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Readers Note: This Feature Has Now Moved Forward To 3 Pages:

Page 1 M/V Cargo Ace- July 23 to August 14 2006 - M/V Cougar Ace At Extreme Risk

Page 2 M/V Cougar Ace - August 15 To August 31 - The Lady Has Been Saved - So Far - The Tribute To Marty LET YOUR VOICE JOIN NOW!


We Need YOUR Help. New Issue Tonight: Should the name be "M/V Martin Johnson"? Only A Mother Can Answer. Update For Today

Marty's Brother In Law Speaks Out - Aug. 24

Marty's Sister Speaks Out - Aug. 27

The Lady Is Coming To Port! - Aug. 28

The Family Memorial

Page 3 M/V Cougar Ace - Sept. 1 To Present - End of The Mazdas & The Final Tribute To Martry Johnson -- The "Marty J"

Oct. 30 2007 - A Continuing Tribute To Marty
 "Laying Down On The Job"

On The Scene - In The North Pacific !

M/V Cougar Ace

Japan for Vancouver B.C., Canada

Feature Date: August, 2006

Event Date: July 23, 2006

Page 3

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On The Scene -- In The North Pacific !

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"Laying Down On The Job"

On The Scene

In The North Pacific

M/V Cougar Ace

BREAKING NEWS Since July 23 2006

Proving Again That: "Ship Happens©"

PAGE 3 - The Voyage To Portland

Naming of The "Marty J"


The Voyage To Portland

Crowley Tug M/V Sea Victory With M/V Cougar Ace Under Tow Sept. 1 2006 -- Crowley Tug M/V Gladiator On Escort.

A 10 Day Voyage -- Across The Pacific -- Over The Columbia River Bar -- Up The Columbia River -- 90 Miles To Portland.

This Saga of M/V Cougar Ace Is Far From Over!

Photo courtesy of U.S Coast Guard Marine Safety Detachment Unalaska

The Cargo Letter For Fri. 1 Sept. 2006 - M/V Cougar Ace Under Tow For Portland- U.S. Coast Guard Situation Report
U.S. Coast Guard Seventeenth District Situation Report - 1 Sept. 2006 -- M/V Cougar Ace Under Tow
"The motor vessel Cougar Ace has departed Unalaska Bay under tow by the ocean tug M/V Sea Victory today. They are being escorted by the tug M/V Gladiator. The vessel has been certified and approved by the Coast Guard and NK Class Society for transit to Portland, Ore. The transit time is expected to take 10 days. Upon reaching the Columbia River special arrangements have been made to facilitate its safe transit up the busy waterway to Portland. An emergency tow line and arrangement with M/V Gladiator has been set up as a precaution. The Coast Guard has checked and secured all ballast tanks. No ballast transfers will be made during the transit.

"The crew of M/V Cougar Ace and the sea going tug M/V Sea Victory made the final preparations to tow the fully righted shifollowing several weeks of work by salvage crews to right the vessel, re-secure the cargo & clean the interior to make it habitable again. The Coast Guard and Mitsui O.S.K. Lines developed plans for tow to Portland, Ore.

"Unalaska inspectors verified all of the general safety items were found to be in accordance with the riding plan & tow plans that have been developed. Welding reinforcement of bulwarks & rigging of an emergency tow line was completed.

"Two individual plans to tow the vessel were developed. One plan covers the open-ocean tow, the other the Columbia River to Portland portion. The Crowley Marine tug M/V Sea Victory, which successfully towed M/V Cougar Ace from the open ocean to Wide Bay, is conducting the tow to Portland with the tug M/V Gladiator as an escort. Upon reaching the Columbia River marine pilots from the Columbia River Marine Pilots Association will come aboard to assist in the safe transit to Portland. The Coast Guard and Coast Guard Auxiliary will be assisting as well. The total transit time from Wide Bay to Portland is estimated to be 10 days.

