052 gt supply M/V Far Service (built 1995) caught fire in Peterhead port, UK, early July 7 -- person, believed male, found dead on board -- not crew but workman servicing tank aboard. Fire believed started on lower deck. (Mon. July 8 2002)


08 July 02 at 2200 LT at berth no.3, Chittagong port, Bangladesh. Seven pirates armed with long knives approached general cargo ship. 3rd officer down on the jetty to read draft. Pirates assaulted him & attempted to snatch his gold chain & watch. 3rd officer's left arm dislocated -- hospitalized. Master reported this as 3rd piracy attempt since arriving Chittagong. (Mon. July 8 2002)

08 July 02 052002 at 0500 LT at Santan anchorage, Indonesia. Pirates armed with long knives boarded bulk carrier -- threatened duty A/B with knife & tied his hands. Duty officer raised alarm & alerted crew. Pirates jumped overboard -- escaped with crew's valuables. (Mon. July 8 2002)

04 July 2002 at 0700 LT at Chittagong, Bangladesh. While drifting to pick up pilot, pirates in small boats stole anodes from stern of a bulk carrier. (Mon. July 8 2002)

04 July 2002 at 0235 LT in position 00:14.50S - 117:38.12E, Muara Berau anchorage, Samarinda, Indonesia. Armed pirates boarded bulk carrier & broke open forecastle store & stole a liferaft. Duty A/B raised alarm -- crew mustered. Pirates jumped overboard & escaped. (Mon. July 8 2002)

03 July 2002 at 0500 LT at Pertamina Citra jetty, Belawan, Indonesia. Four pirates tried to board tanker from starboard side. Duty A/B & cadet foiled attempt. (Mon. July 8 2002)

03 July 2002 at 0100 LT in position: 05:52.3S - 106:00.4E, Surabaya anchorage, Indonesia. Pirates armed with long knives boarded bulk carrier from poop deck. Alert duty A/B spotted & raised alarm. Pirates escaped. (Mon. July 8 2002)

03 July 2002 at 0740 LT in position 06:41.79N - 058:11.41W, Demerara river anchorage, Guyana. Pirates boarded general cargo ship at forecastle. Duty crewmember spotted & pirates jumped overboard. (Mon. July 8 2002)

03 July 2002 at 0305 LT in position 06:41.79N - 058:11.41W, Demerara river anchorage, Guyana. Four pirates tried to board general cargo ship using hooks. Duty officer fired hand flares at pirates. Pirates escaped. (Mon. July 8 2002)

03 July 2002 at 0300 LT at Rio Magdalena channel, Barranguilla, Colombia. While at anchor, high-speed boat with 5 to 6 pirates attempted to board container ship. Alert crew raised alarm & pirates aborted attempt. (Mon. July 8 2002)

02.07.2002 at 0100 UTC at berth 105, Belawan, Indonesia. Six armed pirates boarded chemical tanker from boat & stole ship's stores. Another group of pirates broke in to engine room & stole spare parts. Thefts took place in spite of ship engaging shore security watchmen. (Mon. July 8 2002)

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Desroyer USS Cushing (DD 985)<<webfeature, [Relpenishment<<webfeature] suffered flight deck mishap as LAMPS Mk III helicopter lost tail-rotor control, then rolled off deck into sea during operations in Persian Gulf -- 7 personnel, including 1 Australian rescued before copter sank. Australian Navy medical officers from HMAS Melbourne<<photofeature, flown to USS Cushing. All OK. (Sun. July 7 2002)

Russian nuclear-powered icebreaker Yamal<<photofeature, with tourists to the North Pole (a 1st this year), rescued French researcher & Arctic explorer Jean-Louis Etienne, July 5. Floe with researcher drifted away to inaccessible Arctic region about 14 April -- impossible to rescue from there by aircraft or ordinary icebreakers. Only powerful icebreaker as Yamal able to pass through heavy ice. Yamal will convey Frenchman to archipelago of Spitsbergen in 2 days. (Sat. July 6 2002)

Dense Fog Causes Two Collisions >>

196gt M/T Sanja Maru No. 21 from Fukuoka Prefecture, with 390 tons of cooking oil & 4 crew & 498gt M/T Aiwa Maru from Okayama Prefecture, in ballast with 5 crew -- in collision,1:20 a.m. 27 km off cape in Shizuoka Prefecture. Both tankers entered Shimoda port on Izu Peninsula 7 a.m.

1,448gt South Korean M/T Woo Ryong, with a crew of 12 -- in collision off Cape Anorisaki in Mie Prefecture at 2:15 a.m. with 1,318gt Thai container M/V Ratanathida, with 19 crew. Woo Ryong leaked 2,600 liters of heavy fuel oil -- 1 crew injured. (Fri. July 5 2002)

Mr. Wisley Charles -- jailed without bail for assaulting federal officer -- allegedly rammed speedboat full of illegal Haitian immigrants into U.S. Customs Service vessel -- jumped out of the 25-foot speedboat after spotted 30 miles E. of Florida coast -- before crash July 4 night. Several migrants & Customs officer injured -- 5 illegal immigrants being returned home & 8 in custody to determine status. (Fri. July 5 2002)

U.S. Coast Guard patrol vessel & Missouri State Water Patrol vessel in collision on Mississippi River at St. Louis while chasing errant pleasure boat -- 2 Coast Guard crew knocked overboard -- pulled from water with minor injuries -- crash under investigation. Pleasure boaters entered restricted area near Gateway Arch, believing security buffer lifted -- left upon realizing mistake -- no arrests made. Security around Arch tightened amid concerns national landmarks could become terrorist targets. Coast Guard banned all vessels within 350 feet of Missouri bank until midnight July 7. (Thurs. Juy 4 2002)

4000gt. LPG M/T G. Elite (built 1996), Inchon for Ulsan in ballast, in collision with South Korea 264gt. F/V Yeong Ung No. 303 (built 1969) Yokji-do, Tongyoung for fishing ground in ballast -- during dense fog -- off Gook-do, 0525, Jul 3. G.Elite sustained minor damage to bulbous bow -- does not require immediate repairs. Yeong Ung No.303, with 1,800 light oil aboard, sank in 70 m of water -- all crew rescued. Salvage fishing vessel economically unfeasible in view of reported depth. (Thurs. Juy 4 2002)

M/V Aamir, UAE for Mogadishu (Kismaiyu) with 2,200 metric tons of FAK, reportedly hijacked by pirates off Puntland, Somalia -- gunmen numbering about 10 demanded ransom of US$100,000 for release of vessel. Following severe weather ship had to break its journey on Puntland Coast & was taken near coast by gunmen punks. (Wed. July 3 2002)

4th of July Reminds of Role Played By Our Dedicated U.S. Service Men & Women >> U.S. Coast Guard rescue helicopter crew transported gunshot wound victim from Hoonah to Juneau early July 3 following accidental, self inflicted gunshot to his left foot. Bruce Curet 34 suffered extensive injuries to his left foot aboard M/V Mixer about 9 p.m. off coast of Hoonah in SE Alaska -- accidentally shot himself with 12-gauge shotgun! (Geeeez!) Good Samaritans aboard F/V Catherine M took Curet aboard & transported him to Hoonah where medical personnel at Hoonah Clinic provided emergency treatment while awaiting Sitka-based Coast Guard helicopter crew's arrival. Jayhawk helicopter crew arrived 10 01 p.m. & airlifted him to Juneau at 10:36 p.m. From our correspondant Fred McCague. (Wed. July 3 2002)

From "Japan Today News" >> "An unidentified ship that sank after a shoot-out with Japan Coast Guard vessels last Dec. received fuel from a North Korean "spy" vessel disguised as cargo ship off Shanghai, a Japanese daily reported July 3. Mystery ship left Nampo port, western North Korea, received fuel off Shanghai & headed toward Japan, the Tokyo Shimbun said, quoting several sources related to the Defense Agency who analyzed data such as reconnaissance satellite images provided by the U.S. We are not exactly sure what this means. (Wed. July 3 2002)

2,127gt M/T Arabian Victory sailed into Mumbai harbor on a "port of refuge" basis on June 26 but refused permission by Mumbai Port Trust (MbPT). Seven seamen stranded offshore -- no food, fuel or water -- 6 are Indians. Crew's ordeal started when ship's owner, Arabian Tanker Co., abandoned vessel off Dubai coast in April before she headed for India. "Port of Refuge" in maritime parlance means "seeking assistance at the port of call". Capt. Sayed Razak sent out SOS, claiming there was only 12 minutes of airtime left on his cellphone -- said not enough water aboard ship & sailors showing symptoms of "excessive dehydration" -- very little food & vessel running out of bunker oil. Lack of salaries since the last 10 months added to woes. Quite sad. Someone is waiting for extra $$ do do their job -- a sad "virtue" of the Indian Coast Guard. (Wed. July 3 2002)

Papua New Guinea-registered M/T Great Theresa ran onto reef hours on departure Fiji's main port of Nadi overnight -- cargo unknown, has not leaked. Fiji issued high alert storm warning July 2 because of severe storm approaching from Australia. Guests at luxury hotel on Viti Levu's Coral Coast reported 5 distress flares July 3 -- local disaster authorities alerted. (Wed. July 3 2002)

446 gt M/T Kosho Maru (built 1990), Ohmuta for Sakai with 460 tons of chemicals, in collision with 1372 gt general cargo M/V Fareast 2 (built 1986), Sakai for Inchon, with 1,935 tons of steel products, off Moji 0925, LT, Jul 2. Kosho Maru sustained damage to starboard side in way of the engine-room & accommodation. No personal injury was reported but small quantity of lube oil was leaked. Fractured shell plating was sealed off by salvors on Jul 2. Fareast 2 sustained damage to bow above waterline. No injuries . No oil leak. Both vessels at Moji. (Wed. July 3 2002)

F/V Shemeron near Lamlash Bay, SE Arran -- Mr Robertson, of Carradale -- overoard. More than 20 fishing vessels & 4warships joined helicopters & lifeboats in search -- Coastguards said no longer any hope finding fisherman alive. (Tues. July 2 2002)

15763 gt bulk M/V Lucky Transporter (built 1984) San Lorenzo for for Mauritius at 1900 hrs, Jun 18, under pilotage of Parana River Pilots, with 23,943 tons of Maize & SBM in bulk, under pilotage of Parana River Pilots. Drafts: forward: 9.125 m, aft: 9.670 m. At 0646 hrs, Jun 19, in Km. 53.3 of Barra del Farallon Channel, vessel grounded in lat 34 34.06S, long. 57 55.93W. Subsequently, starboard anchor with 2 shackles in the water was released. Between 0800, Jun 21 and 0800, Jun 23, tugs Bunny & Domingo B. unsuccessful in refloating -- 4,000 tons of cargo discharged into barges, without satisfactory results. M/V Cabo de Hornos currently moored alongside to lighter 3,000 tons of further cargo. (Mon. July 1 2002)

Vessel Loss Dispatches For June 2002

Man seriously injured after what is thought to have been a bomb exploded outside offices of hydrofoil firm at Greek port of Piraeus. Explosives experts investigating. This was the 1st bomb -- see above. (Sun. June 30 2002)

North Korean navy vessel entered Southern waters in the Yellow Sea, ignored warnings to withdraw & fired on & sank South Korea patrol boat -- 4 South Korean sailors killed, 19 were wounded & 1 missing -- no word on North Korean casualties in 21-minute fight. (Sat. June 29 2002)

South African air force helicopter crews flew at edge of their limits to evacuate 48 Russian scientists from the supply ship M/V Magdalena Oldendorff<<webfeature, trapped by a massive ice drift for almost 3 weeks -- mission followed successful airlift of 21 other scientists on June 27 after food supplies started to run out & temperatures dipped to -29C. Two Oryx helicopters<<webfeature, June 28 mounted 2 shuttle runs each from a heated launch pad on South African research vessel M/V Agulhas<<webfeature, 200 miles N. of trapped ship. Flight crews originally planned to make only i trip because there is just 4 hours of sunlight, but made 2nd trip in near darkness. Hero flight . German-owned Magdalena's 28 crew & 10 scientists remain aboard, but helicopters able to replenish supplies with 2 food drops. Magdalena was bound for Cape Town after dropping supplies at Novolazarevskaya Station<<webfeature, in NE Antarctica when it forced to seek shelter in bay after coming across ice drift 11 June. Ship has remained moored to ice about 500ft from ice shelf -- supplies then started to run uncomfortably low. See OUR ORIGINAL STORY-- look below for recent updates. (Fri. June 28 2002)


23 June 2002 at 2145LT at Samarinda anchorage, Indonesia. Five armed pirates boarded bulk carrier. Threatened duty A/B with long knives, broke in to forecastle locker & stole ship's stores & life raft. Master did not succeed in contacting port control. (Fri. June 28 2002)

22 June 2002 at 0330 LT in position 22:18N - 091:46E, Chittagong anchorage, Bangladesh. Duty A/B on bulk carrier noticed armed pirate with a rifle at aft deck. Raised alarm & crew mustered. Pirate escaped in waiting boat with 3 accomplices. Port control informed. (Fri. June 28 2002)

20 June 2002 at 2300 LT at Chittagong anchorage, Bangladesh. Six pirates armed with knives attempted to board multipurpose ship at stern. Alert crew prevented boarding. (Fri. June 28 2002)

20 June 2002 at 0325 LT in position: 03:42S - 116:25E, Sebuku anchorage, Indonesia. Pirates armed with long knives boarded bulk carrier via anchor chain. Broke into forecastle locker & stole ship's stores & liferaft & escaped in boat. (Fri. June 28 2002)

18 June 2002 at 0145 LT at Bontang pilot boarding ground, Indonesia. Five pirates in speedboat attempted to board general cargo ship at anchor via anchor chain. Alert crew raised alarm & pirates fled. A 2nd attempt made at 0300 LT but failed due to crew alertness. (Fri. June 28 2002)

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M/V Pride of the Dart, with 27 passengers & 2 crew, thought to have hit rocks at the mouth of the River Dart in south Devon, UK -- after suffering a steering problem -- sent out mayday just after noon June 28 -- local pleasure craft M/ V Dart Explorer, took off 22 passengers, and rest ferried ashore by other craft in area. Pride of Dart taken under tow by harbor authority vessel & beached at cove at mouth of river. (Fri. June 28 2002)

South African ship M/V Agulhas<<webfeature rescued 21 scientists from supply M/V Magdalena Oldendorff<<webfeature, trapped in Antarctic pack ice June 27 -- 86 men trapped on German vessel carrying 79 Russian scientists & 28 crew to South Africa from remote Novolazarevskaya research station in NE Antarctica. Two helicopters from M/V Agulhas<<webfeature, Cape Town-based oceanographic research & supply ship, also carried supplies to 86 men trapped . It ran into impassable ice on June 11. Cape Town-based Dutch salvage company Smit Marine said helicopters would make 2 more flights each today to rescue another 40 men. Agulus was supposed to have met 18,000-ton Argentine ice-breakericebreaker A.R.A. Almirante Irizar<<webfeature, near Gough Island, before trying to go through ice, but Argentine vessel not expected to reach Agulus for 10 days. (Thurs, June 27 2002)

M/V Cedarglen grounded June 26 morning on shoal near Whiskey Island off Kring Point, NY. Coast Guard reports that vessel scraped starboard quarter of hull -- extent of damage unknown. Cedarglen anchored N. of Whiskey Island -- reported electrical problems prior to grounding. (Wed. June 26 2002)

GREAT RACE? >> South African Antarctic research vessel M/V Agulhas<<webfeature has now started its 240km journey S. through Antarctic pack ice to M/V Magdalena Oldendorff<<webfeature, trapped German vessel carrying 107 Russian scientists & crew. See next story UPDATE -- apprearing that effort did not begin as promptly as we had first thought. (Wed. June 26 2002)

Swedish icebreaker Oden<<webfeature, now within 400 miles of German-owned M/V Magdalena Oldendorff<<webfeature,which ran into impassable ice on June 11 after delivering supplies to a Russian research base. Vessel carries 79 Russian scientists & 28 crew members with food & supplies enough ony into next month. Weather conditions improved after deteriorating badly on June 24-- hopes high that South African ship, M/V Agulhas<<webfeature, would reach crew on trapped ship before they run out of food & fuel on July 15. On June 25 wind had dropped to below about 12 knots, although temperature still falling, below minus 9 degrees Celsius. Rescuers rushed to begin mission before deepening southern winter make it impossible. Agulhas will get as close as possible to stranded vessel, with 2 long-range military helicopters prepared to drop additional supplies on decks once within flying distance. FOLLOW OUR FULL STORY (Tues. June 25 2002) UPDATE>> ........ According to Gothenburg Post icebraker Oden only left Gothenburg port night between Tues. June 25 & Wed. June 26 (020625-020626) heading for M/V Magdalena Oldendorff<<webfeature, via Cape Town -- thus not posible for icebreaker Oden<<webfeature to be only 400 miles away from vessel unless they are going VERY fast. .... From Our Correspondant Thomas Lindblad. (Wed. June 26 2002)

Peterhead-registered trawler F/V Devotion in collision with sister vessel F/V Fruitful Bough 150 miles E. of Aberdeen -- Devotion sank an hour later -- 4 crew to liferaft -- none hurt. Scrambled helicopter from Norway - - nearest aircraft at time. All well, except if you were Devotion. (Mon. June 24 2002)

Passenger 11,779 gt, ro/ro M/V Al Salam Petrarcas 90 (built 1971), Saudi port of Dhuba for Safaga with 896 passengers June 22, caught massive fire. Egyptian sailor killed & several others injured. Vessel returned to port -- passengers evacuated as firefighters battled blaze. Fire broke out as result of electrical short circuit. Firefighters fought hard to put out blaze as fire spreading uncontrollably due to presence of cars & trucks aboard. Vessel's maximum capacity was 5,000 passengers &150 cars. The Cargo Letter seeks photos. (Mon. June 24 2002)

Tour boat sank on Ottawa River June 23, within sight of Canada's Parliament -- 4 passengers drowned -- dead included a 43-year-old mother & her two daughters, aged 13 & 5, from Montreal. (Sun. June 23 2002)

UK Royal Marines ...... British Marines in Afghanistan have seized huge arsenal of suspected Taleban arms -- a "significant" cache of weapons was discovered by Royal Marines patrolling a village in SE of country -- 20 marines from Zulu company stormed compound described as a "Mexican stand-off". Mortars, Anti-tank guns, Bazookas, Ammunition, Rocket launchers, Plastic explosives -- spokesman for Marines said haul was probably biggest find yet in terms of weapons & ammunition. (Sun. June 23 2002)

Seizure of 32-year-old M/V Winner for alleged cocaine smuggling, & continued questions over its Port State Control record. Cambodian government clamping down on its privately-run ship registry. Both Greek owner & manager have since been arrested & charged with drug trafficking, setting up a criminal organization & money laundering. This & other incidents raised concerns that Registry is haven for owners using ships for criminal activities. (Sun. June 23 2002)

56,021 gt Liberian-flagged 757-foot oil-laden M/T Genmar Constantine heading up Mississippi River lost steering at mile 94 about 7 a.m. on June 21 morning at New Orleans-- in collision with U.S. Navy Reserve ships 35,058gt ro/ro USNS Cape Knox (built 1978)<<webfeature, & 35,058gt ro/ro USNS Cape Kennedy (built 1979)<<webfeature, at the Naval Support Activity reserve dock near Poland Avenue Wharf. Cape Kennedy had minor scraping & small hole hull above waterline -- Cape Knox some damage to loading ramp -- U.S. Coast Guard investigating. From our correspondent Richard Bruce of St. Petersburg, Florida. (Sat. June 22 2002)

Swedish icebreaker Oden<<webfeature, has joined Int'l rescue effort for M/V Magdalena Oldendorff<<webfeature, with 79 Russian scientists & 28 crew members M/V Magdalena Oldendorff<<webfeature, with 79 Russian scientists & 28 crew members. FOLLOW OUR FULL STORY (Sat. June 22 2002)

Thailand-registered cargo M/V Hermion & Singapore-registered bunker M/T Neptank VII, in collision 4.5km SE of tourist resort island of Sentosa, June 21. Maritime & Port Authority of Singapore "made good progress" cleaning up oil patches -- 11 anti-oil pollution craft and about 100 personnel were with clean-up operation. Both ships in stable conditions -- anchored in Eastern Holding B Anchorage. (Sat. June 22 2002)


17 June 2002 at 1200 LT, in position 06:16.4N - 121:30.6E, near Jolo Island, Philippines. Eight armed pirates in military uniforms fired shots to stop a tug underway & boarded her. They left tug in speedboat taking with them master, c/o, 2/o & c/e as hostages. Also took away tug's VHF radio & walkie-talkie -- proceeded towards Jolo Island. No injuries to remaining crew or damage to tug. IMB has notified the Philippine authorities and are awaiting further details. Belive this is attack on M/T Sintel Marine 88<<webfeature. Read happy ending. (Fri. June 21 2002)

15 June 2002 at 2200 LT at Belem inner anchorage, Brazil. Five armed pirates boarded general cargo ship. Tied up duty A/B at forecastle & covered his face. Stole ship's stores & left. Another A/B saw incident & raised alarm. Ship informed harbor master but received no response. (Fri. June 21 2002)

15 June 2002 at 0930 UTC in position 11:45 N 050:30E, Alula Cape, North Somalia. 13 pirates armed with guns boarded bulk carrier anchored due to engine breakdown. Under gun threats, master handed over USD7,000. Entire crew captured locked in mess room. Pirate leader claimed to be an officer of authority & demanded all crew passports handed over. Pirates still onboard -- have sent passports ashore. (Fri. June 21 2002)

15 June 2002 at 0205 LT at Lagos anchorage, Nigeria. Pirates tried to board container ship via anchor chain. Alert A/B raised alarm. Pirates escaped in wooden boat. (Fri. June 21 2002)

14 June 2002 at 1000 LT at port Gentil, Gabon. During cargo operations, several pirates armed with knives boarded general cargo ship. Threatened Capt., duty crew & tried to open ship's stores but did not succeed. Took ship's walkie-talkie & escaped. (Fri. June 21 2002)

14 June 2002 at 0300 LT at Balikpapan anchorage, Indonesia. During transhipment operations, pirates boarded tanker via anchor chain during heavy rain. Broke into forward lockers & stole ship's stores & life-raft. Local authorities informed through agents. (Fri. June 21 2002)

12 June 2002 at 1400 LT at Chittagong, Bangladesh. Following received from master of chemical tanker. "On 12/06/02 while mooring with pilot onboard mooring gang requested to pay out more on mooring line fwd & aft. At 1400hrs all fast, C/O reported approx 100m on port n stbd lines were cut and 2/O reported 100m cut on offshore line. Mooring men cut 'n spliced mooring lines n paint red as ship's crew did. Mooring gang employed by Chittagong port authority. Reported incident to port control but no action taken. Pls infm all ships calling at the port of Chittagong not to come alongside unless assured by port authority to be safe." (Fri. June 21 2002)

12 June 2002 at 0050 LT at Cristobal anchorage area 'B', Panama. Motorized banca approached a RORO ship from port bow & man boarded via anchor chain. Master informed port control & told to continue sounding whistle & they would send a patrol boat. Later motorized banca with 4 pirates sped towards Punta Shelter. Port control concluded these stowaways trying to board. But Master suspected pirates. Master recommended there should be at least 2 watchmen whilst anchored Cristobal, especially at night. (Fri. June 21 2002)

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35ft yacht S/V Audacious, competitor in round Britain race lost power off Hebridean island of Barra, Scotland June 17 -- rapidly being blown aground on jagged rocks -- launched flares. Teen sail training crew of S/V Ocean Spirit of Moray spots flares & speeds to scene. Ocean Spirit went close as possible in heavy seas & launched rescue boat crewed by 2 teen crew & 1 adult -- took vessel in tow as S/V Audacious 2 meters from rocks. First deep ocean sail for the young student crew of Ocean Spirit of Moray. BRAVO! (Thurs. June 20 2002)

Indian M/V Al Murtada drifting for 11 days without propulsion or electrical power in 25-foot seas off coast of Oman -- crew depleted of food & water. USS Vicksburg (CG 69)<<webfeature, (Photo) & it's helicopter detachment rescued 16 crew of merchant vessel over 9 hours on June 16. Crew transferred to another merchant M/V Stolt Spray for transit to Kandla, India. All crew hoisted to safety by U.S. Navy SH-60B helicopter<<webfeature. (Thurs. June 20 2002)

PIRATE'S REWARD >> Six pirates convicted of murder at Rio de Janeiro in death of sailing champion Peter Blake<<webfeature (53) & sentenced to prison terms ranging from 27 years to 30 years, the maximum. Peter Blake was 2 time winner of sailing world's most prestigious prize, America's Cup<<webfeature. Defendants wearing hoods or motorcycle helmets boarded Blake's boat at around 9 p.m. & seized vessel. While robbery under way, Blake went into cabin & returned with gun which he fired, hitting robber Isael Pantoja da Costa in hand. Pirates returned fire, hitting Blake twice in back & killing him. Assailants then fled. Blake was on worldwide expedition to monitor global warming & pollution. In 2001 -- had been named special envoy for the United Nations Environment Program.

