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Vessel Loss Dispatches For June & July 2005

RMS Queen Elizabeth 2 -- pulled tug very far over until her bridge nearly was awash. See Our Photo Feature. (Sun. June 19 2005)

With Condolences & Resolve In The War Against Terrorism: To The People of London Thursday July 7 2005

Royal Caribbean M/V Brilliance of the Seas<< Webfeature, on 12-night Mediterranean sailing cruise -- suffered passenger overboard -- discovered when ship docked at Kusadasi island in Aegean region of Turkey on July 5 -- missing was George Smith -- recently gotten married & on honeymoon -- Run Away Groom? (Thurs. July 7 2005)

26mt. liveaboard M/V Coral Queen -- hit a reef & sank in S. Egyptian Red Sea -- early hours of July 5, morning. British divers aboard forced to abandon ship -- immediately filled with water & began sinking after collision at Sha'ab Sataya dive site<< Webfeature, in Fury Shoals -- rescued by nearby liveaboard, M/V Heaven Majesty. No injuries. (Thurs. July 7 2005)

16' sailboat lost on Georgian Bay, in Ontario, Canada -- caught in storm July 2, with 3 crew, near famous Cabot Head Light House<< Webfeature, N. of the 45th parallel on Bruce Peninsula -- 2 bodies recovered -- 3rd body & vessel still missing & presumed lost. From our Correspondent Bob Iwasko (Thurs. July 7 2005)

ALERT>> 10,709gt ocean Philiippine ferry M/V Princess of the World, central island of Iloilo Province for Port of Zamboanga with 109 crew, 108 passengers, & 5 anti-terrorist Sea Marshals -- suffered fire 30km off coast of S. Philippines -- rescue vessels able to save unspecified number of passengers thus far -- some passengers already boarded life rafts. "The Americans are helping & they have deployed speedboats," officials said. Cause of fire unknown. Huge rescue effort underway. Suspicious -- See Our Feature For "Super Ferry." -- now that was sabotage.(Thurs. July 7 2005)UPDATE>> Final tally is 249 passengers evacuated. (Thurs. July 7 2005)

S/Y Gemini reporting 4 crew in water from another yacht they were sailing with -- UK Brixham Coastguard picked up pan-pan call via VHF radio in St Austell Bay this evening -- crew attempting to lower sail when vessel filled with water & capsized, throwing 4 into water, 1 mile offshore in St. Austell Bay, UK Fowey Lifeboat quickly launched -- all 4 rescued -- 40% of vessel consumed. (Thurs. July 7 2005)

274mt. M/V Hyunday Discovery -- suffered black out on River Elbe, July 5 --- ran aground inspite of attempts to get ship stopped -- stuck fast 500 meters E.of the Glameyer Stack after having drifted without power -- 5 tugs, the M/V Tow 3, M/V Tow 12, M/V Bugsier 12, M/V Bugsier 14 & M/V Parat headed for ship & started their salvage at 8 a.m. At 10.46, 4 hours after grounding -- M/V Hyunday Discovery came free with rising flood & resumed voyage towards the North Sea. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Wed. July 6 2005)

French F/V Sauveterre, with 4 crew -- taking water & needed immediate assistance July 4 -- provided by UK Falmouth Coastguard which received call from French Coastguard. (Wed. July 6 2005)

Unidentified F/V in distress 60 miles W. of Isles of Scilly -- rescue helicopter from RNAS Culdrose scrambled & took a Coastguard pump out to vessel -- UK F/V Billy Rooney & UK warship HMS Severn responded with assistance. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Wed. July 6 2005)

9,000gt Malaysia-registered M/V Bunga Mas Tujuh, with containers Japan for Dalian port & 2,500gt Chinese oil tanker, with 3,800 tons diesel fuel oil for Guangzhou -- in collision July 2 -- heavy fog -- -- at Dalian port in Liaoning Province. Both ships sailing slowly -- no reports of casualties. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Wed. July 6 2005)

German M/V Shanghai Rickmers -- in collision with locks of Oslebshausen in the Port of Bremen on July 2, in spite of the assistance of 2 tugs -- gash torn into hull on port side above the waterline -- to berth in Bremen for repairs. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Wed. July 6 2005)

UK mussel dredger M/V Orion N952 -- working in Carlingford Lough with 3 crew -- capsized Juy 2 -- crew scrambled on to upturned hull. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Wed. July 6 2005)

9,800gt Panama-flagged cruise M/V Royal Pacific, with 214 crew -- suffered fire on Juy 1 in South Taiwan -- fire extinguished -- then broke out again -- capsized. M/V Royal Pacific being overhauled for service between Keelung & Japan. No injuries -- ship a total loss. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Wed. July 6 2005)

Unidentified U.S.-flagged Ro/Ro ship close to Iraq's main Port of Umm Qasr<< Webfeature, with reconstruction cargo June 30 -- attacked by pirates -- fired shots & held the crew at gun point --stole cash & crew's personal belongings. (Tues. July 5 2005)

Research M/V Fatma -- ran aground, capsized & sank in rough seas off Seychelles -- 6 Kenyan & 3 Spanish seamen escaped drowning in rough seas -- crew clung onto safety rafts & rescued by passing cargo vessel. (Tues. July 5 2005)

190mt. bulk carrier 50,786dwt M/V Jin An (built 2000), with 25,000 tons coal -- ran aground near Visakhapatnam Harbor on June 30 -- power tugs could not move vessel -- special salvage equipment planned to be mobilized from SvitzerWijsmuller warehouses in Singapore & Europe. SvitzerWijsmuller<< Webfeature, has LOL. (Tues. July 5 2005)

145ft. M/V Casitas, with 7 crew &16 scientists, under contract to the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, on mission to clean out fishing nets & debris from NW Hawaiian Islands ran aground at Pearl & Hermes Atoll in marine reserve -- home to endangered monk seals, sea turtles & delicate coral reefs 1,000 miles NW of Honolulu. Vessel evacuated. (Mon. July 4 2005) UPDATE>> Severe damage to M/V Casitas hull. (Mon. July 4 2005pm) UPDATE>> U.S. Coast Guard pollution control experts arrived in NW Hawaiian Islands to assess source & extent of half-mile long oil sheen spotted at site. M/V Walnut will attempt to remove fuel from vessel M/V Casitas. (Wed. July 6 2005)

Volmer Seaplane -- crashed at 4:39 p.m. July 3, on Mississippi River near Nauvoo -- plane made contact with water, flipped forward & came to rest on its top about 300 yards from shore -- 2 crew had no injuries. (Sun. July 3 2005)

Unidentified ferry crashed into wharf at Birchgrove, Australia -- vessel not damaged & ferry Capt. able to continue the journey to Circular Quay -- 4 passengers fell over on board the boat, suffering minor bruising. (Sat. July 2 2005) UPDATE>> 4 injured when thrown overboard -- minor. (Mon. July 4 2005pm)

ALERT>> St Vincent & the Grenadines-registered M/V Semlow, en route to Port of Bossaso with 10 crew & 850 tons of aid supplies from from Germany & Japan for the World Food Program<< Webfeature, to tsunami survivors in Somalia -- hijacked by pirates on June 27 -- 300km NE of the capital Mogadishu. Pirates demanded ransom of US$650,000 from ship's Kenyan owners. The World Food Program has called for the immediate release, but perhaps a U.S. Navy port call might be more effective. (Fri. July 1 2005) UPDATE>> Efforts to free a hijacked United Nations-chartered ship carrying food aid for tsunami victims in Somalia continued July 4, with no apparent change in demands from pirates who stormed vessel off the Somali coast last week, the World Food Program said. World Food Program has suspended all aid to the area. (Mon. July 4 2005) UPDATE>> There are discussions -- of a sort -- between pirates & officials --Motaku Shipping Agencies director Karim Kudrati said the militiamen called him July 5, at 4 pm & let him speak to Sri Lankan Capt., Mr. S Mahalingham. Kudrati -- requested to talk to the M/V Semlow chief engineer, a Tanzanian, Mr Juma Mvita -- gunmen obliged. The duo told him they & 8 Kenyan hostages were safe & that gunmen had treated them well. He said they were speaking from aboard hijacked M/V Semlow, which is detained at Haradheere North-East of Mogadishu. Militiamen did not disclose their telephone numbers & they did not ask for anything or press for the Sh38 million ransom demanded from the shipping agency. (Wed. July 6 2005)

Mysterious column of water vapor shot a kilometer (3,300 feet) into the sky from the Pacific Ocean near Iwo Jima -- likely caused by underwater volcanic eruption -- ships should avoid area, Japanese officials said July 3. A Japan Coast Guard crew flew over area to try to determine what happened. Japan's Meteorological Agency said no danger of tsunami. Japanese troops stationed on Iwo Jima on July 2, reported seeing massive, cloudy column rise from sea 50 kilometers (30 miles) SE of the small island, said Maritime Self-Defense Forces. Iwo Jima is 1,120km (700 miles) SE of Tokyo. (Sun. July 3 2005) Visit the pictures

10mt. F/V Auriga -- alerted by Mayday to Falmouth Coastguard to distress after received a 'hit' from a 406 mHz Emergency Positioning Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) & immediately passed information to their Belfast based colleagues who began co-ordinating a search & rescue mission -- offshore from Ballywalter, 15 miles S. of Bangor. Acting in coordination with rescue agencies F/V North Sea Trader spotted liferaft in water with 2 crew aboard. A Nimrod aircraft also scrambled to provide top cover & helicopter was sent to coordinates given by F/V North Sea Trader -- 3.5 miles due E. of Ballyferris point at the time they were spotted. All crew safe & rescue units stood down. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Fri. July 1 2005)

Container M/V MSC Grace -- ran aground on the Dutch Westerschelde<< Webfeature, on June 29 in the midday hours after a machine blackout. The tugs M/V Zelzate, M/V Multratag 12 & M/V Multratug 15 tried to get vessel free, but success only achieved after M/V Holland & M/V Schouwenbank joined. At 7.30 pm -- M/V MSC Grace was afloat again. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Fri. July 1 2005)


26 June 2005 at 0230 LT at Chittagong anchorage 'C', Bangladesh. Pirates in boat attempted to board container ship by using hook attached to ropes. Anti-piracy watch spotted them & raised alarm -- crew mustered.  Robbers aborted boarding & escaped in their boat. (Fri. July 1 2005)

25 June 2005 at 0230 LT at Tema anchorage, Ghana. Three pirates boarded container ship via hawse pipe -- cut forward store lock but unable to open door. Duty A/B raised alarm & crew mustered. Robbers escaped empty handed in their boat waiting with accomplice. Port control informed. (Fri. July 1 2005)

24 June 2005 at 0440 LT at Jakarta anchorage, Indonesia. Pirates boarded container ship. They stole life raft and escaped in speedboat. (Fri. July 1 2005)

23 June 2005 at 0530 LT in position 01:27.2S - 116:42.0E, Lawi-Lawi oil terminal anchorage, Balikpapan, Indonesia -- pirates boarded tanker at forecastle. Alarm raised & crew mustered. Robbers stole ship's stores & escaped in boat waiting with 4 accomplices. (Fri. July 1 2005)

20 June 2005 at 1015 LT in position 01:17N - 104:12E, Singapore straits. Pirates wearing dark clothes in 4 speedboats with open tops about 6-8 mtrs long, approached tug underway. Bosun raised alarm 7 crew mustered. One boat came very close to stern & pIrates attempted to board. Crew activated fire hoses & boats moved back -- later moved away. (Fri. July 1 2005)

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ALERT>> Newly reburbished 457ft. double-ended ocean ferry M/V Queen of Oak Bay<< Webfeature, with 544 passengers &189 vehicles -- lost power while entering Port of Vancouver & making docking turn -- smashed into Sewell's Marina<< Webfeature, adjacent to the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal. M/V Queen of Oak Bay<< Webfeature, devistated Sewell's Marina, smashing into numerous yachts & destroying up to 30 vessels. No Injuries. From our Correspondent Robert McNamara -- who reported this loss to us about 10 minutes after accident & even before the U.S. TV networks went to "BREAKING NEWS" - BRAVO Robert! (Thurs. June 30 2005) UPDATE & Solution>> Accident caused by missing cotter pin worth pennies -- blamed for putting a multimillion-dollar ferry aground -- missing cotter pin allowed a nut to come off on a device linking engine controls on bridge to one of vessel's 2 engines. That in turn allowed both engines to increase speed, eventually tripping control mechanisms that released ship's clutches, disengaging engines from propellers at bow & stern. No engines. propulsion is lost. No thrust -- 139-metre ferry lost power -- cotter pin retainer had put in 20 years of service without a problem.(Thurs. July 7 2005) View photo!

70ft. commercial F/V George Allen -- suffered fire 15 miles W. of Astoria, Ore on June 29. 110-foot Coast Guard Cutter USCGS Orcas, homeported in Coos Bay, Ore., directe to assist & arrived within minutes of call -- U.S. Coast Guard crew boarded boarded burning vessel & extinguished fire with chemical extinguishers & mechanical foam. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Thurs. June 30 2005)

German container M/V Henry -- in collision -- with a lock of the Kiel-Canal while entering canal in Brunsbuettel coming from the Northsea & heading for Kiel-Holtenau night of June 29. One gate of locks & some infrastructure damaged. The amount of damage is aboutn ¤35.000. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Thurs. June 30 2005)

German Weser-ferry M/V Rönnebeck -- in collision -- with 11,6mt. steel S/V Sirena crossing from Blumenthal to Motzen. S/V Sirena pushed on port side until water rose on deck, all bulleyes destroyed & water poured in -- cabin was deformed, a woman who slept inside was not able to open the door. In a race against time skipper managed to free the woman, as vessel leaking. With aid of a transportable pump possible to keep the S/V Sirena afloat until she reached nearby yard. Vessel may be total loss. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Thurs. June 30 2005)

439ft. M/V Camilla Desgagnes, Poughkeepsie, N.Y. for Canada with 20 crew, suffered engine room fire June 8 -- 88 miles East of Ambrose Tower -- 20 miles off the Long Island Shore. No injuries reported & crew able to remain aboard after using ship's CO2 fire suppressant system. Tug M/V Rowan McAllister, in connection with salvor Titan Maritime, LLC, dispatched to rescue drifting freighter & crew -- once alongside burning freighter, tug began hooking up to ship in anticipation of towing her into New York Harbor while supplying ship with water to fight stubborn engine room fire. Once disabled ship's fire extinguished -- towed by M/V Rowan McAllister to Ambrose Tower -- tugs navigated M/V Camilla Desgagnes to repair berth at Port Newark. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Wed. June 29 2005)

Unidentified 100mt. container vessel developed mechanical problems in Bangladesh's Chittagong port channel struck & severely damaged 3 Bangladesh Navy gunboats. Collisions occured when container vessel approaching berth near Bangladesh navy jetties in Port channel on June 27 evening. >> In 2003 alone, 18 navy ships damaged in collisions & Bangladesh Navy won compensation totalling US$10M. (Wed. June 29 2005)

M/V CSL Niagara grounded in St Lawrence Seaway near St. Helena island 1/4 mile east of the 1000 Island Bridge -- reportedly lost steering & grounded on shoal & taking water in forepeak -- pumps were keeping up with flooding -- freed early June 29 morning & underway 4:30 a.m. while waiting for inspectors to arrive. Picture from Kingston Whig-Standard (Wed. June 29 2005) UPDATE>> M/V CSL Niagara was freed early June 29 morning and got underway about 4:30 a.m. (Thurs. June 30 2005)

Spanish F/V Maria Gallego -- issued distress call just after 4.00 am on the morning of June 27 on medium frequency digital selective calling (MF DSC) radio -- reported 11 Spanish fishermen taken to liferafts 100 miles W. of Isles of Scilly after vessel suffered rapid ingress of water & sank very quickly with no indication as to cause. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Tues. June 28 2005)

Dutch S/Y Jupiter -- ran aground on June 25 in Dutch Berghaven -- salvaged by rescue M/V Christien from Hoek van Holand with some damage to keel & rudder. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Tues. June 28 2005)

Container M/V Lica Maersk, Port Santos, Brazil for Pecem, Ceará, -- in colision at Santos Roads with -- chartered M/V Maersk Volos inbound Libra. No severe damage in both vessels -- was a side collision -- only some reefer containers onboard M/V Maersk Volos. M/V Lica Maersk resumed her voyage to Pecem. Harbor Master opened enquiry to investigate the reason of the collision & Lica's Master will be interviewed by Fortaleza Harbour Master Officers as soon as she berths at Pecem. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Tues. June 28 2005)

World's largest brigantine 62mt. S/V Swan van Makkum (built 1993), from Makkum -- in collision with -- S/V Provider from St. John's, Antigua, during famous Kiel Week where S/V Swan was accompanying races in Kiel bight. Both ships tried to avoid the collision by altering course to different sides, but then S/V Swan hit wheel house of S/V Provider causing some damage to it & on-deck boat. S/V Swan van Makkum lost her bowsprit. None of 116 passengers nor crew of 10 were harmed. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Tues. June 28 2005)

59ft. F/V Defiant -- grounded on rocks morning June 23 in Dog Bay, near Kodiak -- blocking entrance to St. Herman Harbor -- vessel's crew took advantage of high tide following night & re-floated -- diver found no significant damage. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Mon. June 27 2005)

53,314gt German container M/V Punjab Senator (built 1997), Singapore for Columbo with 4545 TEU --suffered explosion in cargo hold #6 on June 2 -- followed by fire extinguished by the crew. Made Columbo -- stood out for Rotterdam. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Mon. June 27 2005) [Note: We reported this at the time, but can't seem to find the listing Eraded?]

30ft. F/V George Ramsden, with 1 crew -- sunk off Bunessan, Isle of Mull early this evening, after going aground -- crew found safe on nearby rocks. Clyde Coastguard received a VHF radio call at 6:02 p.m. from the fishing vessel informing them that vessel aground with no damage at Bunessan -- 2nd radio call shortly afterwards reporting vessel sinking fast. (Sun. June 26 2005)

US$1.5M luxury cruiser M/V Riviera, moored on eastern side of Spit Bridge at Ferguson's Marina, Sydney -- suffered fire -- no one aboard -- destroyed. (Sun. June 26 2005)

M/V Kiperousa >> Attempts to refloat vessel continue --attempts to refloat bulk Kiperousa would resume this afternoon, says the SA Maritime Authority (Samsa). "Yesterday we experienced technical problems so we couldn't pull it off, but that's been sorted out," said Samsa spokesman. "We start pulling at about 1600 this afternoon and we expect to have it off by 1800 hrs." Follow Our Story (Sat. June 25 2005) UPDATE>> Salvors have managed to move stricken bulk carrier in their latest attempt to free vessel last night &endash; but have not managed to free it, South African Maritime Safety Authority spokesperson said last night. (Sun. June 26 2005) UPDATE>> Efforts to pull the bulker M/V Kiperousa from South Africa's Eastern Cape coast at the weekend proved fruitless. (Wed. June 29 2005)

At 00:40 hours this morning UK Eyemouth RNLI lifeboat station informed Forth Coastguard that UK 70ft. F/V Supreme (LH109) experienced engine failure 60 miles NE of Eyemouth with 5 persons on aboard & requested assistance -- now being towed on SW course at a speed of 9 knots. If this maintained she should reach Eyemouth Harbor safely at lunchtime June 25. (Sat. June 25 2005)

U.S. cruise M/V Elation<< Webfeature, -- woman passenger reported missing at 11 a.m. on June 23, by her husband as M/V Elation returning to Galveston, Texas, after a stop in Belize. At the time M/V Elation located south of Cozumel, off Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula -- ship turned around & headed back to the area where the woman was last seen before continuing on its voyage June 24 night. (Sat. June 25 2005) UPDATE>> Today the press finally picked up this story -- no further word -- except the "Scott Peterson" move of grilling the husband. Stay tuned. (Sun. June 26 2005)

1000-ton M/V Muni, crashed into Howrah Bridge<< Webfeature, in Kolkata today damaging 2 girders on underside & bringing traffic on bridge to a halt for 90 minutes -- 1st time in its 62-year history that Howrah Bridge witnessed such accident. M/V Muni, sailing north up Hooghly River,<< Webfeature, when she veered left, out of demarcated channel & hit underside of Howrah Bridge with mast & part of wheel house. (Fri. June 24 2005)


19 June 2005 at 2030 LT in position: 02:03N - 119:20E, Indonesia. Pirates in speedboat attempted to board bulk carrier underway from poop deck. Master took evasive manoeuvres, raised alarm & directed search lights at boat and boarding was averted. (Fri. June 24 2005)

17 June 2005 at 0300 LT, in position 03:12S - 116:20E, Tanjung Pemancingan anchorage, Indonesia. Ten pirates armed with long knives boarded bulk carrier at forecastles -- tied up duty watchman & threatened another watchman. Robbers broke open locker & stole ship's stores. (Fri. June 24 2005)

17 June 2005 at 0240 LT, 6 nm from fairway buoy, Lagos anchorage, Nigeria. Six pirates armed with guns & knives in speedboat came alongside bulk carrier -- 4 pirates boarded, held duty A/B at gunpoint & stole ship's stores. A/B managed to raise alarm & crew mustered -- pirates escaped with ship's stores into waiting speedboat. No injuries. Master reported to port authorities & heaved up anchor proceeded to sea for drifting. (Fri. June 24 2005)

16 June 2005 at 0115 LT at berth no.4, Jawahar deep terminal, Mumbai, India. Pirates boarded tanker discharging cargo -- tried to steal ship's stores from poop deck but duty A/B noticed them & raised alarm. Robbers escaped empty handed in boat. Port authorities informed &came on board for investigation. (Fri. June 24 2005)

15 June 2005 at 1800 UTC LT in position 01:59N - 104:45E, South China Sea. Three unlit crafts approached general cargo ship underway -- came within 1 cable at port bow. D/O raised alarm, crew mustered, directed searchlights, switched on deck lights & activated fire hoses. Crafts changed course & attempted to board at stern. Finally they moved away. (Fri. June 24 2005)

15 June 2005 at 0315 LT at Basra oil terminal anchorage 'B', Iraq -- pirates armed with machine guns & long knives boarded tanker via forecastle. Alert A/B raised alarm. Robbers stole ship's property & fled in their speed boat. No casualties. 2nd incident in this location since 31.05.2005. (Fri. June 24 2005)

14 June 2005 at 0430 LT at Douala port, Cameroon -- 4 armed pirates boarded general cargo ship at berth -- assaulted duty A/B -- forced him to open Bosun store. Cadet on rounds came to forecastle and he along with the A/B were held as hostages. Robbers stole ship's stores & escaped leaving 2 hostages in Bosun store. Master reported incident to port control. (Fri. June 24 2005)

14 June 2005 at 0400 LT off Langkawi Island, Malacca straits. Ten pirates armed with weapons in speedboat hijacked tanker underway. One crew managed to escape in the boat used by pirates. This crewman landed ashore & contacted marine police at Langkawi Island. Police despatched patrol boat & located hijacked tanker off Pulau Lebar. Subsequently, pirates surrendered & they were taken to Langkawi for investigations. (Fri. June 24 2005)

12.06.2005 at 1100 LT at Warri region, Nigeria -- group of armed pirates boarded offshore processing tanker -- took hostage all 45 crew. After negotiations boarders departed. (Fri. June 24 2005)

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Dutch F/V Johannes SL 27, Stellendam on a position 30 km w of Texel, Netherlands, in the North Sea -- suffered fire -- Dutch Navy frigate Van Nes headed towards ship which was consumed by dense smoke -- meanwhile leisure M/ V Sop rescued the 5 crew unhurt -- later transfered to Frigate Van Nes by Lynx helicopter. Salvage ships headed for still burning F/V Johannes trying to extinguish flames & tow remains towards a harbor. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Fri. June 24 2005)

M/V Edward N, with ore (took 6 saftey inspection deficienies before sailing) -- in collision with -- M/V Agios Charaloabos, berthing at the time in Tubarao Roads, Brazil on June 21. Rumor is that M/V Edward N was still maneuvering at time of accident & would have not suffered problem except for pilot. From our Correspondent J. Diego (Fri. June 24 2005)

Editor Note: There are many new press reports today of M/T Tradewind Sunrise -- but we reported this loss on 22 June --see below. McD (Fri. June 24 2005)

Ukrainian-flagged F/V Simeiz, with 39 crew -- suffered fire June 22 -- in harbor alongside Uruguayan capital -- had to wait until flames out to board vessel for fear flammable refrigerants used in onboard freezers might explode. Fire swept through about 40% of vessel -- did not reach engine room or command deck -- 11 dead. Montevideo is busy port for ships heading to/from fishing grounds off southernmost South America. (Thurs. June 23 2005)

M/V Asakhe Z89, with 7 crew & mattresses and rolls of nylon paper, Mombasa Port for Somala, developed mechanical problems off Watamu Coast -- stalled on high seas before strong winds pushed her to coral reef -- causing panic to crew & their 3 children. Preliminary investigations indicated ship overloaded -- she may be lost. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Thurs. June 23 2005)

Spanish owned Unidentified Ukrainian-flagged fishing vessel, with 6 tons ammonia used in its refrigeration systems & 39 crew -- suffered fire in in Montevideo port -- towed from dock so fire could be extinguished without posing threat to other vessels in area -- 11 missing & presumed dead -- just returned from fishing expedition in South Atlantic. (Wed. June 22 2005)

Panamanian-registered M/T Tradewind Sunrise moored for repairs at Inter-Island Construction Co. for a month off Trinidad's west coast -- suffered explosion -- at leat 4 dead. Heat from fire so intense that Coast Guard boats & helicopters unable to approach blazing vessel for 2 hours after blast -- 22 workers escaped on lifeboats. (Wed. June 22 2005)

Great Eastern (GE) Shipping Company Ltd vessel M/T Jag Leela, Houston for Nigeria to pick up crude on regular trade route -- suffered loss of crewman -- 2nd engineer & resident of Malad -- missing since June 14 on high seas . Investigation continues. Family suspects he has been murdered. (Wed. June 22 2005)

M/V Kiperousa. At the present time -- the world is watching this one. UPDATE>> Salvage divers working against clock to try to contain leak in engine room of stranded bulk carrier, South African Maritime Safety Authority spokesperson said yesterday. initial thoughts among some of salvage team was that water had come into engine room through engine but that no longer seems to be the case. Divers have isolated an area where they think there is small leak as water not coming in at great rate. Will try to cement up the area & hopefully plug leak. Follow Our Story (Tues. June 21 2005)

Barge crash --lead of six 195-foot loaded hopper barges bound for New Orleans, being pushed by tug M/V Tako Invader -- tug captain lost control after steering failed -- barge with1,400 tons of salt -- CRASHED -- shut U.S. Intercoastal Waterway<< Webfeature, for 12 hours -- plowed barge through Paris, LA bridge's southeast concrete bulkhead -- remaining 5 barges towed to NE side of twin span bridge -- U.S. Coast Guard worked with Dept. of Transportation on ways to dislodge barge from bulkhead -- barge finally removed at 1:30 p.m. June 21. Waterway reopened again at 2:30 p.m. (Tues. June 21 2005)

28ft yacht S/V Siesta, a 28ft yacht, Spain for Ipswich nearing Suffolk port when she ran aground on sandbank 12 miles from Walton-on-the-Naze in Essex -- UK Thames Coastguard received mayday call from vessel shortly after 4.30am -- one crew gone overboard -- trapped under yacht. He trying to refloat vessel when it fell, leaving him with multiple injuries to his abdomen & pelvis. Two lifeboats from UK Walton-on-the-Naze & Harwich were sent out -- rescue helicopter scrambled from RAF Wattisham in Suffolk. Man, who was in his mid-50s, taken by air to Margate's Queen Mother Hospital, but died later. (Tues. June 21 2005)

Mastermind of hijacking of Malaysian M/T Nepline Delima and its RM12 million cargo of diesel near Langkawi -- 42-year-old suspect detained last night -- led to his house in Taman Melati with assistance of Kuala Lumpur police -- brought to court today -- surrendered after tense stand-off with marine police & commandos near Pulau Rebak Besar, Langkawi. Pirates attempted to sail away with cargo, but plan foiled when crewman, Mohamed Hamid, slipped away to alert marine police at their headquarters in Bukit Malut. Follow Our Story (Tues. June 21 2005)

UK Aberdeen Coastguard assisted 2 fishing vessels requesting help within seconds of each other, in same area, with same problem in the Pentland Firth area. At 7.51p.m. F/V Edward Henry' (10 crew aboard) put out pan pan call (urgency call) on channel 16 requesting assistance, having fouled its propeller. Seconds later, F/V Boy Jordan' (2 crew aboard) advised UK Aberdeen Coastguard of identical predicament. RNLI Thurso lifeboat launched to the F/V Boy Jordan', as she was closer to land & therefore in more immediate danger, while the Lifeboat Boy Shane took the F/V Edward Henry under tow. (Mon. June 20 2005)

Yacht S/V Red Herring issues VHF 'Mayday' distress call -- reported to UK Solent Coastguard that skipper of the yacht S/V Vordor' fallen overboard with yacht S/V Audacious alongside. Man overboard in position 35 miles due S. of Needles, Isle of Wight. French authorities scrambled helicopter & rescue boat from Cherbourg -- St Peter port radio assisted with communications a fixed wing aircraft 'Air Search One'. UK Solent Coastguard using a computerized search plan gave instructions to French helicopter of where they needed to search when arriving on scene -- found man alive & conscious but in distressed state -- winched him into helicopter & took him to Pasteur Hospital in Cherbourg. "Man" in Petit Bateau 2005<< Webfeature, -- a single handed ocean race for monohull or multihull boats of 30-45 feet LOA. The one week program designed for experienced sailors keen for single-handed competition. The course zig-zags down English Channel with 6 stopovers in England, France and Channel Isles. (Mon. June 20 2005)

Congolese ferry for Rwanda capsized on the eastern shores of Lake Kivu -- at least 8 Congolese including 2-year-old infant drowned -- total of 18 people feared drowned when vessel sank off Kibuye town June 16 evening but only 8 bodies had so far been recovered. (Mon. June 20 2005)

RMS Queen Elizabeth 2<< Webfeature, departed Norwegian city of Ålesund this evening -- tug M/V Multimammut should have cast off -- but line still attached between tug & liner --as the QE2 moved out, line pulled tug very far over until her bridge nearly was awash. The line then came loose from the tug & she righted itself immediately. See Our Photo Feature. (Sun. June 19 2005)

Philippine tug M/V Captain George, with 12 crew, arrived at Labuan Port from Cebu Jan 21 -- next port of call was supposed to be Batam. Sailors said tug required some repairs before it could sail again but they did not wish to return home until their overdue wages were paid -- 2 crew who could not hold on any longer, left for Philippines last month . Thus 10 Filipino crewmen, stranded on tugboat in Labuan port, are left demanding vessel owner pay them their 9 months' wages before they can free ship. Labuan Marine Dept. official said crew had lodged report on issue on June 1 & tug not under detention. (Sun. June 19 2005)

1,200-ton Russian M/V Nikolai Kolomeitsev, Port of Toyama for Russian Port of Zarubino with used cars -- anchored 37km N. of Noto Peninsula in the Sea of Japan -- adrift --trying to repair malfunctioning main engine -- weather good -- no any threat for crew in the area. (Sat. June 18 2005)

28,429-dwt bulker M/V Clipper Lancaster -- French medical laboratory has dismissed likelihood of Marburg hemorrhagic fever<< Webfeature, being cause of mystery disease aboard -- ship has been held in quarantine off Indian Ocean island of Reunion since arriving from Durban -- actual fever remains unidentified -- 2 seafarers among crew of 22 became ill shortly after vessel left Durban on June 5, where it stopped briefly to refuel -- 1 crew died within a matter of a few days of leaving Durban but 2nd has since responded to treatment since his ship arrived off the French island. Before calling at Durban ship loaded logs at Pointe Noire in Congo Brazzaville & reported to have also called at Angolan ports during April. Serious outbreak of Marburg hemorrhagic fever<< Webfeature, raging in northern Angola, where 423 cases reported by June 7 with 357 fatalities. (Fri. June 17 2005)


10 June 2005 at 1130 LT in position 19:48N - 069:19E, 95nm off Gujarat coast, Arabian Sea. Six dark colored boats, about 20m length spotted by container ship underway. Boats with 4 to 5 persons in each boat -- without fishing nets followed ship. Master raised alarm, took evasive manoeuvres & crew mustered. Boats moved away. (Fri. June 17 2005)

10 June 2005 at 0820LT at position 03:55.1N &endash; 07:08E, 20 miles SW of fairway buoy, Bonny River, Onne, Nigeria. Five pirates wearing yellow raincoats in a 20 ft blue colored fibreglass craft followed supply ship underway. Supply boat took evasive maneuvers & craft moved away. Craft had similar appearance as craft involved in 2 incidents on 24 May 2005. (Fri. June 17 2005)

13 June 2005 at 2100 UTC off Langkawi island, Malacca straits.Ten pirates armed with weapons in speedboat hijacked tanker underway. One crew managed to escape in boat used by pirates. He landed ashore & contacted marine police at Langkawi island. Police despatched patrol boat & located hijacked tanker off Pulau Lebar. Subsequently, pirates surrendered -- taken to Langkawi for investigations. (Fri. June 17 2005)

12 June 2005 at 0145 UTC at Takoradi anchorage, Ghana. Three armed pirates boarded general cargo ship at forecastle -- stole ship's stores & escaped in boat. Master informed port control who sent officials to investigate. (Fri. June 17 2005)

07 June 2005 at 2350 LT at Kota Baru anchorage, Indonesia. Five pirates armed with long knives board bulk carrier at anchor -- tied up duty A/B. Other crew raised alarm. Robbers stole one life raft & escaped. (Fri. June 17 2005)

07 June 2005 at 2130 UTC at Belawan anchorage, Indonesia. Six pirates armed with long knives boarded general cargo ship. Alert crew raised alarm & mustered. Robbers escaped in speedboat. (Fri. June 17 2005)

07 June 2005 at 0120 LT in position 04:12.3N - 006:57.3E, Bonny River anchorage, Nigeria. Five pirates armed with machine guns attempted to board reefer using hooks attached to ropes. Alert A/B raised alarm & crew mustered. Robbers fired several shots & escaped. Bullets hit bulwark but no injuries to crew. (Fri. June 17 2005)

24 May 2005 at 2359 LT, Vicinity of Bonny River fairway buoy, Onne, Nigeria. Pirates armed with guns boarded container ship at anchor -- beat up crew & fired gunshots. Robbers stole ship's cash & stores and crew personal belongings --escaped in blue colored 20ft high speed motorboat. (Fri. June 17 2005)

24 May 2005 at 2110 LT in position 04:12.6N - 006:55.6E, off Bonny river fairway buoy, Onne, Nigeria. Armed & aggressive pirates boarded container ship at anchor -- injured several crew & wounded 1 crew with gunshot. Robbers escaped in high powered speed boat with ship's cash, bonded stores & crew personal belongings. (Fri. June 17 2005)

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Slowakian tug collided with Austrian police boat M/V Donau on River Danube near Vienna -- vessel sank, one policeman found after 45 minutes clinging to a rope still fixed at the bow of wreck -- brought into hospital with several injuries -- 2nd crew missing despite intense search of 144 firefighters & 55 policemen, helicopter & several rescue craft.. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Fri. June 17 2005)

Supertanker -- boarded by Pirates clutching knives & AK47s off Basra in latest of series of seaborne robberies in Persian Gulf. (Fri. June 17 2005)

German-flagged S/V Pillango 3 for Port of Piraeus -- ran aground in western Greece between Patras & Aigion. Blood stains found on deck of the 12-meter vessel, whose engine still running. Local officials immediately launched search & rescue operation in Corinthian Gulf consisting of 3 coast guard vessels, privately owned boat & military helicopter -- no indication of number of people aboard. Mystery. (Thurs. June 16 2005)

Soth Korea cargo M/V Halala, Betung port in Indonesia for Kochi 3 weeks ago, with 1,700 tons copra cake -- developed technical problem & began drifting to the Andamans<< Webfeature, -- tug sent from Colombo & M/V Halala being towed to Sri lanka yesterday, when she suddenly sank near Colombo. (Thurs. June 16 2005)

Stranded bulk carrier M/V Kiperousa remains on rocks -- BUT salvage tug M/V Nikolay Chicker, trying to move stranded M/V Kiperousa -- hit ocean bottom June 14 & damaged herself - necessitating repairs. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Wed. June 15 2005) See BELOW. UPDATE>> maritime authorities are looking to a spring tide off coast of East London onJune 20 to assist in refloating the beached bulk carrier. "We are waiting for spring tide and nice swells & maybe she will disappear over the horizon on Monday," said Peter Kroon, the SA Maritime Safety Authority (Samsa) spokesperson. (Thurs. June 16 2005) UPDATE>> Salvors expected to begin further attempts at refloating grounded bulker M/V Kiperousa (25, 375-dwt), which went onto a reef off the Eastern Cape coast on 7 June. With the advent of spring tides this week new attempts are likely from tomorrow.(Tues. June 21 2005) Follow Our Story

U.S. F/V Diane Carol -- anchored vessel reported crew overboard --missing -- found George Brown's body at the mouth of Cinder River<< Webfeature, -- airlifted him to King Salmon Hospital -- pronounced dead. (Wed. June 15 2005)

Luxuray cruise M/V Jiangshan, with 460 pasengers, Chongqing for Yichang in Yangtze River -- suffered fire at wharf in Wushan, in SW China's Chongqing Municipality on June 14. Most passengers on river bank for sightseeing at the time. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Wed. June 15 2005)

River cruise ship M/V Saxonia, Berlin for Prague with 85 passengers -- in German port of Magdeburg on River Elbe -- suffered engine room fire June 14 -- crew supressed fire -- allowed to resume voyage June 14, as no major machines destroyed -- necessary repairs to be carried out underway. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Wed. June 15 2005)

PIRATES SURRENDER>> Malaysian-registered M/T Nepline Delima,with 6,280 tonnes of diesel -- 19 crew held hostage by 10 Pirtates for nearly 12 hours -- threatened to blow up vessel, before surrendering to police & naval forces - standoff ended 3 hours after police chased down & surrounded the ship -- pirates, believed to be Indonesians, initially threatened to blow tanker. All safe. (Wed. June 15 2005)UPDATE>> "We believe this is an inside job. This hijacking was well planned," officials said.  DCP Mohamed Supian said suspect involved in planning to seize control of tanker en route to Myanmar from Singapore. Pirates, armed with sub-machine guns and parangs, boarded tanker at about 4am on June 14.  PZ15 gunboat commander Deputy Supt Abdul Salam Ablul Halim coaxed the pirates into surrendering peacefully in the 12-hour drama on the high seas off Langkawi. DCP Mohamed Supian praised Kelantanese sailor Mohamed Hamid for his bravery in escaping from the clutches of the pirates to alert the marine police. Kedah Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Syed Razak Syed Zain said the state would request that more patrol boats & armed personnel patrol Langkawi & Kedah waters. Nepline Bhd chief executive officer Datul Dr Nik Zain Omar said the 18 crewmen would be rewarded for their bravery. Dr Nik Zain said Mohamed's bravery could have saved the lives of his colleagues. Mohamed, the tanker's bosun, said he could have easily gone the wrong way but his instinct kept him on the right track-- he managed to reach Langkawi hours later. (Thurs. June 16 2005)

World War II-era cargo DC-3 cargo<< Webfeature, flight en route to Bahamas crashed 3 miles E. of Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport shortly after takeoff -- plane sheared off treetops -- narrowly missed homes as crew guided her to fiery landing on Fort Lauderdale city street June 13. All 3 crew aboard survived -- 2 people injured on ground also hospitalized, including 1 in serious condition. (Mon. June 13 2005)

26-ft. pleasure M/V Lotta Fun, with 5 crew -- sank today 13 miles west of Ilwaco, Wash. M/V Lotta Fun fired 2 distress flares, which aided the U.S. Coast Guard HH-60 Jayhawk helicopter from Air Station Astoria in locatig the boat.  From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Mon. June 13 2005)