"Capt. Mark DeVries, Captain of the Port for Western Alaska and Commander of Coast Guard Sector Anchorage, has said that the vessel is stable and safe for transit. Coast Guard inspectors have made thorough surveys of the ship. 'M/V Cougar Ace has been properly ballasted and we have checked and secured all ballast tanks' he said. 'We have adjusted the ballast to put the vessel within its established stability criteria. No additional ballast transfers will be conducted until the vessel reaches Portland and the Coast Guard and the Class Society can fully inspect the ballast system to certify that it is working properly and can again be used.'

"M/V Cougar Ace, a 654-foot Singapore flagged car carrier, sailed from Japan on July 22 with a load of 4,813 cars. The vessel was en route to two ports along the West Coast of Canada and the United States. The vessel encountered difficulty during a ballast exchange on July 24 about 230 miles south of the Aleutian Island chain in international waters. The vessel sustained a 60 degree list within a few minutes.

"The Coast Guard USCGC Cutter Rush, a 378-foot cutter from Hawaii, was determined to be the closest Coast Guard asset. It was diverted immediately however, M/V Cougar Ace was still a 20 hour transit away. Coast Guard C-130s from Air Station Kodiak were the first on scene followed soon after by Coast Guard helicopters and Alaska Air National Guard helicopters with pararescue teams aboard. Upon arrival they hoisted the crew from M/V Cougar Ace. The crew was delivered safely to Adak and eventually returned to their homes in Asia.

"Salvage crews attempted to right the vessel at sea but weather conditions and the large swells common to the Pacific Ocean forced a change of venue to the sheltered waters of Wide Bay. The crews proceeded to hook onto the enormous ship laden with cars and tow it through Samalga Pass and into the Bering Sea to Wide Bay on the north side of Unalaska Island.

"Following the necessary surveys, salvage crews worked steadily to dewater the No. 9 cargo deck & add water to the appropriate ballast tanks to right the vessel. The ship was kept at a 10 degree list for several days to facilitate cleaning before it was finally righted completely on Aug. 28. Crews re-secured all the cargo, mostly Mazda brand vehicles. Only 41 of the 4,813 cars were found to have shifted.

"On Aug. 28 vessel stores were supplied & loaded for transit, and rigging and reinforcement of the tow arrangement continued. Inspections of the vessel located a minor amount flood water in some of the vessel's piping due to downflooding through vent piping when the vessel was still healed over. The flood water was pumped to tanks aboard the Magone Marine barge Kashega. The tailshaft was locked in place as was the rudder post. Testing of the watertight integrity of the cargo doors was completed and found to be satisfactory. No pollution has been reported from the vessel in Wide Bay.

"The U.S. Coast Guard in Alaska will continue to monitor the transit of M/V Cougar Ace until she reaches Puget Sound and the Columbia River where Coast Guard District 13 assets will take up the work and escort the vessel to Portland."

U.S. Coast Guard Seventeenth District - 1 Sept. 2006

Below Are Only A Few Examples of The Letters We Have Received Today -- But We NEED So Many more. Write To Us In Support of M/V Marty Johnson Now.

 "I support the renaming to the M/V Marty Johnson. Without the work of Mr. Fontain "Marty" Johnson and his colleagues -- there would be no M/V Cougar Ace!"
Capt. Ed Ostrand - Master, M/V Alexandra

"Thank you to the late Marty Johnson and all the salvage crew for also saving the environment in this unfortunate accident. Please rename this ship in his honour.

Michael Emm - CEO, Elite Group Canada

"I worked with Marty through 9 months in 2000, working as a consultant Naval Architect for Crowley. He was a very talented engineer, and had a rather dry sense of humor. Great fun once you got him going! I will miss him very much. I think that renaming the ship would be very fitting tribute.

Long May She Sail,

Chuck Barrett --Naval Architect, Elliott Bay Design Group

"I support the name change to M/V Marty Johnson! It is the least they can do to remember this man who died trying to save their vessel."

Doug - San Pedro, CA

Special Editor Note:

So here we are on Sept. 1 2006. M/V Cougar Ace is under tow to her final safe haven about Sept. 10. It now appears M/V Cougar Ace may survive her incredible voyage.

