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Our The Cargo Letter reporter Rich. Baus visited Albany, Dec. 30 to witness progress on salvage of M/V Stellamare >> "Heavy lift barge crane "Chesapeake 1000" was hooked to forward crane mast of M/V Stellamare & had rolled it up & was steadying in place. Heavy lift barge crane "Weeks 533" was being moved into position along side to hook onto other ships crane mast to complete uprighting & to give upward lift. Guess is that if enough lift could be gained, the water should clear deck & the pumping out of hold started." >> M/V Stellamare now refloated. No word on last missing crew Follow the Story. (Wed. 31 Dec. 2003)

Press reports suggest terrorists may be planning to attack the new RMS Queen Mary II on or before her maiden voyage. Information said based on intercepted al-Quaida communication. Queen Mary II leaves England for Port Everglades, Jan. 12. Owners, Cunard, deny any specific threats. Details of the Queen & unfortunate deaths last month. (Tues. Dec. 30 2003)

Panamanian-registered 13.9gt tug M/V Marina Iris, Kobe for Singaporwith with 6 Indonesian crew -- issued distress signal 1:40 a.m LT -- belived sunk off Wakayama in Sea of Japan early Dec. 27 -- 1 crew rescued on raft by Japan Coast Guard. (Tues. Dec. 30 2003)

Vietnamese F/V, with 16 crew went missing on Dec. 23 -- found capsized off coast of S. province of Ba Ria-Vung Tau, Dec. 30 by rescue vessel with all 16 crew drowned. (Tues. Dec. 30 2003)

181gt South Korean cargo M/V Mun Chang Ho, 100 km NW of Hamada, Shimane Prefecture, Sea of Japan -- missing & believed sunk. (Tues. Dec. 30 2003)

4,356gt Panamanian-registered M/T Sun Venus, Yosu, South Korea for Kobe with 4,000 tons of ethanol &16 crew -- suffered explosion, Dec. 24, 12 km off Iwaishima Island in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Sea of Japan -- 2 missing. (Tues. Dec. 30 2003)

M/V Stellamare UPDATE>> Seen at Hudson River passing under Mid-Hudson Bridge at Poughkeepsie, N.Y. Sun. Dec. 28.2003 , 14:30 Hr. >> "Heavy Lift"crane barge "Weeks 533" -- bound for Albany to help right M/V Stellamare. Lift capasity 1,000 tons. This is 2nd crane that they were waiting for & righting vessel should start this week. Two missing crew found -- one remains missing. From our correspondent Rich.Bause. Follow the Story. (Mon. Dec. 29 2003)

Greek 5,590gt passenger ro/ro M/V Express Apollon, aground at Serifos. (Mon. Dec. 29 2003)

St. Lawrence Seaway, which connects U.S. Great Lakes to Gulf of St. Lawrence & Atlantic Ocean, has closed it's 45th Navigational Season for winter. (Mon. Dec. 29 2003)

11,619gt downbound bulk M/V Buffalo (built 1978) grounded in lower St. Marys River near Pipe Island off DeTour, Michigan -- reported steering malfunction that caused grounding -- stern blocking downbound channel -- all traffic using upbound course. Buffalo unable to free her self & tug M/V Reliance<<webfeature, with barge PML 9000 departed Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. late Dec. 28 afternoon. (Sun. Dec. 28 2003) UPDATE>> 10 p.m. Buffalo pulled free from spot where she grounded early Dec, 28 afternoon. Big tug M/V Reliance arrived on scene 8 p.m. -- began pull of Buffalo off Watsons Reef in lower river N. of Pipe Island. -- vessel expected spend night there -- will wait for U.S. Coast Guard inspection before departing St. Marys River system. (Sun. Dec. 28 2003 PM)

Malaysian cargo M/V Pacific Valor, China for Malaysia -- lived up to its name on Christmas -- in rescue of 20 souls from 63gt ferry M/V Piary, with 67 passengers & 6 crew -- sank in bad weather in Sulu Sea off W. island of Balabac on Dec. 28 after reporting she was taking water in rough seas in S. Philippines -- 53 missing & presumed dead. (Sun. Dec. 28 2003)

IRAN DISASTER BOUND>> U.S. physicians & a rescue crew trained to search for survivors amid the wreckage of terrorist attacks & natural disasters are headed to Iran to help in the aftermath of a devastating earthquake which may have killed 20,000. The 73 members of Virginia Task Force One<<webfeature, left late Dec. 27 from Dover Air Force Base in Delaware, but plane returned an hour later after smoke detected in cargo area. Task force members moved to different plane, according to U.S. Agency for Int'l Development, which is leading mission. Team finally got off the ground at 12:45 a.m. Dec. 28. (Sun. Dec. 28 2003)


22 Dec. 2003 at 0325 UTC in posn: 01:05S - 117:17E, Samarinda anchorage, Indonesia. Pirates boarded bulk carrier via hawse pipe -- broke open forecastle store & stole ship's stores & safety equipment. Police & authorities were informed & they boarded ship. Police chased pirate boat but failed to catch them. (Dec. 26 2003)

21 Dec. 2003 at 0400 LT in posn: 01:54S-116:37E, Apar Bay anchorage, Indonesia. Five pirates armed with long knives in speedboat boarded bulk carrier via hawse pipe -- threatened duty A/B with knife but he managed to warn bridge. Pirates broke open forecastle store & tried to steal life raft. Crew raised alarm & shore security guard fired warning shots. Pirates jumped overboard -- escaped empty handed. (Dec. 26 2003)

20.12.2003 at 0620 LT in posn: 01:08N - 103:30E, 7nm NE of Pulau Karimun Besar, Indonesia. Four pirates in unlit boat length about 8m tried to board general cargo ship underway from port quarter. Alert crew raised alarm & switched on deck lights. Boat increased speed, crossed ship's bow & fled. (Dec. 26 2003)

16.12.2003 at 1910 LT in position 22:12.7N - 091:43.2E, Chittagong anchorage 'B', Bangladesh. Nine pirates boarded bbulk carrier at forecastle -- tied up cadet & 2 shore watchmen & held them at knifepoint. C/O spotted pirates, raised alarm, sounded whistle & crew mustered. Pirates escaped empty handed in motor boats at 1930 LT. Incident reported to coast guard. (Dec. 26 2003)

16.12.2003 at 0430 LT in position 09:18S - 132:15E, Indonesia. Persons inside narrow long unlit speedboat attempted to board tanker underway. Crew directed searchlights. Boat followed the tanker for a while & fled. (Dec. 26 2003)

11.12.2003 at New Mangalore, India. Pirates attempted to board bulk carrier at anchor. Anti piracy watch raised alarm & crew mustered. Pirates aborted attempt & fled. (Dec. 26 2003)

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Russian 3,000gt M/V Oka, Vladivostok, Russia to N. China's Tianjin municipality<<webfeature, Tanggu's Xinhe shipyard on Dec. 11, 2003, for repair -- suffered fire -- all crew & Chinese workers safe -- fire accidentally caused by repair workers. (Christmas 2003)

U.S. 87-foot F/V Siddie Goldens, with 3 crew, rescued by 87-foot patrol U.S. Coast Guard USCGS Ibis, Dec. 24, 30 miles off coast of S. New Jersey -- during tow, USCGS Ibis noticed that 69-foot scalloper F/V Tamara Lane, on fire -- Ibis immediately broke tow & responded to fire. Tamara Lane fully engulfed in flames & 2 crew rescued -- after launching 2 parachute flares, 3rd member of crew pulled to safety by Ibis. (Christmas Eve. 2003)

North Korean-flagged M/V Elizabeth (a North Korean "Elizebeth?), Port Said, Egypt for Bari, Italy, with cement & 8 crew, grounded on small rocky outcropping in strong gale with winds reaching 86km per hour S. of Greek island of Santorini early Dec. 24 -- taking on water. Greek Coast Guard helicopter plucked all Ukrainian sailors from wreck. From our correspondent Dan Massoni (Christmas Eve. 2003)

U.S. towboat M/V Trey Deloach, pushing 3 empty barges -- southbound in New Orleans Inner Harbor Navigation Canal -- empty tank barge Kirby 10315, hit approach to Florida Ave. bridge in New Orleans at 12:15 a.m. KIRBY 10315 partially blocking westbound vehicular approach to bridge which remains closed to vehicular & train traffic. From our correspondent Dan Massoni (Christmas Eve. 2003)

M/V Free Spirit, ex-Finland with timber &13 Russian crew -- diverted port of Corinth, in S. Greece, to avoid bad weather -- suffered fire at hold -- put under control by 3 port firefighting vehicles -- did not spread to rest of ship & crew safe. From our correspondent Dan Massoni (Tues. Dec. 23 2003)

The U.S. asked to spend millions of dollars to remove concrete-filled 140-foot F/V Victoria M, derelict mistakenly sunk in wrong spot -- hindering passage of vessels in Canadian fishing grounds in British Colunbia. Vessel sent to bottom in 1,500 feet of water 23 Nov. 2003 in routine permit procedure, but a mistake in permit caused it to be sunk on wrong side of Canada-U.S. boundary. Hulk about 60km off Cape Flattery in area used by Canadian trawlers, which drag bottom for groundfish. Canadian Coast Guard warned that sunken ship is "considered a hazard to fishermen." Well, at least she was named "Victoria!" (Tues. Dec. 23 2003)

God Save the Queen>> as RMS Queen Mary 2<<webfeature, -- biggest passenger ship ever constructed - double weight of RMS Queen Elizabeth 2 -- 3 times weight of RMS Titanic at 150,000 tons -- glided from the harbor at Saint-Nazaire on French Atlantic coast today. God's speed.

*Longest, tallest, widest & heaviest passenger ship ever built.

* The Queen Mary 2 has art gallery, with 300 works on show.

*5 swimming pools, 14 restaurants & 24 massage parlors.

* Theater with 1,000 seats; ballroom; a thalassotherapy clinic<<webfeature, (a what?); planetarium; 2,000 bathrooms & 3,000 phone lines.

* 1,300 crew & 3,000 passengers.

* Engines generate enough power to light city of 300,000 people.

* Passengers pay between US$2,752 & US$55,056 for 6 day crossing between Southampton & New York.

Is She Now To Be Known As The "Bloody Mary? This tag has thus far stuck. (Mon. Dec. 22 2003)

Indonesian M/V Burnama 01, with lumber, sank off General Santos City, Philippines. (Mon. Dec. 22 2003)

Mars probe Beagle 2 successfully detached from mother ship Mars Express, critical maneuver that put the European spacecraft on track for landing on red planet Dec. 25 -- unmanned probe, named for ship of naturalist Charles Darwin on his voyage of discovery in 1830s, will explore Martian soil to determine whether it ever supported life. After parachuting through atmosphere & using inflatable gas bags to bounce to soft landing, the 143-pound probe will flip open & begin scratching surface with robotic arm. Meanwhile, Mars Express will orbit 250 miles above with experiments. Entire fleet of Earth ships reaches Mars this Christmas. (Sun. Dec. 21 2003)

63gt Philippine M/V Piary, 68 passengers & approx. 10 crew -- no contact since morning when vessel radioed after strong waves smashed a hole in the vessel's hull -- taking on water while heading for Brooke's Point, off western Philippine island of Palawan from Cagayan de Sulu island group. (Sun. Dec. 21 2003) UPDATE>> Panamanian tanker M/T Pacific Valor, plucked 20 (32in total from all sources) survivors late Dec. 22 from choppy waters between Balabac Island at S. tip of Palawan & Malaysia's Banguey island, off N. tip of Borneo. No word on fate of rest of passengers & crew. (Mon. Dec. 22 2003)

The Chirstmas Tree Ship>> U.S. tug bearing Christmas trees will sail from Two Rivers to Manitowoc Dec. 21, to celebrate fabled S/V Rouse Simmons<<webfeature -- known as the lost "Christmas Tree Ship." S/V Rouse Simmons<<webfeature, among several schooners that carried Christmas trees from upper Michigan forests to lower Lake Michigan ports at beginning of the 20th century. S/V Rouse Simmons<<webfeature, memorialized in press as the "Christmas Tree Ship" after it sank off Two Rivers in a storm on Nov. 23, 1912. Capt. Herman Schuenemann & crew were lost. (Sat. Dec. 20 2003)

14,162gt Phillipines passenger ro/ro M/V Princess of Paradise (built 1974) aground in Phillipines (Fri. Dec. 19 2003)

79,552gt. crude oil M/T Geres (built 1989) under repair at Setubal -- 10 workers injured after explosion. (Fri. Dec. 19 2003)


11 Dec. 2003 at 0315 LT in position: 01:58.3N - 102:4.7E, Malacca straits. Pirates in unlit speedboat attempted to board bulk carrier underway. Duty officer raised alarm & increased speed. Crew mustered & directed search lights at vessel. After a chase of 20 minutes pirate vessel fled. Perhaps they knew it was Christmas! (Fri. Dec. 19 2003)

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Port Huron pilot boat M/V Huron Belle, running close to shore on lower Lake Huron to avoid heavy seas, grounded Dec. 19, sustaining damage that put her out of service for rest of season. Pilot boat M/V Huron Maid, stationed in Detroit at the J.W. Westcott Co. dock, was sent to Port Huron to take her place. (Fri. Dc. 19 2003)

FedEx MD-10F, Oakland, Calif. for Memphis with 2 crew & 5 employees, caught fire & veered off runway while landing -- preliminary investigation indicated plane's right landing gear collapsed before fire began. Flames extinguished but plane heavily damaged -- several large holes burned in starboard fuselage -- blackened by smoke -- FAA images showed right wing on ground -- 1 minor injury during evacuation. Memphis-based FedEx owns world's largest cargo airline. Incident was 4th involving FexEd jet in 7 years. (Thurs. Dec. 17 2003)

133 gt hydrofoil M/V Delfini XXII<<webfeature (built 1992), Piraeus for Theodosia, aground while transiting the Dardanelles Strait, Dec. 17. (Thurs. Dec. 17 2003)

1.2401gt reffer M/V Ice Rose (built 1985), Guayaquil for St.Petersburg, bananas, had switchboard fire, Dec. 16 -- under repair at Aarhus. (Thurs. Dec. 17 2003)

Cambodian-flagged 98-meter oil M/T Africa, Athens for Port Said with 13 crew -- abandoned vessel drifting dangerously close to Greek island of Milos in Aegean Sea after mechanical breakdown -- 10 NM from island of Hydra. All rescued. Tow attempts continue. (Wed. Dec. 17 2003) UPDATE>> Greek maritime authorities say 2 attempts to tow M/T Africa to safety when it was 10 NM from island of Hydra, failed because of high winds. (Fri. Dc. 19 2003)

Japanese container M/V Tokyo Express, Shanghai for Japan, in collision with 80-ton F/V from Zhejiang Province on Dec. 15 afternoon. F/V sank immediately with 1 missing & 6 injured. (Wed. Dec. 17 2003)

M/T Navon Fennia, anchored 1 mile NE of Humber Light Float in Humber Estuary, UK, during crew change reported man overboard to UK Humber Coastguard -- RAF Rescue Helicopter "R128" from RAF Leconfield<<webfeature, (Haunted Control Tower?<<webfeature) scrambled -- crew rescued by vessel & "Rescue 128" then airlifted 53 year old rescued Finnish national crew to Grimsby Royal Hospital. (Wed. Dec. 17 2003)

603gt, cargo M/V Brake (built 1957), Hamburg for Vordingborg<<webfeature -- aground. (Tues. Dec. 16 2003)

Indonesian 100-ton wooden M/V K.M. Monalisa, with 116 passengers & 17 crew, Toli-Toli, in Central Sulawesi for Wani -- hit coral reef in Makassar Sea separating Sulawesi<<webfeature, & Borneo islands -- capsized leaving 2 dead & 2 dozen missing -- 61 police recruits aboard survived along with 28 passengers & all crew -- 2 passenger bodies found dead -- some 50 missing. (Tues. Dec. 16 2003)

U.S. New Bedford-based F/V Atlanta foundered & sank on Dec. 13 night, 27 miles S. of Chatham - 4 crew with "the fear of death in their faces" rescued from lifeboat -- 2 crew dead -- 3rd missing . (Mon. Dec. 15 2003) UPDATE>> Body found floating off Cape Cod identified as Capt. of F/V Atlanta -- another crew died after rescued from lifeboat & 3rd missing & presumed dead. (Wed. Dec. 17 2003)

227gt reffer M/V Sventa (built 1955) sank off coast of Estonia. (Mon. Dec. 15 2003)

17,636gt bulk M/V Argola (built 1978), with wheat, aground at Algiers. Crew rescued, Dec. 13. (Mon. Dec. 15 2003)

Philippine trawler F/V Alma-4, with 25 crew -- in collision with cargo vessel & sank before dawn off coast of Davao city in south Philippines - 3 missing. (Sun. Dec. 14 2003)

South Wales - Port Eynon and Horton inshore lifeboat, with 3 crew, capsized off beach at Slade. Swansea coastguards sent out Mumbles inshore lifeboat & all-weather lifeboat & rescue helicopter from RAF Chivenor. All crew winched to safety, Dec. 13. (Sun. Dec. 14 2003)

1,739gt cargo M/V Harlan (built 1974), ex-Port Said suffered water ingress off Crete, Dec. 11. (Sun. Dec. 14 2003)

3:45 a.m. LAX Time - Saddam Hussein Captured !! (Sun. Dec. 14 2003 at 3:45 a.m.)

Latvian M/V Sventa, Latvian capital Riga for Saint Petersburg, Russia with 160 tons of sugar beets & 9 crew -- sank 16km off coast of Estonia -- crew abandoned aboard rubber life raft when water reached engine room -- picked up by Estonian coastguard helicopter. All safe. (Fri. Dec. 12 2003)

Port Everglades was site of death for Philip Davis, 51, VP of South Stevedoring Inc., a shipping company at port for 3 years. He was either run over by shipping truck or crushed between a truck & concrete post. Authorities are currently checking to see if there was a horse head in his bed. (Fri. Dec. 12 2003)


08 Dec. 2003 at 0025 LT in posn 01:11N - 126:52E, Molucca Sea, Indonesia -- Pirates in a motorboat attempted to board bulk carrier underway. Ship raised alarm, directed searchlights & activated fire hoses. Pirates aborted boarding & fled. (Fri. Dec. 12 2003)

 06 Dec. 2003 at 0130 LT at Georgetown anchorage, Guyana. Pirates boarded chemical tanker about to drop anchor with pilot onboard. Alarm raised & crew mustered. Pirates escaped with ship's stores. (Fri. Dec. 12 2003)

 03 Dec. 2003 at early morning at Jakarta anchorage, Indonesia. Pirates boarded tanker & stole liferaft. (Fri. Dec. 12 2003)

 01 Dec. 2003 at 0330 LT at Balikpapan anchorage, Indonesia. During cargo operations 5 pirates in speedboat attempted to board tanker by climbing anchor chain. Anti piracy crew & policeman stationed onboard chased pirates & fired a warning shot. Pirates aborted attempt & fled. (Fri. Dec. 12 2003)

 01 Dec. 2003 at 1600 LT in position 04:49.8N - 098:33.7E, northern Malacca straits -- armed pirates in speedboat chased supply ship & ordered her to stop. When ship ignored & proceeded, pirates fired several shots. Two bullets hit helm & one killed 1 crew. Ship proceeded to Penang & lodged a police report. (Fri. Dec. 12 2003)

29 Nov. 2003 at 0200 LT at Puerto la Cruz, Venezuela -- pirates armed with knives boarded tanker at anchor -- took hostage duty A/B & tied him up. Pirates stole ship's stores & safety equipment & escaped. (Fri. Dec. 12 2003)

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Historic Crosby Yacht Yard, Osterville, Mass., founded 1850, suffered rgging fire shooting flames 50 feet into the air & destroying 3 large boat storage sheds & some of luxury vessels stored for the winter. No injuries were reported. U.S. Coast Guard investigating. (Thurs. Dec. 11 2003)

Suspected Terrorist Vessel? >> Bahamas registered bulk 17,429gt M/V Athena -- in ballast to load calcined petroleum coke (product produced in Bellingham) at Port Longview for Australia (Calcined coke used in metals industry) -- arrived in Columbia River, Dec. 4, -- met by patrol boats mounting machine guns & heavily armed Coast Guard boarding team -- decision for close watch on Athena stemmed from "intelligence tip." -- Dc. 6, U.S. Coast Guard said its team found nothing suspicious. (Thurs. Dec. 11 2003)

UK F/V Onward Star -- 1 crew overboard just outside the entrance to Bridlington Harbor, Dec. 7. Coastguard launched Bridlington RNLI Lifeboat & Inshore Lifeboat, Flamborough Inshore Lifeboat. Coastguard Rescue teams from Bridlington, Flamborough, Hornsea & Humber Coastguard operations room staff all conducting a shore search and RAF Rescue helicopter 'R131' from Boulmer with Police helicopter 'Oscar 99' are covering area. No sign. (Thurs. Dec. 11 2003)

Hang 'em High>> Australian pilot stranded in Antarctica should have abandoned his flight rather than land on the frozen continent, U.S. & New Zealand officials say. Adelaide adventurer Jon Johanson remains stranded Dec. 10, at the joint U.S.-New Zealand McMurdo-Scott base after making 1st Solo Flight Over South Pole in a home-built, single-engine aircraft. Johanson needs 400 liters of fuel to return home but both U.S.& New Zealand have refused to supply it as part of policy to discourage "tourists" to the base. The U.S. & NZ have offered to fly him back to NZ & then ship plane home at his own expense. NZ authorities have accused 47-year-old pilot of being irresponsible & ill-prepared, sentiments supported by the U.S. The U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF), which manages main U.S. research station in Antarctica, has offered Johanson passage back to NZ - where he started his historic trip - on a regularly scheduled flight. U.S. officials also are discussing possibility of sending pilot's aircraft back aboard supply ship that normally visits station in Feb., at end of each research season. (Thurs. Dec. 11 2003) The Australian adventurer, stranded in the Antarctic for a week after becoming the first person to fly solo over the South Pole in a fixed wing aircraft, has arrived in New Zealand, using fuel from a British rival. (Sun. Dec. 14 2003)

Ed Note>> Tourist? How about "Adventurer" -- without question -- 50 years ago we would have seen Jon Johanson hailed as a hero & granted all the supplies, support & help he could ever need. Jon Johanson was going for a serious world record at great personal risk. He appears serious at reaching the goal. Are we now so very grown up & politically correct as to treat remaining world adventurers as criminals? It is not as if these overworked gaurdians have to fend off waves of weekly attempts to make the 1st Solo Flight Over South Pole! Geeez, give the guy some help. (Thurs. Dec. 11 2003)

22m steel-hulled longline NSW trawler F/V Makaira, with 5 crew at sea for 6 days on tuna fishing run, Coffs Harbor on Dec. 5, for Evans Head -- erupted in flames 17 NM off Ballina, south of Byron Bay, Australia -- skipper & 4 crew clung to a liferaft as smoke billowed from vessel. Westpac Lifesaver rescue helicopter from Lismore sent to lift fishermen &endash; aged 16 to 40 &endash; to safety. (Thurs. Dec. 11 2003)

Philippines M/V LCT Trinidad II, with 800 tons cement & 19 crew for Roxas, Mindoro -- encountered strong winds & heavy seas 5 NM NEof Boracay Island, Philippines, at 11 p.m., Dec. 7 -- sank 300km S. of Manila at 6 a.m. All crew rescued by PCG search & rescue teams -- 2nd time major vessel sank in Philippine waters in less than a month -- in Nov., a cargo vessel, M/V Isabela Adriana, with coconut oil sunk when fire occured aboard. From our correspondent Dan Massoni. (Wed. Dec. 10 2003)

289ft. Dutch bulker M/V Stellamare, at Port Albany dock on Hudson River with 661 tons of General Electric turbines &18 crew bound for Italy & Romania -- suffered cargo shift -- causing vessel to capsize -- 8 crew thrown into partly frozen water -- 7 rescued from ship, some by helicopter -- 15 safe -- 3 missing believed trapped inside hull where temperatures dipped to about 20 degrees. Rescue operations continue. (Tues Dec. 9 2003) UPDATE>> See our SINGLES ONLY<<webfeature, photo feature. (Wed. Dec. 10 2003) UPDATE>> Body believed to be that of a missing crew found Friday in cargo hold -- 2 more remain missing Misplaced G.E. generator now considered cause of loss. (Fri. Dc. 19 2003) UPDATE>> Second body found by divers. (Sat. Dec. 20 2003)

40,627gt M/V Mokihana (built 1983) in collision with coastal feeder container ship at Qingdao. (Tues Dec. 9 2003)

South Korea's King Sejong Base<<webfeature, on King George Island, at tip of Antarctica's peninsula stretching toward South America -- 7 of 8 South Korean polar researchers who disappeared at sea off Antarctica were rescued but another was found dead -- 3 researchers on rubber boat first went missing Dec. 7, after they reported heavy snow & strong winds. Another group of 5 sent to look for them following day, but lost contact as well -- also traveling in rubber boat. Russian & Chilean rescuers searching found 7 researchers alive, but 27-year-old Chun Jae-kyu dead in the sea. No further details available. (Tues Dec. 9 2003)

1,865gt general cargo M/V Farah Sea (built 1966) sank in Turkish waters. (Tues Dec. 9 2003)

836ft. Chinese 74,500 dwt bulk M/V Yong Kang (built 2001), at anchor awaiting Pier availability in Quebec Harbor -- winds gusting to 60 mph pushed vessel aground Dec. 6., off St-Jean Island of Orleans in Lower St. Lawrence River. Tug M/V Group Ocean from Quebec City assisted to free ship late Dec. 6 & escorted vessel to section 52 in St. Charles River Terminal of Quebec Harbor to partially offload cargo of nickel & bauxite. Preliminary survey indicates several fractures on bottom plates & a ballast tank is taking on water -- will sail to Becancour to offload remaining cargo -- then return to Quebec & final decision about repairs. (Tues Dec. 9 2003)

Indian cruise M/V Nancowri, on holiday cruise returning from Andaman islands<<webfeature, for Port Madras, discoverd murder -- happened Dec. 7 when Israeli, Cohen Yeol, sleeping alongside English girlfriend Carina Elizabeth on deck -- had set sail from Port Blair on Dec. 4. When she heard a struggle, Elizabeth opened her eyes to find Yeol dead with neck slit & a youth running away. She immediately raised an alarm. Elizabeth could not "firmly" point to any suspect in an identification parade involving ship's 1,200 passengers & 300 crew members but 7 people about whom she expressed "some doubts" detained for further questioning. (Tues Dec. 9 2003) UPDATE>> THE COOK DID IT! -- Ship's cook cook killed Israeli tourist Cohen Yeol while he lay sleeping aboard M/V Nancowri. The cook, Rajesh Paul, admitted murdering Yoel Cohen. Paul held grudge against 27-year-old Cohen stemming from differences arising during earlier voyages to Andamans<<webfeature, -- sliced Israeli's neck with kitchen knife. (Thurs. Dec. 11 2003)

130gt hydofoil ferry M/V Aligiulia (built 1991) caught fire shortly after deprture -- off Capri, France. Details pending. (Mon. Dec. 8 2003)

The Cargo Letter UPDATE>>

On 5 Dec. 2003 -- We posted this report -- "R/V NBP limped back to Lyttleton with 2 bad engines. One of the turbos apparently intent on feeding an engine all the fuel it needed. The overspeed shut down was with black gang in the galley fixin mid rats & neither could get to the ER fast enough to save the 2nd engine coupled to it's overachieving twin . Last word (two days ago) was that the 1st rebuild didn't go so well & is coming apart again. This was E-mail notice from the crew aboard." (Fri. Dec. 5 2003)
On 8 Dec. 2003 -- Capt Robert Verret II of R/V NBP posted the following:

"First of all, I am the Capt. here & I know none of my crew would write this report. I keep my crew informed of all that is happening. So all of my crew knew what is going on.  There is no 2nd hand information. But I would think that your organization specializes in Maritime Law, what is "the black gang" supposed to mean? I have been sailing 20 years & I have never heard of this term. And as I put in my previous e-mail (not received) , the incident happened at 07:00. When it referred to "fixin midrats", again inaccurate.  Midrats is served between 23:30 & 00:30. As I put the turbo was not the cause of failure. But for someone not know a lot of maritime things, if a person was to read this, it would seen that maybe human error caused the 2nd failure. That was not the case. And how it is stated: "This is E-mail notice from the crew aboard."  As you write to send an anonymous e-mail "to keep the maritime industry informed"?  Because as I wrote in my other e-mail (not received) , the only thing that was correct on your report was that 2 engines that we came into port on."

"Really I would like to know who wrote the report because it is obvious they are not a mariner, and probably got their information from a person whom is not a crew member.  They could have received their information from the local bar owner from what I know.  But in any event, I would ask you to forward my e-mail to their address, and if they would choose to get ahold of me, I can give them an accurate report. > <

"CargoLaw", please do not think I am angry with you, I am just disappointed in the person who wrote you the report because it is so inaccurate. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. --

Capt Robert Verret II of R/V NBP (Mon. Dec. 7 2003)

Container M/V Seaboard Voyager -- in rough seas & bad weather off Cuban coast -- lost 4 containers 18 miles N. of Puerto de Tanamo, Cuba, Dec. 5, 2:18 p.m. -- containers believed 15 miles E. of Punta Miasi, Cuba. (Mon. Dec. 8 2003)

French hydrofoil M/V Aligiulia, island of Capri for Sorrento with 47 plus 6 crew, caught fire sending dozens of passengers scrambling to safety aboard inflatable life rafts -- some passengers plunged into sea in panic -- 30 minutes after all aboard had left M/V Aligiulia exploded in flames. (Sun. Dec. 7 2003)

Philippine flagged M/V Doña Trinidad, Cebu Island for Mindoro Island with cement & 19 crew, capsized & sank off Caticlan on Panay Island, about 300km (186 miles) south of Manila -- 19 crew rescued. (Sun. Dec. 7 2003)

U.S. 72-foot Long Island long-range trawler F/V Miss Judith, homeported in Freeport, N.Y., lost engines in big blow Dec. 5 night in perilous 60-mph wind gusts & 18-foot seas -- adrift 80 miles S. of Martha's Vineyard -- taken in tow by sister F/V Charlotte G to Point Judith, R.I. (Sat. Dec. 6 2003)

1000-foot M/V Edgar B. Speer lost starboard rudder Dec. 3 afternoon in lower St. Marys River near Lime Island. U.S. Coast Guard set up one way traffic in area because lost rudder could be an obstruction & hazard to navigation. (Sat. Dec. 6 2003)


29 Nov. 2003 at 0730 UTC in posn: 03:52N - 077:05W, Buenaventura Inner Roads, Colombia -- pirates armed with crowbars boarded a general cargo ship. Guard employed by the ship fired 2 warning shots. Pirates jumped overboard & escaped in a boat waiting with 3 accomplices. Master informed coast guard who sent a patrol boat to investigate. (Sat. Dec. 6 2003)

28 Nov. 2003 at 0205 LT at Lagos anchorage, Nigeria. Four pirates armed with knives boarded general cargo ship from a fishing motor boat. They threatened duty A/B and assaulted him causing head injuries. Alarm raised & crew mustered. Pirates stole 8 mooring ropes & escaped. Master tried to called Lagos port control but received no response. (Sat. Dec. 6 2003)

25 Nov. 2003 at 2250 LT in posn: 03:01S-106:58E, Selat Leplia, Indonesia. Five pirates with long knives & guns boarded container ship underway -- entered bridge took hostage & tied up d/o, A/B & cadet. Pirates forced d/o to take them to other officers cabins -- entered cabins of master, c/e, c/o, 2/e & stole personal belongings & cash. They took c/o to poop deck & escaped in waiting boat at 2310 LT. Bridge unmanned during attack. (Sat. Dec. 6 2003)

25 Nov. 2003 at 0315 LT in position 00:39.47S - 103:48.09E, 15nm off Muara Sabak, Jambi, Indonesia -- group of armed pirates hijacked tug & barge in tow. Pirates forced crew to jump overboard. All 14 crew managed to swim safely ashore. Barge had 78 containers loaded with rubber, plywood & betel nut. Barge subsequently located on 26.11.2003 near Dabo Singkep but tug still missing. (Sat. Dec. 6 2003)

24 Nov. 2003 at 1115 LT in posn: 08:36S - 137:14E, 20nm off False cape, Kolepon island, Irian Jaya, Indonesia. Pirates in 2 fishing boats approached general cargo ship underway intending to board. Ship pursued evasive manoeuvres & crew mustered. Fishing boats fled towards shore. (Sat. Dec. 6 2003)

24 Nov. 2003 at 0540 LT in posn: 00:56.9N - 105:20.4E, 41 nm off Bintan island, Indonesia. Seven pirates with guns & knives boarded container ship underway -- fired shots at starboard bridge door & entered bridge & took hostage 2/o. Pirates broke master's cabin door & entered his cabin -- stole ship's cash & master's personal belongings. (Sat. Dec. 6 2003)

24 Nov. 2003 at 0130 UTC in posn: 09:21N - 013:39W, Conakry, Guinea. 15 pirates armed with high powered guns in 2 motor boats boarded bulk carrier at anchor -- took hostage 2 crew on deck watch & entered accommodation via bridge -- assaulted master & crew, ransacked cabins & stole ship's property & cash. (Sat. Dec. 6 2003)

22 Nov. 2003 at 2200 UTC in posn: 17:45N-054:31W, Caribbean Sea. Several pirates in boat of 30 meter boat chased yacht underway intending to board. Crew on yacht switched off lights & electronic equipment & reversed course. Boat moved away. (Sat. Dec. 6 2003)

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MV Mokihana, in collision with coaster feeder container ship at Qingdao -- Dec. 2 -- just after taking pilot abord -- coaster took on water to point Master decided to beach vessel. Mokihana not allowed to depart Qingdao due to local Harbor Master investigation. (Fri. Dec. 5 2003)

R/V NBP limped back to Lyttleton with 2 bad engines. One of the turbos apparently intent on feeding an engine all the fuel it needed. The overspeed shut down was with black gang in the galley fixin mid rats & neither could get to the ER fast enough to save the 2nd engine coupled to it's overachieving twin . Last word (two days ago) was that the 1st rebuild didn't go so well & is coming apart again. This was E-mail notice from the crew aboard. (Fri. Dec. 5 2003)

U.S.1,492gt Ro/Ro ferry M/V Cape Henlopen (built 1944) Long Island Sound for Orient Point with 80 vehicles & 150 passengers -- Dec. 2 -- port bow door opened because hydraulic closing mechanism that holds it shut failed -- master turned vessel around in winds up to 40 mph & waves 6 to 8 feet to New London for repairs at company's shipyard -- completed overnight under U.S. Coast Guard supervision -- series of waves rolled into vessel & pushed at least 8 cars into one another. No injuries. Report form our Dan Massoni (Thus. Dec. 4 2003)

U.S. 6,174gt ice-breaking capabile R/V Nathaniel B.Palmer (built 1992) has limped back to port. Details pending. "Nathaniel B. Palmer" named to commemorate the American credited with 1st seeing Antarctica. (Thus. Dec. 4 2003)

F/V Panther -- 56km off Sumatra --4 pirates in motorized fishing boat opened fire late on Dec. 1 -- 27-year-old Filipino, fatally shot in chest -- attack occurred in Malacca Straits. Attacks near N. tip of Sumatra are often blamed on rebels from Indonesian province of Aceh. (Thus. Dec. 4 2003)

M/V Sko, Iligan City for Iloilo port with 45,000 bags of cement & 17 crew -- partially burned when one of its oxygen or acetylene tanks exploded while being used by welders -- huge fire -- while docked between Iloilo & Guimaras strait -- 4 crew injured. (Thus. Dec. 4 2003)

250-meter container M/V Zoey S, lost power& drifted toward rocks of Trial Island near Victoria. Ship within 400 meters of island when crew managed to get engines running again -- currently anchored off Victoria, waiting for safety inspection. (Thus. Dec. 4 2003)

87-ft. U.S. Coast Guard Cutter USCGC Chinook<<webfeature, with 10 crew, homeport New London, Ct., aground after it broke free from mooring line at 8:30. Chinook on routine patrol in vicinity of Coddington Cove, R.I., and had been moored up for the evening. Two 41-ft. rescue boats from Coast Guard Station Castle Hill in Newport, R.I., are currently on scene to prevent or minimize any environmental damae & determine best method to re-float Chinook. Cause under investigation. (Wed. Dec. 3 2003)

M/V Sea Panther, Singapore for Mumbai with 14 crew -- 90 NM off Sumatra coast -- pirates attacked on high seas -- 27-year-old Philippine sailor shot dead in aborting boarding. We join the IBM in requesting Malacca Straits patrols by U.S./UK vessels. Here is terrorism. (Tues. Dec. 2 2003)

F/V Thane, with 22 crew. aground at Blue Horizon Bay near Port Elizabeth, South Africa in the early hours of Dec. 2 -- plans to tow her into deeper water at high tide -- all 22 crew members brought to safety. (Tues. Dec. 2 2003)


Vessel Loss Dispatches For November 2003

"DHL Airlines - On Time -- On Target" - Nov. 2003

"Angel Fire" - Nov. 2003

"Pelican's Peril" - collision on River Scheldt - Aug. 2003

"Singles Only" - single photos of disaster -- always new.

"Enjoy Your Flight!" - Oct. 2003 - wait to load

Limitation Action Filed ......... as facing more than US$2Bn in damages sought by victims of the Oct. 2003 Staten Island M/V Andrew J. Barberi (built 1981)<<webfeature disaster, financially strapped New York City has filed a federal petition to limit its liability under maritime law to the value of the vessel -- calculated at US$14.4M. Eighty-one court claims have been filed against the city stemming from the Oct. 15 ferry crash in which 10 people were killed & dozens injured, many with amputated limbs. A federal trial could take up to a year will determine if the city has properly invoked the petition. Review Our Feature. (Sat. Nov. 29 2003)

USS Cole & its crew of 340 pulled out of Norfolk, VA, for the destroyer's first overseas deployment since it was bombed by terrorists 3 years ago in Yemen's port of Aden. The Cole and two other destroyers in the Norfolk-based Surface Strike Group, the USS Thorn & USS Gonzalez, are now scheduled to head to the Mediterranean Sea for about 6 months. They officially are part of the USS Enterprise carrier strike group, which left in October. Review Our USS Cole Feature. (Sat. Nov. 29 2003)

Hong Kong-flagged M/V Maritime Friendship, at Dunedin's Port Chalmers, NZ -- suffered crane collapse 9.30pm, Nov. 29, while logs were being loading aboard. Workers aboard & on wharf had to dodge swinging boom -- pile of logs which rolled free of the ship -- 3rd incident this week aboard Maritime Friendship. Int'l Transport Federation also investigating claims ship's owners only paying seamen between 25% & 50% of their agreed rate. Great maritime friendship! (Sat. Nov. 29 2003)

Canadian tug M/V Sea Commander, Surrey, Canada for Eureka, Calif. with Canadian registered 380-foot log barge Ocean Oregon -- 2,000 logs went overside Nov. 13, drifting offshore in a W-SW direction approximatly 100-miles off Tillamook Head, Oregon. Logs were in bundles of 5 prior to falling overboard.  According to latest weather data from National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration the logs heading back out to sea & may not strike land for weeks. (Sat. Nov. 29 2003) Updated by Fred McCague (Mon. Dec. 1 2003)

Portland-based 360ft. sternwheeler M/V Empress of the North<<webfeature, with 58 passengers & 68 crew, developed steering problems Nov. 27 night 80 miles up the Columbia River from Portland -- ran aground injuring passenger & 2 crew -- vessel moved to barge dock & tied up. Injured hospital treated & released. LAST TIME>> On Oct. 24, 2003, while navigating through Ice Harbor Dam Lock on Snake River, vessel got stuck &endash; spent night there -- on 3rd day of 8 day cruise on Snake & Columbia Rivers. No injuries reported among 188 passengers & 84 crew (Fri. Nov. 28 2003)


24 Nov. 2003 at 0630 LT in position 01:21.1N - 117:01E, 14 nm off Balikpapan, Indonesia -- pirates with guns & knives boarded tanker via hawse pipe --took hostage deck watch keeper at gun point -- stole ship's property & stores before escaping. (Fri. Nov. 28 2003)

23 Nov. 2003 at 0400 LT at Chittagong anchorage, Bangladesh. Six pirates with long knives boarded general cargo ship -- stole ship's stores & escaped. (Fri. Nov. 28 2003)

22 Nov. 2003 at 2300 LT at Lagos anchorage, Nigeria. Pirates boarded tanker, stole ship's stores & escaped in waiting trawler. (Fri. Nov. 28 2003)

19 Nov. 2003 at 2325 LT in position 01:17.9N - 104:06.1E, Eastern buoy, Singapore -- 7 pirates with long knives boarded tanker underway & stole ship's cash & escaped. (Fri. Nov. 28 2003)

19 Nov. 2003 at 1200 UTC in posn: 30:58S-030:22E, port Shepstone, East coast of South Africa -- 6 pirates in speedboat trailed refrigerated ship & attempted to board. Crew raised alarm & activated fire hoses. Pirates aborted attempt. (Fri. Nov. 28 2003)

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Democratic Republic of Congo M/L Dieu Merci ("Thank God" ), with 20 tons fish, maize, cocoa & some 450 souls transiting Lake Mai-Ndombe<<webfeature, (known as "Black Water") in Bandundu province 600km(360 miles) NE of capital, Kinshasa, capsized then disintegrated in high winds & driving rain -- hurling passengers into churning lake waters -- 163 drowned & scores more missing Nov. 26 -- 222 survivors. Democratic Republic of Congo Minister of Humanitarian Affairs earlier told Reuters 2 ferries collided, but survivors said only 1 vessel appeared involved. Lake Mai-Ndombe<<webfeature, covers 888 sq. miles but doubles or triples in size during rainy season, currently lashing western Congo. (Thurs. 27 Nov. 2003)

Thanksgiving Day Dinner Menu for crew of South Bound U.S. merchant M/V Challenger -- U.S. Great Lakes - Nov. 27 2003

Appetizers: Oyster Cocktail * Shrimp Cocktail * Assorted Olives & Raw Vegetables

Soups: Oyster Stew & Chicken Noodle Soup

Entree: Roast Tom Turkey w/Sage Dressing & Wild Rice * Lobster Tail w/Butter Sauce * Baked Virginia Ham w/Pineapple Rings * Mashed & Sweet Potatoes * Buttered Peas * Squash * Giblet Gravy * Hot Dinner Rolls * Cranberry Sauce

Desserts: Mincemeat, Apple, Peach & Pumpkin Pies * Whipped Cream * Fruit Cake * Ice Cream * Chocolate Mints * Sugared Dates

Refreshments: Coffee, Tea, Milk, Hot Chocolate, Soft Drinks, Eggnog, Cigars, Cigarettes, Hard Candy, Gum

HAPPY THANKSGIVING DAY From America! There is so much for which to be thankful. Thanks to all our world crews at sea tonight. (Thurs. 27 Nov. 2003)

F/V Beira 3 (built 1953), with 19 crew held by pirates since June 8 2003 -- pirates refuse to release vessel until onwers pay undisclosed amount of fishing and ship chandling fees. Captors said to have given hostages permission to return to home port Mombasa by their own means. Situation aboard vessel appalling -- not enough food & fresh water for seafarers. (Wed. 26 Nov. 2003) UPDATE>> Payment demand is US$958,000 ! (Thurs. 27 Nov. 2003)

1,846gt general cargo RMS Voerde (built 1999) in collision with chemical tanker off Schevningen. (Wed. 26 Nov. 2003)

Philippine 498.29gt M/V Isabella Angelica, with 1,400 tons coconut oil for Batangas City port, 100km S. of capital Manila, caught fire & sank off Philippines' SE town of Barcelona on Nov. 25 --14 crew rescued, fate of Capt. unknown. (Tues. Nov. 25 2003)

Collision off Sulawesi in E. Indonesia -- vessel, with 30 passengers, illegally chartered, leaving Kendari port for Wowoni w/o proper permits or lights -- 1 dead & 9 missing -- sank after collision. 2nd boat, manned by crew of 6 but no passengers, also had no proper lights. (Mon. Nov. 24 2003)

Dutch river M/V Spes rammed a groyne (protective structure of stone or concrete; extends from shore to prevent beach from washing away) on the River Ems -- sinks, Nov. 21. (Mon. Nov. 24 2003)

United Arab Emirates flagged M/T NOORA 1, boarded & detained during a surveillance operation by Royal Navy's Type 23 frigate HMS Norfolk<<webfeature, -- found more than 300 tons of what is believed to be illegal Iraqi oil on vessel. Commander Tony Radakin, Commanding Officer of HMS Norfolk, said: "We are determined to ensure that oil exported from Iraq is done so legally & is used for benefit of the Iraqi people. (Mon. Nov. 24 2003)

Russian river-marine dry cargo M/V Chernomorsk, storm killed both engines & lost its anchor 30km N. of Cape Akhilleon -- sent distress signals from Kerch Straight -- recue completed Nov. 12. (Mon. Nov. 24 2003)

M/V Banga Lanka -- engine room caught fire at 3.20 pm at Jamuna Oil Co., Dhaka, Bangladesh, with a loud bang. As result, 4 crew working in engine room were injured, 1 critically -- firemen of tanker able to control blaze within 1 hour. M/T Shrotapriya, one lighter oil tanker unloading the imported cargo at the time. M/T Banga Lanka - ship of HRC Shipping Lines, seized on Nov. 8 last at Outer Anchorage of Chittagong Port for carrying illegal arms. (Sun. Nov. 23 2003)

Los Angeles 32ft S/V Azure, with Brian & Helen Moore of Cypress, CA -- went missing 1,000 miles NE of Oahu -- only trace was life raft -- strobe lights that may have been from life vests found by U.S. Coast Guard, Nov. 22 -- presumed lost. (Sun. Nov. 23 2003)

Italian cruise M/V Costa Classica<<LiveWebCam, with 1,000 passengers on Mediterranean cruise, cancelled scheduled port calls set for Nov. 22 & 23 in Turkish ports for security reasons after string of deadly bomb attacks in Istanbul. A number of Western countries have advised travelers to avoid Turkey after 53 people died & hundreds wounded in suicide bomb attacks against synagogues & British interests in Turkey's metropolis. (Sat. 24 Nov. 2003)

ALERT>> Civilian DHL freighter landed at Baghdad Int'l Airport Nov. 24 with wing on fire -- trailing thick smoke & part of wingtip missing as it overflew Baghdad's Mahmoudiya district prior to touch down -- pilot declared in-flight emergency -- not known whether flames caused by technical malfunction, or ground fire. All DHL crew safe. (Fri. 23 Nov. 2003 PM)

Maltese-flag, Polish-owned M/V Kopalnia Borynia hit arrestor boom at Iroquois Lock<<webfeature, while upbound for Thunder Bay in U.S. Great Lakes -- extent of damage unknown but navigation suspended in area -- expected to resume Nov. 24. LT (Fri. 23 Nov. 2003)


17 Nov. 2003 at 2300 LT about 6 NM off Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam -- 5 pirates boarded container ship underway. Anti-piracy watch spotted & chased them. Pirates escaped empty handed. (Fri. 23 Nov. 2003)

17 Nov. 2003 at 1920 UTC in position 06:01S - 105:54E, Cigading anchorage, Indonesia -- 6 pirates armed with knives, commenced boarding bulk carrier using ropes attached to hooks. When they were half way through, duty A/B raised alarm. Pirates abandoned boarding & escaped in boat waiting with 4 other accomplices. (Fri. 23 Nov. 2003)

16 Nov. 2003 at 1055 LT at Balikpapan anchorage, Indonesia. About 9 pirates climbed anchor cable of tanker. Alert crew raised alarm & pirates abandoned boarding -- 7 escaped in motorboat. (Fri. 23 Nov. 2003)

14 Nov. 2003 at 0550 LT at Lawi-Lawi SBM anchorage, Indonesia-- 3 armed pirates in black motorboat boarded tanker -- broke forecastle locker and stole ship's stores -- threatened duty A/B with steel bars but he managed to raise alarm & pirates fled. Attempt to contact port authorities failed. (Fri. 23 Nov. 2003)

11 Nov. 2003 at 2140 LT at Chittagong anchorage, Bangladesh -- pirates armed with knives boarded multi purpose ship at forecastle -- broke open forecastle locker & stole ship's stores. C/o raised alarm & informed port control. Pirates jumped overboard & escaped in boat at 2234. Six shore watchmen kept away from pirates and did not intervene. (Fri. 23 Nov. 2003)

11 Nov. 2003 at 1030 UTC during river passage, Warri, Nigeria. Pirates in 3 boats armed with machine guns surrounded refrigerated cargo ship & tried to block her passage -- minutes later pirates fired shots at hull. Ship increased speed & took evasive manoeuvres -- pirates stopped chase. Pilot aboard contacted authorities but no local assistance received. (Fri. 23 Nov. 2003)

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Tribal militants armed with automatic weapons have seized 2 oil platforms in offshore waters of Nigeria belonging to ChevronTexaco, taking several workers hostage. (Fri. Nov. 21 2003)

