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Over Two months After Grounding - Massive Effort To Refloat M/V APL Panama Succeeds -- SHE FLOATS !! -- Mexico Let Het Go, April 20 2006!


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Page 1 M/V APL Panama Goes Aground- EPIC EVENTS AT ENSENADA -- Dec. 25 2005 to Jan. 27 2006

Page 2 The Epic Battle To Refloat M/V APL Panama -- Jan. 27 to Feb. 28 2006

Page 3 M/V APL Panama Refloated -- March 1 2006 to Present --

Coverage continues on this Page (see below) M/V APL Panama under repair at Subic Bay - 29 June 2006

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"A Day Week Month Months 2 Months At The Beach"

M/V APL Panama

On The Scene At Hussong's CY

Feature Date: January 2006


Original Event Date: Dec. 25 2005 to March 10 2006

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On The Scene -- at Esenada, Mexico

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"A Day Week Month 2 Months

At The Beach"

On The Scene

At Esenada Beach, Mexico

M/V APL Panama

Trouble Finding The Port

Current NEWS Since Dec. 25 2005

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PAGE 3  

A Cargo Nightmare Prize Contender

The Date: Dec. 25 2005

The Place: Ensenada Beach, Mexico

The Function: Hussong's CY


"A Day Week Month Months At The Beach"

Page 1 M/V APL Panama Goes Aground- EPIC EVENTS AT ENSENADA

Page 2 The Epic Battle To Refloat M/V APL Panama

Page 3 - The Dredger Refloats M/V APL Panama - March 10 2006 SHE FLOATS! (see below) Current March 1 2006 to Present -- When Will Mexico Let Het Go? Christmas to Easter to Memorial Day!

Continuing Reports On This Page - M/V APL Panama at sea on April 20 2006

Nov. 12 2006 - M/V APL Panama Is Dead

Page 4 M/V APL Panama Leaves A Great Lady Behind

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Feb. 28 -- A New Plan
"Now salvage crews for the containership APL Panama are preparing a new tactic: creating a channel alongside the stranded ship with a specialized dredger vessel, M/V Francesco di Giorgio. The channel would be as close as possible to the container ship in order to tow it via the canal to deeper waters, the San Diego Union Tribune reported. With M/V Francesco di Giorgio 's arrival expected on February 27, salvage crews are hoping to write the final chapter of the long-running saga that began when M/V APL Panama ran aground in shallow waters 112 miles from Ensenada's port. Repeated attempts to move the ship off the beach with tugboats and a barge equipped with powerful hydraulic pullers have failed. The bow has been moved 50 degrees toward open water, but not far enough to float the ship. The ship's position, parallel to shore, has made for an especially challenging scenario and the vessel is now hemmed in by sand piled as high as 16 feet on its starboard side. An attempt last month to blow away the sand with a giant underwater pipe failed when the pipe broke in the surf. Earlier this month, salvage teams tried a different tack, drilling 200 small holes near the bow into the hull's starboard side, and blowing high-pressure air through them to disperse the sand. The latest sand-removal plans involve the dredger vessel, which is 313 feet long and is designed to operate in shallow water. (Source: San Diego Union Tribune)

Named for the 15th century Italian artist Francesco di Giorgio, M/V Francesco di Giorgio has been sailing from the Nicaraguan port of Corinth, where it was doing maintenance work on a navigational channel.

Picture Taken From The Deck of RMS Queeen Mary 2 by Robert Bents

On Her Short Voyage "Jones Act" Voyage From Port of Los Angeles To Port of Enensanada -- Feb. 27 2006 --

The Queen Surveys M/V APL Panama
Photo: Robert Bents
Picture Taken From The Deck of RMS Queeen Mary 2 by Robert Bents

On Her Short "Jones Act" Voyage From Port of Los Angeles To Port of Enensanada -- Feb. 27 2006 --

The Queen Surveys M/V APL Panama

From a less lofty perch --M/V APL Panama Surveys RMS Queen Mary 2

Photo: Phil Walcher

March 1 2006 --The Pictures of Robert Bents -- above & below

Photo: Robert Bents
The Crowley Tugs Are Seen To Continue Their Pull
March 1 2006 --News From our Readers
"My friend Dloug Lakaski. from B.C. said he could off load the Panama in just two days. How? I asked. "Paint a FOR FREE sign on the side of the ship"
Charlie Canby -- Catalina Island

The Dredger has arrived according to photos we have received. Now We Wait.