We must now make sure that the man whose sacrifice made all of this possible -- is remembered.

The work goes forward to recognize Marty Johnson.

Write To Us In Support of the name change to M/V Martin Johnson Now. CLICK HERE You must take a moment to vote for the name change.

The Cargo Letter For Fri. 8 Sept. 2006 - M/V Cougar Ace Under Tow For Port - The Port of Portland Welcomes M/V Cougar Ace

Today's Message of WELCOME to The Cargo Letter --

"Tracking this story from its early stage, the Port of Portland's berth #607 and the berth at the container facility (Terminal 6) will be accomodating M/V Cougar Ace for a week to 10 days as the vessel completes its discharge.

"That this vessel comes to Portland is a source of pride for our Columbia River maritime community, including the Portland Sector U.S. Coast Guard Team, the Columbia River Bar Pilots, the Columbia River Pilots, Jones Stevedoring, the ILWU, Auto Warehousing Corporation, U.S. Customs and Border Protection as well as the staff of the Port of Portland, in particular, Mr. Bob Lipscomb, our General Manager of Marine Marketing.

"Mitsui and Mazda are not current customer's or tenants of the Port. Nevertheless, we have the facilities to accomodate M/V Cougar Ace and will do what we can to expedite the safe discharge and recovery of the cargo.

"What we cannot do, regretably, is change the circumstances that contributed to the tragic loss or Mr. Martin Johnson.  That being said, our Columbia River maritime community is as accomplished and seasoned as one can find anywhere around the globe. Remaining competitive with 105 miles of river navigation requires hard work, coordinated efforts, and the sharing of a great deal of expertise.

"That the Columbia River and the Port of Portland have now become a part of the story concerning M/V Cougar Ace, our maritime community will also do the right thing and ensure that we pay our collective tribute to the memory of Mr. Martin Jognson and make an appropriate contribution to the institutions named in his honor.  To that end, the Port of Portland will act as the coordinator of this initiative. Our pride in accomodating the vessel is therefore tempered by the loss of Martin and the impact that this has on his family, friends and associates"

Sam Ruda -- Marine Director, Port of Portland

Editor Note: The thoughts expressed today by Sam Ruda at the Port of Portland reflect a 150 year tradition of maritime history. This is a port city begun by the explorations of Lewis & Clark -- and which now stands as an under appreciated GATEWAY to the U.S. intermodal interior. Crisis may have brought M/V Cougar Ace to Portland -- but this port is truly the future of U.S. waterborne commerce. McD

Today we thank Sam Ruda & the Port of Portland for their WELCOME for M/V Cougar Ace -- and the meaning this vessel has come to represent for American Salvage & Seamanship!

The Fight For M/V Marty Johnson Will Continue-- on The Voyage To Portland! We Need Your Vote!

Write To Us In Support of the name change to M/V Martin Johnson Now. CLICK HERE You must take a moment to vote for the name change.
The Cargo Letter For Sat. 9 Sept. 2006 - M/V Cougar Ace Remains Under Tow For Portland - Family, Friends & Readers Speak Out For Marty Johnson!
Below Are Only A Few Examples of The Letters We Have Received Today -- But We NEED So Many more. Write To Us In Support of M/V Marty Johnson Now.

"Marty Johnson was my sister-in-law Nicole's brother, her only sibling.

"Thank you so much for your efforts to rename the M/V Cougar Ace after him. He was an extraordinary young man and he paid the ultimate price in salvaging the ship. Honoring him in this way would bring some solace to his family and friends."

Liz Murphy-Evans -- Washington, DC

"Thank you for your efforts. What a wonderful tribute that would be. Marty's family would be greatly comforted. I work for naval architects, I knew Marty and I very much appreciate what you are doing."

Sharon Doub

"I also support the renaming of the M/V Cougar Ace to honor Marty Johnson. Were it not for people like him, the vessel and many others would likely be another artifact on the bottom of the ocean."

Capt. Randy L.A. Ward (ret.)