Canadian barge crew removing buoy in Lake Superior -- swamped -- managed to climb on top of overturned barge -- noticed by a passing commercial fisherman, who called & aided in rescue -- also helped prevent barge from crashing into rocks until Canadian Coast Guard CCGC Thunder Cape<<webfeature, arrived on scene -- barge towed back to Thunder Bay late Nov. 17 night. (Thurs. Nov. 20 2003) Updated by our Pat Rivers-Bowerman (Mon. Dec. 1 2003)

42-metre gravel-hopper dredger M/V Karma, aground in Queensland River on Nov. 19. Officials report cause as bad Karma. (Wed. Nov. 19 2003)

Philippine M/L Susan, Sipalay City with 39 souls, battered by huge waves spawned by Typhoon Weng, sank off Pala&emdash;wan, Nov. 16 -- 22 passengers found in motor launch -- now 10 missing. Cargo vessels such as M/L Susan not supposed to take on passengers. Master succumbed to heart failure while being escorted with 8 survivors to Culasi town in Antique. (Wed. Nov. 19 2003)

37,482gt ro/ro M/V Knossos Palace (named for palace of King Minos<<webfeature, of Crete) (built 2000) caught fire off Greece at 0340 LT. Details pending. (Wed. Nov. 19 2003)

Emergency rescue under way E. of New Zealand after veteran solo ocean rower struck extreme weather & called for help -- Jim Shekhdar, on nonstop solo journey from S. New Zealand port of Bluff to Cape Town in South Africa, reported his vessel rolling several times in severe weather, which also broke his oars & swept gear from deck. He suffered minor head injury. New Zealand marine research ship R/V Tangaroa<<webfeature, diverted to assist Shekhdar, would reach him about 8pm today (1800 AEDT) (Mon. Nov. 17 2003) UPDATE>> 57 year old adventurer rescued well. (Wed. Nov. 19 2003)

27,088 dwt Hong Kong flag bulker M/V Tu King, ex-Guinea -- threw 8 African men overboard 7km off Brazil coast near Recife -- 6 men said they were beaten & thrown overboard, while 2 more apparently jumped off vessel of their own volition. Men stowed away on Tu King before it departed from Guinea, hoping to find jobs & opportunities lacking at home. Fishermen in N. Brazil rescued African men. Master could be charged with illegally transporting foreigners, which carries a possible prison term of between 1 to 3 years. (Sun. 16 Nov. 2003)

ALERT>> 150,000gt world's longest, tallest & most expensive passenger M/V Queen May 2<<webfeature, -- still in trials -- suffered gangway collapse at St. Nazarine, France -- 12 dead & 32 injured. (Sat. Nov. 15 2003) UPDATE>> Death toll is now 15. (Sun. 16 Nov. 2003) UPDATE>> French public prosecutor probing deaths said Nov. 17 -- gangway which collapsed under them was last-minute replacement. Gangway had been changed -- one that was in place on Nov. 15 was put up evening before at request of management who wanted gangway 1.4 meters wide, whereas 1st one was only a meter (3 feet) wide. Two inquiries into disaster under way, including criminal investigation into manslaughter & involuntary injury -- 48 people thought on gangway to Cunard's new flagship cruise liner at time. (Mon. Nov. 17 2003)


10 Nov. 2003 about 1.5 miles from Dakar pilot station, Senegal. Pirates armed with knives boarded refrigerated ship underway. General alarm raised & crew mustered and chased pirates. Dakar port control informed who sent a police boat to escort vessel to berth. (Fri. Nov. 14 2003)

10 Nov. 2003 at 0400 LT at Chittagong anchorage 'B', Bangladesh. Pirates boarded container ship & stole ship's stores & safety equipment. (Fri. Nov. 14 2003)

09 Nov. 2003 at 2248 UTC in position 06:20.2N - 003:22.8E at Lagos roads, Nigeria. Pirates boarded chemical tanker from speedboat at poop deck & stole ship's stores. Alert crew raised alarm & pirates escaped at 2300. (Fri. Nov. 14 2003)

09 Nov. 2003 at 0510 LT at Balikpapan inner anchorage, Indonesia. Pirates armed with knives boarded bulk carrier under pilotage from anchorage to open sea. Threatened the anti-piracy crew with knives, broke in to store room & stole ship's stores. Master raised alarm, sounded whistle & crew mustered. Pirates escaped in a high platform boat. Pilot reported incident to port authorities who did not respond. (Fri. Nov. 14 2003)

07 Nov. 2003 at 2330 LT at Chittagong anchorage, Bangladesh -- 10 - 15 pirates armed with knives & swords boarded general cargo ship. Crew fired distress rockets at them. Pirates stole ship's stores, jumped overboard & escaped in motorboat. Port control & coast guard informed. (Fri. Nov. 14 2003)

05 Nov. 2003 between 1800-2000 UTC in position 10:31.7N - 107:00.2E, Vung Tau anchorage, Vietnam. Pirates boarded chemical tanker during cargo operations -- broke engine room store padlock & stole spares. Master reported incident to local police. (Fri. Nov. 14 2003)

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Finnland 217gt tug M/V Pegasos (built 1968) sank while providing assistance to container vessel at Helsinki. (Fri. Nov. 14 2003)

Swedish-flag cruise M/V Silja Opera<<webfeature, Helsinki for St. Petersburg weekly, in collision, Nov. 12, with icebreaker M/V Yermak [named for world's first sea-going icebreaker SS Yermak<<webfeature] stationed at exit of St. Petersburg port. Silja Opera's lifeboats were damaged but the ship underway -- icebreaker's lifeboat deck also sustained damage. >> From our correspondent Dan Massoni. (Thurs. Nov. 13 2003)

No Trespassing>> Indonesian navy frigate sank Thai fishing boat on Nov. 7 that it alleged was illegally catching fish in Java Sea -- frigate towed boat into Java sea & fired on it, Nov. 7. During past month, Indonesia has either sunk or seized 16 foreign flagged vessels it alleged were fishing illegally. (Thurs. Nov. 13 2003)

2,457gt cargo M/V Anatolia I (built 1972), sank -- as one of several losses listed below -- off Istanbul --the Bosporus Strait was a bad place to be this week! (Wed. Nov. 12 2003)

26,732 dwt Georgian-flagged 171 meter bulk M/V Svatoy Panteleymon (built 1977), Tunisia for Ukraine with 25 crew in ballast, went adrift due to severe weather conditions as it was to set sail for the Black Sea -- ran aground Nov. 10, between Anadolufeneri & Yon Cape on Istanbul Strait - strait closed for 6 hours - 2 tugs on route to scene. (Tues. Nov. 11 2003) UPDATE>> Svyatoy Panteleymon broke in 2 & sank, N of Bosporus Strait - all 25 crew safe. (Tues. Nov. 11 2003 PM)

24,500 dwt Cypriot-flagged bulker M/V Mana (built 1979), Piraeus for Odessa, bad weather grounded Nov. 9 in the Bosporus Strait - still stuck off Zincirbozan Bay. (Tues. Nov. 11 2003)

330 gt, tug M/V Agis (built 1981), bound for Falkenberg -- barge laden with wood chips in tow, aground Nov. 10, off Landskrona. (Tues. Nov. 11 2003)

Hong Kong registered, S/V Freedom Fire, winner of just-concluded Hong Kong-Sanya Int'l Sailing Tournament, with 8 crew, has lost contact with headquarters at Circum-Hainan Island Int'l sailing event -- in stormy 3 meter waves off Basuo harbor of Hainan Island, in very S. of China. tonight when they started 5 day race with other 4 vessels. (Mon. Nov. 10 2003) UPDATE>> S/V Freedom Fire safe Basuo harbor of Hainan Island, in very south of China, all safe after battling 90 ft. seas. >> From our correspondent Mark Levdahl (Fri. Nov. 14 2003)

U.S. registered 70ft. dredger & barge, with 600 gallons of fuel, struck by tug at midnight Nov. 7, causing 600 feet of dredge pipe to break into 2 sections in St. Johns River between Blount Island & Intracoastal Waterway -- sections of pipe also hit Buoy No. 27 -- knocked off station. Port of Jacksonville reopened to commercial vessels at noon Nov. 7,12 hours after dredge capsized & sank near Blount Island. (Mon. Nov. 10 2003)

U.S. - Parker Drilling<<webfeature, offshore barge Rig18B (working for Apache Corp.) with 18 crew, caught fire today, in inland waters 14.5 miles S. of Amelia, LA -- crews still trying to extinguish fire & bring well head under control. Parker Drilling has 77 marketed rigs & employs 2,800 people worldwide. (Mon. Nov. 10 2003)

HMAS Geelong<<webfeature, crashed into wharf at Darwin Navy Base, Nov. 8 night -- returning from duties off Melville Island, N. of Darwin. (Sun. Nov. 9 2003)

Panamanian-registered M/V LT Peace & Japanese-flagged 299gt M/V Hoseki Maru (built 1993) in collision at 4:45 a.m. -- 1.8 km NW of Genkaijima Island, Fukuoka. M/V Hoseki Maru's bow slightly dented -- no crew on either ship injured. Professional negligence suspected. (Sun. Nov. 9 2003)

Thailand cruise M/V Yurika 98 -- explosion heard & suffered fire moored at Ban Bang Rong pier, Bangkok at 1.30am after crew & local people celebrated Loy Krathong festival. Arson might have stemmed from conflicts over boat services among operators -- same day, burning bottle of benzene thrown at another cruise ship moored at same pier. M/V Yurika 98 was lost. (Sun. Nov. 9 2003)

19 meter Fraserburgh registered UK F/V Hawthorn, with 3 crew issued SOS 30 miles NE of Fraserburgh, Nov. 6 -- taking water & pumps unable to cope -- Aberdeen Coastguard Rescue Helicopter 137 from Lossiemouth to scene with pumping equipment. -- F/V Favonius also on scene & evacuated 1 of 3 crew. Hawthorn sunk 5.15pm -- all crew taken by helicopter to Lossiemouth uninjured. (Sat. Nov. 8 2003)

WEEKLY IMB PIRATE REPORTS ___ The Problem is Indonesia --

03 Nov. 2003 at 0245 LT at Adang Bay anchorage, Indonesia -- pirates boarded bulk carrier from forecastle -- broke open storeroom & stole ship's stores. Crew on anti-piracy patrol chased pirates who jumped into water & escaped in boat towards Balikpapan. (Fri. Nov. 7 2003)

03 Nov. 2003 at 0200 LT in position 03:16.5N - 105:21.9E, Indonesia -- pirates armed with long knives & guns boarded LPG carrier -- took hostage master, 2/O & duty A/B & stole ship's cash, crew cash & personal belongings. At 0240 LT took master to poop deck & escaped in 2 speedboats. (Fri. Nov. 7 2003)

03 Nov. 2003 at 0115 LT in position 02:00.5S - 108:26.2E, Indonesia -- pirates armed with long knives boarded from stern -- went to bridge & tied up duty officer & A/B. Went to officers cabins & stole cash & personal property -- assaulted master causing severe bleeding of his arm. C/O raised alarm & pirates escaped. (Fri. Nov. 7 2003)

03 Nov. 2003 at 0010 LT in position 03:16N - 105:24.4E, Indonesia. Nine pirates armed with knives boarded bulk carrier underway -- took hostage 3/o & 2/o -- asked them to call master on bridge. When master opened cabin door, 4 pirates rushed inside, assaulted him & tied him up. Pirates stole ship's cash & all personal belongings & cash of master -- took master to poop deck & escaped in narrow boat. (Fri. Nov. 7 2003)

02 Nov. 2003 at 2130 LT in position 03:05N - 105:21E, Indonesia. Eight pirates armed with knives, swords & bamboo sticks boarded bulk carrier underway -- took 3 crew hostage & took them to smoke room -- tied up master, C/E & 2/E. Pirates threatened master with knives & sword -- took him to cabin -- stole ship's cash & personal belongings. Pirates took other officers to cabins & robbed their cash & belongings. At 2200 they forced master to reduce speed & took him to poop deck & escaped. Pirates held sharp knife at master's throat throughout attack. Bridge was unmanned during the attack as the 3/O was tied up. (Fri. Nov. 7 2003)

02 Nov. 2003 at 0400 LT in position 01:13N - 105:10E, off Bintan island, Indonesia. Pirates armed with guns boarded tanker underway -- held duty officer at gunpoint as hostage to enter master's cabin & stole ship's cash - then entered cabins of c/e, c/o & 2 crew & stole cash & personal effects. Pirates left at 0500 LT. Bridge unmanned during attack. Master informed SAR Singapore & Indonesia. (Fri. Nov. 7 2003)

31 Oct. 2003 1900 LT at Mamonal anchorage, Colombia -- pirates armed with knives boarded chemical tanker during heavy rain -- stole ship's stores & safety equipment from forecastle locker. Duty A/B confronted pirates who threatened him & escaped. (Fri. Nov. 7 2003)

29 Oct. 2003 at 0248 LT in position 01:03.3N - 105:13.8E, 22.75 miles off Pulau Mapor, Indonesia -- pirates in speedboat attempted to board bulk carrier underway from stern. Alert A/B raised alarm, sounded ships whistle, switched on lights & crew mustered. Seeing crew alertness, pirates fled. (Fri. Nov. 7 2003)

27 Oct. 2003 at Tanjung Jabung, Selat Berhala, Indonesia -- pirates hijacked a self-propelled barge underway with a cargo of palm oil. (Fri. Nov. 7 2003)

26 Oct. 2003 at 2200 LT at Ho Chi Minh port, Vietnam -- pirates dressed as stevedores boarded container ship moored to buoy RQ2 -- pirate threatened duty A/B with knife while other 2 pirates entered engine room -- stole generator spares & bearings. Pirates escaped in small boat. (Fri. Nov. 7 2003)

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U.S. 842 gt tank barge N.M.S. No.1477, capsized at Texas City, Texas. (Thurs. Nov. 6 2003)

Nigerian Police Patrol boat, with 10 crew -- ambushed by pirates armed with automatic rifles & dressed in camouflage fatigues in Nigeria's troubled oil delta -- on the Nun River near Nigeria's S. Atlantic coast -- 5 officers lost & presumed killed. When pirates opened fire, police plunged overboard -- 5 reached safety, others missing. Niger Delta, where vast majority of Nigeria's 2.2 million barrels of oil a day produced, prone to outbursts of ethnic & criminal violence. Gangs of thugs - demanding share of region's wealth - frequently target oil companies with sabotage & kidnappings to extort payoffs. Nigeria is Africa's biggest oil producer & 5th-biggest supplier of U.S. oil imports. (Thurs. Nov. 6 2003)

UK 50-meter Canadian Coast Guard ship<<webfeature, (Intermediate Multi Task (Patrol) Cutter) Gordon Reid (CGBR) suffered US$1M in damage as she struck rock during low tide Sept. 29 in narrow passage in Estevan Sound. [Correction from our reader Ian Wade] (Wed. Nov. 5 2003)

Bulk M/V Hispania Graeca, aground off Denmark -- Wijsmuller Salvage B.V. contracted yesterday on LOF-SCOPIC terms. (Wed. Nov. 5 2003)

Indian-flagged 8,210gt M/T Jag Pranam -- underway in Indonesian waters off Bintan Island at latitude 01.13 North, longitude 105.10 East, in Malacca Straits -- boarded by pirates armed with guns. Navigating officer taken from bridge at gun-point below deck where cabins of officers & crew ransacked -- money & personal belongings taken during hour-long ransacking -- during which time tanker bridge was unmanned. Shipping industry very concerned because this could have led to both environmental disaster loss of life -- ie, an unmanned tanker running at full speed toward disaster! In past several weeks Piracy Reporting Center has recorded 11 attacks within 13 NM radius of Anambas & Bintan Islands. (Tues. Nov. 4 2003)

Russian-registered 753gt M/V Professor Fedensky, with old tires & 39 crew, caught fire at dock in Niigata-Higashi Port, Japan. Nov. 3 -- 2nd & 3rd engineer, found collapsed inside vessel, apparently due to smoke -- 1 dead & 2 injured. (Tues. Nov. 4 2003)

37,337gt bulk M/V Milos (built 1978) aground off River Parana. (Tues. Nov. 4 2003)

UK F/V Fairway, sinks off St. Kilda, Oct. 29. (Tues. Nov. 4 2003)

P&O Princess Cruises M/V Aurora, with 1,800 passengers, including several dozen sickened by highly contagious stomach virus, docked at British colony of Gibraltar -- stopped by Spain border closure for 13-hours. Aurora -- denied entry to Greek port on Oct. 31 because of sicknesses, docked for 11 hours at Gibraltar. About 50 passengers stayed aboard while rest, mostly Britons, allowed ashore. Spain border closed before ship's arrival & reopened after departure. Spain never gave up on trying to get back 1,400-foot-high rock of Gilbralter since captured by British in 1704, though Madrid formally ceded it 9 years later. (Mon. Nov. 3 2003) UPDATE>> 2 passengers dead from heart complications. (Wed. Nov. 5 2003)

Japan 499gt sulfuric acid M/T Enshu Maru, moored at floating dock off coast of Nomicho, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan, 700km W. of Tokyo -- suffered explosion from under reconstruction -- 1 dead, 4 injured & feared several missing -- workers cutting metal plates with blow torches before explosion. (Mon. Nov. 3 2003)

M/V Agawa Canyon delivering salt in Rouge River when "647 self-unloader" struck Conrail Bridge<<webfeature, Oct. 30, while heading outbound in ballast. Damage to bridge over US$100,000. Agawa Canyon received damage to starboard quarter. No injuries or pollution -- bridge certified operable -- no vessel/railroad traffic delayed. (Mon. Nov. 3 2003)

UK 681gt dredger M/V Donald Redford (built 1981) collided with Hythe Pier<<webfeature, in Southampton Water at 6:13pm on 1 Nov. 2003. Little damage. (Mon. Nov. 3 2003)

633gt UK coaster M/T Celebrity, with 5 crew, grounded on rocks outside Stornoway Harbor, in the Outer Hebrides, after vessel suffered total power failure, Oct. 27. (Mon. Nov. 3 2003)

Vessel Loss Dispatches For October 2003

"Pelican's Peril" - collision on River Scheldt - Aug. 2003

"Enjoy Your Flight!" - Oct. 2003


27 Oct. 2003 at 1520 LT at Texaco berth, Georgetown, Guyana. Pirates boarded tanker at forecastle during cargo operations -- stole ship's stores & escaped in boat waiting below with 3 accomplices. Master informed port police & police officers came onboard for inspection. (Fri. Oct. 31 2003)

26 Oct.2003 at 2000 - 2030LT in position 04:33.5N - 099:22.4E, Malacca Straits. Pirates boarded fishing trawler underway -- stole stores & property of crew & escaped. (Fri. Oct. 31 2003)

26 Oct. 2003 at 0430 LT in position 07:20N - 103:20.5E, Gulf of Thailand. Pirates boarded general cargo ship underway. Pirates could not enter accommodation or bridge as all doors were bolted from inside. Pirates left when deck lights switched on. (Fri. Oct. 31 2003)

25 Oct. 2003 2240lt in position 03:37S - 107:00E, Selat Leplia, Indonesia. Eight pirates armed with guns & long knives boarded chemical tanker underway -- entered bridge & tied up 3/o -- went to master's cabin & tied him up. Pirates stole ship's cash & property -- took master to poop deck & jumped overboard -- escaped. (Fri. Oct. 31 2003)

25 Oct. 2003 at 0420 UTC in position 04:56.7N - 098:06.2E, Indonesia. Pirates in speedboat opened gunfire at general cargo ship underway. Master took evasive manoeuvres & averted boarding. Bridge window smashed & 12 gun shot holes seen in wheelhouse. (Fri. Oct. 31 2003)

25 Oct. 2003 at 0315 LT at Teluk Semangka anchorage, Indonesia. Duty A/B on tanker sighted pirate armed with knife onboard & another in process of climbing using bamboo poles. He raised alarm -- crew mustered. Pirates fled empty handed. (Fri. Oct. 31 2003)

23 Oct. 2003 at 0530 UTC in position 06:07S - 106:53.6E, Tg. Priok anchorage, Indonesia. Four pirates boarded & stole ship's safety equipment. Alert A/B raised alarm -- pirates jumped overboard & escaped in waiting boat. (Fri. Oct. 31 2003)

23 Oct. 2003 at 0430 LT at Belawan port, Indonesia. Pirates started boarding container ship using ropes attached to hooks. Alert crew raised alarm & pirates threatened duty officer 7 fled. At 1315 LT 4 pirates boarded & entered engine room -- broke into storeroom & tried to steal spares. Alert duty crew raised alarm --pirates fled. At 2230 pirates started to board but aborted attempt seeing alert crew. Master contacted authorities -- who did not respond. (Fri. Oct. 31 2003)

22 Oct. 2003 at 0415 LT, Chittagong 'B' anchorage, Bangladesh -- pirates boarded general cargo ship coming in to anchor from stern -- stole 3 mooring ropes. Master contacted port authorities who did not respond. Pirates jumped overboard -- escaped in boat waiting with 6 accomplices. (Fri. Oct. 31 2003)

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UK, Peterhead-registered F/V Fairway III, with 5 crew, sent mayday at 11.15pm, Oct. 29 night, 25 miles off St Kilda & 96 miles NW of Stornoway -- taking water & engine room flooded -- sank. Crew abandoned to life raft -- Coastguards Air units & sister ship F/V Fair Morn responded from 9 miles away -- all safe. (Thurs. Oct. 30 2003)

Chinese M/T Golden Fountain, in ballast, & North Korean cargo M/V Angshan in collision at mouth of Yangtze River, N. of Shanghai, Oct. 29. M/V Angshan caught fire -- killed chief engineer & injured another. (Thurs. Oct. 30 2003)

U.S. high-speed Fast Cats Ferry Service<<webfeature, Miami-to-Key West in 3 hours, 243gt,149-passenger, US$7.5M ferry M/V PurrSeaverance <<webfeature, (built 2001), shooting a promotional video before maiden voyage with 11 aboard, suffered steerig failure & ran aground (for 2nd time) -- hit rocks on S. side of MacArthur Causeway halfway between Miami & South Beach - US$40,000 damage. Last week, M/V PurrSeaverance failed U.S. Coast Guard certification because of change to fan system that lifts vessel so it can plane on top of water at 50 knots. This was promotion? Bad luck guys, but wishing you well. See Our Photo Feature. (Wed. Oct. 29 2003)

Turkish-flagged bulk M/V Haci Arif Kaptan, experienced engine trouble in Bosphorus, Oct. 29 -- now blocking entrance to Black Sea -- No vessels are moving north or south through entrance. Last week, Russian-flagged cargo M/V struck dock of historic Ottoman palace on banks of Bosphorus fuelling concerns about safety amid growing congestion on the narrow passage of water linking key trade routes. (Wed. Oct. 29 2003)

10mt. NZ F/V Murutai, with 4 crew, sinking near Hen & Chickens Islands<<webfeature, -- Northland Electricity rescue helicopter recovered body of 63-year-old Victor Bargallie -- 3 others jumped ashore. NZ Coast Guard heard one of them on the VHF radio telling another boat they were sinking -- the guy on Murutai said, "We're sinking. We're in deep shit. We won't be here in 20 minutes. We're going down now." Rescue helicopter found 3 surviving men, aged between 50 & 70, at first light on Oct. 25 & winched them from their rocky perch -- F/V Murutai last seen smashed among the Tara Rocks. (Sun. Oct. 26 2003)

Scotland 26ft yacht S/V Maverick, Lossiemouth to Findhorn with 62-year-old skipper Glyn Whiteheadon 12 Oct. -- woman who walking along Covesea Beach, Lossiemouth, with friends on Oct. 26 morning identified washed ashore body as family friend Glyn Whitehead. Maverick found 4 miles off Findhorn with no one aboard. (Sun. Oct. 26 2003)

787-foot German-flagged container M/V Ville De Mimosa, for Port Elizabeth, New Jersey -- vessel mast crashed into underside of Bayonne Bridge that connects Staten Island & New Jersey -- during rush hour at 8 a.m. Oct. 24 -- reopened it an hour later -- believed miscalculation of morning-tide water level led to accident. No damage. .(Sat. Oct. 25 2003)

27,230gt passenger ro/ro M/V Blue Horizon (built 1987) in collision Oct. 24 will mauvering at Patras<<webfeature, Greece. .(Sat. Oct. 25 2003)

Ro-ro M/V St Rognvald suffered lifeboat drill accident Oct. 18 at Lerwick Harbor, UK -- on one lifeboat, an aft recovery ring/hook is thought to have suffered a failure, throwing all 5 crew 25 to 30 feet down the side of the vessel into the water -- leaving the liferaft swinging from the side of the vessel. Three crew kept in hospital for observation.(Sat. Oct. 25 2003)

At Last>> M/V Cormo Express Sheep News>> After months of search, the country of Eritrea has agreed to take 52,000 sheep that had been stranded at sea. Australia has finally found a country willing to take its gift -- sheep began disembarking at Eritrean port of Massawa. Australia will give African nation more than 3,000 tons of feed & US$699,560 to meet expenses associated with unloading, transport, holding &slaughter. These poor animals. Read this amzing story. (Sat. Oct. 25 2003)


19 Oct. 2003 at 1500 UTC in position 01:08.5N - 104:53.5E, east of Bintan Island, Indonesia. Five armed pirates in black speedboat boarded bulk carrier underway from stern -- broke stbd accommodation door, entered master's cabin & held him at knifepoint. Alert crew raised alarm & resisted pirates. As result pirates left empty handed. Master received knife injuries. (Oct. 24 2003)

19 Oct. 2003 at 1436 UTC in position 01:16.2N - 104:55.7E, east of Bintan Island, Indonesia. Pirates armed with knives boarded bulk carrier underway from stern -- held one A/B hostage & stole his walkie-talkie. Another duty A/B raised alarm & crew mustered. Pirates jumped overboard & escaped. (Oct. 24 2003)

19 Oct. 2003 at 0220 LT at Conakry Roads, Guinea. Ten pirates armed with machine guns & revolvers boarded general cargo ship --- rounded up crew & threatened to kill them if they did not cooperate. Some crew severely beaten. Pirates stole ship's equipment & entire crew personal belongings. Master contacted authorities but did not receive any assistance whatsoever. (Oct. 24 2003)

18 Oct. 2003 at 1500 UTC in position 01:07N - 105:06E, east of Bintan Island, Indonesia. Ten pirates armed with pistols & knives boarded bulk carrier underway -- took 2nd officer & A/B as hostages -- forced 2nd officer to call Master & open his door. Master opened door & pirates tied him & stole ship's cash & his personal belongings. Pirates also stole cash & personal belongings of Ch. Engineer, Ch. Officer & few other crew & fled at 1620 UTC. No injuries to crew. (Oct. 24 2003)

18 Oct. 2003 at 0015 LT in position 03:17.7N -105:25E, SW of Anambas Island, Indonesia. Pirates boarded chemical tanker underway & entered master's cabin -- tied him with ropes, broke open ship's safe & stole ship's cash, property & master's cash and personal belongings. After 45 minutes -- took master to poop deck -- jumped overboard & escaped. Master injured. (Oct. 24 2003)

17 Oct. 2003 at 1405 UTC in position 03:11.5N - 105:27E, vicinity of Anambas island, Indonesia. About12 pirates in narrow beam speedboat attempted to board container ship using long pole. Ship zigzagged course & crew mustered. Pirates aborted attempt. (Oct. 24 2003)

17 Oct. 2003 at 0040 UTC at 16 miles SW of Lagos, Nigeria. Four pirates from small boat armed with 2 feet long machetes boarded chemical tanker at anchor -- cut 3 mooring ropes & lowered them in their boat. Crew sounded alarm & pirates fled. (Oct. 24 2003)

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Before U.S. Congress Today>> U.S. Intelegence vessel USS Liberty<<webfeature memorial --with testimony today of former Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Admiral Tom Moorer challenged lawmakers to finally investigate June 8, 1967, incident where 34 Americans killed & 172 wounded. For over an hour, Israeli jets & torpedo boats attacked USS Liberty<<webfeature viewpoint off Sinai coast. USS Liberty, armed with machine guns only, was fully marked & in Int'l waters during daytime assault. USS Liberty<<webfeature alleged coverup, crewmen contend evidence deemed harmful to Israel was either not taken by court, or, if taken, did not appear in printed court transcript. Chief radio intercept operator, Wayne Smith, has said little interest was shown in Israeli attackers' communications in which USS Liberty was fully identified. Also damning, they said, was the "buzz saw" jamming of the USS Liberty's radio frequencies, unique to U.S. Navy ships. The U.S. Naval Court "took note" of the jamming, but failed to give it the weight it seemingly merited. Former Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Admiral Moorer, who has long held that attack was malicious, rhetorically asked today: "Why would our government put Israel's interests ahead of our own?" He also said the long American silence in the still-controversial. USS Liberty affair was "one of the classic all-American coverups." The Israeli Embassy in Washington, asked by the Associated Press to respond to the panel's charges, issued a statement that the attack was "a terrible accident … This was in the middle of a war. This is something that we are not proud of." (Thurs. Oct. 23 2003)

USS Liberty INDEX of stories & resources. (Thurs. Oct. 23 2003)

146gt general cargo M/V Satsuma No.8, argound in River Fukuoka, Japan<<webfeature. (Wed. Oct. 22 2003)

1,798gt general cargo M/V Silva, listing severely near Port Esjberg.<<webfeature. (Wed. Oct. 22 2003)

1,948gt general cargo M/V Lara (built 1967), aground in River Ouse.<<webfeature. (Wed. Oct. 22 2003)

Liberian-registered 2,154-ton M/V Hoang Dat 35, Malaysia for NE Vietnam port city of Haiphong with timber, ran into trouble 215km from coastal resort of Nha Trang, Vietnam early hours of Oct. 22 morning. Vessel sank. Rough seas & strong winds at the time, but cause unknown. Passing Liberian-registered M/V Stolt Capability, rescued 15 crew & retrieved bodies of 2 dead -- unable to locate 1 sailor. (Wed. Oct. 22 2003)

53gt wooden PRC F/V sank off S. tip of Hainan Island, Sanya City, Hainan Province on Oct. 21 -- dozen ships & PRC Navy helicopter searched -- one of 12 rescued -- 11 dead. Our sorrow for the loss of this crew (Wed. Oct. 22 2003)

U.S. 82-foot New Jersey commuter ferry M/V SeaStreak Liberty, South Amboy, N.J. for Wall Street with 8 passengers & 4 crew, spotted black smoke billowing from ship's smokestack -- fire broke out at 9:25 a.m. in engine room -- 1 mile N. of Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, off coast of Bay Ridge -- all 12 fled onto M/V Colucci' & taken to Lower Manhattan. M/V SeaStreak Liberty taken to Highlands, N.J., for evaluation. (Tues. Oct. 21 2003)

Danish 40-meter offshore tug/support ship M/V Stevns Power -- capsized 50 NM off Nigerian coast, all 11 crew missing & belived lost with ship -- while helping to anchor a larger ship. Several other ships saw M/V Stevns Power in trouble but could neither prevent it from sinking nor rescue crew. Missing crew were 3 Danes, 6 from Spain & 2 from Philippines. Our sorrow for loss of this entire crew. (Mon. Oct. 20. 2003)

39,941gt M/V CSCL Hamburg<<webfeature -- has lost containers -- in heavy weather off Califoria. (Mon. Oct. 20. 2003)

Dutch Antilles registered 3,000gt, 95mt. M/V Nicola, La Coruna in N. Spain for Rotterdam in ballast -- made #4 hit (of ships hitting M/V Tricolor) -- ran atop wreck & got stuck over Norwegian M/V Tricolor<<webfeature -- M/V Nicola came free 19 Oct., under help of tugs & rising tide. NOTE>> M/V Tricolor is one you should see -- it ranks with the great losses of decade. (Sun. Oct. 19 2003) Note: This listing is now questioned.

M/V Mercury II, Aktau in Kazakhstan for Baku, with 50 passengers & 2,000 tons oil -- sank -- in Caspian Sea off Azerbaijian capital Baku, Oct. 14 -- one body found -- weather "bad." (Sun. Oct. 19 2003) Possible correction as our reader Mr Eje Flodstrom of the IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute at Gothenburg, Sweden reports this loss occured in Oct. 2002. Did we read an old report? We'll inquire. (Thurs. Oct. 30 2003)

Cambodian registered vessel operated by Hening Shipping Company in Fuzhou -- cargo M/V Linjie, Weihai Port in Shangdong Province for Japan's E. coast city Ibaragi Jan, 23 with 6,300 tons of minerals & 19 Chinese crew -- confirmed missing Oct. 14 near Japan -- "But by Jan 28, we lost contact with ship,'' said the owners. We are amazed that report of this loss comes so late. Cambodian registered vessel operated by Hening Shipping Company in Fuzhou -- "But by Jan. 28, we lost contact with the ship,'' said owners. We are amazed that report of this loss comes so late. (Sun. Oct. 19 2003)

M/V Andrew J. Barberi -- read our UPDATE on the Staten Island Ferry disaster -- below. (Sun.. Oct. 19 2003)

86.,000gt 1,800-berth, Carnival Line (Holland America Line unit) new building passenger M//V Westerdam, alongside a lay-by berth of Fincantieri Shipyard at Venice, Italy -- caught fire in stern section. Carnival largest cruise vacation group in the world, with portfolio of 13 cruise brands in North America, Europe & Australia, comprised of Carnival Cruise Lines, Princess Cruises, Holland America Line, Costa Cruises, P&O Cruises, Cunard Line, Windstar Cruises, Seabourn Cruise Line, Ocean Village, Swan Hellenic, AIDA, A'ROSA, and P&O (Fri. Oct. 17 2003)


12 Oct, 2003 at 0322 LT at inner Buenaventura anchorage, Columbia. Four pirates boarded bulk carrier & tried to take duty A/B hostage. He managed to escape & raise alarm. Pirates escaped empty handed in boat. Master reported incident to coast guard who did not take any action. (Fri. Oct. 17 2003)

10 Oct. 2003 at 0405 LT at Sagar inner anchorage, Haldia, India.-- Pirates boarded Ro/Ro ship at stern. 2nd officer challenged pirate & he escaped empty handed in boat waiting below. (Fri. Oct. 17 2003)

08 Oct. 2003 at 1910 LT at Guanta port, Venezuela. Three pirates armed with steel bars boarded general cargo ship at berth -- broke open paint store & stole ship's stores. Crew confronted pirates -- they jumped overboard & escaped. (Fri. Oct. 17 2003)

07.10.2003 at 0210 LT at anchor in posn: 20:42.1N - 107:13.1E, Haiphong, Vietnam -- pirate boarded via anchor chain -- lowered ropes in boat waiting with 7 pirates -- all pirates armed with long knives. Alert crew raised alarm & pirates escaped. Attempts to contact port control unsuccessful. (Fri. Oct. 17 2003)

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3,335gt, 300ft. U.S. ferry M/V Andrew J. Barberi (built 1981)<<webfeature, Staten Island for New York City with 1500 passengers of 6,000 capacity, veered off course from intended ferry berth by three piers in high winds & slammed at full crusing speed (18 knots) into pier under construction. Striking pier at about a 45 degree angle, steel pier beams cut swath of destruction in main passenger deck from stem to stern -- removing entire port side & allowing ingres of steel & pier building materials into cabin area -- 10 dead & more than 42 injuries, including 3 who lost limbs -- New York's worst mass transit accident in generation. "There was a lady without legs, right in the middle of the boat," a passenger said. "She was screaming. You ever see anything like that?" >> Staten Island Ferry service vessels provide 20 million people (70,000 passengers a day) with service between St. George, Staten Island & Whitehall street in Manhattan. The ferry service is only non-vehicular mode of transportation between Staten Island & Manhattan. (Wed. Oct. 15 2003) UPDATE>> M/V Andrew J. Barberi under power today with tugs, for Brooklyn Navy Yard<<webfeature to repair -- 6 people remain hospitalized in critical condition, & 7 patients stable -- confirmed ferry at "full throttle" -18 knots at impact. (Sat. Oct. 18 & 19 2003) UPDATE>> National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) -- Capt. of ferry declined to voluntarily appear at the investigation -- NTSB issued a subpoena. The investigation continues. (Oct. 23 2003)

The Ass't Capt. of Staten Island Ferry -- pilot in command of M/V Andrew J. Barberi, Richard Smith, bolted scene so quickly -- he left behind gear & keys, then broke into his house where he slit his wrists & shot himself with a pellet gun -- now in critical condition after surgery at St. Vincent's Hospital -- same place where 22 victims &emdash; including at least 1 amputee &emdash; were rushed after the 3:20pm crash. Crewmember told authorities that Smith had been asleep, slumped over controls at time of collision. Staten Island Ferry history<<webfeature. (Wed. Oct. 15 2003PM)

NOTE>> Assistant Capt. (here Richard Smith), typically docks vessel on Staten Island, & Capt. Mike Gansasis docks at the Whitehall terminal on the Manhattan side., where incident occured. So what was hapening here? (Sat. Oct. 18 2003)

Staten Island ferry Capt. Michael Gansas was filling in for "some other captain who had a doctor's appointment." Investigators probing the crash scheduled to interview Gansas. If Gansas had been on bridge with Assistant Capt. Richard Smith - as city Dept. of Transportation regulations require - he should have averted the disaster. Gansas told police he saw Smith slumped over controls, apparently passed out, just before ferry rammed concrete maintenance pier full throttle - about 17 mph - and about 400 yards off course. (Sun. Oct. 19 2003)

Earth Space Sea Frontier -- Prayers tonight are with brave Lieutenant Colonel Yang Liwei, 38, alone -- aboard his Shenzhou V ("Devine Vessel") capsule launched in Gobi Desert by The People's Republic of China's Long March II F rocket -- expected to orbit Earth 14 times before landing in Inner Mongolia on Oct. 15. Many Congratulations! Exciting as we recall 1960's for Alan Shepard & John Glen of "Project Mercury"<<webfeature--reminding of the extreme danger of this space enterprise. Only Russia & U.S. have reached out to place astronauts in space. China's proud, but sectretive Project 921<<webfeature is #3 in world history. Lt. Col. Yang (fighter pilot with 1,300 hours) eating "Kung Pow Chicken" & green tea on his mission. Quite fitting event, considering that ancient China invented the1st rocket! (Tues. Oct. 14 2003) UPDATE>> Lt. Col. Yang landed today in the Gobi Desert. Bravo Zulu!. (Wed. Oct. 15 2003)

Chinese rescue vessels, dispatched to high seas for possible rescue operation during launch of China's 1st piloted space flight -- ordered to return to base following launch success. Vessels readied 5 a.m. Oct. 14, 4 hours before Shenzhou-5, with astronaut aboard, launched atop a Long March-II-F carrier rocket >> M/V Beihai No.102, M/V De Kun & M/V De Yi -- all large-capacity ocean going rescue vessels, were on station in event of problem. (Tues. Oct. 14 2003 PM)

Putuo Yonghe Marine Transport Co Ltd's M/V Shunda II, with 44 souls, sank at 12:16 am after overcome by heavy waves -- 15 missing -- vessel encountered severe winds registering at scale 11 to 12, strongest according to Chinese meteorological standards. China Marine Search & Rescue Center under Ministery of Commerce said dispatched rescue team to Bohai Straits to salvage sunken ship & find missing crew. (Mon. Oct. 13 2003)

21,667gt St. Vincent registered cruise SS OceanBreeze<<webfeature -- headed for breakres -- threatens to capsize & block vessels from entering Bangladesh's main port at Port Chittagong -- taking water -- authorities today battled to keep afloat as they repair major leak. (Mon. Oct. 13 2003)

Chinese -- Shanghai Yunde Freighter Co Ltd's M/V Huayuan Sheng 18 hit on Oct. 12 by strong winds W. of Bohai Straits Fuzhou, capital city of East China's Fujan Province for Tianjin -- sank at12:16am after overcome by heavy waves -- 15 aboard missing. (Mon. Oct. 13 2003)

Putuo Yonghe Marine Transport Co Ltd's M/V Shunda II, with 44 souls, sank 1600hrs after overcome by heavy waves -- 29 missing -- vessel encountered severe winds registering at scale 11 to 12, the strongest according to Chinese meteorological standards. China Marine Search & Rescue Center under Ministery of Commerce -- dispatched rescue team to Bohai Straits to salvage sunken ship & find missing crew. (Mon. Oct. 13 2003)

Nigerian ferry M/V Kuntu Borong -- with drums of petrol, cement & grains & over 150 passngers, hit pillars of bridge, capsized & sank in E. Nigeria. Over 90 missing -- 10 bodies recovered - fewer than 50 people swam to safety. (Sun. Oct. 12 2003)

17,789gt container M/V Sea Elegance ( built 1980), Singapore for Durban -- explosions aboard caused vessel to catch fire off coast of Glen Ashley & Umhlanga Rocks, N of Durban, South Africa -- 11 crew still aboard, with Capt. & Ist mate -- helping contain blaze. National Sea Rescue Institute uplifted some 6 crew, none injured. One missing. Fire fighting teams from National Ports Authority, Durban Fire Dept. & Smuts Salvors working to contain. (Sat. Oct. 11 2003) UPDATE>> Fire contained. (Sun. Oct. 12 2003) UPDATE: Fire OUT> Rescuers still searching for crew who went missing -- believed caught in the blaze. (Mon. Oct. 13 2003) UPDATE>> Sea Elegance, lying off Durban -- fire likely caused by 20' container of undeclared hazardous cargo that self-ignited -- crew unaware they were carrying hazardous cargo -- fire still smouldering, but under control. (Wed. Oct. 15 2003)

First U.S. Navy vessel to dock in Vietnam in almost 30 years due to arrive landmark port call in Nov.,-- 1st since U.S. pulled out of Vietnam in 1975, withdrawing from war that cost U.S. more than 58,000 lives -- there are an estimated 1,200 American POW/MIAs still unaccounted for. Bilateral ties between the U.S. & Vietnam improving slowly since former foes resumed diplomatic relations in 1995. A bilateral trade agreement signed in 2000.U.S. Officials refuse to confirm visit. (Sat. Oct. 11 2003)

U.S. Coast Guard withheld name of 46-foot Provincetown-based scallop F/V & 4 crew, believed sunk. pending notification of family -- vessel's emergency radio beacon activated at 10:30 p.m. Oct. 10, 50 miles SE of Nantucket. (Sat. Oct. 11 2003)

Qatari coastguard seized 18 fishing boats a few days ago, bringing number of seized boats to 36. Bahraini fishermen protested. Bahrain & Qatar had a decades-long territorial dispute -- resolved in 2001 at Int'l Court of Justice<<webfeature. (Sat. Oct. 11 2003)

F/V FB Mes 62, ex-General Santos City on S. Philippine island of Mindanao with 18 crew left port on mid-Aug. 2003 fishing trip -- after 3 days vessel sank -- adrift for 3 weeks -- they ate their shirts & drank their urine -- rescued by Taiwan F/V Hsin Yu Cheng 68 -- in middle of night Sept. 5 -- 1,300km from where F/V FB Mes 62 sank, 2 dead. (Fri. Oct. 10 2003)

The Ocean Sky -- as China's 1st manned spaceship will orbit Earth 14 times when it blasts off later this Oct. 2003 -- a single astronaut -- selected from 14 candidates, all experienced fighter pilots, will fly spacecraft known as the "Shenzhou", or "Divine Ship". This is important news you DO NOT receive from any other sources. (Fri. Oct. 10 2003)


30 Sept. 2003 at 0415 LT at Santan anchorage, Indonesia -- pirates armed with knives boarded tanker at forecastle. Alert crew directed searchlights & sounded whistle. Pirates jumped overboard and escaped in a waiting boat. (Fri. Oct. 10 2003)

27 Sept. 2003 at 0520 LT at Chennai anchorage, India. Three pirates armed with knives boarded bulk carrier using grapnel hooks -- tried to open battery store room but failed. Anti piracy crew raised alarm & chased pirates who jumped overboard & escaped in boat waiting with accomplices. (Fri. Oct. 10 2003)

27 Sept. 2003 at 0230 LT at Hon Gai (Cai Lan) anchorage, Vietnam. Four pirates armed with knives boarded general cargo ship at forecastle -- stole ship's stores & escaped in 2 small boats. Master tried to contact port authorities but received no response. (Fri. Oct. 10 2003)

24 Sept. 2003 at 0045 LT at Balikpapan inner anchorage, Indonesia -- pirates armed with iron bars boarded bulk carrier through hawse pipe -- assaulted duty a/b at forecastle. A/b raised alarm & crew mustered. Pirates jumped overboard -- escaped in boat waiting with accomplices. (Fri. Oct. 10 2003)

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U.S. tug Everlast anchored in navigation channel below Iroquois Lock Oct. 7, after fire broke out in engine room. Preliminary reports said fuel line burst but fire is now blamed on electrical wiring in engine control system. (Fri. Oct. 10 2003)

Unidentified passenger ferry M/V, capsized in storm-tossed Krishna River in S. India, 7 Oct. -- 18 passengers dead & 11 missing -- vessel overloaded with 50 passegers, but licensed for 25 people -- 1st day of school after 9 day Hindu festival & day of for planting. (Thurs. Oct. 9 2003)

M/V KM Sri Duyung, F/V KM Marlboro, M/V KM Batam Utama & M/V KM Sinar Jaya, Malaysia for Tanjung Balai port in North Sumatra -- suffered violent seas off Asahan regency, North Sumatra, in Strait of Malacca -- at least 10 vessels sank during a 4 day storm which caused violent seas off Asahan rRegency, North Sumatra, in Strait of Malacca -- out of the 10 ill-fated vessels -- 2 classified as fishing boats & 3 cargo boats -- 5 additonal vessels still unidentified -- situation at sea was horrifying due to strong winds, followed by heavy rain & huge waves. Surviving crew member from the M/V KM Batam Utama, blamed the storm as:

"The storm was horrifying at the time due to strong winds that were followed by heavy rain & huge waves. Before the ship sank, it was dragged by the strong currents several miles off course before it finally capsized. Our boat sank in the open seas in the Malacca Strait. We had to jump overboard when the boat was going down. Just after crew members jumped overboard, the M/V KM Melati Senja which was in the area managed to rescue us. We tried the best we could to save the ship, but the waves were so huge & we were powerless to navigate it any longer" -- a surviving crewman. [Edided for langage]. (Thurs. Oct. 9 2003)

RMS Mulheim, with thousands of tons of waste plastic, Ireland for Germany, ran aground on 22 March around Cornwall, UK, started breaking up Oct. 8 - a 3 meter swell & strong winds ripped off bow -- people climbing on board wreck -- National Trust erecting signs warning people of dangers -- concerns that remains of "plastic" cargo could be washed up on beaches as ship breaks up. (Wed. Oct. 8 2003)

Tug collision -- 3 dead at Caracas. (Wed. Oct. 8 2003)

Georgian Bay cruise M/V Georgian Clipper<<webfeature returned to dock in Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada after her final trip of Great Lakes cruise season -- but lines parted & she became stuck & impossible to maunver. What to do? Hell, let's call the Auto Club! -- so a tow truck was called. After some deliberation snatch block was set up on one of the mooring posts -- truck's wire passed outboard & secured to ship's stern line -- M/V Georgian Clipper slowly winched in to wharf. Photo of M/V Tire Drive (Mon. Oct. 6 2003)

Another Sea Chase?>> Ghanaian-flagged F/V Alos, spotted in Southern Ocean around Heard & McDonald Islands. Australian Federal Fisheries said ship thought to be Ghanaian-flagged Alos, previously registered as Spanish boat, sighted fishing in Australia's exclusive economic zone by radar satellite late Sept. 2003. (Mon. Oct. 6 2003) See What Happened In The Last "Great Sea Chase" -- longest in history. (Mon. Oct. 6 2003)

"Ghost Fleet" begins voyage as WWII U.S. Navy Fleet Oilers Canisteo & Caloosahatchee began 4,589-mile journey to England Oct. 6 to be dismantled. Several tugs pushed 1945 auxiliary oil tankers, formerly sister ships in Atlantic Fleet, away from nearly 100 rusting ships anchored off Fort Eustis -- known as James River "Ghost Fleet". Once ships reach Atlantic, ocean-going tug will tow to the AbleUK facility on Teesside, UK -- entire trip estimated for 21 days, moving at 7 miles per hour. Environmental groups opposed trans-Atlantic journey, saying vessels could break up in rough seas. Well, summer might have been a better scheduling choice. (Mon. Oct. 6 2003)

M/V Corvo Express, ex-Fremantle suffered fire with more than 50,000 Australian sheep as it docked Kuwait to take on feed & supplies -- few tons of feed destroyed in blaze, caused by build-up of static electricity -- fire might result in delay to the M/V Cormo Express being restocked. But Kuwaiti port official said the ship would leave Kuwait sometime today -- Read Our Story. (Sun. Oct. 5 2003) UPDATE>> No animals hurt. Fire started in 1,000 tons wheat being loaded for animals to eat. UPDATE>> M/V Cormo Express with 50 thousand Australian sheep expected to set sail from Kuwait today, after re-stocking with food & water for another 3 weeks. (Tues. Oct. 7 2003) Dutch-owned MV Cormo Express is to first head to the Cocos Islands, an Australian possession in the Indian Ocean, where it will undergo quarantine tests, he said, dismissing fears exotic diseases could be carried to Australia.