March 3 2006 --News From our Readers

"My husband is a second mate on the tug M/V Gladiator and he says the dredger is there. He also wonders if it will ever move. They are doing the very best they can and people should remember what works for one removal of a grounded ship may not always work for another. In an ideal world the ship would be in taiwan already."

March 4 2006 --News From our Readers

High Tide - 2.3 feet

"Gees! Is there a twelve step recovery program for pompous egotism? If they got that boat any higher on the beach, you could call it a Hotel. Which might not be a bad idea considering the cost of salvage. I got it! How about a nautical theme? With a dining room with a view from the bridge. Yes! We call them boats up here in the Great Lakes too. "

Dan Fix

March 6 2006 -- High tide 3.62 ft. on March 6

APL Line Service Status

March 7 2006 -- High tide 3.55 ft. on March 7 -- --News From our Readers Correspondents in Ensenada

"M/V APL Panama really looks small now with an empty deck. Still high and dry. The dredger was in evidence just off the bow of M/V APL Panama yesterday but was no where in sight this morning from my house. Later I saw it out in the bay and then it was gone. I had talked to one of the Titan Salvage people and he was quite confident that the dredging would do the trick and thought it might be refloated in a couple of weeks. They may have had trouble with the dredger and had to remove it or it just may come back again, I don't know yet.
Ensenada George - From our Correspondent in Ensenada. (Tues. Mar. 7 2006)

Todays Ensenada newspaper- El Vigia- (The Lookout) states that there have been 1,300 or so containers off loaded from M/V APL Panama, lightening the ship 20,000 tons which is thought to be sufficient to be able to float the ship at the next plus tide. The famous pulling barge is back on station today, and the dredger continues working. Perhaps you fine folks at Cargo Law can post a picture or drawing of what the dredger looks like below the waterline?

There's a funky bar called Casa Country down on the beach about a mile north of the wreck, and you can sit in comfort and listen to the regulars describe what's being done wrong while watching the dredger move back and forth in the bay. Gonna miss that boat.

I blew it not getting a pool started on the 26th of Dec., with bets on the day & time of floating the ship, closest guess takes all. It would be a substantial kitty by now, likely more than the M/V APL Panama ' captains' entire future earnings!

El Vigia newspaper also says that when the ship is afloat once more it will go to a foreign port for repairs because there is not a drydock in Mexico big enough to take her. Even when she's off the beach it can't leave until the bills are all settled, including returning the beach to pre-M/V APL Panama condition.

Don Fagan - - From our Correspondent in Ensenada. (Tues. Mar. 7 2006)

March 8 2006 -- High tide 2.22 ft. on March 9 -- From our Readers -- Reduced Interest By The Public?

"First of all I'd like to thank you for your great website and the continuing updates for the M/V APL Panama "debacle". Now, I'm everything but a salvage expert but I DO live in The Netherlands and we have the worlds best salvage companies (Smit Tak, Wijsmuller) so maybe it's a sort of second nature to think creatively about this salvage and I came up with this idea: Why don't they drill large tubes up to a few feet under the ship, put water through it under high pressure in order to liquify" the beach under the ship and then start pulling?
Cheers and keep up the good work!

Marc Onrust -- The Netherlands

"I appreciate the update your site provides, but seems M/V APL Panama is fading slowly into the news background, even here in San Diego. I do have one question concerning the salvage effort. Is it being undertaken on the premise of "No cure &endash; No pay"? The meter has been ticking away as we are all aware, if the salvor fails to get APL &endash; Panama off the beach, they are going to be eating a large bill."

Bob Condon -- San Diego

March 10 2006 -- SHE FLOATS !!!!!!

The Cargo Leter March 10 2006
M/V APL Panama -- beached since Christmas Day 2005 -- floated away from the Mexican beach at 4:41 a.m. March 10!!!

