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CargoLifter CL-160 Airship Port - at Brand, Germany - Bankrupt & Off Air - Casualty of The Race

From our reader -
I've added your site to my favorites list. Unfortunately, the "monsters" appellation was accurate.

The total rigid airship fleet accumulated less than 100,000 flight hours; less than 40,000 after World War I. The Rigids commanded the headlines, even though only a few large ones were ever built: 9 Zeppelins, 2 Goodyear-Zeppelins, and 4 British.

I served on the ZPG-2 and ZPG-3 airships (they'd been put in storage just before the Cuban Missile Crisis - it's a shame, one Nan-ship could have provided total Elint coverage of the region). I never got a chance to fly or work with any of the older/smaller airships until I begged a flight over Indianapolis in a Lightship a couple of years ago.

I firmly believe that the semi-rigid was the best of the three dominant design approaches. It's a shame that Cargolifter felt compelled to go for the grandiose, rather than first developing a 40-tonne payload airship.

thanks again,
Al Robbins, Commander, U.S. Navy (Ret.)

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