Tall ship S/V Larinda<<webfeature sank early 4 Oct. in the harbor when retired naval warship broke free from its mooring as Hurricane Juan & slammed into it -- crew safe after sinking but ship remains on bottom of the harbor -- eye of the hurricane passed directly over Halifax harbor. (Sun. Oct. 4 2003)

New building 6,500gt Vietnamese cargo M/V My Hung suffered explsion -- killed 2 & injured at least 13 in N. port city of Hai Phong, just days before owner to receive new vessel. Dozens of workers putting finishing touches to ship when explosion occurred in hold -- explosion occurred after engine stalled when it ran out of gasoline during test run. (Sun. Oct. 5 2003)

139gt supply M/V Superior Endeavor (built 1998) aground off Boston. (Fri. Oct. 3 2003)

M/V Cormo Express, with more than 50,000 sheep rejected in Aug, by Saudi officials, who said too many animals had non-fatal, but contagious condition called "scabby mouth." -- ship docked Kuwait Oct.3 -- expected to depart Oct. 4. About 4,000 sheep already died & carcasses tossed overboard. Eyewitnesses at Kuwait's Shuwaik port said no sheep unloaded from ship -- at sea since Aug. 6. Australian government recently bought back sheep from a Saudi importer & since been trying to give them away. Most Australia's shipments of live animals go to Islamic countries that require halal meat products &emdash; that is, meat from animal that has been killed by Muslim who slits its jugular vein & drains all blood from carcass. The world press is excited , but we have covered this stoy for over 30 days now -- READ OUR EARLY STORY. (Fri. Oct. 3 2003) Dutch-owned M/V Cormo Express is to now 1st head to Cocos Islands, an Australian possession in Indian Ocean, to undergo quarantine tests, dismissing fears exotic diseases could be carried to Australia. Ship currently restocking in Kuwait & expected to set sail Oct. 13 night. Last-ditch attempts to find buyer for Western Australian sheep, rejected by Saudi Arabia amid claims they were diseased -- will continue while it is en route, but government admits one is unlikely to be found. (Sat. Oct. 11 2003)

F/V Viarsa, has now arrived under armed escort in Australia. to face the music -- with 85 tons of toothfish when finally boarded on 27 Aug.with contraband load worth US$680,000. This was the longest sea chase in maritime history. Our story of these historic events is recorded HERE. This historic sea chase was above & beyond by any measure.Why can't the evening news take note of these heroic activities? These Are Events To Remember. (Fri. Oct. 3 2003)

6,500gt M/V My Hung, suffered exploioin while undergoing trial operations at Bach Dang Ship Building Factory, at Haiphong Harbor, Vietnam-- explosion in hold where more than 20 engineers & technicians working -- 2 died & 18 people injured, including a Japanese national. (Fri. Oct. 3 2003)

150 ton oil transporting barge at Port of Haiphong, Vietnam -- suffered explosion after which vessel's cabin was engulfed in flames -- 3 crew died instantly, another died later in hospital -- 3 others seriously injured. (Fri. Oct. 3 2003)


30 Sept. 2003 at 0415 LT at Santan anchorage, Indonesia -- pirates armed with knives boarded tanker at forecastle. Alert crew directed searchlights & sounded whistle. Pirates jumped overboard & escaped in waiting boat. (Fri. Oct. 3 2003)

27 Sept. 2003 at 0520 LT at Chennai anchorage, India. Three pirates armed w/ knives boarded bulk carrier using grapnel hooks -- tried to open battery store room but failed. Anti piracy crew raised alarm & chased pirates who jumped overboard & escaped in boat waiting w/ 2 accomplices. (Fri. Oct. 3 2003)

27 Sept. 2003 at 0230 LT at Hon Gai (Cai Lan) anchorage, Vietnam. Four pirates armed w/ knives boarded general cargo ship at forecastle -- stole ship's stores & escaped in small boats. Master tried to contact port authorities but received no response. (Fri. Oct. 3 2003)

24 Sept. 2003 at 0045 LT at Balikpapan inner anchorage, Indonesia -- pirates armed w/ iron bars boarded bulk carrier through hawse pipe -- assaulted duty a/b at forecastle. A/b raised alarm & crew mustered. Pirates jumped overboard & escaped in boat waiting with accomplices. (Fri. Oct. 3 2003)

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Cop On The Beat>> Miami-based U.S. Coast Guard officers deployed in Iraq helped nab suspected modern-day pirates who allegedly robbed several cargo ships in North Arabian Gulf. Several commercial vessels made emergency calls saying bandits on speedboat robbed them at gunpoint. Australian Navy dispatched liaison officer & translator, members of the Law Enforcement Detachment 407, based in Opa-locka, arrived & searched the suspects & vessel. San Diego-based U.S. Coast Guard helicopter in area used infrared radar & quickly located pirates aboard speedboa -- boat sped off but quickly intercepted & captured pirates.. (Thurs. Oct. 2 2003)

Un-named cargo ship M/V construction in northern port city of Haiphong, Vietnam suffered explosion in ship yard -- at least 2 dead & over 18 injured -- around 20 workers were at explosion site as construction of cargo ship was to be completed late next week. (Thurs. Oct. 2 2003)

1,886gt Antigua registered general M/V Martinika (built 1978), Puerto Rico for Veracruz, sank in heavy weather off Veracruz. (Wed. Oct. 1 2003)

Mozambican naval officers opened fire on marine poachers who got the fright of their lives this week -- AK-47's, light machine guns & a rocket launcher used to drive off poachers in Ponta do Mamoli resort area. (Wed. Oct. 1 2003)

5,610gt Cyrpus registered ro/ro M/V Santa Rita (built 1977) stranded on rocks off La Paz on Sept. 24. (Wed. Oct. 1 2003)

Vessel Loss Dispatches For September 2003

"Pelican's Peril" - collision on River Scheldt - Aug. 2003

2,601gt container M/V Esprit (built 2001), Valletta for Genoa with containers, developed engine trouble & towed to Valletta. (Tues. Sept. 30 2003)

German tourist M/V Loreley with 349 passengers, ran aground on rocks in River Rhine near legendary Loreley cliff, injuring more than 40 people, 3 badly. Of Loreley cliff, S. of Koblenz, legend says is home to a beautiful nymph who calls to sailors. She called today, big time. Even after M/V Loreley was towed away, traffic on Rhine still blocked by parts of her engine. Water levels on Rhine have fallen to record lows in recent weeks, limiting shipping on what is usually Europe's busiest waterway. (Sun. Sept. 28 2003)

13,610 gt bulk M/V Litohoro (built 1976), Bangkok for Chittagong with cargo sugar, ran aground Sept. 26 off Maylasia. (Sat. Sept. 27 2003)

2,500 gt M/V THV Patricia (built 1982) hit sands at sea & grounded off Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, VA --with no injuries to 25 crew. Vessel, owned by Trinity House Lighthouse Service & based at Harwich in Essex, is used to maintain buoys & lighthouses that aid ships' navigation. Tug called to pull vessel clear & refloat her. Geez, the grounding prevention vessel got grounded! (Sat. Sept. 27 2003)

Passenger M/V KM Mandiri Nusantara & M/V Uni Glory in collision near Tanjung Perak port off Gresik coast in East Java on Sept. 26 morning -- 3 dead, 11 injured & 3 missing as a result of the accident. (Sat. Sept. 27 2003)

Taiwan navy fighter plane crashed off coast of E. China near Fujian province -- rescued by mainland Chinese fishermen -- plane crashed into sea between Taiwan islands & Chinese mainland on Sept. 27 afternoon -- 2 pilots ejected from plane & saved by fishermen on 2 fishing boats -- immediately transferred to Taiwanese rescue personnel reaching site. Could this cooperation ever have happened just 5 years ago? It would have been a major Int'l incident. We smile. While these events are not carried on the evening news -- here are daily signals between governments which slowly form foundations of national relations we read about when global issues take shape. (Sat. Sept. 27 2003)

In April 2001 -- The mood was quite different for the crew of a U.S. Navy EP-3 patrol plane.
Did you forget this amazing story? How Could you?
The Story Is one For Our Children --China Resucue Mission For Flight of an EP-E3 Aries II


21 Sept. 2003 at 1900 LT at B-3 Rauqua, Saigon port, Vietnam. Several pirates boarded general cargo ship at mooring buoys during rain -- broke into forward locker & stole ship's stores. Duty crew raised alarm and pirates escaped. (Fri. Sept. 26 2003)

20 Sept. 2003 at 1930 LT in position 25:10N - 120:50E, NW of Taiwan. Pirates in small craft attempted to board bulk carrier underway. Master sounded ship's whistle, raised alarm & took evasive manoeuvres. Craft abandon attempt & fled. (Fri. Sept. 26 2003)

19 Sept. 2003 at 0200 UTC at Icoaraci anchorage, Belem, Brazil. Three pirates boarded bulk carrier via anchor chain broke into paint store. Alert crew mustered & pirates fled empty handed. (Fri. Sept. 26 2003)

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5,077 gt M/V Johan Crystal Dua (built 1979) in colision off Singapore. Details pending. (Thurs. Sept. 25 2003)

80m fishing vessel -- almost 90% complete at Yuexin Shipyard in Guangzhou city, capital of Guangdong province -- when 12 workers killed or missing after construction broke free of restraining block & plunged into S. China's Pearl River -- 10 missing workers believed trapped in hull of ship -- made for a Dutch company. (Thurs. Sept. 25 2003)

14,487gt bulk M/V Adamandas (built 1986) abandoned off Reunion Sept.24. (Thurs. Sept. 25 2003)

9,003 gt bulk M/V Zang Za San Chong Nyon Ho (built 1980), Chongjin for China with 11,150mt cargo, in collision Sept. 12 -- Tashima Strait. Details pending. (Thurs. Sept. 25 2003)

Bulk M/V Pagaruyung, sank off Sumatra -- 4 sailors missing & feared drowned on Sept. 24. (Thurs. Sept. 25 2003)

General cargo M/V Slavutich 7 -- breaks in two in Black Sea, Sept 12 as reported by Constantza Port Control, Bucharest. (Thurs. Sept. 25 2003

Indonesian-flagged cargo M/V KM Pagaruyung, with 28-man crew & unidentified Liberian freighter in collision Bangka Strait off S. Sumatra province. M/V KM Pagaruyung suffered 4 dead -- other 24 crew drifted for 5 hours before saved by a passing ship. (Wed. Sept. 24 2003)

47500gt vehicle M/V Global Spirit (built 1987) ran aground in Port Phillip Bay, Melbourne. (Wed. Sept. 24 2003)

M/V Kent Reliant grounded outside San Juan Harbor Sept. 18. Once vessel is re-floated it will be taken into ship channel following the same path as grounding to prevent further damage to reef. (Wed. Sept. 24 2003) UPDATE>> Final stage of salvage operations on M/V Kent Reliant will commence tomorrow morning outside San Juan Harbor, barring any inclement weather that would delay the evolution. (Mon. Sept. 29 2003)

Parker Drilling jackup Rig 14J collapsed 5 miles (8 km) from Chandeleur Islands off SE Louisiana, Sept. 18, as it was to begin drilling operations in 14 feet (4.6 m) of water, spilled all 41 crew into sea -- all rescued by U.S. Coast Guard & civilian vessels. Malfunction "caused one side of the rig to become partially submerged in the water", said Parker -- 12 taken to hospitals & 11 released. (Wed. Sept. 24 2003)

Malta registered 22,009GT bulk carrier, M/V Sea Liberty & Panama registered 15,095GT container M/V Arabian Express, in collision, 2.8km SE of Kusu Island. M/V Sea Liberty transiting westbound in Singapore Strait & M/V Arabian Express departing Singapore, after leaving Brani Container Terminal. Accommodation area on starboard side & engine room of Sea Liberty damaged. Arabian Express sustained minor damages at forward ballast tank. Both vessels stable. Semco & Smit Int'l appointed for salvage operations. No injuries. (Mon. Sept. 22 2003)

Largest ice shelf in Arctic, a solid feature for 3,000 years, has broken up -- Ward Hunt Ice Shelf, on N. coast of Ellesmere Island in Canada's Nunavut territory, broke into 2 main parts, themselves cut through with fissures. A freshwater lake drained into the sea, researchers reported. Large ice islands also calved off from shelf --some large enough to be dangerous to shipping & drilling platforms in Beaufort Sea. (Mon. Sept. 22 2003)

Royal Caribbean's M/V Legend of the Seas received terrorist bomb threats while at sea & put to Honolulu last April. Today Kelley Marie Ferguson, 20, of Laguna Hills, Calif., was sentenced to 2 years in federal prison for leaving the bomb threat notes throughout the vessel. Ferguson, 20, who hid that she was pregnant during cruise, told authorities she wanted to cut short family vacation to return home to boyfriend. U.S. District Court Judge Helen Gillmor also ordered Ferguson to serve 3 years of supervised release & undergo a psychiatric evaluation & counseling, if needed. Needed? Got Sense? (Mon. Sept. 22 2003)

Yes, we are late on our postings! Your Editor enjoyed a 23rd wedding anniversary at Half Moon Bay -- when the lap top crashed -- McD

Unidentified oil tanker for the breakers -- dumped at Sitakund near port city of Chittagong in S. Bangladesh, 215km SE of Dhaka, leaked a cloud of deadly gas -- killed hundreds of seabirds & sickened at least 50 people. Residents in Sitakund complained of breathing problems & swollen eyes, while water in port turned yellow, leaves on trees nearby turned gray & plants withered. Tanker owned by Bangladeshi company, R.K. Trading. Chemical experts suspected that tanker contained sulfur which turns into sulfuric acid when released into air. Fodors Travel Guides<<webfeature may downgrade Chittagong<<webfeature by a couple of diamonds. (Sun. Sept. 21 2003)

Panamanian-flagged M/V Eagle Strength, on appraoch to Bangladesh's main Chittagong port tried to avoid hitting a feeder vessel at entry channel of port & in collision with passing HRC Shipping Lines container M/V Banglar Biraj, then hit 5 Bangladesh Navy vessels -- 20 navy sailors were injured -- damaged Bangladesh Navy vessels included mine sweeper & gun boat. M/V Banglar Biraj had several containers thrown overboard. (Sun. Sept. 21 2003)

M/V Corvo Express, ex-Fremantle in early Aug. 2003 -- with 50,000 Australian sheep (once 58,000) -- rejected as diseased by 2 countries in the Middle East -- still at sea. Follow Our Story<<webfeature This is a very sad tale of animal abuse & commercial reality. Sheep being offered for free. (Sun. Sept. 21 2003) Sheep now reported low on fodder. (Mon. Sept. 22 2003) UPDATE>> Shipment intended to unload at Iraqi port of Basra on Sept. 27 afternoon but British occupying forces at the port raised concerns about their ability to handle the cargo & how the sheep would be distributed for food aid. (Sun. Sept. 28 2003)

3,200gt French M/T Pointe du Castela & 2,000gt Dutch container M/V Pride of Veerehave in collision as they crossed each other 25 miles N. of Ramsgate in North Sea -- each with10 crew. Vessels suffered minor damage. Thames Coast Guard investigating cause of collision. (Fri. Sept. 19 2003)


15 Sept. 2003 at 0335 LT at Manila anchorage, Philippines. Eight pirates armed with long knives in unlit boat boarded bulk carrier from port bow using hooks attached to ropes. Alarm raised & crew mustered. Pirates broke in to forecastle store, stole safety equipment & jumped overboard. Master called authorities on VHF ch.16 but did not receive response. (Fri. Sept. 19 2003)

08 Sept. 2003 at 0010 LT at Lagos anchorage, Nigeria. Three pirates armed with long knives boarded bulk carrier using grappling hook from unlit fast boat. Duty A/B raised alarm & crew mustered. Pirates escaped with ship's stores. (Fri. Sept. 19 2003)

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M/V Taramon Bibi, Bandar Abbas for Chittagong port with 13750mt rock sulphur (raw material for TSP fertilizer) caught fire at TSP jetty in Chittagong port - 4 injured. (Thurs. Sept. 18 2003)

2,545gt cargo M/V Oosterbrug (built 2001), bound for Malmo with wheat, aground off Malmo. (Wed., Sept. 17 2003PM)

128gt cargo RMS Ruhrort (built 1983) aground off Hamstad. (Tues, Sept. 16 2003PM)

M/V Corvo Express, with 57,000 Australian sheep, denied permission to unload in Saudi Arabia -- stranded for 5 weeks -- Saudi vet reported high incidence of disease "scabby mouth"<<webfeature, but Australian vet aboard disputed finding & declared sheep healthy. Result: More than 1,000 sheep dead. (Tues, Sept. 16 2003)

ALTERNATE REPORT>> Animal welfare groups in Australia have called for immediate slaughter of more than 50,000 Australian sheep stranded in the Gulf aboard M/V Corvo Express while Australian government searches for port that will take them. Pakistan is the 3rd country to turn away the sheep, destined for Saudi Arabia, according to Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Australia<<webfeature,-- said sheep diseased & about 3,500 had died. (Tues, Sept. 16 2003PM)

Typhoon Maemi -- Westwood Shipping -- Official Company Report(edited for language)>>

"As you may know, the South part of Korea was hit hard over the weekend by a record-setting typhoon with winds reaching 135 miles per hour. Several terminals in the Port of Busan sustained serious damage with container cranes toppled.  Our Seoul office reports that the most ravaged areas within the port are the Jaseongdae & Singamman container terminals where 8 of 19 container cranes were totally demolished with others sustaining damages. Surprisingly, no damages were reported to Westwood carg & equipments. Our Seoul office estimates that Westwood's operations will not be affected while some other carriers will face difficult times. Our M/V Westwood Rainier, which should have been in Busan over the weekend, sought shelter in the Hakata area of Japan & arrived in Busan after the typhoon. She sailed from Busan on Sept. 14, one day behind schedule. We will advise as more information becomes available."
"PS: Below is a photo, taken the day after, and sent to us by the master of M/V Westwood Rainier.  It shows some of the damages to the cranes only recently erected on a new container terminal in Busan." (Mon. Sept. 15 2003)
SPECIAL NOTE: We Have This Photo From Our Anonymous Correspondent>> Click Here
The photos are AMAZING!! McD

Ukrainian cargo M/V Slavutich-7, Turkey for Kherson, Ukraine with 14 crew -- split in half in Black Sea, Sept. 13, 7 hours after hull damaged. Half under tow to land, while remainder floating toward Mangalia, Romania. Ukrainian M/V Cherevko towing portion carrying crew. No injuries. (Mon. Sept. 15 2003)

Typhoon Maemi At South Korea>> More than 80 vessels sunk, filling waters driftwood & raising fears people may have died out at sea -- at least 84 people confirmed dead & dozens others missing -- country's worst typhoon in a century -- winds135 miles per hour. (Sun. Sept. 14 2003)

60-foot tug James A. Hannah & 360-foot barge aground off of Oswego Harbor, NY. Sept. 11. Barge was with 47,000 barrels fuel oil. Pair grounded on sandy bottom -- no visible signs of pollutio.. No vessel traffic was impeded. (Sun. Sept. 14 2003)

13,331 gt. passenger ro/ro M/V Moby Magic (built 1976), Leghorn for Olbia, struck submerged rock/object off Olbia. (Fri. Sept. 12 2003)


05 Sept. 2003 at 1400 LT at 3 miles off Chennai breakwater, India -- pirates armed with knives boarded bulk carrier at anchor using grapnel hooks. Duty officer raised alarm; bosun & 2 A/Bs chased pirates away. Pirates jumped overboard & escaped in waiting boat with 3 other accomplices. Port control informed. Cowards brushed off. (Fri. Sept. 12 2003)

04 Sept. .2003 at 1540 UTC in inner anchorage no. 2, Manila, Philippines. Pirates pretending to be stevedores boarded bulk carrier & stole ship's stores & property. (Fri. Sept. 12 2003)

04 Sept. 2003 at 0430 LT in position 00:55.5N - 105:10.0E, 30 nm east of Bintan island, Indonesia. Pirates in speedboat attempted to board chemical tanker underway. Crew raised alarm, sounded ship's whistle & pirates aborted attempt -- fled. (Fri. Sept. 12 2003)

03 Sept. 2003 at 2040 LT at Georgetown, Guyana. Pirates boarded general cargo ship at anchor & stole ship's stores & property although shore guards were employed onboard. (Fri. Sept. 12 2003)

02 Sept. 2003 at 0130 LT at berth no. 5C, Callao port, Peru -- pirates boarded a bulk carrier while 2 accomplices waited in speedboat. Duty 2/O raised alarm & crew mustered. Pirate jumped overboard & escaped w/ accomplices towards breakwater. Port authority informed & coast guard patrol boat arrived at scene. (Fri. Sept. 12 2003)

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PIRATE ALERT>> As UK Ships' officers' union Numast<<webfeature, (National Union of Marine Aviation & Shipping Transport Officers) has contacted UK Foreign Secretary Jack Straw & the Int'l Maritime Organization (IMO) about huge increase in piracy activity -- total of 234 pirate attacks in 1st 6 months of this year, 37% more than same period last year & highest total since statistics began in 1991. In Jan.-June 2003 period, 16 seafarers were killed, 52 injured & 20 reported missing. Seafarers taken hostage more than doubled to 193 & a marked increase in number of incidents in which firearms were used. Indonesia continued main danger area &endash; accounting for more than 25% of world attacks, with 64 incidents -- including 43 ships boarded, 4 hijacked & attempted attacks on further 17 ships. Next highest risk area was Bangladesh, where attacks almost doubled to 23. Nigeria & India, with 18 attacks each, were next most-dangerous areas. Ports most likely to feature in attacks included Lagos & Chennai (formerly Madras). (Thurs. Sept. 11 2003)

767-foot Croatian freighter M/V Peljesac, for Canada with petroleum coke & 23 crew, went aground in mud at Sabine Pass, Texas -- during rough seas related to Tropical Storm Grace. No cargo spilled. Crew reamins aboard. Someone needs to alert the Master that Sabine Pass is in the Gulf of Mexico, not on the lane to Canada. From our Correspondent D. Mcmillen. (Wed. Sept. 10 2003)

Yacht S/V Willis Do, Wales -- across Bristol Channel for Ilfracombe Harbor -- suffered gas explosion below water line at Ilfracombe Harbor, Sept. 7 -- vessel split along side, all doors blown off &bulkheads badly damaged. -- 3 passengers with serious burns. (Wed. Sept. 10 2003)

12-meter M/V Sanjaya -- used to train sailors -- sank in Bali Strait, Mekaki Gulf, South Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara -- sank -- 3 missing -- 5 passengers survived - vessel on station for 12 hours when suddenly capsized. This is 3 days after ferry M/V KMP Wimala Dharma>>webferature, capsized in Lombok Strait, West Nusa Tenggara, which left 17 people dead. Geez, does anyrhing float in Bali? (Wed. Sept. 10 2003)

U.S. 48-foot F/V Lonely Hunter & U.S. 82-foot F/V Katrina Lee -- in harrowing colision 28 miles E of Nantucket --crews asleep -- F/V Lonely Hunter quickly rolled over & sank with 2 crew missing. A New Bedford fisherman plucked from sea, but U.S. Coast Guard searched into night -- not finding missing crew. F/V Katrina Lee sustained minor damage in crash -- headed to New Bedford with 5 crew. (Mon. Sept. 8 2003PM)

WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?>> U.S. 75-foot S/V Pacific Attitude -- waves reached 69 feet & winds blasted at speeds of 87mph when crew of 3 Israeli businessmen who sailed into eye of Hurricane Fabian, who hoped to use her as tourist ferry, sent out emergency satellite signal at 6 p.m. -- bodies of the 3 found by Canadian Coast Guard vessel 400 miles SE of St. John's -- had set sail for Israel after test voyage in Halifax. "Nobody can tell what these guys were thinking", said U.S. Coast Guard. The "why" of this voyage will never be known. Geeez. (Mon. Sept. 8 2003PM)

Indonesian vehicle & passenger ferry M/V Wimala Dharma, for port of Lembar, in Lombok Strait on Lombok island, Indonesia, Bali, with passengers -- 14 trucks, 2 cars & 14 motorcycles -- hit by huge wave & sank in rough seas 3.30 am, Sept. 7, 7NM off Padang Bai -- death toll remains at 5 & number rescued at 135 -- unsure how many still missing. (Sun. Sept. 7 2003PM) UPDATE>> Vessel with about 147 pasengers & 21 crew -- 140 people found so far, 5 dead. (Mon. Sept. 8 2003PM)

Indian Coast Guard searched seas off W.coast on Sept. 7 for 13 fishermen missing from a group of 269 released from Pakistani jails last week. Pakistan announced release of Indian fishermen &handed them & their 34 boats over to Indian authorities on Sept. 4. Pakistan & India often arrest each other's fishermen for illegal entry into territorial waters & many of them spend years in jail before they are released. On Sept. 7, 256 fishermen in 32 boats landed at Okha in Gujarat, but 2 boats with 13 men aboard failed to arrive - feared missing. (Sun. Sept. 7 2003PM)

Indonesian inter-island ferry M/V Wimala Darma, Padang Bai harbour for Lombok island, sank -- off coast of Bali on Lombok Strait-- many people missing -- 94 people rescued from passing vessel. (Sat.. Sept. 6 2003)

44ft catamaran S/V Alpha Omega -- vessel afire, man & women crew forced to life raft. Solent Coastguard received mayday call -- incident happened 4 miles off East Preston, West Sussex.Two lifeboats from Littlehampton sent to scene & fishery protection vessel the Cattistock. All saved. (Sat.. Sept. 6 2003)

[This Feature Brought Forward From Aug. 19] >> 246m M/V Sealand Express, aground off Dolphin Beach near Milnerton -- container vessel driven ashore in high winds & heavy sea conditions. National Ports Authority (NPA) at the Port of Cape Town, said NPA assisted in an earlier attempt to tow ship off beach, but had been unsuccessful. (Tues. Aug. 19 2003) UPDATE>> M/V Sealand Express dragged her anchor & touched beach due to bad weather conditions. Another mess. (Tues. Aug. 19 2003PM) UPDATE>> M/V Sealand Express also carrying containers of industrial chemicals, including leaking propyl acetate, & 59 sealed drums of uranium oxide, a byproduct of gold mining & raw material for nuclear fuel rods. (Sat. Aug. 23 2003)

UPDATE>> This Vessel Is Now In Big Trouble On The Beach. Sources tell us that the container vessel may capsize on the beach. (Fri. Sept. 5 2003)


01 Sept. 2003 at 0730 LT at berth no. 6, Chittagong port, Bangladesh. Pirates stole Zink anodes welded to ship's side from bulk carrier. Port control informed. (Fri. Sept. 5 2003)

31 Aug. 2003 at 0500 LT in position 00:47.9N - 105:19.9E, Indonesia. Six pirates in long boat attempted to board container ship underway from port quarter. Anti piracy watch raised alarm & crew mustered. Pirates aborted attempt & fled. (Fri. Sept. 5 2003)

31 ug. 2003 at 0115 LT at Chennai anchorage, India. Pirate boarded container ship whilst his 3 accomplices were in process of boarding. Alert raised alarm & pirate fled empty handed. Port control & port police informed. Police boat arrived at 0215 LT. (Fri. Sept. 5 2003)

30 Aug. 2003 at 0446 LT in position 01:03.4N - 105:06.5E, off Bintan Island, Indonesia. Five pirates in speed boat attempted to board general cargo ship underway. Alert crew activated hoses, & sounded ship's whistle. Boat retreated after 10 minutes. (Fri. Sept. 5 2003)

30 Aug. 2003 at 0230 LT at san Pedro de Macoros, Dominican Republic Four pirates armed with knives boarded an ocean going tug moored alongside from unlit boat. Alert duty A/B called for assistance from armed guards on jetty. Pirates jumped overboard & escaped. (Fri. Sept. 5 2003)

29 Aug. 2003 at 2330 LT in position 00:56N - 105:08E, off Bintan Island, Indonesia. Six pirates armed with guns & long knives in speedboat attempted to board bulk carrier underway at stern, using a hook attached to rope. Anti-piracy watch raised alarm & crew mustered -- pirates fled. (Fri. Sept. 5 2003)

28 Aug. 2003 at 2250 LT in position 00:46N - 105:14E, off Bintan Island, Indonesia. Six masked pirates armed with guns & knives boarded bulk carrier underway from speedboat. They went to bridge -- tied up duty A/B, took hostage 3/o, assaulted him & forced him to knock on master's door. Master heard noise & escaped thru porthole with ship's cash. Pirates knew how much cash was on board -- they wrote down figure on paper -- broke master's door & ransacked his cabin also crew cabins. Pirates tied up crew & assaulted C/E and 3/0 many times & threatened crew with guns. Pirates left at 0015 LT with crew personal effects and ship's equipment. (Fri. Sept. 5 2003)

28 Aug. 2003 at 0001 LT at Chittagong roads anchorage, Bangladesh. Pirates boarded general cargo ship coming in to anchor. Ship raised alarm; crew mustered & switched on deck lights. As a result pirates fled inhigh speedboat. Port control informed. (Fri. Sept. 5 2003)

 26.08.2003 at 0500 LT in position 01:20N - 104:58E, about 50nm NE of Bintan Island, Indonesia.

Eight masked pirates armed with guns and long knives boarded a bulk carrier underway from a speedboat. They tied up duty A/B on deck and c/e in his cabin. They then went to bridge and took hostage C/O and an A/B. They forced C/O to knock on master's door. Master realising something is wrong fired a rocket flare from bathroom porthole. Pirates broke in to master's cabin and fired at safe causing it to open. Pirates stole ship's and master's cash and crew personal belongings. Before escaping at 0600 LT pirates fired at the crew. No injuries to crew.

25 Aug. 2003 at 2235 LT in Lagos SBM, Nigeria. Five pirates boarded chemical tanker & stole mooring rope. Duty A/B raised alarm & tried to prevent theft but he was attacked with empty glass bottles. (Fri. Sept. 5 2003)

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199-ton M/V Ryuyo Maru, Nagoya, for Port of Ichikawa in Chiba Prefecture with 500 tons of steel -- & -- 499-ton M/V Kaishin Maru, Ichikawa (Mainichi Shimbun, Japan) for Tsu, Mie Prefecture -- in collision 17km SE of Port of Omaezaki in Shizuoka Prefecture -- foggy seas off Shizuoka Prefecture in the predawn hours of Sept. 3 -- chief engineer of Ryuyo Maru suffered slight injuries to head -- M/V Ryuyo Maru sank -- foggy & visibility bad at time of accident. (Thurs. Sept. 4 2003)

French Polynesia ferry M/V Tahiti Nui IV (408 gt) sunk in Austra Islands Sept. 3 -- details pending. (Thurs. Sept. 4 2003)

Halifax Coast Guard vessel Alfred Needler -- suffered fire -- in engine room of coast guard ship outside Summerside harbor off Prince Edward Island --towed to Charlottetown. (Tues. Sept. 2 2003}

Russian, Tyumen Oil Co (TNK) owned M/T Victoria, with 11 crew & 2,000 tons crude oil for Russian port of Kavkaz, on Black Sea, suffered fire in Volga River Aug. 30 -- led to explosion which sent burning oil from tanks in after section of Leninneft-type vessel into water -- finally put out early Aug. 31 -- 1 of 11 crew killed. Hull is more or less undamaged. Incident, 1st reported by master of passing tanker operated by Volgotanker, at Oktyabrskaya terminal near city of Samara. Sources said crude oil loading not permitted at Oktyabrskaya terminal. Oil spill contained within several rows of booms. (Mon. Sept. 1 2003)

Vessel Loss Dispatches For August 2003

"Pelican's Peril" - collision on River Scheldt - Aug. 2003

ALERT>> Port of Dover<<webfeature brought to standstill tonight as police investigated a suspect package. Passengers on board ferries coming to/from France stranded in exclusions zones around the area. Army bomb disposal team on way to scene. (Fri. Aug. 29 2003PM) UPDATE>> Port of Dover reopened following the arrest of 3 men after police found prohibited weapons in a car -- being questioned in connection with terrorist offences -- port was sealed 7 hours --exclusion zone set up around port from 7.20pm until 2.40am. (Sat. Aug. 30 2003)

Russian Sub Down>> Northern Fleet November Class<<webfeature nuclear submarine from the 1950's K-159, under tow with 12 crew for dismatling, sunk in Barents Sea<<webfeature NW of Kildin Island -- only 1 sailor rescued -- 2 bodies retrieved, However, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman said there were only 10 crew aboard. (Fri. Aug. 29 2003)

Gloucester 55-foot F/V Half Fast, with 2 crew capsized 35 miles off Boston -- hauling in clams -- weight of shellfish vessel healed over. Clamming F/V North Star spotted disastr & made rescue. (Fri. Aug. 29 2003)


24 Aug. 2003 at 1735 LT in position 08:44S - 115:43E, Lombuk Strait, Indonesia. Ten pirates armed with machine guns in 2 speedboats approached bulk carrier underway. One boat came within one cable & tried to intercept course. Master raised alarm & crew activated fire hoses & boats moved away. (Fri. Aug. 29 2003)

24 Aug. 2003 at 0100 LT at Coal Terminal, Cartagena, Colombia. Pirates armed with knives boarded tanker at forecastle -- assaulted a crewmember with knives -- tied up & received knife wounds. Pirates stole ship's stores & escaped. (Fri. Aug. 29 2003)

22 Aug. 2003 at 2330 LT in position 01:36.6N - 105:22.5E, Indonesia. Nine pirates armed with guns & knives boarded general cargo ship underway -- stole ship's cash & escaped. (Fri. Aug. 29 2003)

22. Aug. 2003 at 2130 UTC in position 00:57N - 105:03E, vicinity of Bintan Island, Indonesia. Three pirates armed with knives & crowbars boarded container ship underway. 2nd engineer raised alarm -- pirates left empty handed. (Fri. Aug. 29 2003)

21.08.2003 at 1130 LT in position 05:47.8N - 005:20.5E, Deli Creek, Harrison point, Sapele, Nigeria. Groups of pirates armed with firearms boarded bulk carrier underway from speedboats -- ordered ship to anchor & open all cargo holds. Threatened chief mate & took his walkie-talkie & smashed forecastle life raft. They then stole cargo from holds & provisions from galley. Leader of the armed pirate groups took pilot ashore & ship remained anchored. Pirates returned pilot to the ship at 1700 LT. Ship then heaved up anchor & sailed. (Fri. Aug. 29 2003)

20.08.2003 at 0530 LT at Doula, Cameroon -- 4 pirates boarded refer ship & broke open seal to no 1 hatch. Alert crew mustered & pirates jumped overboard empty handed. (Fri. Aug. 29 2003)

19.08.2003 at 0005 LT at Tema Roads, Ghana -- 4 pirates armed with long knives boarded container ship & stole ship's stores. Crew raised alarm & pirates escaped in unlit boat. Master informed port control & ships in vicinity. (Fri. Aug. 29 2003)

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5,944gt Reefer M/V Toledo Carrier (built 1994) & F/V Maria de Lourdes I, in collision at Guayaquil, Aug. 25. (Thurs. Aug. 28 2003)

321-foot M/T Great Lakes, Sewaren, N.J., for Port of Albany with 35,000 barrels of jet fuel, ran aground -- Port of Hudson River closed. Company (K-Sea Transportation of Staten Island) sent divers & tugs to help refloat vessel. (Wed. Aug. 27 2003)

Greek general M/V Elpida I suffered 28 Aug. collision off Piraeus. (Wed. Aug. 27 2003)

Game Over>> Armed South Africans & Australian vessels have boarded Uruguayan F/V Viarsa 1 & arrested Capt. & crew. Thus ended 3 week chase through Southern Ocean that started after Viarsa fled from Australian Customs & Fisheries patrol vessel Southern Supporter when Australians asked to inspect the vessel. This was the longest high-seas chase in history. Follow our "Sea Chase" feature for background on this exciting incident. (Wed. Aug. 27 2003)

Alertnate News Story

North Korean long range ferry M/V Mangyongbong-92, Niigata, Japan for North Korea -- cited for 5 violations & arrested. Japanese officials gathered 100 inspectors from 3 different ministries to comb passenger ferry bow to stern -- part of global crackdown on alleged smuggling of drugs & weapons by communist state. Inspectors found ship missing several safety features >> fire damper in kitchen exhaust duct; >> emergency exits signs meeting height & lighting specifics; >> wireless phone for communicating with airplanes in emergencies; & >> fire extinguisher using sea water. A divider for oil & bilge water also deemed faulty. Tough inspections tested relations between the nations as they prepare for multilateral talks this week in Beijing on North Korea's alleged effort to develop nuclear weapons. The U.S., Russia, South Korea & China will participate in summit. (Mon. Aug. 25 2003)

Australian Sea Chase>> Australia's longest maritime chase is continuing in the Southern Ocean. Australia Justice & Customs is resolved to pursuing illegal fishing boat, accused of poaching valuable patagonian toothfish. Australian, South African & now U.S. ships pursuing Uruguayan-flagged ship F/V Viarsa through Southern Ocean for more than 2 weeks. Ships now in area with ice-floes but chase will continue -- hot pursuit of Viarsa is now entering its 19th day -- previous longest chase was 15 days & involved 6,100 kms, in this case, at 6,800 kms, this sea chase is the longest in Australia's maritime history. Follow our "Sea Chase" feature for background on this exciting incident. (Mon. Aug. 25 2003)

South Korean Navy fired warning shots at 200-ton North Korean patrol boat that intruded into South's territorial waters -- crossed 0.3 mile into South's waters shortly after 7 a.m. & retreated 3 minutes after South Korean speedboats fired two 76 mm shells -- 3rd such incident this month. (Mon. Aug. 25 2003)

55.6 meter ferry M/V Ovalau, inter-island between Fiji's main islands of Vanua Levu and Viti Levu -- 150km trip across the often rough Bligh Waters --with 100 people sank Aug. 23 in Nanunu-i-Ra passage, 30km off Ellington. Fiji. Preliminary reports indicate all passengers rescued off northern Viti Levu town of Rakiraki. (Mon. Aug. 25 2003)

88-foot shrimp F/V with 4 crew in collosion with 324-foot Russian freighter, 56 miles SE of Galveston. F/V began taking water after accident. U.S. Coast Guard rescued crew & flew in pump to stop flooding. One crew taken by helicopter to University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston for treatment of possible concussion. She later released. (Sat. Aug. 23 2003)

246m M/V Sealand Express, aground off Dolphin Beach near Milnerton -- container vessel driven ashore in high winds & heavy sea conditions. National Ports Authority (NPA) at the Port of Cape Town, said NPA assisted in an earlier attempt to tow ship off beach, but had been unsuccessful. (Tues. Aug. 19 2003) UPDATE>> M/V Sealand Express dragged her anchor & touched beach due to bad weather conditions. Another mess. (Tues. Aug. 19 2003PM) UPDATE>> M/V Sealand Express also carrying containers of industrial chemicals, including leaking propyl acetate, & 59 sealed drums of uranium oxide, a byproduct of gold mining & raw material for nuclear fuel rods. (Sat. Aug. 23 2003)


18 Aug. 2003 at 1930 UTC in position 06:07N - 097:33E, Malacca straits. Pirates in 3 boats attempted to board container ship underway. Ship increased speed & took evasive actions. Crew activated fire hoses & boats gave up chase at 2200 UTC. (Fri. Aug. 22 2003)

18 Aug. 2003 at 0225 LT at Bonny Roads, Nigeria -- 10 pirates armed with knives boarded container ship & took duty seaman as hostage. Pirates stole all 5 mooring ropes from forecastle & escaped. Bonny signal station called but did not respond. (Fri. Aug. 22 2003)

18 Aug. 2003 at 0001 LT at Puerto Cortes roads, Honduras. Pirates armed with knives boarded bulk carrier via anchor chain. Alert A/B raised alarm & pirates escaped empty handed. (Fri. Aug. 22 2003)

17 Aug. 2003 at 2343 LT in position 17:29.6N - 077:25W, S. of Kingston, Jamaica. An unlit speedboat with pirates on deck & 2 men hidden inside came close to general cargo ship underway intending to board. Alert crew raised alarm -- activated fire hoses. Boat altered course & moved towards coast. (Fri. Aug. 22 2003)

17 Aug. 2003 at 2110 LT in position 22:10N - 091:46E, Anchorage-C, Chittagong, Bangladesh -- 15 pirates attempted to board tanker via anchor chain. Duty watchman alerted crew & pirates jumped back in water & escaped. Port control called but did not respond. (Fri. Aug. 22 2003)

12 Aug. 2003 at 0230 LT in position: 04:50N - 108:02E, Indonesia. Armed pirates chased & opened fire on fishing trawler underway. Captain shot dead. Pirates boarded trawler & stole cargo & ship's property. (Fri. Aug. 22 2003)

12 Aug. 2003 at 0145 LT in position 22:15N - 091:43E, Anchorage-B, Chittagong, Bangladesh. Four motorized boats came alongside tug & 15-20 pirates armed with knives & bolos boarded -- stole ship's stores & escaped. One crew injured. Tug called port control -- received no response. (Fri. Aug. 22 2003)

18 Aug. 2003, Hijacked/missing tug M/V Hamco Bintang & barge Hamco Mulia. Tug Hamco Bintang towing barge from Surabaya to Tg. Selor, Indonesia. Last radio contact with tug was on 23 June 2003. Thereafter no further communication. Fate of 8t crew unknown. Tug & barge still missing. (Fri. Aug. 22 2003)

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Italian flagged M/V Grande Nigeria (Built 2000) in collision with 214 meter Panamanian flagged car carrier M/V Nada V. -- in Nauw Van Bath of Westerscheldt on approach to Antwerp. (Wed. Aug. 20 2003)

Japan F/V Kinshoumaru No 18' with 23 crew, issued Mayday 11:40 pm - Aug. 19 as "406 Distress Alert" -- gave position as 800 miles W. Northern Ireland. Distress alert picked up by Falmouth Coastguard. U.S. flagged oceanographic M/V Mary Sears responding -- en route to the distress position. (Wed. Aug. 20 2003)

UK Falmouth Coastguard currently sending assistance to Japanese F/V Kinshoumaru No 18, with 23 crew. Distress alert picked up by Falmouth Coastguard at 11:40 pm last night as 406 distress alert & gave positin of vessel as 800 miles W. of coast of Northern Ireland. (Tues. Aug. 19 2003PM)

Philippines Navy vessel atttacked & ambushed killing 7 military personnel -- 5 others wounded when 15 New People's Army (NPA) rebels attacked ship docked in coastal town of Real, E. of Manila. NPA is armed wing of Communist Party of Philippines which has been waging a decades-old rebellion. (Tues. Aug. 19 2003PM)

246m M/V Sealand Express, aground off Dolphin Beach near Milnerton -- container vessel driven ashore in high winds & heavy sea conditions. National Ports Authority (NPA) at the Port of Cape Town, said NPA assisted in an earlier attempt to tow ship off beach, but had been unsuccessful. (Tues. Aug. 19 2003) UPDATE>> M/V Sealand Express dragged her anchor & touched beach due to bad weather conditions. Another mess. (Tues. Aug. 19 2003PM) UPDATE>> M/V Sealand Express also carrying containers of industrial chemicals, including leaking propyl acetate, & 59 sealed drums of uranium oxide, a byproduct of gold mining & raw material for nuclear fuel rods. (Sat. Aug. 23 2003)

Panamanian chemical/oil M/T Amer Thames, with 4,000 tons caustic soda aground at Mumbai.