"By all means it would be a very fitting gesture to rename the Cougar Ace in honor of Marty Johnson."

Carrie Wilder

"We also support renaming the M/V Cougar Ace in honor of Marty Johnson."

John & Alexandra Graubert

"I am writing in support of the initiative to rename this ship to honour Martin Johnson."

Soraya Chemaly

"Horrible tragedy and loss of Marty Johnson. It would be a terrific dedication to change the name of the M/V Cougar Ace to the M/V Marty Johnson in his honor."

Margot Michalski, CRPC, CFP -- Wealth Management Advisor, Sr. Financial Advisor, Global Private Client Group, Merrill Lynch, NYC

"I totally support any effort to rename the M/V Cougar Ace the M/V Marty Johnson. It is only fitting; the man gave up his life so this shipping company could have its boat back."

"David" Michael Korlin

"The M/V Cougar Ace would have sunk without the help of salvage workers like Marty Johnson. He gave you his life - what small price is a name to pay?"

Anne Hudson

"We appreciate and support your efforts to inform the public on important matters.

"Specifically, we support your efforts to rename M/V Cougar Ace, to commemorate the life, service, and tragic loss of Mr. Martin Johnson in the recent salvage effort."

James E. Ewart -- Principia Publishing, Inc.

"I vote to change M/V Cougar to M/v Marty Johnson.

Scott Henderson -- Nova Scotia Government

"Please add my name to the list of supporters for changing the name of the ship as a tribute to M/V Marty Johnson. There are only a few things that can provide comfort and recognition to reflect his dedication and love of his work. This is certainly a wonderful way to do that."

Lance Friedsam -- Washington, DC 20007

"I entirely support the name change from M/V Cougar Ace to M/V Marty Johnson. The ship is certainly no longer an "Ace". If it were not for persons such as Marty, the entire shipping industry would be in much further trouble. The ones who endanger their lives in support of the repair of problems which they had no previous contact with are the true people who need to be honored."

Gerald Hendrickson, P.E. -- Plymouth, MN

"YES, the Cougar Ace must be renamed to M/V Marty Johnson. I am in complete support to commemorate the tragic death of Marty Johnson .

Pascal Bredel -- Le Havre , France

"I want to put my name on the list to support your efforts on naming a vessel after the very heroic Marty Johnson."

Sandy Veich --Ocean Manager, MTI Worldwide

"I am in Support of the name change to M/V Marty Johnson. That ship and cargo are not worth one person's life. The owners would dishonor themselves to ignore the sacrifice of Mr. Johnson as he tried to save their mere property."

Patrick Jankowiak

"I am in complete support for renaming the M/V Cougar Ace to the M/V Marty Johnson. The cost to rename the vessel is minimal compared to the cost of replacing her which the company would have had to do without the work of Marty and the rest of the salvors."

Leo J. Cisco -- Romeoville, IL - our dear marine cargo insurance friend

"Yes, I am all for it! I am voting for the name change."

Hildegard E. Krause -- Claims Manager, Roanoke Trade Services, San Francisco

Pointed Questions --

"I for one wouldn't be happy sailing aboard a ship named after a guy who had died aboard that very ship; us sailors are superstitious kind of guys. But name the next new building for Ace after Mr Johnson and there would be no problem."
Harvey Green -- Scotland and Overseas Surveys

"Thank you for your excellent work in your continued coverage of the "Cougar Ace" situation. I have two questions regarding the proposed renaming of the vessel:

1.) How does Mr. Johnson's family feel about the matter?

2.) Is it considered bad luck to name a vessel after someone who died aboard her or in close proximity?

"If these questions can be answered "they support this proposal" and "no", then I would be pleased to add my support to the many who have already voiced their approval.

Tessa M. Lucero, CPCU, AMIM

Pointed Answers --

After hundreds of you have spoken out, now for the first time in this campaign -- Tessa M. Lucero and Harvey Green have questioned the effort.

Their questions are very legitimate. We answer:

1.) We do not speak for the family of Marty Johnson -- but family members such as Marty's Sister & Brother-in-Law support the effort on these pages.

