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The Law Offices of Countryman & McDaniel brings over 23 years of experience to areas of business formation and transactional business arrangements. Choices and alternatives are many. Kindly consider the following services for company and family needs:

1. Business & Corporate Formation

2. Contract Negotiation and Preparation

3. Systems and Operations Review/Regulatory Compliance

4. Estate Planning - Asset Protection


1. Business & Corporate Formation:

Corporate: "C Corp. and Subchapter S Corp.": Anticipated or actual income and objectives, are determinative of whether a pass through entity is correct for your business needs. Limited liability is provided by both entities for officers, directors and shareholders.

Limited Liability Company: Much like a partnership but with limited liability corporate type protection for managers and investors. These pass through type entities require less technical attention. Initial startup expense is marginally greater with the exception of initial fees due the Franchise Tax Board.

Partnerships and Joint Ventures: These vehicles are worthy of consideration especially when the partners and joint venturers are corporations or where the liability is minimal and easily and inexpensively covered by insurance. Joint Ventures are attractive where the parties anticipate a singular objective.

2. Contract Negotiation and Preparation: The Law Offices of Countryman & McDaniel would be pleased to provide in depth consideration of appropriate business vehicles at your convenience.

Areas of experience include agency, overseas agency, employment, merger, sale, acquisition and shareholder to name a few. Insightful inquiry coupled with years of successful participation in negotiations have built this firm a reputation for quality, truthful, and fair business arrangements.

3. Systems and Operations Review/Regulatory Compliance:

Often requested to render opinion and overview concerning business operations, procedures and regulatory compliance, Countryman & McDaniel remains abreast of efficiencies, documents and protocols necessary to assure management requisites necessary to successful and predictable growth. More than ever in today's world inadequate attention to operational procedures often result in the unintended transfer of executive attention to these matters rather than strategies necessary for financial security.

4. Estate Planning - Asset Protection: The Law Offices of Countryman & McDaniel can help, with over 20 years of experience in the areas of estate planning and asset protection inclusive of revocable and irrevocable trusts, wills, testamentary trusts and probate.

Long a supporter of "court free" administration of decedent's estates, this firm has assisted over a thousand families in their estate planning needs. This area is exciting and complex but with the appropriate plan, significant estate and income tax savings opportunities can be provided to the interested client. Consider the following: 1) Did you know that capital gains tax is voluntary? 2) Did you know that estate tax is voluntary? 3) Did you know that if you opt out of estate tax you may be entitled to a current income deduction?

All too often people fail to address this important area of consideration even after they have spent years of hard work in building a substantial estate. Just as often their reticence to proceed in areas of estate planning involve lack of clarity as to goals and objectives which most people assume to be primarily financial or tax oriented. To the contrary, tax or financial results are byproducts of purpose directed to accomplishing specific goals concerning that persons life and wealth.

The fact is no one can be born in this Country, grow rich in this Country, or die rich in this Country, without contributing a substantial portion of their accumulated wealth to others. It is simply how wealth is redistributed and is part of the social fabric of this Country. The question is whether this redistribution will occur to a family in a involuntary or voluntary way. Either way, the family will be a philanthropist of some type. By being an involuntary philanthropist you will simply agree by default to relinquish that portion of your wealth to the federal government. However, if you choose to be a voluntary philanthropist you may self-direct that portion of the redistributed wealth to the causes you deem important. The sad truth is that an involuntary philanthropist will cause millions of dollars to go to the Internal Revenue Service without even a thank you note. Other choices can eliminate this situation with attendant income tax benefits as well.

Other people today are thinking that because Congress is contemplating an estate tax phase out bill that estate tax will no longer be an issue. It is contemplated that Congress will attempt to reconcile the two versions of bills before it for a singular approach to President Clinton. President Clinton has vowed to veto the same. Irrespective of whether or not the veto occurs the package being presented is a phase out over ten years with proposed substantial tax still remaining in the ninth year. Zero tax would occur for ten months in the year 2010, whereupon one suggested amendment would require reversion to current levels of tax. Nonetheless, passage of this bill will create in its place a capital gains tax problem.

This firm has found, however, that the most important aspect of the estate planning process has to do with the spiritual and emotional consideration of a family's wealth. These are the areas which are most rewarding to explore and give the greatest clarity to a family, the wealth that it will acquire and how it can help and be remembered in the process. Countryman & McDaniel's primary objective in any family plan is about a real life purpose designed to accomplish goals close to a family's heart while at the same time addressing that which is financially prudent.

Consideration is given to applications of private foundations, charitable lead or remainder trusts, family limited partnership and, the cornerstone of the estate plan, the living trust, to realize income and estate tax savings not imagined by most people.

To this end, Countryman & McDaniel has developed a team of highly qualified legal, financial and accounting experts to generate a tailored plan designed specifically for your family and business needs.

Exciting and powerful news professionally and cogently presented awaits the motivated entrepreneur or professional.

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