Four Indonesian crew of Singapore-based Noble Energy's tugboat M/T Sintel Marine 88 crew kidnapped June 17 off S. Philippines by suspected Muslim Abu Sayyaf guerrillas -- with crew of 10, towing barge Labroy 179 with coal from Indonesia to central island of Cebu when intercepted off coast of Tamuk island near rebel stronghold of Basilan<<webfeature-- 11 gunmen, in 3 motorboats boarded tug, taking 4 crew hostage & stealing vessel's communications equipment. (Wed. June 19 2002) UPDATE>> Philippine Marines on June 19 found 1 of 4 Indonesians abducted June 17 from tugboat in latest kidnapping. Soldiers found 2nd officer Ferdinand Joel unharmed, hiding in coastal village on S. island of Jolo after escaping from captors' forest hide-out late June 18 -- Joel apparently escaped after he asked to relieve himself in bushes. The old "I need to take a leak" trick. No word on fate of 3 other Indonesians & Abu Sayyaf captors who have links to al-Qaida. (LATE Wed. June 19 2002)

20987 gt M/V CSX Expedition (built 1973), bound Anchorage, Alaska, had switchboard fire in approximately lat 55 05.5N, long 138 41.5W, yesterday afternoon. Vessel has no propulsion & presently repairing. Tug contracted to tow vessel, destination unknown. (Mon. June 17 2002)

Turkish pleasure M/V Yeni Besiktas 2, with recent university graduates, in collision with 1408 gt Cambodian general cargo M/V Modisk 3 (built 1989), with steel, in Istanbul's Bosporus Straits earlyJune 18 -- 4 missing & 15 injured. Yeni Besiktas 2, carrying 26 celebrating their graduation from local university, sank after collision with Modisk 3 near residential district of Kurucesme. Turkish Capt. of Yeni Besiktas 2 said Modisk 3 did not have its lights on. (Mon. June 17 2002)

ALERT>> Pirates kidnapped 20 Indian fishermen in 4 trawlers off Bay of Bengal -- had docked to shelter from storm off heavily-forested coastal Sunderbans area of W. Bengal when taken hostage late June 13 by armed group of 30 armed pirates. Two fishermen released to communicate ransom demand of US$40,000. India Commando force sent. (Sat. June 15 2002)

RESCUE MISSION>>18,000gt Liberian-registered M/V Magdalena Oldendorff<<webfeature, with 79 Russian scientists & 28 crew members for Cape Town earlier this week from Novolazarevskaya Station in NE Antarctica -- came across ice drift blocking path -- vessel headed back toward Antarctica & waiting safely in Muskegbukta Bay, near South African Antarctic base, until either rescue or ice movement. vessel reported to have food to last 20-30 days. South African ship, M/V Agulhas<<webfeature, to leave Cape Town June 16 carrying 2 air force helicopters & 12 flight crew to help assist rescue -- more than 2,000 NM about 9 days. Argentinian ice breaker, Almirante Irizar<<webfeature, will meet South African ship at edge of ice for joint effort. (Sat. June 15 2002) UPDATE>> M/V Magdalena Oldendorff<<webfeature has begun rationing as weather delays rescue. Supplies will last for 3 weeks. (Wed. June 19 2002) UPDATE>> M/V Agulhas<<webfeature, forced to slow pace after hitting heavy seas & strong winds, raising concern it may not reach the Magdalena Oldendorff as quickly as originally hoped. Target date is June 26. (Thurs. June 20 2002)


09 June 2002 at 0500 LT at berth, Georgetown, Guyana. Pirates boarded general cargo ship & stole ship's stores. (Fri. June 14 2002)

09 June 2002 at 0300 LT at Chittagong anchorage 'B', Bangladesh. Seven armed pirates in boat boarded bulk carrier from stern. Duty A/B threatened with knives --retreated & raised alarm. Crew mustered & pirates escaped. Vessel contacted port control & navy but received no response. (Fri. June 14 2002)

05 June 02 at 2300 LT at Barranquilla, Colombia. Three pirates boarded chemical tanker at berth & broke open portside locker. Alert duty A/B raised alarm & pirates jumped overboard -- escaped. (Fri. June 14 2002)

04 June 2002 at 2025 LT in position: 00:00.12S - 117:35E, Bontang pilot boarding ground, Indonesia. Seven pirates in motorboat attempted board bulk carrier at anchor from forecastle. Alert crew raised alarm & mustered on deck. Boarding aborted. Pilot station advised pirate activities rampant in area. Vessels advised to be vigilant & maintain anti-piracy watch when calling at this port. (Fri. June 14 2002)

03 June 2002 at 2300 LT at Georgetown, Guyana. Pirates in boat boarded general cargo ship inward bound with pilot onboard. Ship's stores stolen. (Fri. June 14 2002)

02 June 02 at 0620 LT at jetty no 7, Douala port, Cameroon. 3rd officer aboard bulk carrier went down to quayside to read ship's draft when several persons armed with knives threatened him -- robbed his walkie-talkie. Master informed agents & port authorities but received no response. On 01 Juned 02 at 0440 LT 4 persons disguised as stevedores boarded same ship -- assaulted duty a/b & dragged him to poop deck -- stole ship's stores & equipment from the engine room & steering gear flat. Police guard engaged by ship missing during incident & may have colluded with intruders. Ships advised to be cautious when hiring shore police/security personnel on board. (Fri. June 14 2002)

Piracy Prone Areas & Warnings:

Warnings for Barranquilla, Colombia - 2 incidents reported between 1 to 5 June 2002. Ships advised to take extra anti piracy measures at anchor as well as alongside.

Warnings for Georgetown, Guyana - 4 incidents reported between 5 May to 9 June 2002. Ships advised to take extra anti-piracy measures at anchor as well as alongside.

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Cambodian 100 meter (330-ft) M/V Winner, Latin America for Europe with 100kgs cocaine, taken under fire & boarded by French Navy commandos -- 1 Greek crew injured -- under tow to French Port of Brest. (Wed. June 12 2002)

1062 gt M/T Mistral II (built 1957), HQVY5, had engine-room explosion in lat 38 01.7N, long 22 49.7E, Jun 11. Situation brought under control by vessel crew -- proceeded to an Albanian port. (Wed. June 12 2002)

9,580 gross ton Thai-registered freighter M/V Hermion in colission with 1,937 gross ton Singapore-registered M/T Neptank VII -- hundreds of tons of fuel oil spilled into sea off Singapore. One of Neptank VII's port side cargo tanks ruptured, spilling 450 tons of marine fuel oil into sea. (Tues. June 11 2002)

Morocco arrested 3 Saudi members of al Qaeda preparing to carry out "terrorist attacks" on U.S. & British ships crossing Straits of Gibraltar, a senior government official said June 10. Said men, holding Saudi passports, arrested in Morocco last month -- being held in custody in Casablanca prior to interrogation. (Mon. June 10 2002)

Tonga general cargo M/V Bella 1 in danger of capsizzing off Seychelles -- crew still on board. M/T Jupiter Glory remains on scene. RAF Nimrod has now left area. (Mon. June 10 2002)

Two cranes & several container stacks toppled by freak thunderstorm at Bulgarian Port of Varna, 469 km NE of Sofia, on June 8 -- wind gusted at some 180 km (110 miles) per hour. (Mon. June 10 2002)

M/V Sakura Mura No. 11 on tourist fishing trip rammed concrete breakwater off Japan's W. coast -- killing 2 & injuring 7 -- ferry returned to Dozen, 380 miles W. of Tokyo, after crash. (Sat. June 8 2002)

Malaysian 2,500ton cargo M/V Intan Jaya, with rice, sugar & salt, suffered engine room fire June 6 night off Malaysia -- radioed for assistance when unable to control fire affecting cargo -- 15 crew rescued by Marine Police. (Sat. June 8 2002)

Turkish peasure M/V Adler 2 sank late June 4 -- 7 meters zoff Istanbul suburb of Uskudar -- 5 dead -- rescuers recovered bodies of 3 women June 5 -- 16 rescued by passenger & fishing boats. (Sat. June 8 2002)

20-meter F/V Stereden Va Bro caught fire off S. UK coast of Lands End, Cornwall. Falmouth Coastguard responded for rescue. Totla loss. (Sat. June 8 2002)

Capt. Krzystof jan Szczesniak, 52, master of 600-foot bulk M/V Steel Glory pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court at New Orlens to piloting vessel while drunk -- immediately deported & fined US$6,500 after U.S. Coast Guard twice found him drunk on his bridge. Coast Guard boarded Steel Glory 5 a.m. May 28, after bar pilot (coincidental title) reported captain speaking loudly & smelled of alcohol -- found Szczesniak "in a disheveled condition with slurred speech." Asked whether he knew company's policy against drinking on board, Capt. produced bottle of Cutty Sark & poured himself a drink -- blood alcohol level 0.256, more than twice legal limit for driving in Louisiana -- but level normal for Louisiana embalming industry. (Fri. June 7 2002)

Yearlong hostage crisis involving kidnapped American missionary couple came to a bloody end June 7 as U.S.-trained commandos managed to save only 1 of 3 captives &emdash; American Gracia Burnham -- she wounded. Her husband & Filipino nurse fatally shot in 2 hour firefight in Philippine jungle, as were at least 4 terrorists &emdash; members of a Muslim extremist group linked to al-Qaeda -- 7 soldiers were wounded. Gracia Burnham, 43, underwent surgery at Zamboanga for gunshot wound to thigh, then flown to Manila en route to U.S., where she has 3 school-age children. Burnham's body flown on U.S. military aircraft to U.S. base at Kadena, Japan. (Fri. June 7 2002)


01 June 2002 at 0745 LT in position: 13:14.8N - 042:56.5E, about 25 nm from N. entrance to strait of Bab Al Mandeb, Gulf of Aden. Several speedboats approached tanker underway. Boats closed in & suddenly increased speed. Tanker took evasive maneuvers & crew mustered on deck. Boats moved away. (Fri. June 7 2002)

03 June 2002 at 0620 LT at outer anchorage, Kakinada, India. Armed pirates boarded general cargo ship via anchor chain. Broke into forecastle locker & stole ship's stores. (Fri. June 7 2002)

01 June 2002 at 2320 LT at Barranquilla anchorage, Colombia. Ten pirates boarded bulk carrier & broke in to forward lockers. Stole a large quantity of ship's stores & property -- escaped in big speedboat. (Fri. June 7 2002)

29 June 2002 at 0140 LT at Diego Suarez, Madagascar. Four armed pirates boarded general cargo ship at berth from boat. Broke open forward locker & stole ship's stores. Anti piracy watchman spotted them but pirates threatened him with iron bar. He raised alarm & crew mustered. Pirates jumped overboard & escaped in their boat. Police informed. (Fri. June 7 2002)

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59-meter F/V Mersey Venture grounded late June 6 at entrance to Country Harbor in E. Nova Scotia. Coast guard tried early June 7 to free vessel but line snapped -- mechanical trouble in 2nd attempt. (Fri. June 7 2002)

German cargo M/V Guatemala-Kollmar crashed into Pier 5 at Honduras' main port -- Puerto Cortes -- damaged crane used to lift cargo -- repair may require10 months. Could cost US$15M-US$20M in lost revenue. Puerto Cortes handled 5.7 million tons of cargo last year -- majority of Honduras's Atlantic coastal trade. Guatemala-Kollmar to sail as soon as owners posted bank guarantee. (Thurs. June 6 2002)

127 gt support tug M/V Sea Phantom (built 1985) in collision with unnamed dhow -- 3 fisher crew dead -- 4 others injured including master -- in heavy fog at at 0530 hrs LT -- near Dubai shores. No damage to Sea Phantom. (Thurs. June 6 2002)

1,573-ton Honduran-registered freighter M/V Rose-River (built 1984), Kawasaki port in Kanagawa Prefecture SW of Tokyo for South Korea, in collision with 199 ton Japanese cargo M/V Bizan Maru @ 6:40am LT today-- off Shodo Island in Seto Inland Sea, leaving 2 Japanese dead -- Capt. Hidetoshi Kamano, 38, Chief Engineer Yosuke Iwanaga & another Japanese rescued by Rose-River after falling overboard & rushed to hospital in Takamatsu, Kagawa Prefecture, in cardiorespiratory arrest -- dead after arrival. Note -- Rose River now sailed for Pyeongtaek.) (Wed. June 5 2002)

South Korean F/V Beira 5, sank June 2 off coast of Gaza Province, 200km NE of Maputo in Indian Ocean -- 6 rescued -- 20 crew missing -- survivors taken to Maputo for medical treatment. One Russian & 2 Indonesian crew picked up late June 3. Disaster. (Tues. June 4 2002)

General cargo 1143 gt M/V Burim No.1 (built 1982), Mukho for Taean, via Busan, with 2332 tons of limestone, in collision with sand barge Hyundau No.8 (1026 gt) in tow of tug Hyundai No.7 (87 gt), Mokpo for Yosu, with 1.620 Cu. meters of sand. M/V Burim No.1 sank 2 miles off Wando Island -- 3 of 7 crew rescued -- 4 missing. Disaster. (Tues. June 4 2002)

17,949 gt bulker M/V Peonia (built 1983) anchored at Wandelaar, Belgian anchorage, in lat 51 25.2N, long 02 39.6E -- on arrival from Leixoes -- in collision with general cargo 2060 gt M/V Parsival (built 1995). Peonia sustained damage to hull & making water -- now controlled. Parsival has severe damage to bow & bulb. Belgian officials investigating incident. Parsival needs better glasses. (Tues. June 4 2002)

FOURTH BRIDGE IN A WEEK! >> Yet unidentified towboat hit & destroyed west side of fender system set up to protect Wappoo Bridge, S. of Charleston, June 1 2002. SC. Bascule bridge (HWY 171) spans Inter Coastal Waterway with charted depth of 12 ft. Officials worked June 2 to remove debris in waterway -- clearance width for vessels narrowed from 90 feet to 75 feet with fender system. Preventing or causing? From Our Corrspondent Capt. Ron Jones. (Mon. June 3 2002)

2,764 gt general cargo M/V Victoria (built 1977), Aardalstangen for Amsterdam with aluminium, grounded on Nordevik, in Sognefjorden, early June 3 -- taking water in ballast tank. Tugs underway -- will attempt to refloat on high tide. (Mon. June 3 2002)

5,000 ton heavy-lift semi-submersible M/V Clipper Cheyanne capsized in Foynes Harbor in Shannon Estuary, Co. Limerick, IRE -- man thrown into river when vessel listed over. Understood vessel capsized in process of loading dredger & ballast aboard -- now resting on the bed of river. Up to 11,000 liters of fuel oil aboard -- leaking -- major emergency declared (Mon. June 3 2002)

10.8-ton pleasure M/V Tsuda Maru broke into 2 pieces & sank after collision with 166-ton F/V No. 86 Tenkai Maru 3km N. of Hirado bridge in Hirado off Nagasaki Prefecture at 4:40 a.m. One missing. (Sun. June 2 2002)

Vessel Loss Dispatches For May 2002

THIRD BRIDGE THIS WEEK >> Antigua & Barbuda-flagged 1300 ton cargo M/V Maria H, with steel, in collision with railway bridge over River Trent, near Scunthorpe in NE England -- one injured -- forcing closure of structure for several hours. Minor damage to bridge. Master to hospital with severe gash to ankle. (Fri. May 31 2002)


25 May 2002 off Ambon, Moluccus islands, Indonesia. Pirate gunmen in 2 speedboats opened fire on passenger boat. Four passengers killed &12 injured. Waters in these regions volatile for maritime violence due to conflict between major religious groups. (Fri. May 31 2002)

24 May 2002 at 0250 LT at Isab wharf, Panjang port, Indonesia. Six pirates armed with knives boarded general cargo ship & entered engine room -- tied up duty oiler, stole large amount of engine spares & escaped via the emergency door of funnel. (Fri. May 31 2002)

24 May 2002 at Diego Suarez port, Madagascar. Armed pirates boarded general cargo ship at berth during cargo operations -- stole safety equipment from lifeboat & escaped. (Fri. May 31 2002)

22 May 2002 at 2250 LT in position 01:08.13N - 103:45.4E, Indonesia. Small craft opened fire upon dredger vessel (Netherlands flag) underway. Ship took evasive action, reported to VTIS & altered course. At 2358 LT, the ship anchored safely at west Jurong anchorage, Singapore. No injuries to crew. (Fri. May 31 2002)

22 May 2002 at 2140 LT in position 01:07.7N - 103:45.7E, Indonesia. Small craft with yellow flashing light followed dredger vessel (Panama flag) underway. Another small craft joined & both crafts tried to stop ship by crossing her bow. No attempt made by crafts to contact ship. At 2200 LT in position 01:09.3N - 103:47.7E, crafts fired at ship using light ammunition-around 50 rounds & 40 rounds from large bore weapons. Ship altered course & crafts abandoned attempt. Two windows, several steel plates around bridge & hopper corridor above waterline damaged. No injuries to crew & ship continued her voyage. (Fri. May 31 2002)

20 May 2002 at 0300 LT position 03:59N - 098:46E, Belawan anchorage, Indonesia. Pirates armed with long knives attempted to board tanker via anchor chain. Alert duty a/b raised alarm & boarding aborted. (Fri. May 31 2002)

15 May 2002 at 0410 LT at inner roads port of Rome, Guyana. Pirates armed with knives boarded gas carrier underway. Stole ship's stores & escaped. 2nd attack made at 0435 LT during mooring operations. Pirates boarded ship & stole life raft & 3fire hoses. Master reported incident to port control. (Fri. May 31 2002)

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Canal Barge Company's<<webfeature, towboat M//V Elizabeth Huger & barges, with military cargo from Camp Gruber Briggs, OK for Fort Polk in Alexandria, LA in collision at 4:00am with the Greenville, Miss. Bridge<<webfeature. Amazing coincidence following Oklahoma tragedy this past weekend. Vessel towing 21 small flat deck barges with military cargo. Understood bridge operational. All 21 barges were accounted for & no injuries reported. No reported damage to bridge. (Thurs. May 30 2002)

25605 gt bulk M/V Brussel (built 1979) grounded at Freeport harbor May 22 during loading operations & while changing berth at Bahama Rock facility. Vessel completed loading after which underwater survey conducted with Bureau Veritas surveyor present. Vessel sailed late same day bound for her original destination, Aruba. (Thurs. May 30 2002)

ALERT >> Huge chunks of floating ice knocked 28 ships from their moorings in Russia's far north -- dragging them toward Arctic Ocean, Russia's Emergency Situations Ministry said May 27. Ice pushing ships N. through Yana River in Russia's Sakha Republic toward the Arctic Ocean. A helicopter has rescued 4 crew -- will evacuate others if need arises. One vessel holed, but crew managed to keep afloat with pumps. Flotilla includes tanker with crude oil. Ships trapped between ice floes with no maneuver room, but Yana River widens in approaches of Arctic Ocean & ice should soon spread out. (Wed. May 29 2002)

CONTAINER LOSS >> M/V ZIM USA, Yokahama May 10 for Los Angeles -- encountered storm -- some 26 containers overside -- some 15 containers damaged in stow -- made Port of Los Angeles about May 23, which would be 2 days behind schedule. Details appreciated. (Wed. May 29 2002)

U.S. Navy PT 109<<webfeature, believed located on seabed in Blackett Strait near Gizo in Solomon Islands by Robert Ballard. PT 109 commanded by John F. Kennedy during World War II. The National Geographic Society in Washington, doing documentary, would only say Ballard's expedition had ended. Ballard found the wreck of RMS Titanic in 1985 -- as well as Bismarck, USS Yorktown & RMS Lusitania. Patrol torpedo boats, such as the PT 109, had mahogany hulls. PT 109 sank Aug. 1943 after it was hit by a Japanese warship. Official U.S. Navy Loss Report<<webfeature. Vessel photo<<webfeature. (Wed. May 29 2002)

Derelict 140-ton F/V Genei Maru No.7 ( built 1977) on fire & adrift vicinity lat 39 24N, long 172 20W. Crew abandoned into liferaft & rescued by F/V Kiyo Maru No.55. Vessel smouldering. Two sisterships on scene -- trying to extinguish fire -- will attempt tow at daylight for Japan. (Wed. May 29 2002)

12,897 gt bulker M/V Eleni (built 1980), Brazil for Klaipeda, with 19,270 tons sugar, aground off Malmo in lat 55 37N, long 12 53.4E, at 0350 LT May 24. Two refloating attempts failed & intention is to remove approximately 1,000 tons of sugar from vessel & attempt refloat again using more powerful tugs. Vessel expected aground for 2-3 days. (Note -- Eleni sailed Maceio Apr 30, arrived Recife May 1, sailed May 3 & passed Dover Strait May 21 bound Klaipeda.) (per Lloyd's) (Tues. May 28 2002)

Wooden 61 gt, F/V Sweet Lorraine (built 1955), with 2 crew, sank near buoy No. 5, close to Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, at 0217, UTC, May 26 -- 1 missing. (Mon. May 27 2002)

Bangladesh river M/V Suraha went down with at least 140 aboard on May 23 -- 35 are confirmed dead. Navy divers have joined efforts to find vessel. (Mon. May 27 2002)

Bolivia-flagged cargo M/V Pena, Bulgarian port of Burgas for Bar in Montenegro, aground off island of Thassos in N. Aegean Sea -- OOPS! -- 6 arrested when ship found with 1.5 million packets of smuggled cigarettes worth estimated US$3.15M -- contraband hidden in 4 trucks & stacked behind boxes of cosmetics. (Sun. May 26 2002)

Magnolia Marine Transport Co. 104-foot towboat M/V Robert Y. Love, with 7 crew & 2 barges knocked out 500-foot section of 1,988 ft. bridge over U.S. Interstate 40 over Arkansas River, pinning barge beneath it, near Sallisaw, Oklahoma, early May 26 -- during severe thunderstorm -- sending at least 16 vehicles plunging into water -- between 14 confirmed perished thus far -- dive teams at scene. Bridge 20 years old & 100 feet high. Collision happened around 6am & trapped barge under fallen span. U.S. Army Corps. of Engineers says may take 1 year to reopen this major East/West U.S. surface route. >> M/V Robert Y. Love Capt. Joe Dedmon, of Florence, Mississippi, may have suffered siezure -- allowing towboat & barges to veer into bridge pilings. (Sun. May 26 2002)

F/V Blue Mood near Sable Island sent distress call for aid to 24-year-old crew with chest pains. HMCS Toronto returning from 6 month mission in the Arabian Seathe for war on terrorism dispatched Sea King helicopter for rescue. (Sun. May 26 2002)

Rough seas slowing search for bodies & debris from the China Airlines B747-200 Flight CI611 to Hong Kong that broke apart over Taiwan Strait. All 225 aboard died -- 65 bodies recovered thus far. Swells of 9 feet high have battered fishing boats & coast guard ships scanning waters around crash site. "We are very certain plane disintegrated while above 30,000 feet," Mr Kay Yong, managing director of the Taiwan cabinet's Aviation Safety Council, told news conference. Weak signals picked up from black boxes. (Sun. May 26 2002)

U.S.-flag Maersk Sealand vessel M/V Sea-Land Innovator rescued 3 from a stranded 48-foot S/V Life's Dream, 600 miles W. of San Francisco, May 20. Wave had snapped rudder off & line fouled propeller of sailboat which had departed Honolulu 17 days earlier. Sea-Land Innovator serves the northern Asia/U.S. West Coast trade lane on Maersk Sealand's TP-2 string. (Sat. 25 May 2002)


20 May 2002 at 0550 UTC at Douala port, Cameroon. Pirates armed with knives boarded refrigerated cargo ship berthed alongside. Duty seaman raised alarm & alerted crew. Pirates escaped by jumping over ship's side. (Fri. May 24 2002)

13 May 2002 at 0220 UTC in position: 00:52S - 081:16W, Isla del Plata, Ecuador. A fast speed boat with 4 pirates came alongside general cargo ship underway. Ship took evasive maneuvers but boat remained alongside. Ship raised alarm, switched on deck lights & directed search lights at boat. Boat left. (Fri. May 24 2002)

06 May 2002 at 0245 LT at TG. Priok anchorage, Indonesia. Pirates boarded container ship -- threatened duty oiler with knife & tied him up. Pirates left by climbed down a rope on ship's side. (Fri. May 24 2002)

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M/V Vaasaborg remains hard aground in St. Lawrence Seaway abeam of St Anne de Sorel, Que. 35 miles E. of Montreal. Vessel has been there for 2 days & 4 tugs assisting to pull her free were released & returned to port, she will now have to be lightered before any attempt to free her. Vaasaborg upbound at time of incident. (Fri. May 24 2002)

22706 gt bulk M/V Nanticoke (built 1980) aground in St. Clair River off Fawn Island, late May 21 -- vessel downbound when it turned to head upbound for the Recor Anchorage. During turn, vessel grounded in mud facing upriver. Tug Manitou arrived on scene a short time later. May 22 evening Tug Shannon arrived & by 2015 working to free vessel. At 2230 tugs managed to pull Nanticoke free from soft bottom. Tugs then helped turn vessel & it continued downbound with no damage reported. Nanticoke did not block traffic & other vessels continued to pass at reduced speed. (Thurs. May 23 2002)

UK air-sea rescue vessel ex R-31, for Simonstown, put down anchor in rough seas but blown onto sand bank -- the 6 crew of the former navy vessel swam ashore. Strike craft M/V SAS Makanda responded, but unable to pull ship off bank. R-31 2nd ship to ground at Scarborough in last year -- in Sept, Singapore-registered M/V Ikan Tanda ran aground during heavy storm while en route to Cape Town -- 10000-ton ship lay beached at Scarborough for 2 months before scuttled. (Thurs. May 23 2002)

PORK ROAST >> U.S. Navy research submarine USS Dolphin (AGSS-555)<<webfeature, caught fire & partially flooded 100 miles off coast of San Diego late may 21 -- all 43 crew rescued to McGaw in vicinity, enroute to San Diego May 22 morning -- 2 crew who fell in water during rescue recovered by U.S. Coast Guard helicopter. USS Dolphin, stationed San Diego, is Navy's lone diesel-electric research submarine. Commissioned 1968, 165-foot-long vessel established world depth record for operating submarines, with recorded test depth of more than 3,000 feet. Boat stabilized early May 22 -- being assisted by 2 vessels -- expected transported to San Diego later May 22. U.S. Navy Press Release For This Event<<webfeature. The Dolphin<<webfeature from U.S. Navy data on USS Dolphin(<<webfeature. (Wed. May 22 2002)

The Former USS Dolphin (SS-169)<<webfeature at Pearl Harbor, Dec. 7 1941. Data on Boat 169<<webfeature.