The The Family Memorial to this great tragedy includes support for our modest effort to establish M/V Martin Johnson. This said, we will not allow the family to become embroiled in any debate on any topic. We honor this family.

2.) Where the issue of "maritime superstition" is concerned, our first reaction is to follow the lead of YOU readers who have so eloquently pointed out that Marty Johnson has well earned the right to the naming of a ship for which he gave his own life. We cannot imagine a right which is more clear --nor a sacrifice which better defines the meaning of "ultimate."

We are very comfortable with believing that the "Maritime Gods" will wish only traditonal "fair winds & following seas" for a M/V Martin Johnson in her future voyages.

If any of you wish to contribute tales of wreck & ruin based on such a vessel renaming as we suggest -- bring them on. We'll post & consider all material.

And so today .... the M/V Cougar Ace .... for which Marty gave his life ..... slides successfully toward her rendezvous with the Columbia River Bar under the tow of M/V Sea Victory.


Write To Us In Support of the name change to M/V Martin Johnson Now. CLICK HERE You must take a moment to vote for the name change.




The M/V Cougar Ace has arrived at Portland! The 4,700 Mazdas will be unloaded in the next few days and examined. Those that are repairable or undamaged will be sent to dealers in the Pacific Northwest -- but the cars could end up all over the country. Of course the cars were originally destined for the ports of Vancouver, B.C., Tacoma and Hueneme, California. None of the cars will be sold as new. Mazda will post the VIN numbers of the cars that were on the ship on its WEB site. (Sept. 15, 2006)

Read Mazda's press release here.


More thoughts from our readers on the tribute to Marty Johnson:

I would like to cast my vote to rename the Cougar Ace in honor of Marty Johnson. I am a good friend of his sister and know that every way we can embrace Marty's memory will help his family heal in time.

Sarah Loveland -- Portland, OR

 There would be no more fitting conclusion to this epic salvage operation than the rechristening of this vessel to honour one of her saviours -- one who paid the ultimate price.

Sean -- Vancouver, Canada

What Marty and the rest of the team was quite selfless boarding a car carrier dangerously listed and was in the best tradition of sea salvage. So let us ask Mitsui to remember this ultimate sacrifice.

Captain G. Graham Pilot -- Jebel Ali, UAE

I am a family friend of the Johnsons. My father worked with Marty's, and I spent many happy hours of my childhood with the Johnson family. I know that I speak not only for myself, but for my parents Cathy and Terry as well, when I say that it would be an affront to Marty and his family not to rename the Cougar Ace in memorium of his life and tremendous talent.

Jemma Evans

Marty Johnson was my college thesis partner, and I worked with him for 5 years at a shipping company. He was a brilliant naval architect and good friend. He will be sorely missed. I respectfully suggest to MOL that the name of the Cougar Ace should be changed to honor him.

Steven Pagan -- FSO Project Engineer, Chevron Engineer, currently at Seoul, Republic of Korea.


In general, most cars appear to show no body or frame damage. However, many cars suffered cosmetic or superficial damage due to contact with spilled battery acid, engine oils, and antifreeze. A few cars were partially submerged in sea water for several weeks, and are thus badly damaged by moldand slime.

From our Correspondent James E. Ewart. (Thurs. Sept. 27 2006)



I am one of the Portland Longshoreman unloading the Cougar Ace. It's slow going. We are pulling off 75 to 170 cars per shift. We are loading them onto one-car flatbed trailers pulled by Chevy pickups. I've only seen one damaged car myself (body damage); a silver CX7 with the rear quarter bashed in. We are cleaning off most of the cars with rags and spray bottles. They have battery acid and a mix of oils on them. Lot's of the cars are perfect looking, though all have indeed been on their sides. I'm not surprised the lashings held most of the cars. Those lashings are very strong and they are meant to pretty much hold a car to the deck no matter what. But some broke loose in the lower decks; cars slammed into other cars (side to side) and there are a few cars that are t-boned around deck poles. I have not see the lower 2 decks myself yet but my partners tell me that along the water side of the ship there are cars that were under sea water and you open them up and it's mold city. Judging from what decks I've been on and what I've heard, at least 90 percent of the cargo is good and good looking. I'm going back on the ship tonight and will update.

