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Our Staff Attorneys & Law Firm Profile

The Cargo Law Network - Lawyers In The U.S. & Most Major Trading Nations

Library & Search Engine of The Cargo Letter

Search Engine For This Internet Portal - Find Everything You Need

Transport Reference Desk - Virtual Transport Library

24 Hour Int'l Vessel Casualties & Pirates Database

The Photo Gallery of Cargo Loss - Photos & Lessons Learned

Transport Law Navigator - all air, ocean, motor & customs laws

Library & Search Engine of The Cargo Letter

Mega Portal of Trade & Transport References And Services

General Reference Desk - virtual public library

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TRANS CAMS © - over 380 Transport Cams, 40 Satellites, Streaming Video, Transport Sounds, Short Wave Radio & Air Traffic Control! CLICK HERE

Port of Philadelphia Web Cam Theater

Live cam from Lockheed-Martin with "River Activity Detector" (RAD). Here's a cool time lapse movie of September 1998 ship movements on the Delaware River, near the spot where Gen. George Washington crossed the Delaware during the Revolutionary War. This show will take a long time to load ...... but the wait is well worth the time you will spend. Be very patient to see the result of an interestesting day on the Delaware River ! >> Click Here.

General Reference And Education
Search It All - ultimate reference tool

Reference Desk

Reference Tool Box - identify the issue - here's the tool or calculator - make a custom pallet

Acronynm Center General References

Student Research Center - to learn any subject


Acronym Center

Acronym & Abbreviation Server

Acronym Finder

Transport Acronyms

Biological Abbveviations

Postal Service Acronyms

Ask An Expert - indeed, send e-mail to world experts in many fields - get the right answers

Alternate Expert

Associations On The Net

Beaucoup General Reference

Berkeley Digital Library

CEO Express - home base & toolbox for any busy executive

Galileo World References

History of Transportation

How Things Work

How Do I ......? - general "how to" guides

"How To Guides" -- business-related

Information Please - a treasure chest of almanacs & encyclopedias

International Holidays Master Index

The Virtual Reference Desk - from Purdue University

The Freight Detective Virtual Reference Desk #2 - for matters relating to Int'l transportation

Internet Virtual Library

International Language Translators - free for your text needs

Learn That - tutorials on everything

Multiple Language Dictionary & Resource Guide - incredible resource

Old Farmers Almanac

QuoteLand - a treasure house of who said what

Roget's Thesaurus Search Form

Familiar Quotations

Bartlett's Quotations

Quotations Search Page

Student Research Center

The Freight Detective Transport Terminology Center

U.S. Government Printing Home Office - thousands of documents online

Virtual Academics - learning at a distance

World News

Free Article Search

News Trawler - search the primary sources

U.S. & World News Sources - print & live broadcast

U.K. News Sources

World Wide Words - exploring the English language

iTools- The one stop reference for language & international translation

The Word Detective

Guide To Grammar & Writing

Strunk's Elements of Style

World Wide Word - exploring the English language

The Freight Detective Meteorologist - satellites, radar & weather of the world for air and ocean

Web Sonar - intelligent document server of school libraries

World Timelines

World Wide Web Virtual Library

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Information Please Almanac

Astronomical and Navigational Almanacs

Baseball Almanac

Fametracker Almanac

Los Angeles Almanac

Nation-by-Nation Almanac

Old Farmers Almanac

The Grateful Dead Almanac

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Calendar For Any Year

Transportation Trade Shows Calendar

World Trade Events Calendar

Trade Show Central Calendar - all industries

Trade Events Calendar from

World Clock Meeting Planner

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Culture & Lifestyle
Adopt a Pet! -- Online petfinder

Art Museums Worldwide

Aquariums and Zoos of America -- comprehensive list

Book Reviews

CEO Express - home base & toolbox for any busy executive

Finance - everything about stocks, banks & your life

Flags of All Countries

International Language Translators - free for your text needs

Family Tree Search

Family Gardening

Garden Web -- the Internet's Gardening Community

Horse Racing -- online wagering and replays of races -- The Freight Detective does not endorse this site

The Freight Detective's Butler - Food, Beverage & Cooking - thousands of recipes

The Freight Detective's Legal Center - true legal research, daily legal help & most wanted criminals

