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Import, Export & Shipping References

A Basic Guide to Exporting (2nd Ed)

by the U.S. Department of Commerce

A Basic Guide to Exporting is the US Department of Commerce's respected introduction to exporting. It is designed to help USfirms learn the costs and risks associated with exporting and develop a strategy for success. The Guide discusses what decisionsneed to be made and where to get the knowledge to make them. It also directs the reader to sources of assistance throughout theUS federal and state governments, as well as the private sector. The 16 chapters of the Guide are divided into three sections, covering before the sale, making the sale, and after the sale issues. The Guide also includes five appendices on export terms, USfederal export assistance, US state and local assistance, US and overseas contacts in major foreign markets, and a selectedbibliography.

A Basic Gude To Importing - U.S. Customs


Exporting : From Start to Finance

by L. Fargo Wells, Karin B. Dulat

A guide to the steps in the exporting process from analyzing export feasibility to government assistance programs.


Services : The Export of the 21st Century : A Guidebook for U.S. Service Exporters

by Joe Reif (Editor), Alexandra Woznick, Molly E. Thurmond, Jane Kelly, Robert Ostra

U.S. exports of financial, entertainment, architectural, accounting, computer, and other services have more than doubled in the last seven years. Specifically addressing the needs of service exporters, this book covers issues such as marketing services vs. merchandise, market research, export financing, international payments, breaking trade barriers, and more. Also included is a series of 20 industry-specific articles that give the how-to and where-to for exporting specific services.


Export/Import Procedures and Documentation

by Thomas E. Johnson

Packed with over 100 sample documents, required forms, and start-to-finish instructions, this Amacom bestseller has helped thousands of people conduct their international business -- trouble-free! Now Export/Import Procedures & Documentation has been completely revised, with updated forms and procedures, new sections on customs audits and customs compliance assessments, and up-to-the minute information on new export control regulations.


The Big Ten : The Big Emerging Markets and How They Will Change Our Lives

by Jeffrey E. Garten

Jeffrey E. Garten has glimpsed the future of the world economy, and his vision has ten faces: China, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Poland, South Africa, South Korea, and Turkey. Garten predicts these emerging markets will soon be viable economic and political forces, citing their abundant natural resources and recent embrace of free-market economies as key indicators of their potential. In an increasingly global economy, what is good for one theoretically can be good for all, particularly when new markets mean new jobs for both the importing and exporting countries. Not all of the sharing is positive, however; Garten believes this global economic expansion will bring about the rise of terrorism and a growing market for nuclear weapons. Issues such as human rights and governmental regulations further muddy the economic and political waters, making cooperation between nations often impossible. Despite its bold predictions, The Big Ten expands our view of international commerce by dividing the global market into more manageable portions.

The Ocean Freight Forwarder, the Exporter and the Law


European Logistics : Markets, Management & Strategy

by James Cooper, Michael Browne, Melvyn PetersList


  Export/Import Traffic Management and Forwarding

The Environment and Nafta : Understanding and Implementing the New Continental Law

by Pierre Marc Johnson, Andre Beaulieu

In The Environment and NAFTA, two internationally known experts discuss both law and policy as they examine the environmental implications of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the related North American Agreement on Environmental Cooperation (NAAEC). Pierre Marc Johnson and Andre Beaulieu consider the context in which those implications were brought to the negotiating table, the legal mechanism established to address them, and the original trilateral institution set up to maintain a continent-wide level of environmental cooperation. The authors explain how NAFTA and its interaction with NAAEC might take place and how that will affect trade policy and practices, environmental protection efforts, and the relationships between Canada, Mexico, andthe United States. In addition, they consider the environmental features of NAFTA as part of the "social agenda" of trade - the environmental, labor, and broad human rights issues that are coming to play an increasing role in the development of international agreements. The manner in which NAFTA parties have confronted that challenge provides valuable insight into the future of regional and international cooperation.

  Frontiers of Competition Law

by Julian Lonbay

Addresses major areas of competition law and policy at the community level, the national level and at the level where the two interact. Each chapter is fully independent but the collective volume will provide analysis of how competing regulation and practice impacts on key commercial activity. Topics include economics versus business strategy; fines, merger control; joint ventures; block exemptions; and enforcement.


The World Economy: Resources, Location, Trade and Development

by Anthony R. De Souza, Frederick P. Stutz, Anthony R. Desouza

This timely new edition gives students a sound theoretical and practical foundation for understanding the global economy in anera of shifting borders, restructuring economies, and regional realignments. The text thoroughly examines models and concepts of Economic Geography, including population, natural resources, international trade and development. It combines economictheory with geography in an attempt to resolve critical problems of growth, distribution, and development; and to explain their impact on international business. Recent geopolitical changes are vividly portrayed in a series of superb new maps and striking photographs, all in dazzling full color. Abstract concepts are made comprehensible by the use of fascinating real-worldexamples. The book provides a global perspective on international business. It is this pragmatic worldview, evident in everychapter, that makes the second edition of The World Economy: Resources, Location, Trade and Development ideal forcourses in economic geography, international trade, business, marketing, and development.


International Business Law : Text, Cases, and Readings

by Ray S. August

Emphasizes practical application and theory of international business law with supplementary cases and readings.


American Trade Laws After the Uruguay Round



  Dangerous Waters (coming soon)

The Wind & The Lion - our pick for the best romantic adventure epic in Int'l trade.

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  Cargo Airlines

by Oliver Scharschmidt

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Practical Aviation Law

by J. Scott Hamilton

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Bonfires to Beacons : Federal Civil Aviation Policy Under the Air Commerce Act, 1926-1938 (Smithsonian History of Aviation Series)

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