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Voyage of the Steamboat Genevieve


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On 3 April 1882, supply merchants Senter & Co. tendered a shipment of flour, hay and corn to "the good steamboat Genevieve" for movement ex St Louis for discharge and delivery at Ft. Pillow, TN., port to port, c/o company agent Butler & Price.

The Genevieve was a vessel of the Anchor Line, between St. Louis & Vicksburg, booked by its agent J.F. Harris. Marks show that the consignee is "JCM" at Rilpley, TN.

The cut & language of this bill suggests intended supply to the U.S. Army.

What we learn from the B/L is that, just as now, exceptions for damage must be written on the documet at the time of shipment by the carrier, or at the time of delivery by the connsignes in order to provide proper notice of shortage or damage. Without such notice, the presumption is that goods have been delivered in good order & condition. Communication being slow in 1882, dock inspection was important. Speak now at the time of cargo delivery or hold your peace where damage is concerned!

Note that the dangers of "the river, collision, explosion, and fire" have been excepted as a responsibility of the Genevieve , or removed as causes of cargo loss or damage for which Anchor Line will be responsible. These concepts continue, although modified, in modern maritime law.

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