10 meter dredger M/V Last Chance taking water & abandoning ship with 2 crew in Irish Sea, 8 miles SW of Bardsey Island. UK Milford Haven Coastguard received Mayday call -- scrambled Rescue Helicopter 122 from RAF Valley & both New Quay and Pwllheli RNLI lifeboats. After 20 minutes, Milford Haven Coastguard back in contact by mobile phone with 2 crew, by this time in life raft. M/V Last Chance sunk. (Mon. June 13 2005)

North Korea flag 1,485gt general cargo M/V Hala (built 1973) , with copra expeller cake -- sailed May 16 for Kochi, India -- reported adrift in vicinity of Andaman Islands, in lat 08 47N, long 89 43E. Lloyd's Salvage Form salvage contract signed with Tsavliris Salvage and tug SM/V B-408 arrived on scene this morning.  (Sun. June 12 2005)

Barter-trade M/V Karya Jaya capsized near Batu Pahat June 10, drowning Indonesian crewman. Eleven others, aged 20 to 50, were saved -- 12 men were in vessel when she listed & submerged after hitting sandbank at river mouth, off Minyak Beku. (Sat. June 11 2005)

U.S registered container 5,020gt. M/V New Glory (Built: 1983 ), Singapore for Port Klang with 216 containers & 19 crew, suffered engine room fire 6.5 NM off Undan Island at 4am today -- put out by crew -- estimated 30% of ship burnt, but cause yet to be determined. No injuries. Extent of cargo damage undetermined. Dead in water. (Sat. June 11 2005) UPDATE>> She has been towed to Singapore where further investigations to be carried out. (Mon. June 13 2005)

15,000gt bulk carrier M/V Kiperousa with 25 crew, aground by stern off Eastern Cape coast -- rescue operation was launched June 7, when mayday signal put out by vessel after she apparently struck an object 2 NM offshore, S. of Hamburg. While awaiting a salvage tanker from Cape Town, logistics in place should estuaries need to be closed off because of an oil spill, said National Ports Authority, in preparation for "worst-case scenario". Crew evacuated. (Sat. June 11 2005) UPDATE>> salvage tug M/V Nikolay Chicker -- trying to move stranded bulk M/V Kiperousa from rocks, hit ocean bottom yesterday & damaged herself - necessitating repairs in harbor. Hope is fading that grounded dry bulker M/V Kiperousa will be pulled clear from reef off South Africa's Eastern Cape coast before bad weather sets in. (Mon. June 13 2005) UPDATE>> Salvage unsuccessful so far.(Wed. June 15 2005)

Pleasure M/V Extractor -- overdue White Sand Ridge, Bahamas for Fort Pierce, Fla. -- at 4:15 p.m., U.S. Coast Guard C-130 aircraft spotted the 2 crew in water after 18-hour search, clinging to overturned vessel & waving -- hoisted by Coast Guard HH-65 Dolphin helicopter soon after, and were taken to Coast Guard Station Port Canaveral, Fla., to be transferred to local EMS. (Sat. June 11 2005)

37-foot trawler F/V Happy Hour with 5 crew trapped aboard disabled fishing vessel in 12-foot seas -- rescued by U.S. Coast Guard HH-60 Jayhawk helicopter from Coast Guard Aviation Training Center Mobile, Ala. June 10, 21 miles south of San Blas, Fla. -- ordered to abandon ship into the heavy seas and with the assistance of the helicopter's deployed rescue swimmer they were hoisted one by one into the aircraft. Coast Guard Cutter USCGC Seahawk, an 87-foot patrol vessel from Carrabelle, Fla., also dispatched to assist. (Sat. June 11 2005)


Alert For Somalian waters>> After a quiet spell, serious attacks have resumed off Somalia. Since 31 March 2005, five incidents reported where pirates armed with guns & grenades have attacked ships & fired upon them. These attacks took place far away from Somali coast. Eastern & NE coasts of Somalia continue to be high-risk areas for hijackings. Ships not making scheduled calls to ports in these areas should stay away from coast. (Sat. June 11 2005)

06 June 2005 at 1535 UTC in position 02:23N - 046:07E, off Mogadishu, Somalia. Three pirates armed with automatic guns in white speedboat opened fire on bulk M/V Tigris underway. U.S. Navy destroyer USS Gonzalez (DDG 66)<< Webfeature in the area responded to distress call from the master & came close to assist. USS Gonzalez fired parachute flares & directed searchlights to illuminate the area -- escorted the bulk carrier to a safer location away from Somali coast. No injuries to crew but gunfire by pirates caused 10 bullet holes on starboard side near bridge. (Sat. June 11 2005)

01 June 2005 at 2000 LT in position 04:15N - 100:18E, off Pangkor island, Malacca straits. Eight pirates armed with automatic guns & long knives fired warning shots at a tanker underway -- boarded & kidnapped master and boatswain -- left in fishing boat with ship's documents. 2nd officer navigated tanker safely to a port. Pirates have demanded ransom for releasing crew. (Sat. June 11 2005)

31 May 05 at 0230 LT, deep water anchorage "A", 10nm south of Basra oil terminal, Iraq. Pirates armed with AK47 rifles boarded a tanker awaiting berthing -- tried to enter bridge claiming to be policemen. Master denied them entry & pirates became violent -- broke glass panels on bridge wing door & entered bridge -- assaulted master causing him injuries & demanded money -- entered master's cabin & located the safe and stole cash and personal belongings. They dragged the master and tried to take him to main deck and left at 0240. Master sent a mayday message and activated SSAS and moved to deep water anchorage "B". Later a coalition warship arrived to investigate. (Sat. June 11 2005)

22 May 2005 at 1500 LT, at posn 03:42N 48:16E, Eastern coast, Somalia. Pirates boarded & hijacked a general cargo ship underway. They beat up the 21 crewm & locked them in a room. Pirates have demanded ransom for releasing the ship and the crew. (Sat. June 11 2005)

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UK F/V Morning Spray, with 3 crew had engine failure, listing badly, taking in water -- sinking 15 miles north of Bardsey Island -- about to abandon ship 55 miles from Holyhead. Holyhead Coastguard immediately launched search & rescue operation sending Rescue helicopter 122 from RAF Valley to scene along with Porthdinllaen lifeboat. Story Corrected by our Correspondent Dane Moore (Thurs. June 9 2005)

Korean container 3,995gt M/V Happy Star (built 1996) -- grounded in Kanmon port Kanmon Strait Japan. (Thurs. June 9 2005)

Panama flag bulk 36,828gt M/V Elefthria (Built 1983) -- for Port Said, laden with barley -- ran aground June 7 in lat 55 13.7N, long 11 05.3E west of Ageroe. Understood salvage services being rendered June 9, to bulk Eleftheria under Lloyd's Open Form by Tsavliris Salvage (International) Ltd. (Thurs. June 9 2005)

North Korea flag, 1,485gt general cargo M/V Hala (built 1973) -- disabled in vicinity of Andaman Islands, in lat 08 47N, long 89 43E. -- currently carrying out inspections prior to taking vessel in tow for Sri Lanka. (Note - M/V Hala reported Jun 5 as being overdue on voyage to Colombo & subsequently as being adrift -- in need of assistance in vicinity of Andaman Islands.) (Thurs. June 9 2005)

Barbados flag 439ft. M/V Camilla Desgagnes, Poughkeepsie, N.Y., for Canada -- suffered engine room fire 20 miles south of Shinnecock --20 crew remain aborad -- U.S. Coast Guard providing assistance. (Thurs. June 9 2005)

U.S. Navy destroyer USS Gonzalez (DDG 66)<< Webfeature used fire from .50-caliber machine guns, searchlights & flares to ward off a pirate attack on M/V Tigris operating off Somalia in the Indian Ocean June 6. USS Gonzalez alerted to ongoing attack by the crew of M/V Tigris via bridge-to-bridge radio. M/V Tigris crew being fired upon. (Wed. June 8 2005)

Bulk M/V Starluck -- from Site 6 of Port of Quequen, Necochea, with 27,560 tons of wheat for Brazilian port -- sailing with assistance of tugs M/V Kyokko Rua & M/V Rua IV and port pilot -- lost steering & grounded 800 meters from coast in lat 28 35S, long 58 41W, at 1345. Salvage tugs M/V Alianza Rosario & M/V Buni to assist with refloating operations. Vessel approximately 650 meters from the coast of Quequen with bow facing open sea in position lat 28 34.85S, long 58 41.28W. Coast Guard soundings at the site of the grounding revealed a depth of about 10 meters. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Wed. June 8 2005) UPDATE>> 16,754gt bulk M/V Starluck (built 1976) refloated with assistance of 2 tugs at 2030 LT, off Necochea Jun 11. On Jun 12, underwater inspection 5 miles form coast was performed. Damages in way of vessel's double bottom tanks were noted. On Jun 8 lightering operations of approximately 7,000 tons of cargo from M/V Starluck to general cargo M/V BBC Sealand commenced. (Thurs. June 16 2005)

Greek owned 14,921-gt Dry bulker M/V Kiperousa, West Africa for Durbanwith logs & 24 crew -- grounded June 7, off East London Harbor, South Africa -- hit reef or rock while on heading NE along Cape coast. Ship began taking water -- appeal for assistance radioed, with rescue craft, helicopters& later harbor tug from East London responding. One of Smit tugs based in Durban also understood sailed for scene. Immediate efforts centering around trying to get line aboard bulker to tow her into deeper water where less danger of wave action causing ship to break up. From our Correspondent Ian Hunter (Wed. June 8 2005) UPDATE>> rescue operation launched after a mayday signal was put out by the vessel, which had apparently struck an object about 2nautical miles offshore, south of Hamburg. The carrier was sailing from Gabon to Durban. (Thurs. June 9 2005)

Japanese F/V Mantai Maru No. 52 from Abashiri -- searched & seized by Russian boarder guards in Sea of Okhotsk 120km off Cape Notori in Abashiri -- later taken to Russian territory, Japan Coast Guard said. (Wed. June 8 2005)

U.S. F/V Miss Charlotte -- continuing to search June 7 for crew aboard vessel reported taking on water south of Horn Island, Miss. on May 4. U.S. Coast Guard received mayday call June 7 requesting assistance at 7 p.m. An HH-65 Dolphin Helicopter rescue aircrew from U.S. Coast Guard Air Station New Orleans dispatched to investigate. During patrol at 8 p.m. aircrew spotted sheen in water & what appeared to be a body 4 miles south of Horn Island. U.S. Coast Guard rescue crews from Station Gulfport, Miss., Station Pascagoula, Miss., Air Station New Orleans & Aviation Training Center Mobile, Ala., have searched more than 1,318 nautical square miles since May 4. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Wed. June 8 2005)

Chinese F/V Zhengouyu-72305 -- hit by Liberian cargo ship when she anchored 113 NM east of Ningbo, coastal city in east China's Zhejiang Province. Ningbo City Maritime Salvage Center also sent 3 ships to search for missing sailors -- 9 of 13 sailors aboard rescued so far -- 4 missing. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Mon. June 6 2005)

134-meter Canadian frigate HMCS Toronto << Webfeature (built 1993) suffered fire in forward auxiliary machinery room at Haifax dock -- warship taken part in number of operations, including enforcing embargoes of the former Yugoslavia & Iraq. Several crew were taken to hospital for observation. Crew from frigate battled the fire that began at 7:10 p.m. joined by personnel from 3 other ships & fire tug, as well as others at navy dockyard -- took over 45 minutes to extinguish blaze. (Mon. June 6 2005)

Outside Help Against The Pirates>> The newly re-elected president of the Singapore Shipping Assn. (SSA), S.S. Teo, said during his report to the body's AGM that piracy was still a major concern for the maritime community. The head of regional container shipping line PIL said that the SSA had raised the politically sensitive issue of calling for help from outside the region if the littoral states cannot eliminate the problem. He said: "Although the number of pirate attacks around the world and in South East Asia had decreased in 2004, the intensity of pirate attacks had increased, with a larger number of seamen killed. In the South East Asian region, particularly in the Malacca & Singapore Straits, piracy continues to be a problem." He noted: "The three littoral states of Indonesia, Malaysia & Singapore signed a landmark agreement on 20 July 2004 to conduct co-ordinated naval patrol in their efforts to combat piracy in the Straits, but this had minimal impact. Small tankers, slow moving tugs & barges and even large bulk carriers continued to be attacked. In some cases, ship officers and crews were kidnapped and shipowners held to hefty ransom to secure their release. Such incidents have prompted the SSA, together with its counterparts in the Federation of ASEAN Shipowners' Associations (FASA) and the Asian Shipowners Forum (ASF) urging the ASEAN governments to exert stronger political will and to work more effectively to eradicate the piracy problem in the SE Asian region. We also urged the littoral states to consider int' l assistance if they cannot find any effective measures." (Mon. June 6 2005)

Ferry M/V Amorella, Swedish port of Stockholm for Turku in Finland -- suffered fire of cargo automobile May 19-- crew succeeded in tackling fire. None of 1,160 persons aboard harmed -- ship reached Turku in schedule. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Mon. June 6 2005)

117 meter Russian registered general cargo M/V Yamal, Vyborg to Cardiff with pig iron & 15 crew, in collision in English Channel with Antiguan registered container M/V Jessica B, Antwerp for Dublin, 20 miles South of Anvil Point, UK. M/V Jessica B reports minimal bow damage. However, M/V Yamal has developed a 5 degree list to port but has restarted engines successfully. UK Solent Coastguard requested attendance from tug from Cherbourg. (Mon. June 6 2005)

U-505 Resurfaces<< Webfeature. (Sun. June 5 2005)

U-505 Exhibits<< Webfeature.

Escorts To Confront Pirates>> Armed escort vessels will be allowed to pass through Malaysia's stretch of the Malacca Strait although their operations must be strictly controlled, Malaysian Defence Minister Najib Razak has said.Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi & other senior defence officials have been outspoken recently in their opposition to privately armed vessels providing security for commercial ships in the pirate-infested strait. However Najib, who is also deputy prime minister, told a regional security conference in Singapore that Malaysia would reluctantly allow them to "transit" through its waters. Now Japan & the U.S. can make a difference.(Sun. June 5 2005)

F/V Buccaneer grounded near Geese Islands, south of Kodiak Island, early June 3 -- patrolling 40 miles away, USCGC Roanoke Island << Webfeature, steamed to the scene at max speed -- crew tied a line to the stricken vessel's mast to help keep it upright -- attempt to re-float F/V Buccaneer during next high tide. (Sun. June 5 2005)

32ft. S/V Sonny & Jer disabled & adrift after mast fell overboard taking crew Peter Church with it in U.S. Virgin Islands. Fearing broken rigging would soon puncture vessels hull, Sean Riley & vessels owner 60-year-old Gerald Listokin, cut rigging from deck & she sank, Church was not seen again. U.S. Coast Guard jet & 2 merchant ships M/V Team Mars & M/VTmoz assisted in the search where Church was last seen. The Dutch navy vessel Van Speijk which was nearby also joined search efforts. (Sat. June 4 2005)

Malaysia-registered bulk M/V Everise Glory, Western Australia for Singapore in collission with Taiwan-registered container M/V Uni Concord, Port of Tanjung Pelepas for Bintulu, Sarawak -- bulk carrier sank 14 NM from Pulau Batu Putih, off Mersing just outside Singapore Strait -- 23 of 24 crew of M/V Everise Glory rescued by officers from Republic of Singapore Navy & Police Coast Guard as well as a passing fishing trawler in vicinity. 1 dead. (Sat. June 4 2005) UPDATE>> There is no word on missing Filipino sailor. (Sun. June 5 2005)

92-foot tug M/V Polaris -- leaked 8,000 gallons of diesel fuel & blocked all traffic through Port of Iberia's main channel since she partially sank late June 1. (Sat. June 4 2005)

M/V Faiz suffered fire on midnight of May 31 in West Bengal -- burning to death 3 family members of Captain P.B. Shelley, who also died while trying to save them, according to the rescued crew brought by Coast Guard on June 4. (Sat. June 4 2005)

M/V Crete Cement, with 3,526 tons of iron & steel from Izmit to Britain -- adrift at Canakkale Strait after experiencing engine problems -- tug helped ship go away from dangerous location to Kilye region of Canakkale Strait. (Sat. June 4 2005)

53 meter M/V Fiaz -- Yangon for Kolkata with 783 tons of puses of coal & 15 crew, suffered fire in Bay of Bengal -- ship abanoned -- Indian Coast Guard found 4 charred skulls aboard -- mainly children -- ship now drifting NW of Haldia port -- 10 rescued from life raft, but at least 5 still missing. -- "he jumped off the ship, but failed to board the life raft." Feared 5 daed. (Fri. June 3 2005)

Bahama bulk M/V Crete Cement, wiith 3,526 tons of iron & steel from Izmit for Britain -- adrift at Canakkale Strait after experiencing engine problems. Tugboat helped ship go away from dangerous location. (Fri. June 3 2005)


30 May 2005 at 1720 UTC in position 04:00.50N - 099:36.20E, Malacca straits -- general cargo ship underway sighted 5 meter craft with white hull. When craft came within 2 miles, it increased speed & commenced approaching ship. Master raised alarm, took evasive maneuvers & crew mustered.  Craft altered course & moved away. (Fri. June 3 2005)

28 May 2005 at 1835 LT in position 12:29N - 044:57E, Gulf of Aden. Speedboat approached tug towing 2 barges -- boat came within 5 meters, crew fired rocket flares at boat & it sped away. (Fri. June 3 2005)

30 May 2005 at 1615 UTC in position 03:12N - 105:24E, 14nm off Anambas island, Indonesia -- 5 pirates armed with high-powered guns & long knives boarded general cargo ship underway.  Duty A/B at poop deck spotted them & locked himself inside accommodation -- raised alarm. Pirates fired warning shots & broke open accommodation doors -- entered bridge where they tied up 2/O, 2 A/Bs & an oiler. Two pirates remained on bridge with hostages. Other 3 pirates went to cabins of C/E & Master and stole personal belongings, cash & equipment. Finally, pirates took master, C/E & A/B to poop deck -- escaped in a boat. (Fri. June 3 2005)

29 May 2005 at 0015 LT in position 06:45S - 039:20E, No.2 anchorage, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. Three pirates armed with machetes boarded general cargo ship via hawse pipe -- stole ship's stores & escaped. Master heaved up anchor & proceeded to open sea to drift. Port control informed. (Fri. June 3 2005)

24 May 2005 at 1100 UTC in position 15:19.5N - 041:32.5E, Southern Red Sea. Persons in 2 boats attempted to come alongside a RO/RO ship underway. Master raised alarm & increased speed. Attempt aborted. (Fri. June 3 2005)

24 May 2005 at 1000 UTC in position 17:52.7N - 076:47.1W, Kingston outer anchorage, Jamaica -- 5 pirates boarded general cargo ship -- threatened duty A/B with knife & tied him up. A/B managed to escape & raised alarm. Robbers broke seal of container & tried to break in to store room. Finally they stole crew belongings & escaped. (Fri. June 3 2005)

19 May 2005 at 0150 LT at Abidjan anchorage, Ivory Coast. Pirates armed with long knives boarded general cargo ship via anchor chain -- overpowered & tied up duty A/B & robbed his personal belongings and a walkie talkie. A/B managed to free himself -- raised alarm. Upon hearing alarm, robbers jumped overboard & escaped. (Fri. June 3 2005)

05 May 2005 at 1030 LT in position 02:46.064N - 106:12.285E, NW bay of Ayerabu island, Anambas islands, Indonesia. -- 8 pirates armed with AK-47 machine guns boarded yacht at anchor -- ordered crew to remain below deck. Held skipper at gun point & took cash, stores & crew personal belongings -- escaped. (Fri. June 3 2005)

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Pirates have kidnapped Thai Capt. & crewman from tanker in busy Malacca Strait, with 1,104 tons of fuel from an eastern port in Thailand to Rayong, in latest of a string of sophisticated kidnap for ransom attacks Owners of Thai-flagged vessel reported that pirates have already demanded a ransom after June 1 incident, said the head of the Piracy Reporting Centre of the London-based Int'l Maritime Bureau -- between 5 & 8 pirates approached on fast boat & fired warning shots to stop vessel as it sailed off Pangkor island on Malaysia's west coast -- kidnapped crewmen, took trading documents, then contacted the owner for a ransom. The Int'l Maritime Bureau does not report vessel names. (Thurs. June 2 2005)

53-meter M/V Faiz, Yangon on May 27 for Calctta with 783 tons of "pulses" -- suffered fire -- crew abandoned 225 NM from Haldia. Accommodation cabins & engine room destroyed -- pilot had radioed. "I can see thick smoke coming out of the ship. There are no survivors," pilot said in radio message. 10 castaways, some in lifeboats & rest in life jackets, rescued by a Coast Guard ship this evening about 150 NM from Sandhead & being brought to Calcutta -- 5 crew &emdash; ship's Capt. P.P. Shelley, his wife, & their children & chief operator &emdash; still missing. Closer look by M/V Vijay Lakshmi revealed that cabins & engine room completely burnt down. (Thurs. June 2 2005)

16,754 gt, bulk M/V Starluck (built 1976), with 27,500 tons wheat-- from Port of Necochea -- grounded 200 meters away from port's breakwater on May 31. Salvage operations not yet commenced, but preparations for lightering part cargo arranged. The owners Atlas Agencia Maritima S.R.L. meanwhile had contracted the services of Smit salvage company, in order to refloat the vessel. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Thurs. June 2 2005)

UK Brixham Coastguard were alerted to 7 meter yacht S/V Tattie Bogle -- washed up on the rocks at Saltern Cove -- mainsail up & foresail half up & anchor was also in raised position -- skippers personal effects on board & entry in vessels log -- entry made at 05.35 this morning recording weather information -- whereabouts of the skipper unknown. (Thurs. June 2 2005)

Philippine Navy patrol ship, BRP Quezon patrolling the area, notorious for rebels & pirates -- spotted the stranded motorized fishing boat F/V Piary, 51 NM southeast off Fearless Shoals on May 29 afternoon -- 17 people stranded for more than 2 days without food or water -- 7 men, 7 women & 3 children -- were dehydrated. Vessel left Malaysia's Sandakan town on Borneo island for Cagayan de Tawi-Tawi in Mindanao -- along the way vessel's engine broke down, causing her to drift. (Thurs. June 2 2005)

Iraq Pirates>> Struck Basra oil terminal May 31, apparently approaching moored tanker in rubber boat, using hooks to get onboard & stealing money. Local authorities urged vessels to use extreme caution. Under current Int'l Maritime Organization regulations firearms for self-protection are forbidden on vessels. Maritime pirates are, however, better armed, more technologically advanced & well-trained. (Thurs. June 2 2005)

Singapore & Indonesian Navies Joint Pirate Surveillance System<< Webfeature. (Thurs. June 2 2005)

103gt. veteran 20mt. tug M/V Woltmann<< Webfeature suffered fire in evening of May 31 in Hamburg -- fire broke out in machine room after coal fire in the boiler got out of control -- 21 firefighters tackled the flames & led dense fume out of ship which was lying in the Museum Harbor of Hamburg-Oevelgoenne<< Webfeature. No one injuries. M/V Woltmann is last ocean going German tug with steam engine & coal fired boiler -- built at Gebr. Sachsenberg yard in Rosslau in 1904 & worked together with M/V Bagger XI on the river Elbe. It was in service until 1976, then sold to the Netherlands & returned to Germany in 1984. It then started new career as museum ship in 1994 after having been renovated. She took part several times in the Kiel week & other major maritime events, until it returned to original appereance between 1997 & 2004. The 1st journey after re-entering service led from Hamburg via Cuxhaven, Kiel, Schleswig, Kappeln, Flensburg & Denmark back to its hompeport Hamburg where she was now struck by fate. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Thurs. June 2 2005)

Tense standoff between Japanese Coast Guard and South Korean Coast Guard over jurisdiction of the captain of fishing boat caught illegally fishing for conger eel inside Japan's economic zone off Nagasaki by Japanese Coast Guard patrol vessel Tatsugomo and fled for two hours with 2 Japanese Coast Guard aboard. Japan claims jurisdiction because the fishing occurred in their waters, while South Korea claims jurisdiction because vessel apprehended in their waters. At this time, fishing vessel remains sandwiched between Japanese & South Korean Coast Guard in rough seas. Kidnapped Japanese Coast Guard crew rescued, and 4 Japanese Coast Guard have boarded the Korean Coast Guard vessel, on which the captain of the fishing vessel is being detained, to negotiate standoff. (Wed., June 1, 2005)

Japanese Coast reports that 4 Chinese fishermen missing off SW coast of Japan after their fishing boat collided with Liberian cargo ship. 9 of the 13 were rescued by the cargo ship, and the search by air & sea continues for the 4 missing men. (Wed., June 1, 2005)

A fisherman aboard 100-ft scallop boat F/V Patience was critically injured off Atlantic City when the scallop dredge fell on him. Crew alerted the Coast Guard, and U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Atlantic City dispatched helicopter to transfer man to nearby trauma unit -- remains in critical condition. (Wed., June 1, 2005)

Washington State Ferry M/V Quinault is unable to serve the Port Townsend-Keystone route due to a broken steering system. M/V Illahee on way to serve as replacement while M/V Quinault undergoes extensive repairs in dry dock. (Wed., June 1, 2005)

999 emergency operators, Essex Police, U.K. Coastguard & F/V True to the Core worked together to make dramatic rescue off Felixstowe of man & boy drifting in dinghy in darkness after their boat sank beneath them -- pair placed a 999 emergency call from a cell phone. Telephone connection was so poor that the 999 operator barely able to understand call, but by using mobile phone masts, the Coast Guard able to determine rough coordinates from where call had been placed. The Coast Guard then broadcast a pan pan broadcast and nearby F/V True to the Core located & rescued the man & boy -- said to be cold & frightened but uninjured. (Wed., June 1, 2005)

Vessel Loss Dispatches For May 2005

Editors Note: Throughout most of May 2005 these reports have been provided to you by our Asst. Editor Libby Thompson -- her fresh style & unique insights are much appreciated. McD

"Singles Only" - single photos of disaster -- always new.

44-ft. pleasure M/V Territory Ahead struck pilings & sank in the night on Columbia River, 5 miles east of Astoria, Oregon. Vessel operator radioed U.S. Coast Guard for help when craft began to take water -- U.S. Coast Guard Station Cape Disappointment dispatched rescue boats while U.S. Coast Guard Group/Air Astoria sent an HH-60 Jayhawk helicopter to assist. Nearby Good Samaritan responded to broadcast &rescued those aboard Territory Ahead before she sank. Owner will attempt to salvage the sunken vessel. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Tues., May 31, 2005)

The Indian Supreme Court Monitoring Committee (SCMC) is calling for Danish ship M/V Riky to be "mercilessly driven out of Indian sovereign territory without loss of time." M/V Riky is presently docked at Gujarat Port for shipbreaking. The SCMC was alerted to environmental dangers posed by the ship's presence by Greenpeace and the Danish Minister for the Environment, and also states that the ship changed its name and entered Indian waters illegally. (Tues., May 31, 2005)

88 South American refugees who had paid traffickers up to US$10,000.00 apiece for illegal immigration into the United States were abandoned at sea without power or communication when their boat encountered engine troubles off Costa Rica. Traffickers boarded another boat, but left the 88 migrants, mostly teenagers, adrift at sea. Migrants saved themselves with a variation on the time-tried method of writing a message in a bottle. When they spotted a long drift line at sea, they wrote "Help, please, help us" on a scrap of paper, placed it in a plastic water bottle and attached it to the drift line. When the crew of fishing boat Rey de Reyes drew in their lines and spotted the message, they contacted Costa Rica Coast Guard. The group MarViva, which works to preserve the Cocos Islands, rescued the group and provided them with emergency shelter and medical treatment. (Tues., May 31, 2005) UPDATE: The refugees are said to be in good health and are being returned to Ecuador. (Wed., June 1, 2005)

Chinese Navy Ming-class military submarine reportedly stalled in the South China Sea in Int'l waters between Taiwan & Hainan Island after fire broke out aboard vessel while she was submerged -- apanese press is reporting that the submarine is being towed above water by a Chinese vessel to the Yulin Naval Port on China's Hainan Island. Chinese officials have declined to confirm the fire or to comment on whether there were any casualties. 2 years ago, all 70 aboard a similar Chinese Ming-class, diesel-powered hunter-killer submarine died when they suffered a mechanical malfunction. Japanese and American authorities are monitoring the vessel in the current situation. (Tues., May 31, 2005)

May 27, 2005, unmanned 360-ft deck barge G.T. Ironmaster capsized & spilled its agragate cargo into ocean off Massachusetts. Tugboat M/V Navigator was towing deck barge from Boston to New Haven with no crew or oil onboard. Cause of accident under investigation & salvage plan is being formulated. The deck barge is currently located at 40-10.ON/070-30.0W and U.S. Coast Guard cutter Seneca is assisting. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Mon., May 30, 2005)

162 meter Greek ferry M/V Lissos (built 1972) ran aground in Aegean Sea on May 15, 2005 with 620 passengers aboard -- ship managed to come free & entered Argostoli Harbor for inspection. After departing Argostoli harbor, ship ran aground a 2nd time. No serious damage caused by incidents & no injuries reported. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Mon., May 30, 2005)

Explosion occurred aboard Ro/Ro M/V Nepture Okeanis at Italian Fincantieri Yard in Palermo due to a lamp breaking during painting in a chain locker-- 4 workers were hurt onboard the newbuilding. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Mon., May 30, 2005)

Canada has seized Portuguese trawler F/V Santa Mafalda near Newfoundland, and Capt. will be charged with unauthorized entry & illegal fishing inside Canada's 200-mile exclusion zone for foreign fishing vessels. The 30 crew remain in vessel-- currently docked at St. John's. (Mon., May 30, 2005)

Russian authorities recalled F/V Odoevsk on May 19, 2005 to its home port and suspended its fishing license after Canadian inspectors cited it for use of an illegal net liner. Canadian officials were pleased by Russian response -- part of the joint effort by Canada and Russia to address Int'l overfishing in the Northwest Atlantic. (Mon., May 30, 2005)

145-meter RoRo M/V Tor Cimibria suffered generator fire in the engine room alongside Immingham near Humber, U.K. -- crew was able to extinguish the fire. Extent of damage unknown. (Mon., May 30, 2005)

Minutes later, Front Striver dropped a drum of paint in the River Humber at Immingham Bulk Terminal. Humber Coastguard is helping coordinate clean-up efforts. (Mon., May 30, 2005)

Sunderland RNLI & Sunderland Coastguard assisted pleasure boat Kittiwake after it became disabled due to a fouled propeller. The 2 crew were rescued, and the Kittiwake was towed to Sunderland Marina. Redcar Coastguard Rescue Team also rescued pleasure boat Margery Ann when it became disabled. (Mon., May 30, 2005)

Fijian inter-island boat Tunatuki has been adrift for 2 days with 50 people trapped aboard in Lau waters due to engine problems. Passengers said to have sufficient provisions & not be in any immediate danger. Vessel owners say that a national holiday has prevented them for 2 days from finding another boat to go to the aid of the Tunatuki, but a tug boat has now been dispatched. (Mon., May 30, 2005)

In the North Sea earlier this month, supply vessel M/V Island Ranger grazed the Grane platform, incurring only minor damages to the vessel and the platform. The incident is believed to have been caused by a malfunction in the supply boat's positioning system. (Sun., May 29, 2005)

A fire began in the smokestack of shrimping vessel Mackenzie's Dream off Newfoundland and rapidly consumed the vessel. The crew of 7 donned survival suits, boarded two life rafts and used an emergency beacon to signal for help. After 2-1/2 hours, Coast Guard ship Sir Wilfred Grenfell rescued the 5 men and 2 women and transported them to St. John's. (Sun., May 29, 2005)

In the Maldives, Bigfish Number 3 collided with a boat owned by the Ministry of Education, the Faaliky-01, breaking off a large section of the Faaliky-01 and nearly sinking it. The Coast Guard was able to rescue all passengers and the Faaliky-01 has been towed safely into Maafushi. (Sun., May 29, 2005)

Yacht Pretty Kitty dismasted in rough weather north of Ramsgate Fairway, England. 2 crew rescued by Ramsgate RNLI lifeboat. (Sat., May 28, 2005)

Yacht Gintrap also dismasted in rough weather off the Mid Falls buoy, UK. Ramsgate RNLI lifeboat responded after a Mayday call & towed vessel to safety. (Sat., May 28, 2005)

Busy day for Ramsgate RNLI as they also rescued the 36-ft yacht S/V Khamsin and its 3 passengers in rough weather after it became disabled near Ramsgate. (Sat., May 28, 2005)

Chief engineer with a broken arm was evacuated from Survey vessel M/V Black Watch by Eastbourne RNLI and taken to the hospital. (Sat., May 28, 2005)

Eastbourne RNLI lifeboat also rescued the yacht S/V Mermaid of Zennor and the 4 people aboard after it became disabled 3 miles southwest of Sovereign marina. The yacht was towed to the marina by lifeboat. (Sat., May 28, 2005)

French naval frigate Jean Bart in collision with Pakastani naval support ship Moawin off Staten Island. Both ships were in New York for the annual Fleet Week celebration. Jean Bart suffered visible damage across hull, while Moawin appeared to suffer only superficial damage. (Sat., May 28, 2005)

A 12-year old boy is missing after his grandfather's cabin cruiser collided with a barge being pushed by tugboat M/V Leah Cenac in Bayou Cutler, Louisiana. Another of the grandchilden on the cabin cruiser injured & taken to the hospital. No injuries to crew or damage to M/V Leah Cenac were sustained. U.S. Coast Guard, Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Dept. & Louisiana Dept. of Wildlife & Fisheries have all joined the search for the missing boy. (Sat., May 28, 2005)

Cook aboard Chinese research vessel M/V Xiang Yang Hong 09 fell seriously ill with extreme abdominal pain off the Philippines and was hoisted for evacuation by Coast Guard helicopters with a rope harness. (Sat., May 28, 2005)

1 adult and 3 children were rescued from the water by Forth Coastguard, U.K. after the tug M/V Dalmeny spotted them and their capsized dinghy and made a distress call on their behalf. Rescue workers were forced to abandon attempts to rescue the dinghy due to winds force 5 and worsening weather. (Fri., May 27, 2005).

North Korean-flagged cargo ship M/V Perast is grounded in shallow water after taking on water near Corinth. The 8-man Serbian crew was uninjured. The M/V Perast ran into trouble just after passing through the Corinth Canal carrying 2,700 tons of cement. (Fri., May 27, 2005)

1 dead and 2 injured after tanker M/T Basaveshwara caught fire at New Mangalore Port Trust, India while en route to Cochin. According to the captain, the fire was caused by "backfire in the port's auxiliary boiler furnace resulting in furnace door being blown off." The three victims were all trapped in the engine room. The fire was extinguished, but no word on the extent of damages to the vessel. (Fri., May 27, 2005).

Norfolk-based guided missile frigate USS Kauffman, in coordination with German frigate FGS Karlruhe, seized 4,200 lbs. of hashish from M/V Al Naveed in the North Arabian Sea after receiving an intelligence tip. The 14-member Kauffman boarding team discovered a false bulkhead with 96 large bags of hashish hidden behind it on board the Al Naveed. The Al Naveed will be transferred by coalition forces to unidentified legal authorities. (Fri., May 27, 2005).

The Nor'easter which has been pounding the Northeastern U.S. caused at least six boats to part from their moorings in Marblehead Harbor on May 26, 2005. Amongst the casualties was 28-ft Sabre sailboat Arabesque which is being lifted by crane after having been pushed back to the end of the harbor near the seawall and causeway leading to Marblehead Neck. The boat is probably a total loss. (Fri., May 27, 2005)


21 May 2005 Suspicious craft at 0330 LT in position 05:34.5N - 099:51.0E, 21nm NW of Penang island, Malacca straits. A craft doing over 20 kts approached a product tanker underway. When craft came within 0.5nm crew mustered, activated fire hoses, directed searchlights & switched on lights. Craft followed for 20 mins and moved away. (Fri., May 27, 2005)

18 May 2005 at 0325 LT at Callao anchorage no.8, Peru. Robbers boarded a tanker at forecastle. They stole ship's stores and escaped. (Fri., May 27, 2005)

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Panamanian-registered M/V Yue Shan, with 166,000 tons of iron ore, in collision with Liberian-flagged tanker M/V Chrisopigi Lady on May 25, 2005 in Singapore Strait southwest of St. John's Island. Tanker M/V Chrisopigi Lady was fortunately in ballast at the time, and there was no oil spillage. MPA's Vessel Traffic Information System warned the vessels of the impending collision. M/V Yue Shan damaged in the bow, while M/V Chrisopigi Lady sustained damage on starboard side. (Thurs., May 26, 2005)

The Coast Guard is investigating a 1,500 gallon oil spill at the Black Falcon terminal in South Boston in the immediate vicinity of where the warship USS John F. Kennedy recently docked. The crew of the USS John F. Kennedy is reporting that no leaks have been detected in the air carrier. The Coast Guard is also investigating two other vessels docked nearby to determine the source of the spillage. (Thurs., May 26, 2005)

Passenger ferry M/V Narrabeen crashed into the wharf at Sydney's Circular Quay, causing a piece of the wharf's awning to become airborne and strike a woman in the face. Holes were torn in the ferry's bow and the damage is described as extensive. Witnesses say the ferry made a sharp turn to avoid colliding with another passenger vessel and crashed into the wharf as a result. (Thurs., May 26, 2005)

Jean Le Cam's 60-ft French racing yacht S/V Bonduelle became dismasted east of Shetland in the race around Britain. U.K. Coastguard, a French camera crew and a second vessel assisted in the rescue. The yacht is being towed to the Shetland Isles. (Thurs., May 26, 2005)

Approximately 10% of the 2,000+ passengers aboard P&O's luxury cruise liner Oceana have been stricken with the highly contagious Norovirus aka the "Vomiting Virus" during a 17-day Mediterranean cruise. Passengers who have been confined will be compensated by P&O, and the vessel will be undergoing an extensive disinfection regime. (Thurs., May 26, 2005)

Bangladeshi Marine Court officials have seized 58 unlicensed cargo vessels in just three days as part of their smackdown on unregistered vessels. 14 cargo vessels were seized on Wednesday. Perhaps they will soon also have a crackdown on overloaded, poorly maintained passenger ferries. (Thurs., May 26, 2005)

Four passengers were injured when 83-foot Shepler's ferry Wyandot hit rough water and high winds near Mackinaw City, Michigan. No word on the condition of the vessel. 1 passenger was treated and released at the dock, the other 3 were transported to a medical center. (Thurs., May 26, 2005)

Cyprus-flagged bulk carrier M/V Starluck is grounded 200 meters from the breakwater at Port of Necochea, Argentina. Awaiting tide in order to refloat her with the assistance of a tug. (Thurs., May 26, 2005)

4 crew were rescued by Coast Guard after windows broke on the lower deck of passenger dinner cruise yacht Romantica in rough waters off the Georgia coast. No passengers were aboard at the time. The yacht took on water and was towed to Savannah the following afternoon for salvage. (Thurs., May 26, 2005)

Five workers were killed in an explosion at a shipyard on May 25, 2005 in Guangzhou, China during construction of a 4,250-ton capacity ship. 3 workers painting the vessel died immediately in the blast, and 2 others died later at the hospital. Six more are reported injured. Officials are investigating the cause of the explosion. (Thurs., May 26, 2005)

Salvage services rendered to Panama-flagged general cargo M/V Arion after it suffered rudder problems on May 12, 2005 700 miles east of Salvador. The ship is being towed to Rio de Janeiro. (Wed., May 25, 2005).

Amazing turn of events in one day for the 15 crew of Latvian fishing boat F/V Gideon after their trawler caught fire off Newfoundland. The crew was able to extinguish the fire, but then the trawler started to take on water. An Icelandic vessel nearby responded to the distress call and rescued the crew, who were then transferred to the world's largest luxury liner, the Queen Mary II, for transport to New York in comfort, with a medical center on-board. No word yet of injuries or the status of the trawler. (Wed., May 25, 2005.) UPDATE>> F/V Gideon has sunk. Crew are reported to be safe. European fisheries patrol vessel Jean Charcot has recovered the life rafts. (Thurs., May 26, 2005).