The First USS Dolphin in 1900<<webfeature. History of USS Dolphin (PG-24) 1885 -1922<<webfeature.

RECOVERY FROM PIRATES >> Hijacked Belize-registered 2,890dwt M/T Han Wei found May 14 after hunt led by Int'l Maritime Bureau (IMB) of Int'l Chamber of Commerce. Thai marine police boarded the hijacked Taiwanese-owned tanker, which had been renamed the "Phaeton" by pirates -- vessel found anchored off Thailand's E. port of Si Ra Cha, some 80 km. from Bangkok. Han Wei disappeared 2 days after leaving Singapore March 15, for Yangon with 1,950 metric tons of gas oil. Crew of 11 Indonesians & 2 Taiwanese managed to make landfall on Sumatran coast after set adrift by pirates. Ship repainted yellow & blue from original black & white. Replacement crew engaged by pirtes fled before marine police boarded. Pirates unloaded most cargo at unknown destination. IMB reported 7 cases of hijackings in 1st quarter this year, up from just 1 in same period last year. Of 7 cases, 2 occurred in Indonesia & 1 in each of Malacca Straits, Thailand, Taiwan, the U.S. & Somalia. (Wed. May 22 2002)

Norwegian Cruise Lines, M/V Century of Celebrity Cruises & M/V Carnival Pride of Carnival Cruise Lines -- diverted away from St. Maarten May 22 after man made threat against U.S. interests -- 6,500 passengers involved -- note to authorities indicated jet skis would be run into ships scheduled to dock at Pointe Blanche Harbor in capital of Philipsburg May 22 morning. Appears now arrested man was deranged. (May 22 2002)

Ferry M/V Pena (311 gt, built 1962), 6 on board, grounded in lat 40 44.9N, long 24 45.6E. (May 22 2002)

Dismasted & holed UK/Guernsey 65-foot yacht S/V Persuader, with 7 crew, May 20 battling 8-meter seas & winds gusting to Force 10, 400 miles off SW coast of Ireland to get within helicopter range so 2 seriously injured crew to be airlifted off -- will be at least another 24 hours before range of UK rescue helicopters. Medical advice messaged to yacht's skipper to treat injuries suffered in dismasting - suspected broken ribs & internal injuries. RAF Nimrod<<webfeature, aircraft remaining on scene & 2 merchant vessels on way towards yacht. (Tues. May 21 2002) UPDATE: Emergency beacon began transmitting May 20. Falmouth coastguards established beacon was lost overboard when vessel was dismasted. Yacht too far from UK to send RAF rescue helicopters based in Cornwall, so coastguards co-ordinating operation called in the American MH-35 long-range helicopters - known as "Jolly Green Giants"<<webfeature, based at Mildenhall in Suffolk. Crew cut away mast & were making for landfall at Falmouth, Cornwall, at speed of just 5 knots. RAF Nimrod aircraft from RAF Kinloss in Scotland on the scene & in contact with crew. Two U.S. helicopters supported by RAF Hercules refuelling aircraft also on station & winched 2 injured crew to safety in stormy seas 300 miles off S. coast of Ireland. (Wed. May 22 2202)

Japanese F/V Sumiei Maru No.28 (99 gt) & South Korean patrol vessel in collision in Sea of Japan May 21. Sumiei Maru No.28 hit South Korean patrol vessel 23km S-SW of Takeshima Island on high seas at 1420 hrs. Part of bow of fishing vessel damaged, but all 9 crew unhurt. (Tues. May 21 2002)

135-foot gambling M/V Ocean Club drifting off NE Florida coast --8 crew airlifted off ship by U.S. Coast Guard May 19 afternoon when steering mechanism broke in rough seas 15 miles E off St. Augustine -- fears of pollution because ship carrying 5,000 gallons of fuel oil. Capt. & another crew boarded again May 20 & dropped anchor 3 miles off shore -- vessel continuing to drift in 10- to 12-foot seas E of Flagler Beach. If ship does run aground, owners of vessel required to submit salvage plan to remove the ship & clean up any fuel spill. (Mon. May 20 2002)

M/V Fair Take-1, with 1002 metric tons of cement clinker from M/V Amalif, capsized & sank near Alag encourage point of Bay of Bengal at 1 pm due to sudden squall of storms on way to Chittagong Port jetty. Chittagong Port Authority issued notice to ship owner asking to take step salvage sunken ship at the earliest. (Mon. May 20 2002)

Ro/ro M/V Our Lady of Medjugorje (4433 gt, built 1979), Puerto Princesa for Manila, had a fire on board early May 20 off main Philippine island. (Mon. May 20 2002)

200 ships will be searching for new Int'l Ship Registry after Tonga's decision to pull plug on its fledgling flag of convenience, following a series of embarrassing incidents involving its vessels. (Sun. May 19 2002)

Surprise deployment of Indonesian naval ships in East Timor's waters to "guard" visit by Indonesian President Megawati Sukarnoputri has cast a cloud over the territory's May 19 independence celebrations. East Timor's Foreign Minister Jose Ramos-Horta chided Indonesia for sending 6 naval vessels, calling it an "ostentatious display" of military might. (Sun. May 19 2002)

22,528 ton M/V Princess of Scandinavia (1976 - refurbished 1991) between Norway & Sweden with 758 passengers & 126 crew in North Sea off Scotland May 18 night suffered 2 engine room fires -- several helicopters & ships rushed on rescue mission. Fires put put out. (Sat May 18 2002)

510-foot ex- USS Spiegal Grove LSD-32<<webfeature -- supposed to be scuttled with explosives to create giant artificial reef unexpectedly sank May 17, sending workers scrambling to get off & spoiling party for everyone -- but perhaps fish. Spiegal Grove ended upside down in 130 feet of water, bow pointig North -- out of the sea, 6 miles off Florida Keys. Engineers on US$1M project trying to figure what out to do next. One idea: to use tugs to attach cables & try to roll vessel so would lie flat on bottom. Marine biologists say would be largest ship intentionally sunk to create artificial reef. Such reefs attract marine life & are popular with scuba divers -- a US$33M-a-year industry in Florida. Spiegel Grove, which was designed to carry cargo & craft for amphibious landings -- retired by U.S. Navy in 1989. Sister ship USS Colonial LSD-18<<webfeature. (Sat May 18 2002) UPDATE >> From our correspondent DeeAnn McMillem -- Photos, maps & new details<<webfeature. (Tues May 28 2002)


12 May 2002 at 1555 UTC in position: 00:55N - 105:11E, Indonesia. Seven pirates armed with long knives boarded container ship underway. Broke open accommodation door & took hostage a cadet at knifepoint & forced master to open his cabin door -- then tied hands of master & cadet. Pirates stole ship's cash & personal effects -- cash from master and cadet. Forced master & cadet to accompany them to poop deck -- they jumped overboard & escaped in unlit boat. (Fri. May 17 2002)

11 May 2002 at 2140 LT at position: 01:19S - 127:45E, Molucca Sea, Indonesia. Pirates fired 3 warning shots at bulk carrier while at anchor. Ship weighed anchor & made way. Pirates fired on to bridge & kept on chasing ship until 2305 LT. Another unidentified ship began to chase ship as from 2305 LT till 0155 LT. No injuries to crew. (Fri. May 17 2002)

11 May 2002 at 2100 LT at position: 12:30N - 046:23E, Gulf of Aden. Unlit boat approached bulk carrier from port bow. Boat crossed ahead & tried to approach from starboard side. Ship raised alarm, took evasive action & activated fire hoses. Pirates aborted the attempted boarding. (Fri. May 17 2002)

10 May 2002 during dark hours at P.T. ISAB wharf, Panjang, Indonesia. Pirates boarded general cargo ship unnoticed, broke open forecastle locker & stole large quantity of ship's stores. Suspected ship was boarded from boat at port bow. (Fri. May 17 2002)

09 May 2002 at 2315 LT at anchorage E2, off Mui Vung Tau, Vietnam. Pirates boarded general cargo ship at anchor from 2 boats unnoticed & stoll large quantity of ship's stores. Chief officer noticed pirates trying to board another ship in vicinity. (Fri. May 17 2002)

09 May 2002 at 0635 LT at anchorage off Mui Vung Tau, Vietnam. Six pirates in 2 boats attempted to board general cargo ship. Boarding aborted due to crew alertness. (Fri. May 17 2002)

06 May 2002 at 2310 LT in position: 10-14.6N - 107-02E, 6 miles off Vung Tau, Vietnam. Pirates boarded general cargo ship at anchor & stole 2 mooring ropes. (Fri. May 17 2002)

06 May 2002 at 2030 LT at Chennai channel, India. Pirates armed with long knives boarded bulk carrier underway & stole one mooring rope. Local authorities informed. (Fri. May 17 2002)

02 May 2002 during night hours at Demerara River (Golden Grove), Georgetown, Guyana. Three pirates attempted to board tanker while at anchor. Alert crew raised alarm & attempted boarding aborted. (Fri. May 17 2002)

02 May 2002 at 0200 LT in position: 05:37N - 00:04E, Accra anchorage, Ghana. While at anchor, pirates boarded chemical tanker & stole ship's stores. Alarm raised & port control informed. Police patrol boat detained one pirate boat with stolen ship's stores. (Fri. May 17 2002)

24 May 2002 0200 LT at Guayaquil anchorage, Ecuador. Two pirates boarded container ship from launch -- stole cargo from 3 containers. 2nd officer assaulted & radio stolen. Five pirates boarded ship again in evening & stole cargo from 2 containers. (Fri. May 17 2002)

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20646 gt bulker M/V Halifax (built 1963) suffered fire at turbine exhaust header pipe in lat 42 30N, long 80 00 15W, at 1350, May 11 -- proceeding upbound Lake Erie. Lubricating oil soaked lagging -- caught fire. Fire extinguished -- damage minor. (Wed. May 15 2002)

ALERT >> Panama-registered -- 39,000gt Grimaldi chartered ro/ro M/V Silver Ray, bound for Africa, afire at Berth 408 (old Toyota terminal) at Antwerp Docks afire. Understood vessel may have approx. 2500 Bremerhaven and/or Hamburg loaded used vehicles aboard. Fire dept. said not able to reach fire -- thus cooling ship -- could totally burn out. >> From our correspondent Jan Van Herenthals at Antwerp. (Tues. May 14 2002) UPDATE: Situation for Silver Ray is a mess -- too risky to fight fire says Antwerp officials -- hundreds of motor vehicles burned -- vessel lost at berth. The Cargo Letter seeks photos. (Wed. May 15 2002)

76.61 gt F/V Chiyo Maru No.3 (built 1978) afire & adrift - sank -- in lat 17 17N, long 151 05E, at 0625 - Guam , May 12 -- all 9 crew, 7 Japanese & 2 Indonesians rescued & safe. (Tues. May 14 2002)

F/V Pacific Star, Nelson NZ for Hawaii, lost all power -- drifting May 5, off Taranak due to flooded engine room -- faulty valve -- port tug Rupe took Pacific Star under tow into Auckland harbor. Launch Westgate came alongside with crew from fire brigade to attend smouldering paper causing fire & smoke -- fire started when paper towels came into contact with unprotected light bulb -- Home Depot notified. Vessel continued May 6. (Mon. May 13 2002)

M/V Babenzelle, with 32 passengers, 10 crew & general cargo, sank late May 11, 25 miles off Gabon -- bound for Sao Tome & Principe island group 150 miles off West African coast -- sent distress call before going down -- 8 dead, including 6 children & pregnant woman. (Monday May 13 2002)

554 gt. ferry M/V Flying Cloud, with 24 passengers, lost power & struck rocks May 8 during trip from Hyannis -- vessel drifted in strong wind before striking rocks & sustaining puncture on one side. The US$8M water-jet-propulsion passenger ferry built 2000 -- towed to Newport, R.I. for repair. (Sun. May 12 2002)

Philippine M/V Nilode sank May 11 while taking passengers home from provincial festival in central Philippines, killing at least 18 -- only authorized for 30 passengers, but appeared carrying more than 100 from Naval, the Biliran provincial capital, to nearby Maripipi island after celebrations marking province's 10th anniversary -- 84 survivors, including 41 who remained hospitalized. (Sat. May 11 2002) UPDATE: Philippine Coast Guard filed administrative & criminal charges against 4 of its personnel for allowing an overloaded ferry to sail leading to its capsizing claiming at least 19 lives. There was "gross negligence" by Coast Guard allowing 131 passengers to board vessel with maximum capacity of 30, authorities said. (Sun. May 12 2002)


05 May 2002 during early hours at Tg. Priok anchorage, Jakarta, Indonesia. Pirates boarded tanker & entered engine room. They tied up the 4th engineer, stole his portable radio & some engine spares. Pirates escaped before alarm was raised. (Fri. May 10 2002)

02 May 2002 at 2359 at Jorong anchorage, Indonesia. About 15-20 pirates boarded general cargo ship discharging cargo. Anti-piracy watch spotted them & raised alarm -- crew mustered. Pirates stole ship's stores. Crew noticed one stevedore assisting pirates. Local law enforcement sent police on board & cooperated with master. (Fri. May 10 2002)

04 May 2002 at Brujas, Bay of Panama, Panama. Six pirates armed with revolver & mini uzi boarded fishing boat -- stole 1200 lbs of fishing products. Pirates shot Captain in the stomach, engineer received 3 shots in the leg & seaman sustained head injuries. Injured were flown to shore hospital by helicopter. Panama authorities are conducting enquiries. (Fri. May 10 2002)

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65-ft wooden vessel F/V Fidelma aground just yards from former Taoiseach Charles Haughey's island of Inisvickillane in the Blaskets off the Kerry coast -- 4 crew from Schull, Co Cork, rescued in darkness from life raft by Valentia lifeboat. (Fri. May 10 2002)

ALERT >> Pirate attacks on high seas surged in 1st quarter, particularly in Africa & S.E. Asia, although ship security has been tightened because of concerns about terrorism. There were 87 armed attacks on ships worldwide between Jan. & March, up 28% on same period last year, the Int'l Maritime Bureau (IMB)<<webfeature, said. Global economic slowdown probably contributed to increase in world's poorer regions. Quarterly IMB report said 22 attacks happened in Indonesian waters &emdash;world's most pirate-infested. There were also 32 attacks in Africa &emdash; the continent's highest level in 3-month period since IMB began compiling statistics in 1991. Guinea, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Somalia, Tanzania & Red Sea were the worst-hit areas. Pirates' methods remained crude. Knives used in 31 attacks, guns in 17. Bulk freighters, tankers & general cargo ships were top targets. Two ship crew killed & 5 injured in attacks, & another 21 missing, most from Cambodia-flagged cargo vessel believed hijacked in Jan. after it left China's N.E. port of Weihai for Japan. (Thurs May 9 2002)

11426 gt chem. M/T Donaustern, Antwerp May 8 for Fawley in collision with 66,289 gt M/V OOCL Los Angeles<<webfeature, Antwerp for China, on departure at 1340, local time, today. Both vessels outbound. Donaustern continued course & OOCL Los Angeles anchored at Saeftinge with hull puncture about 5 meters above waterline. M/V OOCL Los Angeles<<alternate webfeature. (Thurs May 9 2002)

Rough 33 oil platform off Port of Hull<<webfeature, North sea, in collision 8 May 1830 hrs with factory ship M/V Marbella, with 128 crew. Royal Air Force Sea King helicopters<<webfeature, scrambled. Not believed any danger of explosion on rig following collision. Helicopters evacuated platform crew winching personnel & transferring to tanker M/T Navion Europa which has helicopter deck. (Wed. May 8 2002)

12,962-ton Dutch-registered M/V Seaway suffered engine failure before colliding with Shell Oil Co. berth at Pulau Bukom island near Singapore May 6, causing unspecified amount of oil to spill into surrounding waters. Shell operates oil refineries on Pulau Bukom, located 8km S. of Singapore. Pipeline used to transfer oil from refineries to ships docking at port. (Tues. May 7 2002)

199-ton Japanese M/V Taiyo Maru No. 8 & 4,967-ton Chinese-registered container M/V Xianglian in collision on Hakata Bay off Fukuoka, May 5, morning poor visibility due to fog. Xianglian hit Taiyo Maru No. 8 midships, causing it to be swamped. (Sun. May 5 2002)

UPDATED >> Triple-deck Bangladesh ferry M/V Salahuddin, Dhaka for S. Patuakhali with 400 passengers, sank in storm May 3, 65 miles E. of capital, Dhaka, in River Meghna. Dozens swam to shore -- heavy loss of life feared. (Fri. May 3 2002) UPDATE: 50 bodies, up to 250 feared drowned. (Sun. May 5 2002) UPDATE: Bangladesh salvage workers have found over 300 bodies -- many bodies lay scattered on river's shore. M/V Salahuddin refloated late May 5 night & towed to shore (Mon. May 6 2002)


27 April 2002 at 1300 UTC at Chittagong anchorage 'A', Bangladesh. Armed pirates boarded tanker but were discovered by crew. Pirates jumped overboard & escaped with ship's safety equipment. (Fri. May 3 2002)

26 April 2002 at 0400 LT at IOI berth, Sandakan, Malaysia. Pirates boarded tanker from the seaside. Broke in to forward storeroom, stole ship's stores & escaped in a boat. Master reported that storeroom had anti piracy lock. However, pirates used special tools & removed watertight door out of hinges. (Fri. May 3 2002)

26 April 2002 at 0030 UTC at working anchorage, TG. Manis, Malaysia. Pirates boarded general cargo ship, broke open forward locker & stole ship's stores. Master reported incident to local police. (Fri. May 3 2002)

25 April 2002 in position 01:10S - 081:20W, 21 nm west of Isla De La Plata, Ecuador. Three pirates in a fast speedboat attempted to board container ship underway. Master mustered crew & switched on deck lights. Speedboat came within 3 meters from ship but seeing alert crew boarding aborted. (Fri. May 3 2002)

24 April 2002 at 0210 LT at Senipah anchorage, Indonesia. Two pirates boarded tanker & stole life raft, lifejackets & ship's stores. Crew mustered & pirates jumped overboard & fled in boat. (Fri. May 3 2002)

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Putting On The Dog >> Bedecked in red flower lei, the brown-&-white terrier mix named Forgea (pronounced "Hok Get" in Chinese, which means "happiness & good fortune) appeared relaxed at Pier 24 as she was held by veterinarian aboard ocean tug M/V American Quest that brought her to Honolulu Harbor under U.S. Coast Guard charter -- after 24 days alone on abandoned fuel tanker M/T Insiko 1907. Jay Leno wants to fly her to Los Angeles as a guest on late-night talk show. Insiko remaining at Pier 24 for assessment of condition of vessel, off loading of fuel oil & retrieval of remains of the deceased crew. Follow Our Amazing Story of The "Milion Dollar Dog" - Several Links<<webfeature. Updated by our correspondent Frank McCague (Thurs. May 2 2002) UPDATE: Coast Guard said US$100,000 from an oil pollution trust fund used to intercept M/T Insiko 1907 as it drifted toward Johnston Atoll & tow to Honolulu. Additional funds, time & resources totaling more than US$180,000 were donated to rescue Hok Get, abandoned aboard the tanker. (Thurs. May 2 2002)

Chief engineer at Nerpa ship-repair plant in Snezhnogorsk, Rostislav Rimdenok, told Interfax news agency disposition of nuclear submarine Kursk will cost US$10M, but so far it hasn't received any government money for job. He also complained work to prepare Kursk for disposal, much of which was done by Nerpa workers, also not paid by government. Too sad, after the tragic loss of those brave men. To cover costs of Kursk salvage & disposal, there are proposals to use metal from submarine to make souvenirs. Follow Our Study of The Kursk Tragedy Over The Past Year<<webfeature. (Thurs. May 2 2002)

Sri Lankan military reported May 2 -- 2 Tiger rebel vessels destroyed in cat & mouse gun battle off E. coast. After explosion, Navy spent 35 minutes chasing trawler manned by rebels of Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) through coastal waters packed with fishing boats. Another rebel boat destroyed in fighting but trawler escaped with suspected cargo of arms -- rebels issued strongly worded statement accusing Navy of blowing up at least 2 fishing boats & killing several fishermen. Tigers on May 1 accused Navy of shooting & wounding 2 Tamil civilians in the NE. Pro-rebel Tamil Website<<webfeature (Thurs. May 2 2002)

Vessel Loss Dispatches For April 2002

Canadian 12-meter sloop S/V Rembrandt, St. Martin for Bermuda -- crew restrained deranged Master who jumped overboard several times on high seas & reported hearing voices 200 miles off E. end of Bermuda. Female crew member, a nurse, woke up one morning to find Capt. standing over her with knife -- he had refused water & food for 2 days. Vessel for delivery to new owners in Lake Champlain, NY. Crew raised alarm by firing flare to summon help. The voices have retained counsel. (Tues. April 30 2002)

Colonial Beach Yacht Center<<webfeature, on Potomac River, 60 mile NE of Richmond -- fire destroyed as many as 100 vessels -- yachts, oyster & crab boats-- remaining were smoldering wooden posts sticking out of water where slip had been 30 feet from NE Virginia shore. Firefighters cut lines of about 30 vessels docked near 510-ft covered peir prevent them being engulfed by flames. Updated by our correspondent Richard Ludwig (Tues. April 30 2002)

U.S. aircraft carrier USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63)<<webfeature battle group arrived Hong Kong April 29 for port visit -- 1st U.S. navy ships allowed in China since latest flareup in tensions between Washington & Beijing. Last month, Beijing denied request for U.S. ship to visit Hong Kong as tensions grew over Washington's decision to allow rival Taiwan's defence minister to visit U.S. China barred number of U.S. military aircraft & navy ships from stopping in Hong Kong early 2001 after collision between U.S. Navy EP-3E Aries II<<webfeature, electronic surveillance plane & Chinese fighter jet with subsequent imprisonment of U.S. crew. >> Please VISIT OUR COMPLETE WEB FEATURE FOR THIS HISTORIC 2001 NAVY EVENT << NOTE: The U.S. cut to pieces plane now undergoes repair -- will fly agin soon. (Mon. April 29 2002)

Both German owned -- Cyprus-registered M/V Smaland, in ballast, & Antigua-registered M/V Nikar G, for Poland with paper pulp, in collision off E. coast of Swedish island of Gotland in good weather at daytime with 8 NM visibility -- on both ships Master was watchkeeping officer -- 2 of Smaland's crew in forward section died instantly -- rescue team cut through mangled bulkhead to forepeak, found a 3rd crew died of injuries. Ships' bows damaged -- both remain afloat. From our correspondent Anderson. (Sat. April 27 2002)

U.S. ocean tug M/V American Quest, on U.S. Coast Guard charter, has accomplished high seas goal which proved elusive to others -- the rescue of Forgea, the 40 pound mixed white terrier! Ready with a trap, crew just found dog on deck & put her in portable kennel. Crew completing rigging operations aboard tanker to ready for towing -- will attempt to recover remains of Insiko crewman who died in March 13 fire that disabled vessel & left it without communications -- body believed in flooded engine room. Coast Guard considering towing tanker to deep water & sinking it to depth of 3 miles where diesel fuel would dissipate before reaching surface. Dog to be placed in mandatory quarantine on Kauai Island -- pet of Capt. Chung Chin Po of M/V Insiko -- friends of Chung in Honolulu said they want to adopt Forgea if Chung unable to take her to Taiwan. So goes the "Million Dollar Dog!" The world is again safe. SEE DIRECTLY BELOW & READ THIS AMAZING STORY (Fri. April 26 2002)


18 April 2002 at 2315 LT in position 05:42.9S - 116:39.3E, Adang Bay anchorage, Indonesia. Pirate armed with a knife boarded bulk carrier from fishing boat. Alert crew raised alarm & mustered. Pirate jumped into water & escaped with ship's stores. Escaped in boat with 3 other pirates. (Fri. April 26 2002)

18 April 2002 at 0848 LT in position 12:22.6N - 044:12.9E, Gulf of Aden. Sixporates in 7 meter boat approached special purpose ship underway. Crew directed pressurised fire hoses at boat. When boat was 3 cables from ship, signal flare fired. Boat then changed course & moved away. (Fri. April 26 2002)

17 April 2002 at 1030 LT in position 14:08N - 049:39E, off Mukalla, Yemen. Pirates in 6 fast boats attempted to board bulk carrier underway. Alert crew mustered & activated fire hoses. After 30 minutes boats gave up chase & fled. (Fri. April 26 2002)

17.04.2002 at 0630 LT, Malacca straits. Pirates armed with rifles in large boat approached 4 fishing trawlers casting nets. They took hostage 12 fishermen, hijacked trawlers & took them to Sumatra. Pirates demanded a ransom of RM 30,000 for release. Crew released when ransom paid. Crew subsequently lodged police complaint. (Fri. April 26 2002)

16 April 2002 at 0800 UTC, Callao anchorage, Peru. Two pirates in speedboat approached bulk carrier. Pirate tried to climb aboard via anchor. On seeing alert crew aborted boarding. (Fri. April 26 2002)

10 April 2002, Bintawa jetty, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. Fishing trawler hijacked after departing from Kuching. Trawler presently at Pemangkat, Kalimantan, Indonesia. Owners negotiating for release of trawler & crew. (Fri. April 26 2002)