(Fri. Sept. 22 2006)

Hauled out another 120 cars last night. There are about 20 or 30 that were a total loss. Totally submerged in salt water for a good spell. They were covered with algae and mold with rust creeping out of the cracks. The walkers told me that they are going to the smasher. I steered one beautiful jet-black CX7 out of the 3rd deck from the top. Totally perfect except for a giant glass etching job from some battery acid dripping on the windshield. It needs new glass, but other than that, it's wonderful. lot's of the cars look perfect after we clean them up though. And most of the others just have little blobs of bad paint from the brake fluids and battery acid.

(Tues. Sept. 22 2006) 



Affected models are:  Mazda 3 Sedan, Mazda 3 Sport (Canada)

Mazda CX-7, Mazda 3 4-door, Mazda 3 5-door, Mazda 6, Mazda MX-5 Miata, Mazda RX-8 (U.S.)

Review the affected VIN numbers here.

*None of these cars will be sold as new.*

(Sun. Oct. 1 2006)

Our Readers have not forgotten, and continue to demand a tribute to Marty Johnson!

 Below Are Only A Few Examples of Letters We Received since M/V Cougar Ace made Port through today (Sat. Nov. 18 2006)......


Absolutely,change the name. Marty gave his life to save that ship and cargo. That's the last we can do. Incredible courage he had to have working on a salvage job in the middle of the cold, treacherous, inky black waters of the North Pacific. A man's man. God bless him.

T W Hunt

I respectfully request that the owners of the Cougar Ace change the name of the ship to honor Marty Johnson.

Christine Pili

It would be a fitting tribute to all the men and women who provide services to the shipping industry.

Bill Hurley -- Mississauga, Ontario

As an honor and a tribute to Marty Johnson - I respectfull request that the owners of the Cougar Ace change the name of the ship to honor Marty Johnson.

Steve Miller

I would be a fantastic memorial if the owners of the Cougar Ace change the name of the ship to honor Marty Johnson, who died trying to save her.

Nancy Bray -- Danville, California

It is unfortunate that there is a long history of people giving their lives at sea in the marine industry. There is also a long tradition of honoring those who give their lives in service at sea. I respectfully suggest that the MV Cougar Ace be renamed to honor Marty Johnson, a man who gave his life in the attempt to return that ship to service.

Mike Pagan

I respectfully request that the owners of the Cougar Ace change the name of the ship to honor Marty Johnson.

Jeremy Small - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I respectfully request that the owners of the Cougar Ace change the name of the ship to honor Marty Johnson who died during the salvage effort.

John W. Gewartowski

I was not aware that someone had died in the recovery process. Knowing that, I feel it is only proper that Mitsui and Mazda make the gesture to remember Marty Johnson, by renaming their car carrier, the M/V Marty Johnson.

Peter Roman - Seattle, Washington

I support the name change of M/V Cougar Ace to M/V Marty Johnson. We should honor those who gave all they had. James Curry SAMS AMS

James Curry - SAMS AMS

I am writing to support the change in M/V Cougar Ace's name to M/V Marty Johnson. We have known the entire Johnson family for years, and they are as wonderful as they come. If nothing else, honoring their son/brother in this way would help add some closure to his tragic death. Please strongly consider this action.

Chris DeMars and John MacArthur - Portland, Oregon

We support renaming the M/V Cougar Ace the M/V Marty Johnson as a fitting memorial to Marty.

Michael & Carrie Malcolm

It would be a fitting tribute to rename the ship M/V Cougar Ace to become M/V Marty Johnson . Those responsible for this vessel should give this serious consideration.

Tom Cameron - Farmington Hills, Michigan

End of The Story -- Saga of M/V Cougar Ace -- The Sacrifice of Mr. Marty Johnson -- And The Mazdas

Marty Johnson Wins!