San Francisco-based, 52-foot sailboat Flash ran aground in fog at San Simeon Cove, California on May 24, 2005. After pulling into the cove to tie up for the night, the crew called for help when the vessel drifted towards the cove's shore, which consists of smooth sand near the San Simeon Pier but jagged rocks at the point. Rescue workers were able to secure the vessel midway between the pier and point, but the boat's keel boards got stuck on an underwater sandbar. No injuries reported. Salvage attempts underway. (Wed., May 25, 2005).

Fire aboard cargo vessel M/V Sea Beauty while docked at Berth 118, Pier T at the Port of Long Beach halted port sea traffic for nearly half an hour on May 24, 2005. Foam insulation and oil in the mountain of scrap metal cargo apparently ignited in the ship's three holds. No one was injured in the blaze, which firefighters and the ship's crew extinguished using water pumps aboard the large vessel. (Wed., May 25, 2005)

109-meter ferry Alandia ran aground off the Finnish coast on May 23, 2005. Tugs succeeded in freeing the ferry and towed it to Berghamn on the Isle of Aland between Sweden and Finland. None of the 200 passengers were hurt. The Alandia was en route from Grisselham, Sweden to Berghamn. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Wed., May 25, 2005)

Fully-laden tanker M/V Astro Lupus collided with RoRo M/V Safari in the Gulf of Oman on May 23, 2005. The hull of the tanker was damaged, with 500 tons of crude oil leaking into the sea. The leakage has been repaired, thus minimizing further environmental damage. The cause of the collision is yet unclear. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Wed., May 25, 2005)

The 60-ft S/Y Cheminees Poujoulat of Bernard Stamm of Switzerland was damaged during a non-stop race around Britain when colliding with an unknown drifting object. One sword of the boat was damaged, putting an end to Stamm's race. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Wed., May 25, 2005)

68 passengers, including women & children, aboard Sao Tome and Principe-flagged M/V Praque Yard were rescued by the National Maritime Authority and Nigerian Ports Authority 100 miles off Nigeria's shores. The vessel is said to have been adrift for two days due to engine problems before a distress call was made. No serious injuries reported, but the passengers had run out of food of water and 12 reported stomach pains. (Wed., May 25, 2005)

SuperFerry has barred all sea marshals from boarding their vessels following the fatal shooting of their chief security officer by a sea marshal with an M-16 Armalite Rifle aboard General Santos City-bound SuperFerry 16 on May 20, 2005 while it was docked at Davao City, Philippines. There are conflicting reports regarding the circumstances and details, but the shooting apparently took place when the sea marshal tried to bring "an unticketed woman" aboard, and the chief security officer denied boarding to the sea marshal's companion. (Wed., May 25, 2005)

A fire which started in the engine room and spread to the living quarters of 80-meter Singapore-registered container ship M/V Java Sea in far north Queensland is believed to have been started by a burst oil line igniting on the boiler. The fire commander states that the burst oil lines went across the boilers, consumed the engine room, then caused extensive damage to the living quarters. The 13 crew were not injured. Damages are estimated at around $1,000,000.00. (Tues., May 24, 2005).

An Indian Navy officer has been declared missing from his warship, the INS Sharab off the coast of Visakhapatnam. There is a general consensus that he may have fallen overboard May 17th, but the Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard are still collaborating on a massive search of the area. (Tues., May 24, 2005)

A Station Portland Coast Guard rescue boat, responding to a report of sail boat Romance dragging its mooring in wind gusts as high as 51 mph, took on water and ran aground off Hope Island when it struck a submerged object. A Jayhawk helicopter and a further Coast Guard Station Portland rescue boat rescued the crew and Coast Guard boat. A Good Samaritan towed the Romance to safety. Many recreational boats were smashed up in the high winds and waves in the Portland, Maine area. No reports of injuries. (Tues., May 24, 2005.) Thanks to our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen for providing additional details. (Wed., May 25, 2005).

Our Lass experienced engine failure off Scotland Monday, and lifeboat Peterhead was dispatched by HM Coastguard to her aid. No reports of injuries. (Tues., May 24, 2005)

35-ft angling vessel F/V Girl Mandy was swamped by waves in a choppy sea off Two Tree Island, Southend, England and sank. Thames Coastguard, Southend Coastguard, Southend and Gravesend RNLI inland lifeboats and an RAF helicopter all participated in rescuing the 9 uninjured persons aboard. From our Correspondent A.L. Griffiths (Tues., May 24, 2005)

122 year-old, 100 ton barge Brilliant Star was deliberately sunk in the River Calder, U.K. in what the owner described as the handiwork of "heartless scum" who had also been sabotaging the engine box over the past few months. The owner, Wakefield's Kingfisher Trust, had spent 10,000 pounds restoring the Brilliant Star in order to take children with special needs on peaceful outings around the country. Only the mast is now visible. (Tues., May 24, 2005)

M/V Karina K. (2240 gt., built 1975) is currently at Thessaloniki awaiting class inspection after taking a list of 12 degrees while loading cargo there on May 20, 2005. The vessel is still listing and experiencing stability problems. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Tues., May 24, 2005)

RoRo-ferry Kaduna collided with Panama-registered container vessel M/V MSC Eleni off the Belgian port of Antwerpen in the morning hours of May 23, 2005. The Kaduna hit the port side of M/V MSC Eleni and was severely damaged at the bow. The collision may have been caused by a technical fault. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Tues., May 24, 2005).

A damaged halogen light was apparently the cause of a fire in the cargo hold of Antigua-flagged M/V Christopher on May 20, 2005 while it was on passage through the Kiel Canal <<Webfeature Kiel Canal. The cargo which caught fire was wood. After the pilot noticed fumes escaping from the foreship, the cargo hold was isolated and the vessel went to Rendsburg Harbor where the fire was quickly extinguished with minimal damage. Canal ferry Memel carried equipment to the scene to assist firefighters. Undamaged cargo was reloaded onto the ship, and M/V Christopher was allowed to continue its vogage to Ireland. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen. (Mon., May 23, 2005)

Seven old fiberglass U.S. Navy barges caught fire in the Delta near Antioch, California, prompting a health advisory from Contra Costa County health officials due to the thick smoke. Fire spread to a nearby island and arson is a suspected cause of the fire. A security zone has been put in place and mariners are being told to avoid the area. Webfeature>>Slideshow of firefighters battling the blaze (Mon., May 23, 2005)

F/V Carina sank on May 18 in the Elbe estuary after becoming entangled in an underwater obstruction. In the early morning hours, F/V Carina began to list, and rescue boat Hermann Helms << Webfeature>> headed to the position near the sandbar Grosser Vogelsand. The Carina continued to take on water and made contact with the sandbar several times. By the time the Hermann Helms arrived, the situation had deteriorated to the point that the Carina was listing severely and the 2-man crew was asking for immediate evacuation. The so-called "daughter ship" of the Hermann Helms, the Biene, rescued the two crew. The rising flood caused the ship to list even more until water rose to the deck, and moments later only the tops of the masts were still visible. Monuments of the dangers of the Vogelsand are the British M/V Ondo << Webfeature and Fides which sank in the early 1960s and the remains of which are still visible Webfeature>> full story: the book "Gestrandet" From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen. (Mon., May 23, 2005)

Fishing vessel Bounty sank 12 miles SE of Berry Head, UK after becoming entangled in an underwater obstruction. The 2 crew spent 5 hours in a life raft before attracting the attention of RFA Black Rover and being transported to safety at Portland port. (Mon., May 23, 2005)

Eyewitnesses in Somalia are reporting that pirates attacked a German cargo ship at sea near Gaan. District officials unsuccessfully tried to persuade the attackers to release the ship and crew and there are unconfirmed reports of casualties. (Mon., May 23, 2005)

Alleged Colombia drug smugglers have been detained by U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Gallatin in the Caribbean and almost 2 tons of cocaine were seized. (Mon., May 23, 2005)

M/V Frey, general cargo ship built in 1981, suffered main engine problems and has been towed to Brest by tug Abeille Bourbon for salvage. (Mon., May 23, 2005)

French, British and Irish maritime workers held a demonstration at the dock at Cherbourg protesting the hiring of lower-paid Eastern European workers, and passenger ship M/V Normandy was allegedly prevented from docking for a few hours. Irish Ferries says all of the 793 passengers were able to disembark when the ship was able to dock in the evening. (Mon., May 23, 2005)

A ferry boat capsized and sank near Banglabazar ghat in Bangladesh. One passenger drowned and nine others were able to swim to safety. The accident was caused by the propellers hitting the anchor-rope of another vessel. (Mon., May 23, 2005)

Chinese geological research vessel Fen Dou No. 4 reportedly trespassed into Taiwanese waters, and Taiwan has sent coast guard ships and helicopters to monitor the vessel and push it back. It is the second such incident in the past month. (Mon., May 23, 2005)

45-ft fishing vessel Cheryl Lynn I broke a stabilizer cable and was in danger of rolling over deep in Canadian waters on May 22, 2005. The crew issued a Mayday and Nova Scotia icebreaker Sir William Alexander was able to cut the cable free without damaging the boat. Coast Guard was in contact with the crew throughout the ordeal, and none of the crew were injured. (Mon., May 23, 2005)

An investigation is underway at the Port of New Orleans after fire broke out in the engine room of 560-ft, German-flagged M/V Libra Rio Grand. The fire was extinguished, and two crew members were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. The ship's engine room will remain sealed overnight. (Mon., May 23, 2005)

A chase took place in the Philippines after motorized banca Shalom was spotted cruising Sambang Point in Glan without its lights on and failing to obey orders to stop. When the Shalom was stopped by Coast Guard, illegal cargo of 500 exotic birds and aquarium fish from Indonesia were seized. Orders have been given that the birds be euthanized and burned due to fears of the deadly bird flu. (Mon., May 23, 2005)

Welsh Coast Guard rescued 11 people, including a 13-year old boy, when their dive boat, the Biddy 1 experienced engine trouble and the divers were stranded 10 miles offshore. All passengers and the dive boat were brought to shore safely. (Mon., May 23, 2005)

Two cargo vessels -- not currently identified -- have been detained for carrying 210,000 liters of smuggled diesel in Malaysia. Acting on a tip, marine police intercepted the first vessel as it was traveling to Batang Kemena. Hours earlier, the other vessel had been detained when marine police boarded it near Kampung Jepak and found 10,000 liters of diesel on board and the captain was not able to produce documentation for it. (Sun., May 22, 2005) UPDATE: One of the vessels, M/V Princess Amelia, has now been released after the owner was able to prove he was licensed to supply the diesel fuel. (Wed., May 25, 2005)

Three fishermen aboard F/B Lady Christy were critically wounded in the Philippines when four men aboard a motorized banca pulled alongside them and threw a grenade at the fishermen. The grenade exploded inside the fishing boat, throwing the fishermen into the water and sinking their boat. Nearby fishermen came to the immediate aid of the wounded men, but the suspects have not been captured. (Sun., May 22, 2005)

At the Jawahalal Nehru Port, across the harbor from Mumbai, the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence have seized firearms and ammunition. The weapons were discovered when a container aboard the cargo vessel, variously identified as "Mimistar" or "Mimitsam," was put through a container security scanner due to investigators' suspicions about the true nature of the cargo. The declared content of the shipment was 27 barrels of industrial lubricant, not guns and ammunitions. The shipment is said to have been sent from Bangkok by purported gangsters. A second container also said to contain grease from the same importer is now slated for further investigation. (Sun., May 22, 2005).

A diver exploring the wreckage of the James Eagan Lane is missing in Whitsand Bay, U.K. after he and another diver resurfaced, discovered their surface marker buoys were tangled and went back down to detangle them. When they resurfaced again, the divers were in apparent trouble. One was able to grab a rope thrown from dive boat Furious, but the other diver has disappeared. A major search is underway. (Sat. May 21, 2005)

13 crew aboard 97-ton Taiwanese tuna fishing boat Sheng I Tsai No. 33 have disappeared off Iwo Jima. The boat lost communication on May 16, 2005. Japanese Coast Guard and military have been searching by air and sea for the missing trawler but have thus far found no clues. (Sat., May 21, 2005).

Five Colombian stowaways were discovered aboard 150 ft. cargo ship M/V Tradepoort during a container search at Port Broward, Florida. U.S. Customs & Border Protection agents were alerted to the presence of the stowaways when they dashed from the cargo hold and jumped into the water 15 ft. below. The stowaways were quickly captured and were turned over to a ship's representative for transport back to Cartagena, Colombia. (Sat., May 21, 2005)

Two of BP's new double-hull supertankers, M/V Alaskan Frontier and M/V Alaskan Explorer have developed mysterious cracks in their rudders. M/V Alaskan Frontier, with several cracks in the rudder, the largest being 9 feet long, is expected to be out of service for repairs for several weeks, and M/V Alaskan Explorer, with 3 cracks, the longest being 15 inches, should be back in service in a week. The new double-hull tankers are part of an effort by the oil companies to develop more environmentally-friendly ships, with the intent being that should the outer hull rupture, the inner hull would contain the oil spillage. BP has assembled a team of experts to determine the cause of the cracks. (Fri., May 20, 2005)

Over protests by some veterans, the U.S. Navy conducted a series of explosive tests on the retired aircraft carrier USS America, and the 1,048-foot warship flooded and sank May 14th off the coast of North Carolina. The Navy conducted the tests to gather survivability data for the next generation of aircraft carriers now in development. (Fri., May 20, 2005)

Arrest warrants have been issued for 9 engine room crew of Panamanian-flagged 663 ft. M/V MSC Elena for dumping untreated oily sludge in Boston Harbor. The vessel was given clearance to depart after owner Mediterranean Shipping Co. posted a 1.5 million dollar bond. A crew member, who said he feared for his safety if he cooperated with U.S. Coast Guard special agents, claimed that his boss ordered him to alter the ship's records and modify the dumping equipment. (Fri., May 20, 2005).

Karma was better for the crew of another ship that was dumping oily bilge water. Last Fall, four Filipino sailors blew the whistle on 600 foot, Cypriot-flagged M/V Katerina for allowing bilge water to dump directly into the Pacific Ocean off the Port of Long Beach. Today they were rewarded a total of $250,000.00 for reporting the dumping and assisting authorities. Meanwhile, owner DST Shipping, Inc. was fined $1,000,000.00 and the ship's captain, chief engineer and second engineer pled guilty to federal charges. (Fri., May 20, 2005).


14 May 2005 at 0215 LT at Dumai anchorage, Indonesia. Three robbers armed with knives boarded a tanker at poop deck and entered E/R. Duty crew raised alarm and robbers escaped with ship's stores. (Fri., May 20, 2005)

13 May 2005 at 0110 LT in position 05:13N - 098:06E, Malacca straits. Armed persons in an unlit 7m craft approached a general cargo ship underway. D/O took evasive manoeuvres but craft came into contact at port side causing damage to ship's hull. D/O sounded whistle and called craft on VHF ch 16 but received no response. No boarding took place. (Fri., May 20, 2005)

10 May 2005 at 0430 UTC in position 13:05.7N - 080:21.0E, Chennai anchorage, India. Five robbers boarded a RO RO ship from stern and attempted to steal ship's stores. Alert crew raised alarm and robbers escaped empty handed in their boat. Port control and police informed. (Fri., May 20, 2005)

10 May 2005 at 0850 LT at tanker anchorage, Jakarta, Indonesia. Six robbers boarded a tanker at anchor from two fishing boats. They broke open aft locker and stole ships equipment. Robbers escaped in an easterly direction. Port authorities informed. (Fri., May 20, 2005)

09 May 2005 at 0445 LT at Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. Two robbers boarded a container ship at anchor. Duty crew raised alarm and robbers jumped overboard and escaped in their boat. Port control informed. (Fri., May 20, 2005)

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M/V Ayat, which had been missing between Dubai and Iran since early April with $3,000,000.00 in cargo aboard, has been located by Interpol in Kuwait, where the captain, crew and owner were arrested. The owner had reportedly changed the ship's name to M/V Gulf King and forged documents including the manifest and port clearance from Bandar Abbas to Kuwait. (Thurs., May 19, 2005)

The manslaughter case against the owner of 69 ft. scallop dredger Solway Harvester has been dismissed following 5 weeks of prosecution evidence after a court found that Richard Gidney had no case to answer in the deaths of the seven crew. The dredger went down in high seas in January 2000 while heading for shelter in Ramsey Bay (U.K.). Salvage indicated a host of maintenance problems, including a broken flood alarm, missing deck cover, inoperable bilge pump, watertight doors tied open rather than locked, etc., but the court found that Mr. Gidney had demonstrated "proactive and safety conscious conduct." From our Correspondent A.L. Griffiths (Thurs. May 19, 2005).

Crew has abandoned M/V Hui Long off Sri Lanka after the vessel listed 25 degrees to port. All 23 crew were rescued by c.c. Nedlloyd Asia. (Thurs., May 19, 2005)

A ferry has sunk in Bangladesh -- the third in five days. A severe storm in Meghna river estuary to the Bay of Bengal led to the sinking. A majority of the 100 passengers on the ferry (vessel name not yet available) were able to swim to safety or were rescued, but 40 remain missing. (Thurs., May 19, 2005)

The U.S. Coast Guard is seeking information on the origin of four possible hoax distress calls which have been made in the Ketchikan, Alaska area since May 9th. One call indicated there was a vessel purportedly disabled in Nichols Passage, and 2 of the others were short broadcasts of "Mayday" being repeated twice, with no further details given. Coast Guard conducted unfruitful search and rescue operations after each call and suspects the calls were a hoax. Webfeature>> Listen to the Distress Calls on U.S. Coast Guard Website (Thurs., May 19, 2005).

Bulk carrier M/V Thia Chryssoula, carrying 43,000 tons of steel, ran aground on May 5, 2005 in the East China Sea. All 31 crew members were uninjured, and there was no oil spill. The vessel remains aground in the same position. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen. (May 19, 2005).

Passenger ship M/V Enchantment of the Seas suffered five broken stateroom windows and water damage on decks two and three when it hit rough weather early in its voyage from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Europe on May 7, 2005. Royal Caribbean says there were no injuries and no significant damage to the vessel. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen. (May 19, 2005)

200-ft. long tank barge Coastal II caught fire while in mooring at the Pearl River Navigation Facility in Louisiana on May 12, 2005. Welding operations were reportedly the cause of the blaze. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen. (Thurs., May 19, 2005)

Angling boat Adventurer ran out of fuel and was sinking near Dover on May 11, 2005. Dover Coast Guard broadcast a Mayday relay and M/V Torrent stood by the Adventurer until the Coast Guard rescued the two men on board and towed the vessel back to Rye. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen. (Thurs., May 19, 2005)

65-foot power boat Christopher M ran aground in environmentally sensitive coastal habitat north of Bolinas Point in Marin County, California on May 14, 2005. The boat lost power, took on water and ran into reef. 4 passengers were rescued but 700 gallons of fuel spilled near this significant, biologically diverse site where harbor seals gather and brown pelicans roost. The boat is continuing to break apart as waves slam the uninsured vessel into the reefs. U.S. Coast Guard and National Park Service are participating in the clean-up effort and fortunately are reporting minimal environmental damage. (Wed., May 18, 2005) UPDATE: The owner had purchased the 1955 twin diesel Army picket boat just 3 days earlier and was transporting it home when the driveshaft reportedly malfunctioned and tore up the back of the boat. In addition to the loss of the uninsured boat, it will cost $80,000.00 to remove the boat from the biologically sensitive and inaccessible reef. (Thurs., May 19, 2005)

Because of its poor condition and not being fitted with the required oily water separator, M/V Harision-9 has been detained for safety reasons in Gujarat-Adani's Mundra port in India since April 14, 2005, and the Iraqi captain says no one will come to their assistance despite distress calls to various agencies and the ship's owner. The crew -- 3 Iraqis, 6 Syrians, 5 Bangladeshi and an Indian -- are reportedly so desperate at being anchored in mid-sea for over a month with almost no remaining provisions or water that they are threatening suicide. (Wed. May 18, 2005). UPDATE: The Marine Mercantile Department has now allowed M/V Harision-9 to set sail but has not offered reasons for the change of heart. (Thurs., May 19, 2005)

Serious engine problems (only 1 of 2 engines works consistently) for St. John's ferry Apollo -the prime connection between the Northern Peninsula and southern Labrador - have been blamed by residents for putting people's lives at stake, holding residents hostage, and possibly hurting the region's economy during upcoming tourism season. Repairs are not expected to be completed until mid-June. (Wed., May 18, 2005).

On a lighter note, three New York sailors became stranded on a deserted island in a 25-foot Defoe sailboat after they set sail with nothing more than a saxophone, a guitar, a bottle of Meyers rum, 4 gallons of gas, some snacks, and a nonfunctional radio. As they were heading home from their outing, the weather started getting rough, the tiny ship was tossed. They ran out of gas, ran out of drinking water, their cell phones became soaked and inoperable, and winds grounded them on the deserted island where they contemplated eating the seagulls. They did have 5 flares with them, but had already shot them off for celebratory purposes before they actually had an emergency need for them. Just as their parents were about to file missing person reports the following day, police officers on a helicopter training run spotted the small mirror one of the castaways was using to make reflections from the sun and rescued them. Webfeature>>Full article w/ photo of Captain Gadzhilov replete with eyepatch (Wed., May 18, 2005)

British-flagged 215 ton, 25 meter fishing vessel Pesorsa Uno was detained on May 12, 2005, in Spain by MCA Surveyors for outdated lifesaving equipment, unhygienic living conditions, inoperative bilge alarms and navigation lights, inoperative C02 alarms, and compromised watertight integrity. (Wed., May 18, 2005).

British-flagged fishing vessel Boy Ethan B215 was detained in Swansea by MCA Surveyors on May 13, 2005 with over 30 deficiencies, including excessive fuel leakage. (Wed., May 18, 2005)

British-flagged fishing vessel Georg'lou-n was detained at Plymouth Sutton Harbor on May 17, 2005 by MCA Surveyors for deficiencies including inoperable watertight door closures, seized ventilation closures, and exposed power supplies. (Wed. May 18, 2005)

Second tragic ferry disaster in three days in Bangladesh as M/V Raipura capsized and sank in severe storm in the turbulent River Jamuna near Arichaghat. More than 200 feared dead. M/V Raipura is registered to carry 150 passengers. 20-50 passengers managed to swim ashore, but hundreds others are feared trapped inside the sunken vessel. The bodies of 2 children have been recovered. Salvage ship M/V Rustam is expected to reach the scene shortly. (Tues., May 17, 2005)

Cambodian-flagged M/V Aura has run aground after striking a waterside mansion in Bosphorus waterways in Istanbul en route to Russia. (Tues., May 17, 2005) UPDATE: This is apparently the second accident in a week for M/V Aura (see our May 10th report on collision with S/V Freddy). This week's collision with a mansion -- said to be a "study house" (a model home?) was apparently the result of a locked rudder. (Friday, May 20, 2005).

Five passengers aboard fishing vessel Rowena are awaiting rescue from a vessel steaming their way after they were spotted by Air Force Orion near Samoa. The Rowena has been adrift since yesterday due to flat batteries. (Tues., May 17, 2005)

Rochester's high speed ferry Spirit of Ontario aka "The Cat" suffered minor damage during routine maintenance and repairs when it slipped off its wooden blocks at Port Weller Dry Docks. The vessel's unusual angled bottom is believed to have been a contributing factor to the mishap. (Tues., May 17, 2005).

46-foot bay scalloper Captain Charlie radioed a distress signal to Coast Guard after the vessel took on water quickly due to a leak somewhere in the engine room 32 miles due south of Cape May, New Jersey on May 16, 2005. 41-foot rescue boat crew from Station Indian River launched as well as Coast Guard Cutter Sailfish and a Dolphin rescue helicopter from Air Station Atlantic City. Nearby fishing vessels -- Joanna Lynn, The Equalizer and Virginia Reel joined in rescue effort as the Captain Charlie continued to sink. The Joanna Lynn was first to arrive and rescue the 2-man crew, by which time water had already risen to the rails of the Captain Charlie. The Captain Charlie could not be saved and has now completely sunk. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen. (Tues., May 17, 2005)

Fishing vessel Sea Sick II grounded 6 miles south of Bandon, Oregon on May 13, 2005 when its propellers became fouled. Coast Guard Station Coos Bay, Ore. launched a 47-foot motor lifeboat and a 23-foot utility boat to assist, and an HH-65 Dolphin helicopter was also launched from Coast Guard Group Air Station North Bend, Ore. Crew and master uninjured, but towing efforts were unsuccessful due to breaking surf and shallow water. Potential environmental hazards are being assessed. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen. (Tues., May 17, 2005).

Fishing boat Safina-i-Adil capsized 14 nautical miles off Gwadar on May 12th. 15 crew members and captain rescued, 3 crew members missing. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen. (Tues., May 17, 2005).

Fire broke out in a cabin of Calais-Dover ferry Seafrance Manet while lying in dock in Calais. Firefighters and a tug extinguished flames in under an hour. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen. (Tues., May 17, 2005)

S/Y Arielle suffered water ingress en route to Bremerhaven on May 13, 2005. No injuries were suffered and M/V Alfried Krupp towed the ship to safety. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen. (Tues., May 17, 2005).

Nine yachts, including the Jeu de Spirite, were damaged in rough waters on May 14, 2005 between Cowes, Isle of Wight and Cherbourgh. Most of the boats had joined a Royal Ocean Racing Club competition. Two crew members injured when helicopter rescue attempt was unsuccessful. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen. (Tues., May 17, 2005).

Tugboat Mover sank after collision with dock in dense fog on May 16, 205 in Dutch port of Terneuzen. The wreck was salved together with the salvage ship diver by sheerleg Multraship. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen. (Tues., May 17, 2005).

Severe damage above water line suffered by tankers M/V Phoenix Beta and M/V Isargas when they collided in harbor entrance of Antwerpen on May 16, 2005. The Isargas ran aground but was freed and returned to harbor two hours later. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen. (Tues., May 17, 2005)

Homer, Alaska-based fishing vessel Heather Kay caught fire 51 miles southwest of Kodiak. Crew forced to abandon ship. U.S. Coast Guard Jayhawk helicopter rescued 4 crew members from the ship's life raft. >>Webfeature Coast Guard Video of helicopter rescue (Mon., May 16, 2005) UPDATE: Skipper Kirk Van Doran reports that the worst of their ordeal came after they abandoned ship for the life raft. Van Doran had earlier killed the engine on the Heather Kay to prevent air from moving up the dry stack, but once they were on the life boat, the engine restarted and the burning boat starting bearing down on them. The crew managed to move the life raft out of the way, but then the life raft's tag line became ensnared with the burning boat. With their life raft being towed by the boat and burning debris falling upon them, the life boat began to melt. Their knives already having been discarded to avoid puncturing the life raft, the crew was finally able to burn through the tag line with a lit flare to free the life raft. (Wed., May 18, 2005)

An increasingly horrible stench aboard a Denmark-registered vessel identified only as "Arnold" forced the captain to have his 31 member crew conduct a thorough search for the source of the odor. After 24 hours of searching, the grisly discovery of 3 very decomposed bodies inside an empty container was made. The vessel docked at Port Tanjung Pelepas and was allowed to continue its voyage after a police forensic unit conducted an investigation and removed the bodies. (Mon. May 16, 2005) UPDATE: The vessel has now been identified as 1,148-foot container ship M/V Arnold Maersk and the deceased identified as African stowaways believed to have been attempting to reach Europe. (Wed., May 18, 2005)

Russian twins attempting to get into the Guinness Book of World Records by rowing their wooden boat 7,400 km from Australia to Tanzania had to abort their trip when they lost their anchors and their water desalinator failed. The pair were forced to use their jeans as makeshift anchors until Norwegian LNG tanker M/V Euro Viking rescued them. (Mon., May 16, 2005)

45 foot ketch Almeisan caught in fierce Atlantic Ocean storm 400 miles off Virginia, leaving 1 dead. Avid seaman Thomas Tighe died in the arms of his friend and shipmate Lochlin Reidy after they were swept into the ocean while trying to prepare an inflatable life raft. Panamanian-flagged tanker M/V Sakura Express rescued Mr. Reidy and the body of Mr. Tighe to whom Mr. Reidy had kept hold. The remaining 3 crew members were rescued by U.S. Coast Guard helicopter. (Mon., May 16, 2005)

An elderly American couple aboard the cruise ship M/V Carnival Destiny has vanished somewhere between Barbados and and Aruba. It is speculated that the couple somehow fell overboard. (Mon., May 16, 2005)

100 or more are feared dead in the sinking of twin-deck ferry M/V Prince of Patuakhali, which capsized and sank in the Tentulia River in Bangladesh during a storm. Bad weather contributed to delays in rescue ship M/V Hamza reaching the scene to assist, and M/V Hamza is not expected to arrive until Monday. M/V Prince of Patuakhali is registered to carry 80 people but is believed to have been carrying twice that number of villagers to a weekly market. (Sun., May 15, 2005) UPDATE: Amongst the dead and missing are a bride & groom and their 70 wedding guests. The Tentulia River is known locally as the Augnmokho River -- the "Mouth of Fire River" because of its fierce currents. (Mon., May 16, 2005)

Thames Coastguard (U.K.) alerted by M/V Maersk Importer that it had picked up part of a MAYDAY call from 25 ft. Dutch yacht Marco in the North Sea. The Coastguard's Rescue Helicopter125 located the yacht and 3 Dutch crew on board. The vessel's rudder had been damaged and emergency repairs are being made. Marco will be escorted into Harwich by RNLI under rough weather conditions. (Sun., May 15, 2005) UPDATE: The lifeboat rescuing Marco encountered its own troubles when one of the ropes holding its launching trailer snapped and became entangled with the lifeboat's propeller. Despite this, the lifeboat crew still rescued and safely returned to shore the yacht & crew from 25 miles out to sea. (Mon., May 16, 2005)

649gt Indonesian cargo M/V Inabukwa -- apparently hijacked by pirates early last week & crew forced to sail to Malaysian port of Pasir Gudang where cargo of tin ingots, worth US$1M, was discharged -- then sailed away back to Indonesia where pirates left vessel & crew raised alarm. There is now considerable controversy about the incident with Johor Port Berhad, which runs Pasir Gudang, saying nothing appeared wrong & that vessel was checked in compliance with Int'l Ship & Port Facility Security Code (ISPS). (Sat. May 14 2005)

Chinese fishing vessel from Laoba Port of Hai'an County in east China's Jiangsu Province capsized May 12 on the Yellow Sea, leaving 13 fishermen dead at 32.47 north latitude, & 121.18 east longitude. (Sat. May 14 2005)

51ft. yacht S/V Grandee -- suffered crew overboard in a force 7 gale on May 14 off Dorset coast -- S/V Aurora & another yacht went to man's aid -- crew managed to get him back aboard after 10 minutes. Both yachts were sailing to France in a Royal Ocean Racing Club<<Webfeature, competition. (Sat. May 14 2005)

Newly-refitted cruise M/V Thomson Celebration<<Webfeature, -- cut short luxury cruise in Lisbon after the plumbing in 250 cabins failed -- fleet of 3 aircraft sent to fly passengers - who had paid £1000 each for the cruise to France, Portugal & Spain - to Bournemouth & Gatwick airports last night. The 21-year-old ship left Southampton on May 8 for 14-night cruise -- major problems with pump discovered 3 days later, making some cabins & public toilets unusable. (Sat. May 14 2005)

3978gt. M/V Sea Bee, Qingdao for Manila with 500mt steel -- SOS messages received May 5, from vessel & 1 dead crew found. Cause of incident is unknown, but appears likely ship & cargo total loss. (Fri. May 13 2005)

5,567gt. M/V Olympias (built 1976), Middle East for India -- suffered fire & adrift May 12, in Lat 28 41.1N, Long 50 26.7E. Having lost power she will require professional salvage services. (Fri. May 13 2005) UPDATE: U.S. Navy Destroyer USS Mustin on patrol in the Persian Gulf rescued 27 people from M/V Olympias. (Wed., May 18, 2005)

76,049gt cruise M/V Norway prepares to be towed from Bremerhaven, Germany. On board M/V Norway -- still manned by an NCL crew of 40, everything has been prepared for tow around South Africa -- destination named by crew is Singapore, although other local information refers to Port Klang in Malaysia. M/V Norway has been laid up since July 2003 after boiler explosion in Miami in May of 2003 killed 6. The towage job will be carried out by the Chinese tug M/V De Da -- strongest unit of the Global Towage Alliance with a bollard pull of 221 tons. Regardless where, this grand lady M/V Norway is off to the breakers. She was the last of great cruise ships -- kept in service into 1980's & 1990's. This is a sad note for your editor -- as Barbara & Michael McDaniel first boarded M/V Norway on the Honeymoon of Sept. 19 1981 -- only to sail into a hurricane! Good bye old girl! In 1981 & on our subsequent voyages, you showed us what true "crusising" had been like back in the great era -- but exists no more. The modern ships have every convenience -- but they do not have the majesty of M/V Norway. We shall miss you M/V Norway, your wonderful magic, your particular grace & your secret bars!. McD (Fri. May 13 2005)

35,243gt. bukk M/V Azure (built 1982), South America for Indonesia with soy bean meal -- suffered mechanical problems May 5 off Cape Town. A Salvage tug has been dispatched to assist in bringing the vessel into port. (Fri. May 13 2005)

Cruie M/V Norwegian Majesty -- entering St. George's -- in collision -- with 3 yachts -- S/V Serengeti, appeared to lurch at a 45 degree angle & looked as if she would be sucked under cruise ship & smashed to pieces -- looked like yachts' anchor chain got tangled in cruise ship's propeller -- 3 vessels hit in total. (Fri. May 13 2005)

25ft. Dutch yacht S/V Marco -- issued Mayday -- contacted by M/V Maersk Importer out in North Sea on passage from Holland into Felixstowe --- vessel will be escorted into Harwich by RNLI lifeboats as weather on scene makes for difficult conditions for both rescuers & sailors. (Fri. May 13 2005)

36,015 gt. M/V Carvaros Horizon (built 1985), U.S. for Middle East with fertilizer -- immobilized on May 5, 850 miles SWt of Azores. (Fri. May 13 2005)


10 May 2005 at 0430 UTC in position 13:05.7N - 080:21.0E, Chennai anchorage, India. Five pirates boarded Ro Ro ship from stern -- attempted to steal ship's stores. Alert crew raised alarm & robbers escaped empty handed in their boat.  Port control & police informed. (Fri. May 13 2005)

10 May 2005 at 0850 LT at tanker anchorage, Jakarta, Indonesia. Six pirates boarded tanker at anchor from 2 fishing boats -- broke open aft locker & stole ships equipment. Robbers escaped in an easterly direction. Port authorities informed. (Fri. May 13 2005)

09 May 2005 at 0445 LT at Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania -- pirates boarded container ship at anchor. Duty crew raised alarm & robbers jumped overboard -- escaped in their boat. Port control informed. (Fri. May 13 2005)

05 May 2005 at 0135 LT at Port Au Prince anchorage, Haiti. Pirates armed with knives boarded bulk carrier. D/O raised alarm & robbers escaped empty handed. (Fri. May 13 2005)

05 May 2005 at 2320 LT in position 21:16N - 091:31E, 60 nm SSW of Chittagong, Bangladesh -- fishing boat approached tanker underway -- came close to stbd quarter & persons inside attempted to board. Master took evasive action & boarding averted. (Fri. May 13 2005)

04 May 2005 at 2025 UTC in position 01:46.3S - 117:07.2E, Makassar straits, Indonesia -- pirate in speedboat boarded bulk carrier underway using hooks attached to a rope. D/O raised alarm, sounded ship's whistle, crew mustered & activated fire hoses. Pirate jumped overboard & escaped in speedboat waiting with 4 accomplices. (Fri. May 13 2005)

04 May 2005 at 2255 LT in position 01:23.07S - 117:06.57E, Makassar straits, Indonesia. Pirates in 6 meter blue & black hull colored speed boat attempted to board at stern of tanker underway.  Master raised alarm & took evasive maneuvers. Pirates followed the vessel for 15 mins & moved away. (Fri. May 13 2005)

03 May 2005 at 0700 LT at Tg. Priok outer roads, Indonesia. Six boats approached a ship & 6 pirates armed with steel bars from 2 boats boarded. A further 2 boats remained nearby whilst remaining 2 boats approached another ship in vicinity. Alert crew mustered & robbers left empty handed. Attempts to contact port authorities & patrol boats by VHF received no response. (Fri. May 13 2005)

28 April 2005 at evening hrs at Port Au Prince anchorage, Haiti. Pirates armed with knives boarded refrigerated cargo ship -- stole ship's stores & escaped. Earlier on 27 April 2005 robbers had boarded another vessel & stole ship's stores. (Fri. May 13 2005)

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26,066dwt bulk M/V Alexis entered Port of Santa Marta in Colombia with 2 escorting tugs -- in collision with -- 12,906dwt reefer M/V Comoros Stream loading bananas at Berth 3. The Malta-flagged M/V Alexis then hit Berth 4, causing damage to the structure & fenders. One of the tugs assisting M/V Alexis which then collided with the 1,122 TEU container M/V Rothorn, handling containers on Berth 2. A mess. (Tues.. May 10 2005)

45-foot sailboat with 5 crew Bridgeport, Connecticut, to Bermuda when they encountered severe weather, including winds topping 35 mph. -- 400 miles east of Virginia Beach -- 3 crew preparing life raft to evacuate crew after boat began taking on water from 16- to 20-foot waves when they washed overboard. -- Panamanian-flagged M/T Sakura Express rescued 1 of 2 sailors taken overboard -- 1 dead, 3 remaining aboard were saved. (Tues.. May 10 2005)

7,519gt M/V Aura, ex-London -- in collision with -- veteran S/V Freddy -- both on way to Brunsbuettel locks --S/V Freddy slightly damaged & stopped its voyage in Brunsbuettel. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Tues.. May 10 2005)

4,724gt Norwegian M/V Kasla -- in collision with -- 12,337gt British RoRo M/V Volga Highway -- entering Brunsbuettel locks. M/V Volga Highway lying in lock -- struck at stern ramp. Both ships able to continue voyage to Kiel where police started investigations.From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Tues.. May 10 2005)

Trawler chokka boat (squid) F/V Lindsay, with 14 crew -- in collision -- with18,600dwt fruit juice tanker M/V Ouro do Brasil, en route from Singapore for Brazil, west of Cape Recife, off Sardinia Bay, May 8.. Trawler believd sank -- 12 lost, with Master & i crew rescued. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Tues.. May 10 2005) UPDATE: The South African Navy has located the position of F/V Lindsay and is preparing to send a remote-controlled vehicle to the ocean floor to photograph the wreckage. Depending on sea conditions, it is hoped that the bodies of the crew -- now being reported as 14 lost -- can be recovered. (Thurs., May 27, 2005).