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U.S. Coast Guard at this hour still in pursuit of "the dog Forgea." -- the "thought-sunk" M/T Insiko now seen as hazzard to navigation. Stay Tuned. Insiko carrying more than 60,000 gallons of diesel fuel & oils -- if continued on present drift course -- could run aground in 5 to 6 days at Johnston Atoll National Wildlife Refuge<<webfeature -- home to many shorebirds, including shearwaters, brown boobies & great frigate birds. READ THIS AMAZING STORY (Thurs. April 25 2002)

USS Cole reported to its home port of Norfolk a stronger, better ship than when terrorists' bomb ripped it open & killed 17 of its sailors 1.5 years ago in Yemen. Destroyer underwent US$250M of repairs over 14 months at Northrop Grumman's Ingalls shipyard at Pascagoula, Miss., then began trip home to Norfolk Naval Station last week. A steady rain fell as several hundred waited under tents in parking lot at the base. As Cole came into view, people began waving American flags & snapping pictures. May God Bless the USS Cole. All her Navy souls are now at rest as she prepares to wage a mighty war on terrorism. God's Speed! PLEASE VISIT OUR SPEACIAL PHOTO FEATURE. (Thurs. April 25 2002)

M/V Frio attacked by sea pirates -- carted away engine oil at Port Harcourt Wharf -- pirates overpowered 2 security men on board, injuring one of them -- crew on duty fled into cabins, locking up alley way -- leaving the 2 security men to face pirate wrath -- pirates hurriedly rolled out one full drum of engine oil into river & fled. (Wed. April 24 2002)

Terrorists >> Holding 88 workers captive on ChevronTexaco oil rig off W. Nigeria -- 20 men from local Ilaje community stormed rig April 22, which is 5 miles off town of Escravos. Officials said hostage-takers blocked off helicopter landing deck, blocking any rescue. (Wed. April 25 2002) UPDATE: Group who boarded oil rig off Nigeria & took 88 workers hostage have agreed to leave platform. Negotiations on April 23 saw men from nearby village of Ilaje release 45 workers. ChevronTexaco says now struck deal where the youths - demanding jobs - will leave rig on April 26 morning. (Thurs. April 25 2002)

South Korean M/V Nam Il in collision with 6,336 ton tug Dae Han -- in rough waters off S. coast of South Korea -- 5 crew from cargo vessel still missing -- 12 rescue vessels, team of divers & helicopter sent to comb choppy waters -- tug escaped w/o significant damage. (Wed. April 24 2002)

U.S. Coast Guard now taken over task of rescuing castaway "Forgea," the 2 year-old mixed breed terrier that has spent 19 days alone on a drifting, abandoned M/T Insiko. After world outcry over fate of the dog, animal lovers spent another US$90,000 hiring salvage company to find ship & rescue dog. Crew from two fishing vessels boarded M/T Insiko April 21 with food, but dog eluded them. New rescue bid backed by US$93M U.S. oil pollution fund, which can be used for burnt-out tanker, Insiko, as it is in U.S. waters. After dog is rescued, U.S. authorities will determine whether to sink vessel or tow it either to Johnston Island or to Honolulu. READ THIS AMAZING STORY (Wed. April 24 2002)

Million Dollar Super Dog Lives! >> Dog named "Forgea" spotted on burned & thought sunken M/V Insiko at about 4:15 PM April 20. U.S. Coast Guard C-130 spotted Forgea about 250 NM E. of Johnston Island & dropped pizza & unwrapped granola bars on ship for dog to eat. Insiko has been adrift with the 40 pound dog & 200 tons of fuel since crew rescued on April 2. Officials notified Hawaiian Humane Society of Insiko's location. Humane Society may now want to get it's US$50,000 back from the ocean tug company! READ THIS AMAZING STORY (Sun. April 21 2002)

Thor Heyerdahl 1914-2002 -- spent his life on one great adventure after another. His 4,300-mile journey across the ocean on a primitive raft more than a half-century ago captivated the world. The public eagerly read his best-selling books - "Kon-Tiki" being among the best known. What matter that most scientists remain unconvinced by his controversial ethnological theories? (He believed that Polynesia & the S. Pacific islands were 1st settled by ancient Peruvians.) His voyages over a lifetime that lasted 87 years not only refocused the world's attention on the lure of the sea, but also inspired many toward the noble - and invaluable - tradition of exploration & adventure. Most important, of course, they are a testament to the indomitable spirit of human courage & curiosity. (Sat. April 20 2002)

Carnival Corp on April 19 became 2nd major cruise ship operator to admit to polluting, agreeing to pay US$18M after pleading guilty to U.S. environmental charges. Carnival, world's biggest cruise company with 43 vessels, pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court in Miami to 6 felony counts of filing false statements with the U.S. Coast Guard on oily discharges from 6 Carnival Cruise Line ships, including the M/V Paradise<<webfeature & M/V Tropicale<<webfeature. Miami-based Carnival's crosstown rival, Royal Caribbean Cruises, the No. 2 cruise operator, paid US$27M in fines & penalties in the late 1990s to settle ocean-dumping complaints in Florida, California, Alaska, Virgin Islands & Puerto Rico. Prosectors said Carnival engineers repeatedly discharged into Caribbean & other waters waste fluids from machinery, engines & shipboard operations with illegally high concentrations of oil. (Fri. April 19 2002)

Who Said The British Navy Doesn't Loaf? >> Off-duty Regulating (Police) petty officer Adrian Neal, 33, of Fratton, Portsmouth, was shopping at his local convenience store in Portsmouth on April 19, when he saw the shopkeeper & his 18-year-old son grappling with a man who was apparently threatening them with a knife. He said: "I didn't think twice, my service training came into action & I assessed the situation quickly and saw the shopkeeper needed help." "To avoid getting hurt, I decided to distract the man with the knife & all I had in my hand was my loaf of "Happy Shopper" sliced bread, so I walloped him with it." "The element of surprise worked & I was able to disarm and restrain him until the police arrived." "There was nothing special about what I did. The shopkeeper said I'd done a good job. He said too many people turned a blind eye to similar incidents." Mr Neal, who works at the Portsmouth shore base HMS Nelson, added that the shopkeeper rewarded him with free bread (we presume "Happy Shopper" brand) & cigarettes. Hampshire police said the man was charged with theft & possession of a bladed article following the incident. (Fri. April 19 2002)

Stornoway-registered, Scottish F/V Calina managed to send a mayday before crew forced to abandon about a mile off Stornoway, when taking water close to Chicken Rock -- 2 crew made F/V Lynn Marie which came to aid & other 2 were picked up by lifeboat moments before vessel sank. Calina the 2nd trawler lost off Western Isles in just over a week. One died & 5 others rescued when F/V Radiant - one of biggest & most modern boats in Scottish fleet - sank 8 days ago -- SEE OUR STORY BELOW. (Fri. April 19 2002)


12 April 2002 between 0430 LT at Chittagong anchorage, Bangladesh. Four pirates armed with knives boarded a general cargo ship & stole ship's stores. Duty officer raised alarm. Pirates fled in a motorboat. (Fri. April 19 2002)

09 April 2002 at 0200 LT at Bontang anchorage, Indonesia. Pirates boarded LPG carrier via anchor chain, broke in to forecastle store & stole ship's stores. Police informed. (Fri. April 19 2002)

Warning for Balikpapan, Indonesia >> Four attacks have taken place between 19 to 21 March 2002. Ships are advised to take extra anti piracy measures at anchor as well as when alongside.

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USS Cole sets sail April 19, after 14 months of repairs with many new features, including 17 stars laid in the hallway floor &emdash; one for each of the 17 sailors killed by a terrorist explosion in Yemen. Our Feature Story of the USS Cole Crew. (Thus. April 18 2002)

2001 build, double hulled, 600-foot Shell Int'l Trading & Shipping Co., 27,500-ton M/TFulgur, Newark, N.J., for Baltimore with 8 million gallons of gasoline, diesel fuel & kerosene, grounded off Tolchester Beach, off Eastern Shore, in upper Chesapeake Bay after developing steering problems. Something caused 2 pumps to oppose each other, effectively locking up steering system. Vessel draws 30 feet & ran aground in 23 feet. At 11:30 p.m., shortly after high tide, 2 tugs pulled ship back into channel. No damage reported. (Thus. April 18 2002)

Unidentified Indian-registered cargo vessel bound for an Iraqi port vessel caught fire & sank near Iranian waters at mouth of Arvand River. Fire extinguished by Iranian naval forces. 5 crew missing. Cause & exact date unknown. Early this week, an Iranian ship, with fruits for Kuwait, sank in N. waters of the Persian Gulf. (Thus. April 18 2002)

20-meter wooden F/V Bandirma, sank after taking on water in rough seas April 18, near Greek holiday island of Naxos -- carrying illegal immigrants. Coast guard & navy vessels rescued 31 people, 7 dead, 8 hospitalized on the Aegean Sea island. (Wed. April 17 2002)

For 2nd time in 2 weeks, luxury cruise 91,000-ton M/V Norwegian Star, with 3,300 passengers & crew, on regular weekly cruise rotation en route Fanning Island in Republic of Kiribati, diverted 69 miles (111km) for emergency rescue at sea April 16 night, picking up man needing medical care from 1 of 2 crew aboard 36-foot S/V God's Grace, 368 miles (592 km) SW of "Big Island." Man transferred to Norwegian Star, equipped with a hospital staffed by a doctor & nurses, treated by ship's medical staff. However, condition worsened & vessel changed course to return to Hawaii. FOLLOW OUR STORY BELOW >> April. 2, Norwegian Star rescued 11 crew stranded aboard Indonesian tanker for 2 weeks after a fire in ship's engine room -- other crewman died in fire. (Tues. April 16 2002)

Australian Naval ceremonies marking ship's crossing of equator have been suspended after video footage revealed sailors had juice forced down their throats & were strung up naked, as home video footage taken aboard HMAS Warrnambool & supplied to the press reportedly shows a crossing the line ceremony where sailors were also beaten. Australian Chief of Navy Vice-Admiral David Shackleton said traditional celebration would be suspended while investigation carried out. "Commanding officer did take all the steps that he should have taken to make sure people were told & not forced to participate in this activity," Adm. Shackleton said. Editor: A variant of this ritual has been a part of all naval services for the past 200 years. We pray that political correctness will not now strike another blow. This said, there is a BIG difference between traditional hazing & crew mistreatment. Let's be very careful about this. (Tues. April 16 2002)

Ferry M/V Power of God sank in rough seas during trip from Haitian coastal city of Archaie to island of La Gonave, killing 14 people. (Tues. April 16 2002)

Bulker M/V Algowood, with 29,500 tons of coal, bound for Ontario Power Generation's Nanticoke generating station on N. shore of Lake Erie. , aground on port side & listing heavily in lower St. Marys River April 14 -- shutting section of Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Seaway shipping corridor between Lake Superior & Lake Huron. Vessel came to complete stop in middle of channel & dropped anchor -- flooding No. 1 port tank with a ballast reading of 29 feet. At 9:30 p.m. vessel reported flooding had stopped. Tug Adanac from Purvis Marine responded to assist with support pumps to control water. Stern currently blocking the major shipping channel & St. Marys River closed to commercial traffic from Six Mile Point to Soo Locks. All vessels in area to anchor. Ships locking through downbound allowed to tie at approach piers. M/V Canadian Olympic backed up to the MacArthur pier & M/V Lee A. Tregurtha remains tied to Poe Pier. In early April 1999 fleet sister M/V Algontario grounded in lower St. Marys River. Algontario never repaired & remains in lay-up at Thunder Bay. From our correspondent Wes Boyd. (Mon. April 15 2002) UPDATE: After blocking the St. Marys River for one day, tugs were successful in moving Algowood shortly before 10:00 a.m. April 16 morning -- damaged vessel moved alongside Carbide Dock on U.S. side of river. Survey vessel M/V James Bray called to sweep of area where Algowood grounded near the ice boom. After survey, traffic resumed about 12:30 p.m. -- 12 vessel waiting to transit upbound & 7 vessels waiting downbound. From our correspondent Wes Boyd. (Wed. April 17 2002)

Canadian bulker M/V Yarmouth aground shortly after leaving Montreal where she took on fuel April 15. Losing power due to a faulty generator, vessel dropped one anchor & pivoted. She then went aground on N. side of channel & developed slight list. Freed 5:30 p.m. by tugs Ocean Intrepide & Ocean Jupiter towed her to Pointe-aux-Trembles anchorage nearby. (Mon. April 15 2002)

Cambodian-flagged 4,791-ton M/V Noor Al Amar in collision with 8,000-ton Turkish M/T Salih Kalkavan on April 12 night. As Cambodian ship about to sink crew started firing fireworks as distress signal -- all 17 rescued -- sank. Accident happened at Dardanelles Strait linking the Mediterranean with Black Sea -- when Cambodian ship allegedly sailing on a wrong route, making dangerous turns & ignoring warnings.(Sat. April 13 2002)

Fido Lives!? 9 Men & A Dog! >> Our story began on April 3 when Indonesian M/T Insiko 1907 burned in a March 13 fire -- cruise M/V Norwegian Star<<webfeature, rescued 11 crew stranded at sea for more than 2 weeks early April 2 after seeing signal flare & lighting a fire which attracted cruise ship. But Insiko's Capt. Chung Chin Po says that Forgea, his 2-year-old pet was still aboard Insiko. So Hawaiian Humane Society, with financial help from Humane Society of the U.S. spent US$50,000 to get Forgea via open ocean tug. The effort failed when ocean tug reported M/T Insiko 1907 sank. But did it sink? Search called off April 7 when rescuers concluded ship drifted beyond 14,800-mile search area or had gone down. But now U.S. Coast Guard says 2 1/2 days after rescue attempt ended, vessel Insiko spotted by F/V Victoria City, albacore fishing vessel due to arrive Honolulu April 12. Sighting was 400 miles S. of Oahu. Although Hawaiian Humane Society criticized for spending over US$50,000 on saving a dog, it said it had received support from all over world. Meanwhile, federal investigators launched a search for 9 Insiko crew, all from the PRC, now regarded as fugitives. Chinese crew not seen since Immigration & Naturalization Service released them with understanding they would check in again April 9. Crew taken to Waikiki hotel -- supposed to meet ship's captain, Chung Chin Po, evening of April 3 for dinner. Men didn't show up. So now search will go forward for 9 men & a dog! Perhaps Humane Society will assist INS to have the dog sniff out the missing crew. Follow Our Story Back To The Event. Update tip from our correspondent Fred McCague (Fri. April 12 2002)

Honduras-registered mining M/V Shelf Explorer, out of Cape Town, exploring for diamonds sank April 11 night in 50 meters of water off port of Luderitz, coast of Namibia, South Africa. All 40 crew rescued by 2 passing ships,. Vessel flooded when pipe burst. (Fri. April 12 2002)

Tanzanian ferry capsized on Kilombero River near Ifakara, in E. Tanzania,155 miles W. of Indian Ocean port of Dar es Salaam -- 22 missing & 2 confirmed dead. Tugboat using rope to pull vessel across Kilombero River April 11 when rope broke & ferry capsized. Tanzania authorities now interrogating the rope. (Fri. April 12 2002)

Less than 11 months old, one of biggest & most advanced vessels in Scotland, 108-ft twin-rigged trawler F/V Radiant snagged on seabed, 70 miles NW of Lewis, in Hebrides, just after midnight April 12 -- trawler was pulled under. Skipper & 5 crew abandoned before waves engulfed wheelhouse & capsized. Built by La Parrilla shipyard in Spain specifically for Scottish deep-sea fisheries, with round bilge, transom stern & bulbous bow employing very latest technology, innovation & design. Packed with technological aides & equipment, Radiant required crew of just 6. Radiant's emergency radio beacon sent distress signal to owners in Peterhead w/in minutes of going down. Coastguard helicopter arrived in 2.5 hours to rescue. (Fri. April 12 2002)


05 April 2002 at 0100 LT in position: 03:55.6N - 098:46.5E, Belawan anchorage, Indonesia. Three pirates boarded chemical tanker by climbing anchor chain. They broke into forward locker & stole ship's stores. Upon seeing alert crew they jumped overboard & escaped in boat. (Fri. April 12 2002)

03 April 2002 at 0230 UTC in position 08:55N - 076:05E, off Quilon port, India. Two boats with 4 pirates in each approached barge under tow. 3 pirates boarded barge, stole mooring ropes & escaped. (Fri. April 12 2002)

03 April 2002 at 0330 UTC in position: 06:18N - 03:24E, Lagos anchorage, Nigeria. Armed pirates boarded general cargo ship from stern -- stole ship's stores & outboard motor from lifeboat. Attacked duty a/b with knife & threw bottles at him. He retreated into accommodation & sounded general alarm. Pirates escaped in small boat towards Lagos port. Port control informed -- advised that police would be informed. (Fri. April 12 2002)

02 April 2002 at 0216 UTC in position 00:37.8N - 008:48.7E, Port Gentil, Gabon While at anchor, about 30 pirates armed with rifles, pistols & long knives boarded container ship & assaulted the master, injuring him very seriously. He suffered broken nose, broken left hand, left leg & spine. Pirates stole half of ship's GMDSS equipment, ship's property & cash from crew. Also broke open 12 containers & stole goods. Pirates left 30 minutes later taking with them ship's certificates, crews' seamen books & certificates. Vessel proceeded to open sea to avoid further boarding. (Fri. April 12 2002)

WARNING TO ALL VESSELS -- Piracy Prone Areas & Warnings To Mariners >>

S E Asia & Indian Sub Continent >> Warning for Balikpapan, Indonesia - Three attacks between 19 to 21 March 2002. Ships advised to take extra anti piracy measures at anchor as well as when alongside. Bangladesh - Chittagong & Mongla at berth & anchorage. Ships have reported theft of zinc anodes welded to ship's sides & stern

India >> Chennai, Cochin, Haldia, Kandla & Tuticorin anchorages.

Indonesia >> Belawan, Balikpapan, Lawi Lawi, Merak, Panjang, Samarinda & Tanjong Priok (Jakarta), ships have reported numerous attacks while at berth & anchor. Other areas include Bangka, Berhala & Gelasa Straits.

Malacca Straits >> Avoid anchoring along the Indonesian coast of the straits. Coast near Aceh is particularly risky for hijackings / Malaysia - Bintulu, Penang & Sandakan. / Philippines - Davao. / Thailand - Koh Si Chang. / Vietnam - Vung Tau. / Africa & Red Sea. / Abidjan, Bonny River, Conakry, Dakar, Dar Es Salaam, Douala, Lagos, Luanda, Owendo & Tema

Gulf of Aden >> Between 4 to 6 fast boats have attempted to board ships around coordinates Lat 14:34N - Long 051:22.5E

Somalian Waters >> High-risk area for hijackings. Keep at least 50 miles & if possible 100 miles from Somali coast. Use of radio communications including VHF in these waters should be kept to a minimum

South & Central America & Caribbean Waters >> Brazil - Fazendinha, Guiba Islands, Santana, Santos, Sepetiba, Rio De Janeiro and Rio Grende Port. / Colombia - Buenaventura & Cartagena. / Dominican Republic - Rio Haina. / Ecuador - Guayaquil. / Peru - Callao. / Venezuela - Guanta, Lake Maracaibo & Puerto La Cruz.

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Passenger ferry M/V Voyager Eagle, Red Hook on St. Thomas for West End on Tortola with 33 passengers, ran hard aground on Johnson's Reef around 3:30 p.m. April 7th. Initial salvage efforts unsuccessful. Ferry aground overnight, but removed from reef during high tide next morning. Capt. cited for negligence & for striking underwater resources -- must appear in U.S. District Court. From our correspondent Wes Boyd. (Fri. April 12 2002)

Philippine M/V Carmela, from central Philippine island of Masbate with over 240 passengers & cargo on inter-island voyage, caught fire April 11, 11 miles off Lucena City in Quezon province, 69 miles SW of Manila. Manila radio station DZRH reports169 survivors. (Wed. April 10 2002) UPDATE: 26 now believed dead. (Fri. April 12 2002)

Picture Courtesy of Niels Aage Jensen

50-meter F/V Island Glory aground at Soverato, off Italy's southern shores. Police apprehended 212 illegal immigrants from Sri Lanka & India, including 4 women -- 2 suspected of being crew detained. Immigrants believed at sea for months. Several "Let's Speak Italian" language tapes reported stollen from local market. (Wed. April 10 2002)

THAT EAGLE WILL SOAR AGAIN >> A year after collision with PRC fighter jet forced it to make a heroic emergency landing in mainland China, the now famed U.S intelligence plane that was picked over & cut apart by the Chinese military is being put back together & could be back in the air next month. The U.S. Navy EP-3E Aries II<<webfeature, electronic surveillance plane is undergoing repairs at Lockheed-Martin in Marietta. Work should be completed in May 2002, when plane is to be flown to Raytheon Co. plant at Waco, Texas, for electronic updates. After that, the 4-engine plane scheduled to return to Navy service by the end of the year. "The inventory of EP-3 aircraft is 11, so it's not like there's tons & tons of these things around," the Navy said. "It's a surveillance & reconnaissance airplane, & we've got lots of missions for that kind of airplane." -- U.S. Navy. This was a major moment which we might have forgotten in the wake of 9/11>> Please VISIT OUR COMPLETE WEB FEATURE FOR THIS HISTORIC 2001 NAVY EVENT << God Bless America. (Tues. April 9 2002)

Going To The Dogs >> After Indonesian M/T Insiko 1907 burned in a March 13 fire -- cruise M/V Norwegian Star<<webfeature, rescued 11 crew stranded at sea for more than 2 weeks early April 2 after seeing signal flare & lighting a fire which attracted cruise ship. But Insiko's Capt. Chung Chin Po says that Forgea, his 2-year-old pet is still aboard Insiko. So the Hawaiian Humane Society, with financial help from Humane Society of the U.S. is spending US$50,000 to get Forgea via open ocean tug. Po says he was told he could not bring dog aboard Norwegian Star when cruise ship sent rescue crew to rescue ship's survivors on April 2 -- but spokesman for cruise ship said no one knew about dog until it was too late. Ocean tug now on route several hundred miles to search. Go Forgea! SEE OUR FULL APRIL 3 STORY BELOW<<webfeature.. (Sat. April 6 2002) UPDATE >> US$50,000 rescue operation to save dog left aboard abandoned M/T Insiko 1907 off Hawaii ended with organizers saying ship apparently sank, despite Coast Guard report of that result earlier. "We are deeply saddened to report Forgae, 2-year-old dog left on board a crippled tanker after its human crew rescued, apparently been lost at sea," Hawaiian Humane Society said. Effort called off when previously sunken vessel couldn't be found after 1,000 square miles of ocean searched. (Tues. April 9 2002)

Libyan cargo M/V Jawgal, with 7,700 tons of flour, Moroccan port of Casablanca for Tripoli, Libya, sank in bad weather 20 miles off coast of Skikda, 340km (210 miles) E. of Algiers -- 9 of 34 crew rescued -- others missing -- 3 ships searching for survivors. (Fri. April 5 2002)


30 March 2002 at 2250 UTC at Tema anchorage, Ghana. About 13 pirates in long wooden fishing boat boarded bulk carrier via anchor chain. Alert crew chased them & they jumped into water & escaped. (Fri. April 5 2002)

29 march 2002 at 0430 LT, berth 18 at Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Pirates in unlit canoe boarded general cargo ship using grappling hooks. They escaped taking ship's stores. (Fri. April 5 2002)

29 March 2002 at 2030 LT at no. 2 berth, Chittagong, Bangladesh. Five pirates removed zinc anodes attached to ship's side of bulk carrier. Duty a/b & shore watchmen raised alarm & directed search lights on boat. Boat took cover under pier & moved away. (Fri. April 5 2002)

28 March 2002 at 2355 LT in position 15:15N - 051:40E, Gulf of Aden. While underway, speedboat with 4 pirates onboard approached bulk carrier within 8 meters on starboard quarter. Alarm raised & search light directed on boat. Boat moved away. (Fri. April 5 2002)

27 March 2002 at 1812 UTC at Apar bay, Indonesia. While at anchor, 7 pirates armed with guns & knives boarded bulk carrier & took hostage an a/b. Robbed his wristwatch & stole mooring ropes before escaping in speedboat. (Fri. April 5 2002)

27 March 2002 at 0520 UTC in position: 10:04N - 016:23.5W Conakry, Guinea. Ten pirates armed with machine guns boarded tanker & robbed ship's television, radios & cash from master. Left in wooden boat & proceeded towards coast. (Fri. April 5 2002)

25 March 2002 at 0100 LT in position: 00:45.30N 103:55.20, Pulau Citlim jetty, Indonesia. While berthed, pirates armed with knives boarded & hijacked a tug. Three crew escaped by jumping overboard, pirates later released the remaining 3 crew. (Fri. April 5 2002)

25 March 2002 during midnight at Balikpapan coal terminal, Indonesia. While berthed, 3 pirates armed with knives attempted to board bulk carrier. Duty a/b raised alarm & alerted crew. Pirates escaped in small boat. (Fri. April 5 2002)

Hijacking >> 17 March 2002 at 1320 LT, position: 07:45.9N - 097:42.5E, Thailand. Pirates armed with guns & knives hijacked tanker underway. They transferred 1950 metric tons of gas oil to another tanker & placed crew in small boat. The crew made it to island in northern Acheh, Indonesia. Indonesian Navy later picked them up. (Fri. April 5 2002)

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Portland 65-foot trawler F/V Big Dreamer, sank April 4 afternoon 90 miles SE of Boston off Cape Cod -- 3 crew escaped onto life raft & rescued by another fishing vessel in area. (Fri. April 5 2002)

M/V Vadim Popov, for Japan with 16 passengers & 18 crew, in collision with unidentified Chinese cargo M/V near South Korea island of Ullyndo, April 3. Chinese ship not damaged, but hull of Vadim Popov breached -- passengers taken aboard ship bound for Vladivostok, while crew struggled to mend hull breach. (Thurs. April 4 2002)