End of The Mazdas -- But Should They Have Gone To Chariry?

Mazda announced that it decided to scrap all 4,703 vehicles that were aboard M/V Cougar Ace. The decision not to sell any of the vehicles that were aboard the M/V Cougar Ace must have been difficult to make, considering that we estimate the hull of the ship contained over US$103M worth of vehicles (60% of the vehicles on board were the more expensive CX-7, so we assumed a conservate per unit average MSRP of US$22,000). Not that we're criticizing Mazda for scrapping the entire shipment, but the destruction of 4,703 vehicles, at least some if not most of which are salveagable, seems like a waste. We're sure there are plenty of non-profit organizations & charities that would be grateful to take these vehicles off of Mazda's hands.


IRVINE, Calif.--Mazda Motor Corporation today announced that all of the U.S.- and Canada-bound Mazda vehicles from the car-carrying vessel, M/V Cougar Ace, which nearly capsized off the Aleutian Islands in late July, would be scrapped.

"After thorough testing by engineers from our American and Japanese R&D centers, we decided the most appropriate course of action &endash; with our customers foremost in mind &endash; was not to sell any of the 4,703 Mazdas aboard the ship," said Jim O'Sullivan, President and CEO of Mazda North American Operations, based in Irvine, Calif.

The Cougar Ace sat listing at more than 60-degrees for nearly a month after an incident at sea, before it could be towed to the Port of Portland, Ore., for repairs and to have its cargo off-loaded.

O'Sullivan added that although some of the Mazdas aboard M/V Cougar Ace showed little or no visible damage from being tied-down at severe angles for an extended period, the company reconsidered its initial decision to sell any of the vehicles as used.

"We always put the customer first," O'Sullivan continued. "This drove our decision to scrap every one of the Mazdas involved in this incident. None will be sold as used cars."

Headquartered in Irvine, Calif., Mazda North American Operations oversees the sales, marketing, parts and customer service support of Mazda vehicles in the United States, Canada and Mexico through nearly 900 dealers. Operations in Canada are managed by Mazda Canada, Inc., located in Ontario, Canada, and in Mexico by Mazda Motor de Mexico in Mexico City.

Mazda Motor Corp.

Victory For The Memory of Mr. Marty Johnson -- The New Vessel Marty J

A New Vessel Named For Marty Johnson
Crowley Maritime Corp. has christened the Marty J, the 1st of three Heavy Lift 455 Series barges, which have been under construction at Gunderson Marine in Portland, Oregon. The three 400-foot by 105-foot-wide deck barges are being built to be utilized for project work in the offshore energy industry in the Gulf of Mexico. The addition of these vessels will expand & keep current Crowley's fleet for customers of the company's marine services business segment.

During a ceremony held at Gunderson Marine on Northwest Front Avenue, Nicole Murphy, sister of Fontain Martin "Marty" Johnson III, christened the barge. The Marty J was so named as a tribute to Johnson, a nine-year Crowley employee who died while on a salvage assignment onboard M/V Cougar Ace in July of 2006. The senior naval architect, had worked on many high profile projects for Crowley including M/V Ehime Maru, the set down of the Osprey, a 9-month project in the Sakhalin Islands and M/V Victoria M salvage with the U.S. Navy as well as the design of these new heavy lift barges.

"We are pleased to offer the Marty J into service in support of the deepwater exploration projects of our customers in the petroleum industry,"said Tom Crowley, Jr., chairman, president and CEO. "The naming of this vessel serves as a tribute to one of our former employees who made such an impact on his co-workers, this company and the industry in which he was involved. We hope that his legacy will continue in these American-flagged vessels that he helped to design."

Crowley's new Heavy Lift 455 Series 400-foot by 105-foot-wide barges with 25-foot side shells will provide both the capacity & deck strength needed to accommodate the favored larger units for offshore exploration and development. The barges offer increased stability for loads up to 4,200 pounds per square foot in order to carry the larger offshore structures now being planned and engineered for deepwater projects. The barges will also be suitable for use in other regions, including Alaska, where Crowley has regularly performed summer sealifts to the North Slope.