32ft. F/V Loree -- in collision with jetty near Grays Harbor, Wash -- helmsman fell asleep -- 2 crew walked away.From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Tues.. May 10 2005)

M/V Kabarega, Mwanza in Tanzania for Port Bell in Uganda with wheat & 20 crew -- in collision with -- M/V Kawa on April 9 near Sese Island -- M/V Kabalega sank, but all rescued. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Tues.. May 10 2005)

Uganda Railways Corp.'s cargo M/V Kabalega, with 840 tons of wheat & 25 crew from Mwanza in northern Tanzania -- in collision with -- M/V Kaawa -- 60 NM (110 km) south of Port Bell on Ugandan shores of Africa's biggest lake. M/V Kabalega took 8 hours to sink, but all crew rescued. (Mon.. May 9 2005)

Chinese M/V, with 800 tons of glass from eastern Jiangsu Province & 8 crew for Southern Guangdong Province -- foundered off coast of east China's Fujian Province -- SANK -- 7 rescued & hospitalized in stable condition. (Sun.. May 8 2005)

U.S. tug M/V Mathew B. pushing barge in Galveston, Texas, anchorage with 58,800 gallons of diesel onboard when it began taking on water & sank -- no injuries. Barge broke free from tug & recovered by tugs M/V San Thomas & M/V Atlas (Sun.. May 8 2005)

45ft. S/V Almeisan, with 3 crew -- 400 miles off Virginia after encountering 28 to 33-knot winds & taking on water from 16 to 20-foot seas -- distress came into U.S. Coast Guard Rescue Coordination Center Norfolk (RCC) -- 1 rescued & 2 missing. (Sun.. May 8 2005)

600-foot M/T Horizon -- in Boston Harbor -- rescue helicopter from Air Station Cape Cod was launched when Coast Guard received initial call from Boston EMS that Satyam Bagch, of India, was struck by the ship's gangway, fell & was unable to walk. (Sat.. May 7 2005)

Vietnamese M/V Sea Bee, China to the Philippines with 5,000 tons of steel & 23 aboard -- in Chinese waters 120NM (200 kilometres) from Shanghai -- authorities fear vessel may have sunk -- sent SOS late May 7. (Sat.. May 7 2005)

Panama registered M/V El Safa -- broke down on 3 April -- Coastguards in Falmouth, UK. are trying to help the crew of M/V El Safa -- off Yemen who are stranded with no food and water. Int'l Transport Workers Federation has been asked to try to get local authorities to send help. It is not known why the Yemeni authorities have denied crew access to shore, or means to fix engine. Falmouth Coastguards said they would continue to monitor the situation -- vessel also running low on fuel to run its generators. (Fri. May 6 2005)


30 April 2005 at 2300 LT in position 08:22.7N - 107:14.2E, South China Sea. Two small unlit crafts with high speed approached tug towing manned crane barge underway. One craft disappeared from radar screen, other stayed within 700 meters at port side. Later the craft passed stern of barge &proceeded north. (Fri. May 6 2005)

30 April 2005 at 2300 LT in position 00:24S - 118:12E, Makassar straits, Indonesia. Three unlit wooden fishing boats approached general cargo ship underway. Master raised alarm, crew mustered & directed searchlights. After 35 mins boats moved away. (Fri. May 6 2005)

30 April 2005 at 2030 LT in position 02:49.70S - 105:54.90E, Bangka straits, Indonesia. Six pirates armed with long knives & guns boarded container ship underway. Master raised alarm, switched on deck lights & crew mustered and robbers fled. (Fri. May 6 2005)

30 April 2005 at 1230 LT in position 08:07.24N - 076:43.33E, off Trivandrum, SW coast India -- pirates boarded barge under tow & stole stores. Earlier 4 robbers in boat had made 2 attempts to board at 0630 and 0930 lt. (Fri. May 6 2005)

29 April 2005 at 0315 LT at Taboneo anchorage, Banjarmasin, Indonesia -- 2 pirates armed with knives boarded bulk carrier at forecastle -- broke into forepeak locker, stole ship's stores & were about to lower them into a boat waiting with two accomplices. Alert crew challenged robbers, d/o raised alarm & crew mustered. Robbers jumped overboard and escaped. (Fri. May 6 2005)

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UK FV Orient for Holyhead, N.Wales with 3 crew -- disabled by net entanglement of propeller Tues 3rd May off Pembrokeshire coast. Fishguard RNLB launched, towed vessel to Fishguard, Pembrokeshire for repairs. From our Correspondant A.L Griffiths (Thurs. May 5 2005)

10mt F/V Challenge, with 2 crew -- sinking & required immediate assistance -- 1 NM off Aberdeen Exhibition Center -- both men taken on board M/V Artemis, the crew of the M/V Challenge then took sinking vessel under tow & headed towards the beach with the intention of beaching the stricken vessel -- continued to take on water during tow and grounded while under tow 300 yards from shore, a mile North of the River Don, Aberdeen. Aberdeen Coastguard Rescue Team remaining on scene to monitor stricken vessel. (Thurs. May 5 2005)

Pirates Avoided>> Offshore support vessel in northern Arabian Sea -- in position 21:57.7N - 060:46.9E &endash; off Oman -- received distress call "crashed fishing boat" from fishing boat. Master proceeded towards position -- on arrival at scene found no men in water. Master then received another distress call & proceeded towards that position about 3 miles away but suspected something amiss during conversations with "skipper" of fishing boat. Master decided it was trap -- moved away from area at full speed & warned area vessels on VHF. (Wed. May 4 2005)

Chinese oil exploration vessel M/V Tanbao, ex- Guangzhou -- near Taiwanese-owned Pratas Islands<<Webfeature, also claimed by China in South China Sea. Taiwan demanded Chinese oil exploration vessel leave her waters. Taiwan dispatched armed coast guard vessel -- unclear whT action will be taken. (Wed. May 4 2005)

UK 1,600gt coaster M/V Sea Humber, heading north in ballast past Mull of Kintrye -- Master reported to Clyde Coastguard without power & drifting. Clyde Coastguard Rescue Co-ordination Center put out a Pan Pan<<Webfeature, broadcast on behalf of the Master. The ferry M/V LochTarbert responded to Pan Broadcast -- assisting Campbeltown Lifeboat with securing lines to M/V Sea Humber to keep her from drifting onshore. (Wed. May 4 2005)

Dominican Republic tug M/V Henric -- in collision May 2 -- with wooden fishing boat on starboard side which made fishing boat break in two -- fishermen thrown into water & later picked op by tug's crew -- brought to local hospital. No injuries. Unclear who is to blame. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen.(Tues. May 3 2005)

26-foot pleasure M/V Beagle -- reported taking water 5 miles NE of Sequim, Wash. -- broadcasted a mayday on VHF-FM Channel 16. U.S. Coast Guard from Station Port Angeles towed vessel took under tow. U.S. Navy small boat provided dewatering pump & personnel to the M/V Beagle to contain the flooding. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen.(Tues. May 3 2005)

F/V Lovey Joann, with 4 crew -- grounds near Kake 7 miles S. of of Kake, Alaska on April 30 -- no injuries -- will refloat at next tide. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen.(Tues. May 3 2005)

Newbuilding yacht M/V Bayliner, transiting from the Baltic to North Sea -- suffered engin room fire fire April 29, off Marina Wendtorf in Kiel at 09.10 p.m. -- rescue vessel M/V Berlin rushed to aid ship intentionally grounded by skipper so that crew of 4 could escape to near shore. M/V Bayliner engulfed in flames from bow to stern when M/V Berlin arrived 15 minutes after the Mayday-call. ¤140.000 vessel completely destroyed & sank in shallow water. You really didn't want a ¤140.000 yacht anyway! From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen.(Tues. May 3 2005)

New Zealand Bluebridge Ferry M/V Santa Regina (Previously on overnight run between Marseilles & Corsica) -- in collision in Cook Strait --with unidentified 10 meter launch at 1930 NZ Standard Time May 2-- 1 passenger rescued by tender from M/V Santa Regina & taken to New Zealand hospital -- 1 passenger dead recovered by a local water taxi. From our Correspondant Geoff Davies.(Mon. May 2 2005)

UK40ft. private M/V Maral, Ramsgate for Dover with 4 crew --aground off St Margaret's Bay, near Dover -- Mayday -- U.S. Coast Guard hauls off at next tide -- now under tow to Dover. (Mon. May 2 2005) From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen.(Mon. May 2 2005)

8,000gt Antigua-flagged 128mt container M/V Sloman Traveller (ex-M/V Sagittarius 1984), Bremen port for Antwerp -- ran aground after steering failure April 30, on River Weser & blocked river until tugs succeeded in freeing -- towed it to Neustadter Hafen for inspections. M/V Sloman Traveller " had already been severely damaged by fire in late 2001 off the Dutch coast. It was built as "Sagittarius" in Luebeck in 1984. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen.(Mon. May 2 2005)

UK 40ft. F/V Harvester, with 3 crew -- reported engine room fire on April 29 -- Humber Coastguard requested immediate launch of Humber & Bridlington RNLI Lifeboats and helicopter from RAF Leconfield. Rig standby vessel M/V Putford Guardian also proceeded. F/V Harvester crew eventually managed to extinguish the fire. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen.(Mon. May 2 2005)

Vessel Loss Dispatches For April 2005

"Singles Only" - single photos of disaster -- always new.

M/V Karen Danielsen -- Photo feature -- Read The Dramatic Story & UPDATES (Mon. Mar. 7 2005)

131mt. M/V Santa Emma -- broke away from wharf on April 28 grounded in Northumberland Strait, in New Brunswick, Canada. Crews removing oily water from ship's engine room & removing tanks of fuel -- vessel has large hole in hull above water line. (Sat. April 30 2005)

14ft. Sunfish fiberglass boat with 2 teens -- launched off Sullivans Island, North Carolina for a short sail -- no fod or water -- were found alive a week later on April 30 off North Carolina coast more than 100 miles from where they were last seen. They were sunburned & dehydrated, but other than that, they're fine. A miracle! (Sat. April 30 2005)

267gt Mirejet high-speed passenger M/V Kobee 5, ex-Pusan, South Korea for Fukuoka, Japan with 170 aboard -- became waterlogged April 29 after hitting an unidentified object, possibly a whale -- exhausted passengers, including some bandaged, 9 hospitalized in Pusan, arrived at Fukuoka's Hakata port aboard a different Mirejet ship. (Sat. April 30 2005)

U.S. & German warships rescued 89 people when un-named vessel capsized 25 miles off Somalia's coast -- 5 others were killed. The warships, on anti-terrorism operations, found vessel did not appear seaworthy & taking on water when they investigated it on April 29 after it failed to respond to routine queries. (Sat. April 30 2005)

Miscellaneous Dispatches ___ Loss or Damage Reports Provided To Us In General

Wallenius line car carrier M/V Aniara (built 1978) abandoned & ablaze in Eastern Med, said with 3200 Hyundai cars onboard. (Sat. April 30 2005)

U.S. F/V Kibitzer grounded & took on water late April 25 night on the backside of Coghlan Island near Auke Bay in Southeast Alaska. U.S. Coast Guard Station Juneau launched rescue boat crew -- arrived on scene & escorted vessel into Auke Bay. (Sat. April 30 2005)

Optical cable laying barge Swissco-12, with 27 crew near Chittagong -- attacked by 60 armed pirates who steal provisions. (Sat. April 30 2005)

29,000gt M/T LNG Laieta (built 1970), in ballast suffered engine failure, drifting in heavy seas in the med. Finally tow line was fixed getting her safely into Barcelona. (Sat. April 30 2005)

MSC Line M/V Roberta -- in collision with -- bulker M/V Aegean Wind in Dardanelles strait -- 3 crew dead. (Sat. April 30 2005)

Syrian M/V Fahim (built mid-1970's), with cement & 7 crew -- sank off northern Israel -- 4 missing & 3 rescuded. Vessel overloaded. (Sat. April 30 2005)


25 April 2005 at 0315 UTC in position 07:15.4N - 108:20.4E, South China Sea. Pirates in 2 fishing boats attempted to board bulk carrier underway by tying ropes to ship's side. Attempt foiled.(Fri. April 29 2005)

24 April 2005 at 1050 LT in position 02:48.56N - 101:03.0E Malacca straits -- speedboat approached container ship underway. Ship altered course to port but boat suddenly increased speed & headed for ship. Master raised alarm & crew mustered -- boat reduced speed moved away. Description of boat with 4 - 6 persons wearing a dark clothes.(Fri. April 29 2005)

23 April 2005 at 1950 UTC at Belawan anchorage, Indonesia -- pirate armed with a long knife boarded tanker at forecastle whilst another robber was climbing anchor chain. Duty a/b challenged robbers & raised alarm. Robbers jumped overboard & escaped in speedboat waiting with 2 other accomplices. Port authorities informed.(Fri. April 29 2005)

22 April 2005 at 2350 LT in position 29:37nN - 048:45.7E, Umm Qasr anchorage, Iraq -- 3 pirates armed with guns & knifes boarded bulk carrier using hooks attached to ropes -- took hostage several crew, assaulted them & demanded money. They took crew 1 by 1 to their cabins & stole cash/personal belongings -- stole money from ship's safe & master's personal belongings. Pirates took master poop deck & disembarked into 5 meter wooden boat waiting with accomplice. Master reported incident to coalition warships in area.(Fri. April 29 2005)

22 April 2005 at 0500 in position 00:27.1S - 105:09.0E, off Lingga islands, Indonesia. Pirates armed with guns boarded general cargo underway from stern. They tied up all crew & held ship for 2 days. All cargo on board was unloaded. On 25 April pirates left ship in speedboats. Further details are awaited.(Fri. April 29 2005)

18 April 2005 at 1915 LT in position 01:20S - 116:57E, Balikpapan outer roads, Indonesia -- pirates in 2 unlit fishing boats boarded bulk carrier at forecastle -- stole 2 liferafts & lifeboat equipment. Master contacted port authorities but received no response. Ship picked up anchor & left outer roads.(Fri. April 29 2005)

16 April 2005 at 0535 LT in position 01:13.6S - 117 00.7E, Balikpapan anchorage, Indonesia. Masked pirates armed with long knifes boarded tug -- stole one liferaft & escaped. (Fri. April 29 2005)

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Los Angles Airport Police Officer killed April 29 while trying to stop suspect who stole his patrol car & crashed near Los Angeles Int'l Airport (LAX) -- 1st officer of the Dept. ever died in line of duty. Article<<Webfeature.(Fri. April 29 2005)

784ft. tanker M/T Genmar Strength -- in collision-- with 101-foot crew boat M/V Rene I, in Sabine Channel between jetties where channel enters Gulf of Mexico. M/V Rene I capsized with all 4 crew -- 2 rescued, 1 found found unconscious & Sabine pilot boat rescued 4th crew.Cause of collision is under investigation. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen.(Fri. April 29 2005) UPDATE>> The rescued crew has died. ((Tues. May 3 2005)

U.S.S 40-ft. F/V Atlantic Breeze from Mashpee, Mass. -- capsized. Survival equipment onboard including life raft, survival suits & electronic positioning indicating radio beacon. Not known if fisherman wearing any survival gear. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen.(Fri. April 29 2005)

Somalian dhow, with 135 souls off coast of Somalia -- 5 dead, 41 unaccounted on April 29 -- 89 rescued by U.S. & German navies. German frigate FGS Karlsruhe<<Webfeature, & American patrol USS Firebolt<<Webfeature, patrolling in Gulf of Aden between Yemen & Somalia, first came upon boat late in the afternoon -- taking on water & did not respond to German vessel's hails. USS Typhoon<<Webfeature, began taking passengers off boat when it capsized & sank -- 5 bodies pulled from water. Of 89 who survived, 84 were transferred to another American ship, the cruiser USS Normandy (CG 60)<<Webfeature, while the other 5 were too badly hurt to be moved immediately. From our Correspondant Libby Thompson. (Fri. April 29 2005)

4 Cork fishermen rescued from a life-raft after fire sank trawler off the south coast of Ireland, April 27. Crew abandoned ship 15 miles off Kinsale shortly before 9am & sent Mayday call. Crew subsequently picked up by a passing Danish tanker. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Thurs. April 28 2005)

U.S. F/V Kibitzer, on backside of Coghlan Island near Auke Bay in SE Alaska -- grounded and took on water, 25 April -- radio operator aboard 54ft. long liner F/V Sea Dew agreed to remain nesr vessel until F/V Kibitzer safely moored -- Marine Safety Office Juneau investigators determined operator fell asleep at wheel while attempting to bring tow a 30-foot cabin cruiser. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Thurs. April 28 2005)

150ft. Norfolk Dredging Co. dredging barge M/V Pullen, with 20 crew -- located on Elizabeth River near S. end of U.S. Naval Station Norfolk. -- called Mayday at 10:30 a.m. April 27 -- malfunction in dredging gear began flooding barge's forward hold at rate of approximately 400 gallons a minute -- U.S. Coast Guard Cutter USCGC Block Island responded with several dewatering pumps. Six Coast Guardsmen from various units boarded M/V Pullen & able to control flooding -- got the water down to 2 feet in forward hold. M/V Pullen is on edge of shipping channel -- not impeding waterway traffic. U.S. Coast Guard crews currently have 10 pumps running to maintain control of the flooding. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Thurs. April 28 2005)

3,183gt general cargo M/V Storoe (built 2004), Antwerp in ballast for Kristinestad with 10 crew to load approximately 2000 tons of peatmoss -- grounded outside Kristinestad, Finland, at 0600, local time April 28. Finnish pilot on board. According to preliminary investigation, vessel experienced technical fault. M/V Storoe assisted by 2 tugs & refloated 0815 LT, Apr 20. Vessel arrived Kristinestad 0900, where inspected by representatives of Germanicher Lloyd & Finnih Maritime Authority. Punctures noted in 2 ballast tanks & bow thruster out of order. M/V Storoe left Kristinestad Apr 20 -- currently steaming for Emden, Germany. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Thurs. April 28 2005)

Bulk carrier at Umm Qasr anchorage, Iraq -- assuated by pirates armed with guns & knifes -- using hooks attached to ropes to board - took hostage several crew, assaulted them & demanded money. Took crew one by one to their cabins & stole cash & personal belongings. Pirates also stole money from ship's safe & master's personal belongings -- then took Master to poop deck & disembarked into a 5 meter wooden boat waiting with accomplice. Master reported incident to Coalition warships in area. (Wed. April 27 2005)

3,183gt general cargo M/V Storoe (built 2004), Antwerp for Kristinestad in balast in order to load 2000 tons of peatmoss -- grounded outside Kristinestad, Finland, April 19 -- freed by salvage tugs on 21 April -- M/V Storoe left Kristinestad & currently steaming for Emden, Germany. (Wed. April 27 2005)

New build frigate -- PRC order vessel -- ablaze, fire given 3rd level under 5-level scale, more than 20 fire teams were sent to yards -- Severnaya Verf<<Webfeature, shipyards. Fire started in upper decks & spread down to engine room. While saving shiyard workers, Sr. Fireman, colonel Belov Rostislav died & a worker inside frigate -- 4 workers injured. From our Correspondant Mike Voitenko. (Wed. April 27 2005)

Square rigged windjammer S/V Sedov -- biggest still operational sailing vessel -- departing port Dutch port IJmuident with major group of invitees on board as start of "Sail Amsterdam" promotion -- ran onto shallow at low water, ending up stuck with list to starboard & trim astern on April 22. Wijsmuller Harbor Towage tugs M/V Svitzer Marken & M/V Titan came to rescue quickly & soon able to refloat grounded vessel. S/V Sedov thereupon continued trip to sea under tug escort & berthed again late in the afternoon with tug assistance.From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Wed. April 27 2005)

649-ton Indonesian-owned M/V, for Singapore with tin ingots -- worth more than US$4zm -- attacked by pirates who fired at ship early on April 22 when she was passing the Lingga islands -- Pirates boarded her -- ferried vessel to to a port in Malaysia & unloaded cargo before escaping to Indonesia. "They took control of bridge, ransacked the ship & tied up the crew," Int'l Maritime Bureau said. "Crew members were warned they would be killed if they didn't cooperate." Pirates diverted ship to Malaysia's Port Gudang in S. Johor state, where they unloaded ingots. Ship now in Singapore. (Tues. April 26 2005)

61,683 dwt crude M/T Saetta -- departed from Cartagena on 20 April -- touching bottom while transiting Colonial Channel at Boca Chica. Slick of oil 11km long & 180m wide drifting southwards -- being gradually recovered by a fleet of tugs & other vessels, co-ordinated by state oil company Ecopetrol. The 13.7-m Colonial Channel is the deep water route to Cartagena. M/T Saetta was drawing only 11.9m when it touched bottom & damaged hull. (Tues. April 26 2005)

65mt. M/V Clarissa, Tomboa for Walvis Bay with fish meal & 9 crew -- hit unknown object, sprang leak & sank on 23.4. 28 miles off Namibia close to Kunene estuary. Crew rescued by M/V Range & brought to Lobito which heard emergency call after M/V Clarissa sprang leak & started listing after collision with an unknown object.From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Tues. April 26 2005)

6,060-dwt German-owned reefer M/V Nova Scotia (built 1983), Falkland Island in the South Atlantic -- grounded April 22nd -- no word on crew. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Mon. April 25 2005) UPDATE>>M/V Nova Scotia anchored in Berkeley Sound. But hull was damaged so that some oil could escape out of a 130-t-tank & caused a minor spill. (Tues. April 26 2005)

German 24,8mt. public M/V Forelle (built 1943) -- in collision with -- German 1,593gt. cargo 82mt. M/V Leona -- close to Kiel April 23rd. Both ships for Baltic when M/V Forelle suddenly hit by M/V Leona -- altering course for Poland. M/V Forell struck at stern & damaged. No one was injured, but M/V Forelle had to cancel its tour & turned around for its homeport From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Mon. April 25 2005)

U.S. F/V Tania Dee, long-lining for halibut off Cape of Ommaney -- issued urgent marine information broadcast -- U.S. Coast Guard Jayhawk helicopter crew responded to emergency position indicating radio beacon (EPIRB) 60 miles S. of Sitka, Alaska in night of April 22nd. U.S. Coast Guard Jayhawk crew arrived on scene within 25 minutes & found unoccupied raft, debris field & oil slick. Helicopter crew spotted 2 men in the water, both wearing survival suits. Jayhawk crew transported both men, one unconscious man to Sitka -- while enroute rescue swimmer & flight mechanic administered cardio pulmonary resuscitation. Once in Sitka, ambulance crew transferred crew to Edgecumbe Hospital, where declared dead. Surviving crew sceduled for pickup today. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Mon. April 25 2005)

625-foot bulk M/V Liberty Glory -- on a relief mission to Africa with 45-thousand tons of wheat -- grounded on sand bar in Columbia River, 12 miles downstream from Portland early morning April 22nd -- 3 tugs pulled her off same day. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Mon. April 25 2005)

Cayman Islands flagged 39,000dwt product M/T Chinook (built 2001), with gasoline & 23 crew -- lost steering control, went our of control & run aground in Canakkale Strait<<Webfeature, which was closed on April 24th -- reopening expected at 2100 tonight. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Mon. April 25 2005)

U.S. 40-foot bay shrimper F/V Alicia Lynn, with 2 crew -- hit unknown object - sank near Houston Ship Channel at about 3 p.m. on April 23rd -- crew reported that they had maneuvered their vessel outside of the channel before she sank. No injuries. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Mon. April 25 2005)

Ferry M/V Moby Rider ran aground at 8 p.m. April 20, when leaving Livorno for Olbia. Pilot already dropped when accident occurred. Meanwhile pessengers were evacuated & brought to hotel in Livorno. Salvage of ferry may take some days so passengers will have to wait for their cars. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Mon. April 25 2005) UPDATE>> M/V Moby Rider refloated on 22 April by 5 Fratelli Neri tugs after it had sat on a sandbank off the port of Leghorn for 3 days. Ship now in port to assess any actual damage it has suffered.

Container M/V MSC Katie had to be run aground onto a reef off Mauritius in early morning of April 22 --in collision with -- Maersk-Sealand/Safmarine charter vessel M/V Nordsun. Collision occurred late Thurs, 21 April as M/V Nordsun for Port Louis -- collided head on with incoming M/V MSC Katie, causing a 10m x 2m rupture in the bulbous bow area. Water rushing in soon flooded engine room, extinguishing all power & leaving pilots from Mauritius port authority no choice but to run M/V MSC Katie aground onto a reef & preventing further ingress of water or a possible sinking. Damage to M/V Nordsun confined to her bow section where about 3m of forecastle area badly crushed. No injuries reported. Both vessels deployed on their respective company's South Africa &endash; Far East service, which until a month ago operated as joint service between both sets of companies. M/V MSC Katie for Port Louis when M/V Nordsun collided with her… "who was heading towards the port without pilot on board & without waiting for the clearance of M/V MSC Katie. While M/V MSC Katie tried her utmost to avoid the collision same became impossible as the possibilities to maneuver were nil in view of narrow channel &high speed of the M/V Nordsun." -The statement continued that M/V MSC Katie has 2 large cracks, one over load line & another one under load line resulting in flooding of the engine room and the no.7 hold. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Mon. April 25 2005)

88ft. Gloucester, Mass. F/V America suffered serious crew illness -- U.S. Coast Guard responded to distress call -- crew taken to Hyannis airport at 8:10 p.m. where he was transferred to a waiting ambulance and taken to Cape Cod Hospital. (Sun. April 24 2005)

185-foot University of Texas research M/V Gyre -- suffered serious crew injury -- severe head injury after falling down ladder in Gulf of Mexico, 90 miles southeast of Galveston, Texas -- U.S. Coast Guard HH-65B Dolphin rescue helicopter crew from Coast Guard Air Station Houston hoisted ill crew from ship & took him to University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston where reported to be in stable condition. (Sun. April 24 2005)

U.S. Coast Guard Aids to Navigation Team Duluth's 18-foot workboat sank in Spirit Lake Region of St. Louis River. Crew of workboat setting navigational buoys along St. Louis River when they noticed boat was taking water. Crew turned boat back towards shore when, despite efforts of 4-person crew, boat sank. (Sun. April 24 2005)

Sloop S/V Teno Zaranza found crippled with sole sailor by container M/V Pacific Explorer which responded to Mayday @ 10pm April 23 -- towed into safety of Spirits Bay in the Far North, New Zealand. (Sun. April 24 2005)

U.S. F/V Karen Jean, Wrangell for Ketchikan, Alaska with 4 crew -- grounded April 18 -- no injurines -- extra gear to sister F/V Little Lady -- refloated April 19. (Sun. April 24 2005)

Massive Reefs Found>> Australian scientists on April 22 said discovered new coral reefs stretching 100km in remote Gulf of Carpentaria off the country's rugged north coast. Geoscience Australia said reefs, estimated to be at least 100 000 years old, were a major discovery. (Fri. April 22 2005)


17 April2005 at 0500 LT at wharf 114, Tg. Priok port, Indonesia -- pirate mingled with stevedores & tried to steal equipment from general cargo ship. Duty crew prevented theft. (Fri. April 22 2005)

16 April 2005 at 2230 LT at wharf 114, Tg. Priok port, Indonesia-- Pirate mingled with stevedores & stole equipment from general cargo ship. Duty crew recovered the equipment -- robber escaped empty handed. (Fri. April 22 2005)

14 April 2005 at 0800 UTC in position 02:59N - 100:47E, Malacca straits. Helicopter from French warship spotted four 15m long boats, powered by 3 outboard engines with their front covered by canvas. Each boat manned by 2 piates wearing masks. Boats approached container ship underway & came within 300 meters. Upon sighting helicopter, boats altered course& headed towards Indonesian coast. (Fri. April 22 2005)

12 April 2004 at 0200 LT in position 06:02.24S106:55.68E Jakarta anchorage, Indonesia. Armed pirates boarded bulk carrier & attempted to enter engine room. Alert crew raised alarm & robbers escaped in speedboat. (Fri. April 22 2005)

11 April 2005 at 1700 UTC in position 07:35N- 082:07E east coast of Sri Lanka -- 2 unlit speedboats approached container ship underway at stbd quarter. When boats came close crew directed searchlights &boats moved away. (Fri. April 22 2005)

10 April 2005 1200 UTC in posn 00:50S&endash; 047:36E off E. coast of Somalia. Armed pirates boarded ship underway -- took hostage all 17 crew, hijacked ship & forced her to anchor close to Somali coast. IMB Piracy Reporting Center alerted relevant authorities. Further news awaited. Read The Cargo Law Story. (Fri. April 22 2005)

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Royal Caribbean cruise M/V Grandeur of the Seas, with 2,000 passengers & 740 crew -- suffered 42-foot hole above watr line -- crashed dock at Costa Maya, in the southern part of Mexican's Yucatan Peninsula on April 20. No injuries. (Thurs. April 21 2005)

Korea-flagged cargo M/V, Egypt's Mediterranean port of el-Arish for Syria's Tartous port with 1,800 tons of cement & 7 crew -- sank in the Int'l l waters 60 miles off western Lebanon. Cypriot vessel rescued 3 crew. According to Syrian Ministry source, ship overloaded & in a poor condition. (Thurs. April 21 2005)

U.S. F/V Karen Jean, with 4 crew -- grounded off Ketchikan, Alaska -- vessel refloated April 19. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Thurs. April 21 2005)

(new) German submarine U-32 -- slightly damaged following collision with Emden Locks<<Webfeature, while departing for trials in the Northsea,April 20. Protection of screw was torn off. Divers working several hours to fix section again -- builder Thyssen-Nordseewerke Emden completed repairs -- 1 of 4 such units for German Navy to be delivered in near future. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Thurs. April 21 2005)

36ft tug M/V Jackie John, with 2 crew -- sank off Ludington, Michigan<<Webfeature, last week in rough seas -- bilge pumps failed in rough seas. Crew rescused. (Wed. April 20 2005)

Unidentified cargo M/V, Egypt for Syria with cement & 7 crew -- sank off Israel's coast 56km west of the N. Israeli coastal city of Nahariya -- 3 rescued by Turkish vessel, 4 missing. Believed problem was overloading of vessel. (Wed. April 20 2005)

U.S, destroyer USS O'Bannon <<Webfeature, (DD 987) assisted crew members aboard a 45-foot fishing vessel in Mediterranean April 20 -- commenced rescue operations after receiving distress signal & sighting emergency flare from fishing vessel. The rescue operation occurred in Int'l waters off Corsica, France. USS O'Bannon deployed a rigid-hull inflatable boat &rescue personnel to scene, and transferred Danish crew members from flooding vessel. Both crew members are in good health aboard. (Wed. April 20 2005)

Maritime & Coastguard Agency U.K. 19th April presss reported Brixham Coastguard emergency call from un-named yacht with engine failure, which....., ".. was being harassed by a pod of whales" Direction finding equipment located signal 8 miles SE of Start point,Devon, England - rescue helicopter from RNAS Culdrose assisted search. Towed in by Salcombe RNLI lifeboat. Whales regrouping! From our Correspondant A.L. Griffiths. (Wed. April 20 2005)

K-Line container M/V Tower Bridge -- grounded in Fremantle, Australia, on April 16 due to failure of electrical generator while leaving Fremantle inner harbor -- harbor tugs M/V Wambiri & M/V Burra unable to free vessel -- another 2 tugs, M/V Bunbury & M/V Challenger attended from Kwinana & M/V Tower Bridge was pulled from the North Mole. No structural damage was reported -- electrical failure led to a complete loss of steering & although pilot immediately dropped two anchors -- Vessel ran aground at base of sea wall. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Tues. April 19 2005)

36-foot U.S. F/V Missy Too -- sank April 18 -- 14 miles S. of Cape Flattery, Wash. -- all rescued. (Tues. April 19 2005)

Finnish 30,500gt registered 188mt ferry M/V Finnclipper, leaving Port of Travemuende --- entering River Trave suffered problems with main engine & started drifting towards shore -- in collision with -- northern mole. Both anchors were dropped & tug assistance required. River blocked until the tug M/V Michael succeeded to get the ferry free at 04.45 in its 2nd attempt with assistance of M/V Finnclipper.From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Tues. April 19 2005)

Cruise M/V Norwegian Dawn -- hit by 70 ft. wave -- Follow Our Story<<Webfeature, (Mon. April 18 2005)

Cruise RMS Quen Mary 2 -- suffered Mid Atlanitc theft from staff party riot -- 1969 tapestry of Royal family thrown overboard in mid-Atlantic &portrait of the Queen badly damaged after 14 April night's party - thousands of pounds of damage -- men, aged 22 to 23, arrested ship docked in Southampton 16 April & later bailed until 26 May. From our Correspondant A.L. Griffiths (Mon. April 18 2005)

38-foot sport F/V Re-Run -- Pensacola, Fla., for Caymans on April 4 -- overdue, presumed lost. (Sun. April 17 2005)

8-ton wooden-hulled South African yacht S/V Dolphin, with 3 crew-- "side-swiped" in clear weather by 149m, 13,781gt M/V Gisela Oldendoff. Dolphin skipper Gavin Cosgrove said taking on water & feared yacht might sink. Rescued - luckty to be alive. (Sun. April 17 2005)

South Korean F/V with 7 crew -- reportedly seized by Japanese Ntional Defense Force vessel in Japan's Exclusive Economic Zone, 200km SE of Jeju Island on April 15. (Sun. April 17 2005)

3,600 TEU NYK Line container M/V Sophia Britannia, Asia for East U.S. Coast via Suez Canal, involved in a high-sea rescue of 2 seamen from choppy waters in Atlantic -- crew member spotted man & lifeboat floating separately in rough seas while navigating 85km off North Carolina. 41-year-old man rescued by NYK's container ship was crew fishing boat which had left fishing harbour at Murrells Inlet, South Carolina with 2 other crew -- 2nd man in the life boat picked up by USCG helicopter. 3rd man not found -- search which later called off by USCG. (Sun. April 17 2005)

Cruise M/V Norwegian Dawn<<Webfeature, Bahamas for return to New York with 2,200 pasengers -- hit by rogue wave -- damaged vessel's hull & crew requested U.S.Coast Gusrd assistance -- vessel diverted to Charleston early April 15 -- said 47ft wave tore off hot tubs on upper decks -- 62 cabins flooded -- 4 injured. Some passengers said sleeping in companionways. M/V Norwegian Dawn arrived Charleston & docked by late April 16 afternoon. Passengers with flooded cabins flown home from Charleston. After repair, vessel will call at New York on April18 at 3pm. For updates.1-800-625-5672 (Sat. April 16 2005) UPDATE>> Authorities now say rogue wave more on scal of 70ft.(21 meters) (Sun. April 17 2005) UPDATE>> Passengers report incident lasted for hours & life jackets being worn at time of major wave event. (Mon. April 18 2005)

25ft S/V Chasing Dreams, from Long Beach -- found adrift near Point Conception April 14 -- with life raft missing -- owner & family could not be reached -- was traveling in circles when spotted by merchant M/V Mr. Clean 3, a mile offshore -- vessel eventually ran aground N. of Government Point -- boarded by Ventura County Fire Dept. personnel. The mystery. (Sat. April 16 2005)

South African F/V Yes Sir -- recently in Durban Harbor undergoing repairs & maintenance -- reported sunk off South African coast April 14. All crew aboard rescued by another fishing vessel in area -- housed in hotel awaiting repatriation. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Fri. April 15 2005)

U.S. 38 feet-fishing F/V Re Run, Pensacola for Grand Cayman Islands for April 10 arrival -- U.S. Coast Guard suspended search.. U.S. Coast Guard Falcon jet from Mobile & another plane from Clearwater covered search area of 39.000 sq. miles between April 11 & 14 without finding trace of ship & crew. (Fri. April 15 2005)

Fred Olsen cruise M/V Black Prince, for Liverpool -- 1 crew evacuated April 14 after injury with "vacuum cleaner" 25 miles SW of St. David's Head, Pembrokeshire, Wales -- taken to Withybush Hospital , Haverfordwest, -- then transferred to West Wales General Hospital Carmarthen. Injury not life threatening. From our Correspondant A.L. Griffiths. (Fri. April 15 2005)

German container M/V Agnes -- passing Kiel-Canal from Kiel toward North Sea -- in April 13 collision near Rendsburg with -- home port Bremen vessel M/T Themsestern. Superstructures of both vessels became "entangled." Geeez! M/V Agnes proceeded to Brunsbuettel harbor with damaged hull & destroyed rescue boat. Picture contirbutions, please. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Fri. April 15 2005)

M/V Stena Europe, Fishguard, Wales for Rosslare, Ireland -- suffered Fuel leakage 10th April. Voyage to Rosslare abandoned after 15 minutes sailing, returned to Fishguard as precaution. No polloution loss. Subsequent voyages cancelled. From our Correspondant A.L. Griffiths. (Fri. April 15 2005)


11 April 2005 at 1200 UTC in position 03:30N - 104:24E, South China Sea -- 2 boats, one unlit, followed tanker. When boats came within 4 cables, crew mustered, sounded whistle & witched on lights -- pirate boats moved away. (Fri. April 15 2005)

11 April 2005 at 0430 LT in position 03:47.46N - 098:42.64E, Pertamina jetty, Belawan port, Indonesia -- 3 pirates armed with long knives boarded tanker at forecastle during cargo operations. D/O raised alarm, sounded whistle & crew mustered. Robbers jumped into sea & escaped in high speedboat with ship's stores. (Fri. April 15 2005)

11 April 2005 at 0100 LT at Buzios, Brazil. Pirates armed with guns, pistols & knives boarded yacht -- stole cash, documents & property -- escaped. (Fri. April 15 2005)

10 April 2005 at 0520 LT in position 03:12.5S - 116:22E, Pulau Laut anchorage, Indonesia -- 8 pirates armed with knives boarded bulk carrier -- stole liferaft, communication equipment, stores & escaped. (Fri. April 15 2005)

09 April 2005 at 0600 LT in position 04:43.7N - 106:14.8E, 15nm NE of Kakap Natuna oil terminal, South China Sea. Two fishing boats at15 kts speed approached tanker underway -- came within 1 mile from both sides. Crew directed searchlights & activated fire hoses -- pirate boats moved away. (Fri. April 15 2005) (Fri. April 15 2005)

09 April 2005 at 0500 LT in position 05:32.7N - 098:14.8E, Malacca Straits -- speedboat moving at over 23 knots approached tanker underway at port quarter. When boat came within 3 cables, crew sounded whistle & directed searchlights -- pirate boat moved away. (Fri. April 15 2005)

08 April 2005 at 2320 LT in position 01:15.30N - 103:33.72E, off Tg. Pelepas port anchorage, Johor, Malaysia --10 pirates armed with knives boarded tanker -- pirates tied hands of vessel Master & other crew with plastic strings & robbed ship's property & crew personal belongings -- 1 crew injured injured. Robbers escaped in speed boat. (Fri. April 15 2005)

08 April 2005 at 0345 LT in position 01:16.0N - 104:10.0E, Singapore straits. Several small boats surrounded bulk carrier underway & pirates inside attempted to board on both sides from bow to stern. Master took evasive maneuvers, sounded whistle, directed search lights & crew activated fire hoses. Attempted boarding continued for 50 mins - boats finally moved away. (Fri. April 15 2005)

05 April 2005 at 1625 LT in position 25:14.1N - 057:04.5E, Gulf of Oman. Small vessel approached supply ship underway & tried to come alongside. Master took evasive maneuvers & sounded whistle. Suspect vessel moved away. (Fri. April 15 2005)

05 April 2005 at 1615 LT in position 01:08.8N - 103:29.0E, Singapore straits. Seven small boats surrounded tanker underway. Pirates in one boat attempted to board at stern during heavy rain & poor visibility. Crew activated fire hoses &ship increased speed. Boarding averted.(Fri. April 15 2005)

04 April 2005 at 0130 LT in position 03:55N - 100:28E, SW of Sembilan Is., Malacca Straits. Boat chased container ship underway on stbd beam & came close to port quarter. Alarm raised & crew mustered. 45 mins later boat abandoned chase. (Fri. April 15 2005)

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Unidentified Macao vessel capsized on Pearl River, N. of Hong Kong -- 6 mising. (Fri. April 15 2005) UPDATE>> 500-ton feeder vessel with 7 crew capsized at estuary of south China's Pearl River --5 NM northwest of Guishan Island at 7:49 PM.-- Capt. & 5 crew remain missing --2 of 11 containers aboard salvaged. (Sat. April 16 2005)

55,729gt vehicle carrier M/V Asian Chorus (built 1997), inbound to Antwerp, struck Farnese Bridge while entering Kallo Lock at 1730, local time, on April 13 -- vessel, now berthed at Antwerp, has lost part of its railing & some damage to ventilation pipes. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Thurs. April 14 2005)

121-meter North Korean M/V Lujin II, from Romania with 5,618 tons wood, sodium carbonate & 24 crew -- engine stalled early April 11 when ship hit storms off Mediterranean coast near oil refinery port Skikda, 440 km (280 miles) E. of the capital Algiers -- drifted -- then hit rocks & sank. One crew rescued -- 4 dead & 17 missing. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Thurs. April 14 2005)