M/V APL Panama is now 2 miles offshore in rough seas, held in place by Crowley tugs at her bow & stern. Mexican Navy vessels & helicopters remain nearby, as does a containment vessel to pick up any possible oil spills. Dredger Francesco di Giorgio, up from Nicaragua to dig a channel near M/V APL Panama after repeated attempts to pull her free with tugboats and other equipment failed. Now divers representing such diverse groups as the vessel owners, the insurance companies and the Mexican government are carefully checking the hull for damage. Dredger vessel, M/V Francesco di Giorgio, owned by a Belgian company, Jan de Nul, dug a channel near M/V APL Panama's bow which is 260 feet wide & 30 feet deep. Most critics contend this should & could have been done some time ago.

With most all the cargo having been air-lifted or craned off -- the question now is what toll may have been taken, if any, by this massive tonnage sitting on hard ground. Either way -- now the lawsuits will begin. Congratulations Crowley & Titan!

From APL Line

"APL Panama has been refloated off the coast of Ensenada Mexico. It was successfully recovered from shallow water near the port entrance Friday, March 10, at 4:40 a.m. local time. Currently the vessel is anchored in the Ensenada Roads undergoing damage inspection. That work is expected to take several days. Once inspection is completed, the vessel will be moved to port, where approximately 500 containers remaining on board will be discharged. We will notify you as soon as the port location is determined and your cargo is discharged.

While there is some damage to the ship &endash; propeller blades have been affected, for instance &endash; no material leaks or spills have been observed and there are no signs of cargo damage. Reefer containers continue to receive power.

We apologize again for the inconvenience caused by this incident and will provide new information as the situation develops. We're eager to get your cargo to you and will notify you the moment it's available. In the meantime, please contact your APL customer service representative if you have questions."

APL Line Press Release

March 11 2006 -- M/V APL Panama at sea!

With her propeller damaged, M/V APL Panama isn't going anywhere soon. The ship can't leave Ensenada until Titan Salvage, the ship's owners and Mexican government inspectors have examined its condition. In addition, Mexican authorities won't allow the vessel to leave until the beach where it was stranded is restored. If you have ever worked with the Mexican Government -- this could take a while.

But what did M/V APL Panama leave behins at Port of Ensenada? Take a look on our Page 4.

From The Readers --

"Wonderful news & congratulations to Crowley Maritime "
Connie Crowley Peabody
Dear Ms. Crowley Peabody
In 1892, your forefather Thomas Crowley purchased one 18-foot Whitehall boat to provide transportation of personnel & stores to ships anchored on San Francisco Bay. In the 114 years since, the company has grown not only to the stature of a giant, but now Crowley Maritime stands as perhaps the leading name in American marine ventures. For this, along with your personal contributions to the important Bancrocft Libray -- we all say "THANKS". Crowley Maritime continues to make America great.

"Congratulations to the salvage company. But what a (bloody!) shame it took them like 3 months to get the job done. If they got the dredger to Mexico in December already, this vessel would have been floating again within a couple of days after it grounded. A potentially relatively easy (cheap) job turned into a time consuming and financial drama for all companies and people affected. Definitely a 10 on Richter's scale!

I'm visitting your website on an almost daily basis. Keep up the good work!

Best regards from The Netherlands"

Marc Onrust

"They did it!!!! I was shopping at Costco on March 10 afternoon just a stone's throw from M/V APL Panama and I could see a crane & deck and all. March 11 morning I looked out my window and she was gone.

They made it look easy this time. Later M/V APL Panama was out in the bay just off the beach from where I live. I could see either an anchor cable or towing cable. A tug was about 5 vessel boat lengths ahead of her so it may have been held in place by that line.

Well, it was great fun while it lasted. I'm a little sad to see her go. Now we have to go back to lazy days watching the cruise ships and their passengers wander around Ensenada.

Thanks for the chance to comment. Your website covered this epic incident with fact and humor. It probably made them try a little harder.

I'll look for more interesting coverage on other incidents when they happen."

Ensenada George - From our Correspondent in Ensenada. (Fri. Mar. 10 2006)
Thanks George! -- The Next time this happens -- we'll be there!
For Crowley & Titan it was "No Cure - No Pay" in the rules of salvage -- but these companies earned their pay. McD
Photo: Anonymous Maritime Agency
Perhaps Ensenada Was Very Happy to See M/V APL Panama Gone !

