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Yahoo - this engine finds Web pages related to the phrases you specify. Example: cargo in China

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Internet Sleuth - the current craze

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Excite - this engine finds Web pages related to the phrases you specify. Example: Lions and Africa and [not hunting]

AOL NetFindxx...........................xANZWERS!

MultiCrawl - the new multidimential search engine

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C4 Parallel Search Technology

Commerce 2000 - the business directory

Cyber 411

Dogpile - a good one

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Highway 61

HotBot xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx...xxxSnap!

Index of Search Engines x.......x - searchable databases

Inference Findxxxxxxxxxxx...xxxxxInfohiway

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LookSmart Australia xxxx x....xxxLookSmart UK

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Magellan xxxxxxxxxxxxx......xxxxxxMeta Crawler Engine

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News 411

News Trawler - search the primary sources

Niche Search Directoryxxxx.......x

NorthernLight ...............................NetCraft - web exploration

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PlanetSearch xxxxxxxxxxx.........xxPlanet Search For Kids

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Search Bug

Search Dragon - for Asia

Starting Point - the web & over 160 search resources

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