Panamanian-flagged, 29,000gt LNG carrier M/T Laieta (buit 1970), La Spezia for Huelva in balast with 36 crew, reported engine failure early April 13, when ship was 250km S. of Porquerolles in Mediterranean. Winds of 40kt & 5m waves prevented a tow being attached -- surveillance planes & helicopter from the French navy attending . Ship now being towed to Barcelona. (Thurs. April 14 2005)

154.970dwt Monrovian VLCC Suezmax M/T Tropic Brilliance (built 1992) -- suffered 70% burns to sailor in fire in Malaysian waters 11 NM off Mika Head, Teluk Bahang on April 10. M/V Tropic Brilliance hit headlines last Nov. after steering gear failure caused grounding in Suez Canal -- incident caused Int'lwaterway to close for 1st time in 30 years. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Thurs. April 14 2005)

589-foot bulk M/V Star Eagle, with wood pulp -- reported smoke in #1 hold off Dutch Harbor, Alaska -- fire extinguished April 8 -- U.S Coast Guard recommended Master to transit to Dutch Harbor for assistance & inspection. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Thurs. April 14 2005)

Dutch coaster, fully laden from Rottterdam -- in colision with West pier of German North Sea Harbor of Buesum while entering. Both sides of foreship damaged & gash torn in hull above waterline. The Pier was also severely damaged. The ship managed to reach berth under own power - inspected by police there. Cause of incident not yet known. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Tues. April 12 2005)

Car carrier M/V Jinsei Maru -- in collision with pier of Bremerhaven locks when entering -- tow line to tug broke & ship thus got out of control. Slight damage. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Tues. April 12 2005)

M/V Mississagi grounded outside of Muskegon breakwall in the Great Lakes, 2:00 pm on April 11. MCM tugs M/V Tammy & M/V Drummond Islander II assisted M/V Mississagi off sand bar.  She was freed around 8:30 pm & entered Muskegon Lake to off load stone at Verplank's.  The entrance was partially blocked by a dredge clearing the winter sand build-up M/V Mississagi was forced to enter the harbor closer to the breakwall. (Tues. April 12 2005)

6,711gt ore carrier M/V Ta Mak Dol (name unclear) (built 1984), with 21 crew, sank off off Dandong<<Webfeature, on April 7 -- 5 dead, 16 mising & 12 rescued. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Tues. April 12 2005)

Containers Lost>>23,540gt. U.S. registered M/V Lykes Voyager (built 1995), near Hong Kong island of Tsing Yi -- in collision with fedder vessel in the "stream" -- M/V Lykes Voyager damaged port side, some containers thrown overside. Cause of the collision seems to be fog. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Mon. April 11 2005)

Panamanian flag, 539ft. M/V Ocean Belle, Dominican Republic for Tampa, in balast for fertilizer & 18 crew -- suffered smell -- foul smell -- 2 decaying bodies in hold. Now a human trafficking investigation. Whether deceased were Dominicans or were men or women not determined Monday because of advanced state of decay. (Mon. April 11 2005)

Bangla Desh ferry M/V Tarika 2, sank after colision with aother ferry (converted from trawler) on the River Arial Kha close to Madripur in Bangla Desh -- 40 passengers rescued, 1 dead, & 50 missing. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Mon. April 11 2005)

Bulk M/V Kinsman Independent (built 1953 -- retirement from the U.S. fleet at the end of the 2002 shipping season) suffered engine room fire alongside to the McKeil Marine dock in Hamilton, Ont., Canada. Might set back conversion of vessel from steam to diesel propulsion at time of loss. (Mon. April 11 2005)

M/T Ratna Shahil -- in collision with with Kenyan Kipevu Oil Terminal<<Webfeature, on April 8th -- 150 tons crude oil spilt into harbor of Kilindini out of a gash torn into a 5000-ton-tank. Ship listing & in danger of sinking for some time -- oil spill has been contained. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Sun. April 10 2005)

North Korean freighter, with iron ore & 35 crew -- sank April 6, 60 miles from Dandong, one of China's main gateways for trade with isolated, impoverished North -- 12 surviving crew & recovered bodies of 5 sailors returned to North Korea on April 10. (Sun. April 10 2005)

Container M/V Sea Boxer, at Singapore for Europe -- suffered death of Capt. Tiedman Birger Hans Heinrith, 52, a German, believed to have died of heart attack. (Sun. April 10 2005)

23ft yacht S/V Déjà vu, with 2 crew --- out of Bradwell, UK -- steel centreboard swung down & cracked a large hole in hull -- taking on water 5 miles off West Mersea leaving boat at "serious risk" of sinking. West Mersea' lifeboat crew arrived at 2:30pm -- men onboard desperately trying to bale water, salvage pump transferd. Vessel saved. (Sun. April 10 2005)

Pirate Attack>> Singapore-registered M/T Kyosei Maru, with 10 crew -- suffered pirate attack 8km off Port of Tanjung Pelepas<<Webfeature, when 10 Indonesian pirates wearing ski masks slipped aboard vessel at 11.20pm -- pirates fled with US$5,000 (RM18,966) & crew's cell phones after tying up everyone on board. (Sun. April 10 2005)

UPDATED>> Indonesian Navy KRI Rencong & Malaysian Navy Tedung Naga -- naval ships have been involved in series of collisions in disputed waters, April 10. The disputed waters lie close to Sipadan & Ligitan islands, which Indonesia lost to Malaysia in a legal battle in the Int'l Court of Justice in Dec. 2002. Local newspaper reported that vessels collided 3 times on April 8, but no one had been hurt on either side. Both countries rely heavily on oil & gas for revenues and each have awarded exploration contracts in the disputed area. (Sun. April 10 2005) UPDATE>> Tedung Naga damaged at the bow. (Mon. April 11 2005)

6,711gt. M/V Ta Mak Gol (built 1984) , Nampo, North Korea for Dandong, China with iron ore - sank April 7 in Yellow Sea, 40 NM off Chinese port of Dandong <<Webfeature, - 21 crew missing --12 crew found & rescued. (Fri. April 8 2005)


03 April 2005 at 0145 LT in position 03:08N - 105:24E, 12nm west of P.Mangkai Island, Anambas Islands, Indonesia. Four pirates armed with long bolo knives boarded bulk carrier underway at poop deck. They assaulted 2 duty crew who received knife wounds. Pirates stole ship's equipment & escaped. (Fri. April 8 2005)

31 March 2005 at 1900 UTC in position 03:06.9N - 100:44.6E, vicinity of one fathom bank, Malacca straits. Pirates armed with guns & knives boarded bulk carrier underway -- held master as hostage & stole ship's cash & escaped. No injuries to crew. (Fri. April 8 2005)

31 March 2005 at 1330 UTC in position 00:40.5N - 048:49.1E, Somalia. Six pirates armed with guns 7 grenades in 2 speedboats attempted to board general cargo ship underway. Ship sent distress message, increased speed & took evasive maneuvers. Pirates aborted attempted boarding at 1520 UTC. (Fri. April 8 2005)

30 March 2005 at 2255 LT in position 05:28.29S - 105:17.93E, Panjang outer roads, Indonesia. Six pirates armed with long knives boarded container ship -- held crew members hostage &tied them up -- broke into forward locker & stole ship's stores. Alarm raised & crew mustered -- robbers escaped. Master tried to contact port authorities on VHF but received no response. Boarding took place although 2 shore watchmen on board. (Fri. April 8 2005)

30 March 2005 at 1020 LT in position 04:35N - 119:00E, about 3nm east of Mataking island, Sabah, Malaysia. Five pirates armed with M-16 & AK-47 rifles in speedboat came alongside tug towing a barge -- fired several shots into air & ordered master to stop. Four pirates dressed in dark blue clothes boarded tug & ordered crew to assemble at main deck. Pirates stole crews' personal belongings & tug's communication equipment -- kidnapped master & 2 crew -- left in their speedboat in easterly direction. (Fri. April 8 2005)

30 March 2005 at 0415 LT at Sebuku anchorage, east Kalimantan, Indonesia. Several pirates armed with long knives boarded bulk carrier & broke open forepeak locker. Alert crew & armed security guard rushed forward -- pirates stole ship's stores & escaped in speedboat. (Fri. April 8 2005)

29 March 2005 at 2030 UTC in position 01:53.6S - 116:58.0E, Makassar straits, Indonesia -- pirates armed with knives boarded bulk carrier underway -- stole life raft & escaped. (Fri. April 8 2005)

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M/V Martina M., in ballast, heavily grounded Feb. 9, close to Hergla, Tunisia. Considering vessel to be heavily aground on rocky stretch with her complete bow & propeller shaft above water, refloating would require considerable forces to be developed. Wijsmuller Salvage B.V. just now (April 7th) succeeded in refloating. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Fri. April 8 2005)

North Korean M/V, North Korea for Chinese Harbor Dandong with iron ore, sank evening of April 6 -- 12 rescued, 2 dead & 12 mising. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Fri. April 8 2005)

Freighter M/V Siuita -- in collision with -- container feeder M/V Barbara in Southern Kiel-canal locks of Brunsbuettel. M/V Barbara struck amidships & towed stern 1st out of lock for assessment of damage at Southern Pier of Brunsbuettel harbor. M/V Siuita inspected by police due to possible overload. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Fri. April 8 2005)

CARGO ALERT>> Five cargo containers, imported from Dubai last month, have been smuggled out of Kochi Port using forged documents, official sources said April 6 -- 3 persons arrested & Customs house agent was absconding, Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) sources said. Investigations conducted by the DRI have revealed that containers removed from the port recently. No clue about contents of containers taken out of the port -- though one accused allegedly confessed it contained plastic toys. Yes, the free world fears plastic toys. Bound for? From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Thurs. April 7 2005)

154gt coaster M/V Tehoro III (former trawler) suffered main engine trouble, April 1 off Lifou at 1600 & started to drift off South Pacific island of New Caledonia. Passing 1,000dwt M/T Konemu (built 1990), Vanuatu for New Caledonia, unsuccessfully attempted to assist coaster & both vessels ran aground on neighbouring reefs. Water ingress reported in engine room of tanker on April 2 morning, raising fears of possible pollution. M/V Tehoro III re-floated & towed to Nouméa. M/T Konemu still working at re-float. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Thurs. April 7 2005)

10.742gt M/V Zim Houston III (built 2003) -- rammed wharf at Oranjestad, Aruba with such a forcer that the quay severely damaged & nearby building damaged by shock effect. In the process, harbor pilot boat &endash; moored there &endash; hit with such a force that boat impaled on bulbus bow -- 1st estimates of damage is over US$ 500,000. Necessary to mobilize heavy equipment from Valero refinery to hoist the pilot boat from bow & place same on the wharf. Vessel had been waiting whole night outside the port to discharge containers. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Thurs. April 7 2005)

F/V Rochelle, with 6 crew -- aground on rocky outcrop off Morris Point , early 5 April -- all safely evacuated according to the South African Maritime Safety Authority. Declared total constructive loss. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Thurs. April 7 2005)

WWII Ordinance Explosion? >> Dutch F/V Maarten Jakob - OD 1 -- suffered severe explosion 100 km west of Dutch port Ijmuiden after fishing up a bomb -- probably dating from WW II -- 2 of 6 crew thrown overboard & found dead later. Another man died on ship's deck. Rescue vessel M/V Koos van Messe from Ijmuiden, fishery inspection vessel M/V Barend Biesheuvel, & naval vessels -- all came to the aid of stricken F/V Maarten Jakob. It appears that a device intended to insure freedom & halt the slavery intended by Adolf Hitler in the 1940's, may have reached from the past to take the lives of free men in the next Century. Today such evils are faced again by mariners in various parts of the world -- a lesson sad, but true. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Wed. April 6 2005)

30,053gt Panama registerd bulk M/V Maritime Antalya (built 2002) New Orleans for Far East with 48.000 tons of grain -- taking water -- 2 Japanese Navy patrol boats & tug headed to ship which had water in holds #1 & #2 --taking water. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Wed. April 6 2005)

3.790gt chemical M/T Georg Essberger (built 2004), ran aground when leaving Finnish port of Uusikaupunki on March 31st. Vessel came to grief on 60 47.6 N 21 17.1 E at about 11 p.m. Unloaded. After 1 1/2 hours -- crew of 14 managed to free ship -- returned to Uusikaupunki for inspections. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Wed. April 6 2005)

Space Ship Nerds>> 7 weeks before release of "Star Wars: Episode III -- Revenge of the Sith"<<Webfeature, -- the faithful have been lining up in front of the wrong theater. Since April 2 -- these folks have been camping out in front of famous Grauman's Chinese Theater<<Webfeature, -- but actual screening will be a mile away at the ArcLight Theater (former Cinerama Dome). Sadly, for these poor media fools -- even LAPD Officers were unable to convince certain of the "faithful" to leave their Hollywood Blvd. location -- they fear an ultra secret misinformation effort. This is like telling the jungle Japanese "hold outs" that WWII was over. Geeez! Next Executive Approach for Grauman's Chinese Theater to clear the street: Using a fire hose in it's capacity as "The Force." (Wed. April 6 2005)

Pirate Defeat & Cautionary Tale>> 150,000-ton Panamanian-flagged , Japanese oil M/T Yohteisan, with 25 crew --just past S. tip of Malacca Strait in heavy rain & poor visibility -- attacked by pirates in Singapore Strait. Seven wooden boats accosted the E. bound tanker near Indonesia's Karimun Islands, April 5 afternoon -- 3rd attack on Japanese vessel in 3 weeks in busy shipping lane which carries more than 25% of world trade. Pirates beaten off by strong water jets from fire hoses -- tanker then increased speed & fled. All safe. Int'l Maritime Bureau said nearly a third of the 325 cases of recorded pirate attacks last year happened in Indonesian waters, including Malacca Strait. One for the good guys tonight! But Issue To Ponder: Maritime official said tankers the size of M/V Yohteisan would be ideal for militants to use to block choke points in narrow Malacca Strait or in the Singapore Strait. See M/V Ocean Bridge. This problem demands a greater level of concern -- where over 25% of world commerce is concerned. This may or may not reflect a certain plan.(Wed. April 6 2005)

19,574 ton Portuguese oil M/T Arteaga, with 119,574 tons of crude oil -- ran aground April 2 morning, near the new Port of Dalian -- freed after unloading nearly 10,000 tons of crude oil. Vessel now docked at Dalian Port. (Wed. April 6 2005)

Oil rig supply vessel M/V Viking Mull suffered engine room fire & explosion at Edinburgh docks. Six pumps were sent to tackle fire -- firefighters using breathing apparatus spent almost 2 hours working to cool down area outside engine room, where explosion occurred. No reported casualties or injuries. (Wed. April 6 2005)

U.S. Services Administration To Close Lighthouses (GSA) >> Seven (7) Great Lakes lighthouses are being made available to federal agencies, state and local governments, nonprofit corporations & community development organizations for park/recreation/historic/cultural or educational use. The lighthouses being offered are Toledo, Ohio Harbor Light, Fairport, Ohio Harbor West Pierhead Light, Menominee, Michigan North Pierhead Light, Ludington, Michigan North Breakwater Light, Holland, Michigan Harbor South Pierhead Light, Charlevoix, Michigan South Pierhead Light and Chicago, Illinois Harbor Light. Notice of Lighthouse Availability (Wed. April 6 2005)

BP supply vessel M/V Furzey Squirrel -- came across 10 people in water after spilled from two Canadian kayaks &small rescue boat in Poole Harbor, UK -- all capsized. Inshore/all weather RNLI lifeboats launched & individuals transferred to lifeboats before being landed ashore. Dorset Ambulance Service then transferred individuals to hospital. Weather on scene today is southwesterly winds veering west 5 to 7, with rain showers & moderate sea state. Ah, tourists. (Wed. April 6 2005)

Sri Lankan Navy patrol vessel with Nordic ceasefire monitor from UN aboard -- taken under fire by Tamil Tiger vessel -- marring a 3-year truce. The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE)<<Webfeature, are locked in feud with remnants of breakaway faction -- dozens of small-scale attacks & ambushes in recent months in East, where rebels control pockets of jungle. Today 35 rounds fired - no injuries. Read the Story. (Tues. April 5 2005)

Phuket Air flight, Bangkok, Thailand for England April 4, when it stopped to refuel in Sharjah airport in the United Arab Emirates. After stop, plane began its taxi down runway -- that's when passengers say they noticed a problem. British holidaymakers demanded plane stop during take-off when they allegedly saw fuel coming from wing -- threatened to storm cockpit if flight not grounded. Flight was cancelled. The "leak" caused by overfilling fuel tanks, but no-one had been in danger & passengers had just "panicked." Officials are ashamed of drunken Brits who were on original aircraft & caused it to turn back. From our Correspondant John C. Watson (Tues. April 5 2005)

Taiwan F/V No 12 Decheng, with 7 crew -- suffered fire April 4, off off China's south coast, west of Weizhou Isle in Beibu Gulf & 60 NM from Beihai, a mainland city on Beibu Gulf. To it's credit, China Daily today made a big deal of the fact that PRC rescue units rescued all aboard after SOS to Taiwan was forwarded to the PRC South China Sea Rescue Bureau of the Chines Ministery of Commerce. Rescue helicopter from Zhanjiang in W. of Guangdong Province flew to rescue along with 2 ships from Hainan Province. Good show guys! (Tues. April 5 2005)

198-ton chemical M/T Tsubasa, Port of Ube in Yamaguchi Prefecture for Port of Kawasaki in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, with calcium chloride & 4 crew -- capsized 14km NW of Izu-Oshima Island in Pacific, some 120km S. of Tokyo. All crew thrown to sea, but rescued -- 1 dead. (Tues. April 5 2005)

Hong Kong-registered cargo M/V Jasmine Ace 2 -- suffered crew fist fight off New South Wales coast -- 1 crew bashed with iron bar & another had nose partly bitten off. Australian officials boarded vessel on April 3, off coast of Forster, N. of Newcastle -- vessel diverted to Newcastle. Sydney Water Police Detectives attempted to question 45-year-old Chinese national about attack on other crew aged 42 & 26, but he was late for a Tea hosted by the Sydney Clean Living Society. Unlikely that charges will be laid due to the difficulty in bringing parties back to Australia for court case & complications with jurisdiction due to location of vessel at time of incident. There is said to be a bid from one Michael Jackson of Santa Barbara, Ca. for purchase of the nose. (Tues. April 5 2005)

Philippine Navy Patrol Boat searching for 3 Indon crew of tug M/V Bongagaya 91 kidnapped by pirates on March 30, near S.southern Philippines clashed with pirates near Sibutu island, killing 2. Philippine Navy regional commander Commodore Rufino Lopez said his men ordered 2 suspicious speedboats to stop for inspection, but its passengers opened fire on the patrol boat triggering sea chase in the Celebes sea on April 2 -- 2 pitrates dead, but others managed to escape on 2nd speedboat. Read The Story. (Tues. April 5 2005)

66ft. F/V Big Leap<<Webfeature, sank April 3 morning while tied up to the Rockland Municipal Fish Pier, Mass., after night of heavy rainfall (& drinking?) Unfinished workshop for F/V Big Leap consumed by fire<<Webfeature, fire of unknown origin on March 9. Interesting -- let's think about this one. (Tues. April 5 2005)

Panamanian-registered container M/V MSC Roberta, Turkey for Greece -- in collision with -- Greek-registered cargo M/V Aegean Wind, Ghana for Ukraine-- off town of Gelibolu, near N. entrance to the Dardanelles Straits. Both vessels damaged -- small leak from fuel tank of M/V MSC Roberta. There are 3 dead, sailors crushed to death. (Mon. April 4 2005)

P&O cruise M/V Pacific Sky -- cancelling 5 more cruises -- mechanical problems continue to plague the troubled vessel - company says the vessel will be out of action until June. Earlier this month, 800 passengers flown back to Brisbane when M/V Pacific Sky broke down near Noumea, 6 days into a 12 day cruise.

UK F/V Aquila (OB 74)with 3 crew -- isssued May Day signal -- stranding on rocks on west coast off island of Muck (Small Isles). Mallaig Lifeboat all weather lifeboat requested to launch & 3 fishing vessels offered to assist -- crew rescued -- Mallaig Lifeboat<<Webfeature, crew just prior to vessel rolling over & sinking. (Sun. April 3 2005)

41,220 gt bulk M/V Polska Walczaca (built 1992) -- grounded Hook of Holland March 24 -- refloated by 3 tugs --currently anchored at Rotterdam awaiting diving inspection. - SMIT Salvage B.V. (Sun. April 3 2005) UPDATE>> Up anchor for unknown port. (Mon. April 4 2005)

Originally reported April 1 as "Unidentified Vessel">> 26,014gt Japanese-owned, Panama-registered bulk M/V Ocean Bridge, for India -- suffered pirate attack at the widely used One Fathom Bank, a narrow area of the Straits of Malacca, just N. of Port Klang -- pirates with guns & knives boarded & carted away contents of the safe at 3am -- no injuries. (Sun. April 3 2005)

Royal Australian Navy HMAS Kanimbla<<Webfeature, -- suffered loss of Sea King helicopter & 9 crew in crash on rescue mission in earthquake-stricken Indonesia April 2 -- those killed - 7 men & 2 women - were 5 Navy personnel, 3 RAAF & 1 Army soldier. Helicopter trying to land in a remote part of the devastated island of Nias. Accident at 4.30pm local time & light said okay for flying. (Sun. April 3 2005)

Greek-flagged F/V Sophia Britannia -- rescued U.S. F/V which sank 50 miles off Cape Fear, N.C. April 2 -- crew rescued. (Sun. April 3 2005)

6,973gt container M/V X-Press Kaveri (built 1980), feeder service Colombo for Tuticorin, India with general cargo -- suffered engine room & accommodation fire on March 20 -- extensive fire damage in engine room & accommodation -- fire apparently commenced in engine room due to technical fault. Attempts by crew to extinguish fire failed & vessel is being towed back to Colombo. (Sat. April 2 2005)

Holly Marine Towing's M/V Margaret Ann, with 4 crew & two barges under tow -- sank off of the Hammond water intake crib, quarter mile S. of Calumet Harbor on March 31 -- U.S. Coast Guard crew responded to scene with 25-foot small boat & retrieved all crew. Barges still afloat. (Sat. April 2 2005)


26 March 2005 at 1830 UTC Balikpapan coal terminal, Indonesia -- 4 pirates in fast craft approached bulk carrier at berth -- 2 tried to board by climbing mooring rope. Alert crew raised alarm & boardin averted. Authorities informed. (Fri. April 1 2005)

22 March 2005 at 0330 LT in position 05:58.3S - 105:59.4E, Pertamina jetty - 1, Tg. Gerem, Indonesia -- 2 pirates armed with long knives boarded tanker. Alert duty a/b raised alarm & crew mustered. Robbers jumped overboard & escaped empty handed in high speedboat.(Fri. April 1 2005)

20 Marc 2005 at 2300 LT at Chittagong Alfa anchorage, Bangladesh -- 2 boats with 10 pirates in each approached chemical tanker preparing to anchor -- 2 pirates boarded at stern & stole ship's stores. Alert crew raised alarm &robbers escaped. After 45 mins 10 pirates in 1 boat approached & boarded again at stern -- stole ship's stores & escaped. (Fri. April 1 2005)

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45,000gt Wallenius Lines, Singapore registered car carrier M/V Aniara (built 1972), Alexandria forPiraeus, with 4,300 automobiles -- suffered engineroom fire, March 31, 35 km S. of Athens in the Saronian Gulf. Crew abandoned. Greek helicopters rescued 24 crew -- Capt. & an engineer remained aboard tried to contain the fire. Firefighters moved to ship. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (April 1 2005) UPDATE>> A tug is now alongside to combat any pollution & prevent the vessel drifting. Fire rages.(Sat. April 2 2005)

M/V Momar 1, with 400 tons coal -- ran aground on the river Elbe on March 29 & sprang a leak -- attempt to free by M/V Lavenburg failed. -- icebreakers M/V Bison & M/V Widder towed vessel free some hours later. Cargo discharged at Buethfleth near Stade. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen.(Fri. April 1 2005)

***From The Cargo Letter >> "Grey Poupon & A Night Train Bottle" ...... as the 75ft. diving & excursion F/V Conception was stolen from Santa Barbara Harbor by a homeless man who later abandoned her on the beach at Vandenberg U.S. Air Force Base<Webfeature, some 40 miles North. Donald Patrick Kelley, 41, who had a jar of Grey Poupon from the boat's galley in his pocket, was arrested a quarter-mile from rocky beach where the US$1M vessel was beached. March 27 -- U.S. Coast Guard still trying to refloat vessel. Hot dog not found. (Wed. March 30 2005)

Report of Vessel Owner:
"Wed, March 23, at approximately 1 p.m., our dive boat Conception was stolen from her slip at Sea Landing in the Santa Barbara Harbor. The perpetrator(s) broke into the wheelhouse & managed to start the engines. As the Conception was being piloted through the harbor, she struck 3 other vessels, sinking 1 of them. Hours later, the Conception was found grounded on a secluded beach near Pt. Arguello, about 50 miles N. of her homeport. Salvage efforts are being coordinated, and Truth Aquatics<<Photofeature, remains optimistic about the vessel's chances of being fully restored."(UPDATE>> From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (April 1 2005)

F/V Amigo -- taking water at moorage & in danger of sinking in Depoe Bay, Ore. on mar. 29. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Fri. April 1 2005)

Passenger M/V Adler River (built 1962) -- shipped water in Hamburg on March 27 -- firefighters succeeded in keeping ship afloat & pumping out hull -- cause was broken rudder shaft. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen.(Fri. April 1 2005)

Passenger M/V Adler VII, with 85 -- ran aground off island Sylt in the Northsea March 23. Rescue M/V Minden evacuated passengers. The ship came free with next tide. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen.(Fri. April 1 2005)

1.567gt Antigua-flagged 82.5M M/V RMS Laar, Hamburg for Leer in ballast -- ran aground on the Elbe on March 22 -- was freed by the tug M/V Parat & towed to Brunsbuettel for inspections. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen.(Fri. April 1 2005)

587gt Swedish M/V Corner Brook -- suffered engineroom fire 800 miles off Falmouth on March 20 -- brought under control by CO2-flooding. German tug M/V Fairplay IX assisted. M/V Corner Brook already had a engineroom explosion on April 27th 2004 near Port Canaveral. In Jan. 2003 she suffered another engine breakdown off Chatham & in March 2002 off St. Paul's Island. In Dec. 1999 she had to be towed to Halifax after explosion. Can we bid on the insurance for this vessel? From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen.(Fri. April 1 2005)

26,014-ton M/V Ocean Bridge in Malacca Strait off Kuala Lumpur -- suffered pirate attack north of Port Klang -- boarded by 3 armed pirates from wooden ship -- just now 3 a.m. 1 April -- escaped with undetermined amount of cash. (Fri April 1 2005)

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Vessel Loss Dispatches For March 2005

"Catch of The Day" - for March 2005

"Singles Only" - single photos of disaster -- always new.

Makeshift boat, with 23 people aboard -- ran into difficulties off Spains Canary Islands -- drifted at sea for more than a week without food -- bodies of 13 passengers located at sea & 5 in critical condition -- intercepted by F/V 240km off island of Hierro, most southwesterly of the island chain in North Atlantic. All believed to be sub-Saharan Africans, had spent several days at sea & were in a "poor state". Er, ah -- may we ask why? (Thurs. March 31 2005)

181gt North Korean M/V Rimyongsu 7, with crabs & FAK, called at Sakaiminato port, Tottori Prefecture, Japan, March 23 -- more than 100 counterfeit US$100 bills were found -- among some 6,500 used US$100 bills aboard. Nice try guys. Try focus on making a real country, (Thurs. March 31 2005)

Unidentified F/V, with 5 crew -- lost engine power & drifting in heavy seas in Gulf of St. Lawrence -- container ship expected to pull alongside fishing vessel to offer protection from strong winds & heaving seas -- concern vessel damaged by ice floes in area, U.S. Coast Guard Hercules aircraft could be used to drop rescue gear, such as life raft, pumps, food & immersion suits. (Thurs. March 31 2005)

Malaysian tug M/V Bonggaya 91, with barge Bonggaya 90 in tow -- suffered pirate attack off Sabah island in Malaysia's east coast -- master & 2 crew kidnapped -- attackers opened fire before boarding the tug -- forcing captives &endash; all Indonesians &endash; on board pirate speed boat. Pirates fled towards southern Philippines after taking away tug's radio communications set. No ransom demand or further word. (Thurs. March 31 2005) UPDATE>> According to reports 5 pirates carried out attack on M/V Bonggaya 91 in Malaysian waters off Sabah. No ransom demands have been reported so far. (Sat.. April 2 2005)

Unidentified Canadian F/V, with 5 crew -- lost engine power & drifting in heavy seas in Gulf of St. Lawrenc -- container ship expected to pull alongside F/V to offer protection from the strong winds and heaving seas. (Wed. March 30 2005)

2540 grt M/V Steel Queen (built 2003) with 3157 tons steel, grounded on rocky shoal outside Port of Oxelösund, Sweden<Webfeature , on 23 March. Freed by salvage Multraship tug M/V Barracuda. Also barge & crane were mobilized to discharge part of cargo of steel coils. (Wed. March 30 2005)

85-foot, 50-ton tour M/V Carolina Belle, lost power in Charleston Harbor & pushed briefly toward shore by brisk winds before U.S. Coast Guard towed to Charleston Maritime Center. (Tues. March 29 2005)

133mt. container M/V Sea Cloud (built 1996) -- grounded off St. Croix on reefs March 26 -- in clear weather -- few miles off the port (U.S. Virgin Islands; just east-south-east of Puerto Rico). Wijsmuller Salvage B.V. & Resolve Marine Group awarded salvage contract to refloat. Crew tested negative for alcohol use, & preliminary investigations show ship had no mechanical problems. (Mon. March 28 2005) UPDATE>> Sea Cloud has now been released from coral off St Croix's Ruth Cay -- port undergoing an inspection. (Tues. March 29 2005)

M/V ALEXIA M. aground in the Danish Great Belt -- successfully refloated by Wijsmuller Salvage B.V. -- 3 SvitzerWijsmuller tugs M/V SIGYN, M/V SKULD & M/V SVITZER MARKEN executed controlled refloating operation under command of the Wijsmuller Salvage B.V. salvage master & team. (Mon. March 28 2005) UPDATE>> Wijsmuller Salvage B.V. early March 31 morning completed salvage operations of M/V Alexia M. upon her departing from Kalundborg fjord after having completed re-loading operations yesterday evening late. (Thurs. March 31 2005)

U.S. aircraft carrier U.S.S. Kitty Hawk (CV 63)<<Webfeature -- final evening of carrier qualifications at Yokosuka Naval Base, Japan, &emdash; flight operations practice at sea before a cruise &emdash; an F/A-18F Super Hornet coming in for a carrier landing snapped the arresting cable designed to stop aircraft rapidly -- cable snapped in 2 places, sending jet tumbling overboard & injuring 6 on deck, 2 seriously. "The wire sort of felt different," said Lt. Cmdr. Markus Gudmundsson, the weapons systems officer who sits in the rear seat. "When we got to the end it was pretty evident that something was wrong. It was a race to the ejection handle at that point." He saw fireball from ejection rocket & parachute riser race past his head. His seat and the angle of aircraft going over propelled him in awkward direction. That's when the edge of the ship crept closer. He was pulled underwater by parachute. Vessel stopped engines on that side to prevent sucking the pilots under -- they finally struggled free & surfaced -- both pilots safe.From our Correspondant Fred Mc Cague (Mon. March 28 2005)

GreeK M/T Polris, undergoing maintenance work for 3 months at Tema Shipyard in Tema, Ghana -- suffered fire & explosion March 25 -- 20 people trapped -- vessel still on fire & firemen from Ghana National Fire Service in Accra, the Ghana Ports and Harbor Authority & TOR are trying to bring fire under control. Thus far 3 dead. (Sat. Mar. 26 2005) UPDATE>> Death toll now 13 --burned alive -- total of 17 feared. Fire extinguished. (Sun. March 27 2005)

Colombia's secret police discovered a submarine-like vessel under construction by drug traffickers who planned to use her to smuggle cocaine -- would have been used to carry cocaine to speed boats offshore, which would then take drugs to Central America or Mexico, for eventual delivery to the United States. (Fri. Mar. 25 2005)

UPDATE>> WHO KNEW? -- badly frounded barge Millicoma was equipt with large air blowers that pump air into the barge's cargo compartments --activated at daybreak pumping air into the barge. Once freed from rocky cove the barge will be towed across the river to Astoria by M/V Salvage Chief. Three other vessels, the M/V Navajo, an ocean tug owned by Sause Bros, & 2 Foss Maritime tugs, M/V American & M/V Betsy L. are near M/V Salvage Chief to provide support. As bad as this was -- a miracle! Photo Feature<<Webfeature (Fri. Mar. 25 2005)

U.S liftboat M/V Lauren, with 4 crew capsized & sank in 31ft. waters March 20, at South Timbalier Block 21, about 20 miles south of Fourchon, La. -- all rescued by crew of M/V International Leader & transported ashore without injuries. PHOTO FEATURE<<Webfeature(Fri. Mar. 25 2005)

U.S. tug M/V Nathan James, with 3 crew in Port Lavaca Bay north of Port O'Connor, Texas -- suffered fire -- issued MayDay call over VHF-16 marine radio on March 23 -- U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Corpus Christi rescue helicopter & U.S. Coast Guard Station Port O'Connor rescue boats were dispatched to assist. U.S. tug Brown River 1st on scene & rescued 3 crew -- arriving rescue vessels unable to put fire out. (Fri. Mar. 25 2005)

75-meter Windjammer Barefoot Cruises, 4-mast schooner S/V Polynesia, with gay & nudist passengers, barred from landng by St. Kitts & Nevis government because of concerns of illegal public nudity on shore, not because the passengers were gay. Originally thought to be a bare boat charter (!). Customs officials boarded ship & found most passengers naked. Capt. couldn't guarantee they would be clothed on shore - something Capt. has denied. Public nudity is illegal in St. Kitts & Nevis. Photo feature sought! (Fri. Mar. 25 2005)


Alert>> Malacca straits &endash; kidnap & ransom incidents After Tsunami there were no incidents of any kind in the Malacca Straits for 2 months. However, attacks have resumed since 28 Feb 2005. In the last 3 weeks there have been three serious attacks of Kidnapping the crew for ransom in Malacca straits. Heavily armed pirates have boarded ships and seized the master and one or two crew members and taken them ashore. Pirates have not stolen any property and sole aim has been to kidnap the crew. (Fri. Mar. 25 2005)

20 March 2005 at 1905 LT at Balikpapan inner anchorage, Indonesia. Several pirates boarded bulk carrier -- tried to break open bosun store. Alert crew raised alarm & robbers escaped empty handed. Crewmember injured whilst resisting robbers. Authorities informed. (Fri. Mar. 25 2005)

19 March 2005 at 2245 LT at Chittagong 'B' anchorage, Bangladesh. Pirates armed with long knives boarded general cargo ship at stern whilst anchoring -- stole ship's stores & escaped. Crew raised alarm, sounded whistle & fired flare. Port control informed but no response received. (Fri. Mar. 25 2005)

16 March 2005 at 0400 UTC in position 12:45.35N - 051:33.18E, Somalia. Three armed pirates in boat, hijacked fishing vessel underway -- directed vessel to come closer to Somali coast. Pirates held 26-crew members as hostage for ransom. IMB piracy reporting center alerted coalition ships in area who rescued vessel & crew -- apprehended pirates. (Fri. Mar. 25 2005)

15 March 2005 at 1330 UTC in position 11:59.1N - 051:16.6E, Somalia. Three pirates armed with guns in white hull speedboat chased general cargo ship underway & fired upon her. Crew raised alarm, activated fire hoses, increased speed & took evasive maneuvers. After 30 mins pirates aborted attempt & fled. (Fri. Mar. 25 2005)

15 March 2005 at 0531 UTC in position 14:20N - 050:50E, Gulf of Aden. Three speedboats with 4 pirates in each boat approached RO/RO ship underway & persons inside attempted to board.  Crew activated fire hoses, sounded whistle & warned ships in vicinity. One boat yellow in color & other 2 were brown. (Fri. Mar. 25 2005)

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Late News>> S/V Irving Johnson is free & at sea! Original Story<<Webfeature. Photo feature soon. (Wed. Mar. 24 2005)

Singapore cargo M/V Maritime Wisdom -- in collision with barge Prapti -- near Goa, Coast Guard patrol vessels & aircraft fighting hard to avoid oil leak from sipping into Goa beaches & marine life reserve resorts in area -- one mile long & 100 meter wide oil slick so far -- oil slick has already floated 5.4 NM from original leaking position of M/V Maritime Wisdom. (Wed. Mar. 24 2005)

Barge Millicoma, in ballast, under tow by tug M/V Howard Olsen, aground near the mouth of the Columbia River -- in severe weather tow line broke March 19 night. Millicoma drifted 3.5 miles to cove near North Head, Washington -- But -- 5,000 gallons of diesel aboard. So far, none of the fuel has spilled -- Millicoma heavily damaged. Photo Feature<<Webfeature (Tues. Mar. 22 2005)

738-foot bulk M/V Zella Oldendorff suffered serious crew injury in Gulf of Alaska -- U.S. Coast Guard helicopter rescue crew from Coast Guard Air Station Kodiak airlifted the 33-year-old man early today for Providence Medical Center on Kodiak Island. (Tues. Mar. 22 2005)

6,413gt Ro/Ro M/V Baltic Press (built 1979), Sweden for Spain with 4,450 M/T paper & 10 crew, suffered crankcase explosion in engine & hydraulic pump failure -- drifting, & awaiting tug assistance -- currently located lat 49 23N long 04 37 E, drifting in N-NW direction. (Tues. Mar. 22 2005)

Upper Lakes Shipping Ltd.'s bulker M/V Canadian Prospector, suffered explosion at the North end of Thunder Bay's harbor. Vessel -- tied up for the winter --evacuated March 21, after fumes from fuel tank ignited & sent fireball into the air. More than 30 people working aboard laker when explosion happened, at 1 p.m. No injuries. Round metal cap resembling manhole cover landed on frozen Lake Superior not far from vessel. (Tues. Mar. 22 2005)

30,053gt. Panamanian flag, bulk M/V Maritime Antalya (built 2002), New Orleans for Far East with 48,000 MT corn, suffered casualty Mar. 21, & taking in water in holds #1 & #2. Japanese patrol vessels escorting vessel & tug is en route. Latest known position is Lat 45 21 N Long 157 00 E. (Tues. Mar. 22 2005)

UK flagged 22,184gt product M/T Maersk Rosyth (built 2003), on European shuttle service -- suffered casualty March 18, salavage required. No additional details. (Tues. Mar. 22 2005)

Seattle based 360-foot processor M/V Independence, with 204 crew, requested U.S. Coast Guard assistance -- sustained steering casualty -- left adrift 95 miles S. of Kayak Island in Gulf of Alaska -- Coast Guard cutter UCGC Storis took M/V Independence in tow at 7:45 today -- transiting toward Cape Spencer & Juneau. Cutters 378-foot USCGC Morgenthau<<Webfeature & USCGC Storis<<Webfeature, arrived on scene today between 6:30 & 7:30 a.m. -- weather delayed cutters' arrival. Tug M/V Chahunta will relieve USCGC Storis of the tow when they rendezvous. Weather conditions at time of incident included 50-to-60 knot winds, 20-foot seas & blowing snow. At 63 years of age, USCGC Storis is "Queen of the Fleet" - the oldest U.S. Coast Guard cutter in service. (Tues. Mar. 22 2005)

U.S. 90ft. brigantine with 4,450 square feet of sail & rigging height of 88ft. S/V Irving Johnson (built 2003 for Los Angeles Maritime Institute's TopSail Youth Program<<Webfeature,), Port of Los Angeles for 7-day team-building trip through California Channel Islands by students from National Society of Collegiate Scholars<<Webfeature, -- with 20 crew -- missed entrance to Channel Islands Harbor & foundered this afternoon. All rescued -- surf eventually turned abandoned ship bow first toward land, pushing it in & out of shallows along the rocks. Your editor has been aboard the wonderful S/V Irving Johnson -- we watched her slow demise this afternoon on the rocky Oxnard jetty. There may still be hope. McD (Mon. Mar. 21 2005)