Belizean-registered 2,847-ton cargo M/V Aige -- sank on March 30<<webarticle. M/V Aige believed loaded with nearly 100 tons of fuel oil. A flotilla of ships raced April 4 to contain oil slick off Japan's W. coast before it washes ashore. The 10km (6.2-mile) long oil spill slowly moving toward coast since it bubbled to surface from the Belize-registered cargo off SW Japan. The spill, divided into about 10 patches, each roughly 5-meters (16.5-feet) wide, about 4.5km (2.8 miles) off N. shore of W. Japanese Prefecture of Hyogo by midday April 4. (Thurs. April 4 2002)

US$8M luuxury 27.4 metre super sloop S/V Leopard of London, Caribbean for Southampton, swamped by 7 meter waves in force 8 gales, leaking, rudderless & adrift in mountainous seas 960km SW of England on April 2 morning -- Capt. said too dangerous for UK crew to take to its life rafts because of "nasty" conditions. Merchant vessels answering calls for help from Falmouth coastguards unable to reach vessel, marooned 600 miles SW of Land's End & 450 miles NE of Azores. Crew intends to stay aboard until tug arrives at end of week to tow ashore -- skipper said confident that intake of water held in check by yacht's pumps -- OK to hold until tug from Azores arrives. Yacht damaged its rudder while en route from Azores for Southampton. Brave crew holds on. (Tues. April 2 2002) UPDATE >> Two merchant ships reached Leopard, but Capt. & 6 crew stayed aboard until conditions calmed, before boarding life rafts for rescue. Tug expected in 48 hours. Leopard liely to be lost. (Thurs. April 4 2002)

Indonesian M/T Insiko 1907-- adrift & unable to contact anyone since major fire March 13 -- 11 crew aboard stranded at sea for more than 2 weeks rescued early April 2 after firing signal flare & lighting a fire to attract cruise ship. Cruise M/V Norwegian Star<<webfeature, spotted tanker 220 miles S. of Hawaii & helped crew abandon ship. One shipmate died in blaze & another burned over half his body -- flown by helicopter to Honolulu hospital. (Tues. April 2 2002) UPDATE >> Small distress fire was burning on deck of freighter when cruise M/V Norwegian Star arrived on scene. Passengers said ship showed signs of being burned to the deck & they were told freighter crew was without power or communications. Crew had a little fish & rice & water aboard. Crew fired flares at vessels but none turned to assist until Norwegian Star came to rescue. (Wed. April 3 2002)

Swedish freight ferry M/V Stena Gothica, with 21 passengers & crew & carrying a "hazardous cargo" hit wall shortly after midnight (2300 GMT) while sailing into Immingham docks in E. England -- sustained 15 foot gash in port side below waterline -- engine room flooded -- vessel presently sitting on bottom of the lock -- 3 fire engines at scene to pump flooded compartments -- diving team also called to patch gash. (Tues. April 2 2002)

Chinese spaceship `Shenzhou III' landed on schedule at 4:51 p.m. in central Inner Mongolia, in N. China. It had flown nearly 7 days & 108 orbits before from a desert launch pad in northwestern China's Gansu province. Officials from the China Manned Space Program, which placed dummy astronauts & instruments that simulate human metabolism aboard craft, said it "technically suitable for astronauts" &emdash; an announcement as much political as scientific. (Mon. April 1 2002)

Out-of-control freighter crashed into dock on Huangpu River in downtown Shanghai on March 30, causing several oil tankers to collide & one to sink, official Xinhua news agency said April 1. One crew missing & 2 injured -- Oil spill controled. (Mon. April 1 2002)

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Vessel Loss Dispatches For March 2002

Ukrainian F/V Vostochnyi attacked by pirates off coast of Guinea March 28, seizing US$13,000, audio & video equipment. Pirates shot through & destroyed an electricity cable -- 2nd pirate attack on Ukrainian sailors in Africa this year. In Jan., pirates seized Ukrainian-Lebanese ship off Somali coast, but left peacefully after a week. (Sun. March 30 2002)

Congolese M/V Tshinyabuguma capsized March 26 morning in E. Congolese Lake Kivu when people rushed abroad during docking -- authorities lack equipment needed to pull bodies from the steel vessel. Three children deed, 12 injured & dozens feared dead. (Sun. March 30 2002)

Thailand luxury passenger M/V Oriental Queen sank 29 March on Thai -- Chao Phraya River -- caused by unprofessional navigation --started to list & submerge -- sank in 45 minutes. Salvage will begin. (Sun. March 30 2002)

Belizean-registered 2,847-ton cargo M/V Aige, with scrap iron & 18 crew, Akita prefecture in N. Japan for China, in collision with 78-ton Japanese F/V No.3 Koshi Maru, with 8 crew, SE of Dogo island off Japan -- M/V Aige sank 5 hours later. All rescued. (Sat. March 30 2002)

GIANT OCTOPUS >> Haliphron Atlanticus<<photofeature, a bright red, jellylike species of octopus caught off New Zealand at depth of over 900 meters -- discovery is 1st of its type recorded in South Pacific -- massive octopus was badly damaged & would have been plus (4 meters) 12 ft. A 1st. (Fri. March 29 2002)

Marine disasters in China last year left 401 people dead or missing & caused economic losses of US$1.21Bn according to a report released by the State Oceanic Admin. Last year, huge waves sank or damaged 618 ships in E. coastal Fujian & Shandong provinces, leaving 265 people dead or missing. (Fri. March 29 2002)


22 March 2002 at 0315 LT at jetty no. 1 Haldia, India. Pirates boarded tanker from forecastle & stole 6 hawsers. (Fri. March 29 2002)

22 March 2002 at 0235 LT at Vung Tau outer anchorage, Vietnam. Four pirates armed with long knives boarded bulk carrier via forward anchor chain. Crew spotted & raised alarm -- result pirates jumped overboard & escaped. Nothing stolen. (Fri. March 29 2002)

21 March 2002 at 03000 LT at jetty 5C, Pertamina terminal, Balikpapan, Indonesia. Anti piracy watchman on tanker noticed a small-unlit craft manned by 4 pirates with long bamboo poles approaching from stern. Anti piracy watch & 2 policemen gathered at poop deck -- result pirates escaped taking ship's stores. A 2nd attempt made later this time policemen fired warning shots & pirates fled. (Fri. March 29 2002)

20 March 2002 at Lagos anchorage, Nigeria. Two pirates boarded general cargo ship from stern -- held duty a/b at gunpoint & lowered 3 mooring ropes into a waiting boat & fled. (Fri. March 29 2002)

20 March 2002 at Balikpapan anchorage, Indonesia. Pirates boarded bulk carrier from stern & held an a/b at gunpoint -- lowered one mooring into waiting boat, released a/b & escaped. (Fri. March 29 2002)

19 March .2002 at 0445 LT at Balikpapan, Indonesia. Three pirates boarded VLCC at anchor. Broke in steering gear room & stole engine spares. Alert crew spotted pirates -- they jumped overboard & escaped. (Fri. March 29 2002)

Hijacking >> 8 March 2002 at 0200 LT at Tanjung Balai, Karimun, Indonesia. Seven pirates armed with swords & knives hijacked tug - Guan Seng 12 & barge - Yuan Cheng19 at anchor. All 6 crew tied up -- 5 forced to board speedboat & taken to a nearby island. They managed to untie themselves & boarded a passing fishing boat. Whereabouts & safety of the remaining crewmember unknown. Tug & barge still missing.

Hijacked Vessel Descriptions:

Motor Tugboat: Guan Seng 12 Embossed name: "GUAN SENG 12"

Port No: 1387-T/98 Port of Registry: Singapore

Official No: 388376 IMO No: 9202314

Flag: Singapore Call sign: 9V5689

Built: 1997, Malaysia

GRT: 120 NRT: 36 Depth: 2.90M

LOA: 21.76M Beam: 7.00M

Engine : 2 X CATERPILLAR 3412T (Diesel) BHP 2 X372KW 2 shafts

Color : Accommodation - white, Deck - green,

Hull - Blue, Funnel - blue

Barge : Yuan Cheng19

Embossed name: YUAN CHENG 19 SC 3472C

Official No: 387309 Flag : Singapore

Built : 1996, Singapore GRT: 1404 NRT: 422

LOA: 67M Beam: 19M Depth: 4M

Color : Rusted black. STBD side - undergone major re-construction,

100' X 14' of new plate being replaced in red color.

Tug & barge could have changed their names, color & flag. (Fri. March 29 2002)

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Luxury S/V Petit Prince sent distress call in massive seas & gale-force winds 30 NM off East London on March 28. Attempted rescue by passenger M/V Seaborne Sun failed because of foul conditions. Oryx helicopter from Durban's 15 Squadron has successfully airlifted all 5 crew. (Friday March 29 2002)

M/V Atlantic Osprey (ex-M/V Arneb), in ballast, suffered engine room fire March 25 while crossing Manchester Canal. The ship transported 500kg of plutonium from Sellafield to German port of Bremerhaven near end of last year. She is due to bring nuclear waste to/from Sellafield via the Irish Sea -- MOX (mixed oxide fuel) plutonium from UK to mainland Europe, passing close to Irish coast. (Thurs. March 28 2002)

DISASTER >> State-run Dubai Drydocks<<webfeature, suffered major loss as sea gate collapsed into dry dock at 9am, instantly flooding one of world's biggest ship repair facilities. At least 13 workers killed & 23 missing -- 50 people, mostly Indian & Filipino workers, may have died. About 150 injured taken to hospitals. About 500 workers & 4 ships inside dry dock - big enough to accommodate oil supertankers - when sea gate broke -- sea gate undergoing repairs since March 26. There were 3,500 people work at docks, which opened in 1983. Drydock Loss Scene <<photofeature. (Wed. March 27 2002) From Our "Singles Only" Collection<<photofeature DRAMATIC PHOTO OF DUBAI GATE COLLAPSE. (Wed. March 27 2002)

Congo passenger M/V Tihinyabuguma capsized & sank March 26 morning at Port Ndalangwa on Lake Kivu in the E. of Democratic Republic of Congo. Out of shipyard 4 months ago -- relied on cargo in hold to give stability -- but in ballast at time of loss. Passengers wanted to to buy pineapples & when they all rushed to one side of the vessel -- keeled over -- 3 dead & 20 feared drowned. (Wed. March 27 2002)

USS Curtis Wilbur (DDG 54)<<webfeature -- refused permission for routine port call at Hong Kong -- China refused permission, apparently angered by U.S. decision to let Taiwan's defense minister, Tang Yiau-ming, attend private defense convention this month in St. Petersburg, Florida. The Chinese Foreign Ministry summoned U.S. Ambassador Clark T. Randt to express displeasure. >> Perhaps Disneyworld tickets could be negotiating point. (Tues. March 26 2002)

USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71)<<webfeature -- the "Big Stick" -- departed Norfolk, Va., Sept. 19 in support of "Operation Enduring Freedom" during those very uncertain days. Now returning from her 6 month deployment -- a solemn March 26 ceremony 300 miles off Virginia coast to return flag that 3 weary firefighters raised from ruins of the World Trade Center on Sept. 11. As a sailor sang the Navy Hymn<<webfeature, 3 other sailors handed folded flag to 2 of the 3 New York City firefighters, George Johnson & William Eisengrein, who hoisted that flag at Ground Zero. This "Old Glory"<<webfeature, sailed with the fleet in dark days following Sept. 11th, toward victory in war against terrorism, and is now again home. Teddy R. would be quite proud -- Bully! (Tues. March 26 2002)

British Petroleum 's M/T British Vigilance, for Dubai with 22 crew, & M/T Stena King, Saudi Arabia for the Gulf of Mexico in the U.S. with 450,000 tons of oil & 43 crew, both 990 foot vessels, in collision March 25 morning in Gulf off United Arab Emirates, 24 km (15 miles) from port of Fujairah. Bows of Stena King hit side of British Vigilance, holing it -- but vessel was in ballast at time. No injuries/no spills. (Mon. March 25 2002)

187-foot Panamanian freighter M/V Liv intercepted March 23 by Dutch warship Van Tresoling about 20 miles SE of Aruba, just north of Venezuela. U.S. Coast Guard team operating from the warship boarded -- found 31 packages of cocaine & seized the ship, arresting its 10 Panamanian crew. 46-year-old handcuffed Capt. jumped overboard & drowned -- pulled from the water within 5 minutes by crew of Dutch warship, but pronounced dead from drowning. Coast Guard taking freighter & crew to Tampa, FL. (Sun. March 24 2002)

Maltese-flagged, Russian cargo M/V Progresso docked in Norfolk, March 15, where an Immigration & Naturalization Service (INS) Inspector William Bittner failed to get authorization before granting a special waiver allowing 4 Pakistani crew off the ship. The men, who disappeared, were identified as Mohammad Nazir, Adnan Ahmad, Ghulam Qadar & Ahmad Salman. None is thought to be dangerous, an INS spokesman said. The incident prompted INS Commissioner James Ziglar to issue a memo to INS regional & district directors warning that, effective immediately, he is "implementing a zero tolerance policy for INS employees who fail to abide by headquarters-issued policy & field instructions." "The days of looking the other way are over," he wrote. Crew disappearance is latest embarrassment for INS -- under intense scrutiny since Sept. 11 attacks exposed problems with its methods for tracking foreigners. Agency's reputation suffered another blow this month when student visa paperwork for 2 of the dead Sept. 11 hijackers was delivered to a Florida flight school - exactly 6 months after the attacks! President Bush said he was angry about the blunder, & his domestic security team recommended the INS & Customs Service be merged into a single border control agency. (Sat. March 23 2002) UPDATE: If the birth date of one of men had been entered correctly, INS Inspector Bittner would have found that one of the Pakistani men committed immigration violation in Chicago several years ago - and now is on "Watch List" Inspector William Bittner now said reassigned to INS "Arlington office" -- but isn't "Arlington" the National Cemetery? Wow! (Tues. March 26 2002)

Cinese engineering survey M/V capsized & sank when it tried to anchor in rough weather early March 22 morning 10 km from Zhapu port, in E. Zhejiang province -- 23 aboard thrown into the sea -- 8 rescued -- some 15 missing. (Sat. March 23 2002)


18 March 2002 in position : 22:05.5N - 088:12.6E at Kalpi anchorage, Hughli river, India. Four pirates armed with knives boarded bulk carrier & stole ship's stores. When pirates saw alert crew, they jumped into river & escaped. (Fri. March 22 2002)

18 March 2002 at 0400 LT, Samarinda outer anchorage, Indonesia. Three boats approached bulk carrier on starboard side. Duty officer directed searchlight on boats. However, some pirates boarded ship from port side & stole life rafts. (Fri. March 22 2002)

15 March 2002 at 0755 LT at Pussur river inner anchorage, Mongla Bangladesh. Armed pirates boarded bulk carrier & stole a wire rope. Duty A/B noticed them & pirates escaped. Again at 0900 LT three armed pirates from a small boat boarded via anchor chain & tried to steal mooring ropes. They attacked chief officer with a long knife. When more crew came for assistance, pirates jumped & escaped. (Fri. March 22 2002)

15 March 2002 at 0230 LT at Lagos anchorage, Nigeria. Four pirates armed with long knives boarded bulk carrier & held A/B as hostage. 2nd officer raised alarm & tried to fight pirates with assistance of 2 watchmen on deck. Upon seeing pirates -- fled with ship's stores. Port control informed. (Fri. March 22 2002)

14 March 2002 at 2240 LT in position 01:52N - 102:27.5E Malacca straits. Four pirates armed with guns boarded livestock carrier. Master raised alarm & mustered crew. Pirates fired two shots towards bridge. Crew ordered to retreat into accommodation. Pirates lowered mooring ropes & escaped in waiting speedboat, which had another, 6 to 8 pirates aboard. (Fri. March 22 2002)

14 March 2002 at 0715 UTC at Manta port, Ecuador. Duty A/B on bulk carrier found pirates near paint locker. Upon sighting 3 more pirates at forecastle, he raised alarm. Pirates jumped overboard with ship's stores. Two armed local watchmen onboard (required by port authorities) not helpful. (Fri. March 22 2002)

13 March 2002 at 0240 LT at berth no.11, container terminal, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. Pirates armed with knives & daggers boarded container ship & threatened to kill 5 duty watchmen. Duty officer raised alarm & crew mustered on deck. Pirates jumped overboard with ship's stores. Port control informed & patrol boat searched the area. (Fri. March 22 2002)

11 March 2002 at 0300 LT at Belawan anchorage, Indonesia. Pirates boarded bulk carrier from ship's side & opened hawse pipe cover. 5 more pirates boarded by climbing anchor chain. They attacked duty A/B with a knife. Other crew went to rescue the A/B. As result pirates jumped overboard & fled in wooden motorboat. (Fri. March 22 2002)

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Depends On The Meaning of What "It" "Is" >> Ending centuries of seafaring tradition, a shipping industry newspaper will no longer refer to ships with the feminine pronoun "she." Lloyd's List, one of the world's oldest daily publications, said in the future it will refer to all vessels as "it." The newspaper said it was time to "bring the paper into line with most other reputable Int'l business titles." However, Pieter van der Merwe, general editor at the Greenwich Maritime Museum at Greenwich, in London, opposed the decision. "It is a chip out of the wall of a particular cultural sector," he said. "You can say it's a small thing, but small things mount up. "You actually lose the color of specialist areas if you destroy the language of them. We will continue to refer to ships as 'she' here." Van der Merwe said the tradition of calling ships "she" grew out of sailors' affection for their vessels, which kept them alive at sea. A Royal Navy spokesman said the navy would also continue to use the female pronoun. "It's not just a sentimental thing but a part of culture," he said. Lloyd's List, founded in 1734, will change its style in April. Columnists still will be free to use the female pronoun. As for the spokeshuman from Lloyd's List who made the announcement, "it" had no immediate reply to the opposition from the "thing" at the Royal Navy or the "it" from the Greenwich Maritime Museum at Greenwich. (Thurs. March 21 2002)

Taiwanese F/V Fullmeans 2 arrested & kept 5 miles off Kewalo Basin, toward reef runway of the Honolulu Int'l Airport by the U.S. attorney's office & FBI -- allegations of mutiny and/or homicide. Details indicated Capt. & 1st mate murdered. When Coast Guard approached vessel 2 crew jumped ship. One had letter addresed to government of Hawaii. Letter signed by 27 crew. Investigators learned that an individual identified as Shi Lei had arguement with Capt. & thereafter killed him with knife. Day of murder was Thurs. March 14. Letter further indicated that after Capt. died his body disposed of at sea. Letter further indicated that crewman Shi Le stabbed 1st mate who also died & defendant ordered vessel to thereafter travel in westward direction. If authorities bring ship into harbor, any crime could fall under jurisdiction of U.S. government. (Thurs. March 21 2002)

OUR OCEAN: Antarctic Ice Shelf Collapses >> Recent satellite imagery reveals the N. section of the "Larsen B" ice shelf<<webfeature, large floating ice mass on E. side of the Antarctic Peninsula, has shattered & separated from continent. About 3,250 square km (1,255 square miles ) of shelf area disintegrated over 35 days from 31 Jan. 2002. This equals 720 billion tons of ice! Over the last 5 years shelf has lost total of 5,700 square km, & is now about 40% the size of previous minimum stable extent, some shirkage being normal. Ice shelves are thick plates of ice, fed by glaciers, that float on ocean around much of Antarctica. "Larsen B" shelf was about 220 m (650ft.) thick. Based on studies of ice flow & sediment thickness beneath ice shelf, some scientists believe it existed for 400 years prior to this event & likely since end of last major glaciation 12,000 years ago. A recent British Antarctic Survey limited its observation to earlier studies & found the peninsula has warmed by 4.5 degrees Fahrenheit over the last 50 years &emdash; much faster than global warming worldwide or even in other parts of Antarctica. The peninsula is the Antarctic area closest to S. Argentina & Chile. NOTE: We posted this fantastic item last night, but then took it down when there was no mention on the morning news. We wanted to confirm it was true -- it is! What a major surprise that the major events posted on this Web site are not reported in the media! Thousands of giant icebergs are calving & will present threats to Int'l navigation. NOTE: Whether this is "Global Warming", or a pre-existing ice rift, or a normal thousand year cycle -- please do not jump to "junk science for your answer. The well established science organizations study this issue.>>> National Ice & Snow Data Center<<webfeature. Polar Ice Sheet Evaluation<<webfeature. Viewing Antacrtica with RADARSTAT<<webfeature. Scienticfic American<<webfeature. MSNBC<<webfeature. Ice Shelves & Icebergs<<webfeature. VIEW ANIMATION OF COLLAPSE<<webfeature. STAY TUNED! >> Contributed by our Special Environmental Correspondent Jennifer McDaniel of the Audubon Expedition Institute. (Our Original Posting - Tues. March 19 2002) (Wed.. March 20 2002)

Marshall Islands registered 200-meter iron-ore carrier M/V Lake Carling, with 19 crew for Sydney leaking off Magdalen Islands -- started taking water in Cabot Strait early March 20 after crew reported 4 meter stress crack in hull. Lake Carling began steaming toward Sydney, N.S., at a speed of 10km/hr, but found movement caused water to leak through stress crack into cargo hold -- water coming faster than could be taken out. Tug on way to help pump/repair leaking bulk carrier. Crew evacuated to coast guard ship. Now 55 km due N of Magdalen Islands until arrival of tug. (Thurs. March 20 2002)

Sao Tome registered cargo M/V Karam, Hamariyah in UAE for Iraqi port Umm Qasr, aground near the Kuwaiti island of Faylakah due to a hole in hull -- not clear if ship, carrying foodstuffs, sailing contrary to UN sanctions imposed on Iraq. information about crew is not known. (Wed.. March 20 2002)

Shrimp trawler F/V Katsheshuk, with 30 crew, afire March17, 200 km NE of St. Anthony, Newfoundland -- crew abandoned to lifeboats & made way to 2 other vessels in the area. (Wed.. March 20 2002)

760-ton oil M/T Whithaven grounded March 16 at Ferry Point on river Barrow, Ireland, as she made her way from the port of New Ross where she discharged cargo. Reported no diesel in ship's wing tanks had escaped. Investigations pending. (Mon. March 18 2002)

178-foot Panamanian-flagged cargo M/V Faro 1 grounded March 6, outside boundry of Biscayne National Park -- allegedly broke anchor off Miami & drifted onto shoal in 8 feet of water. Cargo offloaded cargo/ re-floated March 7. Reported by our Wes Boyd. (Sun. March 17 2002)

Portugal's navy ordered back to port after Defence Ministry said there was no money left in its coffers. The army has taken out bank loans to pay its soldiers, who have been advised to take their own lavatory paper to work due to cutbacks. The air force has cancelled training flights & asked personnel to procure their own food. (Sat. March 16 2002)

M/V White Sun, 30 miles S. of the Bill of Portland, UK -- Russian sailor believed overboard -- aircraft & ships searched on March 15 -- search involved at least 8 merchant vessels, a coast guard helicopter, rescue aircraft from Channel Islands & lifeboats from nearby Swanage, Weymouth & Yarmouth. (Fri. March 15 2002)

U.S. Cruise M/V Disney Magic,180 miles NW of Puerto Rico early March 14 -- fire broke out in smoke stack -- extinguished within hour & ship, based in Port Canaveral, continued on scheduled route -- one deck evacuated -- those passengers not allowed into cabins for hours -- ship's 2,500 passengers assembled in main area with life jackets as safety precaution. (Fri. March 15 2002)

760-ton oil tanker M/T Whithaven, aground at Ferry Point on river Barrow, having made way from Port of New Ross, having discharged cargo. Crew & pilot evacuated as operation got under way to assess possible threat of pollution. Potentially serious threat to environment averted on March 16 when determined that none of the 25-tons of diesel contained within wing tanks of Whithaven had escaped into the Barrow. (Fri. March 15 2002)


11 March 2002 at 0540 LT in position: 02:35N - 101:30E, Malacca straits. Three pirates in speedboat attempted to board tanker from starboard quarter. Anti-piracy crew directed searchlight on the boat & attempt was foiled. The boat was 6 meters long with white hull. (Fri. March 15 2002)

10 March 2002 at 2200 LT in position: 04:10N - 099:26E, Malacca straits. Pirates in speedboat doing 21.5 knots attempted to board container ship from port side. Duty officer raised alarm & took evasive maneuvers. Boat gave up the attempt & fled. (Fri. March 15 2002)

09 March 2002 at 2030 LT at Bourgas port, Bulgaria. Eight pirates boarded a bulk carrier, broke in to crew's cabins & stole cash & personal belongings. Duty crew raised alarm. Port authorities boarded the ship & arrested intruders. (Fri. March 15 2002)

09 March 2002 at 0325 LT at outer anchorage, Banjarmasin, Indonesia. Armed pirates boarded general cargo ship. They broke in to forward store rooms & stole ship's stores. (Fri. March 15 2002)

08 March 2002 at 0200 LT at Tanjung Balai, Karimun, Indonesia. Seven pirates armed with swords & knives hijacked a tug & barge at anchor. All 6 crew were tied up. Five were forced to board speedboat & taken to a nearby island. They managed to untie themselves& boarded a passing fishing boat. Whereabouts & safety of the remaining one crewmember are unknown. Tug & barge still missing. (Fri. March 15 2002)

06 March 2002 at 0445 LT Lome roads, Togo. Five pirates in motorized fishing boat attempted to board container ship from stern. Duty watchman sounded ship's whistle & directed searchlights at boat. Pirates abandoned attempted boarding. (Fri. March 15 2002)

05 March 2002 at 0300 LT in position: 05:10S - 118:45E, around 40nm from coast of Makassar, Indonesia. Duty officer onboard special purpose ship underway noticed 3 small crafts ahead. When vessel passed crafts, they increased speed & came alongside with person preparing to board. Duty officer increased speed, zig-zagged course, sounded whistle directed searchlight on crafts. As a result crafts retreated. (Fri. March 15 2002)

05 March 2002 at 0225 UTC in position: 05:13.5N - 004:05W, Abidjan outer anchorage, Ivory Coast Pirates armed with knives boarded general cargo ship & stole ship's stores. Duty officer raised alarm & pirates jumped overboard & escaped in boat.