Learn To Fly In The Cyber Cockpit

Medical Center - the full suite of medical & pharmacy data

Music Finder

The Music Center - Opera, theatre, music & dance in Los Angeles

All About Photography

Shopping Mall - the best & biggest on the Internet

Stub Hub -- where NFL fans buy & sell tickets

State Fairs Across America

The Big List of State and County Fairs -- by state

Television Without Pity -- Chat about t.v. shows and read humorous recaps of episodes you forgot to tape

Travel Center- all the best deals & destinations, research and travel assistance

U.S. & World News Sources

U.S. Construction Industry Blue Book - references by category

National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (NVOAD) -- learn where to volunteer

USA Freedom Corps - volunteer

The Freight Detective's Caddy - profiles & info for 15,000 courses - returning soon

The Freight Detective's Film Critic

Rotten Tomatoes


The Agony Booth

The Freight Detectives Internet Gizmos - strange & useful things on the web

Write Your Representative In The U.S. Congress - to learn any subject

Yesterland - the Disneyland you might remember

Your Free Credit Report

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The Collected Works of William Shakespeare - every play - every poem - every word

Children's Literature - database of award-winning children's lit

Classic Literature Guide

Bibliomania -- Free online literature & study guides

Literary Texts in Western European Languages

Nobel Prize in Literature

Online Literature Library

Project Bartleby - selected works of famous authors

Society of Biblical Literature

World Wide Word - exploring the English language

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On Line Dictionaries -- 300 languages!

Air Travel & Lingo Dictionary

Alternative Dictionary -- curse in many languages

Anagram Generator

Animal Dictionary

Antonym & Synonym Finder

Business Dictionaries

Connected Thesaurus -- soundalikes, related words, etc.

Crossword Dictionaries

Custom License Plates Dictionary

Devil's Dictionary - Ambrose Bierce

Dictionary of All Consonant Words

English Dialects Dictionaries

The Foolish Dictionary -- humorous word definitions

Glossaries by Language -- many topical dictionaries

Guide to Hand Gestures

Grandiloquent Dictionary

Law and Trade Dictionaries

Law Dictionary

Language Box

Language Humor

Legal Forms in Multiple Languages

Dictionary Word Search Form


Insurance Fraud Dictionary

Insurance Terms Dictionary

International Language Translators - free for your text needs

Maritime-Nautical Dictionaries -- in several languages

Movie Connector --associate words with movies & actors

Multiple Language Dictionary & Resource Guide - incredible resource

Multiple Language Dictionaries

Medical & Social Sciences - translators & many glossaries

Net Lingo Dictionary

Non-Verbal Dictionary -- gestures & body language

'Nymical Dictionaries -- synonyms, homonyms, anagrams, etc.

Old Testament Hebrew Dictionary

Phonesthemes Dictionary

P&O Nedlloyd Dictionary - shipping terms

Pseudodictionary -- words & phrases not in the "official" dictionary

Quotation and Cliche Dictionaries

Railroad Term Glossary

Rhyming Dictionary -- help with your poetry

Scrabble Dictionaries

Sign Language Dictionary

Specialty Dictionaries -- every imaginable topic

Specialized Dictionaries -- many topics

Southern Dictionary -- guide to American Southern dialect

Strange & Unusual Dictionaries -- fun & interesting

Surfers Dictionary

Symbols Dictionary

Technical Dictionary -- web & Internet terms

Tongue Twisters -- in many languages

Urban Dictionary -- help with today's American slang

The Word Detective

Web of On Line Dictionaries

By Country

On Line Dictionaries - many languages

Arabic Dictionaries

Burmese Dictionary - common words

Cajun Dictionary

Chinese Dictionaries and Translators

Eskimo (Inupiaq) Dictionary

Hindi Dictionary

Italian Dictionary

Korean Dictionaries

Native American - Cherokee Dictionaries

Native / North American Dictionaries - many resources & languages

Portuguese Dictionary - Portugal & Brazil

Russian Dictionary

Tagalog (Philippines) Dictionary & Translator

Turkish Words & Phrases

Ukranian Dictionaries

Vietnamese-English-French Dictionary

Welsh Dictionary

The Freight Detective Transport Terminology Center

The Freight Detective Translation Center

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Encyclopedia Britannica


Berkeley Digital Library



Encyclopedia Of Law & Economics - U.S. & Europe

Encyclopedia Mythica - over 4200 articles, 175 illustrations, maps, genealogy tables, and much more.