Thai-flagged F/V Sirichai Nava, hijacked in the Gulf of Aden by 3 Somali crew, evening of March 16. U.S. Naval Forces Central Command (COMUSNAVCENT) received telephone reports from Int'l Maritime Bureau's Piracy Reporting Center in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, concerning the hijacking as well as fax indicating that hijackers demanded US$800,000 in ransom for vessel's crew. Commander, Combined Task Force (CTF) 150, under direction of COMUSNAVCENT, tasked British Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Invincible (R05), destroyer HMS Nottingham (D91) & Alameda based Coast Guard Cutter USCGC Munro to investigate. A "Visit, Board, Search & Seizure" (VBSS) team from USCGC Munro boarded F/V Sirichai Nava, while a boarding team from Nottingham boarded a 2nd fishing vessel, F/V Ekhwat Patana, which was with the Thai vessel. USCGC Munro's boarding team detained the Somalis without incident. (Mon. Mar. 21 2005)

PIRATE ATTACK UPDATE>> 498gt Japanese-flag ocean tug M/V Idaten (built 1997)-- towing large construction barge Kurooshia, Batam for Mynamar -- attacked by pirates -- kidnapped Japanese Master, Chief Engineer & Filipino 3rd Engineer -- Royal Malaysian Police patrol boats summoned to scene but pirates had fled. Patrol boats escorted tug & tow to Penang -- incident took place at 18:30 LT. AttacK involved pirates using 3 fishing vessels 60 miles south of Penang. (Mon. Mar. 14 2005) UPDATE>> Pirates released 3 sailors kidnapped in busy shipping lane between Malaysia &Indonesia, Japan's Foreign Ministry said. Ministry declined to say whether ransom paid. (Sun. Mar. 20 2005)

Luxury charter 24mt. vessel M/V The Matrix, on maiden voyage Perth for Kimberley -- skipper taken while while snorkelling March 19 by 20ft. Great White shark while snorkelling with tourists off Abrolhos Islands group, 60km west of Geraldton, Australia -- reports say man was cut in half. (Sat. Mar. 19 2005)

5,273-dwt Antigua-flagged M/V Gabrielle lost headway March 17 with gearbox problems, near reefs off Cat Island in Bahamas -- Florida-based salvor M/V Titan Maritime appointed to rescue drifting bulk carrier -- project hampered by winds approaching gale force. Plans are to tow vessel with its cargo of 80 back haul containers to destination Port of Palm Beach where she will be docked at Tropical terminal. (Fri. Mar. 18 2005) UPDATE>> Florida-based salvor M/V Titan Maritime appointed to rescue drifting bulk carrier M/V Gabrielle from reefs off Cat Island in Bahamas. Two tugs have taken the 5,273-dwt vessel under tow & 3rd en route. (Sat. Mar. 19 2005)

61,312gt M/V Toledo -- crashed into Northern lock while departing Port of Bremerhaven in spite of aid of 2 tugs on March 15 -- vessel went adrift due to strong wind & suffered a gash of 8mt. length. She berthed at Columbuskaje for repairs. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Fri. Mar. 18 2005)

29,872gt M/V Glory Bridge (built 1980), Far East for Midle East & Europe with containers -- suffered fire on March 14 & requested Saudi Arabia as a port of refuge. She is a feeder vessel on "shuttle service" from Far East, which in turn feeds vessels destined for the Middle East & Europe. There are potential claims for salvage & General Average arising from incident. (Fri. Mar. 18 2005)

NOTE>> 40 Minutes After Collision of M/V Toledo (loss directly above)>> M/V Capricornus Leader -- in collision with pier in East harbor of Port of Bremerhaven when turning in basin -- hull damaged along 4mt. gash -- cause was obviously fault of Capt.-- to berth for repairs. This was a bad day at Port of Bremerhaven. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Fri. Mar. 18 2005)


ALERT>>Malacca Straits &endash; kidnap & ransom incidents After Tsunami there were no incidents of any kind in the Malacca Straits for 2 months. However, the "party" is over as attacks have resumed since 28 Feb. .2005. In the last two weeks there have been 3 serious attacks of Kidnapping the crew for ransom in Malacca straits. Heavily armed pirates have boarded ships & seized the master & 1 or 2 crew and taken them ashore. Pirates have not stolen any property & sole aim has been to kidnap the crew. Review Original Reports. (Fri. Mar. 18 2005)

14 March 2005 at 1735 LT in position 04:25.6N &endash; 099:40.7E, Malacca Straits. Several pirates armed with guns in 3 fishing boats boarded tug towing barge -- kidnapped master, c/e & 3/e and escaped. IMB Piracy Reporting Center alerted Royal Malaysian marine police who sent out patrol boats to escort tug & barge to port. Whereabouts of the 3 hostages are unknown. (Fri. Mar. 18 2005)

14 March 2005 at 1336 LT at Chennai outer anchorage, India -- pirate climbed up anchor chain of cable laying ship. Alert crew raised alarm & robber jumped in to sea -- escaped in boat waiting with 5 accomplices. Port control informed. (Fri. Mar. 18 2005)

12 March 2005 at 1755 LT in position 03:37.25N - 099:36.75E, 14nm SE of Berhala Island, Malacca straits. Several pirates armed with machine guns & rocket propelled grenades (RPG) boarded tanker underway -- kidnapped master & chief engineer and left. Pirates ordered crew not to proceed to Belawan which was her next port.  Pirates have demanded ransom for demand has been received and whereabouts of hostages unknown. (Fri. Mar. 18 2005)

11 March 2005 at 1905 UTC in position 01:15N - 104:05.2E, Singapore straits. Pirates in 3 boats attempted to board bulk carrier underway. Alert crew raised alarm, activated fire hoses & switched on deck lights. After 15 mins attempted boarding aborted. (Fri. Mar. 18 2005)

08 March 2005 at 1700 LT in position 13:28N - 048:07E, 30 miles off the coast of Yemen, Gulf of Aden -- 2 fast boats with 4 pirates in each boat approached 2 yachts underway & opened fire aiming at cockpits. Crew of one yacht returned fire & wounded 1 pirate. Another yacht rammed pirate boats & pirates aborted attempt & fled. Both yachts sustained bullet holes & damage to hull. Description of pirate boats &endash; 30 ft length, blue hulled rib cage with outboard motors. (Fri. Mar. 18 2005)

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Japanese-registered tug M/V Idaten -- attacked by pirates Mar.14 -- now Japan offered to send patrol boats & aircraft to Malacca Strait to help Malaysia & its neighbors combat piracy. Original Story. (Thurs. Mar. 17 2005)

UK Maritime & Coast Guard Agency took action in dispute between UK-registered trawlers & Greenpeace vessel following the protest by Greenpeace against indiscriminate catching of dolphins while fishing vessels trawling for bass off Cornish coast. Letters have been issued to all the vessels involved, including the UK-registered fishing vessels F/V Ocean Crest; F/V Ocean Dawn; F/V Ocean Star; & F/V Sunrise -- Greenpeace's Dutch-registered vessel M/V Esperanza, reminding them of importance of keeping the safety of both personnel and vessels, & prevention of pollution, paramount. (Thurs. Mar. 17 2005)

135ft. S/V Corwith Cramer, a U.S. flagged school sailing vessel, came across Haitian S/V with broken mast & 49 aboard, 45 miles N. of Port Antonio, Jamaica. S/V Corwith Cramer, already had 10 crewmen & 23 students aboard, but was able to safely embark the 35 adults & 14 children in distress, some of whom were infants & transport them to Jamaican law enforcemen officials in Port Antonio at 2:05 a.m. today. Boarding team discovered 1 foot of water above deck plates in engine room & began to dewater the vessel. Discovered failed shaft seal was cause of distress. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Wed. Mar. 16 2005)

46,000gt P&O-owned cruise 240mt. M/V Pacific Sky (built 1984), for Nouméa, with only 1 operational propeller with 1,400 passengers -- stranded in New Caledonia for 2 days, due to what described as engine failure on luxury, South Pacific-touring liner. Passengers to be airlifted this week back to Australia, onboard specially chartered planes -- $$$$. Thus passengers received "faulty screw" & no word yet on handling of resulting bar bills. (Wed. Mar. 16 2005)

U.S. trawler F/V Keegan David Drew -- lost steering capabilities due to hydraulic problems in NE Yucatan Straits. U.S. Coast Guard initially diverted cruise M/V Zenith, which was more than 6 hours away. U.S. Coast Guard released M/V Zenith at 10:05 p.m. March 15 when search & rescue controllers from Coordination Center contacted AMVER vessel M/V Stellar Dream -- only 22 miles from F/V Kegan David Drew. At same time, controllers diverted 270ft. medium endurance cutter Key West -- USCGC Mohawk (WMEC 917)<<Webfeature., which at time was 11 hours away. M/V Stellar Dream currently on scene awaiting USCGC Mohawk arrival at which time Good Samaritan will be released. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Wed. Mar. 16 2005)

Pakistan Navy logistics vessel PNS Moawin<<Webfeature, -- sufferd fireball which engulfed vessel last week during routine maintenance in port city of Karachi -- 35 dead -- 29 injured. PNS Moawin<<Webfeature, an auxiliary vessel serves as 1 of 2 fleet tankers. (Wed. Mar. 16 2005)

U.S. lifeboat Lauren -- capsized & sank March 13th at South Timbalier Block 21, 20 miles S. of Fourchon, La. All 4 crew aboard rescued by crew of M/V International Leader -- transported ashore without injuries. U.S. Coast Guard completed initial questioning & standard drug & alcohol testing. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Wed. Mar. 16 2005)

F/V Nibong Tebal, with 4 crew -- in pre-dawn collision on march 12,with unidetified container vessel 34 nautical miles S. of Pulau Jarak in Selangor waters on March 12 -- vessel capsized after ramming -- 2 crew missing & 2 rescued after floating for 6 hours. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Wed. Mar. 16 2005)

Two yachts underway 30 miles off coast of Yemen, Gulf of Aden on March 14 -- attacked by pirates in fast boats with 4 men in each boat -- opened fire aiming at cockpits. The crew of 1 yacht returned fire & wounded 1 pirate. One yacht rammed one pirate boat &pirates aborted attempt & fled. Both yachts sustained bullet holes & damage to hull. Pirates' boats described as 30 ft long, blue &fitted with outboard motors. (Tues. Mar. 15 2005)

Alert>> Malacca Strait -- PIRATES

PIRATE ATTACK>> 498gt Japanese-flag ocean tug M/V Idaten (built 1997)-- towing large construction barge Kurooshia, Batam for Mynamar -- attacked by pirates -- kidnapped Japanese Master, Chief Engineer & Filipino 3rd Engineer -- Royal Malaysian Police patrol boats summoned to scene but pirates had fled. Patrol boats escorted tug & tow to Penang -- incident took place at 18:30 LT. AttacK involved pirates using 3 fishing vessels 60 miles south of Penang. (Mon. Mar. 14 2005) UPDATE>> Pirates released 3 sailors kidnapped in busy shipping lane between Malaysia &Indonesia, Japan's Foreign Ministry said. Ministry declined to say whether ransom paid. (Sun. Mar. 20 2005)

PIRATE ATTACK>>1,289gt. Indonesian-owned product M/T Tri Samudra, with methane gas, Samarinda in Kalimantan province on Borneo island for Belawan on Sumatra island -- attacked by 35 pirates armed with machine guns & rocket launchers in Malacca Strait -- Capt. & chief engineer kidnapped & taken off ship -- staus unknown. Ship's owners believe pirates are rebels from Free Aceh Movement (GAM)<<Webfeature, -- fighting for independence for Aceh province in the N. of Sumatra island. (Mon. Mar. 14 2005)

UPDATE>> Pirates have released Malaysian Capt. & Indonesian chief officer of tug M/V Highline who they kidnapped in attack on 28 Feb. off Penang port in Malaysia. Crew landed safely in Port Klang in fishing boat on 8 March, the Kuala Lumpur-based Piracy Reporting Center of the Int'l Maritime Bureau confirmed. Believed that ransom was paid, but no details available. Read ordeal of M/V Highline. (Mon. Mar. 14 2005)

37,579gt. container M/V Christina (built 1998) -- in collision March 8,near Qingdao, in Yellow Sea with -- Chinese domestic trade16,022gt. bulk M/V Hua Ling (built 1996). Vessels now reported locked together -- for tow to nearest yard. (Mon. Mar. 14 2005)

SPECIAL>> 1.400gt. 56t German Navy submarine U- 31 ran aground in Kiel Harbor during trials -- 2 tugs managed to free disabled submarine -- ship inspected directly afterwards & then docked at its building yard HDW<<Webfeature. The hull obviously did not suffer damage at grounding. Cause for mishap was spot of only 5.5mt. at grounding site - the map had shown 8mt. in that position. The U- 31 cost Euro500M & is to be delivered to German Navy in 2005. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Mon. Mar. 14 2005)

335gt. ro-ro vessel -- sank off Zeytinburnu district of Istanbul late on Mar. 12 -- 8 aboard rescued by coast guard. Istanbul Strait closed to passage of transit vessels to prevent possible accident. (Sun. Mar. 13 2005)

Bangladesh ferry capsized & sank after collision with cargo vessel at confluence of Buriganga-Dhaleshwari River in Munshiganj district, 32km (20 miles) S. of capital Dhakanear, near Bangladesh capital, leaving at least 1 dead & dozen missing. (Sat. Mar. 12 2005)

U.S. casino vessel M/V Dueces Wild, with 26 aboard -- may have collided with privately owned 160ft. M/V Aurora, 14 aboard & 152ft. M/V Confidant, 5 aboard, on Mar. 10. M/V Dueces Wild also reportedly colllided with Sunrise Blvd. bridge at Fort Lauderdale, Fla. M/V Aurora has a gash port side & M/V Confidant has fiberglass damage. M/V Dueces Wild under tow to Sand Piper Marina. (Sat. Mar. 12 2005)

Pakistan Navy PNS Muavin, on annual maintenance drill in S. port city of Karachi -- suffered major fire March 10 -- 100 injured , 6 dead & 55 seriously injured. Ambulances rushed to site & helicopters seen removing injured to naval hospital -- journalists not allowed to area. (Fri. Mar. 11 2005)


07 March 2005 at 0755 LT in position 04:47S-114:14E, Indonesia. Pirates boarded tanker underway & stole ship's equipment. Several fishing boats in area at the time. (Fri. Mar. 11 2005)

04 March 2005 at 0315 LT at Casablanca port, Morocco. 20 pirates armed with long knives boarded general cargo ship at berth. D/O raised alarm & Master called police by VHF. Police arrived promptly & pirates fled after seeing police car. (Fri. Mar. 11 2005)

02 March 2005 at 2230 LT at Chittagong B anchorage, Bangladesh. Pirates armed with guns boarded general cargo ship -- stole ship's stores & escaped. Port control & coast guard informed but no response was received. (Fri. Mar. 11 2005)

02 March 2005 at 0110 LT at Tema roads, Ghana. 10 pirates in motor boat attempted to board refrigerated cargo ship. Alert crew activated fire hoses & directed searchlights. Robbers aborted attempt & fled. Port control informed who advised Master to heave up anchor & move further offshore. (Fri. Mar. 11 2005)

01 March 2005 at 0500 LT at Sebuku anchorage, Pulau Laut, Indonesia. 8 pirates armed with long knives & metal bars boarded bulk carrier via hawse pipe -- hit one crew with metal bars causing injuries to his head & legs -- tied him up & gagged his mouth with rags -- stole ship's stores & escaped in boat. (Fri. Mar. 11 2005)

28 March 2005 at 2030 LT in position 05:01.10n - 099:32.38e, Malacca straits. 4 armed pirates in fishing boat fired upon tug towing barge -- boarded tug & damaged all communication equipment & shot at c/e's legs causing serious bleeding. Pirates took master & c/o as hostages & escaped with all ship's & crew documents. A Royal Malaysian naval ship arrived to assist & took c/e ashore for hospital treatment. Fate of hostages unknown. (Fri. Mar. 11 2005)

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M/V Trishna, Chittagong for Bashundhara cement factory at Mongla with clinker -- in collision in Gabkhan channel near Bangladesh-China Friendship Bridge with -- oil M/T Jamuna. M/V Trishna sank with 12 missing. (Thurs.. Mar. 10 2005)

10mt. South African F/V Sea Queen -- capsized in rough seas off Mossel Bay in Southern Cape -- 1 missing & 8 crew rescued. (Thurs.. Mar. 10 2005)

30,151dwt Rickmers-Line<<Webfeature, 192.9mt. Marshall Islands-flagged M/V Genoa (built 2004), Shanghai for Qingdao in China with 27 crew -- in collision 136 miles SE of Qingdao, in Yellow Sea with -- 5,761dwt.South Korean 103.43mt. M/V Sea Cross (most likely "Sun Cross"), China for Japan with 15 crew. M/V Sun Cross sank immediately after collision -- 13 missing & 2 rescued. M/V Genoa suffered fire forward & several salvage tugs on way to assist crew in fire-fighting efforts -- 1 missing. From our Correspondant Fred Mc Cague (Wed. Mar. 9 2005)

Hawaii whale watching vessel M/V American Dream seized by U.S. Marshals at Honolulu (& sister ship in Kona, M/V Kona Dream) under Court Order. American Dream Cruises is in default of a US$1.4M mortgage on the American Dream and its sister ship the Kona Dream that operates out of the Big Island, according to court filings. (Wed. Mar. 9 2005)

36.627gt South Korea M/V Grand View (built 1991) for Port Klang -- in collision on March 5, between China & South Korea with -- 151,039gt. crude carrier M/T Ohminesan (built 1996). Both ships suffered minor damage -- no injuries. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Wed. Mar. 9 2005)

28,559gt, passenger ro/ro M/V Alkmini A. (built 1983), undergoing conversion/repairs at Perama -- suffered fire on deck 8 -- spread aft to self service restaurant area of vessel, Mar. 8 -- extinguished by fire brigade - no injuries. (Wed. Mar. 9 2005)

Ro/ro M/V Arion grounded fast off Chios. Tug M/V Matsas en route to Istanbu to bring floating crane to site for further salvage work -- expected on scene on March 9th. M/V Arion will be towed to Turkish scrappers after salvage. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Wed. Mar. 9 2005)

St. Vincent & Grenadines 2,831 M/V Martina M (built 1984) -- aground close to Tunisian port of Hergla -- hard weather -- severely damaged. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Wed. Mar. 9 2005)

M/V Patricia Jean, 65 miles SE of New Orleans suffered crew overboard -- U.S Coast Guard Air Station New Orleans rescue helicopter crew launched -- enduring offshore thunderstorms, arrived on scene to find crewman Charles Bemis located & recovered by crew of M/V Tristan JaniceU.S Coast Guard helicopter crew hoisted Bemis aboard & transported him to West Jefferson Hospital -- suffering from severe hypothermia after spending more than an hour in 60-degree water. (Tues. Mar. 8 2005)

New Orleans offshore oil field Crew Boat crewboat suffered overboard crew 15.5 miles S/SW of Chandeleur Islands, La. Although crew reportedly wearing a lifejacket, it slipped off & he disappeared. U.S. Coast Guard launched Dolphin rescue helicopter from Air Station New Orleans & 41-foot rescue boatcrew from Station Venice, La. U.S. Coast Guard Falcon rescue jetcrew from U.S. Coast Guard Aviation Training Center Mobile, Ala., continuing to search today -- located what they believe to be man's parka & lifejacket 10 miles where he was last seen.  The crew of the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter 87-foot patrol USCGC Razorbill WPB-87332<<Webfeature, en route to assist search.  (Tues. Mar. 8 2005)

17,065 ton bulk M/V Island Gem, Bilbao in Spain for Newport with steel products & 19 crew -- in collision in Severn estuary with -- 13,410 ton M/V Bro Traveller, Pembroke for Cardiff with fuel products. Both vessels sustained damage --no injuries. M/V Island Gem has crack in accommodation area, 4 to 5 meters above sea level. No ingress of water reported to either vessel. M/V Bro Traveller sustained damage to foc'sle & has damaged frames. (Mon. Mar. 7 2005)

43-foot charter F/V Mariner, reporting vessel taking on water from unknown source, March 4, north of Depoe Bay, Ore. -- U.S. Coast Guard 47ft.motor lifeboat, 30ft. surf rescue boat & 25ft. response boat from U.S. Coast Guard Station Depoe Bay launched at 8:39 a.m., to assist -- the 3 Coast Guard vessels escorted charter boat through 7-foot seas safely to the U.S. Coast Guard station pier. (Sun. Mar. 6 2005)

Thail ferry, resort island of Phuket for Yao island with 70 passengers capsized & sank in bad weather off coast of S. Thailand, leaving at least 8 dead & unknown number missing. Provinces of Phuket & Phang Nga still recovering from the Asian tsunami of Dec. 26 2004, which devastated coastal areas &left more than 5,000 people dead in Thailand. (Sun. Mar. 6 2005)

54-meter Sea Shepherd Conservation Society protest vessel M/V Farley Mowat, with 30 crew -- taking on water off Nova Scotia, does not appear in serious danger. Pumps keeping pace with a leak & Canadian Coast Guard ship expected to meet the vessel Mrch 6 afternoon. Mowat was on her way to video baby harp seals as part of an Int'll campaign against seal hunt. (Sun. Mar. 6 2005)

Norwegian-flagged M/T Fjord Champion, Liverpool, England, to Rostock, Germany with 28 crew, in ballast with 746 tons of heavy oil and 83 tons of diesel fuel for its own use -- suffered engine room fire off Oslo, Norway -- crew evacuated to nearby city Kristiansand -- tanker drifted aimlessly toward Norwegian shore -- ran aground few kilometers off S.coast -- still burning, & fire is not very easy to reach. (Sat. Mar. 5 2005) UPDATE>> fire which destroyed the engine room & superstructure, extinguished late March 6 -- next step is to empty 825 tons of oil from vessel's fuel tanks. (Sun. Mar. 6 2005) UPDATE>> Local authorities continue to fend off criticism that they were woefully unprepared to deal with the stricken tanker.Vessel now towed to shore. (Wed. Mar. 9 2005)

5,399gt. M/V Shinko Ocean (built 1997), Bintau for Malaysia & Taiwan with logs -- suffered engine failure & ran aground during heavy seas, losing considerable number of logs stowed on deck. Remaining cargo will be lost or subject to salvage operation & subsequent salvage claim. Anticipate claims for GA & PA losses. (Fri. Mar. 4 2005) UPDATE>> 20 crew having been rescued, 1st mate remains missing after having fallen overboard during yesterday's mishap. Rescuers continue their search for him -- other crew safely helicoptered to Makung after being rescued by the Republic of China "Seagull Squad".

RTW Bid In Peril>> Russian-flag 16.2mt. 2 masted yacht S/V Apostol Andrey (built 1996), St. Petersburg, Russia, on Sept. 14, 2004, with 6 crew --to sail around the world below 60S parallel, around Antarctida. By Feb. 8, yacht passed half planned distance. March 3, 03.00 LT, in position  63, 39.80' S 169,46.43'W &endash; rudder lost, yacht drifting towards New Zealand, 1300km away -- crew trying to makeshift rudder using boom & cabin door. March 4: yacht radio:"drifting towards NZ, still trying to maintain steering by makeshifting rudder. In touch with NZ Coast Guard, crew's ok. Position: 63, 38.97 S 170, 34,72'W Drift speed4.2 Course: 74." From our new correspondant Mike Voitenko in Moscow. (Fri. Mar. 4 2005)

French 48mt. stern trawler F/V Cap Saint Jacques, with 15 crew, in postion 85 miles WNW of the Butt of Lewis -- suffered engine room fire & issued Mayday -- Stornoway Coastguard carried out broadcast action & 2 French fisihing vessels offered assistance. Crew extinguished fire after 30 minutes -- currently disabled in position. Sister ship F/V Cap Saint Jean to arrive on scene at 0930 am. (Fri. Mar. 4 2005)

ALERT>> 3.120gt Bahamas M/V Karen Danielsen (built 1985) Svendborg for Finland -- in collision -- with Danish Great Belt-Bridge <<Webfeature, between Zeeland & Fuenen in the Baltic -- tore off ship's bridge & stuck fast under western part of the Belt bridge 1km off Danish town Nyborg. Fire broke out on board after collision -- 1 dead & 10 injured. Connection between Zealand & Fuenen consists of tunnels & bridges & artificial islands & has a length of 20km. It is 2nd largest building of this kind in Europe apart from Channel Tunnel between England & France. Traffic over bridge interrupted. "It is the most serious accident since the bridge opened in 1998, and one that shouldn't have happened, as the 3,500-ton coastal ship should not have passed under it," said spokesman for Danish Navy's operational command. Photo feature<<Webfeature. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Fri. Mar. 4 2005) UPDATE>> The helmsman of M/V Karen Danielsen which got stuck under the Storebaelt Bridge in the Baltic was killed in the incident & drunk (huge surprise here). His body found in a cargo hold on March 4th after vessel brought to Lindholm. Helmsman alone on the bridge at time of collision. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Wed. Mar. 9 2005)


24 Feb. 2005 0430 LT at Hon Gai inner anchorage, Vietnam. Pirates boarded chemical tanker preparing to berth -- stole ship's stores & escaped. (Fri. Mar. 4 2005)

22 Feb. 2005 at 0530 LT in position: 07:49N - 076:50E, off Trivandrum, SW coast of India -- 2 fishing boats approached tug towing ocean going crane barge. One boat came alongside barge & 4 pirates boarded & started lowering ship's stores from deck. Alert crew mustered & pirates escaped empty handed. (Fri. Mar. 4 2005)

Malaysian tug M/V High Line, 50 NM off Penang near Perak waters, in Malacca Strait with coal barge HIgh Line 22 & 9 crew -- suffered pirate attack -- kidnapped Capt. &1st Officer -- shot 3rd crew in leg, also taking documents. Pirates attacked after tow line of the tug snapped, after hit by the boat's propeller & set adrift coal barge she had been towing. Pirates approaced tug boat & 4 men attired in black came aboard -- firing automatic weapons & destroying equipment on board. Malaysian Navy KD Perdana, directed by Lumut Maritime Enforcement Coordination Center to aid M/V High Line as she was leaving Pulau Langkawi & in Perak waters -- found many spent bullet shells on the tug boat. Lumut Port<<Webfeature. (Wed. Mar. 2 2005) UPDATE>> Crew members said it was a miracle that they survived. They said the odds were against them as the pirates kept shooting at random.  "I felt like that it was not possible to find anyone alive after the shooting," said Samsul Alam who had been working on board the vessel for the last 2 years. (Wed. Mar. 2 2005 late PM) UPDATE>> Pirates have released Malaysian Capt. & Indonesian chief officer of tug who they had kidnapped in attack on 28 February off Penang port in Malaysia. Crew landed safely in Port Klang in a fishing boat on 8 March, the Kuala Lumpur-based Piracy Reporting Center of the Int'l Maritime Bureau has confirmed. It is believed that ransom was paid, but no details are available. (Mon. Mar. 14 2005)

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Sad End of A Fighting Lady>> 43,000-ton Kiev class retired Soviet aircraft carrier Minsk<<Webfeature (built 1972) Minsk Theme Park -- declared bankrupt. Court in Shenzhen, a boomtown bordering Hong Kong, declared Minsk World Industries Co. bankrupt with debts totaling US$105M. Minsk World Industries ran a wide range of businesses including restaurants, beauty salons, cultural shows and trading, in addition to the popular theme park aboard the Minsk. Minsk amusement park itself has been hit with visitors from Hong Kong & relatively affluent south China, where many can afford its steep admission price of US$12. The pride of the Soviet Union's Pacific Fleet during the Cold War, the aircraft carrier looms over Chinese fishing boats in harbor near Shenzhen, its decks crammed with carnival attractions & souvenir booths.The carrier was sold for scrap in 1995 to South Korea, which sold it on to China in 1998. Better she should just have retired. Aircraft carrier Minsk now for sale?<<Webfeature. Ad for theme park<<Webfeature. (Thurs. Mar. 3 2005)

Indian trawler F/V Ma Sivani, with 7 crew -- in collision with unidentified merchant & sank 75 km from Orissa's Balasore district. Indian Coastguard ships - Rajia Sultan & Samudra - rushed to the sea & rescued fishermen. (Thurs. Mar. 3 2005)

Tug M/V Intrepid B now refloated at Fishguard Harbor, Pembrokeshire, West Wales, by Dutch Salvors Weissmuller. Tug had been stuck fast on sea bed. Hull inspection revealed large hole (caused by rock?) Temporary repairs underway, further work to be done at a Scottish repair facility. From our correspondant A. L. Griffiths (Thurs. Mar. 3 2005)

U.S. 32ft. F/V Gulf Coaster, reported overdue at Bay Pines Marina Feb. 28 morning after not showing up Feb. 27 afternoon as expected at Clearwater, Fla.. Bodies located March 1 & debris from the vessel as well. Weather likely played part in tragic accident as sea conditions were reportedly 6 to 8-feet waves with up to 40-knot gusts of wind on Feb. 27. U.S. Coast Guard has now cancelled search for remaining crew. Vessel presumed sunk. (Wed. Mar. 2 2005 late PM)

Malaysian tug M/V High Line, 50 NM off Penang near Perak waters, in Malacca Strait with coal barge HIgh Line 22 & 9 crew -- suffered pirate attack -- kidnapped Capt. &1st Officer -- shot 3rd crew in leg, also taking documents. Pirates attacked after tow line of the tug snapped, after hit by the boat's propeller & set adrift coal barge she had been towing. Pirates approaced tug boat & 4 men attired in black came aboard -- firing automatic weapons & destroying equipment on board. Malaysian Navy KD Perdana, directed by Lumut Maritime Enforcement Coordination Center to aid M/V High Line as she was leaving Pulau Langkawi & in Perak waters -- found many spent bullet shells on the tug boat. Lumut Port<<Webfeature. (Wed. Mar. 2 2005) UPDATE>> Crew members said it was a miracle that they survived. They said the odds were against them as the pirates kept shooting at random.  "I felt like that it was not possible to find anyone alive after the shooting," said Samsul Alam who had been working on board the vessel for the last 2 years. (Wed. Mar. 2 2005 late PM) UPDATE>> Pirates have released Malaysian Capt. & Indonesian chief officer of tug who they had kidnapped in attack on 28 February off Penang port in Malaysia. Crew landed safely in Port Klang in a fishing boat on 8 March, the Kuala Lumpur-based Piracy Reporting Center of the Int'l Maritime Bureau has confirmed. It is believed that ransom was paid, but no details are available. (Mon. Mar. 14 2005)

Forget The Tsunami Disaster -- Let's Street Fight>> Indonesia dispatched 3 warships on March 2, to maritime border area off coast of Malaysia's Sabah state & the Indonesia's East Kalimantan province, also claimed by Malaysia amid rising tensions in Sulawesi Sea. Tensions have risen since Malaysia's state oil company Petronas granted energy giant Shell a concession in the area on Feb. 16, 2005. Jakarta says area part of its territorial waters & some of concession granted by Malaysia overlaps with one granted by the Indonesian government to Italy's ENI & the U.S. company Unocal in the 1960s. Indonesia & Malaysia previously disputed ownership of 2 small islands in the Sulawesi Sea. But in Dec. 2002, the Int'l Court of Justice concluded the islands -- Ligitan & Sipadan off Borneo island -- belong to Malaysia. Hey kids, please finish the tsunami relief, then have your rumble. (Wed. Mar. 2 2005)

U.S. 108ft. M/V American Dream on whale watching voyage off Waikiki, Hawaii -- with passengers watching as mother whale & calf approached vessel from 100 yards away -- suffered 22-year-old man who deliberately leaped into ocean -- died -- 2 crew also overboard to help. "The guy was flailing around wildly &emdash; it was obvious he couldn't swim," crew said. As often recorded in New England history, whaling is a dangerous activity, especially for idiots. (Tues. Mar. 1 2005)

8,823grt chemical M/T Goodrich Bay (built 1984), Wilmington, Delaware for Quebec, Canada with chemicals -- struck by unidentified object &holed at water line causing a seawater ingress -- tugs attending. (Tues. Mar. 1 2005)

Please Note The Great New Sea Rescue Book "Gestrandet" ("Aground") From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen

17,098grt bulk M/V Sawat (built 1983) peru for Chile & Buebos Aires with containers -- lost 79 containers overboard in the Channel Castillo on Feb. 24. (Tues. Mar. 1 2005)

Vessel Loss Dispatches For February 2005

"One Brick Short of A Runway" - for Feb. 20055

"Singles Only" - single photos of disaster -- always new.

U.S. tug M/V Robert J. Bouchard, with 6 crew, 9 miles off Seaside Heights, N.J., with empty oil barge -- suffered machine room explosion on Feb. 27 -- 1 crew burnt so badly, that he had to be brought to Saint Barnabas Hospital in Livingston by U.S. Coast Guard helicoper. Other 5 crew evacuated by another tug. M/V Robert J. Bouchard drifting. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Mon. Feb. 28 2005)

U.S. F/V Miss Hayes -- suffered water ingress on Feb. 26, 35 miles off John's Pass, Fla. -- water poured into machine room & threatened to sink ship from Tampa. U.S. Coastguard sent a Jayhawk-helicopter from Clearwatrer & boats from Sand Key & Station St. Petersburg with additional pumps. 90 minutes after the incident 1st pump lowered, & after 3 further pumps vessel stabilized & escorted back into its hompeort. Already on May 1st 2004 the F/V Miss Hayes suffered similar mishap off Naples, Fla. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Mon. Feb. 28 2005)

39,984gt Chinese 225mt. bulkcarrier M/V Shen Nong Feng (built 2002, suffered large waves off North Norway & severly damaged on Feb. 26 -- thus headed to Kiel for repairs & arrived at HDW<<Webfeature. Platings &several installations on foreship were damaged, bulkhatch damaged & water poured into vessel. Expected to leave Kiel for Poland, March 5. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Mon. Feb. 28 2005)

125-foot New Bedford F/V Endurance, suffered injured crew crushed by a 1.5 ton gear 100 miles off the coast -- rescued by U.S. Coast Guard.(Sun. Feb. 27 2005)

Happy Ending>> Panama-registered container M/V MSC Denisse -- drifting without power 40 NM south-east of Christmas Island -- flooded engine room, no propulsion & only emergency power (Tues. Feb. 22 2005) -- but Australian Nay crews helped the Denisse's crew pump water from flooded compartments in an effort to stabilize the ship. MSC Shipping Company & tug M/V Nimble were able to resume control of the situation M/V MSC Denisse has resumed under her own power. From our Correspondant Fred Mc Cague. READ THE STORY (Sun. Feb. 27 2005)

137m Moroccan 563-TEU-container M/V MSC Al Amine still aground at Tunis since Feb. 16 -- sustained severe damage, details of which are as follows: the rudder is damaged; water entered the engine-room (to a height of 6 meters) & hold No.3 (to a height of 8 meters); hold No.2 has a fissure on the starboard side & propeller is covered with water -- still dificult to "ascertain". The Dutch salvage company Smit Tak BV., will attempt to pump water out from the engine-room. Clean-up operations by Ministry of Environment, in order to stop dispersion of fuel, still ongoing. Original Story<<Webfeature. (Sat. Feb. 26 2005)

35-ton F/V Hai Lung No 1, from Taiwan sank 45 NM N.W.of Fukuichiao on the northernmost tip of the islandoff Taiwan on Feb. 25 -- 5 Chinese sailors killed, Taiwanese skipper & another sailor also feared dead -- police helicopter picked up a 32-year-old Chinese sailor, who survived by floating on a door of ship -- 5 of 7 bodies recovered. (Sat. Feb. 26 2005)

72-foot Bahamian F/V, with 14 crew suffered fire 50 miles NW of Nassau, Bahamas. U.S. Coast Guard District 7's command center Miami recieved notification of vessel in distress at 9:30, a.m. -- passengers of vessel abandoned ship & sought refuge aboard vessel's deployabl dinghy. U.S. Coast Guard Jayhawk arrived -- rescue swimmer lowered to ensure crew safe & accounted for. Helicopter crew began safely hoisting the passengers on board. (Fri. Feb. 25 2005)


16 Feb. 2005 at 2240 LT at Chittagong 'B' anchorage, Bangladesh -- 10 pirates armed with long knives boarded chemical tanker from 2 boats -- seized duty a/b & held him at knifepoint. D/O raised alarm& crew mustered. Robbers jumped overboard & escaped with ship's stores. Chittagong port control informed. (Fri. Feb. 25 2005)

15 Feb. 2005 at 1545 UTC in posn:  02:38N - 107:47E, South China Sea -- unlit craft approached a bulk carrier underway.  Alert crew flashed aldis lamp in direction of the craft. A few mins later craft altered course & moved away. (Fri. Feb. 25 2005)

15 Feb. 2005 at 0505 LT at Adang Bay anchorage, Indonesia -- pirates armed with iron rods boarded bulk carrier from hawse pipe -- broke open forepeak locker & stole ship's stores & liferaft. Duty a/b raised alarm & crew mustered. Robbers escaped in their boat. (Fri. Feb. 25 2005)

11 Feb. 2005 at 0400 LT in posn: 10:16N - 064:35W, cement terminal, Pertigalete port, Venezuela -- unlit boats approached bulk carrier within 100m. Security guards fired shotguns in the air & boats moved away. We also would have moved away. (Fri. Feb. 25 2005)

07 Feb. 2005 at 0400 LT at Buenaventura inner anchorage 3, Colombia -- pirates boarded bulk carrier at forecastle & broke padlocks on storerooms. Alert crew raised alarm & robbers jumped overboard & escaped empty handed. Master informed authorities & coast guard boat arrived promptly within 9 minutes for investigation. (Fri. Feb. 25 2005)

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 UNIDENTIFIED Spanish trawler partially sank off Galicien on Feb. 21 -- 1 of 9 missing crew recovered in rescue boat -- more living crew thought to be aboard helicopter -- this rescue theory disputed -- all considered lost. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Thurs. Feb. 24 2005)

F/V Patrick James, with 5 crew -- capsized on Feb 22nd -- good samaritan boat rescued 5 crew & handed them over to boat of Venice Coast Guard. (Thurs. Feb. 24 2005)

Panama-registered container M/V MSC Denisse -- drifting without power 40 NM south-east of Christmas Island -- flooded engine room, no propulsion & only emergency power -- Australian HMAS Arunta<<Webfeature, personnel helping crew to pump water from flooded compartments in effort to stabilize ship. (Tues. Feb. 22 2005) UPDATE>> HMAS Arunta<<Webfeature, continuing to assist. (Thurs. Feb. 24 2005)

TSUNAMI UPDATE FOR MARINERS>> The 9.0 earthquake & Indian Ocean tsunami that followed altered depth of the sea by 10 meters (33 ft) but not enough to interfere with shipping as initially feared, British surveyors said on Feb. 22. Some maritime authorities said Dec. 26 quake may have pushed up sea bed & altered water depths. Singapore media said in Jan. sea might be as much as 1,000 meters (3,000 ft) shallower in some places. But a survey by the British Royal Navy's 131-metre (430 ft) HMS Scott<<Webfeature, hydrographic vessel found no such evidence. All is well. (Tues. Feb. 22 2005)

112,046dwt M/T Gerrita, Caribbean for Murmansk, Russia -- lost power Feb. 19. UK Maritime & Coastguard Agency sent emergency response vessel M/V Anglian Sovereign to the tanker, which was about 70 NM north-west of Shetlands in winds of F7-8 & waves of 5-10m. M/V Anglian Sovereign reached the disabled NIS-registered tanker at 1015 Feb. 20 -- 3 harbor tugs assisting tanker to berth. (Mon. Feb. 21 2005)

Chinese F/V Qinglingao 10021 -- sank in Beibu Gulf, also known as the Gulf of Tokin, 33 NM N.W of Yangpu Port, on NW coast of Hainan Island on Feb. 18 -- 12 missing. (Mon. Feb. 21 2005)