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Panama-registered reefer M/V New Hirotsuki, Thailand for Japan, issued distress call 200 km. S.W. of Manila --2nd mate required emergency treatment after falling unconscious -- coast guard ship vessel shortly after midnight March 12. (Wed. March 13 2002)

Singapore 13,000-ton registered 160-meter container feeder M/V Kota Hadiah, Shekou port in Shenzhen, on Chinese mainland, for Singapore -- in collision with Hong Kong-registered dredger A.M. Vella, bound for Sha Chau, W. of Lantau island which capsized after collision -- off NE coast of Hong Kong -- at least 8 crew, including 6 Russians, missing. On dreger, 7 of 15 rescued. (Tues. March 12 2002)

81 meter Turkish cargo M/V Camadan, with fertilizer & 12 crew, sent out SOS call -- reported taking water at 6:30 a.m. (0530 GMT) in rough seas 15 miles SW of Malta. American cruiser USS Vella Gulf (CG 72)<<webfeature, & Dutch tug Smit Wijs Typhoon, both bound for Malta, assisted vessel & averted any danger of sinking. Maltese helicopter also at scene. (Mon. March 11 2002) UPDATE: Vessel sank March 12 -- all crew recused by Maltese helicopter. (Tues. March 12 2002)

UNDER Achiever - Tell your friends ! This is an amazing event ! (Sat. March 9 2002)


04 March 2002 at 1315 UTC in position: 09:25S - 159:58E, Honiara anchorage, Solomon island. About 10 pirates armed with guns & knives boarded general cargo ship via forward anchor chain & robbed crew's personal effects. Three crew injured in incident. (Fri. March 8 2002)

04 March 2002 at 0015 LT at Belawan port, Indonesia. While at anchor, pirates armed with knives boarded bulk carrier from forecastle & broke open forecastle padlocks & stole ship's stores. Alert crew spotted them & raised alarm. Pirates jumped overboard & escaped. (Fri. March 8 2002)

03 March 2002 at 2021 LT in position: 01:20.56S - 116:58.42E, Balikpapan anchorage, Indonesia. About 3-4 pirates armed with knives boarded tanker from a boat via anchor chain & stole mooring ropes. Anti-piracy watchman threatened with knife. Local police / port authorities were informed via agents. (Fri. March 8 2002)

28 March 2002 at 0600 LT in position 09:11N - 014:33W, Conakry, Guinea. Eight pirates armed with guns ordered general cargo vessel to stop engines & shot at her. Alert crew switched on lights, increased speed & took evasive manuvers. After chase of 1 hour pirates aborted attempt. No injury to crew but vessel hit by several bullets. (Fri. March 8 2002)

27 March 2002 at 0130 LT at Sandakan port, Malaysia. Pirates boarded chemical tanker from seaside during loading operations -- broke open forecastle store & stole ship stores. (Fri. March 8 2002)

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A Beutiful Rescue >> Private catamaran S/V capsized by rouge wave off Hout Bay near Cape Town, March 6 -- Int'l Milan models Laurie Mansfield from Hawaii & A. Hansen from Germany, & Allisandro Boccarda, also from Milan spent 5 hours in icy water with crew -- rescued by National Search & Rescue Institute by helicopter after spending 13 hours shipwrecked on Seal Island off Cape Town, S. Africa. "We were in the water for about 5 hours.," Boccardo said. "We tried to hold on to each other & on to the boat. The waves were very big & the water was so cold. "It was completely dark... and we were terrified of sharks. We saw death for 5 hours. When it is dark, you're in hell, thinking, the next big wave will kill us." Boccardo added. Eventually a current swept them towards island & they managed to crawl to safety. One crew in surgery. Think of this as The Cargo Letter "Swimsuit Edition." (Wed. March 6 2002)

Where's That Warranty Card? >> HMCS Windsor (SSK 877)<<webfeature, one of the problem-plagued diesel-electric submarines Canada bought from Britain in 1998, lasted 5 hours (of 2 week deployment) on 1st sea mission March 4 before sailors noticed problem raising communications masts. Salt water contaminated external hydraulic system, forcing surface & return to port. It was Windsor's 1st time at sea since arrival in Halifax Oct. 19, 2001. Leaky weld on Windsor's fuel tanks & potentially life-threatening flaws in high-pressure air pipes on 3 of 4 subs have caused further delays. (Wed. March 6 2002)

Miami-based cruise M/V Norway<<webfeature, suffered loss of a 24-year-old Romanian ship cabin stewardess who fell overboard March 4, 135 miles NE of Great Inagua Island in the Bahamas -- treading water for at least 10 hours in Atlantic Ocean. U.S. Coast Guard aircraft responded, but woman found by Norway, 4 miles off original track. Normandy had turned back to search. Crewmember in stable condition & will remain in Norway under care of ship's doctor until next cruise call in U.S. Virgin Islands. Odds here had favored the sea. (Tues. March 5 2002)

Indonesia Takes Action >> Six Indonesian warships now patrolling Malacca Straits following recent release of Int'l Maritime Bureau (Int'l Chamber of Commerce) Annual Piracy Report, which found these are still the most dangerous waters in the world. Annual Piracy Report found of 335 cases of piracy in 2001, 91 took place in Indonesian waters. An Indonesian vessel, M/V Inabukwa, fell victim to pirates in March 2001, with 22 crew members forced to abandon ship. Honduran M/V TB Ocean Silver, with coal, also seized by pirates last year. Some 600 vessels pass through straits separating Indonesia & Malaysia everyday -- busiest sea zone in the world. Indonesian Navy searched 48 ships in straits over past month alone. Force's patrol ships also managed to foil several attempts to smuggle arms into Aceh last year. Number of requests for ICC Commercial Crime Services investigations doubled last year. Director of ICC's Piracy Reporting Centre, Capt. Pottengal Mukundan welcomed development, saying government intervention is most effective way to curb piratical activity. (Mon. March 4 2002)

Philippine 1400-ton M/V Friendship Seven, with bags of cement & 12 crew, sent distress call after dropping anchor 2 NM off port of Dumaguit with captain reporting he had lost way -- waves later capsized vessel & it slowly sank off central Philippine province of Aklan at dawn. All rescued except chief engineer -- still missing. (Sun. Mar. 3 2001)

Unidentified Panama-flagged cargo ship suffered engine room fire March 2 in E. Aegean Sea near island of Chios, a few kms off W. Turkish coast -- 22 crew abandoned ship. All safe. During rescue operation, helicopter flying over area also spotted 28 illegal immigrants aboard a Greek speedboat leaving scene -- detained. (Sat. Mar. 2 2001)

Antiguan registered 200 foot cargo M/V Doris T, with 8 crew, ran in to difficulties March 1 as she attempted to shelter in Bantry Bay, Ireland from gale force winds -- attempted to anchor W. of Roancarrig lighthouse off Curryglass Head but fouled anchor on cage of fish farm on starboard side & she was going full ahead to maintain position. Vessel could not maneuver & was being grounded. Castletownbere Lifeboat mustered at 1:55 a.m. -- lifeboat launched at 2:04 am & arrived on scene. Anchor chain eventually severed & ship was able to pull away from mangled fish farm cage. Lifeboat escorted vessel into Bantry Bay. (Fri. Mar. 1 2002)

Greek-registered cargo M/V Alabama & Chinese fishing ship in collision early Feb. 28 in East China Sea, 340 km W-SW of Cape Noma off town of Kasasa, Kagoshima Prefecture. Three crew rescued, 2 missing & another severely injured. Information on total number of crew aboard Alabama & Chinese ship not immediately available. (Fri. Mar. 1 2002)

Operated by the Hening Shipping Company in Fuzhou, PRC, Cambodia registered cargo M/V Linjie, Weihai Port in Shandong Province for Japan's E. coast city Ibaragi on Jan. 23 with 6,300 tons of minerals & 19 crew, lost contact with radar control center 5 days after departure. Ship's last message -- Capt. said they had entered sea area in Japan. Company delayed notifying families for fear that bad news may ruin their happiness during Spring Festival on Feb. 12. STATUS: Missing. (Fri. Mar. 1 2002)


21 Feb. 2002 at 1039 UTC in position 08:16N - 076:24E, India. Pirates in 7 high-speed boats boarded a flat top cargo barge under tow. Tug took evasive manuvers, raised alarm & fired signal flares but pirates managed to steal batteries for navigation lights & stores. (Fri. Mar. 1 2002)

21 Feb. 2002 at 0415 LT in position 17:00N - 082:21E, Kakinada fairway buoy, India. Pirates boarded tanker at anchor. Duty A/B raised alarm & pirates jumped into water & escaped. (Fri. Mar. 1 2002)

19 Feb. 2002 at 0515 LT in position: 17:01N - 082:21E, Kakinada anchorage, India. Five pirates armed with knives boarded tanker at forecastle. Alert duty A/B raised alarm. Pirates jumped into the water & escaped in boats. (Fri. Mar. 1 2002)

15 Feb. 2002 at 0105 LT at Balikpapan anchorage, Indonesia. Five pirates wearing orange boiler suits boarded tanker at forecastle. Alert crew raised alarm -- pirates jumped overboard & escaped in boat. Pirates stole life saving equipment including a life raft. (Fri. Mar. 1 2002)

12 Feb. 2002 at night at Tanjung Priok anchorage, Jakarta, Indonesia. Pirates boarded container ship, broke open watertight door & stole engine spares. (Fri. Mar. 1 2002)

11 Feb. 2002 at 0410 LT at Lagos anchorage, Nigeria. Pirates boarded bulk carrier but alert crew fought back. Pirates jumped overboard & escaped. (Fri. Mar. 1 2002)

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Vessel Loss Dispatches For February 2002

UPDATED: Gypsum Transportation Ltd.'s 550-foot M/V A.V. Kastner, Nova Scotia for Baltimore with gypsum wallboard, in collision on Elk River with 1 of 2 tugs towing a barge -- tug Swift sank -- 5 crew rescued, 4 missing. Tug Buchanan 14, owned by Buchanan Marine & tug Swift, owned by Norfolk Dredging Marine, were towing dredging equipment. Tugs heading east on river & A.V. Kastner was westbound when crash occurred half-mile offshore between 2 buoys at mouth of Bohemia River. Collision occurred in vicinity of buoys 15 & 16, near Town Point Neck in Elk River. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers closed Chesapeake & Delaware Canal until further notice. Elk River site is 40 miles N. of Baltimore, leads to the canal, which connects Chesapeake & Delaware bays. Tug Buchanan 14 went aground. (Mon. Feb. 25 2002) Update Tues Feb. 26 2002.

Greek M/V Filippos K, with fertilizer, 11 NM off Aegean island Skyros for Crete, listed early Feb. 25 -- cargo shifted -- sank in heavy seas NE of Skyros -- helicopters rescued 8 of 10 crew -- one dead, search continuing for 10th member. (Sun. Feb, 24 2002)

U.S. Coast Guard on Feb. 25 will begin sending letters to 9,000 Maine fishermen asking them to serve as "eyes & ears" and alert the Coast Guard whenever they spot suspicious activities off Maine. Officials plan to register participants in the program, called "Coastal Beacons." They will also inspect their boats and conduct background checks on operators. A similar program will go into effect this summer on the waters around southeast Michigan, while Coast Guard districts in Florida and California are inquiring about programs of their own. (Sun. Feb, 24 2002)

The rescue & salvage of M/V Jody F. Millennium off New Zealand -- LIVE WEBCAM (now offline) --reported by our "Down Under" GA Surveyor expert-correspondent Neil Abbott of Manu Marine (NZ) Ltd -- who is on this job. See just below for Feb. 18 -- our continuing coverage of this major story. (Fri. Feb. 22 2002) Today, for those of you who watched the project -- ship moved -- ever so slightly. (Sat. Feb. 23 2002) UPDATE >> After 18 days, combination of right tide & lighter load meant finally enough water for tugs to shift vessel -- M/V Jody F. Millennium now safely anchored off Poverty Bay -- will be inspected by divers before it is towed anywhere else. (Sun. Feb, 24 2002)


13 Feb. 2002 at 0043 UTC in position: 03:14.47S - 107:19.6E, off Simedang island, Indonesia. Three boats emerged from Simedang Island & headed for a container vessel on collision course. When boats were about 2 miles the vessel turned around & boats stopped & moved away. (Fri. Feb. 22 2002)

12 Feb. 2002 at 0102 LT in position: 07:40S - 121:24E, Flores Sea,Indonesia. Small boat approached container ship underway from port bow. Ship altered course & directed aldis lamp on her. However, once abeam boat increased speed & kept following ship for 15 minutes before giving up chase.

It was a quiet week -- thank God.

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No Relevant Data For Feb. 21 2002

RMS Queen Elizabeth II<<webfeature, with her jewels sparkling in flicker of candlelight &lanterns held black tie dinner in almost complete darkness due power outage at Kingston, concluding 3 day tour of former British colony Feb. 20 with visit to Montego Bay -- power outages forced marine queen & guests to dine in almost complete darkness. To chase darkness, government vehicle parked outside & shined its lights inside. (Wed. Feb. 20 2002)

Port Everglades suffered narrow miss as freight train struck gasoline tanker with 8,000 gallons of fuel Feb. 17 morning near cluster of gasoline storage facilities, causing tanker to spill fuel & trap driver & passenger inside. Area evacuated & power turned off, as officials worked to free driver & contain the spill to prevent explosion. Hollywood Rescue Fire Division Chief Robert Madge added, "Let's put it this way, one gallon of gasoline is the equivalent of 25 sticks of dynamite. You had 8,000 times that. GOOD WORK! (Tues. Feb. 19 2002)

Korea's Hyundai Merchant Marine Co's Panama-registered M/V Jody F. Millennium hit sandbar in heavy seas off New Zealand's east coast Feb. 6, spilling around 40 tons of fuel oil onto beach used by swimmers near vacation town of Gisborne<<webfeature. Bid to free logging ship spilling thick fuel oil failed Feb. 19. Fresh salvage attempt for Feb. 20. 3 powerful tugs tried to tow ship back to deeper water at high tide but unable to free it from shallow sandbar off beach near Gisborne, 210 miles N. of Wellington. Plan was to remove 2,000 tons of 20,000 tons of logs on ship to barge ahead of another attempt to refloat Feb. 20 afternoon. 19 Korean crew remain on board. Our Original Story (Mon. Feb. 18 2002)

Russian Navy Chief Adm. Vladimir Kuroyedov suggested Feb. 18 that practice torpedo powered by unstable fuel may have sent nuclear submarine Kursk<<webfeature, to bottom of Barents Sea, adding that he ordered the weapon taken out of service. He stopped short of saying that sinking of Kursk in Aug. 2000 caused by flaw in torpedo. He said investigators still considering collision with another vessel or World War II mine as possible reasons for disaster, which killed all 118 crew. >> Follow Our Continuing Feature (Mon. Feb. 18 2002)

England Invades Spain >> Defence chiefs apologised after detachment of British naval commandos accidentally "invaded" Spain Feb. 18 -- Royal Marines, based near Arbroath, roared up beach in amphibious landing craft brandishing assault rifles & mortars. Bemused Spanish fishermen in town of La Linea de la Concepcion watched as 45 Commando began deploying tactically in the sand -- then 2 local policemen took it upon themselves to point out that Gibraltar - intended target of landing exercise - was actually a little further down the coast. There was apparently a brief flurry of apologies from red-faced commandos before they jumped back into their craft & motored further south. (Mon. Feb. 18 2002)

Maltese-registered 6,000 ton Russian cargo M/V Kodima refloated Feb. 16 -- being towed by tug towards Falmouth in Cornwall. Effort to refloat Kodima took 14 days because bad weather hampered operation. The 4,000 cubic meters of timber planks which hurled ashore sparked "wrecking frenzy" with people flocking to claim pieces. Follow Original Story & Abandonment of Vessel >>> Photos of The M/V Kodima Incident<<webfeature. (Sat. Feb. 16 2002)


11 Feb. 2002 at 0410 LT at Lagos anchorage, Nigeria. Pirates boarded bulk carrier but alert crew fought back. Pirates jumped overboard & escaped. (Fri. Feb. 15 2002)

09 Feb. 2002 at 1700-1730 LT at Kosichang anchorage, Thailand. While discharging cargo, crew noticed forecastle store lock broken open. Handed over suspect pirares to police onboard. (Fri. Feb. 15 2002)

05 Feb. 2002 at 1412 LT in position:13:32N-044:00E, S. of Aden port, Yemen. Several speedboats with 8 -10 persons in each & armed with machine guns attempted to board tanker. Master altered course & crew used pressurised fire hoses. Speedboats followed for some time & finally moved away. Later pirates in same speedboats attacked another tanker. (Fri. Feb. 15 2002)

04 Feb. 2002 at 2210 LT, W. of Tokong Island, Balikpapan, Indonesia. Armed pirates noticed on poop deck of tanker at anchor & with pilot onboard. Pirates had already stolen one mooring rope & were in process of lowering another rope. On hearing alarm pirates jumped into water & escaped in their boats. (Fri. Feb. 15 2002)

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Irish trawler F/V Tullaghmurray Lass out of Kilkeel Harbor missing 24 hours -- massive search including RAF Nimrod has failed to make contact. (Fri Feb. 15 2002)

SHAME? >> Panama-flagged, Chinese owned M/V Lissom, with 24, 000 tons of rice, China for West Africa, damaged beyond repair in giant fire in Indian Ocean off Mozambique -- entire crew missing. Incident took place mid-January, but only just "came to attention" of Mozambique freight company Manica Fernando Couto -- for purposes of a loss report -- WHAT! . M/V Lissom now towed to port of Maputo -- burned beyond repair -- rice to be offloaded for sale on local market. Lissom abandoned at sea & whereabouts of crew not known. Merchant crews deserve far better tracking & treatment than this. This is an absolute scandal relative to the rights of Int'l merchant seamen. (Thurs. Feb. 14 2002)

FAKE L/Cs ALERT >> Int'l banks are warned to be extra careful when acknowledging letters of credit presented by buyers & sellers of cargo as the number of maritime fraud cases has increased with the current global economic recession. Int'l Maritime Bureau (IMB) director Capt. P. Mukundan says that the last few months have seen almost double the number of sea trade fraud cases handled by the bureau. (Thurs. Feb. 14 2002)

Canadian frigate HMCS Toronto<<webfeature, in war against terrorism intercepted & destroyed a 2 ton drug shipment in Arabian Sea, off W. coast of Pakistan worth US$25M -- came across suspicious dhow Feb. 12 -- towing speedboat. 4-man search team boarded ship, turned off engine & began to investigate -- inspection found 90 large blue bags packed in bow, stamped with "Freedom of Afghanistan." Each contained 20 book-sized packages of drug - either hashish or opium. Several hundred rounds of machine gun & cannon fire later -- burning dhow slipped beneath waves. (Thurs. Feb. 14 2002)

U.S. Navy Fuel Depot, Yokohama, Japan shaken by explosion that shook sports ground at private high school near facility Feb. 11. Investigators suspect leftist radicals tried to attack navy depot. Depot keeps aircraft fuel & light fuel -- equipped with 26 tanks to store some 390,000 kiloliters of fuel. Two pipes linked to explosion found tied to bench on grounds of Yokohama Sr. High School -- 400 meters S. of depot. (Thurs. Feb. 14 2002)

Panama-registered 3,986-ton M/V Triumph Kaohsiung, Pohang, South Korea for Kaohsiung, Taiwan with steel, sank in Japanese waters 110 km(68 miles) W. of Nagasaki -- 6 crew dead & 1 missing. Ship began taking water Feb. 11 evening -- sank 11:30 p.m. (1430 GMT). Japanese rescue aircraft & patrol boats continuing search for missing crew member. (Mon Feb.11 2002)

14m Scotland trawler F/V Astronaut reported taking water 2 miles SE of Loch Shell, off Isle of Lewis. F/V Trust, nearby, came alongside & recued 3 crew on board. Astronaut sank 10 minutes later. (Sat. Feb. 9 2002)

2nd GHOST RISING >> In a 2nd "ghost rising" of the week S/S Jacob Luckenbach<<photowebfeature, located 17 miles SW of the Golden Gate Bridge sank nearly 50 years ago -- is to blame for mystery oil spill that has killed more than 1,300 birds since Nov. 2001. U.S. Coast Guard matched oil samples from S/S Jacob Luckenbach to those taken from oiled birds. Luckenbach sank 1953 after collision. Luckenbach is 175 feet below surface and leaking oil from her tanks. (Fri. Feb. 8 2002)

The Cargo Letter -- History News Background Report - July 1953 - S/S Jacob Luckenbach

S/S Hawaiian Pilot in collision with her sister ship, 7869gt S/S Jacob Luckenbach in foggy conditions off Golden Gate, San Francisco - 1953. Hawaiian Pilot struck 468.5 ft. Jacob Luckenbach on starboard quarter -- vessel heavily damaged in danger of sinking -- sank within 30 minutes. 0440 July 14th 1953. Both vessels, operating under fog & low visibility conditions, saw each other on radar while miles apart. Both vessels had ample opportunity to plot series of 2 or more bearings & ranges to determine course & speed of the other. Neither vessel did this. Had Master of Hawaiian Pilot taken this precaution, he would have known that object mistakenly assumed to be San Francisco Lightship on the radar was, in reality, the Jacob Luckenbach; and, collision, no doubt, would have been avoided. Failure of Masters of both vessels to develop radar plot of each other is considered maritime negligence. Had Master of Hawaiian Pilot taken simple note of time & rate of change of ranger, he should have known that pip he was observing on radar could not be anchored lightship. (Tues. July 14 1953) -- The Cargo Letter

Canadian frigate HMCS Vancouver<<webfeature, intercepted, boarded & seized 1,600-ton African registered tanker M/T Zakat suspected of smuggling Iraqi oil when it left territorial waters earlier this week near Iran-Pakistan border in violation of UN rules. Search turned up "communications equipment, technical facilities, extensive repair equipment, hidden charts & documentation associated with seasoned smuggling operations." Vancouver towed Zakat to approaches of Straits of Hormuz where handed to another coalition ship. (Fri. Feb. 8 2002)

F/V Unity Neptune while berthed at Manila suffered spark which exploded gasoline-filled drum on deck -- one crew killed. Victim trying to bring drum down to lower deck when it rolled on live wire connected to electric welding machine. (Fri. Feb. 8 2002)


04 Feb. 2002 at 1400 UTC in position 18:28N - 076:45W, North of Jamaica. Five fast speedboats with 3 men in each approached ULCC from starboard. Ship's crew alerted & fire hoses rigged over side. Boats came within one cable distance & shouting, no arms seen. Boats followed vessel for 30 min. before veering away. (Fri. Feb. 8 2002)

03 Feb. 2002 at 0620 LT in position: 21:40N - 059:46E off Oman. Five masked pirates in 2 speedboats followed general cargo ship & attempted to board. Ship increased speed & contacted the coast guard. After an hour, speedboats aborted chase & sped towards coast. (Fri. Feb. 8 2002)

31 Jan. 2002 at 0745 LT in position 15:41N - 098:30W off the coast of Mexico. While underway, 8-10 armed pirates in fast speedboat doing about 43 knots chased vessel for 10 minutes from stern. Persons in speedboat claimed they were from Mexican navy. Vessel increased speed to maximum, out maneuvered the speedboat & did not give her an option to come alongside. (Fri. Feb. 8 2002)

31 Jan. 2002 at 0300 LT in position 06:15N - 003:16.1E, Lagos anchorage, Nigeria. While at anchor, 6 pirates armed with long knives in 3 canoe approached bulk carrier. 3 pirates climbed onboard & took hostage duty A.B. Pirates stole ship's stores & lowered them into the canoes. pirates set free the A.B before escape. (Fri. Feb. 8 2002)

28 Jan. 2002 at 2350 LT at Guayaquil anchorage, Ecuador. Pirate boarded refrigerated cargo ship & was lowering down ship's stores into water. Duty a/b raised alarm & pirate fled. Port authority has been informed. (Fri. Feb. 8 2002)

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U.S. Navy CH-46 helicopter<<webfeature, crashed into Atlantic Ocean off coast of Virginia Feb. 7 -- 4 crew rescued & 2 suffered minor injuries -- conducting resupply operation with ammunition ship USNS Mt. Baker 100 miles off Virginia's coast when down at 10:24 a.m. EST. CH-46 assigned to fleet oiler USS Seattle.<<webfeature Crew rescued by another U.S. Navy helicopter. (Thurs. Feb. 7 2002)

Korean-owned large Panama registered log carrier M/V Jody F Millenium, with logs, ran aground 500 meters off coast of Gisborne, NZ, after battered by big waves throughout night. Swells up to 5 meters high pushed ship off course while moving out of port late on Feb. 5 night. -- beached half km from shore. Efforts to pull ship to safety unsuccessful. Salvage teams will wait until high tide early Feb. 7 afternoon before making another attempt to free. Ironically, officials decided to move vessel Feb. 5 night because worried about rough seas that ended up beaching it anyway. >>> As an example of weather which grounded M/V Jody F Millenium -- 8.00am sailing of fast ferry M/V Lynx fast ferry from Wellington cancelled -- 3,000 people & 500 cars stranded -- unusal this time of the year, which is Summer in New Zealand. >> From our NZ correspondent Richard King. (Wed. Feb. 6 2002) UPDATE >> Hundreds of tons of diesel fuel could spill onto one of New Zealand's finest beaches Vessel is on beach that acquired worldwide fame during millennium celebrations as Gisborne -- 1st city to see the dawn of the new century. (Fri. Feb. 8 2002)