U.S.-based World Vision charted M/V Madame Patricia, with 20 crew & thousands of blankets, tons of laundry soap, jerry cans & mats to supply 21,000 displaced people in the city, sank off Sierra Leone -- crew swam to safety -- ship ran into storm Aug. 17 night -- battled storm for 10 hours before crew abandoned ship. >>> Meanwhile In The City>>> Liberian capital largely returned to normal week after forced resignation & departure into exile of former Detroit gas station attendant, turned warlord, turned president Charles Taylor, at the center of 2 wars that raged almost non-stop for 14 years. Meanwhile 15 US Navy SEALS landed on beach at Monrovia's Mamba Point diplomatic quarter on Aug. 18, from 1 of 3 U.S. rescue warships anchored off the coast as hundreds of curious civilians looked on. Quite sad. (Mon. Aug. 18 003)

Malaysian police report 4 armed Indonesian pirates suspected of carrying out more than 90 heists in southern Johor state have been shot dead in a clash. Skirmish took place early on Aug. 17 in area of jungle in residential suburb when suspects tried to attack police officers with a machete & chopper knife. One of the suspects seized pistol from police officers & discharged weapon twice before the police returned fire, killing all 4 suspects. (Mon. Aug. 18 003)

Crew of Malaysian-owned tanker M/T Penrider released by pirates. Capt. & 2 other crew were kidnapped by pirates with AK-47 & M-16 rifles in the Straits of Malacca. Reports said ship owner had agreed to pay S$175,000 ransom. Vessel was Singapore for Penang with 1,000 tons of fuel oil. Read our full story (Sun. Aug. 17 2003)

M/V Spirit of Free Enterprise suffered extensive damage to steering gear when it hit the bottom while departing Manukau Harbor (Auckland) -- crossing the bar at midday Aug. 16. Stricken vessel towed 7km out to sea, & salvage tug from New Plymouth was set to rendezvous at 5am for tow to Lyttelton. (Sun. Aug. 17 2003)

F/V Elhanan, with 4 crew taking water 133miles NW Aberdeen UK & requesting immediate assistance. Elhanan afloat but taking water -- rescue helicopter attempting to establish tow -- rescue helicopter attempting to establish tow. (Fri. Aug. 15 2003)

Greek M/T Tasman Spirit, with 67,500 tons of crude, grounded off Karachi port since July 27, likely to break into 2 parts within next 12 hours, which could cause a massive oil spill threatening marine life, mangrove forests -- unleashing ecological disaster. Estimated approximately 44,000 tons of crude still aboard. (Sat. Aug. 9 2003) UPDATE>> M/T Tasman Spirit has broken in half. Mjor oil spill now at hand. Pakistani port officials warned of major oil spill along S. coastline -- growing slick of oil washed ashore along main beaches outside Karachi bringing toxic fumes & hundreds of dead fish, sea birds & turtles. More than 1,000 policemen, with masks, deployed to close seafront. (Fri. Aug. 15 2003)


11 Aug 2003 off Dakar port, Senegal. Three armed pirates barded container ship underway after dropping pilot. Pirates stole ship's stores & escaped. (Fri. Aug. 15 2003)

10 Aug. 2003 at 0430 LT at Belem anchorage, Brazil. Pirates attempted to climb aboard chemical tanker via anchor chain. Alert A/B raised alarm & pirate escaped. (Fri. Aug. 15 2003)

09 Aug. .2003 at 1725 LT in position 05:43N - 097:44E, Malacca straits. Armed pirates chased fishing trawler & opened fire. Master hit by gunshot on his leg. Vessel proceeding towards Singapore for further assistance. Further details awaited. (Fri. Aug. 15 2003)

09 Aug. 2003 at 0220 LT in position 06:38S - 039:28E, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. Four pirates in boat came close to general cargo ship & attempted to board by using grappling hook. Alert crew mustered & raised alarm. Pirates abandoned boarding. (Fri. Aug. 15 2003)

08 Aug. 2003 at 0400 LT at berth no. 29, Puerto Cabello, Venezuela. Pirates boarded bulk carrier & broke in to paint locker. Alert crew foiled theft & pirates escaped empty handed. (Fri. Aug. 15 2003)

06 Aug. 2003 at 0645 LT in position 04:11.7N - 120:00.1E, Celebes Sea, south of Tawi Tawi Islands, Philippines. Pirates in steel hulled boat & armed with guns fired at tug escorting survey ship. Bullets hit tug -- it increased speed & took evasive manoeuvres. Pirate boat gave up chase & fled. (Fri. Aug. 15 2003)

18 Aug, .2003, Hijacked / missing tug M/V Hamco Bintang & barge Hamco Mulia. Tug Hamco Bintang towing barge from Surabaya to Tg. Selor, Indonesia. Last radio contact with tug was on 23.06.2003. Thereafter no further communication. Fate of 8 crew unknown. Tug & barge still missing. Read our full story on this incident -- with vessel identificaion.. (Fri. Aug. 15 2003)

"Container Pool" - A Cargo Law Mystery - what? May 2002

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UPDATE>> M/T Tasman Spirit<<webfeature has broken apart & sank. Oil spill follows. Read Our Story. (Thurs. 14 Aug. 2003)

SEA CHASE>> Uruguayan-flagged ocean trawler F/V Viarsa, fleeing storm-lashed "Southern Ocean" carrying believed to be valuable cargo of Patagonian toothfish<<webfeature -- being "pursued indefinitely" by Australian Navy. Australian patrol boat Southern Supporter began chasing Viarsa after it was spotted fishing in Australia's sub-Antarctic waters off Heard Island 4000km SW of Australian mainland week ago. Australian authorities say patrol boat in hot pursuit & closing on Viarsa -- now fleeing in huge seas to what its Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) have assured Australia they would close their ports to Viarsa & prevent any possibility of catch being unloaded. (Thurs. 14 Aug. 2003) UPDATE>> The race may be running out for the Viarsa. South Africa yesterday was ready to join chase, with 2 vessels now reported to be 1,200 miles S. of Cape Town. (Mon. Aug. 18 003)

F/V Sardonyx II issued mayday after taking water 80 miles NE of Fraserburgh -- put under tow. F/V Elhanan issued a mayday 100 miles NE Peterhead. All crews rescued by UK Coast Guards. (Thurs. 14 Aug. 2003)

PIRATE ATTACK>> Malaysian oil M/T Penrider, with 1,000 tons of fuel, Singapore for Penang -- 6 Indonesian pirates in military gear fired several shots at oil tanker from boat 16 NM west of One Fathom Bank, off Port Klang -- boarded vessel & relieved its 10 crew members of mobile telephones, clothes & RM10,000 while vessel still in Indonesian waters. Indonesian Consulate yet to ascertain if pirates belonged to militant group. Consul-General Noro Murdiyanto Adisasmito said although pirates reported to have donned military fatigues, the group's identity had yet to be established. Negotiations under way to secure release of Capt. & crew for undisclosed ransom. (Thurs. 14 Aug. 2003) Crew of Malaysian-owned tanker M/T Penrider released by pirates. Capt. & 2 other crew were kidnapped by pirates with AK-47 & M-16 rifles in the Straits of Malacca. Reports said ship owner had agreed to pay S$175,000 ransom. (Sun. Aug. 17 2003)

6.7 meter catamaran S/V Cornalar fired red distress flare & appeared to be sinking -- new RNLI Severn Class Lifeboat, on delivery trip to Tobermory on the Isle of Mull made rescue. (Thurs. 14 Aug. 2003)

HEAD ON COLLISION CLOSES PORT>> Italian 56,800gt Ro/Ro Grande Nigeria & 43,101gt Panamanian vehicle M/V Nada V (built 1984), both 200 meters in length & with thousands of automobiles, in collision -- Belgian port of Antwerp on Aug. 13, blocking all shipping to/from Europe's 2nd largest port. Both ships still afloat on Westerschelde River outside Antwerp. One ship entering port while other leaving Antwerp but facts of accident still unclear. Rudder problem considered, as both vessels involved in frontal collision. Not clear how long Antwerp port likely to remain blocked & closed. (Wed. 13 Aug. 2003)

Cypriot-registered M/V Jambo, Dublin for Norway, which sank off Wester Ross, proving too heavy to salvage -- vessel veered off course, struck rocks & sank off Summer Isles at end of June- 3,000 tons of zinc sulphide on board proving too heavy to remove -- estimated time frame for bringing up mineral load about 2 weeks, but those working said could take as long as a month. (Wed. 13 Aug. 2003)

35ft Belgian trawler F/V Ramorah, with 5 crew, abandoned vessel & clambered aboard ship about whch there are no further details -- trawleR now "semi-sunk" & RNLI crew trying to locate its position. (Tues. 12 Aug. 2003)

What We Missed>> M/T Heung Yang, with gasoil in collision, stbd qtr somewhere in Sea of Japan with bulk/log carrier (?) evening 22 June., Heung Yang beached on purpose to avoid sinking. Holed twiced, ER flooded. (Tues. 12 Aug. 2003)

200-foot barge, with 64,000 bushels of wheat, pounding through 4- to 6-foot waves lost a cargo hatch, took on water & sank in Lake Michigan 5 miles off Waukegan on 8 Aug. (Tues. 12 Aug. 2003)

2,630gt general cargo M/V Peng Fei (built 1984), Dalian for Kashima, with 3,100 tons maize -- aground in Kanmon Strait with hull damage. (Mon. Aug. 11 2003)

Gulf Marine Repair of Tampa, FL, suffered 2 tugs sunk in shipyard -- unknown amount fuel leaked into Ybor Channel when boats sank Aug. 10, Coast Guard said -- boats tied together & as one began to sink -- took other along to bottom. (Mon. Aug. 11 2003)

Norwegian registered 72,000grt M/T Evita in collision with F/V Gitte Liza -- Gitte Liza lost her mast but no ingress of water & no injuries sustained to 3 crew aboard -- fisher now being towed by U.K. lifeboat to Grimsby where vessel registered. (Mon. Aug. 11 2003)

35ft Belgian fishing trawler, with 6 crew. in collision with M/V Ramorah -- fisher abanoned -- helicopter from nearby RAF Wattisham in Suffolk winched crew off to nearby land. (Sun. Aug. 10 2003)

72,00gt Grimsby-registered M/T Gitte Lize sent mayday message at 0845 BST on Aug. -- crew of fishing boat have been rescued by coastguard after collision after accident off Spurn Point, in North Sea. Norwegian tanker now anchored in Humber. (Sun. Aug. 10 2003)

Greek cruise M/V Atlantis, with Greek crew, explosion caused by a gas leak, on Aug. 8 killed 1 & injured, empty passenger ship anchored off Greek coast explosion, probably caused by gas leak, According to initial reports, some 1000 tourists took part in ship's daily trip around island of Santorini, but were on land when explosion occurred. (Sat. Aug. 9 2003)

Greek M/T Tasman Spirit, with 67,500 tons of crude, grounded off Karachi port since July 27, likely to break into 2 parts within next 12 hours, which could cause a massive oil spill threatening marine life, mangrove forests -- unleashing an ecological disaster. Estimated approximately 44,000 tons of crude still aboard. (Sat. Aug. 9 2003) UPDATE: M/T Tasman Spirit has broken apart & sank. Oil spill follows. (Thurs. Aug. 2003)

Panamanian registered container M/V Itutile, Ningbo for Yantian in Shenzhen with 3,709 containers & 14 Taiwan crew, suffered 12 hour fire on 3 Aug. in Dapeng Bay off Guangdong Province. Smoke came from 60 containers &endash; 47 containing hazardous materials, including 8 with cigarette lighters. (Fri. Aug. 8 2003)

3,712gt cargo M/V Ilya Selvinskiy, in collision Aug, 7, near Gelibolu while transiting Dardanelles southbound near Gelibolu. (Fri. Aug. 8 2003)

Port Brisbane>> Man in his 60s fell from back of truck & then shipping container fell on him -- airlifted to hospital in Brisbane after accident in near Killarney, on NSW border early Aug. 9 -- suffered dislocated shoulder & chest injuries. (Fri. Aug. 8 2003)


04 August 2003 at 0220 LT in position 13:00N-047:28.9E, Gulf of Aden. Several pirate boats approached ship underway intending to board. Preventive measures by crew & assistance from coalition warships avoided boarding. (Fri. Aug. 8 2003)

03 August 2003 2340 LT in position 12:55N - 047:35E, Gulf of Aden. Three fast pirate boats approached tanker underway. Alert duty officer sounded ship's whistle & altered course & informed ships in the vicinity. Boats continued to chase for over one hour & finally gave up. (Fri. Aug. 8 2003)

31 July 2003 at 0645 UTC in position 05:59.4N - 096:10.8E, Northern tip of Sumatra, Indonesia. Pirates in 5 fast motorboats attempted to board gas carrier underway. Two boats each on port & starboard sides whilst one boat criss-crossed ahead. Alert crew prevented boarding by activating fire hoses. Seeing crew alertness boats aborted attempt & fled after 10 minutes. (Fri. Aug. 8 2003)

30 July 2003 at 0840 LT in position 05:36N - 097:34E, Malacca straits. Four pirates in 2 speedboats attempted to board tanker underway from port & starboard sides. Alert crew sounded whistle & activated fire hoses. Boats aborted attempt & fled. (Fri. Aug. 8 2003)

30 July .2003 at 0630 LT in position 14:04N - 062:19.5W, W. of St. Lucia island, Caribbean Sea. Two pirates in speedboat named "Manada Bay" color white with interior orange color chased & attempted to board tanker underway. Crew mustered & activated fire hoses -- boat fled. (Fri. Aug. 8 2003)

30 July 2003 at 0030 UTC in position 14:00N - 062:30W, W. of St. Lucia Island, Caribbean Sea. Speedboat came close to bulk carrier underway. Pirates asked for help. When asked nature of help they refused to answer & continued to follow -- attempted to board. Ship raised alarm, switched on deck lights & activated fire hoses & boat fled. (Fri. Aug. 8 2003)

29 July 2003 at 1045 UTC at Chittagong Alpha anchorage, Bangladesh. 15 pirates in 4 boats armed with knives & crowbars boarded chemical tanker at stern. Alert crew raised alarm & mustered, meanwhile 12 shore watchmen who just boarded ship chased pirates. Pirates broke open aft locker & stole ship's stores & safety equipment. Coast guard immediately informed -- but unable to apprehend the pirates. (Fri. Aug. 8 2003)

PIRATE HIJACK>> 18 July 2003, Hijacked/missing tug M/V Hamco Bintang & barge "Hamco Mulia" -- Tug Hamco Bintang towing barge from Surabaya to Tg. Selor, Indonesia. Last radio contact was on 23.06.2003. Thereafter there is no further communication.

Fate of The 8 Crew Unknown. Tug & Barge Still Missing.

Please Help Find These Mariners

Pirated Tug: M/V Hamco Bintang [Ex-Name: Trisakti Makmur]

Official No : 277/Iin

Flag: Indonesia

Callsign: Yd4884

Classification : A.B.S.

Country/Year Built: China 1994

Grt:134 Nrt: 41 Loa: 21.31m Beam: 7.5m Draft : 3.2m

Distinctive Features: Non Follow-Up Control Steering Lever To Manuvre The Tug. No Steering Wheel Attached.

Engine: Cummins Kta 19 Mi (2 X 500 Bhp) Auxilary Engine: Dong Feng 4.135g

Generator: Nantong, China Gearbox : Twin Disc

Radio Equipment Type: Ssb Radio "Jrc" Radar + Gps :="Koden"

Color: Superstructure/Accommodation: White, Deck: Green Funnel: Green Hull: Black

Pirated Barge: Hamco Mulia

Official No: 389513

Flag: Singapore

Registration: Singapore

Built: 2001 Grt : 1395 Nrt : 418 Loa : 87.3m Breadth : 18.29 Depth : 4.27m

Note: Old tires are fitted all around hull of tug & barge.

Distinctive Features: Crawler Crane P/H 440s Complete With 22' To 25' Boom

Twelve Stanchions. 4 On Each Side Located At Stern & 2 On Each Side Located Forward.

Color: Sideboard: Black, Below Loadline: Black.

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4,239gt M/V United Malika, (built 1979) with fish, aground off Nouadhibou. (Fri. Aug. 8 2003)

Greek registered 67,500MT M/T Tasman Spirit, U.A.E. for Pakistan Refinery Ltd. with 67,500mt crude -- aground near port of Karachi last week after monsoon rains & high tides caused drift into port's channels -- tanker stable & crude hasn't spilled to sea. (Thurs. Aug. 7 2003)

3,712gt general cargo M/V Ilya Selvinskiy -- aground while transiting Dardanelles southbound near Gelibolu (Istanbul). (Thurs. Aug. 7 2003)

Pakistan F/V sank during fierce monsoon rains in Arabian Sea -- Mohammed Mumtaz Magsi only survivor from a crew of 17 -- after 6 days floating -- faced high waves, hunger, stinging fish bites & blistering sun that slowly took lives of 5 other survivors of initial sinking disaster. Vessel name pending. (Wed. Aug. 6 2003)

In emergency rescue mission, personnel of Pakistan Army rescued 25,000 stranded men, women & children from marooned areas of Badin district shifted them to different relief camps. Army started rescue operation in affected areas following the request of the district administration. Total of 1,45,000 kgs of dry food dropped in marooned areas of district by army helicopters during their 110 flights. (Wed. Aug. 6 2003)

36,30gt bulk M/V Morning Cloud (built 1983), Tubarao for San Nicolas, Argentina, with iron, aground in River Plate.(Wed. Aug. 6 2003)

12,405 gt M/V Uni-Concert (built 1993) in collision at Manila. (Wed. Aug. 6 2003)

497gt M/V Ohama Maru, from Tokushima Prefecture, in collision with oil 1,499gt M/T No. 2 Sampo Maru, from Ehime Prefecture -- M/V Ohama Maru sank before 4 a.m. -- 3 of 4 crew of freighter rescued by tanker, but Capt. Masayoshi Fukuda, 52, missing. (Tues. Aug. 5 2003)

42-year-old M/V Gulf-5, Sudan for Alang shipbreaking yard with 13 crew & 17 tons of fuel, broke down following power failure near Tudka Miyan -- heavy flooding, water entered into engine room following which 4 generators of ship went out of order -- 12 NM from Porbandar leading to flood-like situation on board. Crew rescued -- still chances of sinking ship if water would not pumped out by Aug. 7. (Mon. Aug. 4 2003)

98-foot ferry M/V Sea Hauler & 170-foot cargo M/V United Star in collision 1:30 a.m. EDT, 9 miles SW of Bahamian island of Eleuthera, 6 dead & injuring at least 16 others -- U.S. Coast Guard, Royal Bahamas Defense Force & Royal Bahamas Police searching for more survivors. (Sat. Aug. 2 2003)


28 July 2003 at 1605 UTC in position 01:59.4N - 102:07.7E, Malacca Straits. Pirates in high speedboat attempted to board LPG carrier underway. Alert crew directed searchlights & boat moved to another ship in vicinity. (Fri. Aug. 1 2003)

26 July 2003 at 1020 UTC in position 05:45N - 097:51E, Malacca straits. Four armed pirates in a boat fired at bulk carrier underway. Pirate's boat name is Cakrac 2, Indonesian flag & blue colored. Master increased speed & took evasive manouvers. Due to rough sea boat could not close in & fled at 1035 UTC. (Fri. Aug. 1 2003)

26 July 2003 at 0500 LT at berth no.16, Santos, Brazil. Armed pirates boarded bulk carrier during cargo operations -- damaged starboard bridge door & provision storeroom door & stole ship's equipment & stores. Local police was informed. (Fri. Aug. 1 2003)

26 July 2003 0305 UTC at berth no. 11, Belem, Brazil. Pirates armed with guns boarded container ship & attacked duty A/B -- broke in to paint locker & stole ship's stores. (Fri. Aug. 1 2003)

25 July2003 at 0045 LT at Barranquilla, Colombia. Pirates armed with knives boarded container ship underway & stole ship's stores. Attempts to contact port security failed. (Fri. Aug. 1 2003)

24 July 2003 at 0815 LT in position 00:23N - 082:33W, off Ecuador -- 15 pirates in 3 speedboats, dressed in black clothes attempted to board bulk carrier underway. Alert crew mustered & activated fire hoses. Pirates aborted boarding. (Fri. Aug. 1 2003)

24 July 2003 at TSP jetty, Chittagong, Bangladesh. Pirates boarded ageneral cargo ship & stole ship's gangway. Master advised that since arriving at Chittagong anchorage, pirates had boarded several times & stole ship's stores & equipment. N.B: armed robbery incidents in Chittagong port ranked highest in the world in 1st 6 months of 2003. (Fri. Aug. 1 2003)

22 July 2003 at 2235 LT at Maracaibo channel, vicinity of Isla Pescadores, Venezuela. Pirates in 5 speedboats attempted to board container ship underway. Alert crew mustered, switched on deck lights, activated fire hoses, fired rocket flares & directed searchlights at boats. Pilot on board called coast guard but received no response. After several attempts, pirates aborted boarding & fled. (Fri. Aug. 1 2003)

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Vessel Loss Dispatches For July 2003

"Denise & Polargo" - A Love Story - July 2003

Fraserburgh-registered F/V Charuny III sank 5 miles W. of the Canna, near Skye -- coastguard helicopter picked crew up from liferaft -- 2 crew taken to Broadford Hospital on Skye released after checks. (Wed. July 30 2003)

250 meter Singapore-registered tanker laden with crude oil suffered a major breakdown off Mozambique for South African port of Durban. Mozambique National Maritime Safety Authority (SAFMAR) said vessel -- originally headed for the U.S. -- had 1st detected a fault at Durban when stopped to re-fuel. Attempts to transfer crude oil cargo into another at Durban were turned down by South African port authorities fearing pollution. Tanker forced to make a U-turn & broke down in Mozambique Channel, 320km off coast. (Mon. July 28 2003)

Greek-flagged M/T Tasman Spirit, with 62,000 tons of crude oil for the Pakistan oil refinery, drifted aground while entering the channel near Keamari Harbour on July 27 evening-- approaching the channel it ran aground due to a sudden squall and the gusting winds. (Mon. July 28 2003)

26,464gt chemical M/T Al Farabi (built 1986) grounded off Kaohsung, 25 July. (Mon. July 28 2003)

1,930 TEU container M/V Pelican 1 suffered severe hull damage in collision with M/V Maersk Bahrain on the River Scheldt near Antwerp on July 20. Dutch river authorities & salvors mobilized pollution control equipment to deal with oil in river while the salvors worked on skimming oil from the surface of water in flooded engineroom -- floating crane has removed 317 deck containers from the vessel, and divers have completed a full inspection of the hull. (Sun. July 27 2003)

ALERT>> At least 173 fishermen missing off Bangladesh's coast when 20 trawlers sank in rough weather in the Bay of Bengal. Sudden rain poured down on the southern coast early on July 26, leaving 169 fishermen missing at Pathargata in Borguna district -- 92 of fishermen returned safely or were rescued by late on July 26., but continuing bad weather including high waves hampered search for 77 fishermen on 12 trawlers who were still unaccounted for. Survivors said they saw 7 bodies swept away in sea. Weather authorities warned fishermen of storm in Bay of Bengal late on July 25 as rain hammered Bangladesh's S. coast & off shore islands. But fishermen apparently ignored warning as monsoon months are prime catch season. (Sat. July 26 2003)

3,588gt general cargo M/V Jubilee, 3FBU4 -- sank in Bay of Bengal. (Fri. July 25 2003)


20 July 2003 at 2135 LT in position: 01:38.4N - 102:58E, Malacca straits. Pirates in unlit speedboat attempted to board bulk carrier underway. Alert crew switched on deck lights & boat gave up attempt and proceeded towards another ship in vicinity. A 2nd attempt made hour later but foiled due to crew alertness. (Fri. July 25 2003)

20 July 2003 at 0130 LT at Dakar anchorage, Senegal. Pirates boarded tanker, broke open bosun store & stole ship's stores. Port control informed who advised they were unable to assist. (Fri. July 25 2003)

19 July 2003 at 0400 LT at Phumy port, Vietnam. Pirates mixed in with stevedores & boarded general cargo ship at berth. Alert duty officer spotted pirates attempting to steal ship's stores & handed them to port security officials. (Fri. July 25 2003)

18 July .2003 at 0830 LT at Puerto Cabelo, Venezuela. Pirates boarded container ship during cargo operations & stole safety equipment from aft store. (Fri. July 25 2003)

17 Juy 2003 at 0320 UTC at Guanta port, Venezuela. Armed pirate boarded bulk carrier at berth. Duty officer spotted &raised alarm and alerted crew. Pirate stole safety equipment from liferaft & escaped. Attempt to contact authorities failed. (Fri. July 25 2003)

16 July 2003 at 0530 LT at Vung Tau anchorage, Vietnam. Six pirates boarded container ship & broke in to paint store. On seeing crew alertness they jumped overboard & escaped empty handed. (Fri. July 25 2003)

15 July 2003 at 1400 UTC in position 00:13N - 107:56E, Indonesia. Pirates in unlit speedboat doing 35 kts approached bulk carrier underway. Alert crew mustered & switched on deck lights & boat moved away. (Fri. July 25 2003)

15 July 2003 at 0130 LT at berth no 24A, port of Puerto Cabello, Venezuela. Four pirates in boat dressed in dark clothes attempted to board container ship using hook attached to a rope. Alert crew directed searchlights at boat & pirates aborted attempt -- fled. (Fri. July 25 2003)

14 July 2003 at 2000 UTC in position 13:05N - 080:25E, Chennai anchorage, India. Pirates boarded bulk carrier & stole ship's stores. Alert duty A/B raised alarm & crew mustered. Pirates jumped overboard & escaped in boat waiting with 10 pirates. (Fri. July 25 2003)

10 July 2003 at 1819 LT at Callao, Peru. Pirate armed with a long knife boarded container ship during cargo operations -- assaulted security guard who received knife wounds. Guard resisted & pirate jumped overboard & escaped empty handed. (Fri. July 25 2003)

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NOTE: Reporting From LAX - Now Home

NOTE: Due to our equipment difficulties, listings were lost this week. Readers are asked to contribute.

Vietnamese vessel, with timber from Indonesia to Vietnam's central port city of Quy Nhon, capsized in heavy seas -- passing cargo ship, Antiguan-registered M/V Nord Welle, plucked 13 Indonesian nationals from the South China Sea. (Fri. July 25 2003)

Chemical 26,464gt, M/T Al Farabi (built 1986) aground near Kaohsung, Fri., 25 July 2003. (Fri. July 25 2003)

South Korean M/V Afrah, with crockery for Iran, sank at Dubai after Hamriya Port lashed by high waves at noontime yesterday causing vessels to lose their moorings & slam into each other. "First tide ebbed & suddenly surged -- waves were really high --for more than 20 minutes," said an official -- 1 One of 6 sailors aboard sunken vessel suffered leg fracture. Freak conditions. (Thurs. July 24 2003)

Typhoon Imbudo had winds of up to 160km hour. The Hong Kong Observatory said it was one of strongest typhoons to hit S. China's Guangdong province in recent years. Eleven fishing boats sank in coastal city Yangjiang & 11 fisherman missing -- 3,500 people evacuated but no immediate reports of deaths. (Thurs. July 24 2003)

At least 5 killed July 22 as Typhoon Imbudo hit Philippines with peak sustained winds of nearly 200 km (nearly 120 miles) an hour -- just after your The Cargo Letter staff departed. Geeez, glad to be home. (Tues. July 22 2003)

Feeder Vessel Alert>> More than 5,000 ships stranded in Grand Canal in east China's Jiangu Province due to severe flooding in Huaihe River, resulting in daily economic losses amounting to millions of U.S. dollars. Canal, which starts from Beijing & ends in Hangzhou, capital city of east China's Zheijang Province, is important waterway criss-crossing the Huaihe & Yangtze River in Jiangsu. On July 10, local water transport authorities stopped navigation on river for safety of ships, because flooding in Huaihe had caused water level in canal to surge rapidly, stranding ships that were heading for the Yangtze. Authorities keeping order in canal & helping stranded sailors with daily necessities. Expect container delivery delays. (Tues. July 22 2003)

141gt Hydrofoil M/V Flying Dolphin XXIV (built 1974) grounded near Trikerl, Greece. Greek Coast Guard responding. (Tues. July 22 2003)

NOTE: Reporting From Hong Kong

13,184gt chemical/oil carrier M/T Aiet (built 1981), bound Port Muhammad Bin Qasim, with 15,740.90 tons of chemicals -- aground in Gulf of Suez. (Sun. July 20 2003)


14 July 2003 at 1400 LT at Chittagong anchorage, Bangladesh. Eleven pirates in a boat came alongside bulk carrier. Three pirates armed with long knives attempted to board via anchor chain. Duty watchman raised alarm and informed port control & coast guard. Pirates aborted attempt. (Sun. July 20 2003)

11 July .2003, during early morning at Guanta port, Venezuela. Eight pirates armed with long knives boarded general cargo ship at berth & broke padlocks on storerooms. Alert crew raised alarm & pirates escaped. On 12.07.2003 a thorough search found stowaway hiding onboard. May be unconnected with piracy incident. (Sun. July 20 2003)

11 July 2003 at 0245 LT, 5 miles NW of Ko Khram Island, Kosichang, Thailand. Pirates boarded bulk carrier underway using grapnel hook. Duty officer raised alarm; crew mustered 7 switched on deck lights. On seeing crew alertness pirate jumped overboard & escaped in boat waiting with 3 accomplices. Master tried to call port control but received no response. (Sun. July 20 2003)

09 July 2003 at 0030 LT at Chittagong anchorage, Bangladesh. Seven pirates armed with knives boarded container ship at berth from forecastle -- took hostage duty crew & escaped with ship's stores. (Sun. July 20 2003)

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NOTE: Due to equipment difficulties listings were lost this week. Readers are asked to contribute.

NOTE: Reporting From Manila

NOTE: Due to equipment difficulties listings were lost this week. Readers are asked to contribute.

General cargo M/V Pal, from Nagarbari, Pabn with 400 tons of rice, capsized & sank at the confluence of Meghna & Dakatia rivers in Bangladesh, Juky 15 -- steering failed while turning towards Dakatia River -- turbulent waters grounded vessel on huge stone near riverbank, holing ship -- all 9 crew & 300 rice sacks rescued. (Wed. July 16 2003)

NOTE: Reporting From Hong Kong

Japan 1907gt general cargo M}V Hoei Maru (built 1991), Dalian for Busan, with 1,250 tons cargo, in collision & capsized. Jul. 10. (Sat. July 12 2003)


04 July 2003, during morning hours at Haldia port, India. Pirates boarded tanker at berth & stole ship's stores. (Sat. July 12 2003)

02 July 2003 at 2300 LT at Merak anchorage, Indonesia. Pirates in unlit motorboat attempted to board bulk carrier. Alert crew mustered & activated fire hoses. Pirates aborted boarding. (Sat. July 12 2003)

01 July 2003 at 0255 LT at Chittagong anchorage 'A', Bangladesh -- 4 pirates armed with knives boarded a tanker. C/O saw pirates trying to steal hawsers & raised alarm and crew mustered. Crew tried to resist pirates -- they threatened crew with 18-inch long knives. Pirates jumped into sea & escaped with ship's stores in 3 boats waiting with 10 accomplices in each boat. (Sat. July 12 2003)

01 July 2003 at 0130 in position 01:05N - 105:00E, vicinity of Bintan Island, Indonesia. A group of 10 pirates armed with guns & knives -- faces covered with masks boarded general cargo ship underway. They took hostage A/B, 2/O & took to master's, C/O's & C/E's cabins -- stole ship's cash and personal belongings. Pirates had come in a speedboat and had used grapnel hooks tied to ropes to board from starboard quarter. (Sat. July 12 2003)

01 July 2003 at 0255 LT at Chittagong anchorage 'A', Bangladesh -- pirates armed with long knives boarded tanker at poop deck. Pirates came in 2 large motorboats & one small boat. They lowered mooring ropes in water & motorboats commenced pulling them. Alert watchman raised alarm & crew mustered. Pirates threatened crew with knives & escaped with 4 mooring ropes. Coast guard informed but did not respond. Pirate boats could be seen in vicinity for over 30 minutes. (Sat. July 12 2003)

01 July 2003 at 0210 LT in posn: 00:41N - 105:12.5E, vicinity of Bintan Island, Indonesia -- 8 pirates armed with guns & long knives boarded general cargo ship underway -- took hostage 2/O & went to master's cabin. Held master at gunpoint & stole ship's & his personal cash and belongings. Held master hostage & went to 3/O's cabin & stole cash & belongings. Master & 2nd officer seriously injured. Pirates escaped in speedboat. (Sat. July 12 2003)

30 July 2003 at 2230 LT at Belawan anchorage, Indonesia -- 5 pirates in fishing boat attempted to board tanker. Duty A/B raised alarm & crew mustered. (Sat. July 12 2003)

28 July 2003 at Chennai port, India. Unauthorised person from a shore service boat boarded a tanker at berth and stole ship's stores. (Sat. July 12 2003)

28 July 2003 at 0315 LT in position 00:00 - 117:35E, Bontang anchorage, Indonesia -- pirates armed with knives boarded bulk carrier at forecastle. Alert duty officer raised alarm. Pirates stole a life raft & fled. (Sat. July 12 2003)

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Bangladesh 429. person capacity ferry M/V Nasreen, Dhaka for the southern Bhola district with 750 passengers, sank July 9 in 200 ft. of water, at confluence of Padma, Meghna & Dakatia rivers in approach to ferry terminal 40 miles S. of the capital, Dhaka -- 220 swam to shore -- 600 missing & feared dead. (Thurs. July 10) UPDATE>> May have been over 1,000 aboard -- 220 rescued. Hope for others fades. (Fri. July 12 2003) UPDATE>> M/V Nasreen still not located after 6 days. (Mon. July 14 2003)

NOTE: Reporting From Hong Kong Starting July 10 - Currently In Transit

South Korean 4,044-ton M/V Korex Kunsan -- in collision with 499-ton Japanese patrol vessel Karashima, 560 miles SW of Tokyo. Patrol vessel was searching for 6 crew who disappeared after loss of F/V Koya Maru last week. All 16 crew of Karashima rescued. (Sat. July 5 2003)

Danish registered tanker M/V Orasund, 40 miles out of Bressay for Lerwick with 1300 tons of fish oil, taking water into the engine room July 2. Flooding being controlled -- escorted by UK Coastguard Tug Englishman. (Sat. July 5 2003)

135-ton F/V Koyo Maru No. 18, with 17 crew, rammed & sunk by Panamanian registry 3,372gt container M/V Heung-a Jupiter -- 25km NE of Okinoshima in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan on July 2. Watch officer aboard M/V Heung-a Jupiter arrested on suspicion of professional negligence in connection with collision. For F/V Koyo Maru No. 18 -- 11 rescued -- 1 dead -- 6 missing, July 2 2003. (Fri. July 4 2003)

Panama-flagged 293,000gt very large crude carrier (VLCC) M/T Sebu & Maltese-flagged 57,000 ton product M/T Efxinos in collision, June 18 -- off United Arab Emirates -- 4 dead., 1 missing. (Fri. July 4 2003)

Vessel Loss Dispatches For June 2003

"Columbia River Round Up" - June 2003

Have You Seen The New Stuff? See "Fishing For Rabbits?" M/V Siqitika? First Photo of the Operational F-22

Cypriot registered 61 meter coaster M/V Jambo, Ireland for Norway with 3,300 tons of zinc concentrate & 7 crew, aground on rocks at Summer Isles near entrance to Loch Broom -- assistance was requested. The vessel reported holed in bow & taking in water at a very fast rate -- all 7 crew rescued. Maritime & Coastguard Agency, along with environmental organizations presently assessing risk associated with sinking of vessel & its cargo. (Sun. June 29)

Malaysian 585-foot cement M/V Alam Senang, aground 1.5 miles off Fort Lauderdale, June 26 morning, possibly damaging coral reef. Coast Guard divers found no damage to ship, but state & county biologists plan to dive reef to look for damage. Salvage divers successfully refloated June 26 night just before high tide. (Fri. June 27 2003)

80 ton, 25 meter F/V Tan Sula, with 6 crew, rescued -- battered by huge seas for more than 5 days - off NSW north coast off Cape Byron. Two helicopters from Australia Lismore & Brisbane located vessel 32 NM east of Cape Byron & winched all crew to safety 1.40pm (AEST). (Fri. June 27 2003)


23 June 2003 at 0330 LT in position 22:03.8N - 091:40.3E off Chittagon anchorage area, Bangladesh. During heavy rain armed pirates boarded container ship & stole ship's stores. Duty A/B raised alarm. Pirates jumped overboard & escaped. Coast guard -- port control informed. (Fri. June 27 2003)

23 June 2003 at 0230 LT in position 0057N - 105:06E, vicinity of Bintan Island, Indonesia -- 12 pirates armed with guns & knives boarded bulk carrier underway & took hostage 2 crew & went down to master's cabin where forced master to open cabin. Pirates assaulted master, 2nd Officer & crew -- stole ship's cash & property & personal effects of crew. (Fri. June 27 2003)

22 June 2003 at 1618 LT in position 22:23N - 089:37.4E, Pussur River, Mongla, Bangladesh. About 10 pirates in fishing boats obstructed LPG carrier underway & attempted to board her. Master increased speed & crew mustered. Pirates aborted boarding but kept chasing ship. Master informed coast guard who arrived within 30 minutes & escorted until berthing. (Fri. June 27 2003)

22 June 2003 at 0520 LT in position 00:43.8N - 105:27.2E, off Bintan island, Indonesia -- pirates armed with guns boarded chemical tanker underway at poop deck & tied their speedboat to stern. Anti-piracy crew raised alarm & crew mustered on bridge. Pirates tried to break accommodation door but failed. They escaped leaving behind 60m long rope they had used to tie up the speedboat. One accommodation door damaged. (Fri. June 27 2003)

21.06.2003 at 2105 LT in position 00:51N - 105:05.1E, off Bintan island, Indonesia. Eight pirates armed with guns & knives in a speedboat boarded a container ship underway at starboard quarter. They took master, duty officer, chief engineer and 2nd engineer as hostages and stole ship's cash and property along with cash from crew. Pirates forced the master to reduce speed and escaped at 2150 LT. (Fri. June 27 2003)

21 June 2003 at 0550 LT off Dakar, Senegal. Five pirates in high speedboat attempted to board container ship underway. Crew raised alarm & prevented boarding. (Fri. June 27 2003)

18 June 2003 at 0330 LT at Chittagong anchorage, Bangladesh. Three pirates armed with long knives boarded general cargo ship from 2 boats. Crew spotted & raised alarm. Pirates escaped with ship's stores. Pirates made 2nd attempt to board but crew chased away. Port authorities informed -- naval boat arrived to assist. (Fri. June 27 2003)

18 June 2003 at 0230 LT, near Pulau Mantras off Pulau Riau, Indonesia. Seven pirates hijacked tug M/V Poet Vanda towing barge. They set barge adrift & threw 7 Indonesian crew overboard. Crew later rescued by fishermen who landed them on Moro island off Riau, Indonesia. Barge has been located -- tug still missing. (Fri. June 27 2003)

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THE CARGO LETTER -- reporting now at home - LAX --

Panama-flagged 293,000 ton very large crude carrier (VLCC) M/T Sebu in collision -- June 25 -- followed by explosion aboard 57,000-ton Maltese-flagged product M/T Efxinos in Gulf off United Arab Emirates -- 4 dead. (Thurs. June 26 2003)

Fraserburgh, UK registered 18 meter trawler F/V Faithful Freind II -- hit rocks & grounded at Big Sands Gairloch -- 3 on board requesting immediate assistance. Stornoway Coastguard tasked Coastguard tug M/V Anglican Prince, Portree Lifeboat & Coastguard rescue helicopter Mike Uniform from Stornoway responded. Using pumps from Portree Lifeboat & Coastguard Rescue Helicopter, flooding vessel pumped dry enough to refloat -- then towed with 3 crew, to Gairloch harbor by Portree Lifeboat. Happy ending. (Thurs. June 26 2003)

Bulk carrirer M/V Docerive, attacked by pirates with guns & sickles near entrance of Singapore Straits June 25 night -- closest pirates have come to Republic of Singapore in more than 2 years --8 pirates took 2nd officer & duty officer hostage, bound their hands with rope & forced pair to take them to captain's cabin. When he answered their knock, they tied him up as well. Pointing gun at his head -- forced him to unlock ship's safe for $$ & ransacked cabin -- went from deck to deck, barging into cabins, tying up crew & combing each cabin for valuables -- crew member who resisted beaten by pirates. (Thurs. June 26 2003)

THE CARGO LETTER -- reporting this week from Chicago --

Panamanian-flagged M/V Abel I, with 10 crew 90 miles S. of Somalia in Indian Ocean, damaged by own anchor & listing to port, expected to sink by nightfall in 12-15 foot waves. Rescue effort involved 2 U.S. Navy P-3 maritime reconnaissance patrol aircraft & 2 Germany navy Sea King helicopters from German Navy supply FGS Frankfurt -- 9 crew in good condition -- 1 missing. (Wed. June 25 2003)

Iranian M/V Iran Basir rescued 3 Russian fishermen drifting helplessly in Caspian Sea, June 24. Fishing vessel capsized due to heavy storm -- had been drifting 4 days. After medical treatment & food, ship handed over the survivors to Russian officials. (Wed. June 25 2003)

Chinese general cargo M/V Sheng Xin 658 capsizes off Wnzhou City, 11 crew missing. (Tues. June 24 2003)

Terror Threat?>> 1,717gt Marshall Islands registereds & flying flag of Comoros islands, in Indian Ocean -- 37-year-old M/V Baltic Sky, with 7 crew & 750 tons of industrial-grade explosives & 8,000 detonators --equal power of an atomic bomb-- Tunisia on May 12th for a company in Khartoum, Sudan. Ship zigzagged across Aegean Sea & E. Mediterranean for 2 weeks before boarded by Greek Special Forces on June 22 in S. Ionian Sea. The ship's manifest said cargo of ammonium nitrate-based explosives was loaded in Gabes, Tunisia, May 12 & bound for company in Sudan. But Greek officials say destination only a post office box. No other details disclosed about firm, identified as "Integrated Chemicals & Development." (Mon. June 23 2003)

Egyptian registered M/V Green Glory, with 27 crew -- 240 miles off Oman in Indian Ocean -- sinking in heaqvy seas -- Falmouth Coastguard received satellite distress alert at 13:00 this afternoon. Master reported unable to raise alarm by radio or other means & satellite distress alert received by Falmouth Coastguard stated that assistance was required urgently as all engine power was lost & vessel taking in water in engine room -- unlikely to remain afloat much longer in heavy sea conditions. USNS Concord in range at 05:00 tomorrow morning. (Mon. June 23 2003) UPDATE>> USNS Concord rescues 560 km. off Oman,. (Tues. June 24 2003)

Decrepit African vessel for Italy with 250 from Morocco, Egypt, Mali, Liberia & Somalia, sank at dawn June 21, 70 miles SE of Tunisian city of Sfax -- 12 dead, 200 Africans missing -- presumed dead. Had paid between US$700 & US$800 for smuggled passage to Europe. (Sat. June 21 2003)


16 June 2003 at 0200 LT at Chennai anchorage, India -- pirates boarded bulk carrier at forecastle, broke open forward locker & stole ship's stores. Alert A/B spotted pirates & raised alarm. Pirates escaped in waiting boat. Port control informed. (Fri. June 20 2003)

14 June 2003 at 1310 LT at Chennai anchorage, India -- pirates boarded bulk carrier & broke into the forecastle locker & stole ship's equipment. When spotted, pirates escaped with stolen goods in a boat waiting with 6 accomplices. Port control informed. (Fri. June 20 2003)

13 June 2003 at 2245 LT in position 12:46N - 043:15E, Bab El Mandeb strait, southern Red Sea. Pirates in fast boat attempted to board bulk carrier underway. Duty officer raised alarm, crew mustered & directed lights. Boat retreated & fled. (Fri. June 20 2003)

13 June 2003 at 0730 UTC in position 09:05N - 015:35W, about 90nm west of Guinea. 15-20 armed pirates in wooden craft attempted to board bulk carrier underway. Duty officer blew whistle -- mustered crew & pirates aborted boarding. (Fri. June 20 2003)

13 June 2003 between 0300 - 0600 LT at Luanda bay, Angola. Pirates boarded supply ship at anchor -- stole ship's equipment & escaped. (Fri. June 20 2003)

13 June 2003 at 0140 LT at Kingston inner anchorage, Jamaica. Four pirates boarded bulk carrier at forecastle. Duty officer raised alarm & crew mustered. On seeing crew alertness, pirates escaped empty handed. Kingston coast guard was informed at 0200 LT -- came at 0545 LT for investigation. (Fri. June 20 2003)

12 June 2003 at 2300 LT at Barranquilla anchorage, Colombia. Three pirates in boat boarded bulk carrier at forecastle using grapnel hooks. Alert crew saw the pirates & raised alarm -- directed lights at pirates. On seeing crew alertness, pirates jumped overboard & escaped in their boat. Port control informed. (Fri. June 20 2003)

12 June 2003 between 2200 - 0600 UTC in position between 10:53N - 017:17W and 09:38N - 016:05W, about 60-90 nm west of Guinea. Pirates boarded bulk carrier underway unnoticed & stole ship's stores. (Fri. June 20 2003)

11 June 2003 between 2130 LT at fertilizer jetty, Chittagong port, Bangladesh. Three pirates boarded general cargo ship, injured 2 watchmen & stole ship's stores. Alert duty A/B raised alarm & crew mustered. Pirates jumped over board and escaped in a boat waiting with 7 accomplices. Port authorities informed. (Fri. June 20 2003)

10 June 2003 at 1950 LT, berth no 5, Buenaventura, Colombia. Three pirates boarded general cargo ship -- entered engine room & 2 went to the boat deck. Pirates stole safety equipment from 2 life rafts and escaped when an alert A/B raised alarm. (Fri. June 20 2003)

09 June 2003 at 0415 LT, 5 miles from sea buoy, Kingston, Jamaica. Five pirates boarded bulk carrier awaiting pilot & stole ship's stores. Duty officer raised alarm, sounded ship's whistle & crew mustered. Seeing crew alertness, pirates escaped in boat. Kingston coast guard informed. (Fri. June 20 2003)

26 May 2003 at south pier - national port authority, port au prince, Haiti. Stevedores and/or pirates mixed in with them boarded general cargo ship -- opened bosun store & stole deck spares & part bagged cargo from holds. (Fri. June 20 2003)

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Terror Warning?>> Boeing 727 mysteriously took off & disappeared from Luanda Airport in Angola. Int'l authorities fear jetliner could be used for terrorist act. The 727 refitted to haul diesel fuel tanks, making it potential flying bomb. Not seen since take off, Benjamin Padilla -- a U.S. citizen from Florida is suspected of piloting the 727. Last time family heard from Padilla was May 14, when e-mail informed family that he was on way to Africa & would get in touch with his ailing mother as soon as he returned home. A U.S. citizen from Florida. Padilla, too, has vanished, & family worried. Family believes Padilla, a licensed mechanic & pilot, flew to Angola on behalf of Aerospace Sales & Leasing, a Florida-based company that bought the 727 from American Airlines 2 years ago. The 727 had not been moved for a year -- family believes Padilla went to see whether it was fit to fly. Despite use of satellites to scour African landscape, & request to all African embassies for information, U.S. officials still have no clue about plane's location. Have not ruled out possibility 727 is in hands of terrorists -- perhaps plotting to target U.S. embassies in Africa. Family says "He was a (U.S.) patriot, he loved his country, he loved to fly." Whatever the circumstances there is NO CHANCE of this plane causing mischief in the mainland U.S. or most of Europe. The big question is what present circumstances might put Western installations in Africa at risk. This incident is most likley commercial -- a failure of payment -- but until this is confirmed -- Pray. (Thurs. June 19 2003)

The Boeing 727
B-727 Technical Data

Houston-based Transocean Inc. Oil Rig No. 62, 1 mile from April Fool Point near San Leon, 35 miles SE of downtown Houston --- suffered blast -- 21 workers were rescued -- dead worker's body found on rig almost 9 hours later. (Thurs. June 19 2003)

French cruise M/V Fou de Bassan, Brehat island, off France's popular Brittany coast, for Perros-Guirec with 136 passengers, foundered on rocks off NW French coast. Uninjured passengers evacuated by emergency services. Traveling under own steam, damaged M/V Fou de Bassan made way from scene of incident towards mooring point on Brehat Island<<webfeature. (Thurs. June 19 2003)

Passenger M/V Fuzhou No. 10 (M/V Peazhou?) , with ?? passengers, in collision with cargo vessel owned by Fuling Jianglong Shipping Co. -- on Yangtze River, near Fuling city, 270km (167 miles) above the massive Three Gorges Reservoir>><<webfeature,. M/V Fuzhou No. 10 sank -- 13 rescued thus far. Said 90 missing -- 23 confirmed dead. Both vessels violating regulations because according to regulations vessels cannot leave port in heavy fog. (Thurs. June 19 2003)

Refueling M/T Sebu conducting ship-to-ship fuel transfer with product tanker M/T Efixnos 7 NM off Kalba Coast<<webfeature, off little known Emirate of al-Fujairah<<webfeature, Persian Gulf -- suffered explosion that ripped through Sebu -- 4 killed & several others injured -- UAE Coast Guard officials rushed to scene & battled blaze over 2 hours before bringing under control. Details pending. (Wed. June 18 2003)

Argentine ferry M/V Flecha das Ilhas, Niteroi for Rio de Janeiro, in collision with bulk carrier -- over 40 injured. Details pending. (Wed. June 18 2003)

UPDATE For M/V Matsonia>> Hawaii supply giant Matsonia did not lose her propeller as previously reported. Divers report indicates torque tube shaft missing from approximately six (6) feet aft of forward coupling to & including the after coupling flange & coupling bolts. Divers report strut, rudder propeller appear in good condition undamaged. Matsonia scheduled to Pearl Harbor Dry Dock on Sunday 22 June 2003 & back in service by 1st week of July. Bad news for competitor Horizon Lines <<webfeature. Follow our feature for Matsonia. (Wed. June 18 2003)

27,039gt bulk M/V New Wind (believed M/V Idee Fixe) (built 1985) drifting, with mechanical failure, off Greece. (Wed. June 18 2003)

3001gt Russian trawler F/V Vluchnik (perhaps former fish factory Wlocznik) sank off Sahalian. (Wed. June 18 2003)

3,786 gt Sulpicio Lines ferry M/V Dipolog Princess, with passengers, aground off Cordova, Philippines. (Wed. June 18 2003)

Cargo M/V Patricia Delmas, 12 miles south of Eastbourne, East Sussex -- stowaway from Ivory Coast, jumped into sea -- search for man launched, involving 2 lifeboats & rescue helicopter and HMS Lindisfarne<<webfeature, & ferry M/V Dieppe -- stowaway found in water 1.5 hours later -- taken to Eastbourne Hospital & pronounced dead. (Tues. June 17 2003)

Three Gorges Reservoir>><<webfeature, This largest costruction project in world history is now open for business -- as 2 passenger ships passed through huge, towering Three Gorges Dam ship lock on the Yangtze River June 16 morning, signifying accomplishment of major goal of world's largest water control project -- 2-way 5-step permanent ship lock will open for 1-year trial navigation period. By June 10, water level of mammoth Three Gorges Reservoir<<webfeature, had risen to height of 135 meters with a total waterstorage of 12.3 billion cubic meters, paving way for navigation & power generation plans. Water level will ultimately reach 175 meters by year 2009, when entire project completed, further improving navigation on mighty Yangtze, China's longest river. Total of 26 hydropower-generating units to be installed consecutively, which together would produce 84.6 billion kwh of electricity annually. The 1st 2 units expected to go operational by end of 2003. Sadly, many historic Chinese cities, towns & villages are now under water & lost. Millions of peoplere displaced -- forever. (Mon. June 16 2003)

Honduran-flagged 160-foot M/V Silhouette, for Haiti with rice, beans, cooking oil & gen'l cargo -- 9 crew, experienced engine trouble June 14 -- drifted for day & anchored near Hollywood Beach, FL. Took water & sank. Crew rescued by U.S. Coast Guard. (Mon. June 16 2003)

U.S. amphibious assault ship USS Kearsarge (LHD 3)<<webfeature, ordered to West African coast for a possible evacuation of American citizens from strife-torn Liberia. Diverted from return voyage home after action in Iraq, Kearsarge & its force of 3,000 Marines & sailors & attack helicopters was cruising waters near Liberian capital of Monrovia. U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force & Marine Corps personnel protecting the U.S. embassy in Monrovia. French Special Forces<<webfeature, swooped into Monrovia by helicopter on to airlift hundreds of foreigners to safety as rebels moved closer to center of Liberian capital. Amid mortar & artillery fire, French troops whisked 535 people from 38 nations, among them 100 Americans, by helicopter to naval vessel waiting off West African coast. Rebel forces & government of Liberian President Charles Taylor late this week tentatively agreed to a cease-fire to end conflict -- continuing for years. Liberia, founded as haven of liberty for freed American slaves, has endured 14 years of almost non-stop war. Rebels seek the ouster of Taylor, a former warlord indicted last week by a UN-backed court for war crimes. (Sun. June 15 2003)

USS Kearsarge (1862 - 1894)

21-meter geoduck packing vessel M/V Silver Bounty, with 3 crew in Hecate Strait, took on water in engine room & capsized 64km SW of Sandspit, British Columbia -- 2 Maydays sent at 5 a.m., warning they were abandoning ship. Cruise M/V Radiance of the Seas<<webfeature, for Alaska, responded at full speed -- found Silver Bounty capsized, crew hanging on to her side, battered by 4 meter waves. Fast-rescue vessel from Radiance picked them out of water, just over an hour after Mayday. (Sun. June 15 2003)

32-foot commerical charter F/V Taki-Tooo, with 17 passengers & 2 crew, capsized in 10-foot to 15-foot swells shortly after launched from near entrance of Tillamook Bay, 45 miles west of Portland -- 9 dead. 2 missing, 8 rescued. (Sat. June 14 2001)

Schooner S/V Cabin Fever I<<webfeature, Dublin for 2 month TV filming voyage around Ireland, struck rocks June 13 afternoon off Ireland's NW coast -- cast & crew rescued by helicopter & lifeboat. Each week, 1 contestant kicked off in response to viewers' votes. Next episodes of "Cabin Fever"<<webfeature, were scheduled for broadcast 15 & 16 June nights. 1st hour-long episode ejected 1 "crew." -- remaining 9 competing for a US$117,000 prize. Pounding surf left much of vessel in ruins. Politicians criticized program as irresponsible -- said destruction of S/V Cabin Fever I "shows so-called reality television gone too far, with untrained people asked to carry out challenges that are too dangerous." NEXT EPISODE: We suggest -"Survivor Ireland"? (Fri. 13 June 2003)

5100gt chemical/oil M/T Chassiron (built 1999), in ballast, suffered explosion 38 miles off SW France, killing 1 crew. Explosion caused no leaks. Returned to French Port of Bayonne, accompanied by 2 tow boats & army helicopter. (Fri. 13 June 2003)

25-meter F/V Silver Bounty, with 3 crew, took on on water S of Sandspit on the Queen Charlotte Islands, B.C. -- crew found clinging to floating debris by cruise M/V Radiance of the Sea -- expected to continue on to Vancouver. (Fri. 13 June 2003)

Tamil Tiger M/T Shoshin blew up & sank with all crew, 12 dead. off Sri Lanka Jue 13 as Shri Lanka Navy fired warning shots -- vessel belonging to the rebel Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) was being towed by a smaller boat when Navy confronted. Crew blasted the vessel before Navy could board. (Fri. 13 June 2003) UPDATE>> Now said all 12 crew jumped off vessel, but fate unknown. (Sat. June 14 2001)


04 June 2003 at 0605 UTC in position 12:01.6N - 059:43.5W, vicinity of Tobago island, Caribbean Sea. Five pirates in unlit fast craft attempted to board a RO/RO ship underway. Craft came alongside several times but ship took evasive maneuvers to prevent boarding. (Fri. 13 June 2003)

28 May 2003 at 2100 LT at Dowes anchorage, Nigeria -- 2 armed pirates boarded barge alongside a bulk carrier engaged in lighterage operations. Threatened the C/O & the supercargo with guns & took away the barge & robbed personal belongings from the crew of the barge. (Fri. 13 June 2003)

28 May .2003 at 1630 LT off Pangkor Island, Perak, Straits of Malacca. Pirates armed with guns boarded fishing trawler underway -- shot & injured skipper & kidnapped 2 crew.. (Fri. 13 June 2003)

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Singapore registered 40,077-ton continer M/V APL Emerald, for China, strayed out of lane in Singapore Strait -- aground S. of Horsburgh Lighthouse, 25 miles from E. coast of Singapore -- 165 tons of fuel leaked. This is a bad thing. (Thurs. June 12 2003) UPDATE>> Maritime & Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) said 4 of ship's fuel tanks & 1 water ballast tank damaged -- none of 30 crew injured. Rocks which ship struck were marked on nautical chart & weather fine at time of accident. Last time a ship ran aground here was in August 1998, when the Singapore-registered oil N/T Ocean Gurnard, hit edge of South Ledge Shoal, 4km south of Horsburgh Lighthouse. (Fri. 13 June 2003) UPDATE>> re-floated just before 1pm, using a 180 ton tug, a 90 ton tug & 4 towage tugs. Salvage teams remain on site assessing the extent of damage. (Wed. June 18 2003)

USS Anchorage (LSD-36)<<webfeature, 360 miles E. of Philippines, rescued 4 fishermen & boy adrift in small fishing boat prepared to die -- 1 companion had already died from exhaustion, -- they had given him ocean burial -- after 25 days adrift because of engine failure -- drinking seawater. Two others had seen mirage of an island in distance, taken a small canoe attached to fishing boat & rowed away, never to return. U.S. Navy's Helicopter Combat Support Squadron 5 turned the 5 over to Guam's Philippine Consulate office early June 11 morning. (Thurs. June 12 2003)

2075gt general cargo M/V Nautila (built 1974) sank off Cascais<<webfeature, Portugal. (Thurs. June 12 2003)

Paradise Commerce Disaster>> 712 ft -- 22,501 LT Matson Navigation 1712 TEU M/V Matsonia lost her propeller 700 miles off Honolulu on June 9. (Tues. June 10 2003) UPDATE>> Matson Navigation now intending to move spare prop & tailshaft over to Honolulu (HON). Cause of casualty not certain -- possible struck an object but apparently afterpeak tank is damaged, prop gone as is propeller shaft up to coupling. Replacement vessel being activated. No report of cargo loss. Confidential sources report perhaps several months or more to restore to service depending on damage. Will competitor Horizon Lines <<webfeature, pick up more customers in this esablished trade lane? (Wed. June 11 2003) NOTE>> Additional news of this event is requested of YOU. (Wed. June 11 2003) UPDATE For M/V Matsonia>> Matsonia did not lose her propeller as previously reported. Divers report indicates torque tube shaft missing from approximately six (6) feet aft of forward coupling to & including the after coupling flange & coupling bolts. Divers report strut, rudder propeller appear in good condition undamaged. Matsonia scheduled to Pearl Harbor Dry Dock on Sunday 22 June 2003 & back in service by 1st week of July. (Wed. June 18 2003)

Ed Note: Your editor's grandfather, Lt. Howard G. Hanbloom, USNR, was the Executive Officer (XO) aboard the 1st S.S. Matsonia -- a U.S. Navy WW I troop transport in 1918.