M/V Zhehai No. 308, Jintang Harbor, north China for Vietnam with5,415.04 tons of rolled steel -- sank due to likely cargo shift in the Beibu Gulf, also known as the Gulf of Tonkin Feb. 19 -- 16 of 23 crew rescued. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Mon. Feb. 21 2005)

13.258 BRZ M/V MSC Grace (built 1991), Antwerp for the Baltic -- rammed into inner gate of locks of Kiel Canal with its bulbhead Feb. 19 -- damage to gate could not be assessed as lying beneath surface of water. Vessel proceeding. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Mon. Feb. 21 2005)

Bangladesh double-decker passenger M/V Maharaj, with 200 on Buriganga River just outside the capital, Dhaka -- capsized & sank Feb. 19, near town of Pagla -- 75 people dead & more than 100 missing. (Mon. Feb. 21 2005)

St Vincent-registered 5,112dwt general cargo M/V Elanta (built 1981) Morocco for Turkey with scrap iron & 18 crew -- aground off SE coast of Chios island. Tugs have been dispatched to assist. (Sun. Feb. 20 2005)

5,112dwt Greek flagged ro-ro/container M/V Arion -- aground on its approach to Chios Harbor<<Webfeature, on Feb. 17 -- Coast guard vessels & helicopters rescued all 35 passengers. M/V Arion remains grounded with hole in hull & 28 trailers on board. (Sun. Feb. 20 2005)

2,815dwt general cargo M/V Sea Eagle S (built 1973) -- driven onto rocks in Piraeus area -- M/V Sea Eagle S has been at anchor in Piraeus roads since Sept. with cargo of timber. (Sun. Feb. 20 2005)

44-foot Scuituate, Mass. registered F/V Lady Lorraine, with 3 crew -- suffered fire 5 miles NE of Scituate Harbor. U.S. Coast Guard Station Point Allerton dispatched 41-foot & 2 47-foot rescue boats to scene -- Air Station Cape Cod launched HH-60 Jayhawk helicopter. Crew from Station Point Allerton extinguished fire & F/V Lady Lorraine, reportedly sunk. (Sun. Feb. 20 2005)

ALERT>> Typhoon Olaf>> Category 5 Storm, rocked Samoa & American Samoa with wind gusts from 135 to 165 miles per hour & 30 to 40-foot seas Feb. 17 & 18. It has been a long day for the U.S. Coast Guard at Barbers Point, Hawaii<<Webfeature:

68-foot F/V Samoan Boy, with 7 crew -- U.S. Coast Guard C-130 aircraft from Barbers Point, Hawaii<<Webfeature, is searching in vicinity of Manu'a<<Webfeature, just east of Pago Pago -- has not been heard from for nearly 36 hours. (Sun. Feb. 20 2005)

F/V Tautai II, with 6 crew -- Barbers Point C-130 is also assisting in the search for 2 missing -- sank -- 4 crew recovered by another fishing vessel in the area. (Sun. Feb. 20 2005)

F/V Princess Karlinna -- battered by storm after steering malfunctioned. Barbers Point C-130 crew dropped life vests & supplies -- remained in area until rescue vessel arrived on scene. (Sun. Feb. 20 2005)

The Aircraft of U.S Coast Guard Station - Barbers Point<<Webfeature

Korean-registered M/V Great Polaris, with 74,000 tons of coal -- broke down in Suez Canal at dawn Feb. 19, blocking passage of 40 ships -- some 32 ships waiting behind M/V Great Polaris, all heading to Mediterranean. Problem is engine & rudder. (Sun. Feb. 20 2005)

Norwegian registered, 60,800 GRT, 243mt M/T Gerrita, in ballast with 21 crew -- lost engine power due to mechanical breakdown -- drifting 80 miles NW of North end of Shetland -- no immediate danger - Shetland Coastguard continues to monitor the situation carefully. (Sat. Feb. 19 2005)

68-ft- F/V Samoan Boy, with 7 crew battered in Cyclone Olaf -- but alive --north of Samoa. Others not so lucky:

F/V Tautai II, with 6 crew, sank -- 4 rescued by another trawler -- 2 missing. (Fri. Feb. 18 2005)

F/V Princess Karlinna -- adrift with rudder failure in Cyclone Olaf. Life vests & other supplies were supplied off U.S. Coast Guard Hercules C 130 from Barbers Point, Hawaii. (Fri. Feb. 18 2005)

U.S. Coast Guard Cutter USCGC Polar Star (WAGB-10)<<Webfeature, -- on way home from Arctic is diverted & expected to arrive on Feb. 20th to assist crews of F/V Tautai II & F/V Princess Karlinna. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Fri. Feb. 18 2005)

M/V Ocean Speed, docked in Labuan jetty for repairs, eastern Malaysia -- suffered death of seaman as gas cylinder exploded aboard -- Seaman Segundino Castro hurled into sea & badly burned. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Fri. Feb. 18 2005)

137m Moroccan 563-TEU-container M/V MSC Al Amine ( Built 1983) -- ran aground 50km East of Tunis -- leaking oil -- stranding caused by loss of power -- she sits hard aground on reef. (Fri. Feb. 18 2005)


11 Feb. 2005 at 0400 LT in posn 10:16N - 064:35W, cement terminal, Pertigalete port, Venezuela -- 2 unlit boats approached bulk carrier within 100m. Security guards fired warning shots & boats moved away. (Fri. Feb. 18 2005)

10 Feb. 2005 at 0900 LT at Banjarmasin Roads, Indonesia -- 12 pirates armed with knives attempted to board general cargo ship along with stevedores. C/O and bosun spotted them & stopped boarding. Robbers threatened them with knives. Master raised alarm & crew mustered. Robbers aborted boarding & escaped in their speedboats. (Fri. Feb. 18 2005)

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Hong Kong hovercraft, Hong Kong for China's Nansha Island & city of Panyu with 156 passengers & 9 crew -- in collision-- with Chinese freighter in Hong Kong waters on Feb. 17, injuring 94, with 4 in serious condition -- vessels collided in waters NW of Hong Kong island. Decendants of the famous Hong Kong "Star Ferry"<<Webfeature, -- your editor has spent considerable time aboard the Hong Kong Hydrofoils -- our initial response is that these vessels are ultra safe & professionally operated, but the condtions are often murky with keen seamanship being a 1st priority in these congested waters . McD (Thurs. Feb. 17 2005)

UK Maritime & Coastguard Agency 2004 Statistics's dangerous out there

Total reports to the Coastguard: 13,849 Vs. 14,240 for 2003

Total occasions of assistance rendered: 8,070/ 8,056

Total numbers of persons assisted 25,118 / 21,600 (but not life threatening situations)

Total number of persons rescued (where life at risk): 5,689/ 5,276

Total recorded deaths (excluding suicides): 198 /188

Of the fatalities recorded by the Coastguard:

• 96 were maritime-related

• 92 were recovered bodies

• 176 suicides, or suspected suicides, in 2004 (118 in 2003)

Hoax calls up from 232 in 2003 to 301 in 2004. (Wed. Feb. 16 2005)

Container M/V CMA CGM Pasteur at German repair specialist Lloyd Werft in the port of Bremerhaven (for extensive overhaul including class renewal) -- evacuated Feb. 11 after floating dock in which ship was berthed for repair broke free from moorings -- harbor tugs scrambled to prevent dock from striking a quayside & keep it in position. All yard employees working on vessel's stern were able to move to safety. All safe. (Wed. Feb. 16 2005)

Bulgarian-flagged M/V Elanta, Morocco for Turkey with iron & 17 crew -- suffered engine troubles Feb. 15 & caught in open sea by the grave weather conditions -- drifting 2 days -- now near Aegean isle of Chios. (Wed. Feb. 16 2005)

66mt. cargo M/V Fritind (ex-Arklow Dew) (built 1978), Rotterdam for Averoy with Corn-Maïs -- departed Rotterdam 21:40, Feb. 14 -- reported offshore Hook of Holland, flooding & needed assistance -- Lifeboat Christien & Scheveningen lifeboat Jan Van Englenburg dispatched -- took off 3 of 6 crew -- 2 large holes on SB side of M/V Fritind reported & she loosing diesel oil -- tug M/V Fairplay 23 dispatched from the Europort (Amsterdam) & tug M/V RPA 16 on scene. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Tues. Feb. 15 2005pm)

11,152gt. passenger ro/ro M/V Arion (built 1972), Piraeus-Chios-Mytilene with 20 passengers, grounded in lat 38 34.6N, long 25 51.4E, on NW coast of Chios, following damage to steering gear, at 0430, LT, Feb. 11 -- passengers taken off by Super Puma helicopters<<Webfeature, all crew safe. Vessel sustained some damage.(Tues. Feb. 15 2005pm)

St. Vincent & Grenadines M/V Sea Ray, with 10 crew for Crete's Souda port-- sank off Crtete Island Coast -- 8 rescued by M/V Inka Dede -- 2 dead. (Tues. Feb. 15 2005) UPDATE>> Ship had length of 70 m & was on way from Libya to Turkey -- developed increasing list & started to sink -- 2 warships, 1 helicopter, 1 plane & severalmerchant ships participated in the search. Shipwreck occured in the same area where M/V Voyager came to grief (see beow). Windforces were up to 10, waves up to 14 m. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Tues. Feb. 15 2005pm)

Bahamas cruise M/V Grand Voyager, Tunis for Barcelona, with 732 passengers, crippled by severe storm with Force 11 winds (100km/hr) -- adrift In Distress in W. Mediterranean -- several people injured (fractures) & lost all engine power -- high wave smashed through bridge windows, damaging electronics - thought to have caused the power cut-off -- 2 ocean tugs - Spanish & French - traveling to stricken vessel -- hoping to tow her into French port. Crew will turn M/V Voyager<<Webfeature, into weather when power restored. From our correspondant A.L Griffiths. (Mon. Feb. 14 2005) UPDATE>> M/V Voyager has limped to Sardinian Port of Cagliari<<Webfeature, All safe. (Mon. Feb. 14 2005pm) UPDATE>> M/V Voyager sistership M/V Explorer also damaged in the Pacific several days ago. These sisters don't like bad weather! From our Correspondant José Luis at Ships of The World. (Tues. Feb. 15 2005)

UK tug M/V Intrepid B, sank in W. Wales, Pembrokeshire Harbor Feb. 14 -- went down fast & stuck fast -- started taking water just after 0800GMT sank to sea bed as tide came in with 45,000 liters of diesel. (Mon. Feb. 14 2005)

Severe Storm In Feb. 12 Weekend -- Given Name Ulf, Storm Led to Following For Kiel-Canal area:

M/V Bothniaborg & RoRo M/V Alteland -- in collision -- at entrance of Brunsbuettel locks of the Kiel-Canal. All recovered. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Mon. Feb. 14 2005)

M/V Amirante (built 1975) touched head of Brunsbuettel Locks of the Kiel-Canal on departure. No injuries.. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Mon. Feb. 14 2005)

Car carrier M/V San Mateo ordered tug assistance for entering Kiel-Canal but broke lose from tugs 3 times. Ship then dropped both anchors, but chains entangled with each other. Tug secured the M/V San Mateo until problem solved. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Mon. Feb. 14 2005)

80m Duth M/V Nola (built 1999) -- stuck fast in Kiel-Canal for 3 hours -- tug from Kiel ordered to get ship free but freed itself own power. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Mon. Feb. 14 2005)

M/V Freiheit capsized & sank -- Capt. saved from life boat with slight hypothermia by a policeboat in Bremerhaven -- wreck spotted & to be raised on Feb 14th. (Mon. Feb. 14 2005)

M/V Dartmouth Higher Ferry -- broke free from its guide chains In poor & squally weather -- seen drifting down river with 34 passengers, 2 crew & 15 cars aboard. M/V Higher Ferry seen drifting amongst other vessels & turning in the wind. Dartmouth; Torbay & Berry Head Coastguard Rescue Teams immediately sent to area who quickly established that no one was in the water and the Police were notified. All passengers rescued. Intention is to wait until low water when M/V Dartmouth Lower Ferry will drive up river & by lowering its ramp onto the Higher Ferry will allow cars to be driven from one vessel to the other & then finally brought ashore. (Sun. Feb. 13 2005)

Celtic Link Ferries M/V Diplomat, Rosslare for Cherbourg, with more than 100 passengers -- drifted for 4 hours off SE coast of England after loss of engine in high seas & gale force winds. Repairs made -- vessel proceeded. (Sun. Feb. 13 2005)

U.S. 72-foot trawler F/V Anna Marie, with 3 crew began taking on water 18 miles south of Oregon Inlet, N.C. -- lost her shaft packing & taking on water quickly -- engine completely swamped. U.S. Coast Guard rescue helicopter arrived at 4:18 a.m. -- 2 feet of freeboard left on F/V Anna Marie. Helicopter lowered 2 pumps to the boat &fishermen used rags to stem leak -- towed to Fort Macon, N.C. (Sun. Feb. 13 2005)

Taiwan flag 5,177-ton M/V Jui Tai No. 8, Hualien Port on Taiwan's east coast on Feb 10 for Ishigaki, Japan's southern-most island, with sand & 18 crew -- LOST -- empty life raft found -- 6 search vessels in area -- 18 feared dead. (Sun. Feb. 13 2005)

U.S. F/V Adriana, grounded near Kodiak, Alaska, about 8:40 a.m. Feb. 10 -- all rescued. (Sun. Feb. 13 2005)

U.S. 165-foot 289t dredging M/V Eland, acting as support vessel for Santa Ana River dredging project, ran aground Feb. 6, while trying to tow dredging pipes to offshore dump site -- pulled free Feb. 8 by a fleet of Newport Beach, CA shoreline by tugboats operated by a Long Beach towing firm, Sauce Brothers Ocean Towing. Nehalem River Dredging Inc., owner of vessel, was fined US$5,000 for waiting 24 hours before notifying U.S. Coast Guard of the incident (Sun. Feb. 13 2005)

Ferry M/V European Highlander, with 43 passengers & 57 crew, became casualty of atrocious weather which battered much of Britain. Winds up to 100 knots pushed vessel aground on stretch of shingle beach only 100 yards from her intended berth. Those aboard unlikely to get off until noon Feb. 13 - a full 30 hours after they should have safely arrived at the SW Scotland ferry port of Cairnryan. (Sat. Feb. 12 2005)

Bangladesh ferry with 33 passengers collided with another ferry shortly after having sailed from the terminal at about 10:30am in river Rupsha -- capsized -- 11 passengers swan ashore -- 25 missing -- rescue operations continue. (Sat. Feb. 12 2005)

U.S. tug M/V CSS Arkansas -- sank after collision-- with 505ft Greek M/V Rodon Amarandon. 1 of 7 barges with M/V CSS Arkansas also sank. All crews safe. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Fri. Feb. 11 2005)

2,736dwt Cambodian M/V Helena 2. Russian port of Nakhodka for Onahama port on the other side of Honshu in Fukushima prefecture NE of Tokyo with timber & 28 crew -- aground off Japanese island Honsu on Feb. 10th. Vessel expected to sink. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Fri. Feb. 11 2005)


07.02.2005 at 0400 LT at Buenaventura inner anchorage 3, Colombia -- pirates boarded abulk carrier at forecastle and broke padlocks on store rooms. Alert crew raised alarm & robbers jumped overboard and escaped empty handed. Master informed coast guard -- coast guard boat arrived promptly within 9 minutes for investigation. (Fri. Feb. 11 2005)

06 Feb. 2005 at 1936 UTC in posn: 01:21.6S-116:58.3E, Balikpapan anchorage, Indonesia -- pirates boarded tanker during STS operations. Police on board opened fire at pirates but they managed to cut ropes of 2 liferafts & throw them overboard.They jumped overboard & escaped in their boat taking liferafts. Police searched area but could not apprehend robbers. (Fri. Feb. 11 2005)

03 Feb. 2005 at 1530 UTC in posn: 03:12S - 116:21E, Kota Baru anchorage, Indonesia -- 6 pirates armed with knives boarded bulk carrier. They hit duty A/B on his head & tied him up. D/O sent cadet to look for A/B but robbers held knife at his throat & tied him up. Robbers opened forward locker & tried to steal ship's stores. D/O raised alarm & crew mustered. Robbers stole ships equipment & escaped in unlit boat. Master called port control but received no response. (Fri. Feb. 11 2005)

02 Feb. 2005 at 0245 LT in posn: 01:16N - 104:10E, Singapore straits. Ten masked pirates armed with guns& long knives boarded chemical tanker underway. They tried to break bridge window glass but did not succeed & escaped empty handed. Master raised alarm, sounded ship's whistle & reported to VTIS Singapore. Marine police came -- searched the area. (Fri. Feb. 11 2005)

02 Feb. 2005 at 0130 LT at Chittagong anchorage, Bangladesh -- 7 pirates armed with long knives boarded chemical tanker -- stole ship's stores & escaped in unlit boat. (Fri. Feb. 11 2005)

02 Feb. 2005 at 0350 LT at Kandla anchorage, India -- pirates armed with long knives boarded bulk carrier at forecastle. D/O raised alarm & crew mustered. Robbers jumped overboard & escaped in an unlit boat with ship's equipment. Authorities informed. (Fri. Feb. 11 2005)

01 Feb. 2005 at 0030 LT at Tan Thuan port off Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam -- pirates boarded bulk carrier at berth during discharging operations - broke into storeroom & tried to steal ship's stores.  Alert crew raised alarm -- robbers escaped empty handed. (Fri. Feb. 11 2005)

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130-foot U.S. tug M/V Betty Wood, pushing 500-foot barge with 10 crew, experienced engine fire 17 miles E. of Haulover Beach<<Webfeature,. Crews from U.S. Station Miami Beach, Station Fort Lauderdale, Air Station Opa Locka & Coast Guard Cutter Gannet responded -- fire reported extinguished, although there is still smoke on board. From our Sr.Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen (Thurs. Feb. 10 2005)

Cambodian flagged dry cargo M/V Helena-2, Russian port of Nakhodka for Onahama port in Fukushima prefecture NE of Tokyo, with timber & 28 crew -- aground near Japanese Aomori prefecture, N. of Honshu Island. Vessel transmitted a SOS signal, but reports lacking -- vessel damaged. All crew evacuated. (Thurs. Feb. 10 2005}

38-foot F/V Hollywood -- reporting SOS - sinking & all 3 crew to life raft. U.S. Coast Guard helicopter flying in Gloucester, Mass. area headed to sinking vessel & rescued all crew on life raft. Helicopter crew took fisherman to Coast Guard Station Gloucester<<Webfeature, where met by local EMS. Refused treatment & released. 2 of 3 wearing survival suits -- had an emergency position-indicating radiobeacon (EPIRB), which went off at 1:30 p.m. -- confirmed distress & position for U.S. Coast Guard. (Wed. Feb. 9 2005)

ICC Int'l Maritime Bureau reports chemical tanker underway in Singapore Strait on Feb. 2 -- attacked by 10 masked pirates armed with guns & long knives -- pirates tried to break bridge window glass but didn't succeed & escaped empty handed. Master raised alarm, sounded ship's whistle & reported to VTIS Singapore. Singapore Marine Police responded & searched the area without finding attackers. (Wed. Feb. 9 2005)

North Korean cargo M/V Adnan-1, Russian port of Novorossiysk<<Webfeature, for Syria with iron & wood -- began sending S.O.S. signals at 1000 GMT after suffering serious list 30 NM off Black Sea port city of Sinop, off Turkey's N. coast -- capsized in snow storm late Feb. 8 -- 9 crew pulled from life boat by Turkish Army helicopters as bad weather prevented local coast guard from acting -- 2 missing & presumed dead. (Wed. Feb. 9 2005)

Chemical M/T Eberhard, in ballast, ex-Antwerp for Brunsbuttel, suffered engine blackout after which the vessel tried to anchor -- but vessel ran on sandbank in the Bocht van Walsoorden near Paal at about 1330, local time, Feb 5 & got stuck on bank. After several hours tugs M/T Union 9 & M/T Schelde 12 managed to refloat vessel at 1500 LT. Crew of tanker solved engine problems & vessel sailed under its own power down river under escort of tug M/V Multratug 12. The vessel was bound for Brunsbuttel where there will be inspection of her bottom. (Tues. Feb. 8 2005)

3,201dwt Isle of Man flagged, 86.7 meter M/V Jökulfell (ex-Nordland Saga) (built 1989), with 1978 tons of construction steel, containers & 200 tons of gasoil bunkers & 11 crew -- capsized & sank in the North Atlantic, Feb. 7, 60 miles NW off Faeroe Islands. Electronic distress signal (DSC) was picked up 20:00 UTC 7/2-2005. Approximately 2 hours later a rescue helicopter was on scene & noticed vessel being capsized. Royal Danish Navy frigate Vædderen (F 359)<<Webfeature, has rescued 5, but 6 missing. Faeroese ship also took part in rescue. From our Sr.Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Tues. Feb. 8 2005)

PIRATE ATTACK 2005 UPDATE>> There were 325 reported attacks against ships in 2004, compared to 445 in 2003, according to 2004 Piracy Report released by the ICC Int'l Maritime Bureau (IMB) but more seafarers were murdered. The number of crew killed increased to 30 as compared to 21 in 2003. Eighty-six crew kidnapped with ransoms demanded for their release. The Report Continues:

"Although the decline in the number of attacks is to be welcomed, there is concern that in some key hot spots the situation has deteriorated," said Capt Pottengal Mukundan, Director of the ICC Int'l Maritime Bureau (IMB) which runs the IMB Piracy Reporting Center. "There is an increase in the attacks in the Malacca Straits. Violence in the attacks in Nigeria has increased. Attacks in Lagos accounted for the highest number reported in a single port. Balikpapan, a major oil port in Indonesia had the 3rd highest number of attacks reported. Overall, vulnerable vessels such as tankers accounted for over a quarter of all attacks".

Indonesia continued to record the highest number of attacks with 93 reported incidents in 2004. IMB commented: "This is a welcome drop from 121 in 2003 but it still accounts for more than one quarter of the worldwide incidents of piracy and armed robbery against ships."

Attacks in Malacca Straits are ranked 2nd highest with 37 incidents. Many of these attacks were serious and involved vessels being fired upon and crew kidnapped for ransom. During 2004, 36 crew members were kidnapped, four killed and three injured in the Malacca Straits.

Attacks in Nigeria decreased from 39 in 2003 to 28 in 2004. However, Nigeria still has 3rd highest number of incidents and is regarded as the most dangerous area in Africa for piracy and armed robbery.

Other countries and areas where there is a marked increase of reported attacks include Malaysia, Singapore Straits, South China Sea & Haiti." (Mon. Feb. 7 2005)

50 ton former Bodensee-ferry M/V Schrauberl-Claudia (Built about 1974) -- sank in yacht harbor of Steyreegger, Austria, on Feb. 5 -- Firefighters tried to save 30 meter vessel with pumps but failed. Feb. 6 divers tried to repair the leak, ship is still aground. Formerly carried 140 passengers. From our Sr.Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Mon. Feb. 7 2005)

150.000 dwt, 267mt M/T GenMar Kestrel, at anchor -- in collision off Egypt Feb. 4, with -- U.S. registered M/T Trijata -- vessels lost total of 1.500t. oil. M/T Trijata (ex-M/T Singapore) suffered Tank no. 5 torn open, none of 26 crew injured. Smit Salvage sending tugs for salvage. From our Sr.Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Mon. Feb. 7 2005)

5,910dwt dry cagro vessel M/V Saatli (Built 1963), with 42 tons of diesel fuel & 3 tons of lubricants, blown onto sand bank -- when gale force winds dragged the vessel's anchors on Feb. 5-- 5km north Russian Caspian port of Makhachkala. Salvage vessel, M/V Atkai Veliev dispatched immediately from Baku, but ran aground itself at rescue site -- had to be refloated Feb. 6 evening by Russian rescue vessel. (Mon. Feb. 7 2005)

Australian ferry M/V Spirit of Tasmania I, Melbourne to Devonport -- hit by rogue waves of 20 meter height in Bass Strait, Australia. Vessel returned to Melbourne with structural damage - being assessed now. Wind was up to 50 knots. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Mon. Feb. 7 2005)

Give These Guys A Driving Test>> 8.226 BRZ French 147 meter ferry M/V Dieppe (ex-M/V Sagaland) (Built 1981), ex-Newhaven -- in collision with pier in Dieppe, Feb. 2 -- extensive bow damage -- repeat of March 7 2004 incident. As 2nd ferry of New-haven-Dieppe-Service already is in a shipyard for repair, there is no ship left now for the ferry service. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. From our Sr.Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Mon. Feb. 7 2005)

UK S/V Jacaranda found near the western entrance to Portsmouth Harbor, Feb. 5. -- casualty a male in his 50's believed overboard from his yacht. Onboard also was the casualties wife and three children -- casualty was lifted from his yacht in a spinal brace and transferred to Queen Alexandra Hospital. (Mon. Feb. 7 2005)

Bulk M/V Iolos Celebrity, with 75.000 tons soja -- suffered engine room fire at Hamburg harbor on Feb. 1 -- crew able to tackle flames. (Mon. Feb. 7 2005)

SPECIAL READERS NOTE>> Visiting Editor Libby Thompson has covered dramatic stories while this site was dark -- BELOW are Feb. 4 &5 stories held until now --

What Is It About The Super Bowl? Three Maritime Law Enforcement Incidents --

Jacksonville Sheriff Office patrol boat with 2 deputies patroling St. Johns River waters for Jacksonville's Super Bowl fireworks celebration -- collided with Old Fuller Warren bridge at 8:41 p.m. on Feb. 3 night.

Volusia County Sheriff's Office patrol boat struck the bulkhead of the St. Johns River near St. Vincent's Hospital in Riverside Feb. 4 afternoon. Deputy Howard Wetzel thrown from patrol boat, perhaps by large wake, then vessel struck the wall. Wetzel rescued from water & not hurt. Vessel with canopy collapsed &heavy damage to fiberglass bow, towed to U.S. Naval Air Station Jacksonville. This was 2nd accident involving law-enforcement boat patroling St. Johns River for The Super Bowl in less than 24 hours.

Holland America cruise M/V Zaandam, for Jacksonville for the Super Bowl was delayed for 6 hours at Port Canaveral Feb. 2 because a passenger on a previous cruise accidentally brought a gun aboard. Passenger discovered her husband had packed her gun bag, thinking it was her camera. "Nobody is allowed to bring a weapon on board, not even the captain," U.S. Coast Guard Petty Officer JosephIngram said. "Considering the vessel is going to Jacksonville and had a breach of security, we did a complete sweep and made sure the vessel was following its security plan." From our correspondant Libby Thompson (Mon. Feb. 7 2005)

22,046gwt bulk M/V Aurelia (built 1981), Peru for Japan & China with copper & zinc concentrates & 22 crew -- sank off Japan's Chichijima Island on Feb. 2 --9 crew rescued --13 missing. Cause being investigated. From our correspondant Libby Thompson (Fri. Feb. 4 2005)

100,000gwt Marshall Islands registered, 250-meter M/V Overseas Josefa Camejo, Venezuela for Sweden with crude oil -- suffered death of 34-year-old Filipino Master -- stabbed at 1800 GMT, Feb. 3 -- despite medical treatment, pronounced dead on board -- murderer may have jumped overboard 3 miles off Berry Head, off Devon Coast, UK -- currently anchored in waters outside Brixham. Brixham Coastguard conducted sea search off Berry Head for the missing crew, but no results. Widow of deceased Master will be flown to UK from her home in Philippines. From our correspondants A. L. Griffiths & Libby Thompson (Fri. Feb. 4 2005)

Canadian Navy frigate HMCS Halifax<<Webfeature, with 225 crew, on routine maneuvers off the U.S. eastern seaboard -- struck broadside by rougue wave -- causing violent, stomach-churning roll early Feb. 3, sending sailors flying & injuring 3 -- vessel will continue deployed off United States, & has carried on with her mission. From our correspondant Libby Thompson (Fri. Feb. 4 2005)

2,7001gtchemical/oil M/T Red Point (built 1984), with gasoline -- aground at entrance to River Amazon for about 2 to 3 days. Smit Salvage BV have been contracted under Lloyd's Standard Form salvage contract -- mobilizing tugs & salvage team. From our correspondant Libby Thompson (Fri. Feb. 4 2005) UPDATE>> M/V Red Point refloated by SMIT Salvage BV salvage team Sunday/Monday (Feb 6/7) & shifted to safe anchorage in Macapa area, where diving inspections undertaken. On completion of inspections, vessel redelivered to its owners . (Fri. Fe. 11 2005)

SPECIAL READERS NOTE>> This feature will be "Dark" on Feb. 4 & 5 2005 due to travel schedule. Your Visiting Editor Libby Thompson will be monitoring activities on the "Internet Sea Frontier" for timely postings when we resume on Sunday, Feb. 6 2005. Thanks For Your Support. McD

Honduran flag M/V Virginia (ex -M/V Vigla, ex-M/V Janne Wehr), Tunisia for Slovenia with salt & 6 crew -- sank early morning hours today 212 nautical miles W. of Pilos inside Malta FIR. British warship collected 2 bodies early morning today, while merchant ship in region picked up 3rd body hours later -- 3 missing -- very adverse weather conditions. (Fri. Feb. 4 2005) UPDATE>> 3 of 7 crew dead. Little hope for the remaining 4. From our correspondants Libby Thompson & Tim Schwabedissen. (Mon. Feb. 7 2005)

72ft F/V Enterprise, with 4 crew, suffered engine room fire 2 miles E of Nantucket -- 1 dead --remaining crew picked up by U.S. Coast Guard -- taken to Cape Cod Hospital.(Thurs. Feb. 3 2005)

Hong Kong registered 555-foot bulk carrier M/V Cape Flattery, with cement & 117,000 gallons of fuel oil & lubricants -- aground at entrance to Barbers Point Harbor. Vessel inbound 7 a.m. to offload cement when it ran aground 400 yards from entrance. USCGC Washington<<Webfeature, on station -- plan is for the ship's owner to complete a salvage plan & have 4 tugs in place before high tide at 8 p.m. to assist in refloating. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen.(Thurs. Feb. 3 2005) UPDATE>> M/V Cape Flattery refloated this morning. (Sat. Feb. 12 2005)

68ft F/V Placida Queen, with 24 souls -- began taking on water 10 miles west of Charlotte Harbor. U.S. Coast Guard vesserls from Station Fort Myers Beach, 2 helicopters from Air Station Clearwater & Marlin aircraft were dispatched to Placida Queen's location. Good Samaritan vessel F/V Angler's Dream, also responded to the call. Twnenty-two transfered to F/V Angler's Dream. Capt. & Mate F/V Placida Queen remained aboard. Both Placida Queen & Angler's Dream, escorted by U.S. Coast Guard back to port -- F/V Placida Queen limped back into Gasparilla Marina in Boca Grande, Fla. From our Sr. Correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Thurs. Feb. 3 2005)

Alert>>Ship's Master injured during Pirate Attack in the early hours of Feb. 1 morning in Gulf of Thailand off West coast of Vietnam -- pirates armed with guns & long knives boarded chemical tanker while underway. They raided Master's cabin, stole cash from the ship's safe as well as the Master's personal belongings -- then tried to take Master to their boat but he resisted & received injuries. Pirates then escaped in their boat. (Wed. Feb. 2 2005)

U.S. 68-foot charter F/V Placida Queen, with 22 passengers - taking on water 10 miles W. of Charlotte Harbor, St. Petersburg, FL. U.S. Coast Guard responded -- rescued all aboard -- Capt. & crew member remained aboard as vessel escorted by Coast Guard boats back to Placida Deep Sea Fishing Company on Gasparilla Sound. (Wed. Feb. 2 2005)

72-ft F/V Enterprise, with 5 crew -- suffered engine room fire 2 miles E. of Nantucket -- 4 crew picked up by U.S. Coast Guard helicpter in life raft & flown to Barnstable Airport -- then taken to Cape Cod Hospital -- 1 dead identified as 45-year-old William Langisera. Other crew OK -- all New Bedford residents as well: Capt. John Verissimo, Shannon Pacheceo & Jose Barbosa. (Wed. Feb. 2 2005)

23,904gwt product M/T Radwan (built 1980), Rio Grande for Iran with unkown cargo -- suffered engine failure Jan. 31. at approximately lat 34 08S, long 08 52E. Salvors have rendered assistance on LOF terms. (Wed. Feb. 2 2005)

28,739gwt M/V Hardwar (built 1987), Houston for Thessaloniki with 43,270 M/T Petroleum Coke -- slipped her anchor in heavy seas NW of Bermuda on Jan. 31 -- 1600 M/T of water discovered in the vessel's forepeak but because of the draft was unable to berth in Bermuda. M/V Hardwar currently 20 miles N. of Bermuda awaiting owner's instructions. (Wed. Feb. 2 2005)

14,895dwt Chemical/product M/T Frank, suffered machinery problem off Guernsey, Channel Islands, Jan. 28. Adrift. At sea repairs could not be effected --Belgian salvors, URS Salvage & Towage Union<<Webfeature, -- engaged on Lloyd's Open Form. From our correspondant Cameron Roberts, Esq. (Wed. Feb. 2 2005) UPDATE>> German-owned chemical/products M/T Frank taken in tow Feb. 2 night after suffering main engine trouble on 28 Jan. Belgian tug M/V Alphonse Letzer & M/T Frank expected to arrive at French port of Le Havre Feb. 3 afternoon under escort of emergency towing vessel M/V Abeille Languedoc. Year 2000-built M/T Frank carrying 11,000 tons of oil products loaded at Donges, oil port of Nantes-St Nazaire, for Teesport in the UK. (Wed. Feb. 2 2005pm)

22,000gt. Maltese-registered cargo M/V Aurelia, for Japanese port of Shimonoseki with zinc ore & 22 crew -- was close to Chichijima, an island 1,000 km (620 miles) south of Tokyo -- sank --14 of 22 crew rescued. Japanese Coast Guard searching. (Tues. Feb. 1 2005)

Vessel Loss Dispatches For January 2005

"One Brick Short of A Runway" - for Jan. 20055

"Singles Only" - single photos of disaster -- always new.