From This Angle -- The Illusion That From Out On The Beach -- She Towers Over The City

New For March 20 2006

Additional Reader Comments --

>>>"Thank you for great coverage on the Panama Incident. If I were to caption any of the photographs, it would be:
"Taking Store Door Delivery to the next level"

Robert O. Rampersad, Director Logistics Strategy, Kellwood Company, Operating Services Division

>>>"Thanks for your very informative and often humorous reporting on the Panama. It's surprising how some other poor SOB's problems can often be so humorous some how.

The term "&endash" is used liberally throughout the your feature. I have so far been unable to find anyone here in what's left of New Orleans; Admiralty Lawyers, Surveyors, Pilots, Captains, etc.; who knows what that term means. Would you please enlighten me (us)?"

Donald C.(Don) Burnham -- The Havnen Group, New Orleans
Thanks Don! Your support "&" kind words for our feature are appreciated. As to the term "&endash" -- you have entered the world of wasted effort. Sorry we put you to the investigative trouble. Rest easy, you were not absent from class when they taught an important maritime term! With great apology, "&endash" is what many computers do when transfering the symbol "&" from one operatng platform or program to another. In other words -- this was our typographical error on our part for not finding & correcting. We'll go back and try to clean up our work & fix the situation! :-) McD

>>> "Hi there, I wonder if you heve any contact with cruse members ? My uncle is there and his wife beg him to call home. If you can help me. I will be grandfull. Please write me back if you can contact them then I will tell you more details."

Kamil from Poland

April 3 2006 -- Mexican Government Grants Release --We Told You This Would Take A While. Shame On Mexico For Holding This Damaged Vessel.

More than three months after it ran aground, container M/V APL Panama's sojourn in Ensenada is drawing to a close. The 835-foot vessel, anchored 4 miles offshore since its March 10 refloating, will be brought into port to discharge its remaining 513 containers before being towed away for repairs, port director Carlos Manuel Jauregui said.

With no dry dock available at shipyards on the U.S. West Coast, the vessel may be sent to China, owners said. The vessel's propeller & hull suffered damage during the grounding. In the meantime, Ensenada is receiving close to US$150,000 from Titan Maritime LLC, the Florida-based salvage company that refloated the vessel, said Francisco Tarin Perisky, the city's finance secretary. The payments are compensation for city employees who guarded the beach, keeping away sightseers while salvors worked to float the vessel, and for damage to city streets. Heavy trucks used those streets to ferry containers to the port after cargo containers were taken off the ship and placed on the beach. The funds also will pay for guards to keep people off the beach during the next few months, as civil protection officials have deemed the area unsafe for swimmers, said Perisky.

The salvage operations, which included construction of a temporary rock-&-sand jetty and the dredging of a channel offshore, created new currents and sudden changes in depth that are dangerous, Esenada officials, said. "We're going to put up barriers and guard it with lifeguards and police," officials said. The beach, known as Playa Hermosa or Playa Conalep, is one of the city's most popular swimming spots, and officials expect it will take about eight months to revert to its previous condition. The timing of the M/V APL Panama 's departure remained unclear yesterday, as the vessel was still undergoing inspections. "The vessel owners are working out arrangements to bring the ship into the harbor as soon as possible," said a statement from APL, the container transportation company that chartered the M/V APL Panama for its trans-Pacific route.

Dutch towage company, Fairmount Marine, has dispatched the powerful tug M/V Hua An from Singapore -- specializung in heavy-lift transportation to attend M/V APL Panama. eports say this assignment could last several months.

 Thanks to Ms. Sandra Dibble - Reporter of the San Diego Uniion Tribune

-- as we said, this "release" by the Mexican government would take some time -- 23 days is quite good -- if the "release" is real. Now we will learn of the true damage to M/V APL Panama.


April 12 2006 -- Associated Press Reports Mexican Government Continuing To "Think" About Releasing M/V APL Panama. Christmas To Easter & Beyond!

M/V APL Panama ran aground Christmas Day on a beach in Ensenada and stuck around for the port's popular Feb. carnival. Now it seems she'll be staying through Easter as well.

Five weeks after M/V APL Panama was refloated, the vessel remains anchored offshore, awaiting clearances from Mexican agencies, a final inspection, and the arrival of a Dutch-owned tug that will escort it across the Pacific Ocean.

The vessel's German owners, Mare Britannicum Schiffhartsgesellschaft, say the wait shouldn't be too much longer. "If we're lucky, it should be (leaving) around next week," operations director Alexander Burchard said yesterday in a telephone interview from company headquarters in Bremen, Germany.