3241gt general cargo M/V Ivory Star (built 1970) collided with floating crane barge -- sunk at Lagos, Nigeria. (Wed. June 11 2003)

106.13 meter North American built Belize M/V Fortune Carrier (built 1980), Singapore for Diamond Harbor in South 24 Parganas District, India with 5,203 cubic meters logs valued at over Rs 1.5 crore & 20 crew, sank in rough seas off the Sandheads, 38 NM off Sagar island in South 24 Parganas District on June 11. All crew rescued by Indian naval ship INS Betwa<<webfeature, on sea trials off Sandheads at Sagar island in South 24 Parganas district India. (Wed. June 11 2003)

Tensions Rise>> As 298-ton North Korean cargo M/V Nam Sang is barred from leaving W. Japanese Port of Maizuru<<webfeature, after failing inspections -- to crack down on illicit commerce with communist country & rein in its nuclear programs. Beefed-up security comes days after North Korean ferry canceled plans to dock in N. Japan in the face of Tokyo's pledge to scrutinize that ship for customs, immigration, health & safety problems. M/V Nam Sang had planned to leave port on June 17, so there is still time for the its crew of 16 to fix problems & continue on schedule. Each year, 147 North Korean ships make a total of 1,344 port calls in Japan. In April, Australian authorities found 110 pounds of heroin worth US$48M from a North Korean-owned ship & charged 29 crew members with aiding & abetting import of illegal product. (Tues. June 10 2003)

Irish registered 25 meter S/V Antonio, UK for Mexico on Atlantic crossing vessel delivery trip with 3 crew -- issued Mayday -- taking water & generator providing power to pumps out of use. Falmouth Coastguard sent Ireland&endash; based rescue helicopter -- lowered a pump to vessel. (Mon. June 9 2002}

296gt, general cargo M/V Opsanger (built 1942), Etne for Bergen, aground & sunk. (Mon. June 9 2002}

Irish registered 25 meter F/V Antonio, with 3 crew, taking water in forward hold, 230 miles SSW of Isles of Scilly. -- lost use of generator power -- unable to pump water out. -- gale force winds. Falmouth Coastguard received emergency call. Coastguard helicopter assistance from Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Center Dublin due to location of vessel being out of UK range -- anticipated time of arrival for aircraft is in approximately in 2 hours -- will rop pumps. Pray. (Sun. June 8 2003)

15-meter S/V Grace II, for Vanuatu with 5 missionaries, radioed mayday signal on June 6 when 3 men, a woman & a child were 1480km NE of Brisbane. Vessel broke down in 3 meter seas & strengthening winds as they headed towards center of Cyclone Gina. Rescued by Japanese ship in the Coral Sea on June 7. (Sun. June 8 2003)

Australian HMAS Manoora<<webfeature, in the Persian Gulf received mayday call from sinking 474 ton fishing vessel -- taking on water & capsized in 2 minutes -- 9 NM away. Manoora's 2 inflatable boats used to recover all 8 crew members who suffered minor injuries. (Sun. June 8 2003)

Port Chaos>> As the top UK container ports were in a race against time over this weekend to clear up days of chaos caused by the crash of a new computer system. A series of malfunctions last week blocked electronic customs clearance at Southampton & Tilbury. Bristol & Humberside ports were also affected. The collapse also had a "severe effect" on some UK courier operators, using Heathrow, Stansted & East Midlands airport. (Sun. June 8 2003)

360-foot chemical M/T Ece suffered severe crew injury when Turkish AB burned from hands to elbows & also on neck, face,& ears after a generator cover came off -- splashed with hot lube oil -- 5 miles off Galveston. Rescue helicopter sent from U.S. Coast Guard's Air Station Houston -- seaman flown to University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston -- transferred to the John Sealy Burn Center. (Sat. June 7 2003)


02 June 2003 at 1030 LT at Mongla, Bangladesh. Twenty pirates armed with long knives boarded general cargo ship with pilot on board & preparing to depart. Pirates threatened crew with knives & axes --- stole ship's property & stores and escaped after 30 minutes. Master reported to port authorities & coast guard who did not respond. (Fri. June 6 2003)

30 May 2003 at 2355 LT in position: 03:03S - 107:17E, vicinity of Mendanau island, Gelasa / Gaspar straits, Indonesia. Four pirates armed with long knives boarded tanker underway -- took 2 crewmembers hostage & held them at knifepoint. Rest of the crew mustered & switched on deck lights. Pirates jumped overboard & escaped. (Fri. June 6 2003)

30 May 2003 at 1950 LT at Cochin anchorage, India. Ten pirates boarded container ship at forecastle. Alert crew raised alarm & pirates jumped overboard and escaped. Port control informed. (Fri. June 6 2003)

30 May 2003 at 0330 LT in position 06:17N - 003:22E, Lagos anchorage, Nigeria. Four pirates armed with knives & wooden clubs boarded Ro Ro ship & assaulted duty A/B who managed to raise alarm. Pirates stole ship's equipment & escaped. Ship tried to call port authority who did not respond. (Fri. June 6 2003)

30 May 2003 at 2355 LT in position: 03:03S - 107:17E, vicinity of Mendanau island, Gelasa / Gaspar straits, Indonesia. Four pirates armed with long knives boarded tanker underway -- took 2 crewmembers hostage & held them at knifepoint. Rest of the crew mustered & switched on deck lights. Pirates jumped overboard & escaped. (Fri. June 6 2003)

30 May 2003 at 1950 LT at Cochin anchorage, India. Ten pirates boarded container ship at forecastle. Alert crew raised alarm & pirates jumped overboard and escaped. Port control informed. (Fri. June 6 2003)

30 May 2003 at 0330 LT in position 06:17N - 003:22E, Lagos anchorage, Nigeria. Four pirates armed with knives & wooden clubs boarded Ro Ro ship & assaulted duty A/B who managed to raise alarm. Pirates stole ship's equipment & escaped. Ship tried to call port authority who did not respond. (Fri. June 6 2003)

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OIL Follies>> Over 1,000 oil tankers worth of US$13.5M worth of fuel destined for Zambia's oil refinery from neighboring countries never reached their destination between 1999 & 2000, said an auditor general's report tabled in parliament. Report also noted that examination of supplier's records showed more than double amount of oil approved by Zambia National Tender Board was sold to procurer the Zambian National Oil Company (ZNOC). There was also a discrepancy in official records between amount of oil loaded by supplier & amount actually received in Zambia ZNOC, the national oil purchaser, put into receivership in 2001 with vast debts. Zambia's oil procurement procedures have become part of a wider anti-corruption probe by President Levy Mwanawasa. (Fri. June 6 2003)

50 foot Stornoway registered F/V Diana, with 6 crew, in collision with anchored Panamanian registered bulk M/V Santa Vitoria13 miles NEof Spurn Point, Humber Estuary, UK. F/V Diana taking water -- expected to sink -- crew abandoned to liferaft -- picked up by fast rescue craft from rig standby vessel M/V Putford Trader. (Fri. June 6 2003)

MARINERS WARNING>> as foreign ships entering territorial waters of war torn Indonesian Province of Aceh risk being shot on sight by Indonesian navy. Decree isued barring all foreign vessels from territorial waters, however it has not been well publicized, leading to foreign flag ships being arrested. Province borders NW end of busy Strait of Malacca shipping lane. On June 2, an unnamed Panama-flagged tanker arrested at Sabang port. Navy said any foreign vessel crossing the 12-mile territorial waters boundary of Aceh would be subject to a "shoot-on-sight" policy. Indonesia has 20 vessels, from warships to police patrol boats, for patrolling Aceh's waters. Aceh is home to several large energy firms, such as PT ExxonMobil Oil Indonesian & gas processing firm PT Arun NGL. (Wed. June 4 2003)

30 foot M/V Dakala Mist sent rescue call after going aground at Patterson Rock (E of the Island) while ferrying 11 naval personnel from Royal Naval war ship HMS Southampton (D90)<<webfeature, to the Island of Sanda (SE of the Mull of Kintyre) . Clyde Coastguard requested launch of Campbeltown lifeboat & tasked the Southend Argyll & Campbeltown Coastguard rescue teams. Naval personnel, skipper of M/V Dakala Mist & his dog 'Ben' -- all safely transferred from the Dakala Mist by Campbeltown lifeboat & 2 boats from warship. (Wed. June 4 2003)

MARINERS WARNING>> Ships in Gulf of Aden told to be extra vigilant after 6 pirate attacks in 3 days, including targeting of chemical tanker, The In'tl Maritime Bureau (IMB) says. (Wed. June 4 2003)

Australian Coast Guards alerted navy & merchant ships to keep lookout for 2 former Australian Army officers rowing across Indian Ocean, one of whom has seriously concussed himself & needs to be rescued. Father of 3 Mike Noel-Smith, 45, smashed head on side of 7-meter boat during a fierce storm 2,400 km off W coast of Australia in their record-breaking attempt. With waves towering 7.6 meters high, winds beating at 30 knots (55.6 kph) & torrential rain, Mr. Noel-Smith, from Much Dewchurch, Herefordshire -- torn from his seat & injured. The incident is another blow to troubled pair, struggling on restricted water rations after a vital piece of water-making equipment failed. (Tues June 3 2003} UPDATE>> Rowers dramatically plucked from Indian Ocean, June 3 morning. Australian navy frigate HMAS Newcastle<<webfeaturs, picked up Rob Abernethy & Noel-Smith just after 4am (AEST) 2414km from the West Australian coast where they had been stranded in huge seas for 3 days. British rowers were 45 days into attempt to row 7080km from Carnarvon in Western Australia to Reunion Island<<webfeature, off E. coast of Madagascar. "It's lucky we are able to sit here on the Newcastle. At one stage I thought we might not make it," Abernethy, 31, said after rescue. "The rescue was a bit scary in as much as everything was happening in the pitch black in rough seas." (Wed. June 4 2003)

Vessel Loss Dispatches For May 2003

"T-Boned" - historic collision at sea - May 2003

Have You Seen The New Stuff? See "Fishing For Rabbits?" M/V Siqitika?

70,000gt Chinese bulker M/V Fu Shan Hai (built 1995)<<OURphotofeature, Ventspils, Latvia, for China with 27 crew & fertilizer, in collision with Cyprus-registered, Polish based freighter M/V Gdynia north of Danish island of Bornholm in Baltic, 1030 GMT May 31, 2003 -- clear mild weather & calm sea. Gdynia was apparently overtaking the bulk carrier when the two hit. Series of explosions on M/V Fu Shan Hai probably due to gases caused by chemical reactions in the 66,000 tons of fertilizer in contact with seawater -- M/V Fu Shan Hai<<OURphotofeature, sank. (Sat. May 31 2003)


25 May 2003 at 0200 LT in position 01:02.3N - 105:00.3E, off Pulau Bintan, Indonesia -- 12 pirates armed with guns & knives boarded a general cargo ship underway -- stole ship's cash, equipment & crew personal belongings -- left at 0250 LT. (Fri. May 30 2003)

24 May 2003 at 0315 LT in posn: 02:57S - 118:35E, south Makassar Strait, Indonesia. Pirates boarded a bulk carrier at forecastle & stole life raft. (Fri. May 30 2003)

23 May 2003 at 2315 LT in posn: 10.16.0N - 107:05.2E, anchored 3nm south off Vung Tau, Vietnam -- pirates armed with knives boarded container ship. Duty officer raised alarm, directed lights at their boats & reported to port control. Pirates jumped overboard & escaped in 2 boats waiting with accomplices. Ship's stores stolen. (Fri. May 30 2003)

21 May 2003 at 1945 LT at Chittagong anchorage 'B', Bangladesh -- pirate armed with steel bar boarded chemical tanker at forecastle. Duty A/B raised alarm & sounded ship's whistle & crew mustered. Pirate jumped overboard & escaped in a boat waiting with 3 other accomplices. Port control informed.

12 May 2003 at 0340 LT off buoy no. 24, Buenaventura anchorage, Colombia -- 4 pirates armed with long knives boarded bulk carrier at forecastle. They took hostage duty A/B & tied him up. They broke into forecastle store & stole ship's stores and a life raft. Coast guard informed who came onboard & inspected the ship. (Fri. May 30 2003)

11 May 2003 at 1900 LT at 20nm off the fairway buoy, Guayaquil, Ecuador -- 2 blue colored wooden speedboats approached a container ship drifting 20 NM from fairway buoy. Master took evasive maneuvres & increased speed -- 5 pirates in a speedboat came alongside & tried to board using hooks attached to bamboo poles. Master raised alarm & alert crew activated fire hoses. Pirates aborted boarding & fled. Port control was informed & it promised to send coast guard who never arrived. (Fri. May 30 2003)

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16,465gt bulk M/V Ocean D. (built 1977), sailed Terminal Arroyo Seco, Rosario, for Syria, but grounded May 27 in River Parana. (Fri. May 30 2003)

£500,000, 47ft yacht S/V Wahkuna, with 5 crew run down by unidentified 600 ft. Liberian registered container vessel -- yacht sliced in half in thick fog -- ripped bow right off & sank 25 miles off Portland, Dorset, UK. (Fri. May 30 2003)

200,000 ton bulk-ore carrier M/V Asian Nova in collision -- ran down --13.21 meter trawler F/V Sassenach -- 62-year-old deckhand found alive yesterday -- 55-year-old Capt. missing. Authorities fear little chance of locating reamining crew in north Queensland, Australia.. (Thurs. May 29 2003)

1,846-ton RMS Mulheim, with 2,200 tons of scrap car plastic & 6 crew -- aground on March 22 -- lodged on rocks near Sennen Cove, west Cornwall. Half her cargo escaped into sea & for past 8 weeks salvage operation under way to remove remaining load. Vessel now breaking up. No save. (Thurs. May 29 2003)

14,716gt crude oil M/T Polyxeni I (built 1972), Batumi for Mombasa, passing through the Bosporus slammed into Istanbul shoreline. Details pending. {Wed. May 28 2003)

Russian-crewed oil M/T Polisini-1, crashed into 4 floating restaurants on Bosphorus at Istanbul, sinking one in Arnavutkoy district, on European side of Istanbul, at narrowest point in busy Bosphorus straits. People aboard floating restaurants scrambled ashore -- no injuries. Accidents of this kind are common in Bosphorus Strait, a narrow waterway where navigation is difficult because of strong currents & blindspots. The Cargo Letter having visited the Bosphorus Strait in recent months -- we wonder why these incidents are not more frequent. Geez --a thousand ships per day, navigating this narrow channel -- dodging 100.s of ferries in really bad weather. It is a wonder that these incidents do not happen daily. Indeed, the food at that Arnavutkoy district restaurant was quite good! {Wed. May 28 2003)

Pen Hadow, 41, 1st person to reach North Pole unsupported from Canada was rescued May 28 after being stranded at the top of the world for 8 days -- he reached the geographic North Pole May 19 after a 64-day trek over 769km from Ellesmere Island, in Canada's high arctic. May 24 his satellite telephone gave up, but he was able to signal he was still alive thanks to a rescue beacon giving his exact position as well as coded messages. (Tues. May 27 2003)

Phillipine F/V Maricel I, ventured to sea to fish with 4 crew but overwhelmed by bad weather -- capsized -- managed to hold on to flotsams -- Panamanian M/V Honey Sun diverted route nearer estimated site of accident -- fished out all the 4 fishermen holding on floating objects. Coast guard later fetched from ship. (Mon. May 26 2003)

Philippine, steel hulled M/V Superferry 12, with 1,700 passengers, in collision with smaller M/V San Nicolas at mouth of Manila Bay -- M/V San Nicolas sank -- at least 25 dead. Philippines was the site of world's worst peacetime maritime disaster when ferry sank after colliding with fuel tanker in 1987, killing 4,340 people. (Sun. May 25 2003) UPDATE>> A businessman may have survived collision, but may face death penalty for allegedly raping his only daughter in Palawan. Jameson Fedelin, 43, was immediately arrested by combined agents of Task Force Jericho<<webfeature, & Phillipine Coast Guard intelligence agents after he disembarked May 25 from ship that rescued him &194 others from Manila Bay. Prior to arrest, Fedelin had been describing how he survived the collision between M/V San Nicolas & M/V Super Ferry 12 on May 25 morning. But he turned silent when informed he may face death penalty for repeatedly raping his 14-year-old daughter in residence in Barangay I, Coron, Palawan for 3 years now. (Mon. May 26 2003)

1,035ft Norwegian Cruise Lines 76,049gt SS Norway<<webfeature, (ex-SS France) with 920 crew, at Miami -- suffered explosion & fire in boiler room -- 4 dead & 20 injured -- 14 critical -- after super-heated steam line breaks in boiler room -- 2,135 passengers not injured -- discharged at Miami. (Sun. May 25 2003) UPDATE>> 6th crew member now dead. Geez -- you editor spent his honeymoon on this vessel! {Wed. May 28 2003) UPDATE>> 7th crew member now dead. (Fri. May 30 2003) UPDATE>> month after deadly boiler room explosion, SS Norway being tugged out of Port of Miami. Tugs pushed disabled ship out Government Cut this morning -- may be heading to Europe for repairs -- or worse? (Fri. June 27 2003)


Philippine passenger M/V. San Nicolas, Coron for Manila with 168 passengers & 25 crew, in western Palawan province -- in collision with M/V Superferry 12 at 11:45 a.m. as monsoon rains & strong winds lashed Philippines --M/V San Nicolas sank near Corregidor Island. (Sun. May 25 2003)

M/V Al Safa sent distress call early May 23, afire in Persian Gulf -- HMCS Fredericton<<webfeature, rescued 2 crew with serious burns -- Sea King rescue helicopter sent to ship, but unable to hoist men onto aircraft because alongside another vessel. Another ship recovered the men and transported them to HMCS Fredericton. (Sat. May 24 2003)

66,000gt container M/V Hanjin Ottowa, with 2,899 containers & 24 crew, Rotterdam for Felixsto÷÷we, aground on Galloper Bank, 25 miles south E. of Felixstowe -- suffered some damage -- now awaiting instructions from owners. Ingress of seawater well within capability -- no pollution -- she has gone to anchor in Sunk Deepwater Anchorage, 11 miles E. of Felixstowe for damage inspection. (Fri. May 23 2003)

186gt tug M/V Atlas II (built 1966) aground on approaches to Kronshtadt off St. Petersburg, May 21. (Fri. May 23 2003)


17 May 2003 at 1010 LT in position: 12:53.2N - 049:22.5E, Gulf of Aden -- 12 pirates in a craft towing 2 boats came within 1 NM of a bulk carrier underway. They moved in to small boats & attempted to board. Master took evasive maneuvres & crew activated fire hoses. Attempted boarding aborted. (Fri. May 23 2003)

17 May 2003 at 0050 LT in position: 03:07N - 105:10E, Anambas island, Indonesia -- 3 small craft detected on radar approaching a tanker underway. Craft increased speed from 15 to 35 knots, came close & tried to board. Crew raised alarm, switched on deck lights & activated fire hoses. Attempted boarding aborted. (Fri. May 23 2003)

16 May 2003 at 0400 LT in position: 12:18N - 047:33E, Gulf of Aden -- 6 pirates in speedboat followed bulk carrier for 1 hour -- headed directly towards ship & made attempt to board. Alert crew raised alarm & directed searchlights -- boat retreated. (Fri. May 23 2003)

16 May 2003 at 0010 UTC at Chittagong anchorage 'A', Bangladesh -- 5 pirates armed with steel bars boarded bulk carrier at bow. Crew raised alarm & pirates jumped overboard & escaped in a motorboat with 5 other accomplices waiting inside. Ship contacted port authorities but received no response. (Fri. May 23 2003)

15 May 2003 at 1850 UTC at Chittagong anchorage 'A', Bangladesh -- 5 pirates boarded bulk carrier from stern. Duty A/B raised alarm & pirates jumped overboard & escaped in waiting boat. (Fri. May 23 2003)

14 May 2003 at 0230 LT in position 01:35S - 117:16.8E, 25 miles from outer buoy, Balikpapan, Indonesia. Pirates boarded chemical tanker underway & stole 2 life rafts & mooring rope. Attempts to contact Balikpapan port failed. Earlier, 5 pirates armed with knives boarded a tug in same area & stole stores. (Fri. May 23 2003)

13 May 2003 at 0545 UTC in position: 04:31N - 098:23E, off Kuala Langsa, Sumatra coast, Indonesia -- 4 pirates dressed in military uniforms & armed with machine guns in speedboat fired at bulk carrier underway. Crew retreated inside accommodation & raised alarm. Master took evasive maneuvres. Pirates continued shooting for 30 minutes & finally retreated. No injuries to crew or serious damage to ship. (Fri. May 23 2003)

13 May 2003 at 0445 LT in position: 01:25N - 105:25E, off Bintan island, Indonesia -- 5 pirates armed with knives & guns boarded container ship underway from stern. They took crewmember hostage, went to bridge & pistol-whipped chief officer -- then entered master's cabin & fired a warning shot. Pirates stole ship's cash, property & personal belongings of crew & left after 45 minutes. (Fri. May 23 2003)

12 May 2003 at 0630 LT in position 05:12N - 098:33E, northern entrance of Malacca straits. Pirates in 3 speedboats attempted to board container ship underway. Ship increased speed, took evasive maneuvres & directed searchlights. Pirates aborted the attempt & retreated. (Fri. May 23 2003)

09 May 2003 at 1630-1915 LT at Bourgas port, Bulgaria. Pirates boarded bulk carrier at berth -- entered master's cabin & stole ship's cash. (Fri. May 23 2003)

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U.S.186gt tug M/V Atlas II (built 1966) grounded on approaches to Kronshtadt off St. Petersburg. (Thurs. Thurs. 22 2003)

7,300-ton Indonesian M/V Sigitika Biru, with 22 crew, hit by cyclone & aground last week -- lying capsized on sandbar near the mouth of Bay of Bengal 200 km (125 miles) S. of E. Indian city of Calcutta, May 21, 2003. India's coast guard & port authorities working to remove 5,327 tons of soda ash & 150 tons of diesel from ship to prevent leakage into Bay of Bengal. Crew rescued by coast guard. See OUR PHOTO FEATURE >> of the capsized vessel. (Thurs. Thurs. 22 2003)

Liberian timber company M/V Benty, with 10 crew, commandeered at gunpoint by Liberian soldiers at port city of Harper, May 19, fleeing rebel advance in the east, ordering the captain to carry them to the capital. Fleeing civilians among the 1,000-1,500 people aboard filed off the ship May 21 in Monrovia, descending with their goats, chickens, bedding & other household materials. Harper since fell to rebels. Liberian President Charles Taylor (a former Boston, Massachusetts-area gas station attendant) has not confirmed or denied fall of Harper &emdash; but arrival of the large numbers of fleeing soldiers aboard M/V Benty strongly supported claim. (Thurs. Thurs. 22 2003)

105gt Lerwick registered UK trawler F/V Neptune LK 171 (built 1991), with 10 crew, taking water -- engine room & hold flooded -- 30 miles NNW of Muckle Flugga<<webfeature, in Shetland, most northerly lighthouse in Britain, May 17. Faroese trawler & 2 other Scottish based vessels, F/V Caspian & F/V Nordfjordr responded to VHF emergency call. Faroese trawler 1st on scene -- able to assist crew aboard from liferaft. (Wed. May 21 2003)

Turkish general cargo M/V Behzat Senkaya, with 10 crew listing off Malta. (Wed. May 21 2003)

M/T Normal -- 6 people were killed & 5 sustained severe injuries in Alang<<webfeature, -- world's biggest ship-breaking yard -- May 19 afternoon after explosion ripped oil tanker, moored at Pilot #5. This is 2nd major accident at Alang in a span of 3 months, following Feb. 22 fire that had left 6 dead. Explosion near engine room of retired ocean-liner, M/V Inville while laborers engaged in ship breaking with gas cutters. Work to dismantle it has been on for weeks now. According to sources, M/T Normal originally an oil tanker but, over the last 8 years, but in recent years used for bulk cargo. (Wed. May 21 2003)

UK S/V Liberation issued mayday signal 5 miles west of St Anne's -- reporting a man in his mid 50s had gone overboard. Body recovered. (Wed. May 21 2003)

U.S. Coast Guard searched for worker off Gulf oil rig Rowan Paris early this morning offshore oil rig off Texas coast, 12 miles SE of Port O'Connor, 70 miles up the coast from Corpus Christi. Rig requested assistance 1:40 a.m. after Kris Kilpatrick, 24, last seen climbing down crane -- search aboard rig by fellow crewmen came up empty. (Mon. May 19 2003)

M/V Norwegian Sky, docked in Seattle on May 17 with 55 passengers sickened with nausea & diarrhea. Official of Centers for Disease Control & Prevention said agency contacted ship's officers -- vessel was sanitized before it left on another cruise. Ship docked early May 17 with 2,200 passengers after 7-day cruise to Alaska, then left again on another weeklong cruise to Alaska late May 17 afternoon. Sickened passengers part of tour group of 376. Most spent May 17 night & May 18 at Marriott SeaTac Hotel & left yesterday. SARS -- not likely. (Mon. May 19 2003)

UK tri-maran S/V Shockwave -- off coast of Isle of Wight when vessel overturned -- radio failed -- rescued because a text message was sent on the Internet -- emergency signal received by satellite by Falmouth Coastguards -- coastguard rescue helicopter & lifeboat scrambled to scene 5pm. All safe. (Sat. May 17 2003)

26 meter trawler F/V Neptune from Shetland Island of Whalsay -- engine room flooded, forcing crew to abandon ship.forced to take to life raft after vessel began to take in water -- then sank. Shetland Coastguard launched rescue helicopter, but Faroese trawler arrived first & took them back to land. (Sat. May 17 2003)

Indonesian M/V Sigitika Biru (built about 1983), Porbander in Gujarat , Chittagong in Bangladesh with soda ash & diesel, aground -- Sank off Haldia coast due to hole in bow causing fears of major environmental hazard in Bay of Bengal, 30km from Sagar islands -- 200km from Calcutta, also known as Kolkata. The 22 member crew rescued by Indian Coast Guard. M/V Sigitika Biru damaged after it hit sandheads while sailing through severe cyclone in Bay of Bengal. Vessel said to be in very bad condition prior to incident. (Fri. May 16 2003)


12 May 2003 at 0330 UTC in position 14:20.5N - 050:36.7E, off Yemen, Gulf of Aden. Pirates in 8 speedboats doing about 30 knots attempted to board bulk carrier underway. Master raised alarm, sent distress message & took evasive maneuvers. Crew mustered & activated fire hoses. After 30 minutes, pirates retreated towards Yemeni coast. (Fri. May 16 2003)

11 May 2003 at 1900 LT at 20nm off the sea buoy, Guayaquil, Ecuador. Two blue colored wooden speedboats approached container ship drifting 20 NM from fairway buoy. Master took evasive maneuvers & increased speed -- 5 pirates in speedboat came alongside& tried to board using hooks attached to bamboo poles. Master raised alarm & alert crew activated fire hoses. Pirates aborted boarding & fled. Port control informed -- promised to send coast guard who never arrived. (Fri. May 16 2003)

08 May 2003 at 0840 UTC in position 13:18N - 050:22E, Gulf of Aden. Pirate mother ship with 3 speedboats approached bulk carrier underway. Persons inside speedboats increased speed to 25 knots & came close to board. Master raised alarm -- took evasive maneuvers & crew activated fire hoses. Boats aborted attempt & moved to another ship in vicinity. (Fri. May 16 2003)

08 May 2003 at 0340 LT in position 00:48.79N - 105:06.10E, off Bintan Island, Indonesia -- 7 pirates armed with guns & knives in speedboat boarded chemical tanker underway -- attacked duty crew on deck & duty officer on bridge. They tied their hands with ropes & threatened them with guns & knives. They then took them to master's cabin -- 2 other pirates brought rest of crew to bridge -- tied their hands & held them as hostages. Pirates ordered Master to slow down & escaped at 0440 LT with ship's cash & crew belongings. (Fri. May 16 2003)

07 May 2003 at 1830 LT, Berth no. 5E, Callao port, Peru -- 3 pirates boarded bulk carrier at forecastle. Duty A/B raised alarm & crew mustered. Pirates stole 1 liferaft -- escaped a boat waiting under bow. (Fri. May 16 2003)

07 May 2003 at 0500 UTC in position 01:04N - 105:06E off Bintan island, Indonesia -- 8 pirates armed with guns & knives boarded a bulk carrier underway. They took hostage master, c/e, c/o & watchman. Pirates stole ship's cash, personal belongings of crew & escaped. (Fri. May 16 2003)

06 May 2003 in early hours at Chennai anchorage, India -- 7 armed pirates boarded chemical tanker, threatened crew & began looting crew belongings & ship's property. Master sent a distress message. The Indian coast guard surrounded the ship and pirates jumped overboard. Coast guard apprehended two pirates and handed them to marine police. (Fri. May 16 2003)

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Indonesian M/V Normal, with 150 tons oil & 5,300 tons soda ash -- hit sand bank near Halida, Indonesian, Eastern India -- Capt. & 21 crew rescued by passing ship. M/V Normal negotiating cyclone when it hit sandbank in Bay of Bengal. Coast Guard authorities said ship drawing water but not in danger of sinking -- at present. (Thurs. May 15 2003)

Explosion aboard 17840gt asphalt carrier M/T Asphalt Victory, reports U.S. Coast Guard. (Thurs. May 15 2003)

S/V Hagaard, Azores 18 days ago for Norway -- battered yacht in 100mph winds & left sole sailor in middle of Atlantic without navigation, power or communication for 7 days -- hit by huge wave & rolled 360 degrees, shredding sails & wrecking essential equipment. Mr Odd Lyngholm, 67, decided to head for the Faroe Islands -- rescued off NW Sutherland, UK, by Stornoway Coastguard -- 6 miles off Cape Wrath by Lochinver Lifeboat -- at least £15,000 damage. Gee, a truly "Odd" story. (Wed. May 14 2003)

South Korean 699gt M/T Haedong (built 1989), slammed into berthed 169gt M/V Hana at Busan, spilling 21 tons of bunker fuel. No injuries. (Tues. May. 13 2003)

NOTE: In Greek Culture, the "UNLUCKY DAY" is "Tuesday the 13th."

Dubai-owned by Umer Kayum Petroleum Company -- 2,100gt M/T UPCO-3, ex-Dubai on April 26 for Jawahar Nehru with 2,688 tons Naptha & petroleum products -- sank 5 NM off Mumbai coast -- scheduled to berth May 13 at Jawahar Nehru Port Trust (JNPT) when she hit submerged debris near Sprong Light House off Colaba on May 9. Holed in 2 places below waterline, vessel took water & started listing. Offshore Patrol Vessel CGS Samar pressed into service to evacuate 14 crew from sinking ship May 13 morning. Helicopter sorties also -- in effort to prevent oil spill. (Tues. May. 13 2003)

M/V Carnival Conquest, for Gulfport, suffered passenger overboard --Scott Bjorn, 35, of Northport, Ala. -- between midnight & 1am May 11, into shipping channel between Cat Island & Ship Island, about 10 miles from coast of Texas. "It would be hard to fall over that railing accidentally, as long as you were standing on the deck of the ship," said Carnival spokesman. No, sadly, he was likey to have had a lampshade on his head at the time -- or had help. The lines cannot be held responsible for the EXTREME acts of passengers -- but some lawyer will try. (Mon. May 12 2003 AM) UPDATE>> Witnesses in cabin next door told authorities Bjorn climbed over the rail during an argument with wife, said ,Harrison County Sheriff's Dept.-- said witnesses also said both appeared intoxicated. What a surprise. Lawyers aside, the Lines are not responsible for the consequences of this conduct. (Mon. May 12 2003 PM)

Canadian B.C. Ferry M/V Queen of Surrey<<webfeature, ex-Horseshoe Bay with 300 passengers, suffered fire -- carbon-dioxide fire suppression system activated -- result of fuel line parting vessel's No. 2 engine -- flooding engine room to put out flames -- had to be towed into port after going dead in water off Bowen Island, 15km N.W of West Vancouver. Smaller M/V Queen of Capilano<<webfeature, from Bowen Island run, sailed to assist &put a tow line on M/V Queen of Surrey to keep it from drifting -- Canadian coast guard vessel CCGC Osprey (14K34641)<<webfeature, along with military Cormorant helicopter, diverted to assist if necessary while commercial tug dispatched to tow stricken ferry to Langdale. (Mon. May 12 2003)

23-year-old 35,000gt Panamanian-flagged carrier M/V Panamax Sun, with wheat & 26 crew, detained by Australian Maritime Safety Authority while berthed in Adelaide over safety concerns. Crew starving -- surviving on rice rations & unpaid for months -- crew waiting to receive shipment of Australian wheat to Iraq when AMSA made routine inspection. "We found some issues with lifesaving equipment & some of the fixtures on deck," an AMSA spokesman said. "It will be unable to leave Port Adelaide until a number of problems are fixed up." Crew in very rough shape. (Mon. May 12 2003)

European Tourists Disappeared Into Sahara Desert In Feb. >> despite intense search by 5,000 troops aided by 300 local guides, Algerian authorities remain baffled by mystery of what happened to 31 European tourists who disappeared. Government officials do to lessen intrigue by issuing conflicting reports. Some tourists arrived in region on tour packages that advertize extreme travel to some of world's most dangerous places. Algeria would certainly qualify! About 150,000 people have died since 1992, when army cancelled general election -- an extremist Islamic party was poised to win. In April nearly 100 people, more than 60 Islamic fighters, killed. About 440 people have been killed this year. On May 9, state radio reported mass grave found in region of Tebessa, 630km E. of Algiers, containing 40 bodies thought to belong to rival Islamic groups. Others say tourists kidnapped by militant Islamic "Salafist Group for Preaching & Combat" with reported ties to Osama bin Laden's al-Qaeda terrorist network. Another theory is they were kidnapped by Algerian intelligence in bid to embarrass Algerian government. On its Web site, military opposition group >> "Algerian Free Officers' Movement"<<webfeature, claims tourists being "held illegally inside military facility in the south" & government efforts to find them are "a sordid show aimed at impressing the media." (Fri. May 9 2003)

Pocket cruise M/V Safari Spirit, with 10 passengers & 6 crew Seattle for Juneau -- aground on rocks & partially sank in tiny bay on central B.C. coast --140km N. of Port Hardy on Vancouver Island. Passengers & crew left their belongings behind -- took to ship's lifeboat -- passengers flown to Vancouver & on to Seattle. American Safari Cruises, ownner of Spirit, said: "What happened is, bow was hung up on pinnacle-type rock & as tide went out, stern dropped down & vessel slid down this rock a bit & flooded through stern right over the top of deck." All is well.(Fri. May 9 2003)


28 Apr 2003 Gelasa Straits, Indonesia -- 4 pirates armed with long knives in a speedboat boarded container ship under way in Gelasa Straits, Indonesia. They entered bridge & tied-up duty officer, master & another crew -- went to master's cabin & escaped with cash/personal belonging of master. (Fri. May 9 2003)

03 May 2003 at 0430 LT at south harbour anchorage, Manila Bay, Philippines -- 3 pirates armed with guns in unlit boat attempted to board a container ship. Alert crew flashed lights & boat moved away. (Fri. May 9 2003)

02 May 2003 at 2100 LT at Chittagong anchorage, Bangladesh -- 3 pirates armed with big knives boarded chemical tanker at stern. Alert A/B raised alarm & crew mustered. Pirates stole ship's stores & fled. (Fri. May 9 2003)

02 May 2003 at 0112 UTC in position: 08:52.2N - 076:25.2E, 8 nm west of Quilon, India -- 6 pirates boarded tug & barge on tow -- stole stores. (Fri. May 9 2003)

02 May 2003 at 0100 LT in position 21:53N - 091:38E, Chittagong anchorage, Bangladesh. Pirates armed with long knives in 3 speedboats approached general cargo ship. Alert crew foiled attempted boarding. (Fri. May 9 2003)

01 May 2003 at 2345 LT at Kudat, Sabah, Malaysia -- 2 pirates stole a speedboat & used it to attack 2 fishing boats & rob their outboard engines. Pirates were armed with automatic weapons & 1 was dressed in military uniform -- other was in a black overall. Marine police are investigating. (Fri. May 9 2003)

01 May 2003 at 0400 UTC in position 05:13N - 004:02.6W, pilot waiting area, Abidjan, Ivory Coast -- pirates armed with knives attempted to board tanker at poop deck using hook attached to rope. Pirates managed to climb up to guardrails but on hearing ship's whistle & seeing crew alertness -- jumped into water & escaped in unlit boat. (Fri. May 9 2003)

30 April 2003 at 2350 LT in position: 02:36.7N - 108:53E, vicinity of Anambas / Natuna islands, Indonesia. Pirates attempted to board container ship underway. Alert duty officer raised alarm & increased speed. Pirate boat retreated. (Fri. May 9 2003)

30 April 2003 at 1645 UTC in position: 01:04N - 104:59E, east of Bintan island, Indonesia. Pirates boarded chemical tanker underway & took hostage duty officer & A/B -- handcuffed them. They threatened them with a gun & took them to master's cabin -- threatened the master not to retaliate & stole ship's cash, master's personal belongings, cash & valuables. Pirates also stole cash & personal belongings of crew. Ordered the master to reduce speed & left. (Fri. May 9 2003)

30 April 2003 at 0355 LT in position 00:55.8N - 105:05E, Indonesia -- 3 to 5 pirates in a fast moving boat approached container ship underway. Alert A/B raised alarm & boat moved away. (Fri. May 9 2003)

30 April 2003 at 0005 LT at Takoradi anchorage, Ghana -- 4 pirates in boat attempted to board general cargo ship at stern using long bamboo pole attached with hook. Alert duty A/B raised alarm & pirates fled. Master informed Takoradi port control who sent patrol boat to search area. (Fri. May 9 2003)

30 April 2003 in position: 05:13N - 004:02.6W, pilot waiting area, Abidjan, Ivory Coast -- pirate armed with knife boarded tanker at forecastle -- threatened duty crew & jumped into the water & escaped empty handed in wooden boat. (Fri. May 9 2003)

29 April 2003 at 2310 LT in position: 22:16.6N - 091:43.6E, Alpha anchorage, Chittagong, Bangladesh -- 2 pirates boarded bulk carrier proceeding to anchorage area -- stole ship's stores & escaped. (Fri. May 9 2003)

28 Apr 2003 Gelasa Straits, Indonesia -- 4 pirates armed with long knives in speedboat boarded container ship under way in Gelasa Straits, Indonesia -- entered bridge & tied-up the duty officer, master & another crew member -- went to master's cabin & escaped with cash & personal belonging of the master. (Fri. May 9 2003)

28 April 2003 between 0740 - 0830 UTC in position: 13:18N - 049:20E, Gulf of Aden -- priates in 3 speedboats doing 25 knots attempted to board container ship underway. Ship altered course & master warned other ships in vicinity via VHF. Boats gave up chase & headed towards another ship in vicinity but did not succeed in boarding her. Ships cautioned that pirate boats may be monitoring VHF channels. (Fri. May 9 2003)

28 April 2003 at 0045-0145 LT in position: 06:19.6N - 003:20.7E, anchored 4.3 nm off Lagos port, Nigeria -- 3 pirates boarded a tanker from 14 ft boat. When duty A/B challenged, they threw empty glass bottles at him. Earlier, pirates had boarded vessel under pretext of selling goods. (Fri. May 9 2003)

25 April 2003 at 0835 LT in position 04:48N - 05:20E, Nigeria -- 12 armed pirates in speedboat came alongside special purpose ship & attempted to climb onboard. Security guards on board fired warning shots & boat moved away towards the shore. Earlier, on 15.04.2003, pirates had boarded & hijacked an offshore vessel in same area. (Fri. May 9 2003)

24 April 2003 at 0415 LT at Teluk Baka, Indonesia -- group of pirates hijacked tug & barge underway. All crew were thrown overboard next day at 0200 LT. Indonesian navy rescued crew. IMB piracy reporting centre notified relevant authorities in the region. On 03.05.2003 the tug & barge found in Pontianak, Indonesia. (Fri. May 9 2003)

15 April 2003, in vicinity of DP-B oil platform, EA field, off SW coast of Nigeria -- armed pirates boarded & hijacked an offshore vessel -- held her 16 crew captive. They manhandled crew, stole their cash & personal belongings along with ship's cash -- left after receiving a ransom from shipowners. (Fri. May 9 2003)

13 April 2003 at 0400 LT at south harbour anchorage, Manila bay, Philippines. Pirates in unlit craft boarded container ship & stole liferaft & ship's stores whilst crew had assembled in mess room undergoing quarantine inspection by port health. Incident was reported to coast guard who chased pirates but they escaped. (Fri. May 9 2003)

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USS Saipan<<webfeature, in Persian Gulf, suffered munitions exploded in a trash container -- 11 Marines injured -- explosion occurred in sleeping area, piercing bulkhead & injuring people in adjacent compartment. (Thurs. May 8 2003)

U.S. commercial yacht 32-meter S/V Safari Spirit,(owned by American Safari Cruises) with 10 passengers & six crew -- hit rocks & sank 140km N. of Port Hardy while sailing from Seattle to Alaska -- sank on the B.C. coast, May 9 -- all 16 passenger & crew rescued unharmed. Passengers transferred to Shearwater, town near Bella Coola. (Thurs. May 8 2003)

Panamanian-flagged cargo M/V Pesca Well, Dominican Republic for Houston with 12 crew -- suspected of throwing 5 stowaway Dominican migrants overboard -- 2 dead -- 3 Dominican stowaways survived & rescued in Caribbean by another vessel, which turned them over to the U.S. Coast Guard. American officials then detained M/V Pesca Well's crew -- including 62-year-old Taiwanese Capt. "When the men were climbing down into the raft, someone cut the rope ladder, & they fell into the sea," a survivor said. "Three of them knew how to swim & grabbed onto the raft, but 2 got swept away by the current." MURDER. (Tues. May 6 2003)

The Cargo Letter > From about 1994 we recall a young man who fled the bloodshed in Rwanda -- by escaping across Africa after his parents were hacked to death. Following many harrowing adventures, he made it to a South African Port -- where he stowed away on a Russian vessel in an incredible dash for freedom. Only after the vessel departed did he realize this was an Russian Antarctic research ship bound for the South Pole. The quite cruel Russian Capt. had the young man brought on deck about 100 miles from port -- throwing him overboard with a Jello Pudding Cup for food. As fate would have it -- the young man was rescued by another passing ship -- the Russian Capt., was convicted of attempted murder. We can't seem to find this great story in our archives for your reading today -- but all of us should agree that only a very dark heart can condemn a stowaway to certain death. McD

9,261gt Bulk M/V Menominee (built 1967), aground at Pasajes, in N. Spain, near French border. (Tues. May 6 2003)

Four Canadian crab fishing boats & 2 processing plants were torched late May 3 -- arson was in small village of Shippagan, New Brunswick, where crab fishing is main industry. Each fishing vessels had an estimated value of US$1.4M. Police said they had no suspects, but noted that arson came just 1 day after Canadian government had cut crab fishing quotas. (Mon. May 5 2003)

Japanese 379gt trawler F/V Shin Ei Maru 85, with 24 crew, on departure from Halifax -- ran directly aground & up onto the shore -- at 90 degree angle to shore -- near a lighthouse May 4. Mis-programed auto pilot said to blame. Great work, guys! . Maritime history buff said ship resting on wreckage of another vessel that hit same rocks in 1917. Check out the pictues of this on our new "Singles Only" feature. (Mon. May 5 2003)

Two unidentified Iranian vessels sank in stormy weather off the Abu Moussa Island in Persian Gulf on April 27 -- 15 dead -- 2 suvrvivors. (Mon. May 5 2003)

Malaysian-registered chemical M/T Bunga Melawis Satu, Thailand for Guangzhou, made distress call May 2 - 175 km SW of China's Hainan Island to request passage to Hong Kong to seek treatment for 10 of 24 crew -- who may have contracted SARS. Ship moored near outlying Lamma Island & sick seamen, all Indian, taken to hospital -- who may have contracted SARS. (Sat. May 3 2003)

Chinese Navy, Ming Class submarine<<webfeature, No 361 of the East Sea Fleet, suffered unidentified mechanical accident (likely a torpedo running on the rack) during drill near the Neichangshan islands off E. Shandong province in Bo Hei Sea -- 70 dead -- which is big news considering that a Ming Class normally carries 9 officers & 46 enlisted - why 15 extra people?. 1st reported major submarine accident since the PRC was founded in 1949. In 1970s, China began making submarines of its own design. The 1st of these was the "Ming Class" (Type 035), produced from 1971 to 1979, with production resuming again in 1987. A Mystery. (Fri. May 2 2003) UPDATED (Sat. May 3 2003)