Polish ferry M/V Pommerania, Copenhagen to/or/from Swinoujscie, Poland with 140 passengers & 79 crew -- in collision early today off Denish Falsterbro -- with Swedish M/T Rio Grande, with 13 crew -- both vessels damaged above waterline. M/V Pommerania escorted by the Danish coastguard into Port of Copenhagen. M/T Rio Grande resumed its way to Swedish Port Halmstad. From our correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Mon. Jan. 31 2005)

British M/T Stolt Fulmar (built 2001), Hamburg for Antwerp with 4.900t chemicals, on Hamburg departure -- in collision at 4.15 off Blankenese -- with tug M/V Schleppko 7 (built 2001) had left Petrol harbor at 3 a.m. -- pontoon as well as tug severely damaged & taking water -- firefighters stood alongside, pumping until morning. M/T Stolt Fulmar slightly damaged, bulb steven deformed -- starboard hull torn open -- vessel left Hamburg after rudder, failure of which obviously caused the collision, was repaired. From our correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Mon. Jan. 31 2005)

Russian trawler F/V Kafor near coast of Russian Primorye Maritime territory in the Far East. Stormy weather persists in incident area - wind force is reaching 20 meters per second -- waves 6 meters high. Crew signaled SOS at about 12:00 pm LT (05:00 am, Moscow time). Nakhodka guard unit of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) Frontier Dept. & 2 other vessel steaming to scene. Crew of An-26 plane has just discovered 2 rescue rubber rafts in the disaster area. Air crew cannot make out whether there are people on the rafts because of poor visibility, reported Vladivostok Rescue Center. (Mon. Jan. 31 2005) UPDATE>> 13 crew rescued from Russian trawler F/V Kafor by helicopters & rescue M/V Primorje -- 2 bodies found -- 2 other rescue ships, M/V Juri Orlenko & M/V Naporisty as well as aircraft still searching for remaining 5 missing crew on Feb. 2nd -- gash of 4m length tore open hull in rough sea when heading for Nachodka instead of Pusan as result of severe storm -- shotly thereafter, vessel capsized & forced crew into rafts. Update from our correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Wed. Feb. 2 2005)

M/V Anke Angelika collided with Northern lock of Kiel-Canal in Brunsbuettel, Jan. 30, night -- caused by machine problems. From our correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Mon. Jan. 31 2005)

85m, 1.939 BRZ M/V Helm Trader -- in collision port to port on Elbe River, close to the Rhinplate on Jan. 28 -- with 226m, 36.433 BRZ M/V Clipper Glory. M/V Helm Trader got on wrong lane & scraped M/V Clipper Glory. Both vessels damaged -- an officer obviously had a wee nip. From our correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Mon. Jan. 31 2005)

North Korean-flagged M/V Lady Hassan, Cork for Mediterranean with 8 crew. early Jan. 29, but began to take water 20 nautical miles off coast -- returned to deep-water quay in Cork Harbor. Irish Coast Guard helicopter & Ballycotton Lifeboat attended scene. All safe. (Sun, Jan. 30 2005)

Port of Baku registered M/V Saatly, with 20 crew, aground off shore Makhachkala -- waves 4 to 5 meters high in the Dagestani area of Caspian Sea. All rescued, vessel under tow for Baku. (Sun, Jan. 30 2005)

33ft. F/V Nikki Louwith, with 3 crew , aground on Scarweather Sands, Porthcawl, UK. Mumbles RNLI All weather lifeboat was also requested to launch, and they were successful in assisting the vessel off the bank. Mumbles lifeboat evacuated 2 crew cold/wet & vessel being towed to Porthcawl. (Sun, Jan. 30 2005)

4535gt. general cargo M/V Welfare Diana (built 1973), disabled due to loss of propeller in lat 20 12S, long 35 55E, at 0100, UTC, Jan 27. Vessel remains in the same position -- owners are making arrangements for towage. Report: Cape Town. (Sun, Jan. 30 2005)

Holland America cruise M/V Veendam<<Webfeature, on Caribbean voyage suffered 230 people of 1,220 pasengers ill with gastrointestinal illness -- 30 of ship's 572 crew also became sick. Sick passengers were quarantined to their cabins while crew scrubbed banisters, elevator knobs & other areas to eliminate the virus, which spreads easily in close quarters. Made Tampa 13 hours early. (Sat. Jan. 29 2005)

Phillipines ferry M/V Joy Ruby, Manila for Coron -- hit shallow waters & sandbar off the port of Coron, Palawan. No injuries reported. (Sat. Jan. 29 2005)


23 Jan. 2005 at 0340 LT at Panjang port, Indonesia -- 3 pirates armed with long knives boarded tanker at berth. D/O raised alarm & crew mustered. Robbers jumped overboard and escaped empty handed in speedboat. (Fri. Jan. 28 2005)

19 Jan. 2005 at 0135 LT at berth no.2, Rio Haina port, Dominican Republic -- pirates armed with long knives boarded tanker during cargo operations. Duty a/b raised alarm & robbers jumped overboard & escaped. (Fri. Jan. 28 2005)

16 Jan. 2005 at 0010 LT in posn: 20:39N - 106:51E, Haiphong anchorage, Vietnam. Several pirates boarded general cargo ship at forecastle. Duty a/b raised alarm & crew mustered. Robbers stole ship's stores & fled in unlit boat. Port authorities informed. (Fri. Jan. 28 2005)

14 Jan. 2005 at 0430 LT at Nanjing anchorage, China -- 3 pirates boarded chemical tanker -- broke padlock on locker & stole safety equipment. Alert crew raised alarm & robbers escaped in a speedboat. Master attempted to contact local authorities but no response received. (Fri. Jan. 28 2005)

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U.S. tug M/V John 1:1, preparing to take control of barge when tug began to sink on lower Mississippi River, near Destrahan, Louisiana. M/V John 1:1went down hampered by strong currents & high river levels -- 40-year-old Capt Chester Cheramie missing & presumed drowned. Traffic on river slowed significantly as safety zone was established from mile marker 117 to 115 with one-way traffic restriction. (Thurs. Jan. 27 2005)

25,000-ton, Bahamian-flagged 591-foot M/V Explorer<<Webfeature, Vancouver for Japan with Semester at Sea<<Webfeature, program of 681 students, 113 faculty & 196 crew, in 35-foot seas & winds gusting above 50 miles per hour approximately 650 miles south of Adak, Alaska -- disabled after reported 50-foot wave broke bridge windows & damaged bridge controls & injured 2 crew on Jan. 26. 378-foot Coast Guard Cutter USCGC Jarvis, is underway from Dutch Harbor, Alaska, to assist -- as well as 3Coast Guard HC-130 long range aircraft -- to position 1,600 miles from Honolulu & 800 miles from Midway Island. (Thurs. Jan. 27 2005)

6.395 BRZ M/V Sea Venture II, Finnish harbor Kotka for Casablanca -- aground between Zeeland & Funen -- 40mt crack in bottom of ship as well as holes in 3 fuel tanks -- 200 tons bunker fuel pumped off. M/V Sea Venture II to remain at anchor until damage repaired. Oil fighting equiment sent to Kalundborg Fjord<<Webfeature, survey flies arranged until oil threat over. From our correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Wed. Jan. 26 2005)

Death of The Full Moon>>Thousands of backpackers & Thais gather every full moon for all-night parties at the Haad Rin beach<<Webfeature, on Pha Ngan island, Thailand. Boat (rated for 30) crammed with 40 passengers to Samui island from nearby Pha Ngan, where revellers had gathered for all-night party -- capsized off E. Thai Coast -- 7 dead, 13 missing. From our correspondant A.L Griffiths. (Wed. Jan. 26 2005)

Greek crude carrier M/T Minerva Eleonora, with 103.000 tons of crude -- aground off Belgian Zeebrugge -- after some hours tugs managed to free the double hull ship -- meantime traffic to Zeebrugge stopped. From our correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Wed. Jan. 26 2005)

Freighter M/V Assiduus, first collided with bank of Kiel-Canal<<Webfeature, near Landwehr-ferry -- but while trying to avoid collision -- M/V Assiduus collided with M/V Annerdiep which also grounded in Kiel Harbor<<Webfeature. Both ships as well as the ferryquay severely damaged. From our correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Wed. Jan. 26 2005)

Coaster M/V Vika,ex--Riga for Swedish Västervik on Jan. 22, ran aground off Sweden -- came to rest on reef near to Marsholmen. From our correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Wed. Jan. 26 2005)

ALERT>>Russian icebreaker M/V Krasin<<Webfeature, for American McMurdo Antarctic Station <<Webfeature,leading convoy of ships, includning U.S. hydrographic scientific research icebreaker USNS Natanell Palmer & U.S. 32,572dwt project carier USNS Paul Buck<<Webfeature, with 19,000 tons of diesel fuel for American polar explorers -- blocked by giant iceberg. Total area of iceberg exceeds 3,600 sq. Km. (Size of Rhode Island) & height 8 meters. Iceberg firmly embedded in low waters. If convoy fails to circumvent iceberg & approach berth at McMurdo Station<<Webfeature, which desperately needs fuel, will be necessary to evacuate over a thousand American polar explorers by air. Operational orders received from Russian government after U.S. administration asked Russian authorities for help. McMurdo is largest scientific research stations in Antarctica -- located on coast of Ross Sea. Shades of "Ice Station Zebra."[Howard Hughes' favoritie movie]<<Webfeature.(Tues. Jan. 25 2005)

Norwegian 60-meter trawler F/V Paula -- one of largest fishing vessels in Killybegs-based fleet, flooded & sank shortly after 7am on Jan. 24 -- all 11 crew safe. (Tues. Jan. 25 2005)

Liberian-registered M/T Kasco Monrovia, with 30,000 tons of diesel oil for state-owned oil importer Saigon Petrol -- crashed into pier at Catlai Port on Dong Nai river in southern Vietnam on Jan. 21, causing disruption to river traffic -- leaked thousands of tons of diesel oil into river in Vietnam's rice basket Mekong Delta region. No one shot to our knowledge, yet. (Tues. Jan. 25 2005)

Unidentified Chinese oil tanker, with 1,000 tons of light diesel oil -- in collision -- with 1,400-ton cargo M/V in ballast -- 20km (13 miles) E. of Nan'ao Island near Shantou, coastal city in China's Guangdong Province. Tanker sank within 10 minutes, forcing all crew to abandon -- 4 missing. Cargo vessel holed but not in danger of sinking. Rescue continues. (Tues. Jan. 25 2005)

135mt Dutch container M/V Jowi, suffered fire Jan. 22nd on Rhine River near Koblenz. Ship anchored near Rhens -- fire developed intense smoke --tackled by fire fighting ships. M/V Jowi anchored near Germersheim. From our correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Mon. Jan. 24 2005)

7,923dwt Greek M/V IIce Prince, with 19 crew -- developed list of 30 degrees to port in Baltic off Sweden on Jan. 22nd. Cargo shifted in storm. Finnish tug M/V Baus came to aid &towed M/V IIce Prince to safe anchoreage off Oskarshamn in Kalmarsund. List of ship with 131,6mt.length reduced to 20 degrees. Two helicopters of Swedish Coastguard in attendance to save crew. From our correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Mon. Jan. 24 2005)

UK tug M/V Fairplay 23 successfully reached Cuxhaven Jan. 19 to assist barge with stone-load of 70.000 tons which got into difficulties from Norway to England in Northsea after having been damaged by heavy seas. Water poured into barge -- developed list. Attempt to reach Danish port Esbjerg failed due to weather conditions. M/V Fairplay 23 reached Cuxhaven & fixed her to Humber Quay. From our correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Mon. Jan. 24 2005)

M/V Regensburg, with barges of 2.300 tons oil to Ludwighshafen -- threatened to sink on the Rhine --ran aground close to Nackenheim -- taking water & ran it controlled at Guntersblum. Firefighters found water standing half meter high in engine room Jan. 20. Two boats with additional pumps succeeded to pump out 1.170 cbm water iduring following 6.5 hours. M/V Regensburg towed by container M/V to Oppenheim where leak repaired. From our correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Mon. Jan. 24 2005)

German coaster M/V Ilka -- threatened to run aground off St. Peter Ording night of Jan 22nd after net blocked the screw. Ship in ballast, but but 35t diesel fuel in tanks. Rescue boat succeeded to tow ship to Husum harbor. From our correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Mon. Jan. 24 2005)

Cruise M/V Mariner of the Seas, Port Canaveral on Jan. 16 for touring the western Caribbean -- 250 people fell ill with stomach virus, inlcuding 20 crew. (Sat. Jan. 22 2005)

Brittany Ferry M/V Val de Loire, arrived at Plymouth late Jan. 21 evening -- in process of co-ordinating search for missing foreign national 53 year old clean shaven male was last seen in bar area around 9.00 p.m. M/V Val de Loire had set sail from Cherbourg in France Jan 21 lunchtime & docked at Plymouth at 22.30 p.m. -- he failed to collect car upon docking & crew carried out a full search of the ferry. Need to check out that "bar area" thing again. (Fri. Jan. 21 2005)

UPDATE>> M/V Schieborg -- re-delivered back to her owners after vessel declared gas-free &fires confirmed out. Under control of a Wijsmuller salvage team, including fire fighting & chemical experts, who boarded by helicopter -- vessel towed in continues bad weather to Eemshaven. Further SvitzerWijsmuller fire fighting tugs moved in to assist with 1st attempt to enter port made impossible due to again deteriorating weather conditions during 12 Jan. With 2 additional seagoing SvitzerWijsmuller terminal tugs brought in from Denmak -- approaches to Eemshaven in between sand banks were successfully taken during next weather window with M/V Schieborg entering port at slack tide during evening of 14 Jan. Operations completed today the 21st of January to full satisfaction of owners & Dutch authorities involved. Follow Our Story<<Webfeature. (Fri. Jan. 21 2005)


15 Jan. 2005 at 0730 UTC at Macapa anchorage, River Amazon, Brazil. Pirates boarded general cargo ship via anchor chain & stole ship's stores from forecastle locker. Alert crew raised alarm & robbers escaped in speedboat. Master reported incident to local authorities but no response. (Fri. Jan. 21 2005)

13 Jan. 2005 at 1550 UTC at Pulau Laut anchorage, Indonesia -- pirates armed with guns & long knives boarded bulk carrier at forecastle. Alert duty a/b raised alarm & crew mustered. Robbers stole life raft & escaped in a speedboat. Master tried to contact port authorities & PFSO but no response. (Fri. Jan. 21 2005)

12 Jan. 2005 at 1045 LT in position 20:47N - 059:14E, off Oman, Arabian Sea. Four masked pirates in 4 white hull speedboats attempted to board container ship underway. Alert d/o raised alarm, crew mustered & activated fire hoses -- master took evasive maneuvers. Pirates aborted attempted boarding & moved away. At 1115 LT master observed another 6 speedboats in vicinity. (Fri. Jan. 21 2005)

11 Jan. 2005 at 0350 LT at Kingston, Jamaica -- 3 pirates armed with long knives boarded tanker underway at forecastle -- broke in to forecastle locker & stole ship's stores. Crew mustered and at 0415 robbers jumped overboard & escaped in a boat waiting with 2 accomplices. Kingston coast guard informed. (Fri. Jan. 21 2005)

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Panama-flagged 214-foot freighter M/V General Lee -- denied entry to Port of Hampton Roads Jan. 11 -- U.S. Coast Guard crew boarded ship 10 miles off Norfolk after requests for M/V General Lee to remain 12 miles offshore for a security check were ignored. Capt. found intoxicated. Capt. Gyori arrested after U.S Coast Guard Sea Marshals smelled alcohol on his breath (no injuries reported to Coast Guard crew) -- Capt. Gyori failed 6 field sobriety tests but refused to take a breath test (6 tests!) -- Capt. being likely unable to even find his own breath at the time or to locate where his breath comes from. U.S. Magistrate James E. Bradberry, who presided at bench trial, convicted Capt. Gyori of operating commercial vessel while drunk & banished him from U.S. waters for one year. U.S. Coast Guard officers said they believed at the time they might have been dealing with terrorists. (Thurs. Jan. 20 2005)

Chicago barge in Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal<<Webfeature, on city's southwest side -- with 13,000 barrels, or more than 500,000 gallons, of clarified slurry oil (byproduct created when refining petroleum) ignited, exploded & sank -- 1 crew mising. (Wed. Jan. 19 2005)

Jinxed? >>£200m P&O cruise M/V Aurora -- set for round the world cruise from Southampton Jan. 9 -- continues with propulsion system problems -- 200 passengers jumpedship despite being offered free hospitality while awaiting departure. Voyage now expected to take 93 days instead of 103, with some smaller ports left out of the revised itinerary. In 2003, more than 1,000 people fell ill with a virus on board. From our correspondant A.L Griffiths. (Wed. Jan. 19 2005) UPDATE>> Troubled £200m liner M/V Aurora arrived back in Southampton after failed engine trials -- P&O cancelled its ill-fated world cruise -- passengers, who paid up to £41,985 each to take in 23 countries disembark Jan. 21 morning -- passengers to be refunded full fare & receive "cruise credit" worth 25% of amount paid for holiday if they booked another cruise holiday before end of Jan. 2007 -- applicable to those seniors who might remain alive. "Midnight Buffet" had been scheduled for 9pm. From our correspondant A.L Griffiths. (Thurs. Jan. 20 2005)

2,862-ton South Korean M/V Pioneer, Russian port of Vladivostok for Chinese port of Qingdao with 4150 tons iron products & 18 crew -- sank in high seas off North Korea's east coast -- only 4 recuscued, 14 presumed dead. 5000-ton South Korean vessel with helicopters entered North Korean territorial waters for rescue operation -- 1st time that South Korean ship allowed into North Korean waters for a rescue mission since Korean peninsula divided into the communist North & free South in 1948. Hope sprongs eternal. (Wed. Jan. 19 2005) UPDATE>> only 4 saved --search suspended Jan 24th. Rescue vessel M/V Naporisty returned to Vladivostok.From our correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Mon. Jan. 24 2005)

Dutch registered cargo M/V Hansa Lyon, departing River Ouse in UK, heading into Humber Traffic Separation Scheme with pilot aboard reported to Humber Coastguard -- suspect Master has fallen overboard -- pilot was piloting vessel & Master below at 2.15 am to get a few hours rest before pilot departed vessel. Crew later went to wake the Master, in order for pilot to depart vessel at 5.12 am -- Master not in his cabin. Immediate search of ship undertaken but the 52 year old Polish national was nowhere to be found. Weather is West North West F5, with slight swell & good visibility. (Wed. Jan. 19 2005)

70mt German registered F/V Annie Hillina, with 25 crew -- dragged anchor to North of Bressay in Voe of Cullingsburgh -- UK Shetland Coastguard contacted -- UK Coastguard tug Anglian Sovereign on scene -- able to connect tow & bring the trawler into harbor. (Tues. Jan. 18 2005)

UPDATE>> M/V Schieborg Stricken M/V Schieborg finally arrived in Eemshaven on Jan. 15 -- tugs M/V Fenha & M/V Frigga and standby vessel M/V Esvagt Gammamade final tow through the approach channel towards an anchor position 2 miles off the breakwater of this Dutch harbor. This took another 5 hours. The tugs M/V Neftegaz 57 & M/V Simson were still in attendance. Final fire fighting works & inspections started immediately. Vessel has continued to burn past Jan. 12. From our correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. Follow Our Story<<Webfeature. (Mon. Jan. 17 2005)

>>New Sea Rescue Book "Gestrandet" ("Aground") From our correspondant Tim Schwabedissen

Former passenger ship turned scrap barge Alabama broke partially loose from its moorings in Rouge River in Detroit Jan. 16 morning --vessel's stern swung out into the channel & blocked traffic in the river. (Mon. Jan. 17 2005)

North Korean-flagged M/V Lady O, with 700 tons of steel, from Evia in central Greece for Istanbul & 10 crew --sank 16 NM north of Psara island off the north Aegean island of Chios in strong winds & heavy seas -- 3 rescuded, 2 dead in lifeboat & 5 missing. (Sun. Jan. 16 2005) UPDATE>> 3 crew rescued alive! From our correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Mon. Jan. 17 2005)

13Mt. F/V Aquarius, with 3 crew -- in collision -- with 56,000gt. Bahamian M/T Alpha Germania, in ballast for Teesport. Humber Coastguard requested launch RNLI Amble Lifeboat & Rescue Helicopter from RAF Boulmer, which is standing by with Coastguard pumping equipment. A near by F/V Rejoice attended scene & has secured tow line to F/V Aquarius which lost all steering but not sinking. M/T Alpha Germania reported undamaged. (Sun. Jan. 16 2005)

Paddlewheel S/S Cajun Queen & New Orleans ferry bumped into each other while docking on the French Quarter side of Mississippi River. S/S Cajun Queen, a replica of a 19th century riverboat, sustained minor damage on its port side. No injuries. (Sun. Jan. 16 2005)

Indonesian tug M/V Christian & barge Flora -- towing through South East Asian Waters -- Philippines for Kota Baru, Banjarmasin in Indonesia -- hijacked & taken by pirates Jan. 8 2005 -- Confidential intelligence from the IMB Piracy Reporting Center resulted in recovery of hijacked tug & barge at Tawau in East Malaysia. As part of this operation, the Royal Malaysian Police detained 3 pirates & another individual taken into custody. Unfortunately, all 9 crew members still missing. Royal Malaysian Marine Police discovered the two vessels, operating under the false identities M/V Hita & M/V FL2 -- flying the Belize flag. At time of seizure, vessels were at local shipyard where staff had been instructed to change the names of vessels by altering lettering of their original names. (Sun. Jan. 16 2005)

4,412gt chemical/oil M/T Eco Princess (ex M/T Eleanna) (built 1990), in ballast, under Lloyd's Open Form, dated Jan 13, suffered engine breakdown. Salvage tug M/V Leopard proceeding to assist vessel. (Sun. Jan. 16 2005)

Panamanian-flagged M/V NYK Athena, Hong Kong for Los Angeles -- L.A. crane operator saw 3 men climb out of a container -- total of 32 stowaways found. Smuggling fees from China typically range from US$30,000 to US$60,000 per person. (Sun. Jan. 16 2005)

113mt. Papua New Guinea 8,027 DWT log carrier M/V HCH Ocean -- aground in Komalu Bay, on island NewIreland<<Webfeature, in the Bismarck Archipelago (03:35 S152:12 E) refloated by tug M/V Pacific Hawk. Vessel escorted to Rabaul for (underwater) inspections & re-delivery. (Sat. Jan. 15 2005)

92-foot crab F/V Big Valley, out of Kodiak with 6 crew -- sank in the Bering Sea on Jan. 15 -- U.S. Coast Guard said 1 dead, 1 died after rescue of 3 -- other 3 missing 70 miles W. of St. Paul Island. (Sat. Jan. 15 2005)

134ft. F/V Sultan, out of Seattle -- crewman washed overboard in the Bering Sea. (Sat. Jan. 15 2005)


>>Pirates Take No Tsunami Holiday _____

09 Jan. 2005 at 0500 LT at Tanjung Priok anchorage, Indonesia --5 pirates armed with knives boarded general cargo ship & entered engine room. Alert crew mustered & fought with robbers. Robbers jumped into boat & left empty handed. (Fri. Jan. 14 2005)

07 Jan. 2005 at 1220 LT anchored 3 miles off breakwater, Tanjung Priok cargo anchorage, Indonesia -- 4 armed pirates boarded general cargo ship & stole engine spares. Robbers jumped overboard & escaped in a high speedboat. Port authority informed. (Fri. Jan. 14 2005)

06 Jan.2005 at 0400 LT at Chittagong outer anchorage, Bangladesh -- several pirates armed with long knives boarded tanker at poop deck. Alert crew mustered & activated fire hoses. Robbers stole ship's stores & fled in their speedboat. (Fri. Jan. 14 2005)

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Medallion Transport Corp. M/V Our Lady of Divine Grace, with 86 aboard, ran aground & stranded for 2 hours on shoal off Mactan Channel during the annual fluvial procession held on the eve of the Catholic Feast of Señor Sto. Niño in Cebu. Vessel among over 100 sea craft that joined fluvial procession, in highlights of various religious activities held prior to Jan. 16 celebration of Feast of Señor Sto. Niño, Cebu's patron saint. (Fri. Jan. 14 2005)

Unidentified M/V with Indonesian aid workers & relief supplies for tsunami-battered province of Aceh -- in collision -- with wrecked ship & sank -- all 30 crew swam to safety. (Fri. Jan. 14 2005)

Liverpoool F/V Siskin issued MAYDAY by mobile phone -- taking to raft 10 miles West of St Bees Head -- vessel capsized -- Workington lifeboat was 1st on scene & assisted in safe transfer of all 3 crew in the life raft to rescue helicopter which took them to St Bees Head to be met by Whitehaven Coastguard Rescue Team. (Thurs. Jan. 13 2005)

F/V I Don't Know capsized & partially sank -- held upright by M/V Troy Williams, a jack-up oil rig off Hackbury, La. (Thurs. Jan. 13 2005)

UPDATE>> M/V Schieborg remains afire. Salvage experts are trying to tackle the flames. Follow Our Story<<Webfeature.. (Wed. Jan. 12 2005)

75,905gt bulk carrier M/V Great Moon (built 1984), Singapoe for Rotterdam & Immingham -- suffered crankcase problem & lost rudder control Jan. 7 -- crew attempting to carry out repairs & tug on standby as weather expected to deteriorate to violent Force 11 over next days. (Wed. Jan. 12 2005)

Pirates Lay Low>> as latest weekly piracy report from the ICC Int'l Maritime Bureau (IMB) is an unusually short one with only 3 attacks reported. No incidents of piracy in the previously dangerous Malacca Strait have come to light since the Indian Ocean tsunami disaster on Dec. 26. This has fuelled speculation both that pirates based in Aceh may have become victims of the disaster & also that the reported ceasefire by the Aceh independence movement may also be a factor. Still, there is also that part about the whole U.S. Navy being on scene. (Wed. Jan. 12 2005)

Europe Storm "Erwin" has led to several mishaps in the Kiel Canal, Germany ---

17,86grt, M/V Sandetti (built 2004), Norway to Greece for Dutch port of Harlingen -- in collision -- with 371gt trawler F/V Volharding (built 1987) -- both vessels headed for port with bow damage. (Wed. Jan. 12 2005)

10mt luxury motor yacht, with 2 men, 2 women & 4 children -- lost power on Dutch river Maas near Borghaven -- thrown over dam by current -- wreck broke into pieces -- not yet located on the bottom of Riiver Maas. (Wed. Jan. 12 2005)

Gibraltar-flagged freight M/V Baumwall, entering Brunsbuettel lock of Germany's Kiel Canal<<WebCam, on Jan. 9th -- in collision -- with lock & M/V Anja Funk. Locks & both vessels severely damaged. (Wed. Jan. 12 2005)

Container M/V OOCL Neva struck Brunsbuettel lock of Germanys Kiel Canal<<Webfeature, Jan. 7 & hit in stern by German coaster in same lock. (Wed. Jan. 12 2005)

M/V Annegret -- in collision with Kiel-Holtenau locks gate of the Kiel Canal<<MapFeature, -- vessel damaged on starboard side.(Wed. Jan. 12 2005)

Germany's Kiel Canal<<Webfeature, is a major internal shiping route of modern Europe. All from our correspondant Tim Schwabedissen.

22mt passenger M/V Kieler Sprotte (built 1905) grounded Jan. 10 in Kiel Harbor -- firefighters fought water in engine room & aft saloon after witnesses noticed unusual list of ship. (Wed. Jan. 12 2005)from our correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Wed. Jan. 12 2005)

Unidentified Spanish F/V 120 miles off Scottish coast lost power during storm gusting to 100mph wind speed. 19 crew (spanish & portuguese) believed safe. From our correspondant A. L. Griffiths (Wed. Jan. 12 2005)

Norwegian M/T Havtank, in collision with buoy off North Sea-port Cuxhaven. Multipurpose M/V Mellum & rescue boat M/V Hermann Helms came to aid. M/V Havtank meanwhile arrived in Hamburg. (Wed. Jan. 12 2005)

Tsunami Casualty Update>> This vessel was the "Tsunami Poster Child" -- Singapore-based Sea Consortium's container M/V Jaami<<Webfeature, entering Colombo just as tsuami struck -- pounded against breakwater -- crew abandoned vessel & yesterday salvage operations reported about to start. (Tues. Dec. 28 2004) UPDATE>> Early yesterday morning LT Wijsmuller Salvage B.V. and Sri Lanka Shipping Co. succeeded in refloating the partly sunken & grounded M/V Jaami in a controlled operation. The vessel, after having suffered hull damage, ended up aground off Colombo, Sri Lanka, with all compartments partly or completely flooded on the 26th of December -- Tsunami Day. (Tues. Jan. 11 2005)

Tsunami UPDATE>> U.S. military, primarily U.S. Navy has delivered 6.576 million pounds of emergency relief supplies to survivors throughout the tsunami-stricken areas of the Indian Ocean since humanitarian operations 1st began in late Dec. 2004. U.S. military flight crews have flown 872 missions in support of relief operations across 12-nation region, according to U.S. Pacific Command (PACOM) fact sheet issued Jan. 11. Be proud of this long tradition. (Tues. Jan. 11 2005)

28,148gt container M/V CCNI Chages (built 1998), Europe for Chile -- carrying out an investigation into whereabouts of 30 containers following upon bad weather during the voyage -- also checking service to reefer container bank -- company report suggests containers lost or damage during voyage. (Mon. Jan. 10 2005)

Reinauer Transportation's<<Webfeature, unidentified tug with 446-foot barge with 4 million gallons of home-heating oil -- heading north through Hell Gate waters on New York's East River -- hit rocks north of Roosevelt Island Jan. 7, at 7:20 p.m. -- amount of oil spilled into East River wasn't immediately known. Staten Island-based Reinauer Transportation, was put into service &emdash; against the captain's wishes &emdash; without completing steering repairs, according to a report. (Mon. Jan. 10 2005)

Miracle>> United Arab Emirates-registered M/V AL Yamamah, Muscat in Oman for Malaysia, rescued Ari Afrizal, 22, at sea late last week -- swept out to sea when Dec. 26 tsunami hit his home in Aceh on Sumatra island -- ship has not provided other details or an exact date of rescue. (Mon. Jan. 10 2005)

528-foot M/T Global Challenger, with 258,836 gallons of heavy oil & 56,339 gallons of diesel -- briefly grounded in the Columbia River near Skamokawa, Wash. -- vicinity of Pillar Point Range at river mile 30 while transiting upriver on Columbia River. U.S. Coast Guard Marine Safety Office Portland en route to scene to investigate Jan. 7 incident. (Mon. Jan. 10 2005)

Act of Humanity>> Thailand declined Jan. 8, to accept US$20M in tsunami aid from Japan, saying it should go to countries with greater need. "As far as the disaster relief efforts right now, Thailand believes that we've come to grips with the situation, but there are other countries that are in more need," Thai Foreign Ministry spokesman Sihasak Phuangketkeow told a news briefing. "We believe the bulk of the assistance the Japanese government is providing right now should go to these countries," Sihasak said after Foreign Minister Nobutaka Machimura met with his Thai counterpart, Surakiart Sathirathai.

Campbell Transportation Co.<<Webfeature, 110ft. tug M/V Elizabeth M, with 7 crew, making way through Montgomery Island Dam on rain-swollen Ohio River, pushing 6 coal barges -- swept over a dam spillway & sank -- 3 dead, i missing -- 3 barges sank downriver from the dam & 3 sank above. Capt. may have tried to swing vessel around to help crew who were aboard barges when current swept the vessels into dam. When that happened, barges likely pushed M/V Elizabeth M through the dam. Vessels use locks to travel between different sections, or pools, of the river that have different water levels. Had M/V Elizabeth M not been swept into the dam after it left the lock, it would have continued up river to its destination -- water in area normally flows at 3 to 4 miles per hour, but was going 10 to 15 miles per hour because of recent rains. (Sun. Jan. 9 2005)

Alert>> 21,005gt Ro/ro M/V Schieborg (built 2000), with 10,000 rolls of paper, tank containers, machinery in containers & 15 crew -- currently afire in lat 55 54N, long 006 32.3E -- drifting in extreme bad weather off Danish coast. Capt. reports cannot fight blaze -- has abandoned into (a) liferaft(s). Wijsmuller Salvage team, consisting of salvage & fire fighting experts including 'first aid' operational equipment flown in to Esbjerg to take charge of operations -- tugs/standby vessels M/V Esvagt Omega & M/V Esvagt Gamma are proceeding. (Sat. Jan. 8 2005) UPDATE>> Taken in tow by tug/supply M/V Esvagt Gamma --proceeding at 2 knots -- fire understood still burning. Crew safe. (Sun. Jan. 9 2005) UPDATE>> M/V Schieborg remains afire. Salvage experts are trying to tackle the flames. (Wed. Jan. 12 2005)

Los Angeles class nuclear submarine<<Webfeature, USS San Francisco (SSN-71), with 137 crew (home port Guam) headed for a port visit in Brisbane, -- grounded Jan. 7 in Pacific, 560km S. of Guam --20 crew injured, 1 critical -- still out of helicopter range to allow evacuation of the sailor. USS San Francisco underway -- on the surface -- expected in port Jan. 10. Applications being taken for new commanding officer. (Sat. Jan. 8 2005) UPDATE>> Injured crewman has died. (Sun. Jan. 9 2005)

P&O ro-ro ferry M/V European Highlander, Larne for Cairnryan with 43 passengers & 57 crew beached on a shingle bank. Tugs will leave Greenock tonight bound for Cairnryan -- expected to arrive 8.00 am Dec. 9, morning -- plan is to refloat the vessel mid morning & berth it at Cairnryan. (Sat. Jan. 8 2005) UPDATE>> Tugs M/V Flying Phantom & M/V Point Gilbert were able at 10.30 LT/GMT this morning to refloat the grounded ferry -- but for passengers, it was 30 hours without a bar!

10,835gt container M/V Gilian (built 1980), in feeder service between Singapore & Jakarta -- suffered engine room explosion 250 miles SE off Singapore. Salvors rendering assistance tug on the scene shortly. Casualties not reported. (Fri. Jan. 7 2005)

Cruise M/V Pacific Sky off Queensland coast today suffered passenger overboard -- 23-year-old Victorian man -- helicopters on 3rd search of the near Caloundra on Sunshine Coast. Helicopters reporting sighting many objects thrown overboard as potential flotation devices but still no sighting of missing man. (Fri. Jan. 7 2005)

Rudder Rats>>U.S. Coast Guard Marine Safety Office New Orleans issued a Marine Safety Bulletin advising masters & operators to be alert to stowaways trying to gain access to and hiding in rudder trunks on deep draft vessels. Coast Guard require fax from the master of ships bound for Port of New Orleans that requires the following information: (1) That a thorough search for stowaways was conducted upon getting underway from a foreign port; (2) Whether or not stowaways were found on board; (3) Stowaway history in the past 24 months; and (4) Whether or not the rudder compartment was checked during the search. The MSO also distributed information on installation of grid work to make the rudder trunk inaccessible from outside. Note: the hassle resulting from carrying a stowaway into the U.S. these days far exceeds the manpower expended in conducting a thorough shipboard search for stowaways when getting underway. (Fri. Jan. 7 2005)

790-feet M/T Tsunami (odd timing for a vessel with this name) appeared to be out of control on Mississippi River & had struck a marine terminal Jan. 4, along the west bank, near Westwego. Tanker currently anchored at mile marker 102 near Westwego -- light sheen reported in area, but source not identified. (Fri. Jan. 7 2005)


02 Jan. 05 at 0730 LT in posn: 26:13.2N - 056:52.2E, Strait of Hormuz, Persian Gulf / Arabian Sea. Several pirates armed with guns in six blue speedboats about 6 - 8 meters long crossed a container ship from starboard to port -- dressed in black clothes with facemasks. D/O raised alarm & crew mustered -- activated fire hoses. Boats followed, but later moved away. (Fri. Jan. 7 2005)

31 Dec. 2004 at 0330 LT at CBM Rio Haina terminal, Dominican Republic -- pirates armed with long knives boarded LPG tanker tied to mooring buoys. Duty watchman raised alarm & one robber jumped overboard -- other pirate threatened D/O with knife & also jumped overboard. Port control informed. (Fri. Jan. 7 2005)

29 Dec. 2004 at 1720 UTC in posn: 22:05N - 091:43E, off Chittagong, Bangladesh. Eight pirates armed with knives in an unlit boat boarded bulk carrier underway. Alert crew mustered & switched on deck lights. Pirates broke in to aft locker & stole ship's stores -- jumped overboard & escaped in waiting boat. (Fri. Jan. 7 2005)

27 Dec. 2004 at Kandla inner anchorage, India -- pirates boarded general cargo ship from small boat -- stole ship's stores & escaped. (Fri. Jan. 7 2005)

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Brazilian flag 25,703gt container M/V Alianca Sao Paulo (built May 2003)-- aground in Elbe estuary at 05.25 - when trying to get pilot, ship stuck fast on Scharhoern reef, a well known graveyard of ships. First ship on scene was rescue M/V Hermann Helms from Cuxhaven, which had not enough power to help. Next tug M/V Taucher Otto Wulf 3 at 8.15am. Then emergency-tug M/V Oceanic arrived. M/V Alianca Sao Paulo could be turned, but not freed. As tide fell, the tugs M/V Taucher Otto Wulf 8, M/V Bugsier 12, M/V Bugsier 21, M/V Parat as well as the large rescue ship M/V Hermann Marwede -- sent to site. The multipurpose vessel M/V Mellum sent to prevent possible oil spill. At16.25 salvage fleet succeeded with help of rising flood to get M/V Alianca Sao Paulo -- with the bow ahead -- into deeper water. As the container vessel sitting with the aft part deep in the sand it had not been able to give assistance with its own machine. After freed M/V Alianca Sao Paulo escorted to Hamburg for further investigation -- originally delivered as M/V Rio Verde by Kvaerner-Warnow-Yard in May 2003 -- length 208 meters, 33.716 tdw & loading capacity of 2.524 TEU. From our correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Fri. Jan. 7 2005)

2,219-ton Latvian M/V Sea Fox, Riga for Liverpool with timber & 10 crew, caught in a force nine gale Jan. 6 -- off Castlebay on the island of Barra under its own power listing 50 degrees to port -- SOS --ship's cargo shifted -- UK Barra lifeboat went to help. Clyde Coastguard reports no injuries. 2nd time the Sea Fox has required assistance in UK vessel was brought to Falmouth under tow after losing power following engine room fire on 11 Jan. 2003. See The Photo Feature<<Webfeature. From our correspondant A. L. Griffiths (Thurs.. Jan. 6 2005) UPDATE>> At 14:41 tied up alongside in port of Castle Bay, Isle of Barra, on her own power. (Thurs.. Jan. 6 2005PM)

The St. Lawrence Seaway officially closed for the season on Dec. 30, 2004, with passage of M/V McKeil Marine integrated tug and barge, McCleary's Spirit, through the St. Lambert Lock at 5:51 a.m. in the Montreal/Lake Ontario section. The Seaway opened its 46th shipping season on March 25 & remained open for 281 days in 2004. (Wed. Jan. 5 2005)

Danish trawler F/V, off island Ruegen in Baltic Sea -- began taking water Jan, 2 -- German Sea Rescue Service<<Webfeature, M/V Wilhelm Kaisen<<Webfeature, came to aid with additional pumps. Situation was brought under control -- ship escorted to harbor of Sassnitz. From our correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Wed. Jan. 5 2005)

British F/V, Kiel for Denmark Jan. 3,after engine loss -- towed to yard by German Sea Rescue Service<<Webfeature, M/V Berlin. From our correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Wed. Jan. 5 2005)

An uncommon event, icebergs spotted in New Zealand waters. The Marine Safety Authority has issued navigation warnings for the area. (Wed. Jan. 5 2005)

ALERT>>Water depths in parts of the Straits of Malacca, one of world's busiest shipping channels off coast of Sumatra, reached depths of about 4,000 feet before last month's tsunami. Now, Reports coming in<<Webfeature, of just 100 feet - too dangerous for shipping, if proved true. In another area of tsunami-effected waters, a merchant marine ship has logged that the depth was cut from 3,855 feet to just 92 feet. A U.S. intelligence imagery agency working around the clock to gather information, warn mariners & begin time-consuming task of recharting altered coastlines & ports throughout the region. Maritme Safety Reports<Webfeature.. (Wed. Jan. 5 2005)

10 meter yacht, Norderney for Dutch Delfzijl -- capsized off Northsea island Borkum Jan. 3 -- vessel dismasted & issued SOS -- German Sea Rescue Service<<Webfeature, M/V Alfried Krupp reached vessel 20 miles off Borkum. In waves of 4 m height -- managed to tow to Borkum harbor Jan. 4 morning.One crew to hospital.From our correspondant Tim Schwabedissen. (Wed. Jan. 5 2005)

Container M/V Durban Bridge, South Africa for Port Klang, rescued tsunami survivor after drifting 100 nautical miles from Acheh for 8 days in the Indian Ocean managed to cling on to an uprooted tree while praying for his survival after the giant wave struck his village on Dec 26. (Tues. Jan. 4 2005)

UK M/V Accordance -- MISSING -- last undertaking routine a radio contact within the Cardiff Roads area -- no further word since Jan. 3 morning. Swansea Coastguard leading search. Send word to The Cargo Letter. (Mon. Jan. 3 2005)

Another Tsunami Casualty? ....Portuguese-registered cargo M/V Global Island, Kenyan port of Mombasa on Dec. 25 for Dubai with 7 crew for repair -- foundered off Somalia's southern coast -- sent SOS -- U.S. crusier USS Hue City (CG-66)<<Webfeature, patrolling Indian Ocean started search on Jan. 2 night -- rescued only 5 sailors -- 2 missing. Precise time & circumstances of wreck unclear, but Somali's coast battered by tidal waves caused by a massive Dec. 26 tsunami. (Mon. Jan. 3 2005)

Depth Alert>> Ships plying the Straits of Malacca have been alerted to check the water depth regularly because the channel may have been altered following the tsunami disaster on Dec 26. The sand waves created by the tsunami could have changed the water depth following seabed movement in some shallow areas of the 600-nautical-mile-long straits. In an advisory to mariners, Marshall Island marine authorities urged the shipping community to observe any depths that may have changed and to make the appropriate reports. (Mon. Jan. 3 2005)

Many rescue stories tonight of Indonesian tsnami victims as U.S. sailors work around the clock along a 120-mile stretch of Sumatra's ravaged coast line, mainly from the air by helicopter units of USS Abraham Lincoln<<Webfeature(CVN-72) & her 5 vessel Carrier Group. In adition to a 2nd full Carrier Group, the Pentagon also has decided to send hospital ship USNS Mercy<<Webfeature, a 1,000-bed hospital ship based at San Diego, to join relief effort (Mon. Jan. 3 2005)

Pakistan Navy vessels PN Khaibar and PN Moawin<<Webfeature, - loaded with relief goods, medical supplies, doctors & 3 helicopters departing Karachi Jan. 4 morning to conduct relief operation for tsunami victims in Sri Lanka & Indonesia. (Mon. Jan. 3 2005)

Auckland Harbor Fullers ferry M/V Quickcat traveling from downtown Auckland to Waiheke Island -- in collision -- with boat with 8 aboard -- 2 people in 70's taken to hospital. (Mon. Jan. 3 2005)

Canadian flagged H type 10,880 BHP Anchor-Handling Tug/Supply M/V Maersk Gabarus, with 11 crew, struck by rogue wave Dec 27, in North Atlantic storm off Nova Scotia. Radio reports indicate shattered windows &power knocked out in +50 knot winds. No reported injuries. Vessel eventually regained power & able to ride out conditions southwest of Sable Island -- being escorted Dec. 28, to port of Halifax by Canadian Coast Guard. M/V Maersk Gabarus services rigs operating the Sable Offshore Energy Project<<Webfeature for AMI / Exxon Mobil. From our correspondant Strongcoffee in Halifax, NS. (Sun. Jan. 2 2005)

USS Abraham Lincoln<<Webfeature(CVN-72)>>Desperate, homeless villagers on tsunami-ravaged island of Sumatra mobbed American helicopters carrying aid Jan. 1 as U.S. military launched its largest operation in region since Vietnam War, ferrying food & other emergency relief to survivors across the disaster zone. (Sat. Jan 1 2005)

96ft. Washington State Ferries M/V Sealth -- Christmas Eve grounding near Friday Harbor -- initial estimates put the damage at US$700,000. (Sat. Jan 1 2005)

US$9.7M book value cement carrier M/V Sinar Andalas, with 19 crew, anchored at Port of Lhok Nga in Aceh, Indonesia -- missing after tsunami capsized ship Dec. 26 -- 4 rescued. (Sat. Jan 1 2005)

Philippine inter-island M/V SuperFerry 12, Manila for Cebu City -- rammed small fishing boat Dec. 30 -- 2 injured. (Sat. Jan 1 2005)

9,648gt M/V Jaami (built 1979), Chittagong on Dec 21, called at Colombo for U.S. with ready-made garments, jute goods, handicrafts & other commodities -- capsized at Colombo outer anchorage following the disastrous tsunamis of Dec. 26 -- struck breakwater at entrance to Colombo port pm, Dec 26 -- all 22 crew safe . -- Wijsmuller Salvage B.V. together with Messrs. Sri Lanka Shipping Co. were contracted Dec. 29 to assist in operations. (Sat. Jan 1 2005)


27 Dec. 2004 at 0230 LT at Samarinda anchorage, Indonesia -- 3 pirates boarded bulk carrier during loading operations. Alert crew raised alarm & robbers jumped overboard -- escaped empty handed in a speedboat. (Sat. Jan 1 2005)

22 Dec. 2004 at 0310 LT at Campha anchorage, Vietnam -- 8 pirates armed with iron bars boarded bulk carrier & assaulted duty A/B. Robbers stole ship's stores -- escaped. (Sat. Jan 1 2005)

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