Galileo World References

Grolier Encyclopedia Online (by subscription)

Funk & Wagnalls Encyclopedia

Information Please Almanac

Internet Encyclopedia

Assorted Encyclopedias on the Web

More Assorted Encyclopedias on the Web

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The CIA World Fact Book & Index

Country Databases

World Countries Information

City Profiles

CyberAtlas - from the Guggenheim

Expedia Maps - Place Finder

Flags of All Countries

Global Trends - what's happening around the world, with charts & graphs

Library Of Congress - Country Studies

International Language Translators - free for your text needs

National Geographic On Line Maps

Track All Satellites In Earth Orbit - and Space Shuttle Missions

U.S. & World News Sources

The Freight Detective Meteorologist - satellites, radar & weather of the world for air and ocean

The Freight Detective Land Navigation Center - finder of and guide to places

The Freight Detecive Transport Terminology Center

The Ulitmate Trip Planner

World Time Interactive Earth Atlas - the time on earth

World Physical Maps

World Political Maps

World Timelines

World Wide Earthquake Locator

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Government Reference -- U.S. Government Official Web Portal

U.S. Consumer Information Center - Pueblo, Colorado - U.S. General Services Administration

U.S. Government Information Locator Service - GILS

U.S. Government Federal Agencies Directory

U.S. Library Of Congress

Library Of Congress - Country Studies

Library Of Congress - Research Tools

U.S. Patent Office Search

Free Patents Online -- great new 2005 search tool

The White House & Interactive Citizens Handbook

Write Your Representative In The U.S. Congress

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Math, Science & Cargo Calculation
Animal Planet

Automatic Conversion Calculators - from DHL

Dim Calculator- airfreight calculator from Unishippers


Calculators On Line - Over 20,000 types of calculations, from time, to distance, to transport, to poker, to astrophysics

Cracking The Code of Life - the human genome

Last Word - answers to the nagging questions

Math Search

Martindale's Reference Desk

Online Computer manuals

Science Gems

Science & Technology Reference Desk

The Freight Detective Meteorologist - satellites, radar & weather of the world for air and ocean

The Freight Detective Haz Mat & Safety Center

SDR Currency Exchange Rate Conversion Calculator

Convert SDR into Gold Value - damage calculator for non-MP4 countries

Online Conversion -- Convert just about anything to anything else

Treasure Trove of Science

Units Of Measure - with conversion tables

Weather & Aviation Value Calculators

Weight - Size Calculator From DHL - to learn any subject

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Transportation References


Internet Public Library - Transportation Section

National Transportation Library - U.S. Dept. of Transportation

P & O Nedlloyd Dictionary

Shipping Glossary -- from OOCL

Shiptrade Glossary -- from COSCO

Transport Acronyms

Transportation Expressions

Distance Calculator

World Trade Events Calendar

The Freight Detecive Transport Terminology Center

The Freight Detective's Transportation Reference Desk - the full suite!

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Date & Time Gateway - all world cities

Local Times Around the World

Time Zone Converter

World Clock

Geographic World Clock

Calendar For Any Year

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National Museum Resources
Smithsonian Institution - every department & collection

California Museum of Photography

The Guggenheim

Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago - take the virtual tour

Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation -- info on tours around the country

Museums On The Web

Los Angeles

Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History

George C. Page Museum

La Brea Tar Pits

Petersen Automotive Museum

Wm. S. Hart Ranch & Museum

The Getty Center

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Museum of Contemporary Art

Autry National Center - Southwest Museum

UCLA Hammer Museum

Chinese American Museum

Japanese American National Museum

California Science Center

Children's Museum of Los Angeles

Simon Wiesenthal Museum of Tolerance

Los Angeles Maritime Museum

Huntington Library & Botanical Gardens

Norton Simon Museum

Museum of Television & Radio

Live Steamers Railroad Museum

National Zoo

National Museum of Women in the Arts

National Museum of Nuclear Science & History

National Museum of the American Indian

Studebaker National Museum

Corvette National Museum

National Museum of Naval Aviation

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