Spanish-flagged M/T Nuria Talisam, Russian port of Novorossisk for Turkish port Samsun with Russian oil -- in collision -- with Maltese-flagged cargo M/V Junior-M, with 20 crew & 12,500 tons of Ukrainian wheat, loaded at Ilychevsk, in Black Sea, 155km S. of Crimean city Alusht. Ukrainian air-sea rescue teams did not respond as neither vessels issued shore authorities a May Day message. Rescue effots confused. M/T Nuria Talisam ablaze & in danger of sinking. (Fri. May 2 2003)


28 April 2003 at 2250 LT in position 03:13.06N - 105:26.97E in vicinity of Anambas islands, Indonesia. Six pirates attempted to board barge being towed by tug. Alert chief officer on tug raised alarm. Pirates aborted boarding. However, they made further unsuccessful attempts to board. (Fri. May 2 2003)

28 April 2003 at 1200 UTC in position 03:00S - 107:18E, Gelasa straits, Indonesia. Four pirates armed with long knives in speedboat boarded container ship underway -- entered bridge & tied-up duty officer, master & another crewmember -- went to master's cabin & stole cash in ship's safe & master's personal belongings -- escaped. (Fri. May 2 2003)

28 April 2003 at 0306 UTC in position 06:05N - 096:07E, straits of Malacca (northern entrance). Six pirates masked attempted to board tanker from speedboat. Alert crew mustered & activated fire hoses -- pirates retreated. (Fri. May 2 2003)

28 April 2003 at 0045 LT in position 02:56.5S- 107:19.5E, Gelasa straits, 4 miles off Mendanau Island, Indonesia. Six pirates in speedboat attempted to board bulk carrier underway from stern using hook attached to ropes. Alert crew raised alarm & flashed lights -- pirates aborted boarding. (Fri. May 2 2003)

27 April 2003 at 0400 LT in position 00:38N-105:23E, Indonesia. Nine pirates armed with guns & knives boarded chemical tanker & took hostage master, C/E, 3/O & watchmen. Pirates stole ship's cash & personal belongings of crew. (Fri. May 2 2003)

26 April 2003 at 2220 LT in position 03:09N - 105:27E, Indonesia. While underway, 6 pirates in 30 feet long boat attempted to board LPG ship. Alert crew raised alarm, switched on floodlights & activated fire hoses -- pirates fled. (Fri. May 2 2003)

25 April 2003 at 2320 LT in position 03:23N - 105:31.5E, 18nm off NW of Anambas Islands, Indonesia. Pirates in fast boat attempted to board general cargo ship underway using bamboo poles. Alert A/B raised alarm, sounded whistle, switched on deck lights & crew mustered -- pirates fled. (Fri. May 2 2003)

25 April 2003 at 2230 UTC at berth no. Q2, Willingdon Island, Cochin port, India. Eight pirates boarded general cargo ship & stole ship's stores. (Fri. May 2 2003)

25 April 2003 during 1315-1645 UTC at nana creek, Benin River, Nigeria. Pirates armed with rifles in speedboats made 5 attempts to stop general cargo ship. They moved away after receiving cash, provision, bonded, diesel oil from ship. (Fri. May 2 2003)

25 Apri; 2003 between 0300-0400 at Luanda anchorage, Angola. Pirates boarded general cargo ship & stole ship's stores. (Fri. May 2 2003)

23 April 2003 during night hrs at outer anchorage, Bandar Bushehr, Iran. Intruders boarded refrigerated cargo ship -- broke open storeroom & generator room padlocks using oxyacetylene torches & stole ship's stores. (Fri. May 2 2003)

22 April 2003 at 2015 LT in position 01:42.5N - 106:09.6E, about 60nm SSE of Anambas Islands, Indonesia. Seven pirates armed with long knives & guns boarded general cargo ship underway -- tied both hands of master & crew -- stole personal belongings & cash. (Fri. May 2 2003)

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47,690gt crude M/T B.R.Ambedkar (built 1974), with 63,172 tons of crude oil for Kochi, Pakistan, in collision with trawler of Kochi. (Thus. May 1 2003)

ALERT>> Nigerian Navy vessels steaming towards 4 offshore oil rigs April 29 night to confront striking workers holding dozens of British & American colleagues hostage in a 2-week stand-off -- until now kept secret by Nigeria -- 35 Britons & 19 Americans among 97 foreigners stranded on what are effectively floating prisons, 25 miles offshore in Gulf of Guinea. Talks between strikers' union & Royal Dutch/Shell & TotalFinaElf which operate rigs deadlocked in Port Harcourt April 29 night. Relatives of hostages fear Navy's deployment will detroy chances of a peaceful outcome. Armed with axes & claiming to have explosives, strikers have prevented boats docking & placed oil barrels on helipads to block helicopters -- now threatening to kill the hostages. (Wed. April 30 2003) UPDATE>> Helicopters on May 2 night began evacuating nearly 300 oil workers whom striking colleagues had held hostage for 13 days on 4 oil rigs off coast of Nigeria. -- evacuation followed talks brokered by Nigeria Labor Congress, country's umbrella trade union federation, in capital Abuja, at which all parties to dispute reached agreement to evacuate rigs immediately & hold further negotiations to resolve outstanding issues. (Fri. May 2 2003)

Vessel Loss Dispatches For April 2003

Greek F/V Poseidon, off Piraeus has capsized with 21 crew. (Wed. April 30 2003)

Australian converted 20 meter World War II torpedo boat struck unknown object -- taking water on outer Great Barrier Reef -- Australian Search & Rescue aircraft dispatched from Cairns & shadowing dive vessel, as it motors towards Hydrographer's Passage & sheltered waters 80 NM north east of Hamilton Island. (Wed. April 30 2003)

Philippine F/V Alaska-1 in collision with Asian Shipping Corp. ocean barge Rizza, with limestone, under tow of Philippine M/V Michael Rizza, Bohol for La Union, off Masbate island of Jintotolo early April 27 morning -- 4 fishing crew missing. (Tues. April 29 2003)

Regal Cruises<<webfeature, line shut down operations & canceled future voyages April 28 in the wake of unpaid bills & seizure of its only ship by U.S. Marshals. Regal Cruise officials had been trying to sell the troubled company to an unidentified buyer, but a deal collapsed over the weekend. The 612-foot M/V Regal Empress<<webfeature, arrested by U.S. Marshals April 18. (Mon. April 28 2003)

M/V Legend of the Seas terroist threat was -- what? -- a lover's quest? See Our Continuing Story. (Mon. April 28 2003) UPDATE: She pled GUILTY today. (Tues. May 19 2003)

80,000-ton Bahamas supertanker operated by Chevron Oil M/T Capella Voyager, with crude oil which split its hull after grounding in heavy swells when entering New Zealand Marsden Pt -- scheduled to sail from Northland late April 26. Temporary repairs made she was at oil refinery port have satisfied the Maritime Safety Authority & vessel was cleared to sail in ballast. M/T Capella Voyager safely discharged its 108,000-ton cargo of Persian Gulf crude oil at Marsden Pt before work began on its hull. (Sun. April 27 2003)

New Zealand's oldest operating paddlewheeler M/V Otunui, which plied Waikato River daily between Huka Falls & Aratiatia Dam north of Taupo -- gutted by fire -- steel hull remained but rest of 16m vessel was virtually destroyed -- licensed for 50 passengers, was sole livelihood for Mr Kilmister, his wife, Angela, & their baby, Hanna. Gone was the saloon, interior timberwork & plush upholstery, along with piano. Otunui was built in London by Yarrow & Co. in 1907 specifically for the shallow New Zealand rivers. (Sun. April 27 2003)

Indan Coast Guards yesterday rescued 3 businessmen & a fisherman from clutches of Indian pirates who demanded Tk 10 lakh as ransom for their release.Notorious "sea robbers", known as Kalu Bahini, abducted businessmen Shambhu Kanti (68) and his son-in-law Ranoj Biswas (27) from Harinagar village of Koira upazila on the night of April 22 & demanded Tk 5 lakh ransom by April 22. On the same night, the Indian pirates also kidnapped another businessman Hafizur Rahman (30) & fisherman Yusuf Ali (38) from same village before demanding Tk 5 lakh ransom. Acting on a tip-off, Indian Coast Guards rushed to Jhatamukho canal & rescued the hostages. Pirates managed to escape. (Sun. April 27 2003)

UK catamaran S/V Solent capsized on April 26 evening but coastguards were only alerted to the situation at 0700 BST on April 27 -- member of the public called coastguard having spotted stricken vessel from the shore at Calshot, Hampshire -- 2 men aged 50 & 40 and 2 women aged 32 rescued by the Calshot lifeboat and the auxiliary coastguard -- suffering from mild hypothermia. It was a close call. (Sun. April 27 2003)

Norwegian-flagged tanker M/T Bow Lion & U.S.-flagged towboat M/V Cooperative Spirit, pushing 38 grain barges, in collision early April 24, 20 miles W. of New Orleans - collision opened a 75-foot gash in the tanker 99 spilllling chemical solvent called xylene. (Sat. April 27 2003) UPDATE>> Shipping traffic on lower Mississippi River resumed late April 27 (Sat. April 26 2003 PM)

M/V Nordic Express, with 44 Grade 10 students from Quebec City's Petit Seminaire scheduled to return home April 16 from annual field trip along the river -- their ship has been caught in ice near Blanc Sablon in N.E. Quebec near Labrador since April 19. Coast Guard will send out helicopter patrol April 25 to survey the situation. Nordic Express not taking calls when contacted by maritime operator last night. (Sat. April 26 2003)

M/V Nasseem Master, Zakum to Abu Dhabi Free Port for shelter from strong storm, spotted fishing vessel on the verge of sinking 6 miles south east of Zakum oil field. Victim vessel encountered the storm, 7 to 8 ft. swells & heavy rains on April 16 night while fishing in deep water -- rescue came at 8.30am. Discovered that fishing vessel did not have safety & survival gear, such as portable VHF radio, life jackets, boat reflector or other necessary items. (Fri. April 26 2003)

U.S. 44-foot Thompson trawler F/V Mona Queen, returning to Gallows Bay,V.I. after day fishing in Caribbean Sea with 100 pounds of lobster & 5 boxes of fish. While underway-- Capt. Thomas "Fish" Daley, smelled smoke -- cut engines & discovered engine compartment fire. Crew jumped overboard. V.I. Rangers responded along with personnel from Virgin Islands P.D., Virgin Islands Fire Service, Virgin Islands DP&NR, & U.S. Coast Guard -- found F/V Mona Queen fully engulfed in flame. All rescued - no injuries. >> From our valued ¿÷correspondent - Wes Boyd. (Fri. April 25 20003)

UK yacht S/V Silvery Light (built 1884) suffered "absolutely atrocious" conditions off Pembrokeshire coast, UK, April 25 morning. Robert Joseph Downey, 55, swept into sea. Coastguards scrambled to scene & airlifted Mr Downey, from Liverpool, to Withybush Hospital, Haverfordwest -- pronounced dead. (Fri. April 25 20003)


20 April 2003 at 0340 LT in position: 03:12S - 116:20E, anchored off north Pulau Laut coal terminal, Indonesia. Pirates boarded bulk carrier, held duty seaman at knifepoint & lowered 2 mooring ropes into speedboat & fled. (Fri. April 25 20003)

20 April 2003 at 0230 LT in position: 13:03N - 051:17E, 55 NM off NE tip of Somali coast, Gulf of Aden. Pirates armed with guns & knives boarded general cargo ship underway from 3 speedboats & took control of ship. Pirates destroyed all communication equipment onboard. Master received head injuries & stab wounds & cuts from knives. Crew & officers tied up & held on bridge & in cabins. Pirates stole ship's cash & left around 0400 hrs -- headed towards Somali coast. (Fri. April 25 20003)

20 April .2003, early morning hours at Fort-de-France, Martinique, Caribbean. Armed pirates boarded tug at anchor -- broke wheelhouse door & stole cash, property & safety equipment. When master approached them, pirates escaped in wooden fishing boat fitted with powerful OBM. Police & Harbor Dept informed but only harbor master came to take statement. (Fri. April 25 20003)

18 April .2003 at 0006 LT at Dar Es Salaam anchorage, Tanzania. Pirates boarded container ship at forecastle & stole ship's stores & safety equipment. Master informed port control. (Fri. April 25 20003)

17 April 2003 at 1700 LT at Georgetown inner anchorage 'B', Guyana. Pirates boarded tanker from forecastle -- stole safety equipment & escaped in boat, waiting with 4 accomplices. Master informed authorities & coast guard patrol boat came & searched the area. (Fri. April 25 20003)

16 April 2003 at 2320 LT in position 03:10.3N - 112:52.4E off Bintulu, Sarawak, Malaysia. Pirates boarded general cargo ship at forecastle. Alert crew raised alarm & pirates threw stones at crew & escaped empty handed. Crew suffered injuries. (Fri. April 25 20003)

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Royal Caribbean's M/V Legend of the Seas, for Hilo, when diverted to Honolulu to allow agents from FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force to board & investigate 2 anonymous handwritten notes containing vague threats against ship, passengers & crew -- allowed to continue on its way April 24 -- vessel had been anchored mile south of Honolulu since April 23 afternoon. (Wed. April 23 2003 PM) UPDATE >> Kelley Marie Ferguson, 20, who wanted to leave a cruise ship to return to her boyfriend in California spent April 28 night in a federal detention center, charged with threatening to kill everyone aboard the ship to cut the cruise short.-- she made an initial appearance in federal court April 28 to hear charges. Ferguson of Laguna Hills in Orange County, who was traveling with family members on M/V Legend of the Seas was charged with 2 counts of threatening acts of terrorism. Each count carries a maximum prison term of 10 years. Can you spell S-T-U-P-I-D? A life ruined. (Mon. April 28 2003)

Egyptian-flagged 37,500gt cargo M/V Wadi Al Arab, for Quebec with bauxite & 30 crew, ordered quarantined 4 miles off port of Halifax after Canadian authorities learned crew member died from suspected case of anthrax -- remaining crew showed no signs of illness. Anthrax is a potentially deadly bacterial disease of sheep & cattle, transferable to humans -- usually affecting skin & lungs. People can get disease by inhaling anthrax spores, but requires close contact. All crew on-board dances cancelled. (Wed. April 23 2003 PM)

China F/V Daqing 767, with 1,000 tons of petroleum & F/V Huiyang in collision -- heavy fog in Aojiangkou maritime area near Wenzhou city -- 18 crew thrown to sea were from Daqing 767. (Wed. April 23 2003) UPDATE>> F/V Daqing 767 sinks, 3 missing. (Wed. April 23 2003 PM)

China M/T Fanshun 33 in collision with another vessel in Dongtoukou maritime area near Wenzhou, at 9:00 a.m. April 24, causing oil leak. (Wed. April 23 2003)

Cyprus 12296gt general cargo M/V Concept (built 1982), Tamatave for South African ports with steel billets, aground on Beira Access Channel, Apr 19 - channel temporarily closed. Efforts to refloat by the Port Authorities, who provided labor for lightening the vessel. (Wed. April 23 2003)

Al Qader of Dubai, UAE owned, Ghana registry non specific M/TAlqeela, being towed by tug M/V Trust T., from Kharg Island for onward demolition at India, grounded 10 NM from Port Qasim Fairbuoy in lat 24 20.7N, long 66 13.2E on Apr 20. Tug's tow broke resulting in vessel going aground. Owners known to be Al Qader of Dubai, UAE. Crew evacuated by Pakistan Navy. Pray for these men. (Tues. April 22 2003)

Taiwanese F/V Lih Fa with 17 crew aboard missing near New Zealand -- in fleet of 9 fishing ships working out of Fiji -- disappeared after getting into trouble in heavy sea conditions April 16 night -- Capt. radioed for assistance, reporting vessel flooding. Other boats in fishing fleet responded & found oil slick & equipment. (Tues. April 22 2003)

Tuvalu-registered North Korean 3,000gt M/V Pong Su, with 30 crew, boarded just after dawn, assaulted from RAN helicopter & inflatables from HMAS Stuart<<webfeature, & Special Air Service<<webfeature, troopers, 4th Battalion commandos -- all crew surrendered without resistance & sailed under Australian Navy crew to Sydney, where charged with transporting to Australia 50kgs of heroin with street value of US$80M. Chase began off Lorne in Victoria on April 16 & came close to having fatal consequences for 10-meter NSW police launch Fearless, which intercepted M/V Pong Su at 11.20am on April 18,60 NM off Eden in huge seas. Two 10-meter waves almost overturned Fearless, twice putting its gunwales into water. Then another wave smashed it into a 180-degree turn, reversing its course, injuring 2 of its 3 crew & forcing it to seek sanctuary in Eden. On April 19, Customs surveillance expanded, with military P3C Orion & C-130 Hercules shadowing North Korean-owned Pong Su. Hunt followed long surveillance operation by federal & Victorian police & Customs officers, who subsequently arrested 4 Asian nationals & seized heroin. Body of 5th Asian found in dinghy -- believed drowned when vessel picked up heroin from M/V Pong Su & brought it ashore. (Mon. April 21 2003)

28,559gt ro/ro Pride of Provence (built 1983), 489 passengers & 159 crew, collided with breakwater as she entered harbor at Dover at 1630, 18 April -- 18 passengers & 1 crew injured. Weather good, with slight breeze. (Mon. April 21 2003)

Double-deck ferry, M/V Mitali, sank in Buriganga River near Bangladesh capital Dhaka. Rescue workers searched for about 265 missing after 2 ferry boats capsized during tropical storms in different parts of Bangladesh, killing nearly 100 people -- 90 bodies, including women & children, recovered April 21 night after M/V Mitali sank. (Mon. April 21 2003) UPDATE>> 127 bodies, including those of women & children recovered from M/V Mitali. (Tues. April 22 2003)

190gt Anglo Spanish F/V Lephreeto, with 16 crew, in distress -- reported to UK Falmouth Coastguard 170 miles SW Isles of Scilly in South West Approaches -- rescued. Antigua & Barbuda container M/V Mare Lycium soon contacted Falmouth Coastguard to inform that following collision all 16 crew of vessel picked up from life rafts with no injuries reported. (Mon. April 21 2003)

Tourist schooner S/V Tona Galea with 64 -- mainly Brazilians on day trip to Parrot Island -- sank 500 yards off port city of Cabo Frio, 60 miles E. of Rio de Janeiro. Stopped in Itajuru canal so passengers could go swimming & snorkeling. When they got back aboard, crew told them to put their life jackets away -- ship resumed trip & was hit by large wave. People panicked & ran to other side, which may have caused the vessel to capsize -- at least 13 dead. (Sat. April 19 2003)

Two Chinese ships collided April 18 off coast of Zhoushan City in E. China's Zhejiang province, sinking oil tanker with 500 tons of diesel oil - 8 crew on tanker rescued, & efforts still underway to control minor oil leak -- 60 meters below t surface -- tanker not impeding maritime traffic. Pollution minimal. Tanker registered in Zhejiang Province -- other ship is registered in Hubei Province. (Sat. April 19 2003)

90ft F/V Kathy Ann, based at the Viking Village docks in Barnegat Light, radioed U.S. Coast Guard -- on fire & preparing to abandon in 25- to 30-foot seas & 35-mph winds -- 2 helicopters from Coast Guard Group-Air Station Atlantic City reached scene in 30 minutes & hoisted 7 crew in rescue basket. Fire believed started in electrical wiring. No injuries. (Fri. April 18 2003)


13 April 2003 at 1510 UTC in position 02:14.2N - 101:54.5E, Malacca straits. Nine pirates armed with guns & long knives boarded tanker underway. Alert A/B raised alarm & pirates jumped overboard & escaped in a boat. No injuries to crew. Mess room porthole damaged. (Fri. April 18 2003)

13 April 2003 at 0400 LT at berth 6a, Rio Haina port, Dominican Republic. Six armed pirates boarded bulk carrier discharging cargo. Took 2 watchmen & 1 crew hostage & tied them with ropes. Pirates stole ship's property, ship's equipment, crew personal belongings & cash before escaping. (Fri. April 18 2003)

12 April 2003 at 0430 LT at Cochin anchorage, India. Pirates in 25ft craft boarded general cargo ship. Alert crew chased pirate at forecastle & he escaped. 20 minutes later, crew found another pirate on aft deck armed with knife trying to cut mooring line while another pirate was climbing ship's railing. Ship's crew threw small objects at them. Both pirates jumped into water & escaped. Port authority informed. (Fri. April 18 2003)

11 April 2003 at 1320 LT at Puerto Cabello, Venezuela. Several pirates armed with knives boarded general cargo ship at berth. Broke open paint store & stole ship's stores. Agents recommended ship to hire local security guards. (Fri. April 18 2003)

11 April 2003 at 0505 LT in position 01:25N - 103:05E, Malacca straits. Six pirates armed with knives boarded general cargo ship underway. Took 2nd engineer as hostage, dragged him to master's cabin & asked him to knock on door. Instead of opening the door, master phoned duty officer on bridge & informed him that pirates aboard. Duty officer raised alarm & pirates escaped empty handed. One crew & 2nd officer received knife wounds. (Fri. April 18 2003)

10 Apri 2003, 70 nm off Pulau Pangkor, Malacca straits. Heavily armed pirates boarded fishing vessel. Shot & killed 1 & injured 2 other fishermen. Pirates hijacked vessel & left small boat behind. Surviving fishermen boarded the small boat & later rescued by passing trawler. Taken to nearby marine police base & then sent to hospital. (Fri. April 18 2003)

08 April 2003 at 2010 LT in position 04:01.7S - 116:00.5E, IBT South Pulau Laut anchorage, Indonesia. Five pirates armed with long knives boarded bulk carrier. Attempted to take duty A/B as hostage. Duty officer raised alarm, sounded whistle & crew mustered. Pirates jumped into water & escaped empty handed. Port control informed. (Fri. April 18 2003)

08 April 2003 at 1730 LT in position 04:21.7N - 098:43.6E, Indonesia. Several pirates in 3 vessels fired upon general cargo ship from both sides, which forced master to stop engine. Master sent distress message. Pirates boarded ship & gathered all crew on deck. They took hostage master, Ch officer & Ch engineer & took them off ship. They also took away ship's documents & VHF radio sets. 3rd officer reported to Indonesian Navy. Navy vessel escorted ship to Belawan anchorage. Further report re fate of hostages awaited. (Fri. April 18 2003)

07 April 2003 at 0445 UTC in position 06:17.7N - 003:23.8E, Lagos anchorage, Nigeria. Three pirates armed with long knives boarded tanker. Tried to cut mooring ropes on winch drum on poop deck. One pirate threatened duty A/B with a long knife & threw glass bottles at him. Deck watch raised alarm & pirates escaped. Ship tried to contact port control via VHF but received no response. (Fri. April 18 2003)

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13,230gt Chinese-owned M/V Shahekou sank April 18 off Sanya, beach resort on Hainan's S. coast. All 41 aboard transfered to other vessels. (Thurs. April 17 2003)

Panamanian 500ft. cargo M/V Well Pescadoras, Dominican port of Haina for Houston, alleged to have discovered 5 Dominican stowaways -- beat them with hammers & metal rods, stole their little money -- forced to build 2 wooden rafts & abandoned at sea with no land in sight far off coast of Texas -- rescued 4 hours later by Liberian ship 75 miles from land -- 2 comrades never made it to shore. Survivors hospitalized Miami for dehydration & wounds. U.S. State Dept. official said survivors interviewed by Coast Guard, FBI & Dept. of Homeland Security. Coast Guard said ship & crew held since March 23 at request of Panama. Survivors said they had kneeled & begged for their lives in little English they knew. U.S. Coast Guard said this 1st such case in which U.S. investigators directly involved. Expect justice. >> Survivor Franklin Roa (27 year old taxi driver) had shown M/V Well Pescadoras' Captain photographs of his 7-year-old daughter & 3-year-old boy, but he said Capt. tossed them away, cursing. But on April 16, Roa again embraced his daughter, Diana, who said: "This is the best gift, to see my dad again." Cowards. Criminals. (Thurs. April 17 2003)

Galveston-based cruise M/V Celebration suffered overboad incident, April 12 -- Michigan resident, Tim Sears, 31 fell off & managed to stay afloat until passing cargo vessel rescued 17 hours later, in Gulf of Mexico 50 miles offshore. WOW! VERY LUCKY GUY. (Thurs. April 17 2003)

In Search of The Wild Goose>> U.S. Coast Guard monitors picked up emergency beacon, signalling vessel in distress 755km NW of Bermuda -- dispatched C-130 plane from Elizabeth City, N.C. & diverted Norwegian salavage tug M/V Skandi Moegsger to area, alerting other ships in area. C-130 eventually pinpointed source & sent M/V Skandi Moegsger, Bermuda for Spain, to investigate -- pulled a turtle out of water & found it was somehow caught up in rope with beacon. Beacon covered in barnacles & debris -- registered to man who, when contacted by telephone, said he had lost it some time ago. (Thurs. April 17 2003)

NovaNam owned F/V Kongola, sank off S. coast of Namibia, Apr 13. No lives lost or injuries during rescue operation. Cause of sinking under investigation. All 24 crew arrived safely at Luderitz<<webfeature, aboard group rescue vessels F/V Diaz II & F/V Wiron VI yesterday morning. Kongola one of latest vessels acquired by NovaNam company. (Wed. April 16 2003)

10,1350gt passenger M/V Costa Fortuna -- under construction at Sestri Fincantieri shipyard, Genoa -- suffered fire April 14, at vessel's stern on deck No 8 & affected decks Nos 7, 8 and 9. Fire extinguished during night. About 20 hospitalized due to smoke inhalation. Shipyard confirms that, notwithstanding casualty, vessel will be delivered on time, next Nov. 2003. Court & Fire Brigade enquiries presently in hand. (Tues. April 15 2003)

South Korea chem tank 1,529gt M/T Sae Han No.7 (built 1984), Kawasaki for Busan, in ballast & 7,433gt general cargo M/T Princess (built 2000), Dalian for Mizushima, in ballast, --in collision -- off Mutsure Apr 12. Sae Han No.7 sustained damage to port side bow plating with holes in way of forecastle store. No personnel injury nor oil leak. Fractured shell plating closed with cement boxes by crew. Vessel sailed for Busan on Apr 15 to carry out repairs there. Princess sustained damage to starboard side bow plating in way of forecastle stores & forepeak tank -- some fractures above waterline. Fractures in shell plating closed with steel boxes as temporary measures carried out by crew. (Tues. April 15 2003)

SARS>> Hong Kong's Airport Authority (AA) warned on April 13 that outbreak of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) has severely affected core business of Hong Kong Int'l Airport (HKIA). AA said that 37% of flights cancelled & passenger throughput down by more than 60% in recent days. Inhale deeply. (Mon. Aril 14 2003)

SeaEscape's M/V Island Adventure, suffered fire in storage area on lower deck of ship at Fort Lauderdale dock. Origin unknown, which occurred in area filled with rope & cardboard boxes. SeaEscape sails 13 cruises a week, 2 x a day, into Int'l waters so customers can gamble. Prices range from US$28 to US$35 per person. One crew complained of smoke inhalation but declined for hospital. (Mon. Aril 14 2003)

Yacht S/V Mariette, with 11 aboard, ran aground on N. side entrance to Town Cut Channel leading into St George's harbor. As high water passed at 0530 hrs unsuccessful attempts made to refloat yacht by pilot boat M/V St David's. Winds were 25 to 35 knots from the SSE, gusting higher in passing squalls. Arrangements made for government tug at next high water & at 1830 hrs tug M/V Faithful towed Mariette off reef, allowing sail to Powder Hole anchorage in St George's. (Mon. Aril 14 2003)

Reborn American Lady >> Norwegian Cruise Lines<<webfeature, has purchased SS United States<<webfeature, (biggest & fastest ever built in U.S.) & intends to refurbish & return her to service, 50 years after massive steamship set speed record for trans-Atlantic crossing. Announcement astounded preservation groups, who had been fighting losing battle to rescue vessel from being scrapped. For years, SS United States has been a ghostly sight on Philadelphia waterfront. Seemingly abandoned on unused wharf, rusting hulk was little more than bizarre curiosity -- decommissioned in 1969. On maiden voyage in 1952, powerful liner with 268,000 shaft horsepower engines set new trans-Atlantic speed record: 3 days, 10 hours & 42 minutes. Record stood until 1990 -- at 990 feet, it was 108 feet longer than RMS Titanic -- it carried numerous celebrities in more than 800 Atlantic crossings. To refurbish, previous estimates had been between US$200M & US$500M. NCL will also purchase former American Classic Voyages' SS Independence<<webfeature. (Mon. Aril 14 2003)

Cyprus 39,035gt bulk M/V Magna Graecia (built 2001) aground near Diamante, Km 525, River Parana, April 14. Tugs requested. (Mon. Aril 14 2003)

Amtiga & Barbuda1069gt general cargo M/V Mignon (built 1966), Plymouth for Rotterdam, in ballast, in collision twice by unknown vessel in lat 49 56.4N, long 03 13.7W. Damaged above waterline. Still proceeding Rotterdam. Reported unknown vessel registered in Limassol, other details unknown. >>>13,737gt M/V Pacific Skipper (built 1985), for Baltimore -- Understand from Brixham Coastguard -- in collsion with Pacific Skipper -- undamaged; only paint scrape. Mystery seems solved, in part. (Sun. April 13 2003)

13,230-ton Chinese-owned M/T Shahekou, with 41 aboard, sank off China's S. island of Hainanoff near Sanya, a beach resort on Hainan's S. coast -- all aboard transferred to other vessels without injury. (Sun. April 13 2003)

Distaster>> Bangladesh 77-ft (23-meter) single-deck wooden ferry M/L Sharifpur with 200 passengers capsized April 12, at Kishoreganj, 80km (50 miles) N of Dhaka --10 or 12 passengers swam to shore -- 14 bodies recovered. M/L Sharifpur, had capacity of 74 passengers during night & 110 in day time. Some 62 people including 39 children believed killed. (Sun. April 13 2003)

Unidentified ship caught fire & sank in Tsushima Strait between Japan & South Korea. Japan Coast Guard trying to identify sunken ship. May be a squid-fishing vessel from town of Oma, N. Japan's Aomori Prefecture, with which communication has been lost. (Sun. April 13 2003)


07 April 2003 at 0445 UTC in position 06:17.7N - 003:23.8E, Lagos anchorage, Nigeria. Pirates armed with long knives boarded tanker. They tried to cut mooring ropes on winch drum on poop deck. Pirate threatened duty A/B with long knife & threw empty bottles at him. Deck watch raised alarm & pirates escaped in boat. Ship tried to contact port control via vhf but received no response. (Sat. April 12 2003)

07 April 2003 at 0810 LT at Tanjung Priok tanker anchorage, Indonesia. Pirates boarded LPG carrier awaiting pilot. Their two accomplices waited in a boat below. Alert crew raised alarm & sounded whistle. Pirates stole ship's property & escaped in boat. (Sat. April 12 2003)

07 April 2003 at 0200 LT at Haldia port, India. Pirates boarded LPG carrier at berth, stole ship's stores & escaped. (Sat. April 12 2003)

06 Apil 2003 at 0110 LT in position 00:57N - 105:04E, Indonesia. Four pirates armed with guns & long knives boarded general cargo ship underway. Alarm was raised & crew mustered but pirates took hostage 2 crew at gunpoint -- tied up crew & reduced ship's speed & fled with ship's & crew's cash. (Sat. April 12 2003)

05 April 2003 at 2200 UTC in position 05:23.3N - 119:43.3E, 16 nm NW of Tawi Tawi Island, Philippines. Three speedboats chased general cargo ship underway from starboard quarter. Alert crew activated fire hoses, directed searchlights at boats & crew rushed to poop deck. Speedboats retreated. (Sat. April 12 2003)

04 April 2003 at 2200 UTC in position 02:58.2S - 107:18.5E, Selat Baur, Gaspar straits, Indonesia. Four pirates in aluminium colored boat attempted to board VLCC underway. Alert anti piracy crew raised alarm, directed lights at boat & activated fire hoses. Upon seeing crew alertness, pirates aborted attempt. (Sat. April 12 2003)

31 March 2003 at 2200 LT in position 02:56S - 107:17.4E, Gaspar straits, Indonesia. Five pirates armed with long knives boarded chemical tanker underway at midships. They went to bridge, held quartermaster hostage & brought him down to master's cabin & asked him to knock on door. When master opened door, 2 pirates rushed in & assaulted master with knives & tied his hands with nylon rope. Later, pirates took master & quartermaster to bridge where 2 other pirates had held duty officer & tied up his hands. When chief officer returned to bridge after his rounds, pirates caught him & also tied his hands with ropes. Master & captives taken to main deck where another pirate with a long knife sighted. At 2230 pirates left in small boat with ship's cash, personal possessions of crew & ship's equipment including GPS receiver. (Sat. April 12 2003)

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Saddam's Yacht>> Iraqi M/V Al Mansur, one of largest yachts in the world -- belongs to belonged to Saddam -- SUNK by warplanes of U.S. & British coalition at Basra on April 1 -- also reported sunk on March 28. Attack also wiped out most remaining Iraqi navy -- 2 large patrol boats, supply ship & Ibn Khaldoon, described as frigate -- but Iraq has no frigates -- 1 other Iraqi patrol boat already sunk & 6 others captured. (Wed. April 2 2003) UPDATE>> Despite constant bombing -- the Saddam yacht still lives! Battered & looted, this amazing vessel remains afloat. Locals counted 16 bomb, shell & missile strikes on vessel that signalled end for tyrant's last symbol of power. But no matter how hard they tried, Coalition still couldn't sink it! Yacht given to Saddam by Saudi Royal Family in1980s to thank him for going to war with fundamentalist Islamic Iran. Saddam named vessel "Al Mansur" - "The Victor." Hulk now driftng. (Thurs. April 10 2003)

China Ocean Shipping Co. barge carier Sha He Kou sank off Hainan Island, near resort town of Sanya, in the South China Sea around noon on Friday -- all 41 aboard rscued. (Wed April 9 2003)

Micronesian nation of Kiribati 35meter M/V Te Taobe, Kiritimati Island for Tarawa in Kiribati, a distance of 3200km, when engine failed -- small nation of Kiribati thanked the United States after U.S. Coast Guard icebreaker USCGC Polar Sea (WABG 11)<<webfeature, rescued church mission aboard M/V Te Taobe drifting for days with 64 people aboard. USCGC Polar Sea (WABG 11)<<webfeature-alternate returning from Antarctica, sent to rescue. Polar Sea fixed vessel's engines, supplied food & water & evacuated by helicopter a teenage girl needing medical treatment. Thanks United States! (Tues. April 8 2003)

Japan 199gt M/T Futaba Maru (built 1994 ) & vehicle M/V Cosmos Ace (46346 gt, built 1998) in collision, Mar 26 3,560 meters, 328 deg, from Misushima vessel traffic station, in Okayama Prefecture, at 1905 LT, Mar 26. Cosmos Ace sustained damage to starboard quarter shell plating. Futaba Maru sustained damage to hand rail at stern. No oil spill or personal injury. (Tues. April 8 2003)

Honduran-registered 198gt tug M/V Kinyu, Hakata for Hong Kong with 8 Indonesian crew, aground off Miyazaki, SW Japan -- crew rescued without injuries by Japan Coast Guard<<webfearure helicopter. (Tues. April 8 2003)

USA 68ft. commercial F/V Van Hook caught fire while docked April 7, killing 1 & injuring another at Cape May , New Jersey -- fire watch below deck when torch apparently ignited some of ship's foam insulation. Excue me, torch? U.S. Coast Guard, New Jersey Marine Police & Camden May County Prosecutor's Office investigating fire. Good idea. (Tues. April 8 2003)

Uruguay 186gt tug M/V Michel Petersen (built 1964) sank at Montevideo Anteport at 1530, Apr 7, while assisting 30,047gt M/V Commodore (built 2001), sailing from Montevideo Port. Crew rescued. (Tues. April 8 2003)

USA 34, 620gt bulk M/V Edgar B.Speer (built 1980) aground on Graham Shoal, E. of Mackinac Bridge off St. Ignace, Michigan, April 7. Vessel attempted to free itself, unsuccessfully in heavy ice. Sault Ste. Marie based tug M/V Reliance departed Soo to assist. Ice very heavy this year. (Tues. April 8 2003)

BAD TIMING AWARD>> Frigate USS Estocin (FFG 15)<<webfeature lowered the stars & stripes one last time at Mayport, April 3 -- decommissioned in preparation for her transfer to government of Turkey -- now known as TCG Gosku (F 497). Cmdr. Scott Phillpott, Estocin's commanding officer, said he is enthusiastic about transfer. >> U.S. Navy obviously not paying any attention to Turkey having blocked movement of U.S. 4th Infantry Division through Turkey to the Iraq War Zone & thus placing many Coalition & Kurdish lives at great risk. << "The Turkish Navy is getting a fine warship," the Commander said. "My crew has Estocin in pristine condition & it will serve the government of Turkey proudly," added Cmdr. Phillpot. Swell, but obviously not the fault of Cmdr. Phillpott or his fine crew. Geeez. Sure, Turkey is a "friend," but shouldn't this transfer have at least been delayed for a month or so -- while American & Coalition forces fight for their lives & for lack of transit rights through Turkey? Politics aside, this was a "no brainer" and not the best time for ship gift giving. (Mon. April 7 2003)

USS Estocin was named in honor of Capt. Michael J. Estocin, fighter pilot during Vietnam Conflict. Attached to Attack Squadron 192, "The World Famous Golden Dragons," then Lt. Cmdr. Estocin gallantly flew over Haiphong, destroying fuel depots vital to enemy. Even after taking heavy damage from mirage of surface-to-air missiles, Estocin continued to fly into target area. On April 26, 1967, Estocin's aircraft, badly damaged, went down -- posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor by Congress. His award read: "for conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above & beyond the call of duty."

China Ocean Shipping Company 13,230dwt barge Sha He Kou (built 1978) sank off resort town of Sanya, near Hainan Island in South China Sea around noon April 4. All 41 aboard safely rescued. Oil leaks unclear. (Mon. April 7 2003)

Bangladesh ferry sank killing 72 people, including 49 children -- overcrowded boat collided with barge & sank in a river in NE Bangladesh, 110 miles NE capital, Dhaka. About 100 swam to safety or rescued after the accident late April 4 in the Surma River near Chatak town. (Mon. April 7 2003)

Netherlands Antilles 3954gt general cargo MV Nina (built 1998), St. Petersburg for Leixoes, with 5,531 tons of scrap metal, aground in icy conditions in lat 59 40.2N, long 24 34.9E -- on rocky shoal off Uusmadal, off Tallinn. No pollution noted. Diving inspection carried out last April 6. Awaiting report. Part cargo to be removed. No word from Admiral Columbus, reporting from S/VSanta Maria. (Mon. April 7 2003)

Iraqi M/V al Shorook -- located in N. Gulf, April 4 & captured by coalition forces, Not known whether any mines found aboard. Iraqi ship M/V al Fateh al Mobeen could also be towing a barge or barges to lay mines & is being tracked. (Sun. April 6 2003)

USNS Capella, off Florida, asked U.S. Coast Guard for assistance after receiving reports that woman fell 60 feet off ship. Jacksonville Fire-Rescue asked Coast Guard for assistance. Woman not found. (Sat. April 5 2003)

M/V Helena Oldendorff pulled from her grounding point April 3 -- vessel ran aground April 2 at Buoy D 26 in Lake St. Francis, Great Lakes. She proceeded under own power to Snell Lock where divers standing by to inspect. (Sat. April 5 2003)

China Ocean Shipping Company (COSCO)-owned 13,230gt M/V Shahekou, with 41 souls, sank in South China Sea off China's Sanya beach resort on island of Hainan -- 650km SW of Hong Kong -- all aboard transferred to other vessels without injury. Vessel reported taking water before sinking. (Fri. April 4 2003)


31 March 2003 at 0510 LT in position: 03:00S - 107:19E, Gaspar Straits, Indonesia. Four pirates in fast wooden boat attempted to board container ship underway. Alert crew noticed pirate ready to throw a line attached to a hook. He raised alarm & pirates gave up attempt to board. (Fri. April 4 2003)

30 March 2003 at 2225 LT at Rio Haina, Dominican Republic. Two pirates boarded gas carrier at berth. Anti piracy crew raised alarm & crew mustered. Pirates escaped with safety equipment from life rafts & ship's property. Police informed but did not show up for investigation. (Fri. April 4 2003)

29 March 2003 at 0430 UTC at Inner anchorage no.6, Paranagua, Brazil. Five pirates boarded bulk carrier at forecastle & tried to open paint store. Duty watchman raised alarm & crew mustered. Pirates jumped into sea & escaped. Port authority informed. (Fri. April 4 2003)

29 March 2003 at 0100 LT at Chennai anchorage, India. Pirates armed with long knives attempted to board bulk carrier via anchor chain. Alert crew raised alarm & pirates fled. (Fri. April 4 2003)

28 March 2003 at 2125 LT in position 02:55S - 107:17E, Vicinity of Gaspar Straits, Indonesia. Pirates attempted to board container ship underway from port quarter. Alert crew raised alarm, threw twist locks at pirates & activated fire hoses. Pirate boat retreated. (Fri. April 4 2003)

28 March 2003 at 0415 LT at quarantine anchorage outside breakwater, Manila port, Philippines. Pirates attempted to board general cargo ship by climbing anchor chain. Chief officer & duty A/B sighted them & raised alarm. Pirates jumped into water & escaped. (Fri. April 4 2003)

28.03.2003 at 0300 LT at Tanjung Priok roads, Indonesia. Pirates boarded bulk carrier & tried to steal engine spares. Duty officer raised alarm & mustered crew. Pirates escaped empty handed. (Fri. April 4 2003)

27 March 2003 at 1230 UTC in position: 02:58S - 106:59E, Gaspar Straits, Indonesia. One speedboat with 6 prates chased container ship. Ship sounded whistle & flashed lights towards boat -- it turned away. (Fri. April 4 2003)

27 March 2003 at 0710 UTC at pier Recodo Oriental, Rio Haina, Dominican Republic. Three pirates armed with knives boarded general cargo ship & stole ship's property. Alert A/B raised alarm & pirates escaped. Port authority informed. (Fri. April 4 2003)

27 March .2003 at 0635 LT at berth no. 3, Douala port, Cameroon. Five armed pirates boarded general cargo ship from gangway. Alert duty A/B raised alarm & duty officer rushed to assist him. Pirates held duty officer at knifepoint & assaulted the A/B. Pirates stole ship's stores & escaped. Port authorities informed who merely advised master to contact his agents. (Fri. April 4 2003)

26 March 2003 at 1515 UTC in position: 03:01S - 107:18E, Gaspar Straits, Indonesia. Pirates attempted to board bulk carrier underway from stern. Ship took evasive maneuvers, raised alarm &crew mustered. Pirates aborted boarding. (Fri. April 4 2003)

26 March 2003 at 0440 LT at Rio Haina, Dominican Republic. Four armed pirates boarded chemical tanker at berth. Alert crew raised alarm & pirates jumped overboard empty handed. Pirates had tried to remove OBM from a lifeboat but failed due to quick response by anti piracy watch. (Fri. April 4 2003)

26 March 2003 at 0345 LT at Cochin anchorage, India. Pirates boarded container ship via hawse pipe & began lowering mooring ropes into waiting boat. Alert duty A/B raised alarm & pirates fled. (Fri. April 4 2003)

26 March 2003 at 0300 LT in position 01:49.6N - 102:14.5E, Malacca straits. Ten pirates armed with long knives, automatic weapons & crowbars boarded chemical tanker underway from speedboat. Four pirates broke open port bridge door & took hostage duty officer & A/B. Pirates had brought own portable VHF & cut off ship's communication equipment. They gathered all crew & tied them up. Pirates took over navigation of ship & reduced speed. They left an hour later with ship's cash, property, equipment & crew personal belongings. No injury to crew but bridge door damaged. (Fri. April 4 2003)

26 March 2003 at 0230 LT in position 03:02.8S - 107:18.5E, Gaspar Straits Indonesia. Five pirates armed with long knives boarded a bulk carrier underway -- severely beat up the master & chief mate and took them from bridge & forced them to lie down on main deck. Pirates stole crew personal belongings, cash & ship's property and left 30 minutes later. (Fri. April 4 2003)

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Cambodian 397gt general cargo M/V Alaska (built 1955), Trabzon for Russia with citrus fruits & 7 crew, sank in Black Sea, 10nm off Trabzon -- capsized in rough seas at about 0500 hrs -- later sank, leaving 5crew missing -- 2 crew managed to escape in lifeboat. Coast Guard searching for crew -- of Russian & Ukrainian nationality. (Thurs. April 3 2003)

U.S M/V James R. Barker arrived at the Soo Locks, April 3 with ice damage to her bow caused by heavy ice on Whitefish Bay. Barker was downbound in ballast when crews noticed water level in No. 1 starboard ballast tank had gone from 12-feet to 16-feet. Crews started ballast pump & level returned to normal -- appears minor problem with valve & vessel continued on. (Thurs. April 3 2003)

Saddam's Yacht>> Iraqi M/V Al Mansur, one of largest yachts in the world -- belongs to belonged to Saddam -- SUNK by warplanes of U.S. & British coalition at Basra on April 1 -- also reported sunk on March 28. Attack also wiped out most remaining Iraqi navy -- 2 large patrol boats, supply ship & Ibn Khaldoon, described as frigate -- but Iraq has no frigates -- 1 other Iraqi patrol boat already sunk & 6 others captured. (Wed. April 2 2003) UPDATE>> Despite constant bombing -- the Saddam yacht still lives! Battered & looted, this amazing vessel remains afloat.. (Thurs. April 10 2003)

Panama 140,000gt bulk M/V Taharoa Express, Japan for New Zealand with 1100 tons of heavy fuel & 370 tons of diesel suffered mechanical problems & addrift since March 31. Propellor shaft broken in water too deep for vessel to drop anchor -- Taharoa Express spent all night drifting closer to coast of New Zealand before finally dropping anchor at 5am April 1. (Tues April 1 2003) UPDATE>> Tugs M/V Tuakana from New Plymouth & M/V Sea Tow 25 from Whangarei, will begin tow out into ocean to meet a tug from Japan. No port deep enough in New Zealand to take vessel. (Wed. April 2 2003)

Pacific Int'l Lines, Singapore-flagged container M/V Kota Hasil, for Hong Hong after cargo discharge, in quarantine at Singapore -- 37 year old Indonesian seafarer died March 28 of mystery illness SARS<<webfeature, -- fell ill with high fever 5 days earlier between Taiwan & Hong Kong -- anchored in quarantine area after arrival at Singapore March 29, 1 day after he died. (Tues April 1 2003)

NAVAL AMBUSH >> Ceylon Shipping vessel M/V Lanka Muditha, Trincomalee for Jaffna peninsula with 1,700 Sri Lankan troops, attacked by Tamil Tigers vessel in March 31 clash close to E. Trincomalee port, wounding 3 Sri Lankan soldiers -- rebel vessel hid amid 15 to 20 fishing boats when opened fire. Rebel vessel sank by Sri Lanka Navy -- Columbo Class<<photofeature, Fast Attack Craft-Gun (FAC) in escort. (Tues April 1 2003)

Netherland Antilles 920gt general cargo M/V Yuko (built 1986), Aalborg for Hamburg in ballast, in collision with 5,257gt cement carrier M/V Kongsdal during departure from Aalborg around Mar 25/26. Vessel arrived Hamburg Mar 30 for repair at Joehnk Shipyard. Estimated repair minimum 3 weeks. (Tues April 1 2003)

Vessel Loss Dispatches For March 2003

"Thrice Bitten" -- M/V Tricolor Feature - Jan. 2003

ALERT>> Almost Daily Pirate Attacks In Indonesia's Gaspar Straits Since March 25 On Commercial Vessels Traveling From Singapore to Jakarta or Australia >> each reporting between 4 & 6 pirates armed with knives. Earlier M/V Oriental Salvia & M/V Suhaila fired upon, injuring chief officer, but failing to board. DETAILS:

March 25 -- attack on Indian-flagged bulk M/V Maratha Messenger, but pirates aborted boarding attempts after crew took evasive action.

March 26 -- 5 knife-wielding pirates severely beat master & chief officer of Philippines-flagged bulk M/V Leviathan, dragging them from the bridge & forcing them to lie on deck while their attackers ransacked the vessel.

March 27 -- 6 pirates in speedboat chased Bahamas-flagged container M/V Resolution, but gave up when crew raised alarm.

March 28 -- pirates fought off hull of Panama-flagged container M/V Sinar Sunda by crew who threw container twist locks & activated fire hoses to stop them from boarding.