South African 113 ton container M/V Blue Sky crashed into tanker berth at Table Bay Harbor, South Africa while being moved to landing wall for loading Feb. 5 night -- propulsion system jammed in full-ahead -- smashed concrete moorings & damaged starboard bow & bulbous bow. Later pulled off quay by Portnet tugs. (Wed. Feb. 6 2002)

Master Gilbert C. Thurston, chief officer of Sabine Transportation Co.'s M/T Trinity indicted on misconduct & negligence charges Feb. 6 in death of a crewman ordered to clean ship's emptied cargo tanks still filled with toxic fumes -- could face up to 10 years in prison. Trinity was New York for Houston May 18, 2000, when Thurston said ordered pumpman Frederic Albert Cambra Jr. to mop empty cargo tanks. Cambra overcome by fumes in tanks -- had been filled with chemical gasoline additive MTBE -- died after crew tried to revive him. (Wed. Feb. 6 2002)

GHOST RISING >> Thai-owned 700-dwt M/T Pak One, Sriracha port for Vietnam with 650 tons of liquefied petroleum gas, sank in the Gulf of Thailand in 1996 -- has now resurfaced -- bow upright 60 km (37.5 miles) S. of popular tourist island of Koh Samet in Rayong province. Hazard to navigation/could explode. WOW! (Wed. Feb. 6 2002)

Unidentified 100-foot ship near 2215 N.W. 14th St. in Miami in flames -- firefighters spraying water into the holds. Crew welding when the fire broke out. (PM Tues. Feb. 5 2002)

4,895-ton M/V LAN JEI, Weihai in China's Shandong Province for port of Kashima in Ibaraki Prefecture, NE of Tokyo with 6,300 tons of sand & 19 Chinese crew, missing 33 km W-SW of Cape Ashizuri off Kochi Prefecture, W. Japan -- lost radio communication Jan. 26. Japan Coast Guard dispatched rescue planes to search -- no luck in 9 days. (Tues. Feb. 5 2002)

U.S. Coast Guard Station at Oak Island, NC destroyed by fire Feb. 1. Station built in 1992, replacing one dated to the 1930s. Station is next to Oak Island Light, 169-foot concrete tower -- navigational aid to ships entering Cape Fear River from Atlantic Ocean on way to Wilmington port. Fire cut off electricity to light, extinguishing beacon normally seen for 24 NM. (Tues. Feb. 5 2002)

Emergency Breakaway>> Aircraft carrier USS John F. Kennedy ("Big John")<<webfeature -- 8 crew injured w/ minor vessel damage during Feb. 2 refueling mishap with fleet oiler USNS Leroy Grumman<<webfeature, off Florida coast. Injured crew holding communications lines rigged between Kennedy & Leroy Grumman -- ships side-by-side refueling for 5 hours when carrier abruptly veered away. Kennedy initiated emergency breakaway -- unclear whether sailors injured when ship veered or during breakaway. What is clear is that side-by-side sailing for 5 hours is no easy task for hundreds of thousands of tons moving in three dimensions. These true professionals have our thanks. USS John F. Kennedy to relieve USS Theodore Roosevelt ("The Big Stick")<<webfeature, expected to return home in March after 6 month deployment. Contractors & sailors worked nonstop to get USS John F. Kennedy ready -- ship now returned to port. (Mon. Feb. 4 2002)

The Cargo Letter - A First Person History Report -- "Emergency Breakaway"

"As a deck officer on the high endurance cutter USCGC Gallatin (WHEC-721)<<webfeature, in the mid '80's, I had an experience similar to your USS John F. Kennedy ("Big John")<<webfeature, casualty report today. We were near Iceland as part of a U.S. Navy fleet exercise & taking fuel from the tanker USS Detroit (AOE-4)<<webfeature, when we brokeway. I was in charge of after steering trying to keep everyone awake in a stifling hot & noisy compartment. USCGC Gallatin has a horizontal joy stick instead of a wheel for a helm. It's nothing more than a fancy rheostat. Two hours into refueling we were jolted out of our comatose state when the steering alarm sounded. I remember jumping about 12 feet to the trick wheel & praying for the hull to fender out the USS Detroit. I could not see what was happening. In about 30 seconds half the crew had rushed to the after steering compartment -- asking me what I broke. Nothing was broken, everything worked fine. We bent our kingpost, parting tension lines & spilt contents of the disconnected fuel hose. Many crew had rope burns, & high blood pressure, but no serious injuries. Cause of problem -- operation of joystick. Helmsman did not fully understand mechanics of the steering system & the response time of the rudder angle indicator in relation to movement of the joystick. Helmsman moved the joystick faster than the machine and catch up with electronic commands. After a series of quick port to starboard movements, the rudder angle indicator was still catching up to old commands when the Helmsman hit the steering alarm, believing steering system failed. No mechanical failure had occurred. Ship's steering systems rarely fail, especially in the U.S. Navy. Ship control accidents are primarily caused by operator error. I suspect Kennedy had the same problem."
Richard R. Bruce, Sr. Ops Spec - Hazmat, Americana Ships Limited<<webfeature, LLC, Tampa, Florida. (Tues. 5 Feb. 2002)

Unidentified fishing trawler with migrant workers sank off Sri Lanka's S. coast after hitting boulder -- 2 dead and 40 missing on Feb. 2 -- another 38 safely swam ashore. Naval patrol found pieces of sunken vessel Feb. 3. (Mon. Feb. 4 2002)

Spanish-registered trawler F/V Celestial Dawn grounded off Ireland's Kerry coast -- trapped on rocky outcrops near Dingle Bay Feb. 2, during storms that caused widespread flooding in Ireland & Britain -- absorbent booms around vessel, which leaked some of 17,500 gallons of diesel fuel aboard. 10 crew treated for hypothermia. (Mon. Feb. 4 2002)

"Operation Edged Mallet" a mission of 3,000 U.S. troops in joint military exercise with Kenya to lower fears that lack of central authority in Somalia could make it a haven for terrorists. Operation has launched series of intelligence operations in region to assess whether to target Somalia in Int'l war on terror. Three U.S. ships, including amphibious assault vessel, involved. Kenyan ground forces will join 1,000 Marines coming ashore for maneuvers in coastal military exercise grounds. Mission goals include humanitarian training such as building bridges & providing medical services, according to Associated Press. (Sun. Feb. 3 2002)

Maltese-registered 6,000 ton Russian cargo M/V Kodima, with timber, began to list severely in English Channel, 20 miles S. of Cornwall, S. England. Coast Guard says vessel at maximum range of helicopters. (Fri, Feb. 1 2002) UPDATE>> Royal Air Force (RAF) helicopter safely winched 16 Russian crew off Kodima 20 miles SW coast of England. Vessel now drifting -- losing her cargo -- 450 tons of fuel aboard -- hit sandy beach at Tregantle Range in Whitsand Bay, Cornwall in rough conditions at 7.10pm. (Sat. Feb. 2 2002) UPDATE>> The Salvage Plan<<webfeature --thanks to our Corespondent John Taylor (Mon. Feb. 4 2002) UPDATE>> Thousands of tons of timber washed ashore declared a hazard to shipping. (Mon. Feb. 4 2002) UPDATE >> M/V Kodima refloated Feb. 16 -- being towed by tug towards Falmouth in Cornwall. Effort to refloat Kodima took 14 days because bad weather hampered operation. The 4,000 cubic meters of timber planks which hurled ashore sparked "wrecking frenzy" with people flocking to claim pieces. Photos of The M/V Kodima Incident<<webfeature. (Sat. Feb. 2 2002)

French trawler F/V Le Parrain sent -- distress signal -- lost power 250 miles (400 km) W. of outer Hebrides. Situation hampered by remote location & wind speeds reported at 70 knots -- 30 ft waves. Royal Airforce Nimrod rescue aircraft monitoring. Skipper washed overboard when wave hit wheel house - 2nd man missing. (Fri, Feb. 1 2002) UPDATE>> RAF helicopter from Lossiemouth, Scotland rescued 18 remaining crew. Two other French fishing vessels -- F/V Cap St. Jacque & F/V Bruix close by, will attempt tow for Le Parrain. Daring rescue as RAF had only minutes of fuel remaining. These are heros. (Sat. Feb. 2 2002)

Wooden-hulled cargo ferry M/L Sugar Diane-Z with 700 sacks of copra or dried coconut meat -- believed sunk off Sulu island in S. Philippines -- at least 70 people missing. Vessel originated Tawi-Tawi island 1,060 km (660 miles) S. of Manila. Engine troule reported. Scattered rain showers & strong winds. Last report midnight Jan. 31. Latest reports said vessel's hull damaged by waves & taking in water fast. (Fri, Feb. 1 2002) UPDATE>> Crew of motor launch Sugar Diane-Z fished out 9 survivors drifing for days on floating debris they used as a raft -- search continues for other survivors. (Sun. Feb. 3 2002)


25 Jan. 2002 at 0300 LT in position 06:01N - 079:35E off Galle, Sri Lanka. Duty officer on tanker underway spotted unlit craft chasing his ship at a speed of 30 knots - directed aldis lamp in direction of craft. Craft reduced speed & moved away. (Fri, Feb. 1 2002)

24 Jan. 2002 at 0615 UTC in position 14:55N-051:02E, Gulf of Aden. Several fast wooden boats at 16-17 kts followed container ship. Ship increased speed to 25 knots & altered course. After 5 -10 minutes, boats gave up chase & headed for coast. Boats had 3 - 4 pirates in each boat & were 4-5 meters long. (Fri, Feb. 1 2002)

21 Jan. 2002 at 1900 UTC at Cigading port, Indonesia. While berthed, 3 pirates boarded bulk carrier & stole engine spares. Master reported to police who apprehended 1 pirate. (Fri, Feb. 1 2002)

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Vessel Loss Dispatches For January 2002

South Korean-registered 1,177-ton cargo M/V Sunjoo Lucky in collision with unidentified vessel -- thought large-sized 20-ton F/V -- that disappeared after mishap Jan. 30 night 7 km off Cape Shionomisaki. Japanese Coast Guard searching for missing vessel. No injuries. Sunjoo Lucky was South Korean city of Masan for Ibaraki Prefecture, NE of Tokyo, with 2,000 tons of mineral ore. Sunjoo Lucky hit in starboard. Fragments thought from unidentified boat's bow found on South Korean vessel. (Thurs. Jan. 31 2002)

U.S. investigating at least 2 incidents last week in SE Asian nation of Brunei in disturbing resemblance to Oct. 2000 terrorist attack on USS Cole<<webfeature, in Yemen. Incidents could have been attempt by terrorists to strike U.S. vessel -- or probe Navy's defenses against attack. Inflatable boats, moving in dark at high speed, approached USS Blue Ridge<<webfeature, on 3 day port call in Brunei Darussalam. In each incident, small boats veered away after ship's searchlights picked them up & warnings given. Boats disappeared. Blue Ridge, 634-foot amphibious command ship built at Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, commissioned 1970 -- 18,500-ton ship -- crew of 1,000 & Command Ship of 7th Fleet since 1979. (Wed. Jan. 30 2002)

Time To Go Home. Lebanese M/V Princess Sarah attacked by pirates in 4 speed boats for the 3rd time in 2 weeks (after paying ransom) 110 km off NE Somalia & 100 km from Gulf of Aden. Pirates fled when helicopter from the French frigate Floreal<<webfeature, opened fire on them. First 2 attacks on Princess Sarah occurred on Jan. 7 & 14 when pirates captured the cargo ship. Pirates, believed to be Somalis, released Princess Sarah last week after receiving undisclosed amount of money from owners. (Tues. Jan. 29 2002)

Los Angeles Class attack submarine USS Greeneville<<webfeature, in collision (again) with amphibious ship USS Ogden on surface of N. Arabian Sea off Oman. Greeneville suffered damage to stern plane. Ogden has punctured fuel tank & leaking diesel fuel. No injuries. Please visit this past webfeature for photos & features regarding this hard luck vessel after earlier & historic collision with Japanese F/V last year. (Mon. Jan. 28 2002)

German owned 107-meter dry bulk M/V Sjard, for St. John's, taking water -- abandoned by 14 crew in 10-meter seas, 5 degree water temperature, 50-knot winds, & snow. Crew adrift in 9 meter lifeboat -- had portable radio with them, but it had no range -- rescuers unable to contact them. Spanish M/V Beiramar Tres made rescue 350 NM east of St. John's, Nfld. (Mon. Jan. 28 2002)

Nova Scotia 19 meter dragger F/V Tara M.J., out of Lockeport, N.S., sank in the North Atlantic on Jan. 26. U.S. Coast Guard alerted by distress call -- dispatched Jayhawk helicopter & Falcon jet dispatched -- spotted life raft & all 5 crew 125 miles E. of Portland, Me. M/V Kastner in the area --rescue crew & now headed to Hantsport, N.S. (Sun. Jan. 27 2002)

230 ft. Gambling vessel M/V Max 1 flunked U.S. Coast Guard inspection in Brooklyn last night deemed unsafe after crew failed routine safety drill -- crew unable to demonstrate emergency . . . drills, specifically a man overboard. Coast Guard officials said US$24M vessel with gaming tables & slot machines will be inspected again Jan. 27. If passes muster, gambling vessel will set sail at 2:30 p.m. on invitation-only maiden voyage. Pitty the poor bastard who gets drunk & goes overboard. (Sat. Jan. 26 2002)

M/T Asia Lion, with 30,000 tons of highly explosive aviation fuel -- was piloted -- with no maps -- by Chinese Capt. Zheng the wrong way up English Channel as ships scattered from its path. Capt. Zheng narrowly missed 2 head-on collisions. French Coastguard at Cross Corsen, Brittany said it scrambled patrol aircraft after vessel strayed into South-West bound lane -- world's busiest waterway. French Coast Guard at Gris Nez, Calais said one of its tugs currently escorting zany Capt. Zheng & his tanker across to Dover, where they hoped he would buy some maps! (Fri. Jan. 25 2002)


20 Jan. 2002 at 2130 UTC in position 20:31N - 081:19W, Cayman Islands. Three armed pirates in fast craft chased general cargo ship. Craft blocked ship's passage & ordered her to stop engines. After 25 minutes, craft stopped chase & moved away. (Fri. Jan. 25 2002)

18 Jan. 2002 at 0430 LT in position: 03:13.4N - 108:49E, off Subi Besar Islands, Indonesia. While underway a 25m long boat followed tanker. Anti piracy watch spotted boat & switched on deck lights - directed searchlights. Boat followed until 0600 LT, then increased speed & sailed away. (Fri. Jan. 25 2002)

20 Jan. 2002 at 2100 LT, 2 miles from Parit Jawa, Malacca Straits. Three pirates armed with guns boarded fishing boat & robbed fishermen. Tied the hands of fisherman. Pirates tried to remove outboard motor -- when they could not, pushed the 2 fishermen overboard & sped off with vessel. One fisherman held on to floating piece of wood -- rescued by another fishing boat. Other fisherman is still missing. Incident reported to local police who mounted a search for missing man. (Fri. Jan. 25 2002)

18 Jan. 2002 at 0300 LT at Belawan port, Indonesia. During loading duty officer of tanker attacked by 2 pirates armed with knives. Alarm raised & crew mustered. Pirates jumped into river & escaped in boat taking ship's stores. Duty officer received injuries on arm & elbow. (Fri. Jan. 25 2002)

18 Jan. 2002 at 1510 UTC at Hiran point, Mongla, Bangladesh. While at anchor, about 9 armed pirates boarded a general cargo ship -- broke open forecastle store & stole ship's stores. (Fri. Jan. 25 2002)

18 Jan. 2002 at 0420 UTC at Tg. Priok anchorage, Indonesia. Two pirates in wooden boat climbed aboard general cargo ship. Alert crew chased away pirates. (Fri. Jan. 25 2002)

17 Jan. 2002 at 0940 UTC in position: 08:23N - 050:20E, Somali coast. General cargo M/V Princess Sarah<<webfeature, dropped anchor for repairs off Somali coast. 20 pirates armed with automatic rifles in 5 boats boarded ship, taking hostage all 18 crew & demanded a ransom of US$200,000. Earlier on Jan. 14 2002 at 0715 UTC at position 07:49N - 049:57E, 6 armed pirates in 2 white speedboats had chased & fired upon M/V Princess Sarah<<webfeature, demanded the master to stop engines. Master took evasive manuvers & ordered the crew to remain in the accommodation. Pirates came close to ship but unable to board due to rough seas. The pirates gave up chase at 0815 LT. (Fri. Jan. 25 2002)

14 Jan. 2002 at 0300 LT at Bonny River anchorage, Nigeria. Six pirates armed with automatic rifles in 3 canoes approached chemical tanker. Two pirates climbed onboard, held pump man at gunpoint & stole his VHF radio set. Crew mustered & ship blew whistle. Pirates fled after 10 minutes. (Fri. Jan. 25 2002)

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Greek-owned 25,502 dwt bulker M/V Cacao -- 3 day fire extinguished by the Omani navy late Jan. 23 -- being towed to Dubai. See Jan. 21.(Thurs. Jan. 24 2002)

As The Cargo Letter Forecasted<<webfeature --Seven German warships joining U.S.-led war on terrorism will gather for the intelligence effort off Horn of Africa-- patrolling off Horn of Africa to put ships in position to watch Yemen & Somalia, nations where Osama bin Laden's al-Qaida network believed to have connections. 1st German ship expected to arrive in former French colony of Djibouti on Horn of Africa on Jan. 25. Ships also to protect shipping & cut off area routes used by terror groups. The Cargo Letter<<webfeature, predicted this German action last Nov. 2001. Germany has pledged up to 3,900 troops, including 1,800 marines, for fight against terrorism. While no forces involved in combat missions, German planes have helped with supply missions. (Wed. Jan. 23 2002)

Panamanian-registered M/T Eastern Fortitude aground on rocks Jan. 22 in Gulf of Thailand, several km off coast of Chon Buri province, 45 miles SE of Bangkok. 52,000 gallon oil slick 65 yards wide & 2.5 miles long has passed through an area of more than 25 miles long, moving E. to Rayong province & Mae Rampung tourist beach. Eastern Fortitude insured with Britannia, London. (Wed. Jan. 23 2002)

Scalloper F/V The Covered Wagon sinking 145 miles SE of Boston when pumps overwhelmed by flooding seawater. U.S. Coast Guard received 1st call 7:30 a.m. Crew forced to abandon -- USCG helicopter lifted all 5 to safety. No injuries. (Wed. Jan. 23 2002)

M/V Princess Sarah<<webfeature, Kenya for Yemeni port of Adenin ballast, & its 18 crew said to be released by 10 heavily-armed Somali pirates who seized Lebanese-owned ship Jan. 16. Sources say release expected jan. 22, following "contacts" made by representatives of the owner --pirates have held crew hostage demanding US$200,000 for release. Captors to leave vessel before joining up with French frigate, Floreal<<webfeature, waiting outside Somali waters. (Tues. Jan. 22 2002)

Greek-owned 25,502 dwt M/V Cacao, with unidentified cargo, on fire off Oman on Jan. 20 -- radioed distress call via satellite monitored by Norwegian rescue center. M/V Lok Pratap, diverted & recused 25 crew. Capt & 1st officer still on board. Cacao engines failed & drifting towards Omani town of Sadeh, Jan. 21 -- Omani naval vessel & foreign ship continuing to fight fire. (Mon. Jan 21 2002)

Pirates Seize Ukrainian-Libyan ship off Somali coast -- this event now appears to be regarding previously reported Lebanese general cargo M/V Princess Sarah<<webfeature. (Fri. Jan. 18 2002)


14 Jan. 2002 at 0715 UTC at position 07:49N - 049:57E, off Somali coast. 6 armed pirates in 2 white speedboats attempted to board general cargo -- chased ship & fired upon her -- demanding the master stop engines. Master took evasive manoeuvres & ordered the crew to remain in the accommodation. Pirates came close to ship but unable to board due to rough seas. The pirates gave up the chase at 0815 LT.-- story of M/V Princess Sarah<<webfeature. (Fri. Jan. 18 2002)

14 Jan. 2002 at 0120 LT at Chennai anchorage, India. Four pirates in a wooden boat attempted to board tanker using hooked ropes at forecastle & later at poop deck. Duty officer raised alarm and the ship's crew chased away the boats. (Fri. Jan. 18 2002)

12 Jan. 2002 at 1508 LT at Plaju anchorage, Indonesia. Three pirates boarded tanker from pilot tugboat & told master they were waiting for pilot. They later left in a small wooden boat with an out board engine. Subsequently discovered that a lap top computer & mobile phone missing from ship. (Fri. Jan. 18 2002)

12 Jan. 2002 at 0315 LT in position 13:04.4N - 080:21.6E, Chennai anchorage, India. Three pirates boarded RO/RO ship from poop deck. Duty A/B spotted them &raised alarm. Crew mustered & pirates jumped overboard and escaped. (Fri. Jan. 18 2002)

12 Jan. 2002 at 0200 LT at Chennai anchorage, India. Four pirates in a wooden boat attempted to board bulk carrier using hooked rope at forecastle. Duty A/B raised alarm & activated fire hoses. Pirates fled. (Fri. Jan. 18 2002)

10 Jan. 2002 at 2315 UTC in position:06:24N - 123:12E, Mindanao sea, Philippines. Ten pirates in a boat fired upon a general cargo ship and attempted to board her. Alert crew took evasive action and prevented boarding. (Fri. Jan. 18 2002)

10 Jan. 2002 at 1200 LT at Tanjung Priok anchorage, Indonesia. Five pirates armed with knives, hammers & other weapons boarded bulk carrier from stern, entered the engine room & stole engine spares. Duty officer raised alarm -- pirates jumped overboard & escaped. (Fri. Jan. 18 2002)

09 Jan. 2002 at 0600 UTC in position 14:34N - 051:22.5E, Gulf of Aden. Four boats chased LPG carrier & came alongside to board. Tanker zig zagged course & avoided boarding. Six boats chased same tanker again at 0830 UTC but she took evasive manoeuvres & attempted boarding failed. (Fri. Jan. 18 2002)

09 Jan. 2002 at 0600 LT in position: 14:42N - 051:14E, Gulf of Aden. While underway, 4 fast boats with three pirates in each attempted to board general cargo ship. Ship raised alarm & activated fire hoses. Boats followed ship for 45 minutes & abandoned attempt. (Fri. Jan. 18 2002)

09 Jan. 2002 at 0500 LT in position: 01:22S-116:59E, Balikpapan Anchorage, Indonesia. Pirates boarded bulk carrier. Spotted by master who alerted crew. Pirates escaped with ship's stores. (Fri. Jan. 18 2002)

08 Jan. 2002 at 0230 LT at Sandakan port, Sabah, Malaysia. Pirates boarded tanker during cargo operations & stole ship's stores. Escaped in speedboat. (Fri. Jan. 18 2002)

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Lebanese general cargo M/V Princess Sarah, Mombasa for Yemeni port of Aden, attacked by pirates Jan. 14, off Somalia, but rough seas hampered attempted hijack. Princess Sarah finally overrun & captured by pirates on Jan. 16 -- shipping sources questioning why vessel had not made good escape to Aden. Pirates in Somalia's northern province of Puntland have hijacked dozens of ships in the past for purely commercial reasons. But recent hijacks have taken on political undertones as rival armed factions fight for control of a region cited by U.S. analysts as possible haven for militants linked to Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda network. I&F shipping company, which operates vessel says simple case of engine trouble -- says gunmen finally got control of ship as crew hugged Somali coast while attempting to fix damage suffered in earlier assault. Lebanese Foreign Ministry source quoted that attackers demanding about US$200,000 to free crew -- 8 Ukrainians, 4 Lebanese & unspecified number of Egyptians. SEE Princess Sarah Jan. 14, below. (Fri. Jan. 18 2002)

Shell-owned Brent Charlie oil platform, 100 miles (160 km) E. of Shetland Isles, off N. coast of Scotland had 100 workers airlifted by helicopter after gas scare at11:00 pm (2300 GMT) Jan. 15 in North Sea. Platform remains shut down while alert investigated -- 53 essential personnel remain on platform awaiting arrival of engineers. (Wed. Jan. 16 2002)

Philippine Naval Marines & police turned their guns on one another at violence-wracked S. island of Jolo, Jan. 16 -- at least 16 people were killed. Other Marines came to comrade's rescue & somehow police on duty at rally became involved. Both sides opened fire from their automatic weapons -- questions of frinedly fire -- 9 Marines, 3 policemen, 3 civilians & 1 soldier killed. (Wed. Jan. 16 2002)

Egyptian-registered large F/V Abu el-Fawares capsized & sank in 33-feet-high waves 20 miles from Ras Gharib, S. of Suez Canal, in oil-rich area of Ras Abu Bakr in Red Sea coast, 165 miles S.E. of Cairo, Jan. 11 -- 39 crew missing -- 1 body found -- 2 rescued. Ship capsized while crew asleep in lower deck. No known distress calls. (Mon. Jan. 14 2002)