Oakland-based Crowley Maritime Corp., founded in 1892, is primarily a family & employee-owned company that provides diversified transportation and ogistics services in domestic and international markets by means of 4 operating lines of business: Liner Services; Logistics Services; Petroleum Services and Marine Services. Other services provided within these business lines include contract towing and transportation; ship assist and escort; energy support; salvage and emergency response; vessel management, and petroleum and chemical transportation, distribution and sales.

We Thank you all for the continued strong support in this important project!

Editor Note: In the months since the crisis for M/V Cougar Ace we have worked to bring proper recognition for the sac rifice of Mr. Fontain Martin "Marty" Johnson III.

A proper tribute was due from the vessel for which Marty Johnson gave his life to save on July 30 2006 in the Aleutian Islands. The owners of M/V Cougar Ace gave no ground.

There was no movement from Japanese interests or from the vessel operator Mitsui O.S.K Car Carriers to reename M/V Cougar Ace.

Our primary goal was never reached -- but an American solution was found.

American Crowley Corp stepped forward to name its new Heavy Lift 455 Series barge after Marty Johnson.

The Marty J will now sail proudly in the Gulf of Mexico for years to come.

For the family & memory of Marty Johnson, this is an absolute triumph -- and a fitting end for this story we have brought to you. This has been a great sea adventure, but the sacrifice will not be forgotten.

Marty J now sails on ............ may she know only fair skies & following seas.

Cristening of Marty J

Feb. 2007

Marty Johnson's Heroic Last Moments in remembrance here

The Cargo Letter - Oct. 30 2007 - A Continuing Tribute To Marty

Crowley Maritime Corporation presented a US$250,000 check on Oct. 29 2007 to the Webb Institute, a College of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering in Glen Cove, N.Y., to establish a leadership program in the name of former Crowley employee Marty Johnson, class of '88, who passed away last year while on company assignment.

The donation which was formally presented by Crowley's Ed Schluete, vice president vessel management services, will allow the Webb Institute to fund what it's calling the Marty Johnson '88 Leadership Program. The college will obtain a professional evaluation of its current leadership programs in order to identify areas for enhancement to further position Webb Institute as an authority in producing leading naval architecture and marine engineering professionals.

"We have experienced the talent that has been developed by the Webb Institute," said Schlueter. "Marty Johnson was one such talent that made a permanent impression on all of us at Crowley who had the pleasure of working with him. We hope that this donation will not only preserve Marty's memory but will also lay a foundation for those students like him currently enrolled so that they too may excel upon their graduation."

To further its leadership commitment to Webb, Crowley is funding the Thomas B. Crowley, Sr. Memorial Scholarship Program. This scholarship will award one to two juniors or seniors annually with a total of US$10,000. Scholarship recipients will be chosen based on their leadership qualities, school and community involvement, interest in and dedication to the maritime industry and academic promise.

"This gift is a wonderful and exciting opportunity for Webb and its students," said RADM Robert Olsen, USCG (Ret.), president of Webb Institute. "Our graduates have always been successful and sought after, but it is clear that there is significant room for improvement in preparing them for the increasing leadership challenges in the workplace."

Editor Note -- Oct. 30 2007 - Farewell & Following Seas

Marty Johnson lost -- sacrificed -- his life saving a vessel of the Mitsui OSK Line. But after months of efforts by many, the Japanese line failed/refused to acknowledge the sacrifice. The effort to remember Marty Johnson was just zero by the line which continued to generate revenue from M/V Cougar Ace.

But then -- American Crowley Corp stepped forward to name its new Heavy Lift 455 Series barge after Mr. Marty Johnson. Now the story ends with further action by establishing a leadership program in the name of former Crowley employee Marty Johnson, class of '88.

In U.S. Navy terms for the actions of Crowley Maritime Corporation -- BRAVO ZULU! -- a job well done.


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