March 31 -- pirates spotted using hook to board Cyprus-flagged container M/V Fas Semarang, but abandoned attempt when alarm raised. (Mon. March 31 2003)

Finland 1934gt M/V Bianca (built 1972) aground outside Gavle with wood chips & 6 crew -- due to high winds & rough weather conditions Tugs & small boats unable to approach. A forward bunker tank with 6.5 tons diesel oil is leaking, but due to weather no oil booms could be launched. Taking water -- helicopter proceeding with pumps. (Mon. March 31 2003)

Malta registered crude M/T Asian Progress II -- lightering crude oil in open sea -- 29 NM south of Hong Kong -- to product M/T Byzantio. Byzantio suffered explosion on forecastle, Mar 28. Fire extinguished by crew -- 3 Filipino crew, including 2 seriously burned, winched & sent to hospital. M/T Asian Progress II slightly damaged by flames, but no injuries. (Sun. March 30 2003)

NAVAL AMBUSH >> Occurred as 539 Assault Squadron Royal Marines<<history-feature, continued clearing waterways on Faw peninsula, where Iraqi resistance still holding out in pockets. Rocket attack on Kuwait City on March 27 was launched from peninsula. Commandos were cruising River Zubayr just S. of crossing point Bella, vital bridge on to peninsula which has opened up a new battlefront for British forces around City of Basra. A Royal Marine corporal saved the lives of comrades in Iraqi ambush yesterday when their river launch came under grenade & gunfire attack -- 1 crew later died after being evacuated. 539 Assault Squadron Royal Marines<<webfeature, continued clearing waterways on Faw peninsula, where Iraqi resistance still holding out in pockets. Two LCVPs<<webfeature, - landing craft vehicle platforms - checking river - when they came to junction the 1st craft continued forward & 2nd, which had halted, came under gunfire -- retreated immediately but as other craft returned to help, it came under attack from riverbank. Wheelhouse struck by rocket-propelled grenade & heavy machine gun fire, seriously injuring 3 marines. Another marine thrown into river as craft began to spin & comrade dived in to rescue him. That left "The Corporal" - not yet been named - to regain control of craft as Iraqis continued to fire. "The Corporal" reached badly damaged wheelhouse & dragged comrades to safety behind bulkhead. He then drove craft out of area, attempting to return to recover his comrades in water, but was driven back by the intense firing. They were later recovered unharmed. An officer said of "The Corporal": "There is no doubt about it, what this corporal did was outstandingly brave. It is a tragedy that one died but undoubtedly there would have been more fatalities without this corporal's actions." Hats off to "The Corporal" (Sun. March 30 2003)

Indonesian-flagged chemcal M/T Dewi Mandrim in Malacca Strait on Malaysian-Indonesian border, attacked by 10 Pirates -- fired shots with automatic weapons -- held crew at gunpoint for an hour -- deprted in speedboat with electronic equipment & valuables worth US$13,000. (Sat. March 29 2003)


21 March 2003 at 0400 LT at Cochin anchorage, India. Pirates boarded bulk carrier at forecastle. Alert crew raised alarm & crew mustered -- pirates fled. At 0500 LT pirates made 2nd attempt to board but crew sounded ship's whistle & directed lights at boat & pirates aborted attempt. (Fri. March 28 2003)

20 March 2003 at 1220 UTC in position 04:02.6S - 115:58.5E, Pulau Laut anchorage, Indonesia. Pirates armed with long knives & axes boarded bulk carrier via hawse pipe. Alert A/B raised alarm crew attacked pirates. Pirates jumped into the water & escaped in their boat. (Fri. March 28 2003)

19 March 2003 at 0100 LT at Adang Bay anchorage, Indonesia. Pirates boarded bulk carrier preparing for departure & stole ship's stores. (Fri. March 28 2003)

18 March 2003 at 1500 LT in position 04:15.2N - 098:53.4E, Indonesia. Six pirates in speedboat armed with automatic rifles approached tanker drifting waiting for pilot to board. Pirates fired shots at bridge. Ship raised alarm, increased speed & crew mustered -- pirates fled. Gunshots left bullet marks on wheelhouse. (Fri. March 28 2003)

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Russian Navy Ka-27 PS helicopter fell into Ussuri Gulf in Sea of Japan after taking off from Russian destroyer Admiral Tributs on night training mission. Salvage workers recovered body of one crew & debris from helicopter. (Thurs March 27 2003)

Royal Naval Auxiliary Sir Galahad<<webfeature, will unload humanitarian aid for southern Iraq -- 231 tons of food, medicine, blankets & fresh water -- at Port of Umm Qasr, after British & U.S. minesweepers cleared path through the northern Gulf. Cargo will mark 1st sea delivery through Umm Qasr of thumanitarian aid that U.S. & British officials hope will bolster local support for their war to topple Iraqi President Saddam Hussein -- includes 92 tons of bottled water & 18 tons of rice, as well as blankets & plastic sheeting for shelter & medical packs. (Thurs March 27 2003)

Five U.S. aid ship moving through Suez Canal -- 18 other U.S. aid ships already passed S. through Suez Canal from Mediterranean this week. U.S. military plans to move 20 cargo ships loaded with equipment for its 4th Infantry Division from positions off coast of Turkey through Suez Canal to Gulf to back up war effort. (Thurs March 27 2003)

Maltese 13,227gt bulker M/V Aegean Sea (built 1980), Callao for China, suffered engine-room explosion Mar 25, while in lat 03 43.45S, long 98 36.8W, with resulting engine damage. No injuries or pollution. Awaiting tug. (Thurs March 27 2003)

Panama 15,780gt bulk Gladiator I (built 1980), with 20,000 tons of white rice, aground while docking at Bissao. Vessel -- no pilot on board, waiting for assistance from tug. (Wed. March 26 2003)

72-meter research vessel undergoing conversion to passenger sailing ship M/V Caledonia (ex-S/S Akeroy in 1966; ex-Petrel in 1968, ex-Canadian as Petrel V in 1976) -- in Heddle Marine for a US$3.5M conversion when fire broke out in stern March 26 afternoon. Firefighters fought blaze most of night. (Wed. March 26 2003)

Bahamas registered 8104gt ro/ro M/V Boa Vista (built 1973) aground just outside Hirtshals harbor, March 25 night. Two tugs have tried to refloat with no success. No signs of leakage. Understood all persons remain aboard. Inspectors due today. (Wed. March 26 2003)

U.S. Navy hospital ship USNS Comfort (T-AH 20)<<webfeature, says wounded arriving from the battlefield in Iraq treated without regard to what side they are on. "As doctors, we do not differentiate between patients, whether they are friends or foes," said Lt. j.g. Karen Ritchie, 33, of Baltimore -- staff nurse. During 1991 Gulf War USNS Comfort<<photofeature did not treat a single battlefield casualty. This time, crew of 1,200 had received 20 casualties by March 25. Ritchie said Iraqis treated were calm, and "we did well with hand gestures & a short list of translations and two Arabic language translators." To make clearly recognizable as hospital ship, USNS Comfort<<history-feature is painted white, not gray with 3 large red crosses on each side. Comfort has 1,000 beds, emergency rooms, operating rooms, intensive care unit, blood bank containing more than 3,000 units, & decontamination facilities in case of chemical or nuclear attack. (Tues. March 25 2003)

Egyptian-owned Qatari-flagged,153,000dwt M/T Aldawha -- detained -- has been under surveillance since March 22 during offload of cargo at El Paso Corp.'s Eagle Point refinery in New Jersey. U.S. Coast Guard took control of oil tanker after boarding vessel & denying U.S. entry to 2 Iraqi crew -- part of drive to bolster maritime security -- deemed appropriate & necessary given current military operation (in Iraq) & heightened threat level: Orange. (Tues. March 25 2003)

Accidental Tourists>> Intl visitors hoping to catch the 1st rays of Italian summer could find themselves rubbing shoulders with Iraqi sailors sipping espresso at a waterfront cafe on Italy's Riviera. Italy impounded Iraq's 2 most modern warships -- bulk of its navy, 12 years ago under an arms embargo imposed by the United Nations. They are said spending time writing to Iran, requesting return of the air force, left there in 1990. We are working to obtain vessel details. (Tues. March 25 2003)

Vietnamese-registered M/T Hong Anh, with 600 tons of oil, sank near mouth of Saigon River Mar 20. Recovery workers pumped about 400 tons of oil from sunken vessel -- oil has washed ashore in some villages in Can Gio District of Ho Chi Minh City. (Tues. March 25 2003)

U.S. Navy 5th Fleet headquarters in Bahrain near the Jufair base -- massive blast 1900 GMT shook residences near base but not immediately possible to determine if blast came from inside or outside base. (Mon. March 24 2003)

Autralian frigate HMAS Anzac<<webfeature, heavily involved in British assault on Iraqi coastline, firing more than 40 of its 127-mm artillery shells on Iraqi positions in 2 days as British marines advanced through peninsula after amphibious assault from nearby Bubiyan early March 21. Anzac steamed up muddy Khawr Abd Allah to within 3.6km of Iraqi-held territory to provide naval gunfire support to Royal Marines of 40 & 42 Commando, firing 24 rounds from its main gun to suppress enemy defences. Anzac's bombardment was1st time Australian navy fired its heavy guns in anger since Sept.1971. (Sun. March 23 2003)

RMS Mulhem, Cork for Lubeck, Germany, with 2,200 tons shreaded plastic & 6 crew -- aground between Land's End & Sennen on the Cornish coast, at 5am -- leaking diesel oil. (Sun. March 23 2003) UPDATE>> First cargo of shreaded plastic removed today. Up to 730 tons of shredded plastic have already escaped from the stricken RMS Mulheim into waters off west Cornwall. Salvors plan to install a rig on to the sea bed next to the vessel in a bid to speed up the clearance process. The rig will support a crane to lift cargo from the ship. (Thurs. April 3 2003)

55ft. F/V Western Explorer, 10 miles NW of Kilkee off coast of Clare with 5 crew, alerted emergency services at Malin Head coastguard that it was taking water & sank -- helicopter from Shannon & Aranmore lifeboat carried out rescue. (Sun. March 23 2003)

Southern Navy Base ammunition depot in Ecuador's port city of Guayaquil suffered explosion 1:45 a.m. LT -- dozen people were seriously hurt & several dozen were treated for minor injuries. Same thing happened last Nov. (Sun. March 23 2003)

Liberian-flagged M/T Cape Horn, with flammable methyl alcoho, docking at NW Italian city of Leghorn when small fire broke out. A tug ordered to take ship out to sea as precaution. During tow, one of the tanks aboard Cape Horn exploded1.5 miles offshore -- 6 crew, Capt. & 2 crew aboard tug injured, none seriously. (Sat. March 22 2003)

Russian 2,863gt. fish factory M/V Tikhiy (built 1977) suffered fire in boiler-room -- result of soot in outlet header -- blaze successfully extinguished by crew -- Tug proceeding from Vladivostok -- expected to tow vessel, presently in Tsugaru Strait, to Vladivostok. (Fri. March 21 2003)

Operation Free Iraq >> U.S. Navy Seals have seized Iraqi oil rigs -- to secure safe passage of U.S. relief ships with aid supplies for Iraqi people. (Fri. March 21 2003)


17 March 2003 between 0140 - 0150 UTC in position: 06:19.57N - 003:20.57E, Lagos anchorage, Nigeria. 4 armed pirates in boat approached chemical tanker at anchor. Two pirates boarded & took hostage watchman & threatened him with & gun & knife. Crew locked themselves in accommodation & contacted port control & IMB-piracy reporting center. IMB in turn immediately contacted Nigerian navy HQ & police. Pirates fled with ship's stores. (Fri. March 21 2003)

14 March 2003 at 0300 LT at Lagos anchorage, Nigeria. Armed pirates boarded tanker, stole ship's stores & escaped. Ship raised alarm & informed port control who advised to weigh anchor and move away from anchorage and to remain adrift until berth was notified. (Fri. March 21 2003)

13 March 2003 at 1000 UTC in vicinity of Socotra islands, Somalia, Four speedboats with pirates armed with high-powered guns in each boat chased bulk carrier underway. Despite taking evasive measures, pirates managed to board at forward & attempted to enter accommodation. Vessel contacted coastal authorities & owners for help. An hour later, maritime aircraft arrived & assisted. Crew using fire hoses, rocket flares, armed with some iron bars prevented attackers from entering accommodation. At 1200 UTC pirates disembarked into their boats & fled. Ship resumed her voyage. (Fri. March 21 2003)

12 March 2003 at 1700 LT at berth, Chittagong, Bangladesh Thieves stole zinc anodes attached to rudderpost & propeller of bulk carrier. Chief officer noticed theft during draft survey. (Fri. March 21 2003)

11 March 2003 about 50 nm off Yemeni coast, Gulf of Aden. Three speedboats approached & fired upon 5 yachts in convoy. Yachts continued passage. Vessels disappeared area. Further details pending. (Fri. March 21 2003)

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Operation Free Iraq >> U.S. & British navies have seized 3 Iraqi vessels (two tugs & one barge) carrying scores of explosive mines in Gulf, around the Al Faw peninsula in S. Iraq. U.S. Navy Seals have seized the "Al Faw Oil Mainfold" -- thus prventing Iraqi troops from openeing major oil valves in order to flood oil into Gulf. (Fri. March 21 2003)

Sri Lanka Navy >> attacked suspected Tamil Tiger rebel boat & sank vessel carrying Chinese fishermen off E. Sri Lanka, killing 14 people. The attack could have been a case of mistaken identity. (Thurs. March 20 2003)

U.S. "Operation Free Iraq">> We support the the U.S. led Collation, but news of these events will only appear here when directly linked to maritime activities. (Thurs. March 20 2003)

Oil Rig Murder At Yeman>> Yemeni gunman killed 3 -- an American, a Canadian & a Yemeni worker at American oil rig in N Yemen on March 18 & then killed himself -- another Canadian worker wounded. Gunman worked 9 years as carpenter for company. Yemen, ancestral home of Osama bin Laden, has entered into uneasy alliance with Bush administration in campaign against terrorism. (Thurs. March 20 2003)

Coalition Effort To Disarm Iraq Begins Tonight. (Wed. March 19 2003)

Turkish general cargo M/V Ruya, Odessa, for Portugal, with steel wire rods, sank in Black Sea in lat 42 28N, long 29 20E at 1800, local time, Mar 14. Reportedly, all crew rescued. (Tues. March 18 2003)

Impounded>> P & O passenger M/V Pacific Sky<<webfeature impounded at Wellington by New Zealand Maritime Saftey Authority<<webfeature -- because inspectors found serious corrosion in hull. Move followed reports flooding forced abrupt end to voyage to islands of Tonga with 1,470 passengers & 600 crew. Authority says ship not allowed to leave New Zealand until repairs have been carried out -- 3 days after leaving Auckland Pacific Sky forced to return because it was taking on water. MSA revealed vessel carrying 165 tons more water than should not have been there. MSA says "significant repairs" needed. Booked passengers just livid. (Mon. March 17 2003)

Fun's Over>> George Hauber, 36, of Middletown, NJ, pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court to knowingly & willfully communicating false distress messages -- admitted sending distress signals to U.S. Coast Guard more than 10 times from late July to mid-August 2002. Hauber used marine transmitter at home to send signals -- each time reportung he was aboard vessel either sinking or on fire. Hauber faces to 6 years in prison & maximum fine of US$250,000 when he is sentenced June 23 by U.S. District Judge Garrett E. Brown Jr. >> Perhaps George should be put adrift with a toy transmitter! (Mon. March 17 2003)

Georgian 1285gt general cargo Moro II (built 1971), Alexandria for Kiato with potatoes & 10 Egyptian crew, suffered Beaufort force 8 gale winds & grounded in sandy shallow waters NW of Kiato port after dragging anchor early this morning. No injuries or pollution -- refloating efforts being made under own power. (Mon. March 17 2003)

Bangladesh ferry M/V Cyprus, with 200 passengers, sank in Tetulia River in Bhola district of S. Bangladesh. Approaching passenger terminal near Bhola when tropical storm struck -- about 30 missing & 1body has found. (Sun March 16 2003)

Chinese M/V Runda in collision with Chinese M/V Haogang, with 9 crew from Quanzhou -- in N. of Minjiang River, in Fujian Province. Latter sunk -- 5 missing. (Sun March 16 2003)

Honduras registered 1599gt waste M/V Run Da 402 (built 1974) & M/V Haugang 508 in collision in storm near near outlying Taiwan island -- Tungyin island -- causing Haugang 508 to sink & killing at least 3 crew. Taiwanese patrol boats rescued 4. (Sun March 16 2003)


10 March 2003 at 0140 UTC in position: 06:15N - 003:16E, off Lagos, Nigeria. Tanker sent distress message that pirates were attacking. Further report is awaited. (Fri. March 14 2003)

10 March 2003 at 0100 UTC at Lagos, Nigeria. Pirate boarded bulk carrier at poop deck. Alert duty A/B raised alarm & pirate escaped in wooden boat which had 5 other pirate accomplices. Attempt to contact port authorities failed. Earlier, pirates armed with guns & knives boarded same ship -- stole ship's stores. (Fri. March 14 2003)

09 March 2003 at 0930 LT at Chittagong anchorage, Bangladesh. Ten pirates armed with knives boarded general cargo ship at forecastle. Alert crew raised alarm. Pirates stole ship's stores & escaped in motor boat. (Fri. March 14 2003)

09 March 2003 at 0523 UTC in position 13:11N - 048:40E, Gulf of Aden. Pirates in 3 fishing boats approached & fired upon 5 sailing yachts underway. Yachts sent distress message & took evasive action. IMB Piracy Reporting Center relayed message to relevant authorities -- understood 2 navy ships proceeded to area. (Fri. March 14 2003)

06 March 2003 at 0630 LT at Lagos anchorage, Nigeria. Pirates boarded bulk carrier, stole ship's stores & escaped. Port authority informed but took no action. (Fri. March 14 2003)

05 March 2003 at 1915 UTC at Chittagong outer anchorage, Bangladesh. Pirates in 2 small boats attempted to board container ship. Duty crew repelled boarding. Pirates escaped in boat. Local authorities & coast guard informed. (Fri. March 14 2003)

01 March 2003 at 0005 LT in position: 14:36N - 120:53E at quarantine anchorage outside breakwater, MICT, Manila, Philippines. Ten pirates armed with knives boarded container ship & threatened duty bosun, tied his hands & feet -- forced him to lie on deck. Stole ship's stores & property. Duty officer raised alarm & mustered crew, pirates jumped overboard -- escaped. Port authorities & coast guard informed. Duty officer & bosun injured -- received medical treatment ashore. (Fri. March 14 2003)

24 Feb. 2003 at 0030 LT at Dakar Roads, Senegal. Pirates boarded container ship approaching Dakar -- stole ship's stores from poop deck.

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Container M/V TMM Guadalajara (V.011E), for Vancouver, suffered open ocean container damage described by the line as -- "after vessel experienced heavy weather continuously for 4 days, accompanied by heavy rolling and pitching, it was decided to make an inspection of the deck cargo." Furthr details are peding, including vessel position & extent of damge, but some containers are buckled. Vessel to call at Vancouver on March 18. From our Correspondent Jeff Kline at the leaading NVOCC Pactrans Air & Sea, Inc.<<webfeature. (Thurs. March 13 2003)

U.S. NAVY RESCUES IRAQ>> 90mt F/V Kaptain Muhamad issued Mayday in S. Persian Gulf & sank. Guided missile frigate USS Gary (FFG-51) <<webfeature responded --- sent helicopter -- found vessel foundering in seas with winds 25-30 knots. All crew rescued -- all will be returned to Iraq. Say what you will, but the U.S. Navy is on station to protect mariners. About USS Gary. (Thurs. March 13 2003)

MALAYSIAN NAVY RESCUES>> Dramatic rescue to save 15 crew of Filipino kumpit or cargo vessel, bound for S. Philippine island of Bongao -- sank in rough seas off Pulau Berhala early March 12 -- Philippine Navy assault boats rushed to scene. Although rescue was hampered by high waves & strong winds all crew saved. Bravo Zulu! (Thurs. March 13 2003)

Bangladesh 12,521gt general cargo M/V Banglar Kallol (built 1980) with over 9,000 tons of raw jute for Karachi, suffered fire during loading of jute at Port Mongla<<webfeature, March 12 afternoon -- confined to 2 loaded holds. Fires on both holds brought under control by port firefighting tug M/V Agni Prohari -- 3 other port vessels, Sarothi, Malancha & Shibsha, also utilized to hose water. Extent of damage & cause of fire yet to be ascertained. (Thurs. March 13 2003)

German container M/V Katrin & Russian container M/V Pioner Litvy, in colision while negotiating icy water near Pellinki, 40KM (25 miles) E. of Helsinki, March 11. No injuries. Vessels having great trouble in ice -- region's coldest winter for 40 years. We, of course, blame global warmng. (Wed. March 12 2003 PM)

Netherlands 6,540gt M/V MSC Baltic (built 1998) stow unknown & Swedish 8,773gt product M/T Omega av Donso (built 1982), in ballast, in collision off Finland in lat 59 56N, long 24 15E. Understood MSC Baltic sustained "denting" -- Omega av Donso was holed above waterline with 1 meter square puncture. No pollution/no injuries. MSC Baltic remains in area, awaiting pilot. Omega av Donso proceeding to Turku. (Wed. March 12 2003) UPDATE>> The vessels were following Finnish icebreaker in early morning light when they colided. More global warming victims. (Wed. March 12 2003 PM)

Sri Lankan Navy -- largest 90 meter gunboat Sayura, with 100 crew, sank unnamed & unflagged Tamil Tiger armed merchant ship suspected of smuggling weapons to rebels, March 9 -- most serious clash since peace talks to end 19-year civil war began 1 year ago. In heavy exchange of gunfire between vessels 195 miles off coast, freighter set ablaze & sunk, killing Capt. & all 10 crew. At least 4 crew on Sayura injured. Talks followed unilateral cease fire declared by Tigers in late 2001 & truce signed by both sides in Feb. 2002. (Mon. March 10 2003)

Indonesian Navy fired upon & sank several ships believed to be operated by pirates in N. part of Malacca Straits, said senior Indonesian Navy officer March 10. Navy attacked ships sometime in Jan. How many, however, he "could not say." Uh, is this a hobby or a mission? Piracy in Indonesia ranks among worst in world. Most cases occur in Malacca Straits, which links trade between East Asia & Europe. (Mon. March 10 2003)

Scottish F/V Arktos II, with 5 crew, began sinking & capsized 75 miles SE of Stavanger in Norway at 11pm March 8. Royal Norwegian Air Force helicopter picked up crew from ship which managed to pluck them from life raft. (Sun. March 9 2003)

Grrek 1198gt ferry M/V Miaoulis I (built 1994) 3953gt, general cargo M/V Roksolana (built 1982), Ilichevsk for Taranto, in collision in lat 38 19N, long 21 46.8E, near Rion, at 2205 LT, March 8. Miaoulis I sustained starboard damage, Roksolana sustained forepeak damage. Both vessels are now in Rion. (Sun. March 9 2003)

20 meter F/V Onwards, with 5 crew, began taking water 40 miles NW of Orkney Islands -- mayday call issued -- vessel abondoned & partially submerged. Crew rescued by F/V Shalamar, which responded to mayday call. Coastguard tug will be checking out the vessel. (Sat. March 8 2003)

Lake Mead National Recreation Area -- 6 vessels destroyed by fire & house boat & large power boat were damaged, as was dock. Crew of 1st engine on scene did their job by stopping fire's spread by moving boats -- then cutting burning boats loose & moving them away from dock. (Sat. March 8 2003)

U.S. F/V Angel Dawn, Atlantic through Oregon Inlet with 3 crew, aground near outside bar, 5 March 2003 -- taking water -- U.S. Coast Guard dispatched H-60 helicopter from Air Station Elizabeth City & rescued Capt. & 2 crew. (Fri. March 7 2003)

SEA WARNING>> North Korea has declared maritime exclusion zone in Sea of Japan, signaling possible planning missile test in next several days & again raising regional tensions. U.S. said aware of 3-day exclusion warning for March 8-11 in same area off its coast where Pyongyang tested an anti-ship missile Feb. 25. (Fri. March 7 2003)


02 March 2003 at 0435 UTC in position 13:30.8N - 048:20.8E, Gulf of Aden. While underway, pirates boarded yacht underway & stole crew belongings. Yacht sent distress message, relayed by passing ship to IMB piracy center. (Fri. March 7 2003)

01 March 2003 at 0326 LT at Buenaventura, Colombia. Nine pirates in boat attempted to board container ship using wooden ladder at port side. Alert crew switched on deck lights & raised alarm & pirates fled. Coast guard informed. (Fri. March 7 2003)

01 March 2003 between 0000 - 0600 LT at berth no. 4, Sandakan, Malaysia. Pirates boarded bulk carrier loading cargo -- stole ship's stores & property from forepeak store. Police authorities informed. (Fri. March 7 2003)

28 Feb. 2003 at 0400 LT at Dumai port, Indonesia. Pirates armed with knives boarded chemical tanker -- attacked duty A/B, stole ship's stores plus property & escaped. (Fri. March 7 2003)

27 Feb. 2003 at 0455 LT at Lagos roads, Nigeria. Pirate armed with knife & machete boarded gas carrier - threatened duty A/B & escaped with ship's stores. (Fri. March 7 2003)

25 Feb. 2003 at 2345 LT at jetty no. 4, Chittagong port, Bangladesh. Pirates boarded general cargo ship & stole ship's stores from forward mast house although six crew were on anti piracy watch. (Fri. March 7 2003)

25 Feb. 2003 at 1030 LT in position 04:32N - 098:14E, 8nm from OB Kuala Langsa (East Aceh), Indonesia. Four pirates armed with AK47 & rockets chased & fired at chemical tanker underway. Bullets hit starboard side accommodation plating & destroyed bridge windows along with VHF Radio on bridge. Chief engineer sustained gun shot wounds to the head -- condition serious & evacuated by Indonesian Navy for treatment at shore hospital at Belawan. (Fri. March 7 2003)

22 Feb. 2003 at 0005 LT at outer roads, Balikpapan, Indonesia. Pirates boarded bulk carrier & stole ship's stores from forecastle locker & escaped. Attempt to contact agent & authorities futile. Ship doubled anti-piracy watch onboard. (Fri. March 7 2003)

22.02.2003 at 2215 LT at berth 5c, Callao port, Peru. While berthed, pirates boarded ship, broke open forecastle locker & stole ship's stores -- escaped. (Fri. March 7 2003)

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U.S. 74gt barge Lesney Byrd (built 1953), with 30,000 gallons of oil & 2 crew ran aground off Bergen Point in the Kill Van Kull, near the Bayonne Bridge, NJ, March 3 night -- pulled free -- no spill. Vessel escorted to Port Elizabeth for inspection. (Thurs. March 6 2003)

Royal New Zealand Air Force<<webfeature to rescue 50 Americans in Antarctica stranded on ice over this winter -- C-130 Hercules will fly to Ross Island<<webfeature on March 8 to bring back a group who stayed behind after last scheduled flight to fix problems caused by unusually thick sea ice. American fuel tanker bringing vital supplies for New Zealand & American bases -- stranded 5km from shore by ice that usually clears each summer but accumulating because of massive icebergs grounded vessel nearby. United States planes visited last week, with last leaving on March 1. (Wed. March 5 2003)

Liberian 6114gt registered M/V P&O Nedlloyd Capri (built 1996), Istanbul for Damietta, with cargo, aground in approximately lat 37 00N, long 27 03E & awaiting tugs. Some oil spilled. (Wed. March 5 2003)

South African 40-foot trawler F/V Andre C, with 12 crew & cargo of squid, caught fire & sank 90km from Port Elizabeth & 20km from Cape St Francis -- 3 rescue vessel & Air Force helicopter dispatched from Port Elizabeth -- all plucked from sea about 1km from the burning vessel. Fire from electrical fault on battery. (Mon. March 3 2003)

Liberian 16,794gt bulk M/V Pactrader (built 1997), Thevenard for Auckland with 24,188 tons gypsum, grounded at Thevenard while leaving port. Vessel attempt to refloat by own means unsuccessful. Divers reported the vessel on sand and leaning against boulder. Tug proceeding from Adelaide. Next attempt Mar 4, when tug arrives. (Mon. March 3 2003)

Liberian flagged 15,163 gt, chem M/T Vitoria (built 1983) aground in way of Parana River, Argentina, Feb 12. -- sailed Feb 13. Word from Montevideo, Feb 28. (Sun.. March 2 2003)

U.S. 45-foot scallop F/V Rebecca Nicole, with 4 crew 3 miles outside Chatham, MA, rundown by unidentified tanker -- frantic crew tried to start overheated engine -- tanker plowed into vessel Feb. 20, knocking 4 crew across the deck -- US$30K damage. Injuries - no deaths.- US$30K damage. Injuries - no deaths. (Sat. March 1 2003)

Vessel Loss Dispatches For February 2003


24 Feb. 2003 At 0030 LT at Dakar Roads, Senegal. Pirates boarded container ship approaching Dakar & stole ship's stores from poop deck. (Fri. Feb. 28 2003)

22 Feb. 2003 from 1310 - 1405 UTC in position 09:56N - 051:43E, NE coast of Somalia. Seven pirates in 2 small white open speed boats armed with machine guns & rockets fired upon a chemical tanker underway. Boats were six metres in length and doing 18 knots. Tanker took evasive action and cleared the area. No serious damage to ship or injuries to crew. (Fri. Feb. 28 2003)

20 Feb. 2003 at 2130 LT at Cartagena Inner Roads, Columbia. Pirates armed with guns boarded general cargo ship from stern -- captured 3 watchmen, bound & placed them in hold. Later another crew noticed pirates & coast guard informed. Pirates fled. (Fri. Feb. 28 2003)

20 Feb. 2003 at 0115 LT at Sebuku anchorage, East Kalimantan, Indonesia. Pirates boarded bulk carrier discharging cargo via hawse pipe. Duty crew raised alarm. Pirates jumped overboard & escaped. (Fri. Feb. 28 2003)

18 Feb. 2003 at 0630 LT old wharf no. 2, Dumai port, Indonesia. While berthed, Pirates armed with long knives arrived by motorbike & boarded tanker. Duty A/B raised alarm & crew mustered. Pirates jumped overboard & escaped, leaving behind motorbikes. Incident reported to Dumai police. (Fri. Feb. 28 2003)

18 Feb. 2003 at 0001 LT, 17 nm off Penang, Malacca Straits. Eight pirates armed with sub-machine guns boarded fishing trawler underway -- hijacked trawler & ordered skipper & 2 crew to board boat used by pirates. Local police received distress call & rescued crew. (Fri. Feb. 28 2003)

13 Feb. 2003 at 0210 LT at Mtwara port, Tanzania. Watchmen onboard RoRo ship spotted Pirates, onboard & others in the boat -- stole ship's stores. Security personal onboard informed port police who arrived & fired warning shots. Pirates jumped into water & escaped. Stolen items & & ship's boat recovered -- investigation ongoing. (Fri. Feb. 28 2003)

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Indonesia Pirate Attack>> Unitdentified chemical tanker attacked Feb. 25 by well-armed pirates. Attackers chased tanker near Kuala Langsa -- sprayed bullets across bridge, shooting chief engineer in the head. Pirates gave up the chase when tanker captain made way at faster speed, foiling attempts to stop & board. Details of tanker & crew not released for security reasons -- officer remained in a critical condition. (Thurs. Feb. 27 2003)

Maltese flagged Russian M/T Yevgeniy Titov, with 27,000 metric tons (7.9 million gallons) of crude, ran down from stern & in collision with Gibraltar-flagged German M/V Bremer Saturn, with timber, -- just 2 days after same vessels 1st collided in Baltic Sea, 20km offf Finnish coast !! Vessels had collided Feb. 25 with tanker lodged in Bremer Saturn. Once detached, ships tried to continue W. toward open sea, but crashed again -- ice very thick & Bremer Saturn got stuck -- tanker unable to stop in time -- 2nd crash occurred a few meters from 1st collision. Neither ship damaged below water line & no danger of sinking. No leaks/no injuries. M/V Bremer Saturn will be towed by an icebreaker to dry dock in Poland for repairs. This winter &emdash; coldest in 40 years &emdash; temperatures have fallen to minus 40 degrees Celsius (minus 40F), causing 80cm-thick (32-inch) pack ice. Wow! (Thurs. Feb. 27 2003)

Indonesian 5,053gt container M/V Hulu Mas (built 1981), Tanjung Peruk, Jakarta for Belawan, Sumatera, with 282 TEUs laden with rice & sugar -- & 25,676gt bulk M/V Sanko Robust (built 1995), Singapore for India, Feb 26 with 20 crew & 9 passengers -- with sawn timber & 1,400 tons of raw material meant for glass industry -- in collision in lat 01 14.8N, long 103 25.3E, Feb 26. Result of collision SW of Johor -- Hulu Mas sank, all persons, including 4 women & 5 children rescued by police boats. Sanko Robust now at anchorage for investigation. (Thurs. Feb. 27 2003)

Gibraltar product 18, 625 gt.tanker M/T Yevgeniy Titov (built 1986), sailed Muuga Feb 21. with 27,000 tons of diesel fuel, in collision with,854gt ro/ro M/V Bremer Saturn (built 1994) St. Petersburg Feb 19 for Grimsby -- colliion in Baltic Sea, 20km off Finnish coast. Yevgeniy Titov contacted Bremer Saturn from stern & got lodged in Gibraltar-flagged ship. Both ships heading West into open sea. Neither ship appeared damaged below waterline. Both vessels still in same position & still locked together. (Tues. Feb. 25 2003)

India's 1st Piracy Trial >> M/V Alondra Rainbow, with multi-million dollar cargo of aluminium ingots hijacked by pitrates in daring armed raid in Indonesian waters in Oct. 1999. Pirates surrendered to Indian navy & coastguard ships after pursuit & exchange of fire off Kerala coast 1 month later. THE TRIAL: 14 were pirates convicted of hijacking the freighter -- 11 counts under Indian Penal Code, including attempted murder. Alondra Rainbow's crew -- set adrift in a life raft. Pirates were also convicted of conspiracy to hijack, attack with firearms, & attempting to scuttle the ship. In 2002 there were 370 reported attacks worldwide, up on 335 in 2001. Indonesia has become a piracy hotspot because of the large amount of int'l shipping passing through its waters & a lack of naval resources to keep them under control. (Tues. Feb. 25 2003)

Turkish 690gt M/V Kamal Okanm (built 1976), anchored outside Israel's Ashdod port in ballast with 10 crew -- anchor chain broke in one of the worst storms in years -- freighter drifted to sea -- foundered & sank 16km coast. Israeli rescue service helicpters rescued entire crew. (Tues. Feb. 25 2003)

Panama 43,576gt bulk/oil M/T Highland Faith (built 1981), in ballast, lost steering, with rudder jammed amidships, in heavy weather 300 miles off Land's End yesterday. Vessel taken in tow by tug M/V Anglian Prince at 2325, UTC. Tug & vessel last reported in lat 48 31.6N, long 10 28.8W, at 1355, UTC, heading towards Falmouth at knots -- expected arrival Falmouth 0800 Feb. 26 -- Highland Faith to be secured alongside for repairs. (Tues. Feb. 25 2003)

Shipping Official Murdered>> A man set off a bomb at rail freight company Feb. 22 morning in SE China, killing himself & Zhi's company's owner. The unidentified man rushed into office, grabbed owner Zhi Youxiang in his arms & set off bomb. Two other people taken to hospital with injuries. Motive under investigation. Zhi's company handled shipping of railway baggage. Bomb attacks are often used in China when business and personal disputes turn violent. Government bans most private gun ownership, but explosives widely available for mining & construction. (Sun. Feb. 23 2003)

Egypt M/T Amina suffered engine room fire at plot No.94, in world's largest ship-breaking yard, near Bhavnagar coast of W. India's Gujarat state. Laborers removing oil from engine, & fire rapidly spread to upper portion of engine spaces -- fire rapidly spread to crew cabin. Local fire brigade managed to control leaping flames by evening but suppression operations continue. Six dead, 4 burned. (Sun. Feb. 23 2003)

Chinese ferry M/V Liaoludu 7, from Lushun in Liaoning Province in NE China with 81 passengers across Bohai Bay for port city of Longkou in E. China's Shandong Province -- lost power suddenly on Feb. 21 -- listing 20-30 degrees -- 10 NM northwest of Tuoji Island in Bohai Strait. At 3:35 pm all the passengers put on life jackets. M/V Liaoludu 7 sank at 5:50 pm & 27 people left aboard forced to jump into sea. Rescue successful, but 4 died due to freezing sea water. (Sun. Feb. 23 2003)

569ft Panama registered 17,381gt M/T Cefalonia (built 1973), Feb. 22 for Port of Stockton with 25,000 metric tons liquid fertilizer ammonium nitrate, aground in Sacramento Delta, 15 miles W. of Stockton at Webb Point. Vessel sound & anchored. No leaking or pollution. (Sun. Feb. 23 2003) UPDATE>> U.S. Coast Guard refloated M/T Cefalonia in San Joaquin River on the way for Stockton -- 2nd time this vessel has gounded here !! (Monday Frb. 24 2003)

Chinese flagged 6,000gt M/V Ogrady in collision with Cambodian-registered 3,000gt M/V Lora 10km off SW Japanese city of Takamatsu -- accident damaged bow of Lora & gored hole into port side of Ogrady -- 2 Chinese crew killed. Chinese ship tugged to Takamatsu port & 17-member Russian crew aboard Lora sailed into port. (Sat. Feb. 22 2003)

Chinese 1,324gt. Ro-Ro passenger ferry M/V Liaoludu 7,in E. China's Shandong Province for port city of Lushun in NE China's Liaoning Province with 81 passengers -- began to list by 20-30 degrees at 14:30 (Beijing Time) on Feb. 22 -- vessel asked for help -- sank at Bohai Bay, N. China -- 4 passengers died & all others rescued. (Sat. Feb. 22 2003)

Panamanian registered, South Korean M/V Pendora, with more than 2,000 logs & 16 crew, capsized in rough seas140km (87 miles) off Nita Daito island -- remote Japanese island. Iron-ore cargo ship nearby rescued 12 Filipinos drifting in lifeboat -- thus 4 missing. Search plane found ship belly up. Missing 4 crew presumed lost. (Fri. Feb. 21 2003)

Hapag-Lloyd vessel M/V OOCL Atlantic at Wando Terminal, Charleston, SC -- U.S. Coast Guard & Moran Environmental Recovery -- vessel returned to port -- to inspect damaged hull -- less than 2 gallons, of "spill" triggered new investigation & raised community concerns about shipping industry's repair guidelines -- Feb. 9, a 7-inch hairline hull crack of Hapag-vessel OOCL Atlantic allowed spill into Wando River. Our Correspondent Yollanda M. James. Full news story. There is planning for finger sandwiches to be available for inspectors tomorrow. (Fri. Feb. 21 2003)


13 Feb. 2003 in position 03:20N - 111:25E, off Matu, Sarawak, Malaysia. Persons in craft attempted to board bulk carrier underway. Alert crew foiled boarding. (Fri. Feb. 21 2003)

11 Feb. 2003 at 0350 L/T at Halong Bay, Haiphong anchorage, Vietnam. Pirates armed with knives boarded bulk carrier discharging cargo, using grapnel hooks -- broke into paint store at forecastle. Duty A/B raised alarm & pirates escaped by jumping into water. Hour later, 2nd attempt made to board ship. (Fri. Feb. 21 2003)

09 Feb. 2003 t 1650 L/T at Bonny river, Onne port, Nigeria. Ten armed pirates in boat came alongside supply ship soon after departing Onne. Pirates went to bridge & ordered chief officer to reduce speed -- then took Master as hostage to nearby swamp area. Ship returned to Onne informed authorities. After negotiations Master released unharmed. Master advised such incidents common in Bonny River & mariners should be cautious. (Fri. Feb. 21 2003)

09 Feb. 2003 at 0350 LT at tanker berth no. 1-2, Rio Haina, Dominican Republic. Ten pirates armed with knives boarded tanker fore & aft simultaneously and stole ship's property. Alert crew repelled boarders. Local authorities informed. (Fri. Feb. 21 2003)

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Unidentified Hicksville-based Bouchard Transportation Co. owned barge at warf of Port Mobil distribution terminal on New York's Staten Island, exploded just after 10 a.m. EST (1500 GMT), contained 110,000 barrels (4 millon gallons) of gasoline -- possible 2 workers missing, 1 injured -- huge blaze to 1,000 feet in air -- now extinguished. All is well. There is no terrorism. (10am - Fri. Feb. 21 2003)

73gt Belize-registered F/V Sol Fresh, with 28 crew sent disress call off Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan. Japan Coast Guard rescued 23, Feb. 20 morning from life rafts drifting off Nagasaki Prefecture & found 1 body. Fate of vessel unknown. (Fri. Feb. 21 2003)

Maine based 55-foot F/V Karen Lynn under tow when vessel took on water amid gale-force winds & high seas -- expected to reach Gloucester early today after U.S. Coast Guard rescue. New Bedford-based cutter USCGS Campbell reached boat early Feb. 19 about 115 miles E. of Provincetown. Cutter expected to tow Karen Lynn into Gloucester by about 2 this morning. Vessel left Portland, Maine, Feb. 15, is skippered by Chuck Adams of Portland. (Fri. Feb. 21 2003)

Ukraine general cargo (2,584gt M/V Geroi Arsenala (built 1980), Ancona for Constantza, with iron ore, in collision Feb. 21with 21,870gt bulk M/V Azur (built 1983), Piraeus for Hereke, in ballast --in lat 37 59.2N, long 24 40.7E, at 2100, local time, Feb 19. Both vessels sustained hull damage -- now anchored in Karistos Bay awaiting Class inspection. (Fri. Feb. 21 2003)

Bahamas 22,080gt passenger M/V Marco Polo (built 1965), with 538 passengers & 320 crew, had to return urgently to Ushuaia after experiencing 3 hull cracks while sailing in South Shetland Islands. Argentine Coast Guard says vessel weighing anchor, preparing to sail from one of barren islands & wind pushed it on to shallow waters where it sustained grounding damage. In Ushuaia divers confirmed hull had 3 cracks, 4, 3 & 1.7 meters long by 20 cm. -- rapidly covered by welding 8 mm plates. Marco Polo never at risk, but wasn't in condition to continue sailing, so repaired before heading to ValparaÌso. Vessel has double hull bottom that actually impeded water from entering. At no moment did cracks endanger navigability or stability of vessel. Accident occurred because of changing climatic conditions in area & not because of crew's negligence. Apparently whatever caused accident does not figure in area's charts. Accident occurred next to Livingston Island, in McFarlane Strait, excellent position for watching seabirds & marine mammals. (Thurs. Feb. 20 2003)

Swedish 8,039gt chemical/oil M/T Bro Joinville (built 1993), fully laden, suffered engine-room fire at Gothenburg oil port today. Fire intense -- did not touch cargo tanks. Now extinguished. No injuries. Sailed for Rotterdam. (Thurs. Feb. 20 2003)

UK registered P&O Nedlloyd 31,207gt Ro/Ro M/V Nina (built 1981) -- deck on fire in lat 43 06.3N, long 05 18E, S. of Marseille, France, at 1236, LT, Feb 13. Fire team fought fire w/ hoses & water. Crew accommodations burning. At 1304, local time, master requested additional assistance from signal station. At 1508 LT, helicopters sent 8 firemen. At 1822 LT, vessel berthed alongside Pier Gloria in Port Saint Louis du RhÙne. No injured. -- P&O Nedlloyd Nina arrived Fos Feb 13 & sailed Feb 15. Vessel next arrived Marseilles Feb 15 & sailed Feb 16, bound for Bastia. All well. (Wed. Feb. 19 2003)

Malaysian (registered Lorenzo, Honduras) tug M/V Tamba, at Kota Tinggi, Bernama. Malaysia, assisting 120 ton capacity crane Feb. 15 -- from a pontoon bridge trying to lift an anchor -- lost control & crane collapsed onto tug -- 7 crew, including crane operator, believed drowned in tragedy -- 3 bodies -- 2 Indonesians -- skipper Suradi Rasyid, 55, Zulfahmi, 22, & crane operator Sim Mui Guan from Muar -- recovered. Rescue operations further impeded by muddy conditions & strong undercurrents in waters Pulau Juling near Teluk Sengat. (Tues. Feb. 18 2003)

Cruise M/V Star Flyer, with 98 passengers, crashed into wharf upon berthing at Port Swettenham. No injuries. Vessel sustained minimal damage while small section of wharf struck by ship's bow collapsed. Great work guys! (Tues. Feb. 18 2003)

Malta 10,230gt general cargo M/V Sea Patron (built 1980), with 15,000 tons of fertilizer, aground in Bebek district of Istanbul after losing steering control during transit of Bosphorus Strait late Feb. 17. Vessel avoided colliding with general cargo M/V Majestic K., near Kandilli after mechanical failure. The Majestic K., with rice, managed to change course & avoid Sea Patron after it lost control. Sea Patron then rammed floating restaurant Saltanat moored at Bebek -- then ran aground & damaged a parked car! Geez! How many of these incidnets involve The Auto Club? (Tues. Feb. 18 2003)

Japan 4186gt cement M/V Norman (built 1968), Mokpo for Ube in ballast, in collision with 199gt M/T Daitoku Maru No.16 (built 1991), Tokuyama for Nagasaki, with diesel & fuel -- in Kanmon passage off Kokura, Feb 12. Norman sustained damage to port side shell plating in way of void space below No. 2 cargo hold with some fractures -- now at Moji for investigation. Temporary repairs carried out by Feb 18 -- vessel will proceed to nearest dockyard for permanent repairs. Daitoku Maru No.16 sustained heavy bow damage. Cargo transferred to coastal tanker on Feb 13. (Tues. Feb. 18 2003)

EYEWASH?>> A Chinese court has sentenced 10 Indonesian pirates to between 10 & 15 years in jail for hijacking Thai oil tanker & sailing it into Chinese waters, state newspapers said Feb. 18. The court in S. city of Shantou fined pirates up to US$3,600 on Feb. 18 for sailing the vessel, hijacked in Malaysian waters in June 1999, into Chinese territory the same month. Court told pirates had repainted & renamed tanker before heading for Philippines, Taiwan & then southern China. The papers did not give size or name of vessel, but said it had been returned to its Thai owners along with its cargo of 1,900 tons of diesel fuel worth around US$1M. Newspapers did not identify owner. What vessel? Where? What kind of trial was this? (Mon. Feb. 17 2003)

Spanish 541gt trawler F/V Arcay (built 1974) already under tow of another Spanish vessel because of mechanical problems -- next reported icing problems & listing in lat 46 32N, long 54 55W at 1200, UTC. Tow proceeding at 5 knots to St. Pierre & Miquelon. Crew rescued by Coast Guard. (Mon. Feb. 17 2003)

Tonga general cargo M/V Tor I, beween between Sicily & Malta, for Sfax in Tunisia with wood & 8 crew, sank off S. coast of Sicily after heavy storm, and its crew of eight sailors was missing today, Nearby sister ship, general cargo M/V Tor II sent SOS signal. Italian helicopter & a U.S. military vessel in search for crew. Believed cargo shift may have caused vessel to list & capsize suddenly. (Mon. Feb. 17 2003)

Bangladesh ferry identified only s a "VIP Cruise" -- we imagine lots of animals -- partially sank with 29 passengers Feb. 13 near Matlab village after being caught in stormy winds -- 1 dead -- hired from private company for "Fun Cruise" on Meghna River during Muslim Eid al-Adha festival holidays<<webfeature. (Fri. Feb. 14 2003)


09 Feb. 2003 at 0400 LT at Dakar roads, 2 NM southeast of Ile De Goree, Senegal. Pirates armed with knives boarded refrigerated ship at stern & tried to steal ship's stores. Alert crew spotted them & chased them away. (Fri. Feb. 14 2003)

08 Feb. 2003 at 2304 LT in position 06:00S - 105:56E, Banten roads, Indonesia. Six pirates boarded container ship but spotted by alert A/B who raised alarm. Pirates fled empty handed. (Fri. Feb. 14 2003)

08 Feb. 2003 at 0430 LT in position 05:03.5S - 081:07W, Portuario De Paita Terminal, Peru. Pirate in small boat armed with knife boarded chemical tanker at poop deck. Duty A/B raised alarm. Coast guard apprehended pirate. (Fri. Feb. 14 2003)

07 Feb. 2003 at 2315 UTC in position 06:04N - 001:21E, Lome anchorage, Togo. Eight pirates, armed with knives attempted to board oil tanker by throwing grappling hook. Alert duty crew thwarted attempt. Pirates threw small net in water & pretended to be fishing. Throughout night many small boats with 8/10 persons onboard, with fishing gear made several rounds of ship attempting to board. Port control informed. (Fri. Feb. 14 2003)

06 Feb. 2003 at 0000 LT at berth no. 9, Chittagong, Bangladesh. Pirates armed with knives boarded bulk carrier & broke into forecastle store & tried to steal ship's stores. Alert crew caught 1 pirate handed him to police. Other pirate jumped overboard & escaped. (Fri. Feb. 14 2003)

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Cambodian 20,072gt bulk M/V Bach Dang Giang (built 1973), with mud-dredging machine for Iraq & 40 crew, sank in 11 meter waters near Hongay port, Vietnam, Jan 31. Coastal pollution likely due to oil spillage. Fair weather. Probably caused by contact with submerged rock formations. Salvage operation icurrently underway. (Thurs. Feb. 13 2003)

Britsh yacht S/V Lycaena sunk 25 miles off Isle of Wight Feb 12 -- coastguard scrambled helicopter & found 2 crew in liferaft -- 1 picked up by helicopter & other by yacht that answered emergency call -- not clear what caused yacht to sink in relatively calm conditions. (Thurs. Feb. 13 2003)