M/V APL Panama ran aground Dec. 25 as it prepared to enter Ensenada's harbor, during a regular trans-Pacific trip. It wasn't until 75 days later that salvors from Titan Maritime were able to get it afloat after lightening its load and removing sand from around the hull.

The ship was allowed to enter the port for the first time April 8, to unload 513 remaining containers, said Capt. José Luis Ríos Hernández, the harbor master. Ríos said the ship can't leave Ensenada without his permission, and he can't authorize the departure without clearances from government agencies.

The major hold appears to be one placed by the federal environmental agency, Profepa, which has ordered the ship's owners to study potential long-term damage caused by the grounding.

"We're waiting for the results of the study," said Ricardo Castellanos Percevault, head of Profepa in Baja California. "We believe that the conduct of M/V APL Panama. (salvage effort) was adequate, but we want to make sure that there is no long-lasting impact."

Burchard said yesterday that the study is completed, and the company is waiting for the Mexican environmental agency to act.

Burchard said the ship must also undergo a final inspection by Germanischer Lloyd, a classification society. Most cargo vessels are certified by such societies, which set technical design standards.

The owners have contracted with a Dutch firm, Fairmount Marine B.V., to tow M/V APL Panama. to Asia. The tug M/V Hua An is expected to arrive in Ensenada by next week, Burchard said. M/V APL Panama. s destination remains uncertain.

Associated Press

-- as we said before -- dealing with the Mexican government will result in no finalality before the most appropriate amount of tribute has been paid -- and then a bit more. Gottcha! We receive letters from families of the crew. Being that M/V APL Panama sails for one of largest shipping companies of thw world & is backed by a huge P&I Club -- this holing of M/V APL Panama is a disgrace.

April 20 2006 -- Let My People Go -- M/V APL Panama finally At Sea!

After months of salvage work & political wrangling M/V APL Panama finally left Mexican waters for a 45-day trans-Pacific trip to the Philippines for repairs. The 4,038-teu vessel was completely unloaded as it departed from Ensenada on 20 April after a US$2M bond was posted by its owner, Britannicum Schiffahrtsgesellschaft. The Antigua-flagged ship, which was now towed away by the Dutch-registered heavy lift tug M/V Hua An, had grounded on Christmas Day in the mouth of the Ensenada channel on arriving from Oakland with 1,805 containers aboard. Although the ship is free and the cargo finally delivered, in its wake, the ship leaves claims by the Mexican government for damage to the channel and area beaches and the salvor's tab that still must be paid.

June 6 2006 -

M/V APL Panama, in tow of salvage tug M/V Hua An -- expected to arrive Subic Bay tomorrow morning to effect repairs.

June 16 2006 -

M/V APL Panama arrived Subic Shipyard & Engineering Inc June 7. Subic shipyard also reported that the vessel is now drydocked and undergoing repairs. Earlier reports indicated that its propeller blades had been damaged. - Lloyd's List Correspondent.

June 29 2006 -

M/V APL Panama continues undergoing bottom and side shell plate repairs at Subic Shipyard, however, estimated time of completion still undetermined.

Nov. 12 2006 -

After 3 months in Keppel Shipyard at Subic Bay, M/V APL Panama completed repairs of the extensive hull-damage of M/V APL Panama which she had suffered in its grounding off Ensenada and her owners Hansa Mare Reederei, Bremen/Germany, gave her on charter to APL again at unchanged conditions up to 2012. She is now trading as M/V APL HAOHSIUNG in APL's Express Service on the HongKong-Jebel Ali leg.

Thus M/V APL Panama is dead.

He should have waited 20 minutes for the Ensenada Harbor Pilot.

M/V APL Panama - Once Again at sea

For Crowley & Titan -- The Rule is "No Cure -- NO Pay" -- in maritime savage

These maritime giants have earned every dollar of their pay!

But What did M/V APL Panama Leave Behind At Port of Ensenada? -- Our Feature Continues

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The Law Offices of Countryman & McDaniel

Eleventh Floor LAX Airport Center

5933 West Century Boulevard

Los Angeles, California, 90045

(310) 342-6500 Voice

(310) 342-6505 Fax


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