"Ice Station Zebra" Re-enacted? >> The U.S. came to rescue of high-ranking Russian politician's tour party stranded at South Pole by aircraft breakdown. Artur Chilingarov, Deputy Chairman of State Duma & noted polar explorer in Russia, led group commemorating 60th anniversary of 1st Russian flight to South Pole last week. After passports stamped & touring the U.S. Amundsen-Scott South Pole base Jan. 8, the group of 14 Russian, U.S., Ukrainian, French, Swedish, & Swiss nationals could not leave, said support company (Raytheon) for U.S. Antarctic Program<<webfeature. The Russian Antonov-3 single-engine biplane would not start -- just would not start. On Jan. 9, Russian members of group left the pole in U.S. Air Force ski-equipped LC-130 Hercules<<webfeature, with the 7 others flown out by Adventure Network Int'l<<webfeature, private tour company operating trips to South Pole. U.S. Antarctic Program said U.S. initially thought trip was a Russian government venture, so agreed to carry 7 Russians including Chilingarov back to Christchurch, the New Zealand base of U.S. Antarctic Program. "There was some confusion about whether it was private or government venture, & Russian embassy in Washington clarified it was indeed private venture," U.S. Antarctic Program said. U.S. government will now bill Russian government US$80,000 for rescue of Chilingarov (sounds like a real bargin). Stranded Russian plane -- an Antonov-3 single-engine biplane<<webfeature, airlifted to Antarctic coast, 1,200 km from South Pole, in giant Russian cargo plane -- still at U.S. base of 200 researchers & staff. Russia's ambassador in Wellington, said re-enactment included raising Russian flag at South Pole followed by congratulatory phone call from Russian President Vladimir Putin. Congratulations also to U.S. Air Force! (Mon. Jan. 14 2002)

Old Man Passes The Sea >> Capt. Gregorio Fuentes, who was Ernest Hemingway's boat Capt. when late writer lived in Cuba, died Jan. 13 at age 104. Fuentes suffered from cancer. For nearly 30 years, Fuentes was Capt., cook & friend to the American writer. Many say he was inspiration for protagonist in Hemingway's classic "The Old Man and the Sea<<webfeature." Maritime losses such as these are remembered. (Mon. Jan. 14 2002)

Greek-owned Rotterdam registered M/V Princess Sarah issued distress call at 0430 GMT Jan. 14 -- under attack by pirates in 2 white gunboats with firearms shooting at vessel off Djibouti in the Horn of Africa. Ship radioed again at 0815 when pirates tried to board, but heavy sea & cargo ship's refusal to stop forced them to give up. British coastguards monitored & relayed to Djibouti authorities. (Mon. Jan. 14 2002)

Republic of Tonga<<webfeature, suspended its Int'l ship registry Jan. 12, after Israel seized M/V Karine A<<webfeature, flying Pacific island nation's flag, claiming it was smuggling arms to Palestinians. Karine A captured Jan. 3 by Israeli commandos in Red Sea with 50 tons of weapons aboard, including rockets, mortars explosives. Vessel, believed owned by Iraqi businessman, registered at shipping office maintained by Tonga in Athens, Greece. Tonga one of several Pacific island nations that run Int'l ships registries to earn foreign revenue. Tongan government statement released over weekend said shocked by seizure. Palestinian Authority acknowledged that Palestinian Capt. of Karine A is in its naval unit, but denied links to shipment. (Sun. Jan. 13 2002)

Four crew missing after 2 unidentified trawlers capsized in rough seas off Tanjung Po early Jan. 13 . Marine police & marine department have launched massive search & rescue operation -- 12 said rescued by other vessels. In both incidents, trawlers hit by strong waves. Wrecks of trawlers found. (Sun. Jan. 13 2002)

U.S. Coast Guard 25-ft patrol<<webfeature, vessel conducting a routine boating safety patrol in collision with 65-ft commercial passenger M/V Bayside Blaster, near E. end of Palm Island, near Port of Miami. Two Coast Coast Guard petty officers thrown overboard -- swam to shore -- transported to Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach.. Nine of 53 Bayside Blaster complained of mino injuries. Bayside Blaster slammed into patrol vessel at 9pm. (Sun. Jan. 13 2002)

"Ice Trapped" M/V Polar Star Rescued After 27 Days >> Australian icebreaker RSV Aurora Australis<<webfeature, smashed through 8 km of pack ice during a 12 hour operation begun after strong northerly winds abated to reach stranded supply ship M/V Polar Bird<<webfeature Jan. 13 . Icebreaker diverted to help after Polar Bird trapped in ice in Prydz Bay on 16 Dec. on way to Mawson Station (live web cam). Now hoped Polar Bird able to follow the Aurora Australis to safety along passage cleared through dense pack ice. Helicopter shuttle of 34 Australian Antarctic expeditioners from Polar Bird to Aurora completed earlier this week. Operation left only Polar Bird's crew of 21 & 4 expeditioners - the expedition leader, doctor, radio operator & weather expert - on stranded ship. Ships were close enough to throw a stone across to the Polar Bird. (Sat. Jan. 12 2002)

Follow Our Information Links To Continuing M/V Polar Bird Story -- at the absolute bottom of the world -- more informational links.

Egyptian F/V Abu el-Fawares sank off the Red Sea coast in Ras Gharib, an oil-rich area about 267 kilometers (165 miles) southeast of Cairo, Jan. 11 -- another vessel came to rescue after its Capt. reported distress signals, but only managed to save lives of two -- 15 bodies recovered Jan. 12, but 4 missing. (Sat. Jan. 13 200)


06 Jan .2002 at 1415 UTC at Bedford anchorage, Hoogly River, India. Three pirates armed with knives boarded tanker from a boat & cut one mooring rope. Duty watchman spotted & tried to chase them away but pirates threatened him with long knife. Watchman raised alarm & all crew rushed aft. Intruders jumped overboard & escaped in their boat. (Sat. Jan. 12 2002)

05 Jan. 2002 at 0310 LT at Dakar outer road anchorage, Senegal. A few boats approached chemical tanker at aft & bows -- pirate boarded the ship. Anti-piracy watch raised alarm. Crew mustered and activated fire hoses. (Sat. Jan. 12 2002)

04 Jan. 2002 at 0440 LT at anchor in position 00:18N - 009:25E, Libreville, Gabon. About 10-15 pirates armed with guns & long knives boarded general cargo ship at forecastle. Duty A/B noticed raised alarm & crew mustered on main deck. Fired signal rockets at the forecastle to deter pirates. Pirates managed to open four containers & steal cargo before escaping. (Sat. Jan. 12 2002)

04 Jan. 2002 at 0300 LT at anchor in position 06:45.6S - 039:20.2E, Dar Es Salaam Tanzania. Three pirates boarded container ship from a wooden boat. Alert crew raised alarm & pirates jumped overboard -- escaped with one mooring rope. (Sat. Jan. 12 2002)

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Bangladesh 2nd-largest seaport Mongla & Passur River said in grip of pirates -- at least 57 incidents of piracy occurred in foreign ships in last 2 months. Most of victims have squarely blamed law-enforcement agencies for their connivance with the ringleaders of the gangs in the incidents. Last Dec. attacked vessels included -- M/V Suman, M/V Silver Fish, M/V Maritime Victoria, M/V Atholes & M/V Nandisti .

Jan. 4 2002, South Korean M/V Madhubongya attacked by pirates. Chief officer fatally injured when he & other crew, came under armed attack -- all valuables & personal belongings looted.

Jan. 1 2002, armed pirates launched attack on M/V Skyline, & looted all valuables of crew and ropes. Four crew severely beaten by robbers.

Dec. 31 2201, armed pirates looted at gunpoint ropes, wires and all personal belongings of crew of M/V Atlantic Sprint.

Dec. 27 2001, armed pirates plundered the valuables of the crew of M/V D.S. Artica.

Dec. 23 2001, M/V Radian Store attacked by pirates.

Dec. 7 2001, M/V Nicolas attacked by pirates. (Sat. Jan. 12 2002)

(from Bangladesh Daily Star)

Israeli Navy boats fired missiles at a Palestinian naval base early Jan. 12, destroying 2 vessels & exploding fuel tank in reprisal for weapons smuggling operation & deadly assault on Israeli troops. Israeli military said base targeted because Palestinian naval police officers involved in smuggling & attack on soldiers. In West Bank town of Ramallah, Palestinian Authority announced it detained 2 senior Palestinian officials for questioning in smuggling affair. Detentions welcomed by U.S. officials, but greeted with skepticism by Israel -- said Palestinian smuggling efforts continuing. Last week, Israel intercepted freighter M/V Karine A carrying 50 tons of Iranian weapons which Palestinian Capt. said were destined for Gaza Strip. Israel has said Palestinian Authority & leader Yasser Arafat, were behind shipment of arms -- including rockets, explosives & anti-tank missiles forbidden under Israeli-Palestinian accords. Palestine now with dubious dictinction of being a "navy" with no boats. (Fri. Jan. 11 2002)

Fatal Study >> The disappearance of more than 200 supertankers & container ships during past 20 years blamed by scientists on monster waves of up to 36 meters. Team of oceanographers at Technical University in Berlin re-created in tank gigantic "one-off" seas capable of breaking a 180m-long ship in half. Monster waves have provided material for countless novels & films, including Sebastian Junger's recent best-seller "The Perfect Storm". (Thurs. Jan. 10 2002)

Panama flagged M/V Marlin remains stranded at Port of Seattle -- began to send crew home today as 4 ordered to leave U.S. for lack of visa -- stranded seamen were said "ecstatic". (Wed. Jan. 9 2002)

286-ton Korean Air MD-11 air freighter tipped backwards & fell on its tail -- leaving aircraft nose & landing gear in the air -- ripping a 15 centimeter hole in the tail-- as a 4 wheel drive vehicle was unloaded under direction of Korean Air loadmaster at Sydney Int'l Airport, in Qantas freight area. "The plane went up very slowly; it didn't go up fast," loadmaster said. An airport firefighter said it appeared plane incorrectly loaded, causing weight imbalance with its cargo. Dah! The loadmaster resume job applications will follow tomorrow. From our Down Under correspondent Bob Ronai. (Wed. Jan. 9 2002) COMING SOON >> Exclusive Photos!

THE Major Insurance Issue of 2001/2002>> IN A DEPARTURE FROM OUR MARITIME NEWS >> Lawyers for Travelers Indemnity Co. told a federal court Jan. 9 that one hijacked airliner could have felled both World Trade Center towers because they shared a 6 story basement. After a plane hit 1st tower on Sept. 11, it "may well have rendered the 2nd building unusable even in the absence of a 2nd airplane," the Travelers attorney argued at hearing. The trade center's lead insurer, Swiss Reinsurance Co., filed suit Oct. 22 asking the court declare that the 2 plane attack was "one occurrence" -- thereby meriting only one insurance payout to the appl;icable limit. Trade Center leaseholder Larry Silverstein countersued Swiss Re in a separate suit against Travelers -- says the attack on two 110-story towers constituted 2 events under his policy, & that he should receive 2 insurance payouts of US$3.55B each. This single issue will have major implications -- throughout the world insurance industry for settlement of the tragic 9/11 losses. At the turn of a single single issue -- billions of insurance dollars are in the balance. Whatever your prior definition -- this is drama. (Wed. Jan. 9 2002)

Rescue From The "Ice Trapped" M/V Polar Star - UPDATE From our Down Under correspondent Dan Leather from "The Courier">>

This story not carried by any Int'l news wire today -- not AP, not Reuters -- until 12 hours after this posting.

"M/V Polar Bird<<webfeature, helicopter transfer of 34 Antarctic expeditioners from ice-bound ship to ice-breaker RSV Aurora Australis <<webfeature (departed Casey Station<<webcam feature, Dec. 27 for rescue) should have been completed Jan. 7 night if weather held. Australian Antarcic Division expedition opns director Kim Pitt said 4 helicopters ferrying expeditioners & supplies from Polar Bird -- stuck in heavy pack ice in Prydz Bay for more than 3 weeks. Operation started on Jan. 5, but hampered by snow storms & only 12 of 34 expeditioners were transferred on weekend. News from this area is scant. Contact on M/V Polar Star not responding to E-mail - likely because he is now rescuced. Country town which is source of this news boasts 2 computer terminals with internet access at the public library!" Dan Leather (Mon. Jan. 7 2002)

Follow Our Links To Continuing M/V Polar Bird Story -- at the absolute bottom of the world.

Welcome Home >> RMS Queen Elizabeth 2 docked at New York pier before embarking on world cruise -- 1st scheduled passenger vessel to call on New York since Sept. 11. Passenger ship terminal on Manhattan's west side closed after terrorist attack, & cruise ships for New York forced to dock in Baltimore, Boston & other cities until Nov, when most ships were moved south for trips in warmer climates. Cruise industry pumps US$594M annually into New York state's economy & responsible for 11,500 jobs. (Mon. Jan. 7 2002)

Cruise M/V Carnival Victory has passengered who would not bee-have -- 6 passengers took 160 bees onto ship about to depart for Caribbean, delaying the vessel 3 hours. Oficials grew suspicious when passengers repeatedly reboarded ship at Port of Miami-Dade, Miami. Each time passengers left, they came back with bees. Bees were in bottles & passengers maintained they were intending to use bees for medicinal reasons. 6 passengers tken off to err on the side of caution. After 6 removed from Carnival Victory sailed with 3,000 other passengers to Caribbean. Bee experts from Florida Dept. of Agriculture among those called to investigate. (Mon. Jan. 7 2002)

North Korean 10,000-ton freighter M/V Sonamu stormed after docking at Funabashi,10 km (6 miles) E of Tokyo, Jan. 7 after tip that suspicious people in wetsuits slipped ashore on beach on Jan. 6 night on dark stretch of beach 50 km SW of Tokyo. Tensions between Japan & North Korea running high since sinking of mystery vessel<<webstory, suspected North Korean spy ship, following heavy exchange of gunfire with Japanese patrol boats 2 weeks ago. According to witness, people who came ashore were dressed in wetsuits, which they changed for ordinary clothing before vanishing into night. (Sun. Jan. 6 2002)

Vietnamese cargo M/V Duyen Phat 01 capsized in Singaporean waters & spilled steel pipes, an ambulance & 40 drums of bitumen into sea. Vessel movement to several berths suspended until channel is deemed safe for navigation. Two patrol craft, one anti-pollution craft & police coast guard vessel deployed to help. No one injured & no oil pollution reported. SEMCO Salvage engaged to salvage vessel & 40 drums of bitumen. Bitumen is a natural heavy hydrocarbon. (Sat. Jan. 5 2002)

Voyage of The "Ice Trapped" M/V Polar Star UPDATE From Down Under correspondent Dan Leather >>

"I remain in E-mail contact with a good friend currently in M/V Polar Bird as a passenger on route to 12 month stint on Antarctic base as an electrician. They are all OK, though tempers are a little frayed as they ran out of beer 10 days ago & the Filipino cooks presently onboard are apparently terrible -- with Aussies aboard that would normally be tantamount to a war crime!! Meanwhile, rescue vessel RSV Aurora Australis<<webfeature, further delayed as it had to ward off a Japanese whaling vessel in Australian Antarctic EEZ whaling illegally."
Dan Leather (Fri. Jan. 4 2002)

Follow Our Links To Current M/V Polar Bird Story -- there is a proud Australian tradition to include humor in moments of danger, but there is no way to trivialize men & ships locked in Antarctic ice -- at the absolute bottom of the world.

Delayed On Route To Rescue M/V Polar Bird >> Australian research ship RSV Aurora Australis<<webfeature encountered a Japanese whaler early Jan. 1, 38 NM in violation of Australian Economic Exclusion Zone (EEZ). Aurora Australis ordered violating vessel to leave Australian territorial waters -- vessel appears retreated to its factory ship. Unidentified ship with fleet of 5 Japanese vessels set sail in early Nov, planning to catch 400 Minke whales in Antarctic Ocean for research purposes before returning to Japan in April. Spokesman said Australian government limited in its actions because Japan one of a number of countries which did not recognize territorial claims in Antarctic & also held permits for so-called scientific whaling. Although Japan gave up commercial whaling in line with an Int'l moratorium in 1986, it has been carrying out "scientific research whaling" since 1987. (Fri. Jan. 4 2002)

An Antartic Coincidence >> British Antarctic Survey ship RRS Ernest Shackleton (ex-M/V Polar Queen)<<webfeaure, forced to turn back from Antarctica after being blocked by ice -- abandoned its journey in Weddell Sea<<webfeaure, - where the legendary explorer's<<webfeaure, own ship S/V Edurance<<webfeaure, was crushed 87 years ago. Vessel was heading for remote British base at Halley but forced to re-route to Falkland Islands for more fuel. NOVA repeats the historic expedition. Many bad ice times in the Antarctic this year -- it must be global warming! (Fri. Jan. 4 2002)

15,000 metric ton M/T Yahia, at breakers, exploded during cutting of metal parts with gas cylinder at ship-breaking yard at Madambibirhat, Sitakunda, India, on Jan. 3 -- killing 3 -- injuring more. Hundreds of workers working on vessel at time of explosion. (Fri. Jan. 4 2002)


30 Dec. 2001 at 1200 UTC in position 11:52N - 074:47E, 25 nm off Kotte Kunnu lighthouse, west coast India. Three wooden fishing boats approached general cargo ship. The Master raised alarm, took evasive manoeuvres & crew mustered. Boats followed for 30 minutes & left. (Fri. Jan. 4 2002)

29 Dec. 2001 at 0230 LT at Mongla anchorage, Bangladesh. 7 pirates wielding long knives boarded general cargo ship. Threatened watch keeper at knifepoint, stole ship's stores & escaped. Navy & pilot station contacted but received no response. (Fri. Jan. 4 2002)

28 Dec. 2001 at 0500 LT at Balikpapan anchorage, Indonesia. Several armed pirates boarded general cargo ship. Held duty a/b at knifepoint, stole large quantity of ship's stores & escaped. (Fri. Jan. 4 2002)

24 Dec. 2001 at 0735 LT in position 12:30N - 044:49E, 13 nm south of Little Aden, Gulf of Aden. Six pirates in wooden boats attempted to board bulk carrier. Ship altered course & crew mustered on deck. Attempt aborted. (Fri. Jan. 4 2002)

24 Dec. 2001 at 0210 LT in position 04:33S - 113:12E, Java sea, Indonesia. Pirates in speedboat attempted to board tanker underway using bamboo ladder. Alert watch keeper raised alarm & crew mustered on deck. Pirates aborted attempt. (Fri. Jan. 4 2002)

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The Big Cement Lump Crime >> Australian-registered bulk carrier, M/V CSL Yarra<<webfeature, Brisbane for Adelaide, will be met by Australian federal police when she docks in Adelaide Jan. 6 night, to investigate whether vessel was sabotaged at sea. Yarra's Capt. John Briggs, contacted Australian Maritime Safety Authority at midday Jan. 1 to report someone opened fire hose & pumped water into ship's residual cargo hold -- containing 700 tons of cement mix -- resulting in quite giant block of cement !!! Said no current danger to ship or crew (we hope) -- but this is dangerous play. After off-loading most of cement cargo at Brisbane -- sailing off NSW south coast when Capt.Briggs discovered that one of his 20 high capacity firehoses had been turned on. Yarra remains at center of legal dispute over plans by CSL Australia<<webfeature, to turn it into a flag-of-convenience ship. Australian crew would be sacked & replaced by Ukrainians at wages Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) said amounted to a "fish head & bowl of rice a day". Thus while owners & MUA are locked in court battle over manning issue -- the GREAT COINCIDENCE of a unique & rare event has taken place. We have every confidence that this must be a pure accident with no relation whatsoever to pending court action. "Someone may or may not have turned it (the fire hose) on or off," a representative of the union said. The MUA also said CSL &endash; with backing of federal Government &endash; wanted to sell ship to its partner company CSL Asia, reregister it in Nassau, the Bahamas, & man it with "guest workers" to ply Australian E. coast. CSL bought ship in 1999 from ANL, formerly owned by Australian government. Read the full story from The Australian newspaper. This dispatch from our Down Under correspondent Dan Leather. (Thurs. Jan. 3 2002) UPDATE >> Union Denial.

Alleged Palestinian Authority M/V Karine A seized at dawn Jan. 3 in Red Sea, 300 miles off Israeli coast, when Israel navy commandos swept aboard -- found laden with 50 tons of rockets, mines, anti-tank missiles & other munitions said meant for Yasser Arafat's Palestinian Authority. Capt. & several of its officers said members of the Palestinian naval police. Backed by combat helicopters commandos surprised crew & took ship without fight. (Thurs. Jan. 3 2002) UPDATE: In a prison interview witnesses by millions the Palestinian Naval Capt. captured by Israeli commandos said Jan. 8 he's a longtime member of Yasser Arafat's Fatah movement. "I'm a soldier. I obeyed orders," said Omar Akawi, adding he picked up the rockets, mortars & anti-tank missiles off Iran's coast in the Persian Gulf & that they were headed for Palestinian-controlled Gaza. (Wed. Jan. 9 2002)

Sea of Flame >> U.S. helicopter nicknamed Elvis rescued 14 trapped firemen from Australia's sea of raging bushfires, water bombing flames racing towards them & saving them from becoming 1st fatalities of 12-day crisis. Isolated in massive fire tagged the "Burragorang Beast," firemen drove their truck into burnt-out area of bush Jan. 3 afternoon, used chainsaws to clear more trees to try to keep flames at bay, & prepared for worst. Then, desperate radio call for help saw Elvis, a giant "Sky Crane" <<webfeature, helicopter which can drop 9,000 litres (1,980 gallons) or 9 tons of water at a time, push back flames to save crew. "Elvis saved us, absolutely," fireman Darrell Pascoe told local media on Jan. 4 of helicopter used by the U.S. National Guard in Memphis, Tennessee -- site of late singer Elvis Presley's Graceland mansion<<webfeature. ..... ah, thank you very much. (Thurs. Jan. 3 2002)

ANTARTIC RESCUE UPDATE >> M/V Polar Bird<<webfeature, remains trapped in ice -- said not in any danger -- enough food & fuel -- 36 passengers & crew of 23 onboard. Australian ice breaker Aurora Australis<<webfeature, continues on way -- expected to arrive Jan. 2. CLICK HERE FOR FULL STORY & WEBFEATURES FOR ORIGINAL DEC. 27 STORY. (Wed. Jan 2 2002)

Container M/V Canmar Glory docked at Port of Montreal at 12:29 a.m. Jan. 1, just 16 minutes ahead of rival for coveted Gold-Headed cane award. First-time lucky for Capt. Omer Comor. The $3,500 ceremonial cane presented every year to Capt. of 1st ocean-going ship of the year to arrive at Port of Montreal<<webfeature, without a stopover. M/V Canmar Glory, Bermuda-registered container ship operated by Canada Maritime, was carrying food, clothing & other goods for Montreal. Arriving 2nd was M/V Cast Power, a larger container ship with double the tonnage, also registered in Bermuda & operated by Cast North America. Only hours after tying up his ship at Cast terminal in east-end Montreal - & 48 hours since he had had any sleep - Comor cracked open bottles of champagne to toast port authorities & his largely Croatian crew. (Wed. Jan 2 2002)

69-ton F/V 27 Nam Young, with 10 South Korean crew, sank around 9:50 a.m., 21 km N. of cape of Nagaohana in Hirata, in the Sea of Japan off Shimane Prefecture -- due to foul weather conditions. Winds gusting up to 97 km per hour & waves were as high as 4 meters at time vessel capsized. Japan coast guard helicopters spotted lifeboat with all 10 crew members aboard near site -- crew were brought ashore by afternoon & taken to hospitals in good condition. (Wed. Jan 2 2002)

3,000 ton Cypriot-owned M/T Willy, in ballast with 12 crew, aground in strong winds at 10:45 p.m. (2245 GMT) on Jan. 1, in Plymouth Sound -- anchor chain might have snapped. Willy broke in two Jan. 2 morning, increasing the danger of explosion from fuel vapor being ignited by sparks from jagged rocks. 75 people evacuated from village of Kingsand at mouth of the Sound. Crew rescued. Royal Navy hoping to get team on board at 12.30, or as close to low tide (1400 GMT) as possible. Willy, had earlier unloaded its cargo at Plymouth port & moored in Plymouth Sound. (Tues. Jan. 2 2002) PM UPDATE >> Safety team boarded striken petrol tanker Willy during afternoon, to prevent fuel vapor blowing up. Ship drifted on rocks in Cawsand Bay, near Plymouth while sheltering from a storm. Cracks appeared in hull as tide receded & 1.5-mile slick of diesel leaked from vessel's own fuel tanks. (Tues. Jan. 2 2002 pm)

132-foot M/V Aldin Kaptan made SOS call initially suggested ship sinking or in danger of foundering between Crete & Aegean Sea island of Kassos,180 miles SE of Athens. Ships & helicopters raced through stormy weather Jan. 1 to reach a distressed ship carrying 230 illegal immigrants. Authorities said no immediate danger. (Tues. Jan. 1 2002)

SOS call from unidentified 132-foot M/V initially suggested ship sinking or in danger of foundering near the Aegean Sea island of Kassos, 300km (180 miles) SE of Athens. Ships & helicopters raced through stormy weather Jan. 1 to reach a distressed ship carrying 230 illegal immigrants. (Tues. Jan. 1 2002)

Australian Antarctic supply ship M/V Polar Bird<<webfeature, stuck, with 65 crew, in ice for 11 days since sudden build up of ice trapped vessel in Prydz Bay, Dec. 16, 500 km from Mawson Station (live web cam), 5000 km SW of Hobart. More powerful Australian research icebreaker RSV Aurora Australis<<webfeature -- departed Casey Station<<webcam feature today to rescue. Aurora, currently 3 days ahead of regular schedule, will take 6 days to complete 1500 km journey W. along Antarctic coast, but rendezvous with Polar Bird will take at least a few days longer because of thickness of surrounding ice. Polar Bird<<webfeature, an ice-strengthened cargo ship chartered from Norwegian owners to resupply Australian ice stations, was landing supplies for Australian field camp on Amery Ice Shelf<<webfeature -- when it became trapped by heavy pack ice. Absent any indication of weather changes needed to break ice up, Aurora<<webfeature -- is directed to assist instead of returning directly to Hobart. Latest Details>> Antarctica Online <<webfeature. (Thurs. Dec. 27 2001)

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