French 64gt F/V Pepe Roro, with 3 crew, in collision with 2999gt general cargo M/V Arklow Ranger (built 2002) -- in lat 46 07N, long 02 07W, at 2000, UTC, Feb 11. Pepe Roro subsequently sank -- killed & 2 missing. Arklow Ranger proceeding to Lorient, France. (Wed. Feb. 12 2003)

Honduran-flagged 3,435gt cargo M/V Agios Dimitrios (built 1976) with 1 crew, aground near Beykoz, Istanbul, due to bad weather conditions -- Istanbul, Feb 11 - 17 crew saved -- 2 ill taken to hospital at Beykoz. (Wed. Feb. 12 2003)

Chinese tanker (Chinese characters name only) in colliion with general cargo Cambodian 1288gt. general cargo M/V Chun Fu (built 1986) at mouth of Yangtze River, off Shanghai & spilled 20 tons of oil -- spill contained. (Tues. Feb. 11 2003)

UK-registered F/V Slebech 2, with 12 Spanish crew lost engine power 50 miles W. of Slyne Head, Ireland after net became stuck in propeller. Attempts to airlift crew by helicopter abandoned early hours, Feb. 11. Coastguard tug standing by vessel -- hoping to tow Galway harbor. No injuries -- yet. (Mon. Feb. 10 2003)

Bahamas-registered 179 meter oil M/T Acushnet (built 1981), Ventspils, Latvia, for Boston with 35,000 tons diesel fuel & 252 crew -- aground Feb. 7, E. of Samsoe island in Kattegat Sea, between Denmark's Jutland peninsula & S. Sweden. Attemts to free by Danish Navy failed. Feb.10 night 3 tugs managed to pull tanker free, but became stuck again. Ship sailed through Danish waters without pilot, permissible under Danish law. Supposed to use channel 17 meters deep, but ran aground in water 10 meters deep. Some 160,000 vessels sail through Danish Straits annually -- main route between Baltic Sea & North Sea. (Mon. Feb. 10 2003)

Turkish 871gt general cargo M/V Zeki Araz (built 1976) went adrift due to heavy storm & grounded at Eregli in northern Turkish province of Zonguldak -- 10 crew rescued by coast guard. (Mon. Feb. 10 2003)

188gt F/V De Vrouw Marie (built 1972) in collision with 5997gt chemical/oil M/T Oriental Jasmin (built 1998) 33.5 miles off Start Point. De Vrow Marie fishing & showing trawling lights when approached by Oriental Jasmin. The Oriental Jasmin was head on with De Vrow Marie & when it was 200 yards away took drastic action to avoid fishing vessel. At same time fishing vessel took action to remove itself from path of tanker -- fishing vessel steered to starboard, as is correct procedure, but the tanker steered to port & vessels collided. All damage above waterline -- no injuries. Both vessels now arrived Antwerp. (Mon. Feb. 10 2003)

PIRATE DEFEAT>> North Korea registered & Greek owned M/V Jenlil, in ballast, seized by Somali gunmen in the Gulf of Aden in early Aug. 2002 -- NOW -- 3 sailors overpowered & disarmed young gunmen left guarding hijacked ship & managed to escape with ship from Somali gunmen holding vessel & crew at port in NE Somali region known as Puntland for 6 months. Ship departed Port Bared,163km E of Bossaso today. The 3 gunmen jumped overboard as M/V Jenlil sailied away. Gunmen initially demanded US$1M for ship's release -- during subsequent negotiations lowered ransom to US$200,000 -- but due to courage of this crew -- The Pirate Booty is now ZERO. Bravo Zulu! (Sat. Feb. 8 2003)

UK prison ship HMP Weare<<webfeature, Portland, Dorset, suffered 1st inmate escape from UK's 1st modern day prison ship. Britain's 1st prison ship for 200 years, has about 400 prisoners on board -- towed across Atlantic from U.S. in 1997 & convereted to prison ship. (Sat. Feb. 8 2003) UPDATE>> David Beech, 28, escaped a SECOND time Feb. 9 when he fled from car after it was stopped by police. Beech, who escaped from prison ship HMP Weare at Portland, Dorset, Feb. 9, spotted by traffic cops near Guildford, Surrey. Beech was 1st inmate to escape from ship moored in Portland Harbor. (Mon. Feb. 10 2003)

Bahamas product tanker M/T Acushnet aground off Danish Coast -- intention to lighter part of vessel's cargo before refloating attempt is made.(Sun, Feb. 9 2003)

Bahamian registered M/V Iberian Coast, Antalya for Itanbul with 7 crew, perhaps in ballast, sank Feb. 7 in rough seas off Mediterranean resort city of Antalya -- 5 crew saved,1 dead & 1 missing. (Sat. Feb. 8 2003)

90,00gt USS George Washington (CVN 73)<<webfeature altered course to assist crew of sunk 25ft. F/V Little Spray 60 miles E. of St. Augustine, Fla. -- 2 Feb. 2003 -- 4 rescued from burning vessel -- mild hypothermia & 2nd degree burns -- all survivors & 1 deceased flown by C-2A aircraft from USS George Washington to medical facilities in Jacksonville, FL. The C-2A aircraft, assigned to Fleet Logistics Support Squadron (VRC) 40 (Rawhides)<<webfeature, based at U.S. Naval Base Norfolk, VA. George Washington in area conducting flight operations when responded to call from U.S. Coast Guard. After confirming fire aboard the Little Spray, George Washington dispatched Reserve Helicopter Antisubmarine Squadron (HS) 75<<webfeature to the rescue. From our correspondent Fred McCague (Fri. Feb. 7 2003)

Cuban Coast Guard suffered 4 officer defectors with loaded AK-47 assault rifles to Key West, docking their fully armed Cuban Patrol Vessel at a hotel marina 90 miles N. of Havana & turning themselves in to police before dawn. Welcome To America! Not clear how Cubans managed to bring their patrol vessel to Key West undetected. Geeez! -- but well assue the U.S. Navy was watching. Not yet clear what will happen to Cuban patrol boat. (Fri. Feb. 7 2003)


01 Feb. 2003 at 0245 LT at Adang Bay anchorage, Indonesia. Pirates boarded bulk carrier preparing to depart & stole two 20-person life rafts, secured with wires & clips. Master suspects stevedores on board may have assisted pirates. (Fri. Feb. 7 2003)

01 Feb. 2003 at 0230 LT at container berth 11, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Pirates boarded container ship preparing to depart. Five shore watchmen on board did not report seeing pirates. Due to crew alertness, pirates jumped overboard & escaped with mooring rope. Local authorities informed but took no action. (Fri. Feb. 7 2003)

31 Jan. .2003 at 0300 LT at Nha Be terminal, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Pirates attempted to board tanker using grappling hooks attached to knotted rope. Alert duty crew raised alarm & pirates abandoned boarding. Crew recovered hooks & knotted rope. (Fri. Feb. 7 2003)

29 Jan .2003 between 2200 - 2300 LT at Panjang port, Indonesia. About 8 pirates mixed in with stevedores boarded a bulk carrier -- broke padlocks of storerooms & tried to steal engine spares. Alert crew raised alarm & pirates jumped overboard. For a change, 1 pirate received serious injuries whilst jumping overboard -- hospitalized. Incident reported to police & port authority. (Fri. Feb. 7 2003)

29 Jan. 2003 at 2345 LT at outer anchorage Chittagong, Bangladesh -- 3 pirates armed with long knives boarded bulk carrier. Ship's crew shouted & reported to bridge -- pirates jumped overboard & escaped with ship's stores. Port control informed via vhf radio. (Fri. Feb. 7 2003)

28 Jan. 2003 between 1900 - 2000 LT at Batu Ampar, Batam, Indonesia - 10 pirates armed with long knives & steel pipes boarded & hijacked tug. They sailed away abandoning barge tied alongside -- 3 crew jumped into sea & swam ashore - 1 injured & hospitalised. Remaining 3 crew suspected taken as hostages by pirates. (Fri. Feb. 7 2003)

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Liberian-registered oil M/T Docebay in winter North Atlantic received distress call from U.S. Coast Guard -- relayed from U.S. Navy, Norfolk -- relayed by UK Falmouth Coastguards, from satellite call from private yacht --for assistance -- sinking 350 miles off Cape Verde Islands. Position put yacht out of range of most radio frequencies. Yacht made satellite to call Falmouth Coastguards. Docebay diverted & picked up 49 year old couple in 20ft. seas & strong winds at last minute. Bravo Zulu! Even recent years ago, this couple would just have joined the thousands of others as "lost at sea." Couple sold their home to fund trip & already sailed around France, Spain & Canary Islands before heading for St Lucia -- & this disaster. (Fri. Feb. 7 2003)

Bahamas 4,980gt, general cargo M/V CEC Future (built 1994), while maneuvering out of Beirut Feb. 5, with pilot on board, after completing discharge -- due mechanical problems bow -- in collision with port side of 4508gt general cargo M/V Irina D. (built 1978) which was at berth alongside quay No 9, discharging cargo of iron. The Irina D. was holed 3 meters in port side of Irina D. & sank, with 6,500 tons cargo aboard. Bow of CEC Future still stuck in the hull of Irina D. (Thurs. Feb. 6 2003)

U.S. registered 107-foot F/V Ranger, with 7 crew, taking water sent distress signal before 5 a.m. & abandoned 80 miles east of Atlantic City -- survival suits kept them warm & life raft kept out of frigid water. U.S. Coast Guard dispatched helicopters along with C-130 Hercules Aircraft from Elizabeth City, N.C., & Falcon Jet & H-60 helicopter from Cape Cod in Massachusetts. Full U.S. response. Rescue swimmer lowered from helicopter to assess victims conditions. All rescued. (Wed Feb. 5 2003)

Norwegian bulker M/V Western Iris, in collision with Australian trawler F/V MBC off Queensland near Facing Island, NE of Gladstone, at 2.30am LT -- but neither captain reported incident. Both vessels traveling S. towards Gladstone when collided. Australian Federal Police have arrested Capt. & 2nd officer of the Norwegian ship. No real damage. No injuries. (Wed Feb. 5 2003)

Indonesian Navy fired at foreign Philippine trawler & arrested its 25 crew in increasingly violent campaign to crack down on illegal fishing in its waters. The navy defended heavy-handed action a week after it sank 4 boats from Philippines & detained crew for fishing in Indonesian waters illegally -- 2 fishermen on this trawler slightly injured in incident & vessel towed to Papuan port of Merauke. 'We took this stern action because they didn't have legal documents,' Indonesian officials said vessel not flying national flag. "This shooting reflects the firm stand of the Indonesian Navy in enforcing the law at sea," they declared. (Wed Feb. 5 2003)

2,434gt Azerbaijan general cargo M/V Shair Vidadi (built 1976), Gemlik for Yeisk, in ballast, in collision with 1,6314gt bulk M/V Cigdem S. (built 1977) Porto Marghera for Mariopul, in ballast, at 1910, Jan 31 -- both vessels drifting in severe weather conditions, while at anchorage at Ahirkapi. Shair Vidadi has damaged forecastle deck & its structure is also "deformed". Cigdem S. was damaged starboard topside in way of tanks No 4 & 5. (Wed Feb. 5 2003)

St. Vincent & Grenadines 13,436gt general cargo M/V Yasmina (built 1977) grounded in lat 40 40N, long 14 74E, at 1500 LT. Tugs are on scene, but weather in area is very bad. (Wed Feb. 5 2003)

Belize registered 3,801gt chemical/oil carrier M/T Yuzhniy (built 1981), in ballast, grounded at Lubimovka near Sevastopol port Feb 1. Ukrainian & Russian Navy vessels are involved in salvage operations. (Tues. Feb. 4 2003)

132-meter Russian freighter 5,085-ton M/V Strelets, with 14 crew, sank 65 miles (40km) off Turkey's Zonguldak region on Black Sea coast, Feb, 3, killing at least 5 crew. Ship split in two under force of heavy sea. Winter storms forced rescue helicopter & plane to turn back -- 4 rescued by Turkish Coast Guard. (Tues. Feb. 4 2003)

78-meter French factory M/V Scombrus reported fire in hold 50 miles W. of Aran Islands -- crew kept fire under control as ship made way into Galway Bay -- 1 crew being treated in University College Galway not thought to in serious condition. (Tues. Feb. 4 2003)

Jinxed >> Wreck of car carrier M/V Tricolor -- hit twice since being sunk -- struck again on Jan. 24 -- by one of it's own salvage tugs. Cracked hull of Tricolor. Sorry, we forgot to tell you. Follow Our Story<<webfeature (Tues. Feb. 4 2003)

Unmanned Russian Progress M-47<<webfeature space freight linked to the Int'l Space Station 2 days after lifting off atop a Soyuz-U rocket from Baikonur Cosmodrome<<webfeature in Kazakhstan. The Progress brought 2.75 tons of fuel & other supplies, including food, water & parcels for U.S. Astronauts Kenneth Bowersox & Donald Pettit & Russian Cosmonaut Nikolai Budarin. In the past, U.S. shuttles have ferried long-term crews to station, while Russian rockets have carried Cosmonauts & space tourists on short visits, using a fresh Soyuz craft & leaving it behind as emergency lifeboat for station's crew. The Columbia disaster has sparked fears in Russia that NASA may decide to suspend work on the station & leave it temporarily unmanned. Don't count on it. The U.S. will be there, as always. Russia must send 2 Soyuz capsules<<webfeature & 3 Progress supply ships to station each year under agreement with partners in the project. Without shuttle missions, up to 6 Progress ships will be needed to continue running the station. One Progress costs US$22M, a price Russian officials saywill have to be picked up by their "partners" if extra ships are needed. "Partners" means the U.S. (Tues. Feb. 4 2003)

435ft Russian cargo M/V Strelets, Turkey for Ukrainian port of Kherson in ballast with 14 crew, sank in rough seas about 65 off Turkey's Black Sea coast, leaving 8 crew dead & 4 missing. Turkish coast guard & private vessels rescued 2 crew. (Mon. Feb. 3 2003)

In Memory of Shuttle Orbiter Columbia (OV-102) On Her Final Mission STS-107 -- Jan. 16 To Feb. 1 2003.

"A 16 Million mile trip ....... and so close to home ........"
President George Bush - Feb. 4 2003

Our Heroes --

Commander Rick Husband, 45, Colonel, United States Air Force, Amarillo, Texas.

Pilot William McCool, 41, Commander, United States Navy, Lubbock, Texas.

Payload Specialist Michael Anderson, 43, Lt. Colonel, United States Air Force,Spokane, Wash.

Mission Specialist Kalpana Chawla, 41, emigrated to the United States from India in 1980s & became an astronaut in 1994.

Mission Specialist David Brown, 46, Captain, United States Navy, pilot & doctor.

Mission Specialist Laurel Clark, 41, Commander, United States Navy, flight surgeon, Racine, Wis.

Payload Specialist Ilan Ramon, 48, Colonel Israeli Air Force, 1st Israeli in space, Tel Aviv.

Shuttle Orbiter Columbia (OV-102)<<webfeature
Columbia (OV-107)<<webfeature

Mission STS-107<<webfeature

Shuttle Crew Lost<<webfeature

Timeline of Colunbia Loss<<webfeature

Kennedy Space Center Shuttle Launch Schedule<<webfeature

All Prior Shuttle Launches<<webfeature

Oceanography From The Space Shuttle<<webfeature

(Sat. Feb. 1 2003) UPDATE>> Tues. Feb. 4 2003

4,163gt bulk M/V Cougar (built 1979) sunk in lat 36 49N, long 02 19.6E, 30km NE of Cherchell. All crew rescued by lpg M/T Brides, 7TXP. 4163gt (Sat. Feb. 1 2003)

Philippine M/V Rabia with 8 crew & 11 passengers sunk Jan. 28 on the way from Taganak island 590 miles SW of Manila, in the southernmost province of Tawi-Tawi to Zamboanga city on Mindanao island. (Sat. Feb. 1 2003)

Philippine M/V Parhana-2, with bananas & 6 crew & cargo left Tawi-Tawi's Mapun island on Jan. 28 but failed to arrive in port of Bongao -- no word on what happened to the vessel. (Sat. Feb. 1 2003)

Vessel Loss Dispatches For January 2003

563-foot vesse M/T The Lion -- lost power & began drifting toward Reedy Point Bridge in Chesapeake & Delaware Canal, near Delaware City. Captain, whose name not available Jan. 30 night, dropped anchor in canal when he realized his ship had lost power -- action swung big tanker broadside & stopped it about 100 yards from bridge. The bridge was closed until about 10 p.m., when vessel got underway. Tanker steered for Big Stone Beach anchorage in Delaware Bay. Docked there until Coast Guard personnel have opportunity to inspect. (Fri. Jan. 31 2003}

St. Vincent-flag, 671ft M/T Marine Chemist, for India & date with breakers, in ballast, ran aground Jan. 30 on Cottonwood Island on the Washington State side of the Columbia River -- refloated without further incident. (Fri. Jan. 31 2003}

Cargo M/V Suraya Samudra II, with 360 tons of sawn timber for Tawau, Sabah -- sank in rough seas 18 NM off Kuala Tatau in Indonesian Bintulu Division -- 11 crew endured 20 hour ordeal in stormy seas before landing near Kuala Balingian River mouth in Mukah Division at about 1.30am. (Fri. Jan. 31 2003}

436-foot freighter M/V Camilla (built 1981), site of a dramatic airlift Jan. 26 of 16 crew by a Canadian Coast Guard search & rescue helicopter from St. John's. Rescue took place after vessel lost engine power -- adrift in heavy seas SE of Newfoundland. Deep-sea tug Kegoria had line on freighter by early Jan. 27, after crew of Secunda Marine's M/V Ryan Leet -- a Canadian salvage vessel -- able to get on board to secure tow lines. Vessel not in immediate danger when it asked for evacuation. (Fri. Jan. 31 2003}


27 Jan. 2003 at 2100 UTC at Lawi-Lawi anchorage, Indonesia. Pirates armed with long knives boarded tanker during heavy rain. Alert crew raised alarm & pirates escaped with life raft & ship's stores. Master reported incident to port authorities, which acknowledged receipt but did not take action. (Fri. Jan. 31 2003}

26 Jan. 2003 during night, at canal of Nueva Gerona, Isla De La Juventud, Cuba. Pirates boarded yacht at anchor & stole ship's and crew belongings. Local authorities informed but no action taken. (Fri. Jan. 31 2003}

26 Jan. 2003 at 0340 LT at Petroperu Conchan mooring buoys, Callao port, Peru. Four pirates in small boat approached tanker during cargo operations & secured their boat to anchor cable. Pirate boarded via hawse pipe. Duty crew raised alarm & pirate escaped with accomplices. (Fri. Jan. 31 2003}

25 Jan. 2003 at 2305 UTC in position 01:00S - 117:17E Samarinda anchorage, Indonesia. Six pirates boarded general cargo ship heaving anchor. Alert crew tried to chase them away. Pirates stole life raft & escaped. Pilot on board tried to contact shore police but received no response. (Fri. Jan. 31 2003}

25 an. 2003 at 1800 UTC at Goa, India. Pirates in canoe boarded survey ship, stole ship's stores & escaped. (Fri. Jan. 31 2003}

24.01.2003 between 0454 - 0600 LT at Tema roads, Ghana. 12 pirates in wooden boat attempted to board general cargo ship. Due to crew alertness attempt was averted. Boat then attempted to board another ship nearby but failed. Pirates made another attempt to board general cargo ship but failed. Port control informed & at 0715 LT patrol boat came for investigation. (Fri. Jan. 31 2003}

23 Jan. 2003 at 0405 LT at bonny town anchorage, port Harcourt, Nigeria. Pirates in boat approached LPG carrier. One pirate boarded at forecastle. Shore watchman stationed at forecastle did not see/report pirate's presence. However alert crew noticed & raised alarm. Pirate jumped into river & picked up by accomplices. (Fri. Jan. 31 2003}

22 Han. 2003 at 0600 LT at Havana port, Cuba. During cargo operations, Pirates boarded bulk carrier -- broke open forecastle store & stole ship's stores. Authorities informed -- no action taken. (Fri. Jan. 31 2003}

17 Jan 2003 at 0120 LT in position 1.3 nm west of pigeon island, Jamaica. Four pirates in unlit boat boarded bulk carrier via anchor chain. They broke open forecastle store. 2nd mate noticed pirates & raised alarm. Pirates escaped with ship's property. Coast guard informed. (Fri. Jan. 31 2003}

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St. Vincent & Grenedines 4163gt bulk M/V Cougar (built 1979) reported sank in lat 36 49N, long 02 19.6E -- 30km NE of Cherchell. All crew rescued by M/V Brides. (Thurs. Jan. 30 2003)

Chinese trawler F/V Yuehuiyang, for Sanmen island in South China Sea for fish with 15 crew -- ran into trouble -- taking on water. Jan. 29. Missing. (Thurs. Jan. 30 2003) UPDATE >> Vessel now identified as F/V Hui Yang 16104 as search for 15 crew continues -- disappeared after vessel capsized Jan 27 off the coast of Sanmen Island in Daya Bay, south China -- 1 survivor rescued, a female crew named Huang Liduan. All crew from neighboring Fujian Province. (Fri. Jan 31 2003)

Philippine cargo M/V Suraya Samudra II, for Tawau, Sabah with 360 tons of sawn timber & 11 crew, sank -- after engine trouble -- in rough seas 18 NM off Kuala Tatau in Bintulu Division, Philippines. Crew safe. (Thurs. Jan. 30 2003)

Chinese trawler F/V Yuehuiyang, bound for near Sanmen island in South China Sea ran into trouble -- 15 now missing after vessel sank in stormy weather off S. Guangdong province -- but woman crew survived by clinging to wooden pole for 6 hours. (Wed. Jan. 29 2003)

Panama 37062gt crude oil M/T Princess Eva (built 1980), Skaw for Houston with 24 aboard, sustained heavy weather damage -- one crew dead & 2 seriously injured, in lat 55 41N, long 12 59W. Vessel asked to head for Killeybeggs, Irish Republic. ARCC Kinloss contacted for helicopter evacuation. Weather force 11 (violent storm), to 9 meters swell, visibility 5 miles. (Tues. Jan. 28 2003)

M/V Hornet, with plywood & timber and 16 crew, Sabah, Malaysia for Bangkokm, sank off Taganak Island, S. near border off Sabah, Malaysia. (Mon. Jan. 27 2003)

Belize 2406gt, general cargo M/V Nicole (built 1968) currently sinking in Adriatic, lat 43 29N, long 13 39E. All crew safely rescued. Vessel's bow is submerged in the water, stern is visible. (Mon. Jan. 27 2003)

U.S. flagged 4,300 TEU Panamax G-class M/V Maersk Carolina, with 19 crew, for Halifax, suffered gale-force winds, 90km per hour, 6 meter seas in North Atlantic crossing -- made Halifax Jan. 26 -- 100 containers lost or damaged, some hanging off the side of ship, ripped open like cardboard boxes. Vessel damaged. Bound for Newark, N.J. after survey & repair. (Sun. Jan. 26 2003) Got Photos?

Scottish, Fraserburgh-registered F/V Steadfast IV, with 3 crew, suffered fire, in the Moray Firth, 40 miles N. of Fraserburgh -- lifeboat from the nearby port sent to scene & rescued 3 crew -- thought to have started in galley. (Sun. Jan. 26 2003)

Replica of Christopher Columbus' sailing ship destroyed by fire Jan. 25 morning. S/V Le Grande Hermine<<photo-feature moored in Jordan Harbor just W. of St. Catharines. Had become S. Ontario landmark &well known to boatwatchers heading to Welland Canal. Police say almost certainly work of arsonist. (Sat. Jan. 25 2003)

535-foot M/V Assi Eurolink, in ballast for Sweden with 16 crew & 466-foot Swedish-flagged Ro/Ro M/V Seawheel Rhine, for Hamburg with an unknown number of trucks -- both left British port Sheerness -- in collision -- clear weather in Dutch waters around 2 a.m. EST, 50 miles off coast of Dutch island of Terschelling. Dutch freighter sank in North Sea. Swedish ship sustained superficial damage to the bow, but the impact was above water level -- ship would continue to Hamburg. (Sat. Jan. 25 2003) UPDATE>> Seawheel Rhine arrived Hamburg Jan. 26 evening.

Dutch Antilles registered 3000 ton M/V Nicola, struck the sunken Norwegian M/V Tricolor & become stuck on top of capsized hull -- now pulled off the Tricolor by 3 tugs. Third ship to hit this wreck. (Fri Jan. 24 2003)


19 Jan. 2003 at 0100 LT in position 03:43S - 114:25E, Taboneo anchorage, off Banjarmasin, Indonesia. Five pirates in boat approached bulk carrier. One pirate armed with long knife boarded via hawse pipe. Alert duty crew foiled attack by splashing sand in his eyes.(Fri Jan. 24 2003)

15 Jan. 2003 at 0700 LT at Vung Tau anchorage, Vietnam. Pirates using a hook attached to rope boarded tanker via poop deck. Alert duty A/B raised alarm & pirates fled. .(Fri Jan. 24 2003)

13 Jan. 2003 at 2045 UTC at Nacala anchorage, Mozambique. Duty A/B on container ship spotted pirate lowering a mooring rope through hawse pipe -- raised alarm & pirate jumped overboard & escaped. (Fri Jan. 24 2003)

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Finnish-owned cargo, in fleet of Lundqvist Rederierna, 133-meter M/V Camilla (built 1981) -- cargo & trade lane not advised, with 16 crew -- drifting & listing 30 degrees after engine failure 450km SE of St. John's. Canadian Forces new "Cormorant"<<webfeature, rescue helicopter sent Jan. 23 to evacuate. Aircraft could require refueling at oil rig near Hibernia offshore platform, 320km SE of St. John's. Rescue pending. (Thurs. Jan. 23 2003)

Bahamas registry 2853gt, general cargo M/V Batoul A. (built 1977) Tartous for Thessaloniki with 4,500 tons of phosphate & 12 crew, grounded in shallow waters in Thermaikos Gulf, SW of Thessaloniki port. Coast Guard & 3 tugs immediately proceeded. No pollution -- refloating efforts proceeding. (Thurs. Jan. 23 2003)

Cyprus registered 21,551gt M/V Anthea Y. (built 1984), ex-New York with salt, grounded at 1700, Jan 14, at Cementon, in Hudson River, New York -- hard aground & taking water. As of Jan 21, vessel moored to crane barges, where cargo of salt being off-loaded -- 2 meter clearance under keel -- divers to assess damage. The vessel holed in 4 separate cargo tanks. (Thurs. Jan. 23 2003)

ALERT>> U.S. COAST SHUTDOWN CRISIS: DAY 114>> Nearly 90% of the Int'l Longshore & Warehouse Union approved a multibillion dollar deal that formally ends West Coast port labor dispute that shuttered West Coast ports & hamstrung Pacific Rim trade last fall. Dockworkers & The Pacific Maritime Assn. announced separately Jan. 22 they overwhelmingly approved a new 6-year contract. Contract takes effect Feb. 1 & should bring labor peace to 29 major ports that will modernize under pact. Deal boasts handsome benefits, including no-cost health insurance & 60% increase in pensions. By 2008, a union member will receive annual pension of US$1,800 multiplied by number of years worked -- a 30-year veteran, for example, would get US$54000 per year in retirement. Salaries will increase 12%, giving average longshoreman around US$90,000 in annual pay. After all this historic loss to American commerece-- It's now -- just -- over. (Wed. Jan. 22 2003)

130-foot Spanish company Ciresa owned single-hull refuler M/T Spabunker IV (built 1991), with 270,000 gallons of light fuel oil, developed leak & sank in stormy weather in Algeciras Bay near Gibraltar -- Jan. 21 -- 1 mile off Spain's S. coast, threatening ecological damage. Some of 94,500 gallons of barge's own diesel fuel leaked -- spill now about half-mile long. Body of Capt. Miguel Roig found hours later -- 2 crew rescued. (Tues. Jan. 21 2003)

Royal Malaysian Navy 6-member commando Special Naval Force or "PASKAL"<<webfeature, unit boat capsized & sank as giant waves continuously pounded the vessel -- near Pulau Sibu, Jan. 20 when hit by squall -- causing fibreglass unit boat to experience engine failure -- 2 bodies found -- remaining 4 located at various locations -- alive only due to training techniques such as "buddy line" to stay close together. Bravo Zulu! (Tues. Jan. 21 2003)

Philippine PT Rasma Mulia Mamboro owned 3,000dwt bulker M/V Palu for Merauke in Papua with sand, capsized & sank, in Tolitoli off Central Sulawesi. Vessel forced to return to Palu due to weight, which nearly sank ship -- over laden -- being towed toward Palu when capsized -- 2 crew missing. (Tues. Jan. 21 2003)

Indonesian 1531gt general cargo M/V Union Star 88 (built 1978), My Thoi river port in An Giang province Vietnam for Jakarta with 2,300 tons rice, 34 tons of diesel oil & 17 crew, ran aground & sank -- 45km off S. Vietnamese coast in Soc Trang province 0340, Jan 19. . Vietnamese boats rescued all Indonesian crew who took to lifeboats. Vessel ran into shallow ground, hull cracked & she sank. All oil tanks locked before sinking -- no pollution. Strong wind accompanaed by huge waves damaged steering engine after it sailed 6 km to Buoy Zero. (Tues. Jan. 21 2003)

Indian cargo M/V Min Noble, for China, rescued 11 crew from Myanmar -- spending 10 days adrift on raft of empty oil drums -- after their M/V sank -- in Bay of Bengal. Crew severely dehydrated --1 of 11 died -- had only 2 tins of evaporated milk left. Thank God - a miracle! (Tues. Jan. 21 2003)

Antigua & Barbuda registered 11,153gt, M/V Ara J.(built 1998), suffered fire while moored at Blount Island Marine Terminal, Jacksonville. Fire in vicinity of container of old batteries -- in area where workers doing welding -- 2 tractor-trailer-containers damaged -- 1 crew hospitalized. (Tues. Jan. 21 2003)

Canary Islands 647gt bunker product M/T Spabunker Cuatro (built 1991), with 900 tons fuel & 100 tons gas oil, capsized & sank in 50 metres of water in Algeciras Bay, Canary Islands at 0400 Jan 21-- 2 crew rescued, Master missing. (Tues. Jan. 21 2003)

370-foot Dutch registered cargo M/V Pijlgracht, San Pedro in Ivory Coast for New York, had just unloaded cocoa beans in Brooklyn when fire began in engine room -- NYFD Fire Boats<<webfeature battled blaze -- police helicopter evacuated burned crew member to hospital, in critical but stable condition. Vessel did not appear badly damaged -- will remain at anchor until investigators determine cause of fire & what repairs needed. (Mon. Jan. 20 2003)

PIRATE HIJACK>> tug Bina Ocean 2, moored at Tanjung Uban, Bintan Island with caretaker crew, hijacked by 10 pirates armed with guns -- 6 crew that had gone ashore fled upon seeing attackers by jumping into sea -- 1 drowned. (Sun. Jan. 19 2003)

Yacht S/V Satu, on Volvo Singapore Straits race from Batam, Indonesia to Changi, Singapore -- run down by unidentified super tanker Jan. 18 -- crew radioed for help when woman crew swept overboard in 2m sea after she became entangled in rigging -- yacht's engine failed to start & lost sight of crew member in stormy seas. Crew member found 3 hours later by navy helicopter -- suffering minor bruising. (Sun. Jan. 19 2003)

End of The West Coast Port Strike?>> Longshore workers & marine clerks at U.S. West Coast ports voted last week on tentative contract agreement reached between the ILWU and the Pacific Maritime Association in Nov. Results of vote announced on Jan. 22. Looks good. (Sun. Jan. 19 2003)


13 Jan. 2003 at 0300 LT at berth no 4, Warri, Nigeria. 20-armed pirates boarded general cargo ship discharging cargo. Pirates attacked stevedores who manage to escape ashore. Pirates threatened to kill crew who locked themselves in accommodation. Master raised alarm & tried to contact port control & police but received no response. Pirates tried to break open accommodation doors but failed -- tried to break open door of containers on deck. After 40 minutes pirates left in 5 cars with ship's stores. Military personnel arrived onboard1.5 hours later. No injuries to crew. (Fri. Jan. 17 2003)

11 Jan. 2003 at 0400 at Sg. Buntung, Tg. Uban, Bintan Island, Indonesia. Ten pirates armed with knives & guns boarded tug & barge at anchor and hijacked them. Crew jumped into water -- rescued later but 1 crew drowned. (Fri. Jan. 17 2003)

10 Jan. 2003 at 2135 LT at Lawi Lawi anchorage, Indonesia. Pirates boarded tanker via anchor chain. Alarm raised &crew mustered. Pirates stole ship's stores & fled. (Fri. Jan. 17 2003)

09 Jan. 2003 at 0225 LT at Kingston anchorage, Jamaica. Pirates in 2 boats boarded chemical tanker via anchor chain. Alert duty A/B noticed some pirates in master's office & raised alarm. Pirates stole ship's stores & equipment -- escaped. Boats were about 10 meters long with outboard engines. Incident reported to Kingston port control. (Fri. Jan. 17 2003)

08 Jan. 2003 at 0625 LT in position 01:03S - 117:16E, Samarinda anchorage, Indonesia. Four pirates armed with knives boarded general cargo ship from stern. Alert duty A/B raised alarm & crew mustered. Pirates stole life rafts & fled. Incident reported to local agent & port authority. (Fri. Jan. 17 2003)

06 Jan. 2003 at 0200 LT at Samarinda anchorage, Indonesia. Five pirates armed with long knives boarded bulk carrier via hawse pipe & threatened duty A/B. Another A/B raised alarm & crew mustered. Pirates jumped overboard & escaped in boat with life raft. (Fri. Jan. 17 2003)

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1,422-ton North Korean freighter, China for Japan, in collision with 29-ton South Korean F/V in Int'l waters 25 miles S. of Jeju, South Korea's southernmost island, Jan. 17. Tore 10-foot-long gash in hull of South Korean vessel. (Fri. Jan. 17 2003)

ALERT>> U.S. Coast Guard closed two stretches of Mississippi as river approached record low levels in some areas. At least 5 lines of towed barges have run aground this week. Both 2 mile stretches near Ste. Genevieve & St. Louis' Jefferson Barracks bridge to remain closed to all vessels until surveys Jan. 16 assess river's navigability. A dry fall & below-normal temperatures in upper river basin have left Mississippi at near-historic low levels near St. Louis. On Jan. 15 river was 4 feet below preferred low-water mark of 12.5 feet. M/V Casino Queen in East St. Louis, Ill., forced to close Jan. 14 because customers could not get on board. Eight barges broke free from a 20-barge tow that ran aground Jan. 15 morning near Ste. Genevieve. Dredging helped keep river's navigation channel open for barges last fall & during early winter. U.S. Army Corps. of Engineers<<webfeature will resume dredging this week. River levels normal above St. Louis because of lock & dam system that maintains a 9-foot-deep navigation channel. But ice on river this time of year prevents commercial barge traffic above St. Louis. (Wed. Jan. 15 2003) UPDATE>> U.S. Coast Guard said Jan. 16 it reopened 2 sections of Mississippi River near St. Louis to barge traffic after water levels rose slightly. ((Thrs. Jan. 16 2003)

Dutch registered cargo M/V Est, suffered 5.5 hour hour siege 3.2 km off Cromarty Firth in Scottish Highlands -- during which a fire started by deranged crew & his 4 shipmates jumped overboard -- 44-year-old man surrendered after talks with negotiators -- 3 of 4 crew who jumped ship &emdash; 3 Filipinos & Dutch captain &emdash; taken to hospital in Inverness -- 1 treated for serious injuries. Fire contained. (Wed. Jan. 15 2003)

Singapore-registered M/V Bina Ocean 2, with 6 crew in ballast, docked close to Indonesian Bintan Island SE of Singapore, waiting for load of stones from local quarry attacked by pirates near Bintan island -- Pirates wielding guns & knifes hijacked freighter -- forced 6 crew to jump overboard, killing 1. (Tues. Jan. 14 2003)

U.S. 71gt F/V Sunrunner (built 1979), with 5 crew lining for cod, took water & abandoned near Twoheaded Island, 75 miles SW of Kodiak. F/V Heritage responed to scene. U.S. Coast Guard rescue swimmer lowered to assist to get crew from liferaft into helicopter -- 2 crew hoisted to helicopter -- then flight engineer noticed hoisting cable frayed -- 1 survivor & rescue swimmer were in water awaiting lift when hoist cable frayed & other 2 survivors were in liferaft. Helicopter crew remained on station with 4 in water -- directed Heritage to their locations. Heritage will make Kodiac with survivors by night. (Tues. Jan. 14 2003)

Indonesian 20m F/V High Aim 6 -- "Ghost Ship" found drifting in Australian waters laden with tons of rotting fish -- frigate HMAS Stuart intercepted vessel 80 NM (148km) NE of Rowley Shoals, off coast from Broome, Jan. 8 -- no sign of life &endash; only several tons of rotting jack mackerel -- equipped with long lines &endash; was illegal fishing vessel that would have needed crew of up to 12. Tooth brushes for 12 & other housekeeping articles -- intact -- as if aliens took the crew. (Tues. Jan. 14 2003) UPDATE: Pirates blamed for incident. (Tues. Jan. 14 2003) UPDATE>> Mobile telephone belonging to missing chief engineer of F/V High Aim 6 has been used to make more than 80 calls from Indonesia since the loss, adding to mystery over fate of crew. (Wed. Jan. 15 2003)

North Korean general cargo M/V Khadijeh, with timber & 7 crew, made distress call 20 NM west of Lesbos Island. Vessel had list of 40 deg. Crew abandoned. Rescued by Greek Coast Guard Super Puma helicopters to airport at Skyros. S. wind of force 7-8 (near gale - gale) hampers salvage. (Mon. Jan. 13 2003)

Tunisian 6272gt dry cargo M/V Amira-1 (built 1975), Crimean port of Mariupol for Turkish port of Gerze with unkn own cargo (frequently carries phosphates ) & 24 crew, missing in the Black Sea off Ukraine's Crimean coast since Jan. 6. Rescuers found 2 empty lifeboats. (Sat. Jan. 11 2003)

South Korean M/V Suntil, with 9,000 metric tons of crude salt -- missing -- from Fairway buoy, near Hiron Point, since Jan. 5. Korean ship reportedly arrived at Chittagong Port in last week of Nov. 2002, carrying imported crude-salt-filled bags from Kandala seaport of India. After unloading 7,829 MT at Chittagong port, ship was to arrive at Mongla port with remaining 9,214 metric tons of crude salt from India. Some talk that ship was to be arrested. Ship may have fled Bangladesh territorial waters, soon after receiving High Court order to detain her. (Fri. Jan. 10 2003}

M/V KM Surya Baru II, bound for Nias island in North Sumatra, capsized 5 NM off Tiku Beach in Agam regency at dawn on Jan. 9 -- vessel left Muara Padang Port on Jan, 7 afternoon with 5,000 containers of cement & passengers. Casualties pending. (Fri. Jan. 10 2003}

Phillipine ferry M/V Imanuel sank after a strong wave hit the vessel in waters off Sirisori Islam village in Maluku --10 survivors from accident - all missing passengers found alive on Jan. 10. (Fri. Jan. 10 2003}


06 Jan. 2003 at 0200 LT at Samarinda anchorage, Indonesia. Five pirates armed with long knives boarded bulk carrier via hawse pipe & threatened duty A/B. Another A/B raised alarm & crew mustered. Pirates jumped overboard -- escaped in boat with life raft. (Fri. Jan. 10 2003}

05 Jan. 2003 soon after midnight at Dakar port, Senegal. Soon after departing port, container vessel sighted small unlit boats ahead. One boat came close & flashed strong light to attract attention. Assuming, it was fishing boat, vessel altered course to prevent damage to fishing nets. Next morning crew discovered mooring rope missing. Master suspects pirates boarded & lowered mooring rope to boat when it flashed lights at vessel. (Fri. Jan. 10 2003}

04 Jan. 2003 at 0520 LT in position 00:59.8S - 117:17.6E, Samarinda anchorage, Indonesia. Eight pirates armed with knives boarded RO/RO ship from forecastle -- took hostage duty A/B & 2nd officer, tied their hands & feet and ordered them to lie on deck. They broke open bosun store & stole large amount of ship's stores & life raft. Duty officer freed himself, raised alarm & crew mustered. Pirates fled in waiting boat with loot. Incident reported to port and police through agents. (Fri. Jan. 10 2003}

02 Jan. 2003 at 0400 LT at Cigading anchorage, Indonesia. Four pirates armed with knives boarded bulk carrier. Took duty oiler as hostage, tied his hands & feet and covered his face & threatened him with a knife. Oiler managed to free himself & raised alarm. Pirates escaped with engine spares. Incident reported to port authority. (Fri. Jan. 10 2003}

01 Jan. 2003 at 2055 UTC in position 20:59.3N - 088:14.7E, Sandheads anchorage, Hoogly River, India. Ten pirates boarded tanker at stern from unlit motorized boat & assaulted duty A/B. Pirates stole 5 mooring ropes & escaped in boat. Duty officer mustered crew, raised alarm & informed port control. Port authorities promptly apprehended pirates & recovered stolen ropes. (Fri. Jan. 10 2003}

01 Jan. 2003 soon after midnight in position 04:35N - 005:26E, off Wari, Nigeria. Armed pirates boarded survey ship & attacked crew. Several crew seriously injured -- 3 crew jumped overboard & were rescued by supply boat. Injured crew transferred to barge for medical treatment. The survey ship is grounded in above position. (Fri. Jan. 10 2003}

31 Dec. 2002 at 2310 LT at outer anchorage, Guayaquil, Ecuador. Five pirates in wooden boat attempted to board bulk carrier. Duty officer raised alarm & pirates abandoned boarding. Coast guard informed. (Fri. Jan. 10 2003}

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22,600gt, bulker M/V Fair Lady (built 1979) in collision with 3678gt, bulk M/V Anangel Venture (built 1989) at mile 127, lower Mississippi River. Fair Lady taking water through 30 to 40 foot long -- by 2 to 3 foot wide gash in No.1 ballast tank. Both vessels restricted to anchorage, at mile 127, by New Orleans Port. (Thurs. Jan. 9 2003)

M/V Marino Primero (built 1991), sank Dec 17 after deck flooded -- coming from bow. Investigations found vessel, one of biggest & newest longline trawlers in the country, hit unknown object & sank in 20 minutes. Reported Jan. 8. Crew entered 2 liferafts in groups of 11 & 12. The 1st group of 11 spotted & rescued by Ukrainian tanker M/T Benin Star while the other 12 were found by F/V Cotobad. (Wed. Jan. 8 2003)

Unidentified 200gt. freighter in collision with passenger boat near Xinghua in Jiangsu Province, PRC -- 6 women on family shopping trip for Chinese New Year killed -- trapped in boat's cabin as it slipped under water. (Wed. Jan. 8 2003)

ALERT>> Severe winter weather in Russia has trapped 40 ships in icy Gulf of Finland, near City of St Petersburg. Officials said 8 ice-breakers sent to area, but so far they had not been able to clear a safe passage for ships. (Wed. Jan. 8 2003)

Norway 689gt. general cargo M/V Kongstind (built 1972) capsized off Norway in lat 62 56.4N, long 06 57.2E, about 2229, UTC, Jan 4. All 4 crew missing. (Mon. Jan. 6 2003)

Unnamed newbuilding, Romania on tow for Holland for fitting, broke loose in bad weather on 3 Jan -- aground on west coast of Guernsey on "maiden voyage." Freighter has become a tourist attraction. Could be 6 weeks before tide high enough to float her clear of rocks. (Mon. Jan. 6 2003)

Russian 2478gt, general cargo M/V Aleksey Vikharyev (built 1976), with wood & 24 crew , sank in Yellow Sea off China, in stormy weather -- all crew rescued. Master sent distress signals early Jan. 5, when vessel began to list dangerously. Chinese & other vessels immediately headed to vessel battling to stay afloat in waves to 5 meters Crew rescued just in time by Cyprus-registered M/V Glory D., making way to China. Russian vessel sank at 1130 hrs (0130, UTC). (Mon. Jan. 6 2003)

Sharjah regestered & owned by Green Fields livestock M/V Marineos -- blaze broke out while ship arrested (since Nov. 2001) due to court case at Port Rashid. No casualties were reported of 5 Syrian crew. Could not rule out foul play. (Sun. Jan. 5 2003)

Norwegian 50-meter M/V Kongstind, with fertilizer & 4 crew, capsized in heavy seas off west Norway. Searchers have found lifeboat but no sign of the crew. Crew could stay alive up to 24 hours in water temperatures of 4-6 Celsius (39-43 Fahrenheit) if they had top-quality survival suits. Rescuers plan to tow the 780-gross-ton Kongstind to land. (Sun. Jan. 5 2003)

Singapore Navy 500-ton anti-submarine patrol RSS Courageous (built 1996) & merchant M/V ANL Indonesia, for South Korea, in collision off Pedra Branca, an islet claimed by both Singapore & Malaysia late Jan, 3, injuring 8 navy crew & trapping 4 in warship. Sleeping quarters located aft where most severe damage sustained. Efforts ongoing to free 4 female cew sleeping in quarters at time of collision. Situation does not look good. One body found. (Fri. Jan. 3 2003)


27 Dcc. 2002 at 0850 LT at Balikpapan anchorage, Indonesia. Pirates boarded tanker by bending port chain hawser pipe metal cover -- stole life raft & escaped in boat. Incident reported to agents & port radio station. (Fri. Jan. 3 2003)

27 Dec.2002 at 0220 UTC at outer roads, Tema port, Ghana. Five pirates armed with long knives boarded general cargo ship & attacked a duty seaman at forecastle. Alarm was raised & pirates jumped overboard & escaped in waiting boat. (Fri. Jan. 3 2003)

24 Dec. 2002 at 2145 LT in position 12:56N - 100:44E, approaching Kohsichang, Thailand. Unlit boat approached bulk carrier underway. One person using a hook climbed on board -- ran aft & tried to tie boat to railings. Crew mustered & the pirate jumped overboard & escaped. Later when ship anchored in Kohsichang, another unlit craft came alongside & pirate tried to board ship. Alert crew foiled boarding. (Fri. Jan. 3 2003)

23 Dec. 2002 at 1930 LT at Balikpapan inner anchorage, Indonesia. Three pirates boarded bulk carrier via hawser pipe & stole a liferaft. Duty A/B chased the pirates but they jumped overboard & escaped in boat. Port control informed. (Fri. Jan. 3 2003)

23 Dec. 2002 at 0730 LT at Batik Kelambu Islands, off Semporna, Sabah, Malaysia. Three pirates armed with M-16 machine guns hijacked two speedboats towing barge. Five crew left adrift on barge - later rescued by passing ships. (Fri. Jan. 3 2003)

20 Dec. 2002 at 0030 LT at Santos anchorage no 4, Brazil Between 10 to 11 pirates armed with shot guns, hand guns & machetes boarded reefer ship from stern -- went to bridge & entered radio room by destroying window. Took chief officer as hostage, fired three shots & broke in to master's cabin. Pirates stole cash & personal belongings from master & crew. Incident reported to authorities. (Fri. Jan. 3 2003)

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Concessioner tour boat M/V Panther I of Everglades City sank in Indian Key Pass, Dec. 30 with 33 passengers aboard -- no injuries. Tour boat leaves Everglades City for tours of the park. U.S Coast Guard is on-site to conduct salvage operation & NTSB is investigating. National Park Reports<<webfeature. From our Correspondent Wes Boyd. (Thurs. Jan. 2 2003)

Norway reefer M/V Ice Bear, Iceland for Finland with cargo& 6 crew, sank around 2130, Jan 1, 75 miles E. of Iceland, in lat 64 23.7N, long 11 18.4W. Shifting of cargo likely cause. Crew rescued by a helicopter from Icelandic Coast Guard during night of Dec 31. (Thurs. Jan. 2 2003)

800-foot Turkish 43,487gt bulk/oil M/V Vicky (built 1981), Antwerp for New York, with 70,000 tons of kerosene, collided with wreck of ro/ro M/V Tricolor<<webfeature --Our "HOW STUPID AWARD"- in the English Channel. Vicky is presently still held fast on top of Tricolor. (Thurs. Jan. 2 2003)

Philippines bulk 9,978gt M/V Century Cypress, (built 2001), bound Japan with logs -- encountering heavy weather -- turned back & proceeding to Prince Rupert. Vessel lost her deck cargo & currently has 10 deg list to starboard -- some ingress to cargo hold No.3. Vessel issued mayday, but is currently proceeding under her own power -- Master stated that no assistance is required. Coast Guard vessel -- currently in lat 52 15N, long 138 20W, on course of 15 degs true, at 8 knots. Visibility on scene is 6 miles. Winds SEly at 50 knots. (Wed, Jan. . 1 2003)

Turkish-registered 800-foot M/T Vicky (built in 1981), Antwerp, Belgium for New York with 2 million gallons of kerosene struck wreckage of sunken car transporter M/V Tricolor<<webfeature in the English Channel Jan. 1 -- but was freed after more than 2 hours -- Tricolor, laden with BMWs, Volvos & Saabs, sank Dec. 15, after colliding in thick fog with a container ship 30 miles east of Ramsgate, southeastern England, ^ salvage efforts continue. How the hell do you hit this now well known wreck? (Wed, Jan. . 1 2003)

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