In Memorial

UPS Flight 6

September 3 2010 At Dubai

The First Ever UPS Airlines Fatal Incident

What Is Left Of UPS Flight 6 Is A Tragic Crater -- Not A Crash Site

UPS Capt. Doug Lampe And UPS First Officer Matthew Bell Faced Death In A Dense Smoke Filled Cockpit\

These Heroros Then Decided Not To Land At Dubai International Airport -- This Decision Was Intended To Save Lives

Doug Lampe & Mat Bell Struggled To Bring Their 747F Into The Military Airport To Reduce Casualties

What Resulted Is Perhaps The Worst Crash Site In Memory.

Doug & Mat Are Heroes And Deserve Our Unending Honor

Doug Lampe & Mat Bell Are Our Heroes For Sacrificing Their Lives For The Lives of Innocent People.

This Is A Human Value Which Is At Great Risk In The The World Today. The Worth of The One, For The Benefit of The Many


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